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"Either we are all sacred or none of us is" - Paul Fourhorns Tenoso "One has to bear in mind that Israelis live in a largely mythic world, a somewhat modified and vastly simplified version of the Iliad. In this starkly polarized vision of reality, in which Israelis are by definition innocent victims of dark, irrational forces operating against them, heroic death in war always makes sense, and violent coercion is the option both of necessity and of choice. The Hebrew proverb says: “If force doesn’t work, use more force.” jon s November 16, 2014, 6:56 am "Hophmi, for participating in efforts to promote Jewish-Muslim understanding , is ridiculed, while Max and David , for spreading lies and promoting hatred , are to be admired." I just think Judaism needs to get back to that justice setting.

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  • The rifle-butting video is following a different narrative
    • "Religious" soldiers account for up to 40% of the officers of certain Israeli army units. Most of them are settlers. They slowly took the places of all the secular Jews who lost interest in the Army as a career after Israel went neoliberal.
      They are'educated' in feeder yeshivas

      link to

      Around one-third of Israel Defense Forces infantry officers are religious, with the proportion jumping from only 2.5 percent in 1990 to 31.4 percent in 2007, a new study shows

      They don't like Amalekites (male or female) or Jews (female) or gay/lesbian/transgender (Jewish, male or female)
      Women singing are especially disturbing

      link to

      Soon women won't be allowed sit beside these people on El Al

      link to

      This is all intimately linked with the occupation and going in the wrong direction for 45 years

      These people can't be wished back to 1967. Neither can Israel.

    • I would be interested to see how the Danish and arch Ziobot Adam Holm covers it
      link to

  • P.A. has lost all its meaning -- Abbas
    • Hostage

      The three key insights are your piece above

      plus this :

      link to

      Israel is expected to present a report Wednesday at a donor meeting on Palestinian aid in Brussels claiming that the Palestinian Authority is not sufficiently stable to meet the standards of a well-functioning state

      And this :

      link to

      Sen. Cardin tells how he and Hillary Clinton muscled foreign ambassadors to block ‘anti-American’ Palestinian statehood

      Israel will pay dearly for all of this. At the very best it will no longer be a developed country. At the worst it will no longer exist.

    • This is a good portrait of 'Abbas

      link to

      "Abbas is known as the architect of the Oslo peace accords and the man who preached diplomacy and non-violence to the Palestinians earlier, and more fervently, than anyone else. Arafat famously declared in front of the UN that he held an olive branch in one hand, and a gun in the other. Mr Abbas pointedly said this month he was travelling to New York with only the olive branch."

      Israel shafted itself really

    • The Palestinians were right to wait until Israel killed the 2 SS.
      Israel never wanted peace. Now they can prove it.

    • I don't think it's humiliating. Israel has made decisions and will have to live with the consequences. I bought a French magazine- Geo histoire- and the issue was devoted to the history of the French in Algeria. There came a time for the French where it was too late to negotiate . Israel is headed in the same direction.

      "I strongly believe that both our peoples yearn for peace" Maybe the Israelis do but they never show it.

  • Video: Senior IDF officer smashes peaceful activist in the face with his M-16
    • Jolly good

    • Peres is such a tart.
      One of the architects of YESHA.
      And he's surprised.
      Pull the other one, Simon.

    • Cyrus was a forerunner of the President of the US in terms of role played towards the Jewish community. A legend of antiquity . Parsi kids are still names after him today. Maybe only Lincoln would get even remotely close.

    • I'd love to see an independent DNA testing of

      Bibi and 99 Ashkenazim
      100 sephardic Jews
      100 Palestinians
      100 Samarians

      and see who is linked to whom.

    • Is it some class of uberschmuck?

    • Even in antiquity when the temple was rebuilt the Jewish crowd needed the neighbours. And that is the way of the world. The notion that Israel can go it alone was nonsense 500 years BCE and is nuts today.

      The Jewish people doesn't have enemies. The enemies are within.

    • Eisner is 'religious" where 'religious' means feral, brutal and with a deep and mental fetish for 'the land'. So Moshiach can land.

      538 BCE
      The prophet Daniel receives the prophecy of the 70 weeks concerning the Temple's destruction. (Daniel 9 : 1-27)
      Why was the Temple destroyed? Because G-d wasn't happy.

      Are sociopaths such as Eisner really pleasing G-d today? Or is it the same failing as back in 538 BCE ?

    • Video is antisemitic
      The internet is antisemitic
      Video on the internet is whatever the Jewish version of the Antichrist is.

    • Radical leftists = mainstream thinkers who will be running Israel by 2030 .

    • Israeli tramps

      I'd love to see this song covered by Dam or someone

      link to

      Israel how, Israel how, how, how,
      Israel you’ve gone too far
      Israel you’ve gone too far and you should hang your head in shame
      For these wounds I cannot stay, you’ve gone too far
      You’ve broke my heart, you’ve gone too far
      Israel, Israel, Israel, Israel,

      On another note I have been reading my recently arrived Rose guide to the Temple
      link to

      and I note that the first 2 temples were destroyed because the people of Israel strayed from G-d. And I guess Israel has racked up enough G-d infringement points since 1967 to qualify for a third out.

      And in another interesting twist the second Temple was built with the financial support of the Persians who now go under the name Iran.

      But you won't hear that from the Ziobots.

  • 'Dear activist, first solve the real problems of the region' -- Netanyahu's sophomoric letter to visitors to Palestine
    • cognitive dissonance / dissociation in this article by a ziobot stringer which was received by many newspapers via the agencies

      link to

      "The protesters, more than a third of them from France, were either deported or put in a special detention facility awaiting flights home. The day chosen for the protest coincided with one of the busiest days of the year for the airport as some 50,000 Jewish and Christian pilgrims flew home after spending the Passover and Easter holidays in the Holy Land"

      Passover covers the tyranny and human rights abuses of the Pharoah and Easter the cruelty of the Romans . Israel is simply beyond parody at this stage.

    • State of Israel
      I think it's time to add it to the rest of the mental states

      link to

      1. Intentional
      2. Knowing
      3. Reckless
      4. Criminal Negligence
      5. Israel

    • If it wasn't damaging you wouldn't bother posting, would you Yossi ?

    • Maybe they meant PISSPOOR which covers the standard of the letter.

    • Israel is really going down the toilet fast.
      This has lieberman's and Danon's hands all over it. Normal States don't lower themselves to such puerile levels. In Israel the only thing that seems to drive governmental PR actions now is playing to the lowest common denominator - somewhere 5 IQ points lower than the border guards.

      I never thought you'd be a Ziobot because your hasbara is so passe.
      But today, if you think that I don't know about delusion and untreated Jewish pain,
      You're insane, or you're a fool who hasn't paid attention to a world that has changed
      In a way, I can't help but feel responsible, I always knew that you were insane
      With your pain, but I never thought you'd be a ziobot because your hasbara is so passe, hey.

      Hasbara is so passe, hey.
      Hasbara is so passe, hey, hey.

      So passe nowadays.
      You never thought you'd look stupid , just be cooler in an obvious way
      I could say, shouldn't you have been happy with controlling Congress and the jerusalem parade for the gays
      In a way, I can't help but feel responsible, I always knew that you were insane
      With your pain, but I never thought you'd be a ziobot because your hasbara is so passe, hey.

      link to

  • Wanton Israeli attack led Shadid to rebuild his Lebanese grandparents' home
    • A very good review in the NYR which is subscriber only...

      link to

      Marjayoun was a thriving town in the early 1900s before Western imperialism and
      Zionism tore the region apart. Jaffa suffered a worse fate but there wasn't much in it. Shadid's grandparents moved out like many Marjayoun Christian families and ended up in Oklahoma. Maybe once Zionism collapses and the world moves beyond oil the region can start over.

  • When Mike Wallace questioned Israeli story of '90 massacre, he got called into the owner's office
  • Israeli police attack Palestinian and international activists touring Hebron
    • The Palestinians have really put a lot of work into their media efforts and it is FAR more powerful than violence . Simple, effective, damaging. Mabrouk !

      Israel is slowly tearing its reputation to shreds.
      It reminds me of a dog who is unable to stop himself humping chairlegs. Even when there are visitors in the kitchen

  • Settler leader: 'We were here before Obama and the American Dominion . . we will continue build everywhere.'
    • "and that we will continue build everywhere"

      Education money diverted to settlers over 40 years. What should one expect?

    • cashew , salmon , almond, Daniella Weiss

      one of these is not like the others .

    • "Weiss explained, "we were here before Obama and the American Dominion,""

      Daniella, honey, you were in Poland .
      Weiss= The German word for white = European
      Why is Hebrew spoken with Polish and German inflections ? Why don't Israeli farmers pronounce "K" as "ch" as the Palestinian fellahin do ?

      Because it is someone else's land .

  • Anti-Zionism will reemerge in American Jewish life -- Beinart
    • Krauss

      I think that's a superb post.

      Israel is a Jewish tragedy.

      It's turned into a man with an assault rifle holding a number of people hostage. How can it be talked down and integrated back into reality so it can become a productive part of society ? I think zionist fear and paranoia have to be addressed sensitively and honestly . the israeli education system probably needs to be overhauled. the IDF needs to be turned into a real self defence force along the lines of the Japanese one. Get rid of the nukes.
      I think the palestinians are actually the key players who can interact between the Jews of Israel and the neighbours . There is so much potential for Israeli Jews to help the Middle East develop.

      I was struck when i lived there of the willingness of Palestinians to learn from the good things the Israelis did. Their work ethic especially. It can be turned to positive use. It's not too late. But the militarism has to go.

    • "But this blinkered support for Israel, which has long ago moved beyond mere self-defence and now moved into the territory of wars of aggression"

      Why has it come down to nuclear weapons? Zionism is militarism gone mad

      link to

      "The Grass challenge is a serious one. It includes an attempt to cancel the affirmative action that the Jewish people have enjoyed since 1945, helping them protect their lives. It includes an attempt to deny Israel the moral safety net on which the strategic safety net relies. This time the attack is not against the occupation and the settlements, but against Dimona. The spearhead of the European left is trying to deny Israel the deterrence on which its security is based."

      And why has Israeli society turned its back on orthodox women?

      link to

      " As for the claim by industry observers that putting women on the air for more hours would not hurt the station economically, Avishar responded: "Economics is not the issue... About a third of the target audience, which is ultra-Orthodox, said they would stop listening to the station [if women were given more air time]Yosef said there was no prohibition in Jewish law against women on the radio, "since it is not singing but only speaking." However, he also said both male and female listeners to the station would ask not to hear women on the air.."

  • Amira Hass explains why Israel's U.S. model of ethnic cleansing failed, and why 'Jewish regime' will 'crumble'
    • Blitzer 20 years ago.

      "There is an Israel today that is not going to disappear. Israel has all of the justifications in the world today to exist.

      Zionism is the national liberation ideology of the Jewish people.

      Why should the Palestinians deserve a homeland if the Jews don't?


      And they destroyed it . They destroyed their own society for a Messianic fantasy

      link to

    • It already is a one state solution called Greater Israel.

    • I LOVE this Finkelstein vignette

      "Please shut up. My late father was in Auschwitz. My late mother was in Majdanek. It is precisely and exactly because of the lessons my parents taught me and my 2 siblings that I will not be silenced when Israel commits its crimes against the Palestinians . "

      link to

      If you had any heart in you would would cry for the Palestinians. And that goes for you Terry/Yossi

    • Amira Hass, like Norman Finklestein, was raised by parents who survived the Shoah. They passed on real Jewish and human values to their kids. It takes real courage to speak out against the numb dumb tide of Zionism . And they will both be vindicated.

  • Sheizaf shreds Oren Op-Ed touting Israeli democracy
    • He just walked into that one, didn't he ?

    • "Michael Oren is a master hasbarist"

      For me it all seems to be falling apart. You can only see the shtick so long before you see how hollow it has become. So morally vapid. Even the Government of Israel stuff is see through. It's all ideological, not rational and the ideology is no longer fit for purpose. Zionism has to live in the world and the world has moved on.

      The end of the 2SS is a massive moment. All the Zionist garbage about peace means nothing. It never meant anything.

      This was always the plan :

      link to

      It goes way beyond cynicism. It's some sort of mental disorder.

      Bad faith is only the beginning. Washed in years and years of bad religion. I presume Yiddish has something that gets to the point faster. Ziobots are moral zombies who keep coming back to a well that is now empty of meaning.

  • A humble shepherd is run off his grandfather's grandfather's land because of settlers' 'security'
    • Jesus had a parable in the Bible where he compared himself to a Jewish soldier with an M16. In it he said that god is like a settler who tends to his paranoia.

      Moses came down from the mountain of Sinai with 2 commandments

      Take the land
      Forget everything else to do with morality

  • 'What do you want from a 5 year old girl? She threatens your state?': Israel raids a house in Nabi Saleh
    • Chuwayyis !

    • The woman seems to be madaniyah . Next time maybe we'll get the fellahiyah version .

      Cheef Halatch inta ?

    • Occupation is like rape. It's about power and powerlessness.
      Every time I see those videos from the territories I think how bizarre it is to have these men in uniforms with guns in such a beautiful landscape. They insult the land. And they say they respect it.

    • There are many decent soldiers in the US army in Afghanistan. It's an insult to compare them to IDF goons brought up on a non stop diet of hasbara.

    • Is it the same house as in the video from a few weeks ago? The Jewish soldier with the big eyes and the ski mask looks familiar too.

    • 0:56

      Shu biddak ?

      Nothing says the Palestinians belong in Palestine more than a phrase like Shu biddak . What do you want? I'm sure they said it to the first Zionists and they'll say it whenZionism falls. That languid accent has been macerating since forever. They didn't need no committee to make up a language for them. They never needed to make up any words to describe the plants or the birds or the trees.

    • Devastating article by Amira Hass

      Israel is sacrificing its own future in the name of regional hegemony

      link to

      Meanwhile far too many intelligent Jews are in denial

      link to

  • The Quartet is worthless
    • What are the MFA's /Israeli government's 5 principles of peace ?

      2) The Palestinian refugee issue should be resolved within the context of the Palestinian nation-state. While Palestinian refugees should be free to settle in the Palestinian homeland, Israel cannot allow itself to be demographically engulfed by a flood of refugees, undermining the basic identity of Israel as the world's only Jewish state.

      There isn't going to be a Palestinian state.
      Israel has already admitted the need for a solution for the refugees.
      The Palestinian state is now part of YESHA.
      So the fugees are Israel's responsibility again.

    • Now the peace process is finished with the ultimate victory of the Jewish people the Israeli government won't need to waste any time on cynicism such as this monument to bad faith
      link to

    • The Quartet has been captured by the Ziobots like the press has.
      Anyway now they killed the Palestinian state. Well done Israel.
      Now what ?
      Have the Palestinians disappeared into history yet? Or will it be Israel that vanishes?

  • Jewish press concoct threat against 200 Jewish students in Florida university
    • "Jew-counting is incredibly intimidating these days, as it has been for centuries."

      link to
      Israel is home to a widely diverse population from many ethnic, religious, cultural, and social backgrounds. A new society with ancient roots, it is still coalescing and evolving today. Of its 7.8 million people, 75.5 percent are Jews

  • 'When I put this on my website, some people will say, Those people are just terrorists.'
  • Israeli Big Brother makes the occupation 'a reality' on TV
    • Great to see this on Mondo.

      Israel desperately needs this conversation.However I think the notion of Szekely that the Israeli left has the answers is deluded. The Israeli left is as much part of the problem as the right wing lunatics.

      It was very interesting to follow last August's "occupy Tel Aviv".

      link to

      "Until now, the protesters have shied away from targeting the privileges awarded to settlers and the ultra-Orthodox. They fear that any overt political statement against specific groups will fracture the movement and break its momentum"

      They couldn't discuss the occupation. It's the core of the whole system . Israeli inequality is a systemic issue. It goes back to oligarchy and YESHA and the failure of Zionism. There is no Zionist framework in which a solution can be found.The Zionists got 60 years and now Israel is F***ed.

  • Israel's man in Egypt throws his hat into the presidential race
    • Egypt is a lakhbatah gaamidah
      Climate change will flood the delta with saline water.
      Where will the food come from?
      And how will Israel survive ?

    • I think it's the beginning of the end. There is so much suffering in the US today . Mass layoffs of people in their 50s. 43 million with no health insurance. Stagnant median incomes for 30 years.
      And Israelis get an average of $1000 per person in aid/kickbacks from the US .
      It's unsustainable.

    • I think Khairat al Shater will walk it. Israel has no influence.
      It goes back to that video of Ken O Keeffe in Gaza the night Mubarak fell. Zionism and US imperialism. Over, definitely over.

  • Hasbara in 1988: 'despite difficulties, South Africa is a vital, progressive state with much to admire '
    • Giladg

      Show me the overall numbers for Israel. And the medical school in Haifa represents what percentage of all university places in Israel? In what sense is it representative?

      How many christians are there in Israel? Again, give me a percentage.
      Show me the link to the data.

      "Arabs own a majority of private land in Israel". 93% of the land is not private. It's "owned" by the state. It really belongs to the Palestinians of course. Because it was stolen!

      You can polish that turd but you can't mask the smell of Zionism.

    • * In SA, blacks had separate schools. In Israel, Arabs and Jews share the same schools and universities.

      "Arabs" don't get to go to university in Israel, gilad. Show the university participation numbers for Israeli Jews and Israeli Palestinians to all the nice people.

    • Super bit of work on polishing the turd of apartheid.
      South Africa was sunk when the Berlin wall fell.
      What will be the catalyst for Israel?

    • link to

      "The book is a history of twentieth-century thought. It begins with his reflections on Jewish idealism "

      What is Jewish idealism today? It got swapped for a land fetish and what Judt called " fanaticism and myopic, exclusivist tunnel vision"
      Where is the idealism? It's gone
      Can it be resurrected ? Sure it can.
      Post apartheid.

  • Israel bars Gunter Grass from entry under law barring former Nazis
    • Grass is on a totally different intellectual level to anyone in the Israeli government. He can just toy with them. What's Danon going to say that is going to diss Grass ? Call him an antisemite . And then?

      Here's a very good article on Grass and Israel by Matt Rothschild

      link to

    • "German media appear “gleichgeschaltet"

      Germany has been Israel's strongest European ally in smothering the Palestinian statehood initiative.

      Bild was first out of the tracks in condemnation of Grass. Typical. Probably alongside a photo of a semi naked woman. Priorities.

    • Pathetic from the Guardian. Absolute tosh.
      It is like something straight out of "Publish it not".

    • Those arriving in the US from the rest of the world have to fill in a form where one of the questions is "have you ever been a member of the Nazi party". Like they were sui generis. If only.
      I think history will judge the Republican party to have been worse. The Nazis left a functioning climate behind.

    • I think when Grass said Israel would destroy the Iranian people he meant Israel would force a break up of the country as the Yanks did in the case of Iraq.

    • Well said Woody. The Germans paid a very high price for Nazism- lost one quarter of their territory and 17 million ethnically cleansed, 600 thousand of whom were murdered AFTER the war .

      They understand the insanity of war and the madness of militarism.
      Israelis don't.

    • Israel's response is autistic. They were the same with the flotilla. Totally over the top. People are going to join the dots.

    • Günter Grass gets lock stock and 2 smoking Ziobarrels in the Guardian. All the Zionist garbage you can think of in less than 1000 words.
      I wonder for how long they'll have this sort of access to the UK media and what will happen when it begins to
      Israel looks more and more like News International every day.

      link to

      "Hardly surprising, then, that Grass's controversial late lyric has provoked indignation. The Israeli prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, led the attack on Thursday, asserting: "Günter Grass's shameful moral equivalence between Israel and Iran ... says little about Israel and much about Mr Grass." Netanyahu described Iran as "a regime that denied the Holocaust and threatens to annihilate Israel". He added: " It is Iran, not Israel, that is a threat to the peace and security of the world."
      Netanyahu's attack then became more personal: "For six decades, Mr Grass hid the fact that he had been a member of the Waffen SS.
      "So for him to cast the one and only Jewish state as the greatest threat to world peace and to oppose giving Israel the means to defend itself is perhaps not surprising."
      The Israeli embassy in Berlin took the format of Grass's poem and flung it back at him: "What must be said is that it is a European tradition to accuse the Jews before the Passover festival of ritual murder." It concluded that Grass's ill-judged broadside sprung from Germany's own guilty conscience – "part of the German people's efforts to come to terms with the past".
      German politicians from both left and right have traditionally been supportive of Israel, for obvious historical reasons. Several have criticised Grass, describing his work as "abominable", "irritating" and "over the top". The bestselling Bild, a paper better known for its topless models, complained of "confused poesie". And writing in Die Welt, the Jewish writer Henryk Border dubbed Grass "the prototype of the educated antisemite". He added, for good measure, that Grass was "completely nuts".
      All this forced Grass to offer his own pained reply. In an interview with North German Radio, the author complained on Thursday that the tone of the criticism "didn't just concentrate on the contents of the poem" but amounted to a scurrilous campaign to say that his reputation "had been damaged for all time". He added: "The old cliches are used. And to a certain extent they are damaging."
      Some commentators, however, offered a more convincing critique: that Grass wasn't antisemitic, but simply didn't know what he was talking about. True, the Nobel prizewinner describes Iran's leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as a "bigmouth", or "Maulheld". But otherwise, critics say, he offers a less than convincing analysis of the situation in the Middle East – failing to acknowledge, for example, Iran's regular threats to wipe Israel out. Instead Grass raises the unlikely spectre of Israel "annihilating" the Iranian people – using a German verb, auslöschen, which comes dangerously close to evoking the Holocaust.
      "The poem is more interesting to Grassologists than to stragetic analysts," the Israeli historian Tom Segev, who has met and interviewed Grass, told the Guardian. Segev called the lyric "rather pathetic".
      He said it was "idiotic" to describe the writer as an antisemite, but said Grass would be better served expending his last ink on a different creative project. "He's a great writer. He's 84. I hope he uses his last drops to write a good book." He added that the writer appeared to have "some inner psychological need to be accused wrongly", adding: "He's almost wishing people to say he's an antisemite."

      argues that Grass is the only winner who feels the urge to comment on global affairs. Gabriel García Márquez has not become a literary-political representative of South America, he notes, nor has JM Coetzee become the voice of South Africa, or Derek Walcott that of the Caribbean. Nor has Grass, it might be added, written a poem on Greece, a crisis nearer to Germany's doorstep and wallet.."

      Name an Israeli writer that has produced anything to match Grass.
      And the fact that he's one of the few intellectuals to speak out on politics is a sad reflection of our world today.

  • Beinart awaits Netanyau's 'epiphany'
  • International Criminal Court refuses to investigate 'Cast Lead' because the UN does not officially recognize Palestine as a state
  • Leading sociologist says 'the enemy' includes 'disloyal' individualistic young Jews who push human rights
    • Time has moved on alright but Israel hasn't.

      "We are oriented toward loyalty and you are oriented toward morality"

      I thought Judaism was about morality. What's all the mitzvah stuff for ?

  • The liberal Zionist predicament
    • Chu

      Have you a link to that CIA report?

    • "In an ironic and even perverse twist, Kahane, the diehard unapologetic racist criminal, knew that people like Beinart, Slater, Gorenberg, and Burston are refusing to recognize the obvious but uncomfortable truth."

      Most respectable middle class Jewish intellectuals don't want to lift up the bonnet of Israel and see what's inside. The truth is the country is run closer to the principles of Kahane than of Beinart.
      You don't turn Gaza back to the 17th century by respecting law or morality.

      This schmuck nails it in this video at 2:32

      link to

      The only reason he can swim in his pool in Greater Tel Aviv is because there are legions of armed Jews (IDF and civilian) abusing human rights in the territories.
      And when the respectable middleclass intellectual Jews eventually sever all ties with the settlers the latter will be entitled to feel shafted . Because hypocrisy is at the heart of liberal Zionism- that Tel Aviv is not a settlement but Ariel is. In reality there is no difference.

      When Israel eventually breaks the discussion isn't going to stop at 1967. It's going to go back to 1948. The original sin.

  • The 'Jewbags' photo
  • Beinart gets a Jewish conversation going in the media (just don't call us a cabal)
    • The real fight is going to be between the Israeli Jews who want to reclaim something for Zionism out of the wreckage of YESHA and those who bet the state of Israel on the status quo enduring.

      When the oligarchs turn it will get very interesting.

    • But let’s be clear. The parameters of this conversation are racist. Palestinians, the group most affected by these deliberations, are not invited into the conversation

      Bravo Phil. Allah ya'teek al afya.

      "David Remnick, interviewing Beinart in yet another Jewish conversation at the 92d Street Y last night, surely expressed rage against the settlements"

      Which settlements? Does Remnick consider the Israeli Jews in East Jerusalem as settlers ?

      Anyone who wants to foment real change is going to have to go to Israel and take on the Hydra

      link to
      "It is impossible to create an ad hoc Zionism which views the Jew who settles in Ramat Aviv as someone moral and the Jew who settles in Jerusalem as a foreign conqueror. Zionism is based on an inseparable connection between the Jewish people and the Land of Israel. Even thousands of years of exile were unable to sever this connection. This is a tie that is so deep that it grants the Jewish people moral preference to the right to the land even over the (small number of ) Arab fellaheen (farmers ) who were living on the land in the early days of Zionism.
      I am not going to enter into the question of whether it is correct to implement this right over the entire land. It is possible that there are places where the demographic reality does not justify continued control over them. But there are places from which withdrawal would be the end of Zionism. "If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget its cunning.""

  • 'The Crisis of Zionism' and the contradictions of Israel as a liberal democratic fantasy
    • Zionism was and is a living nightmare for the people of Palestine.
      Nobody in 1932 could have predicted what they would do to Gaza.

    • Mayhem

      If it didn't matter they wouldn't make such a big deal about it.

    • "The casuistic aspect of this hair-splitting leads to a labyrinthine form of argument where the speaker blows enough rhetorical smoke to make his interlocutor submit".

      The internet has destroyed this .
      Philly Hasbara or Hillel or whoever could send the top rhetorician of his or her generation on here and they'd be wiped out in 5 minutes.
      Danon tried it on al jazeera and he came off it looking like the small minded bigot he is.

    • They all lie. Barak was supposed to be a mould breaker back in 1999 and he's as mendacious as any right wing Zionist.
      The whole ideology is built on lies and manufactured history that doesn't stand up to even the most rudimentary academic treatment. That's why it's so fragile.

    • Likud wasn't around in 1948. Mapai which became Labor was.
      Jewish democracy was only ever possible thanks to ethnic cleansing and the destruction of a nation.

      link to

      "Another historian, Sami Abu Shehadeh, is doing his doctoral thesis on Jaffa as the major Arab cultural and economic centre during the mandate period. It had its own Arabic press, eight cinemas, five hospitals and about 120,000 people. After the 1948 war, 3,900 were left.

      It is standard practice for historians at Tel Aviv University to explain the time frame of their research and why it ends when it does. Shehadeh stopped his in 1948 because that was when Jaffa stopped existing as a city. "My adviser told me: 'Sami, we might agree or disagree on the word expelled, but I don't know who will sit on your committee [to adjudicate the thesis] if you insist on using it.'" A compromise was negotiated – rare in this part of the world. Shehadeh wrote that, as a result of the war, the Arabs of Jaffa "had to leave and were not allowed back".

      "Forget politics, on the basic historical facts we fight on everything," he says. "I dont even know where to start a normal discussion. We live totally separate lives. Outsiders don't see it. In Israel there are different spaces for Jews and Arabs. The problem is the vast majority of elites, and not just political but economic and intellectual ones, define themselves as being part of a Jewish democracy and concentrate all their thinking on the rights of the Jews. Non-Jews, be they Christian or Muslim, are excluded from any serious decision-making process in their lives."

      That goes for the Israeli left as well as right. As a member of the Tel Aviv-Jaffa municipal council, Shehadeh tried to persuade Yaël Dayan, the leftwing head of the coalition in charge of the council, to divide Tel Aviv-Jaffa into quarters, like any other big city. Maybe it is better for the Arabs of Jaffa if we keep on running things for them, he was told.

      "The only thing the world knows about Jaffa is oranges," says Shehadeh. "I am not an orange. [Benjamin] Netanyahu, when he was finance minister, called people like me a demographic timebomb. How can I explain to my children that they are a bomb?"

      The discrimination suffered by his community is extensively documented. Half live below the poverty line, 48% can not build a house for the next 15 years because there no permits or plans. Only 19% of Arab women with Israeli citizenship are in a job, compared with 65% of Jewish women.

      But the terrain of their changing identity and allegiance is not so well mapped. Israel demands expressions of loyalty from them. Loyalty to what, they ask. A democracy or a supremacist state?"

    • Zionism as a liberal democratic project is already dead.

      Is this senior Ziobot a democrat ?
      link to

      Is the war criminal under discussion here a liberal ?
      link to

  • Showdown in Hebron: Netanyahu steps in to protect illegal settlers facing military eviction orders
    • "Israel apparently follows the rule of law"


      You should watch this video. A guy from Coney Island discusses the attitude of Israel to international law on Danish TV .

      link to

    • I have never been to a city where the hatred is so open.

      Hebron is like the logical end point of Zionism. You take your religious fervour and your military superiority and your money and your American political cover and you attempt to "redeem the land"(whatever that means ) and in the process you turn your back on the moral basis of your belief system, the religion that is supposedly driving the process. And what was the point again ?

    • Jewish settlers don't look good on TV. Especially the Hebron Jews.
      Israel has a PR challenge. Zionism is harder to sell than a yeast infection and it needs the brownie points.

  • Video: Israeli military violently evicts Palestinians, internationals from Hebron house
  • Iowa. New Hampshire. Yad Vashem
    • Yad Vashem is built on the land of the destroyed Palestinian village of Ein Kerem . It is the wrong place for a Holocaust museum. " Never again" rings very hollow at Yad Vashem

  • Activists post mock eviction notices in campus dorms to highlight Israeli home demolition policy
    • "While Hillel supports free speech and champions civil discourse on campus we will not sit idly by when Israel is singled out, delegitimized and demonized. "

      link to

      "The Land of Israel, S.Y. Agnon wrote, is bought with suffering. And all those for whom the Land of Israel is dear and who accept the suffering with love, will have the privilege of seeing it built, he said. And may it come to pass that you, too, my children and grandchildren in Migron, as well as your friends who accept the suffering with sacrifice and love, will have the privilege of seeing it, soon and in our days, in its full splendor and glory.

      The goys don't like home demolitions. It is all part of g-d's plan. Or else a mitzvah.

  • Flabby Zionism
    • I had a long chat with my Israeli colleague at lunch the other day. He was talking about the holiday he's taking this week in "the Judean Desert" which is in "Judea and Samaria". And then he brought up Iran and all the talking points. I asked him if it would make any difference if Iran had nuclear bombs. Did they make Israel any safer? He said that when Israel has its back to the wall and the enemies are massing only the bomb has credibility. It was also the bomb that enabled the settlement project to flourish. It is no substitute for diplomacy and bridge building. But they chose the bomb, didn't they ? All the while listening to the words of Ben Gurion/Gruen - it doesn't matter what the goys say, just what the Jews do.
      And here we are in 2012.
      Israel is in a real hole.

    • In the sense that it has a large concentration of Jews and Saturday is the day the shops are closed and Passover is an official holiday (along with Eid etc) .

    • Have nuclear bombs made Israelis feel more secure or have they ratcheted up the paranoia ?

    • "But they could not understand their dilemma, because their story was too unique to themselves and for the greater world to comprehend."

      And because they wrapped g-d around the whole mess and nobody stopped them. 1967 will be seen as the turning point. Messianism and the fetish for the land were the catalysts .

    • "I believe in the notion of a Jewish and democratic state"

      It would be a nice thing.

      I'd like to see a Jewish state of the future run on the basis of the rule of law and equality for all its citizens, where everyone within the borders were granted citizenship.

  • The Israel/Palestine conflict will be resolved when Arab countries kick the U.S. out of the region
    • Fred

      What are you going to do when the 17 oligarchs decide to ditch the Jewish state and accept citizenship and full rights for all the Palestinians in return for guaranteed access to the markets of the Arab League?

    • "Turkey has come out from under US tutelage and has embarked upon an independent foreign policy which includes a break with Israel and enhanced support for the Palestinians"

      Turkey has just cut imports of Iranian oil by 20% as requested by Hillary.

      As long as the middle East supplies oil to the West the US will meddle. I think Israel will collapse before the oil runs out.

      Private Eye magazine had an amazing report on what is going on at New International, Murdoch's company, since the tables turned on them last year. They were a secretive cabal a bit like the Zionists and had access to the highest levels of power like the Zionists and were untouchable like the Zionists.

      Will Lewis is a senior NI manager who is now turning in his own journalists to the police. 2 senior journalists have attempted suicide.

      One day the Feds are going to walk all over the Ziobots. They'll see collaboration from the other side.

  • In pictures: Gaza welcomes Hana Shalabi
    • Sending her to Gaza is a disgrace.

      link to

      "Today, Hana al-Shalabi, who spent 43 days on hunger strike to protest her detention without charge or trial by Israel, was banished to the Gaza Strip for three years, under a highly controversial deal that Addameer and Physicians for Human Rights- Israel have said is illegal under international law, particularly the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949.

      In the course of this appalling act, Israeli occupation forces used Twitter to commit an additional breach of international law and Hana al-Shalabi’s rights."

  • Former State Dep't official says Obama calls for human rights and democracy are 'undercut' by position on Palestinians
  • Marwan Barghouti calls for popular uprising for statehood. Israel puts him in solitary confinement
    • That's just for your stuff, Fred.

      I go direct to hasbara central. No need to have you as the middleman.

    • If the PA police went back to barracks life would become very difficult for the settlers especially beyond the wall. They pretend they live in the West Bank like they would anywhere else but they are quite vulnerable and the Israeli Army can't cover their every landgrabbing move.

    • I won't bother opening Fredblogs but otherwise it's not progress.

    • The Palestinians bombed Israel with white phosphorous in 2008.
      Since 1967 any Israeli who was outside the country has not been allowed back by the Palestinians.
      In 1982 18,000 Israelis were murdered when the Palestinians invaded with the Lebanese army and Tel Aviv was destroyed.

      All the Israelis have is slingshots.

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