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  • Where you can donate to help Gaza -- Updated
    • The Rachel Corrie Foundation along with Rebuilding Alliance is working directly with two UNWRA schools - one in the north and one near Rafah - to set up procurement and delivery of essential items to the displaced. The Director of the Boys School in Rafah, Khaled Nasrallah, is coordinating on the ground there. He is a pharmacist by training and is the gentleman whose house Rachel was standing in front of when she was murdered. So far RCF and RA have made two transfers for personal hygiene packages - soap, laundry detergent, diapers, etc. Some of these supplies are available in Gaza but payment needs to be overseen and delivery to the homeless needs to be organized and administered. RC Foundation and RA are also coordinating advocacy work to try to safeguard the schools if fighting restarts, and to lift the siege if the peace holds. Both groups have a long history of working with humanitarian networks inside the territory. Here is the donor site on SiliconValleyGives:
      link to

  • Israel shells another UN school-- and even the US is 'appalled'
    • "I expect you are all aware that the boys school where ****** is in charge is the one that was hit today with at least ten killed and injuries. **** and ***** confirmed to me that ****** is safe, but it is hard to imagine all that he and others must deal with."
      Cindy Corrie

  • Reprint of Yochanan Gordon's "When Genocide is Permissible" (Updated)
    • I had some friends, good people. They really didn't want their daughter to take up with a non-Jewish boy so they wisked the two teen-aged girls to Israel for a month-long vacation. They loved the history, the archaeology etc etc. However, they stayed long enough to catch up with old friends, relatives and acquaintances. They were shocked, shaken really. The weather is like California, the social attitudes not-so-much.

      People with post-tramatic stress disorder + nuclear and chemical weapons in a giant Zimbardo experiment.

  • US suspended aid to Egypt after it slaughtered civilians -- why not Israel?
    • "Dear colleagues,
      It is very bad situation in rafah, half of rafah neighborhood left their homes and now in Streets, as no transportation available.
      Even no more unrwa shelters opend.
      The scary is widely as no safe placein all gaza strip.
      I received many families in my home.
      I will update you soon."

  • Speaking to the Deaf: Activists attempt to talk with the Israeli public about Gaza
    • This is an amazing performance. RT is so strange. We grew up hearing that Russia could not abide the truth. ("There is no truth in "News" and no news in 'Truth'"). Now, as a British NGO official in Jerusalem commented to me, all the Russians need to do to create mayhem in the ME is to tell the truth. Van Ceffeld is so pathetic. These folks, so used to an echo chamber, that, faced with actual debate, pick up their marbles and go home.

      Here we are, watching the US trying to stir up war in Ukraine in order to get Russia to STFU.

  • Each one is a world
    • Sometimes the only thing I am brave enough to do is to insist on the humanity of the Palestinians. I know it is not very much, but it is something. And it is because of the incredible humaneness of the Palestinians I have met in person. Amer, I am sorry for your loss.

  • Circular logic: Israel agrees not to discriminate against Palestinian-American travelers -- not that it ever did
    • What about the Christian Peacemaker Teams? Individuals are routinely harassed and some are not permitted to return to their work in Hebron and elsewhere. It's hard to make much of a case that they are a security risk. And it is, after all, Christian Holy Land too. Young people, some with a family connection, want to help the situation and believe that goodwill can make a difference.

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