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I wonder where the struggle between universal human rights and - “A Jew is by the nature of his creation a purer being. Similarly with the holiness of the land: The soil of Israel is essentially holier, the stones are holier because the land was destined by God to serve as the place of the Children of Israel” is headed. - "Either we are all sacred or none of us is" - Paul Fourhorns Tenoso

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  • Homegrown jihadis and the limits of the Israel lobby
    • Israel always says that the Middle East is a dirty neighborhood, a jungle, take no prisoners sort of area. And ISIS would probably say the same. It's not Chevy Chase, is it? It's the only language they know. It's for their own good.

    • And post Protective Slaughter we are supposed to believe that Israel is on our side? Why ?

    • Behind the guys with the knives is an army of administrators. They got Mosul's electricity sorted out in a few hours. They have serious money and resources behind them. They are more efficient than the US was in Iraq. No issues round loyalty in Iraq. They saw a problem with the Sunni population and they went for it and the Iraqi army was bought to run away.

      I don't like them but they are far more than their NYT coverage.
      And they know how to play Americans like a violin. They know where that foreign adventure G spot is and they tickle it like the pros they are.

      Behead 2 Yanks and 6 years of Obama stay at home no more wars dissolves in 2 days.

      link to

      "The Cook Political Report on Friday noted the return of the “security Mom”, voters once focused exclusively on domestic issues but who shifted after the 9/11 attacks to worry about the “safety” of their children in an unstable world.
      The turning point was the beheadings last month of two US journalists by members of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, or Isis. Once videos of their killings were posted on the internet by Isis, their deaths amounted to virtual public executions.
      Bill McInturff, a Republican-aligned pollster who along with a Democratic colleague conducts the closely watched Wall Street Journal/NBC poll, said the change in public opinion had been “sudden”. That poll showed 61 per cent of respondents thought military action against Isis was in America’s national interest.
      Although he admits it may be “harsh” to say, “when foreign policy matters, it is when American lives have been lost”.
      The beheadings had the biggest impact of any news story followed by Americans in the past five years of his polling. “This was a big deal,” he said."

      This is also a very good analysis

      link to

    • ISIS is very like the early Zionists- a well funded well armed well trained crowd of foreigners want to establish a state in the Middle East, using extreme violence against a disorganized Arab army.
      No interest in human rights, ends justifying means. Ask Ari Shavit.

    • Is beheading a few westerners as bad as murdering 500 children? I'm not sure.

  • Naive? At a Jewish spiritual retreat center, I insist on talking about Gaza
    • link to

      "In _Teaching as a Subversive Activity_ (1969), Neil Postman
      and Charles Weingartner argued that "crap detectors" have
      played a key role in history:

      One way of looking at the history of the human
      group is that it has been a continuing struggle
      against the veneration of 'crap.' Our
      intellectual history is a chronicle of the anguish
      and suffering of men(and women) who tried to help their
      contemporaries see that some part of their fondest
      beliefs were misconceptions, faulty assumptions,
      superstitions, and even outright lies. (p. 3)."

      Would it be possible for Lynn to rise above the barbs and do something that recognizes just how crap Zionism has become ? Forget about what the bots say- just stay focused and try to show them how deluded they are . No need to even mention palestinians.

      I like the idea of sitting shiva for tikkun olam . It would make a great workshop.

    • If I were Lynne Lopez S I would take a different tack with the morons. I wouldn't say anything about Gaza. I'd just talk about hypocrisy and the difficulty of inner peace while harboring feelings of hatred

      When a man finds no peace within himself it is useless seeking it elsewhere, as they say in France.

    • This "spiritual" defence of barbarism reminds me of an interaction between Shavit and Levy on Israeli TV

      link to

      Shavit: Gideon, You want a secular, democratic state. You’re worse than the extremists among the Palestinians.
      Levy: Terrific. OK. Perfect. Anti-Semite.
      Shavit: And this is a kind of anti-Semitism, an unwillingness to recognize the right of the Jewish people to self-determination.
      Levy: [Just] say Nazi.
      Shavit: No, this is an extreme anti-Israeli approach that you spread like poison around the world. And then you call it demagoguery. This is demagoguery of the worst kind, your demagoguery.
      Levy: I’m a little tired of Ari Shavit. Who tries to have it all. It is … I want to refresh people’s memory, once and for all. We came to a country inhabited by another people.

      Margalit: Oh, delegitimizing of Israel. We understand.
      Shavit: Then let’s leave. That’s why you’re not worried about Iran, because you agree with Ahmedinejad. You think we should go back to Austria. That’s what you’re saying.
      Levy: [Just say] Adolf Hitler.

      Israel has a particularly shallow culture- they ensured that when they dropped everything in favour of a dead language and moved to a land virtually none of them had any familiarity with.

      India has a much more resilient culture with far more real life experience to fall back on

      "The four standard methods for dealing with conflict : conciliation, placating with gifts, sowing dissension and using force. It is easier to employ a method earlier in the order than a later one . Placating with gifts is twice as hard as conciliation: sowing dissension is three times as hard and use of force four times as hard."

      Kautilya, the Arthashastra

      " One must always be vigilant, without a moment's carelessness, against the eight sins that the mind perpetrates

      Kamam or craving
      Krodham or anger
      Lobham or greed
      Moham or attachment
      Pride "

      Man's primary duty is toi keep all these things at a safe distance from himself"

      Sai baba

      China too

      "Those who assist a leader by means of the Tao do not use arms to coerce the world, for these things tend to reverse - brambles grow where an army has been, bad years follow a great war.

      Weapons are inauspicious instruments, not the tools of the enlightened. When there is no choice but to use them, it is best to be calm and free from greed, and not to celebrate victory. Those who celebrate victory are bloodthirsty, and the bloodthirsty cannot have their way with the world"

      Sun Tzu

      Even the US

      "The first peace, which is the most important, is that which comes within the souls of people when they realize their relationship, their oneness with the universe and all its power, and when they realize that at the centre of the universe dwells the great spirit and that this centre is really everywhere, it is within each of us"

      Black Elk

      Poor Judaism. So lost.

      Zionism was just one big inherent mistake.

  • The rabbi at the shitshow
    • "For 47 years this imaginary left has been keeping its fingers crossed for the occupation. It’s not that it supports it, heaven forbid, but haste (and extremism) is from the devil. In fact, this left perpetuates the occupation; it’s the pretty face that stands behind it. - "

      It stands side by side with the imaginary brigades of Progressive Jews of the USA

    • "BDS is annoying, but will amount to nothing of note. If you study,BDS had very little to do,either time change in SA."

      Complacency combined with Jewish smugness can be so dangerous

      link to

      "Alan Greenspan, the former Federal Reserve chairman, said on Thursday the credit crisis had exceeded anything he had imagined and admitted he was wrong to think that banks would protect themselves from financial market chaos.

      I made a mistake in presuming that the self-interest of organisations, specifically banks and others, was such that they were best capable of protecting their own shareholders,” he said.

      Christopher Cox, chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, defended himself, saying that virtually no one had foreseen the meltdown of the mortgage market, or the inadequacy of banking capital standards in preventing the collapse of institutions such as Bear Stearns."

    • Israel has previous on destruction of charity for Gaza- second flotilla I think and there are probably more cases. they also trash Gaza exports- It's is a cruel, inhuman system they run there. They hate Gaza because it reminds them of 1948 and what they did and the early 40s and what Jews did not do

      link to
      The anonymous soldier in Barnea’s article also recounts a similar event prior to the Shujaiya massacre:
      We got close to Kibbutz Nahal Oz and then they gathered us together. You know how it is in the army - when told to gather, you gather. Waiting for us was a bunch of Breslev Hasidic Jews singing “Messiah, Messiah,” dancing and bouncing around. We formed a circle around them, and a bunch of fighters danced with them in ecstasy
      Israel’s ground assault on the Gaza Strip began late on Thursday 17 July, with tanks receiving orders “to open fire at anything that moved.” Over the next few days, the Shujaiya district of Gaza City was subjected to intense and indiscriminate bombardment, including 600 shells fired by an artillery battalion and 100 one-ton bombs dropped from the air.
      Rontzki’s speech to Israeli soldiers recalls his time as Israeli army chief rabbi, when, in 2009, he told religious students that troops who “show mercy” towards the enemy in wartime will be “damned.” During Israel’s so-called “Operation Cast Lead” massacre in 2008-09, the army rabbinate under his leadership distributed inflammatory publications that referred to the massacre as “a war on murderers.”
      Rontzki was one of the founding members of Itamar, a fanatical Israeli settlement colony near Nablus, where has also led a yeshiva, or religious seminary."

    • They are so scared of BDS.
      The mask will be removed and everyone will see what has become of organised Judaism.

    • Aliyah (going up) is no longer an appropriate word to describe moving to Israel, a failing state run by sociopaths.

    • There has to be some outlet in Jewish society for the feelings of people who know that what Israel is doing is wrong. Otherwise Zionism is going to sink .
      There is just too much difference now between the original Hillel and the modern Hillel and the money can't hide it any more.

    • Zero self awareness

      link to

      "Anti-Islamic ads will begin appearing on 100 New York City buses and two subway entrances next week, but transit officials have rejected an ad from the same group that includes the phrase "Killing Jews."

      The six approved ads show an image of beheaded American journalist James Foley standing next to his killer.

      The ads are paid for by the American Freedom Defense Initiative run by blogger Pamela Geller. She says the campaign highlights points about Islam ignored by government and media. "

      And nobody says anything

    • link to

      Clif Brown says:
      July 29, 2014 at 11:57 pm

      What gives value to Judaic ethics over the centuries was made possible by the inability to be the power in the world or in any region. This denial allowed the maintenance of an ethos distinct from might makes right. It could not be corrupted because it was prevented from tasting the apple of power. The alternative to utter despair under continual oppression was keeping the faith, for otherwise the suffering would have been meaningless.
      Now the apple of power is being eagerly devoured and my impression is that if questions of ethics from the Judaic tradition were posed to most Israelis, the answer might be, “what the hell are you talking about?!” And yet there is a remnant that is closely held – the idea of being the victim, even in the absence of any oppressor…it is like an empty shell…a container with no content…carrying the ark with no covenant inside and no understanding that anything should be inside. Or perhaps a better analogy is that the ark was dropped and nobody noticed.

    • They will say anything for money. The incentives are all wrong.

    • "Donors" AKA plutocrats and the major orgs like Hillel decide everything even if as now the hasbara is nonsense. And something about Jewish culture keeps most people in line.
      Part of the pathology of Zionism.

      link to

      “I can’t talk to you until this conflict is over,” one relative writes me. I don’t know if she’s joking. Except I haven’t heard from her.
      One of my Jewish writer groups becomes about responding to “anti-Israel commenters,” and not about writing.
      I have to get off of Facebook. I feel so alone.
      I remember feeling this way before Iraq. I did not believe there were WMDs. I did not think the invasion was a good idea. I did not want my boss at the Jewish paper – a super liberal guy – to write an editorial in favor of the war. He did.
      I remember this feeling from the last Israeli incursion into Lebanon. It seemed like a bad idea, but saying so publicly seemed to be an even worse idea. For a few weeks, that is, until most other people came around.
      “We just have to wait it out,” my husband says now, noting how history vindicates liberal positions. He doesn’t oppose rooting out Hamas, just the Israeli victim mentality that accompanies it. I know he feels even lonelier than I do, one of the last card-carrying Meretz Israelis left in America.
      Will everyone else come around on this subject?
      From the pictures of the recent pro-Israel rally at the United Nations, I doubt it. But I don’t need them to come around. I just wish I was allowed to express a different opinion without being called naïve, simple or a self-hating Jew.
      All my life I was taught that the beauty of Judaism is that it’s vibrant, open to debating many different opinions. I wonder if that was ever true.
      And in the end, I wonder if any of it matters – what we post on Facebook, what we comment on others’ posts, all our mindless social media chatter.
      Some pundits say that the court of public opinion is the war. If so, we Jewish liberals are the casualties. "

    • no more silent consent or loud indifference

      link to

    • This discussion really belongs in "US politics" (aka the ongoing crisis in Judaism).
      Leshaw is a prominent example but the issue is far deeper than just her case and the impossibility of speaking coherently about Israel.

      link to

      "“I hear a lot of pain over the current tension between the terrible, terrible things that are happening to people in Gaza,” says Rabbi Amy Schwartzman of Virginia’s Temple Rodef Shalom, “and the feeling that Israel needs to defend itself.”
      “Judaism has a moral standard…. When that morality is compromised, we need to talk about it publicly.”
      The frequent unwillingness to do just that – not to mention the vitriol with which such questions are often greeted – has meant that for many the only option is silence, or anonymity.
      A recent college graduate who asked not to be identified says: “There definitely is this huge discomfort and shame…. The past month has been really difficult. There’s really huge tension where I’ve felt like, ‘where the hell do I go?’”
      Unlike some who say they aren’t going to synagogue right now “because I don’t want to deal with what I’ll hear” (as one person put it), this young woman attended services on a recent Friday night “because I was feeling really emotionally torn.... But also out of curiosity, I didn’t know what [my rabbi] would say.”
      “Then the rabbi was saying all these things about peace, but never said the words ‘Palestinians’ or ‘Gaza’.” Ultimately the congregation was urged to attend a pro-Israel rally.
      Rabbi Jill Jacobs, Executive Director of T’ruah: The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights, reports that soon after the upsurge in hostilities, a donor with strong Israel ties told her that his children “don’t want anything to do with Israel, and they don’t necessarily want anything to do with Judaism”; at about the same time, a woman who grew up in “a very strong Jewish community” told Jacobs that “her social values aren’t lining up with what she’s seeing coming out of Israel.”
      “I think the Jewish community has just been so tone-deaf about this,” she goes on. “It’s completely tone deaf to what’s in people’s minds.”
      Another anonymous speaker, who’s worked in the organized Jewish community for years, says that “with the younger generation… their set of values is one that’s based in universal justice, tolerance of the other, particularly of the disenfranchised.”
      He adds: “Here they look at a situation where there is a dissonance… and the dissonance is deepening all the time.”
      Even those who haven’t witnessed a pulling away from Israel or the community report what Rabbi Peter Knobel, rabbi emeritus of Beth Emet The Free Synagogue in Illinois called “frustration and a tremendous amount of pain… I think what people are looking for is something to give them hope and they’re beginning to despair that this is a permanent problem.”

    • "To the wicked, everything serves as pretext." ~ Voltaire

      link to Lerner @LTCPeterLerner • 5h
      #Gaza terrorists launched rockets that smashed within the Strip near Shifa hospital. Nothing todo with #IDF!

      Leshaw either supports this or she doesn't. There's no trangulation afterwards.
      Israel is very, very unwell.
      Gatekeepers like Leshaw should get out of the way. Israel needs a mom who can take over and bring the kid to a medical facility where it may have to spend the next decade. That Ziocaine abuse is really hard to deal with within the community.

    • Israel has been morphing for some time . The pathology of its descent into the final destructive form is very like the process by which a man becomes a paedophile.

      link to

      "Jim Gamble, the founding head of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre, said there was a theory that men such as Bridger and Hazell became caught up in a "spiral of abuse"."They begin to want more, they want access not to still images but to video images, and then they want to get more real experience."

      You think one example like the Abu Khdeir murder is the pits , that it can't get any worse, but you have to take the longer view, that the process that drives the behavior is not yet finished because the people who run the model are still iterating away.

      July was an important step in the descent but by no means the end.
      you must be so proud.

    • Rabbis were supposed to be wise. That was before Zionism I guess.

    • I have no sympathy for Leshaw. She's an idiot who doesn't understand that her world imploded in July. There is no going back to the world as it was before then,
      Zionism lost it in July . If her identity means she has to defend Israel drunk on gore or sober she should get a new career.

      link to
      "New Channel 10 poll: 87% of Israelis support continuing the operation in Gaza, 7% support a cease-fire
      Caption on Israeli Channel 10: “Up next, the greatest moments of Protective Edge on TV”
      Additional chants from last night: “Gaza is a cemetery”, “This is the Land of Israel, the country of Jews” link to
      WATCH: Israeli racists sing last night “School is out in Gaza/ They have no children left there” link to

      link to
      "The brigade had been under fire for several hours and the decision was not easy, said an IDF officer involved in the fighting. “Working with the knowledge of the enemy’s location, we put all the Golani soldiers in the Namers [the army’s best APCs] and we fired at our forces. We gave them half an hour to get into the vehicles and we laid down fire, after which there was no more shooting from there, not even light arms fire"

      link to
      "Gantz spoke of the need to persevere in carrying out missions and of the moral duty to defend the citizens of Israel without inflicting unnecessary harm on enemy civilians. The pressure on him and the government is mounting. There is enormous sensitivity in Israel to losing soldiers in combat. Paradoxically, it is greater than the sensitivity to the loss of civilian lives."

      link to

      This stuff is on the internet forever

    • "This was a reference to a Gaza initiative to have people pour buckets of rubble over their heads to memorialize the onslaught. That was of course a twist on the big charity trend, the ALS ice-bucket challenge, which left Leshaw cold. "

      Protective Slaughter was fascinating for this- it undermined so many "progressive" Jews and their carefully parsed positions on Israel. MJ Rosenberg is another good example. He says for example Netanyahu is a fucking barbarian but anyone who dares mentions BDS is an anti-Semite. I don't know how you would program that in Excel.

      This sort of incoherence will become more and more prevalent as Israel goes deeper and deeper into darkness.

      We have to look at Bourdieu for some guidance on this because it is all about Jewish power and the exclusively Jewish right to frame the discussion.

      link to

      One of his aphorisms is that ‘the dominant retain their position by constantly changing their stance’.
      This leads to all sorts of real world contradictions, so the debate has to be structured in such a way as to ensure the ‘nonsensical aspect’ is concealed. This is usually achieved by limiting the scope of the debate, the number of ‘legitimate’ contributors, and shutting down alternative debates by force if necessary.

      That is how Fox managed to keep the IDF narrative going but it fell apart on Twitter because it's a people thing rather than a framed thing.

      the Palestinians were getting out pictures like this
      link to
      and this
      link to

      while committed Zionists in the States were reduced to defriending people on Facebook because they had NO HASBARA. No way to frame the madness. Nothing to say.

      And this is prolly the most damaging thing to come out of the summer for Israel.

      And the problem now for people like Leshaw is that it is impossible for her to conceal the nonsensical aspect of her support for the status quo. Zionism is exposed as a load of crap.

  • Hamas is just as bad as ISIS and worse than Boko Haram -- Israeli government propaganda
    • Get your war on, April 10 2007

      "they are mad because they have no idea what they are doing"

    • "Both organizations educate (read: brainwash) children to sanctify death and to die as a martyr"

      link to

      link to
      "He adds: “The schools are not geared for this. They can only impart basic knowledge and skills, hold examinations on them and grade the students. In fact, they have a hard time doing even that. In classes of 40 students, with a strict curriculum and exams that have to be held, it is impossible to engage in values-based education.”
      Yaron, a senior lecturer in sociology at Ashkelon Academic College, emphasizes how important teachers and the principal (and the education system in general) feel it is to stick to the curriculum and the lessons schedule – two islands of quiet amid a risk-laden reality.
      • “Doing this makes it possible for the teachers not to enter a dynamic sphere, which obligates openness and is liable to open a Pandora’s box, too,” he notes. “The greatest threat to the teacher is that there will be noise – that someone will complain, that an argument will break out, etc. That danger looms especially large in subjects that interest young people, such as sexuality, ethnicity, violence and racism. Teachers lack the tools to cope with these issues, so they are outsourced, which only emasculates educational personnel even more.”
      • In general, there is a whole series of subjects that are not recommended for discussion in schools, such as the Nakba (or “catastrophe,” the term used by Palestinians to denote the establishment of the State of Israel), human rights and the morality of Israeli army operations. This was one of the reasons for the warnings issued by Tel Aviv University and Ben-Gurion University of the Negev during the fighting in the Gaza Strip about “extreme and offensive remarks.”

    • Pathetic hasbara from the country that killed 500 children recently. And had citizens chanting that gaza had no more children.

  • US guilty of war crimes in Palestine
    • Nathan thrall of the International Crisis Group echoes what Sam says above

      link to

      US policy is designed to thwart actions that would raise the costs of the status quo, in effect sustaining it. At the same time, the US expends considerable effort preaching to unconvinced Israeli and Palestinian leaders that the continuing impasse cannot be sustained. But most Israeli voters, and many among the Palestinian elite, are quite at ease with existing conditions, thanks in no small part to the United States. This will remain so as long as the different proponents of the US-led peace process insist on mediating the conflict even as they help perpetuate it.

      The potential benefits of creating a small, poor, and strategically inconsequential Palestinian state are tiny when compared to the costs of heavily pressuring a close ally wielding significant regional and US domestic power. Even if the steps I have mentioned were taken, they would be no guarantee of a peaceful future. But unlike current policies, they at least offer the possibility of a better one."

      This reminds me of the problem in finance with inappropriate incentives (banker salaries) which fuel reckless risk taking that ends in disaster.

      YESHA is one of those risks .

  • Israeli Supreme Court upholds law allowing housing discrimination against Palestinians
    • I don't class settlers as jews, they are deluded members of a mob that has no respect for property rights.

    • I met Mary Robinson once in Ramallah. She was in town for some visit with the UN. We asked her if she could do anything to make the plight of the Palestinians better understood in the world of power. She replied by saying Aharon Barak of the Israeli supreme court was a wonderful judge.

      He wasn't. The Israeli supreme court runs YESHA as much as all the other Israeli institutions.

      There is no justice in Judistan.

    • "facilitating the Judaization of more Palestinian owned land inside Israel"

      Judaization is not the right word. Judaism is to Zionism as a normal relationship is to abusive porn.

      The actor and comedian David Schneider wrote on Twitter: “As a Jew, Israel’s like a close family member who’s hooked on heroin and you just don’t know what to do with them any more.”-

  • Senator Warren's progressive supporters demand accountability for her rightwing pro-Israel positioning
    • Hey Bintbiba

      I hope you are feeling okay again. I was thinking about what you said during the assault on Gaza. Must be so hard to see the cruelty against your own people repeated another time in another generation. So many good people there who deserve a decent life, not to live under the boot of Jews who never got over the trauma of ww2.

      I put all the docs I read on the aggression into 2 folders. Very interesting to read them now. Something serious happened to Israel's image even if we can't see the effects of it yet.

    • Citizen

      I think that'll be the end of this gilded age too. When the people see a second crash and there are no bailouts (Dodd Frank outlawed them) the economic and political damage will be massive.
      It's also going to be bad for Israel when a lot of the artificial wealth that props up Zionism collapses in value.

    • Values are so cool until they come up against political money.

    • Page: 145
    • Someone should ask Warren about how her progressive attitude fits with the Israeli idea of “sh’khol” – the grief at the dead of young men. It drives a lot of bloodlust in Israel. It feeds the cult of the Israeli Army " In every generation they try to kill us, so we kill them first and sacrifice some of our young men."

      And she should be able to answer how this fits in with tikun olam and progressive dudeness.
      Money is the answer, of course. Always is with these frauds.

    • Great post, Annie. The problem with the 2 party system is who funds it.

    • Anti israel fanatics ffs. Since when has justice been extremist? For Zionism I guess Dietrich Bonhoffer would have been a Nazi.

    • If Warren folds so easily on Palestinian rights she will be a pushover for Wall St. And pandering to oligarchs is really dangerous for the US. The next crash will be far worse than 08 was.

    • "Warren responded to each question almost identically: She was against violence; both the Israeli and Palestinian families should be able to live free from fear and secure in their own states. “I don’t want to see anyone kill more people.”

      Typical waffly politician's answer. If you don't want to see more people being killed you have to address the nature of the system that drives the killing. She will never go there.
      "I love apple pie" is great but why are so many apple pickers being killed ?

  • 'This is our land!': West Bank village Wadi Fukin fights largest Israeli land grab in decades
    • Jewish leadership over the last 100 years has been abysmal. Zionism is just the latest mess.

      link to
      link to

    • Wadi Fukin says Wudyu Fukoff to Rabid Judaism

      the Scots vote today on independence. the vote was taken for granted by the Government in London but they started to panic 10 days ago. Some instructive lessons for complacent Israeli Jews regarding popular will and historical trends here

      link to

      Electoral outcomes are driven by fundamentals, and the cold truth about the union/Israel's unbreakable bond with the US is that the fundamentals binding it were weakening before Mr Alexander was born 46 years ago. The British empire/Holocaust, existential threats from the continent/Middle East, Protestantism/Judaism, the armed forces/IDF morality – the first two of these great adhesives have gone, the last two are not quite what they were. The substance of the union has been thinning out since 1945/2001.
      The UK/Israel is not an immutable fact of nature; it is a human design that can be undesigned when the circumstances that gave rise to it no longer obtain. The break-up of the union would be sad and a practical ordeal that would suck up years of work in both Westminster and Holyrood/DC and West Quds. But it would not be an aberration. Historical forces make it explicable.
      The coward’s way out is to avoid dwelling on the underlying trends that have chipped away at the union/Zionism for half a century, and to blame a few campaign chiefs instead. This is a lousy way of understanding what is happening in Scotland/The levant , and an even worse way of preparing for political movements to come.
      Trends point to the rise of English/Palestinian nationalism – already here in the disguised form of the UK Independence/Hamas scaring the shit out of Yossi I party – and demands by London/the Palestinians for more autonomy. Our obsession with the particular and the personal will blind us to these forces until they strike us in the face.

      go Palestine! History is on your side

  • Malta sinking killed hundreds fleeing Gaza
    • This is a new low for Israel, like the Abu Khdeir murder was.
      The cruel logic of Zionism, where Palestinians are not even human. Never expect a floor.

    • link to

      The children of Gaza have bleak horizons. About 60,000 houses were damaged of which 20,000 are uninhabitable. Even before the current violence 71,000 homes needed repair or rebuilding. The public infrastructure on which they depend has been eroded by years of blockade with water, sewage and electricity systems decimated further by the latest violence. The neighborhoods where the children of Gaza once played lie in ruins, their recreational spaces littered with unexploded Israeli ordnance, which must be cleared before recovery can begin in earnest. The majority of Gaza’s 110,000 homeless people are children.

      link to

      "But all that would require real negotiations on a Palestinian state. Without that, the wolf of Isis will appear at Israeli and Palestinian doors sooner or later, turning these futile contests almost into wistful memories."

      Gaza is Zionism's black hole. Whatever moral purpose Israel ever had has been lost down it.

    • They often justify the foundation of Israel by mentioning the thousands of stateless Jewish refugees who were kept in DP camps by the allies after WW2.
      And that is the limit of their humanity. Hypocrisy is no replacement.

  • Warren, Schama, and Lipstadt address Holocaust echoes in Gaza conflict
    • "Dear Diaspora Jews, I’m sorry to break it to you, but you can’t have it both ways. You can’t insist that every Jew is intrinsically part of the Israeli state and that Jews are also intrinsically separate from, and therefore not responsible for, the actions of the Israeli state. You can’t support or attend a Birthright trip, the basic premise of which — just look at the name — is that a Jew has only to be born to win the “right” to romp all over Israel, and then act all surprised when these things are conflated. You can’t applaud Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when he goes around calling himself “the leader of the Jewish people,” and then get all huffy when Arabic-speakers use a single word to denote “Zionists” and “Israelis” and “Jews.”"

      Read more: link to

    • The Warsaw ghetto fighters lived in tunnels too. They fought back, like Gaza did.
      No wonder Edelman wanted nothing to do with Israel.

    • Gaza 2014 showed that fewer people buy the shtick of Israeli preventive war to forestall another wipeout of Jews. "Why can't you act normally" was the default response. If they can't live in peace why should anyone support their murderous impulses ? Can't Israel just get a girlfriend ?

    • If even your phone calls and internet are monitored and your children are murdered and accused of self genocide it's a bit rich to hold up the Jewish holocaust as uniquely evil and Israel as on the side of the angels.

      This reminds me of something that MHughes has commented on before- use of the term "the holocaust" is very uncomfortable- it implies a religious purpose to the industrial slaughter of Jews. Marek Edelman rejected that- he couldn't agree that the murder of his people was ultimately for the establishment of a state like Israel.

    • Holocaust victims had the worst leaders.
      And if they survived they got no welcome in Israel.

    • The direction we need to be moving, as I said, I believe we need to move to a two-state solution where both peoples can be secure and safe within their own borders. So, I’m there.” -

      This is crap. the 2SS is dead.
      Warren also believes in apple pie, moms and pigs in space.

    • Schama is a disgrace.

      And this use of the Jewish experience in WW2 as the epitome of human depravity is wrong. Stalin killed far more people, as did Mao. Genghis Khan was no wallflower either.

      WW2 is over. Get with the program. And killing Palestinian civilians won't bring any dead Jews back to life.

      Interesting that Zionists can't ever countenance justice- everything has to be compared to WW2. Civil rights not possible because of WW2 because the Nazis were worse than civil rights . Bullshit.

  • Deir al Balah Rehabilitation Center cares for Gaza's disabled in the wake of 'Operation Protective Edge'
    • Thank you Dan/

      Sad to think that these disabilities are apparently the only way for Israeli Jews to fulfill their covenant with god. What a sad country Zionism made.

  • Rabbi in Ohio U. controversy leads group that denies there's an occupation
    • Zionists moaning about feeling unsafe remind me of this song by anastacia

      They'll be left outside alone by the world.

    • Maybe Hillel is a fancy Zionist way of spelling Hell

    • "For the work of righteousness shall be peace. And the effect of righteousness, calm and confidence forever”. -

      Isaiah was so on the ball, Shmuel. Those old guys really understood politics, unlike Israel's leaders.

      For the work of Zionism shall be violence. And the effect of violence, paranoia and insecurity forever.

    • what is the point of Hillel ?
      Shouldn't they rename it Kahane and leave the memory of Hillel in peace ?

  • ASA statement on Salaita: An 'assault against the Program in American Indian Studies at UIUC '
    • Just

      I would go further and ask what Zionists are doing interfering with university issues when Zionism is a total cult where no questions are tolerated- hardly the sort of background that can be expected to add anything to education. ...

      I miss Neil Postman.

    • I would like to know WTF Zionism has to contribute to the study of Native American issues other than being the Palestinian equivalent of manifest destiny.

  • Achieving a hudna and ten years of calm in Israel/Palestine
    • WTF

      "Famed civil-rights lawyer Alan Dershowitz says Bill Clinton's view that Benjamin Netanyahu is "not the guy" for a peace deal with the Palestinians is wrong and the Israeli prime minister would like to hammer out an agreement.

      "Netanyahu. He is the guy," Dershowitz said Tuesday on "The Steve Malzberg Show" on Newsmax TV."

      Read Latest Breaking News from link to
      Urgent: Should Obamacare Be Repealed? Vote Here Now!

  • Encounter at a post office
    • " Israel sucks " helps, repeated as a mantra

    • the shared world. Not the paranoid world of the bots.

    • Maryam's story reminded me of this

      Wandering Around an Albuquerque Airport Terminal
      by Naomi Shihab Nye

      link to

      After learning my flight was detained 4 hours,
      I heard the announcement:
      If anyone in the vicinity of gate 4-A understands any Arabic,
      Please come to the gate immediately.
      Well -- one pauses these days. Gate 4-A was my own gate. I went there.
      An older woman in full traditional Palestinian dress,
      Just like my grandma wore, was crumpled to the floor, wailing loudly.
      Help, said the flight service person. Talk to her.
      What is her
      Problem? we told her the flight was going to be four hours late and she
      Did this.
      I put my arm around her and spoke to her haltingly.
      Shu dow-a, shu- biduck habibti, stani stani schway, min fadlick,
      Sho bit se-wee?
      The minute she heard any words she knew -- however poorly used -
      She stopped crying.
      She thought our flight had been cancelled entirely.
      She needed to be in El Paso for some major medical treatment the
      Following day. I said no, no, we're fine, you'll get there, just late,
      Who is picking you up? Let's call him and tell him.
      We called her son and I spoke with him in English.
      I told him I would stay with his mother till we got on the plane and
      Would ride next to her -- southwest.
      She talked to him. Then we called her other sons just for the fun of it.
      Then we called my dad and he and she spoke for a while in Arabic and
      Found out of course they had ten shared friends.
      Then I thought just for the heck of it why not call some Palestinian
      Poets I know and let them chat with her. This all took up about 2 hours.
      She was laughing a lot by then. Telling about her life. Answering
      She had pulled a sack of homemade mamool cookies -- little powdered
      Sugar crumbly mounds stuffed with dates and nuts -- out of her bag --
      And was offering them to all the women at the gate.
      To my amazement, not a single woman declined one. It was like a
      Sacrament. The traveler from Argentina, the traveler from California,
      The lovely woman from Laredo -- we were all covered with the same
      Powdered sugar. And smiling. There is no better cookies.
      And then the airline broke out the free beverages from huge coolers --
      Non-alcoholic -- and the two little girls for our flight, one African
      American, one Mexican American -- ran around serving us all apple juice
      And lemonade and they were covered with powdered sugar too.
      And I noticed my new best friend -- by now we were holding hands --
      Had a potted plant poking out of her bag, some medicinal thing,
      With green furry leaves. Such an old country traveling tradition. Always
      Carry a plant. Always stay rooted to somewhere.
      And I looked around that gate of late and weary ones and thought,
      This is the world I want to live in. The shared world.
      Not a single person in this gate -- once the crying of confusion stopped
      -- has seemed apprehensive about any other person.
      They took the cookies. I wanted to hug all those other women too.
      This can still happen anywhere.
      Not everything is lost.

  • Life after a massacre: The story of Ahmed and Mahmoud
    • link to

      According to a recent study by the Palestinian Authority, Israeli bombings in the Gaza Strip razed about 17,000 homes, and estimated reconstruction to about $7.8 billion, two and a half times Gaza's gross domestic product.

      link to
      Don’t name the dead children.
      The people must not know the names
      of the dead children.
      The names of the children must be hidden.
      The children must be nameless.
      The children must leave this world
      having no names.
      No one must know the names of
      the dead children.
      No one must say the names of the
      dead children.
      No one must even think that the children
      have names.
      People must understand that it would be dangerous
      to know the names of the children.
      The people must be protected from
      knowing the names of the children.
      The names of the children could spread
      like wildfire.
      The people would not be safe if they knew
      the names of the children.
      Don’t name the dead children.
      Don’t remember the dead children.
      Don’t think of the dead children.
      Don’t say: ‘dead children’.

      And don't think of all the injured children either
      Say "Israeli Jews are moral people"

      link to

      "Tell her they want to drive us into the sea.

      Tell her we kill far more of them

      Dont tell her that

      Tell her that

      Tell her we're stronger

      Tell her we're entitled

      Tell her they dont understand anything except violence

      Tell her we want peace

      Tell her we're going swimming"

      Or otherwise jerk off to pictures of IDF women who served up death in Gaza

      link to

  • 'NYT' finds a model relationship for Palestinians and Israelis: collaborator and his handler
    • I don't think that Israel thought much over the Gaza operation other than releasing some summer steam and ratcheting up support from Yossi Israeli via the blood of innocents, comme il faut.

      If they had thought about the potential to cleave a wedge between US Jews under 40 and sabras they wouldn't have done it.

    • Sassan

      Nice try but it seems you have no idea of the PR losses sustained by Israel in July/Augu

      There was nothing Ayaan Hirsi ali or Jewish music execs could do

      link to

      Where are the rock stars expressing solidarity with Israel’s right to defend itself or pausing between songs to explain that every day is harrowing for Israeli civilians who are attacked by rockets and threatened by terror tunnels leading to their homes, playgrounds and streets?
      They feel bullied by a confederacy of industry “liberals,” who dismiss anyone who doesn’t uphold the party line of Israel as an oppressor and the cause of all evil in the region.
      “I just get so emotional, I try not to post too much,” says Regina Joskow, director of publicity at Rounder Records. “I feel like I bang my head against the wall when I share reality, not a bleeding heart fantasy.“
      Instead of going toe-to-toe with rhetoric, she does the only sane thing she can think of. “I’ve been blocking and unfriending people like mad,” she says. “I really hate seeing people’s true colors.” What Joskow is referring to are doctored images, such as that of beach-goers in Tel Aviv cheering the deaths in Gaza, which are reposted endlessly - because it promotes a depiction of Israelis as dehumanized brutes.

      24. “I give artists like Rihanna the benefit of the doubt,” he says. “It’s normal for a well-intentioned person to see all the blood and death and want to say something about it. Sometimes they get out ahead of themselves before they’ve had a chance to educate themselves and think things through.” For example, when asked whether there had been anyone encouraging Selena Gomez to clarify her “Pray for Gaza” post by adding that she wasn’t “picking any sides,” her publicist replied “no comment.”
      like #FreePalestine? “It’s usually within character,” he says. “Any normal person has to feel for this tragedy. I view Rihanna’s post as innocent. Everyone’s allowed to have his or her opinion. And hopefully they’ll educate themselves.

      link to
      But it is also contemptible that some apologists hurl charges of anti-semitism at all Israel’s critics — many of whom are admirers of so much that this great nation has achieved.
      Most of us merely attack Israeli excesses as we do those of Russia, Burma, China, Syria, the U.S. or any other government that deploys disproportionate violence against those at its mercy.Israel’s people deserve a less unworthy leader than Benjamin Netanyahu, and a higher vision than that of reducing Gaza to rubble.

      link to

      "For Israel, this is a war against Hamas that started a few weeks ago. Outsiders increasingly see it as war against Gaza for years, and against Palestinians for decades. In that environment, it doesn't matter who fired at the UN school."

      The NYT can spin that hasbara music but nobody's dancing

      link to

    • "Hamas has global religious ideological agendas that are very very dangerous"

      Called justice. Runs in traditional Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, Zoroastrianism, Catholicism and the Protestant Churches as well as all traditional religion.
      Zionism dies if it comes into contact with justice.

  • On the use of provocative analogies (Nazism, fascism)
    • link to

      "Yeshayahu Leibowitz understood this already 60 years ago, when he wrote in his seminal essay “After Kibiyeh” (collected in “Judaism, Human Values, and the Jewish State,” edited by Eliezer Goldman, Harvard University Press 1995) of “the fear of losing religous-moral supremacy, which is easy to hold on to when there is no risk to it and difficult under other circumstances.”
      Less than six years after the creation of a sovereign state with a powerful army, Leibowitz wrote that the “real religious and moral meaning of our political rebirth and the return to our hands of the use of force” would be a severe test for Jews who were too accustomed to being victims. “Can we prove capable not only of suffering for these values we exalted, but also acting upon them?” he asked. “It’s easy to suffer, physically and materially for values, even to sacrifice our lives: that necessitates only physical courage which exists in surprising quantities among all human gatherings. It’s difficult to suffer for values, when this suffering means also giving up things which are also seen as values.”
      In the decades after 1967, Leibowitz would be excoriated by the right wing for his fierce criticism of the occupation which he, perhaps inexcusably, described as “Judeo-Nazi.” But he was speaking as a fervent Zionist who was one of the first to see how the success of Zionism meant we had to realize we were no longer victims and that victory came with a moral price. It was “the great test we are faced with by national liberation, political independence and sovereign power — as a nation, a society and a culture which for generations had the privilege of mental and spiritual enjoyment in exile, foreign-rule and self-impotence.” "

    • Israel doesn't respect international law or the laws of war.
      Not a good sign in terms of fascism.

    • I think Nazism is not the fullest expression of absolute evil. At least they left behind a functioning global climate .

      Climate denial and what it will mean in places like India mean the Kochs are probably worse than Hitler given what is going to happen in terms of global food.

    • He was a seer . Thanks for the video, Shmuel. It's a keeper.

    • link to

      "I vividly recall Yeshayahu Leibovitz in a talk I attended where he asserted how evil it was for Israel to be engaged in an occupation of another people. He predicted it would tear up Israeli society and compromise the moral standing of its soldiers. "

      I don't think it matter if you call it Nazi or not. It's a slow suicide, and that is all that counts.

  • Ohio University filibuster: harangue or free speech?
    • Bobcat for Israel shows that hasbara is dead.
      Gay marriage advocates never gave up- why can't Zionists argue their corner any longer? Why the need for all the timewasting horseshit ?

  • Yale Jewish center to hold 'intellectual' panel on storm over ousted priest's comments-- without inviting the priest
    • "It says that “Jews are worried,” because of demonstrations in Europe that remind us of 1939'.

      How do ordinary people who are sickened by Israel hold Zionism to account? Every other avenue is cut off so BDS it is. It's not 1939redux. It's upholding a racist social order.

    • People are sick of the duplicity and brutality. Israel has no interest in a Palestinian state and whining anti-Semitism and shutting down debate isn't going to stop the criticism. It's not like they have any hasbara to defend their behaviour either.

    • And rilly stupid in assuming that history has ended and happily ever after y colorin colorado.

    • I wonder for how much longer the bots will be able to shut down debate over the Zionist car crash in the Levant.
      Perhaps it would help if every victim of theirs could point out the systemic nature of what is happening to the media.

      Zionism is paranoid .

  • Photo-cartoon making Tutu into Hitler is published then taken down by South African Jewish paper
    • Message to bot everywhere - don't mess with justice seekers.

      Don't mess with Archbishop Tutu

      Take it away, Sidney

      link to

    • Hitler of course monitored everything that went on in Germany via his secret police

      And so does Israel in the territories

      link to

      "When I enlisted into the intelligence unit, I thought I would deal with prevention of terrorism and do whatever was necessary to protect national security. Throughout my service, I discovered that many Israeli initiatives within the Palestinian arena are directed at things that are not related to intelligence. I worked a lot on gathering information on political issues. Some could be seen as related to objectives that serve security needs, such as the suppression of Hamas institutions, while others could not. Some were political objectives that did not even fall within the Israeli consensus, such as strengthening Israel’s stance at the expense of the Palestinian position. Such objectives do not serve the security system but rather agendas of certain politicians.

      I had a really hard time with some of the things we did, as did the people who were with me in my section. Regarding one project in particular, many of us were shocked as we were exposed to it. Clearly it was not something we as soldiers were supposed to do. The information was almost directly transferred to political players and not to other sections of the security system. This made it clear to me that we were dealing with information that was hardly connected to security needs.

      We knew the detailed medical conditions of some of our targets, and our goals developed around them. I’m not sure what was done with this information. I felt bad knowing each of their precise problems, and that we would talk and laugh about this information freely. Or, for instance, that we knew exactly who was cheating on their wife, with whom, and how often"

      But of course Jews wouldn't do that

    • This and Galloway beaten up and death threats against the young woman who was involved in the fake blood ice bucket- the people who speak for Israel have lost it.
      Israel is going down when this is all they can do.

  • Israel surveils and blackmails gay Palestinians to make them informants
    • Surely BDS is insignificant Palikari? Why would you even bother mentioning it ?

    • Mooser

      As Neil Postman, a true Mensch, once said

      "One way of looking at the history of the human group is that it has been a continuing struggle against the veneration of crap"

      And this insight is very Zen when talking about Zionism. Or any other systematic thuggery.

    • Violence and injustice are not Jewish values

      link to
      "Our power thankfully gives us the privilege and the obligation to ask, "Will you sweep away the innocent with the guilty?" (Genesis 18:23) The debate is certainly about the wellbeing of our soldiers and our citizens. But, it is also about what we have wrought in Gaza. Saying, "We're heartbroken, but it's Hamas' fault” is a kanei ratzutz (a bent reed used as a sop to our conscience) if we could have defended ourselves without the carnage and/or if we could have avoided the situation all together.
      I also believe that the wellbeing of my children and society is best served by moving beyond endless cycles of violence. Hillel the Elder saw a skull floating in water and declared, "You were drowned because you drowned others. Those who drowned you will themselves be drowned” (Pirkei Avot 2:7). The big picture is that violence doesn't serve our interests. Neither does injustice: "The sword comes into the world because of justice delayed and justice denied" (Pirkei Avot 5:11). "

    • "In the largest act of conscientious objection in Israel in more than a decade, more than 40 "

      There are 176,500 soldiers in the IDF and "more than 40 are conscientious objectors". There are more transsexuals in the IDF than people of conscience. Total brainwash.

    • What is most disturbing about this is the amorality and the fact that so many Israeli Jews are "just following orders".

    • "For D., happened after he was released from the military when he saw the movie, “The Lives of Others,” about Stasi agents from communist East Germany, who eavesdrop on people and invade their personal lives. “I was horrified,” he said. “On the one hand, I identified with the victims, with the oppressed side, whose basic rights were denied. On the other hand, I suddenly understood that in my military service, I was on the side of the oppressor, that we are doing the exact same thing, only in a much more efficient manner.”…"

      Couldn't have happened at school while he was being brainwashed. And how many Israelis ever make the connections ?

    • Blackmailing people who need urgent medical treatment is despicable. It's another of the profoundly cruel costs of a dud Jewish state.
      Deir Yassin didn't justify it and neither does this.

  • Israeli military demolishes West Bank dairy factory benefitting orphans despite court appeal
    • "Israel is J lee Cobb"


      This ban on copying top class insights in the comments is really annoying.
      I was thinking of starting a sub but Phil can forget it as long as the ban runs.

    • link to

      "At the moment, it still seems possible to prevent the truce from breaking down at the end of this month. But the almost complete absence of reconstruction work in Gaza and Hamas’ difficulty in presenting any real achievements from the war are increasing the risk that the fighting will resume.
      Under the cease-fire agreement Egypt brokered in late August, the parties are supposed to return to Cairo around September 25 to negotiate over a longer-term truce. Hamas has recently been sending conflicting messages. Its military wing says it will resume the war if the organization’s demands aren’t met. But Moussa Abu Marzouk, a senior member of Hamas’ political wing who lives in Cairo, says the possibility of progress in the talks must first be thoroughly explored.
      As Haaretz reported on August 31, senior Israel Defense Forces officers have advised the government to be generous about easing the partial blockade of Gaza, on the theory that starting to repair the massive damage Gaza suffered is essential to prevent renewed fighting. Among other recommendations, they urged significantly easing movement through the border crossings and expanding Gaza’s fishing zone.
      Netanyahu and Ya'alon's political bind
      Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon appear to understand that such steps are necessary, but are caught in a political bind: Hamas will present any such measures as concessions wrested from Israel by the fighting, which in turn will expose Netanyahu and Ya’alon to further criticism from their already unhappy right-wing base. "

    • I think we need a new movement called Tikkun Israel

      Tikkun Israel (Hebrew) is a new Hebrew phrase that means "repairing Israel " (or "Zionism is really f#cked up ") which suggests humanity's shared responsibility to heal, repair and transform Israel given that the Jewish diaspora is apparently not interested.

      In Judaism, the concept of tikkun olam originated in the early rabbinic period. The concept was given new meanings in the kabbalah of the medieval period and has come to possess further connotations in modern Judaism. This was all dismissed as gibberish by the early Zionists and the results are pretty sick so we have to try to help before it all goes down in flames.

    • Thank you Kelly. Israel has an apparently incurable mental illness.

      link to

      "One may say that this single-opinion politics reflects public opinion. That the unity of the people and its uniformity are positive phenomena - but they are not. This depressing unity reflects intellectual paralysis and ideological stagnation. When was the last time a new idea was raised here, however small? An idea that has never before been uttered? Everything is turning upside down in our region, except for Israel’s policies: Its wars are revolve around preserving the status quo.
      And what is the Israeli chorus asking for? That the occupation continue, the blockade be extended and that life in Israel be quiet. A second opnion, just like after visiting a doctor? Here there is no second opinion; there is barely a first opinion - and it is yesterday’s opinion.
      Between most of the political parties in Israel there is only one party line, and it is a line of conservatism and pretending. The two-state solution, for example, is seemingly the view of the majority; most parties support it and no one has done anything to carry it out. The opposite is true; Israel - that of the right and of the center-left - has done everything to destroy it. The success was made a long time ago and two-state solution has died. Few applauded, even fewer acted; and the most important thing, no one offered an alternative idea, even when it was quite clear that the solution was no longer relevant.
      This stagnation will give birth to a disaster; this single-mindedness forebodes tragedy. It is not just a case of losing one’s way, but of harm to democracy, too. And what exactly will we get in the elections if the Netanyahu government - the most right-wing in the history of Israel - falls? A government to the right of it, maybe similar. If once it was common to say “two Israelis, three opinions,” now, three Israelis barely hold one opinion - and it is very right-wing. What is even worse is that this opinion belongs to yesterday. "

  • University of Illinois trustees vote to reject Salaita reinstatement
  • Ohio student leader who dropped bucket of blood for Gaza receives vicious death threats
    • Perhaps spend a lot of time listening to Azealia Banks - possibly because their grandparents met her parents on the freedom rides when the Zionists worked so hard for civil rights.

    • The abuse is very misogynistic too. Appalling language. Hard to believe Zionists are so fond of the gay community when they can come out with such abuse against women.

    • One of the big selling points of Zionism and the return to Shangri La was that there would be Jewish policemen and Jewish farmers and Jewish traffic wardens all in one Jewish state.
      link to

      And now we see Jewish death threats and Jewish psychopaths and it is really so good to see such variety in the community.

    • “Not only must the Palestinians be released from their oppression, the Israelis must be released from their fear.” -

      Reform the education system.
      The IDF needs scared citizens to get the pork barrels.

    • "We Jews marched for civil rights" but they didn't cost anything, unlike civil rights in Erez Israel.

    • Yom Kippur has been extended for an extra 24 hours this year.

  • J Street can't tie Israel's latest 'illegal land grab' to cutting US aid
    • Israel probably won't be around by 2060. It needs treatment now.

    • J Street should think outside the box and link up with funding from sympathetic people in Germany . How much would they need anyway ?

    • J street's problem is funding. They are like a woman trying to leave prostitution who keeps going back for the money. They have no choice other than to say what their donors want them to say.
      Appealing to the better nature of their donors is pointless. They are bastards.

      Finkelstein nailed it in that Defamation video. Those rich Jews from NY and Miami are the worst thing that ever happened to Israel. They are also behind Prof Salaita's agony.

    • Livni is a Hebrew Version of Hillary.
      She's as much part of the system as her right wing opponents.

  • ISIS and Israel allies against a Palestinian state
    • The other thing about the stupid Bibi comparison is that Hamas executed maybe 15 collaborators while Israel blew up more than that number of whole families.
      But you won't hear that in Israel. So many key points never make it into the discourse in Hebrew.

    • Israel's insistence that the Palestinians are barbarians took a big hit during the last round of child killing.

      link to

      link to

      Israel runs a protection racket in Gaza and the currency of the system is massive doses of violence so nobody gets to uppity and starts looking for their rights.

      A lot of people saw that close up in July and August.
      And 95% Israel Jewish approval was the gilding of the turd .

  • The rise of 'If Not Now' and the collapse of the pro-Israel consensus
    • It didn't really matter without Jewish agency, Mooser. If the rabbi and Moshe had a big argument going back years in Vitebsk in the 16th century nobody in London knew about it.

      Now the power factor magnifies it and it means the crash is going to be far worse.
      A lot of the nonsense is on the internet too ie forever. That 's also fairly serious.

      link to
      "Israel's finance minister Naftali Bennett has given an unapologetic interview to Sky News, accusing Hamas of using their own civilians as human shields, adding that "you fight back - there is no proportionality when you fight terror."

      Did the Nazis ever put the Shoah in that sort of frame, I wonder . They could have, if Israel can.

    • It's not so much a void in the Jewish community as a black hole.

      Private eye magazine in the UK in the current issue has 2 letters from Jews on 2 different subjects. One is Jewish ritual slaughter (shechita) and the other is from an IDF apologist who claims that the Gaza death toll was manipulated by the Palestinians, that Hamas killed its own people when bombs dropped short and that the stats are not to be trusted. Rhe guy who wrote about shechita says Jewish law has very strict rules against killing animals for sport.

      Someone, ideally a rabbi, should designate Palestinians as honorary animals so that they can't be shot just for fun. It would be kosher.

      And what a mess it all is.

  • Salaita speaks out and warns of a 'Palestinian exception' to the first amendment and academic freedom
    • "Steven Salaita talks about his termination". Could some PR hack not come up with formulation to bring anti abortion activists on board? A coalition of the willing against the bots. Flush them out into the light, their ultimate nightmare.

    • And the lobby in DC is Zionism's magic underwear.
      But it's very soiled now.

    • Salaita has a teaching moment here alright and he could use it to draw attention to the thousands of people whose careers have been destroyed by Zionism.

      “It was a technique which the Zionists were to employ throughout their struggle. The technique of promoting damaging personal attacks on those who stood in their way rather than trying to counter their arguments.”
      “Such non conformists were subtly made aware that their jobs might be at risk, their books unpublishable, their preferment out of the question, their public reputations vulnerable if they did not renounce the heresy of anti Zionism ”
      Publish it not, Mayhew and Adams, 1975

  • Freed by Gaza, Spiegelman calls Israel out as a batterer
    • Of course!

      link to
      "main component of the "authoritarian personality" is being susceptible to anti-Semitic ideology and anti-democratic political beliefs"

      We'll prolly have to organize a conference to nail the diagnosis down

    • Louise is no Mensch.

    • Shalev was worse than Dersh, who is a cartoon character anyway. He does not accept Israeli responsibility for what is going on in Israeli society.
      That's pathetic.
      Hamas have nothing to do with how Israeli education is run or where Israeli money is spent.

    • Mooser

      the Torah doesn't get too granular but this stuff would be covered under the injunction not to be a loud mouthed asshole who alienates everyone around him.

    • Israel's diagnosis goes way deeper than "batterer". There is a personality disorder on top of victim mentality, a lack of compassion, untreated trauma going back 4 generations, delusions of grandeur and a chronic addiction to violence, severe communication difficulties, Jerusalem syndrome and social ineptitude. That's just page 1.

    • The motive was revenge, explained thus

      link to

      "For Israelis, the nightmare of your son's phone ringing, unanswered, wipes away all the self-confidence that citizens of the Jewish state have built for themselves. That fear burrows into a national psyche that defines what Israel is about for its Jewish majority – a country that was founded and its entire military force built up so that no Jewish child should ever be captured and spirited away again. No other political arguments or realities apply. As far as they are concerned, that is Israel's core purpose."

      and thus

      link to
      "In Israel there is a special sensitivity to kidnappings, as we saw in the Gilad Shalit case, and as we are seeing now. But the response should be carefully considered: This is a serious terror attack that requires a harsh response, and those responsible must be found."

      and with and overdose of self righteousness

      link to
      "Last week, at the funeral of the three Jewish teens, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke of the huge moral chasm between us and the Palestinians. "

      500 kids later they went for a ceasefire

      The US got over 911 but Israel can't get over its Palestinian thing.
      And the Palestinians are the rational ones now. Life is funny.

      link to

      "Can I feel sorry for myself as well as for my enemy? Surely I can. For the sorrow springs from the same source: their failure to bring back with them to the homeland that beautiful and ideal dream in which the space where they flourish leaves the same, or enough space for me. "

    • And 95% approval and bombing hospitals as well as centres for the disabled and this

      link to
      "Many years ago Golda Meir engaged in hyperbolic overgeneralization when she said that peace will come “when Palestinians love their children more than they hate Israel.” Most Palestinians love their children. Many do hate Israel, because they have been taught to hate for generations. But more and more of them are coming to realize that the real enemy is not Israel, which left the Gaza Strip in 2005 and offered to leave most of the West Bank in 2000, 2001 and 2007. The real enemies of the Palestinians are those Hamas leaders who do in fact love Palestinian children less than they hate Israel. That’s why they are prepared to use these children as human sacrifices in their efforts to destroy the nation state of the Jewish people."

      and this
      link to
      "Because although the occupation itself has hardened Israeli hearts and turned them callous, it is Hamas that planted the seed of the poisoned plant that is now infecting Israeli society with chauvinism and ethnocentrism and intolerance and racism and bloodthirstiness and anti-democratic tendencies. Because the more Hamas’ persists in its horrid ways, the greater the danger that Israel will follow in its path."

      they have made their bed and they lie for it

    • From a parallel literary universe, Harry "Rabbit" Angstrom, who has converted on the advice of Shmuley B

      Pru and Roy and Nelson retreat into their room and he sits a while and watches while Judaism, the remote control in hand, bounces back and forth between The Bloomberg Show, some IDF capades, and a scare documentary about Iranians buying up American businesses, and then between old Joan Rivers videos and a drama about saving a fourteen year-old girl from becoming a thinker like her mother. So many emergencies, Harry thinks, so much canned laughter, so many actors' tears, all this Zionist effort to be happy, to be brave, to be loved, all this wasted effort.

      And re Joan Rivers- this is very funny

    • Gaza turned a lot of people off. MJR's 'Netanyahu is a fucking barbarian" comment captured the moment.

      What doesn't get enough attention is the collapse of basic civic values in Israeli society. There is no trust, no space for justice or curiosity . It's run by other values now.

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