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I wonder where the struggle between universal human rights and - “A Jew is by the nature of his creation a purer being. Similarly with the holiness of the land: The soil of Israel is essentially holier, the stones are holier because the land was destined by God to serve as the place of the Children of Israel” is headed "Either we are all sacred or none of us is" Paul Fourhorns Tenoso

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  • Jodi Rudoren loves a winner
    • If it was morally legitimate one would have expected Israel to cauterize open wounds - compensate the refugees, tie up the legal work, at least leave them with something instead of hanging in the wind. But Zionism could never do decency which is why the question remains open and 1948 is never finished. Gaza is another flare up of 1948.

      And Israel now is hardly going to make it. The notion that European Jews suffering from "anti-Semitism" will shut up shop and move to the Jewish moral latrine on the Med to feel safe is laughable.

    • It's Time To Stop 'Managing' the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and Just End It

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    • Why do things we find beautiful undermine power?
      link to

      Things like rights for Palestinians

    • "There’s a longstanding conventional wisdom that Israel doesn’t do well in wars of attrition,”

      $60m per day, can't afford to compensate Jews in Southern Israel, economy slowing down

      Israel can't afford much more. The government wouldn't last- they are already all over the place

      And the PR damage is out of the park.
      They even lost MJ Rosenberg FFS.

      The notion that history is over and Israel has won- I don't buy it
      It's the longue duree that counts.

  • 'Ads Against Apartheid' is going national
    • Gaza will have to be rebuilt and nobody is going to put money in if the siege is still being run.

      Poor Israel is going to have look at Gaza differently.

      link to
      "Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu threatened to escalate the fight against Hamas, vowing the group would “pay a heavy price” after a four-year-old Israeli boy was killed by a mortar attack from Gaza, the first Israeli child to die in the six-week conflict."

  • Waging resource warfare on Palestine
    • link to

      "UN agencies and countries donating financial aid to the Palestinians are demanding that Israel lift its blockade on trade and movement in to and out of the Gaza Strip as a precondition for any future reconstruction plan.
      The donors, led by Norway, are making the call because of the scale of physical destruction during Israel’s Protective Edge military operation in Gaza, which Robert Serry, a senior UN official, this week said would be about three times the extent of damage caused by Operation Cast Lead in 2008-9, until now Israel’s most destructive war against Hamas.
      They want a relaxation of the current regime – under which Israel meticulously vets imports into Gaza of construction and other materials that it says might have dual-purpose use for military ends, such as building tunnels – because it would slow what is expected to be a massive rebuilding effort to a crawl.
      Pierre Krahenbuhl, commissioner general for the UN Relief and Works Agency, said it would take 15 years or more to rebuild if the current regime were not relaxed."

  • 'We made a mistake. There is a sickness inside our community' -- Jacob Ari Labendz in the synagogue
    • They have hollowed out Judaism. It's a shell now.

      Cordyceps is worth watching if you haven't seen it
      link to

      But Cordyceps serves a natural function. What is the purpose of Zionism? To drive all the Jews in Israel over the cliff of fascism ? For what ?

      That someone has to go to a synagogue and state the bleeding obvious- Israel has lost it. Is it not understandable? Does it have to be spelt out ? Do people still believe the tikkun olam self-medication ? The world is going to have to repair Judaism. (Yes Mooser, not everyone) And it's going to hurt

    • In the week that 200 Jewish thugs descended on the wedding of a Jew and a Muslim to protest the Rassenschande it's interesting to look around the world at other models of religious coexistence which will be required post Zionism

      link to

      "saaNsoN kii maalaa pe simruuN maiN pii ka naam

      apne mann kii maiN jaanuuN aur pii ke mann kii Ram

      With every breath I take, I chant the name of my beloved I know of my heart, and God knows of the heart of my beloved

      yahii merii bandagii hai, yahii merii puujaa

      This is my salutation [and] this is my prayer.

      ek thaa saajan mandir meN aur ek thaa pritam masjid meN

      par maiN prem ke rang meN aisii Duubii ban gayaa ek hii ruup

      One lover was in the temple and another in the mosque but to me, immersed in the joy of love, both seemed same"

      Take it away, Nusrah Fateh ali Khan

      Zionism is such a dismal, petty and miserable ideology

    • Very impressive

      "Whether we love Israel or not, we made a mistake when we forgot about the richness of our heritage and its temporal and geographical breadth"

      I happened to be listening to this while reading it

      There is so much more to life than the nihilism of Zionism. Jews can and do do way better.

  • Mr. Netanyahu, what is your endgame?
    • What will actually happen is that the Israeli Jewish poor will be shafted.
      The song is always the same. Beitar Jerusalem fans think the elites are on their side but it's all time dependent, suckers.

    • I think Israel is losing the FT readership , if the comments here are any barometer

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    • Bibi's endgame is giving everyone in Israel a pony. And the Palestinians are taken in by passing gypsies. If you build it they will come. Inshallah.

      They have 22 other states. There never was such a thing as Palestine. He has been spouting the same shite for over 40 years.

  • 'NYT' op-ed calls on Jews to abandon liberal Zionism and push for equal rights
    • Things have changed a lot since 1974 when Kinky friedman wrote "they ain't making Jews like Jesus anymore"

      link to
      "He says, i ain't a racist but aristitle onassis is one greek we don't need
      And them niggers, jews and sigma nus, all they ever do is breed.
      And wops n micks n slopes n spics n spooks are on my list
      And there's one little hebe from the heart of texas is there anyone I missed ?

      Well, I hits him with everything I had right square between the eyes.
      I says, i'm gonna gitcha, you son of a bitch ya, for spoutin' that pack of lies.
      If there's one thing I can't abide, it's an ethnocentric racist;
      Now you take back that thing you said bout aristitle onassis.

      No, they ain't makin' jews like jesus anymore,
      We don't turn the other cheek the way we done before."

      And ethnocentric racism doesn't really suit Judaism either

    • He is fu$king nuts. A complete headcase. "We must defend ourselves and be just". Why don't you stop murdering children, Ari? Do you think it goes down well in Galut ?

    • He's an eminence grise of Zionism which translates to weirdo in Galut.

    • "but you now see rifts opening up in the American Jewish community, especially under this lunatic government [in Israel]. "

      link to

      "Here’s an abridged version of the events of the past week. Security cabinet member Tzipi Livni, the justice minister, stated that carrying on negotiations with Hamas in Cairo was a mistake: “We need to go on deterring the Palestinians,” she averred. Another member of the cabinet, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, used his Facebook page to lash out at the policy being dictated by the prime minister: “If we are talking seriously about the security of Israel’s inhabitants, we need to understand that there is no other possibility than a determined Israeli move with one aim – to vanquish Hamas.”

      In the midst of the Cairo talks, yet another cabinet member, Economy Minister Naftali Bennett, called for an “immediate halt” to negotiations in the Egyptian capital, in favor of adoption of the approach he is promoting, which he calls “unilateral enforcement.” Under this scheme, Israel will be very generous on the humanitarian side, and at the same time will batter Hamas relentlessly, using the “lawnmower” method, as he put it.

      In reaction, Lieberman mockingly said Bennett is “a minister who suffers from amnesia.” And Bennett, after being scolded by Netanyahu in the security cabinet meeting on Wednesday of last week, and afterward in a press conference, issued a terse statement to the media: “One does not conduct negotiations with a terrorist organization. Period. My opinion on this will not change.” ""

    • "They lie to us and then they lie to themselves about lying to us"


    • Dresden was a war crime. Winners are never punished.
      One of the worst things the Brits did in 1945 was send back Russians who had fought with the Germans at bayonet point to Stalin's soldiers and certain death.

    • A housing crash in Israel is probably 40% likely. Higher if deflation takes over in the Eurozone.

      Punters are waiting for zero VAT - a very bad/good sign, depending on your stance on justice.

    • All of the spin coming from Hasbara central- whether Isis is Hamas, the Palestinians are evil,. they are backward, we love gays, we repair the world, Bar Refaeli is to die for- ignores the key issue of Palestinian rights.

      If the only way Israel can exist is by denying Palestinian rights, Israel has no future. And it really doesn't matter how many twinks are in the IDF, frankly.

    • Meanwhile Shavit holds the line for the forces of darkness in Ha'aretz. What a crock of avshit.

      link to

      "But none of Israel’s sins can justify the return of Israel-hatred. Winston Churchill bombarded Dresden, Franklin Roosevelt bombarded Tokyo and Harry Truman destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. No decent man in the world thinks that because of these disproportionate acts these great leaders became war criminals. Bill Clinton attacked in Serbia, Tony Blair attacked in Iraq and Barack Obama attacked in Afghanistan. No honest person in the world believes that because of those strikes Britain and the United States are illegitimate.

      Only when Israel makes massive use of its power and only when Israel displays ugly fringe phenomena is the response a denial of its very right to exist. Only when Jews act like any other nation would act in similar circumstances is the result a rage at their very existence.

      Anti-Semitism creates certain obligations. First of all, it sets a challenge before the world’s nations – don’t go back there. Western culture will cease to be a culture if it allows the ancient hatred to make it lose its senses again. But anti-Semitism also sets a challenge before Israelis, from right and left. The nationalists among us must finally understand that we are not China or Russia; we’re not a superpower. Both because of our values and our circumstances, we don’t really have a prospect for living by our sword alone.

      The liberals among us must also understand that we’re not China or Russia, not a superpower. We’re a tiny minority-nation under attack, and sweeping criticism of this nation is like sweeping criticism of the black, gay or Yazidi minority. Despite the Zionist revolution and Israeli sovereignty, we’re still Jews. As Jews we must defend ourselves, and as Jews we must stand for justice. "

      Justice is meaningless when basic rights are completely ignored.

      But there is good news

      link to
      "The army’s spending demands are so big that treasury officials fear that the budgets over the next three years will be subjugated to military needs at the expense of civilian spending. The problem is made worse by concerns that tax revenues will be smaller than expected amid signs that the economy is slowing. Those concerns become all the more acute if Israel enters into a war of attrition with Hamas, which would both debilitate the economy and increase defense costs."

  • A visit to the East Jerusalem hospital treating children injured by Israeli strikes on Gaza
    • The systematic evil that keeps Jon's income where it is relative to Gaza- it takes a lot of work, you know.

    • Deeper into depravity - but what would you expect from Israel ?

      link to

    • From 2009, post Cast Lead, which seemed particularly brutal at the time but of course was just a warm up to what is transpiring now

      link to
      "Seven Jewish Children - a Play for Gaza

      Caryl Churchill

      No children appear in the play. The speakers are adults, the parents and if you like other relations of the children. The lines can be shared out in any way you like among those characters. The characters are different in each small scene as the time and child are different.


      Tell her it's a game

      Tell her it's serious

      But dont frighten her

      Dont tell her they'll kill her

      Tell her it's important to be quiet

      Tell her she'll have cake if she's good

      Tell her to curl up as if she's in bed

      But not to sing.

      Tell her not to come out

      Tell her not to come out even if she hears shouting

      Dont frighten her

      Tell her not to come out even if she hears nothing for a long time

      Tell her we'll come and find her

      Tell her we'll be here all the time.

      Tell her something about the men

      Tell her they're bad in the game

      Tell her it's a story

      Tell her they'll go away

      Tell her she can make them go away if she keeps still

      By magic

      But not to sing.


      Tell her this is a photograph of her grandmother, her uncles and me

      Tell her her uncles died

      Dont tell her they were killed

      Tell her they were killed

      Dont frighten her.

      Tell her her grandmother was clever

      Dont tell her what they did

      Tell her she was brave

      Tell her she taught me how to make cakes

      Dont tell her what they did

      Tell her something

      Tell her more when she's older.

      Tell her there were people who hated jews

      Dont tell her

      Tell her it's over now

      Tell her there are still people who hate jews

      Tell her there are people who love jews

      Dont tell her to think jews or not jews

      Tell her more when she's older

      Tell her how many when she's older

      Tell her it was before she was born and she's not in danger

      Dont tell her there's any question of danger.

      Tell her we love her

      Tell her dead or alive her family all love her

      Tell her her grandmother would be proud of her.


      Dont tell her we're going forever

      Tell her she can write to her friends, tell her her friends can maybe come and visit

      Tell her it's sunny there

      Tell her we're going home

      Tell her it's the land God gave us

      Dont tell her religion

      Tell her her great great great great lots of greats grandad lived there

      Dont tell her he was driven out

      Tell her, of course tell her, tell her everyone was driven out and the country is waiting
      for us to come home

      Dont tell her she doesnt belong here

      Tell her of course she likes it here but she'll like it there even more.

      Tell her it's an adventure

      Tell her no one will tease her

      Tell her she'll have new friends

      Tell her she can take her toys

      Dont tell her she can take all her toys

      Tell her she's a special girl

      Tell her about Jerusalem.


      Dont tell her who they are

      Tell her something

      Tell her they're bedouin, they travel about

      Tell her about camels in the desert and dates

      Tell her they live in tents

      Tell her this wasnt their home

      Dont tell her home, not home, tell her they're going away

      Dont tell her they dont like her

      Tell her to be careful.

      Dont tell her who used to live in this house

      No but dont tell her her great great grandfather used to live in this house

      No but dont tell her Arabs used to sleep in her bedroom.

      Tell her not to be rude to them

      Tell her not to be frightened

      Dont tell her she cant play with the children

      Dont tell her she can have them in the house.

      Tell her they have plenty of friends and family

      Tell her for miles and miles all round they have lands of their own

      Tell her again this is our promised land.

      Dont tell her they said it was a land without people

      Dont tell her I wouldnt have come if I'd known.

      Tell her maybe we can share.

      Dont tell her that.


      Tell her we won

      Tell her her brother's a hero

      Tell her how big their armies are

      Tell her we turned them back

      Tell her we're fighters

      Tell her we've got new land.


      Dont tell her

      Dont tell her the trouble about the swimming pool

      Tell her it's our water, we have the right

      Tell her it's not the water for their fields

      Dont tell her anything about water.

      Dont tell her about the bulldozer

      Dont tell her not to look at the bulldozer

      Dont tell her it was knocking the house down

      Tell her it's a building site

      Dont tell her anything about bulldozers.

      Dont tell her about the queues at the checkpoint

      Tell her we'll be there in no time

      Dont tell her anything she doesnt ask

      Dont tell her the boy was shot

      Dont tell her anything.

      Tell her we're making new farms in the desert

      Dont tell her about the olive trees

      Tell her we're building new towns in the wilderness.

      Dont tell her they throw stones

      Tell her they're not much good against tanks

      Dont tell her that.

      Dont tell her they set off bombs in cafes

      Tell her, tell her they set off bombs in cafes

      Tell her to be careful

      Dont frighten her.

      Tell her we need the wall to keep us safe

      Tell her they want to drive us into the sea

      Tell her they dont

      Tell her they want to drive us into the sea.

      Tell her we kill far more of them

      Dont tell her that

      Tell her that

      Tell her we're stronger

      Tell her we're entitled

      Tell her they dont understand anything except violence

      Tell her we want peace

      Tell her we're going swimming.


      Tell her she cant watch the news

      Tell her she can watch cartoons

      Tell her she can stay up late and watch Friends.

      Tell her they're attacking with rockets

      Dont frighten her

      Tell her only a few of us have been killed

      Tell her the army has come to our defence

      Dont tell her her cousin refused to serve in the army.

      Dont tell her how many of them have been killed

      Tell her the Hamas fighters have been killed

      Tell her they're terrorists

      Tell her they're filth


      Dont tell her about the family of dead girls

      Tell her you cant believe what you see on television

      Tell her we killed the babies by mistake

      Dont tell her anything about the army

      Tell her, tell her about the army, tell her to be proud of the army. Tell her about the family of dead girls, tell her their names why not, tell her the whole world knows why shouldnt she know? tell her there's dead babies, did she see babies? tell her she's got nothing to be ashamed of. Tell her they did it to themselves. Tell her they want their children killed to make people sorry for them, tell her I'm not sorry for them, tell her not to be sorry for them, tell her we're the ones to be sorry for, tell her they cant talk suffering to us. Tell her we're the iron fist now, tell her it's the fog of war, tell her we wont stop killing them till we're safe, tell her I laughed when I saw the dead policemen, tell her they're animals living in rubble now, tell her I wouldnt care if we wiped them out, the world would hate us is the only thing, tell her I dont care if the world hates us, tell her we're better haters, tell her we're chosen people, tell her I look at one of their children covered in blood and what do I feel? tell her all I feel is happy it's not her.
      Dont tell her that.
      Tell her we love her.
      Dont frighten her."

      Bukra fi Dowlah Yehudieh. Bukra fi mishmish.

    • At the time this seemed extremist but it was nothing compared to the orgy of death that Netanyahu unleashed

      link to

      "The secretary-general of World Bnei Akiva, Rabbi Noam Perel, called for revenge of the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teens, the bodies of whom were found Monday.
      "An entire nation and thousands of years of history demand revenge," Perel posted on his Facebook page, shortly after the bodies were found.

      "The government of Israel is gathering for a revenge meeting that isn't a grief meeting. The landlord has gone mad at the sight of his sons' bodies. A government that turns the army of searchers to an army of avengers, an army that will not stop at 300 Philistine foreskins," Perel wrote, alluding to the biblical tale of David, who killed 200 Philistines and gave their foreskins to King Saul as the bride price for his daughter."

      "The disgrace will be paid for with the blood of the enemy, not with our tears," Perel concluded. "

      He could prolly get a job with JStreet now.

    • link to

      "A mortar bomb fired from Gaza killed a four-year-old Israeli child in a border collective farm on Friday, Israeli security sources said."

      Stand by for Yossi Israeli to go postal. Israel was supposed to end the agony of Jewish kids being killed. Killing hundreds of Palestinian kids was supposed to make Jewish kids safer. Jews are especially sensitive about losing kids etc.
      Palestinians of course should be used to it by now and of course they have no emotional feelings since they are Orientals. We even offered them greenhouses, the ingrates. We are Jews and we repair the world by trying to bring them in line, for their own good. Is that right, Jon_s? Please correct as necessary. I am working from memory.

      Netanyahu will claim revenge for this totally appalling death and order another 500 dead Gazan kids.

    • The only way any of these kids could ever get to Jerusalem was to be injured by the IDF. I wouldn't be surprised to hear that the families aren't allowed to Israel's indivisible bullshit capital

  • In Photos: Thousands pack Rafah streets for funeral of top Hamas commanders
    • One of your rabbis demanded 300 Philistine foreskins for killing 3 Jews but the exchange rate has obviously inflated along with the Israel real estate market.
      And you're a fairly educated Israeli- I can only imagine the extremism in the poorer districts of Tel Aviv.

    • I find it incredible that you live less than 20 miles from Gaza and you have no idea of life there. Have you ever visited Gaza? Did you ever speak to anyone from Gaza ?

    • Apparently none of the kids Israel murdered today had any legal representation either.

    • It's run by Jews, Jon. I'm sure if you ever find yourself on the other side of the fence you won't say it's Likud's fault. The system you are such a part of is only possible when Gaza is treated as it is. That is the price of your Jewish Disneyland.

    • "I was driving home , after doing my pre-shabbat shopping "

      1 Very few Gazans can afford a car
      2 there are over 200,000 living in Un Shelters, not at home
      3 Over 10,000 homes have been destroyed
      4 80% don't have enough money to go pre Shabbat food shopping

      Bastards in Tel Aviv run the system for you

    • What happened to Kastner after he moved to Israel, Jon? He collaborated with the Nazis.

    • Would classing it as a Hannibal procedure make it acceptable, Jon ?

    • link to

      "Assassinations of Hamas commanders could make Netanyahu the hero
      Such successes sink both the group’s morale and ability to carry out operations from Gaza. They’re also popular with Israelis suffering in the south. "

      Delighted for Jon and his neighbours who have been having trouble sleeping recently.

  • Democratic Party leader echoes Netanyahu's new theme: Hamas equals ISIS
    • Zionism desperately needs lots of "look over there! " . They don't wany anyone looking at what has become of Dorian Israel.

      link to
      "And more than securing Israel’s security, ending the occupation is a matter of securing Israel’s soul. What strikes me most about interacting with Americans on this issue, even political and informed Americans, is how many don’t fully comprehend the rise in ultra-conservatism and ethno-nationalism in Israel. People don’t want to think of Israel as that kind of country, and so they shut their ears to it. Yet the evidence grows every day; Netanyahu’s cabinet is virulently extreme, the fringe right-wing parties grow more powerful, the racism and bigotry of the street protests more and more explicit and unafraid. Look, just today, we learn that the Israeli government is targeting the family of Mohammed Abu Khder, the 16 year old Palestinian who was burned to death by Israeli terrorists. This is the type of ugliness, of nastiness, that is seeping into the firmament of Israeli society. This is what journalists like Gideon Levy and Max Blumenthal have been investigating in their work, and this is why they are considered so dangerous: because they threaten to expose to progressive people the reality of the growing reactionary nature of Israel’s internal politics."

    • QE isn't working. War is the old reliable.

      link to

      " Capital must be destroyed in order for liquidity to be usefully deployed once again — especially if it is to deliver investment returns.Hence, why wars are so hugely useful for dealing with economic depressions. They permanently and effectively destroy capacity. Not just the surplus capacity that plagues the system, but core capacity, which serves a genuine economic need. Indeed, it’s the need for the capacity to be reinstalled that in many ways justifies a return on investment again."

      It is such a sick system.

      BTW growth in Iraq is back to 8% now. Imagine that in the US.

    • @MJayRosenberg · 21h

      Hillary still in talks with AIPAC to get permission to say something about Michael Brown.

    • And of course Arbeit macht frei , Peres is a statesman and Israel is deeply sorry.

    • Is there any chance ISIS might be a sockpuppet to justify more military spending and boost a flagging US economy ?

      link to

    • Israelis are really suffering
      link to
      "War delays start of Israeli soccer season
      The league opts not to hold every match in the north, where all is quiet."

      The terrorists must be punished
      link to
      "Gaza severely short of water for drinking and bathing
      A major consequence of the water shortage, caused by Israeli strikes, is the outbreak of skin disease and other infections.
      Even in normal times, more than 90 percent of Gaza’s water is unfit for drinking because Israel requires the Palestinian Authority — which is responsible for the water system — to make do with the groundwater located in Gaza itself, despite the enormous growth of the Strip’s population. This has led to constant overpumping, which in turn has resulted in seawater and sewage contaminating the groundwater. Therefore, people depend on the purification plants for drinking water. "

      And to think the bots say Gaza could have been Singapore 2.0 ! FFS.

      No daylight between the US and Israel. Otherwise civilization is in danger.
      Israel may have to go fully fascist in order for civilization to be saved.

      Is this G-d's plan ? Call toll free now.

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