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  • Obama's mild defiance at AIPAC cost him $10 million in Jewish donations
    • M J Rosenberg twitter: "I once was lost, but now I'm found. Was blind but now I see." Waking up to the truth about THE LOBBY"/"The day I learned how AIPAC the Israeli govt and the media tries 2 intimidate Congress & almost always succeeds"
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      M J Rosenberg spills some beans on his early life (good for him!)

      How The Lobby Chills Middle East Debate [5/27/11]
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    • "...I think it was last year when Donna Edwards of Maryland (Ann Arundel County) became a target of a public AIPAC attack. The result was she suddenly raised much sympathy money within days. This is telling..."

      When "J-Street" "raised $15,000 from 270 contributors in four hours..."?

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      The same J-Street that later on had told Edwards (via former Rep. Baird) if she spoke at a meeting whose group supported the two-state solution, but were also prepared to discuss! the viability of a one state solution if the 2SS didn't work out -- then they (J-Street) may not be able to support her any more. Probably the National Jewish Democratic Council as well.

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      Also, it's not just "AIPAC" that's after her -- read the rest of the JTA article. She also her local Jewish Community office after her.

      Obama's campaign is managed by the I-Lobby, and many other D-campaigns are too. Look at how many campaign staff are from the I-Lobby, including interns -- remembering the I-Lobby is not only AIPAC. It was a real eye-opener when I volunteered for Maria Cantwell's last Senate campaign.

    • Read a couple of interesting news articles about the management of Israel Bonds in the US.

      Haaretz (10/10): "...Israel Bonds is an American institution in every respect..."

      [an internal accounting investigation found:] "...the costs of raising the money were far greater than the costs of funds Israel obtained in independent bond issues on the free market," he said. "We decided to carry out a reform, with which Matza cooperated fully and effectively..."

      "...Five years ago it could be said that the government was contributing to the Jews through Israel Bonds because they were getting very high interest. Today this is not the case..."

      [Interest rate cuts were made:] "...The cuts did not affect Israel Bonds' budget: It is still $40 million for the administration ($30 million in the United States alone ) and another $6 million paid out as an annual fee to a commercial bank for customer management..."
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      A new Head comes in January 2011, interestingly enough from:

      "...the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington, where, for the past four years, he served as managing director of the group's endowment fund. In that fiduciary role, Harburger managed and coordinated the federation's philanthropic donations..."
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      So, I'm wondering how much $$$ actually goes to Israel as opposed to keeping the I-Lobby alive here?

    • "...The dependence of US politics on the type of money Obama will spend to get re-elected is sick..."

      Also, the crazy system that allows a small state like Wyoming to have the same number of Senators as California. The political climate here is only going to get worse.

    • I think the GOP will be more preoccupied with FL than OH. Elections come down to money and electoral votes.

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  • We can only pray that Congress's supine conduct before a rightwing foreign leader will have political consequences
    • GF: "...What is up with you people?"

      Get over yourself -- we're not all "confused"! And you say "Horrified"?, no I would say more disgusted.

      This is not the first time Netanyahu's sheer arrogance, narcissism and demand for allegiance has appeared at Congress' door.

      "...In the book, we said, you describe how you [i.e., the administration] blatantly intervened in the Israeli elections of 1996 in favor of Peres and against Netanyahu. How did you dare? “Don’t get so excited,” Indyk said. “We are not alone in this story. Now you can understand what Clinton felt when Netanyahu tried to incite members of Congress against him. Clinton acted the same way as Netanyahu.

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      And note who got the upper hand on 'both' occasions?

      Also, remember Dennis Ross [ex (ha!) I-Lobby's right hand man] is still lurking around!

      Is Dennis Ross Poisoning the Well?
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  • Harry Reid sides with Netanyahu over Obama
    • Also, I was wondering if anyone knew anything about the next 'supposed?' meeting of the International Council of Jewish Parliamentarians [ICJP] being held in Jerusalem 27th to 29th June, 2011 [Max Blumenthal - maybe?]. I can't find much information about the meeting on the internet, and if its President Gary Ackerman [D-Likud] will be there? He was certainly fired for a meeting last year!

      Ackerman Announces International Conference to Fight off Political Assault on Israel
      June 9, 2010

      "...U.S. Rep. Gary Ackerman (D-NY), the President of the International Council of Jewish Parliamentarians (ICJP), citing urgent threats to Israel’s future, announced today that he is calling for the organization’s next meeting in Jerusalem. The ICJP meeting, which intends to assemble Jewish parliamentarians from every continent where Jews serve in the national legislature, will focus on fighting the growing international delegitimization effort directed against Israel..."

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    • You think Harry Reid is bad -- Ha!~ you just wait if/when the Democrats get delusional Rep. Shelley Berkley [D-Likud] into the Senate!

      h/t Siun over @ Firedoglake:

      "...Berkley, according to Ha’aretz, is “a Jewish politician well-known in Congress for her support of Israel, backed the Israeli operation in Gaza during December and January, and even told Haaretz that maybe Israel had been too tolerant.” M. J. Rosenberg over at TPM Café was more direct: “Shelley Berkley is so far to the right on Israel, she ignores AIPAC and works primarily with the Likud ZOA.”..

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  • I'm fed up with criticism of Israel being shouted down as anti-Semitic
    • Hmm... let's do the check-list:

      Symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder

      In order for a person to be diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) they must meet five or more of the following symptoms:

      • Has a grandiose sense of self-importance (e.g., exaggerates achievements and talents, expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements)
      •Is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love
      •Believes that he or she is "special" and unique and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people (or institutions)
      •Requires excessive admiration
      •Has a very strong sense of entitlement, e.g., unreasonable expectations of especially favorable treatment or automatic compliance with his or her expectations
      •Is exploitative of others, e.g., takes advantage of others to achieve his or her own ends
      •Lacks empathy, e.g., is unwilling to recognize or identify with the feelings and needs of others [non-Jews maybe?]
      •Is often envious of others or believes that others are envious of him or her
      •Regularly shows arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes

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      And what the heck is this bizarre "Jewish" preoccupation with the arrest of Strauss-Kahn?

      Arrest of IMF head shakes France's Jews
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  • Move Over AIPAC flashmob @ D.C. Union Station
    • Thanks -- I saw that link when I googled the event -- but unfortunately it's only sound-bites :( I'm hoping the organizers put some money aside to make the presentations or even the transcripts available online?

    • To to be honest, I was a little disappointed there was no live video feed of the Speakers at that event? e.g. John Mearsheimer etc. I would have loved to have been there, but the flights and hotel costs were just too high from the West Coast (I did check) :(

      Also, were there really 10,000 ethnic cleansing supporters at the AIPAC conference? If so, "ICK" -- that's something to be concerned about. How many attended last year?

      James Besser (The Jewish Week): "An interesting morning at the AIPAC policy conference. Then again, how could it not be with President Barack Obama addressing more than 10,000 participants only days after giving a major policy address on the Middle East?

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  • Mitchell resignation makes Obama the Mubarak of the Palestinian spring
    • Have you got a link to this transcript? Hale was not alone on this trip, it would be interesting to learn if Dennis Ross was in the room at same time?

      Ross in Israel to jump-start peace talks [January 20, 2011]
      JERUSALEM (JTA) — “…Senior White House adviser Dennis Ross arrived in Israel to discuss security arrangements under a possible peace deal with the Palestinians.
      --Ross and David Hale, deputy to Middle East envoy George Mitchell, arrived in Israel Thursday. They will meet with Israeli officials to discuss maintaining the country’s qualitative military edge in the region under any proposed peace deal, according to a statement issued by the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office.
      -- Ross is making his third visit to Israel in a month. Mitchell was last in Israel in December…”

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    • "...BTW, Daniel Levy is very smart. I like his reading of the options. Feels like an accurate picture of what’s possible..."

      No I disagree, Levy is an example of those being paid to keep the illusion of the 2SS alive. Levy knows full well reviewing his career history, political and family connections why his "four options" will never happen.

      LEVY: "...the administration utilizing Mitchell's final act as envoy, namely his stepping down (but leaving Dennis Ross very much in charge!), as a way of sending a message mainly to the Israeli prime minister that if he was not willing to step up his game in a serious way then the U.S. too could step back...[Huh??]"

      In what [Strategic withdrawal] way Mr Levy -- ?? Would that mean we would step back from 'both' sides -- including cutting aid, sanctions, or even boycotts -- to create a more evenhanded playing field in the "peace process"? Or would that be sending too strong a message?

  • Challenging AIPAC's abuse of taxpayers money
    • "...we have to get stuck in the back by our wonderful buddy? ..."

      Noting, Israel has been caught in the past passing on sensitive military technology to Chinese. The question is -- are they still doing it -- when they have to maintain their competitive edge, especially now, for example, they're no longer bff with Turkey?

      "...The Israeli industry must sell about three-fourths of what they make to remain viable - it's hard for them to be choosey. Our dialogue with them has been about how they can be a more choosey seller. [Beth McCormick - Bush's Defense Technology Security Administration (DTSA) and deputy undersecretary for technology security policy (2008)]

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    • Citizen: the Austrian school economist seems to be giving a mighty optimist view?

      Just in 2007 Israel was apparently sh**ing bricks with just a small decrease in aid that apparently was going to massively affect their budget plans.

      Hmm... Is their high life of universal health care, and subsidized housing for the settlers really sustainable if it were not for continued US foreign aid to Israel?

      Overstretched US cuts aid to Israel
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      "...The diversion of [US military 'funds' to Iraq] has caused a budget shortfall in Israel that forced Ehud Olmert, the prime minister, to convene an emergency cabinet meeting yesterday.

      Officials discussed ways of dealing with the £250 million deficit in next year's budget, which Israeli commentators said would result in austerity measures.

      More worryingly for Israel, there are fears the shortfall will have a significant impact on the ability of the country to defend itself as military training and procurement are cut back.

      The tension over the delayed American money has tarnished relations between the two countries, which were boosted only last week when Israel confirmed it would enjoy a surge in American defence aid of 25 per cent over the next 10 years...

      And Israel is "self-sufficient" eh?

    • Blockquote text link:

      -- Ehud Barak’s Disappearing Request for $20 Bil. Aid Increase to Israel -- April 14th, 2011 (Ali Gharib)
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    • Yeah, maybe someone else can explain it? -- Coz, one thing's for sure the money certainly keeps flowing (especially military aid)*! And Israel keeps asking for more:

      -- Defense Minister Barak says Israel might ask for more aid
      March 8, 2011
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      -- Tomgram: Ira Chernus, The Great Israeli Security Scam
      April 17th, 2011 |
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      "...Defense analysts say Israel spends about 9% of its gross national product on defense, or roughly $17 billion per year. U.S. military assistance accounts for $3 billion of that.

      So the U.S. taxpayer is dishing out about 17 percent of Israeli defense spending this year. (Oh, and look, tax day!)

      Barak told the Journal that, because of regional unrest and uncertainty, he’d like the U.S. to cough up an extra “$20 billion to upgrade the security of Israel for the next generation or so.” Taking a generation as 20 years, that averages out to a 33 percent increase per year, pushing U.S. security aid up to $4 billion annually. If Israel’s spending stays constant, U.S. taxpayers would then be footing the bill for about 22 percent of Israel’s defense budget.

      And the uber-zionists wonder why we want to yank Israel's foreign aid? Israel has no care for the American economy or workers. It's quite happy demanding our Money (and getting it), while knowing it can continue not to negotiate with its neighbors and to make peace. What a scam!

      * Congress also exempts Israel from the usual requirement that all its military aid be spent on US hardware. The exemption, which allows Israel to spend about 25 percent of US military aid within its own defense industry, has helped make Israel one of the largest arms exporters in the world.

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    • From the 2005 Congressional report on aid to Israel. Noting, we never heard from "Clyde R. Mark" again!

      Israel: U.S. Foreign Assistance
      "SUMMARY: Israel is not economically self-sufficient, and relies on foreign assistance and borrowing to maintain its economy."
      by Clyde R. Mark, Foreign Affairs, Defense, and Trade Division"

      link to

      We now have have Jeremy M. Sharp, Specialist in Middle Eastern Affairs, still informing us (nothing has changed!) of the constant billions going to Israel, but does not tell us the basic truth that Mr Clyde R. Mark put down on hard paper.

  • For 40 years Israel practiced deceit in its purported plans for Palestinian autonomy (and that deceit required a partner)
    • "...Take a look at what is going on now—congress is working overtime to see that a Palestine State never happens—because they are well aware that would mean the end of Israel’s expansion and land and resources grabs..."

      And they have their careers to consider...

      The Israeli Lobby [Tony Judt] (4/5)
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  • The community of fear and the community of hope (Choose)
    • I was going to add " anti-semistim" by your standards.

    • "...I find it interesting that your cause celebre of the hour, Tony Kushner, stated the opposite, that the fear of anti-semitism was plausible, real, still present, with gross expressions of it (changing ones) still nascient...."

      And this surprises you? Especially, when Kusher has just experienced anti-semitism first-hand. Did this important fact fly over your head because of "fear"? -- because the anti-semistim that Kusher has just experienced happened in the US, in New York, and was inflicted by a prominent, powerful, political Jew?

      I hope your "fear" lets you chew on that thought for a moment.

    • "...The “fear” is, the majority of the time, a pretense. Ask yourself if these Zionists are acting like people who are really afraid, who people who have found a pretense of fear to be a successful moral and political bargaining chip..."

      OK, but being charitable and having read about the group-hugging and hand-wringing at J-Street pro-Zionist meetings, and my own experience being confronted with some really (IMO) cognitive dissident liberal/progressive Zionists -- the venom coming out of their mouths might make you pause to consider something else is going on other than fear -- but the eyes (just maybe) might be revealing some fear - the fear that they don't want to go to a place where they'd have to justify their Zionist feelings because they'd have to confront the fact they could be Wrong... Very Wrong... (just maybe).

    • "....The denial of a person’s or community’s fear is not progressive. Exageration of the fear also isn’t progressive..."

      Over the odd 7 years being an observer of the pro-zionist, pro-Israel agenda/plan, fear often seems to be the base emotion. Fear primarily being used to rationalize the absolute necessity of a Jewish (religious mascot) State. So, when anyone tries to argue against the utter futility of trying to setup effectively a 21stC colonial state -- the fear kicks in and they are unable to see the forest for the trees. Fear has locked you into a rigid plan, an ideal of a Jewish state that was maybe planted in your head as child, as fantasy quest -- that in reality has long long passed you by.

      Any supposed Jewish "survival plan" that requires a concrete wall, and racist legislation to keep the ants (non-Jews) out -- to me, just defies logic. The fact that Israel whether it wants to expand terrority in anticipation for the hords of Jews around the world that need safety, or are looking for a larger (military) buffer zone -- again defies logic.

      In addition, the constant, I mean constant stream of money to prop up this "safe haven" (as well as the questionable long-term plan of paying off the neighbors) again should be sending a clear and mighty message -- that the plan is not going to work.

      Fear maybe the base emotion in many Jews, but I also think there's a fair bit of narcissism involved as well, especially when it comes to the public gloating by many of the Jewish elite who like to inform us how much power they can weld (e.g. Foxman, Rosen, Saban etc.) -- especially in political circles.

      In all seriousness, I'm not sure if therapy is going to get over this fear - because in many cases how much its ingrained, but I hope something clicks in the minds of those that think we can maintain this 'forced' ritual of saving Israel's arse time and time again.

  • Suicide, fratricide, accidents are top causes of Israeli soldier deaths
    • "...In 2008, an Israeli border policeman committed suicide in front of French Prime Minister Nicholas Sarkozy..."

      Again, after seeing the film "Defamation" -- I feel the need to question the MSM story: an Israeli policeman commiting suicide, or dying on a suicide mission?

      If I was a security officier having to handle the security detail of a foreign dignitary wanting to visit Israel -- I would have to be really concerned with the obvious lack of psychological profiling being done on Israeli soldiers and police men and women especially when it comes to visiting dignitaries, who have an interest in the Palestinian plight.

      And to cap it all -- American Jewish synogogues (and Christian Zionists) are fuelling the indoctrination that could be contributing to these kids inner conflicts.

  • Lobbying for Syrian dictatorship, Israel leaves no doubt about its support for counterrevolution in Arab world
    • Let's put it this way -- I think it's interesting we're getting the benign message from our zionist Hills that there's nothing to be concerned about when it comes to Syria -- and that we should "move along, move along" --

      Clinton holds out hope Syria’s government will reformJosh Rogin [5/6/11]

      "...The difference between the situations in Syria and Libya is that the Syrian government might still come around and pursue a reform agenda, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Friday.

      -- In an interview with Lucia Annunziata of Italy's "In Mezz'Ora" in Rome, Clinton was asked whether the United States was applying a double standard when dealing with Libyan leader Col. Muammar al-Qaddafi and other Arab dictators who are killing their citizens, such as Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

      -- Clinton explained that she still held out hope that the Syrian government would institute reforms that could satisfy the demands of protesters and end the government-sponsored violence against civilians. There was no hope for that outcome in Libya, she said.

      link to

    • Yeah! It's going to be kinda a watch this space...

    • Makes me wonder what Specter was up to with this 20 (now) odd visits that apparently Dept of State knew nothing about.

      -- February 24, 2010

      SENATOR SPECTER: "...The question on my mind that I alerted him to this yesterday as to whether the stalemate might be broken between Syria and Israel on negotiations if the President were to invite them to the Oval Office...

      SECRETARY CLINTON: Well, Senator, I certainly will look at anything that might break the stalemate. I’m not sure that that would be acceptable or doable to all of the parties involved, but certainly our goal is to help facilitate a resumption of talks between Israel and Syria. We think it’s absolutely necessary for Israel’s security and future to try to move the whole region toward a more peaceful state. So we’ll certainly take any idea you have under consideration because you have been – I don’t know how many times you’ve been to Syria by now, but it’s –

      SENATOR SPECTER: Eighteen.

      SECRETARY CLINTON: Eighteen. It’s more than anybody else that I personally know. So we take what you say – and that’s why Under Secretary Burns called to report to you – we take what you say very seriously and we’ll certainly consider it.

      link to
      Just wondering -- I'd like to know more?

  • Awakening: Liberal American rabbinical students are turning away from Zionism, sometimes with disgust
    • I watched Defamation (netflix) a couple of nights ago -- the brainwashing of those kids was chilling -- also, the fact that for many of those teenagers travelling to Poland it was their first time on a plane -- the first time out of Israel, and were escorted during that trip 24 hours a day.

  • Obama's to-do list: Free Pollard in May so he can travel safely to Israel in June
    • Yes, interesting, and a tad strange -- Again, we'll see what comes next -- especially when yahoo comes to town.

    • Just noticed the latest Obama smear and usual distortion of the news going around the right-wing jewish blogs and newspapers (e.g. Jewish Voice 4/29/11) -- I'm sure this news having made its way to Florida and Israel:

      Report: Obama’s Diplomatic Plan - PA State, No ‘Return’
      BY Maayana Miskin

      "...United States President Barack Obama has created his own diplomatic plan for talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority to rival that of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, according to the New York Times.

      Obama's plan is reportedly based on principles including: the creation of a PA state in Judea and Samaria, with borders based on the 1948 armistice line, the split of Jerusalem, Israel's capital city, the negation of the PA “right of return” for descendants of Arabs who fled Israel in 1948, and a focus on Israel's security needs. The details have yet to be determined, according to the Times report.

      link to

      I don't think Obama is going to win in 2012 (even with the promise of pro-Isarel $$$), or it's going to be extremely difficult -- I also think there's a v. good chance the Democrats will also lose the Senate. Obama has tried courting everyone except his progressive base. The progressive blogs that were a hive of activity and enthusiasm during the run up to the 2008 election are nothing what they used to be. Daily Kos is total is total joke, and most of the other blogs are spending their time swimming in the news of Palin latest political faux-paus.

      Obama knowing he hasn't got the backing of the 'political' Democratic base (because he screwed them), and is now going the GOP route -- the Democratic party is basically dead.

      -- Democrats copy GOP: New 2012 money groups formed by former Obama staffers [lynn Sweet 29/4/11]
      link to

      -- Axelrod: Undisclosed donors necessary for Dems in 'the system we have' [Daniel Strauss 05/01/11]
      link to

      P.S. I shouldn't have used the word "sickos", but it's just I get a little exasperated sometimes at people not seeing/or wanting to see the true state of Israel.

    • And if anyone bothers to read the links... on our paranoid Israel:

      --Israel to buy 6th German submarine-official
      05 May 2011 19:59
      link to

      Just a reminder when you hear Merkel not wanting to recognize a Palestinian State.

    • Er No... you sickos have been trying to push Obama to visit the nut house (Israel) from the start... Why -- escapes me?

      Sand [Jul 10 2009]: DK: "...I increasingly view the whole area as something close to a lunatic asylum..."

      I agree, so why in the world are we getting posts from pro-Israeli bloggers such as Strummerson [MYDD] and Jo-Ann Mort [TPM] expecting Obama to go and insert himself into Israel's self-inflicted chaos? Especially at a time when it appears that Netanyahu is on the verge of having a psychotic meltdown, partly brought on by Obama's demands for some payback for all the billions we give them, *AND* where you have Wormtongue [Arad] whispering his Netanyahu that 'we're gonna need MORE NUKES sire'!

      --Netanyahu adviser raises "MAD" nuclear scenario
      Thu Jul 9, 2009 8:58am EDT
      link to

      And the we're supposed to have a problem with Iran -- god knows what the Iranians must be thinking.

      A visit from Obama, or Obama appearing on 'Israeli Teevee' as Lally over @ TPM puts it -- would go down like a bloody lead balloon. We know that because we're all read the level of venom coming out from the Jewish Right-wing blogs both here and over there -- portraying Obama as the MUSLIM Satan wanting to destroy the Jews. A Jewish fanatic has already assassinated one politican [Rabin], who dared to dip his toe in trying to make peace with the Palestinians, and on at least two occasions [that I'm aware of] two important dignitaries [Blair & Sarkozy] have experienced some frightening lapses when relying on Israeli security.

      NO WAY, if I was Obama would I go within 300 hundred miles of that place -- it's full of nutters. And to top it off these guys have UNDECLARED Nukes?

      link to

      Nah sorry! I don't want a sacrifice dangled out there for the benefit of an apartheid "Jewish State" thank you v. much.

      Blair bodyguard in security scare
      link to

      Scare as Sarkozy departs Israel
      link to

  • Benno Schmidt signals Kushner will get degree-- even as he sidles up to Wiesenfeld's racist statements
  • Wiesenfeld says his mother would call Kushner a Nazi collaborator
    • Denial and cover-up.

      "...colleague Laura Flanders reports, Wiesenfeld is a trustee at the pro-Israel think tank the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, and an organizer of the Salute to Israel Day Parade Committee but his views are not considered controversial or problematic..."

      link to

      Wiesenfeld is well-connected in the political world.

  • 'Mondo' editors to speak tonight in Oakland
    • Slightly OT -- but does anyone know why the Supreme Court would want to take this highly charged political case on?:

      Supreme Court to consider Jerusalem passport case

      "...(Reuters) - The Supreme Court said on Monday it would hear an appeal by parents who want Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to record Israel, not just Jerusalem, on their son's U.S. passport.

      The justices will consider whether lower court judges were correct to dismiss the lawsuit on the grounds that it raised a foreign policy issue falling outside the judiciary's power.

      An appeals court agreed, saying judges have no authority to order the federal government to change U.S. foreign policy..."

      link to

  • Awakening: Kushner mugging leads UCLA prof to reject Zionism
    • "...Goldberg seems to admit in the political power of Zionism in this country but is trying to warn its more zealous advocates to go easy. He knows at some level that this power can be undermined if it is too publicly displayed. Since CCNY is a public institution it might not be a good idea for the Zionist to publicly display their power (no problem in private universities since the minutes of trustee meetings are not subject to public release)..."

      Agreed. There's far 'far too much 'sunlight on this nightflower' -o- Goldberg is sending a warning.

  • Gideon Rose of 'Foreign Affairs' praises Mubarak in warning Egypt not to make Israel 'dramatically unhappy'
    • OK, it wasn't really a reply to Thomson Rutherford -- but his reaction affected me. We really can't continue to fight like this if we want to survive on this planet -- that's all.

    • I was looking for recent poll on American Jewish attitudes which I could link to. I found one.

    • "Human-kind fighting each other"

      Times like this -- I wish I could write. This is why, in particular, I stear away from any discussion on the Holocaust. When this topic comes up it really seems to bring out the irrationality, darkness in people (both sides).

      Do I believe the Holocaust happened, absolutely. Do I believe the methods (e.g. ovens) that were used to kill the Jews, (also trade unionists, gypsies, and gays), absolutely. The grotesque human experiments, the numbers involved (whether it was 1, 2, 6 or 8 million), absolutely. Do I want to wallow in this history, internalize, and want to make an industry out of it -- NO.

      Just in my lifetime (planet time -- a speck) I've heard and seen (admittedly only on TV) other atrocities --vietnam, cambodia killing fields, Idi Amin in Uganda, Rwanda, Bosnia, Darfur My conclusion: bottom line (including the Holocaust) these are all examples of "what human beings are capable of doing to each other" -- it doesn't need to be a special group -- it's just "what human beings are capable of doing to each other".

      I get it... Long live Chris Hedges.

    • Ok -- I will clarify later... nothing sinister.

    • Oh, so this is where we stand -- Human-kind fighting each other on our lonesome green planet -- and "non-jews" will save the day - awesome!

      Oh, and remember disease can also be dissected as dis-?ease.

      Nah, IMHO we are dealing with a bigger problem.

    • Listening to the audio -- I thought it also interesting David Kirkpatrick having to put Brian Lehrer straight with regards to what the Muslim Brotherhood really said and meant with regards to the news of Bin Laden's death. You can guess what Brian was implying!

      Walid: "...I wouldn’t be surprised to see Jazeera being welcomed all over the US by the cable companies before the end of the year..." I wish -- but I'm not holding my breath -- the US doesn't want fair and balanced news.

    • David Harris @ Tribefest
      link to

      David Harris - President and CEO of the National Jewish Democratic Council.

      Harris: It was a terrific session talking about the Jewish vote what we expect to see in 2012 and about our President and his support for Israel...

      Interviewer: Being a Jew and again a prominent Jew in this community, what do think is the one issue, or one of the major issues that we really need to be focusing on this year as American Jews?

      Harris: As I said all American Jews look to Israel and support for Israel as sort of a litmus test... beyond that...

    • I'm a bit confused where the "95% of Jewish Americans feel pride in Israel, 75% approved Cast Lead, only 13% recognize that Israel occupies Palestinian land poll figures come from -- is there a specific link?

      I found this relatively recent poll:

      2010 Annual Survey of American Jewish Opinion
      link to

      Remembering these findings are during a time when we had a Democratic WH, House and Senate. Jews overwelmingly vote for Democrats right? What more do AJC "political" self-identified American Jews want?

      Also, Obama has now given them Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (uber Pro-Israel) as the head of the DNC, Steve Israel (the guy who helped nail Chas Freeman!) as the head of the DCCC, and Chuck Schumer (Patty Murray -- give me a break!), as the head of DSCC -- I mean what more do they want?

      Oh, and after our (Chicago based) Democratic establishment helped shoo in Mark Kirk [IL/IS-R] -- what do you think the chances are of Shelley Berkley [with her foreign policy views] getting gobs of $$$ from the Democratic establishment to get a Senate spot?

      We're in big trouble.

  • Zionists' failure to save Jews from Holocaust was spiked 50 years ago, now in the news
    • OK -- that's enough. You're edging on David Dukes terrority. This is not constructive. You've revealed yourself as having no finese or feeling for what is being discussed.

    • GuiltyFeat: "...In Israel everyone will tell you what they think and in the spirit of doasyouwouldbedoneby, no one is ever offended if you tell them honestly what you think..."

      Yeah, except if your name is Hedy and you arrive at at Ben-Gurion Airport. Oh GF -- you're such a hoot!

  • Arab spring: Listen to the chants of pride in Egyptian revolution
    • Bhutto spilled the Beans to Frostie that he was dead -- which if true would mean he's been dead for a number of years now?

      The Mike Malloy show covering the Frost interview:
      link to

      Note, our MSM never followed it up with her.

  • How can you tell when the Israeli right is lying? When it talks about the 2-state-solution
    • "2SS is not clinically dead"

      It's DEAD.

      Unless you want to do what the settlers have basically said and that is -- (paraphrasing) "A 2SS over my dead body"

      These settlers are cuckoo -- seriously!

  • AJC debate on Zionism devolves into fear-fest, though Beinart bravely says Jews must confront their political power to dispense violence
    • Correction: the 'White House' not Obama -- and most if not all Jewish members of the White House...

      "... Emmanuel, Dennis Ross and Dan Shapiro, as Jews and supporters of Israel, emphasized to us that they would not be in this Administration if they felt, for one minute, Obama’s priorities were not in the right place..."


      link to

    • I disagree with your assessment. So does Phil, who reminds us frequently how well-respected Judaism is. I think this is how YOU see it.

      I think the world is much more worried about the statements of senior clergy in the Islamic world.

      Hello! take the blinders off: Israel -- is a 'Jewish' State - if that hasn't been drilled into our brains enough over the years by the leaders of Judaism. Also, sorry to burst your bubble but world opinion has Israel running right alongside Iran when it comes to world trouble-makers. Not good.

      You don't like the commentary -- because it would mean you'd have to deal with some "inconvenient truths"?

      As an aside: In April and May 2010 Obama had a meeting at the White House with 15 Rabbis ("selected because of the high profiles they have in their communities
      "*). According to Moline, only those who supported Obama's election were invited -- reportedly, "people who had been positively predisposed to President Obama once the election was over, but found themselves troubled by what had transpired over the subsequent year."

      link to

      In other words, only Rabbis who were troubled (but not batsh*t crazy) that Obama had not been seen bowing down to Israel enough -- regardless of the killing (GAZA), and ethnic cleansing that Israel is doing in broad daylight -- were granted an audience.

      Here's an account of the meeting by Rabbi Victor Urecki, an attendee of the meeting had to say:

      link to

      I have my own opinions on what this meeting represents -- beyond the obvious fact that IMO these Rabbi's should be at least registered as foreign lobbyists -- but that's by the by.

    • Yeah, but these Rabbi's when it comes to foreign policy don't advocate for peace, oh no, they want to push Obama to continue and 'protect' the policy of ethnic cleansing -- wow! what a religion to be proud of!

      "Like abortion and gay marriage, I take it." Yep, you've just hit on another form of hypocrisy when it comes to religion, especially when it comes to your Evangelical friends -- but hey use and abuse 'em when it helps the cause eh!. Also, some orthodox Judaism sects have a real nasty authoritarian streak especially when it comes to women -- wanting to control their bodies and decide how they should conduct their lives. Plus, when it comes to Palestinians -- are they even considered human in some synogogues?

      "...Most clergy express their opinion on foreign policy. There’s no requirement as to what those opinions are supposed to be..."

      Going back to my first paragraph - yes you've made that abundantly clear -- The World is beginning to see and understand Judaism through the opinions and actions of these important high profile religious figures -- they see the racism, militarism, the Jewish exceptionalism, the unhanded tactics, and the outright hypocrisy. So, which is it it -- you don't care, or you're just too blind to see it?

    • My point: Showing Rabbi's sticking their noses in political matters which should be none of their concern -- namely getting involved in national security issues in the interest of another State (i.e. not the United States.) They should stick to social issues, rather than be the hypocrites they are pushing for ethnic cleansing -- as well as supposedly advocating for the separation of church BUT only when it doesn't include ISRAEL. They are nothing more than shady politicians.

      Also, what about Rabbi Richard Jacobs? Regardless whether his name is attached to J-Street or not -- he's still an ardent zionist like the rest of J-Street (at the top), who continue to be all talk, but no action. Nothing new to see here -- all we have here is an attractive, young Rabbi that wants to attract the youn'un Jews so they can be the next generation dedicating themselves to Israel -- or what's left of it.

      link to

    • #1 "...Krinsky represents the fastest-growing denomination in Judaism, The Chabad-Lubavitch movement – a branch of Hasidism that reaches out assertively to Jews of all stripes and often cultivates the financial support and loyalty of Jewish men enticed by the suggestion of private Torah study..."

      Jonathan Pollard Rabbi supporters hassling Obama to free him:
      link to

      #2 Rabbi David Wolpe
      #3 Rabbi David Saperstein
      #5 Rabbi Marvin Hier
      #9 Rabbi David Ellenson
      #11 Rabbi Shmuley Boteach
      #12 Rabbi Ari Weiss
      #14 Rabbi Herschel Schachter
      #15 Rabbi Joseph Telushkin
      #20 Rabbi Irwin Kula
      #21 Rabbi Asher Lopatin
      #22 Rabbi Haskel Lookstein
      #39 Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi (on J-Street's Rabbinic Cabinet)

      AIPAC Rabbi supporters wanting Eric Holder to investigate why on earth the nasty Justice Department would dare investigate AIPAC in the first place:
      link to

      #4 Rabbi Peter J. Rubinstein
      #12 Rabbi Avi Weiss
      #21 Rabbi Asher Lopatin
      #44 Rabbi Dov Linzer

    • Newsweek/The Daily Beast: Most Influential Rabbis [2011]
      link to

      Newsweek: The 50 Most Influential Rabbis in America [2010]
      link to

      "...In the fall of 2006, Sony Pictures chairman and CEO Michael Lynton and his pal Gary Ginsberg, now an executive vice president of Time Warner Inc., began working on a list of the 50 most influential rabbis in the U.S. The friends devised the following unscientific criteria to rank the leaders, whose specialties range from kashrut to Kabbalah: Are they known nationally/internationally? (20 points.) Do they have political/social influence? (20 points.) Do they have a media presence? (10 points.) Are they leaders within their communities? (10 points.) Are they considered leaders in Judaism or their movements? (10 points. ) How big are their constituencies? (10 points.) Have they made an impact on Judaism in their career? (10 points.) Have they made a greater impact beyond the Jewish community and their rabbinical training? (10 points.)..."

  • Helen Thomas will cover Move Over AIPAC conference, doesn't want to speak at it
    • link to

      I had not seen, or was even aware of Atzmon's post before you linked to it. In fact, I had never heard of Atzmon until a few days ago.

    • Nope, you're still not explaining yourself. Where's the argument relating JVP with the term "unauthentic self"? I really can't find it?

    • "... Telling Jews that they have an “inauthentic” self or a weak self if they see themselves as Jews even if they do not go to synagogues regularly is not a “discussion.” ..."

      I don't totally understand what you are getting at with this statement? However, I do think the discussion over the past few days delving into the issue of diaspora Jews, Zionism and Israel -- has touched a nerve for many.

      Many of us are now interested in going beyond just exploring the organizational structure of the Israel Lobby -- which we all know is not only AIPAC -- acknowledging it also includes elements of the Evangelical movement, aswell as the MIC. But the Jewish political establishment is firmly entrenched in Democratic politics -- and that's why it's even more important for me (anyways) to try and understand the dynamics and the real game that's being played.

      We live in interesting times. Now that the veil of deception has been lifted on Israel -- in thanks partly to Netanyahu's and Lieberman's arrogance and loose lips (and to YouTube) -- we are finally getting a taste of what many in the American Jewish community really feel about finding a fair and honest settlement between the Israelis and Palestinians. I don't think generalizing is a good thing, but even I was shocked at the amount of American (supposedly liberal) Jews who, for example, supported the attack on Gaza. There's something else going on here -- and it may not be pleasant -- but I don't think hiding from it will do any good.

    • job opportunities and JFNA sponsored events like:

      link to

      Tribefest Session: Obama & The Jewish Vote: A Look Towards 2012

      Matthew Brooks [Republican Jewish Coalition]
      David Harris [National Jewish Democratic Committee]
      William Daroff [Vice President for Public Policy and Director of the DC office: JFNA (ex-Republican Jewish Coalition)

      link to

      Wish someone could get hold of the audio of this session?

      A little from a blog from someone who did apparently go:

      2:41PM “Obama is the most supportive President of State of Israel. This is based ‘demonstrable facts’ most notably financial support of Israel and sanctions levied against Iran.” – David Harris from National Jewish Democratic Committee. No perceivable boos in the crowd. Sign of Democratic audience or simply respect for moderator William Daroff‘s request for civility?

      2:55PM David’s picture of Obama’s relationship with Israel doesn’t match reality. Tremendous strain in Israel/American relationships. – Matthew Brooks from Republican Jewish Coalition. Goes on to say American Jews and Israel need not be self-reflective about commitment to peace, whereas “Palestinians and extremist Islamists clearly do.” Such a request by Obama Administration illustrative of disconnect with American Jews.

      3:00PM “Jstreet is one of most dangerous and offensive organizations in the Jewish community.” HUGE applause. “Nothing more than radicalized… (he stops and restarts) they wrap themselves in veneer of being ‘pro-israel.’” – Matthew

      “I don’t talk about other organizations unless they attack me. That said, the width and breadth of our community is vast. If people want to gather under that rubric and believe in it, ‘go and be happy.’ I doubt we would cohost an event with Jstreet in the future.” – David

    • “The fact that many Jewish-American individuals support Palestinian human rights may be morally significant, but is woefully inadequate to offset the power of organized American Jewry.

      Exactly and that is the crux of the problem.


      with its money.

      SAN FRANCISCO (JTA) -- North American Jewish federations generated nearly $2.5 billion for program needs in 2010, according to their umbrella group.

      The Jewish Federations of North America raised about $925 million last year in its 157 federated and 300 network communities, down from the 2009 campaign totals of $938 million. JFNA spokespeople attributed the dip to the continued economic downturn. In 2008, the annual campaign raised $1.04 billion.

      link to

      We're talking BILLIONS here -- just think of all those job opportunities if your background and your religion fits, AND you convey absolute devotion and allegiance to Israel 'regardless' of massacres she commits.

  • Congressmen threaten to cut off $400 million in US aid to Palestinians if PA cuts deal with Hamas
    • "... TonyKaron Tony Karon
      Will Israel want backers in Congress to cut off Palestinian Authority if that means losing US-run West Bank security apparatus?
      27 Apr..."

    • Yes, however, have a read of this... too:

      The flawed premises: two decades of failed state-making
      Posted By Alastair Crooke Thursday, April 28, 2011 - 7:53 AM
      link to

      Can't sum it up in one sentence, one paragraph -- however, it certainly got my brain cells firing.

      "..."occupation through disappearance," with Western processes all tied to the delivery of effective Palestinian security collaboration within an overall matrix of Israel control. It seems too perfect, too strategic to be accidental..."

      The Israel mantra when it come to Congress speak is ultimately "Israel's security".

      I still think the whole thing will implode, but it's an interesting thought. If the PA can't manage security -- then who will?

      h/t link to

  • Klein, Erakat, Travers, Flanders, Ratner to discuss Goldstone in NY
    • Mark Regev, on BBC news responding to the charge of Israel throwing phosphorus over civilians oy oy...

      Jon Snow BBC vs. Terri Gross NPR* -- no contest!

      link to

      *She should stick to gardening programs IMO.

  • 'Equal rights for Palestinians' billboard is deemed offensive in Seattle
    • "Sorry for my gullibility."

      I live in Seattle -- I know the turf a little better than most -- is all :0)

      However, Richard Silverstein is the 'expert'!
      link to

      Also, my 'Denial' comment was to back up the larger 'communal denial' Phil was alluding to. I should have been more careful -- I apologize, it was not directed at you.

    • I believe the link was meant to go here[?]:

      link to

    • OMG the mendacity of these so-called 'charitable' groups...

      "...The IAN* [Israel Action Network] team has also helped communities deal with difficult and complex situations – including consulting on communications and PR strategies with the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle when it faced a local effort to place stridently anti-Israel ads on public buses. JCPA also distributed a detailed memo on the UN "Durban III" conference slated for New York this September to mark 10 years since the first event, which was nothing less than an Israel-bashing gathering that veered into anti-Semitism..."

      link to

      *INA Again check out the link above to see how the JFNA unites 156 Jewish federations and 400 independent communities (and I'm sure there are more) to help kill free-speech behind the scenes.

      Denial indeed.

    • Bill in Maryland: "strongly Zionist Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle is distancing itself from such heavy-handed censorship."

      Sorry, I'm finding that really really difficult to believe!

      JTA [10/27/10]: "...The Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) and the Jewish Council for Public Affairs are launching a multimillion-dollar joint initiative to combat the unfolding assault on Israel’s legitimacy.

      Jewish United Fund/Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago has played a key role in creating the Israel Action Network, which will help Jewish communities throughout North America to more effectively combat efforts to delegitimize the Jewish State. Federation Immediate Past Chairman of the Board David Sherman has been named Chairman of the Network.


      The network will monitor the delegitimization movement worldwide and create a strategic plan to counter it wherever it crops up in North America. It will work with local federations and community relations councils to enlist the help of key leaders at churches, labor unions and cultural institutions to fight anti-Israel boycott, divestment and sanctions campaigns..."

      link to

  • Where does Israel end and the Diaspora begin? Or Zionism end and Judaism begin?
    • To be honest, it gave me the creeps as well, however, I will be reading more about the "Holodomor". The massive cynic in me would also try and find a source other than Rense.

      Also, we get films galore on the Holocaust -- I even had to put up with another one shoved in front of me one when I had to watch a trailer of "The Debt" when all I wanted to do was escape into Jane Eyre movie... I mean, someone coming to see a Jane Eyre movie interested in seeing a glorified film about the Mossad catching Nazi's -- I mean Jeeezzz.

      Are there any Hollywood films on the "Holodomor"?

  • Why I’m going to 'Move Over AIPAC'
    • Phil & Adam -- IMHO I think it useful to post this entry from 2009 to give added insight in how AIPAC works/manipulates the er... naive.

      Hoping to build the leaders of tomorrow, AIPAC offers high level access to Congressional interns
      by Adam Horowitz on July 8, 2009
      link to

      Shii: "...AIPAC is no longer the domain of Jews or evangelicals. When I went to the seminar last year and got on this God-forsaken list, there was an extremely diverse crowd. All of them had two things in mind: supporting AIPAC and getting into politics (a common concern of many interns). They are handing out awards like "AIPAC Platinum Member" to young supporters, which the political up-and-coming sport with pride. Additionally: 4. These e-mails are only half the fun. AIPAC also sponsors dozens of conventions every summer where they fly in supporters (i.e. average Joe, non-influential Jews who apply and get in) from around the country, either to lobby Congress or to go to special panels and seminars with lobbyists. I saw these naive blokes wearing their AIPAC stickers in the Raymond cafeteria all summer last year. I expect the details of this program are posted somewhere else. 5. I would not consider the interns in this program political movers and shakers. They were not very bright. But what I learned on the Hill last year is that they are nevertheless bound to influence policy. Summer Session interns will move on to become lobbyists themselves, or even LAs for Congresspeople..."

  • Noteworthy milestones toward a Palestinian state
  • Even the pretense of supporting 'peace' is now gone...
  • Goldstone revised his report for a political reason, to save the Jewish state (my theory)
    • Sorry Phil, you've lost me -- I can't quite see the logic here?

      Do you mean J-Street's great plan was to try and get credit albeit briefly from the bat-sh*t crazy pro-Israel $$$ people who don't support J-Street's supposed position for a 2SS in the first place? -- Sorry -- but this is doing my head in.

    • "..So the game in Halperin's view is to get more power to Group #3 so it can defeat Group #1 and thereby influence Obama to act. And what is power, but political victories, money..."

      That's why I'm not buying it... I increasingly see J-Street as the 'External government' cover for Group #1 because J-Street refuses to (overtly) reveal the 'External' tactics used by Group #1 to subdue Group #3. I can't believe you have to be a non-Jew to see this -- I mean to connect the dots?

      P.S "...thereby influence Obama to act..."

      Would J-Street like to explain how they are going to do that -- Coz all I see it them working the Dennis Ross 2000 cira wringing hands saga? Noting they were more than happy to bring Ross to their little group-meet.

      Obama’s Jewish Backers May Be in the xxxx as U.S.-Israel Tensions Rise
      link to

  • Senate letter calls Goldstone Report a 'libel' of Israel
    • A 2009 "scrubbed" NY 'Jewish Week' story slamming and warning Gillibrand when she tried to be 'evenhanded' with the I/P f**ked affair -- This is before the Zionist jack boot took a financial knife to her throat.

      Original Source Link:
      link to and-comments-on-israel-jeopardize-jewish-campaign-contributions-votes

      Mondoweiss link: link to

      There was an Jewish Week blog report in February that indicated that she might have needed a little Pro-Israel 're-programming' — Looks like from your April 24th update — the AIPAC re-programming weekend went well:

      JW Political Insider [Feb 23rd, '09]

      "…In an interview with the New York Observer’s, she was somewhat positive about the prospect Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu will become Israel’s next prime minister, suggesting pragmatism may lead him to “broaden his views.”

      But just in case he doesn’t, she said she would be prepared to support diplomatic pressure on the Israeli leader.

      “I think the president will use all the means and all the tools in his toolbox to reach a solution for peace in the Middle East,” she said. “And if he offers positive reinforcement or negative reinforcement, that will be a strategic decision for the administration and our secretary of state.”

      That may not be a particularly radical thing to say, but in New York Democratic politics it’s probably not the mark of political genius.

      It’s one thing to believe that Israel sometimes needs a nudge from Washington; lots of lawmakers believe that. It’s another to say it at the outset of a campaign in which Jewish money could play a huge role.

      Jewish campaign dollars draw heavily from staunchly pro-Israel…"

      American Pro-Israel groups (including J-Street) must be sooo proud of themselves.

  • I ran into Lieberman today
    • Lieberman -- never paying a price.

    • Because Pro-Israel Jewish activists within the upper echelon of the Democratic Party ensured CT democrats they had no other choice. Prom

      The Jewish Week "...Members of the (pro-Israel) team headed off another crisis during the summer by convincing the DNC to kill a resolution calling on Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-Conn.), who enjoys iconic status in the Jewish community, to drop out of the Senate race when it became apparent he would lose to anti-war newcomer Ned Lamont, who won the August primary. “If the DNC had done that, it would have been a tremendous problem for the Democrats” because of Lieberman’s stature, [Matt] Dorf said..."

      Same tactic being used when the Democratic party was silent (and never paid a price) when Lieberman backed McCain over Obama.

      The Forward: "...Yet Lieberman remains a popular figure among many Jewish voters, which serves only to further vex Democratic leaders frustrated by what they say is Lieberman’s fueling of misinformation over Obama’s support for Israel, the Iraq War and foreign policy matters, including how he would confront the Iranian threat.

      While Lieberman’s appeal is greatest in the Orthodox community, support for the senator runs the political and religious spectrum. Democrat Steven Geller, the Florida Senate minority leader, for example, noted that upward of 600 people showed up at his liberal reform synagogue in South Florida recently to hear Lieberman speak.

      Lieberman has drawn on that popularity during a series of recent town hall meetings, and through visits to synagogues and other venues in such battleground states as Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida to deliver the message to Democrats and Independents that McCain is the only leader who can break the partisan gridlock in Washington..."[Amusing [Not] that Matt Dorf now tries to change his tune!]

      “I don’t think that Joe Lieberman has nearly the support in the Jewish community [that] people think he has,” said Matt Dorf, the Democratic National Committee’s Jewish outreach coordinator. “If Lieberman is having an impact, it’s not in the Jewish communities. It’s among moderates and Independents.”

      Read more: link to

      Is Matt Dorf still a part/associated with J-Street?

      J Street Officials Contradict Each Other on "Pro-Israel" Label
      link to

    • The '2000 election fiasco that is he was very much a part of and helped to create!

      Thanks for nothing Joe Lieberman [from the Movie 'Recount']
      link to

  • Shylock had power
    • Don't worry GF the Beeb's resident (attack mode) Zionist Simon Schama is being paid to show those insensitive Brits, how important you are -- and make you feel better for the unique(?) bullying experience you went through as an adolescent. All those Iranian kids that got shipped into British schools in the mid 1975's didn't have it anywhere near as bad as you did -- oh no.

      "...Schama making Jewish history series
      25 February, 2011

      Simon Schama is making a five part series on the “epic story” of Jewish history
      link to

      Can't wait, I guess I'll have to get the hankies out!

  • Progress among Jewish progressives: 'Dissent' comes out for boycott of settlement products
    • It would be interesting what these guys think about the Iran Divestment plan -- example of some good old zionist thumb screwing there -- going for Iran's jugglar. But with Israel -- oh... let's give them only a little prod eh! -- at least we're showing people we are at doing 'something'.

  • Goldstone to AP: 'I have no reason to believe any part of the report needs to be reconsidered at this time'
    • Vampire beavers at work (just watched the fake trailer of 'Harry met Sally 2')

      JTA Ron Kampeas and Marcy Oster

      "...Moves already are afoot to get the United Nations to retract the U.N. Human Rights Council’s endorsement of the Goldstone report on the month long 2008-09 Gaza war. The Israeli government and an array of Jewish groups have issued such calls.

      The problem is the mechanics. According to the council, the next move is up to Goldstone: He must not only submit a written request to retract the report, but get the three other members of his investigatory committee to sign on as well. Goldstone, who has not talked to reporters since his Op-Ed was published, did not return a request from JTA for comment.

      A spokesman for the American Jewish Committee, which is accredited at the United Nations, told JTA that his organization spent most of Monday and Tuesday trying to figure out how to work around the logistics.

      ...A spokesman for the British Foreign Office told The Jerusalem Post that Britain does not support a retraction of the Goldstone Report.

      ...Absent action by Goldstone, the United States holds the key to retracting the report because it is the only nation with the clout to make it happen -- especially now that the Human Rights Council has referred the matter to the General Assembly, said David Michaels, B’nai B’rith’s [Note: Watch Gary Ackerman* -- member of B'nai B'rith] director for United Nations and intercommunal affairs.

      “It will have to come from the U.S.,” Michaels said. “I’ll leave it to the diplomats to explore the channels.”

      link to

      link to

    • Another WFT:

      JPost: US lawyers to file civil suit against Goldstone
      04/07/2011 01:51

      "...MK Danny Danon initiates lawsuit which will be submitted to US District Court in NY: “The distorted picture of the State of Israel that Goldstone generated harmed, harms and will continue to harm Israel."

      Jewish attorneys plan to file a class action civil suit in the United States against South African jurist Richard Goldstone next week.

      The move comes in the aftermath of an opinion piece Goldstone published in the Washington Post last week, in which he stated that he had erroneously accused Israel of internationally targeting innocent civilians in Gaza in a report he submitted on the matter to the United Nations in 2009..."
      link to

      Sounds like some people are making it clear to Goldstone exactly what he needs to do?

      "....Yishai said Goldstone "as a Jew understands well the story of the Jewish people's suffering ... and it is very important for him to come and see this."

      The minister added that Goldstone promised him he would take additional steps to retract his U.N. report.

      Also speaking on Army Radio, Danny Gillerman, a former Israeli ambassador to the U.N. who also participated in the phone call, quoted Goldstone as saying he was ready to take steps to change the status of the report, but first wanted to "wait for the dust to settle" following his op-ed article in the Post.
      link to

      So who are we supposed to believe? Goldstone or Yishai or Gillerman? Who's lying?

  • Richard Goldstone and 'the rendezvous of victory'
    • A 2SS I would agree, in an ideal world, would be preferable. In fact, before now I was very much (on-board) arguing for it (with some UN peacekeepers thrown in for good measure). However, I truly believe we are well well past the point that a 2SS is viable. With the reality on the ground and the obvious political environment that exists I have 'not' seen a realistic plan that can be implemented. Period. And if Dennis Ross was given a truth serum, I believe he would say the same thing.

      I maybe not an expert that spends all day on this topic, but with all due respect I'm also not a pie in the sky idiot.

    • Thanks annie -- I've calmed down a little from my last post.

    • David Samel: "...More importantly, I do think there are plenty of people who think the two-state solution is viable and are willing to work overtime to alleviate the much worse suffering imposed on stateless Palestinians..."

      Yes, I'm sure there are. Pushing the false hope of a 2SS has become for some a career maker, and an 'industry' in its own right. And there lies the problem.

      I'm kinda grateful for Bibi, in that, however odious this man is (my personal opinion), he has at least shown the world in no uncertain terms 'no Israeli administration has ever seriously considered a state for the Palestinians' -- The uber-zionist (American) crowd who have been stringing us along for so long are highly disturbed, and I can see why. Example:

      Time Is Not On Israel’s Side

      Gary Rosenblatt: To stave off growing isolation, Netanyahu must offer more than stopgaps in upcoming D.C. visit.
      Tuesday, April 5, 2011

      link to

      Gary get's it -- his old friend Bibi is just not playing the game. Bibi's arrogance is 'pulling back the curtain' and the likes of Gary Rosenblatt (Editor And Publisher of The Jewish Week) are 'freaking out'.

      And, so what happens? Israel ain't listening to Gary :( Israel doesn't give an inch, because they believe they have their bases covered. They can drag this game out as long as they want with the US (and Congress) at their 'B'eck (hmm...) and call.

      The Cable (Josh Rogin): "...U.S. officials at the lunch raised the touchy issue of continued Israeli settlement building, but Peres didn't give any ground.

      "Look, our policy hasn't changed," the official said, referring to Peres's position. "We have our differences with the administration but this has been our policy all along. We don't agree on everything..."

      Peres also asked Obama to consider clemency for convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard, and he reminded the U.S. president that he has an open invitation to visit Israel whenever he wants..."

      link to

      Message sent: A big old 'finger' to you Mr. Obama (and the US, who will continue to fund the likes of Bibi and Peres!)

      The discussion needs to go to the next level David. It may not happen in the MSM (for reasons we know full well) , but hoping we can at least explore reality at blogs such as Mondo?

  • Goldstone headed to Israel in July, hosted by Israeli minister criticized in Gaza report for advocating collective punishment
    • What are you kidding me? If you actually followed J-Street, this isn't the 'only' evidence showing how two-faced this supposed pro-Israel/Pro -American (ha!)/Pro-Peace organization. It's basically a front organization.

      link to

    • What are you kidding me? If you actually followed J-Street, this isn’t the ‘only’ evidence showing how two-faced this supposed pro-Israel/Pro -American (ha!)/Pro-Peace organization. It’s basically a front organization.

      link to

    • "...> "...J Street welcomes Judge Richard Goldstone’s op-ed in The Washington Post this weekend and his conclusion, based on evidence from Israel’s investigations into allegations of misconduct in Gaza during Operation Cast Lead, that 'civilians were not intentionally targeted as a matter of policy.'" J Street President Jeremy Ben-Ami said in a statement..."

      link to

      J-Street members, as we speak must be in one massive group-hug with AIPAC!

      Please don't paint J-Street anything other than a enabling organization for the corruption and genocide agenda of Zionism -- where nothing, and I mean nothing that Israel does is wrong. A tut-tut comes occassionally, but J-Street is basically a protection racket for Israel and their operatives.

  • An antisemitic moment
    • "you don’t get it."

      No, it seems you don't seem to get it, or can't read pass the first couple of lines of the post. What's your agenda?

      Good for her for raising her voice (so few non-Jews do, especially in a meeting that's predominately Jewish) -- If you actually bothered to read the rest of what Phil wrote you would realize she doesn't believe all Jews don't think outside the box...! However, the Jews that predominately establish themselves in politics, and who are supposedly liberal (and there's enough of them) definitely do have the same talking points -- and are at the ready to either smear those who even dare to criticize Israel, or downplay Israels actions.

      e.g. Marcy Winograd's campaign really showed what AIPAC's ground troops could do.

      The I-Lobby isn't just the rich bigwigs in AIPAC -- it's hundreds of organizations throughout the States, with troops on the ground who setup shop in synagogues and campus, organize phone lines on mass to campaign and threaten public entities like NPR to not broadcast anything negative about Israel (I've 'many' of met them) -- all aimed to specifically to shut down critics of Israel. This is what the public hears, this is what this woman is hearing --- and she called it out. Jewish voices from every corner trying to tell the rest of us how 'special' Israel is, how 'special' they are. Well, it's damn right disgusting what Israel is doing and if Liberal Jews continue to misinterpret (including you it seems?) the frustration that good people are trying to express that we have had enough of the lies, and manipulation, and footing the bill for this diabolical enterprise.

      The 2SS is dead (come on -- It's DEAD) -- and for those who say Israel is not committing genocide (albeit slowly) then what would you call it? They treat the Palestinians like dogs, they destroy and bulldoze their homes, crush their economic development, restrict their education, medical access, steal their resources, and when they have no where else to go -- and they try to fight back -- Israel kills them. It sick. I'm fed up with all the excuses, and I'm really fed up with hand-wringing. The Palestinians are being snuffed out before our eyes -- and we still have to talk about standing behind a bloody Jewish genocidal State?

      As an aside: It's interesting that Debbie Wasserman Schultz has been made head of the DNC.

      "...Wasserman Schultz, 44, was chosen for her strength as a fundraiser and as a television messenger and for her clout in the crucial swing state of Florida, the sources said..."

      link to

      Wasn't she the one that sided with Netanyahu over Obama when it came down to settlements, and prefers Floridian Republicans than progressive Democrats (ref Howie Klein)-- as well as being bff with Ileana Ros-Lehtinen when it comes to Israel. It never bloody ends!

    • E.g. Boston 'AIPAC/Israel ('Jewish State') Politics:

      Grossman defeats Polito in Mass. treasurer race
      November 2, 2010
      Former Democratic National Committee Chairman Steve Grossman* will be the new state treasurer in Massachusetts in Massachusetts.
      link to

      Former AIPAC president hopes to oversee Iran divestment
      08/04/2010 04:13
      link to

      *A great gatekeeper for the cause -- when it came to allowing only pro-israel candidates into the Democratic party.

      "...Amazingly, even Steve Grossman, a former chairman of the Democratic National Committee, says he would support Lieberman running as an Independent if he loses to Ned Lamont in the Dem. primary. "[T]here has not been a greater champion of Israel and the well-being of the Jewish people," Grossman said..."

      link to

    • "...An antisemitic moment..."

      Interesting, because she not Jewish? Because she may have 'accidentially' classed all Jews not waking up? Because no non-Jew is even allowed to talk about the huge Jewish identity game and $$$ bribes that finds its way into our political way of life (and media).

      "..."bought off the media and bought off the Senate and the Congress."..."

      So she's not allowed to say anything when she sees something fishy? She's not allowed to bring up Jewish money in politics (Boston MA included), and the media - but you are? That she might have had the brains to listen what Goldstone had to say prior to agreeing to work for the UN, and now with Goldstone's op-ed that her suspicions may have been right all along?

      link to

  • Goldstone op-ed praises Israeli investigation of Gaza war crimes, but UN committee paints a different picture
    • "...Goldstone speak(s) on the Bill Moyer’s show..."

      link to

      Interesting interview. Also of note, Goldstone admits he's a hardcore Zionist. So, now we all know the 2SS has been a zionist sham all along, Goldstone's op-ed in Washington Post(!) could be a message that he's now solidifing his support to those who want to push the self-destruction button on Israel. Over to you Taxi -- re: Operation Cast Lead II.

      All of this being morally replusive to me.

      "...BILL MOYERS: And Israel, in your judgment, was justified in trying to put an end to those rocket attacks-

      RICHARD GOLDSTONE: Absolutely. No country can be expected to accept that with equanimity.

      BILL MOYERS: You're Jewish, and a Zionist as well. When you say, "I'm a Zionist," in your case, what does that mean?

      RICHARD GOLDSTONE: Well, what it means, that I fully support Israel's right to exist. That's for the Jewish people to have their own national homeland, in Israel.

    • "...Yeah, he “reconsidered” because that’s how professionals work,...they plop down some ink on a piece of paper without evaluating the evidence, and then a year later, after they have had time to mull things over, they issue a retraction..."

      Well, it's certainly how some high school students writing a report would work, but not a professional. Not a renowned Judge who knew the importance of the report, and the amount of labored time he and others put in reviewing the evidence.

      Perhaps Potsherd2 is right the tribal guilt-trip, and ostracism got to him (afterall, he wouldn't be the first) -- However, either way Goldstone's credibility is in the gutter.

    • All those hours spent researching and delivering this bloody report -- and now this senile old goat pops his head out and wants to change his mind? Well his credibility can be flushed down the toilet.

  • 'Foreign Policy' runs piece describing Israel's 'carnival of hate' toward Palestinians
    • "...His (Brown's) I/P position/votes not only affect foreign policy, it also very much affects our domestic policy as well..."

    • "...He could have held back ..."

      But he didn't did he. So, what does that mean, maybe that he can't be trusted when we get the next agenda cry from AIPAC -- i.e. military action required against Iran because of the 'fake' existential threat against Israel. Based, on his previous votes, I wouldn't class him as being a reasonable fellow then. Just sayin.' His I/P don't just affect foreign policy, they very much affect domestic policy as well. He and others like him are a threat to American democracy when this type of 'allegiance' to another country can lead to the death of American kids.

      Also of note, some (influential) Jewish Democrats work on Senators and our Congress 24/7 on this issue -- covering the backside of another country, as well as funneling billions of dollars that could be spent here. I think it's about time that American's wake up and see that the I/P should become their priority issue when selecting their representatives in government. At the moment, policy-wise -- Israel (with the MIC) issues trump domestic issues. Food for thought.

    • "...It is deeply disappointing that Senator Sherrod Brown signed this letter and never ever pushed for the Goldstone Report to be honestly reviewed and debated by the Senate..."

      Disappointed, but surely not surprised?

      OH—Sherrod Brown:

      Rep. Sherrod Brown (D) defeated two-term Sen. Mike DeWine (R), one of the six Senate incumbents to lose. Brown, who has represented the Cleveland metropolitan area in the House of Representatives since 1993, has a long record on issues critical to the U.S.-Israel relationship. Brown has voted to block aid to the Hamas-controlled Palestinian Authority, to provide Israel with critical aid and to affirm Israel’s right to defend its citizens from Terrorism. In a position paper, Brown said his support for the Jewish state is rooted in his personal experience as a visitor to Israel. “My travels in Israel remind me that since 1948, the United States and Israel have shared an unbreakable bond,” he wrote. “It is a bond solidified by our common democratic values and shared hope for a secure and stable Middle East..."

      link to

      AIPAC had him from day one. And so it goes on.

  • Zionism's history, real and imagined
    • “liberal” Zionist views — courageous as they may feel — is essentially more of that Jewish hand wringing in which world Jewry continue to engage.

      My patience with all the "hand-wringing" is wearing thin. This avoidance technique is not going to work forever, these supposed "liberals" must move forward and actually see the blood on their hands -- currently they are living in la la land -- at our expense (literally).

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