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  • Israel kills 23 in Gaza, wounds 73, most of them civilians --PCHR
    • Just like the 2009 "Gaza War" was no war. War implies two sides fighting each other. It was a massacre, likened by one IDF soldier to burning ants with a magnifying glass.

  • Ahmed Moor in WaPo: Harvard One State conference 'informed by the uncontroversial view that all people are created equal'
    • I've long been a proponent of the one-state solution, a view that has been solidified by much MW reading. This article articulates perfectly why it is the only truly just solution to the conflict. I have always wondered, though, what they would name the one-state. It seems trivial, but I feel like it will be a point of contention when the time comes.

  • A message of anti-Islamic hatred on the streets of Jerusalem
    • This kind of stuff happens all the time in Jerusalem. There are posters and advertisements all over the place telling people not to rent apartments to Arabs. Can you imagine if similar posters in New York City said not to rent apartments to blacks? Or Jews? And no one is saying a god damn thing. They aren't even trying to be subtle anymore about being racists.

  • Santorum is a one-stater-- he says all of West Bank is Israel
    • The ironic thing about Evangelical Christians that support Israel is that they're some of the most racist and anti-Semitic people around. They want the Israelis to control all of Historic Palestine so Jesus can come back and kill all the disbelievers, i.e. the Jews. They like Israel, but hate the Jews. They've got it backwards.

  • Muslims ban Christmas and rape white women, in latest Latma satire
    • HRK, one of the main problems with your diatribe is you fail to realize that by in large the ruling majority will set the tone for discourse and behavior vis-a-vis inter-community relations. If immigrants coming to another country are statistically more likely to commit crime, it is almost assuredly due to being put in a lower socio-economic status. As almost any sociologist will tell you, crime rates are much more highly linked with SES than they are racial or ethnic group. Racial supremacists, however, enjoy conflating SES with race when they begin to associate a certain race with certain activity. It's easier to say, 'hey, it's a black guy, he must be a criminal' than to process the multitude of environmental factors that went into creating that person.

      While certain areas and countries do have varying crime rates, it would be absurd to link this to culture. Petty crime in many countries in the Middle East is by and large much lower than, say, in Washington, DC, but that can at least partially be attributed to draconian laws under authoritarian Arab regimes. But authoritarianism in the Arab world comes less from cultural predisposition and more from the vestiges of colonialism.

      I understand that it's easy and convenient to simply see people that look different than you, throw them into somewhat arbitrary classes and then make prejudgements based on the classes that you made up, but in a civilized society, one would hope for a little more thought in human interaction.

  • Israel is incapable of taking on the settlers
    • My trouble with homonyms notwithstanding, your sarcasm is well taken. I have read this site on and off for a couple years, but I guess never noticed you around. And it is a kind of sick humor that blatant sarcasm from Mooser looks precisely like what most Zionists would say seriously, which I guess is what caused my confusion.

      And BTW, Shawket is an Arab name, not waspy or Jewish.

    • By being the best Jews, I'm sure what you actually mean is that they're the worst Israelis. Settlers are hastening the demise of the failed Zionism experiment, and because Israel hasn't been able to reign them in, they have acquired an unstoppable momentum. It's really quite ironic that those who attempt most to further the cause of Zionism will be the ones to destroy it. Sorry racism and apartheid aren't sustainable state policies.

  • Dennis Ross announces he is leaving the Obama administration in December
    • Dennis Ross will be rejoining WINEP. Just got the announcement today. Didn't waste anytime I guess going back to where he belongs with his other Zionist bigots fear mongering and drumming for war.

  • Palestinian citizens of Israel are second class citizens, even in the Prague airport
    • eee, DBG, the main problem with your theory that "a group of young Arab males flying together without women or children is always going to arose suspicion" is that you're focusing on the effect, not the cause. Israel's brutal, oppressive policies coupled with a whole lot of hasbara has made nit wits such as yourselves assume that groups of Arabs are inherently to be mistrusted. So what do you do? Commit a whole heap load of racial profiling, disregarding any potential long term side effects. Do you know what else focuses on effects but not causes? Morphine. Allow me to explain. When someone is in a lot of pain, and doctors don't know why, they give them morphine. But if the patient has, say, an operable tumor that is causing the pain, they're not just going to let it sit and fester while covering up the pain with a bunch of drugs. They'll do something about it. Does this simple metaphor get through your thick skulls? You, Zionists, Israel apologists, are the morphine of this conflict. You go around, only trying to deal with effects without ever thinking, hey, maybe we are the CAUSE of all this violence and we should change some of our actions. It's just too bad opiates are so goddamn addictive.

  • In memoriam: Hanan Porat, an extremist by any other name
    • Israel's "national aspirations" constitute a war crime big guy, which they aren't being punished for because they're white and have the support of the US. I think that's as good a reason as any to not support them. That and the fact that they're also morally bankrupt and dispossessing the actual indigenous population of land. But then again, when you're blinded by nationalistic ideology, thinking for yourself in an intelligent manner can become difficult.

      As a side note, just because someone is dead doesn't mean you're not allowed to talk ill of him. Porat, like Steve Jobs, was a pretty bad guy and doesn't really deserve a special obituary.

  • Kol Nidre in Cairo. Not
    • Why can't you Zionists differentiate between abandoning Israel and abandoning Judaism? The existence of the 6 million Jews within Greater Palestine is not predicated on the State of Israel in its current form. Whenever someone calls for the fall of Israel (or as above, for Jews to abandon Israel) all these Zionists come crying racism saying they're calling for the abandonment of the Jews within Israel. Israel as it is today will fall, there's no denying it. The Jews are there to stay, as they should be. So stop conflating ideas to support your racist ideologies and accept the fact that this failed experiment called Zionism is soon to be over.

  • Anwar al-Awlaki's extrajudicial murder
    • There's no point to "refute". No one is denying that the U.S. hasn't committed a large number of war crimes throughout its history and continues to this day. But I think the main point here is that war crimes of militarized nations begin to resemble each other. The U.S. and Israel are both warmongering psycho-nations who ought to be reigned in.

    • As the incomparable Noam Chomsky said in response to Osama bin Laden's assassination/murder:

      "We might ask ourselves how we would be reacting if Iraqi commandos landed at George W. Bush’s compound, assassinated him, and dumped his body in the Atlantic."

    • Well, I think we could argue with each other until we're blue in the face about who's committed more war crimes and atrocities, the U.S. or Israel. But I think relative to the size of its population, Israel is the likely candidate. But it's nice to see you (accidentally?) admit Israel's guilt in this matter, eee.

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