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"Either we are all sacred or none of us is" - Paul Fourhorns Tenoso "One has to bear in mind that Israelis live in a largely mythic world, a somewhat modified and vastly simplified version of the Iliad. In this starkly polarized vision of reality, in which Israelis are by definition innocent victims of dark, irrational forces operating against them, heroic death in war always makes sense, and violent coercion is the option both of necessity and of choice. The Hebrew proverb says: “If force doesn’t work, use more force.” jon s November 16, 2014, 6:56 am "Hophmi, for participating in efforts to promote Jewish-Muslim understanding , is ridiculed, while Max and David , for spreading lies and promoting hatred , are to be admired." I just think Judaism needs to get back to that justice setting.

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  • What is Hamas thinking?
    • The deaths of these settlers won't change anything. Israel isn't interested in peace and 4 dead settlers are far less important than Yesha and the colonisation of what remains of Palestine. The settlement machine builds on and nobody can stop it . The Palestinians were supposed to have melted into history by now. Israel still has no answer to the question of what happens the Palestinians . Building more settlements will destroy Israel but try telling that to Israel.

  • Abunimah on settler murders: security for all
    • "Did SF describe IRA bombings as heroic? "

      Presumably an attempt to put down Hamas by comparing to a far more noble outfit. As it happens, the murderers of the IRA were celebrated across Northern Ireland and sponsored across the Irish bars of the US. Not by everyone since not everyone in the community believed in violence. Certainly not at 95% levels as was the case during "Cast Lead" in Israel.

      What I found interesting was the settler hasbara. the latest meme :

      "Naftali Bennett, director of the Yesha Council, which represents settlers in the West Bank, said in a statement: "This brutal attack again proved that despite what might be going on in Washington right now, the Palestinians have no goal to create a peaceful state for themselves but are entirely driven to destroy our state and our people."

      Nice try, "Naftali".

  • Israeli soldier mocks Palestinian prisoners in Facebook photos
    • What was most striking for me was the second photo. The comparison of the footwear. A poor Palestinian man in sandals versus a Jewish woman with military boots. A stupid Jewish women who thanks to the economic system lords it over the man. Why ?
      Israel use to hide this stuff very successfully. Now the younger generation wants to show off and they show off their values. It’s fascinating. How long more can Israel stumble along in this way?

  • After killing Ziad al-Jilani, Israel now seeks to question his American widow (where is Congress?)
    • The British government has finally acknowledged that 14 people killed in 1972 by the British Army in Northern Ireland were innocent.

      Imagine how far Israeli society has to travel to get to the point that the UK is at today.
      They haven't even started. Israel is still killing innocent Palestinians and calling them terrorists.

      Watch the video

      link to

  • Obama's refusal to jettison the special relationship is an abrogation of his responsibility
    • Very good. Perhaps the only thing to do is to wait for the Dersh and his cohort to die off. By then Israel will be in the cold grip of the Orthodox and most of the thinking Israelis will have abandoned ship.

  • Israel’s cult of victimhood: ‘Barefoot’ soldiers on the high seas
    • "God's chosen people" is a motif that links settler-colonial soceties in northen Ireland, Israel, South Africa and the United States. The Torah adds the cherry on top but the belief in manifest destiny is found elsewhere- it was very prominent in the presbyterian unionist community in northern Ireland and also amongst SA Afrikaners.

      In Zionism's case the state had to be built up from nothing against the existing natural order- Zionism is about scrubbing out 2000 years of history and starting again from scratch because we are chosen by God.
      The problem with Zionism's memes is that in deconstructing them all you are left with is apartheid.

    • Of course you don't. Ben Yehuda was part of the first aliyah. Why was there any need to change the language of the Jews who already lived in Palestine?

      What strikes me about Hebrew is the arrogance of its users. Most Israelis who speak to Palestinians will only speak in Hebrew. It is the language of the conqueror. As if it is an important language. Which it isn't. Only in the Zionist bubble. Nobody else speaks Hebrew. Nobody else reads books in Hebrew. Nobody else listens to songs in hebrew. That's 6.5 billion people.

    • Hebrew has a lot to do with the cult of victimhood. The language was reinvented for a colonial enterprise. Much of the slang comes from the army. Anyone who counts joins the army. The whole worldview is poisoned by the army. The neighbor procedure describes the use of human shields. There are plenty more examples.

      Then nobody else speaks the language. Israel has no linguistic links with any of its neighbours. It truly is an outpost in the desert. There are no meaningful business or cultural links with any of the neighbouring countries. Israel plays soccer with Europe, not Asia.

      The Mizrahi have been fed the bullshit for 62 years and they too now speak of the hatred of the goys. Before they went to Israel none knew what a cossack pogrom was. Israel is like a greenhouse for feelings of persecution. A nation suffering collective PTSD. The national glue is the Shoah and the cult of the fallen soldier. Why are they so hung up on Gilad Shalit ? Because every soldier is precious. Why? Because the whole culture is built around imposing Zionism in an alien territory, around defence and walls and the difference between the world inside the wall and the hateful world outside it. The whole history of Zionist architecture is a history of inch by inch land grab.

      How they got the mizrahi to join with the program is one of the great achievements of the ashkenazis.

  • Farewell Helen Thomas
    • It was the cheapest easiest and laziest thing to do to shunt the problem on to the Palestinians. The Soviets wanted the land and they didn't care about the rest. Gaza is just WW2 continued.

    • Me too. The passage of time does not dull the glaring injustice that was the dispossession of the Palestinians to appease a monstrous crime committed elsewhere.

    • Zionism is too brittle to allow comments such as those of Helen Thomas to proliferate. Nobody, least of all in the US, is supposed to look under the rock of 1948.

  • Flotilla was successful: NBC Nightly News airs searing report on Gaza 'prison'
    • Truly, utterly shameful hasbara around emily Henchowitz who was blinded in one eye by an Israeli soldier and who is descended from holocaust survivors

      link to

      "She went to the demonstration to protest the raid on the flotilla," Kreitman said. "She is not a strong girl, she's an artist, and she lifted a flag with both hands. "To say that she threw something is just a lie. The claim that the teargas canister first hit the wall is an absolute lie. I say this because I saw the video and I also had confirmation from the doctors that it was a direct hit because there are burns on her face from the canister."

  • Uri beats narrow escape from crazed rightwingers
    • The US will have to scale down its arrogance when its place in the world is downgraded as was the case with the UK after WW2. Israel has a different challenge to face. Granting Palestinians their rights won't just mean toning down the arrogance. It will mean changing the mental landscape of nearly every Jew in Israel . Many won't want to change. Many will just leave.

  • Jewish group said to prepare boat to go to Gaza
    • Europe is complicit in the torture of Gaza. Without tacit EU support the siege would never have got off the ground. Israel is the leader but has been supported throughout , shamefully, by Europe.

      Swedish dockworkers will launch a weeklong blockade of Israeli ships and goods arriving in the Nordic nation to protest Monday's attack on a Gaza-destined aid lotilla.
      Swedish Port Workers Union spokesman Peter Annerback says workers will refuse to handle Israeli goods and ships during the June 15-24 blockade. The union has some 1,500 members and supports Ship to Gaza, which took part in the flotilla

      2 positive developments. Once the workers get onside Israel has no chance.

      link to

      Representatives of the trade union movement said positive action was now needed as a result of Israeli action saying workers around the world were developing a boycott programme of Israeli goods that was now gathering momemtum as a way of supporting the Palestinian people.

      link to

    • The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now. The Zionists have been destroying careers since 1900. Have you read "publish it not", Taxi? It deals with this dirty subject in some depth.

  • The withering of liberal Zionism
    • 1948 was supposed to be different. A somehow gentler israel. The palestinians very helpfully just walked off the stage and there it was - the land without a people. Israel hasn't changed in 62 years. It has always been about killing and expelling the other in order to make a nice Jewish space where people can pretend to be pioneers and left wingers. For a long time there was unqualifying support from Jews everywhere. The goys tagged along for ages too but now the hasbara is getting very ragged. How come Gaza has 1.5 million people 80% of whom survive on less than $2 per day anyway ? It must be their culture. Nothing to do with Israel. Nothing to see. Move along please.

  • Updates on the MV Rachel Corrie
    • Have a look at for a good laugh

      Israel is really trying hard on the hasbara but it has lost the argument.
      Most of the Israeli message is incoherent. They are going to back down on Gaza sooner or later. The world doesn't see the Israeli point.

    • Cheryl

      In arabic the Palestinians say "Allah ya'teek al afya". May god give you the health to keep on doing what you are doing.

    • This is going to be made into a film. With Cate Blanchett as Rachel Corrie's ghost and Russell Crowe as the formerly misguided Israeli navy officer who has a last minute change of heart and lets the boat through thus going against his deluded people but saving the day for justice. They probably won't show any of the Gaza hijabs though.

    • Jon Snow

      tony snow is hasbara

    • Israel has gone to the war on terror well far too often. The meme is way beyond its sell by date.

  • Remembering the dead and the Rachel Corrie’s mission
    • Israel can't win. The lies take up too much time, too much space, too much energy. Israel can't stop the compassion that people feel when they see the victims of Israeli injustice. Israel can't hoodwink its own people indefinitely either. Something has to give. It will be Israel that gives. There can be no other way.

  • An Israeli military investigation of the flotilla attack will not suffice
  • What about the Turkish charity's alleged links to terrorists?
    • The hasbara was planned at the same time as the use of lethal force. Israel has form in this. There was deir Yassin, villagers murdered pour encourager les autres. Great hasbara too. Same thing in Sabra and Shatila. More carnage and the hasbara is still mentioned today by those on Ziocaine. Remember the hasbara that followed the Qana massacre in 1996 ? And who can forget the lies that accompanied the brutal assault on Gaza in 2009?

      Meanwhile it's great hasbara but it makes the soldiers of the world's most moral army look like the losers they are.Talk about the IDF shooting itself in the foot

      link to

      Al Qaeda is Israel's magic worrd. the retraction of the al qaeda allegation today was shameless.

      If things ever get so bad in Israel that the mizrahi have to be shafted in order to save Zionism you can bet your bottom dollar that the IDF will spin against them using the same slimy hasbara we have seen in action this week.

  • MV Rachel Corrie due to reach Gaza within hours. “The world is watching” — Mustafa Barghouthi
    • It is wonderful that the ship is named Rachel Corrie. She will never be forgotten.

      Israel is onto a loser here. They can do whatever they want to the Rachel corrie (just like they did to the real Rachel) but they can't stop the boats coming. As the great intellectual Mel Gibson character said in Braveheart, "you can take ma life but you cannae take ma FREEDOM. "

      Israel has a lot of very valuable trade deals with the EU that are going to come into question if Israel keeps carrying on like this for much longer. Nobody in europe actually needs anything from Israel. It's not like the produce is unique or irreplaceable.

  • Israel is becoming a liability for the United States
    • Aliyeh has been dead for several years. Israel has milked all it can of Jews who want to live in Israel. There are no more. Not even Russians.

  • Netanyahu now under siege by American Zionists, including Wieseltier
  • 'MV Rachel Corrie' said to turn around so as to be fitted with video equipment
    • It's an Irish ship. I am so proud of them. Ireland has been on the side of justice for the Palestinians since long before Sabra and Shatila.

  • ‘Mad dog’ diplomacy: A cornered Israel is baring its teeth
    • Dayan also gave some canine advice regarding the Palestinians- “treat them like dogs- those who want to can leave” he said. 62 years of that as official policy and you get Gaza. Except the “dogs” didn’t leave. And they now outnumber the "humans"

  • Israel's spin won't work this time
    • Back in the Pale of settlement in the good old days of diaspora the response to any political news was the question "is this good for the Jews ? ". The Foxman line on the Gaza killings is not good for Jews.

    • look at this for spin

      link to

      Jewish Republicans and Democrats show rare sign of unity in support of Gaza flotilla raid
      Both Democrats and Republicans believe Israel had the right to defend itself and back blockade on Gaza.
      By Natasha Mozgovaya Tags: Gaza flotilla Israel news
      Jewish Republicans and Democrats in the U.S. gave a rare demonstration of unity on Wednesday when they backed Israel's raid of a Gaza-bound humanitarian aid flotilla, despite the fatal clashes on a Turkish-flagged ship which left nine activists dead and several people wounded.
      “We know that Israel will investigate the matter fully and impartially, as it has done in the past”, said Ira Forman, CEO of the National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC).
      “However, every nation has a right to self-defense and Israel is no exception. Israel has a responsibility to enforce its naval blockade as a means to protect its citizens from the ever-present threat of weapons entering the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip - weapons that historically have been trained on Israeli civilians and soldiers alike, "he said, adding that "those around the world who are so quick to judge Israel should pause and reflect upon how they would react if challenged under similar circumstances.."
      Forman commended U.S. President Barack Obama for his tempered response to the incident, and said that “the American Jewish community should also understand the role that our government has played.”
      “It appears that President Obama is the only world leader to give Israel the benefit of the doubt regarding this unfortunate incident. Through its actions, the Obama Administration has made it clear that a biased investigation into the matter will not be tolerated and that Israel's enemies will not be able to use this incident as a tool to delegitimize the Jewish State."
      Matthew Brooks, Executive Director of the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) didn’t give Obama as much credit for his support and said that this was "no time to make demands of Israel."

      “This violence would not have occurred if those aboard the vessels coming from Turkey were what they said they were - non-violent peace activists”, Brooks said, and added that "we urge the Obama administration to make it clear that it will veto any condemnation of Israel's actions in this matter in the UN Security Council”. Meanwhile, Anti-Defamation League leaders Robert G Sugarman and Abraham H. Foxman called for “the leaders of every nation who seek peace” to condemn the flotilla organizers. “It is deeply disturbing that the leaders of the flotilla and their sponsors were willing to engage in an elaborate sham as a pretext for ambushing and violently attacking Israeli military personnel," they said in a statement. "As the international community is engaged in a biased rush to judgment against Israel and a diplomatic lynching, now is the time for the United States to firmly stand with the Jewish state and its people," said the statement.
      "The U.S. must show the world that it not only supports Israel’s right to defend its borders and citizens against terrorism, but that it supports Israel’s right to protect itself from people who pretend to be 'peace activists,' and parade under the guise of humanitarians while supporting Hamas and violently attacking Israeli military personnel." Jewish Council for Public Affairs (JCPA) Chairman Conrad Giles and the organization's President Rabbi Steve Gutow, stressed the missed opportunity to prevent the bloody incident. “What is most disconcerting to us is that the deadly raid could have been avoided if those upon the flotilla would have done as asked and docked at the Port of Ashod to allow Israeli officials to review the cargo onboard”, they said in a statement .
      "It is our hope that this weekend’s incident does not complicate the quest for peace, which is a necessary goal for Israel, the Palestinians and the broader Arab world. Unfortunately, this is a goal Hamas violently opposes," the statement added. The World Jewish Congress Statement lambasted the international media for blaming Israel for the deaths of nine activists. “It is deplorable that much of the international media continues to portray such violent activists as humanitarians”, the WJCS stated. “This was a lynch mob, and it is incumbent upon responsible observers to be clear in saying so. "The flotilla was aimed at tightening Hamas control of Gaza under the pretext of providing humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza." The statement added. Like many other organizations, the Christians United for Israel (CUFI), the largest pro-Israel organization in the United States, said they "regret" the loss of life, but state that Israeli soldiers were “viciously attacked." "Israel has a clear record of permitting truly humanitarian aid to flow into Gaza in the past eighteen months," the CUFI statement said.

  • Israel censors the news, again
    • Truth sought amid confusion
      By Tobias Buck in Ashdod

      Published: June 2 2010 03:00 | Last updated: June 2 2010 03:00

      The Mavi Marmara, the ageing Turkish vessel at the centre of the assault on the Gaza flotilla, was berthed in the Israeli port of Ashdod yesterday. Emptied of its cargo and with most of its passengers either in prison or hospital, the ship remained hidden from public view in a secluded spot behind a grain silo

      Just a day before, the upper decks of the passenger ship were the scene of violence and bloodshed. Shortly after 4.30am on Monday, the first Israeli naval commandos started to descend from a helicopter on to the deck. Their mission was to take control of the Turkish ship and five other vessels heading to Gaza in defiance of an Israeli blockade.

      An hour later, at least nine passengers lay dead and many more wounded. Several Israeli commandos were also injured.

      What exactly happened during those crucial moments has become the subject of angry disagreement between Israel and the organisers of the flotilla - and the subject of a full-blown media war.

      Desperate to counter a mounting diplomatic backlash, the Israeli government and army sought to flood the airwaves with their version of events, bolstered by heavily edited footage depicting scenes from the assault. More importantly, the authorities ensured that their narrative gained early dominance by largely silencing the hundreds of activists who were on board during the attack.

      After their capture by the Israelis, people from the vessels could not be reached on their mobile phones, which were confiscated or disabled. Israel has, however, allowed consular staff to visit the activists in jail and hospital.

      Attempts to interview some of the 21 injured people being treated at Barzilai hospital in the Israeli town of Ashkelon were also frustrated. An executive at the hospital said the army had barred journalists from talking to the patients. Soldiers were stationed on the wards to enforce the order.

      The description of the raid that emerges from the Israeli side is straightforward. According to commandos who took part, they were set upon by protesters armed with sticks and knives. Footage released by the Israeli army confirms that the commandos did come under attack, with one apparently thrown down on to a lower deck. Some were reportedly stripped of their handguns, which the army says were later turned on them.

      What is clear is that the commandos were expecting light resistance at worst. The assessment has already been identified by military analysts as a crucial, or even incomprehensible, failing.

      Israeli officials, in any case, insist that the commandos fired only after they came under attack. Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister, asserted that the commandos had merely acted to "defend their lives".

      However, the few accounts to have emerged from the other side paint a different picture. Greta Berlin, a representative of the Free Gaza Movement, said that she and her fellow activists were watching the live stream from the Mavi Marmara when the assault took place. "We saw them come off the helicopter, we saw them turn around, look at each other and then shoot. We were speechless watching this," she said.

      Hanin Zoabi, an ArabIsraeli member of the Israeli parliament, was aboard the Mavi Marmara. He said: "It was clear from the size of the force that boarded the ship that the purpose was not only to stop this [voyage] but to cause the largest possible number of fatalities in order to stop such initiatives in the future."

      Passengers on the other vessels, some of whom were returned to their home countries yesterday, also denounced the Israeli assault. Arriving at Athens airport, Mihalis Grigoropoulos was quoted by Reuters as saying: "We did not resist at all, we couldn't even if we had wanted to. The only thing some people tried was to delay them from getting to the bridge, forming a human shield. They were fired upon with plastic bullets and were stunned with electric devices."

      Mr Grigoropoulos complained of "great mistreatment" after the boarding, saying passengers were held like "animals on the ground" and denied the use of toilets.

      The row is certain to rage for days. Almost the only thing on which both sides can agree is that the confrontation in the media, though bloodless, is no less important than the clash on the high seas.

    • Another good FT article, a leader from yesterday

      Israel is lost at sea
      Published: May 31 2010 19:12 | Last updated: May 31 2010 19:12

      With Monday’s brazen act of piracy, Israel dealt a blow to the legitimacy of its own struggle. The killing of activists aboard the captured ships sent Israel’s way of defending its security, which it was already imperative to return within the bounds of international law, hurtling into lawlessness.
      Israel claims the activists had links with extremist groups and that some attacked Israeli soldiers with knives and sticks (and in some accounts the odd light firearm). Even if true, this would not justify the illegal capture of civilian ships carrying humanitarian aid in international waters, let alone the use of deadly force.

      Outrageous as this behaviour was, the true outrage is the illegal blockade of Gaza that it enforced. Since the January 2009 Gaza war, which exposed Israel’s determination to destroy Hamas’s capabilities regardless of the cost to innocent Palestinians, Israel and Egypt have colluded to prevent the enclave’s reconstruction. According to the United Nations, three-quarters of the damage has not been repaired and 60 per cent of homes do not have enough food.
      The ostensible goal is to weaken Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood offshoot that rules Gaza (and whose Egyptian incarnation is Hosni Mubarak’s only real opposition). But the blockade aimed at crushing it, besides the illegal collective punishment it implies, only shores up Hamas’s support. If Israel and Egypt wanted to turn Gaza into a mafia-run statelet, they could hardly do better than sever any alternatives to Hamas’s smuggling network, leaving the population even more at its mercy.
      Hamas engages in terrorism and fires occasional rockets into Israel, but it is an example of that rarest of Middle Eastern species: a popularly elected government. It has also signed up to the 2002 comprehensive peace offer by the Arab League and the Organisation of the Islamic Conference. If this is a bluff, it is one Israel has yet to call. That is what this is ultimately about. Israel’s government has been pretending it is ready to negotiate for peace, but that there is no one to negotiate with on the other side. The attack on the blockade-busters lays bare the country’s slide into contempt for international law, intolerance of dissent and wilful sabotage of viable representation for Palestinians.
      Israel has always known the importance of its conduct being judged legal by the world’s leading powers. Those powers – in the body of the Quartet and the UN Security Council – must now make clear it has gone too far.

    • Here it is, Colin

      No sooner had the deadly raid on aid ships bound for Gaza ended, with nine activists dead, than Israel’s public relations machine was in full swing.

      As no one could reach the activists on board to get their side of the story – they were being held incommunicado – Israel had the space to put out its narrative for 24 hours.

      However many doubts this raised, it bought Israel time. The United Nations Security Council, which like everyone else did not have all the facts, called for an “impartial” investigation and condemned “acts” that led to the tragic deaths.

      But whether Israel’s damage control will be as efficient as in past debacles remains to be seen.

      Those on the ships – Turks, Europeans and Americans as well as Israelis and Palestinians – cannot be dismissed as “terrorists” with ties to Iran. Determined as they were to break the three-year blockade on Gaza, their voices will not be easily silenced.

      Even if Israel’s narrative is challenged, however, its policymakers will be counting on the exceptional international tolerance of Israeli actions to ensure the outrage subsides, as it often does.

      Remember the Dubai debacle of a few months ago, when Emirati officials accused Israel’s Mossad of killing a senior military commander from Hamas, the Islamist group that rules the Gaza Strip? Yes, there was an outcry, but much of it centred on the agents use of fake European passports – not that they had killed on another country’s soil.

      And remember the Goldstone report? The findings of the panel chaired by Richard Goldstone, a South African jurist, that Israel, as well as Hamas, committed war crimes in the December 2008 assault on Gaza, represented unusually harsh criticism. But it has not led to retribution.

      Perhaps Israeli policymakers feel that, however botched the assault on the aid ships, the blockade has been enforced.

      As Danny Ayalon, the deputy foreign minister, said on Monday, allowing the ships to reach Gaza would have opened a corridor Israel fears could be used for smuggling arms into the territory.

      The problem, however, is that Israel often trades perceived short-term gains for longer-term strategic losses. And governments that turn a blind eye to its blunders reinforce this dangerous trade-off.

      For one thing, the raid has turned the spotlight on the plight of the 1.5m residents of Gaza, fuelling calls for the lifting of a crippling blockade Israel has so forcefully backed.

      The International Crisis Group, an independent advocacy body, said the Israeli attack represented an indictment of a policy for which Israel does not bear sole responsibility.

      “Many in the international community have been complicit in a policy that aimed at isolating Gaza in the hope of weakening Hamas. This policy is morally appalling and politically self- defeating,” it said.

      The impact of the attack on the aid flotilla extends much further. Israel’s relations with Turkey, once a valuable Muslim ally, have suffered perhaps irreparable damage (three of the six ships carried Turkish flags). And the Jewish state’s standing in the court of international public opinion has fallen.

      Perhaps most detrimental to Israel is that the raid will deepen the anger in the Arab and Muslim world towards a state widely perceived to act with impunity. It matters little what the real facts are – Israel has just fed its enemies new fodder to agitate against it. Hamas quickly urged Muslims to “rise up” in protest and Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad predicted the attack would bring Israel even closer to its demise.

      The Iranian president must know the raid will make it harder for the US to convince hesitant Security Council members – let alone Muslim communities – that Iran must be held accountable for breaching international obligations. As Bradley Burston wrote in the Israeli daily Haaretz: “Keen to have the world focus on Iran and the threat it poses to the people of Israel, [prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu] must recognise that the world is now focused on Israel and the threat it poses to the people of Gaza.”

  • Hair-curling demo in support of flotilla raid outside Turkish embassy in Tel Aviv
    • Gods chosen is a sock puppet working from the same hand as david siden by the looks of things.

      Here is a very good editorial in cheese eating surrender monkey french. Israel is a rudderless power.

      link to

      a diplomatic defeat, a moral defeat for Israel. Looking at Liberman today I couldn't help thinking he is the deaf and blind leader of a deaf and blind people.

  • Facing armed attack in international waters
    • Israel can't afford to lift the siege. there is too much political capital riding on it. If the siege is lifted Hamas gets a boost that will kill Fatah. sumud, defiance, whatever. The killing was designed to send a message to anyone else thinking of joining a ship- pour encourager les autres.

  • Propaganda on the Tennis Channel during rain delay at the French Open
    • It'll be 5 years closer to the end. Sanctions will be 5 years closer. The Dersh will be in a nursing home and his generation of Israel blowhards will be slowly bowing out and the new breed will be far more critical of Israel .
      Short Israel. Who is going to buy it long? The Orthodox and the settlers have no money.

    • The anti Zionist mood in the air is ratcheting up nicely. I can only imagine what it will be like in 5 years' time. In Ha'aretz they say Israel's next war is very near. That'll just turn off another wave of Americans. Maybe we can start thinking in terms of aliyehs. Phil Weiss could have been part of the the first wave of aliyeh above Zionism. then Cast Lead brought about the second wave of aliyeh. And so on

  • A tree burns in Palestine
    • They were never farmers. Thjey don't understand the Palestinian attachment to the land. The pathetic love of the people of Balata refugee camp for the land on which the camp is built is not understood by Zionism. "Let them live like dogs, those who want to can leave" was Dayan's advice on how to deal with the Palestinians. Life as a dog is better than life as an exile and Gaza is proof of that. That is why Zionism cannot win. The land means everything to a people that have nothing, not even their rights.

    • Burning and destroying olive trees wipes out what many families base their livelihoods on. I remember reading about Kristallnacht which was more or the less the same thing.

      I met a Palestinian farmer in 2003 who university educated 4 children in Nablus, Jerusalem and Amman on the crop from one grove of olive trees which Israel destroyed that year. That is Zionism, yonira. It's today a hateful ideology. Yesha takes precedence over human decency.

      Bilin will be there long after hasbara is retired from use.

    • Why would Gaza need 10 million water purification tablets?
      Here in shangri la PR land there is no mention of them

      link to

      No mention either of 600 calories per person per day. For how long more can Israel realistically survive? For as long as people don't know about what it is doing? How long will that be?

  • It wasn't Edward Said that upset the students; it was the very word 'Palestinian'
    • That way, they are learning the language of the enemy so that they can defeat it.
      Zionism doesn't do coexistence. It's why it's destined to fail. You can't win forever. Especially if the demographics are against you. And you try to run a first world economy in a ghetto where your main customers in the world outside are slowly turning against you on behavioural grounds including white phosphorous.

  • Qumsiyeh: we're reaching the 'endgame' of an anti-colonialist struggle
    • I think the explosion of media since the late 90s, especially the internet, has been a disaster for Israel which previously seems to have been blindsided into thinking that it could get away with its inhuman treatment of the Palestinians for ever.

      Anyone who ever goes to the West Bank can see that the whole setup is wrong but the internet now allows people to make up their minds from the comfort of their own homes.

      the other killer blow for Israel was the dependence on a uber successful cohort of Jewish American Zionists who are now getting too old to be of an relevance to the future and who will not be replaced by a similarly driven younger cohort. When I see Dershowitz today I see my weakening grandfather, not an intellectual monolith.

      Israel is going to lose. The question now is what can be saved. Israel still has choices today. It won't always have choices.

  • Religious quota
    • The new york Review is superb on many subjects but a waste of space when it comes to the slow car crash that is the Israel of the moment . I can't ever recall having seen a Palestinian article in the Review. David Shulman is about as good as it gets. He's good but he's not enough and he's not Palestinian. They'll print bullshit by Tom Segev implying that the story is finished and that Israel has won and that's it, period. They'll analyse a thug like Lieberman. I've never seen any interviews with Hamas or anyone look a few years into the future and see what is likely to happen to Zionist supremacism. Malley and Agha are very poor as well. Israel/Palestine is going to change beyond all recognition in the next decade as Israel steers further to the right and deeper into inhumanity. Imagine what Israel will be doing to Gaza in 20202 if current trends continue. The Review doesn't cover any of this.

      It's not as if other publications are much better. The Guardian has its regular Jonathan Freedland analysis of Israeli politics. Pass the sick bag.

  • US aid for Palestinian roads facilitates hateful Israeli system of separate roadways
    • Interesting article. Zionism is an organism that appears to be in complete control of its environment. the machine works in so many different ways and the Palestinians have been sliced and diced with foreign aid and it looks wonderful and there is no stopping the expansion of YESHA because it can't be stopped because the organism is in complete control. Until it's too late. I'm going to watch the whole car crash for as long as it takes. It's going to get very ugly for Israel.

  • Rashid Khalidi: Under Obama 'there has been no real change in the fatally flawed policies of the U.S. in the region'
    • I was going through a load of articles I saved from 2005 on and dividing them into themes like Israel/Palestine, the War on terror, the environment, etc. I came to the 2006 stuff and there was the Palestinian election and a comment by a Guardian journalist that said hopefully the world would engage with Hamas and deliver the Palestinians from their suffering. Shortly afterwards Israel killed 18 people in an attack on Beit Hanoun in Gaza which was just a prelude to the slaughter of Cast Lead. Nobody in 2006 could have expected a siege lasting 4 years with no sign of ending. The behaviour of the EU and the Obama administration has been shameful.
      It is like Gideon Levy says. Each year the occupation becomes more cruel. What was unimaginable ten years is now par for the course. 10 years hence we will look on now as a gentler time.

      I like the line about Zionism and reality. Zionism is essentially a fantasy. The idea that you can plant a Jewish state in the eastern Med. was and remains a delusion, regardless of the weapons.

      I saw a picture in the FT today of 2 prominent Jews- the CEO and Chairman of Goldman Sachs. What's going to happen when those now in power give way to the next generation? Will Israel still be top of the list ?

  • In the Jewish democracy, Arab parties aren't ever considered for the governing coalition
    • "Shouldn’t Americans know this, when we praise our shared values and the only democracy in the Middle East? "

      "Shouldn’t Americans know this, when we praise our shared values and the only democracy in the Middle East? "

      American values in the Middle East are oil and dictatorship. Freedom and democracy are for the people of the centre, not people on the periphery like Arabs. If the US were interested in freedom it wouldn't have destroyed Nasser and given diplomatic cover to 42 years of Israel's land grab.

      Israel is a sham democracy. Democracy in Israel was only made possible thanks to ethnic cleansing. Israel has not extended the vote to 3.5 million stateless Palestinians- that right in the West Bank is reserved for Jews.

  • The next 'special relationship'?
    • Israel will never make it with China.
      The US relationship is unique. The Chinese don't care about the supposedly unique event that was the Holocaust. They had their own holocausts during the Mao years.

    • Israel and China have lots in common

      The West Bank as Xinjiang

      "The Uighurs, like the Tibetans – both Xinjiang and Tibet are known as autonomous regions rather than provinces – feel politically and economically disenfranchised. Neither group aspires to be part of a country and society that does not appear to accept them as equals, and that they do not want to join anyway."

      Palestinians as Uighurs

      "According to official Xinjiang statistics, the income gap between Han-dominated urban and Uighur-dominated rural areas widened from 2.1 times in 1980 to 3.24 times in 2007"
      The difference between Israeli Jews and Gazans is more like 20 to 1

      Educational discrimination

      “Everything is organised in an unfair way at school,” says Abulaiti, a 15-year-old. “The teachers always think the Han are the better students. And they look down on us,” he says.
      Check out the latest adalah video to see what happens in Israel.

      This is the strongest Israel-china link

      China as modernity, Israel as progress

      "The government points instead to privileges for minorities, such as the exemption from Beijing’s strict one-child policy and easier university access. But once those children enter school and university, they are served a curriculum that treats their ethnic groups with an almost colonialist perspective. According to the official narrative, the communist revolution of 1949 rescued them from a life of misery. “Before liberation, Xinjiang’s economy and culture was totally backward, the life of the minorities was very difficult, culture, education and hygiene were extremely desolate,” says Wu Fuhuan, head of the Xinjiang academy of social sciences"

      link to

  • What the 'Jewish state' means to its Palestinian citizens
    • The video shows one of Israel's growing problems. The Arabs who is 1948 were traumatised peasants are now getting organised. And nobody who has any sense of his or her rights can accept what Zionism as practised today means. The whole ideology is bankrupt. Fabulous video. Imagine if the cotton states had that technology back in the 20s.

  • When will the US press show us what annexed East Jerusalem looks like?
    • Israel can't stop building settlements. There is a dynamic of ultra Orthodox housing that won't be tolerated in West Jerusalem that is moved to East Jerusalem and it can't be stopped. Part of the problem is the Zionist/Messianic view that history has ended with the Jews as the winners. Another angle is general Israeli 'it will all work out' sloppiness.
      Israelis are not ready for the inevitable endgame in the occupation- the binational state. Equal rights for Palestinians are simply not part of the Israeli discourse, a tragic mistake for Zionism.

  • Also he speaks of Zionism in the past tense
    • The Israeli aesthetic is pretty ugly. The only decent buildings in Jerusalem were built by Arabs. link to

      Tel Aviv is no better. The Zionist respect for the environment comes very low on a priority list that starts and ends with subjugation. Remember the Maccabi games bridge collapse? Several Aussies died because the river was so dirty.

  • Netanyahu misreads the moment, totally
    • It's not sustainable because ultimately it's based on contempt. That is no formula for longevity. Zionism has passed its sell by date. End of. the next 10 years are going to be very hard for anyone with the Zionist Weltanschauung.

  • Translating Obama, and Netanyahu
    • Destroying Israel as a Jewish ethnocracy. Have you read "the Jewish prison" by Jean Daniel ? Isrel is heading into uncharted territory. The world expects a Palestinian state and Israel has spent the last 42 years strangling the possibility of a Palestinian state. Meanwhile you have over a million Ultra Orthodox who believe they are G-d's gift to humanity. The cruelty inherent in the Occupation would be impossible without the chosen people angle. How to shift Israel onto a human rights framework, the one the rest of the world (or at least Israel's key trading partners) operates on is going to be the defining challenge for Israel.

    • Israel's security is sacrosanct because Israel was chosen by G-d. Election by G-d is the whole problem with the Ultra Orthodox settlers. They don't work because studying Torah is the ultimate expression of the Jewish bond with G-d. They have to be housed and secular Israeli Jews don't want them in their nice neighbourhoods. The answer is free land in the West Bank. Human rights mean nothing if you have been chosen by G-d to fulfil a covenant. Israel has been feeding this bullshit to these people for the last 62 years. It is very hard to see how Israel can reverse out of this cul de sac without destroying the country.

  • Bromwich: Hebron must remind Americans of Montgomery
    • Hebron is worse than Montgomery 1965. By 1965 the worst excesses of Jim Crow and the nightriders had passed. It's more like the Cotton Belt in the 1890s when lynchings ran at over one hundred per year and tens of thousands of blacks were driven out of the South by white supremacists. Last year over 4000 Palestinians lost Jerusalem residency rights.

      Lynchings were accorded only brief mentions in the southern papers "requiring no more notice or comment in some newspapers than the daily weather" .
      "Nowadays, a bishop of the Southern Methodist Church noted "it seems the killing of a Negro is not so extraordinary an occurrence as to need explanation, it has become so common that it no longer surprises". It is exactly the same for IDF murders of Palestinians in 2010.

      "The bulk of the lynchers tended to be ordinary and respectable people, few of whom had any difficulty justifying their atrocities in the name of maintaining the social and racial order and the purity of the anglo Saxon race". The vast majority of IDF conscripts come from respectable families.

      " The criminal justice system operated with ruthless efficiency in upholding the absolute power of whites to command the subordination and labor of blacks." Israel's legal system is key to the execution of the occupation. Without lawmakers, judges, police and lawyers to frame the rules of the game there could be no Yesha, no torture, no settlements, no home demolitions.

      I have been reading "without sanctuary/ lynching photography in America" (from where the above quotes are taken) recently and the parallels with Israel's behaviour towards the Palestinians are striking.

  • Report: Israel seeks to bar Friday protests in Bi'lin
    • Who is the soldier? Probably a Polish Jew . With a gun. Indocrinated to death from the age of 0.
      They hate us which is why he can only go to Bil'in in a uniform and with a gun. To dispossess the natives again.
      What sort of Israel will his grandchildren live in? Will they ask him what he did while Israel was still a Jewish ethnocracy? Will he answer with pride? Does he ever question what he does? Does he know anyone who questions? Do his parents approve?

  • Who knew-- BDS is tied to... 9/11!
    • The hasbaradim can devote all of their energy for the next year to this and as soon as Israel drops its next bomb on Gaza or Lebanon it's straight back to the drawing board.

    • 12- citizenship 2.0.

      How about extending citizenship to the Palestinians, Israel ? How come it's just the land that's of interest?

  • On the day Jaffa's refugees return
    • The guy with the shaved head is definitely Palestinian. He came across as someone who was delighted to get his point of view across. At last a Hebrew interlocutor talking sense. I can't imagine it goes down well with most of his fellow citizens who would prefer to bomb Gaza back to the stone age.

  • As Biden touches down, Israel announces 112 new settlement units in stark violation of 'freeze'
    • What difference would it make if Israel stopped building new houses for settlers ?
      Would the existing half a million settlers be likely to go anywhere ? Israel is just building for the binational future.

  • Would the 'NY Review of Books' have printed an article on George Wallace in Alabama without talking to any black people?
    • The New York Review recently ran an article about South Africa and JM Coetzee and how even if the young JM loved the Karoo he knew it didn't didn't really belong to him because the land was stolen. But it would never say that about Israel. Because Israel is somehow different. At least for the moment it is.

      In the same issue a superb article by Tony Judy where he nailed Zionism as essentially a provincial inward looking ideology where thinking is frowned upon (even in pre 1967 Israel) and tribal loyalty is everything. If you read ha'aretz long enough the same thing comes through.

      I was disappointed the Review published a recent article by prominent Zionist Tom Segev dissing Avi Shlaim and implying that Israel can get away with it for the next eternity because it's Israel. Ultimately the provincialism and tribalism is going to hit Israel regardless of the fact that it is Israel.

  • The David Project swarms an apartheid-week event, and pathos prevails over logos
  • It's easier to be a Zionist if you don't live there
    • Bradley Burston lives in Gilo which is an East Jerusalem settlement.

      "Interestingly, they do not use it for Saudi Arabia, " - nothing like the Zionist comparative to close down the argument.

  • 'JVP' takes on the 'epic battle' inside the Jewish community
    • "Aloni referred to his mother, Shulamit Aloni, an Israeli politician, saying that he has promised her that so long as she is alive, he won’t call himself an anti-Zionist"

      That will be a very hard one to pull off. Zionism is at the heart of this, way beyond its sell by date. Israel needs a new ideology.

  • Haaretz: In Iranian-Israeli brinksmanship, Obama is powerless
    • Israel should go ahead and bomb Iran. It won't achieve anything practical and will lead to more people recognising that Zionism has reached the insane stage. Bibi will get all the consequences that flow from another thoughtless Israeli resort to violence where diplomacy would have done a cleaner job.

      As Niall Ferguson wrote recently in the LA Times

      "Great powers are complex systems, made up of a very large number of interacting components that are asymmetrically organized, which means their construction more resembles a termite hill than an Egyptian pyramid. They operate somewhere between order and disorder. Such systems can appear to operate quite stably for some time; they seem to be in equilibrium but are, in fact, constantly adapting. But there comes a moment when complex systems "go critical." A very small trigger can set off a "phase transition" from a benign equilibrium to a crisis -- a single grain of sand causes a whole pile to collapse."

      Bombing Iran involves massive execution risk for Israel with unknowable downstream repercussions. Bibi is dumb enough to go for broke.

  • Chas Freeman: This time apartheid has western complicity
    • BDS is key in the delegitimisation of Israel's colonialism vis a vis the rump of Palestine. Israel is no monolith- if it were it wouldn't need so many people to lie for it on a regular basis. There would be no need for hasbara if the question of the Palestinians were settled once and for all, if the 67 war had solved it. Zionism is ultimately quite fragile behind the flash sunglasses and the institutionalised cruelty.

  • Finkelstein in Gaza
    • Richard Witty March 2, 2010 at 7:47 am

      "The threat of BDS is one of the very critical motivators of the right-ward swing of the Israeli electorate, in spite of practical recognitions that Palestinian citizenry is there permanently, and are fully and respectable human beings, peers."

      Bullshit. Israeli voters have been voting for torture of Palestinians for the last 42 years. BDS is neither here nor there.

      If Israeli voters respected the Palestinians as humans they wouldn't send their kids to run the occupation and sit behind flash sunglasses at checkpoints humiliating elderly Arabs like they own the place.

      If Israelis respected the Palestinians as humans they'd give them THE VOTE. they will eventually but they will have to be dragged screaming to the decision. Via BDS.

      i Consciousness changes by safe, caring, candid discussion.

      Israel only knows violence when it comes to the Palestinians. As Gideon Levy says, Israelis are great people. They would help an old lady across the road. But they know different rules apply for the Palestinians. That's Zionism in a nutshell.

      i BDS is force. Your frustration, more than your good judgment.

      BDS is money. The only language that will ultimately matter to Israel. The occupation wouldn't ever have started if it were lossmaking. Many Israeli Jews make money and comfortable lives out of cruelty to Palestinians. That's the dynamic of Yesha.

    • suggests This time we went too far" in books when I type in "this time" yet when I hit enter there is no finkelstein book.

      Has this work too been denied tenure chez amazon ?

  • Do you have to be Jewish to report on Israel for the New York Times?
    • That's a wonderful site

    • The IDF doesn't need to censor journos-most who live in Israel practise self censorship. They do what is expected of them. They live in nice apartments in West Jeruslaem, have Israeli friends and life is good. Why put all that at risk to find out what's really going on in the West Bank or Gaza? Most of them don't speak arabic.

      Most journalists and editors probably unconsciously identify with Israelis more. They speak English and share so many Western values (in daylight, but not after dark when the doors are closed and they start working on those uppity Palestinians who need a good Zionist whuppin to keep them in line).

      I went to a talk by John Pilger about 15 years ago. He said it would be impossible for him to get a regular job on a regular newspaper- the advertisers wouldn't tolerate him more than once a month.

    • A few years ago I went to the West Jerusalem building where most of the foreign newspapers have their bureaux. One floor had offices for the Daily Telegraph, Le Monde etc. The floor below had the IDF press office. No need to even leave the building for your daily dose of hasbara. That was before al Jazeera and you tube and also before Israel's most recent descent into ultra viciousness- 2006 vs Hezbollah.

      Gideon Levy made a very good point in a video I saw recently on you tube. Every year the occupation becomes more brutal. Now it is far worse than 2000 . In 10 years' time (if It lasts that long) we'll look back on 2010 and think how mild it was.

  • American friends of Israel ask a visiting Israeli one question....
    • In the next 10 years Israel is going to lose whatever popular goy support it has internationally. Even Yank Jews will turn against it. Not all, but enough. Israelis won't go abroad and find themselves welcomed as they have in the past. Companies will stop buying Israeli produce. The more successful Yesha becomes, the more utterly dominant the settlers become beyond the Green Line, the worse it will be for Israel. Eventually they'll realise that crying antisemitism doesn't work. Nobody knows what is going to happen to Israel. It is still not too late but time is running out.

  • A Palestinian reflects on the lifelong experience of Israeli viciousness
    • It's going to be very hard for Israeli society to move on from the conflict into a peaceful future. The mental hardcoding behind the viciousness of the army conscript or even the citizen on the street towards Palestinians (try speaking arabic in West Jerusalem) goes very deep. It's there for a reason which will cease to exist once Palestinians get their rights, as they inevitably will.

      Real peace (which will probably have to be imposed via economic sanctions) is going to shake Israeli society to its foundations.

    • It's not just Palestinians who get shafted either.

      "783,600 children in Israel went to bed hungry last night!"
      link to

  • Hoenlein: campus climate is 'deteriorating'
    • What are the borders of this country which is so under attack ? Any answers?

    • And you can't argue with a straight face that Yesha is not colonialism. The IDF does its best to destroy any photographic evidence of what goes on behind the wall but it only takes one al jazeera video to do the damage. And there is so much abuse to film.

    • The images from Gaza are simply too strong for hasbara to be effective any more. The women from the David project says "we know Israel is not an apartheid state. We know Zionism is not racism". You can't look at what Israel is doing in Gaza and argue those 2 point successfully. It may have been possible 20 or 50 years ago but everyone has access to youtoob today. Web 2.0 will kill Zionism in its current format. Once Israel loses the campuses the war is lost. Zionism has drifted too far away from Western public opinion. The Bush years were an aberration. Israel wanted them to go on forever.

  • Climbdown: Britain knew Mossad used fake passports for Dubai assassination
    • link to

      The UK tells Israel to F$%^ off

    • Israelis take too much pleasure from treating the Palestinians as untouchables to notice that the world has moved on since 1948nd expects more of a country that claims to be enlightened. It takes more than the Jerusalem cinematheque , you know. As Tiger Woods says, it's about actions, not words.

    • The other thing is that Israeli Jewish and world opinion have been moving in opposite directions for several years now. Israel is the only country in the world whose continued existence depends on the goodwill of foreigners. The divergence of worldviews is very dangerous for Israel.

      The Mossad is just as shoddy and lacking in professionalism as the Israeli retail sector.

    • It looks like Israel has run into some difficulty in the age of the internet. Dubai has nothing to stop it running CCTV pictures of an assassination squad and thanks to that new fangled internet they can be seen everywhere at once. Israel still thinks it's 1948 and the world gives a shit about Zionism. Those days have passed.

  • Dershowitz offers blanket defense to his celebrity client for murder anywhere
    • I saw the Dersh on a video from the AIPAC onfab. He looked very old. He will soon be dead. And all of that hatred will die with him.

    • Oscar February 19, 2010 at 12:46 pm
      "Israel’s behavior here certainly is not consistent with someone seeking peace in the Middle East."

      Peace in the Middle Eat would destroy Israel. The IDF would lose its raison d'etre and the crisis would likely push Israel into a civil war between the superior Hutus (Ashkenazim) and the inferior trash Tutsis (Sephardim) or else between taxpayers and welfare queen Orthodox.

  • Leaked UN report echoes Goldstone and says Israeli blockade is leading to the 'de-development' of Gaza
    • Israel's strategy in Gaza is also doing great damage to Israeli society. Israel is in no way ready for peace. The future as a result becomes so much more uncertain for Israel.

  • UN fact finding mission finds that Israeli actions in Gaza amounted to war crimes, and possibly crimes against humanity
    • Israel is going to have serious difficulty in convincing the world that it was right to kill 1300 Gazans, the majority of them unarmed civilians, in order to send George Bush off in style. The hasbara doesn't work as it used to in the good old days and operation Cast Lead was worth another few nails in the coffin.

      Isee from Haaretz that the usual hysteria -the world is against us- has started. Israel's response is to send Lieberman to the world to argue the justness of Israel's cause. It would be more honest to leave him at home and save on the carbon emissions.

  • Israel fires live ammo on protesters, tear gas on media, during weekly protests against the Wall
    • You will never see a report giving the real situation in Palestine, as Jacky Rowland did on that clip, in the US. It's a sign of how corrupt the MSM is in the US. Wrapped around AIPAC's finger. Trying to find balance in Jim Crow. Like Jim Crow systems are balanced.

  • Force, provocation, disaster.... more force
    • Force may be the only thing the arabs understand but many Americans understand Government debt run up in imperialist wars. And they can't be run up indefinitely.

  • Israel's Terror Inside
    • Interesting to see Naomi Chazan on the clip. I went to see her in Jerusalem in 2000 at the start of the intifada. She warned about where Israel was headed. Now it has arrived.

      Well done Max and co. Keep up the good work. Maybe next project could be Jim Crow in Israel- Jim is resurrected from a crossroads in the old South and makes aliyah.

  • An arrest on the West Bank
    • There was no internet in the last days of apartheid SA so we don’t know how the Richard Wittys of the time would have defended Sharpeville and the pass laws or the death of Steve Biko. We don’t have any internet fora dating from the days of Jim Crow and segregation in the US South so we can’t retrieve the words of those who defended that system. Thanks to Richard Witty for an insight into those dead mentalities.
      There is very little in the press about Israel’s system of collaborators who are given the choice that the husband of this women will have- eat and feed us information or stay in prison for the rest of your life. Without the collaborators and their handlers Yesha would have been impossible.

      Yesha is still impossible. It's just temporarily manifest in concrete.

      Israel isn’t demonic. It’s just run by morons lacking any sense of decency.

  • In Bil'in, nights have become days and days have become nights
  • Question never ends... What kind of Israel do you want?
    • The article was pointless. If the whole point was an unchanged position since 1948, why did Israel occupy the West Bank in 1967? Was that a Palestinian trick? Did anyone ask Israel to plant over half a million Jews in the West Bank ? Did the Palestinians lure Israel into occupying Gaza so it could lose on the demographics ? The idea that the Palestinians have any control over what Israel is doing to them is ludicrous. The whole framework is wrong.

      Agha and Malley are paid up members of the peace process industry. They string the process along. It's all process and zero peace.

      They'll never acknowledge that the Palestinian state has been strangled by Yesha. Or frame Israel in terms of Jim Crow. Just as the black people of the US finally achieved their civil rights, so too will the Palestinians. Israel is stuck somewhere back in the 1930s.

  • A vigil in Sheikh Jarrah marks a critical defeat
    • Given that no less than 91% of Israeli Jews supported the assault on Gaza which included the use of white phosphorous against civilian targets and the wilful destruction of hospitals why does this latest outrage come as a surprise ? Israel has just taken another step further into the darkness and when it reemerges into the light there probably won't be a Jewish state as Israelis currently imagine it.

  • 'We are walking into the abyss'-- Netanyahu's sister-in-law
    • There aren't enough good committed thinking organised people in Israel to stop the coming disaster.
      There are too many people who think everything will work out. Too many people who think that the current status quo in the region is eternal. That maybe 400,000 settlers closed the deal. Too many people who think that the world owes Israel something or that the world needs a Jewish state that can do things like force 80% of the people of Gaza onto international food aid. People who think that evil and Israel are mutually exclusive ideas. People who believe the IDF is a force for good and that 3 years of service running the checkpoints and humiliating the Palestinians is normal and has no long term effects.

  • the Palestinian image problem
    • The image thing is a function of the success of hasbara. It's why people still think there was a desert that bloomed and a land without a people. The Palestinians have been airbrushed off the page. They don't appear on CNN or Fox ergo they don't exist.

      They lost. End of story. Except for every Jew in the Land of Israel there is now one Palestinian in Erez Israel and another in a refugee camp in the region. It's why the hasbara has been intensified rather than retired. And they haven't disappeared off the face of the earth. They reside deep in the consciousness of every Jew in Israel.

      Mahmoud Darwish hit the spot

      I am an Arab
      And my identity card is number fifty thousand
      I have eight children
      And the nineth is coming after a summer
      Will you be angry?

      I am an Arab
      Employed with fellow workers at a quarry
      I have eight children
      I get them bread
      Garments and books
      from the rocks..
      I do not supplicate charity at your doors
      Nor do I belittle myself at the footsteps of your chamber
      So will you be angry?

      I am an Arab
      I have a name without a title
      Patient in a country
      Where people are enraged
      My roots
      Were entrenched before the birth of time
      And before the opening of the eras
      Before the pines, and the olive trees
      And before the grass grew

      My father.. descends from the family of the plow
      Not from a privileged class
      And my grandfather..was a farmer
      Neither well-bred, nor well-born!
      Teaches me the pride of the sun
      Before teaching me how to read
      And my house is like a watchman's hut
      Made of branches and cane
      Are you satisfied with my status?
      I have a name without a title!

      I am an Arab
      You have stolen the orchards of my ancestors
      And the land which I cultivated
      Along with my children
      And you left nothing for us
      Except for these rocks..
      So will the State take them
      As it has been said?!

      Record on the top of the first page:
      I do not hate people
      Nor do I encroach
      But if I become hungry
      The usurper's flesh will be my food
      Of my hunger
      And my anger!

    • The Palestinian Gandhi was probably assassinated by Israel. There have been so many killed. Abu Jihad could now be the head of Fatah. He was murdered in 1988.

      The Palestinian "image problem" is related to how journalists report the story. Most journalists report from West Jerusalem in a building shared with the Israeli censor. Careers come before effort.

      Anybody who has ever visited the West Bank or Gaza doesn't seem to have the image problem thing .

  • In the beloved Old Country, a Jew has visions of her homeland
    • Very little in the mainstream is written about the ethnic cleansing years in Europe and very few non-specialists (even the descendants of the victims) know much about them . Germans don't talk about what happened after ww2, Turks don't talk about the expulsions from Salonica, Greeks don't discuss the Pontic tragedy. Poles don't talk about how their country was shifted 300 km west. Most Poles who now live in what was once Pomerania don't know their roots are in Galicia.

      The 100 years of European history to 1950 are dreadful and full of a sadness and emptiness that no bombing of Gaza can ever erase.

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