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  • The deafening silence around the Hamas proposal for a 10-year truce
    • Hamas must think Israelis are stupid by offering Israel a hudna that it will readily break when its strong enough and when its in its interest to do so.

      It's Israel that keeps breaking the ceasefires, not Hamas. It's Israel that cannot be trusted to observe a simple ceasefire.

      Reigniting Violence: How Do Ceasefires End?
      link to

      Israel agree to them then break them, citing special reasons or claiming they are allowed to keep killing under a ceasefire.

      Hamas has two choices: it can lay down its arms unconditionally and surrender or face complete annihilation.

      You wish. Hamas has revealed that Israel cannot deal with Hamas by military means alone.

    • why only 10 years?
      why not a permanent truce.

      10 years is enough time to build trust and begin reconciliation. At least it would be if we weren't talking about Israel.

    • But meanwhile:
      March 12–14 60 rockets
      April 19 rockets
      June 53 rockets

      That’s not acceptable behavior. They deserve punishment.

      Israel 7,700 shells fired at Gaza Sept 2005 - June 2006

      What punishment would you prescribe?

    • Now how about the rockets and tunnels.

      Israeli rockets you mean?

    • I’m sorry but your use of words “b*tching” and “whining” prevents me from fully responding to your comment.

      I guess if one takes away your “b*tching” and “whining” it doesn't leave you with a lot to say does it?

    • UNWRA has said that they turned them over to the “authorities”. With no Fatah in Gaza, this means Hamas. UNWRA said since they don’t have bomb disposal experts themselves, who else would take them away.

      The authority is the PA. Stop lying.

    • Defining the “occupation” is one of the key problems.


      The definition of what is occupied is clearly and unambiguously defined, in spite of Israel's attempt to confuse the issue.

    • Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird condemned Tuesday rockets which were discovered in a UNRWA run school in Gaza, and also the fact that the UN organization in all likelyhood, passed the rockets to Hamas officials.

      Very funny potato man. The Harper giverent to is even more fanatically pro Iseael than Bush was.

      The aim that UNWRA passed these on to Has is blatant lie. Why would UNWRA complain and then hand them to Hamas?

      Hasbara fail.

    • This article is one big joke. Hamas doesn’t want peace and hasn’t offered any 10 years truce. Look at the following interview with Hamas spokesman:

      Hasbara alert. Livni said exactly the same thing 12 hours ago. In 2006, she said a long term ceasefire is not in Israel's strategic interests. It's Israel that does not want peace.

      Stand with US is a lie factory.

    • There is an obligation to lift the siege, get the hell out of Gaza's air space, waterways, and to stop bombing Gaza for the hell it and breaking ceasefires.

      They also have an obligation to abide by countless UN resolutions, end the occupation and move out if the settlements.

      Handing those buildings to the Palestinians is the very least they could do to begin reparations.

  • 'Telegenically Dead': Israel’s crumbling media war
    • 1450 missiles launched from Gaza is the equivalent of 217,500 missiles launched from Cuba to USA (1450*150).

      3000 bombs and shells fired by Israel into Gaza all with a power 100 times that of a rocket x 150 = 450,000 ordinance.

    • Marie Harf was having a rough day at the office, with the press room questioning why the US won't show the public it's "evidence" that the rebels were the ones who shot down the plane.

    • CNN Reporter Removed over ‘Scum’ Tweet Asks Whether U.S.’s MH17 Evidence Is ‘Credible’

      And who can blame her after the latest State Department press briefing when the spokesperson was asked if the public could see the evidence, and was told to check out social media.

      When pressed again as to why they won't show it given the Russia are refuting the US version of events , the spokes person got incensed that anyone would give equal credibility to Russia.

  • Gaza onslaught is p.r. problem for Israel's 'moral authority' -- Albright
  • ‘We have nothing left to lose. I would rather die with my family under the rubble of our house than have a humiliating truce’: Palestinian youth demand justice
    • Think about it for a minute.
      The Ukrainian separatists would be no where without Russia as their sponsor.

      Think about it for a minute.
      Israel would be no where without US as their sponsor.


    • I have seen a number of proposals from Hamas, but no peace proposal

      Ow e proposals? Are you for fuc#ing real? When has Israel ever agreed to a peace proposal? The only thing they are prepare to consider is a sham of a ceasefire that demands Hamas give up everything, surrender and co tube to like under siege whole Israel gets to keep bombing Gaza whenever it feels like it.

    • Hamas has shown no willingness to negotiate anything other than a truce on any terms whatsoever.

      That's a lie. Hamas have not been invited to negotiate at all. They've had the terms dictated to them.

  • The fascists wanted to murder us: An eyewitness account of Haifa's anti-war protest
    • Where were you when they built the Dimona facility and then lied to the world about its existence. You’re only worried about it now?

      Very good point Marnie.

      According to Israel, Dimona is officially a textile factory. And if Israel says it, it must be true, unless Palikari is suggestion the government of Israel lies.

    • Where were you when Hamas fired more than 1700 rockets against Israeli civilians?

      Israel starred this conflict. Hamas were defending themselves. Dimona’s nuclear facility is a legitimate military target.

      Israel us not defending itself it is the aggressor. They started this conflict to try and sabotage the unity agreement.

      Once you start a fight, you forgo any claim of self defense, in spite of Israel's efforts to rewrite the timeline of events which led to this.

      Lying Ignoramus

    • Cue MY1 to tell us this never happened and that brotherly love was felt by all and the call for peace was sung in unity.

  • Finally, Israel is alienating the US mainstream media
    • It’s media chess. Israel doesn’t want to give Hamas a PR victory in front of Yossi Israeli, not now with all the dead soldiers when all they did was some garden maintenance.

      Yes, it seems the wheels are falling off the early celebrations before there were any Israeli deaths. Now reality is starting to sink in and there's nothing to show for the sacrifice.

      Israeli Mood Turns Dark With Mounting Casualties
      link to

    • Mahane, Israel has now admitted to 29 deaths, it still has 21 more to admit to.

      Where are you getting this information from Walid?

    • Mahane, you may be right in what you say about the longer time frame that Israel needs to ascertain deaths, but regrettably because of Israel’s past record of lying about its dead, it cannot be given the benefit of the doubt.

      I second that Walid,

      I was debating some Israeli supporter about that the other day and he insisted that the numbers had to be accurate because Jewish stricture requires the bodies to be buried within a day or so. I reminded him that Netenyahu kept the deaths of the 3 youths kidnapped secret from the parents for 2 weeks, so the Israeli government history of lying, even to it's own people, is well established.

    • Walid,

      I have been searching through all the threads for your comments.

      I have to commend you for your comments and analysis. It's been by far the most informative and valuable to me personally. The main stream news is providing very poor and superficial crap even when they are telling the truth.

      Please keep the analysis coming and thank you.

      I almost wish you had a blog of your own I could follow.

    • What I can’t tolerate now are people who say they oppose the settlements, but support the war on Gaza and feel sorrow for the Palestinians, but hey, it’s got to be done. The level of stupidity and arrogance is beyond belief. God bless America.

      I share your despair Donald and agree that America is a lost cause, but hanging around the NYT and comments section is pretty masochistic. All the comments boards are being hit by Israeli apologists and the paper of record would be one of their main targets.

      Not all media outlets are that depraved. On last Saturday's podcast of KCRW's Left, Right and Centre, Bob Sheer took the self describes centrist and wannabe Congressional candidate, MAtt Miller to task.
      link to

      Miller was appaling. Obsessing about the rockets and only giving a cursory mention of the Palestinian death toll, not even bothering to mention the bombing by Israel. Even when Sheer laid out that Netanyahu was an extremist hell bent on destroying the Hamas/Fatah accord, that he had exploited the kidnapping/murder of the three boys to whip up public hatred and hysteria to rally support for bombing Gaza, that Hamas were observing the ceasefire and trying to stop militants firing rockets at Israel, and that the siege was creating misery for the Palestinians in Gaza, Miller still could not insisted that he could not imagine what other choice Israel had but to bomb Gaza.

      Yes that's right, it never occurred to him that ISrael could have stuck to the ceasefire and not attacked Hamas to begin with. It reminded me very much of Jew Psaki's deer and the headlights response to the question as to whether Palestinians had a right to defend themselves.

      Even worse, when Sheer gave his summation, he smugly acknowledged "allowing" Bob to have his say, made a personal disclaimer as if to maintain his Zionist bona fides. Truly sickening.

      The encouraging thing is that the comments section - which I admit I filled with my refutations of the hasbra trolls - almost unanimously applauded Sheer and condemned Miller for sounding like an Israeli spokesman.

      Just as importantly Donald, is that the sentiment from outside America is turning very noticeably against the US for it's support of Israel. Through Europe, the sentiment is seething with anger. From what I can see, the world and the region in general, is starting to realize that any solution to this problem or ceasefire can only be reached by excluding US involvement.

    • But will they Phill?

      Beinardt has admitted the he will put liberal values aside for Israel. And he has predicted that forced up chose between the two, most Jews will stick with the tribe.

    • Kerry and Obama are frustrated, but they know better.

      No. Jerry and Obama are owned. They do as they are told.

  • In Photos: Worldwide protest against Israeli attack on Gaza (Updated)
    • I think Hamas did not incorporated that well in its calculations

      What are you babbling about? It was Israel that attacked and started all this. Hamas has had to simply defend Gaza from Israeli agression.

    • Arab leaders are warning of draft resolution if there is no cease-fire, which us will veto naturally

      Wow, the Arab world is threatening to use a wet noodle. The US and Israel must be shaking in their boots.

      What's wrong with the Arabs? As there ever been a lower point in history of the Arab world?

    • How dare you.

      How dare you you psychopathic racist supremacist and cheer leader for bass murder?

      If there were no rockets, there would be no need for PR.

      Wrong. Israel need PR 24/7. Apartheid, occupation, land theft and constant murde are a tough sell.

    • Embarrassing and annoying as hell that more Americans are not protesting in the streets.

      I think it's noteworthy that I haven't seen any reports of pro Israeli demonstration either, like those that took place in NY during Cast Lead.

    • Agreed Walid ,

      The Arabs have been shameful, pathetic, gutless. Not a peep put of Egypt.

      Those liberals in Cairo must be delighted how they weed used to turn Egypt into a slave state which makes the Mubarak era look like the good old days.

    • can you please provide the definition of occupation?

      Read the non inadmissibility clause in the preamble of UNSC242 Pajero.

  • Massacre in Gaza: At least 60 killed in Shuja'iyeh, over 60,000 in UN shelters
  • Look at Netanyahu's 'evidence' that civilians are harboring rockets in Gaza
    • Another one time troll has pooped up with the name TruthSeeker420 and will probably never be again heard from either.

      I guess the previous 419 versions still had bugs.

    • How can any single Israeli or hasbarist or US person defend this?

      With this crap.

      A senior IDF officer reports that "terrorists" in Gaza are transporting themselves around Gaza via ambulances with children in them, to avoid being targeted by the IDF. (source Jewish Press)

    • [Palestinian rocket attacks on Israel], widely condemned for targeting civilians, have been described as terrorism by United Nations, European Union and Israeli officials, and are defined as war crimes by human rights groups Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch.

      Sorry, but you can't claim they are targeting civilians while admitting the rockets cannot be targeted.

      Human Rights Watch has also condemned the attackers for firing from near residential structures, thus putting Gazan civilians at unnecessary risk.

      Finkelstein has attacked hypocrisy for describing ISrael's attacks on civilians as collective punishment while singling out ineffectual Hamas rocket attacks as war crimes.

      Attacks aimed at civilians are immoral and illegal, and the intentional killing of civilians is a grave breach under the Fourth Geneva Convention, a war crime, and cannot be justified, whatever the circumstances.

      ISrael is in far graver breach of this than Hamas, especially given they have actually killed hundreds of civilians

      Furthermore, Qassam rockets are themselves illegal, even when aimed at military objects, because the rockets are so imprecise and endanger civilians in the area from which the rockets are fired as well as where they land, thus violating two fundamental principles of the laws of war: distinction and proportionality.

      That's complete rubbish. There is no requirement for any ordinance to be precise. If that were true, then cluster munitions and land mines would be illegal.

      According to Israeli human rights group B’Tselem, Palestinian organizations that fire Qassam rockets openly declare that they intend to strike, among other targets, Israeli civilians.

      As do Israelis. In fact, Naftali Bennet openly admits the Israelis are unleashing a genocide on the Palestinians, but blames the victims.
      link to

      I suspect we will not be seeing you again Hasbara nut job.

      Gaza summer camps teach kids to fire rockets

      Israel summer camps teach kids to drop bombs on other children.
      link to

    • Do you have a link Donald?

    • There was a report last week fron UNWRA that they had found missles hidden inside a school which they asked Hamas to move.

      Old story. The school was empty/abandoned and UNWRA said it was the first time it has ever happened.

    • Anyone can draw a graphic Dabakar. Do you remember those lovely illustrations leading up the Iraq war if mobile chem weapons labs?
      link to

      There was one problem. They didn't exist.

      And do you remember the illustrations if the elaborate underground Bin Laden underground fortress replete with truck lifts and loading docks? The one that Rmmy told us there were many of?
      link to

      Didn't exist either.

      Not did Bibbi's hand drawn cartoon bomb.

      This one looks no more credible.

  • In Photos: Activists clash with Israeli and Palestinian Authority forces during protest in Bethlehem
    • One member of the PA security was reportedly shot with a rubber bullet by Israeli forces

      The PA should have fired right back at those thugs.

    • Do you guys now get why Abbad needs to face a firing squad? More than 400 of his people massacred and not only does he impersonate a gimp, he's enabling the butchers.

  • Video: 'It's a hell of a pinpoint operation' -- John Kerry caught criticizing Israel on hot mic during Sunday news show
    • That’s another problem I have with the left; they assume unto themselves the authority to dictate to everyone else the definitions of justice, equality, accountability, etc.

      No it's not the definition you have a problem with. Your quarrel is with the entire concept of justice, equality, and accountability because it is incompatible with you desire for privilege, racial and ethnic supremacy and utter disregard and contempt for those not belonging to your tribe.

      The definitions of justice, equality, accountability are universal, but on your fascistic mind, only your fellow cultists are deserving and worthy of these rights.

      Essentially, they demand worldwide hegemony for their own way of thinking.

      That's extraordinary coming from a supporter and/or citizen of a state that militarily occupies land that does not belong to them and reserves the right to control and dictate every aspect of their lives.

      I’m too attached to “live and let live,” to freedom and self-determination, for that.

      No you're not. You're attached to power and and tribal supremacy. Israel controls, steal and kills. It blatantly denies freedom and self- determination.

      You want freedom and self determination for you and your tribe only. You want the freedom to kill, to steal, to control and to violate others.

      unless you can say you are opposed to Israeli policies and practices, you are a hypocrite. That’s another problem I have with the right.

    • After seeing Hagel, who used to be a clear headed, intelligent, fearless man of principal reduced to some pathetic, spineless, war crazed puppet, there is nothing that can surprise me about people like Kerry.

    • Yes these leaders are all gushing about the sanctity of human life with respect to MH-17, but nada about the hundreds of civilians murdered in Gaza

  • Israeli military destroyed el-Wafa hospital even though it knew there were no weapons inside
    • For your information, the Al-Shifa hospital in which the HAMAS leaders are hiding, was built by Israel.

      Zero evidence to support that claim.

      We built it concrete basment, that the leaders of HAMAS use it as a commanding bunker.

      Zero evidence to support that too. The fact you have been to Gaza won't change that. If you were in Gaza, then it was before 2006, at which point Hamas did not control the territory and if they did have a command bunker there, they wouldn't have allowed you in to see it.

      Do you see how pathetic you Israeli apologist sound? You idiots don't even come to this forum prep apart. You do 'to think through the logic if the Hasbara you are going to deliver or ask yourself, are there any holes or glaring contradictions in my case?

      BTW. You are either lying about those dates or your memory is scrambled. Israel completed it's pull out from Gaza Sept 2005. By early 2006, Israel had fired around 4,000 shekels into Gaza, which they would not have done had Israelis still been there.

      . You don`t believe what it took for us as a people to destroy the houses that our own people built. I never wish this to anyone.

      Setting aside the fact your homes were illegally built and that you had no right to be there, I am quite you would have much preferred a foreign army to invade Gaza, raid your house in the middle of the night, expel you and your family and bulldoze your home.

      Of course, you didn't have to destroy anything. You could have left the building.

      The reason that this step was taken, is to permit Gaza to be self-sustained economy/state.

      Rubbish. Dov Weisglass already told us that Sharon's plan was to turn Haza into an open air prison and put Gazans on a diet. As soon as Israel completed the withdrawal, it locked Gaza down and sealed the borders and tightened check points.

      Even before Hamas won the election, Israel were holding up trucks at check points for 4-5 hours. These were unrefrigerated trucks, so the produce they were carrying for export to Europe spoiled in this sun. This was deliberate.

      Shorter afterward missles started to fly above Israel.

      Not that Hamas were elected in 2006. By that stage, Israel had fired 7,700 shells into Gaza, but as usually, you sick fascists expect Gazans to sit still and take that on the chin. The clock always starts on your timeline the moment Israel is on the receiving end.
      What you also leave out is the fact that following this election, Israel did to Gaza what it did to the West Bank a few weeks ago following the disappeared of the 3 teens, they raided Gaza, killed hundreds and arrested hundreds of Hamas law makers.
      But the truth is that there was no blockade on gaza on 2006. Only guarded boarder.

      That’s demonstrably false. Immediately following Israel’s withdrawal, Israell imposed the blockade, albeit unofficially. As by Idith Zertal and Akiva Eldar documented in their book, "Lords of the Land",
      "After Israel withdrew it's forces from Gaza, in August 2005, the ruined territory was not released for even a single day from Israel's military grip, or from the price of the occupation that the inhabitants pay every day. Israel left behind scotched earth, devastated services, and people with nearly a present or a future. The Jewish settlements were destroyed in an ungenerous move by an unenlightened occupier, which in fact continues to control the territory and kill and harass it's inhabitants, by means of it's formidable military might."

      They could not exit/enter Egypt as the Rafah was closed right away at Washington’s and Israel’s behest.

      The HAMAS is standing against the non-believer in the land of Palestine(where is it btw?).

      False. Hamas is a resistance movement that Israel helped create to offset the influence of the PLO. It was a strategy of divide and conquer. They regard this as a holy war against Israel the same way Israeli right wing extremists regard this as a holy war against Islam.

      As long as a Jew in Israel, they will fight them and kill them.

      That’s false too. They have repeatedly endorsed the 2ss and called for 2 peoples to live side by side. The trouble is that every time they make such a peace offer, Israel responds with military aggression.

      I don`t see them less, or beneath me, i see them equal. So why can`t we get along?

      So prove it and call for Israel to be one democratic state for all it’s citizens as opposed to a Jewish state for Jews only. Actions speak louder than worlds

      But if it was so why are we not sending our land-to-land missles and get it over with??

      Because Israel is an artificial, fragile and unsustainable entity that relies almost entirely on foreign largesse, support, diplomatic protection etc. If Israel were to resort to such blatant acts of genocide, not even the US could protect Israel from the ICC, international sanctions, boycott, and total isolation.
      Yes you are hated, but your agents in other countries are still able to bribe, blackmail, and guilt trip the leaders of western countries into supporting you. Your leaders know very well that if they pushed their luck, that balance could be flipped and your little project would collapse.

      We can live in peace with each Arab that would like to live with peace with us. Like we live with Jordan, Egypt, and etc.

      No, you only chose to live in peace with states who were forced or bribed into signing grossly one sided peace treaties with Israel mediated by the US. 22 Arab States have signed a peace offer, now a decade old and still on the table that offers to recognize Israel and normalize relations. Israel has rejected it repeatedly because it requires Israel to end the occupation.
      So if you want to live in peace with the Arab world, you have no excuse. So why has Israel not agreed to this offer? We know why, because Israel wants to keep the land it stole.

      No you do not only want to to live, feed your families, and work, you want to keep land that does not belong to you and want to cleanse it of the Arab population living there.

      We don`t have a single statement in our Independence declaration about murder, or blood.

      No, but the Likud Charter does along with statements by political parties like Shas and Betar.

      Why can`t we live in peace in land of our fathers?

      Because you chose not to. Israel has chosen land and territory over peace. You can’t have both.

      Please, spear me the “war of crime” that is done by Israel, because HAMAS can do war crimes a thousand times, but no one would condemn them. Why?

      Because you commit far more of them and far more egregious. Also because Israel is guilty of the most severe war crime - that of military aggression. At Numerberg, they decided that this war crime was unique in that it encompassed responsibility for all the war crimes that followed. That means that Israel is ultimately responsible for the war crimes committed by Hamas.

      And seriously, do you expect anyone to draw equivalence between a rocket that lands in the Negev with a 1000lb bomb that takes out an entire apartment block and kills everyone inside?

      and we have more money and we can shoot down anything they throw at us?

      Correction: you were given money by the US to pay for it.

      Seriously, your post has to be among the most pathetic efforts I have seen on this forum. All you have done is confirm how tone deaf, blind, isolated and psychologically infantile and fragile Israelis are. Zionism truly is a morally corrupt and anti intellectual ideology.

    • It’s a tragedy that it had to happen, and it’s a war crime for Hamas to shoot rockets using a civilian hospital for cover.

      It's a war crime to target civilians and to start the war in the first place. In fact, the crime of aggressive war is he mother of all war crimes and includes all the war crimes that follow.

      So Israel is 100% responsible for this war from A-Z.

      So it's not tragedy, it's an outrage and your disgusting little state is going to suffer from this saddism.

    • Thanks for that link Daniel,

      This is turning into an absolute PR disaster for Israel and Netenyahu on all fronts. The world leaders who continue to stand with Israel are going to pay a huge price for this.

      Israel are looking like Nazis and even the Iranian Jewish leaders are mSkinv this comparison. That's gotta hurt conning from Iran.

      In Israel, Netenyahu is also in deep water. He can't deliver on any of his stated goals and he's powerless to stop
      the rockets.

      Even worse is that the limits of Israel's power are again being exposed.

    • Jon S with hands on ears: "la la la I'm not listening. La la la it was a Hamas base"

  • Arrests without charge of American beating victim's relatives in Jerusalem leave State Dep't 'deeply concerned'
    • Ask Erdogan about the ‘genocide’ he has committed against the Kurds. How many 1000s has he killed?

      Any time DaBakar.

      Now back to Israel. How you feeling about the genicide Israel is inflicting in Gaza?

  • NBC reverses; Mohyeldin to return to Gaza to cover 'Palestinian side of story'
    • Did you see Max Blumenthal's tweet response to Bill Maher? Priceless.
      link to

      Maher posted the comment that:

      Dealing with Hamas is like dealing with a crazy woman who’s trying to kill you – u can only hold her wrists so long before you have to slap her

      Blumenthal responded with:
      Longtime racists @billmaher manages to support domestic violence & the Gaza slaughter in the same tweet.

  • Mohyeldin's boss at NBC rallied 'Jewish passion' for Israel when 'it is physically threatened'
  • 'Heartbroken' at 'horrifying' killing of boys, State Dep't says Israel must do more to prevent civilian deaths
    • in this age of mass media hyper-coverage I am sure it wasn’t lost on those who tally death tolls and so-called ‘proportionality’ to a concept of fairness that in the course of a few seconds yesterday more people were brutally blown to bits at 33,000ft then have been killed in the campaign to force Hamas to stop firing its missiles at Israel.

      That was hardly missed DaBakr. After all, it is clear that the Netenayhu government used this mass media hyper-coverage as cover for the invasion of Gaza.

      And FYI, the Israeli government has admitted on a number of occasions that the campaign was never about forcing Hamas to stop firing its missiles at Israel.

      It appears that advanced Russian arms were used either by mistake or not but I doubt there will be any worldwide outrage on the streets for the almost 300 innocent victims.

      What are you talking about? The world is in shock over this. So much so that the ongoing Gaza massacre has disappeared from the headlines, which you must be delighted about.

  • 'Are you a fucking leftist?' --Israeli fascists target anti-occupation activists in Tel Aviv
    • Of course, if this had happened to Yossi in France or any other country, it would be headline news as an anti Semitic attack.

    • I guess we can put to rest once and for all the claim that Israel is a progressive, tolerant and inclusive society.

      It also makes a mockery of the LGBT tolerance and acceptance, seeing as these are traditionally left wing issues.

  • First night of Israeli ground operations kills 27 Palestinians; Ambulances come under fire attempting to retrieve the injured
    • Well then, please tell us the correct Israeli response. What are they permitted?

      For starters, tgey are permitted to stick to the existing ceasefire and not violate them.

  • 'We are moving from Iron Dome to an iron fist': Israel launches ground invasion of Gaza
    • Another conceivable step would be to get out of ALL non-Israeli territories for once. Never been tried!

      Another would be to adhere to ceasefires and stop conning with lame excuses to violate them.

    • An outstanding comment Marnie.

    • The Israelis do not have the stomach to be at the receiving end of long lasting attacks.

      The meltdown we're witnessing from Jon S is evidence of that.

      Their economy is taking a big hit, and that drives them crazy.

      That and the fact that they cannot control the situation. Israelis are so used to having everything their own way and completely on their own terms. Now they are faced with a situation where they have to compromise. Bibbi has backed himself into a corner. He vowed to end this once and for all, just as the Israelis did in 2008 and 2012, and he has to explain to the Israeli public why he can't achieve that.

    • The zionists deliberately keep them in a life of suffering and limbo, and hatred makes them ridicule them for not “progressing”.

      And when the Palestinians manage to defy those limitations through ingenuity, the Zionists then turn around and say, see, it can't be that bad if they have those luxuries.

    • Other than that you are simply parroting the hasbara of Israeli government sources used to excuse their targeting of civilian infrastructure.

      Yes, since Israel attacked Gaza and rockets started Jon S sounds like the Lenni character from Of Mice and Men.

    • For example:

      link to

      That's not an example. The school is empty and abandoned. Thus no civilians are endangered, which debunks your entire thesis.

      Pitty you hasbratas don't bother reading beyond the headline.

    • Sorry, Although I am a potato man, I don’t talk rubbish.

      Sorry, but that's all you do.

      Last time, when I linked to a video shows the Palestinian envoy admits that Hamas missile attacks are war crimes, you chose to emphasize my “skills as statistician”.

      You linked to no video and yes, it was odd that someone as illiterate as you suddenly showed interest in statistical data. Must have been another member of your team who broke out of character.

    • It seems to me like Hamas sucks it mustn’t have a military commander. Even hezzbolugh did a better job, if I was Iran I would be furious at how incompetent Hamas is.i feel like I could do a better job, Christ all they need to do is fire a few hundred rockets at the dimona reactor at the same time from various different angels (overwhelm the iron dome) and blow it sky high.

      What are you babbling about? Even uhum, "hezzbolugh" did a better job? Where did you get that spelling? Your Yiddish translator?

    • Let`s face it: Gaza became like that as a consequence of the very same intrinsic belligerent attitudes of Hamas – now it is indeed quarantined by both Israel and Egypt.

      No face this Ivri. Everything you have posted has been completely and uttely false. So much say, that you are not even trying to engage anyone here in debate. You're just trolling with your drive by posts, then speeding off and getting drunk behind the bleachers like some sophomore.

      Israel is warehousing Palestinians in Gaza because that has been their plan all along. They are doing the same in the West Bank, Where Hamas has virtually no presence. THis is not the consequence of what Hamas is doing, it is the consequence of Israel wanting to create it's ethnically pure utopia.

      It is Israel that wants the whole damn lot from the Mediterranean to the sea. Some wackos in Israel refuse to even recognize Jordan because they believe that too is Israel.

      However, had Hamas instead of its grandiose total-liberation vision of ENTIRE Palestine (including Israel proper), which they openly declared repeatedly, sought civil development for Gaza

      They have, but Israel never was going to allow them that freedom. As Dov Weisglass admitted, Sharon's plan was to suspend the peace process in formaldehyde and put the Gazans on a diet. That means development was never going to be tolerated.

    • We are hoping and praying for the safety of our soldiers, in battle with a vicious enemy and for the innocent civilians on both sides.

      If you were at all concerned for their safety, you wouldn't be sending them into harms way to carry out a meaningless task with no purpose.

      As the vicious party is Israel, the ones killing all the civilians.

    • while the Hamas terrorists are making use of hospitals, schools and civilian residences as launch sites, weapons depots and command posts.

      While we wait for you to provide one shred of evidence that Hamas are making use of hospitals, schools and civilian residences as launch sites, weapons depots and command posts.

      You sound like you're having a mental breakdown Jon. I am picturing you sitting in a foetal position rocking back and forth with a blank stare mumbling this came crap to yourself over and over again.

      Nearly forgot: mosques, too.

      You also forgot the evidence for that too.

    • Now Israel's army claims Israel's Gaza invasion not meant to topple Hamas: army
      link to

      The bottom line is they know they can't. Imagine that? With all those weapons and political power, the Israelis are powerless to hurt Hamas.

    • “Hamas is winning the PR battle” has been answered by the brainwashed and trained minions.

      And all they are doing is shooting themselves in the foot with their sadism and paranoia. This reporter, Diana Magnay, commented on macabre is was to witness Israelis cheering missile strikes by Israel on Gaza and the crowd turned on her.

      Crowd Cheers as Missile Hits Gaza, Then Threatens CNN Reporter
      link to

      link to

    • Israel is now being torn at the seams after a week in the shelters

      Do tell Walid,

      What can you tell us about what is really going on in Israel. It's impossible to take Jon S seriously as he sounds like Marie Antoinette having a bad hair day and most news reports from Israel only repeat the same spiel.

      I an curious as to how this is affecting Israel economically, socially, politically and psychologically.

    • It’s being reported that this is the statement that the army has instructed all its officers to declare, to trick the resistance in not doing anything against the invading forces on the assumption they’ll dig up the ground at the border and pull back into Israel.

      So much for disarming Hamas.

    • and any evidence that Hamas is hiding missiles in mosques, schools and rehab centers will simply be brushed under the rug

      You and your fellow trolls don 'to understand the definition of evidence. A statement by after Dermer, Bibbi or Regev is not evidence.

      so perfectly twisted that they have fallen in love with the idea of turning the victim into its killer.

      Don 'to worry. When it comes to turning the victim into its killer and back again, you and your cultists are in a league if your own.

    • I’d wager most of the commentators here have never set a foot in Israel, can’t speak any of the languages and really don’t give a damn about the so-called “Palestinians” being treated like crap in Arab countries.

      I'll wager you don't give about Jews seeing as you clearly gave no problem with the Haganah blowing up 180 if the in Haifa Harbor.

      I'll wager you don't speak Germam and haven't been to Auschwitz.

      You certainly don’t show the same *fake* indignant outrage for the “Palestinians” in Syria. That have been killed and displaced by Arab.

      I have not see a complaint from you about pedophelia, human organ harvesting by Israel, the massacres in Africa or even the slave movement.

      One can only conclude from your absence if comment in these positions that you support and spice of them.

    • just as Palestinians in Jerusalem set up armchairs on their roofs and hooted and hollered every time a missile trail could be seen incoming over the valley.

      I know how desperate you are to believe that were true, but you have zero evidence if such a situation, just like you do about human shields and bases being built under hospitals.

      The fascinating phenomena we are witnessing with all these talking points is how similar they are to the propaganda the Nazis employed. They too complained about the resistance crawling out if holes on the ground, disappearing into crowds, using churches and hospitals to hide in.

      Ironically, it's historical record that Jewish terror groups that went in to be banes the IDF, his weapons in Synagogues too.

      People aren’t very different n matter how much you try and paint Israelis as some kind of ‘special’ creature.

      We're certainly not doing that. There us nothing particularly special about you, but you might want to break that news to the leaders of Betar, Shas and Eli Weisell.

      It's not the cheering by Israelis that us uniquely sadistic, it's the contradiction with the claim that Israel is fighting for it's survival and are under son deadly attack. One would think that if Israelis were fearing for their lives they would not be so casual in placing themselves at risk.

    • Obviously speaking from experience.

      Yes Bennet does have the experience, having boated he'd killed many Arabs.

      But Naftali Bennett like Netanyahu was in Sayaret Matkal.

      A well known terrorist group.

    • These soldiers are bonding in preparation for a dangerous ground assault against a insidious enemy.

      You hear that Annie. These murderers about to go to slaughter more women and children, which Mayhem labels an insidious enemy.

      Baruch Hashem to these soldiers!

      May they emulate Baruch Goldstein right Mayhem?

      May they celebrate again when they put paid to the Hamas terrorists who want to destroy them. It is them or us!

      But they won't because they can't. They'll kill more women and children, cla that they were trying to get the terrorist but the human shields for in the way, and be back again in 2 - 4 years to mow the lawn all again.

    • you see Israel taking every conceivable step to prevent the killing of innocent civilians

      Yes we saw a fine example of that with the beach massacre.

      I also look forward to your explanationas to why the Pro Palestinian media pulled the only reporter from Gaza that wasn't giving the Israeli MFA approved spin to his reporting.

    • totally absurd comment. Are the IDF soldiers hiding in schools, hospitals and homes like the Hamas perfidists?

      Yes they are.

      1. The IDF have appealed a ban on the use of human shields by the Supreme Court.
      2. IDF soldiers go to schools to pick up their children no doubt, which makes the schools a human shield.
      3. IDF soldiers are treated in hospitals for injuries, , which makes the hospitals a human shield.
      4. There is ZERO evidence Hamas has done so.

    • Hamas is an designated terrorist organisation that commits war crimes.

      Israel is a designated terrorist state that commits far more and more severe war crimes. It is also in violation of the Geneva Conventions and countless UNSC Resolutions.

    • Why they launch missiles on civilians exactly like the Nazis did in WWII when they bombed London with missiles.

      You are talking rubbish as usual potato man. It's Israel that is striking civilian areas using predication guided munitions. And it waxJewish terrorist who were caught trying to bomb London.

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