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  • 'Children killed in their sleep': Israeli artillery fire hits UN school, killing at least 20
    • I heard wolf crowing about it, though.

      Fortunately, it's already been copied by other blogs.

      link to

      link to

    • It gets worse. U.S. resupplies Israel with munitions as Gaza offensive rages

      Fascinating that the article seems to have bee taken off line

    • And those sick, a cowardly inbreds in Egypt are doing nothing. Not a whimper of protest, no offer to open the Rafah crossing for those escaping being murdered.

      The entire Sunni world is sitting on it's hands doing nothing. A pox on humanity.

      Egypt is 100% complicit in the murder of the people in Gaza. Maybe Lieberman was into something when he mentioned bombing the Aswan Dam.

  • The threat of sanctions worked against Israel in 1956 -- and it can work again
    • . Giving up on missiles and tunnels as the main focus in favor of civil projects is a shorter and surer way to reach calm.

      No it isn't. Israel will find another excuse to bomb Gaza and those civil projects will be among the first targets.

  • Remnick gets the timeline wrong
    • Nonsense. They did not “know” they had been killed.

      Yes they did. They had the car of the suspects with spent bullets and the blood of the three boys

      Stop lying.

  • Gaza protests across West Bank are suppressed by skunk water, dogs, rubber bullets, teargas
  • More voices describe Gaza slaughter as a 'genocide'
    • then what word would you use in case of hundreds of thousands killed and millions fleeing – as e.g. in the Syria case next door.

      That would also be genocide, seeing as ISIS and Al Nusra have vowed to destroy all Shiites.

    • Stan there’s no worry about using that word.

      I agree Mooser, especially with racist mind singing there will be no children left in Gaza.

  • Video: If you voted for Hamas, Israel has a right to kill you, says president of NY Board of Rabbis
    • But I do admit, “complicity” must be an awful thing, it being such a suggestive word.

      And then here are the babies born from the complicit, so pretty soon we 'll have complicity by DNA.

    • Complicity makes them combatants. Just because they do not carry a rifle or wear a uniform does NOT make them innocent. Sorry.

      By those standards, every Israeli who has served in the IDF or supports Israel's actions in Gaza is a legitimate target.

    • I recall that Allan Dershowitz used this came argument in 2006 about civilians in Lebanon.

      According to Alan Dershowitz's logic, it's perfectly acceptable to kill Lebanese civilians because they voted for and support an organization that kills Israeli civilians.

      We must stop viewing Lebanon as a victim and begin to see it as a collaborator with terrorism.
      link to

    • He just said that if you support a terrorist organization, you’re not an innocent civilian, but complicit.

      In which case, all Israelis who voted for Likud/Home are complicit in genocide.

    • Yes I agree Talknic,

      But it gets tiresome to have to quote those qualifiers every time the Hamas Charter is brought up.

      And let's face it, the document is stupid and should be trashed. While it might come down to problems with translation, it contains so many inconsistencies that it is pretty indefensible.

      One minute it talks about fighting Jews and referring g to them hiding behind trees, the next it calls for a Jews, Muslims and Christians to live in peace and security under Islam.

      Whoever wrote it wasn't too bright. The thing is a PR disaster, and for Hamas not to have figured out that they need the international community on side, suggests they are getting some terrible advice.

    • Belgium is asking politely to label the goods but it doesn’t insist

      While that might sound inadequate, it's not as bad as it sounds. I suspect the public is much more critical of Israel than the political leaders are willing to express.

      The public will take the lead and demand it. This gives them the ability to do so.

    • He says that a couple of the older women (rally participants) on the bus were loudly calling for the wiping off of all Gazans from the face of the earth based on fatwas issued by some rabbis against enemies of Israel.

      And they have the chutzpah to condemn the Hamas Charter!!

    • Do Israelis bear responsibility for electing terrorist leaders like Begin and Shamir? If so, what punishment do you suggest?

  • Assault on Gaza fuels surge of civil disobedience in protest of Israeli actions
    • Hopefully Fink has had a knock to the head that has made him wake up to the absurdity of his opposition to BDS.

  • As night follows the day, deaths of 10 Israeli soldiers lead to deaths of 30 Palestinian civilians
    • HaFink says that Israel is running a campaign of terror , destroying everything so the people in Gaza will turn against Hamas and accept the continuation of the siege, albeit with a ceasefire.

      Right Fink, but BDS is a cult right?

  • Israel advocates are in a battle with US media
  • Statement: Legal experts and human rights defenders demand international community end Israel's collective punishment of Gaza
    • Ziozakaria is a shameless hack who's race and accept have been exploited to appear credible and somehow less mainstream.

    • Shingo, you should hear Ms. Jupiter on the non-inheritable nature of refugee status. She has an interesting viewpoint on it.

      I have, it's hillarious. Maybe the hasbara mother ship sent her to keep us amused.

      Pitty the silly girl was sent out into the field underdone.

      "All refugee communities, whether those under the care of UNRWA or UNHCR, have their refugee status passed through the generations while their plight remains unresolved. Refugees in Kenya administered by UNHCR are a good example. In this regard, the accusation that UNRWA uniquely perpetuates the Palestine refugee problem is ignorant of international refugee law and practice."
      link to

      Of course the descendants of the Jews of the Galut have only multiplied for 3,000 years. But who’s counting?

    • Here’s an idea on how to stop the Israeli military campaign: reveal the locations of the tunnels (so they can be rendered useless) and all the removal of the missiles.

      That won't work. Israel have violated every ceasefire since 2006, and they did so because of all manner of absurd excuses - none of which were about rockets.

      So silly idea Janet and you look very foolish.

  • Israeli embassy puts Mona Lisa in a hijab -- 'Israel now, Paris next'
    • Lerhner's a moron.

      In 2012, the NYT reported that Gaza was undergoing a building boom from an economy fueled by the tunnels.

      Lerhner would only bomb those 87 homes anyway.

    • “In Egypt, former president Mohamed Morsi who was overthrown in a military coup a year ago praised the “resistance” in Gaza.
      “Our compass is set on supporting Palestine against the usurping occupier and we are with any resistance against any occupier,” Morsi said in a message posted on his official Facebook page. “A full salute to those who resist and to the revolutionaries.”

      And to think that year ago Taxi assured us he's the bad guy and Egypt had to get rid of him, that the brave Egyptians would step up to the plate and become masters of their own destiny and review the Camp David agreement.

      12 months later, crickets.

  • How many would be alive today if Obama had not quashed Goldstone Report?
    • Watching you dismember these hasbarists has to be one of my greatest pleasures in life Hostage.

    • The retraction of the report was a great decision and saved lives.

      There was no retraction of the report. What Goldstone wrote in the infamous and shameless op-ed did not actually refute the report, but was written to sound like it did. It was sufficient to pacify the pro Israeli crowd because that's how it was sold to the public.

      The fact is that in the op-ed he states that there is no evidence Israel committed war crimes as a matter of government policy - but the Goldstone Report never made that claim to begin with.

      Of course, the useful idiots lapped it up.

      What hasbarats like Janet will hate to read is that a week after writing that op-ed, Goldstone said in an interview that he saw no justification for retracting or changing the report.
      link to

      Goldstone won't seek Gaza report nullification
      link to

      The UN agreed that there was no evidence that contradicted the report.
      Goldstone's Gaza report stands, UN insists
      link to

    • I wanted to ask what Israel did that made him think they were doing a serious job investigating their own behavior.

      The interestign thing is that when he released the Goldstone report, he made numerous public appearances and appearewd in public debates to defend it.

      When he wrote that so called "retraction", he went to ground and has not been seen since. I suspect he's not prepared to be scrutinized in public for fear the holes in his new position will be exposed further.

  • Kerry is off the Israel bandwagon
    • It looks like the whole US govt is ready to jump off the Israeli bandwagon.

      US officials warn Kerry criticism could jeopardize Israel ties
      Washington fuming over negative Israeli response to ceasefire proposal drafted with Qatar and Turkey

      link to

      I don't ever recall the US government threatening that US/Israeli relations were at risk.

    • your pretty dis-informed if you think James Baker would be supportive of Hamas over Netanyahu.

      It wouldn't even need that. Just having the money and diplomatic protection cut off is all it would need. US companies like Intel and Microsoft would pull out of Israel in a heartbeat. A couple fo Ch7 UNSC resolutions with the US abstaining, the end of military aid, loan guarantees, and ISrael would be on it's knees.

      He was above all things-and arabist with deep ties to the Sauds and in light of the contempt the Sauds have for Obama and Kerry-Baker is not the choice your hoping for-but I get your sentiment. Baker was not afraid to smack down Shamir.

      No, he was above all things-and oil man.

    • He’s all fluff and no gravitas. I doubt Hamas respect him much. Egypt certainly can;t stand him, The Sauds will barely talk to him and who are his ‘buds’? The Qataris. The owners of Qatar.

      If all fairness, the same could be said for the US ni general. Kerry's problem is that he's not allowed to use America's leverage against Israel.

      If Obama said to Kerry today, use whatever it takes to stop the Israelis, end the siege, end the occupation (be it sanctions, boycott, Ch 7 UN Resolutions, severe sanctions against US and Israeli companies, legal threats etc), Kerry could have all that done and dusted within 24 hours.

    • But wait, isn’t there a civil war in Syria?

      You mean the one that was started by Saudi backed Jihadists?

      Isn’t there a civil war in Iraq?

      You mean the same one that was started by Saudi backed Jihadists? The same Jihadists that did not exist prior to the US attack and invasion of Iraq?

    • I agree for once with you NormanF.

      We need someone with experience and backbone, like James Backer, who's prepared to say "fu#k you" to Israel and a US president like Bush Snr, who's prepared to cut off aid and loan guarantees to Israel and call out all the AIPAC lobbyists on Capitol Hill in front if the US public.

      When Bush Snr did that, 80% of the American public supported his position.

      We also need a State Secretary to submit a Chapter 7 Resplution at the UNSC calling for Israel's immediate withdrawal from the OT, as well as an international coalition to force Israel to comply, like they did in Kuwait.

  • In Photos: Worldwide protest against Israeli attack on Gaza (Updated)
    • Neil Young should thank hamas rockets for saving his soul from eternal damnation.

      What about Egypt Taxi? Doesn't that putrid excuse for a country deserve a special place in hell, along with Saudi Arabia?

    • If there were no rockets, there would be no need for PR.

      ISrael has been doing PR long before there were rockets. It's amazing how for a country that is supposed to be such an awesome ally and asset, Israel has to spend so much money lobbying Washington to convince them of that.

    • I don’t know if I should be embarrassed or angry at the Arab non-showing in all these demonstration

      It should be both, along with an explanation as to why the turnout in Cairo is so pathetic. Has the public been given a collective lobotomy?

      What a putrid excuse for a country.

    • I think Hamas did not incorporated that well in its calculations

      What are you babbling about? It was Israel that attacked and started all this. Hamas has had to simply defend Gaza from Israeli agression.

    • Arab leaders are warning of draft resolution if there is no cease-fire, which us will veto naturally

      Wow, the Arab world is threatening to use a wet noodle. The US and Israel must be shaking in their boots.

      What's wrong with the Arabs? As there ever been a lower point in history of the Arab world?

    • How dare you.

      How dare you you psychopathic racist supremacist and cheer leader for bass murder?

      If there were no rockets, there would be no need for PR.

      Wrong. Israel need PR 24/7. Apartheid, occupation, land theft and constant murde are a tough sell.

    • Embarrassing and annoying as hell that more Americans are not protesting in the streets.

      I think it's noteworthy that I haven't seen any reports of pro Israeli demonstration either, like those that took place in NY during Cast Lead.

    • Agreed Walid ,

      The Arabs have been shameful, pathetic, gutless. Not a peep put of Egypt.

      Those liberals in Cairo must be delighted how they weed used to turn Egypt into a slave state which makes the Mubarak era look like the good old days.

    • can you please provide the definition of occupation?

      Read the non inadmissibility clause in the preamble of UNSC242 Pajero.

  • Claim that Hamas killed 3 teens is turning out to be the WMD of Gaza onslaught
    • I agree. Abunimah was clearly very emotional and behaved as such. I couldn't listen to it. He's normally far more articulate.

      JJ Goldberg is a imagery. He's written some excellent pieces for the Forward, and had Abunimah read them, he would have had less reason to be do confrontational. Still, the Goldberg I read and the Goldberg in this podcast seemed like 2 different people. He was spouting Hasbara of the kind that doesn't show up in his articles.

    • In an exclusive interview with The Jerusalem Post Monday, the former MIA division head for the Mossad, Rami Igra, questioned Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s assertion that the three Jewish teens abducted in the West Bank Thursday were taken by Hamas.

      Is it just me, or is anyone else wondering why this is suddenly coming out now? There as another interview that Yuval Diskin, former head of Shin Bet, as also highly critical of Netanyahu.

      Is the establishment turning against him? Is there a split in the ruling class emerging.

    • Taxi,

      I think it's taking things a bit far to suggest the Israelis themselves killed the boys. That would've far too risky.

      The Qwamseh’s have a history of sabotaging Hamas's political efforts. This suggests two scenarios:

      1. The Qwamseh’s were opposed to the unity agreement, especially the compromises Hamas made under the terms of that agreement, including the moderation of their position.
      2. The Qwamseh’s may be double agents, just like Abu Nidal. Nidal hada sima tr k record of undermining the PLO and even attacking them.

      During the 1982 ceasefire between Israel and the PLO, a member of Nidal shot the Iseaeli ambassador in London. Up to that point, the PLO was driving Begin mad because they were sticking meticulously to the ceasefire. After the shooting, Begin declared the crime a breach of the crasefire. When he was told the PLO had nothing to do with it, Begin said they are all PLO and ordered the invasion of Lebanon as he had been itching to do.

      As with this conflict, the narrative was instantly changed to the claim that Israel were responding to rockets from Lebanon and had no choice but to stop them.

    • Hamas promote kidnapping in general.

      So has Israel. Does that mean Israel is to blame for the kidnapping of the 3 teens.

      And an “affiliated” group goes out on its own for a ‘fishing’ expedition and winds up brutally murdering all three youths in cold blood thereby assuring that Hamas will not only distance itself but with nothing to negotiate-they can simply deny any responsibility.

      The group has a track record of operating against Hamas orders and undermining Hamas politically. They could well have been opposed to the unity deal and wanted to sabotage it.

      This is not the first time we've seen this. Remember Abu Nidal, the well known terrorist who was exposed as a double agent working for Mossad? He was an arch enemy of Arafat and called him a Jew. It was his group that shot the Israeli ambassador in London, an event that was used by Begin to justify the invasion of Lebanon. Begin insisted it was a breach of the ceasefire.

      Of course, just like today, hasbarats everywhere insist it was to stop rocket attacks from Lebanon, which is BS.

      So Hamas didn’t ‘order’ up the kidnapping. Just like Fatah did not ‘order’ the killings of the Fogel infant, Mother and child.

      Just like Netanyahu did not order the burning alive of Mohamed Abu Khdeir.

      And Donnison making this stupid point now- now that the full extent of Hamas’s tunnels into Israel is known-is like quibbling about who ‘invented’ terrorism or who knew in advance about the King David Hotel.

      Rubbish. The existence of the tunnels is no bigger deal than the existence of Israel's F16s. They are are both instruments of war and Hamas' tunnels are every bit as legitimate as Israel's weapons.

      What friggin difference does it make unless you believe that Palestine is under obligation to live under occupation?

      Israeli boys murdered in cold blood by two perps who are running free while 3 Israelis who brutally murdered a lone Palestinian boy are in jail.

      Correction. Israeli boys murdered in cold blood by two perps who are running free, while dozens of homes have been demolished, 500 Palestinians arrested and 200 still in prison, 12 Palestinians murdered, and a 1000 home raids by Israeli security forces.

      While 3 Israelis who brutally murdered a lone Palestinian boy are in jail. Their houses are still standing and based on prior events, will receive a lenient sentence.

      It may not be ‘fair’ but its how the media simplifies concepts for mass audiences.

      What do you mean "the media"? When the video was released, Liberman and the ISraeli government dismissed it as fake. Mehane and your compatriot, Zach, spammed the thread here referring to it as a Palywood production.

      Michael Oren appeared on CNN alongside further incriminating footage showing the Israeli forces shooting at the youths and tried to suggest the boys might not even be dead or that they were shot by Palestinians. He tried to argue that the fact they fell forward suggested they were not shot at all but merely lost their balance.

      Media my ass!!

      letting Hamas off the hook because the “affiliated” clan/family was not official Hamas makes little sense if one imagines the boys didn;t thwart their abduction with a call-and then what role would Hamas have likely played once successfully kidnapped?

      What evidence do you have that the abduction was thwarted or that the Qwamseh’s had any other intention other than to kill the youths? The phone call shows there were gun shots in the background as the phone call was being made. That means the other boys were already being killed as the phone call was taking place. If the gun shots were a reaction to the call, the boy who made it would not have been able to finish his sentence.

    • By June 16, Hamas increased rocket fire into Israel in response to the crackdown in the West Bank. Israel ramped up its attacks on Gaza conducting 6 airstrikes that wounded two.

      This seems to be false. According to the Timrs of Israel, Hamas fired no rockets until AFTER this airstrikr by Israel.
      link to

      The first rockets were not fired by Hamas until the 29th.

  • Fox's Hannity abuses Yousef Munayyer, says he has a 'thick head'
  • Joan Rivers slams CNN and BBC coverage of Gaza -- 'you're all insane'
    • When they’re the houses of the two prime suspects, and the houses may be booby-trapped, than yes, demolishing homes is part of the investigation.

      What a load of rubbish! How are you supposed to gather evidence from a demolished home?

      And how does that explain the dozens if other homes demolished of those who were never even suspects?

      And if demolishing homes is indeed standard practice in a criminal investigation, when will the homes of the suspects who set the boy on fire be demolished?

      Seriously, you people are deranged.

    • BTW, Shingo. I’m under direct rocket attack here in Israel, where’s your stake in this conflict?

      Oh poor you. It's evidently such a dangerous attack that your internet connection us working flawlessly, though Iron Dome is letting you down.

    • No. My Jpost article is dated 6/11, one day before the boys were kidnapped. The article says that earlier that week, IDF killed Hamas policeman and rocketeer, Mahmad Awaar, who’d been rocketing Israel for some time.

      Right , article refers to the rocketeer as a Jihad Salafist terrorist, not Hamas. It says nothing about Hamas having fired rockets before that date.

      So that proves my point. Israel murdered a Hamas policeman for no reason.

      You lied when you says the rocket attack was led by a Hamas policeman.

    • and yet our major parties (Liberal-Country Coalition and Labor*) still have their tongues stuck firmly up Israel’s arse.

      But thankfully, the government isn't nearly as fuc#ed up as Washington.

      Abbot a Bishop were forced to run away with their takes between their legs and throw Brandis under the bus over the "disputed" territories gaffe.

      And then there was the resignation of Vic Alhadeff, the chief executive of the New South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies, as chairman of the N.S.W. Community Relations Commission after his claim that Israel was defending itself.

      This would've unheard of in Washington.

    • No more pRoR as that is a non-starter.

      It's not up to you Janet. Let's stick to the law, not just what Israel agrees to . After all, Iseael likely will not agree Tia over any withdrawal, giving up settlements, giving up East Jerusalem, or the Jordan Valley. It is because we 'be been limited by Israel's non starters that we are where we are today.

      So before we start getting anywhere, we need to ask how we are going to force Israel to comply with international law.

    • Why not take what we have and find accommodations?

      What accommodations do you have in mind? Open air prisons under siege and showers of white phosphorous?

    • I smell a rat.

      Rivers, Dermer and Oren are making Israel look so bad, I can 'to help wondering if they are double agents working for Hamas. Hamas could not have hoped for better press.

      Seriously, it 'a gotten to the point where they are opening their mouths to change feet.

      Maybe they can get cast in the sequel to Liar Liar.

    • Actually Janet,

      Let's start with the occupation, which gas nothing to so with Israel's existence , and perhaps we can get somewhere.

    • Hamas policeman led rocket attacks on Israel before the kidnap/murders of three Jewish boys.

      Hamas fires rockets for first time since 2012, Israeli officials say
      link to

      That article refers to Israeli attacks on Gaza on June 29. Therefore the only Hamas rocket attacks that preceded kidnap/murders of the three Jewish boys were on November 2012.

      Gaza rocket attacks on Israel that preceded the kidnap/murders of the three Jewish boys.

      None of which were from Hamas. What's more, Netanyahu declared that the bombing of June 29 was not spit rockets, but punishment for Hamas' alleged involvement in the kidnappings - now exposed as a lie.
      link to

      Note there is no mention of rockets.

      And here are the hundreds of attacks by Israel on Gaza that preceded the kidnap/murders of the three Jewish boys.
      link to

    • Arresting West Bank Hamas members pursuant to a criminal investigation into the kidnap/murder of three boys justifies shooting rockets a Israeli civilian targets?

      Stop lying.

      There was no criminal investigation. Demolishing homes is not part of any investigation.

      They already knew the boys weed dead and they already had their suspects, so none if these actions had anything to do with any investigation.

      Secondly, tickets from Hamas did not start being fired untilJune 30, the day after Israel bombed
      Gaza not because if rockets, but because according to Netenyahu, Hamas needed to be punished.

      Arrests justifies war crimes? Ha!

      Israel killed 12 Palestinians firing the siege. War crimes x12.

      <blockquote< BTW. The rocket attacks from Gaza began while the search for the boys was underway.

      False. There was no search under way. They knew the boys were dead. They even lied to the parents, thing then the gun shots in the distress call were blanks.

      And BTW. Israel bombed Gaza while the "search was under way" and before Hamas fired a single rocket.
      link to

      BTW. The two main suspects of the murder/kidnap were not Hamas.

    • That was hilarious BigC.

      One if the few things that has given me reason to laugh these past weeks.

  • PLO official Hanan Ashrawi: Israel's assault on Gaza is 'state terrorism' and should be referred to the International Criminal Court
    • Simple question: If Hamas stopped firing rockets, would that not obviate the need for Israel to retaliate in an effort to stop the rockets, with the unfortunate collateral damage?

      Simple answer: No. Israel have violated the ceasefires with Hana's in 2008, 2012 and 2014. So the claim that there is a need to retaliate is clearly bogus, seeing as Israel attacked Gaza before Hamas responded with rockets.

      It is Israel that gas driven this conduct. It is clear Netenyahu started this war based on lies, not because if any attack by Hamas, but because he wanted to break the unity agreement between Hamas and Fatah.

      Even you would have to now accept that Bibbi lied when he blamed Hamas for the kidnapping, he lied when he insisted they were still alive, and he lied that he had to punish Hamas for their disappearance.

      The fact is, Israel don’t want to stop it. In light of this, is it not a bit rich for the Israelis to claim self defense ?

    • Israels stance on the icc is for every charge initiated at the icc Israel will answer respectively with charges of its own.

      No it's not, because it would have to ratify the ICC convention before doing so. That means opening itself up to the jurisdiction of the ICC.

      Israel will never do that.

    • It's such a relief to see you back here Hostage. You're a treasure.

  • 'The unity is stronger than ever': Report from historic march on Qalandia checkpoint in solidarity with Gaza
    • It’s like the moment in a child abuse case where the victim finds the courage to break the mental bounds and go to the police.

      What's even more remarkable is that they are the first in the Arab world to do so

    • If Bibi and his warmongers think they are breaking up the unity government, I think they are going to be very disappointed. It looks like the Palestinian people are all united against one enemy.

      Very true. I think the Palestinians have finally woken up to all the divide and conquer dirty tricks the Israelis and Americans have been pulling on them for decades and they are wiser to it. They realize that the US and Israeli wants the Arab world divided. Israel has admitted that. A united Arab world is their biggest nightmare and it begins with a united Palestine.

    • This is not the end of Abu-Mazen but rather of his opposition, as Barghouti`s party and mainly Hamas supporters in the West-Bank.

      Wishful thinking. If there was ever any doubt Abbas was an Israeli contractor, there isn't now. The conduct of the PA can be seen by all and Abbas is finished.

      Heck of a job Bibbi.

      There is not going to be any new Intifada (as different from demonstrations) for the simple reason that there was already one and the way it ended ensures that it cannot be repeated

      Yes it can, and it will. Israel does not have the machinery to block it. They cannot fight 5 million Palestinians. They can't even handle Hamas. I know you are afraid of it Ivri, but Israel only have themselves to blame.

      Hamas were on their knees, and now they have made Abbas look like dead man walking. Like I said, Heck of a job Bibbi.

    • And then the Jordanians need to kick out Abdullah.

      And then the Egyptians need to find wherever they left their gonads and get rid of El Sisi.

  • Which crowded cities can you fire into?
    • Shingo. There is a difference between a combatant and a non-combatant.

      It's a bullshit propaganda distinction, much like the difference between terrorist and freedom fighter.

      You are less likely to put your foot in your mouth

      I see you're still working on it.

    • You need to get out more if you can’t figure out why Israel should not demilitarize.

      We all know NIAC. Without it's weapons, Israel would have to end the occupation, stop stealing land, give up settlements, and stop threatening it's neighbors - and we can't have that.

      And who's going to "mow the lawn".

      Try actually living in the country for longer than six months, spend your time learning the language (Arabic or English) they are both official languages.

      That way you can learn to chant death to Arabs in Hebrew and Arabic.

      Arabs generally hate Jews. The ‘ifs’ and ‘whys’ become irrelevant.

      Jews generally hate Nazis. The ‘ifs’ and ‘whys’ become irrelevant.

      Arabs can’t live in peace with other Arabs as the fracturing of countries in the Middle East indicate.

      I guess WWII demonstrated that Christians can’t live in peace with other Christians too.

      And according to Herzl, a Jewish state was needed because Jews can't live with Gentiles.

      As long as Israel has bigger and better bombs, a better military than its enemies and is prepared to use force is enough for me.

      Yes, you're a simple soul. Killing Arabs en mass is enough. You don't ask for much.

      I couldn’t give a hoot about the world or public opinion.

      So long as the world keeps showing Israel the money, the arms and the vetos at the UN.

      Of course , you'd wail like a banshee if that came to an end.

      The world are a bunch of hypocrites with double-standards when it comes to Israel.

      Could not agree more. What with the US repeating platitudes about Israel having the right to defend itself while refusing to give an answer on the question of Palestine having the same right. Driving Saddam out of Kuwait while allowing Israel to invade and occupy Palestine. Turning a blind eye to Israeli nukes while putting Iran under the thumb, who isn't even trying to make them.

      The only standard Israel is ever held to is the one the US reserves for itself - getting away with whatever it wants and with impunity.

    • The IDF headquarters address is PUBLICLY AVAILABLE! Only a real f*ckwit is gonna believe IDF headquarters ISN’T a military installation? Is there no iodine in Israeli salt?

      Even the "secret" facilities are no big secret. Israelis are such buffoons that they can't comprehend that others have intelligence gathering capabilities.

      They were shocked and kinda freaked out in 2006 when Hezbollah managed to strike a "secret" listening/coms facility in Northern Israel.

    • “Our hold on the area is tenuous, mostly illegal, actually, and the Arabs generally hate us. You’ll love it!”

      And most of all, you'll be completely safe from persecution.

    • Are you saying that given a choice between putting your military at risk and putting your civilian population at risk, you think it wise to place a military target adjacent to a clinic? I understand why you would not want to place your military in defined areas, but do you think it’s fair to your civilians to use them as protection and camouflage for your military?

      In which case Jon66, why would anyone who serves in the military ever go home to their families. Do they not place them in danger by doing so?

  • Controversial, illegal, and documented: Israeli military strategies in Gaza
    • It's you that is losing and lifting it DaBakar. The Palestinians are united, the world is turnng on Israel and even the US media is disgusted.

      I saw preliminary engineering stats on just how many tonnes (or lorries full) of cement would be required to build fortified tunnels up to 60′ deep and 2-3k long

      Yeah sure. The Isradlis have no intelligence on this stuff so they are only guessing. They are too scared to send ground tripod in because they will get slaughtered.

      Cowards as always.

  • 'Israel is wrong by any moral standard' -- Robinson says, as US media pile up
    • A double dilemma,

      After weeks of claiming Israelis were facing mortal danger from rockets, they realized their PR was working to well, leading to the unintended consequence that tourists stayed away. Hotels are empty and the tourism season is dead.

      That led to damage control. So they cles on Blumberg to fly to Tel Aviv and insist that Israel could not be safer and that he feels safer than in NYC.

      Talk about a messaging train wreck!!!

  • Hamas mimics Hezbollah tactics, and no one will have stability till blockade is lifted
    • Al-Jazeera TV that is in full pro-Gaza campaign mode is running at cross-purposes with the rest of the Gulf and it’s only a matter of time before Qatar gets punished for it

      Punished how exactly Walid? I know that Saudi Arabia pushed them aside in Egypt, but what did they do to actually punish Qatar?

      And isn't it ironic how El Sis conned the Egyptians into thinking he was getting rid of the Islamists from Egypt, but in fact, got into bed with the worst of them? We already know that the Saudis are the scum of the earth, but what a pathetic rabble Egypt has become.

    • No. If the rest of the Arab world were as sensible as Hezbollah, Syria would be nothing like it is today

    • Sorry Taxi,

      I didn't mean to pry.

      I have a close friend Marina Del Ray, so I spent a lot if time there. A great part of the world. I always breathed a sigh of relief when I returned back there from visits to the Hollywood area or the Valley.

      It's going to be surreal to be back home and watching the crap that passes for news , but I suppose you're still able to watch it from Lebanon.

      In the mean time, enjoy

    • He berated Arab leaders that he said were surely phoning Netanyahu non-stop to eliminate the Gaza resistance in the same way they were phoning Olmert to finish off Hizbullah back in 2006.

      I could not agree more. These self serving parasites need to be removed, including Abbas. Expose them for what they are and encourage the Arab people to rise up against them.

      Nasrallah said these monarchies have mortgaged their thrones for the welfare of the Zionists.

      Absolutely, including Cairo.

    • Hamas has launched a campaign to convince Palestinians who collaborate with Israel to turn themselves in, offering promises of impunity and financial rewards.

      Now that is a brilliant strategy. Win the loyalty of collaborators on two fronts and also project an image of being reasonable and compassionate.

    • Cool-headed Hizbollah, always keeping its eyes on the prize and not getting distracted by regional bitch-outs for even a second.

      If only the rest of the Arab world was that rational and sensible. Imagine what the place would look like today?

    • Los Angeles would be the absolute best city in the whole world if not for its several million zionists on botox swanning about the place.

      There's always Sydney ;-)

      What part of LA do you live in, may I ask. I love the place.

    • I’ll be sad to leave it this coming Autumn.

      Where will you be going next Taxi?

    • Hoodwinked maybe, but Sinai was having terrorists attacking Egyptian soldiers… one of the factors leading to Egyptian disgust with Morsi.

      Yes, there is great deal of suspicious surrounding those attacks, seeing as the culprits were never identified.

    • Egyptian society was fractured intentionally to ensure that the masses fight each other and leave the regime to save the nation from itself and for its masters in Waashington and Riyadh.

      Yes, the counter revolutionary coup has effectively given Egypt a collective lobotomy. During Mubarak and Morsi, we saw huge pro Palestinian demonstrations in the streets. Under El Sisi, they are a cowardly nation of gimps. A spectacular result for Israel and Saudi Arabia.

      It takes great skill to transform a society who in 2011 were chanting for the liberation of Jerusalem into a degenerate society that is completely submissive to the dictatorship and utterly feckless and disinterest in the plight of Gaza. They're to busy eating their own.

      What a disgrace!!

    • So in other words Ivri,

      You're hoping that the fact Syria is worse will keep the heat off Israel.

      How desperate you sound. Israel are learning the hard way there is no military solution to the Hamas problem.

    • How did Mehane out himself Seafoid?

  • Gaza massacre is generating ideological crisis in American Zionists
    • KSA and Egypt have well armed armies and are still client states (to a degree) of the UK and US.

      They might be well armed but their armies are only good for suppressing their own populations and keeping them on a right leash.

      They would likely fall apart faced with well armed and well organized opponents like ISIS. In fact, they face the added threat that many of their local populations who despise them, would join the ranks of ISIS against them.

    • Israeli women do Gaza strip for IDF

      Facebook campaign calls on individuals to shed their clothes in order to boost soldiers’ morale

      More genocidal porn.

      What about the poor LGBT members of the IDF? Don't they need a bit if morale boosting. Come on guys, get off your gear and be patriotic for your troops.

      And what about the transgenders? Where's your patriotism?

      And where's the life for the pedophiles? They must be getting blue balls over seeing all those children blown up without being able to defile them.

    • CAIRO, July 17 (Reuters) – Egypt’s foreign minister accused Qatar, Turkey and Hamas on Thursday of conspiring to undermine Cairo’s efforts to bring about a ceasefire between the Palestinian militant group and Israel in Gaza, Egypt’s state news agency reported.

      I wish ISIS would do the world a favor and leave Iraq and Syria alone and go after Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

    • CAIRO, July 17 (Reuters) – Egypt’s foreign minister accused Qatar, Turkey and Hamas on Thursday of conspiring to undermine Cairo’s efforts to bring about a ceasefire between the Palestinian militant group and Israel in Gaza, Egypt’s state news agency reported.

      I wish ISIS would do the world a favor and leave Iraq and Syria alone and go after Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

  • Avishai says we misrepresented his views
    • Yes, declaring that both sides are to blame is so original!

      I guess he deserves credit for not using the "it's complicated". I guess he'll probably save rher one for after the ceasefire, when Israel violates all the agreements under the ceasefire.

    • Yes another Hasbara coward who claims he could beat us in a fight if he really wanted. What a slimy, sleazy coward.

      I suspect he for a lot of heat from Phil's piece and got Goldstoned.

  • Israeli forces shell UN school where displaced Palestinians gathered, killing at least 9
    • And all he while the illiterate gimps south of the border who call themselves Egyptians remain silent and muted while their brothers are being slaughtered. What a pathetic society!!

      Not to worry, it's all the fault of the Ottomans.

    • But they certainly have the missiles that would force a long-term shutdown of Ben Gurion Airport.

      And Haifa refinery and the harbor

    • Did you just admit to bring a Satanist MY1? If this is Satanic blog, what other real could there be for your participation for the past year?

    • Yes it appears that this is the genocidal route Israel are taking. Heard civilians into a compound so you can kill more of turn with fewer bombs.

      It makes sense seeing as you can need houses

    • How does Alex jump to the conclusion that it was Israeli shelling, and not an errant Hamas rocket that did the damage?

      1. UN compounds are one of Israel's favorite targets
      2. The Israelis have hit multiple UN compounds already
      3. The UN says so
      4. Even you know it was Israel

  • 9 Reasons why Israel is under rocket attack 
    • But Israeli did not only engage in airstrikes prior to Hamas launching rockets in the end of June. Israel also killed numerous Palestinians, injured many more and arrested without charge many Palestinian in the West Bank under the excuse that it was searching for the 3 kidnapped Israeli youths.

      That's what's truly mind boggling about the media's attention deficit here. Israel even claimed that it had to bomb Hamas to punish them for their alleged involvement in the kidnapping of the Israeli youths, and everyone has completely forgotten that and swallowed the Israeli line that the bombings are to stop rockets.

      Even more pathetic is that few have dared to mention that Netenyahu cynically and cruelly lied to the Israeli public about the deaths of the 3 boys for 2 weeks. He lied to parents as well. He pretended that the siege on the West Bank was part fo a rescue operation to being back the boys safely. He used the hysteria and anger to justify the arrest fo 500 Palestinians, the demolition of dozens of homes, the murder of 12 Palestinians and hundreds of night raids into homes, even though they knew the 2 suspects.

    • Firing rockets into civilian areas is not armed resistance. It’s terrorism.

      Dropping bombs on civilian areas is not self defense. It’s state terrorism.

    • Israel absorbed 3 days of rocket fire without responding. They implored Hamas to stop firing rockets for 3 days.

      That's rubbish.

      I take it you are referring to Cast Lead? Because it is a fact that Hamas have not fired any rockets between November 2012 and June 29, 2014. This was admitted in Israel.
      Hamas fires rockets for first time since 2012, Israeli officials say
      link to

      Not only that, but Israel's excuse for bombing Gaza on the 29th of June was not about rockets, it was to punish Hamas for what they insist was Hamas responsibility for the kidnap of the 3 youths.
      In 2008. Israel attacked Gaza, and killed Palestinians. They chose the day of the US presidential elections to keep their violation off the news cycle.

      It violated an existing ceasefire that it admits Hamas were sticking to. Having done so, they had no moral or legal authority to ask Hams to stop.

      Hamas’ response was an increase in the rockets. At that point Israel responded.

      False. Hamas called for a return to the truce. Israel acknowledged that they had received this request, but rejected it. Cast Lead had been in he world for 6 months and they were determined to carry it out.

      Now if Israel wanted to not be on the receiving end of rocket fire, they could have stuck to the ceasefire, but as a Wikileaks memo reveals, they didn't want that. The ceasefire as going too well and making Hamas look good. What's more, is that the ceasefire was set to expire, and the renewal of it would have meant negotiating new demands from Hamas to lift the blockade. Note that Israel had agreed to do so under the July 2008 agreement but never abided by that agreement.

      What Israel wanted to avoid was to be seen rejecting the continuation of a successful ceasefire, so they had to sabotage it and make it look like it was impossible.

      But if Israel means one thing, it means that Jews will not allow themselves to be slaughtered lying down again.

      THis is absurd. Israel have their boot on the foot of the Palestinians in the OTs. For them, lying down amounts to lifting their foot off for a few seconds so that Palestinians can gulp some air before putting on the squeeze.

      So at this point Israel responded, making it clear that the bloodshed would come to an immediate halt if and when Hamas stopped the rocketing.

      That;s demonstrably false. Early December, Hamas called for a return to the ceasefire and ISrael rejected it.

      Apparently it is Israel that WANTS the bloodshed to continue, because after all, the blood ain't there's so what's the problem? Bibbi knows that his approval rating goes up with more dead Palestinians and dead Palestinians is what the ISraeli public wants.

      Hamas has turned down 2 ceasefire requests from those well known Zionist supporters the Egyptians and the Turks.

      As a matte of fact they are. El Sisi is extremely hostile to Hamas and the MB. He was praised as a hero in Israel for the coup he launched against Morsi. The ceasefire offered worse than the status quo. It demanded Hamas cease all hostilities while allowing Israel wiggle room to bomb Gaza if it wanted.

      But if Israel means one thing, it means that Jews will not allow themselves to be slaughtered lying down again.

      Oh give me a fuckign break. The hilarious thing about the cancellation of international flights to Ben Gurion airport is how Israelis are flip flopping about the threat of rockets from Gaza. Up until a week ago, Israeli propagandists howling like Banshees about the daily threats and trauma of rocket attacks and how their lives were a living hell. Then when tourism dried up and the planes were cancelled, they went into a panic over tourism dying in the ass. Now they are rolling out a desperate PR campaign to pretend that life in Israel is not only normal but safer than it is in America.
      Watch Bloomberg doing the hard sell.
      link to

      How pathetic!!

    • If Palestinians stopped firing the rockets, would that not eliminate the need for the Israelis to retaliate in stopping the rocket fire?

      Of course, but it would not stop Israel bombing Gaza for any other number of reasons they usually come up with to violate ceasefires anyway.

      Remember, that Israel violated the ceasefires in 2008, 2012 and 2014, and in every case they did so when Hamas were not firing any rockets and were going to great lengths to stop militants doing so.

      So any honest person would have to answer that it would not stop Israel mowing the lawn every few years.

      In other words, it is ISrael that is clearly and unequivocally driving the conflict, especially given that their own documents show the blockade is not about rockets or security.
      Israeli document: Gaza blockade isn't about security
      link to

      Israeli leaders don’t care about their people at all, they want them to be killed, particularly the women and children, whose lifeless bodies make wonderful photo ops. Place the blame where it belongs and do not engage in obfuscation, justification for terror, or PC platitudes: Israel.

    • 10. Israel broke the ceasefire as they did in 2012 and 2008.

  • Palestinians build tunnel to attack Israeli kindergarten, Netanyahu says
    • Do you think they can’t control the settlers, or won’t control the settlers?


    • There is a history of terrorist attacks aimed at schools.

      Very recent history in fact, by Israel over the last 2 weeks as well as Cast Lead.

      We do know that Israel has and does targeted civilians, students, children women etc.

      Isael has also made of habit of bombing civilian vehicles. In fact, during the 2006 Lebanon war, they warned residents to leave their homes because they were going to be bombed, them bombed the residents cars and busses as they fled.

    • You 're not mowing about people dying Jon , you re moaning about a broken fingernail. Of course, we all know a Jewish fingernail is worth more than the life if a Palestinian right?

    • Hamas controls Gaza. If they did not wish others to have projectiles they could stop them.

      Israel controls most of the West Bank yet they can't control
      the settlers and stop them attacking Palestinians or even IDF.

      There are more that twice as many people in Gaza, yet they are expected to have 100% control? What hypocrisy!!!

  • 'Slate' blames Birthright for indoctrinating American Jew who was killed fighting for Israel
    • See my other reply to you in the same subject.

      I have. Again the poor schmucks who are forced to serve under Israeli laws are being sacrificed for Netanyahu’s political ambitions. ISrael are not defending themselves, they started the war.

      Nonsense. I always provide sources like articles and videos. Check my profile before you write wrong information.

      No, very few and the links are from pitiful sources.

    • One of the bizarre comments I read in MW and I wonder why no one asks you for “source”.

      That's almost too funny coming from someone who refuses to provided sources as a matter of principal.

      This high number of dead and injured soldiers shows that we are ready to die to defend our homeland and families, no matter your sophisticated analyses.

      No it doesn't, it shows that poor schmucks who are forced to serve under Israeli laws are being sacrificed for Netanyahu's political ambitions. ISrael are not defending themselves, they started the war.

  • US plays decisive role in Israel's attack on Gaza
    • Both Clintons are mouthing hasbara now. God only knows what they say about Israel between themselves.

      Especially not that a book has come out that claims Israel tapped White House phones, and blackmailed Clinton with recordings of his dirty talk with Monica

      link to

    • This is about global alliances in hard times and many uncertainties so what is safe and reliable, as the tie with Israel, is cherished.

      On the contrary. If it were cherished, the corrupt tyrants in the region who have become allies with Israel wouldn't be so ashamed to admit it. The fact is that Israel finds itself allied with the more criminal and vile regimes in the world.

  • The deafening silence around the Hamas proposal for a 10-year truce
    • There were hundreds of attacks prior to June.

      And there were more by Israel prior to June. The important thing is that Israel's bombing of Gaza on the 29th was not justified on the basis of rockets, but to punish Hamas for the disappearance of the 3 boys.

      Israel has no particular reason to make it bad given a friendly population.

      They already explained it to us thanks to Dov Weisglass. They want to warehouse Palestinians in Gaza. How friendly they are is not of any concern to Israel.

      I just don’t find the contrary opinion plausible

      Again irrelevant what you find plausible.

      One can examine the treatment of the West Bank Palestinians vs. the Gaza Palestinians and see a direct correlation between the degree of trouble each is causing and the degree of collective punishment.

      One is controlled by Washington and tel Aviv the other is not. The PA are nothing more than contractors for Israeli security but Israel are replicating in the WB what we are seeing in Gaza.

    • Who cares? It was by groups on territory Hamas controls.

      Because Israel is blaming Hamas for the rockets and accusing Hamas of firing them. They don’t say we hold Hamas responsible for the rockets they are not able to stop. They are accusing Hamas of being behind the attacks.

      Israel is clearly aggressive towards them at all times. However that’s an escalation and is likely to be met by even more force.

      Escalation from what? A status quo where Israel kills them on a nearly daily basis, steals their land and expels them? You’re suggesting they should be happy with that and not to other the Israelis?
      But there is much more than substantial discrimination taking place against Palestinians.

      No there isn’t.

      Yes there is. Israel isn’t only discrimination against Palestinians, it’s abusing them, humiliating them, taking their property and murdering them

      Moreover the discrimination against the Palestinians has escalated as the “resistance” has escalated.

      That’s false too. Between 1948adn1967, Israel imposed martial law on Palestinian citizens of Israel. It’s racial. It’s ethnic discrimination and religious intolerance.

      Race is an intrinsic characteristic. Ethnicity is to a lesser extent changeable and religion is absolutely changeable. That’s a dumb umbrella and one I don’t agree to./blockquote>

      What you agree to is of no relevance. Interfacial law defines racism as encompassing all of these forms of discrimination so suck it up.

      The laws of Israel don’t recognize a formal Israeli nationality, which is a very different thing than it not existing.

      If it’s not recognized by the state and the courts, then it does not exist. The Israeli supreme court does indeed reserve the right to define the definition of the Jewish State.

      Those Palestinians who are looking to be part of Israel (most of the Israeli Arabs for example) who look to change those sorts of bad laws have always had my full support.

      Too bad that Israel doesn’t agree with you.

    • The public in Europe which gets rather anti-Israeli news is essentially split. link to

      What are you smoking? With the exception of Germany, where criticising Israel is partially illegal, the rest of Europe is staunchly opposed to Israel and pro Palestinian. Based on those numbers, sanctions would be a no brainer if leaders simply abided by sentiments of the public.

      The reason Europe doesn’t sanction Israel is not because of the US veto (which they don’t need to impose sanctions) but because they don’t want to.

      Wrong. The public isn’t swayed by whether the US would veto it. If anything, it probably makes them more militant.

      Quite true. The UN is an enemy of Israel’s.

      What an infantile statement. Is the UN the enemy of Iran and Russia too?

    • There are hundreds of NBC producers who are after all journalists and if one includes syndicated shows more. I’m friends with several and they haven’t heard anything about this directive.

      Yeah sure JeffB, whatever you say. It's not like you're a liar or deceitful in any way.

      Assuming that Blumenthal isn’t just just fabricating the whole thing one is telling this story. That one is probably a BDSer with an active imagination. .

      That’s rich coming from a supporter and apologist for genocide
      Meanwhile Chris Hayes is a guy with a long history of being critical of Israel who has the 8:00 pm slot and was able to discuss the issue several times.

      He told Rula Jebreal she was being disciplined by the staff because she had something factually false about Andrea Mitchell during her rant. In other words being protective of their own.

      That’s not what he said at all. He said he agreed with Jebreal but was loathed to criticise Mitchell because of her reputation as a reporter. But he did not refute what Jebreal said.

      So why are were to believe someone who can’t even given an honest assessment of a video clip we all watched?

    • I sure that most readers here, even the anti-Israeli readers, think it is strange argument.

      I am pretty sure they don't and that it's your arguments they find strange and repulsive

      It seems to me that you are desperate and invent explanations for any situation since it is hard to you to condemn any act of Hamas.

      That's hilarious coming from an uneducated potato farmer who makes up international law

    • They should become part of Israel, join Israeli society as full members.

      What the hell are you smoking?

      The population of Gaza and the WB are largely refugees who were expelled, not because of their lack of loyalty, but because they were not Jews. They were prevented from returning becsuse they were not Jews.

      How in the world are they supposed to just become part of Israeli society when Israel would never want them to be?

      Israel treats the Egyptians much better today and they did in the 1950s and 60s because it had them under their thumb and they are no concern to Israel. So long as Egypt shuts up, takes care of their southern border and doesn't build up it's military too much, Israel is happy. When Mubarak was overthrown, Israel freaked out at the thought of democracy taking root in Egypt.

      Egypt's population and the government has not changed their mind regarding how to relate to Israel. They are simply too impoverished to think about Israel.

      Israel treated the West Bank Palestinians much better in the 1970s when they were cooperative than they did after the 1st intifada, much better after the 1st intifada than after the 2nd.

      That's because ISrael has been tightening the screws continuously since then. But Israel's attitude towards the Palestinians has always remains the same. They wanted Palestinian land without the Palestinians.

      You're simply trying to make genocide sound palatable.

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