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  • UN bowed to 'fearmongering and threats' from powerful governments to cover up 'painful truth' of Israeli apartheid -- UN official's resignation letter
    • The demand that Israel, the US, and the UN Secretary General made on Dr. Rima Khalaf to withdraw the report that ESCWA published on the apartheid policies of Israel is a stark example of raw power brutally exercised against an international body in total disregard to the basic tenets of civilized human discourse. One would have expected that a democracy like the United States would have wanted to debate the reasoning behind the conclusions reached in the report and judge it on the merits of its legal and moral arguments or the lack thereof instead of wielding its political weight to suppress it.
      The report is not the brainchild of some anti-Israeli politician or someone consumed by hatred toward the Jews , but is authored by two American academicians. They are Richard Falk, Professor Emeritus of International Law at Princeton University and Virginia Tilley, Professor of Political Science at Southern Illinois University. As academics their methodology was scientific and they arrived at the conclusion that Israel applies an apartheid regime on the Palestinians by measuring Israel's treatment of the Palestinians against the yardstick of universally recognized principles set out in international law.
      Dr. Rima Khalaf stood her ground and tendered her resignation rather than submit to the unwarranted dictates of the United States and the neophyte UN Secretary General Guterres. And by doing so she stands head and shoulders above her critics and earns worldwide respect and admiration.

  • BDS movement: 'Governor Cuomo is among those standing on the wrong side of history'
    • I doubt he cares at all if he's on the wrong side of history as long as he's on the right side of Jewish votes and money. He's just anotherNew York politician seeking the favors of those that count.

  • The Tantura massacre of 1948 and the academic character assassination of Teddy Katz
    • Th story of the Tantura massacre as told by a brave Jew is a chapter of the Nakba that the Israeli establishment, political, legal and academic conspired to bury. It encapsulates the true face of Israel, a nation born out of sin.

  • Obama to sign AIPAC-promoted trade bill that legitimizes Israeli occupation and fights BDS
  • Sanders warns U.S. against 'quagmire' of 'perpetual warfare' in Mideast for 20, 30 years
    • The political discourse of Bernie Sanders projects refreshing elements of morality and humanism that transcend the commonly held notions of traditional liberalism. It is to be hoped that his moral compass will inspire him to re-examine his position regarding the tragedy of the Palestinian people under occupation away from the constraints of political expediency and in line with what in his heart he knows to be just and moral. Failure to do so will expose him as a political cynic.

  • Yossi Beilin's back to the future confederation
    • Mr. Beilin seems to have turned into a naive dreamer who has completely lost touch with the reality of Israeli politics. Does he seriously think that an Israeli unity government between the ultra rightists and the center right opposition could possibly contemplate permitting hundreds of thousands of Palesinians to return to their ancestral homes in present day Israel? Could such a coalition even consider giving up east Jerusalem, or could it abdicate the Zionist dream of sovereignty over "Eretz Israel". Ridiculous.
      The proposal for a Palestinian Israeli confederation would, however, serve as a bait for negotiations that would go on for a decade or two while Israel completes its land grab of the West Bank. After almost a quarter of a century of fruitless negotiations, only fools among Palestinians would travel the same route for another quarter century.

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