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  • Alterman says BDS is helping Netanyahu
    • The Israeli government decided nothing.

      The (settlers/pioneers) forced the issue. Israel did not bet on YESHA. YESHA bet on the government (to do nothing).

      Wrong. Since 1937, the plan has always been to take all of Palestine and settle there. Menachem Begin insisted the partition plan was illegal and Ben Gurion said no Jew can forgo the claim to Jewish land in all of Palestine.

      Notice the word, “temporarily.”

      Notice how the Israeli Supreme Court refers to the occupation as temporary, even while the Israeli government finances and subsidizes settlements in the occupied territories?

      The Gaza withdrawal only involved about 8,000 Jews, and the country of Israel nearly had a mental collapse over it.

      No they didn't. Sharon and co made sure that it looked like a heartbreak for Israel for the cameras, calling it another Shoah, so as to make it look sufficiently painful that they would not be expected to leave the West Bank.

      The Israeli government is a settler party.

    • he has 300 nukes, and is in Samson option mode. She will not budge.

      Who are they going to fire those nukes at? The Palestinians? Are you suggesting Israel is suicidal?

      1) I do think Israel has a claim to all of Judea and Samaria …. but …

      How can you possibly make that claim when international law says otherwise?

      I wish rich Jews would pay the Arabs to leave.

      What do you mean by paying the Arabs to leave? Does that mean giving them a brown paper bag filled with money and then forcing them on to buses and driving them form their land?

      Do you think they will leave if they get paid?

      Does it not make much more sense to pay Jews to return to the US and Russia?

      The Arabs are just as nutty. They deny the existence of the Jewish Temple and call it a myth.

      What's nutty about it? There is no Jewish Temple. It once existed and no longer does. They can't even find remains of it.

  • Alleged K.C. killer: 'If Jews can have a state of their own, why can't we have a White Christian state?'
    • That incidents like these would be ten times as frequent without the existence of Israel.

      Yes do tell DaBakr. What magical powers does Israel bestow that prevents more such attacks taking place 6,739 miles away?

    • Isn't amazing how this guy was a Christian, yet these pro Israeli propagandists want to blame the Palestinians?

    • I wonder if Fox News will call him a terrorist even though he's not a Muslum.

    • Hey Hop,

      Right after you talk about Zander's Breivik and how he admired Israel and Jews.

  • Simon Schama's Israel whitewash
    • They just created a Jewish Homeland you blathering drama queen

      On someone else's homeless you blithering racist supremacist.

      But the Jews have been around longer than any of the current religions, and are therefore likeliest to prevail in this case as well.

      The Jewish faith will prevail yes, Israel, not likely.

      Seen any Hittites or Edomites at the bar lately?

      Seen any Hebrews or Isralites?

    • Common is definitely the word for you.

      Decency is definitely an attribute beyond your comprehension.

    • please cite sources where Zionist leaders specifically claim they want to “destroy the Arabs” and “rid ALL of the Arabs from the new Israel” and “wipe the Arabs off the face of the earth” and so on since you all are constantly making rferences to Hitlers war.

      "We must expel Arabs and take their places.”
      – David Ben Gurion, 1937, Ben Gurion and the Palestine Arabs, Oxford University Press, 1985.

      That was not an interim war strategy, that is what Avigdor Liberman even wants to do with the Arab citizens of Israel today.

      “We must use terror, assassination, intimidation, land confiscation, and the cutting of all social services to rid the Galilee of its Arab population.”
      – David Ben-Gurion, May 1948, to the General Staff. From Ben-Gurion, A Biography, by Michael Ben-Zohar, Delacorte, New York 1978.

      “Israel should have exploited the repression of the demonstrations in China, when world attention focused on that country, to carry out mass expulsions among the Arabs of the territories.”
      – Benyamin Netanyahu, then Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister, former Prime Minister of Israel, speaking to students at Bar Ilan University, from the Israeli journal Hotam, November 24, 1989.

      There's much more where that came from.

      or denying that these were carried out as part of an overall plan to secure borders of the new state.

      What borders might you be referring to?

    • and continue to do the worst job of so-called ‘annihilation’ the world has never witnessed

      There is no Palestinian state so it's a pretty good job.

    • If the treatment of 1st nations were somehow able to be linked to Jews believe me-you and your compatriots would be doing a lot more then excusing their treatment as “What happened in the past, and out of our control, ” when it was only a mere 60-80 years before the creation of Israel.

      The fact is that Israel was created AFTER WWII, which was a war which mainly established the principals of human rights, and rejection of conquest of territory by war. So the fact Israel was create only 100 years after the last abuses against indigenous populations is irrelevant.

      The US HAS erected a barrier on its southern border to keep out illegals while fully embracing the legal population of Hispanic Americans (as well-if your making non-comparisons between I/US)

      That’s right, the US HAS erected a barrier on it’s border, not in Mexico.

      I could go on and on about the hypocrisy of Israel insisting that it be given a pass because it is only doing what other states did 200 years ago, even though Israel’s raision d’etre is that it is needed to right wrongs of the past.

      given to a number of Arab neighbors of Israel too, which in total-far exceed the 3b given to Is.

      Actually that is false. Not only does aid to Arab neighbors of Israel NOT exceed the 3b given to Israel, but much of it is given to bribe Arab neighbors of Israel into being nice to Israel.

      That Palestinians were offered a FAR greater % of the land then the 1st nations now have possession of ala ‘reservation system’ and on and on.

      The land was theirs, it wasn’t anyone else’s to offer them.

      Please name me any nation in history-ever-that has willingly agreed to give up sovereignty-won through over 60yrs of war-to give their avowed enemy a treaty which grants them the ability and advantage to continue fighting if they so choose for complete sovereignty over the entire piece of land?

      But that is not what ha taken place. Israel sovereignty took place in May 1948. What took place after that was a land grab by aggression on Israel’s part. Of course, they always claimed it was self defence, but so did Nazi Germany.

      Final status between ‘the Zionist Entity and the affiliated Palestinian leadership will be one of those things that happens when both sides are so worn down, so tired out that they just don’t care.

      That may well be true. Israel will likely self destruct. The educated class are leaving and no one is migrating to Israel anymore. That will leave only the religious nut jobs and poor behind.

      BTW. The blockade of Gaza in ILLEGAL.

    • My apologies. Iphone auto correct sorry.

    • Sean, no Jew emotionally wants to go there, because to do so would necessitate being “disloyal to the tribe.”

      What shocked me about that trailer was how Schama has turned this supposedly historical series into his own personal pilgrimage and clearly lost all sense of objectivity. I doubt he is even aware of his tribalism, while at the same time, proclaiming it. Who else than a messianic halfwit claims they are a descendent of a king who probably never existed.

      The phenomenon we are witnessing is much like the implosion of Rudoren, who came to Jerusalem looking like she might be brat of fresh of air, but has since devolved into a Likudnik.

    • so-on the one hand the author cites Schama as a “brilliant..historian” and then later claims his history of the 1967 war has “long been discredited with serious historians”.

      There is no contradiction. What Slater has pointed out is that Schama has sold out and put tribalism before professional integrity.

      First I would say that is not an accurate reflection of what “serious historians” are claiming as only a very particular few discount the basic unfolding of the facts surrounding the 67 war

      You can say what you want, but you'd be wrong. -

      There were millions of people around who LIVED the build up to the Iraq war in 2003 who were indeed bamboozled by a grand conspiracy of lies. There was no mysterious reason.

      As if there weren’t 100s of Arab, Israeli Euro and US newspaper accounts to read about as the events unfolded.

      As if there weren’t 100s of US newspaper accounts to read about as the events unfolded in 2003 in the lead up to the Iraq war.

      That Nasser didn’t say what he said and Jordan wasn’t asked to stay out. uh-huh.

      That's a bit like saying that because Badghdad Bob was talking tough, Iraq posed a threat to the US/British coalition in 2003.

      I would simply state that there is not one single narrative element to the creation of and continued thriving of the State of Israel that is not now-by pro Palesitinian and anti-Zionist scholars-disputed.

      And there is no one one single narrative element to the creation of and continued thriving of the State of Israel that is not now-by pro Zionist, that is not now-by anti-Zionist scholars-disputed.

      Your point or are you just here to ramble and troll?

    • Try late 1870s buster.

      There was no genocide in the 1870s buster and even then, the spread is 140 years seeing as Israel continues those practices to this day.

      While the Israelis NEVER set out to destroy Arabs and their culture

      Of course they did, they wanted the Arabs and their culture removed from Palestine.

      Plus-at the time the world did not differentiate between Arab culture in lebanon, Jordan and Syria from Arabs living in the Mandate.

      That's as moronic as saying the world did not differentiate between European culture in Iraly, Speain, France and Greece from Europeans living in the elsewhere.

    • The US was not formed with the consent of the indigenous peoples, and neither was Australia.

      Big difference Hasbrat.

      1. The US and Australia stopped doing it centuries ago, admit it was a crime, admit they did it, have apologists and tried to make repetitions and recognize these people as the original owners of the land.
      2. Those naïveté peoples are full citizens of the state and not 3rd class citizens denied right of return
      3. Israel continues to do perpetrate those crimes today, which makes it the problem.

  • 6 DC heavyweights tell Kerry, Netanyahu in West Bank is like Putin in Crimea
    • But this testimony was kept out of the 9/11 Commission Report and no recommendation was given to address the main motive for the 9/11 attacks.

      Was it kept out of the report or only out of the declassified version?

    • Yes I’ve been saying for months the process of nation formation is the same for all people through all time.

      False. Just look at East Timor.

    • The overthrow of the president of Ukraine was not likely to “weaken” Russia.

      Of course it would.

      1. The new regime is ardently anti Russian. Tymoshenko vowed to tear up all treaties and remove the base in Crimea
      2. The plan was to include Ukraine into NATO, which would place hostile military bases on Russia's border.
      3. Multinationals want to acquire Ukraine's fertile farmlands for agricultural exports. That would enrich a handful of oligarch and do nothing for the economy.
      4. The IMF imposed austerity measures are going to crush what remains of Ukraine's economy

    • The Russians moved into Ukraine by Stalin want to be part of Russia. The Israelis moved into the WestBank by Israel want to be part of Israel. Yes it is very equivalent

      So you are comparing Israeli leaders to Stalin?

    • Many regarded the Nazi leadership as “intelligent”

      Many regarded the Israeli leadership as “intelligent”, which apparently means they are Nazis according to Gilad.

  • Aussie media focus on Carr's assertion that Israel lobby had 'direct line' into Prime Minister's office
    • If you happen to hurt a few Jews in the process of fighting for your precious Palestinian cause then that is of no concern.

      Zionists saw no problem with hurting hundreds of thousands of Palestinians to create Israel. Of course, no Jews would be hurt by forcing Israel to comply with international law.

      A leaked email reveals what he said:
      “Paul has had a repeated pattern of blind bias toward Israel. His appointment would not at all help the -engagement effort between the ALP and the wider Muslim community.

      There is not one iota of anti Semitism in that statement. A blind bias toward Israel, which is usually Islamophobic, would indeed be destructive to the engagement effort between the ALP and the wider Muslim community.

      Nor there any suggestion of corruption or nefarious influence. Mind you, if you find this despicable in our country, you evidently must be equally disgusted with Jewish communities marshalling their community.

      Againm what Jews have contributed for the well-being of Australia is irrelevant to the debate and does not grant them more rights than any other Australians in influencing foreign policy.

      You're racism and supremacy is very un Australian.

    • Like Israel – and Nazi Germany – not all Australians have equal rights, and the plight of the indigenous communities is a national and international disgrace.

      I agree that the plight of the indigenous communities is a national and international disgrace and source of shame, but that is not to say aborigines do not have the same rights (and more deservedly) than any other Australians.

      The issue of the indigenous communities is a problem that is very difficult to fix. Throwing money at the problem without rehabilitation and hands on assistance has
      not worked, but the intervention violated the dignity of these people.

    • Shorter Shingo: Australia is a great country.

      That's a matter of opinion, but the social attitudes here are less tolerant of elitism and less prone to hero worship. Russel Crowe complained that it was something he disliked about Australia - that it doesn't revere it's leaders enough.

    • Yes Lysias,

      I heard reports that Rudd's denunciation of Israel's actions against the Mavi Marmara started the ball rolling.

    • But I’m stunned that Carr has been able to blow a bridge that Jimmy Carter, James Baker, Colin Powell, Paul Findley and Walt and Mearsheimer could not blow: the mainstream bar on talking about this stuff.

      While I too am a little surprise Phil, it's not that big a shock. The social and political culture in Australia isn't like the US. There has always been a healthy contempt and cynicism for those in power. That makes it much more difficult for the ruling class to frame the debate or act as gatekeepers.

      As a consequence, the Israeli lobby has to be far more subtle and keep a far lower profile here than AIPAC's vulgar displays. In fact, I was not even aware of obvious Zionist organizations until I went to the gym the other day and saw a water bottle someone had left behind with a Zionist organization label on it.

      Israel is not sacrosanct here, and I believe that it's approval is in the negative digits. Bear in mind that Miko Peled was also invited to Canberra to address a conference with politician from both sides and given a very warm welcome.

      Also, don't forget that the ABC recently produced that superb document earth, Stone Cold Justice.

  • State Dep't tries to clean up Kerry's 'Poof'
    • The USA doesn’t protect the settlement enterprise. They just prevent the Security Council from making threats they can’t back.

      Wow, that has to be the most creative Hasbara I have heard in a while.

      First of all, the US does indeed protect the settlement enterprise. They allow charities to operate in the US that directly fund the settlements.

      Secondly, UN resolutions are not threats, they are condemnations. There have never been resolutions tabled tithe eaten Israel. Of course, if they we're to impose resolutions imposing punitive measures, they could indeed hurt Israel.

      Once a SC power comes forward with a credible claim of being willing to war for Palestine then Article 7 becomes more meaningful.

      Why only war? Would UN sanctions that cripple Israel's economy not suffice?

      For now it would just further erode the credibility of the Security Council.

      It's heartening to know you have such concerns for the credibility of the UNSC.

  • 66 years ago today 42 members of my family were slaughtered in Deir Yassin
    • And will the Arabs ever admit there were Arab combatants and soldiers in Dier Y that were firing on the Jewish fighters, killing several, and putting a slightly different spin on this supposedly totally unprovoked attack?

      Isn't that exercising the right to defend themselves against an act of murderous aggression?

    • Yes, apparently Israeli supporters must believe that those killed during the Warsaw Ghetto uprising deserve what they got .

  • Australia opposed Palestinian UN bid because foreign policy was 'subcontracted to Jewish donors' -- report
    • Aha. Israel using the Jewish fifth column to sway Australia from its staunch support of Palestine’s accession through the “through treacherous means, control, and dishonest machinations” of Jewish money

      That's pretty much it. Just as the case with Adelson, some wealthy donors are doing Israel no favors.

    • Good summary Roha,

      Except you left out Rudd's denunciation of Israel's actions against the Gaza flotilla.

    • How much would it cost to change that and make it legal like in America?

      Probably a lot.

      The political system in Australia is flawed and corrupt as any other, but campaign contributions are strictly regulated.

      Still, the idea that politicians could be bought off the wag they are in the US is utterly repugnant to the Australian public. In fact the entire US political system is looked upon as a cesspool of hypocrisy and big money in Oz

    • It's not just direct control and influence either Kay. You can rest assured that on the foreign policy level, they would also be getting leaned in by Washington throw the line.

    • Danby is an Abe Foxman wannabe - always policing the airwaves for criticism of Israel. When Miko Peled cane to Australia, he was invited to give a speech in Canberra to an audience of politicians. He recalled how Danby remained silent and wouldn't look him in the eye.

      As for Julia Gillard, she stabbed Rudd in the back and I am quite certain the she called in the Australian Jewish lobby.

      Some theories suggest Rudd was targetted partly because he was a harsh critic of Israel's attack on the Mavi Marmara. I don 'to know his true that us but he was enjoying very high approval ratings and then the press's and his own party turned on him, then overthrew him.

      Gillard is also very right with the lobby here.

    • Hey Red,

      It's no coincidence that the Telegraph ran a front page story attacking Care today for some trite comments he allegedly made about the inadequacies of business class travel. No mention is made about this story, but the timing is all too obvious.

    • Jews contribute an extraordinary disproportionate amount to Australian society and are currently involved in the front line of a significant national debate about mooted changes to the Racial Discrimination Act. They are perfectly entitled to exploit their position to express their views.

      No they are not. That's called corruption in Australia.

      It doesn't matter how much success they have achieved. To exert more influence than any other Australian citizen is antithetical to democracy and a violation of the principal of one man/one vote.

      Buying politicians is a crime inAustralia.

      What about focussing on a lobby that does wield real inordinate power selfishly like the Organisation of Islamic Countries in the United Nations that has turned the UN into a complete joke?

      The Organisation of Islamic Countries wields very little power. They are not even bit enough to secure a majority. If they wielded an inordinate amount of power, there would be far fewer vet is from the USA.

    • The fact is that this brand of rhetoric is what Romney was campaigning on in 2012. Funny how it wasn't anti Semitic then Hop.

  • 'NYT' self-censors, axing headline blaming Israeli settlements
    • It's also funny how on one hand the NYT is trying to spin this as Kerry blaming both sides, yet Aaron David Miller is criticizing Kerry for making statements harmful to the peace process.

      Why would criticizing both sides be harmful?

      Hasbara fail!

    • This is why I laugh at those who criticize dates like Russia for having state controlled news papers.

    • They couldn't change the address without taking down the page altogether or redirecting it.

  • Zionism has distorted American Jewish life
    • Shingo, puppies made a derisive remark about my scientific background, not my background in genetics.

      Fair enough.

      Furthermore, that graph lends credence to my assertion that Ashkenazi Jews are closely related to Sephardic/Mizrahi Jews.

      But the subsequent conclusion is that this is not a correlation only shared by Ashkenazi Jews and Sephardic/Mizrahi Jews

      RoHa, most Jews regard ourselves as a people/nation, much as many Italian-Americans regard themselves as ethnically Italian and express pride in their ethnic/cultural heritage.

      They are of course, entitled to believe what they want, no matter how absurd.

      For example, Italian-American figure skater Marissa Castelli can say “I am 100-percent Italian and proud” without having her loyalty to the US questioned.

      Does she also say that America is not her home and that Italy is her homeland?

      I hope that neither Italian-Australians nor Jewish Australians are banned from being MPs in the Australian Parliament

      I am confident that will never happen. Were it to happen, I'd be fighting it and failing that, I will be moving to another country.

    • I have an MS in physics from MIT.

      So how is that going to help you with regards to genetics?

      see figure on p. 6772

      The summary below sugegsts that the connection you are having your hat on is somewhat irrelevant given that the various chromosome haplotypes were common in non Jews throughout a vast area.

    • I think the Jews are rightfully done waiting.

      In other words, Jews have abandoned their faith and turned to idolatry.

      And David Ben-Gurion accomplished that.

      But he didn't and never even claimed to. Ben-Gurion said many times that Israel would not be the solution to the Jewish problem.

      I expect by 2164 there will be a temple there.

      I expect there won't be any Israel by 2164.

      I like the direction Judaism is moving in and the Jewish people are moving in.

      Which Jewish people and what do you mean by Judaism?

    • That’s pretty much how every single state in today’s world arose.

      What was before all of these crimes were declared war crimes and a violation of international law, crimes against humanity and a violation of the UN Charter.

    • Destruction of the Jewish Temples in Jerusalem and the wholesale slaughter of Jews 2000 years ago. The slaughter of Jews in Arabia by Mohammad. The Crusades. The Spanish Inquisition. The Pogroms in Russia. The Holocaust.

      What that tells us is that Jews were one of many people's that suffered through tribulations but were able to survive, while others perished.

      And the continued one sided attacks by the UN that perpetrate violence and stir up hatred that help institutionalize antisemitism.

      NO such thing.

      How many UN resolutions have been passed criticizing Arab countries?

      Enough to have them bombed, invaded, and occupied. When has the UN ever authorized a no fly zone over Israel or intervention by peace keepers?

    • The great Jewish wish for many centuries was for a messiah who would gather the exiles back to Zion. That’s happened. It has been fulfilled, the fulfillment is Israel. Judaism cannot exist in the form it did prior to those events. The Holocaust was our crucifixion and Israel our resurrection.

      A perfect example of how Zionism has distorted and corrupted Judaism. As Brownfield explain, this is text book idolatry, where Zionist Jews gave gone from worshiping God to worshiping a piece of land.

  • Because Rep. Jones voted 'present' on Israel aid, lobby group runs attack ad with burning flag
    • That's amazing American. Inspirational.

      Now if we could find a way to run adds on TV to respond to every ECI add attacking politicians who don't put Israel first.

    • How I wish someone would run an attack add against ECI.

      Just imagine the material that could be used against them? How they were the war criminals who lied is into war and tried to lie us into a war with Iean. How they are all chickenhawks who never served but are only too happy to send Americans off to die for Israel.

      And then ending with the call for Congress to investigate their source of funding.

  • Friedman says Iran's friends include BDS and Jews in Open Hillel movement
    • Iran is sort of last on their list of threats neighborhood threats.

      You left out Hezbollah who kicked Israel's ass TWICE.

      I completely get why Israel hates Iran

      And why is that? Because they are more relevant to US interests than Israel and Israel is jealous?

    • That’s part of the point. It is a question of whether America’s foreign policy should be primarily directed at USA interests or at broader human rights concerns.

      Either way Israel loses, as it is becoming clear that Washington is strongly re-evaluating if Israel serves USA interests.

      BDS implies a full break with Israel as an ally and deliberately creating a hostile relationship.

      That's entirely up to Israel. There is no reason why it should, but the right wing in Israel is showing increasing comtempt for the US and US representatives like Kerry. Twice in the last few months we have seen the State Department and White House condemning Israeli statements and demanding apologies - that has never happened.

      Finally of course there is the general “war of civilization” framework that starts to pick up as you move right. Where Israel is seen as “on our side” and the Palestinians are seen as on the other side.

      Is is that group that is becoming a smaller and insignificant fringe.

    • There has always been a radical fringe of Jews who were against Israel and in times past it was quite a bit larger.

      It's not only growing, but it's not radical either, so much as the silent majority who have been silenced by fear of being ostracised until now.

      most liberal Jews are repulsed by anti-Israeli rhetoric and end up pulling away from progressive movements that employ such rhetoric.

      That's called tribalism. As many Jews have admitted or predicted, when asked to chose between Zionism and liberal values, many Jews will chose Zionism. It has nothing to do with being repulsed by anti-Israeli rhetoric, so much as resorting to ghetto tribal behaviour when confronted with criticism they cannot bear to confront.

      So yes, it's only a matter of time American Liberalism turns anti-Israel as we are seeing with liberalism in every other country.

      I think Israel is a long way from pariah status.

      On the contrary, Israel is a long way down the path of pariah status. Tzipi Livni admitted as much 2 years ago. After all, the only country in which the Israel enjoys popular approval is the US and it's falling like a stone.

      BDS is clearly on track to flip a solid majority of them by 2020, if not sooner.

  • Apathy in Ramallah as negotiations with Israel dive
    • Nuttyahoo and Bennet and co are planning to file ,”War Crimes Charges against Abbas”.

      I am guessing that the reason the story was pulled is because Israel would have to join the ICC Convention to do so, thereby exposing themselves to ICC's jurisdiction.

    • And this is just an appetizer. If the Kerry mission goes down the Europeans are waiting in the wings with much worse.

      Can you verify this? It seems that diplomats from Germany and France have been falling over themselves to assure the Israelis that they will not back BDS.

      I notice that the European pressure on Israel is never, ever mentioned in the US press. Never. It’s like it doesn’t exist here.

      From what I can seen, it might as well not exist, given how limp wristed their efforts have been.

  • Adelson would install Netanyahu in the White House if he had his druthers -- Avnery
    • Friedman cultivates the false and hateful idea that Iran wants to destroy Israel

      Friedman is only contributing to his own irrelevance. The negotiations with Iran and the P5+1 are going extremely well and both sides are cooperating fully.

      Then again, Friedman's relevance should have gone the way of the Friedman unit.

    • It's a little trite how Adelson is panned as for corrupting politics etc when Haim Saban, who is the Adelson of the Democrats, and who admits his only issue is Israel, gets a free pass.

    • I remember that well Kathlenn,

      There was talk that Adelson was trying to defeat Obama in 2012 to prevent the DOJ investigating that matter. Yet, even though Obama won, it never happened. I suspect that Adelson is untouchable by both parties.

    • We already have seen how the far right has turned on Alan Dershowitz recently.

      That's not a recent development. A while ago at a Jerusalem Post Conference in New York, Dersh was trying to convince the crowd that Obama was pro Israel and he got booed.
      link to

      And then again last year.
      link to

      Yet Dersh keeps coming back for more. Must be some kind of Stockholm Syndrome.

  • US is 'absolutely adamant' that Palestine not go to ICC and wreck the peace process -- Power
    • So let’s just say the obvious. Israel like has, and on the off chance they aren’t are within 5 years will have ICBMs. That’s over a generation more advanced than what Iran is working on, what Iraq was working on.

      Not really. It's a poorly kept secret that Russia are assisting Iran with their missile programs. Russia a a good 10 years more advanced than anything the US and Israel has. Most of Israel's missile technology is stolen from the US anyway.

      The goal of the United States has been for Israel to have a low profile on this issue so as not to encourage proliferation.

      Only an idiot would buy that. Israel's nuclear program was never a secret,. The only reason the US plays along with Israel's farcical nuclear ambiguity B.S. is to :

      1. Maintain Israel conning under scrutiny under the Symington Amendment.

      2 Maintain some level of deniability while the US and it's allies maintain their hypocritical stance on states like Iran.

      The suggestion therefore that coming clean would lead Saudi Arabia and Egypt to start a massive weapons program is therefore utterly bogus.

      AllArab states in the region, as well as Iran have repeatedly Ed for a nuclear free region and Israel alone rejects that motion.

      How is that helpful to non proliferation?

    • It’s got big potential for decades of theater, smaller potential for destroying the court’s own integrity, and no potential for anything remotely useful in managing, let alone ending, the I/P conflict.

      Keep scraping the bottom of that barrel Naftush. You seem to have forgotten that the whole mess behind with Israel's wars of aggression, land grab and illegal occupation. All the events that result from wars if aggression become the responsibility of the aggressor which is Israel.

      Nice try, but fail!

    • I liked her when she called Hillary Clinton a “horrible monster.”

      It looks like Hillary has become her role model.

    • I only wish that the PA had the political and PR acumen to take these statements from Power and gold them up to the world as the reason why the US is part of the problem and cannot be regarded as an honest broker.

      Power deserves to be utterly humiliated and embarrassed on the world stage.

    • lol, she can’t get anymore blatant than that.

      It's mind boggling isn't it? Imagine Obama saying that to Abbas's face during their recent photo-op at the White House? They US policy is to f#%k the Palestinians over and that they would continue to do so.

      I am lost for words.

    • How can the Palestinian threat of going to ICC be a threat to Israel unless — OMG ! — Israel has been (can it be?, Oh!, say not so, Samantha!) doing criminal stuff?

      It seems so obvious and self evident doesn't it? Yet that basic and obvious conclusion would not have occurred to anyone in the audience or press reporting on it.

      What better example of collective stupidity!!

    • But few as shamelessly hypocritical or as narcissistic.

      Thus is why I find so many on the left such a bore.

    • So can the Israeli State be 100% against “Palestine” joining the UN agencies as a rule?

      There is a logic behind it, albeit flawed.

      The argument Power and he I'll would make is that the Palestinians would be free to join these agencies once an a political settlement has been reached.

      This is where the peace process sham comes into play. It's purpose has always been to keep it going indefinitely.

      Failing that, the fallback position is they even if a settlement were to be reached, the Palestinians would have been pressured to bargain away all their territorial claims anyway, so there would be fewer complaints to take to the ICC.

    • That stood out to me too Harry. The level of contempt she demonstrates for the Palestinians.

      She openly maligns the Palestinians for wanting to punish the US, as though their demonstration of the rights is not only an affront to the US, but also motivated by hostility to defeat the US.

      How I wish this woman could be taken apart, face to face, by someone who can see through the absurdity and hypocrisy of her arguments here.

  • 'NYT' readers who objected to calling Abbas 'defiant' have a point, public editor rules
    • I think a recent Op-ed in Yedioth Ahronoth is likewise noteworthy in that it does an excellent job explaining the Jewish pro-Palestinian voices that have apparently been muted in the NYT:

      No, it's another example of a right wing hack trying to defend the indefensible by trying to cast nefarious motives to those who refuse to turn a blind eye, or turn off the moral compass with regards to Israel.

      There is no explanation here other than a desperate and juvenile attempt at psychological analysis to malign those who don't have the good sense to put tribalism ahead of principal for the sake of Israel.

    • Israel announcing new Jewish settlements and refusing to release Palestinian prisoners; the Palestinians, in response, applying to join international organizations and issuing a list of new demands.

      This comparison is mind boggling, and it defies all reason. The fact that the illegal and illegitimate activities of Israel are equated with the legal, legitimate and seemingly noble acts of the Palestinians. So exercising legal rights is subversive and malevolent.

      Even worse is the hypocrisy from the Hasbara brigade who are forever waving their finger at Palestinians and lecturing them about the virtues of state and institution building. Yet joining treaties and international bodies is suddenly beyond the pale.

      I can already predict what Jeffrey Goldberg's take on this. As with BDS, the liberal Zionist crowd, he will claim he is all for Palestinian self determination blah blah but how memories of Munich still haunt him.

  • 'NYT' stamps Jimmy Carter 'radioactive' and not 'a force for good'
    • Shingo, I suggest you read Lawrence Wright account The Looming Towers.

      I suggest you do the same. Zawahiri was one of Muhammad Qutb's students and it was he went in to become a mentor of Osama bin Laden.

      “Do you realize that Bin Laden ceased to recognize him(Sayyid Qutb) as a leader and turned to Zawahiri?”

      Qutb was an intellectual hero to Zawahiri. He might have passed on
      Qutb's teachings to Bin Laden, but Zawahiri was his mentor.

    • Sinai is discussed in excruciating detail the Palestinians barely at all.

      That is because Begin insisted that the negotiations between Israel and Egypt were an entirely different matter to the Palestinian issue. When Carter pressed Begin to include the Palesitnian issue, Begin threatened to sabotage the talks and blame it all on Carter.

      Of course, Carter then pressured Saddat to drop the Palestinian issue and threatened that he would blame Saddat.

      Another case of a US president buckling to the Israelis.
      link to

      Sadat’s protege ruled Egypt for three decades after his assassination. He never declared Israel to have voided the core of the treaty and he respected the peace.

      See above. By that stage, Washington has hooked Cairo onto it's aid package and the fat cats in Cairo were not interested in ending the gravy.

    • Do you realize that you can be a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and also be a terrorist?

      Do you realize that you can be an Israeli and also be a terrorist? Does that mean that all Israelis are terrorists?

      Do you realize the DIRECT spiritual godfather of Bin Laden and his ENTIRE group and of Salifism was a brilliant, Egyptian intellectual named Sayyid Qutb.

      Do you realize that Bin Laden ceased to recognize him as a leader and turned to Zawahiri?

      Now Sisi is cracking down on the Islamists… both the hardcore Salafis and also the kinder, gentler Morsi.

      Sisi is a corrupt, mass murdering war criminal who takes his orders from Washington and Saudi Arabia, and heralded as a hero in Israel.

      not only is there hardly a peep in the arrest at the murder and judicial expunging of the Islamists from this world, but there is little protest or furor within Egypt for that matter.

      That's because critics are being arrested and terrorized, including those who originally backed the coup. Issuing a peep is bad for your health in Egypt these days.

      I don’t thin the west gave a fuck about the murder of a million Rwandans, 200,000 Syrians, or 6 million Jews either.

      And I don’t thin Israel gave a fuck about the murder of a million Rwandans either. In fact, I doubt many of the Zionist founders gave a fuck about the 6 million Jews who perished either. Jabotinsky, Weizmann, Herzl, Ruppin, and Ben Gurion ridiculed ordinary Jews in the Diaspora and used derogatory terms to describe them, like Yid, eunuchs, Orientals, & etc. These were "Zionist people" who claimed they were inventing a "new Jew" and they even attempted to employ eugenics in pursuit of their goals. See for example Etan Blooms dissertation on Arthur Ruppin, the Father of Jewish Settlement in to

      Chaim Weizmann thought that the majority of the exiles in Europe were little more than human dust with no future ahead of them. He had no intention of bringing them to Palestine. link to

    • I seem to recall during the ‘arab spring’ demonstrations the utter glee at the prospect of potential Egyptian abrogation of the Camp David Accord.

      Only because the accords have become so absurdly distorted and corrupted by Israel and the US to the point where Egypt had become Israel's enabler.

      He was the smartest President, the smartest ex-president, he detests Israel

      I am pretty sure than in private, most former US presidents and and senators and congress would detest Israel. Even Clinton has since admitted that Israel is not interested in peace.

      What's there to love about apartheid?

  • Oren says Pollard 'sacrificed himself for the Jewish people'
    • He is certainly not an innocent lamb, but I fail to see why spying for Israel should be treated differently at sentencing or in terms of potential clemency.

      Many Hasbarats are suggesting that he has refused to apply for parole or agreed to an early release out of principal. But the reason he has dine so is because he wants clemency so he can move to Israel.

      imagine all the anti-semites faces redden and their blood pressure’s go up.

      So I take it that all those opposed to freeing Pollard are either anti Semites or would become anti Semites were pollard to be freed early?

    • This is baloney.

      Pollard was not loyal to anyone but himself. He did it for they money, pure and simple . Before selling secrets to Israel he tried to find interested buyers from other states like Pakistan and other states.

      He was drives by greed alone.

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