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I wonder where the struggle between universal human rights and - “A Jew is by the nature of his creation a purer being. Similarly with the holiness of the land: The soil of Israel is essentially holier, the stones are holier because the land was destined by God to serve as the place of the Children of Israel” is headed "Either we are all sacred or none of us is" Paul Fourhorns Tenoso

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  • Despite ravages of war, Gaza supports armed resistance to lift the siege
    • He's a bellwether, I think. He knows how the images are received in the US and that Israel is set on a path that is not going to end well. There is no point in bothering saying anything nice about Zionism at this stage.

      All the bad news- the 200 wedding crashers, the murder of Abu Khdeir, the Death to leftists as standard march sloganeering, the state of the education system, the 95% support for the Gaza op, the Jewish Chronicle story, the Salaita sacking- (that's just the last 4 weeks ) all points to a very disturbing moral meltdown.

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      " Yo, some are there and really care
      About what's being learned and taught
      They fought through it when they got stuck
      Some are there 'till the bell rings
      Run through the day without thinking
      Cause they really don't give a fuck"

      There are far too many in the latter category in Israel.

    • MJR

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      "Very important for Jews to condemn Israel's behavior in Gaza before Yom Kippur, Day of Atonement. God is keeping score.

      I am not part of the organized Jewish community. If I was, I'd resign.

      Without J Street, the entire Congress would have supported Israel's mass slaughter in Gaza.Oh, it did. Never mind."

    • It's pretty clear that Israel would like to kill as many Gazans as required to get them to surrender and go back to the siege and the eventual collapse of the public health system

      Israel says "Put the fucking lotion in the basket , Gaza "

      But Gaza is not playing that game any more.

      Israel is limited in terms of diplomacy and money. The economy is already slowing down and they won't declare the situation a war because they don't want to cover the losses of Jews in southern Israel. They'll throw them a few peanuts instead.

      Gaza was supposed to have surrendered weeks ago.

      Tensions are also evident in the Israeli cabinet.

      This could go on for months. Israel needs an exit plan but where is it going to come from ?

      Zionism seems to have reached an impasse. Jabotinsky thinking has run out of road. It's a pity Sharon died before 2014.

  • No justice, no peace -- in Gaza or Ferguson
    • It doesn't seem to be going so well for Israel

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      "Answering a reporter's question, the prime minister denied that ties between Israel and the United States have become strained during the Gaza operation, and commended the U.S. for its support of Israel's "right to self-defense" and for approving more funds for Iron Dome batteries.

      The prime minister discussed the Gaza operation, Operation Protective Edge, and said that though it was not over, Hamas has been dealt a "heavy blow."

      "In recent weeks we've dealt Hamas a harsh blow. We've prevented, via Iron Dome, thousands of rockets from hitting our communities, and we destroyed thousands of rockets.

      "We've dismantled its abilities in Judea and Samaria [the West Bank] and its attempts to stage a coup there. We're determined to pursue the campaign with all means at our disposal and we won't stop." "

      And there is a lot of discontent in southern Israel - Israel won't declare the massacres a war as to do so would open the floodgates to compensation claims (for Jews only, of course, but enough to damage the economic numbers) .

    • link to

      'Hamas says in an official statement that Israel "failed" to kill the group's military wing's commander Mohammed Deif, and that he will continue to lead the Palestinian struggle. Earlier, Fox News reported that an Israeli intelligence source said Deif was killed in an Israel airstrike on Tuesday.

      "The leaders of the enemy were behind their offices looking at the screens and their intelligence and apparatuses made them believe that the moment of celebration was imminent," the Hamas spokesman said. "You have failed and you have missed." "

  • Anti-occupation activists in New York blast United Jewish Appeal for supporting attacks on Gaza
    • Put the lotion on or you get the hose

      From the JC link

      "Both I as editor and the JC are entirely supportive of Operation Protective Edge, as our coverage has demonstrated. Almost alone in the British media the JC has stressed Israel’s right to defend herself and sought to explain why Israel was faced with no choice but to take action in Gaza.
      There is, clearly, a humanitarian cost to that action. But I do not accept the figures touted around much of the media about the level of civilian casualties – many are, I am sure, terrorists."

      Good dog. Here's a biscuit.

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    • I think another of the absolute worst cases highlighting the sad state of affairs within the Jewish community over Gaza, very much anti Tikkun olam, was the Jewish chronicle having to apologise over carrying an ad for humanitarian relief in Gaza

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  • 'Absolutely not!' -- Young Colorado Jews meet hostility when they try to talk to organizational leaders
    • What Walt said last year. The only thing that will work against a colonial project over 40 years old is the application of power.
      It's not fair or right that JVP are virtually the only ones standing up to the insanity. They can't do much on their own.

      Israel is a Jewish catastrophe.

    • "but instead the Federation has shut out Jews who are against the occupation of Palestine and continues to support the occupation,”

      Welcome to the world of power.
      The donors are hardly going to roll over.
      Seserman is the local rep for people like Adelson.

      North American Zionism claims the allegiance of all local Jews but access to the decision makers? Forget about it. You are just there to give an impression of communal support for extremism.

  • Salaita’s stellar teaching record exposes political motivation behind his firing
  • Ari Shavit calls out every brutality, except the ones Israel is complicit in
    • Hedy Epstein is an inspiration. Such a classy lady.

    • "Might is right" is not good for Israel long term.
      Every empire eventually collapses and Israel will be no different.
      History hasn't ended and there is no Messiah on the horizon either.

    • link to

      "Anti-Arab racism and anti-leftist incitement did not start this summer. Nor are they the product of an educational “error.” They are what could be expected from an educational system that for decades has been subject to a single narrative and a single curriculum and flees from any effort to confront multiple points of view.

      Young people shouting “Death to Arabs” prove the success of the educational system more than its failure. Such youths have internalized an aggressive worldview in which the strong side erases the “other” – be he Arab, poor or Mizrahi (a Jew of Middle Eastern origin) – just like they saw in school. Thus, in schools they recite Israel’s Declaration of Independence, which promises equal rights regardless of religion, race, or gender, but ignore the inequality between Jews and Arabs; they praise “equality of opportunity” for all, but don’t address the gaps between pupils from different socioeconomic backgrounds; they praise “national unity,” but marginalize the history of large swaths of the population. "

    • "The chopped heads and limbs of innocent human beings are much more than a blood-curdling metaphor"

      It's much more civilised to kill people with modern American equipment.
      Shavit exposed himself in July.

      link to
      "But over the weekend, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry ruined everything. Very senior officials in Jerusalem described the proposal that Kerry put on the table as a “strategic terrorist attack.” His decision to go hand in hand with Qatar and Turkey, and formulate a framework amazingly similar to the Hamas framework, was catastrophic. It put wind in the sails of Hamas’ political leader Khaled Meshal, allowed the Hamas extremists to overcome the Hamas moderates, and gave renewed life to the weakened regional alliance of the Muslim Brotherhood.
      The Obama administration proved once again that it is the best friend of its enemies, and the biggest enemy of its friends. The man of peace from Massachusetts intercepted with his own hands the reasonable cease-fire that was within reach, and pushed both the Palestinians and Israelis toward an escalation that most of them did not want. "

      The German President is more of a Mensch

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      "'I saw then, if I hadn’t understood it before, that the fact they had vanquished their helplessness carried more weight for many Poles than the military defeat. I thus encountered an almost normative constant in the Polish attitude – namely that it is seen as a virtue to struggle and to fight in such an existential situation even when victory is highly uncertain. One of the most outstanding gifts that Poland has given its European neighbours is the message, reiterated by several generations, that freedom is so valuable, so vital, that people not only dream of it but fight for it and defend it too, even to the death if need be."

  • What's 7 letters and begins with Z and runs in the 'NYT'?
  • Dead American soldier in IDF signed up to fight global jihadists plotting 'Holocaust 2.0'
    • Was he Orthodox? Child abuse is a big problem in that community. And zero justice. Reminds me of something I read about a Sikh guru in India who insisted on having a 13 year old girl in his inner circle. And no parents around.

    • "It looks like suicide"

      That was the name of a piece of music in the film "dances with wolves"

  • 'Lesson: The Jews will defend themselves even if it means killing children'
  • 'I mourn my Jewish community, which seeks to justify these inexcusable acts'
    • Thanks Larry

      Very helpful. If you kill a Palestinian family does it count as a mitzvah ? Or is it just one of those things that happens in a system of apartheid ?

    • Great comment at haaretz.
      link to
      "• For people who are so worried about a possible drop in the Jewish population
      o By Reuben Jacobs, London
      o 19 Aug 2014
      o 08:41PM
      all that needs to happen is go back to the Solomonic era rules when it was easy to become Jewish. Nowhere in the Torah does it say that it should be difficult to become Jewish. This is a modern ghetto rule, made to appease the Christian and Muslim overlords who were concerned about proselytizing. (and the switch from male to female lineage came about to combat the amount of illegitimate children born after Jewish women were raped by the occupying Roman army). If Jews were able to free themselves from this weak ghetto thinking they wouldnt care a hoot if one or 2 women choose to leave the faith for their husband. "

      I nominate Mooser to become CEO of NEWJEW PLC.
      Anyone can join and become Jewish. Within 2 or three months using Twitter and a Groupon Jewpon Coupon style scheme he could easily sign up say 20 million NJs with keen Wall St interest as long as the vehicle can be quickly monetized. Even $20,000 in year one would be enough as long as Mooser can sell very juicy growth projections and the analysts will buy it if he points out how much Twitter went for. They could do a reverse takeover of Judaism and spin Zionism off into a SPV somewhere in the Bolivian jungle. Take away the intermarriage paranoia and introduce some chill along with human rights.

      Should work like a dream

  • Amid fierce debate, members of German think tank take a stand on Gaza
  • Air strikes and rocket fire resume as Gaza negotiations collapse
    • They are not going to be put off by Israel slaughtering kids.

    • . “Israel thwarted the contacts that could have brought peace,” said chief Palestinian negotiator Azzam al-Ahmed. The Palestinians had presented a final set of demands, but Israel was “trying to impose what they want. This is impossible for us as Palestinians to accept that … the process of procrastination and stalling continues.”

      It's finished, Israel telling the Palestinians what to do. Mads Gilbert said it as well in his hard talk interview.
      link to
      People in Gaza are prepared to die instead of go back to the siege. They are sick of the broken promises.

      "With promises of paradise and gifts of beads and knives
      Missionaries and pioneers are soldiers in disguise
      Saviours and conquerors they make us wait

      The scars of the past are slow to disappear
      The cries of the dead are always in our ears
      Only the very safe can talk about wrong or right
      Of those who are forced to choose some will choose to fight"

    • I think it's that the Israeli cabinet is out of control. Lieberman and the settlers have Netanyahu by the balls. They want to go back to the siege or even expel the Gazans and Netanyahu has no idea how to get out of the hole he has dug for himself with this war of choice.

    • The next leader will be even more extremist than Netanyahu.
      And he'll have to sate the Zionist public while telling the world that Israel wants peace.

    • link to

      "92 percent of Israeli Jews said Operation Protective Edge was justified, according to a poll published Tuesday by The Israel Democracy Institute (IDI) and Tel Aviv University. 62 percent of Israeli Arabs said the operation was not justified."

    • Max Blumenthal's book is already out of date. Israel is deteriorating at a frightening pace.

      link to

      "Toward the end of the demonstration, the matter of the wedding was forgotten and only the intermixed “Death to Arabs” and “Death to Leftists” remained. That’s the problem with extremism. There is always someone who outflanks you, faster and more sophisticated. If once the Yad L’Achim organization set the tone, then Benzi Gopstein from Lehava – who is far more media savvy – stole the show from them. And now Gopstein is the sign of moderation, the responsible adult who is trying to calm the calls to kill Arabs, so as to emphasize the original idea of the protest.
      “The people of Israel are responsible for one another, we are not a people for all the peoples,” said the organizers – and suddenly a vehicle playing Hassidic music arrives, it’s not clear from where. Many of the young people abandon Gopstein and Itamar Ben Gvir, the learned attorney for Lehava, and dance on the side, leaving him with the sign “Our teacher Moses is crying.” He is speaking in front of the Rishon Letzion veterinary institute about the Arab village where Mansour will take Malka, even though Mohammed is really Mahmoud and lives in Jaffa – which is not a village.
      Israel Harel in a stylish gray hat, it seems with a shofar [ram’s horn trumpet] in his hand, talks about how there can be miracles and reminds us of the miracles during the war. "

      And there are going to be no miracles for Israel. There were none in Germany in the 30s either.

    • They were no shrinking violets either, lysias

    • Very bad news coming out of Israel. 2000 Palestinians killed in a pointless war of terror and now the 200 Jews who descended on the wedding of a Muslim and a Jew.

      link to
      "Just imagine the outcry from American Jewish leaders if hundreds of white supremacist Christian protesters came to a wedding of a mixed couple somewhere in the U.S. to take part in a court-sponsored demonstration in which the most popular chant was “Death to the Jews”. Try to conjure the howls of protests that would accompany a public call by a senior U.S. cabinet member for a blanket boycott of Muslim shop-owners who closed their shops in solidarity with the people of Iraq during the Gulf Wars. Think of the torrents of protest letters that would be published if an American university dared to reprimand a professor who expressed sympathy not only for Palestinian losses during the recent Gaza fighting, but for Jewish ones as well. Visualize the mass sit-ins that would be organized in front of office whose owners dared to fire Jews because they expressed support for Israel on their private Facebook pages. Envision the dramatic calls for tougher police action against roving gangs of hooligans who go Jew-hunting in the streets of lower Manhattan - or Istanbul or Djakarta, if you prefer - whenever another Jew was convicted of a serious crime. Think of the hunger strikes and days of mourning that would be declared if Congress tried to legislate the supremacy of Christianity, the diminishment of minority rights, the enfeeblement of the Supreme Court.

      American Jews would go nuts, and rightly so.

      Yet all of these and other phenomena that have developed gradually in recent years - and at an alarming pace since the start of Operation Protective Edge - have been met with a wall of silence by most American Jewish organizations. There have been no protests, no emergency summits, no call to arms, not even a request for more information or further investigation. Nothing but the sounds of silence. "

      And not a whisper from The Dersh. Or Oren. They don't give a shit about secular , decent Israel. It's all about the land.

    • "We have begun striking terror targets."

      the word 'into" was missing between "terror" and "targets"

      The British navy had a motto. Let them hate as long as they fear.
      The Palestinians are not afraid.

      And 95% of Israeli Jews are . Afraid of normality.

  • Ceasefire comes to a close -- Mohammed Assaf's 'Raise Your Head High'
    • "Hamas decided to break the ceasefire- like they broke the previous ones- and resume the bloodshed and bring more misery’."

      how about Israel runs the system and in the system the Gazans are Untermenschen. The best deal on offer is a siege with the complete breakdown of the conditions that make living in Gaza possible by 2020. All so people like you can say you live in a Jewish state.
      Your lovely standard of living is only possible because of what the conscripts do to Gaza.

    • "knows that whether they shoot rockets or not, they are not going to get the blockade lifted nor the occupation ended. It is damned if they do, and damned if they don’t."

      Israel is Buffalo bill . Gaza rubs the lotion on the skin or it gets the hose again

      Gaza is tired of Buffalo Israel.

  • Revenge devoid of purpose: Punitive demolitions of Palestinian homes
    • Revenge designed to put Palestinians in their place- colonially very purposeful.
      Goes with the ban on Jews marrying Muslims. Can't have any Rassenschande.

      Israel is fucking mental

  • More Orientalist insinuations in the New York Times
    • Parsi/Zoroastrian food is very tasty

      link to

      Zoroastrianism is like Judaism without the military cruelty

    • The great thing about using Orientalist language is that brown people thus described have no rights whatsoever. They aren't mature enough for rational thought or agency.

    • Greater Israel is illegitimate. As is the siege. As is apartheid.
      But they always bring it back to Hamas. No discussion ever about basic rights. It's always spin.

  • Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney dodges Gaza question (and how long can he get away with that?)
  • With ceasefire set to expire, Palestinians aim to lift the siege while Israel wants to turn 'Gaza into Ramallah'
    • Here is Obama surrounded by AIPAC advisors

      link to

    • Well said Innana. Ultimately fuck the elites, the people have had enough bullshit and they are not going to be terrorized into going back to the siege.
      War is strange- it doesn't matter what Israel destroys as Gaza will have to be rebuilt anyway. And $9bn or whatever is a drop in the ocean for donors.

    • Pilot fish claims shark defenceless without it.

    • Pestilence will be the next Israeli horseman. Famine is there already because 80% of the people cannot feed themselves. Gaza is pure Israeli evil.

    • Israel is micromanaging a humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza which is why every mini war targets the sanitary infrastructure. Talk of Ramallah is bullshit.

      link to

      "Lieberman told Thursday's mass-selling German daily Bild that Germany had a "very significant" role to play in preventing an economic and humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza, where Israel and Egypt maintain tight restrictions on the movement of goods and people to try to prevent arms reaching Islamist militants."

    • “Maritime is left to the final status,” said Steinitz

      the usual bullshit. There is always a reason to break the contract.
      which is why Hamas is not buying Israeli promises this time
      Final status for the bots is no Palestinians in Erez Israel.

  • Mort Zuckerman claims he toured the devastation in Gaza. Really?
    • The media are kept in line by money- it's not like the advertising situation is comfortable and the bots can twist management as they like but the big question is how the bringing into the open of Israel's Endloesung for Gaza will play amongst the viewers and readers.
      Apartheid is forever. And that is very, very long.

      And Israeli society is being educated for apartheid.

  • Lobbyist tells Eliot Engel he has 'the blood of hundreds of Palestinian children on his hands'
    • It is illegal for a jew to marry a muslim in Israel. That is like rilly SO backward, dude.

    • The video is scary

      link to

      And that is your "Jewish state", 2014

    • “This is against our Holy Torah and against the law,” the father was quoted as telling the Israeli Ynet news agency.”

      The law is very weak in Israel. I wouldn't rely on it.

      link to

      "Two hundred meters from Morel Malka and Mahmoud Mansour’s wedding celebration in the Shemesh Aduma (Red Sun) wedding hall in the industrial area of Rishon Letzion, lined with supermarkets and other events halls, a counter demonstration was held by the Lehava organization – a demonstration of pure hatred. The hatred oozed from the looks of the protestors, dripped with their sweat, passed in the screams and the poisoned air.
      Some 200 people from Lehava (a Hebrew acronym for “Preventing Assimilation in the Holy Land,” meaning “flame” in Hebrew) came to try to destroy the couple’s happiness, a large number in shirts saying “Lehava – the Jewish Honor Guard.”
      “Ahmed Tibi is dead,” they screamed, “Mohammed is dead,” “Death to Arabs.”
      “Everyone knows the truth, but don’t given them reasons for an indictment,” one of the demonstration’s organizers tried to calm people. But the crowd never stopped abusing the air.
      When someone started calling “Death to Leftists,” one of the organizers tried to cover it with “Leftists are Jews.” But the man next to me explained: “The leftists are worse than the Arabs. They are a mixed multitude,” and earned respect.
      Toward the end of the demonstration, the matter of the wedding was forgotten and only the intermixed “Death to Arabs” and “Death to Leftists” remained. That’s the problem with extremism. There is always someone who outflanks you, faster and more sophisticated. If once the Yad L’Achim organization set the tone, then Benzi Gopstein from Lehava – who is far more media savvy – stole the show from them. And now Gopstein is the sign of moderation, the responsible adult who is trying to calm the calls to kill Arabs, so as to emphasize the original idea of the protest.
      “The people of Israel are responsible for one another, we are not a people for all the peoples,” said the organizers – and suddenly a vehicle playing Hassidic music arrives, it’s not clear from where. Many of the young people abandon Gopstein and Itamar Ben Gvir, the learned attorney for Lehava, and dance on the side, leaving him with the sign “Our teacher Moses is crying.” He is speaking in front of the Rishon Letzion veterinary institute about the Arab village where Mansour will take Malka, even though Mohammed is really Mahmoud and lives in Jaffa – which is not a village.
      Israel Harel in a stylish gray hat, it seems with a shofar [ram’s horn trumpet] in his hand, talks about how there can be miracles and reminds us of the miracles during the war.
      “Because of weddings like this [there are] all the problems in the war,” says someone next to me. It is hard to understand what Harel is saying since someone is banging away crazily with a bottle of water.
      Gopstein wants to calm the flames of hatred. “Everyone wants for us to say Mohammed is dead,” he says, and tries to tell them “but we will not let them.” But next to him they are screaming “and that is what we’ll do.” Gopstein and Ben Gvir also talk about Mohammed the groom. When somebody corrects them, Gopstein says “Mohammed, Mahmoud, it doesn’t matter.” And someone completes what he is saying, “All the same shit.”
      One of the protestors, in a light purple shirt, explains to a foreign television crew: “It’s not racism. We simply fear that because of the assimilation we will become extinct. The Arabs do not want us alive so it is important that the Arabs go extinct and that we humiliate them.”
      “Let them bring out an Arab woman who wants to marry a Jew, I want to see that,” said the man in the purple shirt, his eyes inflamed with disgust, as if they bring out and give away women in the industrial area of Rishon.
      It is not just a demonstration of hate for Arabs or leftists, but also for modern women, who can do what they want. Facing the demonstrators, the organizers tried to keep a different tome: “Even if Morel converted to Islam she is still our sister, we don’t give up on a single Jew. A Jewish wedding should have been here. Soon the bride will come to dance with us here.” "

    • link to

      "Describing himself as “on the right” politically, Osher has little patience for leftists, who he says “got on my nerves” during the war, and explains: “Soldiers were getting killed, and they allow themselves to talk about war crimes.” "

      What MJR said about war cheerleaders who later talk about the Holocaust. Don't bother. You wouldn't given a rat's ass then either.

      another WTF from the same link

      "As for whether the war has changed her political views, she says: “I don’t really think much about politics. All I could think about this summer was that I just wanted this to be over because all the sirens were really stressing me out.”

      Everything is political economy, including war in Gaza

    • How much does he love Israel?

      As much as anyone can love lobby money. It is so inspiring of loyalty.

    • "And I told him that he had the blood of hundreds of Palestinian children on his hands. And you know what he did? He just shrugged it off and got on the elevator."

      What he didn't say was

      link to
      “This again could be anyone’s son—anyone’s. All of us who are parents, people who are not parents, just imagine when you kiss your child goodbye, he goes to school, and you think he’s coming back and then suddenly he doesn’t come back. It’s every parent’s worst nightmare."

      but obviously Palestinian parents have no emotions or feel no love so there was no need to repeat the formula.

    • The Engel of Death.
      Does he do Passover as well ?

  • Rob Reiner wants to pick Palestinians' leaders for them
    • The dehumanizing of the Palestinians is way out in the open now

      link to

      "Sir, – Raymond Deane (August 15th) comments that Palestinian “civil society” supports a boycott of cultural events linked to the Israeli state. The Gaza Strip is ruled by sharia law and Palestinian women there have no rights, so I wonder what civil society is he referring to?

    • "How would you fare as a gay man in any of these [Middle East societies]"

      Better life expectancy than a kid in Gaza under the Israeli heel
      The orientalism in those bot pronouncements on the Middle East is nauseating.

      link to

      And how easy is it to be lesbian in Mea Sharim or Bnei Brak ? Really tolerant, are they ?

  • Witnessing Gaza
    • Jews developed a lot of those ethical positions in the absence of power. Now the bots have power and they turn out to be the same as the Cossacks. Well, fancy that ! Who woulda thunk it ?
      I don't see the point of bothering with the mitzvot given the Cossack angle. I mean, who cares if the milk mixes with the meat when kids are being murdered?

    • The photo shows the words "freedom" and "peace" in Arabic in the lower right hand corner and the Zionist bastards go and spray their appropriated symbol of hate on the wall under it, like dogs marking the territory.

  • Gruesome tales surface of Israeli massacres against families in Gaza's Shujaiya neighborhood
    • The pretext for this orgy of killing was the 3 Israelis who were killed. And there was an outpouring of bilge about how savage the Palestinians, meaning of course ALL Palestinians are, that these 3 Jews could have been killed. And now it's 2000 Gazans but they are all terrorists and even though some were shot at the head execution style all deaths are deeply regretted. It doesn't tally.

    • They do not accept the right of the people of Gaza to live in Gaza. That is the bottom line.
      And they will kill them as necessary to get them out.

    • Maybe the networks have moved on but on campus the bots are going to struggle.
      That is reality whereas the networks are more money driven.
      And in case anyone brings up Gaza the local bot chapter plans to respond by pointing to the sky and saying "look at the birdie".

      link to

      "The ICC wants to shift the Israel conversation away from defensiveness. “In the past people have tried to win an argument with the other side. Given the context we face this fall it will be most important to bolster the confidence of the pro-Israel side,” said Baime. “We want not to let Israel’s detractors define the agenda. There’s an impulse we all have to respond. Let’s define our own agenda on campus.” "

      Only so many times they'll be able to say how awesome bar refaeli is.

    • Isolate and drain of cashflow. The Zionist detox is going to be far worse than methadone.

    • This is going to be a big hit in Zionist dance clubs in the next few years

    • "It was here, Al Areer told me, that four of his brothers were executed in cold blood. One of them, Hassan Al Areer, was mentally disabled and had little idea he was about to be killed. Mohammed Al Areer said he found bullet casings next to their heads when he discovered their decomposing bodies"

      Doesn't surprise me. Gazans have been so dehumanized by Israel and the IDF had 95% Israeli Jewish support.
      No wonder the bots won't let Amnesty and HRW in. All the bromides about most moral army in the world are hopeless against the indoctrination and bloodlust.

      I still wonder by how much the Israeli domestic violence rate rose while the killing went on.

  • UPDATED: Bay Area demonstrators succeed for **fourth** day in 'Blocking the Boat for Gaza'
    • "You’re advocating terrorism with a statement like this".

      Not necessarily. A complete boycott would shut BGA without anyone firing a shot.
      Israel has the problem that Andalus had - wrong side of the Med , surrounded by people it has nothing in common with, an enclave linked to an empire that goes the way of all empires.

    • the guardian picked up the story

      link to

    • This is really amazing. It seems as though the latest Israeli insanity against Zionism's Untermenschen in Gaza has moved the anti Israel movement along considerably.
      Israel's leaders have no humanity and the breakdown is going to be their own fault.

      There are just too many Palestinians/Arabs/Muslims and other decent people around the world to make Zionism viable long term. BDS is going to make a huge difference to the 'deterrence' the bots always talk about.

  • 'Bombing the Dead' -- Max Blumenthal in Gaza
  • Israel accuses Gaza children of using Hamas as human shields
    • link to

      "A Sainsbury's branch removed kosher food from its shelves over fears that anti-Israeli protesters would attack it.
      The branch manager of the store in Holborn, central London ordered the section to be emptied on Saturday afternoon, while protesters outside picketed it calling for a boycott of Israeli goods. "

      Obviously IDF massacres in Gaza are not kosher.

  • Israel correctly fears its 'delegitimizers,' says leftwing member of Irish parliament
    • Why don't they just change the rules on who qualifies as a Jew ? It makes no sense in this day and age.

    • super link, Just

      "As we see every time there is violence, Israel is further marginalized in campus discourse.”

      Violence is Zionism's Viagra .They can't get enough of it. And while they are pleasuring each other intensively they have no idea what the pictures are doing to the image of Israel abroad.
      Regev should spell it out to Yossi I.

    • Self hating does not appear to be as dangerous as self delegitimizing.

      link to

      "Lehava spokesman and former lawmaker Michael Ben-Ari denounced Jews intermarrying with non-Jews of any denomination as "worse than what Hitler did", alluding to the murder of six million Jews across Europe in the second world war."

    • Systematic killing of non jewish civilians does most of the delegitimising. Yossi Israeli thinks about Palestinians differently to the outside world and that is why all the killings are such a problem. Majoritarianism and chosenness do not fly outside Israel. Ya salaam.

  • Video: Gaza forces young Jew to overcome 'giant hostile ferocious backlash' of her community
    • "And when I came up with questions and started asking Jews and others who support Israel what they thought about what I had researched and all of the facts I presented, I was met with some pretty extreme hostility "

      Zionism's cognitive dissonance difficulties. Very hard to defend the memes against someone who knows the facts.

      And then one day the unthinkable happens as the equilibrium collapses.

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