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  • Scholar explodes 'canonic' American Jewish belief: Russian Czar was behind 1903 massacre
    • Why is relevant quote by Russian President Putin reported in JTA(the global Jewish news source) being censored?

      He answers a question put by Krauss and ToivoS.

      What are you guys?

  • Unravelling the false history of the Iranian nuclear program: An excerpt from 'Manufactured Crisis: The Untold Story of the Iran Nuclear Scare'
    • Don't worry,

      The strategy outed by Wesley Clark in 2007("7 countries in 5 years") was aborted in June 2012,when Israel found out she was being dropped by the US.

      Now we're watching TPTB implementing Strauss' Chaos Theory ,and they failed in Sept 7th 2013(US aborted bombing of Syria,after chemical false flag).

      But they'll keep trying.

      Nothing will happen between Israel and Iran,that was always for public consumption.

      What the US/Europe is trying to do with Syria and Iraq is much more dangerous,because that's where BRICS(Russia) drew a line in the sand.

      Flap flap.go the pigeons.

  • France to perform CPR on Scarlett Johansson's image -- award for film career!
    • Scarlett's movie career has not been memorable enough to merit such honor,so there must be something else going on.

      Scarlett is drawing attention to facts the large mayority of people didn't know about;

      BDS,Sodastream is situated in occupied land,and Israel humiliates and ethnically cleanes Palestinians.

      You can be sure this prize will cause protest,and lot's of attention for the West bank, in France,where people are not exactly pro-Israel.

      So could it be this prize is not so much for her past achievements ,but for her current role?

      You know what I think of the Sodastream/Scarlett operation,and there's still no proof Sodastream are friends with the settlermovement in Israel or Finance Minister Bennett(Beit Hayehudi).

  • Ultra-nationalist rabbis warn John Kerry of divine punishment for the peace process
    • Welcome to the world of oneliners from Lala-land.

      Today's harvest;

      Dovish(sic)Labor leader Herzog; "PA should recognize Israel as a Jewish State".

      Lieberman(Likud -Beitenu); "Kerry is "a true friend" of Israel.

      US representative to EU,Victoria Nuland; "F*ck the EU!"

      And the day has only started.

    • There are no issues between Torah Judaism and Islam,and there never where.

      The problem is mainly that the kind of Zionism that was defined in 1897 has nothing to do with Torah Judaism,and Zionism as it was defined then,was rejected by the large majority of (European) Jews,from the beginning.

      This is why the growing group of Ultra-Orthodox Jews are not only anti-Zionist but also anti-Israel in it's current form.

      Secular anti-Zionists and Ultra-Orthodox have more in commen than one might expect,and I'm waiting for these two groups to unite in their opposition against the forces that hyjacked Judaism in 1897,and turned it into something undigestible for Jews and non-Jews alike.

  • Revealed: Right-wing group StandWithUs' strategy to combat Israel Apartheid Week
  • The Two-State SodaStream Solution
    • The average Palestinian doesn't care too much about Abbas,and they know their real leader ,Marwan Barghouti,is in jail in Israel.

      There are signs there is some manouvering going on against Abbas,challenging his position.(Times of Israel,today;"After Abbas;It's battle stations for the man who would be President")

      It's very possible Israel already made a deal with Barghouti,and now all sides are waiting for the right circumstances,and like this at least Barghouti can not have an unfortunate accident.

      First of all Israel and the PA have to get the US out of their faces(and out of Syria),without blowing up the region.

  • 'Haaretz' analyst says surging BDS movement may be contributing to falling shekel
    • Theo,

      What other blog was that?

      I stand corrected ,Hungary was occupied and not integral part of the old SU,but in the end economically,militarily and politically aligned with the old SU.

      Some people might think that's almost the same,and if I was writing an article,and not a comment, I would take care being more precise..

      There's many parts in my posts that can be attacked on a (significant(?))detail,and used as a reason to ridicule and not to adress the rest of the post.

      Could you give me another example of an outrageously incorrect claim?

      And I haven't got a clue what you mean with the last sentence,could you enlighten me?

    • If I'm right about the BRICS/Israel vs. London Bankers sceanario will be clear soon enough,cause the gloves are coming off.

      In my eyes Snowden is a BRICS+Israel operation,and many don't discard that possibilty anymore,

      Just keep in mind when TSHF what the different actors will feed you,will be fake and most will believe it,that's how people are conditioned,using cognative dissonance as weapon against hoi poloi.

      Just an example of how news released by the different actors in this war can send you in the wrong direction on a daily basis,was the Norwegian boycott;

      Day 1. "Nethanyahu's son has a Norwegian non-Jewish girlfriend",allegedly.

      And the pigeons flap their wings,

      Eventhough the 3 pictures that were released of Nethantahu's son sitting between the "girlfriend" and another girl,shows him drooling all over the wrong girl..

      Day 2.Nethanyahu denies there's an affair.

      And the pigeons flap their wings again.

      Day 3. Norwegian bank,under govt orders, declares boycott of Israeli banks.

      See how it works?

      Every piece of news being released now is part of something bigger, called continious psy-ops,because for the parties involved this is a war situation,and that's difficult to imagine if you're not in a warzone.

      The real war is invisible,the visible war is an illusion.

    • Annie,

      Just want to point out the following,

      TPTB have a century old general strategy in case they want to force a country into submission for whatever reason they deem neccessary.

      They attack the economy,the currency and specifically use the Central Banks in these countries,since they usually control these institutions.(like the FED is not a US govt institution,but a private entity,owned by mostly foreign Bankers)

      What can a country do about that?

      Look at Iceland or Hungary.

      Iceland overthrew their government,arrested the Rothschild Bankers(Iceland actually called them by that name) and put them on trail,and took back control of their Central Bank and currency.(all this is well documented ,eventhough not too much in US/Europen MSM).

      They are getting away with it,because Iceland is small,far away from mainland Europe,and you don't want to wake up sleeping dogs.(Spain,Portugal,Italy,Ireland,Greece,the so-called PIIGS)

      Hungary is something else,they took control of their government,took control of their Central Bank,their currency , told the EU to take a hike,and hooked up with Russia.

      And now every piece of news in US/Europe MSM about Hungary is calling them Fascist,Nazi, anti-Semitic and what else.

      Ukraine ,same problem;"You don't want to obey TPTB,we'll give you "Revolution""(mostly run by extreme right neo-Nazi groups with US/European support).

      Hungary and Ukraine are examples in the former Soviet Union of how to fight these Bankers,and what can't happen is that too many countries will do the same,i.e. kicking out the London bankers,like Russia, China,Iran and Iceland already did,and Brazil,India,South-Africa,Hungary,Ukraine and various countries around the world are trying by connecting to BRICS(mainly Russia and China).

      Could you believe the same is happening in Israel.

      Stanley Fisher(London Banker First,not Israel First) had to go in a hurry,and was kicked upstairs to the FED by TPTB.

      5 imposed candidates for Head of the Bank of Israel (BOI)were discarted through blackmail and uncomfortable news reports,untill they managed to put Karnit Flug in power(Flug is Israel first,not London Bankers First)

      Bloomberg;"...but some of last month interventions(by the BOI)were UNEXPECTED,characterized as "SURPRISING",and intervening to a "MAJOR EXTENT"..."(emphasis mine)

      Israel has these boycotts calculated into their strategy,and therefore made billion Dollar deals with China Januari last year and since,in exchange for a building stop in the West Bank

      Israel is announcing plans to build new houses daily,but they actually didn't build anything new since Jan.2013.Israel simply can't break their agreements with China(BRICS),unless they want to be crushed by US/Europe.

      The fluctuations in the shekel,relatively the most expensive currency in the world right now, are part of a war between the Bank of Israel and the London Bankers,the growing boycott is part of this war.

      Pension funds from Norway ,Sweden,Denmark and Holland are following orders from their governments(read the press in Norway,Sweden and Denmark carefully,these are companies following govt. laws/orders).

      To understand the behaviour of various Jewish groups and individuals you have to use the same parameters;

      Are they Israel/Jews-First,US-First or Banker-First?

      That's why the AIPAC is in such a mess right now,and ADL is clashing with Israel.

      It's not caused by Dual Loyalty,but by Triple Loyalty ,especially the ones putting Bankers-First.

      That's how cynical the world is.

    • Dear Annie,

      I don't remember having said or written anything negative about BDS or any pro-Palestinian organization.

      I completely support boycotting Israel into behaving like human beings.

      I actually believe to be able to solve the conflict, the right of return should be integral part of any permanent agreement.

      I even believe "Deep State" Israel knows this.

      Or do you think a former furniture salesman takes the decisions in Israel,with (former) Generals , (former) Shabak directors and a few billionaires serving him and Sarah?

    • Is the shekel weakening?

      That's good news,since the Bank of Israel intervened buying $ 500 million and another $ 100 million last week ,not managing to lower the shekel then..

      If it was the Bank of Israel or BDS and Sodastream doesn't matter,that's all pigeon superstition.

      The shekel was getting too expensive and it dropped.

      By the way,since Karnit Flug is in charge of the BOI ,the bank is back under Israeli control.

  • Jewish groups used anti-semitism smear to try to stop boycott debate -- Holocaust scholar who heads MLA
    • surewin,

      I mostly agree with your comment.

      But don't discard the possibilty that Israel and the PA will make a temporary deal just to get the US out of their faces.

      It's both parties that don't trust the US anymore.

      There's not a lot of countries in the Middle East that do trust the US.

  • 'NYT' highlights AIPAC's first failure in 30 years, as de Blasio and Hillary jump on Iran bandwagon
    • OK,there we go again.

      When was the last time Israel and Iran were at war?

      When was the last time any Israeli action killed Iranians ,or Iranians killing Israeli's?

      Who says Israel wants to bomb Iran,or vice versa?

      Just because a second hand furniture salesman did a Wile E Coyote act at the UN?

      Did you know Iran hasn't attacked another country for 216 years?

      Did you know that the Persians invented Chess and the World Champions are usually Russian Jews?

      This is how this kind of theatre for the pigeons is set up.

      Did anybody believe that US would be making deals,allegedly,with Iran let's say two years ago?

      Why shouldn't Israel have good relations with Iran,they always had,and will have in the future,unless you think this nuclear rubbish is reason for Israel to blow up half the world and herself.

      That's for public consumption and keeps populations inside and outside Israel scared and under control.

      Today Times of Israel reported that Iranian Foreign Minister Jarid Zarif ,in an interview with German TV said about the Holocaust;

      "A horrifying tragedy occurred,and it should never occur again".

      But explaining why this is a possible scenario and that it's actually the powers that control US/Europe who are trying to blow up the Middle East ,is not allowed.

      So keep flapping your wings.

  • SodaStream stock sinks, and Bloomberg cites 'sanctions over Jewish settlements'
    • seafoid,

      You call me "bots",what's that?

      It's "mud" in Hebrew,not sure if you meant that..

    • One fact you missed.

      Globes and Haaretz reported two days ago that the Israeli Finance Minister,Naftali Bennett,refuses to release a few hundred million shekels for the new Sodastream factory in the Negev.

      Sodastream and the settlers(Bennett's Jewish Home party) are big friends, right?So the markets are questioning what's going on..

      The planned new factory would hold 3000 workers and now Sodastream has announced they will scale back to 500 worker factory ,because of this problem.

      The fact this problem exists would be more than enough reason for Sodastream stocks to drop because of financial and political implications in the future.

  • Scarlett Johansson's new pals: group that is trying to break Obama's Iran deal
    • I adressed everything on the "grossout alert",but my post is still in moderation(since 7.26 am),as you know.

      "Scarlett signed up for Sodastream,ergo she's for the occupation" ,so the pigeons flap their wings and believe they will receive another reward,because they flapped so well..

      Fact; The Israeli settler sites like Israel National News,Israpundit are not treating this issue with the entousiasm you might expect.

      Fact; Only since yesterday(Globes and Haaretz) there is news of serious trouble between Sodastream and the Israeli Finance Ministry .

      Both sides claim that the Finance Ministry is refusing to hand over tens/hundreds of millions of shekels,although both sides spin it differently.

      Do I have to remind you the Finance Ministry is controlled by Naftali Bennet,leader of Jewish Home ,the settler party?

      Who says Sodastream and the settlers have the same agenda?

      I wrote about the possibility of Sodastream being a weapon against the settlers,in case the settlers really,really have to go,the day the Scarlett/Sodastream story broke.

      Mondoweiss spammed this opinion.

      Eppur si muove,and I appreciate the fact I'm allowed to have write opinion now,kinda.

      Why is just pointing at contradictions such a problem ,and how many hours will it take untill this post gets through moderation ,if at all?

      Why don't you adress Roger Waters claim that Scarlett said a year ago that she's "anti-neocon" and is "disgusted by Blackwater"?

      I know the sick feeling it can give you when you find out you were manipulated and lied to by TPTB,ot whatever psy-op you're up against,like after 9/11,but there's no reason to make them do it over and over again.

      So,please ,keep censoring people like me.

    • There's many people claiming others to be on their side.

      The fact they claim Scarlett doesn't neccessarily mean Scarlett agrees with them.

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  • Scarlett Johansson's new image (grossout alert)
    • Dear Annie,

      Ha'aretz picked up on the Sodastream-Bennett(Finance minister) "misunderstandings" as well.

      So we'll see in a day or two if you're right,if this is just Birnbaum lies. .

      Seriously? CNN and Financial Times as sources for who is getting a hit or not?

      I'm trying to explain you that the MSM has been feeding you rubbish for decades and longer.

      "was named" most sexy woman,by whom?Hollywood?

      That's showbizz,you see,just wait untill 4 april; release of Scarlett's new movie "Under the skin".

      It's called timing,and full frontal nudity.

      Did you notice today's Hollywood news ? And the timing?

      Woody "critizising Israel is anti-Semitic" Allen is the next target/operation.

      Scarlett shot three movies with him.

      About the drivel;What about Roger Waters facebook message on Scarlett?

      Is he lying? anti-neocon?Blackwater? Cheney?Scarlett has Scandinavian parents and these people are notoriously sceptical if it comes to TPTB.

      I'm challenging you to always check your opinions for "pigeon superstition",it might help you look through things.

      About the 99%; Spare "us" please?

      I was shocked to read Phillip Weiss actually supported the invasion in Afghanistan,because it shows how little this erudite intelligent liberal anti-Zionist Zionist knows about how the world functions.

      And who did 9/11 anyway,according to "us", how many of "us" are there,and is Phillip among them?

    • You really believe it's that straightforward?

      Globes online;"Sodastream and gov't at loggerheads over grants"

      "[Sodastream CEO] Birnbaum complains that for the past six months he has not been able to meet with Minister of Economics Naftali Bennet".

      "....I see that he writes in Facebook that Scarlett Johansson is also beautiful on the inside but meanwhile he has not set up a meeting with me..........I'm coping with enough issues right now these past few days.I'm fed up".

      Did anybody entertain the possibility the settlers and Sodastream are not friends at all?

      This whole story is causing huge damage to the settlers,not to Sodastream or Scarlett ,who's star was fading a bit lately.

      Did anybody leave the possibility open that Sodastream could be a "sleeper cell" against the settlers,and Scarlett is doing more against the occupation than she could ever do with Oxfam.

      She was "anti-neocon" and "disgusted by Blackwater" only a year ago(Roger Waters dixit).

      No interviews by Scarlett should be expected right now,she is doing what actresses usually do.

      Is this scenario likely? Probably not.

      But it's a lot more likely than some dying kidneydiseased patient bringing down the Twin Towers and building 7 by controlled demolition ,from a cave in Afghanistan.

      99% of "informed" people bought that story.

  • Do SodaStream's workers have the right to vote? Roger Waters asks Scarlett Johansson
    • If Waters is telling the truth,could you explain what this means;

      ."..I met Scarlett a year ago,or so...."
      "...fiercely anti neocon..."
      "...disgusted by Blackwater in Iraq...."

      From the above to her current position within "a year,or so" is a bit radical,isn't it?

      Mainly the Blackwater mention is odd,because most people believe the US has left Iraq,and even less people know Cheney is running these dogs.

      Was it money? Was it blackmail? A spontanious change of heart ?Waters lying?

      Believe what you want.

      Because someone pointing at huge discrepancies in the official stories is being constantly moderated away by a site run by someone that supported the invasion of Afghanistan,because of 9/11.

      What makes you think you have a clue about what you're being fed now?

      And how much damage will it cause to people if you "read" it wrong again,like you did 12 years ago?

      Why are you moderating people who are trying to warn you for this mistake?

  • 'Without doubt, the biggest loser in this well publicized BDS campaign was SodaStream': Reactions to Johansson leaving Oxfam
    • And what if the Sodastream-Scarlett operation is an attack on the settlers?

      It would explain another two "strange "developments this week.

      Just read Israel National News(INN),Arutz Sheva(the official mouthpiece of the settler movement).

      1. Nethanyahu provocation/trap;"Settlers can stay under PA authority if they want to"

      PA didn't react,Bennet(Jewish Home) did and got into trouble.

      But today in INN today,"Ayelet Shaked;"Why can't Jews live in Palestinian State".
      Shaked(Jewish Home) said one month ago(29 dec 2013);"if there will be a peace deal,I think that just as Arabs live in Israel,I don't see a reason why settlers shouldn't stay and live in the Palestinian State if they will want to".

      And nobody said a word.

      2. INN;New poll(29 jan 2014) "Panel Politics",Knesset TV channel;

      Likud/Beitenu : 30 seats
      Jewish Home : 17 seats

      Causing premature celebrations in the settler camp.

      INN;New poll(30 jan 2014) "Globes" poll

      Likud/Beitenu : 36 seats
      Jewish Home : 10 seats

      Another trap INN/settlers fell into(Even Israpundit fell for it).

      Geo-political and macro economical developments have put the importance of the Israeli-PA conflict on the backburner(Israel is the centre of the universe only for (Israeli) Jews,Palestinians and pro-and anti-Zionist websites,in the total picture there are much more important problems for TPTB(US/European Banker Cabal vs BRICS)) and Israel and the PA will make some kind of agreement as soon as possible,if it was only to get the US out of the way,before they blow up the whole Middle East.

      Therefore it is necessary to flatten the settler movement,and fast,and that's not only what is happening but the settlers know it.

      Be aware of "Pigeon Superstition".

    • Even the Iranians are recognizing what's happening.

      PressTV "Scarlett Johansson quits Oxfam as ambassador over Israeli aid"

      The video shows almost the entire Sodastream advertisement,surrounded by pictures and texts that could not be more flattering for Scarlett.

      She quit over "A fundamental difference of opinion".

      Sodastream is being referred to as " .... controversial company".(ouch,that hurts)

      In short ; an advertisement for Scarlett and Sodastream.

      Why would that be?

    • Qui bono?

      Scarlett Johansson?
      The settler movement?

      Obviously BDS,but they didn't start this scenario,a scenario that was(more or less) predictable.

      If you would like to damage the settlers,isn't this the way you would do it?

      Is that why Arutz Sheva and the settler sites on the web were not enthousiatic at all about this whole thing?

      Who was behind this psy-op,who says this is not an attck on the settlers?

  • Lost in Occupation: Scarlett Johansson ends relationship with Oxfam to stick with SodaStream (Updated)
    • Seafoid,

      You would do better to take MSM articles and op-ed's with a grain of salt.

      The Guardian is the paper where the Greenwald/Snowden operation is run through.

      I'm not surprised the Guardian is telling you what you want to hear.

      It's called"Feeding Pigeon Superstition"

      Does that make the Guardian bad?Not a all ,they are doing a great job ,attacking TPTB,and I'm quite sure they will never try to damage Israel in general,since the ones that control Guardian are on Israel's side.

      Read my comments under "Without a doubt,the biggest loser....." for a more detailed explanation.

      I'm not a Hasbarist or settler fan,only explaining the lies,psy-ops and disinfo from all sides.

      The real war is invisble,the visible war is an illusion,as it always was.

    • Arutz Sheva(most important Israeli settler mouthpiece) wrote a small matter of fact piece today ,stating Scarlett and Oxfam are parting ways,no triumphalism,no judgement,no explanation.

      So is this "Victory" or "Pigeon Superstition"?

      The settlers don't trust Sodastream and their Scarlett operation,do you?

      The real war is invisible,the visible war is an illusion.

  • Chilean soccer team defies league, retains Palestine on jersey
    • Thank you Mike,

      I've lived in Cuba and Mexico for 20 years ,and am fluent in Spanish.

      There was something else I was trying to find out ,and now I know.

    • Looks like not too many people speak Spanish here,since you missed Mike's little nasty disinformnation about "Los Baisanos".

      Is everybody impressed by Mike's linguistic skills?

      NO TE ABANDONAREMOS HAMÁS !! = We will NEVER("hamás") abandon you !!"(and not:"We will not abandon you,Hamas!!")

      And has nothing to do with the political movement in Gaza,which is written without "´",and there's no comma in the phrase, anyway.

      Cheap piece of Hasbara,but it works when people lack background knowledge.

  • 'I will not uproot a single Israeli' settler, Netanyahu says, and Washington Post backs him up
    • Holland? Demmink?

    • And a bit later Nethanyahu said he can imagine Jews living under Palestinian rule in the West Bank.

      Bennett went ape ,ofcourse.

      Earlier today a tape surfaced where Bennet called Lapid a "dictator".

      Bennett's and Lapid's party's are losing support from the electorate.

      All this is just manouvering.

      The real war is invisible,the visible war is an illusion.

  • Calls grow for Oxfam to drop Scarlett Johansson following her defense of Israeli occupation
    • Funny you show up with this video.

      "Price tag" by a new singer as a lauchpad to fame,and a video that is completely symbolic in lyrics and images.

      These videos are psy-op's ,a kind of in your face insult and a demonstration of how TPTB play with hoi polloi.

      Try "Jessie J's "Price Tag; It's not about the money ,it's about mind control".

      Don't be surprised if it turns out that the Sodastream/ Scarlett operation is just another psy-op,and maybe even Sodastream itself might be one.

    • I feel this Sodastream (keep your eye on the bubbles psy-op) is part of a longer term strategy:

      Did you know a new movie ("Under the skin")is coming out soon starring a nude Scarlett Johansson taking her cloth off during most of the movie?

      It started with sexy IDF girls posting nude and racy pictures on FB.

      Then we had sexy (and very racist) Knesset member Ayelet Shaked("So sexy and so nasty")

      An Israeli "actress"(sic),Gal Gadot, with an eating disorder landed 3 movie contracts as "Wonder woman(sic)".

      Now Scarlett is giving us "Keep your eyes on my Bubbles" and a follow-up movie that shows it all.

      It's a well known psy-op called "Panic Sex","Do you want to hate/ kill me ,or do you want to hump me?"

      This has been going on for a year now,and it's no coincidence and a proven tactics.

      It also shows that when the normal Hasbara and psy-ops don't work anymore,you send in (prostitute ) the women to gather sympathy by going for the underbelly.

      Check out the Bonobo's,they fix crises the same way.

      We'll get a lot more of this,so keep it in(your dirty) mind.

  • Deconstructing Scarlett Johansson’s statement on SodaStream
    • giladg,

      "Goyim were born only to serve us.Without that ,they have no place in the world-only to serve the People of Israel....Why are Goyim needed?They will work,they will plow ,they will reap.We will sit like an effendi and eat.That's why Goyim were created."

      That's Ovadia Josef(z"l),by the way,an authority in certain religious and ideological circles.

      And that's why calling someone "a goy who has been killing Jews for 2000 years",is disgusting ,especially coming from your mouth.

    • Hmmm,that's strange.

      I commented a few sentences on the obvious Hasbara rubbish of mr. giladg and it got moderated,not sure why,but the above disgusting statement to you by the same person was OK.

  • Scarlett and Oxfam chat over Palestinian land loss
    • Since this statement is clearly connecting Scarlett's Oxfam activities(helping the victims) and Sodastream(Model Factory for "victims") this strategy/propaganda might backfire badly.

      "As part of my efforts as an ambassador of Oxfam,I have witnessed first-hand that progress is made when.........we are nice to the victims,locked up in closed areas(ghetto's),where we create minimal living conditions that will make them resign themselves to their predicament.....And that makes us the good guys."

      Isn't this more or less the same reasoning used when "Theresienstadt" was adapted to become a ghetto and a "Model Jewish settlement" to the outside world in 1941?

      It's a reasoning that works through the ages,I suppose.

    • Did anybody notice that 80% of Scarlett's explanation is how good Sodastream is for Palestinians.

      It looks like pushing Sodastream and representing Oxfam are more or less the same,helping the poor and stimulating cooperation between people.

      She seems to be saying that if Sodastream wouldn't have been situated in occupied land,it wouldn't have had her support.

      This declaration was written entirely by Sodastream ,and I won't expect her taking any questions on this subject.

      And ofcourse that Sodasteam syrups are "healthy",like feeding Fluoridated tapwater mixed with Sucralose,Acesulfame Potassium and sodium benzoate to your kids is a good idea.

  • NY Mayor tells AIPAC: 'Part of my job description is to be a defender of Israel'
    • Good point.

      Israel and Saudi Arabia have become "good buddies",while the US and SA are going separate ways.

      As long as the questions like "Does Israel control the Lobby or vice versa?","Are all Lobby decisions coordinated with Israel and vice versa?","How big is the split between Israel and the Lobby and why?" are not being adressed,these kind of contradictions will continue.

      There's nothing strange about what de Blasio is saying if you understand who controls who.

  • Oxfam expresses 'concerns' over Scarlett Johansson's support for settlement product
    • You don't need outrages conspiracy theories to follow the "hidden agenda".

      It's called "follow the money".

      i would recommend an article ,

      This site is run by pro-Israel people,a bit obscure and mixes truth and Hasbara.

      If you know how to read and filter,this site carries very interesting info about what's going on behind the curtain.

      Keeping these facts in mind make it a bit easier to see through the smoke and mirrors.

    • Israelnationalnews's article is 9 days old,it's the announcement,and my point is ,that despite the controversy,there's no follow -up there or on settler sites.

      Every paper in Israel represents a political or financial segment inside or outside Israel.

      The fact the settlermovement is quiet,while this should be a coup for them,is telling .

      Oxfam? Even they are getting in trouble because of this.

      With "Global Warming" failing,more and more serious questions about vaccines(two issues Oxfam is frantically pushing),and being sponsored by Bill and Melinda Gates- and Rockefeller Foundations,Oxfam doesn't want to get too much attention right now.

      Mainly because people are waking up,fast.

      People might find out about the Rockefeller Foundation documents on vaccines from 1968,and Bill Gates' repeated claims vaccines will achieve "the much needed"population reduction on this planet.

      It's an ugly world out there behind the scenes,but it will slowly become visible.

    • Israel National News-Arutz Sheva ,the official mouthpiece of the settler movement is completely numb on the Sodastream-Bubble Bimbo issue.

      So are the pro-settlement sites.

      So is Miss Johansson.

      Could it be they don't trust this whole story.

      I find it hard to believe that in the current political climate Sodastream (and Scarlett) really thought they could get away with this.

      I don't want to take away anything from the wonderful people dedicating themselves to fighting the crimes of the Zionist regime,but this went too easy and there might be a hidden agenda to this move.

  • Cracks in the lobby: Wexler warns Netanyahu not to be 'cavalier' about US support
    • Rumour has it Russia had a bumpercrop of giant carrots this year,

      Abbas is in Moskow right now to pick up a planefull.

      Nethayahu is piling up new Chinese carrots in Davos.

      Chinese and Russian beta carotene is a lot healthier for body and mind, than US/Europe GMO's

    • Cracks in the Lobby?

      Is the Lobby controlled by Israel or vice versa,did the Lobby and Israel came into existence by coincidence??

      And what is causing the watershed?

      Changing demographics and an awakening public?

      Alternative media?

      Anybody heard of "Pigeon Superstition"?

      This split was engrained from the start(1897),and now it's being activated.

  • Update: 'Blood bubbles' -- mainstream media turn on SodaStream and Scarlett Johansson
    • "Sodastream and the Bubblebimbo" was destined to fail.

      Most people didn't know that SS was produced East of the Green Line,didn't even know Scarlett had anything to do with Israel(Jewish roots).

      SS as a company is in trouble and needed a coup,maybe so did Scarlett and she signed up to something that is out of her league.

      I think this gimmick will do a lot of damage to SS,Scarlett and the Settler movement.

      It also shows the usual Israeli,in your face/look how clever we are psyops are showing desperation , lack of creativity and lack of understanding of a changing playingfield.

      I would like to know which genius thought out this publicity nightmare,and who advised the Bubblebimbo to go along.

  • Obama 'outraged' by Schumer, Gillibrand, & Booker's deference to Netanyahu
    • "...10 commitee Chairmen are opposed to the bill ,four are Jewish....."

      They have names; Feinstein,Boxer,Levin and Wyden.

      And they are not exactly nobodies,and clear Israel firsters.

      Why doesn't anybody explain why these Senators would oppose the bill?

      I mentioned this fact in a post 3 days ago ,but my explanation was moderated into the bin,so I'm not gonna try again.

      Happy to see it was at least mentioned this time.

  • Obama says likelihood of Iran deal and Israeli-Palestinian agreement are both under 50%
    • "Less than 50% chance of getting to any solution" is not surprising and predictable,since this is by design.

      Setting up the Middle East for a big confrontation and US/Europe trying to make profit out of the ensuing Chaos.

      The key sentence is "And all three are connected".

      What do Syria/Iraq fighting US/Europe supported Al-Qaida,Iran enriching Uranium,and Israel ethnically cleansing Palestinians have in common?

      The only way these three conflicts are connected is when there's some power wanting the Middle East blow itself up.

      Israel's reaction is telling,and is becoming more radicalized internally.

      Kevin Ovenden just gave an interesting interview on PressTV "Israel becoming increasingly radicalized".

      Israel,the Palestinians ,Iran and Syria have one thing in common; all three don't trust the US/Europe and are turning to BRICS(Russia ,China) for help to avoid a huge blow-up.

  • As boycott pressure grows, Israeli business leaders plan to confront Netanyahu
    • Or it's all more smoke and mirrors.

      Rami Levi already backpaddled,he said he's not part of this and supports Nethanyahu.

  • Wasserman Schultz won't stand up for Obama on Iran sanctions
    • Dianna Feinstein,Carl Levin,Barbara Boxer and Ron Wyden,all "pro-Israel ,Pro -Lobby" Jewish Democrat Senators made it very clear they are against new Iran sanctions.

      Feinstein; "[Menendez-Kirk Bill would] ...let Israel determine when and where the US goes to war".

      Just in case anybody thinks there is nothing going on behind the scenes,and what we get to see is reality.

      Many influential Jews ,in the lobby and the Congress are being forced to take sides
      ending up in an impossible split between loyalty to Israel and the powers that give them their influence.

      Slowly it will become visible that those are not necessarily the same powers.

  • Undermining Kerry, Democratic Rep Engel says West Bank is Israel
    • Surprisingly enough Israel and China have the same enemy right now,and you should add Russia to that as well.

      Yesterday two congressmembers(Rep) claimed Snowden and Russia have been working together.

      Eventhough there's no "proof" right now,the fact these congressmembers have mentioned it ,might open Pandora's box.

      Just wait untill Snowden will be seen as a BRICS(Russia ,China a.o.) operation and we'll get to the question of who helped Snowden gain acces to the millions of pages of sensitive info.

      The NSA spying grid was backed up and build by Verint and Narus,guess who owns these companies.

  • 'Scarlett letter' -- Social media pillory Johansson for representing settlement business SodaStream
    • Very good questions.

      I feel this Sodastream strategy reflects the desperation in general from the settler/occupier forces.

      It hands opponents a golden opportunity, pointing out Scarlett's decision to sign up for this,and Sodastreams tarnished reputation might badly backfire on both of them.

      If Scarlett would withdraw now it would even give more attention to the occupation.

      Based on some early interviews with Scarlett-she is not a genius-I feel she knew what she signed up for,but she might thinks,or was advised, she can get away with it.

      Sodastream and the Bubble Bimbo; Hit or fail,will depend much on MSM and alternative media.

  • Israel's castle
    • Agreed,Israel has nukes,and they are prepared to use them,allegedly.

      Israel also knows that these nukes only work as a deterrent,because using them will probably take out their enemies(whoever that might be,and how many that may be),the question is how "the world" will react to Israel using them.

      Cristian Zionists,and even some Jewish Zionists seem to have this wet dream of Israel going for the Samson option,which would create a huge boom ,but will leave most Israeli's catching 10's of thousands of missiles at least,and might make any life in Israel impossible after that.

      I wonder why ?

    • Israel has become Home of the Floundering Few.

  • More on Mark Kleiman's appeal to Jews to come out against Iran sanctions
    • Maybe some have noticed that Jews calling other Jews "Anti-Semite" has become fashionable.

      Only last week an IDF officer called the makers of the TV program "Eretz Nehederet" anti-semites,after it mocked IDF career officers.

      There are US-Iran negotiations and a US imposed Israel-PA peace plan,allegedly,that both look more like setting up huge military conflicts,than solving anything.

      The US is creating a huge rift between paranoid Israel and Jews world wide, the gap is widening into territory where Jews call each other "Nazi's" and "Anti-semites".

      Since there are serious indications that Pres. Oblabla is becoming a real danger for Israel ,the ME ,US and the world,UCLA Proffesors calling for more division is dangerous.

      Is there anybody here that knows what exactly is being negotiated between US and Iran ,or what is really behind Kerry's egotrip in the ME?

      The only thing that's clear is Jews going for each others throats,and "Influential Jewish Voices" cheerleading this development.

  • 'New Yorker' says Scarlett Johansson's relationship with SodaStream may hurt her image
    • In the current US-Israel relation every action is political.

      Soda Stream is a company and stocks are sliding.

      By making an add during the Superbowl,they take a risk and make a statement.

      Scarlett signed up,eventhough I'm not sure she's completely aware of the consequences.

      Most people don't know of Scarlett's Jewish roots or Soda Stream being situated in the Occupied Territories.

      The chance that these facts will become better known now in the US is big and depends on MSM and alternative media.

      The "Soda Stream and the Bubble Bimbo" plan might backfire badly for both.

  • Only sanctions against Israel will end occupation -- Gideon Levy
    • Gideon Levy is stuck in The Matrix.

      Problem-Reaction-Solution(Ordo ab Chao).

      Who says this wasn't the planned "Solution" all along,and Levy is just stating the solution everybody,in the end, will understand and admire?

      But if the "Problem"(Nakba,ethnic cleansing,genocide) and the "Reaction"("complaining equals Holocaust denial",or whatever) have been enabled and controlled by the same powers,they will give you the "Solution" as well.

      Sanctioning a country into submission, that has nuclear,chemical and biological weapons, brings certain risks,maybe even calculated risks.

      Calculated risks,like letting this country have nuclear weapons to start with,defend her,let her get away with murder,let her proudly boost it's "Samson option"...... and then dump her.

      While this country is run by reasonable people that think they are Chosen to lead the Jewish People through Gog and Magog,representing maybe 50 % of the Jews that haven't assimilated since 1945(60 % assimilation rate in US/Europe),or 0,1 % of the world population.

      Is that coincidence or by design?

      If the US would stop giving Israel huge amounts of American taxpayers money and free weapons and technology,it would end fast,so why ask for sanctions?

      Wouldn't it be easier to "sanction" the powers that make the US keep this monster alive?

      Whatever powers that may be.

      Gideon Levy is a good guy,but in the eyes of the ones that run the show he's just another "usefull idiot",like Nethayahu,Bennett and Lapid.

      That's why Haaretz allows him to write this,it's part of the Problem-Reaction-Solution trap.

  • Petition to Hillary assails 'right wing Democrats' who take 'warmonger AIPAC' cash
    • @thetruthhurts,

      You are correct not to give too much credit to Obama,secret talks since March 2013.
      Decisive was the aborted attack on Syria around 6/7 sept 2013(Hebrew New year),where Kerry had an "accidental slip of the tongue" ,and an agreement on Syrian chemical weapons followed inmediately after that.
      To think that Obama,Kerry(Skull and Bones) make autonomous decisions is an illusion.
      The big chessgame has tilted into Russia's(BRICS) favor ,and Putin is giving the US a gracefull way out of the mess they put themselves in.
      It's obvious US/Europe have to cut their losses in order to avoid economic collapse and loss of control over the US/Europe,youth unemployment at 25%,huge deficits and financial bubbles.
      There's a big possibility we're watching an even bigger theatre,with Israel recognizing she has become obsolete to the interests of the Bankers that rule US/Europe,and switched sides making deals with Russia,China and even Iran.
      The Lobby failed to push US/Europe into attacking Syria and Iran,and the question is if that was really their objective.
      The Cabal,where the Lobby belongs to, doesn't care about Jews or Israel ,they care about power and money.
      A huge fallout between Israel and the Lobby is to be expected.

  • Preaching to the choir: reflections on Max Blumenthal's 'Goliath'
    • The analysis is not that complicated,there are at least 15 million Jews "missing",and nobody looks for them and asked for their reasons to take distance.

      If you look around you can find many Jews that speak out,sometimes only as a warning ,only to be called "selfhating Jew".

      Try Rich Segal;

      "It is so terribly and dramatically disturbing to have been raised Jewish and Zionist,and to see the death and destruction my people are bringing to the world.
      It's so frustrating to say"Grow as I have grown,see what I see" and to hear the same broken record of Jewish victimization and accusations of "self hating Jew" in response.
      If I,as one born and raised in this death-crazed narcissistic cult,don't know how to resolve this desperate situation,how will anyone else figure it out.
      Please-Jews- my people,you are desperately sick.
      The whole sees this and knows it,and yet so many are afraid to so for fear of being called "anti-Semite",while you kill children and refuse to be embarressed by your blatantly evident tribal mental illness.
      But the world will stop being afraid of you,and cease to tolerate your murderous narcissism,and the result will be terrible for you.
      Please,please stop before this happens.
      Stop before you kill another child in Palestine!
      STOP THE KILLING IN GAZA." -Rich Segal-

      And how many Jews have gone through the same in the last decades,but don't speak up,don't want to called "traitor" ,and just "disappear"?

      I don't think they stopped being Jewish,they actually represent real Jewish values,but decided to step aside and not parttake;"Not in my name".

      As long as these Jews(many millions of them) are not part of the discussion,Judaism is just a selfdestructing sect,getting smaller and more paranoid as time goes on.

      Without these "missing" Jews,finding a solution will be impossible.

    • @yrn

      Still a Jew,4 kids with Israeli wife.

      Not Neturei Karta but feel they have very valid religious reasons to oppose Zionism and the State of Israel.

      They are quite big outside Israel,and are being ridiculed in the MSM,mainly because their arguments are a problem for Religious Zionists in Israel.

    • The question if Blumenthal should have used another "tone" to reach or convince more people,especially "Liberal Zionists" is a past station.
      When political Zionism was created in 1897 European Jewry overwhelmingly rejected this disastrous plan,and called it a program to exterminate (European )Judaism.
      Fast forward 110 years and now Judaism is left with only three groups;Mainly Zionists and pro-Israel,Anti-Zionist Zionists("Liberal Zionists") and a smaller group of anti-Zionists for religious reasons(like Satmar and Neturei Karta).
      It' will be very difficult to write a book that will be read by all of these groups,since the biggest group of Jews ,that will probably read this book,are "non-existent" and invisible.
      Assimilation is not a very popular issue in Judaism,neither is it for Jew-or Israel haters,still they are the majority of Jews world wide.
      Assimilation rates in 1940 were 4%,and now we are looking at 60% assimilation rates in the US and Europe.
      It seems to be very difficult to find any literature on explaining the huge amount of Jews "leaving" Judaism and especially why,since nobody is asking them.
      The numbers are clear; there were 13,5 million Jews after ww2,and there are 13,5 million Jews now.
      Based on Jewish birthrates since ww2 there should be around 30 million Jews today,based on a 4% assimilation rate.
      Could it be that Jews since ww2,especially non-religious Jews,decided that instead of critisizing Zionism and Israel ,at the risk of being called a traitor, concluded that being Jewish simply has no meaning to them ,and will just cause problems ,because they can't identify with what Judaism has done and become(Zionism) and Israel is doing?
      Jews with a conscience have no other choice than to raise their voice and be ex-communicated,and cause many problems inside their family and community,or just shut up and take distance.
      How many Jews have left Judaism behind them because they refuse to underwrite what Zionism is doing in their name,and are sick and tired of defending the undefensible.
      What about 1 million jews that have left Israel,and Israel trying to make up the numbers with Russian "Jews" without a Jewish mother,"Jews" from India and South American indiginous tribes?
      I, for one,come from a Dutch family where 90 % assimilated,and I know of hundreds more,and their arguments are the same;"I can't be part of this,I don't feel I belong to this ,I prefer to leave it behind and live a "normal" life without having to defend behaviour I can't and won't defend.
      So Max Blumenthal's book will be read by a mayority of Jews after all,since it's a very good explanation for the fact so many Jews assimilate without making a sound.
      Convincing Israeli's and their US' Jewish and Evangelical supporters is impossible,and the 15 million + Jews that assimilated don't need convincing.
      Arabs,Anti-Semites or aliens won't destroy Israel or Judaism,political Zionism is doing it for them.

  • After Kerry visit, Israeli and Palestinian leaders quietly re-open economic negotiations
    • Nice show.

      US trying to set the Middle East on fire,with the help of NATO and Muslim Brotherhood in Turkey and Egypt.

      Kerry peace diplomacy in high gear.

      Bennet form the outside,Danon from the inside, sabotaging any advance.

      Aim; Topple Nethanyahu by blowing up the coalition and new (internal Likud) elections.

      Therefore relative silence from Yesh Atid.

      Like Nethanyhau was trying to impose President on US(Romney),US is trying to topple Nethanyahu.

      Bennet is foreign plant,Danon is covering in order to not lose too many votes for Likud.

      Nethanyahu might force Bennet out and bring religious in.

      But for that Yesh Atid has to collaborate,if not elections.

      Israel Beitenu-Likud might split up in order to get more votes.

      Likud/Israel Beitenu/Religious against warmongering US Zionist stooges Bennet,Livni,Yachimovic.

      Lapid will have to chose what side he picks.

      Israeli-Palestinian peace talks are smokescreen for the real fight over Israel.

      So are bennet and Danon's declarations.

  • Israel stirs the pot in Syria
    • @citizen,

      Attacked what?

      Maybe right now it's convenient for Israel(and Syria) to be seen as attacking Syria.

      Read Syrian,Hezbollah(Al-Manar) and Iran press.

      Only lipservice to Israeli involvement in Syria,nothing substancial.

      you read too much MSM.

    • @OlegR,

      Good point.
      What is clear that the NATO/Al-Qaida rebels are in deep trouble,Qusair fell,Allepo is on the menu,and Obama is gonna send more night vision goggles......maybe.

      Who and what is paralyzing Obama? Snowden?

      If you read Iranian and Syrian government press,they claim that Israel brought some heavily wounded rebels to hospitals in Israel....twice.

      The accusations of Israel "stirring the pot",military stikes and arming rebels come from western media and people like Mr.Cook.

      If israel wants to "stir the pot",she would help destabilize Lebanon,which is relatively calm under the circumstances.(2 fronts for Hezbollah)

      Erdogan and Rebel leaders have accused Israel and Syria of collaborating.

      That's logical,since US/Europe want Israel to face Iran ,Hezbollah and Al-Qaida controlled Syria alone.

  • Looking for 'a new devil,' Israeli leaders and supporters left scrambling after election of moderate Rouhani
  • Fmr French foreign minister reportedly says Israel seeks to 'destroy' Syria (and any other neighbor it can't get along with)
    • Dumas story is logical.

      I wonder if he had permission from Hollande to tell this (true?) story.

      US,Britain and France are aware by now that their interests in the Middle East are vanishing in front of their eyes.

      Israel chose to survive and has made alliances with Russia and Iran,and is not collaborating with F/UK/US anymore.

      This story is a leak,and Obama knows by now what happens if you leak on Israel.

      Stand by for dirty laundry on Dumas or Hollande.

  • Meet the Israeli-linked firm that sold Big Brother machines to Mubarak, Qaddafi – and Washington
  • US and Israel are accused of manipulating Hague to acquit accused Serb and Croat leaders
    • Or;

      Serbia was one of the few European countries that put up a fight against the Nazi's.

      Albania was fully collaborating with Hitler.

      Serbia was destroyed by the US coalition ,after Al-Qaida stirred things up in Kosovo,Yugoslavia.

      So ,the New West is helping (still) criminal Albania against the former Partizans.

      Unacceptable for Russia ,Serbia and Israel.

      Maybe Israel is doing a new allie a favor and protect important Serbs against the hypocrasy and lawlessness of the NWO/ ICC.

      Israel is making lot's of new friends ,as will soon be clear.

  • Orthodox community may lose social services from Jewish organizations over anti-Zionist rally
    • Haim Porush ,Member of the Knesset for United Torah Judaism,said on the 12th of June;
      If Haridim are forced into Military Service"Israel won't be our home".

      Satmar,Neturei Karta and the various Haredi factions in Israel are uniting over this,and it will have serious repercussions.

      I feel nethanyahu is not serious about this Haredi service thing,but with Lapid and Bennet in the coalition,he has to play along,winning time.

  • U.S. gov't sides with 'UN Watch' and lobby and against Richard Falk
    • Wikiquote,achilles"the Fed rules the world"?

      Are you serious?

    • I think you didn't understood that story.

      Hillel Neuer ,the Executive Director of UN Watch(,tried to attack Falk by showing up with two books;

      "The Wandering Who" ,by Gilad Atzmon(Jew) and "The New Pearl Harbour " by David Ray Griffin.

      Both books are not just critical of Israel and Zionism ,but also of Judaism itself("Anti-Semite",the ADL would call it).

      Hillel made an idiot out of himself ,cause he wasn't aware he was actually giving huge ,free promotion for these books.

      I'm constantly discussing with Atzmon on another site,cause I think he goes much too far,but many of the things he writes about Israel and Zionism are true.

      Don't know Griffin.

    • The ADL does this on purpose.

      The ADL was created in 1913 by bankers from London,the same year the Federal Reserve was created.

      There was no Holocaust or Israel then,and their main function was to attack anybody that critized the Bankers from London,who were Jews ,by the way.

      President Wilson said ,after signing the Fed into law;

      "I am a most unhappy man.
      I have unwittingly ruined my country.......
      We have come to be one of the worst ruled,one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world-
      No longer a Government by free opinion,no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority,but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant man..."

      ADL is still serving these Bankers,and Israel and Judaism come second.

  • The kids are back, and it's not alright
    • It's a horrorshow

      To me it shows the Ultra-Zionists know they're in trouble.

      You should see the desperation on sites like Israpundit,where the real warmongerers live.

      "Jews are stupid" "Nethanyahu is the biggest traitor to Jews in history"
      "Muslims want to take over the world,kill'm all"

      Pure desperation,and very worrying for Jews in the US.

      These imbeciles want US citizens to hate Jews.

    • The kids of Z club don't look healthy,too pale,too zitty,too skinny,and none of them a Spharadi.

      Two pale ,blond,blue-eyed brainwashed kids say;

      "We are re-discovering our roots"

      "The deep Middle Eastern roots"

      "We are the ancient Israelites".

      I feel this is part of using kids to irritate and provoke everybody,Jews and non-Jews.

      Birth-right("Arachiem" ve "Shorashim") exists in Israel as well,and it behaves like a sect,small groups with their own Rabbi's (mainly US born),uttering the most vile rascist rubbish you can imagine.

      They are warmongerers and very much disliked and distrusted by traditional Jews and non-religious Jews..

      It's mainly money that makes them survive.

      This whole video seems to me like a psy-op trying to split Jews in the US even more than they already are.

      The reasons they talk about "etnically cleansed from their native land"(which is the US) shows the aim of this operation;

      1.Scaring Jews into going to Israel ,to AVOID being etnically cleansed in their native land(US).(Isn't this where Bibi,Lieberman and Bennet are warning for)
      2.To create more hate and fear than there already is.

      Very bad news.

  • The MSM tries to distinguish between Manning and Snowden. Don't let them
    • Merry go round indeed,but at least they're trying.

      More than can be said of GB/Europe and US,where the population seems to relish their chains of slavery.

      BRICS(Brazil,Russia,India,China and South Africa) are making huge financial agreements ,ditching the dollar.

      This offcourse goes unreported in MSM.

      Geo-politically,economically there's a serious confrontation,US/Europe on the one end and BRICS on the other.

      Although invisible,I feel Israel found out they're gonna be squashed in this clash and joined the BRICS.

      All these leaks are pure blackmail and let's see what Obama is gonna do now.

      I think he'll answer through Syria,but he'll pay.

      Only a matter of time untill this is out in the open,as far as it's not visible allready.

    • @ Danaa,

      Could very well be,but that doesn't explain why Greenwald announced more info "in the coming weeks and months",instead of right now.

      I'm not sure "individuals embedded within"are behind this,since it will take the administration a very short time to find out if he had helpers and who they are,if they don't already know.

      The Israeli media are full of stories predicting a deteriorating relationship with the Obama administration.

      For example;Ynet 6/9/13,Eitan Haber "Israel losing America"

      During the US Presidential elections Nethanyahu openly supported Romney.(Obama didn't like that)
      Obama nominates Hagel and Kerry.(Israel didn't like that)
      US leaks details on Israeli launch instalation and Nuclear bunker(Israel didn't like that.)
      Obama nominates Rice and Power(Israel doesn't like that)
      Danon tells Kerry,publicly, to take a hike.(Obama doesn't like that)

      And now ,after Benghazi,IRS,AP,EPA scandals,the bid one;

      PRISM,build by two Israeli companies ,Verizon and Nerus,outed by a low level NSA contractor,who promisses much more to come.(And right now protected by China and ,in a while ,Russia)

      This is part of a leaking war between Israel and Obama('s handlers).

      Russia is collaborating,since Russia and Israel have a lot to gain with calm in the Middle East.

      Obama is contemplating military support for Syrian Al-Qaida rebels and imposing a no -fly zone.
      In case he decides to go ahead,Greenwald has plenty of info to make him think again.

      This will not go away,and the leaks will keep on coming,from both sides.

    • Both Iceland and Russia have openly kicked out the London Bankers,that have Britain(since1815) and the US(since1913) in a stranglehold.

    • @dickerson3870


    • at 7.,

      Jon 6/10/13 "NSA-leaker;are there serious cracks in Ed Snowden's story?"
      Jon 6/11/2013"Did someone help Ed Snowden punch a hole in the NSA"

      Valid questions with huge repercussions ,if true.

    • Additional info;

      1.Snowden's info doesn't contain anything new,this was known,now it's proven.
      2.Glenn Greenwald said there's gonna be a lot more "in the coming weeks and months".(Why wait so long?Sounds like blackmail)
      3.Snowden releases info on 6/6/2013,the same day "1984" was published 64 years ago.(Now "1984" sales up 70% on Amazon).
      4. Snowden releases info during Bilderberg meeting in England.
      5.Assange supports,Anonymous hacks PRISM today.(Where do Assange(leaks on everybody ,except Israel) and Anonymous stand?)
      6. Iceland and Russia both offer asylum.(What do they have in common?)
      7.There are inconsistencies in Snowden's story,on how he got to so much "Buttermilk"(Top secret) info,seen his position, carriere and education.
      most intel specialists claim he had help.
      8. These leaks don't only seriously damage Obama,but seem a message to higher powers,seen the timing of the release.
      9. Obama is under attack by a bit more than a leaking NSA contractor.
      Let's see how Obama is gonna react,keep an eye on Middle East,Syria and economy(gold),these things are connected.

  • Four months later, did Hagel's confirmation make any difference at all?
    • So it begins....

    • Hagel's message:

      "We've destabilized the Middle East through supporting Al-qaida and the Muslim Brotherhood.
      Iran and Assad are a "real threat".
      We're gonna give you all the weapons you need.
      And now,go ahead, blow each other to pieces."

      Obama ,Power,Rice,Hagel,Kerry will keep repeating this message,as will Debka,ADL and Dershowitz.

      Guess who's leaking Benghazi-,IRS-,AP-,NSA-gate?

      Who's the elusive "DHS-insider"?

      Why are there so many leaks damaging Obama,after leaks damaging Israel?

  • NY orthodox rally against military service sounds anti-Zionist themes
    • Ok.i'll try again,

      Random Indian Guy is saying that ;

      "Netorei Karta and other exotic Orthodox Jews will indulge in the exact same orgy of bloodletting as their Zionist brethren,the day after they find their "Messias".

      They oppose Zionism because of "a minor scriptural technicallity".

      About the Holomodor and Kaganovich(Jewish) and the Final Solution ,explaining what Random Indian Guy is implying takes too much time,but it ain't pretty.

      Than Random Indian Guy compares Jewish Law with Social Darwinism
      and Zionism with National Socialism.

      This is the kind of stuff that gets through moderation on Mondoweiss.

      2/3 of my posts get thrown in the bin,mainly for pointing out that Zionism started in 1897,not 1949.

      I'm an observant Jew,with 4 jewish children.

      My opinions get spammed,and these kind of krypto-fascist Nazi's get their comments through.

      I demand an explanation.

    • "Exotic"

      "Zionist brethern indulge in orgy of bloodletting"

      "Final Solution"

      "Social Darwinism"


    • Satmar and Netorei Karta have always been a bit of a problem for Zionists and Anti-Zionist Zionists.

    • For people who want to educate themselves on the reasons why these Orthodox Jews have a serious problem with Zionism since 1897,can read up on the site given on one of the posters;

      You don't have to be a (religious) Jew ,to read their arguments.

      It might help you understand why Arab neighbours are not too interested in peace with Israel.

      I think Mr.Weiss forgot to link that site,since all the other(Zionist) sites are linked.

  • End your illusion: Israeli government will never implement a two-state solution, top official says
    • Yinon -plan dates back to 1982,and it was followed until recently.

      Wesley Clark's "7 countries in 5 years " interview in 2007 was part of that.

      The plan was followed untill june 2012,when the most difficult part,Iran,Syria and Lebanon,was playing out.

      Then something went wrong:US was in place to attack Iran,UN was on the verge of toppling Assad and Israel was preparing for Hezbollah.

      In short,Israel found out that US/Europe was not gonna deliver the goods on attacking Iran and Israel was left to face Iran ,Hezbollah and Rebel-controlled Syria alone.

      Nethanyahu openly"ordered" US to attack Iran,toppling of Assad was aborted,Nethanyahu "Red Line " speech in UN,Nethanyahu openly supporting Romney.

      Since then Israel- Obama relations are going down fast.

      And that is visible in the many leaks damaging one another,Obama's nominations and no end in sight.(the latest NSA scandal might turn very ugly,and I expect another damaging US leak on Israel any day now.)

      By the way,Muslim Brotherhood is a US/Europe operation,that's why relations between Israel and Egypt/Turkey are not good.

      Hamas had to take distance from Iran/Hezbollah because of Shia/Sunni relations,and to not get involved in Syria conflict on Shia side.(many Palestinians live in Lebanon and Syria)
      Iran cutting aid is for public consumption.
      Hamas needs weapons more than money.

      Samson option was always part of Israel's deterrence,and is mainly a warning to Europe/US.
      Israel doesn't have to mention it,she just buys subs from Germany.

      The geopolitical chess board has changed drastically,and Israel has no other option then to allign herself with Russia,if she wants to avoid being crushed.

      Erdogan and Rebel leaders have accused Israel of collaborating with Syria against the rebels,and that might be a surprise to many,but it's logical.

      Israel never trusted US/Europe if it comes to her survival.

    • Both sides know there's nothing to talk about,right now.
      This Danon message is for Kerry.
      The Obama administration has been quite busy since 2008.
      Mubarak,and calm at the Sinai border has been replaced by Muslim Brotherhood,and a the Sinai is filling up with al-Qaida and Jihadists.
      US filled Syria with Al-Qaida ,and give them just enough weapons to have constant war.
      The Golan border,calm for 40 years,became another threat.
      US gives Hezbollah the opportunity to become the heroes of the Arab streets.
      Lebanon is instable,because of the Syria situation.
      Hamas is back in the fold,under Iran control.
      Sunni clerics in Egypt and Saudi Arabia are calling for Jihad on Shia.
      US made it clear they're not gonna do anything about Iran.
      Everybody forgot already that Nethanyahu openly supported Romney against Obama?
      Has anybody left the possibility open that Mr.Obama might be looking for the No State solution for Israel?
      Samantha Power nomination brought no lobby opposition.
      The US has thrown the whole Middle East into turmoil,and Kerry wants Israel and the PA to talk.
      Israel threatens the Samson option(Moshe Dayan;"Israel must be like a mad dog,too dangerous to bother").
      Martin van Creveld said explained Israel can reach any European capital with their nukes.
      Israel is at war with Obama,Danon's declarations are part of that,one day after US leaked missile launch and nuclear bunker plan in Israel.
      The consequences and the new alliances in the Middle East will become clear soon.
      Where did all the "red lines " go?

  • Mondoweiss under construction this weekend
  • Racy, or just racist? Israel cracks down on social networking in uniform
    • Update;


      "Female IDF soldiers won't stop taking naked photo's,posting them on facebook."

      It's gonna get a lot worse,believe me.

    • This is not new.
      Just after the instgram of the gun on the kid's head,there was another instagram spread all over the internet.
      An Israeli soldiergirl with a rifle dangling on her backside ,in bikini.
      That's where it began.
      Since then the forums(Godlikeproductions especially) all over the internet are being filled with photo's and video's of"sexy" IDF girls,also toppless,and worse, on porn sites.
      It's the Kimberly Rothschild's(Nomen est omen,and look at her photo's on facebook age)) and a huge amount of pro-Zionist trolls spreading these "sexy"photo's,right now.

      This is a total psy-op:
      Since the image of the IDF soldiers is not that good and Israel is under threat of war,she needs sympathy,so they go for the underbelly.
      The combination of agression,(threats of )violence and sex.
      The message is"Do you want to kill me,or f*ck me?"
      Reading the reactions on forums when these pictures are published ,it's working very well,people chose the second option.
      Also check out the Israeli media internet pages,it's all about "sex(y jewish woman)"in the pages margins.
      All Israeli media carried the story,and the photo's of these"racy" girls,various times.
      Very ugly psy-op ,and I'm not sure if these girls are aware they are being used for this old trick.
      Every word written about this is serving Zionist hasbara.

  • Creator of 'Two and a Half Men' says other Americans want to ship him to a concentration camp
    • Sorry,Daniel,I don't watch TV,living in the South of Mexico.

      I've been following the rise and fall of Charly Sheen on short wave radio.

      I was very surprised he was allowed openly questioning 9/11 and NWO,being a famous TV/Moviestar,with Jewish producers.

      It showed to me the producers knew what he was talking about ,and they stuck their neck out for him.

      Not sure what happened to Charly,maybe someone slipped something in his drink.

      Creators and producers might have a bit of blowback now.

    • The background of this story is bigger.

      It has to do with former "2 1/2 man" protagonist Charly Sheen.

      Just before he got himself in huge trouble,he was openly adressing 9/11 and the NWO.

      Creator and producers of the sitcom didn't drop him then,even after pressure.

      Then Charly lost it and it was over.

      This is all part of the fall out.

  • Exile and the Prophetic: Samantha Power’s quest
    • Update;
      Warmongering Rothschild poodles ADL,Dershowitz and Joe Lieberman have all endoresed Power.

  • Prestigious int'l soccer tournament begins in Israel-- and dignifies Jim Crow
    • Ahmadinejad said "Zionism will be erased from the sands of time."

      MSM translated that into "Israel will be wiped of the map".

      The irony.

      It's Israel that has been showing the world how you "wipe a country of the map".

  • Hannah Arendt and the Hungarian Jews
    • Yitzhak Greenbaum,Jewish Agency Chairman Rescue Commitee adressing the Zionist Executive Council in Tel aviv 1943;
      "when they asked me....couldn't you give money out of the Jewish United Appeal funds for the rescue of Jews in Europe, I said NO!And I say again should resist this wave which pushes the Zionist activities to secondary importance"

      also Weizman had some beauties,but that would be anti-semitic ,I suppose.

      My grandparents ,religious Dutch jews ,taught me this wonderfull stuff about early Zionism.

      Without adressing the REAL history of Zionism ,that started in 1897,finding a solution for the predicament Judaism and Israel is in ,is futile.

      Moderating these kind of comments will not change a thing about this reality.

      Half a year ago ,me writing about these wonderfull Zionist heroes and their horrendous quotes ,all my comments were moderated.

      Now at least it's being discussed,that's an advance.

  • Why John Kerry is wasting everyone’s time
    • Who says the US was ever interested in a 2 state solution?
      Who says Israel was ever interested in 2 state solution?
      Who says the Palestinians were ever interested in a 2 state solution?

      Geo politically and economically US/Europe and Israel are in bad shape.
      The US/Europe will be kicked out of the region.
      Israel is surrounded by instable countries,none of them friends.
      They'll have to deal with Russia and Iran.

      If things don't blow up,there will be a one state solution,and all the settlements that have been build,will supply the Palestinians with adequate housing and reparation.
      For Jews and returning Palestinians they'll have to read Simon Shama's book"2 Rothschilds and the land of Israel".
      The reason houses in Israel are too expensive,and no houses are being build, is because the Israeli government doesn't own any land.
      80% of land in Israel is owned by Rothschild.
      Jews and Muslims will live in peace all over the Middle East once the enslaved break their chains.

  • Shared values?
    • I would like to thank Mondoweiss for publishing my post,and Hopmi for answering.

      First of all you bring up one source only.
      Second the number of 11,5 million jews in 1945 is disputed by many.

      But let's stick to these numbers from Jerusalem University anyway,though not exactly neutral.
      Please go to page 4-5.
      It says that since the 70's zero Jewish population growth.
      and 4,75 Jews per 1000 in 1945 to 1,95 per 1000 in 2010.

      They are talking mainly about population growth in Israel,which was achieved mainly through Aliyah,and high birthrate,(2,9 in the 90's)
      Don't underestimate the 500.000 Russian "jews".
      Besides that there's about 800.000 Israeli Jews living permanently abroad and are counted as living in Israel.

      I studied birthrates in Israel and Diaspora since 1945.
      Birthrates just after 1945 were very high in the Diaspora,and are still higher than non-jews around them.

      In 1970 Jewish population started to plummet relatively.
      Found some reports articles about assimilation in european countries and US.
      But they only talk about local phenomena.

      Jews marrying outside their faith in US at 52% is real .

      Whatever the Jewishdatabase claims doesn't explain GENERAL birthrates in Jews since 1945 and the fact that Jewish population growth is stagnant for 70 years ,with birthrates that should have produced 35 million Jews now,never mind where they live.

      Even if Jewish population was 11,5 million in 1945,a number I have doubts about, there should be about 28 million Jews now.

      My point is that if there is a Jewish state ,no Holocausts and high birthrates,how it is possible that Jewish population is stagnant for 70 years,while the World population tripled (europe more than doubled)

      I've been literally meeting thousands of Jews all over the world,not being part of any Jewish community,raising their children without Jewish upbringing married to non-Jews.
      The situation in my family is just an example,and I'm sure every Jew knows various familymembers and friends that took distance from Judaism.

      I call them the silent mayority of Jews,and nobody asks them about their opinion.

      They are there,only don't want to be part of it anymore.

      These facts are very painful for Zionists and "Jew-haters" since it doesn't fit in any narrative.

      It might imply that zionism is very bad for Judaism ,like most European Jews claimed before ww2.

      Putting these numbers in front of a "Jewhating" crowd,the numbers were not disputed,but the only explanation someone came up with is ,that jews have assimilated on purpose to "infiltrate other cultures and religions".

      Well,there you go.

      The Jewishdatabank doesn't give an answer for the missing 16 to 20 million jews.
      And nobody seems to want to adress this phenomenon.

      I wonder why.

    • Jewish population world wide 1945; 13,5 million.

      Jewish population world wide 2013; 13,5 million.

      And that includes about 500.000 russian "Jews" in Israel without a Jewish mother.

      Jewish bithrates since 1945 should have produced about 35 million jews world wide now.

      Where have they gone?
      Nobody seems to ask the question where 20 million Jews went,since 1945.

      A hint;
      Jews marrying outside their faith in 1940; 4%
      Jews marrying outside their faith in 1990(US); 52%.

      My family(not too big because of unfortunate circumstances in Holland in 40-45) consists of 11 Jews that have assimilated in silence ,or disgust.
      What's left is me,wife and 4 kids.

      So,since Zionist Israel exists,Jews have land,an ideology and an army.

      The price to pay is that 2/3 of Jews have taken distance from Judaism.

      That's why a Jewish poet that married a non-jew is not acceptable,not Zionist.

      Try to find anybody explaining where these 20 million jews have gone,you won't find it.

      Doesn't fit the narrative of Zionists or Jew haters.

      Still it's true.

  • Exile and the Prophetic: Vultures over Syria
    • The vultures were all over the Syrian carcass in June 2012.
      But than they stopped the buffet.

      Shortly after Nethanyahu went ballistic and screamed that US had to attack Iran ,cause a nuke was hours away.

      Nethanyahu's "red line" speech in the UN,and his open support for Romney in the Pres.elections showed there's trouble at the top.(US-Israel relations )

      Since than the NATO rebels have been pushed back,Turkey accused Israel and syria of collaborating,called Zionism a crime against humanity,and made up wih Israel.

      Looks like the vultures lost their appetite.

      Did a Russian warship dock in Haifa last week,and why?

      Nethanyahu went to China after allegedly bombing Syrian govt/Hezbollah targets.
      Is he gonna talk bilateral trade ,or something else.

      Israel declared various times that it will only act in it's own interest.
      That includes making deals with Russia and China.

      Israel does't trust Obama anymore ,since US refused to push on in June 2012 on Iran.
      It's only a matter of time before it's clear that alliances have shifted in a major way.

      Israel refuses to be suicided by Obama and his backers.

      Facing Hezbollah,Syria(n rebels),Hamas,Iran,and Al-Qaida in the Sinai alone is not an option.

      All the rest is spin, for public consumption.

  • Israeli minister: Google decision to recognize Palestine 'pushes peace further away'
    • To Annie,

      I'm using quotation marks as in 'Israel rules the world' and 'The Jews rule the world'.

      Both statements are gaining popularity,like before ww2.
      With known consequences.

      Anybody stating "Israel" or 'The jews' as the cause of all evil ,are just as misinformed and ignorant as people before ww2.

      For what's really going on I recommend the piece by David Icke,or Alan Hart's trilogy"Zionism ,the real enemy of the Jews".

      About Daniel Rich; I know this line of thought is not very popular in Hasbara circles,so no arguments from him,only ad hominem.
      Family of Marc Rich,NWO Eugenecist par exellence from Belgium?

    • This is really what Mndwss thinks is going on?

      Israel controls the US?
      Sounds like a conspiracy theory.

      Yes, US is controlled,but not by "Israel" or "the Jews".

      "To learn who rules over you,simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize",. Voltaire.

      Try to read "They dare not speak it's name" by David Icke.
      "who rules",for beginners

      It might shed some light on who's in charge,and what "The Jews" or "Israel" have to do with this.

      But only if you dare.

    • Nathan Tyler,spokesman for Google said today on the change to "Palestine";

      "Google consults with various sources and authorities when naming countries"

      That begs the question;

      What "sources" and "authorities" is he talking about?

      The Board of Directors?
      And who are they?

  • Syria wrap: Grumbling This won't be easy, NYT's Bill Keller suits up for another Mid-East war
    • To Bandolero,

      Yugoslavia,Afghanistan,Lybia were ignited by Al-Qaida.
      Al-Qaida was created as a friend of the US during the Russia -Afghanistan conflict in the 80's.

      Who exactly created and controls Al-Qaida is open to discussion.
      But for sure it's Saudi's and CIA/MI6,and probably Mossad.

      Why should Israel drive the US to attack Yugoslavia?
      It's the country of the Partizans,that fought the Nazi's.
      Albania ,Nazi allies in ww2,were the one that profited from the Balkan war.

  • Fear of democracy-- Netanyahu calls for Palestinian deal so as to avert 'binational state'
    • In the current circumstances One state or Two state solution is a past station.

      Palestinians are not in a hurry.

      Iran,Hezbollah,Syria(n rebels),Hamas,AlQaida in Sinai,Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo.

      US went off to play golf.

      Looks like the only solution left is the .....Six state solution.

  • Hagel, Livni and Free Syrian Army commanders reported to gather in D.C. at behest of Israel lobby
    • US's interest is that the rebels overthrow Assad.
      Obama said all options are on the table,besides boots on the ground.

      Israel's interest is calm on the Syrian and Lebanon border.
      AlQaida-Rebels taking control of Syria is not good for Israel.

      Can't see anything Israel and the US can agree on.
      Let alone creating a common strategy.

      Looks to me Israel is aware that the US will not gonna do a thing if it comes to Iran or Syria.
      The sooner these Rebels are whiped out ,the better for Israel.
      Calm will return and US look like idiots.

      Obama must be fuming right now.

      Chess is a Persian invention

  • Israel strikes Syria, explosions rock Damascus like 'an earthquake'
    • 2006 conflict Israel-Hezbollah.

      I was in Israel.
      Israel stopped shooting one hour after a Hezbollah missile landed next to Nethanya.

      Since than Hezbollah have received all the weapons they need,and some.
      A few thousand Martyrs with about 50.000 missiles and rockets are dug in underground ,waiting to be lobbed into Israel.

      Israel has warned that if Hezbollah attacks,Israel will bomb all of Lebanon.

      Obama went off to play golf.

      To claim that Israel ,in the current situation,is trying to provoke Hezbollah into mutual destruction ,is ridiculous.

    • Israel hit something in Syria yesterday,allegedly.
      Israel hit something last 29 januari in Syria,allegedly.

      "US officials",NY Times etc. claim Israel hit Hezbollah convoy,allegedly.
      Both times.

      Erdogan and his FM claimed last month that Israel and Assad are collaborating.
      NCS in Istanbul says the attack favors Assad.

      Turkey and NCS both fully support the NATO-rebels.
      Israel and Syria both have serious reservations about the NATO-rebels.

      Syria says Israel declared war on Syria,and deploys missile defenses(?).
      Israel doesn't say a thing and Nethanyahu goes to China for a week.

      Poor chickens,but it had to look convincing.

  • Chomsky is in Gaza
    • goodbye annie,
      I'm gonna go on writing on sites where you can write the truth even when it's unconvenient.

  • Assassination by car bomb in Beirut follows warnings about Syrian 'spillover'
    • The daily star editorial 20-12-2012;(not exactly a pro-Hezbollah pro-Iran paper)
      Lebanon is the target.
      Brig.Wissam al-Hasan had a number of enemies of Lebanon.
      ....He also gained fame for overseeing the discovery and dismantling of Israeli espionage rings(!) in the country.Hasan acted as the lead player in foiling a plan to destabilize Lebanon once again through violence.
      ....It is in the interest of no party in Lebanon.......

      Even the daily star tells the truth within 12 hours after the attack ,because they know the dangers involved.
      Cui bono?
      Israel is in deep trouble if Iran ,Syria and Lebanon(Hezbollah) are not attacked all at once in a coordinated way(Nato,US and Israel together).
      Right now it doesn't look like that's gonna happen,therefore the push to get Romney in power.
      in the meantime in Turkey;
      "Turkey spineless to start new war" Lyuba Lulko 17-10-2012
      very clear analysis about what's going on by someone who knows the region and is not on the Hasbara payroll.
      Keep up the good work ,Annie

  • Estelle and the freedom of association
  • Rice on the warpath against Hezbollah at the UN
    • Oops ,and then Hezbollah is the big threat.
      Hezbollah is the 600 pound gorilla in the room.
      In 2006 ,during the Israel-Hezbollah "war",various things happened ,that most people have forgotten;Hezbollah took out an Israeli warship with one missile,Israel is still trying to find out how that could have happened(probably Chinese technology).
      Hezbollah threw two missiles in the same spot,right next to Haifa trainstation.
      The "war" stopped(Israel withdrew) after Hezbollah threw a rocket next to Netanya.
      This was 6 years ago,now Hezbollah's weaponry is a lot more advanced.
      Estimated Hezbollah fighters ,in tunnels lobbing rockets at Israel,about 150.
      Netanyahu warned that if Hezbollah would attack,the rest of Lebanon will pay.
      And he's not joking,because the 2006 war showed that there's not a lot more Israel can do ,besides threatening to mass murder lebanese civilians.
      Depleted uranium weapons,mini nukes,real nukes?
      All useless,because the wind will blow the radiation right back and living in the north of Israel (or Lebanon)will be quiet impossible for the next few thousand years or so.
      Proffesor Busby claims Israel has used depleted uranium in Lebanon and Gaza.
      So why do Rice and Prosor get so hysterical about Hezbollah now?
      This has got to do with Syria,Turkey and the elections in the US.
      An uncoordinated attack on Syria by Turkey,Nato or anybody else,without going for Hezbollah(and possibly Iran) at the same time ,will expose Israel to an extremely unpleasant confrontation with Hezbollah.
      But no worry,Ehud Barak has promised us that there will be only 500 Israeli dead in such a confrontation.
      By the way ,the same scenario will occur if Israel will attack Iran without controlling Syria(chemical weapons) and Hezbollah at the same time.
      In short ,Hezbollah is a bigger threat to Israel than Iran or Syria.
      That's why Israel wants the world "to do something about it",
      The question is ,what can the world do?
      Maybe Israel has been totally outplayed on the global chessboard,and the US(at least Obama)is not prepared to start ww3 because of Israel.
      Israel will have to start ww3 alone or accept that the world is not going to swallow her behaviour anymore.
      Chess is a Persian invention,and it's best players have historically been Russians.
      Why am I(sometimes) being censored ,is what I write so far from the truth?
      Maybe make a list of opinions posters are not allowed to have,so they know ahead.

  • It's official: Israeli govt confirms Jews are no longer the majority between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea
    • for klaus bloemker.
      You might be looking at Israel through European or US pink glasses.
      Israel makes it's own rules on almost anything,and is able to make other countries rules as well.
      When the State of Israel was created ,one of the first decisions was to write a Constitution immidiately;Well we're still waiting(there's no law above G_d's law,bla ,bla )
      Therefore,for example, there's no country in the world that states your religion in identity papers(Jew,Arab;Cristian,LOL,what a mess).
      Israel can make you an Israeli citizen,without you ever requesting Israeli citizinship and stop you from leaving the country or put you in jail(happened to me,for legal and political reasons)
      Once you're an Israeli ,there's no way to get rid of it.
      israel can make any law they want,inside Israel, that wouldn't stand in any other country with a constitution(no habeus can be put in jail for years on the simple declaration of anybody without proof or witnesses,etc.etc.)
      Israel has been doing all kinds of crazy stuff to keep people coming to Israel to up the numbers,olim hadashim leaving Israel after they've got disappointed,are counted as Israeli citizins ,children born out of "Israeli" yordim(the one's that left),Russian non-jews ,counted as jews (and not as Krauss said"as arabs") etc.etc.
      You have to understand that "the numbers" are extremely important to Israel ,it gives them legitimacy(they think),and makes it possible to go on behaving like (moral) barbarians,under the excuse of "national security" and being different or G_d chosen.
      Israel does whatever it wants,and think they get away with it,bringing shame and grave danger to jews all over the planet.
      Manipulating the numbers is just a minor "crime".

    • thanks Annie,
      you state things a lot clearer than I could ever do.
      krauss' numbers ring a bell ,only in another context.
      smells like shill.
      Clever and very confusing to most readers.

    • I beg to differ.
      I was in Israel a few month ago ,listening to reshet bet radio program at night(ha kesher ha israeli be hutz learetz,Israeli contact abroad).
      There, a leader of an organization for Israeli's in the US stated that there are about 750.000 Israeli's permanently living in the US.
      If you go to wikipedia under "yerida" lots of links for(verifiable) info on numbers of Israeli's living outside Israel.
      Netanyahu claimed there to be between 800.000 and one million Israeli's living abroad ,when he tried to push a law through ,giving them the right to vote.
      An Israeli consulate official claimed 650.000 Israeli's living in the US permanently.
      By law ,children born out of Israeli parent(s) abroad are considered Israeli citizens,consequently about 60.000 US jewish children are Israeli citizens without ever having been in Israel . etc.etc.
      Israel's number of Israeli citizens are cooked ,for obvious reasons
      Russian "jews" are desperate to leave Israel,and are going back to russia ,if they can't get into the US.
      I'm sure you've noticed that part of Zionist desparation is the enormous amount of lies being spread.
      I dislike to confront people with their erronious information but your numbers on jewish vs. arab birthrates, haredi education,ashkenazi PR absolute jews etc. is suspect and ,frankly,incorrect.
      You're claim of only 100.000 Israeli's living abroad is not true .
      I wonder why you write these things .
      Please state your sources.

    • It's worse than that.
      According to government numbers the number is closer to 1 million,and yes,these people are still counted as Israeli citizens.
      Besides that there is the tiny problem of an estimated 0,5 million Russion "jews" ,who are not really jewish according to Halacha.
      They were allowed to come over from Russia to up the numbers in Israel,having one jewish grandparent(Sadly enough the same rule the Nazi's used in WW2 to define a jew).
      This might explain the huge amount of Russians in Israel wearing crosses around their neck.

  • 'Jewish political community' supported Iraq war, but now divides between neocon funders and liberals -- Alterman
    • maybe something else is happening.
      the so-called "neoconservative fundraisers" , are the ones who have more knowledge
      of what's going on behind the scenes.
      The split inside the jewish lobby has more to do with Obama's puppetmasters.(mainly european bankers ,that own the Fed.)
      The people that created Israel also have been able to "own" both republican and democratic candidates for ages.
      this time it's different; the stakes are much higher and Israel has been dumped by it's former (european) sponsors.
      Israel is aware of this,most jews in the US are not.
      Therefore the late and desperate support for Romney,
      The Likud, neo-con,mormon alliance is trying a coup d'etat in the US.
      In spite of all the warmongering not a lot is happening; the Syrian "rebels" are running out of steam,Turkey forces down a plane with non-existing arms aboard,and are in trouble with the Russians now(I wonder who gave them this fake info),mysterious drone diversions etc.
      A coordinated attack by Israel and the US on Iran is not very likely right now.
      Any war breaking out in the middle east right now (Syria,Lebanon,Turkey) will be very bad news for Israel.
      That's why all warefforts have been put on hold(Israel is part of this)
      The real war is going on in the US right now;Obama's puppetmasters(formerly Israel's supporters,who pulled the plug on Israel) vs. Romney (Likud ,neo-con (fundraisers) and cristian zionists).
      An Obama win is "very dangerous for Israel"(Adelson,Murdoch and others).
      A Romney win is dangerous for all jews.

  • Adelson says Obama dislikes Israel and will 'act on his true feelings' in a second term
    • Obama is a teleprompter-reading nobody, following orders.
      whenever he does anything Israel doesn't like ,they act like this stooge actually makes decisions himself.
      More interresting is the question why he's not doing what Israel wants.
      Israel's,and Adelson's,issue is not with Obama personally but with his puppetmasters,people who historically supported Israel and are now dropping her like a hot potato.
      Therefore the late and desperate effort to get Romney into power.
      If Romney succeeds ,most Americans will see this as a coupd'etat by Israel,
      and the consequences will be grave for everybody.
      Untill that time ,Obama's movers might try to push Turkey to attack Syria,
      again a very dangerous situation(mainly for Israel).
      The second option is more likely,because that might swing support back to Obama.
      The war in the middle east will start in the US.

  • Hezbollah confirms it sent drone shot down by Israel
    • "We have the capability to take the world down with us.And I can assure you that will happen before Israel goes under"
      Elsevier,dutch weekly ,september 2003.
      also published in the Guardian weekly ,
      check links on wikipedia "Martin van Creveld"
      I read dutch,so there's no hoax or misquotes.
      Van Creveld repeated similar wordings in tv interview recently.
      sorry,don't remember where.

    • in essence we seem to agree.
      What's so difficult to follow about the rest?
      It's what's happening;Debkafile today,"palestinians traveling to Gaza bring in the components for the drone in small pieces,and then Hamas assembles them in Gaza"(LOL)
      Turkey is threatening Syria but I can't see any cheerleading by the Israeli press.
      Israel right now is fighting for it's physical survival ,because an uncoordinated attack on Lebanon,Syria and Iran at the same time might open Pandora's box.
      Obama,or his puppetmasters,don't seem to be willing to do this.
      The elections in the US are expected to turn very ugly,because the historical movers of power in the US have no control over Romney.
      Another way to swing support back to Obama will be an attack on Syria by Turkey,with possible horrible consequences for Israel.
      Today Netanyahu said he offered Syria the Golan in 2010,true or not ,these are desperate statements .
      The people behind the creation of Israel don't care about Jewish lives,they've shown that in the Holocaust.
      The creation of Israel for them is one just one more move on the global geopolitcal chessboard.
      For them Israel and jews ,for that matter, are expendable.
      I think Israel finally woke up to that fact,therefore the desperate efforts to turn the tide by trying to get Romney in power.
      I'm not sure it will work ,though.

    • sorry to be a partypoop.
      I'm a big fan of debkafile;facts and fiction mixed up,and when they tell you "what's really happening" they tell you the opposite of reality.
      Great source of info.
      Debka;"had there been weapons aboard.....reminding Israel of it's worst nightmare;An Iranian plane flying over with a nuclear bomb........The arial flight may well have been a preparatory step for such an attack".
      Perilous times,lot's of misinformation ,psy-ops,false flags.
      Off course Hezbollah will claim they sent the drone,great psychological warfare.
      But it's all diversion from the real problem;"Is it in Israel's interest that Syria will be attacked by Turkey(Nato) without a coordinated attack by US and Israel on Iran and Hezbollah at the same time,leaving Israel sitting duck to retaliation from Hezbollah,Syria and/or Iran?
      Why the problems between Bibi and Obama?Why this hastened, unholy alliance of neocons,mormons(Romney) and Likud to unseat him?
      Could it be that Israel's historical supporters in US and Europe have pulled the plug on Israel.
      Israel has served it's purpose and is "sacrificed",leaving Israel to battle for it's fysical survival(Martin van Creveld recently warned Europe;"Israel has the weapons to drag the world down with them".)

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