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  • Video: IDF caught in a lie about Tristan Anderson
    • That’s only in your head.

      And every Israeli leader since 1948.

    • Do you support Israel’s right to exist as a home for the Jewish people?

      Israel doesn't need to be a home for the Jewish people on order to exist.

      Has anyone been required to support the right of the US or any other state to exist?

      Do you support BDS?

      Did boycotting of South African lead to it's destruction?

      Do you support ROR?

      Israel would exist with or without ROR.

      Do you demonize Zionists?

      Israel doesn't need Zionism or Zionists to exist.

      Do you think Israel controls the US through shady “Lobbies”?

      What does that have to do with Israel's existence?

    • FMost of the commentators here expressed a desire to see Israel destroyed.

      Please provide evidence to support that allegation or retract it.

  • Israeli police use attack dogs on Palestinian protesters in the West Bank
    • And yet, listen to the Hasbrats squeal when you show compare these images with those of Nazis using attack dogs in the same way.

  • Rendell (of MSNBC and Friends of IDF) is under investigation for ties to Iranian terror group
    • This is a very interesting development. Glenn Greenwald has also been writing about this for some time.

      I'm not optimistic that the investigation will not be swept under the carpet, but if it was credible and followed through, it would be a truly amazing development. Imagine seeing Giuliani, Woolsey, Howard Dean and and a whole skew of the political elite (incluting some high ranking military people) swept up and tarnished by this investigation?

      That I would love to see!!

  • Gilad Shalit's father says, 'If I were Palestinian I'd kidnap soldiers'
    • Thanks again Mig,

      Truman in fact put a line through phrase Jewish state and replaced it with Israel when he signed the letter of support for Israel's membership at the UN. What I wasn't sure about, was whether the US Congress had passed any resolution recognizing Israel as a Jewish State.

      Given the utter obsequiousness with which Congress rolls over for Israel, I am amazed no such resolution has been passed, but Ther must be a very good reason why it hasn't.

      If anyone can answer that, it woud be Hostage or Talknic.

    • My point exactly Mig.

      In fact, I am pretty sure that no one recognizes Israel as a Jewish state - not even the US.

    • Palestinian state seems now as a very distal possibility for me.

      Then why should Palestinians recognize Israel as a Jewis state? Why should anyone for that matter?

    • Borders are negotiable, but the right of self determination for Jews and upholding Jewish majority is not.

      So long as you are willing to admit this means Israel is not therefore a true democracy.

    • OMG!

      spoken like a true human being

      Yes it reminds me of Miko Peled's sister when his niece was killed in a suicide attack. When Bibbi (then pm) asked to attend the fineral, Peled's sister told him to stay away. She blamed him for the death of her daughter.

    • Recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

      Right after you recognize Palestine as a Palestinuan state.

  • Marvin Kalb and Maryland senator join to combat 'venomous' delegitimization of Israel
    • Two things, I doubt non-Israeli Jews were allowed either.

      I personally know a couple who visited Jerusalem during the 60's.

      Second, from the point of view of the Israelis, it doesn’t matter whether non-Israeli Jews were allowed to visit, the Israeli Jews weren’t.

      Israelis love double standards don't they? To harp on the fact that ALL Israelis, be they Jewish or otherwise, were not allowed to visit cannot be discussed without aknowledging that Israel and Jordan were in a sate of war.

      Despite the fact that access to the temple was “guaranteed” by the armistice terms.

      They very armistice terms that Israel itself was violating right?

      Perhaps the Israelis don’t trust the Palestinians to live up to such terms, based on past experience with Jordan.

      No, it's the fact that Israel won't be able to live up to them, as is he case with ceasefires they repeatedly break.

    • You think that Israel’s possession of E. Jerusalem is illegal, Israel disagrees with you.

      Israel does not have the authority to make that descision. After all, a thief doesn't get to decide whether they are legally entitled to keep the objects they steal.

      Israel annexed E.Jerusalem after the 6-day war and while Olmert offered it to the Palestinians in exchange for peace, it is unlikely that any other government of Israel will be willing to give it up.

      False. Olmert offered pieces of E.Jerusalem.

      Apart from the fact that in maintaining the settlement blocs (5.5% of the OT) Palestinian territorial contiguity (especially with Jerusalem) would have been severly compromised, no to mention the fact that Olmert’s government approved the construction of thousands of housing units on the settlements just as he was making his “generous offer”, the “offer” was contingent upon Abbas’ PA “regain(ing) control over the Gaza Strip, which the militant group Hamas seized from forces loyal to Abbas in June 2006″.

  • When victims retaliate: A response to Bradley Burston
    • Instinctual behavior may be understandable but is not condoned in civilized societies today.

      Nor is ethnic cleansing, mass murder, land theft, violation of the Geneva Conventions on human rights.

      A court of law will never accept it as an excuse.

      You mean like the ICJ?

    • Outstanding rebuttal Annie,

      Burston is simply responding to bluster and obfuscation, because he ultimately knows he can debate you. Israel was founded on violence and terrorism. As Derfner pointed out, it elected terorist leaders to the highest office in the land. Burston's blinkeredness, hypocrisy adn double standards are so extreme, they defy description.

    • Here are a few prominent Israelis who disgree with Winneca's thesis.

      "If I were a Palestinian of the right age, I would join, at some point, one of the terrorist groups."
      Ehud Barak
      link to

      “In South Lebanon we struck the civilian population consciously, because they deserved it…the importance of Gur’s remarks is the admission that the Israeli Army has always struck civilian populations, purposely and consciously…the Army, he said, has never distinguished civilian [from military] targets…[but] purposely attacked civilian targets even when Israeli settlements had not been struck.”
      — Israeli military analyst, Ze’ev Schiff (Haaretz, May 15, 1978).

      "We must use terror, assassination, intimidation, land confiscation, and the cutting of all social services to rid the Galilee of its Arab population."
      David Ben-Gurion, May 1948, to the General Staff.
      From Ben-Gurion, A Biography, by Michael Ben-Zohar, Delacorte, New York 1978:

    • Have you ever seen a Grad rocket?

      No, nor have most of us seen Hellfire missiles.

      It can’t be acquired nor operated by an angry frustrated individual.

      Nor can F16's, Apache Helicopters and nukes. Are you arguing that this makes ISrael immoral?

      An angry frustarted indivudual can stab someone, or throw rocks at cars.

      An angry frustarted Israeli Prime ministers can order the bombing of Gaza for no reason.

      In order to launch Grad rockets, not to mention barrages of them, one needs all the trappings of an international corporation.

      In order to launch F16 sortie, not to mention doing so for decades, one needs more than the trappings of an international corporation.

      Which is what the Israel government of coure – and they’re proud of it.

      Go loomk at the tshirts they wear and see how the present themselves.

      link to

    • Her only interest is Jewish malfeasance, but for anyone who can see beyond that it’s a huge question.

      it's actually not huge at all, but very simple.

      Violent riots engulfed London last year–was it because they were more oppressed than people in other cities?

      The London riots began when a police officer shot an unarmed man you dufus. And there have neen riots in many British cities.

      Look up the Historyfo British rioting. It's practically a British pastime.

      You hasbrats are simply unbelivable. Your arfument sound like they were constructed by 5 year olds.

    • Clearly not all violence can be written off as the result of prior injustice

      That is not the point Annie is making.

      You falsely claimed that violent response was rarely linked to oppression, and Anni debunked your theis comprehensively.

      If it’s an instinctive natural response, there’s no moral problem, no matter who commits the violence. Even Israelis.

      Incredible stupidity once again. One could argue that it is an instinctive natural response for a man to have sex with a woman he sees on the street and is attracted to. To do so without her conset however if clearly a moral problem.

      Of course, it's no surprising that you would think otherwise. Most Zionists seem to exhibit sociopathic tendencies.

      Furthermore, you accept that not all injustice generates violent responses.

      So what? That does not prove the opposite ie. That injustice does not lead to violent responses. in fact, the connection between injustice and violence is absolute. Americas prisons are filled with perpetrators of crimes who's persional histories are filled with injustice, which explains why the majority of prisoners are African Americans.

      One need only take a piece of propagdna out of the Hasbra playbook. Doesn't the motto of Never Again implicitly mean that that the injustices of the past mean that a repeat of those injustices will be met with resistance, including violence?

      Violence which can be controlled, where its agent determines when to commit it and when not to, is clearly influenced by choice.

      No one is arguing that. Israel could chose not to defend itself, but it's defenders would argue that this choice would be unacceptable.

      Choice being the fundament of morality, of course.

      So you agree that self defense and self preservation is also a choice right?

      His thesis was that people who support the (im)moral choice intentionally to perpetuate violence on civilians are themselves immoral.

      By that standard, every Israeli leaders since (and including Ben Gurion) immoral.

    • Is it really human nature?

      Ever heard of the Waraw uprising?

      If you read lots of history you’ll find that there’s no correlation between the level of persecution, even of suffering, and the level of violent response.

      On the contrary, persecution and violent response and instrincally connected. You obviuosly don't read much history.

      The slaves in America suffered more and longer than the Palestinians, but rarely responded with violence.

      How many of them were bombed and massacred by the hundreds at a time?

      he long-suffering populace of North Korea likewise.

      The he long-suffering populace of North Korea are all North Korean citizens who have chosen their political system.

      South African blacks under Apartheid.

      Ever heard of the ANC, which was considerd a terrorsit organization by the Reagan administration?

      Violent responses to suffering are generally a sign of a degree of freedom of movement, thought, and organization, among other causations.

      Just like the Warsaw Ghetto huh?

      You haven't read any history at all have you?

      Tell me Winnica, Do you hasbrats take epective classes is stupidity?

  • Chair of DNC says: 'Israel is our rightful place... a place for us to go'
    • I defined Judaism as a culture and you come back and say that somehow that excludes secular non-religious Jews.

      No, you defined Judaism as the practice of Judaism.  You threw in culture, upon which I explained that the Ashkenazi and Sephardic/Mizrahi cultures shared had absolutely nothing in common 
      until they were brought together in Israel.

      How can Judaism therefore be  a culture, if the culture is not common to all Jews?

      You seem not capable of making a rational argument.

      No, you seem incapable of honesty and coping with the having the contradictions in your argument pointed out.

       Since you claim to know so much about Quebec you obviously do know that in 1995 49.42% of Quebecers voted..

      Oh please, the 49% refers to those who bothered to vote. Participation in the vote was tiny because no one but the separatists took it seriously.

      Most were not interested in voting because the issue didn't matter to them.  Obviously the separatists fanatics turned out in droves and were bussing people in to win the vote from all over Canada. 

      The result shocked Quebec such that no such referendum would ever be allowed to take place again.

      I will try to just ignore your comments from now on.

      Rest assured I won't be ignoring you, so long as you keep making such pathetic and dishonest arguments.

    • So now you are using Israeli laws and policies and an example of proper behaviour and attitudes.

      No, I am using Israeli laws to debunk your claim that multiculturalism is as universal as you like to pretend it is.

      If we do live in a multicultural world, apartheid Israel apparently doesn't want to be part of it.

    • Its a multi-cultural world. Get used to it.

      That would explain why Michael Oren was required to give up his Anerican citizenship when he became Israel's ambassador to the US.

    • – with all due respect you obviously don’t know much about Quebecois:

      Having probably spent more time in Quebec and being engaged to a 
      Quebecker, I know a great deal more about the place than you do.

      who all surveys show overwhelmingly feel loyalty to Quebec

      Polls also show they regard Quebec as part of Canada, and that separatists  are regarded as an extremist minority, so your argument is irrelevant.

      And defining Judaism as the culture of the Jewish people, certainly does not exclude “secular non religious”

      But Judaism is a religion, not a culture. Judaism can be practiced by societies that do not share a culture, as was the case with the Ashkenazi and Sephardic and Mizrahi Jews prior to the creation if Israel.  Israel's culture was invented after the fact.

    • Most Jews believe that Jews are a People and that Judaism is a religion and/or culture they share. Sort of like the Quebecois -eh?

      Jews trying to define Judaism get themselves into a huge hole. This definition excludes secular non religious Jews.

      The comparison with Quebecois is absurd . Quebecois do not share particular religion. Culturally, Quebecois are basically Canadians who happen to be born and raised in Quecbec. Every Canadian is free to come and go from Quebec. 

      So can a person living in Montreal have loyalties and both Quebec and to Canada?

      Not at all.  Apart from the handful of separatist nut jobs, all people living in Montreal  insider the fact that they are living in Montreal to no different to people living in Vancouver.

      How about a Francophone living in northern Ontario?

      What about it? Unless that Francophone is a separatist, a  Francophone living in northern Ontario is just like any other Canadian. 

      The only thing Quebec separatists share with Israel is the delusion that they can maintain a functional and  independent state with a massive welfare cheque from their benefactors.

    • People with more than one child manage multiple loyalties every day.

      How's that? Does each child carry a different passport, or do you simply have a perverse idea of parenting?

    • Jews should be allowed “dual loyalties”. As should Mexicans, Chinese, French or whomever. As long as you don’t break any laws. Life, and loyalty (as well as love) is messy.

      Not if they're in government. They are employed to serve the interests of the public, not a foreign country.

      The US president pledges allegiance to the US and to uphold the Constitution, not the apartheid state of Israel.

    • So there is should be nothing wrong with dual loyalty – as long as people are upfront about it.

      Tell that to the Hasbrats who insist being accused of dual loyalty is anti Semitic.

    • We belong there and, God forbid, I remember thinking, if history repeated itself, there has to be a place for us to go....

      So what is she doing in Florida?

  • The myth of Israel's favorable treatment of Palestinian Christians
    • Great observation Andrew.

      After all, in 1925, the Palestinians constituted roughly 80% of the demographic in region now known as Israel.

      Today it is 20%.

      What a dufus this Mayhem is!!

    • I know the demographics of Lebanon. Back in 1926 when the state was created Christians formed 84% of the population; today it is around 39%.

      The same could be said of WASPs in the US in 1926 with regard to the Hispanic population.

      Demographics will alqays chanfe and in every democracy but Israel, it is considered innevitable - neither goos nor bad.

      It's only right wing racists that obsess about maintaining demographic balances.

    • I have read Brigitte Gabriel’s powerful book ‘Because They Hate”.

      Poerful Islamophobic bile that makes the simplistic and pin headed argument that Islam is backward and "teaches terrorism" - in spite of the fact that Menachen Begin boasted that he introduced terrorism the region.

      I'm sure this reading material forms your intellectual staple along with trash from Dershowitz and Joan Peters.

    • Isn't it amazing how practically everything the Zionists tell us is a bald faced lie. I mean, you'd expect them to tell the truth once in a while, but they simply don't let up.

    • Just a couple of links w hich blow the lid off Mayhem's repugnant Hasbra.

      The Beleaguered Christians in Bethlehem
      link to

      Christians Discriminated Against by Israel
      link to

      link to

      Why Are Palestinian Christians Leaving Israel?
      link to

      Jimmy Carter Says Israel ‘Pressured’ And Encouraged Christians To Leave Palestine
      link to

    • We know you're a pathological liar Mayhem, but you are really outdoing yourself this time.

      Under Sadaam Hussein’s regime Christians faced much repression – forced expulsion, seizure of property and even a requirement to declare themselves Arab and denounce their original ethnic origins.

      That's simply rubbish. It was not until Saddam was toppled that the Christian population in Iraq (one if the oldest in the ME) was effectively wiped out.

      Today Assad is directing anger at Syrian Christians because many if them have refused to support his slaughter of the Syrian people.

      False. The Syrian population are among Assad's strongest supporters, because he explicitly offers protection to them.

      Like the Jews before them many Christians enjoyed considerable acceptance in Arab society.

      And then along came the Zionist invaders and expelled them.

  • Fighting from civilian areas? Perfectly understandable-- in Syria
    • No kidding Annie.

      I guess it's fair to say that Katushas, Qassams and Grad rockets are also imperfect.

    • Did you notice the word imperfect?

      As in an impperfect massacre?

    • Where they did put up a fight
      the IDF made possible for civilians to leave as imperfect as it was.

      Leave to go where?
      Another corner of their cage?
      Or leave so that they could shoot them in the back as they left?
      Or led them to a house where they could be more easily bombed to death when it was targetted?

  • Gaza scoreboard
    • So regular readers please forgive if I repeat often for the sake of irregulars, those who’re unsure or who just lurk and read.

      Don't be silly Talknic, there's nothing to forgive. On the contrary, I for one am grateful for your extraordinary contributions. You and HOstage are without a doubt, 2 of the most valuable controbutors to this topic anywhere on the internet. So thank you.

      As for havign to repeat arguments, join the club. Every time a new hasbrat comes along, they are guaranteed to repeat the same BS and it has to debunked, not matter how laborious and monotinous it might seem, because every time they get way with posting their crap without being challenged, those who are just reading will assume it to be true.

      Keep up the great work.

    • Israeli lefties think deeply about Palestinians before destroying their homes.

      The right wing calls for Palestinians to be expelled from Palestine. The left wing insists they be expelled in air conditioned busses.

  • Remnick ignores the Nakba's role in Israeli 'democracy'
    • he is doomed to fail and to be ridiculed, as was exemplified by the Finkelstein interview.

      Don't you just love how the fascist trolls have suddenly become Fink's number one fans?

      Let Mr. Barghouti speak for himself first and then ask him- how much support he has on the street.

      Yeah right, why would a Palestinians speak for the Palestinians when a European settler like dim knows better?

  • Reflections After the Harvard One State Conference
    • He wouldn’t be a Jew anymore. If someone who is Jewish converts to Islam, than that person wouldn’t be practising Judaism anymore. In practice, anyway.

      That would mean there are no secular Jews, because failing to practice Judaism would preclude them from being Jewish.

    • Article 14 of the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia (1995) provides that “[i]ndividuals of Armenian origin shall acquire citizenship of the Republic of Armenia through a simplified procedure.

      Israel are not offering citizenship only to those who iriginated from Israel. Fail!

      Citizenship act of the Republic of Belarus (2002) states that permanent residence term requirements may be waived for ethnic Belarusians and descendants of ethnic Belarusians born abroad.

      Israel are not offering citizenship only to ethnic Israelis and descendants of ethnic Israelis born abroad. Fail!

      According to the Constitution of Bulgaria, Article 25(2): “A person of Bulgarian origin shall acquire Bulgarian citizenship through a facilitated procedure.”

      Again, Israel are not offering citizenship only to those of Israeli origin. Fail again!

      Ethnic Turks who were born to refugees or immigrants from Bulgarian lands (and thus have Bulgarian origin) also have a right of return.

      Again, Israel are not offering citizenship only to ethnic Israelis. Fail again!

      Chinese immigration law gives priority to returning Overseas Chinese — ethnic Chinese who were living abroad.

      See above. Fail!

      The Croatian law on citizenship (Zakon o hrvatskom državljanstvu), article 11, defines emigrants (iseljenik) and gives them privileges by excluding them from certain conditions imposed on others.

      See above. Fail!

      Same goes for Cyprus, Finland, Ireland.

      None of your arguments are even remotely applicable to apartheid Israel.

    • Definition of Repatriation:

      1. to send back (a refugee, prisoner of war, etc.) to the country of his birth or citizenship.
      2. To restore or return to the country of birth, citizenship, or origin: repatriate war refugees.

      IN the case of Israel, ROR is offered to those who have not been norn in Israel, are not citizens of Israel, and most certainly never originated from Israel.


  • @IDFSpokesperson tweets inaccurate video and fake civilian casualty statistics
    • <blockquoteIt falls on the Palestinians that initiated the conflict in the first place …

      The ISraelis already admitted they initiated. I guess reality isn't your strong point.

    • ‘Do you really believe all the chattering about “security for the south”?’

      Ten why did Israel attack Gaza knowing that such an attack would incite such rocket attacks? Why did Israel do it in 2008, when there had been 4 months of calm?

    • The rockets have been falling on Israeli civilians for 12 years.

      Israel has been bombing and occupying for a lot longer than that.

      They were fired before the withdrawal, after the withdrawal, after Hamas was elected and after Hamas committed a bloody, violent coup against Fatah.

      Actually, it was Fatah who commited the violent coup agaist Hamas, under orders from Washington adn Tel Aviv.

      As for rockets being fired, there was an occupation before the withdrawal, after the withdrawal, after Hamas was elected and after Fatah committed a bloody, violent coup against Hamas.

      Not nly that, but Israel fired as many shelld in 10 months and the number of rockets Hamas fired in 10 years.

      And they will continue to fall, because the people who are firing them would rather kill Israeli civilians rather than tend to the boring job of building a state.

      You mean so that Israel can come up with a phony excuse to bomb it again? An incidentally, your government has been vilently commited to preventing such a state from emerging since it invaded Lebanon.

    • the answer to your question about the number of Palestinian children murdered by Israel is zero

      Israel murdered 330 children during Cast Lead alone.

      Those children regretfully killed are not murdered – murder by definition requires deliberate intent.

      Israel deliberately drop bombs on Gaza with the deliberate intent of killing people. Israeli propagandisst accuse Palestinians of using children as human shields, but if that is the case, all this proves is that Israel has decided that killing those children to hit their targets is justified.

      Hence, killing children is fully intentional.

      it would just give people like you the opportunity to yell and scream and undermine its position.

      That's precisley why Israel's reputation lies aloingside that of North Ko

    • link to

      Thanks for sharing your reading material with us Oleg. We can now put to rest any suggestion you are any kind of progressive.

      A right wing extremist you are.

      So how many Palestinian children has Israel murdered since January 2009 ?

  • Exclusive Excerpt: Miko Peled's 'The General's Son: Journey of an Israeli in Palestine'
    • I actually agree that the story of Jesus cannot be proven,

      The story of Jesus is a myth that has been recycled about a dozen times, and is identical to the story if Horus, Shiva and many other dieties.

      It cannot be proven because Jesus never existed.

    • It is well known that the Arab population of Jerusalem fears living under Arab rule. They also fear loosing their Israeli citizenship. What do they know that you don’t?

      The Jewish population in Iran fears living under Israeli rule too apparently. They also fear loosing their Israeli citizenship. What do they know that you don’t Gilad?

    • If anything the story can only be proven to be correct. In the same breath you can say the stories of Jesus and Mohammad cannot be proven as well. Why waist your energy when so many people believe what you don't believe?

      So Ccording to our resident religious extremist, the fact that there is no evidence Jesus, Abraham and David existed, lives they existed

      I guess that explains why they keep insisting that Iran has nukes even when the Mossad says otherwise.

      First of all in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the country was run by the Ottoman Empire. It was never Palestinian in the sense that you think it is now. It was in fact the Arab population who begun the ethnic cleansing and apartheid. They turned to Turks and and forced laws forbidding the sale of land to Jews.

      You have to admire the selective reasoning of these Hasbrats. On one hand, they insist the territory was ruled by the Ottoman Empire, and thus it was not Palestinian, on the other they insist that Jerusalem has always been Jewish.

      They also argue that Turks enactec laws forbidding the sale of land to Jews, yet they insist that Jews acquired their land legally through the purchase from Arab landlords and the Ottomsn Empire.

      Being a Hasbratvmeans the truth is whatever you say it is.

    • I second that.

      I saw him speak in Sydney and he was very powerful and very moving. He is one of the very few speakers that evoke empathy for both sides of the conflict, even though he states from the otuset that he has no interest in being even handed.

    • Peled ignores calling on others to recognize Jewish rights, especially in Jerusalem. It is not enough to say that Jerusalem is sacred to Jews. It is time to ask why it is and what about this city is connected to Judaism.

      That might seem important to religious extremists, but it is insignificant in terms of claims to the territory.

      The forefathers of the Jewish people are berried in Hebron. Abraham, Issac and Jacob.

      None of whom exer existed acept in fairy tales.

      Israel has proven that it will go far and do whatever it takes to make peace.

      Except offering equal rights, return stolen land or stop stealing more of it.

    • How come you have nothing to say about what Islamic leaders say Jews and wiping Israel off the map?

      Probably becayse the Islamic leaders you are refrring to did not say Jews and wiping Israel off the map. Regime change in Jerusalem does not mean the anihiation of Jews.

    • Notice that Peled completely ignores mention of the importance of Jerusalem to Jews and Judaism.

      Notice how irrelevant it is? After all, didn't the Jews accept UNGAR181 - which meant Jerusalem was not part of Israel? Obviously it coudln;t have been that important.

      But he completely ignores the need for Palestinians, if they are to be neighbors of Jews, to recognize and accept as equals, the desire and need of both people to have a physical connection to the holy sites.

      You're simply a religious extrmist with no concept pof reality.

    • Miko Peled is detached from reality.

      Yeah, right, the son of a serior Genral in the 1967 war is detached from reality. And you're perfectly in touch with it, with all the facts and evidence available to you.

      Unfortunately there are many such Israeli’s who view themselves as Israeli and not Jewish.

      That's because they are Israeli and not Jewish, and that it not including the 20% who are Arab. There are huge numbers fo Russian who never even converted to Judaism.

      Having left Israel, Peled blames Israel for his own failures for being pushed out of the family.

      He wasn't pushed anywhere. His family, who is stil vey close to, lives in Jerusalem.

      His dominating father has also left him with a huge chip on his shoulder.

      On the contrary. he speaks with huge respect, lve and reverence for his father. You're projecting.

      So much for your grip in reality.

  • Israel kills 23 in Gaza, wounds 73, most of them civilians --PCHR
    • If Hamas and it’s proponents stopped raining rockets on Isrsel then there would be no violence. Simple as that


      Iarael began the violence and the rockets were fired as a result.

      Israel attacked Gaza killing civilians first.

      Unless Israel acts with strength its opponents have and will cintinue to fire rockets and every now and then manage to kill somebody.

      The exact opposite is true. There were no rockets fired until Israel acted without provocation - just as it did in 2008.

  • Israeli right wing's vision for West Bank annexation (to 'pull the rug out from under apartheid accusation')
  • MSM jailbreak: Chris Hayes devotes 2 hours to conflict with panel of 2 Zionists and 2 Palestinians
    • Well perhaps they should be grateful. After all water, electricity and food is coming from Israel.

      And why is the water, electricity and food is coming from Israel? Becasue:
      a. Israel has imposed a blockade on food comming into the territory
      b. Israel has destroyed Gaza's civlian infrastructure, so that they are unable to provide they own water and electricity .

      You Zionists really should listen to yourselves once in a while. Perhaps even try the excrcise of reversing the circumstances between Israelis and Palestinians. Maybe then, the degree of sadism and collective siociopathy you display might become apparent to you.

      And yet they are firing Grad missiles. Resistance my a.. This just a power game for the jihadists to show who has more balls to attack.

      The only thing that sepeartes the Islmaic militants and Israeli leadership, is that the Israelis are in a position to make good on their threats. If the population in Gaza was armed with an ariforce of F16's and other state of the art weaponry, you wouldn't be displaying such a patrinizing and superior tone. You'd be taking such resistacne very seriously.

      You people are nothignmore than cowards with very big guns who think military superiority means moral authority and credibility.

    • That’s the problem with the guys in Gaza they feel obliged to say the last word
      so they keep on firing till the last second before some truce takes effect
      risking that they actually get a “successful” hit and get
      the whole of Gaza into Cast Lead 2.0 something that nobody wants at the moment.

      Right Oleg. As your fellow sadist Mayhem argued in another thread, they should just be grateful Israel didn't more more houses and kill more children and go away and wait for the next time Israel feel like bombing Gaza for no reason.

    • If a settler (Goldstein comes to mind as a remotely possible analogy) would have done anything close to that little piece of horror to whose “side” would Barghouti’s contribute it to?

      Barghouti didn't even mention settler violence ad I realm, though most of it is being protected by members of the Knesset, so it's tolerated, if not Israeli policy.

    • Can someone please remind Barghouti of the brutal killing of the Fogal family in Itamar, including a baby, a few months old.

      Can someone remind Gilad that neither Fatah nor Hamas, not any Palestinian group had anyhthing to do with this break and enter/murder?

    • Was Egypt attacking to retake the Sinai only, or to destroy Israel as Mizrahi said?

      Retake the Sonai. Nasser had made repeated requests for Israel to pull back only 2 km from their position. As usual, Israel would have nothing if it.

      The claim if efforts to destroy Israel are thrown around to describe any policies or actions that stand in Israel's way.

  • Israel is sucking up all the oxygen in the White House
    • maybe those policies are not that abysmal and it’s not run by morons?

      How about the policy that demands Iran stop making nukes when all 16 intelligence agencies and Mossad unanimously agree Iran hasn't even decided to try.

      Pure genius.

  • Israel's bogus case for bombing Gaza obscures political motives
    • how did this brutal murderous apartheid dictatorship let you come, protest and leave unmolested?

      Having a Western passport improves the odds. Don't drink beer.

    • If you visited Israel and you believe that it is "one of the most racist, disturbing and surreal places on earth", you need psychological counselling for not perceiving reality.

      While like do many others who have visited Israel, Inwas shocked, deeply disturbed, and saddened, counseling was not necessary. Unlike the millions who have to live under such the oppressive rule of the fascist apartheid state of Israel, I had the luxury of being able to leave.

    • I am typing this sincerely without cynicism, have you ever visited Israel?

      Yes, you are sanguine about all this because the US has given you so many arms that you needn't worry about any reprecussions from the Palestinians. You're leasders can commence slaughternign Gazan's at a whim and it doesn't affect your day, thogh undoutedly, you'll still insist that Israel is being attacked and has to defend itself.

      Yes I have been to Israel, as have a nmber of friends of mine. We all agree it's an apartheid state - one of the most racist, disturbing and surreal places on earth.

      Even George Bush Jnr (the most pro US president in history)was shocked and digusted by what he saw when he visited the West Bank.

    • BTW. Another think that makes me angry is when a shameless bully like Netenyahu doesn't get gmhis way in Washington (where he didn't get his war with Iran), and returns back home to take it out on a defenseless population.

      Reminds me of a wife beater who gets humiliated by other men and bashes his wife to proverb affirm his masculinity.

    • "Gur" or "Schiff"? I suspect that both are from Ha'aretz the left-wing rag that has zero credibility (and close to zero circulation) in Israel despite being the favourite source of the Western credulity.

      Zero credibility in who's eyes? Shahs and Likud?

      You obviously don't even know who Gur is. Mordecai Gur was an Israeli politician and the 10th Chief of Staff of the IDF.

      Obviously a rabbid left winger.

      And if you are so confident, surely, it will be easy to point to fresh, recent, explicit and unambigous statements of Israeli leaders, pls show us these, not some obscure ramblings from 30 yrs ago.

      Like I said, look up Dahiya Doctrine - an unambiguous policy of targeting civilians. 

      20 militants hit, 2 civilians (however unfortunate), what "doctrine" are you talking about?

      Where did you get the 20 militants figure from? The same lying scum bags that keep changing the resin for attacking Gaza?

      Pls bring any research about urban warfare and show that this ratio is anything but miraculous.

      Right after you explain how dropping bombs from F16 attack planes constitutes urbane warfare.

      What makes you angry is that Israel's mortal enemies were dealt a blow while cowardly targetting our civilians from among their own.

      What makeshift angry is when gutless scum bags, who would soil themselves at the first sight of an armed opponent, wantonly murder women and children, the label them militants and claim they ate defending their country.

      Like all Israeli apologists, you're nothing more than a fascist sadist. Little wonder Israel's reputation is in the gutter with North Korea. 

    • BTW Asherpat,

      What Gur was describing is identical to the Dahiya doctrine, which was conceived in 2006 and applied in 2008/2009 and continues to be applied.

    • @Shingo – 1978, you must have stayed there…

      It was policy then and it is policy today. Nothing has changed in Israel's strategy.

    • The difference between Israel and Palestinian Arabs is that the intention. Israel targets “militants” (20 out of 22 killed in the recent violence) and Palestinians target civilians.


      “In South Lebanon we struck the civilian population consciously, because they deserved it…the importance of Gur’s remarks is the admission that the Israeli Army has always struck civilian populations, purposely and consciously…the Army, he said, has never distinguished civilian [from military] targets…[but] purposely attacked civilian targets even when Israeli settlements had not been struck.”


      "The Israeli army has always struck civilian populations, purposely and consciously. The army has never distinguished civilian from military targets, but has purposely attacked civilian targets.

      [Israeli military analyst, Ze’ev Schiff (Haaretz, May 15, 1978).]

      And by the way, can you prove that the recent bombings were using 1,000 pounds bombs, as you casually drop (no pun intended)?

      I said Israel were armed to the teeth with F16′s Apache helicopters, and 1000lb bombs.

    • The Zios are firing military equipment made in US factories. Good for the goose…

      It makes you wonder what kind of whimps the Israelis are when they are armed to the teeth with state fo the art weapons, (F16's Apache helicopters, and 1000lb bombs), yet the throught of the Palestinians even having WWII era weapons makes them seeth with indignation.

    • Devoid of logic?

      How about devoid of reality? What evidence is there that anyone killed in Gaza had anything to do with the Eilat attack?


    • Can you prove that the rockets are “homemade” and not in a factory?

      I don't have to. You're tehone claiming they are GRAD missiles, so either you can prove it or you can't.

    • Another great piece by Ali Abunimah, who sums up the same argument as Max.

      This weekend’s attacks have followed a typical pattern. Israel launches a lethal attack knowing full well that Palestinian resistance factions will respond. It then uses the response—dozens of rockets falling on Israel rarely causing injuries or damage—as the very pretext for continued bombing. Israel also claims to have shot down several dozen incoming missiles using its US-subsidized “Iron Dome” anti-missile system.

      link to

    • Blumenthal has wrongly claimed “Finally in November, Egyptian security forces arrested the suspected mastermind of the Eilat plot, shattering the Israeli army’s initial claims about Gazan culpability.

      Wrong as usual Mayhem.

      What Blumenthal writes is not contradicted by the maannews report. Blumenthal said that the Egyptian security forces arrested the suspected mastermind of the Eilat plot. He did not say that the suspect was arrestd on charges of terrorists acts.

      Secondly, the fact that the sustepct died in a Cairo prison in February does not contradict the vlaim by Blumenthal that he was arrested in November. The very fact he dies in a Cairo prison obviously means he had to have been arrested.


    • "Homemade" Kassam rockets will not reach Be'er Sheva, 40 kms from Gaza border. I don't have time to show it on Palestinian websites, but do you dispute that fact?

      Put up or shut up Asher. I asked you to produce evidence that the rockets used were Grad rockets.

      I'm not interested in your theories.

    •   Since when is Grad (БМ-21 “Град”), a Soviet truck-mounted 122 mm multiple rocket launcher,BM stands for boyevaya mashina, ‘combat vehicle’, 20kg of weapons grade explosive warhead) “homemade”?

      How many Grad rockets were fired during this exchange?

    • Gideon Levy is the one that called Assad “a man of peace” as late as 2010.

      Do provodr the link if you would.

      Seeing as the Syrian rebels are made up of Al Qaeda, Levy might be onto something.

      I recall Bush called Sharon a man of peace.

    • I guess you could get away with saying that 100+ rockets can be called several without being called a liar.

      100 rockets in retaliation? Where did yo read that Oleg?

    • Gideon Levy (to whom i have a great deal of respect)
      is wrong.

      Well, you convinced me with that compelling and rock solid rebuttal Oleg.

    • Max, are you going to apologize if the Israeli explanation is shown to be true?

      Israeli intelligence has already proved it to be a lie.

      Now are you going to apologize to Max for jumping in on this thread without reading his column?

  • Israel strikes Gaza, killing 11, injuring 16
    • “if you are quiet, we will be quiet, if you shoot, or plot attacks, we will hit you, and so the ball is certainly in their court.”

      Or, based on Israel's track record:

      if you are quiet, we will be quiet until we decide we don't feel like being quiet. In which case, we will react to any response from you and call it self defense.

      (after all, Gaza was quiet for 4 months in 2008, and Israel sti attacked)

      if you shoot, or plot attacks, we will hit you, and so the ball is certainly in their court, and even if you don't, we will accuse you of doing it just do that we have an excuse to hit you

    • Levy did not provide any evidence to support his claims
      he just as he always does expresses his own opinion.
      I am expressing mine.

      Rubbish. Levy lays put the facts very simply:

      Who started it? The IDF and the Shin Bet security service did.

      Shin Bet does not deny this all began with a targetted killing. It's a fact.

      You're simply a troll at calling from the bleachers.

    • The fact that an Israeli journalist says something without backing it up by some concrete facts but by just giving his opinion (left right it does not matter ) that does not
      give his words any additional credibility or added value over something that i or any other Israeli have to say.

      You're trolling Oleg.

      You said Levy was wrong, but havdnpt produced one iota of evidence to back up this claim.

      So what do you have that makes Levy wrong? You said you respected him, so either you ate calling him a liar or you're trolling.

      Which is it!

    • Israel retaliates, Hamas and its proponents attack whenever they are in the mood.

      Because even when Israel attacks without reason or justification, it insists that it is retaliating.

      Hamas, by definition are not allowed to retsliate, let alone defend themselves.

      The same BS argument was used in the past in spite of the facts that Moshe Dayan confessed long ago that Israel would start 80% of cross border conflicts with Syria in order to elicit a reaction that could be used to justify escalation by Israel.

    • Poor Mayhem can't even get up to speed with the revelations about the BD behind Israel's actions.

      1. Gideon Levy and Max Blumenthal have already exposed the fraud behind Israel's recent actions.

      2. The Guardian explained that Israel broke the truce and reported Israel 's long discredit excuse for the raid on Gaza. Uri Avnery explained how the Israeli story was full of holes and Wikipedia revealed that Israel decided that it would be necessary to sabotage the truce because Hamas were benefitting from the truce politically - and this was giving Hamas legitimacy.
      3. Mayhem  expects us to accept that throttle rockets from Gaza are of the same magnitude and pose the same threat as an Israeli F16 dropping 500 and 1000 lb bombs.

      Ge does not bother to consider that the blockade itself is a flagrant act of war (and illegal) and that Israel would respond even more ferociously if they were blockaded.

      Indeed, the mother of all ironies is that hasbrats like Mayhem would be the first to defend Israel's attack on Egypt in 1967 on response to a blockade that affected less than 5% of Israeli shipping. Yet Hamas and militants in Gaza  are supposed to accept a blockade  that affects 100% of shipping by taking it on the chin.

      Mayhem rightly blames for the indiscriminate shelling of innocent civilians (obviously implying that civilians in Gaza are not innocent) in spite if the fact that Israeli attacks destroyed civilian homes and killed civilians.

      He argues the fact that because Israel has a superior military apparatus (provided at US taxpayer expense) that this automatically confers legitimacy to Israel.

      Those who ate weak and unable to defend themselves obviously deserve to be killed. That's the sick and sadistic mind of the Zionist for you.

    • Well if Gideon Levy says it's so then sure it must be true.

      Another profound and comprehensive rebuttal that totally destroys Levi's argument.

      You blow my mind Oleg.

    • please explain the fallacy in my logic.

      The fallacy begins with you ignoring the fact that Israel continues to impose a brutal, illegal and inhumane blockade on Gaza, which is not only an act of war, but based unjustified.

      I am still waiting to hear a credible example of unjustified provocation by Israel against Gaza.

      November 4th 2008, when Israel grossly violated a 4 month ceasefire and killed 6 Palestinians - again without justification.

      There's plenty more documented here:
      Reigniting Violence: How Do Ceasefires End? link to

      Given the rocket attacks that continue unabated I would suggest that Israel has in fact exercised great restraint.

      This is the epitome of arrogance. The only reason Israeli apologists even get away with this insufferable display of superiority is because they are armed to the teeth by the US. Otherwise, Israel would spend less to except using restraint and more time agreeing to permanent ceasefires and diplomacy.

    • And please don’t pull the “But you started it first” argument
      because it will not lead us anywhere.

      At least wait until Marc Regev comes up with a talking point that Oleg can use.

    • Then you shouldn’t feel so upset when we retaliate back
      it also human nature.

      So Israel gets to bomb Gaza whenever it feels like it, but when Gazan's retaliate, Israel reserves the right to punishment for not taking it on the chin?

      Got it.

    • Of course you're not interested Oleg, because you run the risk of the truth getting out.

      link to

    • This is what Jewish self preservation is.

      Looks more like preservation of fascism and apartheid.

  • Warning to Obama: 'The Jewish community will remember in November'
  • Fact checker fact checker find me a fact
    • but if you get hit with one you’re a lot less likely to die than from a lead bullet.

      Realy? I tell you what Fred, I'll stand in front of a rock (wearing body armor and a helmet and you stand in fron a a bullet without that protection. Lets see who lives to tell about it.

      You really are a sadist.

    • Of course a 1-2 pound rock hurled from a sling at 100 MPH isn’t something I’d like to be hit with on non-protective clothing.

      Who do you know can through a rock at 100 MP Fred? Wodl you rather face a sniper bullet? They tend to be a bit faster than 100MPH

  • At last a leader, Obama fingers 'Israeli interest' in war
    • And how would you know what stuff the Egyptians are getting from Gaza?

      Because the stuff Israel was allowing to pass through the check points was not supplied by Israe but by the UN and the international community. It was also the most basic of items, nothning that the Egyptians would even want.

      You lost the rond 3 days ago Fred.

      There was a ceasefire in place that even Israel's MFA admitted Hamas were observiong with great care, so there is no basis to the claim that the tunnel was going to be used for an attack. What possible good would an attack bring Hamas when they were doing so well politicially from the ceasfire?

      Your argument simply does not hold water.

      Not to mention your even less likely contention that the Israelis _knew_ it was to be used for smuggling and not attacks and therefore were not defending from attack when they destroyed it.

      As opposed to your contention that the Israelis _knew_ it was to be used for kidnapping Israeli soldiers? That's far more outlandish and absurd.

      There is already a known tunnel used for attacks to back up my contention that the Israelis thought the 2008 tunnel was to be used for attacks.

      Really? Where? Based on what non Isralei government claim?

      A tunnel that was incomplete doesn’t count since you are speculating that it was for smuggling while there has been actual tunnel use for attacks and capturing Israeli soldiers.

      You're losing it Fred. If a tunnel that was incomplete doesn’t count, then how can you claim it was goign to be used for attacks? You're hasbra is DOA.

    • Googling “Tunnel from Gaza to Israel” and smuggling comes up with 2-3 tunnels that they planned to use to smuggle terrorists or bombs into Israel.

      The one that was atatcked in November 2008 was one of them.

      Non-military goods from Israel enter Gaza through the checkpoints.

      Most are on the banned list. After all, Israel won't even allow scholl books, pencil and pasta to get through - that's apparently reagrded as having a military use.

      The stuff the Egyptians want certainly wouldn't come through check points.

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