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  • Obama equates Israel's creation to African-Americans gaining right to vote
    • life for Jews in Europe is becoming increasingly untenable.

      Spoken liking a right wing ignoramus who has never been to Europe. You should tell all those Jees lining up to migrate to Berlin Hop.

    • It's sickening how Obama talks abou the need to consider history in justifying the need for a Jewish state but then ignores the history of Palestinian expulsion and land theft to justify their grievances.

  • Sheesh: A conservative response to the special relationship
    • Indeed it is. I was thinking the same thing. The F35 is turning out to be the biggest and most expensive white elephant if all time. Them Israel all the F35s they want. I suspect the USAF is only too happy to get rid of them.

  • Zionism is tired
    • His main villain was Britain. The British looked on the matter from an imperial strategic perspective. If the Brits gave in to the Jews on Palestine they figured they would have trouble all over the Middle East, but if they gave into the Arabs they would only have trouble in Palestine, from the Jews (here Goda echoed his co-editor Richard Breitman); and so they chose the latter.

      This is mind boggling in the extreme. How can anyone possibly make this argument without inviting ridicule? They seem to be of the belief that the reference to the Jewish National Hone in the Mandate magically appeared from nowhere

      We're it not for the British, the mandate would never have included any mention of a Jewish National Home. There would have been very little immigration possible, not protection of Jewish immigrants, no automatic right of Jews to become citizens, no turning a blind eye to Jewish militias arming themselves while Arabs were being disarmed and being subjected to collective punishment like home demolitions , no one to put down the Arab Revolt.

      These guys are insane.

  • US press blacks out Israeli defense minister's citation of 'Nagasaki and Hiroshima' as model for dealing with Iran
  • What if the Times had sent Rudoren to Selma in 1965?
    • You are one. Your goal quite clearly stated is the deliberately premeditated mass death of the vast majority of the Jewish population due to an economic collapse caused by a Nato blockade.

      That's quite extraordinary Jeff. Where and when have I quite clearly stated anything even remotely close to this JeffB? Is that what you do when losing an argument, say the first thing that comes into your racist supremacist, paranoid mind ?

      When have I ever alluded to the the death of any Jewish person?

      You are a sick and deranged liar.

      But BDS’s demand isn’t merely a 2SS. 2SSers like the European mainstream may be wrong but they aren’t racist advocates for genocide.

      What BDS is advocating for is far less destructive and violent than what Israel is doing in Gaza. Do I take that as an admission from you therefore that Israel is made up of racist advocates for genocide?

      BDS ranges from the PLO charter position to the Hamas charter.

      Oh my, you really have lost your mind. Name one statement from the BDS web site that includes anything from the PLO or Hamas Charters. Not something you claim to have heard or was inferred, not what a friend of a friend of a cousin of an associate of a BDSer once said, but an actual statement.

      For J-Street Israel is a normal country doing bad stuff and should stop doing the bad stuff.

      Who the hell cares what J-Street stands for? J-Street is for maintaining the status quo, maintain Jewish supremacy in Israel, while trying to improve Israel's image.

      For BDS Israel is an intrinsic evil and needs to be destroyed.

      No, that is your paranoia and tribalism talking not your head. You're rambling like a paranoid schizophrenic who thinks their parents are spying on them and that anyone who disagrees with them is an enemy.

      You are beyond pathetic, but sadly, you are a perfect stereotype of a so called "liberal Zionist".

    • You as a BDSer are arguing that Jews should never have had the right to a government of their own choosing that represents their interests.

      You racist Zionists hasbarats keep making that claim without ever citing one example fo any of it BDSers ever making such an argument. Jews, as with any tribe, can do what they like so long as they don't do it at the expense of others.

      BDS is about eliminating self determination for Jews because the Zionist project was illegitimate and replacing Israel with an Arab Muslim state.

      Another blatant and shameless lie. First of all, the Zionist project was illegitimate precisely because it replaced an Arab state with a Jewish state by expulsion and conquest/colonialism. The world decided long ago that these were indeed illegitimate practices.

      Withdrawing to the 1967 borders would not replace Israel with an Arab Muslim state. It would simply put and end to your greater Israel wet dream, which for you closet right wing racist nut jobs is indistinguishable from the existence of Israel as a state.

      Under that frame, Israel has borders, it is entitled to govern within those borders but that the West Bank and Gaza are outside those borders. One can argue about that case but that has nothing to do with MW or BDS.

      How does it not have anything to do with MW and BDS?

    • The economic segregation in the Kibbutz collapsed during the citrus boom.

      No, the economic segregation of Israel continues to this day.

      And I should mention the boycott came in reaction to the Palestinian ethnic cleansing of the early 1920s.

      No you shouldn't, because the the boycott came in reaction to the colonization of Palestine by Europeans at the expense of the Palestinians.

      The need for labor outstripped the Jewish population’s ability to provide it and there started to be economic cooperation.

      False. It was the need for a market that outstripped the Jewish population’s ability to provide it .

      This BTW is one of the big problem BDS case. BDS oversimplifies.

      No, BDS cuts through the Zionist bullshit which is why hasbara charlatans like you have to keep lying about what the declared aims of BDS are, and have to resort to halof truths and outright lies about what some high profile members of the BDS movement might have said.

      The entire narrative of evil Zionists intent on stealing the land falls apart the moment you stay to a particular year.

      WFT are you babbling about? What particular year did the Zionists stop stealing land?

      My claim was that huge chunks of potentially arable land were not available in 1905 because of 500-1000 of neglect.

      But that is clearly a lie. As the Zionist founders said, all the Arable land was already being cultivates, so how could it have been neglected? And yes, it clearly was providing more than enough food, otherwise there would not have been enough to export.

      You are caught in yet another lie.

      There was no country of Palestine! It didn’t exist. That’s not even a question for debate.

      False again. It it didn't exist, there would have been no Mandate for Paletine. As Pierre Orts, chairman of Mandate Commission of the League Of Nations said:

      "The mandate, in Article 7, obliged the Mandatory to enact a nationality law, which again showed that the Palestinians formed a nation, and that Palestine was a State </b?, though provisionally under guardianship. It was, moreover, unnecessary to labour the point; there was no doubt whatever that Palestine was a separate political entity."
      - See more at: link to

      You're just channeling the old hasbara (orshoudlI say puss?) about land without a people for a people without a land.

      The administrative unites under the Ottomans didn’t even contain a single unit called “Palestine”

      Wrong again. The 19th century Jews certainly knew where Palestine was located. The documentary record proves that they repeatedly asked the US Consuls in Palestine and Constantinople for help in immigrating to Palestine. For example, The Ottoman Sultan had issued a firman permitting Jewish settlement in Syria that prevented Oriental and European Jews from settling in Palestine. Palestine was marked on most of the maps of the era. The first Jewish Aliya was carried-out in violation of that prohibition on mass Jewish immigration. In 1882, the American Consul summed up an immigration request from a group of Romanian Jews living in the Ottoman Empire this way:

      During the golden era of the Arab Caliphate Jund Filastin was an official military district with its own capital. The seat of government was initially located in Lod, was moved to Ramla, and finally ended up in Jerusalem. Wikipedia has an article about it.
      link to

      The United States has posted Consuls to the country of Palestine ever since the early 19th century and treated it as a formal jurisdiction. For example, the US Government addressed the Ottoman Pasha as “his excellency Raouf Pasha Governor of Jerusalem and Palestine”.
      link to

      Annual reports on Trade and Commerce of the country of Palestine were submitted to the US Bureau of Foreign Commerce from the Consuls in “Jerusalem, Palestine”. See for example the report for 1884.
      link to

      Even the actual text of Basle Program of the First Zionist Congress did NOT use the term Eretz Israel, it used the term Palistina.
      link to

      It’s amazing to most of us that you modern-day Zionists need finding aids and citations to locate Palestine. It’s fairly obvious that your ancestors knew about it, managed to find the place, and even corresponded with the government officials there without too much difficulty.

    • There are places where you like to throw puss at the screen and hear from your amen corner how wonderful your puss is.

      You are clearly oblivious to the puss that you spew every day through your vile racism.

      That is false. For most of the 1920s there were over 100k Jews. There was no point in the 1880s where there were 8k Jews.


      As Shlomo Ben Ami points out in his book, Scars of War, Wounds of Peace, Jews were consistently 8% of the population.

      The citrus boom was over by the 1940s (though of course it remained a part of Israel’s infrastructure) as your compatriots below clearly show. Your times are off.

      In which case, that also blows up your claim that he citrus boom was due to the desert bloomism created by the Zionists.

      What do you think the Ottoman empire was? It was Turkey. The same way that the Roman Empire was Roman or the British Empire was England.

      The Turks did no build settlements in Palestine and expel the local population.

      Let’s disprove that one.

      Another hasbara fail.

      1. Where does the return of refugees as understood by BDS makes a claim of racial inheritance? The return of refugees as understood by BDS makes no such claim. If I inherit the property of my parents or grandparents, it has nothing to do with racial inheritance, it is based on the existence of property belonging to them that they have passed on to me due to the fact I am their progeny.

      2 What part of BDS advocated the expulsion of Jews from the settlements past 1967? And isn't it interesting how you justify the presence of Jews in those settlements because that’s where their parent’s (in a collective sense) lived? Is that not racial inheritance?

      BDS does not advocate collective punishment of any kind. At the most, it calls for the government of Israel to end it's occupation and for those settlements to return to Palestinian control, as would be the case if a Palestinian state were allowed to exist.

      for example were quite joyful abut “complete economic collapse” which is far more than Israel has done to Gaza.

      WFT are you babbling about? The UN has reported that Gaza will be unable to sustain life in another decade. That's what Israel has done to Gaza. How could BDS come close to that degree of destruction?

      So as it turns out, you have failed miserably to disprove anything I said. You seem to believe hat by medley spouting BS, your argument on which it is based is somehow legitimate.

      In what way does it assist humans to organize or survive that the French and the German language both exist?

      The same way some tribes learn to fish while others hunt, through necessity. French and Germanic languages, like all languages, are hybrids of languages that preceded them. They were not created intentionally.

      No it isn’t. The Jews have expressed no particular interest in ruling over the Palestinians consistently. Nor is BDS for equality.

      Actually Israelis have expressed far more macabre and sadistic interests, to rule over the eland and get rid of the Palestinians entirely. So yes, BDS is entirelyfor equality which is why you haven;t even tried to argue the point.

      Under Shaked even more of them would have the right to vote and hold government.

      No. She wants them warehoused.

      They are given citizenship and allowed to participate in the new society after they acknowledged the victory of the new society over the old.

      No, they were given citizenship and allowed to participate without any requirement that they acknowledge the victory of the new society over the old. There was never any such stipulation made so your argument is false.

    • It’s Joan Peters all over again.

      It's 19th century colonialism and orientalism all over again.

      As Chomsky points out:

      in areas where the English settled or where English is spoken today, the unwritten law in force in England was imposed. According to English law, the inhabitants of these lands didn't have a right to them because they where hunter-gatherers rather than a sedentary people. This was completely false. And many other falsifications of events took place in order to render them compatible with the law. Up until the 1970s, for example, distinguished anthropologists informed us that we should reject archeological and documentary evidence which clearly showed that these were sedentary peoples and, by their own standards, relatively advanced civilizations. On the contrary, we were to pretend that they were hunter-gatherers and that, therefore, there were few people, maybe a million north of the Rio Grande, instead of 10 million or more, which was the real figure.

      And if the question is asked why for centuries these falsifications were made, the answer is, basically, that it was a matter of establishing the principle that the people who lived there had no rights over the land, given that they simply traveled across it in order to hunt, and so on. Therefore, there was no moral or legal problem in taking their land for the use of the Europeans. As far as the peoples involved are concerned, if they had no right to the land, it did not matter who they were, or whether they came from India or some other place.

      link to

      Sound familiar?

    • There was migration within the Levant when the Jews started boosting the economy.

      There was no boost to the economy until the Europeans started arriving and what's more, the Palestinians were not given any piece of the actions because the immigrant Zionists imposed a policy of Hafrada - meaning segregartion.

      though Detroit wasn’t empty before and the relative decrease in American car manufacturing in Detroit has caused migration away from Detroit.

      Nor was Palestine empty before the Zionists arrived. In fact, in 1905, the Zionist founders pointed out that every inch of arable land was being used and cultivated - so much for your racist claim that it was being neglected.

      More broadly, the entire Ottoman Empire and the places that had formerly been Ottoman was where migrants came from.

      That is demonstrably false given that the population did not migrate at all. Walter Lacquer pointed out that the problem the Zionists had was that the natural rate of growth of the Palestinian population was as great as the rate of Zionist immigration from Europe.

      Your problem is that you need borders that were far stronger than the ones history shows because you are trying to defend the notion that there was some country called Palestine.

      I don't need to defend it at all. There would never have been a Mandate for Palestine has the country of Palestine not already existed. It is you that has the problem because you Zionists have tried desperately to argue that the Mandate for Palestine meant the Mandate for a jewish state.

    • They stared fixing it immediately starting from the 1880s and were doing huge work on it during the early 1920s.

      Rubbish. There were barely 8,000 Jews in Palestine at the time and only a tiny percentage of them were even immigrants, so there was no work being done until well after the 1940s.

      The citrus boom had nothing to do with any Zionist input.

      So tha's lie #1.

      Furthermore, Palestine was not a Turkish colony and there were no Turkish settlements.

      Your map shows no Turkish colonies.

      So tha's lie #2.

      I’m not sure if he is consistent on that point. He has raised it. Certainly BDS in 2 of the 3 demands takes the opposite position.

      Absolutel rubbish. You can't even be bothered to list which of the BDS demands take the opposite position because of the egg that you would have on your face.

      That's lie #3.

      I agree with you. I don’t see a difference other than
      justice = stuff speaker agrees with
      collective punishment = stuff the speaker doesn’t agree with

      It's clear you don't see the difference because as Donald has pointed out, you have no moral compas whatsoever

      I don’t know what you mean attacking nations as an “artificial construct”. All of human society including law is mostly an artificial construct.

      False again. Human society is based on the recognition that humans need to organise and exist in communities to survive.

      In any case if you want to make an argument about human rights and not national rights than don’t talk about how the Palestinians were wronged and have a natural right to rule.

      Stop with the phoney arguments and straw men. No one said anyone has a natural right to rule. The question is whether one population has the right to displace another and rule over them.

      They might have a right to greater civil rights within Israel but that’s it.

      What do you mean that's it? If they become a majority, or if they were not expelled and were a majority and voted according to those demographics, would they not have the right to hold government? Or if in the future, the arab parties managed to form a majority coalition, would they not have the right to form a government?

      This entire argument by your BDS compatriots is about about blood guilt and racial claims to land.

      Umm not, you are confusing BDS with Zionism.

      Of course they were! The Indian wars ended when the Native Americans agreed to recognise the authority of the USA government. /blockquote>

      No, the wars ended when the populatio of the Native Americans was devasteated and they could no longer resist occupation.

      They now work within the American society as part of it. Similarly the Canadian indigenous. I don’t know the details of Australia but I suspect the Australians also wouldn’t tolerate their indigenous acting fully sovereign.

      In all the cases you listed, the indigenous population are recognised as the original owners of the land and given full citizenship. There is no distinctions between any race, religion or sop called peoplehood or nationhood. In fact, in all cases, the natives are granted additional privileges not available to those of European descent.

      So you are wrong on every point.

    • I thought we were done with this kind of old colonial racism.

      That's impossible if you are a Zionist, as Zionism and colonial racism go hand in hand. Not only that, but racist colonialist Jeff contradicts himself. In this post he refers to Palestinians as a migrant population, in another he refers to them an native.

    • The areas are already fixed and the number of Palestinians in them don’t threaten the Jewish majority.

      Fixed according to whom? Israel keeps expanding those areas.

      No she does not support the continuation of military rule. You are simply making stuff up.

      Yes she does support the continuation of military rule. You are simply lying and in denial.

    • Before the Zionists got to Palestine it was a malaria ridden dirt poor Turkish colony with a migrant serf farming population from the Levant.

      So many lies it's hard to know where to begin, but JeffB is clearly channeling Jone Peters.

      Not all of Palestine had problems with malaria, but suffice to say, malaria was common in many parts of the world at the time and the Zionists did not fix the problem for another decade.

      Furthermore, Palestine was not a Turkish colony and there were no Turkish settlements. The claim that the population was a migrant population is based on the fraudulent and long since debunked thesis of Jone Peters. They were native to the land and largely land holder.

      What you are now proposing is not a universal morality but rather a situational morality based on a policy of non-reversibility.

      How so Jeff? Donald's morality is perfectly consistent with the notion that those who are not responsible for the crimes of their predecessors should not have to pay the price.

      It seem you don't understand the difference between justice and collective punishment, which is not surprise given you are such a rabid Zionist

      Neither the Jewish people who evolved into Israeli nor the Levant people who evolved into Palestinians existed as nations in the proper sense prior to Zionism.

      So what? The notion of nationhood is largely an artificial and tribal construct. International recognition of human rights is not contingent on people identifying with any nationhood.

      They raising the carrying capacity of the land by something like 400-500 undoing 1000 years of neglect and mismanagement in a decade.

      From Jone Peters to the hasbara BS that the Jews made the desert bloom. What a load of crap. Palestine was one of the most abundant and fertile areas in the region. The famous Jafa Oranges would never have been created if the land had been mismanaged. The fact that some areas were developed does not mean the existing population, which was entirely self reliant, neglected or mismanaged.

      This ties into yet another racist, solonialist and orientalist spin that that the Palestinians were too primitive and unevolved to look after themselves and that the Jews helped them to become civilized.

      You are so completely tone deaf JeffB that you have no idea how repugnant and racist you are.

      Well then if we are reversing the changes, how do we unkill the many Jews who gave their lives to malaria or damaging their their bodies forever so that future generations of Jews live in what is today an agriculturally rich environment?

      What an asinine and irrelevant line of argument!! Why don't we ask how you can make your mother unfeel the pain she went through during childbirth?

      And anyone who examines the case fairly is going to see that Israel is just another country which doesn’t get along well with an indigenous minority. Nothing unusual at all

      Yes it is, because every other western democracy who has had a shameful past with regard to the indigenous minority has taken signioficant steaps to:

      1. Acknowledge and recognize those crime
      2. Acknowledge and recognize the identity and legitimacy of these indigenous peoples and their rights.
      3. Made significant steps towards reconciliation and rectifying those injustices.

      What makes Israel usual is that:

      1. Israel denies of justified those crimes
      2. Israel denied the identity and legitimacy of these indigenous peoples and their rights.
      3. Israel has not even considered making any steps towards reconciliation and rectifying those injustices.

      None of the indigenous populations in the US, Canada or Australia were ever required to:

      1. come to terms with the existence of a new society on top of their old one. They were never 2. reduces their demands to a level the dominant society could accept and or that merges with the dominant society to become part of the new nation over a period of generations.
      3. merge with another nation becoming part of that nation over a period of generations.

      So by your own admission, Israel in entirely unusual and different because those demands are unique to Israel. in fact, Israel even demands that the indigenous population accept that their conquerors have a greater claim to the land than they do.

      Seriously Jeff, the more you try to argue your case, the deeper the hole you are digging for yourself.

    • The real problem is how bad their analogies are.

      No the real problem is the one you are dealing with because your justifications, distortions and denials are so pitiful

      The whole BDS movement is based on a few similarities that most fall apart under inspection between South Africa and Israel.

      That's odd, because Ben Gurion, Ehud Olmert and Ehud Barak, as well as a slew of Israeli ministers, not to mentions former South African prime ministers don't seem to think so. Maybe you should try your "inspection" by them and point out the errors in their ways.

      But when one tries to look at the case of South Africa and notice how truly dissimilar the two cases are then suddenly out come the curse words and insults and analogies don’t matter.

      That's an interesting argument. All those who have been responsible for acts of genocide should take a leaf out of your book and argue that what they did was not in fact genocide because they never employed gas chambers.

      I’ve tried again and again to walk through the actual history of the anti-Apartheid movement and show how the dissimilarities between the South African and Israeli case were in areas absolutely crucial to the “success” of the anti-Apartheid struggle.

      What does the anti-Apartheid movement have to do with apartheid in Israel? Are you suggesting that because the anti-Apartheid movement is not identical to the BDS movement that this somehow disproves Israel has implemented an apartheid regime?

      No wonder you have been forced to try and try again with such a failed and incoherent line of argument.

      The civil rights movement is even a worse analogy. American blacks argued forcefully to be allowed to become fully American and join American culture. If the Palestinians would do what the blacks did there would’t be an I/P conflict.

      Really? You might try explaining that to Deputy President of the Supreme Court, Justice Elon , who ruled in an elections commission case that Arab citizens merely have an equal right to recognize that Israel is the state of the Jewish people, and only the Jewish people:

      The principle that the State of Israel is the state of the Jewish people is Israel’s foundation and mission [yessoda vi-yeuda], and the principle of the equality of rights and obligations of all citizens of the State of Israel is of the State’s essence and character [mahuta ve-ofya]. The latter principle comes only to add to the former, not to modify it;there is nothing in the principle of the equality of civil rights and obligations to modify the principle that the State of Israel is the state of the Jewish people, and only the Jewish people.
      See Ben-Shalom v. Central Election Committee 1988, 272

      So please JeffB, do explain how the Palestinians are to become part of the Jewish people, seeing as nothing less would enable the Palestinians to become fully Jewish and join Jewish culture.

    • I love when the editors/contributors of MW use constant analogies to -among others-the US civil rights movement but consistently accuse Zionists of ‘whataboutism’ whenever they make their own anologies to the hypocrisy in the i/p conflict. Always legitimate when its against Zion and never legit when its defending Israel. Got it.

      I love it when Israeli apologists try to deny realities that even Israeli prime ministers have admitted in moments of candor, from Ben Gurion to Ehud Olmert and Ehud Barak to former South African prime ministers who glowingly referred to Israel as an apartheid state as early as 1961.

    • People tried to get the Jim Crow South or apartheid SA off the hook by pointing to other places which were allegedly worse. It didn’t work–that type of argument is stupid.

      So did apartheid South Africa. As Hostage pointed out a while ago,

      The very first case of apartheid that was referred to the International Court of Justice involved an illegal regime imposed upon all of the citizens of the State of Namibia by the neighboring government of South Africa in order to deny them self-determination and independence. They used the same lame-assed excuse about the occupation and the claimed the members of SWAPO were their enemies.

      See: link to
      *Legal Consequences for States of the Continued Presence of South Africa in Namibia (South West Africa) notwithstanding Security Council Resolution 276 (1970)
      link to

    • The UN is anti-colonial

      Colonialism is racism of the worst kind, so no one is sneaking racism into it. it's already there.

      “Illegal” in this context is endorsing racism not opposing it.

      Typical Zionist anti intellectualism at play here. Anti racism is racist according to JeffB.

      In most countries the government is considered eligible to determine what is “legal” or “illegal”

      You are such a crack pot. Apartheid was legal in South Africa. Did that make it legitimate?

      And every member of the UN is subject to criticism of it's human rights record by the UN. The UN just issued a scathing report about the US and has criticized Australia too for it's treatment of asylum seekers.

    • She wants 1 man, 1 vote in any area subject to Israeli law.

      She also supports the ethnic cleansing of areas to make those areas larger and persevere a Jewish majority.

      In areas not subject to Israeli law, the inhabitants get to decide amongst themselves with essentially no interference by Israel how they choose to decide on what laws they want

      Rubbish. She supports the occupation, which means that those areas are also subject to Israeli laws exclusively aimed at non Jews. So like you, she supports apartheid.

    • You mean she is going to get worse .Or better, in your view , as in a more finely tuned racist and bigot.

      You took the words right out of my mouth Amigo.

  • 'NYT' plays shameless propagandist for Israel's threats to kill Lebanese civilians
    • Hezbollah in fact violated its promise in the aftermath of the previous war and rearmed itself.

      What a load of rubbish!! What promises has it violated? Did it enter your thick skull that UNIFIL has documented about 3,000 ceasefire violations by Israel?

      Hezbollah bases its calculations on the asymmetry that they can bomb civilian targets in Israel and Israel will not do that

      Israel HAVE done that. They bombed and murdered 1,300 civilians in 2006 and even bombed those fleeing their homes, so how can Hezbollah believe Israel will not do that when they have already?

      But they are extremely vulnerable to that given that they population stronghold is merely a neighborhood of Beirut.

      Wrong again. Thanks to Israel's stupidity when they bombed the Christians to the North, Israel has driven the Maronite Christians and Hezbollah together.

      Why on earth should they risk all that for a fight that they cannot win

      What are you babbling about? Hezbollah kicked IDF butt in 2006.

    • I’ve said before, we’re in a very dangerous era with Israel. After Gaza they know that there is nothing their supporters will not allow.

      There is.

      1. A high death count for the IDF
      2. A barrage of rocket attacks of the scale they have never experienced

      Both are inevitable. Hezbollah have 50,000 rockets ready and once the ground invasion begins, the IDF will be chewed up and spat out as before.

    • The other angle Scott is that Israel may perceive Hezbollah as vulnerable and stretched in Syria, so this might be their best chance of tabling them out.

  • Israeli racism takes center stage at Manhattan JCC
    • This proves Reuven Rivlin's point yet again - that Israel is a sick society.

      Not only is the racism do blatant, but we even see so called liberal and progressive Zionists attacking the left.

    • Page: 150
  • Kristol frets that he walked into Obama's 'trap,' and Rubio says he'll demand Iran recognize 'Israel's right to exist'
    • F-22 Raptor can safely operate inside an area protected by the S-300 and its many variants.

      Yeah right. The F-22 is such a lemon that not only is it discontinued, but the DOD would be too scared to actually send one of these things into battle. The only time they have used them was against targets armed with nothing but Kalashnikovs.

      The Pentagon’s $400 billion F-35 Joint Strike Fighter will eventually be able to operate inside those zones

      They can't even get the F-35 off the ground.

    • I turned on the news to some amazing developments. I am so tuned out these days to domestic news and never turn on the television, but I did 2 nights ago and learned that Australian foreign minister, Julie Bishop, was in Tehran, meeting with the leaders there. She had been invited by Tehran and accepted the offer, 12 months since the last time an Australian diplomat had set foot in Iran.
      link to
      link to
      link to

      I couldn't believe my eyes. Witnessing the diplomacy and mutual respect shown by both sides, and their mutual agreement on maters of the Islamic state, I found it hard to imagine there had been so much hostility and animosity between Iran and the West. It was as if diplomatic relations had never ceased.

      In my eyes, this is a truly historic event. This meeting could not and would not have taken place without Washington's approval.

      Still, I was amazing and proud to see our otherwise pathetic government taking such a positive and bold initiative.

      It's no surprise that the likes of Bill Kristol are in such a panic. The speed at which events are moving has left the old guard, Israeli firsters and necons completely baffled and outpaced and they have no idea how to respond.

    • I cannot get over how these right wing inbreds repeat the same crap over and over again, in spite of all 17 US intelligence agencies reporting since 2007 that Iran is not pursuing a bomb and has no intentions to do so.

      Talk about rewriting history. Rubio is so shameless and in such a bubble that he had no hesitation in bringing up Iraq as an example of how inspectors were outsmarted, when no WMD existed there anyway.

      It's lucky the Rubio will not even make it past the primaries.

  • Understanding the Jewish National Home
    • To mention the 1939 White Paper without mentioning the Holocaust is more than a little obtuse.

      To mention the 1939 White Paper and trying to link it to the Holocaust is more than a exploitation of the Holocaust, seeing as nether were remotely related

      Zionists have always been willing to live in peace with their Arab neighbors.

      So long as they got to expel the Arabs in Palestine.

    • I do not agree that the two-state solution is anywhere near dead.

      Then you are completely and utterly deluded.

      The two states already exist as legal entities.

      That's about a meaningful as saying you still own shares in Lehman Brothers because you it says so on the legal document you hold.

      All it would take to realize it is a UN resolution demanding an end to the occupation.

      Wow, you mean like the other dozen UN Resolutions that Israel has happily been able to ignore, including UNSC242?

  • Just like the Nazis, Iran 'plans to exterminate six million Jews' -- Netanyahu
    • An historical event can have short-term and long-term effects, happens all the time.

      No it does not. Never has there been a delay of 10 years before a population reacted to a traumatic and violent event. If the the Farhud event was so shocking and had such a profound impact on their sense of safety and security, then it makes no sense whatsoever that the Jewish population would have collectively waited 10 years to respond.

      You’re completely ignoring the anti-Jewish propaganda spread by pro-Nazi elements , including the infamous Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini who was active in Iraq at the time.

      Are you completely ignoring the fact that by 1951, Nazis had been defeated 60 years earlier?

    • Do you deny that Iran, from the lowest levels and up to the absolute top repeats ad nauseum “Death to Israel, death to America”?

      Iran is a country of 60 million people. Those who chant Death to Israel, death to America are a tiny minuscule of that population.

      And there are no leaders partaking in those chants.

      Do you deny that Israel, from the lowest levels and up to the absolute top repeats ad nauseum “Death to Arabs” or calls for genocide against Arabs?

      And please provide a link to support your claims of children being sent out in to mine fields, or admit you are repeating vile propaganda.

      Many thanks

    • maybe your too old to think ‘clearly’ as there is nothing “clear” about lumping Zionism together with groups who are secessionist at best and are hyper focused on skin colour at worst.

      Maybe you are too deeply in denial about the fact that Zionism is racism. Even Israeli President Reuven Rivlin admits Israel is a sick society and rife with racism. Segregation lies at the root of Zionism and was there from day 1 - the policy of which was even given the name "Hafrada".

      That these groups are pretty much mortal enemies of Jews and Zionists puts them at polar opposites.

      On the contrary, these groups are peas in a pod with Zionists. One only need attend pro nationalist and fascist rallies in Europe to see Israeli flags increasingly present.

      Israeli Flags and Swastikas Abound at Rallies of PEGIDA, Europe’s New Anti-Muslim Neo-Fascist Movement
      link to

      Israeli flags spotted among neo-Nazis at racist, anti-Muslim #ReclaimAustralia rally.
      link to

      How the Israel Lobby Protected Ukrainian Neo-Nazis
      link to
      Right wing extremists like Geert Wilders are openly embraced by Zionists and visa versa.

      a nationalist ethnic movement is not the same as a racialist movement even if you choose to separate religion from ethnicity in this case.

      Yes they are the same as they are inseparable. One goes hand in hand with the other.

    • It was a spontaneous riot provoked by a misunderstanding of Jews bearing flowers that had been believed intended for the arriving British (see description by Gamal above). It was a stupid mistake that was fostered by the British.

      There is strong evidence to suggest the British incited this event by planting this false story and setting it up. By inciting this violence, the British had a pretext to "restore order" and remain.

    • 1. An event in 1941 can’t have an impact on events in 1951? What kind of historical thinking is that?

      The kind of logical cause and effect thinking you Zios are so averse to. If events of 1941 were as traumatic and threatening as you suggest, why the 10 year delay before those who were allegedly so traumatized decided to act on that threat?

      2. If the Farhud wasn’t a pogrom I don’t know what is.

      We've already established you know very little. There was no organized massacre in Iraq. Whatever took place was anything but organized.

      3.The farhud took place in the context of a pro-Nazi revolt.

      Stop lying. Your own last sentence states clearly that the farhud took place in the context of anti British imperialism, when the Iraqi leadership were moving to end the British occupation - you know like the Zios did in Palestine.

      They were trying to restore the pro-British regime.

      Which is colonialism and occupation. Unless of course,k you are suggesting we should reagrd the Zionist movement also as pro-Nazi

    • Of course it's false Walid.

      Iranian law prohibits the recruitment of those under 16, basing itself on the Koranic traditions about war. However, the state broke those rules by the middle of the Iran-Iraq War. As nationalism and anger to the Iraqi invasion spread, some children (along with old men) volunteered for the Basij militia, often from areas destroyed by the Iraqi invasion. All were volunteers, often more passionate about their cause than their adult counterparts, and were mostly over 13 years of age. In 1984, Iranian president Ali-Akbar Rafsanjani said, "all Iranians from 12 to 72 should volunteer for the Holy War."[46] Young volunteers' participating in war was heavily utilized by Western media for Anti-Iranian propaganda, and among most popular stories was alleged "distribution of plastic keys to paradise." Most of such stories were really myths, propaganda, or embellished stories, and the child soldiers simply fought alongside their adult counterparts , often in Basij RPG or mine clearing teams. A small number of schoolchildren currently serve in the ranks of the Basij, an Iranian paramilitary force, according to CSUCS, generally above the age of 16. They have reported that the state conscripts for the regular army at age 19- while accepting volunteers at age 16- and those at 17 can work for the police.[47]
      link to

    • when people that sent their children to clear mine-fields with a book in their pocket say that they want to murder me and my family, I believe them.

      Wow, that's right up there with the blood libels about using Christian blood to make Matzo.

      I have heard this claim for years now, but is there any evidence that children were sent to clear mine-fields? The only sources I found were rabid right wing Islamophobic web sites, none of which actually referenced a credible source.

      Isn't it funny how Zios love to argue that they take Iranians seriously when the hot heads chant "death to Israel", but insist they are lying and cannot be trusted when they say they are not interested in nukes?

    • Let me see you when someone bombs, say, Tel-Aviv and says the same words.

      Yeah, I wonder of the 3 murdered youths would be dismissed as Collateral damage by our new resident wannabe Mark Regev mini me.

    • if you want to be foolish enough to believe the crap propaganda coming from Iran about how “modestly” the mullahs and their families live in Iran-go right ahead.

      If you want to produce evidence of presidential palaces, go right ahead.

      In a closed society-the regime can put out any info they want and count on dupes to spread it around as ‘truth’ .

      If Iran was such a closed society with information sop hard to come by, how do you know about these palaces?

    • In the case of Israel, it has both. And in fact it’s looking more secure than ever. It has close ties with two of its close neighbors, the only neighbour still hostile to it has devolved into a handful of warring sheikdoms.

      As was the plan all along. As for Israel, its demise will not come from external factors, but from the decay from within. As Reuven Rivlin said, Israel is a very sick society.

      No such situation is likely to happen in Israel, which despite its turbulent politics has a high degree of internal cohesion. (Inside of the 67 borders).

      Except that it people with any intellect or education are leaving in droves, leaving behind the religious nut jobs.

    • Civilian deaths* caused by collateral damage in a dense urban environment does not in any way, shape or form equal a massacre.

      What a load of Zio crap!!

      The civilians were not "collateral damage", they were the intended target. An account of the Shujaiya destruction by journalist Mark Perry based on a Jul. 21 US Defense Department report recalls that the IDF fired 7,000 artillery shells at residential areas in the district the night of Jul. 19, including 4,500 shells in the space of just seven minutes.

      That is nothing short of carpet bombing an entire area, so yes, it was a massacre.

      And considering the opponent, how long the fighting lasted and how densely populated Gaza is, 2000 deaths is actually very low. Ask anybody even mildly knowledgeable about military affairs.

      Oh really? So the 60+ Israelis that were killed was no big deal, and proves that Hamas were being very selective and restrained with their targeting too I take it? After all, with 6 million Jews to chose from, surely they could have killed a lot more right?

      If you want to talk about massacres, there’s plenty of real ones taking place in Iraq, Syria, Nigeria and Sudan. Not just once every few years, but every month.

      Yes, as the hasbara playbook says, when you are losing the argument, always be sure to point to another massacre in the world to divert attention. Maybe first time murderers should use that failed argument, "but your honour, I only killed one person, what about all those other serial killers waling free that you never caught"?

      It’s certainly interesting how some people seem to obsessively focus on Israel and Palestine when it comes to conflict and human right violations.

      Especially from Israeli fascists, apartheid apologists for mass murder who strangely enough, love to pooh-pooh human rights and international law when it comes to Israel's egregious violations.

      Given HAMAS modus operandi of mixing with civilians, and using civilian installations it’s hard to say exactly how many of the 2000 casualties are civilian.

      That's not a given, it's absolute crap as all international and reporters on the ground reported this time around debunked those claims. But hey, don't IDF troops mix with civilians too? I hear Sderot and Ashkelon are filled with an absolute shitload of Israeli combatants and military equipment.

      But from independent observers we know that there certainly is an unusually large number of men between 18 and 40 among them.

      Oh wow, given that Gaza's population is so young, it's likely that the majority of the population falls into that age bracket.

      GO take a jump off a cliff you cretin

    • Farhud: happened in 1941

      Mass exodus: happened in 1951

      Smash. The sound of another Zionist myth being destroyed.

    • It’s important to mention the effect of the pogrom known as the “Farhud” in 1941 in destabilizing and traumatizing the Iraqi Jewish community.

      It was WWII for crying out loud. Half the planet was traumatized. Do you Zios ever lift your eyelids from navel gazing

    • Such resolutions do not say that the Armistice Line IS the border between the two states, nor does the UN have authority to tell two states where their mutual border is; there is no ‘legal’ border between Israel and Palestine until there is a peace treaty defining it.

      False. Israel declared it's borders in it's declaration of independence and it's application to join the UN. Those borders are final. Those borders are the legal borders. You're just regurgitating the Zionist trope that the border is undefined so that they can keep stealing more land and then claiming that the status of that territory is to be determined by negotiation.

    • Whenever anti-Zionists mindlessly repeat the nonsense of a “legitimate” Israel within any borders, they reinforce the colossal sales job done by Zionist propaganda on the collective mind of humanity.

      You're preaching to the converted echinococcus. I don't disagree with a word you said, and the injustice inflicted on the existing population by Europe and the Allied powers is immeasurable, but the notion that any of those sins can be undone today, 66 after the fact is a delusion. It's not about about the sales job, it's about the reality of today. The fact remains that Israel is a reality today and is indeed a legitimate state.

      Personally, I think Britain should be made to pay huge reparations to the Palestinians for what they unleashed. Yes, the Zionists were the ones with the agenda, but the British turned those sinister motives into a reality.

      We also have to recognize that there are Israelis who are 3rd and 4th generation and who's rights to live in Israel need to be protected. Personally I don't even have any time to entertain the 2ss solution either. As Ben Gurion himself recognized, Palestine is one homogeneous political and geographical entity that cannot be divided. The 1ss is the only practical and just solution, Jewish state be damned.

    • a conveniently loose and disingenuous definition of expansionist policies.

      It's actually you who is trying to apply the loose definition by broadening it to include more than expansion. The U.S. was bombing local populations in SE Asia against the wishes of the governments of those states, as well as overthrowing them. Iran has done none of that. ISIS and AL Nusra/Al Qaeda are Saudi and Israeli backed foreign fighters.

      Never said the f35s were a response to s300-simply stated that

      It must have been another crack pot who stated that "Israel receiving the first f-35s which will likely be tested by the IAF for US military training and which are essential to counter the s-300 family of sams Russia may eventually supply to Iran"

      It is also false to claim that the arms war in the ME is just beginning to heat up. Israel and Saudi Arabia have been the only horses in the race until now, which for Zios and neocons like yourself was simply the status quo. So when Iran decides to modestly beef up it's military, you racist supremacists hysterically cry "escalation". In your sick and twisted minds, anyone not in Israel's corner is supposed to remain militarily weak and impoverished less their attempt to defend themselves be designated an act of aggression.

      Iran has invested over a billion in naval vessels that can attack after reaching the mediterranean.

      Seeing as they don't have 6 free dolphin class subs being handed to them by the Germany for free, they don't have much choice but to pay for them. But again, by definition it's never expansionism or aggression when Israel does it right?

      It is only in your warped mind that Israeli supporters openly support IS.

      Could you be any more obvious? Do you really think no one would notice you're deliberate reference to "openly" supporting ISIS as opposed to covert support? I made no mention of openly supporting ISIS, and your blatant attempt to reference overt support reads as an admission that Israel does indeed support ISIS even if only covertly.

      If Israel turned away critically wounded on its northern frontier it would be accused of barbarism.

      ROFLA. I had to go back and read that mind numbing diatribe a second time having spat my coffee over my computer after reading it the first time. So let me get this straight. Israel just massacred 2,000 people on Gaza, 70% of whom were civilians, yet you expect anyone to believe that having slaughters hundreds of women and children they would give a crap about the PR problem of allowing Al Qaeda/suicide bombing psychos to rot?

      Not even the most left wing would consider it barbaric up allow AQ nuts jobs die.

      Thank you for demonstrating do vividly the magnitude of cognitive dissonance that infects Zios.

      That IS has not turned its attention to confronting Israel is a strictly temporary situation based on IS current focus.

      Neither has the Syrian government, yet for some reason, Israel has bombed Syrian military targets repeatedly, especially when ISIS was in the back foot.

      Nobody in Israel has any illusions about what the IS is and is not. Its just anti-Zionist propaganda.

      That only makes Israel's support of ISIS all the more macabre and sinister.

      helping severely wounded alNusra militants and their family members is not the same as openly supporting IS.

      ROFLA. It's as blatant and out in the open as it gets.

    • b)You can keep saying “If Israel wants…” till your blue in the face and it won’t change the fact that Israel will never negotiate its right to exist.

      I don;t know why you hacks continue to equate holding on to stolen land with Israel's right to exist. Israel's right to exist remains entirely within the 1967 borders.

      c) you want to believe there is merit in the debunked DNA connection to Khazzers then go ahead

      It has not been debunked at all. The fact is its the Zionists who tried to make the claim to the land about DNA when in fact it is completely irrelevant.

    • i admit that Iran has something to fear from Israel which is why it should not threaten Israel with belligerent words and/or providing missiles for proxy militias to use to point at Israel.

      Israel threatens everyone around it with it's missiles directed at every state that surrounds it. Israel threats against Iran would continue regardless of it's support for so called proxies, because Israel's fear is that Iran will threaten Israel's regional dominance.

      And-as can already be seen-the new version of the ‘old’ arms race is just getting started with Israel receiving the first f-35s which will likely be tested by the IAF for US military training and which are essential to counter the s-300 family of sams Russia may eventually supply to Iran(they don’t even have enough for their own needs yet).

      What a load of a -historic crap!!

      1. The plan to supply Israel with F35s predated any deal to supply Iran with S300s
      2. The S300s are anti aircraft missiles and strictly defensive weapons, whereas F35s are weapons of aggression. SO your argument is beyond ludicrous as it implies that Israel are being supplied with F35s because the Iranians are planing to maker it harder for Israel to attack them.

      That makes as much sense as suggesting that Hamas need more advanced missiles to thwart Iron Dome.

      What does strike me as hypocritical is the attitude towards Irans expansion into Yemen,Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Lybia, Gaza

      What does strike me as hypocritical is that the only expansionist regimes in the region are Israel and Saudi Arabia. There has bee no Iran expansion anywhere. Iran's borders have not changed, they have not attacked nor invaded anyone. There is no Iranian presence in Yemen or Lybia. Iran are in Syria and Iraq at the behest of the governments in those states to help them fight ISIS, which you clearly have a problem with.

      Once again, Israel supporters openly support ISIS.

      So it seems that it is the right-wingers who support the strengthening of Americas enemies - ISIS and Al Qaeda.

    • Israel was never threatened by an integrated Iran in either the world economy or power structure before 1979.

      That's because they had IRan under their thumb.

      If by “reintegrated” you are referring to the new expansionist and theocratic Iran with military troops and/or equipment in the Bab alYandeb, Yemen, Syria,Gaza,Iraq, Lybia and probably a few other places then yes-there is a very good reason to be wary of a militarily aggressive state about to be loosed from financial sanctions.

      Stop the crap and the BS. There has been no expansion by Iran. There are no Iranians in Lybia or Yemen. Even US intelligence shows that Iran support fo the Houthis is grossly exaggerated.

    • I guess I should take this moment to state that Israel is the nation-state of the Jewish people

      Correction, it calls itself the nation-state of the Jewish people. Many Jews reject that, including you I take it seeing as you and many of your fellow travelers refuse to live there.

      Threats of the UN and ICC will not change this status.

      They never intended to. If Israel is to be a legitimate state and wants to be regarded as such, it is obliged to adhere to international law and the dozens of UN Resolutions calling for the end of it's occupation and illegal settlements.

      The Palestinians will have to negotiate directly with Israel and can not do an end-run to achieve what they want. it simply will not work .

      No they don't have to and history has shown that there is no point negotiating directly with Israel. Netanyahu has even publicly admitted that negotiating directly with Israel is futile and pointless.

      And- the definition of Ashkenazi, Sephardim and other asst. Jewish minorities is not up for negotiating either.

      True. There is no point negotiating facts. The definition of Ashkenazi, Sephardim comes down to historical evidence, not fairy tales.

    • A) if the Iranian [regime] ever tried to harm its 25,000 (give or take) jews en masse-it would be on the receiving end of a full force and large scale attack by the IDF. Khameini knows his palaces would be obliterated and his pretorian guards would be hit hard as well. And that would be for starters. *

      Which goes to to show how utterly absurd and incoherent your claim that Iran is planning to annihilate Israel is. If harming 25,000 Jews in Iran would being on such devastation to Iran, then surely attacking Israel and trying to kill 6 million would be immeasurably worse.

      * there have been a few times over the years when Iran regime sent ‘messages’ to Israel about the safety of its Jewish population. Charges of the mullahs using Iranian Jews as ‘chips’.

      Link to one example and please, don't bother telling us to google it.

      Trumped up massive ‘spy’ trials for businessmen and family members still in iran are threatened if their ex-pats make any political noise the regime doesn’t like.

      You mean one spy trial and no evidence of family members Iran being threatened

      As usual, you hasbratas scrape the barrel and hope the rest of us will take your drek at face value.

      And of course the joke is–any time an Iranian Jew is on the media they exclaim how terrible Zionism is because they are expected to do so. Meanwhile-half their family most likely lives in Israel

    • If you want an opinion of a Lebanese Jew ask one of the 10000s that had to flee between 48 and ’73

      There weren't 10000s in Lebanon in 1947/1948.

    • so screaming “Death to Israel” in the streets for over 30 years in gov’t sponsored rallies has nothing to do with annihilating Israel?

      No, seeing as there have been no attempts by the government to annihilate Israel.

    • The irony of course is that it is Bibbi who believes in the master race.

  • Obama got Senate to reject 'two of Netanyahu's demands' on Iran (but the 'NYT' won't touch that angle)
    • Shingo, I agree, no one who actually knew anything about Iran’s nuclear activities believed they were developing nuclear weapons, but a lot who didn’t know anything or deliberately turned facts on their head were insisting they were, as indeed some persons who command media attention do today.

      Again I disagree.

      People like John McCain, Lindsay Graham and pretty much ever Iran hawk in Washington who kept repeating that Iran was developing nuclear weapons and wanted to wipe Israel off the map, had to know that the intelligence did not support these claims. They simply stuck to the mantra because it became the consensus. To this day, Obama continues to repeat the BS that Iran has threatened to destroy Israel even though he has to know this is false. It's not that he's ignorant, it's that politically, he cannot state otherwise.

    • it’s worth remembering how much closer Israel was to dragging the US into attacking Iran in those days.

      While the political landscape was more volatile, the facts were the same then as they are now. All 17 US intelligence agencies were reporting then what they are reporting now - that Iran was not developing nukes and made no decision to even start.

      What is worth remembering is that, as Hillary Mann-Leverit revealed, even as Obama delivered his famous message to the Iranian people (March 2009), that he had already ordered his diplomatic corp to lobby for sanctions against Iran.

      As for Israel's threat, it was always bluster. Netanyahu's own military leaders refused his orders to carry out any attack.

    • As I've said before, Obama shares a significant part of the blame here. It was he who jumped on the sanctions bandwagon in 2009, no doubt because of his short sighted desire to demonstrate his tough guy credentials, and now he's hamstring by a trap of his own making.

      We seem to be forgetting that the sanctions mainly began as executive orders by him, which were later passed into law by the Democrat controlled house.

      I am a big supporter of this deal.

      Obama was young and foolish. He allowed himself to be led by the nose by the pro Israeli advisors.

  • Obama's long & passionate Monday with Saban, Foxman, Hoenlein and other Jewish leaders demonstrates power of Israel lobby
    • you can spout “nonsense” all you want about apaic but if you bother to read about which lobbies are the most powerful and spend the most money to influence U congress you will find apaic is far down the list from insurance, big-Pharma , NRA, big-oil, big-Lawyers, etc.

      You wanna bet? Sheldon Adelson said he would spend 100 million alone to get his man elected. What lobby comes close to that?

      If you want to know which lobby gets the most press coverage-mostly negative, then it is probably a tie between big-oil and apaic .

      Big oil? Since when it big oil even mentioned?

    • steve, but there’s nothing “all american” about aipac, now is there.

      One could argue there is Annie - the very worst parts of America, where everything can be bought for a price - including the world's most expensive rent-a-crowd (Congress).

    • Iran is a big bad actor that already received a commitment from the Russians to get its S-300 air defense missile system.

      A bad actors as opposed to whom? Saudi Arabia? Israel? And what is the issue you have with Iran having air defence systems other than the fact they might thwart an Israeli attack?

      It is not a friendly game.

      Friendly with whom and in what game? The anti ISIS game or the pro ISIS game like Israel and Saudi Arabia are?

      Israel is a US ally and should be a part of the conversation even if a deal would have been easier without them.

      Not unless Israel signs the NPT otherwise, it has no business being involved. Israel don't want to be part of any conversation that doesn't involve bombing Iran.

      For it to be the right deal it has to work and I believe that S 615 as massaged by Senators Corker/Cardin should create a bi-partisan solution that helps the President in the long run by giving him and Secretary Kerry some Congressional cover vis-a-vis negotiation of the final written version of the P5+1 agreement on nuclear limitations with Iran.

      Cut the crap. The GOP controlled Senate want only one thing - to destroy the deal. The only deal they will consider the right deal is the one the Iranians cannot accept.

    • Philip Weiss levels the charge — twice — that the rich powerful Jewish Zionists are behind an alteration of the president’s calendar

      Yeah right Neil,

      I am sure this was just a coincidental pow wow with people who happen to rich powerful Jewish Zionists .

      What other reason would he have to meet with Jewish leaders?

      Nowhere in the article is any evidence provided that an alteration of the president’s calendar took place.

      So how often does he meet with these people?

    • They view Netanyahu as someone who stands up and protects his country unlike our current president.

      I think Steve means that Obama isn't standing up for Israel as much as Netantayahu. Steve you apparently missed the memo that Netanyahu's greatest fear is not that Iran would pose a threat to Israel but that it would stick to any final agreement and NOT threaten Israel.

      So it seems that Netanyahu as someone who stands up with Israel's enemies against his country.

    • And it makes me wonder. I wonder why this happened very close to Hilary Clinton announcing.

      Why don't you wonder why this happened so close up the Corker Bill being voted in the Congress?

  • Does Schumer have any idea how angry his constituents will be if he torpedoes his president on Iran?
    • Thank you Steve Grover, for bring an unabashed fanatic and demonstrating to us how desperate and insane you pro Israeli, war addicted, apartheid loving nut but jobs are.

  • The epic season of spinning Iran deal begins!
    • Taxi,

      You could be right about the time it will take for the Saudis to be toppled. I have no idea. There were many that did not see Mubarak's overthrow until it happened.

      As for America's intelligence, it's ascendancy to superpower was engineered by some brilliant but ruthless minds, but the US empire of today ain't the one it used to be. It's become the ageing rock star who has fried their brain on all the drugs they did during it's prime. It continues to trash hotel rooms, demands the best seat in the restaurant or allowed entry into the coolest clubs, while those around them shakes their head in disgust and pity.

      It still playing it's old tunes, but the talent, and originality are all gone and that terminal heart attack/drug overdose is just around the corner.

    • Things are great here in Oz Taxi,

      I'd say the Iran deal tells us quite the opposite about the US. The isolation and sanctions against Iran were never about nukes, which all intelligence agencies knew were no issue. They were always a tactic for regime change, to keep Iran weak and unstable. This has failed and even more disastrous is that the ISIS Frankenstein monster that the US and Saudi Arabia created to weaken Hezbollah and Iran has backfired catastrophically. Not only has ISIS come back to bite the West, but Iran and Hezbollah have gained ever more status and strength by taking them on.

      I think your thesis about the US agenda to weaken Saudi Arabia sounds too clever by half. The Americans have never been good at chess, let along thinking that many moves ahead.

      But like I said, the outcome may well turn out as you predicted. The House fo Saud is clear vulnerable and perhaps it just needs a slight nudge to topple it. One can only hope.

    • Interesting article Taxi,

      My problem with your thesis is that you give far too much credit to the thinking behind US foreign policy.

      From what I can see, US foreign policy is now simply about sewing chaos since it has lost all control of the region. As has been pointed out everywhere but the main stream media, when Yanukovych was chased by a mob from his office in Ukraine, by leaving the country, the US government claimed he lost legitimacy. In Yemen, on the other hand, when president Hadi was chased by a mob from his office he retained his legitimacy and Saudi airstrikes were approved and coordinated by the US to put him back in office. Even more absurd is the claim that Saudi Arabia is trying to restore "democracy" in Yemen.

      That's not to say your predicted outcome won't eventuate. I might very well come to fruition, and I would be thrilled to see it.

    • The Iranians should have demanded that Amano step down from the IAEA. He is a corrupt and discredited hack who has been exposed as being a poodle of Washington and an ideological bias against Iran.

  • How Obama won on Iran
    • What do you not understand about “in fact, the safest remedy for that is for them to dismantle it meaning Isreal dismantling it's nukes? After all, Iran has no nukes to dismantle.

      You didn't make the logical fill in the blank, you reached for the cheap ad hominem as you always do.

    • but it is precisely this opinion of yours which disqualifies you as someone who has the interest of keeping a nuke away from Iran. You favor Iran having a nuke (for your given reason)

      Seeing as we're throwing ad hominems and straw men around Yonah, I am going to assume you love killing women and children because you support Israel. Do you agree?

      Annie never said she supported Iran having a nuke, and you know that, but why let facts get in the way fo your bile?

    • Iran will not get the ‘N’, but will languish on the leash of sanctions like the No. Koreans & Cubans.

      No, Iran is far more important politically and economically than North Korea and Cuba. Iran have proven to the world they are rational and sensible actors through these negotiations. The grip the US has on international trade is slipping. China and Russia will begin trading with Iran regardless of what Congress has to say.

    • 2. Sadly I think it will break down eventually and Iran will get a nuke – I think that is their aim. Hope I’m wrong -

      Yes you are wrong. Iran have had 3 decades to obtain a nuke. If they wanted one, they would have one by now.

    • They know alot more about it than either you or I.

      But less than all 17 US intelligence agnecies that have reported every year since 2007 that Iran is not producing nukes.

      Do you think the UN agency the IAEA are a bunch warmongers and certified liars?

      Maybe not all of them, but Yukia Amano, who was exposed by a Wikileaks cable as a Washington stooge, certainly appears to be.

      I don’t think you give the leaders of Iran much credit. Israel has a bomb, the US does. Do you think the leaders of Iran are strategically stupid.

      You seem to think so. As the leaders have said, with the hundreds of nukes the US and Israel have, what good is one or 2 nukes to Iran?

      Many well meaning experts have reasonable suspicions.

      What do you mean many? The only expert the bomb Iran crowd keep pulling out of the rectum is David Albright who is no expert

  • Cruz's 'unapologetic' stand for Israel plays well with VA Christians and rightwing NY Jews
    • Yes he almost make Dubya look like a sensible moderate.

    • Cruz is not Romney, who sold his soul to anyone willing to buy it(shudders).

      Oh really? How so you explain the fact he was taken to the woodshed and forced to kneel before Adelson and beg forgiveness after he made the mistake of using the forbidden term "occupied territories" during an Adelson Republican convention in Vegas?

    • He’s Canadian

      That would explain the likes of Stephen Harper.

  • Netanyahu's victory marks the end of the two-state solution
    • Only someone with arrogance like Beebs, can say one damaging thing, run with it, and later pretend he did not really say it. Despite witnesses and records, he tries to re-write history as he keeps treading on toes and elbowing his way out of it

      The last person who did that was Dick Cheney, which goes to show that this comes naturally to psychopaths.

    • Now watch all those liberal Zionists like Friedman insist that there is nothing to worry about and shift the blame back to the Palestinians.

      Next, Bibbi will run back to the right wingers and show that h had his fingers crossed behind his back when he said he supports a 2ss. He'll also point out that he did say "not on my watch".

      So he'll return to the right and say he supports a 2ss but that it won't happen while he's in off office - and they will all chuckle.

  • New York Times published piece about Netanyahu’s racism, then rewrote all of it
    • Or they wrote an update story early in the day, and then folded that story into a larger one later in the day

      In which case the story would not have changed, but been updated the way they do here on MW.

      That's so pathetic Hop, I doubt even you are swallowing your own crap.

  • Who can save Israel now?
    • States don’t have a right to self determination people do.

      Only if they are legally allowed to reside within a certain territory. Illegal aliens have no right to self determination and therefore neither do Jewish Israelis in East Jerusalem.

      Self determination is the assertion that people have the right to say they no longer wish to have one sovereign and exchange them for another.

      No it's not. That's some diatribe you just made up.

      The UN is an apologist for dictatorship.

      What a load of crap. The UN is an apologist for powerful states over weaker ones. Israel enjoys many privileges under the UN and protections. The absurdity of your argument is underlines by the fact that Israel insists on remaining a UN member as a pillar fo it's legitimacy.

      But there are other traditions that assert a right of people exist to choose their government for example

      Again I repeat, the government they chose has no legitimacy outside the borders of the state.

      That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute a new Government, laying its Foundation on such Principles, and organizing its Powers in such Form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

      ....ONLY within the LEGAL and LEGITIMATE borders of the state in question. Spin it all you want. You can polish that turd with all your might and passion but , you can't get away from the simple fact that legal borders of the territory in question. No one is questioning the right of Israeli Jews to exercise these rights within Israel. Those rights end at the border and East Jerusalem is outside that border.

      The assertion was the people of East Jerusalem have the right under self determination to choose to be governed by Israel.

      Are you seriously that dense? Do you not realize that everyone can see right though your crap?

      What do you mean the people of East Jerusalem? Most chose not to be rules by an occupying power.

    • There most certainly is a Jewish-Israeli nationality that exists today in Israel. They Israeli government classifies these people as citizenship: Israeli, nationality: Jewish.

      No, the Supreme Court rejected the existence of the Israeli nationality.

      And the court was saying the analogous situation applies to Israel. You can’t have two nationalities in Israeli law and Jews in Israel already have one.

      Wrong. Israel insists that there are. Jewish and non Jewish.

    • Thanks Walid

    • don’t often read JeffB’s comments because the are too long winded and contain too much bullshit for me to ingest, but I have to say that this statement of his is incredibly stupid and racist.

      Hats off to you Tree for bothering to respond to JeffB's demented and delusional diatribes. Like you , I find just reading his verbose excrement about as pleasant and swallowing razor blades and washing it down with a gallon of rancid molasses.

      JeffB sounds like a new generation of Richard Witty, who also used to post demented arguments, though he was even less coherent, though more economical. It's almost as if these nut jobs have been specially groomed to bore us to death and trying to grind down out intellect with their meandering and incoherent diatribes.

      It reminds me of a favorite saying - don't argue with idiots. They drag you down to their level then beat you with experience.

    • Thanks guys,

      You are all like family to me. Even Hop and Yona for that matter.

      And happy to report Ritzl that the business is going gang busters, so all is good.

    • Thanks Just but I have never left.

      MW is the first of 2 or 3 blogs I read every day and with the quality of the articles and commentary, I feel I have little more to add. There are usually one of more comments already posted that encapsulate by sentiments by the time I read MW, that I feel it unnecessary to repeat the same argument.

      Plus I bought a business recently and I have little time these days.

      I am seriously delighted to see Hostage back. Now if only we can get Shmuel back!!

    • Bull, they have the consent and support of the governed which is the ultimate legitimate source.

      Rubbish. Israel has no more legitimacy beyond the legal borders of the state of Israel than Saddam had in Kuwait. You are simply sidestepping the basic fact that beyond those borders, Israel has no legal authority, therefore Israeli lawmakers only represented a belligerent occupying power and nothing more,

      They lack the UN’s endorsement so I get the UN doesn’t agree.

      Nor does any other country in the world, nor does the ICJ.

      That part of the problem that the UN is enemy of people to have self determination and not just with respect to Israel.

      Seriously, you sound deluded and stoned. If Israel cannot present a legal argument to prove it's legal claims to the territory outside it's legal borders, then it clearly has no legal claim other than to enforce it's control vy means of it's military. Control and occupation of EJ has nothing to do with the right of Israel to have self determination. It's not even relevant to the debate.

      If the definition of legitimacy is slavish adherence to the immorality of the UN’s anti-democratic principles then you are right.

      What is immoral about the UN Charter and the Geneva Conventions? You and simply making the anti intellectual argument that not giving Israel everything it wants is immoral.

      But we’ve talked about this before and I go with older international law that rejected the authority of the Pope even under the new name of “United Nations” to determine national borders and instead holds that governments are empowered by their people.

      What are you blabbering about? Israel still has not declared it's national borders dufus which is one of the main problems.

      a) Does the government of Israel have the right to decide property disputes between its citizens.

      Within the legal borders of Israel ONLY.

      b) Must the government of Israel grant citizenship to all in a territory.

      What do you mean "a territory?" If that territory is not Israel then clearly not.

      Israel’s claim is that Jerusalem is fully Israeli and subject to Israeli law. Israel is the arbiter of who owns property in its territory.

      No. Just because Israel claims control of Jerusalem by way of it's military occupation doesn't mean it has any legal right to do so. The fact you don't question the legitimacy of Israel's
      claims shows you have no credibility on this topic.

      Obviously it can’t discriminate in how it administers justice but that’s a far different claim than that it can’t administer justice.

      That’s what YOU need to show. What legal right does Israel have?

    • I think that’s a fundamental truth about most liberal Zionists. Whatever happens, they find some way to spin it. Most of the time it boils down to some crude Orwellian tactics–facts down the memory hole and settling on a one line bumper sticker slogan in place of real history. That’s what Friedman did in his column today.

      The right wing Zionists do this too though they are less dishonest about it. The other day Rand Paul said he signed the letter to Iran, along with the other 46 senators to, get this, help Obama. I don't consider Rand Paul a Zionists but it's probably what AIPAC told him to say.

    • Already we’ve had the ”Bibi didn’t really mean it when he said there would be no PaIestinian state” even though he’s on record as saying the same thing for years

      What's amazing is that those liberal Zionists are trying to argue he didn't really mean it when he said there would be no Palestinian state, but they expect everyone to believe he meant it when he said he did support a 2ss.

    • My preference today would be for Bibi to disappear and for Gideon Saar to take over. bibi is a PR nightmare.

      Yeah Yona,

      Israel's problem is the bad PR. Other than that, Israel is peachy.

    • And if that's not bad enough, I bet the WH will play their part by arranging a new round of peace talks and then blame the Palestinians for not agreeing to come to the table.

    • Why would anybody want to save Israel now?

      As Beinart predicted, when push comes to shove and Liberal Zionists are forced to chose between democracy/human rights and Zionism/apartheid, most will go with with the latter. We will see that happen more and more.

    • How we've missed you Hostage. Please stick around. I'll be blocking the exists so you can't leave. ;-)

    • I read the NYT’s coverage in rage. Bibi’s racism was disguised as “ugly campaigning”. His racist supporters were labeled as “hardliners”. It was a total makeover, and a total washout.

      I couldn't agree more with you and Donald. When Bibbi was elected in 2009, the liberal Zionists were at first panicked, then all was forgiven when he gave his speech in favor of a 2ss. Then when Liberman rose to prominence, the same camp was in a panic, but over time, they and the right wing rehabilitated his image and he became a hard liner who could be reasoned with. Then along came Bennet and the spin was all directed at how he was such a successful entrepreneur and an elite commando.

      In fact, what frightened the Liberal Zionists the most about Bennet is that he actually proposed offering citizenship to many Palestinians.

      I am many others have said for a long time that the problem is not the right wing in Israel, it's the liberal Zionists because they have served as the worst and most dishonest enablers.

      I can only hope this marks the end of J Street.

  • Pelosi blasts Netanyahu speech as 'insult to intelligence of U.S.', Amanpour calls it 'dark, Strangelovian'
    • No amount of denial can refute the fact that the American people like Netanyahu more than ever so he must be doing something right.

      Wow, what a credible link you have there. How is it then that 61% disagree with Bibbi and rejected his speech?

    • The primary problem with the speech was that it took place, not its content.

      So does that mean you agree with it's content?

    • Could you be any more pathetic Hop?

      Amanpour has been carrying water for the lobby and Israel all her career. But only when she criticizes an Israeli prime minister is her ethnicity called into question.

      It must feel better letting out your inner David Horotwitz or Pam Gellar.

  • Rightwing rabbi seeks to pit Power against Rice on Iran ahead of AIPAC speeches
    • The sad fact is that Boteach is right about Rice. But Power is just as bad. Both women were champions of the attack on Lybia.

      Still it makes you wonder what these political hacks must think behind closed doors when having been such shameless sycophants for Israel, Israeli supporters turn on them so ruthlessly.

      Surely one day, one of these political whores (and I mean both men and women) is going to grow a backbone and bite back.

  • Leading NY institutions discuss the Nakba -- and there is not a Palestinian in sight
    • Amigo, where do you see, in the quote you provided, any mention of expulsion?

      Do explain how Israel would "abolish the partition of the country" and "expand to the whole Land of Israel" and still maintain a Jewish majority without expansion?

      Are you forgetting how in a separate speech, Ben Gurion argued against allowing refugees to return because they would become a majority and under a democracy, that would inevitably lead to an Arab leadership?

  • Liberal Zionist arguments against one state are born of moral or political weakness
    • Superb piece.

      Every argument is articulated in a way better than I myself could - especially the last point about how Zionism had led to the atrophy of intellect by it's members.

  • Netanyahu calls on Jews to leave Europe en masse in wake of Copenhagen synagogue attack
    • One of these days, someone will trip-up and the entire shenanigans will be exposed.

      Sadly I doubt it. Yes someone will trip up but it will go under reported and ignored, if not covered up entirely.

      And the gutless media will play along.

  • Hanin Zoabi disqualified from Israeli elections over a mistranslation gone too far
    • I agree Eva.

      And at the risk of sounding sexist, she's also attentive and photogenic, which makes her even harder to demonize.

  • Netanyahu's disaster: speech cost 'omnipotent' lobby a veto proof majority for Iran sanctions
    • Reading the waffly Hill comments by those not attending or on the fence has convinced me that Netanyahu is going to end up with a huge win in this affair

      Not sure how you come to that conclusion. The idea was to break the veto and this has only secured it.

  • Do we really want Benjamin Netanyahu guiding U.S. foreign policy?
    • As a Brit, I am very uneasy about the ease with which Americans lob words like “treason” about

      As an Australian, I am mazed at how tone deaf Zionists are no matter where they live. The story above links to an article in Politico where a Zionist lunatic who is threatening that he will compile a list of DEmocrats who don;t attend Netanyahu 's speech and accusing Democrats of being anti American for not being pro Israel and you are worried about the word treason being lobbed?

      it is all too easy to paint anyone opposed to what the president wants as unpatriotic/disloyal/treacherous

      I8t is when they invite the leader of a foreign country to come and lobby against that president's foreign policy. This is unheard of in the history of the United States.

      But in this instance, I think the more important factor is the notion that Israel is an ally

      That notion clearly being false seeing as allies don't usually spend so much money trying to buy off politicians in order to maintain the pretense that they are friends. Israel is indeed a foreign country. Israel regards itself as foreign to the US. In fact, Israeli Jews don't even regard none Israel Jews as part of the same nation.

      It’s a delusion not seen elsewhere

      Indeed. In every other country but the US, Israel is viewed negatively and does not enjoy popular support - rather it's approval ratings sit alongside that of North Korea.

  • 'NYT' perpetuates myth Israel was 'fighting for its very survival' during 1967 war
    • Mr. Shalom is the very caricature of a self-hating Jew

      Whereas you're the very caricature of a blood thirsty, war crazed, racist supremacist Ziotroll.

      In 2005, as everyone knows, Israel gave Gaza to the Pals, lock, stock and barrel, in a move meant EXACTLY “to reverse the occupation and seek security through building ties”.

      Bullish&t. That's the discredited has bars version. Everyone with a brain and an education knows they Israel withdrew the settlers from Gaza to reinforce the occupation and continue the occupation if Gaza on the cheap. As Sharon's advisor, Dov Weisglass revealed, Sharon's plan was to "suspend the peace process in formaldehyde".

      The Hamas animals began firing rockets that same year, forcing Israel’s hand to create a blockade.

      You left out the party that Israel began shelling Gaza the day after they withdrew, firing 7,700 shells into Gaza over the following 10 months.

      Has started fail!!

  • Surprise-- 'NYT' publishes straightforward report on Israeli human rights violations in Gaza
    • I don’t need to resort to hasbara.

      Apparently you do, seeing as there is ZERO evidence that Hamas used human shields. All reporters in the ground refuted that very allegation.

      Meanwhile, there is ample evidence of the IDF using them.

      Hasbaea fail!

  • Menendez bags on Iran sanctions, and congressman says AIPAC demands deference to Israel over US
    • There is nothing wrong with an Israeli Prime Minister doing his utmost to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, even if it offends the sensibilities of the American president.

      And what does his poodle Samantha Power have to say about that?

      Funny how Power can't shut up on Twitter, but in this topic she's nowhere to be seen.

  • 'NYT' and Matthews warn that Netanyahu speech to Congress could lead US to war
    • Thanks for your reply, Aiman, I was never much of a fan of either the “rebels” or of the regime.

      Sure but Assad is the least worst choice if one has to chose. Even after the initial crackdown, Assad agreed to introduce reforms but by then the opposition movement had been hijacked by the usual suspects a la Lybia.

  • Netanyahu speech could turn Israel lobby into a political football
    • I can't believe how nauseating and pathetic Richard Hass is. Listening to this shill blabbering, it's painfully obvious he cannot bring himself to state the obvious and makes the most ridiculous argument that Iran's nuclear program can be curtailed (whatever that means) without reaching a deal.

      The guy is treading on eggshells not to offend the Israeli lobby.

  • Obama won't meet Netanyahu during 'bizarre,' 'historic,' 'unprecedented' visit (Updated)
    • Yes I agree Taxi,

      This could well turn out t be an even bigger PR disaster for BIbbi than Paris and not just for Bibbi, but the Israeli lobby too.

  • Congress invites Netanyahu to rebut Obama on Iran, and White House slams 'breach of protocol'
    • This story is all over the Zionist press with no mention that Hezbollah and Iran’s involvement was disproved years ago.

      It's funny how this story keeps getting resurrected every year or so when things between Iran and the US seem to be going too smoothly.

    • Sorry but I have no sympathy for Obama over this. He could have had a deal with Iran at least 6 months ago but instead his team has stonewalled and done everything in their power to simply prolong the negotiations indefinitely and kick the can down the road.

      Every time they got close to a deal, Obama's team would shift the goal posts and introduce an irrelevant issue like Iran's missile program.

      Obama had 12 months to close the deal while he had a majority in the senate. Just like his first term when he had overwhelming popularity and control of the senate, he wasted the opportunity.

      This is typical of Obama - start something promising but at the 11th hour, lacking the backbone to finish what he started. Short of denying Bibbi permission to enter the country, or closing the deal with Iran this week, Obama has no cards left - and he has no one to blame but himself.

  • US calls ICC decision to investigate Gaza 'tragic irony'
    • We Aussies have always said that about the Yanks - with the exception of New York, thanks largely to it's Irish and Jewish influence which has been it's salvation.

    • Unfortunately the most that can happen is a pyrrhic victory… But a moral civtory nonetheless.

      Not necessarily. A ruling by the ICC will be binding on signatories to the Rome Statute, which will in turn affect their diplomatic/economic relations with Israel.

  • There is no pride for Jews in the state of Israel
    • There are plenty of places in the world where one can proclaim he is a Jew, just as there are plenty of places in the world where one can proclaim he is gay.

      Very true,

      In fact, during the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, one of the floats is a Gay Jewish contingent and they are received warmly by the crowd - even in spite fo the fact they wave Israeli flags.

  • The legacy of Joan Peters and 'From Time Immemorial'
    • I certainly don’t claim to be a mathematical genius, but even a cursory look at the difference between 590,390 Muslims in 1922 and 759,717 in 1931 would indicate that far more than 3% had to have been born out of Palestine to reach these numbers, if only because of the very high level of infant mortality.

      Clearly you are no genius of any kind. How does your assumption about infant mortality negate the argument that only 3% were born outside Palestine?

  • Obama cites donor pressure re Iran, but 'NYT' won't tell you what he means
    • AIPAC is for most Americans far less destructive than lobbies like the Agriculture lobby or the Pharmaceutical lobby.

      It seems no statement is too absurd or counterfactual for Jeff to post here. When was the last time the Agriculture lobby or the Pharmaceutical lobby pushed the US into a war? AIPAC i not a lobby like any other major lobby. For one, it was historically in a tug of war with the US government to avoid registering as a lobby of a foreign government so that it would not have to disclose it's list of donors.

      AIPAC has it easy on most issues because Americans support Israel vs. the Palestinians by about a 50 point margin.

      You have it backwards of course. If they had it so easy, they wouldn't have to spend gazzilions of campaign dollars to keep both parties in line. In fact, it's the very sums that they spend that are invested to ensure that 50 point margin is maintained.

      After all, polls show that in no other country in the world does Israel enjoy any approval. So it is clearly the lack of US laws on restriction of campaign finance that allow AIPAC to do what it does.

      Most of the policies BDSers want to see enacted are strongly opposed by Americans.

      Based on what evidence Jeff?

      Is there anything you don't make up just to make yourself feel better?

  • On CNN, Boteach lectures two prominent Muslims about freedom they 'enjoy' in US and Israel
    • Shingo, I thought you’d be interested in this:

      Thanks Walid,

      Very interesting. The theory seems to gaining traction with a former president (or was it prime minister) saying it was a false flag.

    • Boa tech is such a self contradictory POS. surely Jews enjoy the same if not more freedom in the US that Arabs do.

      So why the need for a Jewish state?

      Yet he insists that Jews like himself are persecuted.

  • Netanyahu's Parisian follies
    • I don’t get where all these anti-Netanyahu articles about the election are going.

      You demonstrate time and time again Jeff, that there is a great deal you don't get.

      Netanyahu was severely weakened in the last elections and the indicators are they he will be even more weakened this time. He had to get on his knees to form a coalition last time and this time it looks like he's going to be as popular among the other parties who he needs to form government as he was in Paris. Bennet wants his job, so there is every likelihood that Jewish Home will turn him down. Even Lieberman's party is looking shaky.

      The election is 2-3 months aways and judging by Bibbi's falling poll numbers, there is no end in sight as to how bad things can get for him.

      Domestically, he is viewed as a failure. And now internationally, he is perceived not only as deeply unpopular but clumsy and out of his depth.

      Seriously Jeff, that video of him waiting for the bus is unbelievable and incredibly revealing. It shows how insecure, inept.ungracious, and child like this man in in the face of difficulty. He looked like an unemployed door to door salesman waiting in line for a job interview.

      Having successfully destroyed the Israeli relationship with the US , he's now turned his sights to repeating the same train wreck in Europe. But worse than that, Israelis don't tend to mind an unpopular prime minister so long as he's perceived as strong and competent. Bibbi has become an object of ridicule and embarrassment for them.

      Given how tone deaf and clueless he looks at the moment, if he was found found in bed with a dead hooker, the assumption would probably be that he did it as a cheap publicity stunt to revive his sagging approval ratings.

  • Sadness and anger as 4 Jewish victims of Paris attack are buried in Jerusalem
    • In this case, of the Paris victims, the fee was paid by the state, because of the special circumstances.

      If being buried in Israel is the wish of the family, so be it, but the special circumstances here are PR for Bibbi.

  • Netanyahu crashes Paris unity march, French gov't fumes
    • Empty homes in Jerusalem. Big issue in the housing cost crisis.

      Extraordinary. Empty homes in Jerusalem yet an increase in homelessness.

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