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  • Zionism's history, real and imagined
    • Shingo: "...It’s a chatracteristic that Witty often displays. It’s the 3 monkeys approach. Teh shut of their senses to the reality in favor of an ideal..."

      Yes I agree, and more importantly (I believe) many Jewish Democrats in Congress have this approach e.g. Ackerman, Berman, Waxman, Berkley (I hope she doesn't try for Senate!), Weiner, Engel and many others.

      I'm also wondering if there isn't some real narcissism going on, whereby this group will refuse to admit they are wrong, and will ultimately bring down the democratic party with their vote game playing, because they refuse to lose. They're damn right dangerous.

  • Slater seeks to reconcile Zionism with justice for Palestinians
    • “the essence of the criticism and its form just strengthen Slater’s view about the necessity of a Jewish state.”

      I know it just doesn't occur to them -- that it's just not "rational" anymore. It amazes to me just how entrenched they are to the idea they have a god given right to plonk their "tribe (or whatever?)?" in the middle of somebody else's turf. And if ethnic cleansing is the way to do it -- OK -- they're not happy about it -- but they're damned sure they'll do nothing about it (also goes for J-Street too).

    • "...The Two-State Solution is dead; give it up..."

      I agree -- It's over. Also, can you imagine the 'continued' sucking sound of US taxpayers $$$ having to maintain and secure this Jewish only Shangri-La State.

      In today's world -- it's not obtainable, sustainable, or justifiable.

    • "...Jerry has presented a convincing (at least, to me) and original critique of the one-state solution. I have had my doubts about one state, as well. For example, what would prevent the wealthier Jewish inhabitants (and those in the US) of such a state from buying up most of the land, thereby establishing Palestinian ghettos?..."

      It's happening now! And with a "supposed" 2SS all that illegal land is going to revert back into Palestinian hands? Give me a break.

    • "...And like the rest of ‘em, he turns sort of pissy when you disturb his ziocaine high..."

      Yes, unfortunately it's a fairly common phenomenon. And, like the rest of 'em refuse to even consider kicking the habit! The aversion of what is happening in Israel in the here and now - and the unwillingness to wake up and do what needs/must to be done. The 2SS is dead.

  • Ironically, only a Jewish filmmaker is allowed to tell Palestinian story in US, say Schnabel and Weinstein
  • Reider faults left for silence on murders of 5 settlers
    • This was murder -- it was a horrific crime. The fact that Israel immediately released it would build 500 new settlements doesn't necessary correlate that the government had anything to do with this crime. However, we can deduce that those plans for 500 settlements were in the pipeline and finalized way before this incident.

    • "...These stabbings are morally totally wrong and MW must be praised for publishing a clear condemnation therof..."

      Yes, it was a terrible terrible crime, and must be dealt with in the courts. Oh, but wait a minute -- under whose jurisdiction? Has the State of Israel now defined its borders to include the West Bank?

      What a mess, all I can see of Israeli justice is it going straight into its instinctual revenge mode by clamping down on the whole occupied Palestinian population around the settlers community, and the announcement that Israel will be building yet more Illegal settlements on Palestinian land.

      link to

      Wow, Israel's reaction was so magnanimous -- NOT!

    • The situation in Israel has gone beyond what we 'feel' about a Palestinian homeland. It's over.

      To think how naive I was when I first was dragged into this conflict, because at the time I just couldn't for the life of me understand why American politicians were so beholden to a small 2% Jewish community that were successfully giving orders to give Israel *anything* it wanted. How naive I was when Jewish Democrats were telling me Israel had tried to make peace when Dennis Ross ( inc. some operatives in Congress) all along was there to sabotage the process.

      Well done Israel and its supporters -- you have successfully made us all look like fools. Personally, that affects me -- I do care when I've been manipulated, lied to, and viciously blocked when I've tried to advocate for some form of justice. Israel has over stepped the line.

      "...There is not hope of any kind. The hate inculcated on all sides and outside of the conflict are too high...

      Nope, there is no hope not when Israel arrogantly thinks it can control the situation by killing and scaring the s*it out of the natives, and then tries to build a pathetic wall to keep them out. It's over.

    • "...I really question the end-game of this one state solution..."

      Because Israel and its American supporters (in their quest to conquer "Greater Israel") have now successfully destroyed any chance of there being a 2SS -- So, we are left with no choice but to work towards a 1SS -- our only "alternative" now that Israel has decided to cut off its nose to spite its face.

      Tony Judt explains in more detail (he knew!):

      Israel: The Alternative
      October 23, 2003
      Tony Judt
      link to

  • As if we needed more
    • "...I expect that you will state that it is clear, but I and most of the states in the world don’t see it as clear...

      Oh, I guess that U.N. resolution on Israeli settlements we just had (and the US being the only one to veto -- after much pressure from the Jewish faction in the Democratic party) meant nothing then?

      Ah, yes Israel always has a way of twisting the US arm.

      Olmert says he made Rice change vote
      By Mark Landler January 3, 2009
      link to

      "...In an unusually public rebuke, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert of Israel said Monday that Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice had been forced to abstain from a United Nations resolution on Gaza that she helped draft, after Olmert placed a phone call to President George W. Bush..."

    • “It has never threatened legitimate Israeli interests”
      That is false.

      I'm reading 'fear' from this post. The BDS movement has the chance of changing the status quo, and you are petrified they might succeed.

      The single state solution is where Israel is heading -- if you can't see that -- well! -- whatever. Your obfuscation (I love that word) when it comes to Israel's belligerence, and lack of restraint when killing Palestinians only shows you have no real interest to solve the conflict -- to allow the international community -- esp. the US -- (who, I might add is paying for all this) to intervene.


      Sooner or later you are going to have decide which side of the fence you're on -- Israel or the US (well actually the world).

      And, btw it's NOT OUR FAULT Israel got itself into this 'current' mess!

    • "...The failing of the BDS movement to clarify if it includes the advocacy for the elimination of Israel or the acceptance of Israel, IS the difference between it being a prospective mass liberatory movement, or a prospective mass suppressive movement..."

      No, the BDS movement can't decide Israel's fate -- it is Israel's responsibility to decide whether it adapts or goes over the edge.

      We know Israel has held the reigns for far too long and has become complacent by hiding behind the US when it comes to what Israel wants. The BDS movement admittedly confronts that status quo. But this is good.

      We 'now' all know Israel had no intention of negotiating for peace, for giving Palestinians any real rights -- so the BDS movement kinda changes the dynamic. A chance to even out the playing field -- although Israel would still have the upper hand. The BDS movement is trying to help Israel survive. However, does Israel want to survive?

      No 'sane' State can continue to protect a rogue, petulant and belligerent State, that will not listen, but still insists on self-righteous handouts.

      Israel needs to act now to survive -- we are all watching. And just hope Israel doesn't make the narcissistic mistake of bringing us all down with her.

  • Siege mentality: Knesset member calls for hearings about J Street for not loving Israel
    • Nah, in this day an' age -- just offering gobs of $$$, &/or offering a sought-after cushy political position seems to do the trick.

      Hang on a minute...

    • "...punches you in the gut in a very clever way with what the financial bailouts and lack of accountability really meant..."

      I watched "Inside Job" the other night -- Crikey! that was an eye-opener. Economics never being one of my strong suits, the film laid out how the "financial melt-down" was really setup to happen, and how our financial system is 'still' based on a house of cards. It left me with the question -- when will the next "financial melt-down" happen, and Wall Street will get its next "major" bailout ( and they will get it)!

    • Nice talking points!

      However -- Sorry! the wool can't be pulled over anyone's eyes anymore.

      J-Street: A safe place where conflicted Jews feel comfortable wringing their hands, and basically getting a group hug for being benign ethnic cleansers.

      Talk is cheap. If J-Street was honest it would adapt to the realities on the ground and proceed by demanding action that would result in a just resolution e.g. boycotts and cutting of aid -- NOW!

      By the way -- the 2SS is dead.

      Postscript: I'm sorry if this description of J-Street cuts close to the bone -- but really many of us have been waiting for J-Street 'to grow up' and see the light/reality on the ground, and I haven't seen anything that remotely seems they are willing to do so. I've got to say it -- but really J-Street at some point has to see that having a State of Israel for Jews just might not be: attainable, sustainable, or even justifiable.

  • 2 realists are scathing on 'J Street' support for a rogue state
    • "...Aaron David Miller is one of the key people who helped consolidate my suspicions about the operations of a well-organized faction of Likud moles inside the Democratic Party with this article..."

      You're not alone! I too have noticed our "two-faced wonder" in the Democratic Party. Often 'trying' to play the role of good cop vs. bad cop in the Likud faction. Seen his latest?

      For Better or for Worse The Arab Spring has brought a lot of uncertainty to Washington's dealings in the Middle East. But if anyone thinks that means breaking up with Israel, or abandoning other Arab autocrats, they've surely jumped the gun.
      link to

      Taster: "...Moreover, as criticism of Israel grows on the part of Islamists, liberal democrats, and secular nationalists, Washington will have to push back. Based on past behavior, its inclination under these circumstances will not be to pile on the Israelis, but to try to reassure them in matters relating to their security and relations with their Arab neighbors..."

      The subtle underlying message that I got: I'm warning you Obama don't you dare break up with Israel -- and become "self-destructive" -- because "Washington" will break you! Bottom line: Keep "Israel" safe, and pay attention and keep the Democratic Party in line.

  • Jewish newspaper admits that Israel has become an 'embarrassment' for liberal Jews
    • Funny you mentioned 'Power of Nightmares' and the media -- Adam Curtis did a recent blog entry on the rise and of creepy Mr Murdoch.

      link to

      Does anyone know if Media Matters has had lunch with the guy yet?

  • Security Council veto is proving embarrassing
    • Definitely "embarrassiing"-- reveal yet again the "tail wagging the dog"

      Obama in Milwaukee"...Over the last two years that's meant taking on some powerful interests -- some powerful interests who've been dominating the agenda in Washington for a very long time, and they've not always been happy with me -- "They talk about me like a dog." That's not in my prepared remarks, its just, but it's true..."
      link to

      Makes me wonder which 'specific' special interest group he may have been alluding to?

  • Long a supporter of two-state solution, Steve Walt suggests it's 'no longer practical possibility'
  • Why the U.S. will not 'do something' about Palestine
    • "...She gives Obama too much credit for caring a whit about people here..."

      I'm by no means making excuses for him... But, he's not our only problem -- The US government consists of a court of vipers -- each wanting to overthrow the other -- all having little concern about how the American public are hurting. That's one thing I've learned -- It's all so very dark.

      And Ellen, I'm really very sorry you had to learn the hard way.

    • In the "US Interest" -- are the operative words.

      Because you are coming from an Israeli/support of ethnic-cleansing point of view it makes sense that you wouldn't understand.

      Seriously! It's about time the blinders come off. Also, it's about time the UN went in and had a look at "Israel's" nukes.

    • Exercising the veto would have certainly isolated Israel.

      Also, brought some overdue justice. Israel would obviously play the victim card -- but would look absolutely pathetic doing so.

    • “our side’s” main public voice, Amy G’s”Democracy Now!”

      Chris Hedges is the same way -- I heard him speak in Seattle about his book:

      “Death of the Liberal Class,” about the takeover of U.S. liberal organizations and institutions by the corporate state..."

      However, he never once spoke of the Zionists who often collude with the corporate world in campaign $$$ and have taken over many of our liberal organizations, government institutions, think tanks, and universities driving their own agenda above liberal and progressive interests.

      Very disappointing.

    • Bill Mahr:

      A man who hates Muslim men, and has a real problem with women who have sagging breasts. He can be funny sometimes -- but boy, does he have some strange phobias.

    • "...facebook is another creepy enterprise.."

      Oh, I so agree... no way would I have a facebook page.

    • Thanks :) -- Actually I'm just happy this site has a edit function.

    • Hillary is truly thick in with the Lobby. At first because she wanted to get back into the White House, but now I think she also enjoys sticking a knife, or two into Obama. Sec. of State was never really good enough for her -- she wanted more power.

      And, now with her picking Grossman -- Anyways, over at Sibel Edmond's blog -- remembering that the Wilson's supported Hills doing the primary -- a blogger also made this interesting observation.

      "...Let’s not forget another curious fact. As of this date, Grossman was NEVER named or included in the Wilsons’ civil suit over her outing and Edmonds was never contacted BY the Wilsons’ attorneys. This despite the fact that I personally sent an e-mail to Melanie Sloan, their attorney and also head of Citizens For Responsibility and Ethics in Washington as well as buttonholing Plame four years ago at her book signing in Alubuquerque about the issue..."

      link to

      And look where Melanie Sloan is now.

    • Yep -- it v. much looks like it.

    • E.g. Like an AIPAC Intern?-- I've definitely met one of those at a Maria Cantwell event.

    • Also, I heard somewhere -- I think it was on the Thom Hartmann Show that the US wouldn't be able to make any of its planes if China decided to stop supplying the US with a number of important electronic components?

    • I thought this site looked interesting.

      link to

      Russia is definitely a big player.

    • "...Secondly, when she refers to the US benefiting from “Israeli cooperation as a regional power,” she offers no evidence of this and, in fact, contradicts herself later in the article when she accurately describes the power of the Zionist Lobby in the US in determining US Middle East policy..."

      Hmm... maybe Virginia can come back and expand on her point?

      I can't speak for her, however, if you come in from the angle that she's talking about the 'US' neocons/PNAC'ers in power -- that were benefiting from Israel being a cooperative, regional power -- then I thought it made sense? Israel always being able to kick a spanner in the works when it looked like any Realist strategy had a chance to surface -- Israel threatening to use their nukes, threatening to use their power over Congress, and providing the US-based neocons false intelligence when they US needed it?

      Again, maybe Virginia can come back and explain?

    • desert if the edit didn't work.

    • "Zionist posits that Jews deserve self-determination,"

      No Zionists posit a "Jews Only" Shangri-La stuck in the middle of a desert where it uses force to suck the resources and life blood from the surrounding peoples who are not Jewish. Madness but there it is.

    • Oh and Libya!

    • I think you definitely need to stick in family planning there too. A bigger issue as you are not just pushing against governments, but religion and gender inequality -- but we're talking about a whole other subject -- I agree.

      Fox News solution -- ban abortion and get white US women to have more 'white babies'.

    • "...Americans, I would expect a non-stop barrage of anti-arab and anti-muslim propaganda to hit the airwaves shortly: ..."

      It looks like Huffingtonpost (under new ownership?) has already started -- No news on Bahrain exploding -- but we get this:

      Female Foreign Correspondents' Code Of Silence, Finally Broken
      link to

      Those dirty arabs -- subtle but there.

    • This paragraph I think is so important -- and believe you have hit the nail on the head.

      "...The US economy is in emergency straits: he is battling to preserve even truncated health care reforms (which the Lobby & and its follows in Congress (including democrats) threatened to scupper) and faltering worker’s rights to decent wages against a torrent of unprincipled Republican lies and manipulation (it goes much deeper -- Wall Street (which controls both parties) doesn't want US wages to go up). He will lose all those battles if the Zionist lobby undertakes to undermine him. In any case, a US president is not as powerful as people think. The seeming latitude of Bush the Younger to radically alter US foreign policy—the neoconservative hijacking of US foreign policy to attack Iraq (and via Hersh, and now seeing Grossman come on board, they are obviously still around) —was born along by the pro-Zionist tide created by the three factors above..."

      It's depressing, but what you say is true.

      Also, the Republicans may well take the Presidency next -- with the Citizens United case, the control of the MSM, and those "mad-eyed ferrets who watch Fox News and will vote for the candidate they are told to vote for.

      So, do we force ourselves to vote Democrat when we know full well the party has been overpowered by a foreign entity that does not care about domestic matters, and is more than willing to use its leverage to destroy anything meaningful so it will get its way over Israel? I've said this before -- it seems we have only two alternatives at the moment - vote Democrat which will allow fascism to take over the US slowly, or to not vote at all and bring in the Republicans who is bring in fascism swiftly and forcibly.

      Again it's depressing, but I really can't see a way out --- with all the corruption on our (supposed) side. I mean Melanie Sloan going to work (probably always did!) for the Lobby, and now Alan Dershowitz saying he will work for Julian Assange . You can imagine the deals Dershowitz is making. I bet he would love to get his hands on some of those wikileak cables -- pertaining to Israel), saying he can pull strings back in the US if Assange is extradited to the US. I bet he can.

    • I don't think you are thinking the argument through. Egypt isn't the only county China is going to sell its 'cut-price' hardware and weapons to.

    • This is a great post!

      "...Every speech he makes—sincerely, I believe—about democracy in the Middle East is instantly undercut or contradicted by the foreign-policy establishment of Clintonian Democrats on which he depends for everything and he has very limited options to transform that establishment..."

      I think it's interesting that Sec. of State Clinton is now 'openly' hooking her herself up with the neocons (who are never successful) with the reinstatement. of Marc Grossman. This does not bode well.

    • Yes, I was surprised Madrid didn't mention China.

    • "...I believe strongly in the right of Israel to self-govern as a Jewish majority state,... "

      The two-state solution is 'dead' -- truly it is! I think you and Bernard Avishai will be the last to acknowledge that fact.

  • Obama's Dred Scott decision
  • Birthright Israel calls on its alumni to 'take back Zionism'
    • MRW: "...Can’t be from the gentiles because they aren’t allowed to comment on it..."

      One thing is for sure -- us "gentiles" haven't had the decades of programming from the Jewish establishment and protected/overly 'protective'[?] tribal community.

      After meeting many politically active Jewish (supposedly) progressive democrats practically foaming at the mouth, and going for my throat if I'd say anything negative about Israel, or our congress critters taking Israel's side rather the US -- I have to think some 'early imprinting' has something to do with it? My theory anyways.

  • Available Now: The Goldstone Report: The Legacy of the Landmark Investigation of the Gaza Conflict
    • "...Washington State congressman Brian Baird relates that when the Report came to the House, “many of my colleagues, several of them prominent, literally did not understand either that collective punishment is a war crime, or why it is a war crime.”

      Now he's out of Congress -- did he actually name names?

  • Dep't of Homeland Security suggests anti-Semitism may be motive for assassination attempt in Arizona
    • The article also notes:

      "...Giffords, 40, was raised "mixed" by a Christian Scientist mother and Jewish father, but said she decided she was Jewish only following a visit to Israel in 2001. She attended services at a local Reform synagogue..."

      This poor woman was a human being first! Also, this gunman after taking (apparently) a "point blank shot" at Giffords didn't stop there -- a nine year old kid got shot, and died (as well as others) -- Did the JTA look into their genetic credentials as well? Sick.

  • Remnick takes another step-- the occupation is 'deeply wrong'
  • Angry Arab says that after Bill Clinton got in, Arabists were 'eliminated' from State Dep't
    • Far be it from me to criticize someone's article/translation, but the 'style' and 'analysis' of the writing IMHO has a lot to be desired. Just one example (of many) -- the issue is not that Wolf Blitzer is a *Jew* -- the issue is that Wolfie worked, and is still working on a v. influential national news station, and also worked for AIPAC -- which had/has a very definite *Israel* news peddling agenda.

      Contemporary example of Wolf's *AIPAC* work:

      BLITZER: I wonder, Gabrielle Giffords is Jewish, is there anything anti-Semitic in there other than "Mein Kampf," and the references to Hitler or anything that would suggest an anti-Semitic motive there?

      link to

      Also, your link says the source was from the: "Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, November/December, 1994", however, when I went to Washington Report on Middle East Affairs digital 1994 archives and couldn't find the article?

      link to

    • When I think of Clinton and the I-Lobby, I can't seem to shake from my mind from the Washington Times exposé revealing the "the pull", or even perceived "pull" that David Steiner (big backer of Hills for President), then head of AIPAC had over Clinton's appointments.

      David Steiner of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)

      The Complete Unexpurgated AIPAC Tape

      "...recorded without his knowledge by New York businessman Haim (Harry) Katz. Its existence was first revealed to the Washington Times and its release triggered Steiner's [AIPAC] resignation..."

      link to

      Also, with Obama -- our current puppet[?] leading the Democratic Party -- it doesn't seem to get much better (probably worse in fact):

      Hostage to Events: In an exclusive interview, the State Department's leading Iran expert discusses his *resignation* and why the Islamic Republic and the United States keep on talking past each other.
      Foreign Policy: Barbara Slavin [7/27/10]

      John Limbert: "...A number of players with more skeptical views about the prospect of rapprochement with Tehran such as White House aide Dennis Ross and nonproliferation experts like Robert Einhorn and Gary Samore -- appear to be driving U.S. policy now, and the president himself blames the Iranian government for failing to respond to his outreach..."

      "...Limbert, a scholar of Persian history and poetry and former Peace Corps worker in Iran who is fluent in Farsi and whose wife, Parvaneh, is Iranian, wrote a book about how to negotiate with Iran for the U.S. Institute of Peace. He is also the only American official who has met Ayatollah Ali Khamenei -- during the hostage crisis before Khamenei became Iran's president and then supreme leader..."


      link to

  • Left is now driving the discourse on I/P-- and causing some Dems to stop being 'Israel lovers'
    • Correction: This is not the "second" conference of its kind.

      In 2010 the [UK] Government "...responded for the third time (first time as the coalition) to the All-Party Inquiry into Antisemitism..."

      The Parliamentary Committee Against Antisemitism Foundation (Charity) [PCAAF]
      link to

      "...the PCAAF provides secretariat support to the All-Party Parliamentary Group Against Antisemitism..."

      The Link below reveals how the UK government is 'harassed' by the Israel Lobby to shut down debate (especially on UK colleges and universities) on the illegal actions of the State of Israel:

      All-Party Inquiry into Antisemitism:
      Government Response Three Years on Progress Report

      Presented to Parliament by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government -- by Command of Her Majesty
      December 2010

      Note esp. page 43 on: Antisemitism Inquiry recommendations [Israel Lobby Demands] vs. [UK government's ] Response

      Link: link to
      [PDF = 69 Pages]

    • Annie: "up to this point the lobby has been primarily focused on directing their energy towards congress, just keeping them in line. they have not had to address the public at large nor do they want to,..

      I would argue they very much "want to" -- Inch by Inch.

      2010 "Inter-Parliamentary Coalition for Combating Anti-Semitism (ICCA)"

      The 2010 ICCA Conference ending in the "Ottawa Protocol".

      National Post: "...The Ottawa Protocol builds on one crafted in London in February 2009 at the founding conference of the Inter-parliamentary Coalition for Combating Anti-Semitism.

      [snip] Among the commitments of the Ottawa Protocol:

      * Working with universities to encourage them to fight anti-Semitism with the same seriousness with which they confront other forms of crimes.

      * Establishing an international task force of Internet specialists comprising parliamentarians and experts to create ways to identify and monitor anti-Semitism and other hate crimes online and to develop policy recommendations on how governments can address the problems.

      * Working to ensure police have one universal and comprehensive recording facility for hate crimes in general, which also breaks out anti-Semitic attacks..."


      The 2009 ICCA: "The London Declaration on Combating Antisemitism"
      Link: link to

      Taken from the full text of the "Ottawa Protocol":

      "...We are concerned by the reported incidents of antisemitism on campuses, such as acts of violence, verbal abuse, rank intolerance, and assaults on those committed to free inquiry, while undermining fundamental academic values..."

      [Can you see where this is going?]

      "...Establishing an International Task Force of Internet specialists comprised of parliamentarians and experts to create common indicators to identify and monitor antisemitism and other manifestations of hate online and to develop policy recommendations for Governments and international frameworks to address these problems;..."

      [...and where shall those "specialists" be pulled from -- don't wonder too long.]

      At the 2010 ICCA: "AJC Experts Address Anti-Semitism

      "...Ken Stern, Director of Anti-Semitism and Extremism, who will participate in two sessions. The first will work with Members of Parliament as they look at policing hate crime issues, while the second will focus on anti-Semitic issues on university and college campuses..."


      -- ICCA Speaker: Michael Ignatieff, PC, MP – Speech to the Inter-parliamentary Coalition for Combating Anti-Semitism
      Ottawa, Ontario, November 8, 2010

      "...But there is a form of criticism of the state of Israel which passes into active de-legitimatization of a recognized democratic state. I refer, of course, in my own country to Israel Apartheid Week. Israel is Israel. Apartheid South Africa was a crime against humanity – to conflate the two is to de-legitimize a democratic state and Canadians must stand against it..."


      -- ICCA Speaker: Hannah Rosenthal, [US State Department] Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism
      Speech: Ottawa, Canada, November 8, 2010

      -- Steering Committee member of the ICCA:

      Congressman Christopher H. Smith [R-NJ]
      H.R.6277 -- Combating Anti-Semitism Act of 2010 (Introduced in House - IH) -- September 29, 2010

      "...To amend the Global Anti-Semitism Review Act of 2004 and the State Department Basic Authorities Act of 1956 to provide for additional reporting and briefing on anti-Semitism around the world and on Department of State actions to monitor and combat anti-Semitism, funding the Office to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism, training for Foreign Service Officers and other employees and staff of the Department of State, and for other purposes..."

      (2) anti-Semitic incitement and discourse, including instances of propaganda in government and nongovernment media, and including anti-Semitic incitement and discourse couched as expression against the State of Israel, (defined by whom?) that occur in each country, including a description of emerging issues and key trends;

      (3) the responses of the government of each country to the acts, incitement, and discourse referred to in paragraphs (1) and (2), including the willingness of leading government officials to publicly condemn such acts, incitement, and discourse; [!!!]..."

      This all appears to be a slippery road to sanction the likes of Abe Foxman's ADL paranoia outfits in as many government bureaucracies as they can -- The aim to ultimately "legislate" against any criticism against the State of Israel and those who support her illegal activities.

      This is only the second conference of its kind. With the Israel lobby firmly entrenched in our own bureaucracy and Congress, you don't really have to wonder where all this is going.

  • Walt, Karon and Leveretts say 'alarmist' Goldberg Iran piece promotes Israeli objectives
  • Updated comments policy
  • A Pennsylvania woman bound for Gaza turns to Congress
    • Because Holt's first instinct as a human being was to albeit mildly Criticize those replusive Israeli's thugs for their acts of violence -- the equally repulsive thugs on the American side decided it was time keep him in check!

      Pro-Israel PAC comes out for GOP challenger
      NORPAC moves to halt Holt, support Sipprelle in Dist. 12

      June 16, 2010

      "...Speaking before some 40 NORPAC members, Sipprelle attacked the sitting legislator, who has served in the House since 1999, for criticizing Israel’s blockade of Gaza and showing “a lack of moral clarity that has begun to unnerve not only Israel but her allies in the region.”

      What especially upset Sipprelle and his supporters, he said, was that Holt was among the 54 House members who signed a letter to President Barack Obama last January...'

      link to

      Holt's repentance of his sins:

      A defense of Israel as Bonds raises $370,000
      August 9, 2010

      "...Retired Brigadier General Yehuda Halevy, speaking July 18 in Monroe, acknowledged the relationship “went through some blips,” citing early tensions between the Obama administration and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

      “But we need the United States,” said Halevy, now executive vice president of Bar-Ilan University. “We don’t have any other friends. We really only have the United States and let’s face it, the United States needs us. Thank God, the last meeting between the president and prime minister was very successful. There was a kind of rapport.”

      ...Included in the large crowd were Assemblywoman Linda Greenstein (D-Dist. 14) and Rep. Rush Holt (D-Dist. 12)..."
      link to

  • Career move
    • Talking of Careers!!!

      "..Illinois Senate hopeful pulls out of Israel forum

      August 10, 2010

      WASHINGTON (JTA) -- The Illinois Democratic Party's candidate for the U.S. Senate withdrew from a forum on Israel.

      Alexi Giannoulias, the state treasurer, withdrew Monday from the forum, sponsored by the Protect Our Heritage public action committee and 16 other Jewish organizations, scheduled to be held later this month. His campaign said he had prior commitments.

      The nonpartisan forum is held for Senate and House candidates. Participants can question the candidates on issues related to the U.S.-Israel relationship.

      Giannoulias, along with his Republican opponent, Rep. Mark Kirk (R-Ill) and other local politicians, had agreed to participate in the forum months ago. Giannoulias' campaign had confirmed his availability for the Aug. 22 forum in Northbrook, Ill., according to Protect Our Heritage..."

      link to

      Do you think this guy has been told to flunk the race? With all the news about how Jews are so incredibly important to the WH, the Democratic Party and the big almighty campaign contributions -- doesn't anyone think this a little strange?

  • Bromwich: Passionless Obama is letting ideologues push 'fantasy' of Iran war
    • I think this is an important article too... Especially Rep. Berman's Talking Points!!!

      --Why the U.S. Won't Cut Ties with Israel, No Matter How Extreme Its Government Gets
      A thick web of military-strategic ties is at the heart of the US-Israeli relationship.
      by Phyllis Bennis 8/4/10
      link to

  • Tony Judt passes
  • media conspiracy theory
    • LOL:

      "Harman's "wife problem"

      Jack Shafer: "...Your wife problem. Your beloved, Jane Harman, a Democrat, is a permanent member of the U.S. House of Representatives. She's also 65 years old. As your primary heir, is she the one we should be talking to about Newsweek's future, not you? Additionally, if you can't see the problem of your spouse making policy while you make a magazine, I can't explain it to you, other than to say you don't want Jane to be to you what Rep. Clare Boothe Luce (R-Conn.) was to Henry R. Luce...

      h/t link to

  • What Zionism has wrought
    • I go to the Daily Mail for diversion -- unfortunately Chelsea made her way there as well.

    • I just can't watch this stuff -- and to think I'm supposed to support and give money to democratic candidates that promote and advocate these actions [have have other words for it -- but I'm liable to throw something at the wall if I go on].


  • Israel lobby's man on Iran keeps his job from Bush to Obama, no problem
    • Helena Cobban wrote about Levy in June:

      "... Interesting, and quite possibly very depressing. Not least because the relationship with China is (like US-Turkish relations) yet another of the key aspects of US diplomacy in which the actions of dedicated pro-Israeli zealots within the US political system are currently making great and completely unnecessary problems for the true interests of the American people.

      As Lee himself showed in some detail in this recent post at Asia Times Online, which detailed the degree to which Stuart Levey, the head of the US Treasury Department's 'Office for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence" (OTFI) now has China in his sanctions cross-hairs.

      Lee unapologetically describes Levey as the "'father' of the North Korean atomic bomb", explaining that it was Levey's excessive zeal as head of OTFI in instituting sanctions in September 2005 against a small bank in Macau called the Banco Delta Asia (BDA) that had spurred Kim Jong-Il to withdraw from the six-party talks and detonate North Korea's first nuclear bomb just weeks later, on October 9..."

      link to

      More @ the link.

    • I guess it was a bridge too far for them (again) to actually ask for Foxman's resignation.

      I have very little respect for J-Street. One step forward and two steps back into AIPAC's arms.

  • Lo, another Israel apologist on the NYT op-ed page!
  • Gentleman's disagreement
    • "...A complete acceptance of the “Right to exist” .."

      Jews sans frontiers has picked up on an interesting story:

      -- August 01, 2010: Israel questions its right to exist

      This is interesting. Ha'aretz reports that Israel is keeping documents under wraps that have already been hidden for 50 years.

      Ha'aretz: "The material was not accessible to the public previously, and the new regulations merely put a retroactive stamp of legality on the closure of the archives, which until now was sealed illegally. The state archivist warned that some of the classified materials "has implications over [Israel's] adherence to international law."

      His words suggest that the state will be seen as an outlaw if the past deeds of the security and intelligence services are made public. But his explanations are not reasonable. Israel, which this year celebrated its 62nd birthday, can and must confront the less than heroic chapters in its past and reveal them to the public and for historical study. The public has a right to know about the decisions made by the state's founders, even if they involved violations of human rights, covering up crimes or harassing political opponents by security means. The country is mature and strong enough to absorb the criticism that could arise if, for example, previously unpublished testimonies are discovered about the events at Deir Yassin..."

      link to

  • Why did a Democratic congressman's aide speak of 'Jewish money'?
    • sorry -- Conspiracy -- I was laughing too much.

    • I didn't find the quote [it's in my link library now]-- but it truly shows the hypocrisy over this cough cough 'Jewish conspiratory' -- your eyes have just gotta roll on this.

      While reading Haim Sabin's [the “I'm a one-issue guy, and my issue is Israel"] hit piece in Huffingtonpost: "Shame on Oliver Stone "

      A blogger had this to say back to Saban:

      “[T]hree ways to be influential in American politics…make donations to political parties, establish think tanks, and control media outlets.” - Haim Saban


      Source: The New Yorker: The Influencer
      An entertainment mogul sets his sights on foreign policy.
      by Connie Bruck
      link to

      link to

  • 'TNR' calls for more civilian casualties
    • OT: The National Jewish Democratic Council [NJDC]
      "The National of Voice of Jewish Democrats"

      NJDC vs. J Street in the Toomey [R] vs. Seskak [D] race:

      J Street’s purpose is clear and non-partisan: to advance a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that brings peace and security to Israel and its neighbors," he said in a statement to me. "Attempts by Republican political operatives to shift elections toward candidates they support but who have poor records on Israel like Pat Toomey are transparent and bound to backfire.”

      Upon Learning of Ben-Ami's partisan pot shot, Harris immediately responded: "NJDC would not label a candidate like Pat Toomey as having 'a poor record on Israel.' We think it is destructive to the bipartisan nature of the U.S.-Israel relationship to tear down those who are Israel supporters, whether from the left or from the right."
      link to

      Should the NJDC really have "Democratic" in the name? They sound more like AIPAC than a supportive Democratic p. organization that is supposed to be electing 'SANE' pro-Israel candidates.

  • In 'FT,' Oxford chancellor calls on EU to step in before strangulation of Palestine leads to 'further disaster'
    • I keep waiting for Obama to do something -- but he doesn't.

    • OT: Doh! Discussion of Jewish Money shut-down alert.

      Dem Rep Fires Aide After Distribution Of 'Jewish Money' List
      link to

    • I think as Patten as an 'old-school' Tory, not like the Etonian rat packer/toyboy Tories in power now.

      I can well believe if Patten is coming across Israeli's like Inbar who think people like Patten don't count -- he's gonna get his back up big time:

      "...The other members of the international community, he said baldly, “don’t count—even though in Europe there is now greater understanding of the shortcomings of the Palestinians than there was before… There is movement.”

    • Grief~! I never thought I'd see this day -- but I believe Patten 'get's it' and gets to blow the lid off our fake US and Likud peace talks. Helena Cobban's interview in '09 with Likud strategist Efraim Inbar laid out the real plan back then.

      Likud strategic thinker Inbar’s self-confident view of the world Helena Cobban -- 3/3/09

      "...Regarding the Palestinian track, he noted that Netanyahu has started to try to sell the idea of an “economic peace.” I noted that this approach had been mooted and even halfheartedly tried before, by Netanyahu during his earlier premiership, 1996-99, and other Israeli leaders, and it had always proven not to be viable in the absence of any real progress in the diplomacy. Inbar’s immediate response was to declare forthrightly “We don’t care if it’s viable or not!”

      He then said, “We can’t give up the West Bank because it’s too close to our heartland. Gaza—okay, because it’s further away from the heartland. But there, anyway, we saw the chaos and violence that ensued after we withdrew.” [snip]

      ...He added, “I wouldn’t hesitate to make a wave of refugees out of Gaza. That would put pressure on Egypt to increase their presence inside the Gaza Strip. They should take over the whole Strip directly, or have their own puppet government there, be it Hamas or whoever.”..."
      link to

      Well worth the read IMHO, if you haven't seen it before. "Inbar is Director of the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies at Bar-Ilan University" and a "senior Likud security-affairs specialist." Note on the university's website on the 'International Advisory Board' page is a: Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman!

      Website Link:

      There are other 'US Israel centric lawmakers' that seem to approve of the Likud Party plan (& I'm sure there are many others):

      Sen. Cardin, Senior Jewish Lawmaker, Meets Syria’s Assad, Sees Few Signs of Change James Besser -- 2/24/09

      "...Cardin also met with outgoing Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and the people vying to replace him – Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu and Kadima leader Tzipi Livni. “All three agree there could be peace with Syria; the framework is known. But the view is that Syria still does not WANT to make peace,” he said.

      Netanyahu, the likeliest new Prime Minster, “has sharper elbows” on the issue, he added.

      Cardin, a pro-Israel centrist, said he was favorably impressed with Netanyahu’s plan for focusing on economic development in the West Bank instead of negotiations for the quick creation of a Palestinian state.

      “I came away thinking it was a more workable policy than I had heard in previous meetings,” he said. “He describes a pyramid; you have to start with the easier areas first, you don’t jump right to the top.”

      But he conceded the plan’s major difficulty lies in the question of whether any Palestinian leader is likely to accept it..."
      link to

      Yeah, why would the Palestinians want forced slavery with a non-elected slave master paid by the US and Israeli's shoved down their throats -- unless according to Sen Cardin it were possible?

      As an aside: I mean I even had a spark of respect for Cameron yesterday, not sure how long it will last though -- early days, early days.

      H/T Link website:

  • Neo-con view (this time on Turkey) still heard loud and clear in Washington
  • Indyk: Obama backed off because of campaign money
    • Strange. An ad from J-Street -- but it seems no $$$ from J-Street -- yet?

      link to

      link to

    • grrr... 'except'

    • I think the PA Jewish community were pretty pissed off when Specter [republican and supported by the democratic party elite] got overidden by the actual grassroots voters.

      Democrat Specter Reaches Out to His Jewish BaseNathan Guttman -- Pub. 5/5/2010

      "...Sestak, facing an uphill battle to win over Jewish votes from a popular Jewish incumbent, tried not to focus on the issue of Israel when speaking at the synagogue forum. After being asked about it, he spoke of his visit to Israel during his years in the navy and of his struggle to fund ship-based anti-missile systems to protect Israel..."

      link to

      Specter, Sestak woo Jewish voters in Pa. Bryan Schwartzman 05/14/2010

      "...Even during his decades as a Republican, Specter received support from Jewish backers who typically reserved their donations and votes for Democrats. In large part that was due to his liberal positions on a host of domestic issues — including abortion, church-state separation, and civil liberties [yeah right! -- was this guy living under a rock during the Bush years?] — that often put him to the left of conservative Democrats from outside of his home turf of Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs..."

      link to

      And after Sestak finally won the race where has all that 'PRO-ISRAEL' $$$ gone, because according to Sestak isn't getting any of it?

      Joe Sestak
      Total Pro-Israel = 0?
      Arlen Specter
      Total: Pro-Israel = $230,400

    • OPENSECRETS.ORG: Top Industries
      2010 Race: Illinois Senate

      "...Most members of Congress get the bulk of their campaign contributions from two main sources: the industries that make up the economic base of their home district and the Washington-based interest groups that pay more attention to the member's committee assignments in Congress. In addition, most Democrats receive substantial sums from labor unions.

      From this table, you can get a flavor of which are the top industries giving to the candidates running for Congress in your district. Do the industries match your local economy, or are they more Washington-based? If the latter, the candidate may have divided loyalties on issues where the interests of their cash constituents conflict with those of the voters who elected them..."

      Mark Kirk (R)
      Industry Total
      1st Securities & Investment $826,149
      2nd Retired $573,825
      3rd Lawyers/Law Firms $425,721
      4th Pro-Israel $371,098
      Alexander Giannoulias (D)
      Industry Total
      Pro-Israel ?

      Note. He did say he wouldn't be taking any PAC $$$???

      link to

    • ...and don't forget the IL race between Kirk and Giannoulias which seems to have fallen off the radar. Wonder why.

      I wonder how much the DNC and DSCC will fork out for Giannoulias? -- Baring in mind the DNC threw down the plug-hole $500,000 for republican oops Democrat Ben Nelson.

      TPMDC: DNC Starts Spreading Its Wealth Around The Country -- Eric Kleefeld | July 13, 2010
      link to

      So, where's the $$$ for IL?

      Obama To Return Home For Giannoulias Fundraiser CHICAGO (AP) Jul 18, 2010
      "...News of an Obama visit comes after Giannoulias announced last week that he had raised $900,000 in the quarter that ended in June, compared to the $2.3 million hauled in by Republican Mark Kirk, a congressman from Chicago's northern suburbs.

      It will be an embarrassing defeat for Democrats if they lose in November the seat Obama relinquished after he was elected president in 2008..."
      link to

      Where's a chunk of Kirk's $$$ coming from? Opensecrets here we come.

    • I disagree. What is antisemitic about calling out warmongering f**kers, who just happen to be Jewish, as well having undeniable [just read the Jewish press here for goodness sake] disproportionate access to power and political positions within the democratic party, and bottom line have shown they couldn't care less about what happens to other people's kids?

      With the republicans -- well the 'financial' case is closed on them.

      We have to call out what is in front of our noses [or what's being rubbed in it] -- IMO there are too many lives at stake.

    • "Correction" 'same outfit'

    • It's not a secret -- all the 'insiders' know about it accept nobody is allowed to talk about it.

      Wes Clark [Huffingtonpost]" "How can you talk about bombing a country when you won't even talk to them?" said Clark. "It's outrageous. We're the United States of America; we don't do that. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying the military option is off the table -- but diplomacy is not what Jim Baker says it is. It's not, What will it take for you boys to support us on Iraq? It's sitting down for a couple of days and talking about our families and our hopes, and building relationships."

      When we asked him what made him so sure the Bush administration was headed in this direction, he replied: "You just have to read what's in the Israeli press. The Jewish community is divided but there is so much pressure being channeled from the New York money people to the office seekers."

      link to

      Seymour Hersh [Democracy Now]:AMY GOODMAN: Sy Hersh, I wanted to switch gears for the last question, and this has to do with it not just being Republicans who are sounding a drumbeat for war. The three leading Democratic presidential candidates—Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Edwards—have all declared no options off the table...

      SEYMOUR HERSH: Money. A lot of the Jewish money from New York. Come on, let’s not kid about it. A significant percentage of Jewish money, and many leading American Jews support the Israeli position that Iran is an existential threat. And I think it’s as simple as that. When you’re from New York and from New York City, you take the view of—right now, when you’re running a campaign, you follow that line. And there’s no other explanation for it, because she’s smart enough to know the downside.

      GLENN GLENNWALD [from his archived 'blogspot*]: "...the Sun emphasized how vital it was for presidential candidates to attract contributions from New York Jewish groups generally, and how such contributions (as is true for all interest groups) are available only to those candidates who support those groups' so-called "pro-Israel" agenda:

      -- A Democratic political consultant who worked on President Clinton 's re-election campaign, Hank Sheinkopf, noted that the Aipac dinner always draws a parade of politicians.

      New York is the ATM for American politicians. Large amounts of money come from the Jewish community," he said. "If you're running for president and you want dollars from that group, you need to show that you're interested in the issue that matters most to them." --

      And, according to the Sun, what do presidential candidates have to do in order to ensure access to "the ATM for American politicians" -- the "large amounts of money from the Jewish community" in New York? What is the "issue that matters most to them"? Belligerence towards Iran..."


      There's many others e.g. Dennis Kucinich, Jim Moran, Ron Paul, Jimmy Carter etc...

    • OT: IMO some good inside baseball talk from the Jewish 'home crowd' wringing their hands over their mythical 'Jewish Shangri-La'.

      JTA "...Meanwhile, in Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he opposes the bill in its current form. The bill "could tear apart the Jewish people,” Netanyahu told his Cabinet on Sunday..."

      Yeah, Netanyahu gets it. His congressional buddies esp. within the Jewish Caucus are worried their 'loyality' is being tested to the limits.

      Conversion Crises Could Threaten Pro-Israel Effort
      James D. Besser 7/21/10
      link to

      "...Jerry Silverman*, president and CEO of the Jewish Federations of North America, wrote a letter to Netanyahu expressing “deep shock” that the legislation was moving through Knesset; Jewish Agency Chair Natan Sharansky said, “We cannot divide the Jewish people with legislation which many in the Jewish world view as defining them as second-class Jews.”

      ..."“People worry about this because of its political impact, but you have to realize that almost all Jewish House and Senate members are Reform and Conservative Jews,” said a congressional source who asked not to be named. “For many, they’re concerned because constituents are concerned, but also because it affects them personally.”"

      Who knew? So, do you think there maybe a 'slight' problem with these guys having a conflict of interest when their religion and outward advocacy over their 'Jewish State' takes precedence over US intelligence and foreign affairs interests?

      It's about time the national media started taking a real good look at who is dealing with our foreign relations and who is paying them.
      *Same guy who likes to sit 'close' to Hills.

      Clinton heads to N.Y. ahead of wedding
      link to

      "...The Jewish Federations of North America's William Daroff, who was on her flight,.."

    • OT: IMO some good inside baseball talk from the Jewish 'home crowd' wringing their hands over their mythical 'Jewish Shangri-La'.

      JTA "...Meanwhile, in Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he opposes the bill in its current form. The bill "could tear apart the Jewish people,” Netanyahu told his Cabinet on Sunday..."

      Yeah, Netanyahu gets it. His congressional buddies esp. within the Jewish Caucus are worried their 'loyality' is being tested to the limits.

      Conversion Crises Could Threaten Pro-Israel Effort
      James D. Besser 7/21/10
      link to

      "...Jerry Silverman*, president and CEO of the Jewish Federations of North America, wrote a letter to Netanyahu expressing “deep shock” that the legislation was moving through Knesset; Jewish Agency Chair Natan Sharansky said, “We cannot divide the Jewish people with legislation which many in the Jewish world view as defining them as second-class Jews.”

      ..."“People worry about this because of its political impact, but you have to realize that almost all Jewish House and Senate members are Reform and Conservative Jews,” said a congressional source who asked not to be named. “For many, they’re concerned because constituents are concerned, but also because it affects them personally.”"

      Who knew? So, do you think there maybe a 'slight' problem with these guys having a conflict of interest when their religion and outward advocacy over their 'Jewish State' takes precedence over US intelligence and foreign affairs interests?

      It's about time the national media started taking a real good look at who is dealing with our foreign relations and who is paying them.
      *Same guy who likes to sit 'close' to Hills.

      Clinton heads to N.Y. ahead of wedding
      link to

      "...The Jewish Federations of North America's William Daroff, who was on her flight,.."

      link to

  • Isabel Kershner misleads on Israel's 'far-reaching proposal'
    • Remembering [unfortunately the 2nd link is dead now]:

      In May 2008:

      Probe increases calls for Israeli leader to resign
      By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS -- Published: May 10, 2008
      link to


      "...He had already resigned (in late July 2008) and was conducting the negotiations as prime minister of a caretaker government.

      ...According to Erekat, Olmert's term ended before Abbas could formulate a counter-proposal..."

      link to

  • Who will take the BDS world cup?
    • Comment: Re: 'Chas Freeman to go ten rounds with Israel lobbyist at Nixon Center
      by Philip Weiss on July 8, 2010 · 21 comments
      I went to the Nixon Center link and couldn't find anything on the debate? Is it still going on?

  • Leveretts shout, Israel and the lobby are pushing us to war with Iran
    • I agree with you...

      J-Street has turned into nothing more than AIPAC-lite -- Why? My guess is they are advocating what their liberal interventionists are paying and calling for when it comes to Israel.

      BTW has anyone been able to get into J-Streets March polling data -- without being hit with a virius?

      One of the things I would like to know is out of those approximately 6 millions Jews in the US (I'm guessing the # is taken from the last census?) -- how many are contacted by these Jewish organizations that claim to speak for the United States Jewish community?

  • Revolving border: AIPAC works with Netanyahu to set colonization policy in W Bank
    • FARA anyone? I mean anyone?

      Foreign Agents Registration Act

      The Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) was enacted in 1938. FARA is a disclosure statute that requires persons acting as agents of foreign principals in a political or quasi-political capacity to make periodic public disclosure of their relationship with the foreign principal, as well as activities, receipts and disbursements in support of those activities. Disclosure of the required information facilitates evaluation by the government and the American people of the statements and activities of such persons in light of their function as foreign agents. The FARA Registration Unit of the Counterespionage Section (CES) in the National Security Division (NSD) is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the Act.

      link to

  • Barney Frank wants to cut military aid everywhere but, unh, hummina hummina hummina
    • "...Not surprising though I guess. Isn’t Barney’s sister Ann (Lewis) who, as a Hillary Clinton supporter in the last election—and by way of expressing outrage at something only a tad less groveling Obama said at the time—is famous for saying “The role of the presidents of the United States is to support decisions made by the people of Israel”?

      FYI: Ann Lewis is another one who is on the FYI: Board [Chairman's Council] of the NJDC -- the "National Voice of Jewish Democrats"

      link to

      Anyone know their current membership and how it's grown over the past 'war' years.

  • 32 faculty, 200+ students sign Penn State petition condemning flotilla raid
    • with signatories (many of the names Jewish, by the way).

      Not members of J-Street I hope?

      The Jewish community who truly wish to tackle what is being done in their name (having known what has been going on far longer than most non-Jews) really need to find an authentic movement/voice out there -- because J-Street is just not cutting it, especially when it starts giving $$ to the likes of Gary Ackerman. That act alone shows me they are not serious in trying to change the landscape of congress to be supposedly 'pro-Israel' as well as 'pro-American'.

      link to

      Ackerman calls on Jewish lawmakers to meet in Jerusalem
      June 9, 2010

  • Obama's kicking can down the road because he can't save Israel even if he tried
    • "...Perhaps all that remains, is to see whether continued support for objectionable Israeli policies eventually causes the Democratic party to fracture...

      I totally agree... and do you think Schumer (ex-DSCC) & Emanuel (ex-DCCC)* and the rest gives a hoot? Nah, not when they've got both bases (parties) covered. I bet they were a little pissed when Specter didn't get through tho'

      *We've got Debbie Wasserman-Schultz next...

    • "...Obama and the Democratic party can only lose if they antagonize the American Jewish community, whose financial and electoral support may be crucial in any close congressional or even presidential election...

      So those 78% of Jewish voters [noting: all Jews being only about 2% of the total population] aren't voting for liberal or progressive reasons after all -- they are voting because the Jewish voter basically knows it owns the Democratic Party, and can dictate the terms.

      As an aside -- I noticed that DAVID STEINER is still around as Board director for the -- National Jewish Democratic Council [NJCD] -- "The National 'Voice' of Jewish Democrats'"

      The famous David Steiner that:

      "...AIPAC's leaders awoke Nov. 4 to a page 3 story in the Washington Times announcing that Steiner, AIPAC's unpaid president, had resigned after being caught telling a prospective political donor on the telephone that the lobbying organization was "negotiating" with Clinton over whom the Democratic candidate would appoint as secretary of state and as his national security adviser should he win the election. When asked if AIPAC would participate in the selection of the new secretary of state, Steiner said, "We'll have access..."

      Jewish Leaders Congratulate Clinton
      Morton Mandel, National Jewish Democratic chairman, credited the American Jewish community with SEALING Clinton's victory, which he called a "tremendous achievement."

      link to

      David Steiner Telephone Transcript:
      link to

      And aren't we all happy we got Hillary Clinton this time...

  • Don't blame the Jews for the Israel lobby
    • Yerp...
      --4th in line for ownership of Durbin

      "...Top Industries
      Senator Dick Durbin 2005 - 2010
      [1] Lawyers/Law Firms $2,113,906 $1,967,685 $146,221
      [2] Securities & Investment $654,662 $562,162 $92,500
      [3] Real Estate $430,646 $392,646 $38,000
      [4] Pro-Israel $375,137 $329,887 $45,250
      link to

    • "...Is David Axelrod, Emanuel's good friend? I have no idea..."

      Not sure either... but their history seems to go back a long way... with both of them apparently working along side AIPAC for its election success:

      "...In 1984, Emanuel and David Axelrod (Obama's senior campaign strategist in 2008) worked alongside AIPAC on a campaign to unseat Illinois Senator Charles Percy who was then chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee. That electoral success followed a victorious AIPAC-directed campaign in 1982 when Springfield attorney Richard Durbin was recruited to oppose Paul Findley, an 11-term Congressman. Findley learned too late the political costs visited on U.S. policy-makers who challenge the Israeli-fication of U.S. foreign policy..."

      link to

    • Seems some important Democratic establishment elites are in with them:
      Jewish leaders welcome CUFI
      Many Jewish leaders welcome the support for Israel offered by Hagee and other Christian Zionists. The Israeli ambassador to the U.S. spoke at the July 18th CUFI banquet.

      The next day, the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington, the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Washington, **the National Jewish Democratic Council,** the Republic Jewish Coalition, the American Jewish Committee and the Israel Project sponsored a rally with Hagee near the White House, according to the JTA. Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Kan.), Maryland Gov. Robert Ehrlich, ** Rep. Ben Cardin (D-Md.),** **Rep. Robert Wexler (D-Fla.)**, **Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.),** and **Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.)** spoke at the rally.
      link to

      P.S. Rep Robert Wexler now works for a Zionist lobbyist outfit.
      link to
      Peace - ha -- with a photo of Netanyahu centerpiece - how ironic.

  • 'J Street' blasts Dershowitz and home evictions in E. J'lem
    • Er... and surprise surprise....

      "...Mr. Brog worked in the United States Senate for seven years, rising to be chief of staff to Senator Arlen Specter and staff director of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

      link to

      Senator Specter being our v. own establishment chosen new Democrat for PA>!

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