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  • 'This is our land!': West Bank village Wadi Fukin fights largest Israeli land grab in decades
    • Until now Israel tried to avoid escalation by highly restrained counteracts but that is not a sustainable approach

      Yes, your idea of a highly restrained counteract is when a rapist punched his victim after she tried to stratch him.

    • Omg didn't anyone ever explain to you that when you take comething that does not belong to you, it is stealing?

      The land is empty because Israel won't allow the Palestinians to build on it. But hey, the Negev is largely empty. How do you feel about half a million Palestinian refugees moved into all that empty space?

      I also have to laugh at the claim that the land will remain part of part of Israel if an agreement ever materializes, when we know there will never be one and that the Palestinians have not agreed to this arrangement.

      The very fact that Israel even allows Palestinians to petition its court system is a credit to it.

      Funny how you think that the existence of a kangaroo court is credit to an apartheid, fascists, solonist state.

  • Warren, Schama, and Lipstadt address Holocaust echoes in Gaza conflict
    • The good news is that Schama has been taken to the wood shed over this Tweet. The responses to him have been a resounding rejection. One of the better ones reads:

      Here is a warning label for zionism. It makes very smart men like Schama say and believe stupid things.

      And another reads:

      Zionism is poison for otherwise moral and brilliant Jewish souls and minds. Schama being a prime example.

  • Rabbi in Ohio U. controversy leads group that denies there's an occupation
    • Arab block of nations has been using the non-existence of Israel on its maps since ’48 as a way to show they have never accepted the existence of the Israeli Nation.

      You can blame Israel for that. Every since 2002, the Arab League has offered to normalize relations with Israel, which goes beyond just recognizing Israel.

      Israel has rejected this offer because they prefer to hold onto stolen land.

  • ASA statement on Salaita: An 'assault against the Program in American Indian Studies at UIUC '
    • It`s amazing how much energy people devote to fighting Israel, in the region and outside it, regardless of the meager real weight of the Israeli issue in overall Arab affairs and the real high cost paid for it. - See more at: link to

      It`s amazing how much energy people devote to defending Israel, in the region and outside it, regardless of the meager real weight of the Israeli issue in overall Arab affairs and the real high cost paid for it. WHy does Israel and it's supporters invest so much time with so many lobby groups Ivri?

      In Washington they hold annual conventions where Washington paid political hacks line up to kiss Israel's butt. What's up with that?

      At the UN, the US ambassador boasts about all the time she spends defending Israel. The EU tried to bribe the Palestinians with recognition as a state if they promise not to refer Israel war criminals to the ICC.

      What's up with that? Was it really worth it?

  • Moe Diab debates SWU operative Philippe Assouline
    • Personally , I thought he is a rank amateur .I wonder when he graduated from Hasbara central.

      I agree. Can you imagine him facing off against Blumenthal? He would have been in tears within the first minute.

    • The debate reminded me of the sitcom The Big Bang Theory, with the host playing the part of Penny.

      Yes, but what I wish is that this moron had been set up to debate Max Blumenthal. Moe Diab was very dignified and all, but he allowed this clown to get away with a string of lies and talking points. MAx would have torn him to pieces, especially when he claimed the BS poll and that Israel was not a racist country.

      Mind you, I suspect Assouline would never have turned up or agreed to debating Blumenthal.

    • Thanks Annie,

      I wasn't aware WINEP had changed their name to the Washington Institute. Essentially, their main role is to lobby Washington to bomb Iran over it's non existent nukes.

      And don't be afraid about the article being too long and drawn out. It was excellent reading.

  • 'NYT' finds a model relationship for Palestinians and Israelis: collaborator and his handler
    • I encourage you, Shingo, to read the article. It offers a different POV from the one you depict. The Green Prince would be insulted by the way you put words in his mouth.

      I have read the article and the Prince is a racist Islamophobe who has helped to maintain the occupation and contributed to the ongoing misery of his people.

      Insults is the least he deserves.

    • Mosab Hassan Yousef is a hero for humanity.

      No he's a hero for haters of Muslims and Arabs like yourself who want to bomb the people just so you and your tyrannical heros can return to power.

      I would rather have seen Mosab go down Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s path of rationality

      She also happens to be a fraud, which is no surprise seeing as you equate lies with rationality

    • Walid Shoebat, a former Hamas militant, converted to Christianity in 1994

      Shoebat is a fraud. No one from Hamas, the PLO or even the FBI had every heard of him before then.

    • I hope that one of the Monoites here will offer some psychological answers, for me at least, on why any Arab would go over to the Zionists.

      Money, self preservation, greed.

    • What an evil way to characterize an individual who not only noted that too many people died, but he did something about it At much danger to himself.

      What an evil relationship. Israelis bribing and blackmailing Palestinians to participate in the oppression of their own people.

  • Israel surveils and blackmails gay Palestinians to make them informants
    • You kinda missing the point Israel is a gay friendly country while PA and Arab society isn’t.

      That claim is clearly debunked by this report. Being gay friendly surely includes the respect for the privacy of gay people, which has to include not outing them against their wishes.

      And our intelligence agencies use these faults in our enemies society to gather information.

      It's called blackmail Oleg and it's a violation of human rights.

    • According to Shingo left wing fascists are fine.

      Are you drinking while blogging again Mayhem? I said no such thing, especially given that a left wing fascists is about a nonsensical and a right wing communist.

    • While MW pettifoggs Israel deals with existential threats.

      Yawn. Israel's idea of an existential threat is the prospect of a settler breaking a fingernail while building an illegal settlement on stolen land. Whether it be outing gays or killing babies, there is nothing you Zio supremacists won't justify to protect your apartheid europia.

      And as for relentless persecuting Israel doesn't discriminate between gays Palestinians and non gay.

      The Israeli objectors have been appropriately condemned by Israeli Defence Minister Ya’alon

      Ya’alon, who has a habit of shooting off his mouth and crawling back into his hole, is no longer taken seriously by anyone.
      Ya'alon apologizes to US for inflammatory comments
      link to

      Labor Party chairman and opposition chief Isaac Herzog put it aptly:

      Aplty but completely dishonestly. These policies are not mistakes, they are deliberate and intentional.

    • All Belarus citizens are welcome in Israel.

      Especially if they are right wing fascists, in which case, they will fit right in.

    • There goes all that pinkwashing down the drain

  • University of Illinois trustees vote to reject Salaita reinstatement
    • ’m so sick of these professors using “academic freedom” as a cover for forcing leftist propaganda down their students’ throats.

      I'm sick of right wing Zio fascists lying about and misrepresenting the actions of Israeli critics. Salista forced nothing down anyone's throats. He posted Twitter comments which no one w2as forced to read or even pay attention to.

      So yes, Salaita has both a legal and moral case.

      his comments about Israel are unrelated to what he was hired to teach

      And so were his actions when he posted those comments. He did not post then in the capacity as a teacher, nor was any student of his forced to read them, left alone accept them.

      The claim that his comment calls into question his ability to interact with students who don’t agree with him is debunked by his illustrious career and having been thoroughly vetted the UOI. His references were full of praise and his reputation beyond reproach.

      So again you are lying - like all hasbarats do.

      f a professor commented on Twitter that he believes blacks shouldn’t have the same rights as whites, you would be (rightly) demanding his removal.

      And if Salita had posted anything to that effect, we would be demanding his removal too. That's not what Salita posted and nothing he posted was remotely that offensive let alone racist.

      Legally I believe the contract wasn’t yet finalized so it can be withdrawn.

      Wrong. His contract as indeed finalized or he would not have tendered his resignation from his previous job. And contrary to your claims, his tweets are not seen as offensive outside the BDS movement. They are only seen as offensive from within the right wing Zionist cult.

  • The best U.S. 'strategy' to combat ISIS? Stop supporting religious states
    • Do you wake up in the morning thinking that throwing out petty insults that most children would have outgrown when they got past the poopyhead stage are a good use of your time?

      Mooser happens to be a valued and respected contributor to this forum and brings a great deal of much needed comic relief to pretty much all of us, so he makes a great contribution and has a positive affect on many lives.

      The fact that your idiocy and diatribes provide such fertile fodder for him is just a bonus.

      I raise a family, I run a business.

      Wow, do you also defecate and pass urine?

    • Didn`t I see a zillion times here people writing that this and that is where the game is “surely” over for Israel – only to see it becoming yet stronger.

      Stronger than what? They still can't seem to win a war against softer and softer enemies.

    • Normally I’m busy and I just ignore you since your comments are nothing more than petty silly nonsense.

      I wish I had your discipline Jeff. I find it hard to ignore you nonsense.

    • Iran is not the mother of all religious states by any measure ignoramus.

    • Won’t it be wonderful when we can refer to your comment archives, and see how goddam right you are about everything!

      Yes, it would rank right up there with Gary Larson's body of work.

    • BTW Israel is not the reason Iran is not friendly to us.

      Not the only reason but a main one. The whole manufactured nuclear chrisis (which is 100% BS) is for Israel.

      Israel didn’t make them take our hostages.

      No, they just helped train the Savak who disappeared about 10,000 Iranians.

      Israel didn’t make them attack our ships.

      That's funny seeing as Israel deliberately attacked the USS Liberty. I guess you forgot how the USS Vincennes downed an Iranian airliner in IRanian air space, killing 296 on board?

      Israel didn’t make them destabilize Iraq over the last decade and put in place the Iraqi government that so alienated the Sunnis that they are supporting ISIS in the first place. That was all Iran.

      Seriously, it boggles the mind the crap you power here Jeff. It was the US that destabilized Iraq not Iran. Iran actually supported the guy the US hand picked, Maliki. It was the US that created the civil war between the Shiites and Sunnis.

      That was all the US with Israel's belssing.

      - See more at: link to

    • Da’ish and Al Nusra were armed and trained and sent out to murder the Arab Spring in its infancy – sent out to stop the Arab masses from taking to the streets in every Arab city to demand democracy.

      So was El Sisi, which is no surprise, seeing as he's now on the Saudi's payroll.

      ut the Arab dream of democracy, universal rights and equality is not dead yet

      Except for Egypt.

      But you have a point about Obama.

  • Three ways Palestinians can hold Israel accountable for Gaza war crimes
    • Hamas launched hundreds of rockets and mortars from schools, mosques, hospitals and civilian residences.

      Rubbish. There is not one iota of evidence to support that claim. In fact, Israel were so desperate they even produced a video from 2009 to claim that a rocket had been fired from a hospital in 2014. When the IDF destroyed Al Wafa hospital completely by airstrikes on Jul. 23, it abandoned the pretense that the reason was a Hamas rocket launch site. Instead it released a video purporting to show firing at IDF troops from the hospital.

      It turned out, however, the video clips of the firing been shot during “Operation Cast Lead” in 2009, not in 2014.

      They also used those civilian facilities as weapons depots , command centers and entrace points to tunnels.

      None of those claims passed the smell test. Not a shred of evidence to suport hose claims has been produced.

      Hasbra fail!!

    • posted videos relating to rocket launches from Shifa Hospital.

      There was no rocket launches from Shifa Hospital. Your fake argument was debunked.

      Hamas didn’t send “a rocket”, but thousands of potentially lethal rockets and mortars.

      Whereas Israel sent about ten times as many not potentially but devastatingly lethal bombs, missiles and shells.

    • if the Palestinians sign the Rome Statute, it will open the way for investigations into Hamas’ crimes: the rocket and mortar fire directed at our civilian population

      It will also open up the way for investigations into the far more cases of Israel’ crimes: the shells and bombs directed at the Gaza civilian population. And as an occupying power dishing out collective punishment and genocide, Israel has a lot more to fear.

      Your lies about Hamas using hospitals, schools etc have already been eviscerated, but you continue to repeat them.

      I suppose you are still dealing with PTSD.

  • Israel's Shock Doctrine
    • They cannot afford anymore alienating the little that is left of the West and Israel has become in different ways even a pillar of it

      Quite the cvontrary. With the exception of Britain, the EU want nothing to do with the so called coalition to fight ISIS.

      WIth respect to Russia, the US has dragged the EU kicking and screaming to agree to sanctions. Polls show the population of the EU are against them and opposed to the Ukranian actions in Donbass.

      If anything, the US and Israel are more isolated and desperate than ever.

  • Front-page 'NYT' piece on foreign influence on D.C. thinktanks leaves out Israel
    • Israel is not considered anymore in the political US circles as a foreign country – it is family now.

      Yeah, like a pedohpile uncle who secretly violates his nieces and nephews when no one is looking.

      Clearly, you would only do that for your own country

      No, clearly some political self interested hacks who have sold out their country would do that for the right price.

  • Israel has three years to end the occupation -- Abbas
    • I have put Israel in a corner politically

      Yeah the mouse that roared. Israel are shaking in their boots.

      Listen to Abbas, he sounds like a Right wing Zionist.

    • In the end, corruption aside I believe he has acted in the interests of the Palestinian people

      Rubbish. He has acted in his own interests. The reason he is holding up the ICC application is because it would mean the end of the money to him and therefore the end of him reign.

      During all the wars in Gaza, he was silent and crushed demonstrations against Israel. The is worse than a traitor.

    • Things are going from bad to worse. Abbas is now threatening to dissolve the unity government - this after Hamas gave up pretty much all control under the unity agreement. Now Abbas us turning the screws citing that the PA are not being allowed to fully operate on the ground.

      Where was the PA a month ago when Israel were bombing Gaza. It's a pity that Hamas didn't success in taking out this self serving slime ball.

    • The only explanation I can fathom for Abbas's stonewalling tactics is self interest. He wants to hang on to power and privilege till the last minute.

      I have no doubt he is being bribed behind the scenes to keep the charade going. When it finky collapses, he'll be on a plane to some luxury destination to live out his life is style while the Palestinians are left with nothing.

  • It's 'bomb or bombing' in Iran inside of a year, Israeli leader tells US pol
    • Netanyahu begins the meeting by noting that had Hamas accepted the first cease fire proposal in the opening days of conflict, total casualties would have been around 200.

      And if Netanyahu had not lied about the deaths of the teenagers, and used the phony pretxt to bomb Gaza, the total casualties would have been around ZERO.

      “Our meeting finally ends when an aide slips him a piece of paper. The Prime Minister reads it and says: “John Kerry is calling.”

      I can’t help but wonder if this was just a false excuse to end the meeting because even a narcissist like Netanyahu must get sick of political suck ups like Steve Israel kissing his ass for that long.

  • Rabbi Brant Rosen steps down from Jewish Reconstructionist Synagogue saying his activism on Israel/Palestine has been 'lightning rod for division'
  • British pol is beaten by man in Israeli army t-shirt, and the chattering classes are silent
  • Ceasefire deal after weeks of fighting in Gaza promises easing of blockade
    • In fact I am convinced anyone listening to those Israeli air raid sirens would say they caused more psychological damage than the actual bottle rockets.

      It's done more than that, it screwed with the economy, especially tourism. What Hamas need are missiles than can strike predictably at the airports, as well as IDF aircraft runways, also oil refineries, power stations etc. A few days of darkness and lack of oil at gas stations will really bring reality home to Israel.

    • Israel,will not allow Hamas to re-arm.

      It's your sense of reality is compromised, nay off the charts.

      Israel cannot do a thing about Hamas rearming.

    • the spokesman began by saying that 2 Israeli soldiers had just been killed, minutes before the cease-fire was to take effect.

      Is this reported anywhere else Walid?

    • I'm with you Taxi,

      Amazing effort especially given that they had to face off Israel while Egypt were stabbing them in the back.

  • WATCH: Ultra-Zionists protest Muslim-Jewish wedding saying miscegenation is 'gravest threat to the Jewish people'
    • Shingo, that was not the point, even if your timeline and recounting of history are incorrect.

      No my timelines is absolutely accurate. You tried to pull the hasbara talking points and they collapsed under the facts.

      The point is, Israelis went from a dovish government transitioned to a security minded one in response to violence and destruction from the territories.

      Rubbish. Israeli security forces admit they fired 1.2 million rounds of live amon into crowds of unarmed demonstrators, and that was under the so called dovish government.

      Sharon’s visit to the Temple Mount was not as Prime Minister.

      It doesn't matter, he was clearly a front runner already and what he did was hugely provocative.

      Fatah admitted that they were waiting for an act to,unleash terror. -

      No they didn't. You are lying.

      ny civilized person would have let his visit pass for nothing more than a visit.

      It was not a visit, it was an Israeli politician staking a claim on a very sensitive site. Any civilized country would not have fired 1.2 rounds into crowds of unarmed demonstrators. To say they had no choice but to murder unarmed Palestinians (which they always do) is s to deprive them of humanity - but then again, what humanity do Zionists have anyway.

    • And Sharon became prime minister as a direct result of the peace proposal that Barak brought to Arafat being rejected and the dire security situation at the time

      Rubbish. Six nonths After Camp David, Arafat and Barak continued their negotiations at Taba. It was Barak that walked away even though both sides stated they were in the verge of an agreement.

      As for Camp David, Israeli foreign minister at the time, Shlomo Ben Ami, admitted that the offer was so lame that even he would have rejected it.

      The intifada was started by Sharon's provocation, followed by Israeli police firing a million live rounds into crowds of unearned demonstrators.

  • The new center
  • Hillary Clinton just lost the White House in Gaza -- same way she lost it in Iraq the last time
    • Great post Surewin,

      I agree completely with your summation of 2008 and Obama being groomed before that. I even remember the anticipation of his candidacy and how it electrified the party. They even ran a clever satirical add, where Obama gace a speech to camera that sounded like he was announcing his candidacy only to deliver the punch line at that he was backing the Chicago Bears in the Super Bowl playoffs in 2006. It was clearly a teaser to test the water, but it worked.

    • I have to agree with Sean,

      I too like and respect women, in fact I have more wornen friends than male, and I too am delighted to see women in politics. I don't know enough about Gernany's domestic politics to judge Merkel, but in the international arena, I think she's been impressive leader and put her make contemparies to shame.

      Power is clearly a very intelligent woman but has sole for... Power. Same thing with Susan Rice. Anne Marie Slaughter and Hillary have clearly decided that the way to gain credibility in Washington in to be a rabbid hawk.

      I realize it 'a difficult to discuss these issues without delving into dangerous waters as far as mysoginist and sexism goes, but let's not get into contortions trying to parse put language to make a simple observation.

    • How Liz Warren presents herself can make up this difference quickly

      The trouble is that Warren is already ducking questions about Gaza, so she may turn into a Barbara Boxer just as quickly.

    • But where is the young, charismatic Dem who will run against Clinton?

      My sentiments too. If there was going to be a arrious challenger to Hillary, we would be able to identify them by now. Elizabeth Warren? Unlikely. Joe Biden? No chance.

      Hillary seriously has too much in her war chest to be challenged by any Dems. If she really was as vulnerable as Phil suggests, then the real threat will come from the Republicans.

    • You might be right Phillip,

      But here in Australia, we see the same thing. Years of drought and then a few weeks of heavy rains and the public attention is suddenly diverted.

      All it needs is sine rain before 2016.

  • In Photos: Thousands pack Rafah streets for funeral of top Hamas commanders
    • Wow Jon s…It must have been really scary for you….those Palestinian firecrackers gave you the yellow-shivers…Hmmm! Were you in the car by yourself…?

      The stupid thing is that Jon would have been safer to remain in his car, seeing as the falling shrapnel from the exploded Iron Dome missile poses a much greater danger to Israelis than the Gaza rockets.

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