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  • Nationalism vs imagination -- Beinart and Vilkomerson square off over two-state solution
    • Israel and the United States are trying to dissuade the nearly 200 states that are party to the Fourth Geneva Convention from convening a special session in mid-December to address conditions in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem, Israeli and Western diplomats told Haaretz Wednesday.”

      Disgusting isn't it? What an insane world we live in when the so called leaders of the civilized world vote against condemning Nazism in the Ukraine and are working to subvert the Geneva Conventions.

      This also further undermines the hasbara that the GCs don't apply to the terrtories. Just like they are working to block Palestinian membership with the ICC. If they were so confident that the GCs did not apply in the West Bank, East Jerusakem and Gaza, then what do they have to fear?

    • (Beinart’s doing what ‘liberal Zionists’ do~ they just can’t admit that it’s a hideous ideology)

      Or they try to explain the current situation as an anomaly because Netanyahu is in charge.

    • “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is determined to pass the controversial Jewish nation-state bill, he told the Knesset on Wednesday, saying that in Israel there is too much of a focus on individual civil rights at the expense of the rights of the Jewish state.”

      That's text book fascism.

    • I like Peter Beinart’s argument a lot, but it has one tiny weeny little flaw; the two state solution is dead.

      It has countless flaws. Apart from the fact the two state solution is dead, as Vilkomerson points out repeatedly, the one state solution is already a reality.

      He either genuinely believes a two state solution is still possible, in which case he’s a deluded fool.

      The other possibility is that as Vilkomerson, he is clinging to the 2ss to effectively endorse the status quo and try and salvage the image of Zionism.

    • They don’t even represent perfect justice for the Jewish settlers on the West Bank who I believe as a matter of principle have every right to live as equal citizens in the West Bank, but in a two state solution would amost certainly be withdrawn by the Israeli government itself because it would not take responsibility for their safety.

      I think this argument is truly perverse. It completely ignores the reasons why the settlers have moved there:

      1. They did so knowing that it was illegal and that they were doing so at the expense of the Palestinians on Palestinian land.
      2. They did so knowing that the IDF would be there to protect them and preserve their supremacist status
      3. They did so knowing that the Israeli government would subsidize them.

      While there may be a minority of settlers who are there who are exempt from these categories, it is clear that they are fully aware their presence is malicious and criminal. Even if there were no security issues for them, it is highly doubtful that many (if any) would ever consider requesting the permission from the Palestinian authorities to live in those territories.

      So what principal does Beinart believe justifies their right to live there?

    • It probably would have if the strangers hadn’t moved in to the house next door.

      Or if western governments been meddling so fiercely in Lebanon's internal affairs.

    • I think one of the problems when we have this conversation where we say, I endorse two states– is that when we discuss two states, two states has become a code word for saying I support the status quo

      Superbly put. I could not agree more.

  • A handful of Wellesley students are trying to shut down discussion of Israel/Palestine
    • Superbly argued Annie.

      When the bots talk about dialogue, that is usually code for sticking to very limited guidelines as to what is acceptable to be discussed.

    • “Jewish students want to discuss the Israel-Palestine conflict, she said. “But it is an issue we want to discuss respectfully and without polarizing” the community. SJP leaders “said they were uninterested in these kinds of dialogic conversations,” Hannink said.”

      In other words, what Hannink wants in a discussion where all participants are in agreement.

      There is no refusal to engage in a dialogue, it is a refusal to accept hasbara narrative.

    • Typical Zionists.

      Accuse anyone who advocates for Palestinian rights as being anti Semitic.

  • George Lopez turns into a Christian Zionist hack
  • 'Palestine is an anxiety' for Americans-- Salaita in New York
  • One week in Jerusalem and -- it's not complicated
    • And why would this be an acceptable comment here, especially in light of Phil’s recent post on Maher’s religious slander of Muslims?

      I suggest you take that back TB. I have never and would never slander any faith or religion, let alone members of that faith. However when Christians cite the bible, or Muslims cite the Quaran, or Jews cite the Talmud as evidence of their claims, then they deserve to be held accountable to everything that book contains not just the cherry picked passages that suit them.

      I used to attend Bible studies in my 20s, who when BIble bashers come knocking at my door, I rarely shy away from quoting all the passages that contradict the arguments they are peddling and send them on their way.

    • Ssuperb report BTW.

  • Netanyahu's 'battle for Jerusalem' can't end well for any of us
    • Wow thanks Annie

      Most of us here were probably unaware of that. Israelis killing Palestinians has become part of the peace and calm, but every time Palestinian kill Jews, it's a pogrom.

    • Need I remind you that the plan was rejected by the Arab side?

      Need I remind you that Ben Gueuin declared the partition. To be only a temporary stepping stone toward conquering g the rest of Palestine, and that he vowed to abolish the partition once the Jewish forces were sufficiently well armed?

  • Muslims' beliefs are 'untrue' and 'ridiculous,' 'Salon' author says, offering support for Maher's intolerance
    • I wish that every time Maher brought up Rushdie, soon robe would remind him that Gideon Levy is under 24/7 protection over death threats he received in reaction to his criticism if the IDF.

  • This is not yet an intifada, Palestinians say
    • ews were in thousand worse conditions as minorities in other countries

      No they weren't. They certainly were not bombed and showered with white phosphorous. Cooperating with Israel just means Israel can go about the killing and ethnic cleansing uninterrupted.

  • 'Zionism' is now a dirty word for American opinion elite, Frank Luntz concedes
    • They were so polite, but their arguments were devastating.

      Makes one wonder whether these fake accounts of physical assaults were metaphorical and a blow to their hasbara.

    • Yes the JDL is listed as a terrorist group in the US

    • As a matter of fact the macro historic view that this little piece of land is the natural home of the Jewish people is part and parcel of not just Zionism (which is a recent movement) but Judaism itself, whose core consists of the triplet: the Nation (the Hebraic tribe), the Religion and the (promised) Land.

      Judaism says no such thing. In fact the 3 oaths explicitly forbid Jews to colonize Palestine.

      The fact that Zionism has high jacked Judaism is not a miracle, it's a tragedy.

    • Having just watched the video, I must say I wpuld be alarmed if these stories of violence and abuse were true.

      But where are the news reports of these incidents? Why do they not feature prominently at ADL reports, when Foxman and co are so desperate for material?

    • But BDS undermines progressive forces in Israel who are working for social justice by playing into right wingers in Israel who cultivate an ‘us vs. them, Israel against the world’ mentality.

      Whenever I hear this lame excuse I can't help but laugh at the very people who support sanctions against Iran, arguing that MORE sanctions are needed to force Iran to comply.

      The other dishonest point here is that that those who use it pretend they are not supporters if the hardliners. Luntz is so pro Likud as are those who listen to Luntz for advice.

  • Israel bans renowned doctor and human rights activist Mads Gilbert from entering Gaza for life
    • This man, a doctor, no less, has expressed support for the 9/11 attack on the United States.

      Netanyahu said the 911 attack was "very good", so he clearly expressed support for it right JJ?

    • They are not

      Yes they are. Israel has even cordoned off 40% of the Gaza strip and denying Gazans access to it.

      if the good Dr. would like to go to Gaza through Egypt he is free to try.

      Why Egypt when Gaza has a coastline along the Mediterranean? He wouldn't have to go through Israel or Egypt but we know that if he tried, Israel would resort to piracy and kill the passengers on board.

      Except of course the Egyptians have closed their crossings for going on 3 weeks, with barely a peep from the Mondos.

      Yes, the blockade imposed by the mother of all a -hole who is regarded as a hero in Israel and who gets 1.3 billion every year to do as he's told by Washington and Tel Aviv.

    • Instead of cleaning up your message, just ban the messenger.

      He delegitimized Israel so he deserves it.

    • Yet again, we see the sheer spitefulness, pettiness and vindictiveness of Zionism.

      As well as the sheer fear, paranoia and panic.

  • West Bank protesters cross separation wall in effort to get into Jerusalem
  • 'We will make soap out of you!': Violent right-wing protest against Jerusalem art exhibit reflects rising anti-democratic tide in Israel
    • Shingo, with these maniacs getting out of hand, time is fast approaching for a civil war between Jews in Israel.

      Again, you are reading my mind Walid. I really get this sense that it's getting close to that moment where the tension is going to build so much that violence will break out much like it has in the Ukraine.

      And yes I agree that the collective paranoia is what has prolonged that event. Reagan himself said that the one thing that would unite humanity would be an attack from aliens, and Israel is like a microcosm of that.

      Still there is no question this festering sickness is rotting the corpse from the inside.

    • Yes I was just wondering how this rhetoric helps contribute to the peace process. I wonder how many Israeli apolgiosts will argue that it's not helpful

    • How much different from ISIS are these guys?

      I was thinking the very same thing Walid. These guys sound like maniacs. I always knew that the day would come when Israelis would start threatening to act like Hitler, but it's still shocking to hear it regardless.

  • Sea change down under: Ex-Australian Foreign Minister announces himself a 'Friend of Palestine'
    • The problem with your false conjecturing is that Gillard’s term ended in June 2013. The Palestinian recognition question only came up prior to the end of her term.

      So how is that a problem with the lysias's argument?

      The decision process in the Labour Party as to who was best to lead was based on other considerations

      Well don;t leave us all hanging Mayhem - what were those mysterious "other considerations"? Do you need time to think some up?

    • There was also the fact he criticized the Israelis for the Mavi Marmara massacre.

      But like you, I doubt the Israeli lobby had the influence to remove him single handedly.

    • Typical stupid tactic of demeaning the person as a way of avoiding having to deal with the discussion points.

      What discussion points might they be Mayhem?

    • Shingo you can’t have it both ways. The Australian published the original guff from Carr about his Arabophilic epiphany. To advance full and open discussion the reply from Magid was printed.

      So what? It was baseless drewk with no credibility.

      Murdoch does a much fairer job than Fairfax who have adopted a biased left wing perspective where they censor opinions that don’t agree with their soggy politically correct agenda.

      Only when it suits him. Murdoch is a vile thug and a sleaze ball.

    • The US, Canada and Australia, are closing ranks in regard to the Israel

      Not at all. Canada might be. Australia has not changed it's position one iota. In fact, when the Rudd declared that the status of East Jerusalem was disputed, the government was sent scurrying back to it's hole after 18 Arab States threatened to boycott Australian exports. They then turned on each other like rats, throwing the Attorney General under the bus.

    • The Australian newspaper which has just published a resounding rebuff from the proprietor of The Australian Jewish News to Bob Carr’s ludicrous epiphany.

      That you would expect anyone to believe this crappy piece from a Murdoch paper is a resounding rebuff is what is ludicrous.

      The claim that this writer welcomes "an integration of Palestinian and Israeli economies" is beyond hilarious given that their bigotry towards Arabs and Muslims is obvious. The writer accuses Carr fo playing the victim card while using the same tactic to reject any criticism of Israel as being unconstructive which freely attacking Palestinians.

      The absurd and patronizing argument that Hamas should spend its time harnessing it's skills and to improving its people’s lives flies in the face of reality. Hamas was trying to achieve that very thing when it entered into a unity agreement with Fatah, which is what set of Netanyahu to escalate the violence and provoke a reaction that he could them use to start a war.

      And FYI Mayhem - it's a dumb idea to link to a SUBSCRIBER-ONLY ARTICLE

    • The writer is far too generous to Carr. By the time Gillard gave his the job as foreign minister, Carr was already a has been and his return to politics was regarded as a pretty lame appointment.

      I agree with Carr, but he is hardly a political heavy weight and hardly representative of a political sea change.

  • Al Jazeera investigates the USS Liberty attack in 'The Day Israel Attacked America'
    • Justin Raimondo has an excellent piece on this.

      Oh, it was quite a party, as the two philanthropists did their best to conform to every caricature out of the anti-Semites’ playbook. Complaining that the media is biased against Israel, Adelson suggested to Saban that they "go after the New York Times" by offering "more than it’s worth": shareholders could then sue the owners if they don’t accept the buyout. Saban told the audience he tried to buy the Washington Post, but Amazon’s Jeff Bezos got it for "bupkis" – a mere $250 million. He went on to say he’d "tried everything" to influence reporting about Israel, "including threats."
      link to

      These thugs are pretty much living up to every anti-Semitic stereotype in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

  • Pro-Israel billionaires Adelson and Saban muse over buying the New York Times
    • Justin Raimondo has an excellent piece on this.

      Oh, it was quite a party, as the two philanthropists did their best to conform to every caricature out of the anti-Semites’ playbook. Complaining that the media is biased against Israel, Adelson suggested to Saban that they “go after the New York Times” by offering “more than it’s worth”: shareholders could then sue the owners if they don’t accept the buyout. Saban told the audience he tried to buy the Washington Post, but Amazon’s Jeff Bezos got it for “bupkis” – a mere $250 million. He went on to say he’d “tried everything” to influence reporting about Israel, “including threats.”
      link to

      These thugs are pretty much living up to every anti-Semitic stereotype in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

      - See more at: link to

  • Dempsey bucks Obama line by praising Israelis for Gaza tactics
    • Why should the Iranians have feared Obama? They haven't feared any US president.

      Even as a lame duc, Obama can withhold the veto at the UN, veto any bill in the Senate and make like life pretty troublesome for Israel.

    • Surely someone would mention this obvious and clumsy attempt to change the discourse, but everyone behaved as if it hadn’t just happened.

      That happens all the time and it's key to helping Israel win the PR battle. Bait and switch.

      Going back to the invasion of Lebanon. Israeli apologists will argue that Israel responded up rocket attacks from the PLO and had no choice, which is complete BS.

      The PLO was sticking to the ceasefire which was driving the Israelis nuts. Then right on cure, the Israeli invasion was justified after the Israeli ambassador to London was shot by a member of Abu Nidal, who were not only an enemy of the PLO, but long suspected if bring double agents working for Israel.

      Begin blamed the PLO even though he was teminded that Nidal had nothing to fobeoty them. He dismissed it as irrelevant and that the PLO were to blame, so in Iseael went.

      Of course the PLO did eventually respond with rockets and now every Israeli supporter will industry's was the the cause of the Israelininvasion all along.

      This happened in 2008, 2012 and 2014 when Bibi said he waffling to punish Hamas for the disappearance if the 3 boys. Prior to June 30, Hamas had not fired a rocket since 2012z. So he ordered the bombing of Gaza to which Hamas responded with rockets and the Israeli fiver meant switched their narrative up suddenly having no choice but to defend themselves against rockets - and the media gives them a free pass to get away with it.

      And now every Israeli apologist you speak to snorts Israel were doing nothing more than responding to barrages of rocket attacks.

  • After deadly attack Netanyahu vows ‘iron fist’ as clashes and closures rock Jerusalem
    • Netanyahu is sure that we are all stupid.

      That may be true, but he is certain that the western main stream media will never call him out of his lies, hypocrisy, and blatant cynicism.

      Netanyahu can say up is down, black is white, or even declare that the earth is flat, confident in the fact no paper will question him or point out the absurdity of his statements - even when directly contradicta himself the next day.

    • But do you really think that this likely contributed to the murder?

      Is that even beyond dispute? Netanyahu referred to the perpetrators as animals and stoked the hysteria by alleging that kidnapping was a societal trademark of Palestinians.

      So yes, he very much countributed to the murder.

    • but the cease fire lines of 67 are relevant as well and to infer that this attack occurred on the wrong side of those cease fire lines is poor factual journalism. not quite a lie, but not quite the truth either.

      How is it not quite true Yonah?

    • If you guys have such a problem with apartheid, why don’t you think Jews should be able to go on the Temple Mount?

      Because freedom of moving for only one group and not the offer is still apartheid.

    • Wrong on both counts.

      1. The last Intifada was started with Sharo provocation and Israel firing 1 million live rounds into crowds of unarmed protesters.

      2. It was Baraj who walked out at Taba - 6 months after Camp David and before the 2nd Intifada.

      Hasbara fail!

  • Israel lobby stakes claim for Jerusalem at Supreme Court, but Kagan isn't buying
    • Thanks MRW.

      Will definitely read.

    • If it were so simple the Court would have affirmed the judgment below and not wasted its time with it. 4 justices obviously feel that it raises legitimate constitutional issues.

      Not necessarily. The Supreme Court is clearly sensitive to political issues, not to mention big money. DIsmissing the case outright could have been politically dangerous, so they are treading carefully and pretending to give the issue careful consideration.

    • the true intent is these inch by inch constant legalese trying to change the status of jerusalem.

      It surprises me why they are trying so hard to do it in the US courts and not the ICJ or UN. Even if they succeed at the US Supreme Court lever - which is highly doubtful - how does that change the legal status of Jerusalem itself given that the US has no jurisdiction over Jerusalem?

    • have another Financial Crisis. Clinton’s surplus was the cause. When you have a sovereign non-convertible fiat currency like ours, or Canada’s, the government should never have a surplus nor try to balance its budget: it impoverishes the people. (govt surplus = private sector deficit). Fiat currency countries do not need revenue before they can spend because they issue their own currency.

      Sorry MRW, but that's just financial gobbledegook.

      A surplus is can only be a nett positive for any country. What you are confusing is clever bookkeeping for finical reality. Clinton didn’t balance the budget. Yes, he was there when it happened. But the record shows that was about the extent of his contribution.

      Clinton fought Republicans every inch of the way in balancing the budget in 1995.

      Spending revenuw that does not exist is equally damaging as it created inflation.

    • Unlikely you understand constitutional law lol if you can’t understand something as simple as Israel Palestine.

      In which case you should shut up and listen DS< seeing as you clearly don't have any understanding.

  • Update: Why did Netanyahu respond to chickenshit with 'grassy knoll' remark?
    • The context is clearly referring to something like the White House lawn where Mid-East peace treaties are famously signed

      SInce when has the White House lawn ever been referred to as a grassy knoll in English or Hebrew?

      Yonah’s question is BS.

  • Why the Salaita case matters, outside the United States
    • Ah, the moral courage of Zionists is always impressive. And they are never loathe to display it.

      Yes, given that the moral is sustained by the certainty that comes with a big fat cheque as insurance.

    • Not such arrogance though given that I am on the prevailing side

      You mean the side that brought, bribed and blackmailed it's way to getting it's way.

    • Just get over it — it’s not the biggest deal.

      Translation: He isn't Jewish so no big deal.

      The American university system is still a rat’s nest of anti-Semites and terrorist-lovers.

      Translation: Not everyone in the university system is on the lobby payroll or willing to turn a blind eye to Israeli war crimes and human rights abuses. Salita was removed to send out a message to those who step out of line that questioning the status quo will cost you.

      The lobby want to turn the university community into a microcosm of a fascist, censored police state.

      Aside from the fact that he is a mediocre scholar, a common American

      Aside from the fact you are lying. Salita's credentials were exemplary.

      DS wants to put this to bed because the more it is examined, the more he is forced to deal with the fact that Zionism is a sick and twisted ideology and that the only way Zionism is able to maintain support in the US is through extortion, blackmail and bribery.

  • Sh*tstirring Jeffrey Goldberg dumps diplomatic sh*tstorm with 'chickensh*t' quote
    • Can’t Obama or his flunkies just be men and call out Bibi.

      Can’t Bibbi or his flunkies just be men and face the music at the UN and ICC rather than hide behind the U.S. veto?

      I’m sure Bibi’s shaking. Especially after the GOP cleans his clock.

      Do you honesty think this will not come back to bite Bibi if he tries to rally the GOP against Obama?

    • Goldberg is on record as a longstanding mouthpiece/toadie of the Obama administration

      He's also on record as a longstanding mouthpiece/toadie of Netanyahu.

      He has interviewed Obama on NUMEROUS times, has always taken Obama’s side in each and every case.

      On the contrary, he's a pro Israeli hack. He’s an Israeli sycophant.

    • What about this authored today by Jerry Slater?

      I take it Slater was being sarcastic.

    • While this is amusing and all, I find this pretty hypocritical if it is even true. After all, chickenshit -with respect to Israel - would very well describe every presidential administration since Israel was created, Obama included.

  • Jebreal debunks Netanyahu's 'American values' claim in NYT piece on 'hate policies'
    • It is a fact that most Arabs in Israel would rather live under Israeli sovereignty than under an Arab one.

      Where is the evidence of this so called fact?

      when Avigdor Lieberman suggested that a final status agreement include a territorial swap that would transfer the Triangle area ( the territory, not its population, as this woman falsely claims) to a future state of Palestine, there were loud protests from Israeli Arabs, particularly in that area.

      Probably because based on Gaza (“abysmal treatment of someone else's citizens”), they know what Israel has in store for this area should it transfer it to Palestinian rule.

  • 'Village on the volcano' is latest effort to change the subject from the occupation
    • And shame on NPR for hosting friedman regarding his accusations sans one Palestinian voice.

      I agree Annie, but even Bronner does a half decent job of exposing the absurdity and baselessness of friedman's pathetic arguments.

  • B'Tselem video: Israeli soldiers blindfold and detain 11 year old disabled child
    • Stopping the children throwing stones would leave the IDF with no excuse at all for arresting children, and the hasbarists with no basis for their claim that Palestinians are teaching their children to hate.

      No, the IDF and Israeli government would just manufacture another excuse. Most of these arrests are not even based on evidence of throwing stones, just allegations from local settlers that they were seen throwing stones.

  • 'Settlement endorsement should be put on a par with racism, sexism, homophobia and anti-Semitism' --British pol
    • Sad to say, but the UK’s “Conservative” Party is not conservative anymore.

      Sad to say that you don't understand the difference between Conservative and right wing.

    • Simply a return to the old UN ‘Zionism=Racism’ card.

      Because ‘Zionism=Racism’

  • 'NYT' can't keep its story straight on anti-Semitism in Germany
    • I’m not aware of having been “thumped” regarding Hamas’ crimes. I stand by everything I wrote on that topic.

      You claimed the BS about human shields and Hamas using launching from hospitals and mosques was an accepted fact - until it was pointed out to you it wasn't.

      Some statistics appear here:

      You're cited that web site before and it's pretty lame, and reads like an ADL type hysteria. It lists what it calls anti Semitic attacks without detailing what those attacks are - some a little more than verbal insults.

      From the Central Bureau of Statistics

      Who's central bureau

    • The statistics are – and I’m sorry to disappoint some of you- that emigration from Israel is at a 40-year low. -

      What statistics are those Jon?

      The last time you embarrassed yourself with similar claims about human shields in Gaza you got thumped by a reality check.

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