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I live in Australia and I am passionate about human rights. I am a community development officer with local government and I support two states for two people living side by side in peace. I am for non violent support of an independent Palestine, My 19 year old daughter is taking a International Studies degree and the occupation motivated her to study in the hopes of assisting change. I enjoy reading the Mondoweiss Newletter.


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  • Beyond apartheid: Fragments from the West Bank
    • When future generations of Israeli's look back at this tragedy they will say of Netanyahu and others; you committed terrible crimes in our name but worse you stole our conscience, the very soul of our integrity, you lied to us again and again and we believed your lies. To paraphrase William Shakespeare...Whoever steals my purse steals trash but he who steals my good name robs me and makes me poor. Israel's good name is being stolen.

  • Israeli army statement on killing of Palestinian teenager in occupation is contradicted by evidence at scene
    • This story is very sad but has been repeated over and over again for 70 years Netanyahu, Bennet and hundreds of Israeli leaders,politicians and IDF before them have collectively stolen more than Palestinian lives, land and dignity they have stolen the soul and moral conscience of Israelis and made a mockery of the Jewish religion in the same way that Isis has made a mockery of Islam and that is terrorism in all its ugliness.

  • Trump's vow to move embassy to Jerusalem is now a 'decision-making process'
    • If Trump was to make the deal of the century and bring about a two state solution he cannot move the embassy because that is a deal breaker and saying the embassy is not the embassy of East Jerusalem won't work because Palestinians remember the broken Oslo accord promises.Trump is only about Trump and he will do only what feeds his ego. I believe the two state solution is dead and buried.Look at the problems the settlers have caused over Amona.The sooner the two state solution is buried then the bi national state can be born

  • Video: Palestinian activists set up tent village to protest Israeli annexation and Trump plan to move US embassy
    • The sooner the reality of a single binational state is accepted the better. They can't or won't move a few people out of mobile homes and shacks in Amona so there's no chance that anyone else will move. I wish the charade of hoping that somehow Israel will wake up and realize the mess it's created and change would cease . To paraphrase what Gideon Levy who wrote last year, whoever replaces Netanyahu will likely be much more extreme . Israeli prime ministers have consistently refused to set out a view of what Israel will be like in 25 years . It's time to ponder how a binational democratic Israel is going to survive.

  • When 13 masked soldiers break into a Palestinian house at night, grandparents wake the children
    • I would like to thank Amira Hass, Gideon Levy and the other journalists who write for Haaretz week in and week out. Their work is reviled and they are vilified by all those who support the violent occupation of millions of Palestinians, theft of their land and loss of their dignity. My hope for all of these journalists is that they live to see the fruits of their work which is a just and peaceful solution to this needless tragedy.

  • On eve of Paris talks PA support for two-state solution not shared among Palestinians
    • To paraphrase a quote from scripture we have seen the "weeping and gnashing of teeth' by the Israeli right and settlers over the court decision to demolish the Amona settlement which is a small group of huts and mobile homes. There is no way that it will be possible to move even the smallest settlement to make way for a Palestinian State so to me the argument is not about is there time to save the two state solution its about two states are impossible because the settlers will start a civil war rather than be moved.They are motivated by some messianic crazy thinking that causes them to believe that God wants them living there despite the chaos and suffering this causes. Based on my reasoning, we have to move on from two states for two people to one person one vote for Jews and Palestinians in a greater Israel.

  • Why Israel wants us to say 'terror'
    • I thought for many years that one of the worst legacies of George Bush junior was to brand those who disagree with America/Israel as terrorists and to keep emphasizing it. This label which Israel uses at every possible opportunity is their excuse for carrying out massive human rights violations against Palestinians. Its used by Israel to defend its killing, theft of land not to mention the blockade of Gaza which of course is governed by terrorists. In fact the whole brutal occupation of Palestine is contingent on the so called free world buying into Israels terrorist narrative

  • Israel-Palestine conflict could 'explode' under Donald Trump, Israel supporter warns
    • The fact that Makovsky was on Kerry's negotiating team at all shows that Kerry was the wrong person to negotiate and from the beginning stacked his team in Israel's favor making any pressure on Israel impossible. Solving the occupation is not complicated and is not the Gordian knot its made out to be it's just that Kerry, Makovsky and every other American politician/ Israel supporter over the last fifty years never wanted to make Israel honor its UN and other agreements it made with the Palestinians, period !! Over the years these people all fully aided and abetted the tragedy we now see resulting in Israel the country acting as a petulant child. Israel has lost it moral compass and integrity; a tragic repeat of 1930's Germany. Unfortunately Israel will come to understand the truism that "if the Gods want to ruin a man they will give him everything he asks for" and this did not have to be the outcome

  • The mainstreaming of Palestinian genocide
    • When seeing the look of confusion on Azaria's face he doesn't seem to have any idea that murdering a human being was wrong. One of the legacies Netanyhu will leave behind is he has fostered hate, dehumanized the Palestinians and desensitized a significant portion of main stream Israeli's. He has taught the Israel public and IDF that by labeling human beings as terrorists it excuses all crimes against them including murder. A population who has lost its moral compass has lost its soul and Azaria's act was soulless.

  • Netanyahu's holy war, and the coming Jewish schism
    • Early in Obama's first term racism targeting Obama was evident . There were bill boards in Israel showing him and underneath emphasizing his name add to that the fact that we is black and there you have the foundation of this ongoing campaign of disinformation bordering on outright racially motivated hate. In Israel Jews of Ethiopian descent have suffered countless acts of race related discrimination and even violence against them and solely because of the color of their skin. A sad sad statement on the culture of hate that appears to be nurtured by segments of the population but by no means the majority.

  • Trump has a 'magic moment' in June 2017 to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, Israel lobbyist tells NY synagogue
    • There was a recent article in Time magazine which said how many more times does Netanyahu have to say he will never agree to a Palestinian state from his words in the last election to his now famous, i You Tube clip boasting he killed the Oslo accord and the article summarized what is know obvious and that is there will be no Palestine that dream is dead and buried so lets move on as quickly as possible. Israel will come to understand the meaning of the ancient proverb which says "if the Gods want to ruin a man they will give him everything he asked for" and Israel you asked for this and that is a Palestinian majority .

  • Starving Yemeni children, bloated US weaponsmakers
    • Its really sad that Yemen is the forgotten war while the USA, Britain and others accuse Russia, Iran and Hezbollah of war crimes in Syria in an effort to draw attention away from their role in this tragedy. Weather it is Yemen, Syria, the Israeli occupation of Palestine or slaughter of children in Gaza; the US, Israel and Britain use the label of "terrorist" or 'war against terror" to justify gross human rights violations and crimes against humanity as justification fot their actions and to portray the image that they are the "good guys".

  • Trump may kill Netanyahu with kindness
  • Video intifada
    • I have felt for a long time that Netanyahu's greatest crime is to teach Israel's Jewish and Palestinian population to hate and hate and hate; he has stolen their conscience and soul. Nazi Germany's greatest crime was to teach German's to hate and hate and hate Jews and minorities. When a country looses its soul and conscience it looses its sanity and once that is gone social, political and finally national destruction will always follow and good examples are the Roman Empire and Nazi Germany. Its not too late but Israel's doomsday clock is rapidly approach midnight.

  • I continued to act as if I was above feeling afraid. Till the last war
    • Sadly the greatest crime Netanyahu has committed is to teach Israelis to hate and and at the same time be indifferent to the suffering of Palestinians. This is a soul sickness a cancer of the soul which no miracle drug can cure.

  • BDS victory in Mennonite Church Canada
    • There's a lot of garbage written here and this number is one.....200 million Jews united to what they claim was there homeland .In the last century the highest number of Jews worldwide is accepted as 17 million in 1938 prior to the Holocaust and today if every Jewish person in the world even those who claim Jewishness but not accepted, the number climbs rises to 20 million. We don't have a just solution because people read this garbage and lies like this and believe it.

    • I am very familiar with the various Mennonite Church Conferences across Canada and I have profound respect for them and their integrity. Do not under estimate the importance of these 31,000 people as many Mennonites are highly successful business people and not just farmers. They remind me in many way of Jewish people whose religion and national identity are closely aligned their influence is far greater than their numbers suggest so this could well be an evolving story.
      Thanks Rochelle for this story and it reminded me of my many Mennonite friends who I really miss as I no longer live in Canada

  • Israeli pronouncement on policing West Bank solidifies one-state apartheid regime -- Erekat
    • Abbas is a big part of the problem because his actions stop Israel and the USA paying the price of the occupation. Some of the steps the Palestinians without Abbas can take, suspend for a year armed or actions involving the use of force, join every UN organization available and force the USA to honor their legislation and not fund or participate in these committees, withdraw 100% security cooperation with Israel, for tens of thousands of Gaza residents to sit as close to the boarder as possible and go on a hunger strike, refuse all USA funds, form a Palestinian Ministry of Civil disobedience and wherever possible always play the recording of Netanyahu boasting he is destroying the Oslo accord. Palestinians need to get rid of Abbas and get smart. My suggestions won't be a solution of themselves but they will start to exact a real price from Israel and the USA

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