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I wonder where the struggle between universal human rights and - “A Jew is by the nature of his creation a purer being. Similarly with the holiness of the land: The soil of Israel is essentially holier, the stones are holier because the land was destined by God to serve as the place of the Children of Israel” is headed "Either we are all sacred or none of us is" Paul Fourhorns Tenoso

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  • Video: Celebrities, artists and activists call for Palestinian freedom in #GazaNames project
  • Statement: Legal experts and human rights defenders demand international community end Israel's collective punishment of Gaza
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  • Israeli embassy puts Mona Lisa in a hijab -- 'Israel now, Paris next'
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      "How much does #Hamas pay to build a tunnel? check it out.
      This could build 86 homes, 7 mosques, 6 schools or 19 clinics "

      And in the same breath Israel bombs 86 homes PER DAY in operation Protective Incoherence

      There must be a word in Yiddish to describe the mentality of people like Lerner.

    • They think they can neutralise Hamas.

      link to

      BTW look who popped up

      "In Egypt, former president Mohamed Morsi who was overthrown in a military coup a year ago praised the "resistance" in Gaza.
      "Our compass is set on supporting Palestine against the usurping occupier and we are with any resistance against any occupier," Morsi said in a message posted on his official Facebook page. "A full salute to those who resist and to the revolutionaries."
      Hamas is an offshoot of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, which has been outlawed under the regime of Abdel Fatah al-Sisi"

    • Is that the people killed in the deserted kibbutz? All soldiers ?

    • I did . The idea came to me this morning

    • Page: 140
    • Just

      It's the love song of J Alfred Prufrock with a bit of editing

      link to

      TS Eliot wrote it in 1920

    • The Love Song of Yossi Israeli

      LET us go then, you and I,
      When the IDF is spread out against the sky
      Against Gaza, a patient etherized upon a table;
      Let us go, through certain Sderot streets,
      The muttering retreats
      Of restless nights in one-night cheap mentalities
      And cinemas with cries from hell :
      Streets that follow like a tedious argument
      Of insidious intent
      To lead you to an overwhelming question….
      Oh, do not ask, “What is it?”
      Let us go and make our visit.
      In the room the women come and go
      Talking of Netanyahu .

      And indeed there will be time
      To wonder, “Do I dare?” and, “Do I dare?”
      Time to turn back and descend the stair,
      With a bald spot in the middle of my hasbara
      (They will say: “How his hasbara is growing flimsy!”)
      My Mark Regev , my IDF Twitter mounting firmly against logic,
      My chutzpah rich and modest, but asserted by a simple F15—
      (They will say: “But this not self defence !”)
      Do I dare
      Disturb the AIPAC universe?
      In a minute there is time
      For decisions and revisions which a minute will reverse.

      For I have known them all already, known them all:
      Have known the evenings, mornings, afternoons,
      I have measured out my life with Gaza wars;
      I know the voices dying with a dying fall
      Beneath the bombs from just beyond Erez.
      So how should I presume?

      And I have known the eyes already, known them all—
      The eyes that fix you in a formulated hasbara phrase, you self hating Jew
      And when Gaza is formulated, sprawling on a pin,
      When it is pinned and wriggling on the wall,
      Then how should I begin
      To spit out all the butt-ends of my days and ways?
      And how should I presume?

      And I have known the purity of arms already, known them all—
      Child arms that are not braceleted and not white and butchered
      (But in the hasbara light, they are not dead!)
      Is it perfume from a dress
      That makes me so digress?
      Arms that lie along a beach, or are wrapped up in a shawl.
      And should I then presume?
      And how should I begin?
      . . . . . . . .
      Shall I say, I have gone at dusk through Sderot streets
      And watched the smoke that rises from the pipes
      Of deluded men in shirt-sleeves, leaning out of windows?…

      And the afternoon, the evening, sleeps so peacefully!
      Smoothed by Iron Dome ,
      Asleep … tired … or it malingers,
      Stretched on the floor, here beside you and me.
      Should I, after tea and cakes and ices,
      Have the strength to force the moment to its crisis?
      But though I have wept and fasted, wept and prayed,
      Though I have seen my head (grown slightly bald) brought in upon a platter,
      I am no prophet—and here’s no great matter;
      I have seen the moment of my greatness flicker,
      And I have seen the eternal Jabotinsky hold my coat, and snicker,
      And in short, I was afraid.

      And would it have been worth it, after all,
      After the birthright, the aliyah, the Jewish policemen,
      Among the porcelain, among some talk of you and me,
      Would it have been worth while,
      To have bitten off the matter with a smile,
      To have squeezed the universe into a ball
      To roll it toward some overwhelming question,
      To say: “I am Hebrew, come from the dead,
      Come back to tell you all, I shall tell you all”—
      If one, settling a pillow by her head,
      Should say: “That is not what I meant at all;
      That is not it, at all, you self hating Jew.”

      And would it have been worth it, after all,
      Would it have been worth while,
      After the surgical strikes and the Zionist response and the destroyed streets,
      After the torture, after the hasbara, after the explanations that trail along the floor—
      And this, and so much more?—
      It is impossible to say just what I mean!
      But as if a magic lantern threw the nerves in patterns on a screen:
      Would it have been worth while
      If one, settling a pillow or throwing off a shawl,
      And turning toward the window, should say:
      “Israel is a not a democracy ,
      That is not what it is , at all.”
      . . . . . . . .
      No! I am not Max Blumenthal , nor was meant to be;
      I am a vector of hasbara one that will do
      To beat up an Arab , start a scene or two,
      Advise the internet surfers, no doubt, an easy tool,
      Deferential, glad to be of use,
      Politic, cautious, and meticulous;
      Full of high sentence, but a bit obtuse;
      At times, indeed, almost ridiculous—
      Almost, at times, the Fool.
      I grow old … I grow old …
      I will always do what I am told.

      Shall I part meat from dairy ? Do I dare to eat a sausage ?
      I shall sing Hatikva , and walk upon the beach.
      I have heard the Birthrighters singing, each to each.

      I do not think that they will sing to me.

      We have lingered in the chambers of the Likud
      By IDF conscript girls wreathed in Palestinian blood
      Till human rights voices wake us, and we drown.

    • Israel is not "the last frontier of the free world". It's over the border on the road to fascism.

  • 9 things the American media isn't telling you about Israel/Palestine
    • Maybe, Citizen but there is daylight now between younger US Jews and Israel. There is the makings of a coalition of women, minorities , young Jews and Democrat voters if the Dems can bypass Zionist money - I'm sure they could.
      Israel is rabid. Maybe the goons in AIPAC will retrieve the situation but I think the whole mess in Gaza is spinning out of control with Israeli PR the big victim politically.

    • It's a mixture of Judaism , cruelty more than 16 percent proof, a pigeon feather, elements of late 19th century European thought , Hebrew hijacked, the German "r" , failed holocaust therapy, the work of Benzion Netanyahu, Messianism, money from America and world class concentrations of shvitzing.

    • Netanyahu is really playing with fire stateside if he thinks he can use this clusterfcuk to hit voter support for the Dems

      link to
      "In unusually harsh language, officials said the criticism of Kerry could put the relationship between the U.S. and Israel in jeopardy. They also said the personal attacks on Kerry crossed a line and were particularly disappointing at a time of active conflict.
      Israeli media commentators have leveled almost nonstop criticism at Kerry in recent days over his attempts to bring Qatar and Turkey two countries viewed by Israel as strong Hamas supporters into the cease-fire negotiations. Kerry was also being accused of abandoning some of Israel's key demands during the negotiations.

      In trying to implement the cease-fire over the weekend, "U.S. Secretary of State of State John Kerry ruined everything," wrote columnist Ari Shavit in Monday's Haaretz, Israel's leading liberal newspaper. "Very senior officials in Jerusalem described the proposal that Kerry put on the table as a 'strategic terrorist attack'."
      Kerry made no direct mention of the criticism during brief remarks Monday."

    • link to

      "Opposition Leader MK Isaac Herzog says that "we're all closely following the situation in the south, it's very fragile and highly volatile.
      According to him, "the conflicts between Israel and the U.S., made public in the last two days, reveal a prolonged malfunction in the ties between the Netanyahu cabinet and the Obama administration, a malfunction that damages Israeli interests. It's good that the public understands we're entering the next stage, the diplomatic stage of leaving the fray, where our credit is limited.""

    • They have twisted Judaism into a grotesque form and they expect us to support them to the hilt. Deluded doesn't cover half of it.

    • link to

      " In the day preceding the happy announcement, the Israel Defense Forces killed 80 Palestinians, 64 of whom were civilians, including 15 children and 5 women. At least 30 of them were killed during the same quiet night, from overwhelming shelling, bombing and firing from Israeli artillery, and this is without counting the number of injured or the number of houses blown up.)

      If victory is measured in the number of families wiped out within two weeks – parents and children, one parent and a few children, a grandmother and daughters in law and grandchildren and son, brothers and their children, in all the variations you might choose – then we also have the upper hand. Here, names from memory: Al-Najjar, Karaw’a, Abu-Jam’e, Ghannem, Qannan, Hamad, A-Salim, Al Astal, Al Hallaq, Sheikh Khalil, Al Kilani. In these families, the few members who survived the Israeli bombings in the past two weeks are now jealous of their dead.

      And let’s not forget the laurel wreaths for our legal experts, those without whom the IDF does not make a move. Due to them, blowing up an entire house – whether empty or filled with residents – is easily justified if Israel characterizes one of the family members as an appropriate target (be he senior or junior Hamas member, military or political, brother or family guest).

      “If it is legal according to international law,” a Western diplomat told me, shocked by his own state’s position in support of Israel, “it is a sign that something stinks in international law.” "

    • #10 Ari Shavit is insane
      link to

      "But over the weekend, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry ruined everything. Very senior officials in Jerusalem described the proposal that Kerry put on the table as a “strategic terrorist attack.” His decision to go hand in hand with Qatar and Turkey, and formulate a framework amazingly similar to the Hamas framework, was catastrophic. It put wind in the sails of Hamas’ political leader Khaled Meshal, allowed the Hamas extremists to overcome the Hamas moderates, and gave renewed life to the weakened regional alliance of the Muslim Brotherhood.
      The Obama administration proved once again that it is the best friend of its enemies, and the biggest enemy of its friends. The man of peace from Massachusetts intercepted with his own hands the reasonable cease-fire that was within reach, and pushed both the Palestinians and Israelis toward an escalation that most of them did not want.
      So that is why everything now hangs in the balance. Hamas is exhausted, but fanning the flames time after time. Israel is showing restraint time after time. Netanyahu and Ya’alon are still managing a battle against those who may very well entangle Israel in a real war. But the way Kerry played into the hands of Turkey and Qatar, and the extremist Palestinians and Israelis, has created a situation that is still quite dangerous.
      If Israel is forced to ultimately undertake an expanded ground operation in which dozens of young Israelis and hundreds of Palestinian civilians could lose their lives, it would be appropriate to name the offensive after the person who caused it: John Kerry. But if the escalation does not happen, instead we should remember that those who prevented it are three people the Obama administration loathes: Abdel-Fattah al-Sissi, Benjamin Netanyahu and Moshe Ya’alon. "

    • From Twitter

      Glenn Greenwald @ggreenwald • 11h
      Sad, moving, powerful, important: names, ages, pictures and background of Palestinians killed in Gaza

      Daily Mail Online @MailOnline • Jul 17
      Running on the sand - the last steps of Palestinian boys killed by Israeli shell link to

  • 'Tomorrow there’s no school in Gaza, they don’t have any children left' -- Israeli chant
    • Netanyahu as painted by medieval artist Ambrogio Lorenzetti

      link to

      link to

      "Below the tyrant the captive figure of Justice lays bound, while the figures of Cruelty, Deceit, Fraud, Fury, Division, and War flank him, and above him float the figures of Avarice, Pride, and Vainglory. These figures, according to an advice book for city magistrates of the time, were considered to be the “leading enemies of human life”.[15] The planets of Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars preside over this scene, as they were the less favorable planets; also included are tyrannical figures such as the Roman Emperor Nero. When we look at the scene of the city itself, it appears to be very jarring; nothing fits as it should be. This is in part to the fact that Lorenzetti presented the scene in such a manner that the viewer must read it right to left, automatically creating a sense of discomfort. When we look at the scene, we see that the city is in ruin, windows are wide open, houses are being demolished, and businesses are nonexistent, except that of the armourer. The streets are deserted, and the country side shows two armies advancing towards each other. The whole scene shows the mirror opposite of that of The Effects of Good Government, creating a powerful reminder to the council"

      Starring cast 2014

      Cruelty- Ari Shavit and supporting cast

      Deceit - Mark Regev

      Fraud - Jerusalem Post

      Fury - Eric Yoffie

      Division - Joan Rivers vs MJ Rosenberg

      War - IDF

  • How many would be alive today if Obama had not quashed Goldstone Report?
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      "There’s a tension that exists between American and Israeli Jews. Maybe it’s also there for Jews around the world, but when you’re talking America everything gets ratcheted up a notch. American Jews wonder, “Do they care?” In their heart of hearts, do they listen to what we have to say and think about acting on it? Israeli Jews wonder, “Do they understand?” Can they understand our lives here, from the comfort and safety of America? Institutional American Judaism has since time immemorial tried to prove that yes, it does, yes, it will forever stand with the Israeli government, and yes, the money will never stop flowing, just please, please care about us like we do you.
      We hugged, and as Yonatan drove away from the airport, I decided that I was done playing that game, done with political ideologies that could be boiled down to an abacus measuring Jews against an omnivorous other. Why do I love the Palestinians so much? Because they are people, people who deserve better than to have than the bombs and the water control and the restriction of movement that they have now. I’ve visited Israel over 20 times now, and I love my grandmother as much as anyone, and I have cried and danced and laughed with the entire family for days at a time. To say there’s no escape from the Palestinian issue, though, would be a cruel joke: It’s a metaphor for people who are literally trapped in conditions no person should accept. And until my family, and Israel as a whole, reconciles with that, I’ll never understand."

  • Gaza-- and 'Guernica'
    • hophmi

      Spare us the crocodile tears.

      MJ (Mike) Rosenberg @MJayRosenberg · 17m
      I worked in House & Senate 15 years. Support for Israeli policies is bought. Cash, check, and American Express.

      whine to those money guys if you really care about Jews in Europe
      Israel is out of control.

    • Music for the pictures from Gaza

      link to
      Oh, the irony

  • Attacks on demonstrators in Rome
    • link to

      "After a three-and-a-half-year legal battle waged by the Gisha human rights organization, the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories has finally released a 2008 document that detailed its "red lines" for "food consumption in the Gaza Strip."

      The document calculates the minimum number of calories necessary, in COGAT's view, to keep Gaza residents from malnutrition at a time when Israel was tightening its restrictions on the movement of people and goods in and out of the Strip, including food products and raw materials. The document states that Health Ministry officials were involved in drafting it, and the calculations were based on "a model formulated by the Ministry of Health ... according to average Israeli consumption," though the figures were then "adjusted to culture and experience" in Gaza.

      COGAT, appealing a District Court ruling to release the document, stated that it was merely a rough draft, that it was never actually implemented, and that it did not guide Israeli policy in practice. In its objection to the document's publication, COGAT argued that there was no reason to disclose what was essentially internal staff work, a mere proposal that was never actually put into effect. In fact, COGAT told Haaretz on Tuesday, after the document was drafted, the agency never even held a single discussion of it.

      But the court disagreed, and on its orders, the document (in two different versions, both from January 2008) was given to Gisha two weeks ago. It is now being published here for the first time. Its very existence was also first reported in Haaretz, in a June 2009 article by Uri Blau and Yotam Feldman.

      In September 2007, the cabinet, then headed by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, decided to tighten restrictions on the movement of people and goods to and from the Gaza Strip. The "red lines" document was written about four months afterward.

      The cabinet decision stated that "the movement of goods into the Gaza Strip will be restricted; the supply of gas and electricity will be reduced; and restrictions will be imposed on the movement of people from the Strip and to it." In addition, exports from Gaza would be forbidden entirely. However, the resolution added, the restrictions should be tailored to avoid a "humanitarian crisis."

      At a High Court hearing on Gisha's petition against this policy, government attorneys Gilad Sherman and Dana Briskman, backed by an affidavit from Col. Shlomi Mukhtar of COGAT, explained that "it is the state's right to decide that it doesn't intend to have economic ties with, or provide economic assistance to, the other party in the conflict, and to adopt a policy of 'economic warfare.'"

      The "red lines" document calculates the minimum number of calories needed by every age and gender group in Gaza, then uses this to determine the quantity of staple foods that must be allowed into the Strip every day, as well as the number of trucks needed to carry this quantity. On average, the minimum worked out to 2,279 calories per person per day, which could be supplied by 1,836 grams of food, or 2,575.5 tons of food for the entire population of Gaza.

      Bringing this quantity into the Strip would require 170.4 truckloads per day, five days a week.

      From this quantity, the document's authors then deducted 68.6 truckloads to account for the food produced locally in Gaza ¬ mainly vegetables, fruit, milk and meat. The documents notes that the Health Ministry's data about various products includes the weight of the package (about 1 to 5 percent of the total weight) and that "The total amount of food takes into consideration 'sampling' by toddlers under the age of 2 (adds 34 tons per day to the general population)."

      From this total, 13 truckloads were deducted to adjust for the "culture and experience" of food consumption in Gaza, though the document does not explain how this deduction was calculated.

      While this adjustment actually led to a higher figure for sugar (five truckloads, compared to only 2.6 under the Health Ministry's original model),
      it reduced the quantity of fruits and vegetables (18 truckloads, compared to 28.5), milk (12 truckloads instead of 21.1), and meat and poultry (14 instead of 17.2).

      Altogether, therefore, COGAT concluded that Israel needed to allow 131 truckloads of food and other essential products into Gaza every day (via the "back to back" system, in which goods are transferred from an Israeli truck to a Palestinian one at the border). Of these, 106 would go through the Kerem Shalom crossing and the rest via the Karni crossing (which was closed a few years later).

      The document states that then-Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilnai had approved the entry of 106 trucks per day even before the "red lines" were calculated, along with additional truckloads of wheat seed and animal feed.

      The point of the "red lines" document was to see if this number of trucks in fact met Gaza's needs. But according to Gisha, UN data shows that the number of trucks allowed into Gaza each day often fell below this level.

      COGAT, then headed by Maj. Gen. Amos Gilad, translated the government's policy of restrictions into two lists. The long one detailed the forbidden goods that couldn't be brought into the Strip (including, for example, building materials, needles, cloth and other raw materials, cleaning and bathing supplies, books, musical instruments and processed hummus). The short one listed those that could be brought in. The guiding principle was that instead of the supply of goods being dictated by demand, it would be dictated by the quantities and varieties deemed necessary by COGAT.

      From time to time, COGAT officers revised the lists. Thus in late 2008, for instance, COGAT began allowing the import of shampoo ¬ though conditioner was still banned. In 2009, plain processed hummus was taken off the banned list, but hummus with pine nuts was still off-limits.

      To obey the cabinet's order to avoid a "humanitarian crisis," COGAT officers devised what they called "sensors" to warn them if there was a risk of impending malnutrition or an impending shortage of the permitted goods. Thus in addition to the "red lines," they produced two other documents: a model for estimating inventories of essential staples in Gaza, and a procedure for allowing the entry of goods into the Strip.

      In practice, COGAT says, policy was guided by the inventory estimation model and the procedure for the entry of goods, not by the "red lines" document.

      Following another petition to the High Court by Gisha, these two documents were published by Haaretz in October 2010.

      "The quantification wasn't done in order to arrive at a minimum threshold or restrict the quantities, but the opposite ¬ to ensure that there was no shortage," a COGAT official maintained Tuesday.

      Gisha, however, doubts the claim that the "red lines" document was never actually used. For instance, it said, the prosecution evidently relied on the minimum threshold the document sets for meat (300 calves imported each week) when it argued in court against Gisha's request that the quota be increased during the Eid al-Fitr holiday, at the end of Ramadan. COGAT responded that this particular figure was part of the inventory estimation model, and therefore that it was in use.

      International humanitarian organizations use a model called the Sphere standards to gauge a population's needs and determine the aid that should sent to it in an emergency (whether war or natural disaster). This model is far more complex and less mathematical than the "red lines." But the most significant difference is that the "red lines" and the inventory estimation model were both devised by the very party that deliberately created the emergency situation, and that effectively controls both the territory and the population.

      The drafters of the "red lines" document noted that the quantity of fruit and vegetables Gaza could produce for itself was expected to decline from 1,000 tons a day to 500 within a few months, due to the Israeli ban on bringing in seeds and other raw materials needed for agriculture, as well as the ban on exporting produce from the Strip. They predicted a similar fate for the poultry industry. But they didn't propose any solution for this decline.

      Robert Turner, UNRWA's director of operations in the Gaza Strip, told Haaretz that he "read the draft with concern. If this reflects an authentic policy intended to cap food imports, this 'Red Lines' approach is contrary to humanitarian principles. If it is intended to prevent a humanitarian crisis by setting a minimum threshold, it has failed."

    • link to

      "Dov Weisglass, revealed that what Israel has in mind for Gaza is not prosperity but keeping it teetering on life support. "We need to make the Palestinians lose weight, but not to starve to death," he said. At the mourning tent in Beit Lahia, I meet Ahmed al-Shafei, chairman of the Gaza Cooperative Association for Producing and Marketing Vegetables. "Two thousand families in this town depend on the strawberries," he says. "We used to get 12 shekels a kilo exporting. Now we get one or two shekels in the market here if we get anything at all. It's cost us $1.5m in lost strawberry sales." Salim Abu Safiya is in charge of Gaza's borders for the Palestinian Authority working from an office near the main cargo crossing at Karni, with shells dropping periodically not far away. "If you add up all the hours that Karni has been open since the beginning of the year, it amounts to just three weeks," he says. "This is three or four hours a day and sometimes it's closed for weeks. Karni has the capacity to handle about 700 lorries a day. Now, if it is open, it handles only about 50."
      On the day we speak, Karni is open for a little more than three hours for imports. Exports haven't been allowed in months. "Israel sends us what they want to send us, not what we need," he says. "They are sending fruit, construction material, frozen food, so Israel can save its face and not let us starve." What they need instead is medicine, tampons, washing powder, milk and baby formula. The impact on some Palestinian industries has been devastating. Textile factories have thrown 75,000 people out of work because they can no longer get their garments out of Gaza. Safiya estimates that there are 700 lorry loads of furniture waiting to be sent to Israel. "Since the beginning of the second intifada, Israel has used the borders as a tool to pressure the Palestinians," he says. "The rest of the economy was destroyed as a result of the closure of the borders. A third of Palestinian industrialists have left for abroad. Twenty-two of the big Palestinian factories have sought a permit to move to Egypt or Sudan. Nineteen garment factories have closed in the past two months." The unemployment rate in Gaza is 44%, although it rises at times when Israel bars Palestinian workers from entering Israel. Per capita income has dropped 40% in three years. About 70% of the population is defined as living in poverty. The Israeli government has justified the persistent closure of Karni with what it said was intelligence about impending attacks. Others are sceptical. James Wolfensohn, the US-appointed special envoy to Israel and the occupied territories, who was critical of both sides before he resigned last month, expressed particular frustration at what he characterised as Israeli "foot-dragging" over the border crossings. He has accused the Israeli government of being "loath to relinquish control, almost acting as though there has been no withdrawal" from Gaza. Late last year, Wolfensohn threatened to quit unless Israel agreed to ease the blockade. The US secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice, intervened and won a commitment from Israel to open Karni 24 hours a day by the end of 2005 and to permit regular convoys of buses and lorries to move people and goods between Gaza and the West Bank. Israel also promised to discuss reopening Gaza's airport, closed at the beginning of the intifada when army bulldozers tore up the runway, and the construction of a sea port to allow the territory to trade directly without going through Israel. At the time, Wolfensohn told PBS television in the US that without relatively free movement across its borders, the Gaza strip will be "like a prison". He said that open borders are "crucial" to the future of the Gazan people, because they would provide "a sense of hope, a sense that they are able to earn money, that they can trade". "The balance is always between Israeli security and freedom and hope for the Palestinians." Israel reneged on almost all of the agreement, with the exception of the crossing to Egypt, and buried the issue under the Hamas election victory. "

    • Back in ancient history when Israel called the shots

      "The significance of the disengagement plan is the freezing of the peace process," Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's senior adviser Dov Weisglass has told Haaretz.

      link to

      "And when you freeze that process, you prevent the establishment of a Palestinian state, and you prevent a discussion on the refugees, the borders and Jerusalem. Effectively, this whole package called the Palestinian state, with all that it entails, has been removed indefinitely from our agenda. And all this with authority and permission. All with a presidential blessing and the ratification of both houses of Congress."

      Weisglass, who was one of the initiators of the disengagement plan, was speaking in an interview with Haaretz for the Friday Magazine.

      "The disengagement is actually formaldehyde," he said. "It supplies the amount of formaldehyde that is necessary so there will not be a political process with the Palestinians." "

  • Hasbarah Bingo
    • More hasbara :

      no daylight
      link to

      "American Jews stand with Israel. At times of war and crisis, that’s the way it has always been, and this time is no different. Despite gruesome pictures of civilian casualties in Gaza, media coverage that is frequently critical of the Jewish State, and shrill and accusatory statements about Israel from UN officials and foreign diplomats, American Jewish support has been unwavering. "

      And he's Reform . Surely he's unreformed.

      Despite the mass murder of children and the descent into madness, American Jewish support is unwavering. Once Israel is fully psychotic, we'll still be there. Even if the death toll reaches 50,000, we'll be there

      But nobody else will

    • Elizabeth Tsurkov @Elizrael · Jul 26

      GRAPHIC: 2 Palestinians were lynched by 12 Israelis in Bet Hanina last night. Both are in horrible shape now

      link to

    • Dahlia Scheindlin with a great piece on why hasbara is in trouble

      link to

      Also echoed by Paul Mason of Channel 4

      link to

    • Right wing Israelis expressing themselves in Israel are anti hasbara

      link to

      Sign spotted today in Herzl Boulevard in Jerusalem: "There are No Innocents in Gaza"

    • Elizabeth Tsurkov @Elizrael · 3h

      New Channel 10 poll: 87% of Israelis support continuing the operation in Gaza, 7% support a cease-fire

      Caption on Israeli Channel 10: "Up next, the greatest moments of Protective Edge on TV"

      Additional chants from last night: "Gaza is a cemetery", "This is the Land of Israel, the country of Jews" link to

      WATCH: Israeli racists sing last night "School is out in Gaza/ They have no children left there" link to (starting 00:46)

    • MJ (Mike) Rosenberg
      ‏@MJayRosenberg Some people say I don't know what anti-semitism is. I do and Israel's actions in Gaza is actually an anti-semitism machine.

    • The 2003 hasbara guide for the Iraq war was also very interesting

      link to

      Zionism has always mainlined bullshit

  • Kerry is off the Israel bandwagon
    • Walid

      Thanks for that. That Turkish decision is political I presume. But climate change won't be . It won't be reversible.

    • When push comes to shove, Walid, who is going to fight for Palestine ?
      Nobody. Israel has military superiority, bas.

      I think ISIS is more of a sign of the post Iraq chaos than anything else.
      And it's going to get worse.

      link to

      And then Saudi is going to collapse down the line. How is Israel supposed to deal with all that turmoil when the Orthodox are running the show ?

    • "And how does the ardently pro-Israel Hiltzik feel when he sees posts that have hashtags like #FreePalestine? “It’s usually within character,” he says. “Any normal person has to feel for this tragedy. I view Rihanna’s post as innocent. Everyone’s allowed to have his or her opinion. And hopefully they’ll educate themselves. What bothers me are the anti-Semites like Roger Waters.” "

      And the journo ends the piece with that Joan Rivers rant.
      Scraping the barrel.


      “I give artists like Rihanna the benefit of the doubt,” he says. “It’s normal for a well-intentioned person to see all the blood and death and want to say something about it. Sometimes they get out ahead of themselves before they’ve had a chance to educate themselves and think things through.”

      was chilling

    • I remember when they shut down Orient House, the PA office in Jerusalem, and confiscated the files. They want to wipe out all traces of Palestinian life in Palestine.
      link to
      "Items confiscated by Israeli authorities included personal belongings, confidential information relating to the Jerusalem issue, documents referring to the 1991 Madrid conference and the Arab Studies Society photography collection. The personal books and documents of Faisal Husseini were summarily impounded."

    • link to

      "The Turkish pro-Palestinian organization IHH announced that its second Gaza flotilla will be launched soon - and will be afforded protection by the Turkish Navy, Israel's NRG reported on Sunday.

      The group's chairman told local Turkish media that the mission, titled 'Freedom Flotilla II,' was in the process of finalizing the legal paperwork needed to commence on the trip, and would embark as soon as it got the necessary permissions.

      This fleet, as opposed to the group's previous one that was intercepted by the Israeli navy in 2010, would be protected by the Turkish Navy, he said."

    • Rosemary Hollis has a very good piece in the Guardian on why Israel has to change tack NOW before it's too late . It's a must -read

      link to

      "If the durability and legitimacy of the post-First World War regional system is up for grabs, both the Israelis and the Americans will be hard pressed to contain Palestinian resistance to Israel for another decade in the name of a moribund depiction of regional stability. The Palestinians represent but one of several communities in the region for whom a remaking of the 20th-century regional order may not be unwelcome. However, their main defenders in the region are more anti-Israel than they are pro-Palestinian and if Israel and its friends want to stem the trend toward Islamist extremism in the region they would do well to find a resolution of the Palestinian problem through a two-state solution than leave it to fate."

      Contingency has the potential to blow Zionism out of the water.

    • Kerry told the bots back in November to get a grip. He can't deliver them a compliant world and he told them as much .

      link to
      "Kerry also warned that if Israel and the Palestinians do not reach a peace agreement that results in two states for two peoples, “The alternative to getting back to the talks is the potential of chaos,” Kerry said. “I mean does Israel want a third Intifada?” he asked.

      “If we do not resolve the issues between Palestinians and Israelis, if we do not find a way to find peace, there will be an increasing isolation of Israel, there will be an increasing campaign of delegitimization of Israel that’s been taking place on an international basis,” he warned.

      Adding an additional warning to the Israeli public, Kerry urged making peace “with a leadership that is committed to non-violence,” otherwise Israel “may wind up with leadership that is committed to violence.”

      “Today’s status quo will not be tomorrow’s, or next year’s,” said Kerry, referring to the Israeli public’s general feeling of peace and security. “If we don’t solve this issue, the Arab world and the Palestinians, neighbors, others, are going to begin again to push in a different way, and the last thing Israel wants to see is a return to violence. How does Israel survive as a Jewish state in a bi-national status? People need to stop and think about this reality” "

      The bots have set their society to status quo forever. Someone needs to tell Yossi Israeli that that assumption is nuts.

    • Didn't he write "we're going on a bear hunt" ?

    • Jews and Arabs are fighting over your YESHA cancer, Norman, your so-called right to Palestine , in Europe because you won't admit you are wrong.

      I'm afraid you are no longer able to control the narrative and that you will have to stand by while adults like Kerry take over.

  • Destruction of Gaza's children is something 'every one of us must confront' -- Jon Snow
    • Walid - the answer to that spin is that 14 oligarchs run Israel and that the country has the highest levels of inequality and poverty in the OECD.

    • He's on a journey away from Zionism, Walid. Zionism is a house on fire that he can't live in. He's way further along than Mahane.

      The damage that is being done to Judaism these last few weeks is incalculable.

    • Norman
      You are never going to get a girlfriend if you continue to talk to women about chidren like that.

    • The Jon Snow video at the top is magnificent.

      link to

      Zionism is going to fall. Justice is bigger than Israeli Jewish nihilism.

    • Regev becomes collateral damage on BBC2 (UK)


    • Twitter just confirms all those Haaretz reports on the slow breakdown of Israeli society as it descends (nicely opposing the concept of aliyah) into fascism .

    • Elizabeth Tsurkov @Elizrael

      Israeli racists sing last night "School is out in Gaza/ They have no children left there"

      link to (starting 00:46)

    • link to

      Israel loses control in Gaza

      Gideon Rachman | Jul 25 10:48 | Comment | Share

      "Israel set itself clear goals when it launched its assault on Gaza. Stop the rocket fire into Israel and close the tunnels that might allow Hamas to infiltrate fighters into Israel. Some 18 days into the offensive, and these goals have not yet been achieved. But that is not the only sign that Israel’s Gaza offensive is going wrong. On the contrary, there are multiple signs that Israel is losing control of the situation:

      1. After a slow start, international outrage about the Gaza offensive is building. The international reaction had been relatively muted – perhaps because there are so many other competing horrors in the Middle East. (Some 700 people were killed in just two days fighting in Syria, last week.) As my colleague Roula Khalaf points out, Hamas has also lost crucial political support across the Arab world. The coincidence of the Gaza and Ukraine crises also probably took the pressure off Israel, briefly. But the shelling of the UN school in Gaza yesterday may mark some form of tipping point – with much stronger statements coming from the UN Secretary-General and Gaza dominating the headlines in Europe.

      2. Unrest has spread to the West Bank. If the riots last night are repeated, then Israel risks facing a third intifada. The Gazan offensive will then have comprehensively back-fired, by ending a prolonged period of relative calm enjoyed by Israel.

      3. The revival of Hamas: At the start of the Gaza offensive, Hamas was in an extremely weak position. It had lost vital support from Egypt and Iran, and enjoyed little sympathy in the west. But by successfully prolonging the fight with Israel – and even briefly all-but closing Ben Gurion airport – Hamas has chalked up some important propaganda victories. If it can get some sort of lifting of the Gaza blockade agreed – as part of the cease-fire negotiations – it will certainly be able to claim some sort of victory.

      4. Israeli military casualties – while small compared to the toll of Palestinian deaths – are still shocking to the Israeli public. This is a small country with a civilian army.

      If the Israeli government accepts a ceasefire, without achieving its goals and stopping the rockets, it will face a fierce domestic backlash. But the longer the fighting continues, the more the international backlash against Israel will grow – and the greater the chance that Israel will face a Palestinian uprising on the West Bank"

  • Pro-Israel Facebook page is titled, 'Death to Dianna Buttu'
  • Claim that Hamas killed 3 teens is turning out to be the WMD of Gaza onslaught
    • We
      Israel' s golden age just died.

    • Yonah

      The tunnels, the closure of BG airport and all the dead soldiers are what make this so different to cast lead and show israeli control of erez israel is over. There is no deterrence when the people under the stairs can shut down the airport. It is a pity Sharon didn't live to see the collapse of his gaza plan.

      Israel will have to digest the news and try some carrot . Stick is self defeating.
      There will have to be a purge in the IDF too. Get the siege people out. They add nothing. Yossi israeli freaked out this week.

  • The killing fields
    • Zionism is the project for Jewish national liberation and as Jews didn't have a state for 2000 years they have to play atrocity catch up, Mooser. It's only fair. Otherwise France and England etc get away with murder.

    • Hoph

      The Alawis have very similar issues to the Jews. Notions of separateness programmed over centuries and messianic luck in the 60s and unable to run a country in the 21st century.

    • This is the price of the jewish haven.

  • Oren's charge that networks showcase Palestinian dead at behest of Hamas is 'obscene' -- Penhaul
    • I think Zionism is a deluded ideology. It's just not coherent any more and the hasbara is pathetic. There is no honesty to it whether it's peres, regev, livni, dersh or shmuley. I 'm for rights for everyone in the Zionist space and I don't see how Zionism can deliver that. I feel sorry for Yossi Israeli too. I can't imagine what it is like to come from a country that doesn't know who it really is.

    • The problem with military fantasies like the Dahiya doctrine is that they are useless if the people do not support them.The yanks know this from Iraq. Israel tries to frame Gaza as terrorism when it is in fact self determination. Iraq was the beginning of the end for the Likud. So many chickens are coming home to roost now.

    • Hoph is wasting his breath. The IDF know that dead babies are a problem in the media sector when the lawn is mowed. . They also know there is no political will to change anything so they have to kill the kids. It would appear the IDF knows nothing about Israel's international image. Or doesn't rate it as a risk. The stuff that is assumed to be not worth worrying about is often the most dangerous to an institution. Who would have thought US house prices would fall in 2007? Not Lehman Brothers.

      I think the main IDF weakness was to assume the operation would be over in a few days. Israel doesn't have the ability to provide hasbara cover fro more than a week. Big anti zionist protests all ovr europe this weekend. Did anyone in the IDF join the dots in planning ?

    • Sumud

      There is an article at haaretz called What the US military can and cannot learn from the IDF's Gaza operation by Noah Smith. I can't do links on this tablet.

      Smith says Israel is the world's war laboratory and that mowing the lawn is key to this. But the absence of a political carrot for the Palestinians doesn't seem to have registered as a problem over at the kirya. Big questions over them and the politicians this week but there is no opposition of course.

      Zionism seems to have reached the logical end of Jabotinskyism. That iron wall thinking never assumed the brown people would out think the chosen and hit them in the airport gonads.

    • She's like ha Dersh. Old school and on the way out. Israel will really miss them, especially the way Israel is going.

    • The dublin ambassador is an indocrinated moron. I bet he was Lieberman's pick.

    • Israel killing kids always reminds me of blood libel.

    • Israel has now recognised 40 dead soldiers . None of the initial aims of the operation achieved.

    • Israel can't afford another 2 weeks of PR death. The memes are not working. Even in the US. Only republicans and jews left listening.

    • Israel has no security as long as Gaza is besieged. The next time the bots bomb gaza and take out a few operatives, gaza can aim at the airport. No rules works both ways.

    • Israel will have to lift the siege. Ben Gurion airport is too important to do otherwise. 32 dead soldiers, tunnels and BGA shut - it was a nightmare week for israeli deterrence.

    • That is a keeper. Snow gets it. Yossi Israeli and his American enablers don't. And it is a cancer. France is on the verge of importing it seriously.

    • Dermer is out of his depth. Sending him out is the equivalent of those 1980s personnel carriers the idf used last week that are so easy to destroy.

    • Israel chooses to kill large numbers of civilians. It makes sense in Hebrew but doesn't translate so well to American english. Oren knows that. This clusterfuck was chosen by Israel and has now run out of its control as gideon rachman observed in today's Financial Times.

  • Fox's Hannity abuses Yousef Munayyer, says he has a 'thick head'
    • He was also like the informer present beside the shin bet officer when they take in the palestinian for questioning.

    • I loved it when munayyer said "I already answered the question".

    • Hannity is a lower class version of Isabel "Israeli military officials said errant Palestinian munitions may have been the source" Kershner. Whoring for Zionism is all the same. Keeping Americans in the dark.

    • He reminded me of Kastner who sold the hungarian jews to the nazis in return for a few hundred exit permits for family and associates.

    • The aim was to get YM to say yes and produce a clip for the bots. To be replayed endlessly like kardashian's sex video. The other muslim was a joke. The so called occupation. Like Uncle Tom. Fox never does context.

  • Joan Rivers slams CNN and BBC coverage of Gaza -- 'you're all insane'
  • PLO official Hanan Ashrawi: Israel's assault on Gaza is 'state terrorism' and should be referred to the International Criminal Court
  • 'The unity is stronger than ever': Report from historic march on Qalandia checkpoint in solidarity with Gaza
    • They managed to drive a wedge in US judaism too. Probably the worst week for Zionism in a very long time.

    • It's definitely the end of something. The palestinians know that the wider world does not buy the hasbara and that the more sadistic Israel's behaviour, the weaker Israel's position.
      Protective edge is a catastrophe for israel. It's like the moment in a child abuse case where the victim finds the courage to break the mental bounds and go to the police.

    • Mj rosenberg says she encapsulates the split in judaism - 87 years old and cheerleading the shelling of those 4 kids while younger jews are turning away.

    • One Palestinian killed by settlers near nablus. Would they be from itzhar? Very serious deterioration in situation.

    • 6 people shot dead. Debased Judaism.

  • Breaking: Israel shelling hospital in Beit Hanoun, injured Palestinians and internationals trapped inside
    • Haaretz are featuring what Joan Rivers said about if nj was bombing gotham.
      Israel is so lost. Reminds me of Greece during the financial crisis. When the model is broken and the elites are exposed as know nothings.

    • First few hours of humanitarian ceasefire and rescue workers have found the bodies of 60 civilians in the rubble of buildings bombed by Israel.
      Zionism is sadism. Hatikva the nightmare.

    • Gideon rachman has a very insightful post up at link to

      called 'Israel loses control'

      1. No initial goals achieved
      2. School shelling is killing hasbara
      3 danger of 3rd intifada
      4 very high idf dead for what was supposed to be routine sadism
      5 hamas strengthened

  • Daily protests rage for Gaza across the West Bank 
  • Controversial, illegal, and documented: Israeli military strategies in Gaza
    • MJR has been very interesting this week. The bots really lost it in gaza when the blue hebrew mist descended. Over in the States their people assumed their default spin positions and started relaying the hasbara, which was really dreadful and undermined by the images on social media. He knows them and he has been in arched eyebrow mode tweeting away. If I were Regev I would look for another job.

    • Zakaria shilled for the war in iraq, when as he said the US had no choice.

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