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  • Leading NY institutions discuss the Nakba -- and there is not a Palestinian in sight
    • Amigo, where do you see, in the quote you provided, any mention of expulsion?

      Do explain how Israel would "abolish the partition of the country" and "expand to the whole Land of Israel" and still maintain a Jewish majority without expansion?

      Are you forgetting how in a separate speech, Ben Gurion argued against allowing refugees to return because they would become a majority and under a democracy, that would inevitably lead to an Arab leadership?

  • Liberal Zionist arguments against one state are born of moral or political weakness
    • Superb piece.

      Every argument is articulated in a way better than I myself could - especially the last point about how Zionism had led to the atrophy of intellect by it's members.

  • Netanyahu calls on Jews to leave Europe en masse in wake of Copenhagen synagogue attack
    • One of these days, someone will trip-up and the entire shenanigans will be exposed.

      Sadly I doubt it. Yes someone will trip up but it will go under reported and ignored, if not covered up entirely.

      And the gutless media will play along.

  • Hanin Zoabi disqualified from Israeli elections over a mistranslation gone too far
    • I agree Eva.

      And at the risk of sounding sexist, she's also attentive and photogenic, which makes her even harder to demonize.

  • Netanyahu's disaster: speech cost 'omnipotent' lobby a veto proof majority for Iran sanctions
    • Reading the waffly Hill comments by those not attending or on the fence has convinced me that Netanyahu is going to end up with a huge win in this affair

      Not sure how you come to that conclusion. The idea was to break the veto and this has only secured it.

  • Do we really want Benjamin Netanyahu guiding U.S. foreign policy?
    • As a Brit, I am very uneasy about the ease with which Americans lob words like “treason” about

      As an Australian, I am mazed at how tone deaf Zionists are no matter where they live. The story above links to an article in Politico where a Zionist lunatic who is threatening that he will compile a list of DEmocrats who don;t attend Netanyahu 's speech and accusing Democrats of being anti American for not being pro Israel and you are worried about the word treason being lobbed?

      it is all too easy to paint anyone opposed to what the president wants as unpatriotic/disloyal/treacherous

      I8t is when they invite the leader of a foreign country to come and lobby against that president's foreign policy. This is unheard of in the history of the United States.

      But in this instance, I think the more important factor is the notion that Israel is an ally

      That notion clearly being false seeing as allies don't usually spend so much money trying to buy off politicians in order to maintain the pretense that they are friends. Israel is indeed a foreign country. Israel regards itself as foreign to the US. In fact, Israeli Jews don't even regard none Israel Jews as part of the same nation.

      It’s a delusion not seen elsewhere

      Indeed. In every other country but the US, Israel is viewed negatively and does not enjoy popular support - rather it's approval ratings sit alongside that of North Korea.

  • 'NYT' perpetuates myth Israel was 'fighting for its very survival' during 1967 war
    • Mr. Shalom is the very caricature of a self-hating Jew

      Whereas you're the very caricature of a blood thirsty, war crazed, racist supremacist Ziotroll.

      In 2005, as everyone knows, Israel gave Gaza to the Pals, lock, stock and barrel, in a move meant EXACTLY “to reverse the occupation and seek security through building ties”.

      Bullish&t. That's the discredited has bars version. Everyone with a brain and an education knows they Israel withdrew the settlers from Gaza to reinforce the occupation and continue the occupation if Gaza on the cheap. As Sharon's advisor, Dov Weisglass revealed, Sharon's plan was to "suspend the peace process in formaldehyde".

      The Hamas animals began firing rockets that same year, forcing Israel’s hand to create a blockade.

      You left out the party that Israel began shelling Gaza the day after they withdrew, firing 7,700 shells into Gaza over the following 10 months.

      Has started fail!!

  • Surprise-- 'NYT' publishes straightforward report on Israeli human rights violations in Gaza
    • I don’t need to resort to hasbara.

      Apparently you do, seeing as there is ZERO evidence that Hamas used human shields. All reporters in the ground refuted that very allegation.

      Meanwhile, there is ample evidence of the IDF using them.

      Hasbaea fail!

  • Menendez bags on Iran sanctions, and congressman says AIPAC demands deference to Israel over US
    • There is nothing wrong with an Israeli Prime Minister doing his utmost to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, even if it offends the sensibilities of the American president.

      And what does his poodle Samantha Power have to say about that?

      Funny how Power can't shut up on Twitter, but in this topic she's nowhere to be seen.

  • 'NYT' and Matthews warn that Netanyahu speech to Congress could lead US to war
    • Thanks for your reply, Aiman, I was never much of a fan of either the “rebels” or of the regime.

      Sure but Assad is the least worst choice if one has to chose. Even after the initial crackdown, Assad agreed to introduce reforms but by then the opposition movement had been hijacked by the usual suspects a la Lybia.

  • Netanyahu speech could turn Israel lobby into a political football
    • I can't believe how nauseating and pathetic Richard Hass is. Listening to this shill blabbering, it's painfully obvious he cannot bring himself to state the obvious and makes the most ridiculous argument that Iran's nuclear program can be curtailed (whatever that means) without reaching a deal.

      The guy is treading on eggshells not to offend the Israeli lobby.

  • Obama won't meet Netanyahu during 'bizarre,' 'historic,' 'unprecedented' visit (Updated)
    • Yes I agree Taxi,

      This could well turn out t be an even bigger PR disaster for BIbbi than Paris and not just for Bibbi, but the Israeli lobby too.

  • Congress invites Netanyahu to rebut Obama on Iran, and White House slams 'breach of protocol'
    • This story is all over the Zionist press with no mention that Hezbollah and Iran’s involvement was disproved years ago.

      It's funny how this story keeps getting resurrected every year or so when things between Iran and the US seem to be going too smoothly.

    • Sorry but I have no sympathy for Obama over this. He could have had a deal with Iran at least 6 months ago but instead his team has stonewalled and done everything in their power to simply prolong the negotiations indefinitely and kick the can down the road.

      Every time they got close to a deal, Obama's team would shift the goal posts and introduce an irrelevant issue like Iran's missile program.

      Obama had 12 months to close the deal while he had a majority in the senate. Just like his first term when he had overwhelming popularity and control of the senate, he wasted the opportunity.

      This is typical of Obama - start something promising but at the 11th hour, lacking the backbone to finish what he started. Short of denying Bibbi permission to enter the country, or closing the deal with Iran this week, Obama has no cards left - and he has no one to blame but himself.

  • US calls ICC decision to investigate Gaza 'tragic irony'
    • We Aussies have always said that about the Yanks - with the exception of New York, thanks largely to it's Irish and Jewish influence which has been it's salvation.

    • Unfortunately the most that can happen is a pyrrhic victory… But a moral civtory nonetheless.

      Not necessarily. A ruling by the ICC will be binding on signatories to the Rome Statute, which will in turn affect their diplomatic/economic relations with Israel.

  • There is no pride for Jews in the state of Israel
    • There are plenty of places in the world where one can proclaim he is a Jew, just as there are plenty of places in the world where one can proclaim he is gay.

      Very true,

      In fact, during the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, one of the floats is a Gay Jewish contingent and they are received warmly by the crowd - even in spite fo the fact they wave Israeli flags.

  • Obama cites donor pressure re Iran, but 'NYT' won't tell you what he means
    • AIPAC is for most Americans far less destructive than lobbies like the Agriculture lobby or the Pharmaceutical lobby.

      It seems no statement is too absurd or counterfactual for Jeff to post here. When was the last time the Agriculture lobby or the Pharmaceutical lobby pushed the US into a war? AIPAC i not a lobby like any other major lobby. For one, it was historically in a tug of war with the US government to avoid registering as a lobby of a foreign government so that it would not have to disclose it's list of donors.

      AIPAC has it easy on most issues because Americans support Israel vs. the Palestinians by about a 50 point margin.

      You have it backwards of course. If they had it so easy, they wouldn't have to spend gazzilions of campaign dollars to keep both parties in line. In fact, it's the very sums that they spend that are invested to ensure that 50 point margin is maintained.

      After all, polls show that in no other country in the world does Israel enjoy any approval. So it is clearly the lack of US laws on restriction of campaign finance that allow AIPAC to do what it does.

      Most of the policies BDSers want to see enacted are strongly opposed by Americans.

      Based on what evidence Jeff?

      Is there anything you don't make up just to make yourself feel better?

  • On CNN, Boteach lectures two prominent Muslims about freedom they 'enjoy' in US and Israel
    • Shingo, I thought you’d be interested in this:

      Thanks Walid,

      Very interesting. The theory seems to gaining traction with a former president (or was it prime minister) saying it was a false flag.

    • Boa tech is such a self contradictory POS. surely Jews enjoy the same if not more freedom in the US that Arabs do.

      So why the need for a Jewish state?

      Yet he insists that Jews like himself are persecuted.

  • Netanyahu's Parisian follies
    • I don’t get where all these anti-Netanyahu articles about the election are going.

      You demonstrate time and time again Jeff, that there is a great deal you don't get.

      Netanyahu was severely weakened in the last elections and the indicators are they he will be even more weakened this time. He had to get on his knees to form a coalition last time and this time it looks like he's going to be as popular among the other parties who he needs to form government as he was in Paris. Bennet wants his job, so there is every likelihood that Jewish Home will turn him down. Even Lieberman's party is looking shaky.

      The election is 2-3 months aways and judging by Bibbi's falling poll numbers, there is no end in sight as to how bad things can get for him.

      Domestically, he is viewed as a failure. And now internationally, he is perceived not only as deeply unpopular but clumsy and out of his depth.

      Seriously Jeff, that video of him waiting for the bus is unbelievable and incredibly revealing. It shows how insecure, inept.ungracious, and child like this man in in the face of difficulty. He looked like an unemployed door to door salesman waiting in line for a job interview.

      Having successfully destroyed the Israeli relationship with the US , he's now turned his sights to repeating the same train wreck in Europe. But worse than that, Israelis don't tend to mind an unpopular prime minister so long as he's perceived as strong and competent. Bibbi has become an object of ridicule and embarrassment for them.

      Given how tone deaf and clueless he looks at the moment, if he was found found in bed with a dead hooker, the assumption would probably be that he did it as a cheap publicity stunt to revive his sagging approval ratings.

  • Sadness and anger as 4 Jewish victims of Paris attack are buried in Jerusalem
    • In this case, of the Paris victims, the fee was paid by the state, because of the special circumstances.

      If being buried in Israel is the wish of the family, so be it, but the special circumstances here are PR for Bibbi.

  • Netanyahu crashes Paris unity march, French gov't fumes
    • Empty homes in Jerusalem. Big issue in the housing cost crisis.

      Extraordinary. Empty homes in Jerusalem yet an increase in homelessness.

    • I’ve presented the data and it refutes what you are saying.

      No you haven't. You made a claim without any data to back it up and you effectively agree that emigration continues to outpace immigration.

      Increasing expat flow in. Decreasing outflows since 2000.

      But continued nett outflow regardless. You can't argue that a decreased negative number means a nett positive growth in numbers.

      That's a mathematical absurdity.

    • Well first off this isn’t my list. Second the point is that 100% of the list is Zionist. Third the AZM listed above is not AZC.

      But you cannot provide any details as to how many of these are the same group nor how many members they represent. The strategy of the Israeli lobby is well documented insofar as they have created dozens or more front groups that act as shelf companies if you like for the central organization. That way, when it comes to lobbying and campaign donations, they can distribute funds from a very small number of wealthy donors, as well as flood the mail boxes of politicians with letters and emails to give the impression that they represent a large interest.

      But you make an interesting point. As far as I understand it

      AZC is a FARA registered foreign lobby. AZC is thus freely allowed to coordinate with Israeli and non-USA Zionist organizations but has much stricter limitations on how it can lobby.

      American Jews didn’t invent Zionism. American Jews came to be Zionists late. But today they are and institutionally Judaism is Zionist globally.

      Only in the US.

    • Yes we have gone through this before Jeff and you were wrong before as you are now.

      The number for 2014 show that the nett decrease of Jews through immigration remains constant. More Jews are leaving than arriving. So while emigration rates are low, they are higher than immigration. The best you can argue is that things are less bad in that regard, not that anything has been reversed.

      What’s happening is that now that Israel has a large expat community with ties to Israel living abroad you have a group of of people who can easily return to Israel

      Except that this expat community has repeatedly expressed no desire to do so.

      Keep scraping that barrel Jeff. The Israel project is a train wreck.

    • Yes I read that piece by Cook. I was surprised that he had the courage to address the subject matter, given that by his own admission, he was stepping into a hornet's nest by doing so.

      Cook even ventured so far as to consider that bullet fragments fro the impact against the side walk may have killed the guy, but what is the likelihood of fragments flying in the opposite direction of the bullet trajectory, let alone the likelihood of those fragments being lethal?

      I must admit I would be curious to see what would happen to the head of a human cadaver shot from 4 feet away by a high power rifle and compare that to the footage.

    • Page: 149
    • Israel has been vacuuming up the rest of the diaspora while American Judaism melts away.

      On the contrary. More and more and jumping the sinking Zionists ship back into the diaspora

    • You pick the anti-Zionists ones in the list.

      Maybe you should remove the ones that are front groups for other front groups or the ones with less than a dozen members.

      For example, the American Zionist Council is AIPAC's parent organization.

    • The Syrian Observatory’s total of 76,021 deaths for 2014 compared with its total of 73,447 in 2013, 49,294 in 2012 and 7,841 in 2011

      Most of which have been at the hands of Saudi, US, Turkish and Israeli backed foreign fighters.

      How's that for perspective Mayhem?

      And hoe about the fact that Israeli leaders have expressed their hope that the war would continue indefinitely with no one side winning, just as they were hoping the Iraq/Iran war would never end?

      On the other hand deaths in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict 1987-2014 over a period of 27 years are 8500 Palestinians and 1500 Israelis for a grand total of 10,000

      Actually it's closer to 35,000 since the conflict began. Israel has killed close to 8,000 Palestinians this decade alone.

      It seems that one Palestinian death is 200,000/10,000 X 27/3 = 180 times more important than the death of every Syrian.

      Based on the wars started by Israel in 2008, 20012 and 2014, It seems that the deaths of Jews in Israel is 80 times more important than than each Palestinian.

      Keep scraping that barrel Mayhem. You're just exposing your lunacy and desperation with every post.

      BTW. None of the above has anything to do with supporting your claim that Netanyahu turned up to France to discuss security. In fact, Bibbi got shown the door every time he turned up.

    • ou keep on trying to avoid reality to push what seems to be your only concern – the dissolution of Israel.

      You keep scraping the barrel is a desperate attempt to sound like you have a serious argument.

      Netanyahu seems to relish the opportunity that the deaths of Jews in the diaspora presents. After all, he gets to parade around like the concerned parent, insisting that he told us so and and gin up approval ratings back in Israel.

      It also means he gets to push for more Jews to come to Israel which in turn gives him the excuse to steal more Palestinian land so that he can house them.

      No, this has nothing to do with security concerns. The only security Bibbi is concerned with is his job and the security of illegal settlements.

      Just as you were dismissive about the terrible death toll in Syria when it was escalating

      When did I ever dismiss the death toll in Syria?

    • Yeah I’ve been hearing for years from you how the contact is over for him. And yet somehow meeting after meeting he is there.

      Meeting after what meeting? Bibbi doesn't get invited anywhere except to Washington, thanks to the most expensive rent-a-crowd paid for by his wealthy benefactors.

      If he were untouchable Hollande would have just told he can’t come.

      That's exactly what he did dufus, but Bibbi being Bibbi refused to take the hint and rocket up anyway. And now Israel is reporting his visit as being a PR disaster.

      I get that you are desperate to defend Netaynhau here. But he's finished. This was a simple test. The guy is political kryptonite.

      Hollande has record low approval ratings. Netaynhau is sailing to easy reelection. So no.


      Netaynhau's approval ratings are in the gutter.

    • France has just screwed Israel with its ill-considered vote in the UN Security Council as it has done before when de Gaulle stopped arms shipments to Israel after the 1967 war.

      What's ill considered about ending the occupation? The whole world agrees it has to end, even the US. Israel screwed itself.

      The issue with Netanyahu coming to Paris was fundamentally to do with security.

      Absolute rubbish. It was a campaign stop, as Hollande let slip. Meetings to do with security are planned well in advance.

      For Netanyahu to be prevented from attending the ceremonies in Paris would have delivered yet another insult by France to Israel as it struggles desperately to prevent more Islamic terrorism.

      Rubbish. Netanyahu was there to sabotage the ceremonies and try to make the event about him.

      There will always be your appeasers like Rabbi Margolin, Jews not prepared to wake up to the grim reality of a Europe that is succumbing to enormous pressure from its burgeoning Muslim populations.

      What pressure? There were 2 gunmen and France has millions of Muslims who are peaceful. In fact, the hero of the attack was a Muslim who helped 15 Jews hide.

      The policeman who was shot was also Muslim you idiot.

      The cat is out of the bag – Bibbi is a political lepper and parasite.

    • The proof of that is that whenever an American President visits Israel, 90% of the Knesset signs pledges to do whatever he wants, regardless of the wishes of the current government.

      Rubbish. In fact, every time Biden visit Israel, they spit in his face by announcing more settlements.

    • I’m not sure how this is bad for Netanyahu.

      I am not sure you cannot see it. He's now persona no grata with not only foreign leaders but also within the Jewish community in France and likely many other parts of the world.

      Real unity is not “you are free to be equal as long as you kiss my shoe you kike f*ck”.

      No it more like this is about France and the unity of France's society - it's not about your you narcissistic, opportunitistic, sleazy f*ck.

      Hollande has been at least hostile to the interests of of Jews and Israel for a long time.

      How so? Because he kiss Bibbi's shoe? Netaynhau is a political lepper. No one wants to be seen with him, or have anything to do with him and that is entirely his own fault.

    • Diaspora Jews are Zionists.

      Not really. At best the ones that identify as Zionists are caffetteria Zionists. Otherwise they wouldn't be in the Disaspora and Bibbi wouldn't be doing the hard sell.

      That’s like telling Christians to sell out Christ to preserve Easter.

      I thought Israel was not merely a religious construct, but you are now insisting it is.

    • Even more pathetic is that Netanyahu had a picture of the march photoshopped to get rid of Abbas and replace him with the Queen of Jordan.
      link to

  • Why I am not Charlie
    • Hezbollah chief says terrorists damage Islam more than cartoons:

      Iran is putting out a similar message.

      They are calling for Muslim unity and condemning the Sunni Shia divide.
      link to

    • This is indeed a superb article and I agree with everything said.

      Last night on the 7:30 reports (ABC Australia) they had Ayaan Hirsi Ali on as a guest. She was uncahracteristially restrained, but she kept laboring the point that the media has been intimidated into not publishing anti Islamic cartoons. She especially criticised the media for not publishing cartoons of the prophet Mohammed.

      I seriously cannot understand what point she was trying to make, other than the explanation given here by Scott. That, according to Ali, the media has an obligation to publish what they themselves deem to be offensive for the sake of principal?

      If freedom of speech means having the right to publish these cartoons (and I believe it does) then it also means having he right not to.

    • These attacks were conducted by people born and raised in France. Their loyalty should have been to France not Iraq.

      There are many Jews born and raised all over the world, but they are expected to be loyal to Israel first and foremost.

    • . Syria warned the West that training and supplying islamists with weapons was a failed and dangerous policy that will eventually backfire up-close-and-personal in their faces -

      So did Muammar Gaddafi, and his predictions came to be realized. Lybia is now a basket case.

  • Media obsesses over 'free speech' in Charlie Hebdo case while ignoring Israeli targeting of journalists
    • Dershowitz is essentially correct.

      No he is completely wrong.

      I shook my head in disbelief at the claim Palestine was founded on terrorism when it's Israel that was founded on terror.

      Arguing that France has been allowing groups like ISIS to ransom its hostages is like arguing that the US allowed it's journalists to be beheaded.

      In fact, how does Dershbag's argument not suggest that the UD had it coming on 911 and the Boston marathon?

  • The year ahead in academic boycotts of Israel
    • Ending the occupation is a widely shared international goal.

      Except in Israel.

      If it’s BDS to end the 1967 occupation, then Israel should be worried about it being effective.

      Of course i's to end the 1967 occupation.

      Destroying a country taking up less than 1 percent of the middle east isn’t going to reach anyone but the core ideologues like Annie, Phil, abunimah, and barghouti.

      Claiming that returning stolen land and ending the occupation will destroy Israel is clearly an extremist position.

    • It’s 3 billion a year. Israel existed before the United States started giving it money, and will exist afterward, even if poorer.

      It's actually a lot more than 3 billion a year. The 3 billion is the official sum that Israel gets up front at the beginning of the year so that it can also collect interest.

      There are many billions in loan guarantees and supplementary aid as well as a a trade agreement that is so absurd and one sided it has been described as a 10 billion annual grant to Israel.

    • The links you posted indicated that the EU would be banning settlement agricultural products. Agricultural exports are about 2% of Israel’s GDP, both Israel-proper and the settlements combined. So the EU is cutting off a small fraction of a small fraction of Israel’s GDP.

      And how does that support your argument?

    • It shrank because of the Gaza war. It’s predicted to pick up at normal pace over the next couple of years. Nothing to to with boycotts.

      They will soon have to pick up the tab for the occupation in the West Bank, and the boycotts will only make the pain worse.

      Exports to England rose 25% in 2014.

      And fell by about as much with the EU.
      link to
      link to
      link to
      link to


      Business boycott: Israelis feeling the pinch
      link to

    • 1) Palestinians not eligible to join ICC: US.

      The UN disagrees.

      UN Chief Confirms Palestinians to Join ICC Effective April 1
      link to

      It is rumored that apples don’t fall too far from a tree… in the Paul family’s case, they must have lived on a steep hill….

      Or Rand isn't an apple after all.

    • I only wish to say that BDS is aiming to harm Israel’s economy and undermine the edifices of power that make Israel the regional power in the Middle East.

      That sounds like a very just and noble cause. Israel has been destroying the Palestinian economy for half a century. Israel is also constantly pushing for sanctions against Iran, which is not producing nukes, and is now lobbying Congress to cut funding to the PA.

      I say BDS is far to soft. What is needed and justified is economic blockade and sanctions against Israel.

      If Israel has knowledge that’s useful, why should other countries refuse to work with it?

      This won't effect individual scholars who wish to share their research, only the institutions they work for.

    • Because it delegitmizes Israel and can be dangerous if it ever caught on.

      That is exactly what is happening, It is catching on. Especially if the ICC begins issuing findings against Israel for war crimes, the EU will be legally forced to impose sanctions on Israel.

      I thank God that the people who run BDS come across as such extremists or they might actually reach a significant number of people.

      I am not sure what planet you are on, but the recent vote at the UNSC was 8-2 against Israel. Are you suggesting the majority of the UNSC belong to extremists groups?

      Even in Europe where the BDS movement is strongest, the average person on the street isn’t exactly thinking to himself all day about how much he hates Israel.

      Of course not, but the the average person on the street isn’t exactly going to support subisdies and aid to Israel either.

    • But the players at the heart of the system are the wealthy, the vast majority of whom are sympathetic to Israel.

      The players at the heart of the system are driven by self interest. They will put up money for s long but they don't have the resources to bail out Israel when Israel's economy implodes.

    • Go on Google and type in Israeli economy.

      I did and I got this

      Israel economy shrinks for first time in more than 5 years
      link to

      And it's only going to get worse. Europe's economy is headed for recession, which means demand for Israeli apartheid exports are going to drop accordingly.

  • 'It is time to make it costly for Palestinians,' Ross warns in NYT; and readers reject his argument
    • Fascinating points you raised Boomer.

      One doesn’t know where to start in response; even the attempt to respond validates the irrational.

      That reminds me of a favourite quote. "never argue with an idiot, they drag you down to their level then beat you with experience". Indeed that applies here, because once you engage with the absurd arguments these lunatics bring up finds you debating issues of genetics, religion, and all manner of crap.

      As for the cognitive dissonance argument, I think it might explain the likes of Ross, but it doesn't explain the flippery of people like Power. Once say she's suggesting that aid be withheld from Israel and better spent supporting the Palestinians then following a phone call from Shmuley Boteach, she's immediately transformed into a Dershowtiz mini me.

      People like Ross are predictable in that they stick to the same talking points and are careful to avoid having to confront opposition views. They never even address the contradictory arguments or opposing views, even though they surely must be familiar with them. That way, he and his ilk can safely repeat the vacuous talking points free from contradiction and refutation. Indeed, I am sure it also helps them assuage their conscience.

      You may be familiar with the reaction Martin Indyk gave on Democracy Now, when he found out that Finkelstein was in the studio with Amy Goodman and protested that he had been ambushed and threatened to walk out.

      Now why would someone who is supposed to be such an expert and authority on the matter be so afraid of an impromptu debate? Could anyone imagine Max Blumenthal being put in that position? He would relish it and say bring it on.

    • Yes, I do love that quote from Ben Ami.

      What Ross and his ilk also refuse to mention every time is that it was Barak that walked away from Taba six months later, after both sides stated they were on the verge of an agreement.

    • Ross’s hypocrisy is actually stunning. I can’t believe he could write– and the NYT would publish– this title and column with a straight face.

      Even more alarming is the handful of comments (albeit few and far between) that claim he is stating the truth or agree with him. Surely they are getting the message based on all the other comments that they now represent the fringe.

    • I like this one from Pete Ann Arbor Yesterday:

      It seems strange that Mr. Ross would reject the involvement of the institutions designed to create formal and impartial international accountability and then call for more accountability in the same breath. It is also interesting that he calls for more accountability from the Palestinians only.

    • I dislike dershowitz intensely but this lying scheming disgusting two faced jerk , I detest.

      Me too. It like Bill Krystol. These lying, two faces, hypocritical slime balls should be social outcasts yet they continue to be treated as authorities and given credibility.

  • Israeli settlers attack US consulate convoy in the West Bank (Updated)
    • The exact same incident covered by Arutz Sheva

      Notice how they refer to is a clashes, not an attack? The article makes excuses such as "Arutz Sheva learned that two vehicles belonging to the consulate arrived at the community without coordination with residents."

      What residents? Since when do the IDF coordinate anything with residents?

  • Dershowitz named in lawsuit alleging abuse of underage sex slave
    • He’s cooked. He’ll be lucky to get a bus boy job at the TGI Fridays in downtown Sderot.

      Nah, Israel will probably make him he ambassador to the US or UN.

    • Big question here is: will this scandal blow up so big that it flushes out the first batch of zionists from our Congress and from the UK Parliament?

      Like you, it would love nothing more, but the rabbit hole runs so deep that even if the first batch were to be outed, there would be another ready to take their place - complete with fanfare and of change and accountability.

      A bit like hope and change Obama.

      Sadly, I think the only way to render Congress irrelevant is for the US to collapse economically.

    • He’s freaking out especially that the girls’ lawyers are keeping their cards close to their chest – he doesn’t know what they have on him that has pushed the case back into the limelight.

      And being the narcissistic psychopath that he is, he seems to think that the more noise and attention he can create, the more sympathy and credibility he will win. It's a slow motion train wreck so typical of a privileged Zionist who can't get his way - just like Netanyahu who is throwing a tantrum over the ICC thing and demanding that Congress cut funding to the PA.

      I wonder how things are at home with his wife?

      Given his penchant for little girls, I doubt they even sleep in the same bed.

    • Alan Dershowitz story is now trending at number 3 on yahoonews .

      And Dershowitz's inability to keep his mouth shut seems to be propelling the ratings.

    • George Mitchell quite suddenly as ME east envoy. wonder why?

      I'd say that had more to do with Dennis Ross pushing him aside.

    • Taxi, speaking of mossad traps, did you read about Hizbullah busting one of their senior people for being a spy for Israel? It’s in the Daily Star.

      That's deeply alarming. Thank god they busted him. And thank God Hezbollah operate on such a strict need to know basis so that whatever info he could provide was limited.

    • Isn’t he also Nathalie Portman’s bff – lol:

      I always remember her making a comment about being embarrassed he might see her almost naked in her performance as a stripper in the movie Closer.

      Imagine how creeped out she would feel having heard this! Eeeewww.

    • Thanks for the reassurance OldGeezer. Seeing some men age less than gracefully, it makes you wonder how much of it is due to biology/genetics.

      Like you I am fortunate to have only been overly attracted to women my age - in fact, though I don't boast to be any kind of catch, I have declined opportunities to enter into relationships with women significantly younger than me - by that I mean 10 years or more.

      I have an amazing wife and 2 children I am besotted with. I would sooner blow my brains out than risk losing or hurting them.

    • “At least a sizeable minority of normal males would like to have sex with children … Normal males are aroused by children.

      I guess I am not normal but this is truly disturbing if true and I do not believe it based on the "normal males" that I know.

      Look, I won't pretend I don't get distracted by young pretty ladies walking down the street, but the the knowledge that a woman is below the age of consent quickly dampens any fleeting carnal urges I might entertain.

      What I do worry about, as I get closer to 50, is whether what is described here is a consequence of the male brain deteriorating with age and becoming more adolescent and irrational and to what extent I might succumb to it.

      In some way, we should be thankful that testosterone diminished significantly is men of Dersh's age.

    • It’s the fear of women that drives old men into the little arms of girls?

      I have no idea Taxi, but it makes sense. Seriously though, I think if one were to analyse the psychology of the rich and powerful, you'd find that there is a gaping chasm between intimacy and power.

      I have spoken to a few psychologists and their findings have been fascinating. One finding is that there is a great deal in common between psychopaths and many alpha male CEO types.

      One psychologist I spoke to did a study where she interviewed powerful and wealthy men. One boasted that he was proud of the fact he'd had sex with over a dozen women against their will. She found out that once these people feel comfortable, they will confess their darkest secrets and brag about these conquests.

      This is similar to the findings of another psychologist I know who works in state prisons in Quebec. She too observed that the worst offenders were only too happy to bast of their crimes once they felt comfortable in her company.

      It's almost as if they wanted to confess but also believed she would be impressed. So yeah, maybe it comes back to seeking the approval of a strong woman figure.

    • The number of comments on this ridiculous post show just how crazy all of you are.

      Your sense of panic shows how threatened you feel about it

    • This is amazing.

      The damage to Dershbag's reputation is now a matter of fact. No amount of denial or hysteria on his part will undo this.

      Give the explosiveness of these allegations, one has to wonder if there are not some major figures behind these revelations. We hear about these stories all the time, but rarely do they garbed such widespread attention as this story already has.

    • Fascinating stuff Annie.

      So either Epstein liked to collect trophies or was into blackmail and extortion.

      It looks like Epstein is NY's equivalent to Jimmy Savile, minus the necrophilia. But both Savile and Epstein have very close links to the Windsors. Savile was also very close to Thatcher.

      Call me cynical but I see this case going nowhere, based on the countless example Grant F Smith has documents of the DOJ refusing to prosecute cases related to Israel. If Epstein is really that close to the Clinstons and Prince Andrew, then you are talking about the most powerful of the powerful.

      It's the legal equivalent of too big to fail. Too powerful to be prosecuted.

    • None of this comes as any surprise, though it does disgust me nonetheless.

      What I am curious about is whether Epstein had links to AIPAC and whether he was part of the extortion/blackmail apparatus they employ to win friends.

  • AIPAC celebrates Congress for laws that will 'dramatically strengthen bond between US and Israel'
    • Shingo, Jordan is a hotbed of Brotherhood people as well as of ISIS fans, especially in the south in Zarqa and Maan where the ISIS flags are paraded openly. Zarqa was the hometown of Zarqawi, one of the founders of ISIS a chief terrorist killed in Iraq.

      Thank you again for your amazing insight Walid. You are Taxi are invaluable.

      I cannot wonder about Abdullah and what his position looks like. Surely it must be very precarious for he is surely seen as a Washington puppet.

      What's more, Abdullah seems to have his hands dirty in supporting these extremist groups. The fact that Jordan has become a training centre for so called Syrian opposition forces, which much include ISIS types, makes me wonder if Abdullah lives day to day under blackmail and extortion.

    • Thanks Walid,

      Yes I am well aware that Turkey is up to it's neck in all of this, but I was curious to see evidence of Israel's involvement.

      So the area where the clashes took place are along the border of Northern Lebanon? It would make sense why the Hezbollah contingent were overrun, given the numbers there are the fact it's away from their stronghold in the south.

      So where is Jordan in all of this? Weren't Jordan also supporting the Syrian opposition with training? Are they also playing both sides here and are they assisting ISIS in any way?

    • Thanks for the update re Lebanon Walid. I had no idea that Turkish and Israeli scouts preceded ISIL's entry into Iraq. Do you have a link for that?

      I had no idea the Hezbollah position was so vastly outnumbered. Given how few were killed, does that mean Hezbollah retreated or did they repel ISIS? And what are the chances of ISIS getting their air and a sea base there?

      I always felt that the bombardment of ISIS by the so called US coalition was BS so thanks for confirming it.

    • Yes Walid,

      Reality is always turned on it's head. The latest air drops keep ending up in the hands of ISIS. You'd think the US and it's partners would change tactics if they didn't want to see this continue.

    • there is a new coalition in the Mid-East (even if not necessarily in formal terms) which also includes Jordan, Egypt, Saudi-Arabia and the Gulf Emirates (now also Qatar) plus allied segments within other countries (as Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, Sudan and others).

      It's not a coalition. It's a collection of vassal states for the US. But it's going to collapse.

  • Palestinian resolution fails at the Security Council, U.S. votes against 'staged confrontation' at the UN
    • They have known for years their various sized rockets inflict no damage. So, their intent cant be said to do any meaningul harm.

      Not only that, but they have resisted firing their more powerful grad rockets.

    • Dude, you aren’t worth arguing with if you can’t see past what has been said and (not) done in black and white by the people who rejected the plea. Where is the lawsuit if it wasn’t rejected?

      The lawsuit was not rejected. The ICC has chosen not to pursue punitive action. In that regard, their choice is understandable. While the murderous attack on the Mavi Marmara is clearly a crime and a war crime, it's magnitude was not deemed to be sufficient to launch further action.

      Which kinda also undermines your pathetic argument that the Palestinians are sacred of the ICC. The bots like yourself have been trying to allay their fears that the PA would sign up to the ICC by trying to breath live into the pathetic argument that all war crimes are the same and that the act of firing a home made bottle rocket into the Negev is the same as dropping 500 and 1000 pound bombs on a refugee camp or hospital.

      Not only have they just signed up to it, but the ICC has now demonstrated that it does indeed judge war crimes based on the severity and the destruction they create. Clearly the firing of rockets has led to near zero fatalities and destruction and will not be judged or considered as significant as the IDF 7,000 firing 7,000 artillery shells at residential areas in the district of Shujaiya on the night of Jul. 19, including 4,500 shells in the space of just seven minutes.

      As for Israel's economy, it is shrinking and immigration is falling especially among those with an education. The trends show things are only going to get worse.

    • First the ICC rejects the whole Mavi Mamri thing, then this vote comes along and a whole decade’s worth of preparation is shot down.

      Wow, you really are scraping the bottom of the barrel. The ICC did not reject the whole Mavi Mamri thing and you seem to be forgetting that Israel's isolation is worse than ever, with even France voting against them.

      Now comes BDS and the collapse of Israel's economy.

    • I don’t think it was an error at all, from Abbas’ point of view

      When is some brave Palestinian going to put a bullet into this scum bags head?

    • Yes and Power's comments were so insufferable and hypocritical, I am convinced she has no gag reflex.

    • That was a serious tactical error pushing for the vote today, rather than waiting a little longer to have a number of the temporary members replaced by more supportive ones.

      Not really. Those who abstained would have used the time to water the resolution down.

  • Updated Security Council resolution calls for East Jerusalem as Palestinian capital, Israel says UN creating 'second Hamastan'
    • That is an interesting view, thank you. Please explain further. And Shingo, try not to interrupt.

      Not trying to interrupt. Stop posting garbage and I won't have to correct you.

    • I can only keep up by passing the finish line and then sprinting backwards to let you get ahead.

      Yeah sure, like JOhn McCain said about Obama in the 2008 presidential campaign, you got me right where you want me. LOL.

      The ICC threw the Mavi Mamri case out. Their personal opinions matter in this regard as much as yours. Which is to say, not at all.

      False. They did not throw it out, they declared it a war crime, though thanks to US pressure, they agreed not to prosecute it.

      And to circle back, you neatly dodged my original question: What if Abbas never goes to the ICC? He most certainly is afraid of being brought up on charges himself, as the link I posted has attested to.

      Why would he be afraid? Abbas is not guilty of any war crimes.

      Best you put down the stick and step back from the dead horse, in case you end up hurting yourself as well as embarrassing yourself.

    • Is this your bona-fide legal opinion, or a wish?

      The Nuremberg Principals defined the ultimate war crime as the one of aggression and that it was unique insofar as it includes all the war crimes that result from it.

      I think the latter, since you also predicted that the ICC would condemn Israel for the Mavi Mamri.

      They did. They called it a war crime.
      link to

      Try to keep up.

    • He would be just as open to accusations of war crimes himself now that Shurat HaDin, who even Abbas admits, has beat him to the punch by filing the first claim. Hamas, now part of a (*cough*) unity gov’t, is probably in the same boat.

      Nice try but fail.

      Whatever war crimes Hamas might have committed pale into insignificance. What's more, because the initial war crime was created by Israel's war of aggression and conquest, according to the Nuremberg Principals, it is Israel is responsible for any war crimes that eventuate as a result of their aggression.

    • I totally agree…it’s time for Abbas and his government to resign.

      Isn't he supposed to be resigning anyway?

    • It looks like the resolution was defeated because it only won 8 votes at the UN. The US and Australia voted against it with 5 abstentions.

      Slimy Power was up to her usual prostitution tricks:

      U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Samantha Power said the American no vote wasn’t meant to indicate support for the status quo, but was instead a reflection of what she saw as a flawed resolution. “This text addresses the concerns of only one side,” she said after the vote. “It is deeply unbalanced.”
      Is this news or is the resolution being reworked and re-submitted?

    • No state or person with half a brain would support a process that is formulated to provide to the Palestinians nearly everything they demand in the absence of the Israelis agreeing to provide everything they demand.

      Which goes to show you have even less than half a brain.

      Saddam wasn't asked to agree to provide what the UNSC demanded when he was ordered out of Kuwait, so why should Israel.

  • 'Desperate' Senator Graham promises 'violent backlash' by Congress if Palestinians go to UN
    • Graham told Netanyahu that “the Congress will follow your lead”

      Outsourcing US policy to a foreign government. That should be grounds to investigation into collusion or even treason.

  • Caroline Glick says there were no Palestinian refugees
    • So anyone who can read can see that I referred to Hamas, who are, indeed, terrorists, and not to the Palestinians in general.

      Hamas are Palestinians and but you think that labelling someone terrorists means they are forever incapable of moderation or reform, and that Israel has the right to attack them regardless of their actions.

      What you said was that it is irrelevant whether Israel starts wars or otherwise because any action against Hamas is therefore warranted.

      Based on your logic, the Palestinians have every right to attack Israel because Likud was founded by Israeli terrorists.

    • I never “stated” any such thing.

      So you're a liar as well as a racist.

      From your post December 31, 2014, 4:02 pm:

      Zofia and other commenters are ignoring a key point. Even if – just to make the point –I accept your claim that IDF strikes on Hamas targets preceded Hamas rocket fire – it doesn’t matter! That’s because firing rockets and mortars at a civilian population is a criminal, terrorist , act. Every rocket fired at Sderot and Beersheva and Ashkelon, every mortar round aimed at Nahal Oz and Nirim, represents a criminal act.

      How much more racist, biased and one sided can you get to call Israel's actions justified even if they are not warranted while any response from Hamas to be a criminal act?

    • I don’t make excuses for racism from any side.

      You have to be joking. You demonstrate rampant racism week in week out. A week ago you stated that it doesn't matter if ISrael attacks the Palestinians first or initiated the conflicts because Palestinians are terrorists and what they do is never self defense it's terrorism.

    • It’s clear that Article 22 in the Hamas Charter is referring to the Jews, with all the classic anti-semitic themes, and not just “zionist interests”. The Zionist movement, founded in 1897, could hardly have been behind the French Revolution in 1789.

      So you're going to criticize Hamas for being anti Semitic while Israel is murdering Palestinians? That's about a mypic and accusing Jews in 1939 of having a biased view of Germans.

      My God, you Zios take self obsession and narcissism to a stratospheric level.

    • So now you’re withdrawing the accusation that the video was recycled from 2009?

      Absolutely not, I have just provided additional evidence to support it. However did you come to that conclusion?

    • There’s no proof there, it’s just Mr Porter saying so.

      Wrong. The proof comes from the fact that the audio clip accompanying it was from an incident unrelated to Al Wafa.

      While an IDF spokesman said that Hamas rocket launches had come “from exactly near the hospital, 100 meters near,” according to Dr. Basman Alashi, Al Wafa’s director, points out that the image shown in the aerial maps and photos used by the IDF were not actually of the Wafa Hospital. In fact, even a google map of the Wafa Hospital shows that not one of the buildings even remotely look like the ones the IDF said were Al Wafa. According to Truth Out, the buildings in the IDF image belong to the Right to Life Society.

      You're just trying to salvage IDF lies Jon and exposing yourself as an ideological zealot.

    • The success of Zionism proves that alternate stereotype of yours to be false.

      Superb summation Tree.

      This goes to the very heart of the anti semitism trope - that any criticism of Israel is anti Semitic, because it implies that Jews are incapable of crimes, wrongdoing and violence - which itself is a stereotype.

    • Even if – just to make the point – I accept your claim that IDF strikes on Hamas targets preceded Hamas rocket fire – it doesn’t matter!

      What I have noticed about you Jon, is that you go to great lengths to sound moderate and sensible, but inevitable, your Zinoist insanity and racist supremacist ideology rises to the surface every time.

      What you are saying is that it's acceptable to you for Israel to launch shells, bombs and missiles at civilian populations in Gaza, but it's a terrorist act when it's done by Palestinians against Israeli civilians.

      And it's acceptable to you for Israel to launch shells even in the absence of any rockets or mortars being fired into Israel , because the response such attacks are intended to incite are also acts of terror.

      If only you realized how insane and deranged you sounded. You really are tarred with the chosenness brush.

    • Citizen, You make it sound like the Arab armies were trying to implement the partition plan, when, in fact, their goal was to prevent its implementation.

      The historical record shows that this was exactly what the Arab Armies were doing. Abdullah assured the British Foreign Secretary, Ernest Bevine, that the Jordanians military would defend the Arab territory. Bevine agreed provided they did not cross into Jewish territory.

      6000 people, on the Jewish side (out of 600,000), gave their lives to repulse the “feeble” Arab armies.

      You can always be counted on to resort to sentimental drek when your logic runs aground JonS.

      The fact that 6000 Jews died in itself is a tragedy, The fact that they died fighting does not in any way prove they died for a worthy cause. Many Germans died fighting for the Nazis.

      Most of the fighting took place outside the borders of the Jewish state, so they clearly were not fighting for self defense but conquest of more land.

      In fact, both Ben Gurion and the US State Department predicted that this is precisely what would happen - that the Jews would be the aggressors, the Arabs would come to the aid of the Palestinians and then the Jews would run to the UN and claim they were under attack.

    • MW folks: it means should god will it.

      No dufus, Mehsaal does not profess to be God, so "God willing" clearly implies that the will of God is unknown.

      forget about the arms being shipped by Iran or built by the Hamas.

      No need to forget about it unless you want to forget about the billions in arms being shipped by US or built by the Israel.

      So I guess then if I say god willing Israel will not cede the old city except possibly some Palestinian neighborhoods then it just means that…god willing and has nothing to do with military might or Israeli policy.

      Sorry sleaze ball, but you have already stated that an Israeli dominated Jerusalem (ie. undivided) is Israeli policy. No use trying walk back that demonstration of foot in mouth disease.

    • “I’m melting, I’m melting!”

      Oz Translation

      I wish. We're having the crappiest summer in years.

    • You state:”The part mentioning Jews is a quote”. Sure it’s a quote, one that extols the murder of Jews.

      This is a classic example of Israeli hypocrisy. Israel and it's apologists insist Israel is the Jewish state and dismiss all criticism of Israel and anti Semitism and Jew hatred. So when Israel's enemies refers to Israel as the Jews, people like yourself and Jackjaw jump up and down and cry see, they want to kill Jews, all Jews, it's nothing to do with Israel.

      Article 22 recycles classic Anti-Semitic themes: Jewish control, Jewish wealth, blaming the Jews for the French Revolution, Communism , and both world wars.

      And people like Adelson and Saban back in the US are doing their utmost to give life and credibility to these Anti-Semitic themes.

    • When Annie posted the same link , I asked if there was any proof, aside from “Truthout says so”.

      Yes, the proof is from the original reporter, Gareth Porter.
      link to

      Porter established by the fact that the building had been hit by Israeli tanks in 2009 and no longer existed in 2014.

    • You all know very well what Meshaal says and can easily google the speech he made the other day and many other days past

      We tried Googling based on your quotes liar and it came up NADA. Walid produced the actual quotes and you were exposed as a liar.

    • so if i am such a big liar then explain what Meshaal means when he says “god willing” Palestine and Jerusalem will be liberated again?

      Exactly what it means. Palestine and Jerusalem are under occupation and Israeli domination. LIberation from such oppression is exactly what it needed.

    • Discussion would be more productive if ppl just took the time to read and later comment

      Not in the case of people like JonS. No matter how much he is given to read, his mind is like a hard drive filled to capacity with hasbara. You can't write any new information to it without deleting old files.

    • I would love to see Max Blumenthal and/or Norman Finkelstein tear that calbah up and it wouldn’t take any time at all before her pretty smile (ugh) got all Anat Cohen on her.

      Certainly Blumenthal. He has the ability to maintain a cold detachment while eviscerating his opponents in a debate. Along with his amazing ability to cite specific facts and sources, he would reduce these harpies into puddles of slime.

    • Hamas’ ideology is formulated in its covenant, which has never been repealed as far as I know:

      Neither has LIkud's or the PLO's , which is almost as incendiary, but you have had it pointed out countless times to you that Meshaal himself has declared the Hamas Charter no longer valid.

      See especially the Introduction, Article 7 , and Article 22.

      Why not article 6 and 31?

      Article 6: “Only under the shadow of Islam could the members of all regions coexist in safety and security for their lives, properties and rights.”

      Article 31: “[Hamas] is only hostile to those who are hostile towards it, or stand in its way in order to disturb its moves or to frustrate its efforts. Under the shadow of Islam it is possible for the members of the three religions: Islam, Christianity and Judaism to coexist in safety and security. Safety and security can only prevail under the shadow of Islam, and recent and ancient history is the best witness to that effect.”
      link to

      But Hamas continuously practices its murderous anti-Jewish ideology, as we saw as recently as this past summer.

      Your dishonesty is disgusting Jon. You know for a fact that Israel has been occupying, murdering and oppressing Palestinians for 48 years. Yet because you cannot divorce yourself from your support for a racist supremacist state and greater Israel, you maintain the BS that the resentment and hatred reflected in the Hamas Charter is based entirely on an irrational hatred towards Jews and that the crimes and injustices inflicted by Israel are no big deal.

    • I don’t know what Meshaal said in that specific speech, but he is, after all, leader of Hamas, an organization committed to killing Jews, in ideology and in practice.

      Stop lying Jon. You've had the facts presented you countless times, but like a computer stuck in an infinite loop, you keep spouting the same nonsense no matter what the facts.

    • why would i lie to the likes of you about a Meshaal speech which he has made over and over and over again in arabic and slightly altered versions for western consumption?

      Oh I dunno. It's not like you've been busted lying and telling half truths countless other times.

      You've now posted 3 comments relating to this Meshaal speech and you still haven't included a link. Now why the stalling?

      First of Meshaal is a politically savvy politician who positions himself as a moderate - certainly more moderate than his colleagues from Hamas. So no, this is not typical of comments he's made in the past.

      As as Annie has pointed out, there is a difference between a threat and prefacing a desired outcome with "God willing".

      It's also worth noting that while you are your fellow travellers like to refer to the goal of keeping Jerusalem united, don't for a minute think this is anything more than code for Israeli controler owned and occupied. There is no desire on the part of Israel to unite with anyone but their own.

    • Meshaal just made an important speech today where he boasted that “ALL” of Palestine including all of Jerusalem will be “liberated” from the Jews. He did not specify Zionists since he was speaking in Arabic. Also think its clear that if ‘democratic’ elections were held in the wb today that the Hamas would win.

      It's hilarious how when Israeli political leader make inflammatory comments for domestic consumption, you are nowhere to be found in the comments section, but when a leaders of Hamas/Iran etc make an equivalent comment, you run to the comments section to vent your outrage.

      You don't even have the decency to link to the speech, probably because you are lying about it anyway.

    • 2. It contradicts itself by mentioning a displaced civilian population and a territory that they failed to conquer in the same breath.

      Great observation. There are so many contradictions.

      On one hand, she insists there are no refugees, while claiming they don't have a right to return because according to her - no refugees have ever been allowe to return after war.

      The contradiction bring that there would be no debate about ROR if the were never refugees to begin with.

      In another one of her deranged speeches, she said that the reason the U.S. and Israel shared common values was because neither state has ever committed genocide. Apparently, the genocide against the native North American Indians doesn't count.

      If it wasn't done to Jews it's not genocide.

  • Hillary Clinton's decision to support Iraq war was driven by Israel concern, Chris Matthews says
    • The question was not whether these were substantiated reasons, but whether they were reasons offered by the Bush administration.

      No it isn't. The US always claims it does what it does in the name of human rights and democracy even when it is obviously not true. The fact that the Bush administration offered these farcical excuses is irrelevant

    • Oil. Nukes. Terrorism. Human rights. Democracy. Balance of power with the US’s Arab allies in the region.

      All of those are BS. There was no nuclear threat and they knew it. Saddam had no links to terrorism and they knew it. Washington doesn't give a sh*t about human rights, except as a tool to bash their opponents. Balance of power was actually much more stable while Saddam was in power, and his removal created a vacuum filled by Iran.

      Not even oil was a reason. Oil was $20 a barrel at the time and the US gained no more control of oil by invading Iraq.

      Gotta any other reasons you can think of?

      Again, most of the United States supported the war with Iraq.

      No sequitur. You're arguing that the public was behind it, while leaving out that the reason they were behind it was because those who were pushing for war were lying to them.

      They did so because they were told that their security was at stake and that Saddam was preparing to attack and that he was behind 911.

      our implicit assumption is that when a Jew advocates for something, he does so as a Jew, right, Annie?

      That's a blatant ad hominem and you know it. Annie is not arguing that all Jews were behind it but that support for Israel among those pushing for war was. That means that a handful of Israeli supporters in powerful position were able to push for war and had the means to do it.

    • Now that’s gotta be the most succinct explanation of the catastrophe that is the middle east EVER! Great summation, Citizen.

      + 1

    • I can’t think of a single msm news host who even questioned the ‘rush to war’ for even a second back in 2002-2003.

      There as one, Phil Donohue. As his punishment, he had his ratings winning show cancelled.

    • The hardcore ones yes, but polls show only 4% of Jews consider Israel when they vote

      Irrelevant. Even if that were true, you are evading the fact that it only requires a small number of very wealthy donors to influence policy.

      We've already heard from mega rich donors like Adelson and Sabam, that they would like nothing more than to see Iran nuked on Israel's behalf.

      US arms manufacturers would represent less than 1% of the vote and If the US military budget was put to a national referendum, it is more that likely the poll would be in favor of drastic reductions in spending.

      Yet who do the lawmakers listen to?

      Same with arming Ukrainw. 67% of Americans are opposed to it yet that hasn't stopped lawmakers doing do anyway.

      So your argument that wars are not being fought for Israel just because the majority of Jews are opposed to war is a non starter.

    • The fact that Israel's supporters demand war on Israel's behalf is beyond dispute. It has been scrutinized for over a decade and no longer in dispute.

  • 'Israel is becoming an isolated ghetto,' says Amos Oz
    • Shingo, the guy was always down there, he just used more polite language. I’d throw in the same kettle Avnery and Grossman and all those other ones that pretend to care about justice for the Palestinians.

      Agreed Walid, but with the comment depicting Palestinians as holding their children hostage on their laps while shooting at Israeli really let down his guard and exposed his bigotry, supremacy and racism.

    • Still, Oz and Beinart are liberal bigots.

      More like part time liberals, and full time Zionists

    • Cohen is the worst kind of liberal Zionists, don’t know why he gets the kid-glove treatment from Phil.

      The same kid glove treatment like Phil gave to Judi Rudoren

    • Even Amox Oz, held up as a paragon of human rights and justice, has descended into a right wing biggot.

      Hi comments about Hamas after the war this year demonstrates that like Brinart, he has checked his liberal credentials at the door in favor if Zionism.

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