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"Either we are all sacred or none of us is" - Paul Fourhorns Tenoso "One has to bear in mind that Israelis live in a largely mythic world, a somewhat modified and vastly simplified version of the Iliad. In this starkly polarized vision of reality, in which Israelis are by definition innocent victims of dark, irrational forces operating against them, heroic death in war always makes sense, and violent coercion is the option both of necessity and of choice. The Hebrew proverb says: “If force doesn’t work, use more force.” jon s November 16, 2014, 6:56 am "Hophmi, for participating in efforts to promote Jewish-Muslim understanding , is ridiculed, while Max and David , for spreading lies and promoting hatred , are to be admired." I just think Judaism needs to get back to that justice setting.

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  • Day after Israel rejects ceasefire, bus explodes in Tel Aviv outside IDF Spokesperson office
    • Americans are never going to appear at the Hague. The Great Powers may throw Israel to the lions at some stage but no UN SC member is ever going to have its soldiers jailed for war crimes.

      What was most interesting about this turkey shoot was how freaked out Israelis were. The shock effect of rockets getting as far at Lattestan in Tel Aviv was something I certainly didn't expect. All those hardliner voters turn out to be pussycats.

      For years the Settlers have been telling the world that they have to hang on to the West Bank for strategic depth but what difference will a few miles make when the opposition know where Israel's g spot is ?

  • Gazans are 'ho-hum' about the deaths of relatives -- NYT's Rudoren
    • I think Ms Rudoren just swallowed a fur ball.

    • ee cummings nailed the mental landscape of the Rudorens of the world in 1944



      ydoan o
      yunnuhstand dem
      yguduh ged

      yunnuhstan dem doidee
      yguduh ged riduh
      ydoan o nudn

      LISN bud LISN


      lidl yelluh bas
      tuds weer goin


    • Web 2.0 tends towards mental shtetls and fractured audiences, self reinforcing echo chambers and information that is prejudice confirming . The climate change non debate in the us is the example par excellence. Tropical storm sandy must have been a liberal conspiracy. Israel is a very special shtetl separated from the world by hebrew.

    • Dim- do you realise how inane you sound? Will you condemn the cult of the idf cemetery on mt herzl and the day of the fallen, yom ha whatsitcalled while you condemn the gazans?

    • There is no shortage of English speaking gaza psychologists who can explain the mass trauma visited on the kids of the strip by israeli nihilism. Dehumanising the victims makes things simpler. It's like breathing on a respirator.

  • Day Seven of Israeli Attack on Gaza: Death toll rises to 141, over 900 injured; No ceasefire yet; Palestinian journalists killed
  • 4 myths about the Israeli attack on Gaza
    • Regev is a tramp. I'd love to interview him and ask him a few questions.

    • Myth number 5

      They voted Hamas. They brought it on themselves

      Myth number 6

      If there were no rocket fire there would be peace

      Myth number 7

      They could have turned into Singapore when Israel pulled out in 2005. Instead they chose Hamas.

      Myth number 8

      The Palestinians don't love their children

      Myth number 9

      Israel is no different to any other Western country

      Myth Number 10

      Mark Regev is a decent person

      Myth Number 11

      Israel will be around forever.

  • As the discourse shifts, 'NYT' stays rooted in the past (the 1800s to be exact)
    • Israel is like a powerful businessmen who happens to be a child abuser. Everyone around him knows but the power prevents them from speaking up. Eventually it all falls apart. Turkey will stick the knife in when it suits.

    • Israel wants to fly over countries to bomb Iran. Turkey might have obliged in the past.

      Israel wants to trade with Central Asia. Turkey would have helped once .

      Israel has no dependable allies left in the region. Mr David Gruen would be very disappointed.

    • I bought something off the Ha'aretz site a while ago. Israel as presented in NYT front pages. Went all the way back to the first Zionist congress. 1967 , Sabra Shatila, everything. They have been pleasuring the bots for a very, very long time.

      But when the game is up they will, of course , stick the knife in.

    • The Grauniad wasn't that bad really. There was some great stuff in the comments section and they had Greenwald and Giles Fraser on Israeli madness.


      But on the international stage, this conflict and the response it has provoked from moderate governments like Turkey’s are game-changers. There are no longer persuadable partners in the region.
      Washington will defend its old friend. President Obama has made crystal clear that Israel’s operations in Gaza have his full support. Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state, is expected to travel to the region today. Yet, the US is not the power looking to become more active in the Middle East in years to come. That country is China, a still-emerging power that has no cultural and ideological ties with Israel to protect as it looks to ensure the steady long-term flow of crude oil.
      For all these reasons, it has never been more important for Israel’s long-term security for Israelis leaders to build and protect a workable peace with Palestinians.

  • In Photos: Aftermath of an Israeli airstrike on Gaza City
    • Mohammed is a very talented photographer - very effective images, high technical quality, zay el eshta ya'ni and he highlights the kind of human potential that there is in Gaza despite all that Israel has done to the Strip.

      Elf Mabrouk ya Mohammed

    • Great photos. Gaza is the graveyard for the optimistic dreams of Zionism.

      There has been some vile hasbara over the last few days :

      "Imagine if the Palestinians loved their children".
      "They voted for Hamas. They deserve it."
      "They could have peace if the rockets stopped"

  • Israeli strategy is unsuccessful, just foments hostility by oppressed -- Piers Morgan
    • Peres never ever won an election.

    • What is incredible about the Peres video is that he uses the exact same talking points as Regev, the paid shills on the guardian site, the ayalon sociopath from today's guardian, the settler websites etc. They all speak the same shite.

      It is no wonder Bar Refaeli got b*tchslapped for speaking out of line , hoping everyone was safe.
      Insane discipline or fear of being different on display. But Israel is a totally normal country, OF COURSE.

      And he looks like a Bond character. With those heavy Yiddish r's. Wagh. Wagh. Teghogh.

      The bit about Gaza being open and the economy improving is straight out of Orwell.
      Or straight outta Compton. Peres is one Crazy muthaf*cka. Crime record worse than Manson when you add all the massacres up.

    • Peres was never Likud. Peres is a left wing sociopath - Labor all the way.

  • Exile and the prophetic: A state of moral emergency
    • another money shot

      It is not at all clear that Lakein, who is not even registered yet as a reservist, will even be needed for service. But this does not seem to faze him. Tomorrow, he says, after a night in Jerusalem at the home of friends, he will go to the induction center, and ask to be allowed to head to the front lines of the offensive. “The Lubavitch rebbe said that 'whoever serves in the IDF gets his place reserved in the world to come.'”

    • I guess

      the prophet Isaiah (Chapter 58)
      is just for shul and Yom Kippur, not the real world
      and the Gazans when they voted for Khamas they asked for it

      “2 To be sure, they seek Me daily,
      Eager to learn My ways.
      Like a nation that does what is right,
      That has not abandoned the laws of its God,
      They ask Me for the right way,
      They are eager for the nearness of God:
      3 “Why, when we fasted, did You not see?
      When we starved our bodies, did You pay no heed?”
      Because on your fast day
      You see to your business
      And oppress all your laborers!
      4 Because you fast in strife and contention,
      And you strike with a wicked fist!
      your fasting today is not such
      As to make your voice heard on high.
      5 Is such the fast I desire,
      A day for men to starve their bodies?
      Is it bowing the head like a bulrush
      And lying in sackcloth and ashes?
      Do you call that a fast,
      A day when the Lord is favorable?
      6 No, this is the fast I desire:
      To unlock the fetters of wickedness,
      And untie the cords of the yoke
      To let the oppressed go free;
      To break off every yoke.”

  • Yes! The New Yorker publishes Munayyer's call for 'representative and democratic single state'
  • AP's Matt Lee confronts Nuland: 'You're staying silent while people are dying left and right'
  • Exile and the Prophetic: Few are guilty – all are responsible
  • Conversations with my mom in Gaza
  • Israel's explanation for killing two journalists in Gaza? Palestinians aren't journalists, they're 'targets'
    • Hostage

      That is the theory. In practice the Palestinians can't bring any case anywhere against Israel. Even the ICJ decision was ignored. Israel is untouchable. As well as autistic.

      Palestinians are massacred and nobody takes the rap. Israeli soldiers kill with impunity.

    • He always gets the soft gloves treatment from the MSM:

      Paxman on BBC asked him "will you agree to an international inquiry" and he replied" we will carry out our own inquiry". No follow up. an Israeli inquiry is as useful as eunuch sperm donation. Cf Cast Lead.

      He cites international law. Nobody ever asks him why Israel doesn't bring Hamas to the ICC. Or why Israel is terrified of the ICC. Or why Israel suddenly takes an interest in International law.

      He says " we want peace". Nobody ever asks him what "peace" means now Israel has killed the 2SS.

    • He is such a toerag.

      He is asked about the murder of children and he turns it into a rant on how fascist Khamas are.

    • Regev is the Grand Wizard of Hasbara.

      His spiel is so flimsy. He never answers questions directly.

      He says that Hamas rockets are "double war crimes" and cites international law.
      LOL. International law!!!!

      There is no law for Gaza. There is no court for Gaza.

  • The American-Israeli narrative of 'terrorist natives'
    • Patience, Mooser. Sumud

      This was one of the 2

      Mr. Ambassador, I have long been a supporter of your people and have defended your right to exist as a nation on many, many occasions, I have even, to my shame defended the indefensible by giving your people the benefit of the doubt, that I will do no more.

      I am absolutely sickened and disgusted by what your people are doing to the people of Gaza, I live in the US and I am appalled at the lack of airtime this atrocity is getting, and the governments of the world should hang their heads in shame!

      I know Mr. Ambassador that these words will be seen by blind eyes, I just thought I would send you this email to let you know that the people who pray for you and your people the world over are disgusted at your complete lack of humanity pertaining to the people of Gaza, how can you of all people not learn from the mistakes of the past?

      I beg you to use your influence to see reason and be the difference, help these people keep their lives and stop the killings for the love of God!

    • I think something changed today. Maybe it was the Sharon editorial in the JPost or the Ha'aretz poll that said 90%+ Israeli Jews support the carnage or the sense that the hasbara is failing or the 2 posters I know who abandoned Israel today or the only ones pro Israel on are those who are paid or the picture of the 4 dead siblings on one stretcher or maybe it is all of it together. Something in Zionism died today.

  • Israel's choice to inflict violence on civilians and ignore political offers violates 'just war morality'
    • It looks like Israeli model and all round "Jewish women are so hot" slobber target Bar Rafaeli spoke out of turn the other day

      @BarRefaeli: i prey for the safety of the citizens on both sides and for the day we will live in peace and harmony Amen.

      Ignore the effects of the Israeli focus on YESHA rather than education for a moment.

      Some on-message Israeli rapper trading as Subliminal took umbrage

      "With all due respect for your lovely posterior and bosom that you display on every magazine cover round the world, perhaps for once you'll represent your nation which isn't America in case you forgot. Stop being a bleeding-heart humanist. You end up appearing false and a hypocrite."

  • Video: Israeli rightwing parliamentarian calls for 'erasing' Gaza because no one there is innocent
    • Sharon jnr echoes the call in the Jerusalem Post , presumably retweeeted across YESHA

      What tickled me were the ads directly underneath :

      Kate Upton Stuns in a Strapless Dress
      Style Bistro

      Patty Brisben: Like Fine Wine, Sex Gets Better With Age

      Bowmore 1957 | Oldest Islay Whisky Ever Made and Possibly Most Expensive
      Just Luxe

      New Canon and Nikon models: More similarities than differences

      Even fascism needs to earn its keep

  • Israeli hasbara cartoon features white man fighting jungle animals
    • If Judaism is to have a future , Foxman has to be defenestrated and the ADL reset to fight racism and bigotry IN ALL CASES.


      "ADL expressed support for the targeted military action taken today by Israel to protect the civilian population in southern Israel against the renewed barrage of rocket and mortar fire from Hamas-controlled Gaza.

      Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director, issued the following statement:

      Israel has shown tremendous restraint in the face of the unceasing rocket and mortar fire launched from Gaza. This operation is directly targeting the leadership responsible for these attacks, as well as the warehouses and facilities housing their weapons. No country in the world would stand by and tolerate such attacks on more than a million civilians.

      The international community has a clear obligation to condemn these attacks and to support the actions taken by Israel against Hamas and other terror organizations operating in Gaza as Israel carries out its basic duty to defend its civilian population."

      Back in 1915 of course the ADl issued a press release following the murder of Leo Frank

      "ADL expressed support for the targeted military action taken today by the whites to protect their women against the renewed barrage of Jewish wolfwhistles. "

      What a mess.

    • The picture probably makes sense to 90% of Israeli Jews . .

      Haaretz poll: More than 90 percent of Israeli Jews support Gaza war

  • Israel has already lost this war
    • Iron Dome is a fraud. It tells Israel there is a military solution to the Palestinian problem so they don't have to do anything.

      This is like something out of mythology. Maybe the mythology that it will all work out.

    • "Iron Dome is a winner, and a game-changer."

      The visits of the Egyptian and Tunisian PMs are game changers. Iron Dome just facilitates Zionist nihilism. That way lies the end of Zionism.

    • I have been watching Mark Regev videos this evening

      He reminds me of PW Botha's spokesman in the late 80s defending apartheid

      He deserves his own youtube channel, the slimy mendacious turd

      Note how he never answers why Israel "targets" and "surgically" kills kids.

      And he talks about peace. FFS.

      But I feel sorry for him when he mentions that Israel has a democracy and Israel has a free press because soon it will have neither.

      "We want peace" .

    • 2 Irish Americans I know via another forum, in the past very voiciferous supporters of Israel, have given up on the country today, with all those kids dead.

    • The comparison with Cast lead is interesting

      US Gov- no change
      US public opinion- only 60% pro Israel now - decrease
      Isr Gov - Likud, not Kadima - no change
      Media coverage- better
      Israeli public opinion- more extremist
      Hasbara - struggling

    • A very significant fork to divide the common road of the US and Israel . This actually makes me physically sick.
      Gilad Sharon outlines the sort of thinking that led to the razing of the Warsaw Ghetto.

      A decisive conclusion is necessary
      11/18/2012 22:43

      There is no middle path here – either the Gazans and their infrastructure are made to pay the price, or we reoccupy the entire Gaza Strip.

      Anyone who thinks Hamas is going to beg for a cease-fire, that Operation Pillar of Defense will draw to a close and quiet will reign in the South because we hit targets in the Gaza Strip, needs to think again.

      With the elimination of a murderous terrorist and the destruction of Hamas’s long-range missile stockpile, the operation was off to an auspicious start, but what now? This must not be allowed to end as did Operation Cast Lead: We bomb them, they fire missiles at us, and then a cease-fire, followed by “showers” – namely sporadic missile fire and isolated incidents along the fence. Life under such a rain of death is no life at all, and we cannot allow ourselves to become resigned to it.

      A strong opening isn’t enough, you also have to know how to finish – and finish decisively. If it isn’t clear whether the ball crossed the goal-line or not, the goal isn’t decisive. The ball needs to hit the net, visible to all. What does a decisive victory sound like? A Tarzan-like cry that lets the entire jungle know in no uncertain terms just who won, and just who was defeated.

      To accomplish this, you need to achieve what the other side can’t bear, can’t live with, and our initial bombing campaign isn’t it.

      THE DESIRE to prevent harm to innocent civilians in Gaza will ultimately lead to harming the truly innocent: the residents of southern Israel. The residents of Gaza are not innocent, they elected Hamas. The Gazans aren’t hostages; they chose this freely, and must live with the consequences.

      The Gaza Strip functions as a state – it has a government and conducts foreign relations, there are schools, medical facilities, there are armed forces and all the other trappings of statehood. We have no territorial conflict with “Gaza State,” and it is not under Israeli siege – it shares a border with Egypt. Despite this, it fires on our citizens without restraint.

      Why do our citizens have to live with rocket fire from Gaza while we fight with our hands tied? Why are the citizens of Gaza immune? If the Syrians were to open fire on our towns, would we not attack Damascus? If the Cubans were to fire at Miami, wouldn’t Havana suffer the consequences? That’s what’s called “deterrence” – if you shoot at me, I’ll shoot at you. There is no justification for the State of Gaza being able to shoot at our towns with impunity. We need to flatten entire neighborhoods in Gaza. Flatten all of Gaza. The Americans didn’t stop with Hiroshima – the Japanese weren’t surrendering fast enough, so they hit Nagasaki, too.

      There should be no electricity in Gaza, no gasoline or moving vehicles, nothing. Then they’d really call for a ceasefire.

      Were this to happen, the images from Gaza might be unpleasant – but victory would be swift, and the lives of our soldiers and civilians spared.

      IF THE government isn’t prepared to go all the way on this, it will mean reoccupying the entire Gaza Strip. Not a few neighborhoods in the suburbs, as with Cast Lead, but the entire Strip, like in Defensive Shield, so that rockets can no longer be fired.

      There is no middle path here – either the Gazans and their infrastructure are made to pay the price, or we reoccupy the entire Gaza Strip. Otherwise there will be no decisive victory. And we’re running out of time – we must achieve victory quickly. The Netanyahu government is on a short international leash. Soon the pressure will start – and a million civilians can’t live under fire for long. This needs to end quickly – with a bang, not a whimper.

      The views expressed in this op-ed do not reflect the editorial line of The Jerusalem Post

    • The Palestinian side have a far better handle on what is happening in Israel this time around vs Cast Lead

      “IDF must learn from the Syrians how to slaughter the enemy,” says prominent Israeli rabbi

      Gilad Sharon, the son of former prime minister and notorious war criminal Ariel Sharon, has called for the Israeli army to “flatten” Gaza as the US flattened the Japanese city of Hiroshima in 1945 with an atomic bomb.

      Dancing Israeli students chant “Death to the Arabs” at rally backing Gaza slaughter

      And Israel has moved even further to the right in the meantime

      90% (absolute minimum) of Israel Jews support "war"

  • Worldwide protests against Israeli aggression in Gaza
    • I have been following the debate on and most of the hasbaradim are struggling there. They have no new material and people have heard it all before. I'd like to see Regev try his spiel again. At a time when Israel looks like ditching democracy it is clear that hasbara is some way off peak performance levels . It is going to be harder to get US Jews to sign up as well.

      The list of global action locations is very impressive- the bots can't manage that sort of activity.

  • Day Five of Israeli Attack on Gaza: Death toll rises to 72, 520 civilians wounded; 4 children killed in Israeli strike; Tel-Aviv bound rocket shot down again
  • Israel targets (and defends attacking) journalists in Gaza
  • The light doesn't get much greener than this: Obama admin gives Israel the go ahead to escalate in Gaza
  • Why Gaza must suffer again: The four guilty parties behind Israel’s attack
    • The European Union is the fifth culprit

      Israel's economy is propped up by exports to the EU.
      None of the countries in which Jews were exterminated in the 1940s will vote for Palestinian independence. Shafting the Palestinians is second nature to the EU. It is easier than facing up to European history.

  • Exile and the prophetic: Is Israel going Gaza Rogue?
    • "Talk about cynicism. Can you imagine green lighting Gaza as the preferred option to green lighting Iran? Add place to test weapons. Include Sara Roy’s understanding of de-developing Palestinian society'

      It's worse then cynicism. It's nihilism.
      And the problem with nihilism is that you can't leave it behind in the office.
      It has to be taught in the schools. There have to be songs in the culture. You have to cut off the danger that ordinary schmucks will look at the whole system and ask questions.

      There is not a day where you can say "enough!" and manage the nihilism at a preordained level.

      It rots your society from the inside in.

      Jewish democracy will be gone shortly and after this who knows what will be lost?

    • What will judaism as represented by zionism do when gaza becomes unliveable, assuming Moshiach hasn't turned up? I am guessing that by then the palestinians will still hate their children. Can erez Israel only become hashlemah via mass murder?

  • On the Jewish Israeli street, there's no solution to Palestinian issue but more violence
    • DD

      What would you build a "day after the Goetterdaemmung Israel" around ?
      Don't say Kadima.

      TBH Israel sounds like a serial wife beater who is now in therapy for the xth time and suffering from Bourbonitis- learnt nothing. Will beat her up again tonight. She said something and he can't hold it in. You could be his mother. They rarely lose hope.

      At what point did people give up on Detroit?
      When do people give up on Israel?

    • "Everybody does it" doesn't really fit with "we are chosen" but maybe that's just me.

    • "A land without a people. They’ll make it true"

      Ma yinfash khaalis ya'ni

      Israel is like Lehman Bros 2005 or so. It is all going to fall over.
      The further they journey into the Zionist heart of darkness, the less they have in common with the rest of us.

      Barak calls Israel "a villa in a jungle" It's jungle now.

    • "the profiteers and puppet-masters of zionism are basically thugs "

      They wouldn't have gotten their Balfour Declaration playing nice.Or their UN vote. Or 29 standing ovations in Congress. Or omerta from the MSm.

      there is no nice way for such a small group to pull strings for so long. I am sure the Alawites in Syria are very similar.

    • Mooser

      We may also need Black Betty

      Oh Israel's [email protected]#$ed bam balam

    • "The goal of the operation is to send Gaza back to the Middle Ages.”

      to join the Haredim . LOL
      Ideally the Gazans should dress up in 16th century Lithuanian garb while they are at it.

      Ultimately Gaza will be bombed back to AD 70 just in time for Masada.

    • Can I have an Irish whiskey ? And a packet of Taytos.

    • That regular beatings until the Untermenschen get the message policy is neat but it is a very hard sell in Galut when there is no Palestinian state as carrot to contrast to the current stick. Maybe Israeli society is moving en masse to a higher state of racist consciousness but nobody else is. I think the point made by the tunisian PM in Gaza yesterday was important. This insanity is no longer acceptable.


      If there is a peculiarity about this campaign, however, it is in the aura of incoherence surrounding it. The message coming from Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his inner circle often seems confused. Even as cabinet ministers were vowing to push ahead with the second phase, the Jerusalem Post reported a phone call from Netanyahu to US president Barack Obama in which it said they discussed "de-escalation".

    • I think there is hope in the fact that the Israeli economy is very open, that most people prefer money to ideology, that it was possible to reform Japan post ww2 and that when TSHTF Jews will have to choose between nihilism and their own self interest. Most of the Bibi speech that Phil heard on the street is probably borne out of fear and insecurity.

      Even the hardliners come around when the wind shifts.

      It will probably take something really stupid to move things but Israel is led by morons anyway.

  • In Photos: Palestinians in Jerusalem protest against Israel's air strikes in Gaza
    • Isn't "airstrikes" war porn ? Wouldn't "bombing" be a better term?

    • The mistarvim are a feature of the Israeli occupation, along with other special groups such as torturers, collaborators, home demolishers , hasbaradim and orthodox paratroopers.

      If the region were to settle down and break out in peace all of these people would be out of a job.

    • I noticed the police barrier is named in 2 languages- Hebrew and English. No arabic.
      And that is institutionalised. They can talk until the cows come home (or the chickens come home to roost) about democracy but Israel is no democracy in East Jerusalem.

  • Abbas: Israel instigating 'blood bath', aimed at sinking endeavors to reach the UN
    • I think Cast Lead was Olmert and Kadima.
      But they are all the same sociopaths.

    • I think Israel is lost. Meretz have 3 seats.
      Every other Jewish party is right wing.

    • 750.000 Jewish settlers now.

      It's too late for repatriation. Time for justice. One person one vote.
      If Jews don't like it then maybe they should vote for change now.

    • Apparently it is all because the Palestinians don't love their children.

    • Some realpolitik from the FT

      "What is unclear, however, is what concrete help Cairo, Tunis and Ankara can offer to Hamas – aside from solidarity visits and rhetorical condemnation. Military assistance seems out of the question, and Arab diplomatic pressure is likely to be outweighed, at least for the moment, by the strong support for Israel coming from the US and Europe. Indeed, Prof Milton-Edwards believes that the escalation could even end up hurting relations between Hamas and Egypt, as Cairo tries to juggle competing pressures from Hamas, Israel, the US and its own people. “If things go wrong for Egypt, Hamas could become the whipping boy for Cairo,” she says."

      It's all about power. Either European public opinion changes, some Israeli movement arises to challenge the dominant nihilism or US Judaism moves away from Israel. Otherwise the nihilism will intensify, Israel will strangle its own democracy, the Arabs will get more frustrated, antisemitism will flourish in their newspapers and it will be even harder to avoid a conflagration.

  • Gaza, Now
  • Gaza vs. Israel: The legitimate and illegitimate use of violence in the Western discourse
    • The language is bullshit. Maybe Americans will buy it but Arabs won't and it's their neighbourhood. I remember being in Cairo when the Yanks invaded Iraq and talking to my bawaab (door man) about it and wondering how to translate "war on terror" into arabic and concluding that it was impossible. Because the framing doesn't work.

      I think there's a high probability that Bibi's election bet will spiral out of Israeli control .

    • Avi- I think they are going to go into the Sinai and that next week the Israeli stock exchange is going to tank.

      It won't be a Shabbat Shalom this weekend.

    • A super, super piece by Ahdaf Soueif in the Guardian

      "Israel has always sold itself to the west as a democracy in a sea of fanaticism. The Arab spring has undermined that narrative, possibly fatally. So Israeli politicians have been pushing hard for a war against Iran and, in the interim, they've gone on a killing spree in Gaza. If they had wanted to instigate violence against themselves they could not have done better than to assassinate Ahmed al-Jaabari, the Hamas commander who's prevented attacks on Israelis for the past five years. With his killing they've raised the probability of these attacks resuming, as is happening now. They can then try to hijack the narrative of the Arab spring and wind the clock back to "Islamist terrorists v civilised Israelis". Meanwhile, they take the heat off Bashar al-Assad's murderous activities in Syria – and, of course, score hawkish points for Binyamin Netanyahu and Ehud Barak before the coming elections.

      But they have served to remind the world that Israel is a democracy where politicians may order the murder of children to score electoral points. Palestinian children, true. But the citizens of the world don't make racist distinctions. On Thursday there were protests for Gaza across the world. They continued today. And there will be many more.

      In every Arab country where the people rise up to demand their rights, they demand action on Palestinian rights as well. Tunis has just announced that its foreign minister is heading for Gaza. In Jordan today, hundreds of thousands were on the streets and, as well as demanding the fall of their own regime, they're also calling for justice for Palestine. Protesters are out in Libya. In Egypt, people are heading for Rafah. We are heading for true representation of the people's will in the region and, in the coming years, governments will need to follow the road shown to them by their people."

      The Zionist "Gaza is full of Untermenschen and we can degrade them at will" narrative is no longer accepted by the leaders of the Arab World. It was NEVER accepted by the Arab street.

      Ma sha Allah

      I have to say even if he was just a politician spouting PR that I was very impressed by what Morsi said today - "Cairo will not leave Gaza on its own"

      Ya Qahira .

      I feel like some Umm Kulthoum.

  • Exile and the Prophetic: Jewish warrior culture and Israel’s unraveling
    • And poor schmucks who do the building work for very little.

      BTW does the US have anything to match the Taj ?

    • When it all falls apart they will understand that the 4th largest army in the world was what allowed them to use their power so unwisely.

      A mediocre level of power would have been far more sustainable.

      I wonder if Foxman or the Dersh have ever been to the Taj Mahal and thought about the life cycle of empires.

    • Piotr

      It would be insane but they have form. In the 70s they invaded Lebanon because of PLO attacks

      The 1978 South Lebanon conflict (code-named Operation Litani by Israel) was an invasion of Lebanon up to the Litani River, carried out by the Israel Defense Forces in 1978 in response to the Coastal Road Massacre. The conflict resulted in the deaths of 1,100–2,000 Lebanese and Palestinians, 20 Israelis, the internal displacement of 100,000 to 250,000 people in Lebanon, and the PLO forces retreating north of the Litani River.

      There is a comprehensive list here

      The cult of IDF militarism is built around purity of arms, righteousness, no soldier left behind and deterrence. If they feel their deterrence has been degraded they go apeshit.

      The thing about the Sinai is that is probably isn't Palestinians. But deterrence wise that hardly matters to the bots.

    • Mooser

      Doesn't the IDF provide vicarious martial sensation services to people like the Dersh and many more who live over there ?

    • Ha'aretz had an article last week about Haredi jobseekers. The average Israeli Haredi 20 year old has the same level of education as an uneducated secular Jew, equivalent to the knowledge gained after 4 years of schooling.

      "Another Central Bureau of Statistics survey asked what subjects were taught in the various educational streams – secular Jewish, state religious, Arab and Haredi. Without even addressing the quality of teaching, the study found that 83% of Haredi elementary schools taught math (versus 100% in all the other streams), with the rate falling to 41% in post-elementary education.

      The same kind of statistics occur in other core subjects, leading to absurdities such as Hebrew being taught in more Israeli-Arab high schools (66.8%) than in Haredi equivalents (42.3%).

      Worse still, these subjects are probably being taught poorly in the Haredi schools. A Haaretz analysis published last week of the nationwide Meitzav examination of school achievement found that 54% of Haredi elementary school students tested in the bottom two deciles. Admittedly, only a small percentage of schools gave the test at all, but given the absence of teaching to begin with it is hard to imagine that the other schools as a group would perform any better.

      But our jobseeker doesn’t know any of this. After all, almost no one else he knows has ever applied for a job and he never got a taste of the bottom rungs of the labor market by working as a waiter or call service drone while a student. He goes from employer to employer with a CV highlighting his lack of experience and education, fails a battery of job tests, refuses to shake hands with his female interviewer and looks at her curiously when she makes a passing reference to some bit of popular culture.

      So our job seeker fails, which would not surprise him if he had seen and understood the statistics.

      The unemployment rate among Haredi men is similar to the rest of the uneducated population. A study by the Taub Center for Social Policy Studies tracked a steady decline in employment rates for men between 35 and 54, with four years of education or less, from 1979 to 2011. The line shows a steady descent for them and Haredi males to less than 50%. The reason, of course, is that neither group has the qualifications to work in a modern economy. Whereas three or four decades ago, you could learn your skills on the job, working today requires a skill set that takes years of preparation in and out of school. The uneducated simply don’t obtain it."

      Lipschitz can probably tell them anything .

    • It looks like long range "pin the tail on the donkey".

      But it could also be interpreted as the moment from "the boy who cried wolf" when the wolf appears.

      If Bibi tells his people that some jihadi thugs in Egypt are not afraid of the IDF who will vote for him?

    • The most noteworthy thing about this Jewish martial cult is that no opponent is allowed the same weaponry.

      The IDF is a force sans pareil in the Gaza turkey shoots. But we don't know how good Israeli pilots or soldiers really are. Mount Herzl is full of soldiers who died in colonial incidents.

    • The rocket that hit the Efrat settlement came from Sinai according to Ha'aretz.

      9:13 P.M. Rockets fired from direction of Egypt toward Eshkol Regional Council (Haaretz) (Link below)

      This changes everything. Thursday was Israel's "Bin Laden" moment. An easy assassination, a poll jump. This is existential. Their "deterrerence" is in bits.

      Now Ha'aretz says

      11:07 P.M.The Israeli cabinet approved the request of Defense Minister Ehud Barak to call-up 75,000 additional reservists.

      They are going to attack the Sinai.This is the Arab Spring in Erez Israel.

    • I despise the appropriation of religious images for the purpose of justifying war

    • What's really noticeable about the last 2 days is the hasbara.

      They have given up on saying "if the Palestinians do x there will be peace".

      Now it's down to "it is not as bad as Somalia" and "the Americans kill more civilians in Afghanistan"

      Of course the rot goes right to the top

      and hypocrisy is at the heart of it

      (Shimon Peres) assured the president of Cameroon that “a Jew who accepts apartheid ceases to be a Jew. A Jew and racism do not go together

  • 'That doesn't sound like the Shabbat siren' (Jerusalem gets rockets)
    • Some smug Israeli officer tweeted that Hamas chose this but they didn't.

      It looks like Israel took on too much and now nobody knows what will happen.

      The rocket that hit Efrat seems to have come from Egypt and could be a total game changer.

      Keep up the good work, Phil, and stay safe.

  • Day Three of Israeli Attack on Gaza: At least 28 killed, 290 injured in Gaza; Missile hits West Bank settlement; Israeli television reports 75,000 reservists being drafted
    • If it's a war crime bring it to the ICC. However Israel knows there are so many Israeli Jews who belong there. So nothing happens.

  • Dead mothers, teachers and babies in Gaza yet media overwhelmingly focuses on rocket fire into Israel
    • The MSM count how many rockets are fired at Israel but have no detail on how many bombs are dropped on Gaza.

      This is the IDF narrative par excellence.

  • No safe haven: Civilians under attack in the Gaza Strip
    • This is an interesting view

      "And at the election that followed (the Rabin assassination) , it was Netanyahu, under the campaign banner "making a safe peace", that emerged as prime minister. A succession of Hamas suicide bombings scared the public into a vote for hawkish military security. Netanyahu's uncompromising steadfastness felt like a stand of principle.
      Not, of course, that hawkishness has delivered the safe peace Netanyahu promised.
      Hamas still fire their rockets, now falling closer to Tel Aviv itself. And Israel's military response serves only to transform the little boys of Gaza into the next generation of "martyrs". The hawkish idea that peace is established by the big stick fails to understand that violence is mimetic, one act of violence sowing the seeds for the next. We are in another of these cycles now: bombs, fear and elections. Little has changed"

      Actually Netanyahu moulded an intransigent population who thought they had delivered "peace" via Dov Weisglass' fomaldehyde magic.

      Now the age of Bibi is over.

      "I keep dreaming that I had it all it all "

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