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"Either we are all sacred or none of us is" - Paul Fourhorns Tenoso "One has to bear in mind that Israelis live in a largely mythic world, a somewhat modified and vastly simplified version of the Iliad. In this starkly polarized vision of reality, in which Israelis are by definition innocent victims of dark, irrational forces operating against them, heroic death in war always makes sense, and violent coercion is the option both of necessity and of choice. The Hebrew proverb says: “If force doesn’t work, use more force.” jon s November 16, 2014, 6:56 am "Hophmi, for participating in efforts to promote Jewish-Muslim understanding , is ridiculed, while Max and David , for spreading lies and promoting hatred , are to be admired." I just think Judaism needs to get back to that justice setting.

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  • Algeria and Six-Day War led Lanzmann to make Shoah (and to deny the Nakba)
    • If the 6 day war victory was a sign of g-d's covenant with his chosen people then by the same logic the Shoah was also related to him. And that is nuts.

    • "prosperous, assimilated Jews of the West were less and less able to see themselves clearly"

      That continues to be deliberate on the part of the ideologues who run Zionism.
      From age 4 Jewish Israeli kids are indoctrinated via the school system and TV . They get all the hurt via Hebrew. So many songs. Summer camps. Of course they don't speak Arabic. Most of them go to Auschwitz as part of the program.
      It's a miracle the odd one turns out to be well balanced and empathetic.

      Israelis live in a community where fear is used to manipulate emotional responses to political issues. I wonder how many Zionists in Israel have trouble sleeping and with their personal relationships.

    • The Jewish Prison is a good read. You can force everyone to speak a new language but it is very difficult to start over and erase the history and the culture that have led to the present. Modernism is a con.

  • Harvard Israel conference presents 'innovation' to hide occupation
    • "how can a lie detector save the Us over $100bn a year? "

      Just put on the special glasses that identify the nearest ziobot and tune out . The glasses identify lying douchebags such as Michael Oren and Benjamin Netanyahu by means of special 3G technology and you don't even need to go to AIPAC to use them- they work off any home TV set by parsing language and flashing signals from satellites above the Holy Land every time the schmucks use words like "peace" and "democracy".

      But they will save much more- the Iran war will cost at least $1 tn

    • "the attempt by the conference organizers to recast Israel purely as an “innovation state”

      Israel is first and foremost an indoctrination state

      link to

      The fallen always die for the homeland, and in their death they command us to live
      "Some of their classes, such as Bible and history, also prepare them for military service, Ben-Amos says, "not to mention the army prep programs and visits to Hebron's Cave of the Patriarchs, or the school trips to Poland. The conclusion reached by students after returning from [a visit to] Auschwitz is that we need a strong army so that it won't happen again."
      More important is the communal context, the feeling of togetherness, singing sad songs together. This communal feeling is the important thing.

      She says that while a few, mainly private schools, hold alternative Memorial Day ceremonies most Israeli schools are careful to educate their students to be good soldiers.

  • '60 Minutes' profiles Palestinian Christians, Michael Oren falls on his face
    • "Palestinian Christians are not all innocent bystanders".

      Talk us through it again, gilad. What did the Palestinians do at Auschwitz to deserve losing their country?

  • The five assaults of Lt Col Shalom Eisner
    • I think it would have been interesting if one of the cyclists had torn off his kippa and thrown it into the ditch with the bikes

    • "throwing the riders’ bikes into the ditch "

      I think israeli behaviour in the OT is straight out of prison culture. There is no room for nuance or decency. Violence is the language. You provoke aggressively and the aim is to humiliate - the absolute worst result is to be dominated . It is a system of dehumanisation.

      Ironically the Alpha dog, Eisner, got a virtual shaft (in the sense of his job) online .

      In all situations where the rules of decency break down and bullying and coercion replace respect there is shame and there are people outside who don't buy the transformation. In Israel's case the community is outside the country. Most of Israel is a moral wasteland when it comes to the palestinians. Eisner and co have the certainty of that backing when they throw those bikes into the ditch. But they have the fear of all bullies.

    • The cycle ride was genius. Israel devoted millions of dollars to combating the flytilla and the same weekend suffered the biggest PR reverse in several months thanks to a few cyclists. There is just too much leakage for Israel to deal with.

    • it’s hard to believe people can be this sick.

      Nice try, Denis

      Eisner is Israeli mainstream. Look at all the soldiers behind him. they are all nice Jewish girls and boys from across Israel. They see this sort of thing every day.
      Eisner is their commander. That sort of behaviour is what makes Israel's purity of arms what is is. The world's most moral army.

    • What does Eisner's kippa mean ? Is it something that brings him closer to g-d?

    • The signpost behind the injured cyclist at 1.05

      Occupation is the name of your town in the language of the occupier first and most prominent on the road signs.

      That's the mentality of the Jews in Israel. Because all of the land is theirs.

      And if the Hebrew name is different to the arab name as is the case with Nablus the Jewish version will appear in the bottom part of the sign which is in English.

  • Why did Washington Post and NYT lend themselves to 'unglued' 'angerfest' directed at Beinart?
    • The NYT has been with the Ziobots all the way.

      They published a very interesting selection called "the history of the state of Israel- a compilation of historic pages " in 2010 and it mostly covers wars
      and has all the historic hasbara.

      Of note is the very first instalment

      August 15 1897 "the Jewish state idea"

      At that time they were prepared to ask the odd question:

      "It is interesting to ask what are the aims of Dr Herzl and his friends and in how far former success argues for or against their plan. Is it feasible, even if it is advisable ?"

      After 1948 they threw in their lot with the Bots and have been dutiful foghorns since but the question first asked in 1897 is as valid as ever.

    • The NYT will stick the knife into Israel when it becomes obvious that the system of oppression is collapsing. But only then.

    • "Why did Washington Post and NYT lend themselves to ‘unglued’ ‘angerfest’ directed at Beinart?"

      Because it is their job to defend the status quo and support the power structure.
      Why did the NYT print anything by Judith Miller 2002 ?

  • Egypt and Israel, all is not well
    • Israel is a parasite. Add up all the revenue generated by Israeli ideas (and subtract the impact of non Israeli capital) and then on the other side of the equation subtract the cost of Palestine and all the US funding, underpriced Egyptian gas and the water stolen from the West Bank and the unpaid reparations due to the people of Egypt (4 wars) , Lebanon (7 wars) and Iraq and it's way negative.

    • If Egypt is deprived of Nile water and Israel is involved that's as good as a declaration of war.

    • It's not representative of how ordinary Israelis feel. It can't be.
      When the economic crunch comes the ones who can earn money elsewhere will leave and there will be nothing the settlers can do about it.

    • "The Israeli side said the decision was “in bad faith""


      And when will Israel be reopening its embassy in umadunya ?

    • Israel really messed up with the Sinai Bedouin.

      This attitude is going to come back and haunt them
      link to

      and now the chosen ones have no local bolthole.

  • Israeli Foreign Ministry: Exporting toxic culture
    • Give it another 5 years and see how well Israel's attempts to whitewash the occupation by means of focusing on "neutral" cultural exports are going.

  • Mads Gilbert, eyewitness to 'Cast Lead', says Gaza remains besieged and 'shattered'
    • I would be very interested in any sociological work done on the effect of 45 years of Israeli brutality on the mental state of the people of Gaza. Everyone in Gaza is disadvantaged but in such situations the population tends to divide into "advantaged of the disadvantaged" and "disadvantaged of the disadvantaged " and I'd like to know what damage Israel and the wider Judaism have inflicted on the latter group by comparison, for example, to the experience somewhere like Detroit.

    • The Muslim world knows what Israel is doing to Gaza.
      It's a monument to Jewish idiocy and hubris.

  • 1200 rabbis threaten an end to interfaith harmony if Methodists support divestment
    • I think the nukes are supposed to make people fear Israel. But people are losing the fear.

    • Perhaps not, Lysias.

      If sanctions were to cripple the Israeli economy and they had no option but to grant Palestinians full rights in order to save their cashflows the nukes would be meaningless.

      Nukes are not particularly practical in breakdowns drive by moral collapse. That was the South African experience.

    • Phil

      Almost 50% of Jews live in Israel .

      The Zionist concentration is higher than 50%. I'd say closer to 75% based on the content of Diaspora newspaper editorials.

    • "I love how people on this site blindly assume that any opposition to their position must be “conditioning” or something."

      Sociologists call that Zionism drunk or sober attitude cognitive dissonance

    • The 1200 Rabbis are following in the footsteps of the South African Board of Jewish deputies

      link to

      "When finally Israel was backed into a position of support for international sanctions against South Africa, a body called the Jewish Board of Deputies, the official mouthpiece of the Jewish community there, decried the waning of “the special relationship.”
      Polakow-Suransky tells the story of that support for the regime as well as the story of Jews, South African and Israeli (including Israelis of South African origin), who were stalwarts against apartheid from the start. One of these, he relates, lavished praise on Nelson Mandela not long after his release from prison, before the majority-rule election that would sweep him into office as president. The former prisoner, this Israeli gushed, was a latter-day Moses who would reach the Promised Land. The normally mellow Mandela replied sharply. “The people of South Africa,” he’s quoted as saying, “will never forget the support of the state of Israel to the apartheid regime.”

      Also worth noting from the article

      "By the time the missile accord was finally struck in 1984, South Africa had produced its first nuclear device. The idea was never to hurl a warhead into Luanda, Lusaka, or Maputo. It was a card to be played in trying to persuade Western powers not to “abandon” the regime in the face of a Communist “onslaught.” But when the curtain rose for the last act, South Africa’s undeclared nuclear status proved to be less powerful than the political pressure for sanctions brought to bear in the West by the anti-apartheid movement; nor could a nuclear arsenal do anything to slow the breakdown of the racial order increasingly evident in the industrial belt around Johannesburg. The end of the cold war shredded the always feeble argument that the white regime might have some residual value as a strategic partner. "

    • If they are going to go all out with Israel, drunk or sober, all the way to the extreme right and beyond then can they at the very least formally and publicly renounce all of the stuff they no longer support ?

      Like this :

      "Wherever we can save life, we should. That is a longstanding and fundamental proposition of Judaism"

      link to

      And this

      link to

      "Our tradition, places the relentless pursuit of peace amongst the highest of our aspirations. The Talmud, in Tractate Derech Eretz Zuta, devotes an entire chapter to exalting peace as a Jewish value. Hillel the sage instructs us to be “like the students of Aharon, to love peace and chase after it” (Avot 1:12). And in the Midrash (Bamidbar Rabbah 21:1) Rabbi Shimon Ben Halufta says, “There is no vessel of greater blessing than peace,” and quotes, in that context, the famous verse from Psalms (29:11): “May God give His people strength, may God bless his people with peace.” The list of Jewish sources embracing peace is almost countless"

      Just drop it. There is no point in fooling anyone any more.

    • Huge swathes of Jewish officialdom appear to have been co-opted by the Ziobots.
      Which will make the endgame vicious in a way that South Africa wasn't.

      The pity of it all.

  • Khader Adnan will continue to work at a bakery and sell zaatar to remind Palestinians of their roots
    • "The problem with giving in to any form of hostage taking extortion, is that it simply leads to more hostage taking extortion"

      That's why Israel has more than 14000 Palestinian prisoners.
      You are very earnest, Fred, and you do try hard but sometimes you just walk into them.

    • Tzipi Livni still has a passport, Fred. If she was Belgian and had ordered Wallonia to be bombed with white phosphorous she'd be in the Hague by now. Think about your own sociopaths.

    • Za'atar is magic food.

    • "When I was hunger striking, they would purposely eat and drink in front of me. They would insult me, call me a dog. One told me that they still haven't done anything to me yet. Their manners are so unscrupulous.

      They tried to provoke me by repeating that my wife was unfaithful to me, and that my daughters were not mine. What else could they do? They banned the media from covering my case, proof that they are afraid of the truth."

      Hevenu shalom aleichem

  • Sequestering young people in religious/ethnic schools breeds alienation and hatred (Magid takes on Beinart)
    • "Yes, but the part of the Jewish community that has not dropped it is by far the fastest growing part. " well as the most ignorant, the least productive, the most welfare dependent ..

    • The "Jewish only if your mother is" is what justifies the occupation in the eyes of many Israeli sociopaths like Danon who say that Erez Israel has to be held and the biggest thing that he cares about is saving Jews from intermarriage in the Diaspora.
      So it's feeding bigotry and the departure of half of judaism from its own ethical foundation.

      link to

    • Judaism should drop the limitation that only if your mother is Jewish you can be. I saw this self defeating mechanism amongst the Parsis in India. The community is contracting and may not survive this century.

      If Jews marry goys the kids should be recognised as Jews. Imagine the nightmare scenario- you are an attractive Jewish lady and there's only one male Jew left in the world and it's Danny Danon.

      Wouldn't it be far better to find a sympa goy and start over ?

    • For once I agree with Hophmi. It doesn't have to be bad.

      BTW Israel is rotten but that has different factors.

    • "Sequestering young people in religious/ethnic schools breeds alienation and hatred"

      It doesn't have to. Government policy is more important. Religious schools can be a positive force in society. Israel is dysfunctional because of the army and the settlers.

    • "...sequestering young Jews so that they only learn with one another, marry one another and have children who will do the same is hardly the way to create a liberal humanistic society that can offer a viable alternative to the problems contemporary Jews face."

      I have the feeling that Israelis have given up on liberalism now that the wagons are circled. Name one Israeli government minister or Kadima front bencher who would qualify as liberal in the West. Liberalism appears to be a diaspora thing .

      It's very sad to note the absence of any significant Israeli cultural critiques of a doomed system.

  • Dana on Beinart: 'undeterred by unavoidable realities'
  • Pinkwashing in the 'NY Jewish Week'
    • "I feel the unconditional* love of a God to His Jewish people"

      *Offer not available in all areas . Forget it, you ethiopian Jews
      *subject to ongoing US political support

      And on another note :

      There is great scope for anti Zionist placard work - look at these
      wonderful gay creations

      link to

  • Three thoughts For Holocaust Day
    • Re Yom HaShoah I wonder will they mark Yom Ha Hitmotehtoot (collapse) after Israel goes tits up?

      Or will it become a religious mark of time and past tragedy like the festival that marks the exile to Iraq?

    • Germany had to pay reparations to Israel. Israel never paid a penny to the Palestinians for their country. Justice is a joke.

    • Nice bit of Hebrew on your header, Dickerson.

    • It's worse than sad, Walid. It was systematic.
      The Sabra Jews used to joke about the Shoah survivors. Israel got the money and spent it on infrastructure. The old Israeli schtick about Jewish unity is very hollow when it comes to political economy and oligarchy.
      But it's a great way of keeping people afraid and preventing them from speaking out.

      And a few years ago the Israelis approached the Germans moaning that the survivors needed money and the Germans looked at the figures and where the reparations went and told them where to go. They have no sense of haram, the Israelis.

  • If you give a Palestinian the right to bike in the Jordan Valley….
    • I love the words "3adi" and "heek".

    • Shmuel

      I can't see how anyone who makes it to a high level of seniority in the Israeli military-political matrix isn't a liar.
      The ideology is virtually impossible to defend honestly or rationally.

      Here's a great example

      link to

      "Our tradition, places the relentless pursuit of peace amongst the highest of our aspirations. The Talmud, in Tractate Derech Eretz Zuta, devotes an entire chapter to exalting peace as a Jewish value. Hillel the sage instructs us to be “like the students of Aharon, to love peace and chase after it” (Avot 1:12). And in the Midrash (Bamidbar Rabbah 21:1) Rabbi Shimon Ben Halufta says, “There is no vessel of greater blessing than peace,” and quotes, in that context, the famous verse from Psalms (29:11): “May God give His people strength, may God bless his people with peace.” The list of Jewish sources embracing peace is almost countless"

      hypocrisy doesn't even begin to describe it

    • Lovely piece.

      It seems to have been a very effective ride even if it felt sad . Incredible media exposure. Another nail in the coffin of Zionism.

  • In 'Time,' Cantor joins himself at the hip with Netanyahu in defiance of Obama
    • Yes. They really messed it up in 1967.

      The colonisation of Palestine was different to the colonisation of the US in several key respects - the Palestinians were one people, they don't tend to drink alcohol, they belong to a strong wider community and the Ziobots didn't bring any deadly diseases with them.

    • When Bibi turns vegetable like Sharon will Israel still be around ? Imagine he goes into a homenear West Jerusalem for the elderly suffering from Alzheimers and is there for a few years deteriorating but one day he has a flash of clarity and he goes to the reception to find that the country no longer exists and is now called "the Holy Land of Palestine FKA Israel". And then he gets it before lasping back into the fuzz.

    • Bibi sure is transformational alright. And when the full force of the transformation hits the Israelis of the future they'll wish June 4th 1967 never happened.

  • A Palestinian mayor issues desperate appeal to the world to restore his village's lifeline
    • I think a Mondo trip to Israel would be magnificent. See the meltdown in the flesh.

    • You antisemite !

      Our tradition, places the relentless pursuit of peace amongst the highest of our aspirations. The Talmud, in Tractate Derech Eretz Zuta, devotes an entire chapter to exalting peace as a Jewish value. Hillel the sage instructs us to be “like the students of Aharon, to love peace and chase after it” (Avot 1:12). And in the Midrash (Bamidbar Rabbah 21:1) Rabbi Shimon Ben Halufta says, “There is no vessel of greater blessing than peace,” and quotes, in that context, the famous verse from Psalms (29:11): “May God give His people strength, may God bless his people with peace.” The list of Jewish sources embracing peace is almost countless

    • Hevenu shalom aleichum

      and if you don't agree you get a rifle butt in the face

  • Steve Rothman spins Danish cyclist attack as propaganda coup
    • If it wasn't a Jewish state it probably would have collapsed by now. The Jewish angle gives it a longer timespan. But the apartheid will bring the whole thing down anyway regardless of the Jewish angle.

    • Zionism is a cult that places Judaism ahead of the rest of humanity
      You can't run an apartheid system any other way. The chosen schtick gets used in a very cynical way. And the education system is built around emphasising to Israelis that the state is for them and not for non Jews. So is YESHA. It's a real mess.

      So much of the Zionist conversation around the Palestinians is dog whistling and making sure nobody steps out of line. The ideology is very well marshalled. There is virtually no leakage in Israel.
      When is an Israeli band going to produce something to match Alternative Ulster ?

      In such a framework the Palestinians are essentially regarded as vermin and what Eisner did to enforce the status quo was correct. Why should any foreigners interest themselves with vermin ?

      It's very like the Indian caste system. Why bother treating the Dalits well? Who gives a sh%t about Dalits?

      The problem for all this institutionalised bigotry is video. You just can't sell this stuff to the West. Nobody wants to know about it .

      And once the foreigners figure it out the ideology can't explain itself. Because it is not rational.

    • I just had a word with my Israeli colleague about something work related but I was thinking how sad it will be for him and the rest of his compatriots when it all falls apart because of the settlers and an incompetent political "elite". That nobody ever stood up to. There is something very Jewish with deep undertones of Yiddishkeit about the unfolding mess.

    • There comes a time in the life cycle of every oppressive regime that the spokespeople get nutmegged by events and are left floundering with a thin cloth of ideology that fails to cover up the sudden nudity. And they look stupid and everyone gets it.

      And Israel edges ever closer to the point of total hasbara failure.

      Here's Israel Harel. Just another cheap ziobot ideologue. How come he still has a column?

      link to

  • Bono in Jerusalem: 'Hope Is Like A Faithful Dog'
    • Tel

      I said Israel is not a long play. You added your own spin on the PIIGs.
      I can tell you one thing - Greece will still exist in 2112. Israel won't.

      Bono shouldn't invest in Israel because the money is dirty just like it was in South Africa. Plus he supported sanctions against Burma so it comes across all hypocritical.

    • Terryscott is most likely a frustrated provincial from some Israeli town like Afula.

    • Bono is a clown i.m.o.

  • Woman removed from Air France flight for not being Jewish
    • link to

      Arkia has to stop flying to Stockholm because the Swedish capital’s international airport now refuses to allow Israeli methods of security inspections dictated by the Shin Bet security service, TheMarker learned on Wednesday. Thus, Stockholm’s airport joined those in Malmo, Sweden and in Copenhagen in refusing to allow Israeli security inspections, which involve ethnic and personal profiling, extensive questioning and selective inspections based on the perceived degree of risk to security.

  • Define Orientalism (Palestinians make heroes of people who kill civilians)
  • Israeli celebrity says she enjoyed video of IDF attacking Danish activist because he looked like a Nazi
    • "most of the threads on Mondoweiss are crap"

      Oleg. play your part in the cleanup and stay away !
      Hasbara is dead.

    • The people who led West Germany through the 1950s were nowhere on the radar in the early 40s. Judaism is going to need people like Rabbi Weiss to put the community back on its feet when Zionist apartheid breaks down and the Israelis come to realise that everything they thought they knew about their society was nuts.

    • Very interesting. The correct accent would have been the Palestinian one that the local Jews had especially as they had ALWAYS been there . But they were "Oriental" and they weren't good enough for the Ashkenazim ....

      But it means that yiddish lives on

    • Shmuel

      That explains why Israelis say "(the) Khamas" instead of "Hamas".

      Where does the Israeli Hebrew pronunciation of "r" come from? It comes across as "gh".

    • Fred

      You'll be entitled to moan when "Israeli Arabs" get houses in the settlements and they are also permitted to live in any community inside the Green Line.

    • Shunra

      I got it from this book

      link to

      And just look at the gem on page 117

      "The major targets of Sabra wit were the Arabs, the old timers of the Yishuv and state leadership, the old timers of the moshavuot , Holocaust survivors and the oriental immigrants of the 1950s. "

      You won't hear that from Bibi on Holocaust memorial day.

      The crudeness and brutality of Zionist society has its roots in the bigotry and ignorance of the sabras that goes way back.

    • Bibi's comb-over makes him look like a twat.

    • They only ever invoke the Nazis to be provocative.
      Deep down they hate brown people. Not very deep down.

    • Do you think when a IDF soldiers being confronted on the daily basis do not feel the urge to smack down that goy?

      What was that goy doing in Erez Israel Dim? Are goys allowed there now ?

    • Still, give an Israeli Jew a choice between a blond and a coffee coloured Ethiopian or, god forbid, a Palestinian as a neighbour and the one who looks most white will get the apartment 99 times out of 100.

    • They are like poison in the body of Judaism.

    • This should be broadcast to Denmark.

      Europeans are over listening to smug Israelis invoking the Holocaust. How are all the Shoah survivors doing in Israel? Not very well, I hear. `

    • "I want to say this: all those people who want to solve problems that they have no clue about, and that in any case, they tend to be on the wrong side of it "

      I learnt 2 Hebrew phrases today

      Smoch alai- everything will work out
      Al tebalbel li et ha-beitzim- don’t mix up my balls- you have no clue

      Israel is run on the smoch alai principle.
      Anyone who disagrees is an antisemite and gets the al tebalbel...

  • Question for Israel: Where are the Palestinian Gandhis . . . and what have you done with them?
    • Where are the Israeli Nadine Gordimers?

      link to

      "In an autobiographical essay from 1954 she writes about growing up in South Africa:

      For me, one of the confusing things…was the strange shift—every year or two when I was small, and then weekly, daily almost, when I was adolescent—in my consciousness of, and attitude towards, the Africans around me.

      Five years later, she writes about being white in South Africa:

      We do not suffer, but we are coarsened. Even to continue to live here is to acquiesce in some measure to apartheid—to a sealing off of responses, the cauterisation of the human heart.

      Two years later, she is predicting the end of white power: “The white man, as a power, is fast becoming extinct in Africa.”

      Then there are elegies for those who have been destroyed by the system, including as essay written about the black journalist Nat Nakasa in 1966:

      He did not calculate the population as thirteen million or three million, but as sixteen. He belonged not between two worlds, but to both. And in him one could see the hope of one world. He has left that hope behind; there will be others to take it up.

      Then there is a note of exasperation in an essay ten years later:

      With unprecedentedly strong criticism of the government coming from its own newspapers and prominent Afrikaners as well as the opposition, it is baffling to read that at the same time 60 per cent of whites…support Mr. Vorster’s National Party.

      In 1981, she writes about censorship: “I am one who has always believed and still believes we shall never be rid of censorship until we are rid of apartheid.”
      In 1999, with apartheid over, she describes how it is to live under the new freedom:

      I am aware now, every day, in so many ways, big and small, happy and troubling, that I can speak of “our country.” If the air of taking possession can be palpable, I feel it when I walk out of my gate. I hear it in the volume of traffic….It is that indefinable quality called confidence.

      The eighteen years in between and the years after give her the opportunity to write about the new world as it struggled out of its chrysalis, and figures such as Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu. An essay from 1990 begins:

      I have just come home from the rally that welcomed Nelson Mandela back to Soweto. It was the occasion of a lifetime for everyone there; including the dot in the crowd that was myself, as one of the whites who have identified with the African National Congress through the years when it was a crime to do so. "

      Where is the Israeli Stiff Little Fingers ?

      "An Alternative Ulster
      Grab it change it's yours
      Get an Alternative Ulster
      Ignore the bores, their laws
      Get an Alternative Ulster
      Be an anti-security force
      Alter your native Ulster
      Alter your native land

      Take a look where you're livin'
      You got the Army on the street
      And the RUC dog of repression
      Is barking at your feet
      Is this the kind of place you wanna live?
      Is this where you wanna be?
      Is this the only life we're gonna have?

      What we need is


      They say they're a part of you
      But that's not true you know
      They say they've got control of you
      And that's a lie you know
      They say you will never be
      Free free free"

  • On Palestinian Prisoners' Day, protest mounts against world's largest security contractor
    • "Moreover, G4S is involved in other aspects of the Israeli apartheid and occupation regime: it has provided equipment and services to Israeli checkpoints in the West Bank that form part of the route of Israel’s illegal Wall and to the terminals isolating the occupied territory of Gaza. G4S has also signed contracts for equipment and services for the West Bank Israeli Police headquarters and to private businesses based in illegal Israeli settlements. A panel of legal experts concluded that G4S may be criminally liable for its activities in support of Israel’s illegal Wall and other violations of international law."

      And how different the reality is to the hope, called Ha Tikva in Hebrew.

      "Kol od baleivav p'nima
      Nefesh Y'hudi homiya
      Ul'fa-atey mizrach kadima
      Ayin L'Tziyon tzofiya
      Od lo avda tikvateynu
      Hatikva bat sh'not alpayim
      Lih'yot am chofshi b'artzenu
      Eretz Tziyon v'yirushalayim.
      Lih'yot am chofshi b'artzenu
      Eretz Tziyon v'yirushalayim.

      As long as deep within the heart
      The Jewish soul is warm
      And toward the edges of the east
      An eye to Zion looks
      Our hope is not yet lost,
      The hope of two thousand years
      To be a free people in our own land
      In the land of Zion and Jerusalem.
      To be a free people in our own land
      In the land of Zion and Jerusalem"

      When did the Jewish soul turn so cold and heartless ?

  • New Migron bill could lead to massive Israeli land grab in the West Bank
  • Eisner, new poster boy for occupation, says you can't look good for the camera when you're fighting 'anarchists'
    • The warrior Jews get all clammed up when they have to explain themselves to the world on camera and in English .

      It all makes sense in Hebrew. The land is worshipped. It justified the offering of Jewish ethics . "Palestinians" don't even belong there. Foreigners who support the Arabs are deluded anti semites.
      Eisener is just a grunt. Danon and Bibi call the shots and they are not coy about what has to be done to "redeem" the land.

  • Barghouti to U.S. Jews: I know you don't like the word apartheid, but what do you call a system that gives a settler 50 times more water than a Palestinian?
    • "It is insult to the spirit of America after WW2 when we purportedly fought the bad guys. "

      The Americans in the aftermath of the war promoted the Atlantic Charter which was
      link to
      "a pivotal policy statement first issued in August 1941 that early in World War II defined the Allied goals for the post-war world. It was drafted by Britain and the United States, and later agreed to by all the Allies. The Charter stated the ideal goals of the war: no territorial aggrandizement; no territorial changes made against the wishes of the people; restoration of self-government to those deprived of it; free access to raw materials; reduction of trade restrictions; global cooperation to secure better economic and social conditions for all; freedom from fear and want; freedom of the seas; and abandonment of the use of force, as well as disarmament of aggressor nations. In the "Declaration by United Nations" of 1 January 1942, the Allies of World War II pledged adherence to the charter's principles."

      The Americans used it post war to end colonisation across the Middle East , Africa and Asia . The UK had to give up its empire in India. France eventually gave up Algeria.

      There was only one place where the process worked in reverse.

      The Iraqis, Lebanese and Egyptians exposed the hypocrisy of the US position through 1944. Supporting freedom for Indians while sponsoring the colonisation of

      link to

    • The Christian Zionists are the dregs of Christianity

      Rose guide to the end times

      link to
      Page 212

      "Wherever there is a carcass there the vultures will gather (Matthew 24:28)

      View 1 fulfilment in the end times only

      The carcass represents Jews who refuse to recognise Jesus as the Messiah. they are dead in their sins"

      This is vile antisemitism.

    • Fred

      Do you have kids? Do they take the toys of the neighbors? Are they armed ?

    • "Most of the Palestinians I know – and I dare say I know more of them than most people in the Mondoweiss community – don’t ascribe to the narrative routinely presented here, and have a far more nuanced understanding of the Israelis"

      Most Palestinians of course love living under the Israeli heel and understand that they are not Chosen and welcome the destruction of the Dome of the Rock which will bring G-d closer to His people. There are just a few uppity troublemakers who ruin it for everyone else and they deserve their whuppin'.
      And slavery was subject to a brutal PR campaign. Most slaves were never happier. And AIDS is a blessing. And there's nothing wrong with asbestos.

    • Typo - "this time it will not be palestiian rsy" Is that responsibility?

      "In one way or another, their Israeli government, their United States government, their majority of people in this game-- are putting in the hands of the settlements the right to decide the future."

      It's in black and white at Hostage's comment
      Hostage April 17, 2012 at 4:17 am

      The americans and the Europeans have delivered the coup de grace to the 2SS under instruction and following 45 years of activity from the ziobots.

      I think Mustafa Barghouti should go for the jugular and bring up to the complete and utter capitulation of Judaism in the face of Zionism . Because above all the case of Israel today is a severe collective moral failure involving at least 70% of the adherents (I am being very generous ) of one of the great world religions.
      Land has been fetishised and values have been abandoned and it is going to be very difficult to rescue the values when it all goes tits up.

      And there is also this
      link to

      "More to the point, quite apart from the theological objections to political Zionism held by most rabbis in Herzl’s day, very many proud and pious Jews—not mere “arrivistes”—entirely rejected the idea of the “nationalization” of the Jews"

      Only connect

  • Relentless occupation: cutting down olive trees, seizing sheep, destroying wells
    • This is all done in the name of "the Jewish people" for "the Jewish people" by self appointed representatives of "the Jewish people" .
      It's insane.

      link to

      "More to the point, quite apart from the theological objections to political Zionism held by most rabbis in Herzl’s day, very many proud and pious Jews—not mere “arrivistes”—entirely rejected the idea of the “nationalization” of the Jews."

      They knew you don't mix religion and politics.
      And now the omelette of Zionist Judaism can't be returned to the eggshell.

  • Israel imprisons youth for refusing army service
    • Anti militarisation activists have to get into the schools way before the kids are drafted into the army. The madness starts in junior school. The whole education system is designed to deliver conscripts to the occupation. It's the foundation of the cult.

  • Major Bay Area arts org worked closely with Israeli consul general to counter protests
    • The problem with Zionism is that it takes up too many evenings.
      It's too much work to keep the lies going.

      i think there's massive potential for Palestinians to ally with the GLBT community.

      Bastards and bigots everywhere target

      Religious minorities
      Ethnic minorities
      The GLBT community

      And it is amongst these groups that potential support for the Palestinians should be highest.

  • Iran didn't threaten to 'wipe' Israel out -- Israel's deputy prime minister
  • It’s not normal and you don’t get it
    • Anyone with a heart or even the smallest smidgeon of compassion who goes the far side of the Green Line can see what is going on. My mother was over on a pilgrimage and they visited Bethlehem and despite the Israeli guide spinning the hasbara none of them bought it. The Holy Land continues to be desecrated.

  • Robert Lowell scooped Gunter Grass
    • Israel and the Yanks destroyed Nasser but now they would love a secularist...

      I was outside Nasser metro station in Cairo a few years ago and on an electricity box directly under the sign saying Nasser someone had sprayed Allahu Akbar. And that sort of summed up recent Egyptian history.

  • The rifle-butting video is following a different narrative
    • Very disturbing story from Tel Aviv

      link to

    • PZ
      They are 20% of the Israeli population- how many "Israeli Arabs" live in the settlements ?

    • Dim

      Kippa and beard signify Israeli "religious" = goy "sociopath" in the Israeli Army

      Zvi Bar-El :

      " As long as the IDF boasts of how many religious Jews it has among its combat ranks, it shouldn't be surprised by the fact that religious Jews have an agenda. They either have friends in the settlements or are themselves are residents of settlements who won't lend a hand to house demolitions there, even if the houses were built illegally. "

      link to

    • If secular Jews earn more in the private sector and Israel is into its 45th year of a brutal miliary occupation who will serve as officers ?

    • "With every new (avoidable) international ‘incident’ they create, israelis fall harder, uglier, from grace"

      Dog - chair - hump

      It's pavlovian Zionism

    • link to

      For Sefi Rachlevsky, the new formulation “is a hair-raising messianic formula. Making it the obligatory wording of the official Yizkor memorial prayer is a true revolution, one that alters the IDF's very essence: It has now become the Israel Divine Offense Forces. Author Haim Gouri wrote of fathers forced to sacrifice their sons, who were born with a knife in their heart. Now it's even worse: Those exempted from the draft are turning the nonreligious into future sacrifices for ‘God’ and the messianic settlements.... A real Israel Defense Forces will arise only when the army that has replaced it — the Israel Divine Offense Forces, the army that is leading us to destruction — is dismantled. Netanyahu, Gantz, the ‘murdered’ of the Altalena, the World Zionist Organization's Settlement Division and God all seem to be quickening their steps in a way that will lead thousands of young people to decide that, for Israel's sake, they have a duty not to join such an army.”

      However, not everyone is as alarmed about the new developments. Udi Lebel, takes a different position from Sefi Rachlevsky, arguing the Yizkor must reflect those who serve in the IDF. This should not alarm anyone: “For years, the Israel Defense Forces has been working to modify its values and objectives for the groups who serve in it trying to find images that are likely to find favor in the eyes of those who influence the opinion of its fighters.... There are parts of the army that must not be influenced by politics. Politics should not affect the nature of its missions, its values, certainly not the funeral prayers for its fallen. But the unnecessary change in the Yizkor (Remembrance) prayer is no different from dynamics used to placate the strong group.... [I]n an era when most of the fighters come from another place in society — from a close connection to Jewish tradition, from settlements and yeshivas — the version of Yizkor has been adapted, unpleasant as it is to say, to those for whom the prayer might be said

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