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Sherri Munnerlyn

I live in the US, in Arkansas. I am a Christian. My husband grew up in Iran, and was raised as a Muslim. I am an attorney. I began closely following the Israeli Palestinian Conflict, after the 2006 Israel Lebanon War. I support an end to the human rights abuses and illegal Occupation.

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  • Horrifying details continue to emerge of massacre in Khuza'a
    • Israel has a pattern of bombing UNRWA facilities, but rather than confront condemnation and punishment for these war crimes, we see them always being excused, or others blamed or simply not punished. This continuing impunity Israel enjoys when she commits war crimes is the very reason Israel continues blatantly committing war crimes. And another point, choosing to engage in bombing in such a densely populated civilian area is arguably itself a war crime, because the operation perhaps cannot be carried out in that environment (which I note Israel created, as two thirds of the population are people ethnically cleansed from their homes elsewhere in Palestine) without violating the rules of war.

      Israel is the Occupier and owes obligations to protect the civilian population in Gaza, not commit genocide against this population of people whose lands she occupies.

  • Palestinian teen abducted from East Jerusalem and killed in suspected revenge attack
  • Israel needs no proof to kill Palestinians for teens' death, Israeli colonel says
    • Sherri Munnerlyn July 1, 2014 at 2:00 pm

      When has a Zionist ever needed a reason for killing a non Jew? The authority lies in the essence of simply being a Zionist. How dare that authority be questioned? This arrogant Zionist way of thinking that places the value of the life of a Jew on a pedestal above all other human life explains much.

  • Reform Jewish leader offers alternative to Presbyterian divestment: meet Netanyahu
    • Why would anyone with a soul want a meeting with a soulless war criminal child killing Zionist like Benjamin Netanyahu? Such an offer alone should garner support for votes for divestment. The thought makes me want to puke, it is like contemplating a meeting with Satan.

  • Presbyterian Church takes step towards divesting from Israeli military-linked companies
    • I am reading Dr Jerry Pillay will speak at a luncheon today at noon on the issue of Apartheid in Palestine.

      Is anyone aware whether any website will make this speech available to be listened to by the public?

      I read of a visit to Palestine previously by Dr. Pillay and others in the article referenced below :

      "We did not expect the extent to which Israel violates international laws to oppress the Palestinian people.  Our exposure to East Jerusalem and the West Bank was overwhelming, one which traumatised us.  However, even though we experienced that the Palestinians live in open-air prisons, they were still able to inspire us with their dignity and their commitment for a just peace based on human dignity for both themselves and the Israelis.  “We want more than human rights,” they told us, “we want our human dignity and reconciliation”."

      "Issued by:
      Bishop Zipho      Siwa, Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church in Southern Africa

      Dr Jerry Pillay, General Secretary of the Uniting Presbyterian Church in Southern      Africa and President of the World Communion of Reformed Churches...."

  • Ohio State Hillel member calls Desmond Tutu a 'neo Nazi' for criticizing Israel
    • It is not only black South Africans who speak out against Apartheid in Israel.

      I was just listening to this you tube video and hearing white Jewish South African Denis Goldberg speak out against Apartheid in Israel. He endured Apartheid in South Africa and was imprisoned as a member of the ANC 22 years for his role in opposing Apartheid in South Africa.

      Watch "Former ANC Rivonia Trialist, Denis Goldberg speak…" on YouTube
      Former ANC Rivonia Trialist, Denis Goldberg speak…:

      Who is better to speak out against Apartheid today then those who have lived under Apartheid, whatever their skin color or ethnicity may be, be it Desmond Tutu or Denis Goldberg.

  • Congress is next battleground over boycott of Israel
    • The fact BDS is being so widely discussed by American MSM right now is itself a BDS success story. Just getting BDS where it is right now evidences a meaningful shift in the future of this movement. I keep reading these phrases, tipping point, BDS mainstream, in article after article. Now, we just have to keep being creative and creatively growing this BDS Movement. Remember Apartheid in South Africa was defeated by popular resistance + BDS. I think the BDS side of it is what soundly puts out there the human nature of all of these egregious human rights abuses and clear violations of international law. I was just reading a heartbreaking article of children with terminal illnesses dying in Gaza, living under siege. Just getting people outside there to help them is a struggle, and the Occupation isolates the people in Gaza and seeks to prevent their stories from being told.

  • Low turnout for Palestinian prisoner release as negotiations slump
    • What I find shameful is how prisoners are released in the middle of the night and all the effort Israel puts into quenching celebrations. We all know none of the over 5000 Palestinian prisoners received trials that were just or lawful under international law. That means no convictions were legitimate convictions, these are men unlawfully detained for over 20 years, a cause all Palestinians should be able to celebrate and feel no guilt or shame in celebrating freedom for these unlawfully detained men, all Palestinian heroes. Occupation even seeks to deprive the people of celebrating freedom when it comes.

  • Mahmoud Abbas: Hero of the anti-boycott forces
    • The Boycott Movement has a lot of flexibility within it to allow individuals and groups and even states to independently choose how they desire to boycott unlawful activities supported by the Zionist government in Palestine. Who cares what the personal viewpoints of Abbas are? It is not his call to choose how any individual or group or even state chooses to support BDS. Everyone surely has to realize now his ability to responsibly represent the Palestinian people is compromised by the role the PA plays in enforcing the Occupation for Israel and the US in Occupied Palestine.

  • In photos: Euphoria as Ramallah greets prisoners' release
    • I was just reading an article in 972 Magazine where it was pointed out the typical time to serve for murder in Israel is 20 years. All of these prisoners have served over 20 years, leading to the conclusion they all deserve release, if we conclude they should have equal rights to Israelis, even assuming they were rightfully convicted (which they were not) of a murder they actually committed. The 972 article was addressing the problem with this prisoner release is that too few prisoners were released.

    • The thing to keep in mind is not one single Palestinian prisoner has been provided fair trials that meet the requirements intl law and Israel's treaty obligations demands. The convictions lack any legitimacy. All prisoners are detained unlawfully. Further, the Fourth Geneva Conviction makes it unlawful to detain the occupied population outside of the occupied territories. Most prisoners are held in Israel in explicit violation of The Fourth Geneva Convention.

  • Talks will fail because Palestinians shouldn't negotiate with 'a thief,' Israel supporter concedes
    • It seems to me these rules of law have application no matter what happen in peace talks. But the problem lies in how do we get these laws enforced, so as to transfer lands in the OPT back to their lawful owners. When nations refuse to recognize and abide by intl law, how does the international community enforce those laws? Our refusal to deal with shortcomings in intl law is operating to substantially undermine all international legal authority.

  • Under administrative detention, with no idea of charges, handcuffed to a bed, on hunger strike
    • I wish there was a place we all could read about each of these hunger strike prisoners, who they are, what their individual struggles are, and write encouraging words to them that they could see and read.

  • 'Listen Mandela' -- Apartheid Land 2013
    • The fact bad things have happened in South Africa since Apartheid was defeated there does not justify or vindicate any of the human rights abuses a part of Apartheid. There was nothing good about the system that treated the indigenous people in the land like second class citizens, like dogs. And there is nothing good or redeeming about Apartheid today in Palestine, either.

  • McDonald's refuses to sell where Ben & Jerry's will -- occupied territory
  • Exile and the Prophetic: Sharon Stone and the anti-occupation Jesus
    • As a Christian, I find myself thinking a lot about what would Jesus do, what would his response to the Occupation be. His life He lived I think answers many questions. He lived in Palestine as a Palestinian and He lived under Occupation. How did He respond? He spoke out against Injustice of Jewish leaders, see Matthew 23, but He always responded to Injustice using nonviolent methods. We see with the Zealots and what happened in 70 AD the consequences of choosing violence as a response to Injustice. So, I see many reasons I should support nonviolent resistance to the Occupation in Palestine today. I was reading the comment by the poster viewing Zionists as todays Zealots. I had not thought about them that way before, but I think anyone choosing violence on either side can be viewed as sharing many likenesses to each other. And I think there may he negative consequences in store for either sides choice of violence.

  • An Israeli veteran comes forward to decry 'how shitty we are' to Palestinians
    • Sherri Munnerlyn June 12, 2013 at 3:27 pm

      Does anyone know whether there are written transcripts of the videos anywhere? I am trying to have a discussion about them on a discussion board and having administrators try to repress the videos as "spam. " The things we deal with from Zionists trying to suppress the truths about this Occupation and its abuses never stop.

  • The horror: 'Breaking the Silence' releases women's frightful testimonies of occupation
  • Widely denounced as 'propaganda,' Israel's report on al-Dura calls attention to 950 other child killings
  • 'Newseum' folds under pressure, will not include Gaza cameramen in program honoring fallen journalists
    • Sherri Munnerlyn May 13, 2013 at 11:01 pm

      Maybe, it is the time to boycott Newseum. Supporting war criminal regimes needs to have consequences. To think, Gaza journalists die reporting the news, victims of war crimes which the US protects the nation from being prosecuted for, and the murdered journalists are called terrorists. What a travesty of justice!

  • Following fatal stabbing, Israeli settlers rampage in the West Bank
    • Sherri Munnerlyn May 1, 2013 at 3:22 pm

      There were two stabbings in Occupied Palestine on April 30, one by a Palestinian of an illegal settler and a second stabbing about an hour later by illegal settlers of a Palestinian in Jerusalem. WHY is that second stabbing getting no news coverage?

  • 'Arabs, I hate Arabs!'--Independence Day and just another day in Jerusalem
    • April 22, 2013 is not just another day in Palestine. Today is the day a deal was reached for the release of Palestinian hunger strike prisoner Samer Issawi. Earlier today, in his hospital room he bared his skeletal body to the Israeli Court and asked, do I look any different then holocaust victims. Within hours, it was announced Samer Issawi will be released on December 7, 2013, for each of the eight months he was on his hunger strike he was essentially punished by another month imprisonment. But he will be freed, and that is what makes today not just another day in Palestine. And this makes today a day to celebrate!

  • Samer Issawi's 'hunger speech' to Israelis
    • I am thinking about that comment here about the Occupation abuses having drained the life from Israelis. And I think about Samer Issawis final comment to his jailers about how he now awaits not their release of him but for them to be released from his memory. DEATH beckons a man onward to a fuller life, a life with God for Eternity! WE can feel sorrow for the living among us who remain for today who shall miss this brave and courageous and inspiring man, but there really is no need for sorrow for him. CAN we even begin to contemplate what God has in store for him in his tomorrows?

  • A child’s dream under occupation
    • Sherri Munnerlyn April 3, 2013 at 5:58 am

      A heartbreaking story, and we read of the suffering of so many children in the Occupation and feel so powerless to stop any of it. Here is Asmaa and her story, and just a few days ago I was looking at a photo of two little girls whose grandfather was dying of cancer in an Israeli prison, after being denied medical treatment to save his life. WITHIN days, just yesterday in fact, I read a news story reporting their grandfather had died, they were never allowed to visit him, they never even met him. HE WAS denied visits with his four kids for over a decade by The Jewish State. AND the Occupation goes on and on, hurting and killing more and more children. THE faces of the children haunt us, but at the same time they inspire us to keep speaking against the Occupation and keep taking stands to oppose it and keep praying for these children, these beautiful children we have grown to love and care about so dearly.

  • Samer Issawi is like an olive tree; his head reaches the sky and nobody can uproot him
    • Occupation invites Resistance. International law even makes Resistance lawful. But we see an Occupier unlawfully imprison Palestinian political prisoners like Samer Issawi for decades now for resisting Occupation. And the world seems to offer no solution to end this Injustice. A mother's tears, a sister's tears, tears of all who have joined together to try to see Samer Issawi freed. Our prayers! There but for the grace of God go I. There is the reason we do not give up and we keep on speaking out for the release of Samer Issawi and the end to the Occupation. Samer could be any one of us, just a human being seeking to live in freedom from unlawful imprisonment and Occupation. What is Occupation but today's version of human slavery, imposed on close to 6 million Palestinians by the Israeli Occupation. Of course, they resist, we all would do the same.

  • Samer Issawi is dying in jail as he is held without charge
    • How many mothers experience this? I cannot help but think about Mary, the mother of Jesus. And I was at one time amazed to learn that black Americans during the Civil Rights Movement saw their suffering like that of Jesus, they were being crucified with Christ. We cannot control our circumstances, but we have complete control over responses to those circumstances. And Martin Luther King said what matters is not how much we suffer, but how much we love in response. We overcome and rise above all of it when love is our response to all of it.

  • 'My family is living through hell': Samer Issawi speaks from jail
    • I just read the military court in Ofer denied his appeal. Another hearing in a month and he cannot live another month. Martin Luther King had a dream and he did so much, but that dream cost him, it cost him his life.

    • Page: 1
    • Silence is always the response of the world to Injustice. When you try to speak out to try to save a life, go on hunger strike in solidarity, do everything you can think to do as an individual to make a difference, then you see how indifferent the world truly is. But you know deep down that joining together with others to keep using your voice to keep speaking out against the Injustice is the moral action you must keep taking. And those of us participating now in the Facebook actions to save Samer are experiencing all of this, the highs and the lows, and this is an experience I will always treasure no matter what happens. I have made friends all over the world and I talked to a woman in Gaza even. These experiences I will treasure always, moments in your life where you really see how much you share with people everywhere, how connected we are to each other, how precious human life is and how important it is we come together to try to save lives of each other. And Samer Issawi brought us all together.

  • 'Save Samer, he is dying': Samer Issawi and the plight of Palestinian hunger strikers
    • Here is a ltter I am emailing to members of The Knesset and members of the US Congress and the EU and our President.

      Hanna Swaid

      [email protected]

      Dear MK Hanna Swaid,

      I am forwarding you an email I am sending to PM Netanyahu this morning and also am planning to send to every member of the US Congress and the EU, and I want to try to ensure all members of the Knesset know about these Palestinian prisoners under threat of imminent death. I know you do not want their deaths on your conscience. Thank you for considering their plight and anything you can do to help improve the situation.

      Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu,

      I am very concerned about the safety and welfare of Palestinian prisoners held by Israel under administrative detentions who are on hunger strikes, in particular five prisoners who have been identified by Addameer as facing imminent death, Ayman Sharawna (182 days), Samer Issawi (151 days), Yousef Yassin (32 days), Jafar Azzidine (32 days) and Tarek Qa’adan (32 days),

      These administrative detentions Israel is holding Palestinian prisoners under, that include the five prisoners named above, violate international treaties Israel is bound to which internationally recognize rights to a fair trial for detainees and prisoners, to include the Fourth Geneva Convention and Article 14 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

      Evidence heard in secret, which provides neither the defendant nor his attorney being allowed to examine the evidence or challenge it, violates the requirements of international law that mandate fair legal proceedings and due process in detentions of prisoners. These detentions are war crimes under the Fourth Geneva Convention.

      I urge you to ensure Israel abides by her obligations under international law and call on the Israeli authorities to release these five detainees in imminent danger of death, as well as all other Palestinians in administrative detention, unless they are promptly charged with internationally recognizable criminal offenses and brought to trial in proceedings that meet international fair trial standards.

      I urge you to ensure the immediate transfer of Ayman Sharawna and Samer Issawi and other detainees on prolonged hunger strikes to a fully-equipped hospital so they can receive specialized medical care.

      I urge you to ensure that all detainees on hunger strike are allowed regular, private access to independent doctors, families and lawyers, treated humanely, and not punished in any way for their hunger strike, as Samer Issiwa was recently, as he and his family were attacked and beaten by Occupying soldiers when he was transported for a court appearance.

      I urge you to end the cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment of administrative detainees, such as shackling detainees on prolonged hunger strike, that the human rights organizations and NGO’s are reporting Israel is engaging in.

      I urge you to ensure Israel abides by her obligations under international law and deals humanely with Palestinian prisoners she holds captive and in detention.


      Sherri Munnerlyn

    • Amnesty appears to not be involved with this case, and I cannot find any NGO that is, recently Addameer offices were raided and their files taken, thus limiting their ability to assist Palestinian political prisoners. It appears all that Samer did was travel from one Palestinian village in the OPT to another, and Israel claims this violated his agreement he signed when he was released in the Shalit prisoner exchange deal and they are trying to effectively revoke his amnesty under that deal.

  • Washington Post defends picture of dead Gaza child after complaints from 'Jews in large numbers'
    • The Baby's Journalist Father Was The Target Of The Airstrike That Killed Baby Omar

      The story behind the photo: Journalist?s 11-month-old son killed in Gaza strikes | CRIME |

      The article above and statements of BBC journalists who worked with the baby's father suggest that Israel was targeting the baby's father, because he was a Palestinian journalist. They say there was no fighting going on in that neighborhood.

      My God, they were targeting the father of that baby! I have literally been discussing this baby and his dying and other children's deaths in Gaza on a discussion board for a week now, and I just found this article that gives us the motive for this strike, the target was the baby's journalist father.

      This attack occurred within days of other attacks on journalists in Gaza, that killed I think 3 journalists, and caused one journalist to lose his legs.

      The target was not the baby, but targeting a civilian journalist's home, you have to expect they may have a family inside that home, which in this case was the case. This was not a valid targeting, journalists are not military targets, this was a deliberate attack on a civilian target, a war crime, and very deliberate killing, an unlawful killing, which is murder!

      "Editor's Comment: Paul Danahar's question is a valid one: ”Questioned asked here is: if Israel can kill a man riding on a moving motorbike (as they did last month) how did Jihad’s son get killed.” The Israelis bragged about their "precision missile strikes" and "surgical operation" in this cowardly attack on the people of Gaza. It's difficult for many to believe that the Israelis could intentionally attack the house of a BBC journalist. But their history and motives are clear when one considers the journalists they have intentionally killed in the past and their known racism toward Palestinians like Jihad Misharawi. Israel's message with these 2 murders is clear - journalists keep out and mind your own business and news agencies who employ Palestinians can expect them to be eliminated. But exposing the Israelis does not bother them. They become caught in their own web of lies and even then look with pride on their ability to kill and lie with impunity."

      Photos of the house of Omar Mishwari


  • NYT's Jodi Rudoren responds to criticism of Facebook comments
    • To Seafoid, I love your comment here, it is the people who make PALESTINE. Why is someone reporting from there, from Gaza, who obviously has no concern over or about the people who make PALESTINE? We see everywhere portrayed this idea that somehow the people there in Gaza are less human, less deserving of life, less deserving of freedom, less deserving of basic human rights. I was just yesterday reading a comment on a discussion board, yet another comment by an American Jew stating this will all end when Palestinians love their children. And that is such a disgusting and condescending and degrading and dehumanizing and arrogant and hate filled and racist comment. (And I have to say I let that person who made that comment, I let them know exactly what I thought about it. ) And I know most all of us posting here detest those ideas with a passion, we don't need journalists there in Gaza perpetuating these dehumanizing lies about the Palestinian people, while ignoring the real stories of "the people who make PALESTINE."

  • Video: Survivors of Israeli attack on Gaza says bombs continued to fall on the al-Shoja'iya neighborhood as civilians raised white flags
    • It makes me sick, I am so sick and tired of watching Israel use American supplied weapons to deliberately hurt and kill Palestinian civilians in Gaza. And it just keeps going on and on and on and on, and we keep having to watch Israel kill with seeming impunity, day after day, and year after year. Enough is enough!My soul cries out to God for an end to this Injustice! Enough is enough!

  • 7 Palestinians, including 3 children, killed and 52 injured as Israeli attack on Gaza continues
    • IL1948, Regimes are responsible when they deliberately target civilians and civilian objects, and it does not matter how many rockets have been launched by militants that keep killing no persons at all inside Israel. What you call these deliberate Israeli attacks on civilians in Occupied Gaza are "war crimes" that are unlawful under the Fourth Geneva Convention.

  • Tel Aviv and the failure of the Zionist dream
    • Reading this, I cried. I can't help thinking about the truth of how we reap what we sow, and how often winning is really losing. And there are no real winners in Zionism, they are all losers. So many times, I read Zionists express no feelings for hurt inflicted on Palestinians, even children, and I lament the loss of humanity, looking upon it, on full display, in the Israel of 2012.

  • Dems buckle, will add language to party platform referring to Jerusalem as Israel's capital
    • Yes, you are completely right about all of that, but in my opinion there is a much bigger problem, they are flaunting God's laws, placing nations above God, ignoring basic human rights and humanity of all peoples, they are embracing Idolatry, spitting in God's face essentially. And these actions will lead to each nation's destruction and fall. Will I live to see it?

  • A legacy of two martyrs
    • I see Rachel Corrie as walking in the footsteps of people like Ghandi and Martin Luther King, Jr., and even Jesus Christ. The legacy she leaves us with is far greater than that of Anne Frank, there is no comparison whatsoever.

      She is the face of standing up to oppression with nonviolent resistance, and she lives on in the hearts of all Palestinians who struggle for freedom, basic human rights and human dignity, and in the hearts of all who struggle against such oppression in any time and in any place. She shows us there is another way besides violence to respond to injustice, and the cost of lives lost in this way will always be worth it. I cannot imagine or envision a better way to die. She will never be forgotten. Hope springs forth from lives lived, as she lived hers.

  • Sheldon Adelson's daughter rams 'Democracy Now' crew as it questions her dad
    • His photos here, the images Democracy Now and the Associated Press memorialized, particularly Democracy Now, of Sheldon Adelson, I am just struck by how inhuman he looks, he looks like the walking dead. And after I write this, I immediately realize my error, the man is not even able to walk, he is in a wheel chair. That is what immorality does to a man, I think, it produces this in a man, perhaps that is what his daughter so despeately wants hidden from the world.

  • Israel's lone soldiers: Come for the perks, stay for the war crimes
    • About the citizenship oath, for those cItIzens through birth there is no requirement to take this oath. That oath poses issues for pacifists and those who see their sovereign as God.

  • Presbyterian committee passes call for divestment from occupation profiteers
    • Sherri Munnerlyn July 3, 2012 at 2:44 pm

      This is great news, and coming after other BDS victories I cannot help but feel encouraged. This looks like it's going a lot differently from the Methodist proposal, I choose to see that as a good sign. Companies profiting from all the suffering Israel is pouring out on millions of Palestinians should answer for their actions and pay consequences for the choices they make in benefiting off of Apartheid and Occupation.

  • 24 Hours in Israeli Custody: The arrest of an American activist in Palestine
    • Sherri Munnerlyn June 30, 2012 at 6:55 pm

      I was just now reading of another recent arrest in Beit Ommar, on the blog of David Hosey, who has posted on Mondoweiss previously, in an article about desecrated cemeteries.

      "If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you might remember Mousa. He is one of the leaders of nonviolent resistance in the village of Beit Ommar in the southern West Bank. While I was living in Palestine, he got arrested for his role in organizing resistance. He was held for month after month in what’s called “administrative detention,” which means no charges need to be brought. If I remember correctly, he ended up serving a total of 14 months in administrative detention.

      And now he’s been arrested again, after being smashed in the head with a rifle butt, while trying to work his land in Beit Ommar–land that is threatened by an ever-expanding Israeli settlement.

      There is so much to be angry about here. He was on his own land, in his own village. He’s a man of peace, a man whose eyes speak peace. A kind man. He has a young child, and a wonderful wife. He lives under the constant oppression of military occupation. And I know this man. So why do I feel so numb?"

      There is a picture of Mousa, injured as he was arrested, included in David's blog post.

      Sometimes, we feel helpless, but there is always something we can do, we can write about Palestine, what is happening, share with others what is happening there, and pray, pray for Moussa, and all the others detained in prisons unlawfully in this unholy Occupation, and we can pray for David, too, who gave so much of himself to Palestine, spending three years there, and we can cry for them, too. This young man wrote some of the most moving posts about what he saw in Palestine that I have ever read.

  • Hadeel to triumph

    • I believe Israel is responsible for the killing, if Hamas officials were truly claiming Israel was not responsible we would have names of real people who would be speaking publicly about what happened. Palestinians are not benefitting from US money going to the PA, we effectively are paying for the Occupation to never end, to maintain the status quo.

  • Footballers rally to Sarsak's cause as he vows to continue hunger strike till death
    • Sherri Munnerlyn June 15, 2012 at 9:12 am

      Richard Falk has the most fascinating article on his blog, comparing Palestinian prisoner hunger strikers and US Soldiers in Afghanistan committing suicides at the rate of one suicide every day. He speaks of these deaths as sacrifices to the God of War, these pathetic dead American soldiers, who could not live with all of the civilians they maimed and killed and were still expected to keep maiming and killing through endless deployments, so they took and are still taking their own lives. We see in his article a picture of The War On Terror and the real victims of it, not just civilians or combatants killed in hostilities, but individuals sacrificing their lives because of the conditions of life the war has created for them.

  • Gaza kindergarten damaged in Israeli bombing raid
    • Sherri Munnerlyn June 9, 2012 at 11:49 am

      Here is a link to an article reporting damage and injuries in last weekend's airstrikes in Gaza. The airsrikes injured 7 civilians, when bombing damaged a house in a refugee camp, the article includes photos of the damage.

    • Sherri Munnerlyn June 9, 2012 at 11:33 am

      I was visiting 972 Magazine and realized they were not even discussing this attack or the other Israeli airstrikes in Gaza last weekend. Why is this? How do we come to this place where deliberate Israeli attacks on civilians and civilian objects, which are unlawful and. War crimes under the Fourth Geneva Convention are not even news, they fall under the radar of human rights abuses worthy of discussion? I had to address these airstrikes as a comment to a discussion about refugee pogroms, they did not even fit as a response to any other ongoing discussion on 972 Magazine. Last weekend's airstrikes, I saw photos of the damage, one house in a refugee camp collapsed, the ceiling fell on a 3 month old baby, 7 were injured in one family, in attacks on their home in the middle of the night, a 3e year old was injured, a 4 year old was injured, a 5 year old was injured, perhaps kids who attend the targeted kindergarten.

  • Finkelstein stands by 'BDS cult' accusation, says it's 'historically criminal' to not support the two state solution
    • Sherri Munnerlyn June 5, 2012 at 1:12 pm

      Ilan Pappe' has not abandoned the cause for equal rights for Palestinians. I was reading some recent posts by CPT in Hebron, a CPT member speaks about listening to him speak recently and how he is urging activists to keep using the terms Apartheid, Occupation, Ethnic Cleansing, relentlessly. And that is exactly what I think we need to be doing, never forget the truth about what is happening in the Occupation and Palestine, and never stop speaking about it. I am working on developing a habit of never speaking about Israel that I do not also mention the Apartheid and Occupation and Ethnic Cleansing, all of them, in every discussion I have about Israel. I think any discussion about Israel is not genuine that does not address what Israel today is, an Occupier, an Ethnic Cleanser, and an Apartheid State. I do not think it is ethical to buy anything made in Israel or in the Illegal Settlements, go to Israel, or in any way to support that Rogue Nation, who remains in violation of more UN Resolutions then any other Nation. BDS is the only ethical choice for people of conscience.

      CPT witnesses the Occupation, the Apartheid, the Ethnic Cleansing, and they write about witnessing all of this.

      Whether we end up with one state or two states is rather irrelevant, what is important is to keep working to end the human rights abuses of the Occupation, to end the Apartheid, to end the Ethnic Cleansing.

      26 May 2012
      AL-KHALIL (HEBRON): The Israeli Paradigm, Part II

      By an Anonymous CPTer

      In the first part of my reflection, I noted that historian Ilan Pappé challenged us to bring into the discourse of Israel and Palestine the words “Settler-colonialism,” “occupation” and “apartheid” and that the situation in Hebron supports the truth of these words:

      Our neighbor in the old city of Hebron—where her family has lived for hundreds of years— requires a permit to live on Shuhada Street in but cannot go out of her front door. When we walk through our neighborhood, I we see gun watchtowers and checkpoints. On one street running near the Ibrahimi mosque, a concrete barrier divides the street in two. The left half of the street is for Israelis and the right side is for Palestinians. Israelis can drive on their part of the street but the Palestinian side is too narrow for cars.

      When we walk down Shuhada Street, about 200 metres before the checkpoint leading into the Palestinian-controlled area, we come to a staircase on the left-hand side. The Israeli military does not allow Palestinians to walk on the Shuhada Street portion, forcing them, even the elderly, to take stairs to go up around to their houses and to reach the Qurtuba School, adding a lot of time and inconvenience to their journeys. Shuhada Street used to be busy and full of shops; after the massacre of twenty-nine Palestinians at the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron, the Israeli authorities closed the street to Palestinians.

      The Israeli military does not permit Palestinian vehicles on Shuhada Street, not even emergency vehicles. When one of our partner’s wives was in active labour, he had to carry his wife to the checkpoint to get her into an ambulance. CPTers have witnessed people carrying the dead on their shoulders, because soldiers do not permit hearses up to homes to fetch dead bodies. The Israeli military does not allow Palestinian cars to drive on many streets in Hebron where Israeli cars drive at breakneck speed. Many times, I have sat at the checkpoints during school patrol and my heart has jumped as the settler cars whizz by while Palestinian children are trying to cross the road to attend school

      During my first stint in Hebron, Israelis illegally occupied a house in a Palestinian area. The Israeli military protected the settlers in the house and did not allow Palestinians to walk past the house. Some days, the IDF would let children walk through the car park (parking lot) to reach their school near the house and on other days they had to go through a different checkpoint, taking the long way around another street to reach a school that was just a few metres away.

      In short, Hebron is a microcosm of everything Pappé described in his talk on the Israeli paradigm. It is a place where the lives of Palestinians are taken into consideration by the forces of Israeli Occupation only in the perceived threat they might represent to Israelis. They are objects to control, to separate, nothing more.

    • Those white moderates just could not get rid of their sense of superiority over the black man. It was taught to them, ingrained in them, bred into them, look at their family trees, you cannot find a branch that you do not see slave ownership in, see things like wills specifying which heir inherits which slave. You also cannot find a branch where war was not glorified, tombstones proclaiming the man's accomplishments, as a soldier. The challenge for all of us is to break free of all of that, the sins of our ancestors. And this challenge is one we deal with each and every day of our lives. It seems to me Finkelstein has forgotten about matters he once seemed to understand, and has become enslaved by the legacy left to him by his ancestors.

    • I do not think a one state solution is inconsistent with international law. If one reads the historical documents on the UNISPAL website, you will find that the Mandates were set up to ultimately give the indigenous peoples a right of self determination to govern their lands that were the subject of the respective Mandates. There were promises made to do this, in agreements between nations at the end of World War I, that were the basis for the Mandates. The Balfour Declaration arguably was not even lawful, that is pointed out in these documents, and the problem with it is Britian/The United Kingdom never had sovereign rights in the lands inside the Mandate for Palestine, they were Administrators/Trustees. They had no authority to give the land to others, besides the indigenous peoples of Palestine. With this as the starting point, it becomes evident the people of the land have a right of self determination and both a one state and a two state solution potentially give effect to those rights.

  • In the past week: 10 Palestinians wounded, 13 arrested, incl five children, in 50 Israeli incursions in the West Bank
    • Sherri Munnerlyn June 4, 2012 at 5:23 am

      This is a story from Electronic Intifada, I think, I was just reading about it on another discussion board and went and signed the Petition, demanding Justice in the case of another murdered Palestinian.

      Dear friends,

      July 11th will be the second anniversary of the execution of my husband Ziad Jilani in Occupied East Jerusalem. The case against Maxim Vinagrodov and his commander Shadi Heir Al Din was closed for lack of evidence despite an abundance of irrefutable evidence that Ziad was executed while he was wounded unarmed and posing no threat to anyone. July 11th is also nine days before the Israeli State prosecutor must reply to a petition to the Israeli Supreme court by al Mezan center for human rights on behalf of myself and my daughters as to why he will not press charges against Ziad's killer. We need to let Israel's state prosecutor know that the world is watching his decision and that ZIad will not be forgotten. We hope that this knowledge will help him to do the right thing.

      This is not only about Justice for Ziad and our family If we can pressure the Israeli government to press charges against Maxim, it will demonstrate to soldiers that there are consequences for killing Palestinians.

      What we need from you:

      if you can organize and participate in memorials for Ziad on June the 11th. Email [email protected]

      Sign and circulate this petition that Moira will deliver to the state prosecutor.

      Please contact us if you or your organization is interested in getting on board and working to make this happen.

      for more information see:

      In solidarity,
      Moira Jilani

  • Stopped by apartheid on the way to Madonna's 'peace concert'
    • Sherri Munnerlyn June 2, 2012 at 10:25 pm

      Something is really wrong with Peace Now, is that what living there does to people? Saying thank you, Madonna, it is like saying, Thank You, Israel, for the Occupation!

  • Fear, the African refugees and the cost of maintaining Israel as a Jewish state
    • Sherri Munnerlyn May 28, 2012 at 10:03 am

      What a beautiful story this is, about how letting go of illegitimate claims to the land frees a person! We all have choices, we choose how to respond to the Injustice that is the Occupation, from where ever we are in this world, in what ever positive and nonviolent ways we can find to do it. And in this endeavor, there is no shame to face and no real reason to fear anything. Maintaining human dignity and treating others with human dignity and seeing others as all deserving of human dignity and basic human rights requires taking stands, from all of us. We may face painful situations in taking such stands, but it is always worth it!

  • And we live on…
    • Sherri Munnerlyn May 27, 2012 at 9:24 pm

      We live, We live, We do, that says so much, Hope springs eternal. And those humbled, God lifts up and exalts. I expect there is an appreciation of life there we here in the US know little about.

  • Nakba 64 years later, we will never forget
    • Kate,

      This is a little off topic, but one of the comments to that article brings up some interesting information about Netanyahu and Likud and the Likud Charter. The next time I have an Israeli supporter bring up the Hamas Charter to demonize Palestinians, I really must remember to bring up the Likud Charter. The Likud Charter explicitly denies a Palestinian State with the pre 1967 boundaries, it explicitly rejects intl law that makes settlements in Occupied Territories unlawful. The Charter of this Israeli group rejects the legitimacy of international law that Israel is subject to under her treaty obligations.

      I read:

      Likud Party Charter states:

      a. “The Jordan river will be the permanent eastern border of the State of Israel.”

      b. “Jerusalem is the eternal, united capital of the State of Israel and only of Israel. The government will flatly reject Palestinian proposals to divide Jerusalem”

      c. “The Government of Israel flatly rejects the establishment of a Palestinian Arab state west of the Jordan river.”

      d. “The Jewish communities in Judea, Samaria and Gaza are the realization of Zionist values. Settlement of the land is a clear expression of the unassailable right of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel and constitutes an important asset in the defense of the vital interests of the State of Israel. The Likud will continue to strengthen and develop these communities and will prevent their uprooting.”

      With a Party Charter like this, what is Netanyahu going to negotiate?

  • West Virginia newspaper: 'Apartheid imposed on Palestinians'
    • Sherri Munnerlyn May 15, 2012 at 10:29 am

      I am encouraged by this, increasing stories in the MSM, even if they are slanted and despite the human rights absues, try to blame Palestinians and paint Israel as a victim. We have much new work to do now, to go to these online stories, the websites, and post comments, to confront the ignorance and distortions and lies, to comment to the misinformed/ignorant and/or bigoted posters, to inform them about the truth about what is going on in Israel/Palestine. We do not have to let these distorted posts just stand there alone and not responded to, we can confront the injustices, the lies, with truth.

      I have been following one MSNBC article and posting comments, about Bilal Diab. One problem with posting comments there, that I am experiencing, when I try to post a link in a comment, when my post appears the link is gone. But, an encouraging point, my posts are not being censored there, so far anyway.

  • Report: Palestinian prisoners reach deal to end historic hunger strike
    • Sherri Munnerlyn May 14, 2012 at 3:02 pm

      So, we do not know yet how this effects those under administrative detention or whether they will all accept this agreement, to include Bilal Diab and Thaer Halahleh. It does not appear Israel is agreeing to give up this unlawful disgusting practice of these administrative detentions, that violates the Fourth Geneva Convention, and are war crimes. That is appalling. If they do not stop these practices, I expect the era of Hunger Strikes has only just begun. Every new detainee just starts another hunger strike, and we have 24/7 discussion of hunger strikes against Israeli Apartheid and war crimes that the administrative detentions are into Infinity or beyond or until the Occupation ends.

      And here is another thought I find myself having, if Israel can just grab Palestinians and detain them indiscriminately and for however long they desire, which is the message being sent by this agreement, why should'nt Palestinians be able to just grab Israeli's in the same way? This agreement kind of sends the message that should be OK, kind of like a green light for that activity.

      Israel= Disgusting, that seems to be my overriding thought of the day. I am just getting disgusted, over and over, we have Israeli officials spitting in the mouths of Israeli protesters and threatening to rape them, an agreement that allows war crimes that these administrative detentions are to continue, no concern by practically anyone in Israel about any of the human rights abuses happening and little reporting of the Occupation and its abuses by MSM there.

      It is really increasingly hard for me to see how anyone can stand to live in Israel, and why the refugees would even want to return there. They teach their children to kill from the time they are babies in their mother's arms, as we see fom the images of settler mothers holding their babies and urging their children to throw stones at passing Palestinians. Go on to the Knesset website and see how everyone flouts their military experience, if they have none they have to explain. It is just disgusting, what Israel is becoming.

  • After LGBT forum, Oren will headline for notorious homophobic pastor John Hagee
    • Sherri Munnerlyn May 7, 2012 at 5:40 pm

      I notice the you tube videos of John Hagee speaking about the half Jewish and gay Anti Christ are no longer available to be viewed. when you try to play you get a message, removed because of a copyright claim.

      Here is a link to another article about John Hagee.

      Resource Page on John Hagee and Christian Zionism

    • Fredblogs,

      Christianity 101, you have to be a Believer before He returns to be raptured, if you are a Christian who believes in the Rapture. And not all Christians believe in the Rapture, the idea did not even exist in Christianity until the 1800's, and I think it was the late 1800's. So, we have 1800 years of Christianity where noone believed in a Rapture.

      And these Christian Fundamentalists so on the side of Israel are not a clearly defined group, either. My Church does not teach Eschaetology, nor loyalty to the modern day state of Israel, but I know of members of my church who travel every year to Texas to listen to John Hagee preach. I personally see John Hagee as a false prophet, he has developed his own personal ideas of Eschaetology/End Times that go far beyond mainstream thinking. And I think it is dangerous for anyone to be too tied to preconceived ideas about End Times and the different theories of what will come, I think one easily may step into Idolatry by such thinking and live one's life guided by making those ideas come about versus living one's life guided by Christ and living out His teachings in one's life.

  • As prisoners' hunger strike grows, solidarity expands in Gaza
    • Sherri Munnerlyn May 4, 2012 at 8:39 pm

      What I expect is we may be hearing of the launching of The Third Intifada soon, when the prisoners start to die.

      If I supported this, I wonder, would I be in violation of US laws?

      We speak of Fascism in Israel, but we do not want to talk about it here in America.

  • 'NYT' highlights Palestinian hunger strikers as latest form of 'resistance' (Where's NPR?)
    • Sherri Munnerlyn May 7, 2012 at 12:46 pm

      The Israeli High Court turned down the appeal of the hunger strikers.

      But is the Court trying to suggest to the Israeli Prison Services a way to release the prisoners?

      High Court rejects appeal; two inmates on hunger strike may die

      "The High Court of Justice rejected the petition filed by hunger striking administrative detainees Bilal Diab and Thaer Halahla to release them immediately. The two have been refusing to eat for 70 days – and doctors fear for their lives.

      Justices ruled on Monday that there is a suspicion that the two detainees are active within Islamic Jihad, and therefore their continued detention is approved. However, justices also noted that their interrogations were insufficient, and that better investigations need be carried out in the future. The ruling ends with this statement (translation mine):

      [The hunger strike] cannot in itself form a factor in the decision regarding the validity of an administrative detention… Administrative detention causes unease for any judge, but it is sometimes a necessity when the revealing of intelligence gathered against the petitioner would endanger the people who gave it or the ways of gathering it.

      However, justices also asked authorities to consider releasing the two based on the Parole Act, which requires that inmates whose life is at risk from detention itself need be set free. Physicians for Human Rights has released a statement saying the court’s decision is “tantamount to sentencing them to death.”

    • Sherri Munnerlyn May 7, 2012 at 12:24 am

      An article in The National addresses the lack of publicity over the hunger strikes and attacks on protesters, commenting on one people seeking to lay claim to their lost humanity, as another people lose theirs.

      I would choose to be in that first category any day.

      It makes me sick, watching a world, our world today, that could largely care less about injustice surrounding them in Palestine, I know what Martin Luther King Jr. felt as he wrote from a jail cell, about the sin of being silent in the face of injustice, that he witnessed from the Churches and the white population in the South during the Civil Rights Movement.

      "Non-violent resistance needs an audience. As the Palestinian human rights activist Bassem Tamimi said: "They have military superiority but we have moral superiority." Without a watching world, the hunger strikers will continue to be harshly suppressed. By not offering the Palestinians an audience as they protest to reclaim their humanity, we are denying ours."

    • piotr,

      The fact is Israel simply cannot control everything, they cannot control whether a hunger striking Palestinian prisoner will or will not die. They are playing with fire, with respect to these prisoners, because if they begin to die the actions that may lead to on the ground may become something that cannot be controlled.

      Has everyone here read about the story of the American prisoner who died on his hunger strike in California, protesting unlawful and unconstitutional living conditions in the prison he was in inside California?

      That was only a few months ago. The man was only 27, his hunger strike had lasted for a much shorter time than 69 days. His name was Christian Gomez. There is a story about him on Democracy Now.

    • Sherri Munnerlyn May 5, 2012 at 8:23 pm

      I realized that after posting, they are a small state in India, and I even sent them an email thanking them for posting the news the Western Mainstream Media is ignoring about the Palestinian prisoner's hunger strike.

      Here is a link to another article written by David Rose, with interviews with some of the prisoners' families addressed. We read of so many children who grow up not knowing their fathers.

      "The last letter Thaer Hahlaleh wrote to his wife Shireen was delivered by the Red Cross a few days before he began to refuse all nourishment on February 29.

      'My detention has so far been renewed seven times and they still haven't charged me with anything,' it said.

      'I can't take any more. I am going on hunger strike because the situation has become unbearable.'

      Today, assuming he survived last night, will mark the 68th day of his protest, a period in which Hahlaleh, 33, has consumed nothing but water and a little salt.

      Last week, I sat with Hahlaleh's family at their home in Kharas, a prosperous village in the Israeli-occupied West Bank which is blessed with stunning views of the Hebron mountains.

      According to Shireen Hahlaleh, her husband has been held under administrative detention for more than six years in total.

      'This time he was arrested in June 2010, two weeks before I was due to have our first child, our daughter Lamar,’ she said. 'We were just getting ready for the birth.

      'Can you imagine the state of mind he left me in? The previous time they arrested him was 14 days after our wedding. They seem to choose their moments carefully.

      'The baby has only seen her father six times. My husband has a young family. Why would he want death? He wants life. But he is desperate.'
      Thaer's brother Shaher is also on hunger strike. The 35-year-old, serving an 18-year sentence for helping to organise attacks on Israelis, began his fast on April 17 in protest at a toughening of the prison regime.

      Some of the harshest measures brought in include a widespread use of solitary confinement – in some cases for years at a time – severe restrictions on family visits, and frequent strip-searches for both prisoners and visitors.

      The measures were introduced following the abduction of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit by the Islamist organisation Hamas in 2006."

      Another prisoner's wife reports:

      'I was refused permission to visit my husband at all for seven years. When his daughter goes to see him, she is strip-searched although she is only 13.

      'I was pregnant with her when Shaher was arrested. She didn’t meet him until she was almost five."

      Read more:

    • UN urges Israel to preserve health of prisoners

      I never heard of this news source I am linking to for this story. We all see how Mainstream Media is not coverning this story.

      "New York, May 4 : A senior United Nations official said on Thursday he was deeply troubled by reports about the critical condition of at least two Palestinians being held by Israel, who have been on hunger strike for over two months, and urged the Government to preserve the health of the prisoners.

      The Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, Robert Serry, urged all sides to "find a solution before it is too late," according to a statement issued by his office in Jerusalem.

      More than 1,000 Palestinian prisoners began an open-ended hunger strike two weeks ago on Apr 17 - Palestinian Prisoners Day - to protest against unjust arrest procedures, arbitrary detention and bad prison conditions, according to a news release issued by the UN human rights office (OHCHR).

      The UN continues to follow with concern the many issues related to the question of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails and detention centres, the statement noted.

      "The Special Coordinator is deeply troubled in particular, by reports about the critical condition of at least two Palestinian prisoners being held in administrative detention by the Israeli authorities, who have been on hunger strike for more than two months," it said.

      Serry called on Israel to abide by its legal obligations under international law and "do everything in its power to preserve the health of the prisoners."

      On Wednesday, the UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967, Richard Falk, said he was appalled by the ongoing human rights violations in Israeli prisons amid a wave of hunger strikes by Palestinian prisoners.

      He called on the international community to ensure that Israel complies with international human rights laws and norms in its treatment of Palestinian prisoners. (IBNS)."

    • Sherri Munnerlyn May 5, 2012 at 8:06 am

      I just found an interesting website, that provides email addresses for all members of the Knesset.

      I think they should all be contacted about the prisoners held unlawfully who are facing imminent death.

      It is their govenment carying out these atrocities, they are elected government officials and need to be accountable for their government's actions.

    • Sherri Munnerlyn May 5, 2012 at 7:55 am

      A spokeswoman for Israel's prison service says 10 hunger-striking Palestinian prisoners have been hospitalized. We do not know the identity of the 10 prisoners, this is an Associated Press report.

      They are among 1,500 to 2,500 Palestinian prisoners who started refusing food 19 days ago, demanding a halt to imprisonment without charges, an end to solitary confinement and reinstating family visits from Gaza.

      Prison spokeswoman Sivan Weizeman said Saturday the 10 were transferred to a prison clinic for medical supervision. Another prisoner, Bilal Diab, was moved to a civilian hospital last week. He has refused food for 68 days so far.

      Weizeman did not say when the 10 were transferred or what medical treatment they received.

      Israeli officials and Palestinians give different numbers of hunger strikers. Eight prisoners have been on strike for over 50 days

      Read more:

    • Sherri Munnerlyn May 5, 2012 at 7:28 am

      Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu
      Prime Minister
      Office of the Prime Minister
      3, Kaplan Street,
      PO Box 187
      Kiryat Ben-Gurion, Jerusalem, Israel
      Fax: +972- 2-651 2631
      Email: [email protected]

      Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu,

      I am very concerned about the safety and welfare of Palestinian prisoners held by Israel under administrative detentions who are on hunger strikes, in particular six prisoners who have been identified by Amnesty International as facing imminent death, Bilal Diab and Tha’er Halahleh, who are today on Day 68 of their hunger strikes, Hassan Safadi, Omar Abu Shalal, Ja'afar Izz al-Din, and Mahmoud al-Sarsak.

      These administrative detentions Israel is holding Palestinian prisoners under, that include the six prisoners named above, violate international treaties Israel is bound to which internationally recognize rights to a fair trial for detainees and prisoners, to include the Fourth Geneva Convention and Article 14 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Evidence heard in secret, which provides neither the defendant nor his attorney being allowed to examine the evidence or challenge it, violates the requirements of international law that mandate fair legal proceedings and due process in detentions of prisoners. These detentions are war crimes under the Fourth Geneva Convention.

      I urge you to ensure Israel abides by her obligations under international law and call on the Israeli authorities to release these six detainees in imminent danger of death, as well as all other Palestinians in administrative detention, unless they are promptly charged with internationally recognizable criminal offenses and brought to trial in proceedings that meet international fair trial standards.

      I urge you to ensure the immediate transfer of Tha’er Halahleh and other detainees on prolonged hunger strikes to a fully-equipped hospital so they can receive specialized medical care.

      I urge you to ensure that all detainees on hunger strike are allowed regular, private access to independent doctors, families and lawyers, treated humanely, and not punished in any way for their hunger strike.

      I urge you to end the cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment of administrative detainees, such as shackling detainees on prolonged hunger strike, that the human rights organizations and NGO’s are reporting Israel is engaging in.

      I urge you to ensure Israel abides by her obligations under international law and deals humanely with Palestinian prisoners she holds captive and in detention.


      Sherri Munnerlyn

    • Sherri Munnerlyn May 5, 2012 at 6:41 am


      I cannot find a new Amnesty Petition to sign, the document I provided a link, this call for action, calls on people to contact by letter or fax, officials from two offices inside Israel, and to provide copies of the letter to two others, including Michael Oren. And there are no email addresses provided for Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Ehud Barak Ministry of Defense and Israel Prison Service Commissioner.

      Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense
      Ehud Barak
      Ministry of Defense
      37 Kaplan Street, Hakirya
      Tel Aviv 61909
      Fax: 011 972 3 69 16940 -OR- 011 972 3 69 62757
      Salutation: Dear Minister

      Israel Prison Service Commissioner
      Lieutenant-General Aharon Franco
      Israel Prison Service
      P.O. Box 81
      Ramleh 72100
      Fax: 011 972 8 919 3800
      Salutation: Dear Lieutenant-General

      And copies to:
      Military Advocate General
      Brigadier General Danny Efroni
      6 David Elazar Street
      Hakirya, Tel Aviv
      Fax: 011 972 3 569 4526
      Email: [email protected]
      Salutation: Dear Judge Advocate General

      Also send copies to:
      Ambassador Michael B. Oren, Embassy of Israel, 3514 International Dr. NW, Washington DC 20008
      Tel: 1 202 364 5500 I Fax: 1 202 364 5423 I Email: [email protected] -OR- [email protected] I Twitter: @IsraelinUSA

      I found a letter on a blog that does provide a list of some other persons who can be contacted about this matter, along with their email addresses.

      FAX, CALL, MAIL, STORM !!!

      Secretary General Ban Ki-moon
      United Nations
      New York, NY 10017 USA
      212-963-5012 fax: 212-963-7055 FAX !!!
      Email: [email protected]

      Permanent Mission of Israel to the United Nations Office and Specialized Institutions in Geneva
      Avenue de la Paix 1-3
      1202 Geneva
      Fax: +41 22 716 05 55,
      Email: [email protected].

      The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)
      Civil Society Section Telephone: +41 22 917 9656
      Mail: [email protected]

      Menachem Mazuz
      Attorney General
      Fax: + 972 2 627 4481; + 972 2 628 5438; +972 2 530 3367
      Brigadier General Avihai Mandelblit

      Military Judge Advocate General
      6 David Elazar Street
      Hakirya, Tel Aviv, Israel
      Fax: +972 3 608 0366, +972 3 569 4526
      Email: [email protected], [email protected]

      Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu Prime Minister Office of the Prime Minister 3, Kaplan Street, PO Box 187 Kiryat Ben-Gurion, Jerusalem, Israel Fax: +972- 2-651 2631 Email: [email protected]

      Write to Israeli Embassies and Consulates in your own country. A directory of Israeli embassies can be found on the website of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the following link:

      Call the Israeli Embassy in Washington DC (1.202.364.5500) or call the office of Jeffrey Feltman, Assistant Secretary of State for Near East Affairs (1.202.647.7209)

      A directory of members of the European Parliament can be found here:

      [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected],

    • Urgent Action Call from Amnesty International, for Action in the cases of Bilal Diab and Tha’er Halahleh, on Day 67 of Hunger Strike. No prisoners have survived past 70 days on hunger strikes. Bilal Diab lost consciousness in court hearing yesterday, it took three Orders by Israeli court for Prison officials to allow Physician MK in Courtroom to attend to/examine him, initially Prison Authorities denied they had to obey the Court. Finally, all three judges signed a written Order directing examination.


      Two Palestinian hunger strikers' lives are in danger, as the Israeli Supreme Court has delayed ruling on the appeal against their detention without charge or trial. Other administrative detainees on hunger strike are still denied access to independent doctors.

      Bilal Diab and Tha’er Halahleh’s petition to the Israeli Supreme Court against their administrative detention was heard on 3 May, but the judges have yet to issue a decision. Both have been on hunger strike since around 29 February, and both have told their lawyers that they have been ill-treated by Israel Prison Service (IPS) staff and physicians. Bilal Diab fainted at the hearing, and was taken back to Assaf HaRofeh hospital, where he was transferred on 1 May. The IPS had previously refused to move him from Ramleh prison medical facility. His lawyer reported that he is shackled to his hospital bed at all times. Restraining a seriously ill prisoner to his bed for non-medical reasons amounts to cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment. The Israeli NGO Physicians for Human Rights-Israel (PHR) visited Tha'er Halahleh and Bilal Diab at Ramleh prison on 30 April. Their doctor reported that Bilal Diab could suffer life-threatening heart arrhythmia at any time and may also have peripheral nerve damage and internal bleeding. Tha’er Halahleh’s life is also at risk due to inflammation around his lungs, and the doctor recommended that he be transferred to hospital for a scan. He remains at Ramleh prison clinic, which PHR has said is inadequate for detainees on prolonged hunger strike as it lacks specialized equipment and properly trained staff. PHR has appealed for his transfer to an appropriate hospital, but the district court has yet to hear the petition.

  • Egypt grants travel permits to Palfest participants to enter Gaza
    • OlegR,

      What does this have to do with the boycott and BDS? I see no connection between a nation, Egypt, loosening travel restrictions between Egypt and Gaza and refusing to participate in Israel's illegal Blockade of Gaza and the moral responsibility of human beings to carry out boycott activities.

  • United Methodist Church rejects divestment
    • My Email To Hewlett Packard CEO

      Dear Supporters and Profiteers Of Israeli Occupation of Palestine,

      I just want to inform you I will not be buying any products you or any of your subsidiaries manufacture or sell as long as you continue supporting and profiting from the Occupation in Palestine that daily maims and kills and steals, its victims Palestinian civilians and children. I cannot buy products from a company profiting off child massacres and other human rights abuses of the Israeli Occupation in Palestine. That is against the teachings of the one I follow, Jesus Christ. I will daily advise everyone I know of of your involvement with child massacres and advise everyone I know to boycott your products, as long as you continue your immoral business practices.


      Sherri Munnerlyn

    • Sherri Munnerlyn May 2, 2012 at 11:40 pm


      I think Presbyterians are voting on a similar measure in July.

      As far as Christianity goes, as I see it as a Christian, it is for each individual to go where Christ leads them. We have different callings and different passions, and frankly oftentimes I find these struggles bring people from very different and diverse backgrounds together in positive ways that always amaze me and looking on events after they have occurred I can often see struggles as God's plan and God's will being fulfilled in God's timing.

      The so-called Christians who are silent in the face of injustice around them, that looks like the majority of American Christians today, are the ones missing out on God's Glory and Blessings in their lives. One thing Martin Luther King Jr. spoke about from a jail cell many years ago was the evil of silence in the face of injustice. And he most certainly did see that throughout Churches all over the South. And those churches seem to be deaf, dumb, and blind to all of their shortcomings in the Civil Rights Movement, even to this day.

      Christianity is not dead, there are many Christians who poured all of themselves into getting to the place where this vote could take place, out of their belief in Jesus. And I fully expect that their resolve to see divestment come about will only be strengthened by all that has occurred today. And being steadfast in one's faith and convictions and taking stands for Christ is a calling of Christ that today's events tested and those tested will continue on the path they are on, I have no doubts about this. I have a T Shirt I bought today at a Christian bookstore and written on it are the words Love Hurts, with nails behind the words. Yes, love hurts, but this love of God for us that we are to have for one another is a love many Christians will never turn their backs on.

    • Sherri Munnerlyn May 2, 2012 at 6:36 pm


      People defend injustice, or it would never occur. And we all of us have a choice today, to defend the injustice that is the Occupation or to oppose it. It is that simple.

    • Well, I was thinking about a bon fire and burning everything I own made by those three disgusting companies and initiating a personal campaign against them and everyone selling their products.

  • The push for divestment continues as the Methodist General Conference enters its second week
    • Sherri Munnerlyn May 1, 2012 at 1:21 pm

      Mikelevinson, What you address, I think it is called staying human, or that is what I choose to call it anyway. And for persons to seek that always in their lives, I cannot see any greater achievement then that.

    • Sherri Munnerlyn May 1, 2012 at 8:30 am

      David Hosey is an alternate delegate at the Conference, and he is writing on his blog about the developments at the Conference. He was able to vote for the first time yesterday. He is well informed about the Occupation, as he spent a number of years working in Palestine with Sabeel. He wote at least one article that was posted on Mondoweiss, about desecration of Arab cemeteries.

  • Media ignores eight Palestinian hunger strikers as they near death
    • I read this and feel ashamed to be human, to be ashamed that others who also call themselves human, can do this, seemingly choosing acts that will hasten death for the prisoners,all unlawfully detained, and to be ashamed that the world is largely silent in the face of this.

      We see where Injustice and maintaining Injustice can take man, and Barbarism is disclosed for the world to see.

      Barbarism on display.

      Zionism on display.

  • '60 Minutes' profiles Palestinian Christians, Michael Oren falls on his face
    • The Palestinian Christian Priest killed by the IDF in 2002 was Jack Ass'ad, killed 4/2/2002, according to Btselem Casualty Tables, aged 45, from Bethlehem.

      # 307 on Btselem Fatality List

    • And the claim that Christians Churches are not attacked in Palestine is simply a lie. And the story completely left untold is how these attacks on Christians and Christian Churches have been and are by the IDF and extremist Jewish settlers.

      The recent attacks on Christian churches have all been by right wing Jewish extremists, like the attack below. There have also been past arsons in churches, believed carried out by Jewish extremists. And other past attacks on Churches, well we have attacks on Churches by Israeli Forces back in 2002, even a priest was reported as killed by the IDF in that wave of attacks on Palestinians.

      Jewish extremists attack Baptist Church in Jerusalem
      Tuesday, 21 February 2012 16:30

      October 30, 2010, another Christian church was attacked and set on fire by extremist Jewish settlers.

      "At approximately 2:00 a.m. on 2 April 2002, Israeli occupation forces invaded the neighbouring towns of Bethlehem, Beit Jala, and Beit Sahour, according to the Palestinian Center for Human Rights:
      “using approximately 250 tanks and armored personnel carriers, F-16 fighter jets, and Apache gunships. At approximately 04:30, they seized full control over the three cities, except the Old Town. In the invasion, which was accompanied by indiscriminate shelling, 60-year-old ‘Aaboud al-‘Ameri, from Bethlehem, a guard of a building in Beit Sahour, was killed.

      At approximately 10:15, Israeli occupation forces fired three artillery shells at the house of Khaled Ibrahim ‘Aabda, 38. He and his mother, Sumaia Hussein ‘Aabda, 60, were killed by shrapnel. Israeli forces did not allow the evacuation of the bodies to hospital or their burial. The bodies remained with other residents of the house, including children, in the same room.

      At approximately 11:30, Israeli occupation forces shelled Santa Maria Church in al-Madbasa neighborhood. A number of priests and nuns were wounded, including Father Jack As’ad, a Palestinian who holds the Italian citizenship, who was seriously wounded."

  • When is someone going to lose his job for calling someone an anti-Semite?
    • I just want to respond to this statement below that I include in quotes, my personal feelings as a non-Jewish American, to being called Anti Semitic for criticizing Israel, I was also once called a Nazi by a Jewish Israeli settler in the OPT (also an American citizen), the individual commenting that my name sounded of German origin. (My family (surname Munnerlyn) immigrated from Ireland to the US in the 1600's.)

      "I want people, non-Jewish Americans, to have opinions about this like they have opinions about anything else. They may be wrong, they may be stupid, they may be ignorant. Let them have their opinions. And don’t call them anti-Semites unless they have a history of animus toward the Jewish people."

      It makes me angry, to be accused of hate, when I am being critical of injustices of an Israeli Occupation that robs millions of Palestinians of their basic human rights every single day. At the same time, I wear the criticisms and name calling against me as a badge of honor, I am taking a stand speaking against injustice and the opposition I face is neither surprising nor unexpected. Uncomfortable truths about Israel are difficult for people to face. The response, for me, is to keep on speaking against the injustices of the Israeli Occupation of the OPT, as long as they continue. In God's timing, I know the injustices of the Israeli Occupation of the land will come to an end, I feel certain about that. I very much agree with what Amira Haas had to say about all of this in a recent article discussed on this website. It simply looks more and more like this will all only come to an end with the Israeli Regime's demise. And it is not about whether a two state or one state solution is best and the option chosen by anyone, it will be messy, whatever comes about in Israel/Palestine. Look at this fiasco right now, what they are doing, the lengths the Israeli government is going to, to stop peaceful international activists, from visiting Palestine. And I was just reading a few days ago here about attacks on and slaughter of sheep by the IDF, Israel is disclosing Foolishness for all the world to see. And Pride always comes before a fall, I find myself thinking about that, being reminded about that, all of the time. I think we all need to keep our eyes wide open and be ready to closely watch how far Israel will soon fall. Time is running out on all of this. You can sense it, feel it, smell it, in the air, even from as far away as America is from Israel/Palestine.

  • In pictures: Gaza welcomes Hana Shalabi
    • Sherri Munnerlyn April 4, 2012 at 5:48 pm

      Yes, she radiates Light, her actions transcending all religious differences, that so often seem to operate in our world to divide people from one another. Acts of nonviolent resistance, acts of self sacrifice, there is something powerful in them that words simply cannot do justice to and cannot adequately describe and that reason cannot easily account for. Acts of nonviolent resistance like those Hana Shalabi embraced, transform, transform those who embrace such actions, and they have the power to transform our world. If only we could embrace them more fully, make them the center of our lives every day, all of us. Then, the world would be such a different place. Imagine what it could be!

  • The Global March to Jerusalem, a brave and admirable attempt to awaken the world’s conscience
    • Sherri Munnerlyn April 1, 2012 at 1:48 am


      When a nation today, Israel, presently allows desecration of Muslim and Christian cemeteries inside their internationally recognized borders, as addressed in this article, they obviously have no respect for Christian and Muslims, or their holy sites. Distorting events that happened over 45 years ago does nothing to negate Israel's ongoing abuses against persons whose religion is not Judaism or their holy sites.

      "We walked through Al Bassa, now an Israeli industrial park. Two churches still stand, as does a mosque and a shrine to St. George where both Christians and Muslims used to pray. We entered one church, where one of our conference speakers had been baptized. He recently had opened the church to baptize his own son there. Someone had meticulously cleaned the pigeon shit, swept the floor, cleaned the altar, and returned some small icons and candles to the front of the church. But there was nothing that could be done about the massive cracks in the ceiling, the walls splattered with feces. There was nothing that could be done about all of that echoing, hollow emptiness, a testament to a people no longer there.

      Another church, inhabited by pigeons and lizards, the awful smell of neglect. And, most disturbingly of all, a Christian cemetery, sandwiched between a road and a factory, overgrown with weeds. Most of the graves were smashed open, revealing dried bones, exposed to sunlight and wind and the discarded wine bottles and chip wrappers of late night thrill seekers. I held back vomit. Thigh bones, once buried so carefully, surrounded by mourning and memories, now exposed anonymously to the sun."

  • Zionism totalled
    • Mooser,

      I can find religious supremacism and ethnic cleansing to be bad and criticize them, without attaching any label to myself like Zionist or Anti Zionist. I do not need the labels. Labels, when they start permanently being used to demonize, to forever identify human beings as good or bad, have lost their purpose. They just need to be thrown in the trash.

      I want to share a story about these labels. I was taught Communism was bad, there was nothing good in it. Therefore, Communists must be evil people, it follows. Then, I read the stories about the lives of two Jewish Israeli Communists, Juliano Mer Khamis and his mother Arna, after they had died. And I realized all I had been taught my entire life about Communism and Communists was a lie. The lives of these two individuals, their concern for the welfare of others, their acts of self sacrifice, I do not know any Christians like them. When nonChristians look more like Jesus than Christians do, I am still trying to understand that one. And where does that take me, it raises very serious questions about our use of LABELS.

      Does anyone know what happened to Juliano Mer Khamis father? I have always wondered what happened to him.

    • Mooser,

      It does not naturally follow that a person who sees Zionism as evil is an anti- Zionist. I do not see myself as an anti-Zionist. I do not have to be Anti Zionist or Anti other human beings, simply because what I see Zionism as is what I see as evil. In the same way, I am not a Muslim, and I am also not anti-Muslim. I actually do not even see being a Muslim as evil, but however I viewed it, it would not naturally follow that I was Anti Muslim. I can see an Ideology as evil, and, at the same time, not self identify myself as Anti that ideology. I have been taught Communism was evil my entire life, as an American, but I never saw myself as an anti Communist. I am not even familiar with that phrase being widely used by Americans.

    • We are speaking about an "ism," and the problem seems to be these ideologies always come up with a consensus that seeks to define a group, a subset of all humans, defining one group with rights greater than others (and we see with the definition of Zionism that there is not even a universally agreed upon definition of the term, which certainly complicates the issue further). I find myself thinking about Nationalism, and all the evil done for the sake of nationalism by nations. Perhaps, the real evil is the hate that often underlies the Ideologies, that leads us to see ourselves as different and/or superior to others. These ideologies become Walls dividing us from one another, keeping us from empathizing with the suffering of others, keeping us from seeing, for example, all children hurting, as "our children."

      Like some of the other posters, I also find the idea of self identifying myself as Anti Zionist to be repellant. There is a negativity, a hate, it seems to me, inherent in such identification. There is an organization I occasionally get emails from that identifies itself by its title as Anti Zionist, and every single time I hear their name, I cringe. I cannot tell you much of anything about that organization, I cannot seem to get past my reaction to their name to read what they are saying about anything.

    • Zionism has become evil, to join the other evil "isms" in the history of mankind, like Naziism. It cannot be salvaged, it is what it has become, an ideology forever associated, and intertwined, with a 45 year brutal Occupation and the horrible human rights abuses of that Occupation that daily robs a civilian Palestinian population of millions of basic freedoms, basic human rights , human dignity, and life.

  • Israel refuses to hospitalize Hana Shalabi: 'our freedom is even more precious and more powerful than their cells'
    • Question Taken at the March 16, 2012 Daily Press Briefing

      March 19, 2012


      "Question: Do you have any reaction to a Palestinian woman prisoner Ms. Hana Shalabi undergoing a month long hunger strike?

      Answer: We are aware of Hana Shalabi’s case, but have no details at this time regarding her detention. We note that our annual Country Report on Human Rights Practices addresses the issue of administrative detention in Israeli prisons. We refer you to the Government of Israel for additional information."

      It's like this is happening on another planet or something, of course it has nothing to do with the US and it is nothing the US can address. It's simply outside of their radar screen.

    • The Israeli government shows all of us, every single day that the Occupation continues, what lacking Humanity looks like. Imprisoning without due process of law, without even allowing detainees trials, depriving prisoners of needed medical treatment, torture, unfair trials, unfair convictions, coerced confessions, sexual abuse, regular use of human shields to unlawfully abduct and detain prisoners, setting dogs on nonviolent protesters who are attacked with dogs and then unlawfully arested, unlawful interrogations, attacking prisoners, experimenting with new drugs on prisoners, unlawfully holding prisoners outside of the Occupied Territories in violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention, the list goes on and on.

      And Palestinians like Hana Shalabi show all of us what Humanity is, sacrificing self to oppose the Injustices of the Occupation, to take a stand for freedom and life and justice for all Palestinians. My Prayers are with her and her family and the Palestinian people, who deserve life and freedom and justice and an end to this Unholy and Cursed Occupation.

  • Israeli academics call for massive attack on Gaza to 'mow the lawn' -- before November election ends the 'opportunity'
    • What are the academics doing here? They are calling for another genocidal military campaign in Gaza, that as they always do, primarily deliberately target and kill innocent civilians.

      And Genocide, by Israel or any other nation embracing it, is never morally right or morally justified. And Genocide is genocide, there is no way to cloake it with righteousness.

      I can never understand how anyone calling themselves human can defend these slaughters of the innocent that primaily characterize Israel's military operations in Gaza, like Cast Lead.

      I cannot see defending war crimes as having any redeeming value in it. If a nation's existence depends on slaughtering all civilians and childen not of your own tribe, that nation needs to cease existing.

      And of course, the slaughter of nonJewish children in Gaza is just like the slaughter of Jewish children in France. Both are motivated by the very same hate and prejudice and racism. There is no difference at all between these child killings.

  • Ayub Asaliya was on his way to school last Sunday
    • What if pictures were obtained of children killed by Israel in the Occupation and about 20 or more photos printed in color on a sheet and a caption written under the photos that said something like this: "These are pictures of Palestinian children Israel has killed in her unlawful Occupation of Palestine. Since the First Intifada began, Israel has killed over 1000 Palestinian children and their names and how each one died can be read about on the website of Israeli human rights organization, Btselem. Contact your Congressmen today and tell them to act to end Israel's Occupation in Palestine. All children in Palestine are "Our Children" and we must all act to give them all life and freedom."

      What if the page printed above was copied in the hundreds, the thousands, and distributed all over my communty and surrounding communities?

      What if others did the same thing, all over our country?

      We cannot make anyone do anything or believe anything, but we can do all we can personally think of to do to get the Truth out to others around us about what is happening to children in Palestine.

    • JewishAnarchist,

      I realize after reading a few articles myself that this campaign against Joseph Kony is controversial, but I think the point I made about how a campaign that focuses on stopping children being hurt and killed can be very effective is still valid. About Joseph Kony, I read his operations in Uganda have come to an end (but his operations against children in neighboring countries continue), and that children in Uganda are presently dealing with a mysterious disease called nodding disease.

      About the Stop Joseph Kony campaign, I read:

      "It’s not every day that a single name has an entire campus and world buzzing with questions, emotions, and calls for action. Before Spring Break, all social media outlets were flooded with links to the Invisible Children, Inc. 30-minute movie “Kony 2012.”

      On Mar. 14, the video had over 78 million views worldwide. According to MSNBC, it is, to date, the most viral video ever made. The video highlights who Joseph Kony is, what Invisible Children, Inc. does, and how they want to make Kony “more famous than George Clooney.” The official day of the “Kony 2012” campaign will take place globally on Apr. 20"

    • Over the weekend, my niece was sending all of her friends on facebook a link to a very effective You Tube video about Joseph Kony.

      Joseph Kony has the honor/dishonor of being the number one man wanted by the ICC for war crimes, related to his abduction of children who are forced to become child sex slaves and child soldiers in his Rebel Army in Uganda and surrounding countries in Africa. What this video demonstrates is how people of conscience have been able to join together, taking on the cause of children, to bring the US government to send 100 soldiers to Uganda to assist in capturing Joseph Kony.

      I believe the cause of the children being killed and injured and maimed in the Israeli Palestinian conflict could be used in a similar fashion to open the eyes of people in the US to the plight these children are facing, as well as other innocent civilians, and once presented with the facts of what is happening to these children and other innocents in Palestine, people, including politicians, would be forced to take a stand against these human rights abuses.

      A problem we seem to have is people who try to bring up the plight of the children in Palestine are being attacked. And of course, we need a campaign organized along the same lines as that used to apprehend Joseph Kony.

    • The man who died in Texas in mysterious circumstances that I addressed in my last post, his name was Riad Elsohl Hamad, he was a teacher, he worked with Palestine Children's Welfare Fund.

    • There was a Palestinian American murdered in Texas, who spoke about the children who died in this conflict, his body found in a lake, after he was reportedly under FBI investigation. There certainly is huge resistance to speaking about these Palestinian children murdered by Israel, and publishing pictures of their faces. Their faces need to be plastered everywhere, on milk cartons, on billboards, we need to force the people everywhere to look at their faces, and to see it is not their children, it is our children being killed. All children, we need to see them each one as "our children."

  • Burying Ayoub Assalya
    • When I think about the children who are killed, it literally makes me sick. Yesterday morning, I was at McDonalds and had to go to the bathroom and throw up after I ate breakfast. And it is not just that this is happening and the mostly silence we see in response to it, it is spending days since Friday on an internet discussion board hearing others defend this, mostly American Jews, but also prior US soldiers. And I am just running out of words, words just completely fail me here, to describe all the emotions this invokes. The life and death of a child can mean absolutely nothing to some, and I keep reading we have the right to defend ourselves. It is all about me, me, me, and the life and death of a child means nothing!

  • 'I refuse to join an army that has, since it was established, been engaged in dominating another nation': Interview with Israeli refuser Noam Gur
    • They do that in Iran, too. I always find it interesting the parallels between Fascist governments, they are so like each other. But, speaking of deplorable acts of governments, I just read that a 27 year old man died in February from a hunger strike in a prison in California, protesting prison conditions, overcrowding and denying prisoners needed medical treatment, that the US Supreme Court had found unconstitutional.

    • I see her actions in refusing to participate in military service and the way she is doing it as "giving her a more balanced and holistic outlook on life." She sees the disaster the Occupation is and shows by her acts there is another way, the path of nonviolence. I see her acts as courageous and admirable, and an affirmative statement of the humanity of all persons inside Israel/Palestine. As she has stated, she believes her actions in refusing to serve in the army can make a difference, and she is doing what she can with her life to make a difference.

  • Israel kills 23 in Gaza, wounds 73, most of them civilians --PCHR
    • Zionists never take responsibility for their killings. As they kill, we always see them rally together for a celebration, a Hate Fest!

    • Every single attack addressed in this article, that occurred today, were direct attacks by Israel on civilians and civilian objects, killing three civilians that included a child.

      Where is the condemnation for attacks that so blatantly violate the Fourth Geneva Convention? I hear only silence.

      Art 48. Basic rule
      In order to ensure respect for and protection of the civilian population and civilian objects, the Parties to the conflict shall at all times distinguish between the civilian population and combatants and between civilian objects and military objectives and accordingly shall direct their operations only against military objectives.

    • That is such beautiful news to read, Egypt voting to expel Israel's Ambassador, and that taking place on the day three civilians were killed by Israel in her Gaza concentration camp, that included a 14 year old child. Is this action being taken right now as a direct response to what is presently happening in Gaza? Do we know the answer to that? I just love this: "The vote was taken by a show of hands on a report by the chamber’s Arab affairs committee that declared Egypt will “never” be a friend, partner or ally of Israel. The report described Israel as the nation’s “number one enemy” and endorsed what it called Palestinian resistance “in all its kinds and forms” against Israel’s “aggressive policies.""

  • Responding to commenters on recent bannings
    • Speaking about AntiSemitism, I have found myself in a discussion on another website about whether the world is doomed to failure because of AntiSemitism. It started out with a discussion about the Arab World (whatever that even is) being doomed to failure, largely because of their alleged AntiSemitism. And I am hearing from Jews in the US and Israel who are really concerned about this. And I just find this completely ridiculous thinking. If 95% of Jews are Zionists, as I just read in some comments here, and Zionism is contributing to AntiSemitism (this seems to be the thinking) and AntiSemitism is a threat that must be extinquished, we have a recipe right there for never ending wars.

  • Israel Supreme Court to hear Adnan appeal tomorrow
    • "Israel’s Supreme Court has ordered the release of Khader Adnan, a Palestinian detained without charge, who has been on hunger strike for more than nine weeks, his lawyer said."

      The above is what Al Jazeera first reported.

      Now, they report the following, at 12:12, February 21, 2012

      "Israel has agreed to free Khader Adnan, a Palestinian detained without charge, who has been on hunger strike for more than nine weeks, one of his lawyers has said.

      The revelation came hours before the supreme court was to hear an urgent appeal on Tuesday for Adnan's release.

      The lawyer said that a settlement had been reached for ending his detention."

      I am still trying to confirm this from other sources.


  • Israeli spokesman Mark Regev grilled on CNN International over Khader Adnan
    • I thought it was a good interview and basically ended with the CNN Reporter stating if he died while under Israeli care, Israel was responsible. The CNN reporter spoke of people being appalled by this man being detained without charges being filed against him and near death.

      I ran across a song written for Khader Adnan, on a blog. The blog writer states this was written by an American singer and songwriter known for his political and social activism. I think it is quite good.

  • Presbyterian investment committee recommends divestment from Caterpillar, Hewlett-Packard and Motorola over complicity in the occupation
    • "The quadrennial General Conference of the United Methodist Church, meets in Tampa, Florida, from April 24 through May 4, 2012. On the Conference agenda will be a resolution that would make it official church policy to divest United Methodist funds from three US corporations–Caterpillar, Motorola and Hewlett Packard–which the denomination has determined are using church investment funds to support the Occupation of Palestinian Territories.

      Delegates who support the divestment resolution will be able to declare that United Methodists will not allow its funds to participate in the Occupation."

      There is also a Petition that anyone can sign who supports the divestment. I signed the Petition a few days ago.

  • If Khader Adnan was anything but Palestinian
  • Israeli soldiers drive tractor over worker's legs to stop Palestinians from building a house on their (occupied) lands
  • After its diplomats slam Israel’s illegal settlements, can EU continue funding them?
    • As I sit and observe all the Christian politicians embracing new wars, I believe more and more, the biggest problem in America is Christians abandoning the teachings of Jesus, who said love your enemy. I do not see good coming out of this. We have lost sight of what set us apart, I am referring to Christians . And as for my nation, the US, I think about words in the Pledge of Allegiance, "One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." Do these words mean anything anymore? When human rights belong only to Americans, and not even equally to all Americans, and nation comes before God, we have made a mockery out of these words. Can we fix it? Of course, we can, but whether we will is an entirely different matter.

    • pabelmont,

      I second that , praise God! More and more, we see the eyes of the world open to the injustices and it is such a beautiful sight to behold! We have not seen an end to the Occupation, but the end is in sight. And Hope springs eternal!

  • Susan Abulhawa's Mornings in Jenin headed for the silver screen
    • It brightens my day to read stories like this, and I can't wait to see the movie. Bringing truth into the light, that is what it is all about!

  • They were sailing for us
    • They sailed for humanity, illustrating it still exists in this world. People willing to put their lives on the line for others, without the use of weapons, to free others, to restore human rights and dignity to others, I know of nothing greater than this. They are an example for all of us to follow.

      You know what never ceases to stop amazing me, to read what so many write from Gaza, of hope and love, how they keep these virtues alive despite all they endure. Another testimony of humanity.

  • 'Freedom Waves to Gaza' flotilla leaves Turkey headed to Gaza; Organizers: 'It is time to lift the siege of Gaza which deprives 1.6 million civilians of their rights to travel, work, study, develop their economy and be free.'
    • My link to the UN Special Committee Report dated September 22, 2011, is not working, here is the correct link.

      The report addresses appalling conditions in Gaza:

      15. Pregnant women, in particular, were suffering: 54 per cent of pregnant women were experiencing depression; 33 per cent were overweight and 33 per cent were suffering from anaemia. It was emphasized that pregnant women did not have access to sufficient nutrients to safely and successfully carry their pregnancies full term. It was alleged that that was likely to be driving the increasing incidence of stunting in Gaza and the fact that 95 per cent of Gaza’s water was unfit for human consumption was leading to cases of methaemoglobinaemia (“blue-baby syndrome”) among babies born in Gaza. In addition, the Special Committee was briefed on allegations that the Government of Israel has a “red-lines document” that outlines how many
      calories a day each Gazan requires simply to survive, which according to
      information received, has been determined by Israeli authorities to be 620, and guides Israeli policies regarding the importation of basic foodstuffs.

      The urgent need to reconstruct Gaza

      16. The Special Committee saw first-hand that much of the devastation of
      infrastructure that occurred during Israel’s operation “Cast Lead” in December 2008 and January 2009 remains. Interlocutors informed the Committee that the reconstruction of Gaza was not possible in the present circumstances, as Israel’s blockade inhibited the importation of sufficient materials. The members received reports that about 51,000 civilians had lost their homes during the operation and that there was a need for about 76,000 homes to be built on an annual basis, including to account for natural population growth. While UNRWA noted that its Gaza recovery
      plan called for the construction of 100 schools and 10,000 homes, it stressed that the process of receiving Israel’s approval for projects was extremely slow, with bureaucratic intricacies making it unnecessarily difficult and burdensomely expensive to carry out construction projects. UNRWA also noted that, currently, only 28 per cent of its Gaza recovery plan had been approved by Israel.

      The report also addresses appalling conditions in the rest of the OPT and in the treatment of prisoners, over 200 prisoners have reportedly died from drug experiments carried out non the Palestinian prisoners by their Israeli Occupiers.

    • I do not recall the new UN report being addressed on Mondoweiss, but I want to point out it says, according to this Special UN Committee, that the Blockade of Gaza is collective punishment. That means it is illegal, a war crime under the Fourth Geneva Convention. And the Flotilla has every right to do all it can lawfully do to break this illegal Blockade of Gaza.

      "12. The overarching observation of the Special Committee regarding the situation in Gaza is that Israel’s blockade, which has been in place for over four years, continues to collectively punish the civilian population. The Committee further observes that the blockade neither undermines support for the de facto authorities in Gaza nor enhances Israel’s security. This collective punishment, which violates Israel’s international legal obligations, is having a grave impact on the children of Gaza. "

      And this report, unlike the Palmer Commission report has a clear UN Mandate:

      "II. Mandate

      2. The mandate of the Special Committee, as set out in resolution 2443 (XXIII) and subsequent resolutions, is to investigate Israeli practices affecting the human rights of the population of the occupied territories. The occupied territories are considered those remaining under Israeli occupation, namely, the occupied Syrian Golan and the occupied Palestinian territory, which comprises the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip.

      3. The present report is submitted pursuant to General Assembly resolution
      65/102. By this resolution, the Assembly requested the Special Committee, “pending complete termination of the Israeli occupation, to continue to investigate Israeli policies and practices in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, and other Arab territories occupied by Israel since 1967, especially Israeli violations of the Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War, of 12 August 1949, and to consult, as appropriate, with the International Committee of the Red Cross according to its regulations in order to
      ensure that the welfare and human rights of the peoples of the occupied territories are safeguarded and to report to the Secretary-General as soon as possible and whenever the need arises thereafter”. The Assembly also requested the Committee “to continue to investigate the treatment and status of the thousands of prisoners and detainees, including children and women, in Israeli prisons and detention centres in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, and other Arab territories occupied by Israel since 1967”.

      "Report of the Special Committee to Investigate Israeli Practices Affecting the Human Rights of the Palestinian People and Other Arabs of the Occupied Territories

      Note by the Secretary-General

      The Secretary-General has the honour to transmit to the members of the General Assembly the forty-third report of the Special Committee to Investigate Israeli Practices Affecting the Human Rights of the Palestinian People and Other Arabs of the Occupied Territories, which was submitted pursuant to Assembly resolution 65/102."

  • Americans believe red herring-- Iran is Enemy #1. Why?
    • We are the laughingstock of the rest of the world. But I guess those in power just keep on thinking they can keep on fooling Americans with fear tactics and bogus fabricated threats to our security.

  • A mixture of feelings as prisoners near freedom
    • The Palestinian prisoners have not been convicted in lawful trials, so the convictions have no real legitimacy. They are also being held in prisons unlawfully in Israel, the Fourth Geneva Convention prohibits Occupiers from holding prisoners outside of occupied territories. Yesh Din Report, 2007, addressed lack of due process in trial proceedings in Military Courts in the OPT, finding at every step of the proceedings, Palestinians were denied due process rights, in a 180 page report. Severe shortcomings were uncovered. Here are some statistics addressing the nature of the cases before military courts, in the years 2002-2006 the Military Prosecution filed more than 43,000 indictments, about a third were security related offenses, 5% charged the defendant with murder or attempted murder (1% murder, 4% attempted murder). Presumption of innocence is a key component of due process rights, but Security Legislation is silent regarding the presumption of innocence in military courts and it does not appear to be followed looking at this data, of 9123 cases concluded in the military courts in 2006 , only in 23 cases, 0.29% of the rulings, was the defendant found entirely not guilty. Another indication that this presumption was not in operation, of detainees released prior to the filing of an indictment, after 118 detention hearings, only 1 person was released. Detention hearings lasted an average of only 3 minutes and four seconds, and typically resulted in extensions of detainees detention by 10.2 days. Hearings to authorize detention until the end of the proceedings , which can extend 1 or 2 years, took an average of 1 minute and 54 seconds. In all proceedings where the Prosecutor asked for this in which Yesh Din representatives were present, the Court granted the Prosecution motion. According to IDF data, by the end of 2006, two thirds of the defendants of cases still under deliberation were held in detention. This is a very detailed report and it addresses serious due process shortcomings at every step of the legal process, from detention to conviction to incarceration.

  • Panic and shock sweep Cairo
    • When we see personal attacks on someone like this, we know the person being attacked has something to say that needs to be heard and that the attacker desperately wants what that person has to say to be silenced.

      And we also know the person doing the attacking has nothing substantively to say about the issue themselves.

      What I find unexplainable and puzzling is your personal attacks on a website, that you have been citing from, in one post after another.

  • In Cairo, we consecrate the freedom of religion
  • The Jewish-Palestinian book of life
    • Confessions: I look at Christians, myself included, in the US and I see a group who has largely turned away from the teachings of Jesus. He said love your enemies, for God made the sun rise on and the rain come down on them too, He loves them, too. We accept never ending wars, noone speaks against them, on military holidays in my Church I listen to words that compare the sacrifices of soldiers with the sacrifice of Jesus. I hear this and I want to run away and throw up, but I stay and stand there in the choir and sing and cry. Lebanon, 2006, children are bombed and dying, for 34 days straight, and the US sends cluster bombs and arms shipments, to kill more children with. I cry out to God to stop the killing, protect the children, and I ask why, how long, and the answer I get is this is only the beginning. 9/11 comes and goes and we respond with a war in Iraq, over a million have died. I have this image of blood on my hands, rising higher and higher, it won't go away. God says write, write, and all I can write is about the blood on my hands. I don't think about it all the time, now, but it is still there. We are still killing, and it is as if noone sees it, if the government does it, it is not sin, it does not really have anything to do with us. So, in my Church, noone talks about the wars, the innocent who hurt and die in them, except to say we know these things must come, and they talk about prayer being taken out of schools and the danger of homosexuals. How can we have a real Revival when our hearts are hardened to our sins? How can we repent when we do not even see and acknowledge our sins and turn away from our sins? Without repentance, there is no future for our nation

  • Brutal eviction of Palestinian family in Jaffa caught on tape
    • I did find out Bassem Tamimi's trial started back, I just read of testimony of an IDF official, speaking of Tamimi directing "forces" of children to attack the IDF with rocks. This soldier spoke of seeing Tamimi on a roof once in January yelling in Arabic, which the soldier admitted he had no understanding of. But he, the IDF official, was convinced Tamimi was ordering the "forces" of children to launch attacks with their arsenal of rocks. What a farce of a trial this is

    • All you have to do is compare what happened to this Palestinian family and the recent Jewish protesters protesting housing costs and you clearly see demonstrated the racism, the prejudice, the disparate treatment of Arabs and Jews, which is ZIONISM. This is what ZIONISM is. I will never understand how any person can support this. I tell myself, people do not really know what is going on, but many do and they keep supporting ZIONISM. This is hard for me to deal with.This is why things happen like 9/11, like killings of families, I expect. Injustice cries out for a response to it, I think the right choice is nonviolence, confronting it in a nonviolent way, nonviolent resistance. But it is I expect the hardest choice, to stay true to, to commit one's life to, like Ghandi did.That statement Bassem Tamimi, of Nabi Saleh, made to the court in his trial last Spring, he says it all there. He was supposed to go back to court in September, I read it was postponed. Has anyone heard any further developments? Last I heard, he was still imprisoned. And for what? For doing as Ghandi did, as Jesus of Nazareth did, walking in their footsteps, confronting injustice with nonviolent resistance, organizing weekly nonviolent demonstrations to protest the theft of the village spring and continuing thefts of village lands.

  • US aid to PA withheld over statehood bid, Hamas, and 'failure to recognize Israel's right to exist as Jewish State'
    • I would like to see Abbas refuse any more of that US dirty money. The Occupation, it's success for the past 4o+ years, it's continued life and vitality, is propped up by that US dirty money. Over 8000 Palestinians have died since the start of the First Intifada, over 1000
      Palestinian childen have been killed, with the money of US taxpayers. That needs to end. The money going to both Israel and the PA maintains the Status Quo , the continuing Israeli Occupation of Palestine.

  • Israel doubles rate of Palestinian home demolitions and plans to uproot 30,000 Bedouin. Clinton says Palestinians need to be more flexible.
  • Israeli settlers attack Israeli activists & journalists; 19 injured, 3 hospitalized
    • Here is an insight filled quote from the article, "Girls At War," addressing the illegal settlements and the relationship of the Israeli Government to these illegal settlements:

      "it is also no wonder that natives of Tel Aviv express the fear that it’s not Israel that occupies the West Bank but the West Bank settlers who are now annexing Israel, as they pour more concrete and have more children, who are taking key positions in the army, government, and civil administration, which controls everything here from electricity to water to schools. The settlers embody an essential conflict at the core of the state of Israel. The government acts like an erratic parent to its recalcitrant children, the settlers—sometimes berating and even beating them, other times adoring and financing them, for their messianic faith. The longer I stayed, the harder it was to determine who is using whom: the government that allows the expansion of settlements while hoping to use the radicals as a bargaining chip in future negotiations with the Palestinians, or the radicals themselves, who offer the State of Israel the choice between civil war or abandoning them and their children to life in a Palestinian state."

    • Why don't we use the word "terrorists" or "terrorist supporters"to describe the illegal settlers?

      I read articles like "Girls At War" in Tablet Magazine and I see an illegal settlement that is nothing but a terrorist breeding camp.

      Ruth Fogel taught at an extremist school, founded and operated by a man whose teachers and idols were/are Rabbi Kahane and Baruch Goldstein . The day after she and her husband and three of her children were killed, the entire community went down to the junction and threw stones at passing Palestinian cars, according to her adolescet girl students, who were/are taught from infancy and/or from the womb that they are the Chosen People whose Mission it is to rid the land of the Amelikites. The entire community includes children and mothers with their babies in their arms. It was just about a week ago it was reported a baby was injured by a stone thrown back by a Palestinian, in an altercation likely started by stone throwing illegal settlers.

      There is no moral high ground for these illegal settlers to cling on to, but we never seem to stop seeing them trying to make such claims, they or their supporters and defenders. These are acts of desperation, attacking a man planting a tree on his very own land. But acts that more than anything else operate to expose, to bring into the open, the rapidly increasing depravity of the illegal settler communities. And we see the immoral Israeli Government's reaction to this moral depravity, they predictably arrest the victims of the attacks.

  • Mourning the Jewish New Year
    • Kathleen,

      Jewish Fast For Gaza interviewed Josh Ruebner,the National Advocacy Director of the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, earlier this month in a telephone conference. In the interview, he stated there was a website (and I cannot recall the name of the website) breaking down aid to Israel, by districts or regions, that should allow any of us to show those around us how much aid is going to Israel, as our own communities have so many unmet needs. The telephone conference was supposed to be recorded or transcribed and placed on the website later, but when I go on the website of Jewish Fast For Gaza today I still do not see the interview.

      Another interesing issue addressed in the interview was the makup of aid we provide to Palestinians, a substantial amount of that aid actually funds the Occupation and funds things like Dayton's forces and the attempted prior coup to rid Gaza of Hamas, that backfired so decisively. I expect we fund things like torture of Hamas members, too. Stopping US aid to Palestinians might not necessarily be a bad thing.

    • He enables the criminality to continue, by his unconditonal support for Israel.

      All he would have to do is condition US aid on Israel abiding by intl law, and I think we would see positive changes by Israel. Either that, or the end of this self destructing Israeli govenment would come sooner rather than later.

      What I hate to think about is the hurting and dying of the innocent, civilians and children, we are all going to be forced to watch until this present Israeli government ceases to be in power.

    • I find that I can really relate to that prayer by Rabbis For Human Rights, even though I am not Jewish or Israeli , but am an American and a Christian.

      I see us Americans as about responsible for what is happening in Israel/Palestine as Israelis, in light of the billions of dollars we give to Israel every single year to continue the Occupation. I think about the 2006 war between Isarel and the civilians of Lebanon, and how the US sent multiple weapons shipments as children were being bombed and dying, for 34 days straight, that is how long children were being bombed and killed.

      We allow this to happen, to continue, we fall short, and this is cause to cry out to God, to cry out for forgiveness, and to cry out for strength to speak out against the injustices, to cry out for God to show us how we can make a difference, to cry out to God to stop the hurting and killing.

      There is one question I have about the prayer, some words I am stumbling over, or thought I was anyway, the idea of the hardening of our hearts. I just asked a person in a discussion on a discussion board on Beliefnet Middle East board(which is a website once owned by Fox News which is day by dy becoming more right wing and racist and hostile and being taken over by Hasbara trolls) if she was unable to see the truth about what happened on the Mavi Marmara perhaps because her heart was hardened, and I was suspended for two weeks for asking this question. I was told I was reading her mind, and this violated the Rules of Conduct.

      When I read the Prayer from Rabbis For Human Rights below, I tend to think of the hardening of hearts as resulting from looking away from the poverty and despair of Palestinians day in and day out, year in and year out, for so long that the person cannot see the poverty and despair at all anymore. Their hearts are hardened to it. I liken it to racism in the South, in the US, white children being taught negative things about blacks, reinforced every day, and they are not able to see anything but that and are completely unable to have compassion for what the black children face or have been through.

      "For the sin which we have sinned against You by hardening our hearts — To the grinding poverty and despair of Palestinians and Israeli Arabs"

      I really appreciate this Prayer of Rabbis For Human Rights being posted here, from a group that I know has done a lot of good things in Palestine, and would appreciate anyone else's insight about the Prayer about the sin of hardening of our Hearts.

  • Tutu: Issue is the same in Palestine as it was in South Africa, 'equality'
    • My fifth attempt to discuss this letter to Berkeley students, by Desmond Tutu, on a Beliefnet discussion board, that I shared in my last post, was also censored , leaving me seriously wondering whether it is even worth it anymore to keep trying to talk to people with that mentality on a discussion board. BDS has been labelled genocide and that is considered acceptable by Moderators. Defense of BDS is censored. Discussing the hate of illegal settlers who viciously attack Israeli activists is labelled hate speech and is censored. Using the word Juhadists is engaging in hate speech, to refer to attacking settlers with their covered faces, to hide their identities as they terrorize. How does one respond to this? Do we walk away and just leave them to wallow in their extremism and hate and prejudice and bigotry? They are mostly Zionists, Jewish Zionists and Christian Zionists.

    • I know this is a really old thread to add a comment to, but I found myself here as I was looking for a good statement defining what the BDS Movement really is, to address some comments of posters on a discussion board on Beliefnet who have extremely negative ideas about BDS. Desmond Tutu's letter to the students of Berkeley addresses what BDS is, and it is written by a man who experienced firsthand Apartheid situations himself, in South Africa. It is a very personal letter. I tried to use this letter and quote his words and I was censored, once, then twice. I think there is too much truth in his words for some to face.

      I found each time I was challenged to restate what he was saying, and not being allowed to quote him because of censors, I found myself understanding more of what he was saying and getting more out of his words and doing a better job of getting to the essence of his words in that letter.

      I want to share here my statement of what he is saying in that letter and what I said about BDS, when I was challenged to put his letter into my own words.

      What else did Desmond Tutu say in the letter he wrote to the students at Berkeley, that I did not discuss in my last post, that is so important to addressing the true nature of BDS?

      Desmond Tutu has been to the Occupied Palestinian Territories, and he tells the students he has been there and he tells them what he has witnessed in the OPT, which is racially segregated roads and housing that reminds him so much of the same conditions he had experienced personally before in South Africa under the racist system of Apartheid in South Africa that he lived under there.

      He tells the students of Berkeley that he has witnessed the humiliation of the Palestinian people, the humiliation of men, women, and children made to wait routinely at Israeli checkpoints for hours trying to just make basic trips, to visit relatives, to attend schools, to attend colleges , and he tells them that that humiliation is familiar to him, too, as well as many black South Africans under Apartheid in South Africa, who were regularly corralled, and who were regularly insulted by Apartheid South African security forces.

      He tells the students of Berkeley that in South Africa, without the help of the global international community, they would never have achieved freedom from Apartheid and they never would have achieved a just peace.

      And that right there is why BDS is so important today, why people of conscience everywhere should embrace it, so that the people of Palestine can be freed from their Occupation and their own Apartheid situation. BDS freed South Africa from Apartheid, and it will free Palestine of Apartheid.

      Desmond Tutu addresses in his letter to the students of Berkeley, the nature of BDS, it is using non violent means, such as boycotts and divestments, to encourage corporations and governments to withdraw their support from the Apartheid regime.

      BDS is people of conscience all over our world joining together, in solidarity, and using and embracing nonviolent methods to bring to an end an unjust Occupation of men, women, and children in Palestine.

      And the global community will never stop morally embracing BDS and standing against the Occupation until it ceases and all people in Palestine are free.

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