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I wonder where the struggle between universal human rights and - “A Jew is by the nature of his creation a purer being. Similarly with the holiness of the land: The soil of Israel is essentially holier, the stones are holier because the land was destined by God to serve as the place of the Children of Israel” is headed. - "Either we are all sacred or none of us is" - Paul Fourhorns Tenoso

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  • British Parliament sends a message to Obama: the people see Israel as a 'bully'
    • There are Jews, especially Sephardim, who see beyond the hatred and towards solutions

      link to

      Um Kulthum's most enduring piece, "Inta Omry," is immediately recognizable to anyone with even a passing acquaintance with Arab culture. It can elicit tears in the most hardened person. Each time the song is played my eyes well up and my heart is completely open to the emotions of lost love and personal obsession that connect the listener to the heart of the classical Arabic poetic tradition. This was the same tradition adopted and adapted by the dozens of poets whose bold work marked the "Golden Age" of Sephardic Jewry

      When we begin to see the fault-lines dividing people in terms of the human -- how people actually live their daily lives -- then we will better be able to unite those who hate one another. The unifying factor of culture, of music and its magical effect on us, is something that has been sorely missing from a vast majority of the discussions regarding the Middle East and its recurring dilemmas. Bringing the discussion back to the simplicity of the human is an important desideratum, regardless of the many forces that have sought to monopolize the discourse and contour the discussion to suit their parochial purposes.
      Listening to the voice of Um Kulthum is perhaps the best place for us to start this dialogue."

    • Kaufman

      "It is not Jewish for the Israelis to do that. They are harming the image of Judaism, and terrible outbreaks of anti-Semitism are taking place. I want to see an end to anti-Semitism, and I want to see a Palestinian state. "

      A better class of Jewish politician, unimaginable in the US

    • 5 Ulster Unionists. The most backward Parliamentarians in the House of Commons. Also chosen people, originally colonists, also ran a bigoted statelet. People also have problems with education and challenges with dead memes.

  • Deconstructing John Kerry's address to the Gaza Donors Conference
    • "The IPE is a comprehensive plan for Palestinian economic growth in the billions of dollars. And this effort is not about donor projects or corporate social responsibility; we’re talking about real investment. We had McKinsey & Company come in and make analysis of every sector of the Palestinian economy and make a determination about those areas where you could actually reduce unemployment from 21 percent to 8 percent in a period of three years. We’re talking about real investment that produces real jobs and opportunities for thousands of Palestinians, and that is what is going to make the difference over the long term. "

      - I wonder what allowance McKinsey made for the Zionist destruction fetish.
      And Kerry never thanked his real friends- the lobby money and how kind they are .,

    • I don't understand why the Israelis signed up to Oslo, shmuel. Did they feel vulnerable after the fall of the Soviet Union? They don't give a shit about Norway even now and all that leftist peace crap. So why did they sign up ? Why didn't they leave things like the nukes - ambiguity?

      Because the minute they signed up to Oslo they created expectations outside Israel and that is why the House of Commons voted against them this week. Diplomacy is serious. Why did they internationalise the Palestinian issue ?

    • "The United States will continue to work with our partners to find a way forward”.

      "Continue" is the wrong verb. "Begin" would be more appropriate

    • "So I say to you clearly and with great conviction: The United States will continue to work with our partners to find a way forward". /

      We support Israel's right to refuse medical treatment for its rabies and we wish it well with homeopathy.

  • British Parliament votes overwhelmingly to recognize Palestinian state
    • I imagine the fear that Israelis have as a scene where are 2 kids in a room looking at each other. One is an Israeli Jew and the other is not. The second child moves towards the first child who immediately starts screaming and gets into a complete state . The second child hands the first child a flower and smiles. The first child cannot understand what has just happened.

    • "a firm conclusion that everybody except “the Jews” is indecent. And it seems to count very heavily on them not being so decent either. -"

      It takes a lot of gore to get into the appropriate Zionist mood for the mitzvot, Mooser. But because it is the land of Israel even the gore is blessed.

    • Here is another Fairuz song I love - Zourouni which means "visit me"

      link to

      I always think about poor Quds under the bots and how so many people from the Middle East are banned from visiting the city

    • I hate that . It's WEST Jerusalem that's insane

      Al Quds, East Jerusalem, isn't

      Ya qudsu
      Ya qudsu

    • link to

      "Ashrawi concluded: “We would like to thank the British people, the thousands who lobbied their members in parliament, and the religious leaders, trade unions, artists, and civil society at-large who stood up in the name of justice. We would also like to thank those Israelis who courageously called upon the British parliament to recognise the state of Palestine.”

      Decent people supporting decent people.
      Why is it so hard for so many Zionist Jews to access this part of themselves ?

    • Total waste of time. Expecting good faith from Israel is pointless.

      link to

      "Speaking on Israeli radio after the vote the UK ambassador to Israel, Matthew Gould, insisted that Israeli officials should not dismiss the vote.
      Although Gould reiterated that the vote would not mark a change in government policy, he added: “I think it is right to be concerned about what it signifies in terms of the direction of public opinion.”
      He added: “Separate from the narrow question of recognition, I am concerned in the long run about the shift in public opinion in the UK and beyond towards Israel. Israel lost support after this summer’s conflict, and after the series of announcements on settlements. This parliamentary vote is a sign of the way the wind is blowing, and will continue to blow without any progress towards peace.”
      Speaking on background, other UK officials have also suggested that the frustration with Israel and the government of Binyamin Netanyahu is echoed at the top of the British government where David Cameron’s support for Israel’s “right to self defence” during the recent Gaza war was answered after the ceasefire by Israeli settlement announcements – characterised as “galling” for No 10.
      For his part the leader of Israel’s opposition, Isaac Herzog, described the British vote as a defeat for Netanyahu’s increasingly troubled foreign policy that in recent week’s has seen the Israeli prime minister engaged in diplomatic disputes with the US, the UN and Sweden.
      “This is another echoing failure from [Binyamin] Netanyahu and [foreign minister Avigdor] Lieberman,” said Herzog."

    • Ottaway's speech reminds me of what Max Hastings wrote in July

      link to

      So much sympathy for the Shoah but when the "special people" start killing children and it's clear they could care less about 2 states the opinion formers in the West who gave them the benefit of the doubt start wondering what exactly the point of the Jewish state is.

      Losing these people should be a red light for Zionists. Maybe someone could translate it into Hebrew so they can understand it.

      And hanging over it all is the nature of statehood and power. Nothing is permanent. Zionism is just a phase.

  • In the last days of 'Operation Protective Edge' Israel focused on its final goal -- the destruction of Gaza's professional class
    • "sending an unmistakable message that unless Palestinians in Gaza abandon resistance and accept ghettoization and mass-imprisonment, Israel’s campaign of mass destruction and killing would resume. "

      That's going to happen to Jews again if those are the rules. Because history is not over. A very dopey Irish comedian used to end up his shows with

      "It's nice to be important but it's more important to be nice"

  • Shlomo Sand resigns from being Jewish. Totally. Mostly. Almost
    • Ebola. You have to follow procedure to the letter in order not to get infected if you are a health worker with exposure to the virus. It is possible to transfer the virus from the outside of a protective suitbto the hand and a moment's thoughtlessness can lead tonthe hand touching the face from where the virus gains access to the.body. Ebola becomes more contagious the sicker the patient gets. Zionism is like a trauma virus. Poor judaism with its diaspora morality had no chance.

    • Sand is a Mensch. By resigning he obviously thinks Zionism is going to bring Judaism down with it. He is probably right.

  • Tablet types Rev. Shipman as elite, anti-semitic WASP
    • All this framing of opposition to Zionism as anti semitism starts off from the notion that goys hate Jews just because and that Jews do not have agency and cannot be responsible for anything.

      And sorry Israel and the wider bot community but you got your state and you have to grow up.

    • "And I’m not saying that’s you. At all. I don’t know you. But I know people like that … -"

      It's the same meme all the time. You can't criticize Israel because you hate Jews.
      And the answer to that it is to say that you come to this subject out of love for Judaism because where this is headed is not good

      As George Kennan said about South Vietnam

      link to

      No matter the military arguments, “the spectacle of Americans” attacking “a poor and helpless people, and particularly a people of different race and color,” wreaked “psychological damage” to America’s global image. He stressed “that there is more respect to be won…by a resolute and courageous liquidation of unsound positions than by the most stubborn pursuit of extravagant or unpromising objectives.”

      And it's the same for Israeli Jews. The spectacle of Israeli Jews killing defenceless children looks really bad on TV and anti-Semitism has the square root of nada to do with it.

      As someone quoted in Haaretz recently said

      "My observation of the way change happens is that pressures build up and then all of a sudden there’s maybe an event that precipitates it and things change all of a sudden."

    • Dickerson

      Those evangelical stats are really interesting. The north won the civil war but they didn't win the peace. Reminds of this John Trudell video where he talks about "drunken Indians" who refused to become white.

      link to

      And Southerners in a similar fashion refused to become rational Northerners...whatever rational means...but it sure as hell doesn't mean Jesus wants you to be rich visions of Christianity...

      Life is so strange .. and war is so inefficient in changing how people think

  • Jewish groups stand up against media lies about Muslims and police surveillance of Muslims
  • Wiesel lauds settlers for 'strengthening the Jewish presence in Jerusalem' -- and expelling Palestinians
    • @Catporn

      And Fox using gay rights as a stick to beat brown people with- it's incoherent
      How many Fox viewers would be happy with a gay child ?

    • We should also look at it in a rational framework and imagine what a rational Zionism would look like.

    • link to

      I never thought you'd be a Zionist because Ziocaine is so passe.
      But today, if you think that I don't know about depression and emotional pain,
      You're insane, or you're a fool who hasn't paid attention to a word that I say.
      In a way, I can't help but feel responsible, I always knew that you were insane
      With your pain, but I never thought you'd be a ziobot because Ziocaine is so passe, hey.

    • Weisel has zero spirituality if he can talk about Palestinians the way he does. He's just iterating trauma. So much emotional poison. Israel says the Nazis won.
      Gaza says the Nazis didn't win. Noor el ain.

      Zionism is just one big dose of emotional poison. Incapable of empathy. No idea where they are going. Emotionally distorted. Twisted reality. Virtually nobody's thinking.
      Very hard to relate to if you don't get the indoctrination.

      We really need to look at Zionism in a trauma framework.

    • "It is a “shame” that the foremost survivor does not share my political views, but so it goes. - "

      Hardly surprising. It could have been anyone so he's more than likely to be closer to the popular mindset and you are smarter and more thoughtful than that .
      It's a pity there are so few people like you in Israel.

    • I think this song goes with the writing

      "The other night you said you might try to kill that thing I love
      It is too strong for you"

      link to

      And they have spent the last3 generations trying to kill the thing the Palestinians love but they'll never succeed. Palestinian energy is ultimately stronger than Zionist trauma.

      Qahwe dayman

    • That is a fantastic piece. A real keeper. Wallahi.

    • "Life is hardly ever fair"

      As Christopher Isherwood observed, " Life is not so bad if you have plenty of luck, a good physique and not too much imagination "!!

    • It takes a lot of practice

    • I despise warmongers who use the issue of Western gay lifestyles to demonise brown people so they can be dehumanized and attacked.

      Maher is an asshole. He knows nothing about same sex relationships in Asia.
      link to

      Christian societies in fact have been amongst the most backward in accepting same sex relationships, as a trip to Alabama will prove. Even groovy US states like Vermont were very late coming to the party.

      And it wasn't that long ago that Matthew Shepherd was beaten, tortured and left to die in Wyoming because he wasn't straight. Who the fuck are Americans to lecture Muslims on homosexuality ? Is there only one way to express your sexuality ?

    • It's really excellent, Kathleen

    • He's a hypocrite as are all Jews who ask us to remember the Holocaust and who screamed anti-Semitism at anyone who pointed out that Protective Child Killing was deeply wrong.

    • He must be carrying a lot of trauma around. He's like a Bond villain at this stage.
      The Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde mix of deep concern for humanity and contempt for the rights of non Jews- he's really messed up.

  • Israel and the g-word
    • I don't think it could work in 2014, not given the fuss over the Yazidis for example, and the general decency of people outside Israel and the fact nobody bar maybe the North Koreans get brainwashed to the extent the Israelis do.

      So I think there's going to be a very hard land in Israel and they aren't going to be ready for it.
      Maybe if they had an autarchy where they fended for themselves and kept the Palestinians as gimps out the back and nobody ever came in they could get away with it. It worked on a smaller scale for Ariel Castro for a number of years. But even he got caught because a regular man walking by heard a woman scream and went to help BECAUSE THAT IS HUMANITY.

      link to

      I see this girl going nuts trying to get out of a house
      She says help me out I been here a long time
      so you know I figured this is domestic violence
      So I try to open the door and we can't get in that way
      How the door is it's so much that a body can't fit though it
      So we kick the bottom
      And she comes out with a little girl and she says call 911
      My name is Amanda Berry

      And the palestinians are Amanda bery now.
      and Israel is Ariel Castro
      And Zionism has nothing to do with the Bible.

      Now, Israelis are hip and they like their iphones and pensions and health service and they have to pay for all of those things by trading with Galut.

      So how can they exterminate the Palestinians and pay for their lattes ? I can't see it working
      And what will be left of Judaism at the end ? Anything ?

    • "One day doubtless, a historian will coin a word to describe Israel’s unique strategy of incrementally destroying the Palestinian people. "

      "Failed". It already exists

    • That is seismic
      Amazing courage from Sand. Judaism is really lost.

      "Now, having painfully become aware that I have undergone an adherence to Israel, been assimilated by law into a fictitious ethnos of persecutors and their supporters, and have appeared in the world as one of the exclusive club of the elect and their acolytes, I wish to resign and cease considering myself a Jew.

      Although the state of Israel is not disposed to transform my official nationality from “Jew” to “Israeli”, I dare to hope that kindly philosemites, committed Zionists and exalted anti-Zionists, all of them so often nourished on essentialist conceptions, will respect my desire and cease to catalogue me as a Jew. As a matter of fact, what they think matters little to me, and still less what the remaining antisemitic idiots think. In the light of the historic tragedies of the 20th century, I am determined no longer to be a small minority in an exclusive club that others have neither the possibility nor the qualifications to join.

      By my refusal to be a Jew, I represent a species in the course of disappearing. I know that by insisting that only my historical past was Jewish, while my everyday present (for better or worse) is Israeli, and finally that my future and that of my children (at least the future I wish for) must be guided by universal, open and generous principles, I run counter to the dominant fashion, which is oriented towards ethnocentrism.

      As a historian of the modern age, I put forward the hypothesis that the cultural distance between my great-grandson and me will be as great or greater than that separating me from my own great-grandfather. All the better! I have the misfortune of living now among too many people who believe their descendants will resemble them in all respects, because for them peoples are eternal – a fortiori a race-people such as the Jews.

      I am aware of living in one of the most racist societies in the western world. Racism is present to some degree everywhere, but in Israel it exists deep within the spirit of the laws. It is taught in schools and colleges, spread in the media, and above all and most dreadful, in Israel the racists do not know what they are doing and, because of this, feel in no way obliged to apologise. This absence of a need for self-justification has made Israel a particularly prized reference point for many movements of the far right throughout the world, movements whose past history of antisemitism is only too well known."

  • Put a spike in the wheel of injustice
    • The churches can't do much. Israel doesn't listen.

      Israel's economy has to be the target. Otherwise nothing will happen. Too many Jews are happy with the status quo. It's very profitable.

  • Ofra Yeshua-Lyth and the case for a new Israeli left
    • Zionism is about to rejoin reality and it's going to hurt

      link to

      The House of Commons is likely to recognise Palestine as a state for the first time on Monday as MPs debate a motion on its right to independence.

      Labour MPs will be whipped to vote in favour of the motion calling on the government to recognise Palestine as a state, while many Liberal Democrats and some Conservatives are also likely to back it. However, the motion is only symbolic and ministers will abstain, since the official position of the government is to support negotiations for a two-state solution.

    • An earlier Jewish revolutionary in Erez Israel said you have to go to where the money is, and start agitating there. The scribes and the pharisees won't do anything otherwise.

  • NY rabbi implores those in her congregation who are joining Israel's enemies to love the country
    • 'And Israel is ours"

      It's certainly not ours and we won't be bringing it to hospital when the breakdown comes on
      Al quds lina too.

    • "Only in Israel do we land on the runway and people on the plane cheer, cry, and kiss the ground—the ground our people has longed for and prayed about for over two thousand years. thought it didn't belong to them
      Only in Israel does the Declaration of Independence aspire to build a world as envisioned by the prophets of Israel, promising “complete equality of… rights to all its inhabitants.” WTF
      Only in Israel would David Grossman’s novels, Naomi Shemer’s songs, and Yehuda Amichai’s poetry seamlessly weave in ancient words of Torah with the depth of the Jewish story into an Israeli culture that makes us weep, and marvel. What is the point if it is based on torture ?
      Only in Israel, a country of virtually no natural resources, would they invest deeply in their only true resource, their people, and have the highest number of PhD’s per capita in the world. Pity they have to be so indoctrinated
      Only in Israel do all schoolchildren learn the Hebrew Bible in its original language, and then take field trips to the sites of King David or Samuel, and walk in kings’ and prophets’ footsteps. Worthless without morality
      Only in Israel can you unselfconsciously live in Jewish time—the city stopping on Shabbat, the streets empty of cars and full of people walking to shul. And on Sukkot, even the kosher McDonald’s is bedecked with sukkahs so you can fulfill the mitzvah with your Big Mac."

      And all only because the natives are warehoused along with Jewish morality which is held in a piss stained cell at Ben Gurion airport, ready for deportation.

  • Academia, the 'battleground' in the Palestinian solidarity movement
    • This is also relevant

      link to

      "Hassan, who has worked at the mental health center since 1991, spoke a lot in our conversation about the meaning of psychological treatment during periods of unrelenting and continuing trauma. “I came to the conclusion that such treatment is not ethical,” he said. “For 23 years, I have been trying to help children living in trauma, but there is no guarantee that they will not be affected again. It’s as if I am just preparing them to deal with something worse. You cannot provide true psychological treatment when the patients have no protection, no guarantee that it won’t happen again and soon, when what causes trauma never ends,” he said.
      “What is at issue here is a lot more than individual, separate cases,” he continued. “Even when there is no war, there is no stability in the Gaza Strip, and in a situation like this, how can psychological treatment help? One political decision on Israel’s part — lifting the blockade — could do a lot more good than all of the psychological treatment performed in Gaza and all of the quantities of money invested in them. The long-standing blockade limits our field of vision, our broader outlook, our creativity. The occupation is not only of land. The blockade is not just of goods, objects. The occupation is also cognitive, of one’s will, of feelings and thoughts. The siege is also over the ability to hope.”

      Zionism is a really awful ideology. Jews deserve better.

  • David Brooks's son joining Israel army is an 'extreme case' -- NYT public editor
    • Lidice doctrine perhaps

    • It's more like a Nazi doctrine.

    • link to

      "On August 20, Mr. Netanyahu was recorded on film expressing his deep shock at the beheading of an American journalist by the knife of an Islamic State murderer. Truly, a wicked deed.

      On August 19, just one day before that horrific execution, the prime minister approved the killing of an 8-month-old baby together with his mother, in the hope that the father would be with them and also be killed. "

      Joining the IDF is a sign of a disturbed mind
      No identity is worth the life of a child.

    • Page: 147
    • The @NYT attacks it’s [sic]

      Orthodox education , tsk tsk.
      And it's not like Shmuley has any empathy to fall back on either.

    • Let's hope Brooks' son doesn't commit suicide like other American IDF warriors.

      And a number of IDF soldiers who fought in Gaza recently have been choosing suicide rather frequently as well. But it's not as if Zionism gives a f#ck about them. Manifest destiny.

    • "I do not think he ever had an obligation to say that his son made this choice, any more than if his son had joined the U.S. Air Force.”

      Yes but what if he joined ISIS?
      Oh, I just remembered . ISIS doesn't kill children.

  • It looks like Obama is checking out on Israel
    • Coal and gas are very bad for the climate. Nuclear will be back.

    • Obama dropping Israel reminds me of Germany dropping nuclear. Show me what is going to replace the funding/energy and I'll believe it.

    • Krauss was talking yesterday about Islam being violent

      I came across this today :

      link to
      "Many Louisiana communities are also quite dangerous. There were nearly 11 murders per 100,000 people in the state in 2013, the highest homicide rate nationwide and in the worst 10% of all OECD regions"

      I think Louisiana is in north America and as far as I know it's not a Muslim state.

    • I wonder what's going on in the background. Saudi probably has more leverage over the lobby now given the ISIS mess. Are they more likely to put pressure on Obama to stop sucking Israel ? There is a lot of geopolitical instability bubbling up and Israel is as useful as a chocolate fireguard in dealing with any of it.

  • American airstrikes and the universal 'language of force'
    • John Trudell can explain the sickness of the American elite and the society they run better than anyone

  • U.S. life insurance company underwrites Israeli colonel's talk on his army's 'moral high ground' in Gaza
    • "Colonel Bentzi Gruber (Res.) explores the moral and legal aspects of the war on terror"

      I prefer MJR's take

      "Netanyahu is a fucking barbarian and so is everyone in his government."

    • Killing their own soldiers is very close to the lowest of the low.

    • "Colonel (Res.) Bentzi Gruber, the JCRC’s Israel Action Center Scholar in Residence, discusses the ethics and morals of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in combat - "

      He'll explain why it was necessary to kill the injured IDF soldier Hadar Goldin in a Hannibal procedure. Why this was moral. And how it was ethical.

      link to

    • "Does the Israeli Defense Forces Maintain a Moral High Ground?"

      Zionism is even less credible than Pamela Anderson
      link to

      One day there'll be a roast of Bibi. There is so much material to work with

  • The Titanic of the occupation -- SodaStream (Update)
  • Eight hours on Third Avenue
  • Pogroms rage in Europe? Kidnaped Israeli teens were Freedom Riders? Liberal Zionists' desperate slogans
    • Shingo

      I don’t like to say it because
      A it is not going to help anything
      B it can be stopped
      C it is going to be horrible

      Israel is going to generate an increase in antisemitism over its treatment of the palestinians.

      Anshel Pferrer in Haaretz (I lost the link) says it’s all antisemitism from sick Euros that drives criticism of the Idf and that is obviously the hasbara but if you listen to what Mads gilbert and David Sheen said at the Russell Tribunal , Israel is very unwell.

      link to
      link to

      Systematic evil is what it is. There is so much evidence online. And Israelis are the only ones who can change the dynamic. They aren’t interested. They think Bibi can shut the goys up with a nice American style speech.

      Israel passed the “have you no decency” point a long time ago.
      And when long tail risk blows up the consequences are very hard to manage. I would not be hopeful at all.

    • "I would ask them how it came to pass that a position on Israel—of all the many issues in the world that cry out for our attention—became a litmus test for the left. -"

      link to
      Otherwise ask MJ Rosenberg,
      Israel is fucking nuts.

    • Gitlin is so disappointing. He writes really well on other topics but loses his mojo when it comes to Israel.

      As for Alterman "He has never been so personally attacked as he has been for writing about BDS, he adds, and it saps his energy for the fight. “I am writing less about BDS and Israel in The Nation, because I just don’t need the tsuris."

      All those boomer Jewish gurus had long enough at the top to make a difference. Now it's finished and they achieved nothing.

      link to

    • Mahane Yehuda claimed that Jews were attacked in the West Bank shortly before he was removed from the site. It turned out he was talking about clashes at a checkpoint between Palestinians and the Israeli army.

      Lying is a very regrettable feature of Zionism

    • "If you support Palestinian rights, you must really mean it."

      If you stand up for Palestinian rights today you would have stood up for Jewish rights in the 1940s, I think. And not enough people stood up for Jews in the 1940s.
      That is the lesson of the 1940s, not the IDF, IMO.

  • If you stand up for Palestine in America, 'you're the devil,' Junot Diaz says
  • Where is the antiwar movement?
    • Medea should get real. The "donors" are nuts. They all love Janet Yellen who says there is no need to worry about asset bubbles. It was a Jewish outsider, Minsky, who wrote the financial instability hypothesis , not the lickarses who follow the donors aka plutocrats .

      There is going to be a massive writedown of plutocrat wealth the next time the market crashes.

    • That ignores de Baathisation and the mess they made of the Iraqi army.
      They had no clue. It looks like this was deliberate.
      they spent all that money on reconstruction and they couldn't stop the Shia elite looting the country.
      Iraq is cursed.

    • As soon as the Marines arrived in Baghdad in 03 they saw Shia death squads at work. the city has been 'cleansed' into religious zones. If they were interested in a stable Iraq they would have had zero tolerance for this. They even let things slide as far as the bombing of the mosque in Samarra. Iraq's role is to be the beaten up backward violence drenched polity that provides the oil. Because it's majority Shia and they can't be trusted

      It's a sick video game that's unfortunately real for the people of Iraq.
      Sure Saddam was brutal but letting the Shia get revenge only deepens the trauma and makes the return to equilibrium even harder.

      Cher said on twitter recently

      link to

      When I Was Young I Thought Politicians Were HONEST &ONLY Wanted 2 HELP ppl of USA (LOL)I Thought Same Thing About SUPREME COURT (LOL)

      And the Shia government is a joke.

    • Great analysis. And it's never about human rights. Good Sunnis get unlimited torture credits.

    • "What’s been going in the Islamic World for the past 100 years is a slow, crawling counter-attack against modernity -"

      go on then, Krauss. Explain the political economy of the Middle East and why this region hasn't developed as say South East Asia has. What are the factors specific to this state of affairs or is it all just Islam. ?

    • There is a Sunni vs Shia thing going on in the background as well. The machine doesn't trust the Shia.

    • Medea Benjamin should start looking into climate change and how oil wars are linked to the Arctic Vortex that took 3% annualised off the US growth rate in q1 of this year.
      All this shit in the Middle east is linked to American commuting patterns. Israel probably is too. There is no point in only going halfway. The system is insane . And with all due respect to them, 2 dead Americans are neither here nor there in the big picture. That shit is tragic but it sure ain't magic. The system is the issue. I think Obama is as cynical as Assad who had 500 of his soldiers executed in some airbase by IS just before the bombers launched.

      And the way things are going you won't get much from your 401 (k) either, people.

    • Just on oil I saw a graph in the FT recently.

      Contribution to the growth in global oil supply for the next 10 years , millions of barrels per day

      US 1
      Saudi 1
      Kazakhstan 2
      Canada 2 .75
      Brazil 3.5
      Iraq 5.5

      So Iraq is key to the retention of the American way of suburban gas guzzling life.
      What I don't understand is why Iraq has to be battered, with 4 wars, half a million dead due to sanctions and all the violence while Saudi and Kuwait are treated completely differently . Is it because Iraq has all those Shia and the guys at the Pentagon don't want them to join cause with Iran or how would the system logic explain it ?

      And I always think about the difference between 2 cities that are virtually side by side- Kuwait city and Basra. Kuwait city is ultra rich and most families in Basra have no

    • Do you think it's all about deficit spending and oil , Dan? To keep the economy going via the only way to borrow that is acceptable to the tea party ? I don't understand how this could be the 3rd US intervention in Iraq in 25 years under any other under paradigm.

    • Dead right, Dan. She should spend some time reading Monthly Review and understand the role of war in capitalism. It's wonderful for destroying excess capacity and generating the conditions that allow for economic growth to resume in the reconstruction.

    • “The beheadings are particularly impactful on people’s sense of outrage.”

      No context is given. The brutal history of Iraq over the last 30 years, blind support for the Shia majority who sidelined the Sunni minority, the fact that Iraq is central to future projections of oil supply, the roles of Turkey and Saudi Arabia. It's like that song by the disposable heroes of hiphoprisy

      "Peter O'Toole and hate the ayatollah were all we learnt in school "

      And peoples' sense of outrage- give me a break. What happened to #bring back our girls ?

  • Maher lumps Islam with ISIS, and CNN's Cuomo says Aslan's 'primitive' tone proves Maher's point
    • Krauss seems to be channeling Billy Joel

      link to

      nothing to do with American empire.

    • "“Islam = violent” hypothesis"

      Take these stats and stick them up your ***, Krauss

      link to

      you can listen to this while you are at it

    • Maher is such a joke. Islam is ISIS. Does he have a car ? Where does the petrol come from ?

    • They are not moronic. They are systematic.
      It is deeply cynical but it pays well.

      The purpose of a system is what it does and the US media 's purpose in this regard is to demonise Islam. Easier to kill people.

      Dehumanising the victim makes things simpler.
      link to

      That usually worked for Israel too, until this summer. The Gazans got the pictures out.
      link to

      "So he wound up kind of demonstrating what people are fearful about when they think of the faith in the first place, which is the hostility of it. "

      None of those people know about Zakat or why Muslims say salaam aleikum when they meet someone. And where do they get their info from? Most have never met a Muslim.

  • Netanyahu lectures Americans on open housing and 'ethnic purification'
    • Cheers DaBakr. Bibi is a trauma junkie.

    • "The idea that we’d have this ethnic purification as a condition for peace "

      Secular Israelis would be horrified!

      link to
      "but what is happening in the meantime in distant Israel is far from its “finest hour;” this is one of Israel’s ugliest hours. All the seeds of ultra-nationalism and messianism that have been planted over the past several years are germinating now and blooming in the flower beds of rot. All of the Israeli hatreds have reared their heads in the wake of the kidnapping of three yeshiva students whose place of learning is in the heart of the occupied territory. All of the destructiveness and the intolerance for other views, all of the unity and the falling into rank in Israel have now assembled for the biggest display of ultra-nationalism ever. All the seeds of religiosity have sprouted into a mass prayer service led by the television broadcasters, every single last one of which has volunteered for propaganda duty. No one questions the mass arrests, the re-imprisonment of the Palestinians who were freed in the Gilad Shalit exchange deal, the arrests of members of the Palestinian parliament, the deportations to the Gaza Strip and the warmongering. Anyone who does has sealed his own fate. "

      WATCH: Israeli racists sing last night “School is out in Gaza/ They have no children left there”

    • William S Burroughs on people like Netanyhau-Milikovsy

      "Beware of whores who say they don't want money. The hell they don't. What they mean is they want more money, much more".

    • West Bank Palestinians can't buy property in West Jerusalem.
      Even 48 Palestinians have problems. Sayed Kashua left Jerusalem because of the abuse he and his family got from Jews.
      Israel is not the Hamptons either.

  • TX congressman who expressed concern about Gaza deaths undergoes 'healing process' and will fly El Al to Israel
    • Dickerson

      I agree with your analysis. Israeli Jews are not educated to think. They are IDF fodder.

      "the issue is larger than "are there dollars to educate our children? ". The issue is "do we want to educate our children"

      link to

      I don't understand how Israeli parents are not outraged.

    • How do you ratchet down a nation’s narcissism so people are able to simply see the other as a human being?

      But you have to spend enough money on it

      link to

      "Low on tolerance, high on ridicule
      Even the infirmary's inhospitable
      Assembly required
      Metal detectors seeming unjust
      but inspired
      by shots fired
      Terms like zero-tolerance and lock-down
      Aging out, if you ask me, does not sound
      Like education
      But I suppose that's a cause and effect'
      When the city spends more on incarceration"

      Or YESHA

      Regarding "Low on tolerance, high on ridicule"

      link to

      “The greatest threat to the teacher is that there will be noise – that someone will complain, that an argument will break out, etc. That danger looms especially large in subjects that interest young people, such as sexuality, ethnicity, violence and racism. Teachers lack the tools to cope with these issues, so they are outsourced, which only emasculates educational personnel even more.”
      • In general, there is a whole series of subjects that are not recommended for discussion in schools, such as the Nakba (or “catastrophe,” the term used by Palestinians to denote the establishment of the State of Israel), human rights and the morality of Israeli army operations. This was one of the reasons for the warnings issued by Tel Aviv University and Ben-Gurion University of the Negev during the fighting in the Gaza Strip about “extreme and offensive remarks.” • “Values and outlooks are acquired in a lengthy process of identification with ‘significant others,’ such as teachers,” Harpaz explains. “This means that every aspect of the schools – patterns of teaching, evaluation methods, curricula, the physical structure and the cultural climate – has to change in the direction of becoming far more dialogical and democratic.”
      “Our leaders are so fearful of criticism, but they don’t understand that critical education is what generates close ties and caring. We get angry at those we love.”

    • The Swedish ambassador is long beyond giving any respect to Lieberman the bouncer's ranting.
      It's great to see Sweden breaking EU ranks on this.

    • Amigo

      they went too far insulting the IT and now it's payback time.
      Clowns at the Israeli embassy.
      Now the IT doesn't even refer to Israel as "Jerusalem"

    • Denis Staunton has a great piece over at the Irish Times on the situation hasbara finds itself in outside Israel . I wonder for how long more the rich bots in the State can control the narrative.
      Israel is really nuts.

      link to
      On July 23rd, two weeks into Israel’s military offensive in the Gaza Strip, Brazil condemned what it called a “disproportionate use of force” and withdrew its ambassador from Tel Aviv for consultations. Israel’s general consul in São Paolo politely expressed his disappointment, adding that Israel had a right to defend itself against missiles being fired into its territory by Hamas.
      Back in Tel Aviv, Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor was a lot less sanguine. “This is an unfortunate demonstration of why Brazil, an economic and cultural giant, remains a diplomatic dwarf,” he said. “The moral relativism behind this move makes Brazil an irrelevant diplomatic partner, one who creates problems rather than contributes to solutions.”
      Israeli president Reuven Rivlin would later apologise to Brazil’s president, Dilma Rouseff, for the “dwarf” slur. But Palmor wasn’t finished. Later that evening, in an interview on Brazilian TV, he dragged up Brazil’s humiliating defeat by Germany in the World Cup semi-final two weeks earlier.
      “Israel’s response is perfectly proportioned in accordance with international law,” he said. “This is not football. In football, when a game ends in a draw, you think it is proportional, but when it finishes 7-1 it’s disproportionate. Sorry to say, but not so in real life and under international law.”

      During the same week, Israel’s embassy in Dublin tweeted a picture of the Palestinian flag superimposed with a picture of Adolf Hitler and the words “Free Palestine now!”. A few days later the embassy took down four images from its Twitter feed, including one featuring the capital’s statue of Molly Malone covered in a traditional Muslim niqab with the caption “Israel now Dublin next”.

      Other images in the sequence included the Mona Lisa wearing a hijab and carrying a large rocket and Michelangelo’s David wearing a suicide bomber’s explosive belt.
      These were only the most striking in a stream of bizarre tweets from the embassy that continued long after the Gaza ceasefire in August. The Irish Times was a regular target, sometimes dubbed The Palestinian Times, The Hamas Times or Pravda. One of the newspaper’s columnists was compared to Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s propaganda minister,
      and a female journalist was dismissed as a “hackette”.

      Much of the coarseness and low humour was unremarkable by the standards of social media generally. But the shrill tone was highly eccentric for a diplomatic mission, reminiscent of the public style of Iran under Mahmoud Ahmadinejad or Venezuela in the days of Hugo Chavez.

      Daniel Levy, a political analyst at the European Council on Foreign Relations was a member of the Israeli negotiating team with the Palestinians under prime ministers Yitzhak Rabin and Ehud Barak. He believes the new Israeli tone is deeply counter-productive.

      “I actually think that this is indicative of a deeper malaise, which is that the longer the occupation goes on and Israel has to justify the unjustifiable, the deeper the moral erosion that goes with that, the deeper you get into the territory of denialism and just being disconnected from reality,” he says.
      So I’m sure stuff like that gets lots of positive likes and reinforcement, but they lose contact with the fact that people – even your average punter who might, under circumstances where you’re not quite as mad, might be willing to take on board some of your arguments, you’ve totally lost them. “I think this is what’s going on. I think there’s a deepening of the detachment from reality, a deepening of the denialism and they’re just doubling down on a failed policy and just digging themselves deeper into a hole, which I find quite sad. They become their own worst enemies sometimes.”

  • Bill de Blasio ruins the liberal Zionists' glorious hour
    • Like Mrs Adelson who is in it purely for love

    • unbreakable bond

      Unbreakable my ass. If it were there would be no need to mention it.
      Israel is the nerd with the supermodel gf. Sure she loves him. Unbreakable relationship.
      No, she'll never leave leave him. Unthinkable.

  • Read the genocidal sermon a notable Atlanta rabbi gave this Rosh Hashanah
    • And the pictures . Such high culture if you ignore the death squads.
      And if you had any interest in art you would, wouldn't you ?

    • Imagine being gunned down by a machine gun squad in Vilna in Old Poland in 1941 and the Nazis telling you it would be for your own people's best interest.
      Zionism is so nuts.

    • Without the Nazis there never could have been Israel. They musta been part of Gd's plan , Mooser !

    • "Even the Nazis saved the masterpieces."

      link to
      "Streicher's was the most melodramatic of the hangings carried out that night. At the bottom of the scaffold he cried out "Heil Hitler!". When he mounted the platform, he delivered his last sneering reference to Jewish scripture, snapping "Purim-Fest 1946!".

      Streicher could never in his wildest dreams have imagined that one day a Jewish rabbi would see good in the Nazi extermination system. Yes, they saved the masterpieces.
      And it was all for the good, some minor killings notwithstanding.

      What a car crash.

    • Great stuff for the high holidays. I look forward to Beinart telling Jews to get in touch with the real Judaism and I wonder what it is now.

  • AIPAC rabbis stand up for racial justice in Michael Brown case
    • Judaism seems to have developed this instinctive sense of justice in the US which is beaten out of Jews in Israel. It's really weird.

    • Standing up for racial justice in the US is cheap. Doesn't cost anything.
      You won't find AIPAC rabbis tackling the difficult stuff like healthcare for the poor or what to do about junkie Israel.

    • The thing is that AIPAC prolly is essential to Israel's survival.
      Which means it won't survive.

    • It's good Judaism in Galut versus very, very bad Judaism in Erez Israel.
      "Because we are worth it"

      Rotten to the core.

  • Ilan Pappé on Israel’s 'post-Zionist moment' and the triumph of 'neo-Zionism'
    • Shmuel

      I was really struck by an op-ed by a soldier in Haaretz in August

      link to

      "I was never a great Zionist, but like many others, I too feel connected now in an especially strong way to the people of Israel, and to the security of people whom I don’t even know as well as I knew the terrorists I handed over to the Shin Bet after every operation, or, in a somewhat less direct manner, to the Red Crescent’s burial department."

      It must be hard to think about where Israel is headed and what it will mean for the people there- even if they appear hard hearted or traumatised or whatever to the outside world - most are misinformed and they don't deserve the leaders they choose....

      I think that must be the most difficult thing about moving away from the Israeli consensus - leaving Yossi Israeli behind intellectually and wondering what is going to happen to him. When it is your people I imagine there are no easy choices.

      The walrus story in Alaska reminds me of Israel - how they are huddled together for safety , how it appears dangerous to strike out alone , how the bigger picture is changing and past behavior is no longer suitable for the challenges of the future, how hard it is to know what to do

      link to

    • 'But I would ask: just how new is this “neo-Zionism”? Is it not the Zionism of what used to be the “extremist” ultra-nationalist fringe, now elevated to the status of a new near-consensus? Is it not a bolder Zionism that dares to say openly what used to be hidden in embarrassed silence?"

      Neo Zionism is Shavit. It's "yes the Nakba was dreadful but we are going to fukc Gaza over right now because we are Jewish"
      It is a further iteration of Zionism that tries to be more PR friendly. Shamir could never have been on MS whatever that cable channel is

      "Few of these details are known to the Israeli electorate, and even if better known would likely do little to alter the conclusion most Israelis have drawn: there is no Palestinian partner for peace. In the words of a leading promoter of this view, Ari Shavit, a columnist with the liberal daily Haaretz who identifies himself as a member of the Zionist left: “To this day Abbas has not responded positively to the offer of 100 percent made to him by…Olmert.” In a column about the futility of further negotiations, Shavit wrote: “Shimon Peres, Ehud Barak and Tzipi Livni offered the whole world to the Palestinians, and the Palestinians were not satisfied.”"

      What matters now in Zionism is those outside the tent. Because the tent is falling apart.

  • 'Ethnic cleansing for a better world' -- Richard Cohen says Palestinians brought the Nakba on themselves
    • WJones

      I don't see why Israel should be sui generis. Israelis have soldiers but very little soul in the sense of a moral link to the best of Judaism. It's like a reversion of the famous line in that Killers song "I've got soul but I'm not a soldier"
      link to

      and it becomes more like Baker St "So many soldiers (people) and it's got no soul".

      link to

      Are you still with me ?

      Gerry Rafferty would identify the Israel problem very easily
      "another year and then you'll be happy but you're (shooting and) crying now"

      Going back to the Killers (the band, not the IDF)
      "All the things that I've done" suggests they'll keep on pummeling Gaza while ignoring the big picture

      When there's nowhere else to run
      Is there room for one more massacre (son)

      Just like the Killers, they have the hand out, expecting unlimited political cover and victory in social media

      Help me out
      Yeah, you know you got to help me out
      Yeah, oh don't you put me on the backburner
      You know you got to help me out

      All the things they've done suggest that Israel can't stop the destructive behavior And if it can't hold on, if it can't hold on, why would it be special ?

      Zionism may just have to be opened up. Take out the cruel IDF heart and see if it can be reset.

    • Monoculture is stupid IMO. Cuts out too much potential.
      Spain shouldn't have expelled its Jews- England didn't and England did much better in the 17th century.

    • Anyone could say in the case of Poland that while the Holocaust was seen as distasteful at the time it was for best in the long run. But what would be the point ?

    • After the Reich is a very detailed riposte to the notion that the ethnic cleansing of the Germans was the right thing to do.

      link to

      "A nation in tatters, in many places literally flattened by bombs, was suddenly subjected to brutal occupation by vengeful victors. According to recent estimates, as many as two million German women were raped by Soviet occupiers. General Eisenhower denied the Germans access to any foreign aid, meaning that German civilians were forced to subsist on about 1,200 calories a day. (American officials privately acknowledged at the time that the death rate amongst adults had risen to four times the pre-war levels; child mortality had increased tenfold). With the authorization of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, over four million Germans were impressed into forced labor. General George S. Patton was so disgusted by American policy in post-war Germany that he commented in his diary, “It is amusing to recall that we fought the revolution in defense of the rights of man and the civil war to abolish slavery and have now gone back on both principles"

      Although an astonishing 2.5 million ordinary Germans were killed in the post-Reich era, few know of this traumatic history. There has been an unspoken understanding amongst historians that the Germans effectively got what they deserved as perpetrators of the Holocaust. First ashamed of their national humiliation at the hands of the Allies and Soviets, and later ashamed of the horrors of the Holocaust, Germans too have remained largely silent – a silence W.G. Sebald movingly described in his controversial book On the Natural History of Destruction."

      Israel still acts out the trauma of WW2. Anyone who saw what they did to Gaza this summer can see that.
      Cordyceps Nazi I would call it.

    • "If I were writing at the time, I would have condemned it vociferously. But it would have worked. Israel would now be as Jewish as the Czech Republic is Czech or Hungary is Hungarian."

      they always bring up this argument. By the same token presumably Cohen would have vociferously condemned the Spanish expulsion of the Jews in 1492 vociferously. It worked..for a while . Spain was as Spanish as a nation of chorizo eaters could be. They really went overboard on the pork.

      But the ethnic cleansing was at the long term cost of its economic health. It came into empire and began a long decline 150 years later. Nobody to grease the wheels of trade.
      By 1790 Spain was like Iraq is now. Goya painted it.

      Hungary could really do with its Jews now. The Czechs got the Sudetenland but they'll never catch up economically with Germany.

      And Cohen's argument- that ethnically pure is where it's at- is diametrically opposite to the argument that will be needed against the fascists when the global economy takes its next nosedive and people ask why we need Jews in Galut.

    • Actually, ethnic cleansing in 1948 set Israel on the road to today. There is just no way to turn off the trauma that brutal violence unleashes on a society. The damage lingers long after the last person has been tortured to death and the guns put away.
      Israelis are fearful, closed, cruel and untrusting as a collective and the continual use of violence as a tool of public policy has a lot to do with that.

      It is extremely ignorant to say that the Nakba made Israel into a better place. The reverse is the case.

      Israel reminds me of Siena's allegory of bad government.

      link to

    • "Cohen says that by resisting the Zionist movement to take their lands, the Palestinians gave the Jewish immigrants, with their “advanced culture,” no choice but to force them from their homes. "

      For some reason this reminds me of ISIS driving Yazidi "pagans" from their homes .

      Anyway, what an advanced culture Israel has today. Where is it in the PISA tables? Why does Israel have such a problem with cults that prey on young orthodox girls ? Why did only 5% of Israeli Jews oppose the recent slaughter in Gaza ? Why can't anyone come up with decent hasbara any more ?

  • Over 250 anthropologists join the call for a boycott of Israeli academic institutions
    • Normally I would support this sort of boycott on the grounds of Israel's moral turpitude but given that it's anthropologists I wonder if the need to study the fascinating anthropology of Israeli Hebrew speakers and how they see their world in their inimitable all f*cked up style wouldn't outweigh the benefit of the boycott. Because if whatever they are exhibiting could be named maybe we could start to fix it.

  • Netanyahu at the United Nations: Hamas, Iran, ISIS and 100 cheering Israelis
    • History began in 1948. 4 generations is a very long link for bots to Israel.

    • All Iran has to do is look next door to see what happened. 3 American wars in less than 30 years.

    • I really don't think it is good for the soi disant King of the Jews to adopt such an anti Islam stance. It can't be "good for the Jews". Did Hillel ever say anything about arseholes in leadership positions ?

  • US friends of Israeli army stage fundraisers with NBA teams and NY rabbi
    • That Torah for the day encapsulates the Jewish prison. How to triangulate between tribalist violence and the wisdom of the elders while ignoring the moral content of the books.
      Donneil Hartman was mentioned. He used to write crap like that every week in Haaretz. It can be summarised as good Jews who do dirty things.

  • NYT's opening to a 'fringe voice' excites rage from Israeli army, journalism, business leaders
    • link to

      "The ranking member of the House Appropriations Committee asked the U.S. Department of Education to ensure that college programs receiving federal funds not include an anti-Israel bias.
      In a letter sent Monday to Education Secretary Arne Duncan, Rep. Nita Lowey (D-N.Y.), requested that standards of accountability be adopted so that any college or university receiving federal Title VI funding not have an anti-Israel slant.
      “Incidents of anti-Semitism have spiked worldwide in recent months, including many that were borne out of protests against Israel’s acts of self-defense against the terrorist group Hamas,” Lowey stated in the letter. “It is vital to ensure that academic programs do not become tilted against Israel in a way that engenders anti-Semitism or criticism of Israel that devolves into the defamation of the Jewish people.”

      That won't stop Jewish soldiers killing themselves

      link to
      "Three soldiers who fought in this summer’s war in the Gaza Strip have committed suicide over the last month. In addition, a reservist called up for service in the north during the war to replace regular troops who were sent to Gaza committed suicide during his reserve duty, shortly after arriving at his base about two months ago"

      That's one soldier for each dead teenager . I hope the IDF hunt down and kill those responsible.

    • When the people on the NYT comments
      Get up and tell you where to go
      And you've just had some kind of Ziocaine
      And your mind is moving low
      Go ask Bibi
      He's a know nothing

      When logic and proportion
      Have fallen Hebrew dead
      And the Dersh is talking backwards
      And Geller’s off her head
      Remember what the dormouse said;
      Feed your head
      Fuck Zionism

    • "Radical left" is such a bot giveaway. Atticus Finch would be classed as a radical left extremist in Israel.

    • The people over at +972 are very impressive. They really understand Zionist psychosis and they haven't had their sense of morality surgically removed.

      "The silent majority of #Israelis represented by @lilacsigan responding to @nytopinion About how Israel treats dissent"

      They are the same silent majority who needed 24/7 gore in August. The silent majority who stayed schtum all the years YESHA was being built.

      Israel respects all dissent and if you disagree Lerner will kick your head in.

  • The Greater Gaza Plan: Is Israel trying to force Palestinians into Sinai?
    • The Palestinians were resistant to disease and alcohol and the white settlers from over the sea chose their site on the edge of Asia, surrounded by 100 million Muslims. Thanksgiving prolly won't be celebrated 300 years on. The key parameters are very different.

    • Staying put is their right. Relocation would kill them. That is their land and nobody takes them out of it, even if thry see it as a kindness. I met a Palestinian working in a Lebanese restaurant in London once. He told me he was from Haifa. He still isn't allowed to visit Haifa. Staying in Gaza is better than that. It is not about money. It is about the life of the Palestinian people and the descent into madness of the sabras.

    • The issue is larger than "are there enough shekels to educate Israel's children". The issue is "do they want to educate" Israel's children. And the answer is "no".

    • Whatever Israel does to Gaza will be visited on the Sabras eventually, assuming they are still around. Zero sum games tend to work like that.
      And the future is going to be awfully long while the notion that history has ended is not likely to provide any comfort.

    • The Sinai is mostly desert so wouldn't be able to support much of a population even if it had a bigger area than Gaza. Where would the water come from? Gaza is entitled to the water from the aquifer.

      I think the bots seriously underestimate what the inevitable collapse of Gaza into a pit of disease is going to mean for the wider Judaism. Pottery Barn rules will apply and it'll be very hard to whine about WW2.

      Israel is a middle aged man who is slowly going insane.

  • ISIS wants us to come in and bomb Arabs (Rouhani and Matthews agree)
    • Frum is a funny name for a warmonger. It comes from the German word for "pious" .

    • ISIS play the US like a violin

      link to

      "The turning point was the beheadings last month of two US journalists by members of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, or Isis. Once videos of their killings were posted on the internet by Isis, their deaths amounted to virtual public executions.
      Bill McInturff, a Republican-aligned pollster who along with a Democratic colleague conducts the closely watched Wall Street Journal/NBC poll, said the change in public opinion had been “sudden”. That poll showed 61 per cent of respondents thought military action against Isis was in America’s national interest."

      Chelsea Manning has it right

      link to
      As a strategy to disrupt the growth of Isis, I suggest focusing on four arenas:
      • Counter the narrative in online Isis recruitment videos – including professionally made videos and amateur battle selfies – to avoid, as best as possible, the deliberate propaganda targeting of desperate and disaffected youth. This would rapidly prevent the recruitment of regional and western members.
      • Set clear, temporary borders in the region, publicly. This would discourage Isis from taking certain territory where humanitarian crises might be created, or humanitarian efforts impeded.
      • Establish an international moratorium on the payment of ransom for hostages, and work in the region to prevent Isis from stealing and taxing historical artifacts and valuable treasures as sources of income, and especially from taking over the oil reserves and refineries in Bayji, Iraq. This would disrupt and prevent Isis from maintaining stable and reliable sources of income.
      • Let Isis succeed in setting up a failed “state” – in a contained area and over a long enough period of time to prove itself unpopular and unable to govern. This might begin to discredit the leadership and ideology of Isis for good.
      Eventually, if they are properly contained, I believe that Isis will not be able to sustain itself on rapid growth alone, and will begin to fracture internally. The organization will begin to disintegrate into several smaller, uncoordinated entities – ultimately failing in their objective of creating a strong state.
      But the world just needs to be disciplined enough to let the Isis fire die out on its own, intervening carefully and avoiding the cyclic trap of “mission creep”. This is certainly a lot to ask for. But Isis is wielding a sharp, heavy and very deadly double-edged sword. Now just wait for them to fall on it.

    • "And he says jihad is rooted deeply in Islam"

      Maybe if Jihad been rooted in Judaism in the 30s certain tragedies wouldn't have happened .
      Muslims know how to defend themselves against capitalism.

  • Can the US Congress bring justice for the Palestinians?: A response to Robert Naiman

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