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  • Major olive producing village ordered to uproot 1,400 trees by May 1
    • Thousands of political prisoners?

      Yes, thousands. At least 1,000 are imprisoned without any charge.

      Israel is trying to wipe Palestinians from the map?

      Of course not. They achieved that long ago. One of the main pruposes for all those pine tree forrests was to hide the ruins of the hundreds of villages they destroyed in 1948.

      Israel killed thousands of chickens on purpose as part of a larger strategy against the Palestinians?


      I challenge those as factual.

      Really? So you believe those chikens posed a threat to Israel's existence, or were they simply illegal immigrant chickens?

    • Shouldn’t you find out what the other sides story even is before condemning the entire Israeli people for it though?

      Why? The entire Israeli people have supported teh occupation from day 1, which is reflected in their voting record.

  • Ozick, anti-Palestinian polemicist, is shortlisted for a big prize
    • Sure.

      Except that your link, which is repeat of the original report by USA Today, does not include the qualification by Areikat that:

      Clarification: In the headline and story, Palestinian Ambassador Maen Areikat says he was referring to Israelis, not Jews, when he stated that “it would be in the best interest of the two people to be separated first.”

      link to

      Nor does your link actually cite the the actual comversation with Tablet magazine about Areikat decalring the neccessity to transfer and remove “every Jew” from a future Palestinian state.

      Even the parts you quote state that Areikat is not commited to a Jew free Palestinian state.

      Pitty you don't bother to read your own links.

    • Really? That's quite a misquote. By all means link it up.

      The original story was broken by USA Today. The sub-heading was added only hours after the story broke. It reads:

      Clarification: In the headline and story, Palestinian Ambassador Maen Areikat says he was referring to Israelis, not Jews, when he stated that "it would be in the best interest of the two people to be separated first."

      link to

      Of course, the Zionist propaganda machine had already flooded the airwaves with the original story and the retraction was deliberately ignored, by shills such as yourself.

    • Actually there’s more to the Nazi “strategy of conquest” than the phrase “disputed territories.” But I like your chutzpah.

      Of course, there is, there's mass murder, ethnic cleansing, racial supremacy, the belief in an organic community which must achieve a certain state of being it previously held. Doesn't sound like Zionism at all!

      Easy because you cut and pasted it, or easy because the paragraph you copied here is reflected in Zionist ideology?

      Both ;-)

    • Can you quote his actual words?

      Better still, can you link to the original story?

    • So your criticisms are kosher because you go so far as to compare Zionism to Nazism while the author merely offered criticism without such hyperbole? No, that doesn’t fly.

      Why becasue you said so?

      Zionism is a mirror image of Nazism in practically ever sense. Never mind that Lenni Brenner edited 51 Documents outlining Zionist collaboration with the Nazis.

      Israelis and their allies have always used the same logic and propaganda tactics employed by the Nazis. The whole “Disputed Territories” nonsense was part and parcel of the Nazi strategy of conquest.

      She did not offer a reason, but then what are the reasons you offer for Zionist actions?

      Easy. Land theft, ethnocentrism, tribalism, politicized ethnic fundamentalism, extremist organic nationalism, social Darwinism, biological determinism, essentialism, primordialism, perverted eugenic theory, opposition to race mixing for causing ethnic degeneration, and the corresponding belief in national revival through racial purity.

    • A few months ago Palestine’s US Ambassador stated that any newly formed Palestinian state would be free of Jews.

      Oh for Christ's sake, will you hasbrats please refresh tyour talking points from your mother ship? The day after that story broke, the report issued a retraction that Erekat stated explicitly he was not referring to Jews, but to Israeli citizens.

      It ever ceases to amaze me how impervious to facts you hasbrats are.

    • i’d propose you go to another site.

      Apparently he doesn't find Stormfront sufficiently stimulating.

    • Btw, ethnic nationalism isn't a form of government, it's just a kind of nationalism. The two things are in no way synonymous.

      Ergo, Israel is therefore not a Jewish state, correct?

    • What of those criticisms she made were any more racist stereotypes than the condemnations made against Israelis/Zionists here all the time?

      Please cite an example PFP. Evidence tends to carry more weight around here than straw men.

    • Ageed Annie, especially seeing as they're usually the same people pretending to champion the ethnic rights of groups like Kurds.

    • Cynthia Ozick isn't criticizing ethnic Palestinians living in America but the society that now exists alongside Israel.

      Stupid argument. Palestinians living in the US exist in such few numbers that they could not possibly be described as a society, whereas Jews are more populous in the US than Israel.

      Secondly, how does that exonerate Ozick's repugnant racism and promulgations of baseless stereotypes - much as you admire it?

      How would you propose we condemn aspects of Palestinian society in a way that isn't at all racist to you?

      How about you start by eliminating Zionist BS, and stop pretending that Palestinian society 
      has has become dysfunctional  for apparent reason?   

      How does this fascist harpy manage to attack the breakdown of Palestinian society without mentioning the brutal and repressive military occupation it is forced to live under?

      Maybe when Israeli society  finds itself in the same predicament, we can criticize Palestinians the  way we condemn Israelis.

    • What of those criticisms she made were any more racist stereotypes than the condemnations made against Israelis/Zionists here all the time?

      But that's what's so repugnant and dishonest about her crtiticisms. She pretends as though Palestinuan society has no precedent and is uniquely grotesque - as though it has come to be without rhyme or reason.

      Criticism of Israelis/Zionists recognizes their ideology as vile and repugnant, but also recognizes the traits common to other sisfinctional societies that have come and gone.

    • i’m starting to realize you’re conceptually challenged

      He might be Annie, but I suspect that it's got more to do with ideology, which explains the piles of straw he's polluted this thread with.

      No civics course is going to crack that hermetically sealed Zionist bubble.

    • 'the Palestinians have invented a society unlike any other, where hatred trumps bread. They have reared children unlike any other children, removed from ordinary norms and behaviors.'

      Talk about insufferable hypocrisy. The behaviors she denigrates as grotesque in Palestinian society is revered and lauded in Iaeaeli society.

    • Calling the Palestinians an “invented” people because the term “palestinian” is new is like calling Native Americans an “invented” people, because the term “Native American” is a recent invention.

      That's a great argument. What amazes me is that the argument about Palestinians being an invented people is based on a fraudulent book, yet some so called historians and academics continue to regurgitate this crap.

      In reality, Israel is a recent invention, seeing as it did not exist prior to 1948.

    • But if they are an ethnicity, then that means that Palestine is a state based on ethnic-nationalism. It’s just like Zionism.

      Nope. Never was Palestine defined as a Palestinian state silly boy.

      You’re saying that we can’t criticize Palestine because as a distinct people any criticism of them constitutes racism.

      Drop that stick and step back from the straw man. Annie made no such argument.

      If Israeli culture is fair game (and it is), then so is Palestinian culture.

      Fair game yes, making racist stereotypes, no.

    • I see people here criticize Zionism in equally disparaging terms all the time, frequently going so far as to ascribe specific character traits supposedly common to all Zionists.

      Zionism is racism. As Max Blumenthal and even Benny Morris have admitted, ethnic cleansing and expasionism is intrinsict to the DNA of Zionism. It's a tribal, racist, supremacitst ideology, so of course, those traits will remain common to all Zionists.

      One can not be both a Zionist and a liberal because liberal values run counter to the fear and hatred that are so crucial to Zionism.

      Sad but true. The term "liberal Zionism" is an oxymoron.

      So why is a similar rant against Palestinian culture seen as “anti-Palestinian”, or even “anti-ARAB” racism?”

      Becasue Palestinians arent't doing the expelling, mass murdering, home demolishing, land theft, expasion, or arguing for racial/ethnic purity, arguing against the demographic threat.

      Especially considering how everyone strongly refutes any fleeting thought that essays savaging Zionism (or even Zionists; the people) could have anti-semitic aspects to them.

      You keep alluding to anti-semitic aspects but someone seem completely unable to provide examples. Why is that?

    • Easy… self-determination, as shown by their willingness to trade land for peace whenever it exists as a viable option.

      Actually that's precisely what Israel has not done.

      In 79 the whole country except a small minority were ecstatic over relinquishing the Sinai for the opportunity of peace with Egypt.

      Rubbish. Israel had rebuffed repeated offers by Egytp to have negotiations since the late 60's. It took the near defeat in 1973 and for the US to beibe them to give back the Sinai.

      Same goes for Oslo when it was being debated originally.

      Wrong again. Oslo was never a peace agreement, it was simply another prescription for domination of the Palestinians, and Israle still violated it.

      Going back a few decades, Zionists and Jewish refugees both abandoned land, businesses, homes… whole lives, in order to come to Israel and take control over their own destinies.

      Yeah right, they abandoned land in Arab states to steal land in Palestine.

      Self-determination was always the key goal.

      At the expense of the native inhabitants of whatever land they were given was always the key goal. The homeland they were given happened to be someone else's.

  • Anna Quindlen's religious disaffection is good copy (what about anti-Zionists?)
    • For the record, I find Neturei Karta just as offensive in many ways as DD.

      Of course you do. You're a Zionist, and both Neturei Kart and DD are anti Zionist, though I suspect Stormfront has become a bastion of Zionism of late.

    • one more thing…re David Duke. i noticed you mentioned stormfront the other day.

      PFP obviously spends a lot fo time on those blogs, based on his/her first hand experience. Makes sense if you think about it. Neo Nazis are wielding Nisraeli flags at neo nazi demonstrations, so it's a natural mother ship for PFP .

  • Israel responds to Palestinian call to restart talks by legalizing three West Bank settlement outposts
    • You know, sometimes I can’t figure out the censors here.

      That makes two of us. You should have been banned long ago on the grounds of Nakba denial.

    • o only then will you stop stealing more of what was never yours to begin with. Irrational criminal mentality.

      That's like Charles Lanson arguing in court that he should be pardoned because the Son of Sam murders are still unsolved.

    • The reference to rape was a metaphor to illustrate the absurdity of the argument that the Palestinians should leave their oppressors and tormentors alone.

      Having said that, rape was frequently used,  along with terrorist bombs, massacres and mass expulsion, to create Israel in the first place.

      To describe the conflict as a war makes as much sense as describing the mugging of an old lady as a gangland turf battle.  It's so obscenely one sided.

      They are supposed to _agree_ to leave the Israelis alone. That is the core principle around which any peace deal acceptable to Israel will be made.

      How are they supposed to leave the Israelis alone when the Israelis refuse to leave them alone? Like I explained, that's like a rapist demanding that the woman he is abusing stop being a nuisance. As Talknic pointed out, it explains the extent of your sadism.

      In fact, your posts here have become so deranged and obscene, I doubt you even believe the garbage you are posting here. 

      It is a principle rejected by the Palestinians, who demand the right to take over Israel as a non-negotiable point

      You're obviously so frustrated with having to defend the indefensible, that you've decided it's easier to post the most obscene and ahistorical crap you can think up, rather than formulate a legitimate argument.

      Everything you've accused accused the Palestinians of doing in this post are precisely what Israel has been guilty of. You know it. Everyone knows it.  Why you're wasting so much time on this forum is anyone's guess.

    • EThe insanity of arrogance encapsulated in a sentence.

      FB gave up enganging in hinest debate long ago when he realized he was out fo his depth. All he is here to do is make the most assinine and rediculous arguments he can think of to try and bring down the discourse.

      Phil, Adam? This guy needs to go.

    • Why do you Israel haters all seem to have this idea that land is permanently defiled by the temporary presence of Jews on it?

      Why would Israel spend billions on building settlements and infrastructure if they intended to hand it over to the Palestinians? Do they have so much money that they can throw it around?

      Why would they be spending money on pre-built buildings for Palestinians when there is a housing shortage in Israel?

      Why would Israel have haggled for decades over land swaps if they intended to withdraw and hand it to the Palestinians?

      Israel didn't pull out of Gaza as part of any peace deal with the Palestinians. The move was decided by Israeli hard liners who determined that the resources being spent to defend and maintain the illegal Gaza settlements would be better spent defending and enabling the settler project in the West Bank.

      Israel tried an experiment with unilaterally pulling out of an area and giving it to the Palestinians. The result was over 10,000 missiles fired from Gaza.

      That was AFTER Israel fired 8,000 shells into Gaza in the space of 12 months, beginning the month they completed the withdrawal.

      Now why would Israel have done that (as well as turning Gaza into a prison), if the object of the exercise was to create a mini Palestinian state?

      After all, it was you who argued that BDS is tantamount to the destruction of Israel, so how could a blockade have yielded anything but a ruined society?

      That amount of will can be brought into being by a negotiated peace deal ...

      Based on recent history, you'd have to be delusional to believe that. Rabin was assassinated by an Israeli who's views are shared by the current Israeli government. He was considered an extremist at the time, but he and Netenyahu were both fiercely opposed to the Oslo Accords. In fact, Bibbi boasted of how the sabotaged them.

      All the Palestinians have to do to win is agree to leave Israel alone in exchange for a Palestinian state.

      That's truly mind numbing, even by the standards of your Ziocaine addled brain. It would be like arguing that women can avoid being raped so long as they stop bothering the rapist.

      How are they supposed to leave the Israelis alone when the Israelis are occupying them and stealing their land?

    • Not helpful, but far less harmful than the Palestinians’ refusal to negotiate without another settlement freeze

      Wrong Dumbass. Israel signed and ratified the Road Map, in which they agreed to stop building settlements as a first step before final status negotiations.

      If Israel won't even respect their own treaties, then what's the use talking to them in the hope of comming to new agreements that they will ignore anyway?

  • Three score and four years ago our forefathers brought forth on this planet a new nation
    • But that’s OK – Shingo did a fine job giving a little workshop. One can only hope our new trainee is educable and will sharpen his/her tools. Hint: maybe start with a new screen name?

      He's probably already done that. Who knows, he might be the re-incarnation of Witty or Werdine. Given his plea to lift the ban on Nakba denial, it's probably Werdine.

    • The members of groups like PeaceNow and B’tselem are going to be so surprised by this news.

      Both of which are considered anti Israel in Israel.

      Which proves the point.

    • He won't last here long Annie.

      Phil and Adam aren't going to get sucked into being balckmailed he way they were over at DK - they're not dedicated to getting Obama re-elected. He/she is goign to find there simply isn't an audience for their crap here.

    • Yes Annie,

      It's pretty obvious that playforpalestine is not the least bit interested in debating the topic, but wants to drag down the debate into a quagmire of straw men and ad hominems.

      It's pathetic really, but what else are they gonna do? It's not like they have a case.

    • I have seen some regulars make comments questioning the accuracy of accepted Holocaust history and offering justifications for Nazi pogroms without censure.

      Please point to those examples or admit you are lying.

      I see comments all the time from certain people that meet any standard definition of anti-semitism that go without being challenged, let alone their authors being banned.

      Again, please point to those examples or admit you are lying.

      Personal attacks and vindictive remarks also seem to be both commonplace and ignored provided the author’s viewpoints fall on the preferred side of the debate here.

      Lying, support for ethnic cleansing and racism is not tolerated, so yes, that might take place from time to time.

      So if 95% of the world believes that the earth is flat, yet you are certain that it is not, wouldn't you disprove their views when voiced, rather than treating them the same as overt racism and personal attacks?

      The first time yes. Maybe even the second or third. By the 10th time their views have been disproved and they continue to insist the earth is flat, contempt is certainly justified.

      There's a big difference between making tortured justifications for genocide/ethnic cleansing and voicing good-faith arguments based on widely researched and accepted historical data.

      In other words, it's not the tortured justifications for genocide/ethnic cleansing that offends you, it's the contempt the purveyors of those views are met with that upsets you.

      Beyond that, posters have no problems offering justification for the ethnic cleansing of Jews in Palestine or other states.

      What would any hasbra post be without a completely baseless straw man argument? Your assertion is of course utter BS, so I won't even bother asking you to substantiate it with evidence.

      But by outlawing all but one side's narrative in a notoriously convoluted war this policy strangles debate rather than encouraging it.

      Cry me a river Hasbrat. You have the entire blogosphere available to express your support for ethnic cleansing, apartheid, fascism and Nakba denial.

    • The ones who support Israel wouldn’t be impressed by yet another peace initiative that goes nowhere

      The ones who support Israel are not interested in peace full stop.

    • I agee with Annie,

      Ban Fred for Nakba denial. He makes no effort to engage in hinest debate, so there's no point allowing him to pollute the forum.

    • At the time, they weren’t calling themselves Palestinians.

      Rubbish. Everyone in the territory was a Palestinian in 1920.

      And it is not a gamble to resist being expelled. A gamble suggests they had a choice to avoid such a fete, but as Ben Gurion pointed out, their very existence jealousies the creation of a Jewish state.

  • Message to Methodists: 'Vote for Divestment. Vote for Human Rights.'
    • Vote for Divestment, vote to destroy Israel.

      No it isn't. The boycott of apartheid South Africa didn't destroy South Africa.

      And secondly, Israel could put a stop to BDS tomorrow simply by obeying international law.

    • By all means divest! Please I’m asking you to- maybe then all the pretence of “mutual peace” loving Methodist christians can be droped and you’ll align yourself with an anti-Israel coalition.

      SOS to all hasbrats: When all else fails and you have nowhere to run - renwmber the Holocaust.

  • Knesset members celebrate latest E. Jerusalem settlement by posing on evicted Palestinian family's sofa
    • They were legally evicted by someone who proved to the court that he owned the land. So what’s the problem?

      What court of law and according to what laws? You see Fred, these scum bags, that you adore, have no juridicition in this territory, so the court has no authority.

      Of course, there wouldn't be a problem if every Jewish settler or Israeli who was living on land that lebonged to Palestinians had been evicted.

      Of course, the fact that these men are smiling at th

    • Just thougt of another:

      "waiting for a partner for peace"

    • We should think up some slogans to put above this picture:

      "Remember the Holocaust"


      "Remember, we're the victims in all thus"


      "we have the right to defend ourselves"

    • Jews and Israel are not the same thing!

      Agreed Diana, which is why most of us object to describing it as a Jewish state.

    • I believe the US term would be “douchebag”

      I believe the clinical term would be “sociopaths"

  • What '60 Minutes' & Bob Simon got right and wrong
    • He had a few other errors, actually and basically, threw the Jews to the lions.

      Thanks for teh comic relief ymedad. I love how you correct "errors", not by provising answers, but by playing dumb and asking infantile questions.

      Here's a few of your funnier moments:

      This is a trend that mirrors the Christian flight throughout the Palestinian Authority. However, this exodus began long before Israeli checkpoints and the security wall.

      Of course it did you dolt, because the occupation preceeded the Israeli checkpoints and the apartheid wall.

      It is estimated that nearly two-thirds of the Christian population fled during the time when Jordan occupied the West Bank.

      Acording to what source?

      The Christian population under the Palestinian Authority has suffered from a negative growth-rate and now number less than 50,000, or about 2.4 percent of the population".

      Under the Palestinian Authority? Who are you kidding? Israel controls 100% of the West Bank and EJ.

      Mitri Raheb is a Palestinian, a Christian and a Lutheran minister from Bethlehem. He runs schools, cultural centers and health clinics. [and Israel considers him ma 'racist' and an 'anti-Semite']

      Oh, well if Israel says so, then it must be true.

      Israel is the only Middle East nation where the Christian population has grown in the last half century

      That's hillarious. The Palestinian population in 1940 was roughly 1 million, 11 to 12 percent of the which were Christians. That means that prior to the ethnic cleansing carried out by Israel in 1948, the Christian population in Palestine was roughly what it is today. Yeah, some growth!!

      And what is this doing in the transcript?

      Yeah damn it, who allowed that bit in? Hasbra hasn't come up with a talking point to cover that one.

    • No doubt the existence of the barrier makes it virtually impossible for terrorists to smuggle themselves into Israel.

      On the contrary. 1,500 Palestinians are able to climb over, around, under and through the wall every week. Any suicide bomber could easily get into Israel.

      The stopping of reward payments to the families of suicide bombers would have certainly influenced potential recruits to change their minds.

      Idiotic argument. No suicide bomber is persuaded to commit suicide because of money.

  • '60 Minutes' profiles Palestinian Christians, Michael Oren falls on his face
    • I believe most Irish people believe Ireland has the right to exist as a state..

      I never heard anyone but an Israelis or Israeli apologists making the argument that any state has a right to exist.

    • The Arab world, ultimately, does not really care about the Palestinian man in the street.

      That's precisely what Bibbi is doing by hyping the non existent Iran nuke threat.

    • This is truly priceless.

      Let's hood this is a sign of more public humiliation for Israeli propagandists and officials.

      I wonder if Bob Simpn is going to get any nasty phone calls from his boss.

  • Egypt and Israel, all is not well
    • The treaty has been virtually defunct from the beginning.

      Exactly. Israel have violated the obligation to withdraw from the OT and to stop building settlements - an obligation they violated from day 1.

    • Egypt is clearly adopting an aggressive stance against Israel in direct contravention of the Camp David accords.

      It never ceases to amaze me how shameless and unaware you hasbrats are. Israel has been in violation of the Camp David accords from the day after they signed them. The bribe maoney the US is threatenening to withhold is not because Egypt is violating the accords so much as not doing what it's told. You might recall that the aid to Israel was also offered as an incentive to stick to the agreement, but you won't hear Washington threatening to withold payment even as Shamir and Netenyahu spit in the faces of US presidents.

      As for revocation of the licenses to the US NGOs, you are aware I take it that the activities of these NGOs do indeed breach the country's sovereignty. In fact, their very activities would be illegal in the US. No foreign entity is legally entitled to intervene in US politics.

      It comes as no surprise that this rampant hypocrisy has gone over your head.

    • On the NASDAQ Israel has more companies than any foreign country bar China

      It's good to see all that stolen inttectual property going tp good use.

      The Middle East could be a vibrant technology hub and the Palestinians could participate in it if they had any perspicacity.

      It's Israel that stands in the way, having repratedly rejected the Atab Peace offer to normalize relations with the Arab world. Israel has always regarded itself as part of Europe. It has no desire to be part of the ME.

      In fact, Israel is paranoid of the US becomming friendly with countries like Iran, for fear it would be relegated to lower status if the US were to become allied with a Middle Easten country that has something to offers the US - hence the hype about Iran's non existent nukes.

  • Mads Gilbert, eyewitness to 'Cast Lead', says Gaza remains besieged and 'shattered'
    • In other words, Fred is making stuff up again.

    • Is there a single Arab country with lower rates of starvation than Gaza?

      Is there a single Arab country with higher rates of anemia than Gaza Fred?

    • OK, so the context was “America stopped Iraq from taking over Kuwait, therefore we deserved 9/11″ – Paraphrase of Mads Gilbert’s position.

      The decade long blockade of Iraq, that killed half a million Iraqi children, had nothing to do with stopping Iraq from taking Kuwait.

      Though it's a putty the US didn't give the same treatment to Israel after they invaded the occupied territories.

    • Israel was created by and founded on terrorism Fred. Israeli PM, Menachem Begin, boasted of introducing terrors to the region.

  • 1200 rabbis threaten an end to interfaith harmony if Methodists support divestment
    • Terrorism against Palestiniancivilians is not limited to Muslims. Bombers who use 500 and 1000lb bombs. With a kill radius 20 times that if a suicide vest, attempt to kill large crowds of civilians, often without regard to whether the victims will be just Muslin, or Christian as well.

    • Ask “should Israel exist as a Jewish homeland” and you’d probably get about 90% of Jews saying yes

      What would they say to occupation or apartheid Fred? The religious nut in Israel will tell you it's God's will.

    • I love how people on this site blindly assume that any opposition to their position must be “conditioning” or something.

      How else does one explain such an immoral, inhumane, saddistic and unjust ideology?

    • Very funny Fred.

      The wp in the wp (shells, which all landed harmlessly), came from unexploded Israeli shells.

      Suicide attacks ended in 2006.

      Rocks? Are you serious?

  • In 'Time,' Cantor joins himself at the hip with Netanyahu in defiance of Obama
    • If we are doing the “If” scenarios-may I call the moment when Iran makes a first nuclear test, “Abierno Moment”?

      The difference being of course that Israel has repeatedly threatene to bomb Iran, while Iran has rejected the very idea of nukes.

  • Steve Rothman spins Danish cyclist attack as propaganda coup
    • You don’t punish a soldier for defending his own life

      No IDF soldier is therevtobdefend his own life anymore than a burglar is there to defend us after a home invasion. The soldiers are on someone else's land, and their very presence on that territory constitutes an actor agression, so one could never argue that they are being attacked.

  • Assange's first guest on RT world premier: Nasrallah says US & Israel seek civil war in Syria
    • If you're so concerned about the plight of Surian refugees Noland, the surely you would agree a ceasefire is necessary.

      Sohow can rejecting the ceasefire benefit the rebels? How could that strategy possibly benefit civilians and lessen bloodshed

    • Look on the bright side Keith

      Lybia's oil resources are right back where they belong - in the hands of Europe. At least intervention pays dividends.

    • The position of this web site vis a vis the Egyptian nonviolent protests of 15 months ago was- the people want their freedom and they should have their freedom no matter where it leads

      Yes, the operative word being no violent and the fact that it was an Egyptian uprising, not one high jacked by Al Qaeda/Arab League/NATO as we w in Lybia. What's more is that unlike Mubarak, Assad still enjoys majority support in Syria.

      I'm all for AssD being overthrown if that's the will of the Syria.n public, but it's obvious that the outside players are high jacking the uprising to isolate Iran.

    • it is you guys who forget about the involvement of the Syrian government in many massacres in Lebanon , that lead to death of many innocent Palestinian children and civilians.

      Of course, Noland's heros didn't do any of that nasty stuff in Lebanon now did they? Sabra and Shatilla and Qana never happened, along with the 20,000 Lebanese that Israel laid waste to.

    • Al Qaeda claims to support every revolution, it is part of their propaganda.

      Like I already pointed out, the leads of the Lybian rebels are directly conne the to Al Qaeda.

      They also claim to support the people of gaza, do you think they too part of Al Qaeda plans!!

      Yes, the group that killed Vittorio Arragoni were Salafists with links to Al Qaeda.

      but wait Al Qaeda involvement was acknowledged by Israel like you said….oh then it must be true!!!!!!!!!!

      Why would Israel make sucha claim if it wasn't true, when they themselves are supporting the rebels?

      You're really not too good at this Hasbra thing are you?

    • talk to the syrian refugee in northern jordan!!!

      You mean like you're doing for your apartment in Tel Aviv?

    • of course do not need to defend myself..seems if I disagree with you I must be a zionist..

      It's not the disagreeing that gives you away, it's your Zionist tone and your Zionist logic, as well as your trade mark Zionist ability to ignore mainstream reports about The involvement of Al Qaeda and Jihadist mercenaries backed by the Arab League.

      and talk about ignorance, I follow several websites and never comment on them..what does that mean?

      It means that given how there are topics of major relevance to the plight of Plaestinians posted here almost daily, and that you have ne ER seen fit to participate in the discussion until now that you are not who you claim to be.

      It's a paradox how you Hasbrats spend so much of your existence lying, but as so bad at it.

    • if you know anything about the syrian issue you know that the big time supporters of the revolution can not be accused of being related to al qaeda

      That might be true of those who originally participated in the demonstrations, but that hasn't stopped Al Qaeda and those backing the counter Arab Spring Revolution, giving their full support of the revolution giving their support to it or participating.

      Are you suggesting that the BBC is helping Assad's propaganda campaign or is Ayman al-Zawahiri a puppet of Assad?
      link to

      Have you already forgotten that the leaders of the Lybian resistance is intimately connected to Al Qaeda?
      link to

      None of this is any secret. Even Israel's leadership has akowledged it. So how do you explain your own ignorance "trust me, I'm really a Palestinian" Noland?

    • I am a Palestinian whose parents in one day lost everything for no reason at all!!

      Yeah, and I'm Bibbi's lost half brother. Sorry if we don't buy your BS, but guys like you have come and gone - claiming to be an Arab/Muslim/Palestinian yadi yadi yadi and turn out to be Zionist shills.

      Yes, the Syrian government has a lousy human rights record, as does every other country in the ME, including Israel. Like we saw in Lybia, there was a real uprising in Syria (albeit a minority) but like we saw in Lybia, it has been highjacked by Al Qaeda and the CIA. That explains the suicide bombers.

      link to

      this website used to be one of my favorite sites but ever since the syrian revolution started I have been so shocked that the general mood is not for the people

      Yeah right, your favourite site that you never bothered to comment on. You're hasbra slip in showing. Game's up. Time for you to invent a new identity. Maybe you can come back as a liberal Zionist in your next life.

    • You simply cannot stomach that Nassaralah kicked Israel's ass twice and has benefitted politically as a consequence. Of course, he did not blame the dead Syrians for being stubborn, he was blaming the Al Qaeda backed resistance for rejected ting the ceasefire. They're also killing civilians your puts.

    • I wonder whether your friends also believe that Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah are “non-oppressive”.

      No more so than Israel, and none of them are fascist, brutal occupiers.

      It would show once and for all that they are not fighting for human rights, but rather, against them.

      Human rights have always suffered during war and occupation. These groups at least have the excuse that they are resisting occupation.

      Israel has never fought for human rights under any circumstances.

    • Even a superficial knowledge of Hezbollah should introduce you to the fact that they wish to impose a religious, Islamic regime.

      While there is no dispute your knowledge of Hezbollah us superficial, those who know anything about Hezbollah know fir a fact that they have no desire to impose Sharoah Law.

      Do you not find the persecution of gays, notion of dhimihood and other backward religious elements, a negative thing?

      Gays are not mentioned anywhere in the Likud Charter or Israel's declaration of independence.

      Hezbollah's charter mentions nothing about imposing Shariah on Lebanon.

    • You use a vocabulary of justice and rights, but you end up aligning yourself with the most backward forces in this world.

      There's nothing backward about resisting occupation or imperialism.

    • Has anybody considered that a dialogue with Assad might be pointless?

      No. Assad has accepted a ceasefire. The resistance has rejectected it.

    • Would you grant legitimacy to a despot who has murdered thousands of his own people?

      You mean like Mubarak?

    • Body parts dealer? I had no idea he was an Israeli?

  • Israeli celebrity says she enjoyed video of IDF attacking Danish activist because he looked like a Nazi
    • Thanks for your post Shunra,

      A fabulous insight and highly informative.

    • this is the first incident I've ever seen recorded where an IDF man hit someone who didn't do anything that justified hitting him

      Like all hasbrats, Fred has perfected the art of sticking his head in the sand.

      link to

      link to

      link to

      link to

      link to

    • Yeah, no racism against Israeli Jews there, just a statement about what every single Israeli Jew would do.

      The only exceptions are those who refuse to participate in the IDF and thus support the occupation.

      Every Israeli who supports the IDF, the settlements and occupation is just as guilty.

    • They are not robots and are allowed to have every spectrum of human emotion.

      If they can't control that emotion, they shouldn't be carrying guns.

      What did the Danish protester do that provoked such a huge reaction and why did he have to lie about it - by claiming he had been previously assaulted?

      You sound insane sometimes Dim. If this is representative if the IDF, then they are a threat to the world.

    • She said his golden hair made him look like a member of the Hitlerjugend..

      I wonder what she thinks Bibbi's golden hair makes him look like?

  • How Benny Morris transformed a patriotic struggle into a 'holy war' for 'sacred Islamic soil'
    • Regarding that Palestinian rejectionism
      we haev seen a fine example of it today
      when PM Fayyad stood up Netanyahu and just sent two lower level delegates
      to the scheduled meeting.

      Look up the Road Map of 2002 you ignoramus. Israel signed and ratified an agreement with required them to stop building settlements as a pre cursor to final stage negotiations.

      Fayyad would be a fool to meet Bibbi in person as that would confer legitimacy on Israel's transgression of it's conmitnrnts under it's own treaty.

      And why waste time talking to someone who can't even stick to agreements they have signed and ratified?

  • Barghouti to U.S. Jews: I know you don't like the word apartheid, but what do you call a system that gives a settler 50 times more water than a Palestinian?
    • The Palestinians wanted one state in the 40s, with the Jews kicked out of it.

      If they wanted the Zhews kicked out of it, then wh did they wait until 1940? They ad centuries to kick them out.

      The reason they aren’t being offered 44% is that that was the offer in exchange for peace then.

      Rubbish. Thy din't have 44% because as Ben Gurion said, the partition was only temporary in his mind and would not stand UN the way of Israel reclaiming all of Palsrine.

      There was never an offer on the table.

      Once you eat something, you can’t give it to the person you are negotiating with.

      Duh, that's the argument he is making dufus. That explains why Israel refuses to stop building settlements, while pretending to be interested in peace.

    • Take the net amount of water shipped across the Green Line, subtract all the water that goes to the settlers, you still have extra water going to the Palestinians from Israel

      Where did you learn arithmetic Fred? By counting to 20 every time you inhaled a joint?

      Israel steals water from the West Bank and pimps it into Israel. The allocation given to the Palestinians is not what's left over, it's based on whatnIsrael feels like giving them.

      How can the Palestinian Authority be responsibile for providing water to its people when it doesn't control the water?

    • Most of the Palestinians I know – and I dare say I know more of them than most people in the Mondoweiss community – don’t ascribe to the narrative routinely presented here, and have a far more nuanced understanding of the Israelis. Even the Palestinians.

      Most of the Jews I know are eithe is gusted with Israel or too ashamed to discuss the topic at all.

      Of course, I may know only self hating Jews, but that would be a rather surprising statistical circumstance.

      The reality presented at Mondoweiss isn’t totally wrong, only mostly wrong.

      Everything you've posted here has been farcical at best, or Hasbra to he nth degree. Do you think anyone takes you seriously?

  • The rifle-butting video is following a different narrative
    • Israel is safer than the city I live in.

      I bet there are more Jews killed in Israel than in the city you live.

    • I'm not pretending about anything. PZ admits there are no Arabs living in the settlements, thus they are Jewish only roads.

    • Zero.

      Thanks for confirming they are Jewish only roads.

    • I find it really hard to believe Ira Glunts doesn’t know the distinction by now.

      Oh please. I find it really hard to believe you still pretend that's a distinction without a difference by now.

  • P5 +1 Iran nuclear talks went swimmingly! Netanyahu is fuming
    • the situation was not one of whether Israel acted defensively or offensively.

      Yes, let's not get into the details of who started it and why.

      Israel was compelled to carry out a pre-emptive strike or face serious danger to its safety and security following serious provocations.

      Rubbish. Israel was not compelled at all. They had so much time on their ands that Meir Amit, the head of Mossad travelled to Washinton to discuss Israel's plans to attack Egypt with MacNamara. NacNamara said there was no evidence Nasser would attack and even if he did, Israel would easily prevail. He ECM predicted the war would be over in 5 days.

      Amit said Israel agreed with his assessment.

      Both Syria and Jordan were involved, so I don’t fathom the refuting of my assertion that Israel faced attacks from all sides.

      Your assertion is bunk. You can't even bring yourself to say Israel attackd Syria because you know Israel attacked Syria.

      UN resolution 242 was supposed to guarantee Israel “secure and recognized boundaries” but that has never happened so any other obligations under 242 are null and void.

      I always love how Zionists think that they can determine a law or resolution is null and void jus because it suits them.

      The preamble declared that Israel had to withdraw from the territories it seized in 1967. As Israeli Foreign Minister Abba Eban revealed at the time, he understood full well that Resolution 242 calls for Israel’s complete withdrawal: “The words ‘in the recent conflict’ convert the principle of eliminating occupation into a mathematically precise formula for restoring the June 4 Map.” During negotiations to determine Resolution 242’s wording, Abba Eban failed in an attempt to delete the phrase “in the recent conflict.” (Comment by Foreign Minister of Israel and Telegram 3164, UK Mission in New York to Foreign Office, 12 Nov 1967). Moshe Dayan also realized that Resolution 242 calls for full withdrawal and urged the government to reject it. During a closed session of the Labor Party, he counseled against endorsing Resolution 242 as "it means withdrawal to the 4 June [1967] boundaries, and because we are in conflict with the SC [Security Council] on that resolution." (Daniel Dishon (ed.), Middle East Record, v. 4, 1968, Jerusalem: 1973)

      The Mitchell report repeatedly noted that resolution 242 requires Israel to first withdraw its armed forces from the territory it occupied in 1967 before the Palestinians can be asked to terminate all states of belligerency. It also stressed the illegality of Israel's unilateral annexation of Jerusalem and its settlement policy. Those have been imposed by the threat or use of force. See the findings under the heading "Fourth Geneva Convention" on pdf page to

      As Caradon said, secure borders are recognized borders and Isrsel's borders were recognized in 1948.

    • Dude, what the hell is your problem? I made clear what the context of my comparison was.

      Fair enogh Hophmi.

      BTW. Have you stopped beating your wife?

    • No one said that.

      Really? Seriioysly Hop, you're delusial at the best of times, but you really are taking it to a whole new level on this thread.
      link to

      The PM of Israel ‏ @IsraeliPM

      Iran must stop all enrichment of uranium, both 20% and 3% and move all enriched material out of its territory 1/2
      link to

      We want Iran to stop violating the NPT, which they signed.

      When did Iran start violating the NPT Hop and what are they doing that violated the NPT?

      And it still won’t happen, because there is no law requiring Israel (or India or Pakistan, which none of you seem to care about even though they are potentially much greater threats to use nukes than anyone in the Middle East) to sign the NPT.

      There is no law that prevents Iran from withdrawing from the NPT and making nukes either.

    • The thing that makes debating this topic with your hsbrats so laborious, is that people like you and Hop are so painfully ignorant of the topic, not to mention insufferably hypocritical.

      How do you know that Parchin is not involved in the Iranian nuclear program? If the Iranians had nothing to hide why would they object to UN inspectors visiting Parchin?


      1. The IAEA has no evidence that Parchin is a nuclear facility. Under the NPT, the IAEA has no authority to even ask up inspect a facility unless it has been declared to be one.

      2. Parchin is a military installation and the Iranians have every reason to prevent anyone from visiting the place.

      If you have nothing to hide, why not install a camera in your shower and hook it up to the Internet Mayhem?

      How can any investigatory body accept that kind of a deal? You suggest it sounds reasonable – I would suggest that to somebody with a more discerning frame of mind that might sound very suspicious.

      It's actually pretty basic logic. If the police have a warrant to search your property, they have to:

      1. have a reason
      2. only do it once unless they come up with another reason to convince a judge that they need to again

      If you still need convincing go back to 2010 when there was another case of inspectors having been denied access to a series of facilities, refer link to

      Broad and Sanger, the Judy Miller's of the Iran nuke debate, have been caugth lying in this topic repeatedly, and when they are not lying, they are trying to implicate Iran by innuendo. Note how the report says the inspectors have been denied access to "a series of facilities" but not "nuclear faclities"? Under the NPT, Iran has the right to deny entrey to facilities that are not nuclear sites.

      Or maybe you would like to mention the fatwa against nuclear weapons that means that Iran is forbidden to use them.

      Not particulalry. I am not internested in what Iranians say but it does debunk the myth that Iran claims to want nukes and wants to use them against Israel.

    • There is no reason to sanction Israel. Israel is not in violation of any treaty by having nukes. It is not illegal not to sign the NPT.

      But it is for Israel to deman Iran give up it's civilian nuclear program and it is for Israel to bomb Iran, or even to threaten to bomb Iran.

    • Was Israel supposed to calmly give back all the territory it won in the aftermath of the 1967 war because it might have been satisfied with that arrangement in 1966 before it was attacked on all sides?

      Yes, and it even agreed to it under UNSC242.

      And FYI.

      1. It was not attacked, Israle attacked Egypt
      2. It was not attacked on all sides

    • I didn’t mention Nazi Germany. I mentioned Hitler.

      Oh that's OK then. You didn't mention Nazi Germany, you simpy invojed the name of the worst Nazi of them all. So you;'re not trying to make a Nazi comparion, you're tryign to make a Hitler comparison.

      GOT IT!!

      And I didn't mean to refe to you as a necropheliac, just Charles Manson.

      You still haven't explained why you don't accept the findings of 16 US intelligence agencies and the Mossad, that Iran has not yet made the descision to even produce nukes.

    • After your daily dose of PressTV read link to to see how recently Iran denied U.N inspectors access to the Parchin military test site.

      Mayhem, you never turn down an opportunity to wear egg on your face face do you?

      1. Parchin is not a nuclear facility, so the IAEA has no business askign to inspect the site.
      2. The allegations the IAEA is making (fed to it by the Israelis) is based on pre 2003 accusation. As it turns out, the Iranians allowed the IAEA to inspect Parchin TWICE in 2005. As Oli Heonone (who was head of the IAEA Safeguards Section at the time) reported, there was nothing there. So to sum up, the IAEA actually has no legitimate reason to visit Parching on any grounds.
      3. Gareth Porter revealed that Iran did not deny the IAEA access to Parchin, but agreed to allow the IAEA inspectors to visit the site if the IAEA agreed to put the issue of Parchin to rest once it had inspected the place. Sounds reasonable, but the Washingon puppet, Yuki Amano, refused to accept those terms and ordered his team to return home without further discussion.
      link to

      Please promise to stick around Mayhem. We need wingnuts like you for comic relief.

    • This has to reflect a change in strategy on Obama’s part, otherwise his reps would have coughed up yet another deal breaker complaint against Iran

      I wish I shared your enthusiasm, but Obama has demonstrated time and time again that he will either back down or do something utterly stupid.

    • Clearly, saying that I was not making a Nazi comparison was not sufficient explanation for your tiny mind.

      Agreed Hophmi. Merely raising the subject of necrophelia and you in the same sentence should be perfectly acceptable, provided I make sure to qualify that I am not alleging you partake in such practices.

      Diplomacy on the Iranian nuclear issue has been going on for years. The Iranian do use diplomacy as a stalling tactic, and sticking your head in the sand is not going to make that less true.

      Stalling tactic for what Hophmi? What has Iran been doing while using diplomacy to buy time? Surely, with all that stalling, Iran must have produced something nefarious, which at least one of the 16 US intelligence angecies or Mossad would have sniffed out.

      So what is it?

      So Iran is not making nukes? That’s your position?

      Mine and that of every US intelligence agency and Mossad.

      What's your position and what evidence is it based on?

      It’s just a coincidence that before sanctions, diplomats were frustrated, and now that they have been imposed and additional sanctions threatened, Iran is suddenly interested in talking.

      You are one very cofnused and ignorant puppy Hop. In 2003, the Iranians made a grand bargain offer to Washington, whic included normalizing relations and putting their entire nuclear program on the table.

      Washington rebuffed the offer.

      In 2003 - 2005, under the Paris agreement, Iran stopped enrichment completely and agreed to the additional protocols while the E3 were supposed to come up with a proposal. The E3 missed the deadline and was given a 6 month extension. After missing the second deadline, Iran pulled out and re-commenced enrichment.

      At no stage since 2003 has Iran been in violation of the NPT. At no stage since 2003, have inspectors been denied access to Iran's nuclear facilities. At no stage since 2003 has any evidence of a nuclear wepoans program been produced.

      You simply don't have a clue what you are talking about.

      OK, Shingo, I’m sure you have some PressTV to watch.

      And you have all that huge backlog of MAD comics to catch up on because it's p[retty obvious that facts and evidence are of no interest to you.

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