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  • Video shows Israeli interrogators attempting to coerce confession from Ahed Tamimi
    • No. Please stop using the blatantly misguided comparison between Israel/Palestine and David and Goliath.

      Goliath, to start with, was recorded to be a legitimately powerful warrior who openly used his strength and monstrous physique to win battles/wars. His strength, fighting prowess, and superhuman body was acknowledged by both allies and enemies.

      Israel is far from being legitimately powerful in any way. The illusion of power comes from the open line of support it has with the US/ US military...itself a paper tiger who only fights weak or weakened foes, and struggles to pull out wins even then. (Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan).

      Secondly, Goliath challenged his foes openly and directly, and fought them in a straightforward manner like a true warrior. Israel has historically always avoided direct battles rather choosing to play dirty games like assassinations, threatening civilians, bribing their foes, and manipulating political actors into serving their (short term) interests.

      Palestine is both Goliath and David. Its has in its struggle both people of immense individual strength and might, and those who rely on their courage and mental prowess. Israel has no historical analogues because history rarely record cowards and petty criminals as anything other than nameless pests they are.

  • Towards Better Ally-ship for Palestine: A letter to the US activist community
    • Hi Stephen, a more appropriate term would be SWANA which stands for South West Asia and North Afrika.

  • Zionists embrace of Trump and Bannon is no surprise
    • Mooser,

      Do you identify as white?

    • Even the Arabs despised Islam before embracing it. Islam means submitting to the true laws of God. It's natural I suppose for people who are lost in their own narcissism to be fearful, or angry even, to be told to get over themselves and embrace reality.

      One thing that shouldn't be ignored is how people maintain the ties to their new faith after the initial embrace. Regardless if they are Arabs, Kurds, Turks, Iranians, Indonesian, Indians, Nigerians, Bosnian, Japanese or American, Muslims generally take great pride in their religion.

      The same cannot be said of Christians, where many are reluctant to embrace it as core aspect of their identity. I suppose the same can be said of the Jews as well. They view their faith often as a baggage tied to them by greater society, hence the high number of atheists and non-deists among Judeo-Christian populations.

  • Why was the Clinton campaign obsessed with fighting BDS?
    • Why wouldn't she support Palestine? Why would any smart, educated and capable woman willingly go and support a regime, an ideology, based on the patriarchal establishment such as Israel, moreso after all the shit Hillary went through in America because of the same patriarchal mindset of the Republicans?

      On the other hand we have Palestine, where women are respected for who they are and what they are capable of, regardless of faith. You don't see strong, fiercely feminist women mirroring Hillary coming out of the Zionist camp. Not one.

      In Palestine, feminism is baked into the very fabric of the culture, nurturing strong women who embodies all the qualities Hillary is famous for. Full of compassion, love, fierceness, intelligence, pride and sense of justice. In Palestine, it is the womenfolk who are sustaining the struggle for their liberation, through their immense strength and sacrifice. To accuse Hillary of forsaking these women to appease the vile Zionists who are full of toxic masculinity and patriarchal attitudes, shows extremely lack of character assessment skills.

      Anyways, its all pointless now. Trump has won the election and we just have to fight this battle on top of the thousands of others, in the ultimate war for justice and liberty.

    • Promising to invite Netanyahu to the White House is standard practice for a politician. Both Trump and Clinton promised similar sounding things with regards to Israel during campaigning, in order to placate the strong Zionists influences within the political arena and media.

      You judge a person by his action. This is especially true when it comes to politicians. Regardless of what Hillary may have said in public, in private she has always been pro-Palestine and pro-justice.

    • This article failed to back up its outrageous headline claiming "obsession" on part of the Clinton campaign in fighting BDS. Apart from some stray emails on the subject, to my knowledge there were never any form of campaign promises or written statement released by Clinton attacking BDS, throughout the campaigning.

      Trump repeatedly yammering about building a wall during the campaign trail was an obsession.

    • The younger voters are also anti-America as they correctly see that it is no different from Israel in being a violently-enforced, militarily backed, settler-colonial entity whose sole purpose is to protect white supremacy.

      This is why we need to look outside the nation-state framework when engaging in politics of change.

  • Epic battle looms over accused anti-Semite entering White House, and 'NYT' graywashes the moment
    • Mooser

      t’s the difference between pointing out the African American crime in the US and making fun of tribespeople in Africa.

      Both are racist, only one is more overt than the other. Educate yourself.

  • Where do we go from here? Our thoughts & yours on the US election
    • Good people living in an evil society can do evil things without even realizing it.

    • Your comment is nothing but alt-right conspiracy nonsense. Soros backing BLM? How laughably stupid, as if the black mothers who had their children killed by the police need some shady billionaire to guide them in seeking justice.

    • Nada,

      Ellison alone is not enough. We need more pro-Islam grassroots in US politics in order to sustain a measurable shift in domestic and global policy making. Whilst this is feasible in the coastal regions as well in states with significant Muslim minorities like Minnesota, it is completely unrealistic in traditional red states. Thus, it appears to me that we are on a path towards greater schism as a country, with little hope of reconciliation and unity.

      I suspect the union will not last the coming decades, and it's imperative that whatever happens, we have a strong political force based on justice and perhaps, Islamic values, that will guide us through the tumultuous times.

  • Some big Jewish donors to Clinton don't seem to care about Israel. Hallelujah
    • Annie,

      Public issue or not, why do we feel the need to single out the Jewish lobby as a possibly detrimental force to the public? Are Jews not members of the public as well, with full rights to political representation?

    • Mooser,

      It's true that I along with many other progressives celebrated JVPs action to disassociate with Ms. Weir because I don't feel she belongs in the movement for universal justice and peace with her pro-American state prejudices.

      However, I feel its really pointless and damaging to the movement as a whole to indefinitely dwell on this rather minor clash of philosophy and fester feelings of distrust and hostility between all parties involved.

      What is done is done. JVP shouldn't be crucified for holding on to a certain set of principles, and discriminating who they choose to work with. Not after all that they have done in restoring justice in Palestine and the US.

    • echinoccus,

      If you feel so much for Alison Weir, please feel free to donate to her group.

      If you are so angry at JVP for whatever they did wrt the Alison Weir, leave the group and stop giving them any of your money.

      Incessantly condemning them in an online forum meant for activism and the pursuit of justice, however, seems extremely counter productive and narcissistic.

    • No, you are seriously spreading libelous nonsense. JVP, even if they wanted to, is completely powerless to dictate what Ms. Weir should do and how. Hence, Ms. Weir is still active in this field of activism towards Palestinian rights; organizing talks, distributing her writings, attending forums etc. She is far from having been stopped in her activism and her organisation, If Americans Knew is still one of the largest, most active pro-Palestine activist group domestically.

      All JVP did was sever its own working relationship with Ms. Weir for well explained reasons. Please note that JVP is runned by its members fully and thus, is accountable to them only. If they feel like not working with anyone, its on them to act on it anyway they feel appropriate.

    • Let's just stop bringing up JVP's action towards Alison Weir and her organisation. All it does is stoke internal discontent and resentment of our allies in the struggle for peace and justice.

      JVP has never actively tried to stop Ms. Weir from continuing her brand of activism and preach to anyone interested in listening to her. So I don't see why we are so offended at what essentially is a move to assert self-autonomy within the organisation.

  • Clinton aide called Netanyahu a ruthless 'wing nut' and Israel 'depressing'
    • Madam Hillary will always be on the side of justice. She sacrificed so much for what should be her birthright, the leadership of this country. Appearing pro-Israel and pro-Zionism in public, is also one of her greatest sacrifice, because at the end of the day, that's what you have to do in order to go anywhere within the American political landscape. Because of her actions, she was ruthlessly mocked, attacked and derided as being a shill for the Zionists, by people claiming to be enlightened progressives usually but she didn't let any of it affect her.

      Israel/Zionism is white supremacy. White supremacy is losing in America, it's losing in the UK, it's losing in Germany, its losing in France, its losing in Australia, it's losing in New Zealand. If Hillary wanted to be on the losing side, she would have long joined the Republicans.

  • Jeffrey Goldberg should come with a warning label
    • This is such a problematic statement to make. What does the personal prejudices of the Lebanese has anything to do with Palestine and Israel? Prejudices does not translate to institutional oppression or discrimination necessarily. While it could possibly be true that 98 percent of the Lebanese hold unfavorable views of Jews, it certainly does not mean they support or a complicit in any form of systemic discrimination against them. Jews are welcome in Lebanon just as much as a Christian or a Muslim, as long as they yield to the laws of the land. There are no official policies within Lebanon that specifically target Jews because of their religion, unlike in Israel or Trump's vision of America where huge sectors of population are targeted for having the wrong type of identity, such as being Muslim, Arab etc.

  • 'There is no stronger disorganizing force in American Jewish life than Israel'
    • A sure sign of Zionist hatred of Jewish people is how they treat anti-Zionist Jews compared to anti-Zionist non-Jews, even if these are Arabs or Palestinians. If they really possessed a sense of love of Jews or Jewish people, it would only make sense that this love is unconditional of their political stance. After all, political differences are fundamental aspects of a human society that will never go away. Therefore hating someone from the group you claim to love because they disagree with your politics seems rather dishonest and insincere.

      Yet, whether it's in Israel or America, the typical reaction of Israel and pro-Israel groups towards anti-Zionist Jews is one of pathological hatred instead of indifference or sympathy for fellow Jews who are ideologically led astray. This hatred is actually more acute than the simplistic, superficial hatred they reserve for the Arabs/Palestinians/Muslims. These people would spend more time and money in attempting to destroy the lives of anti-Zionist Jews than they would to kill Palestinians or preach Zionism.

    • The people who founded Israel and fought for its existence were folks who were deeply in resentment of their Jewish-otherness relative to the white European society they were part of. These folks didn't even like the Jewishness inside of themselves, what make you think they would like other Jewish people who, practically speaking, were strangers anyway.

      I have long understood that Israel not only do not possess a love of Jewish people, but they actually actively hate them. It is through this hatred they are willing and eager to exploit them in doing so many bad things that will surely haunt these folks for generations to come. It is through this root hatred they are so happy to poison the minds and souls of young innocent Jews with toxic superiority delusions and blind hatred of Arabs, Islam, equality and universal human rights. The only Jews Israel "love" are the ones who are Jews in all but name. Those who loyalties are not to the Torah, to the Jewish God, to Jewish culture and traditions and values, but to the Golden Calf in the form of the State of Israel.

      You don't actively fool your child into thinking he is superior to his friends when he is not and deserve the privilege to hate and oppress others that YOU don't like, because you love them. Eventually such an upbringing while may give you some sort of sick sense of pleasure and accomplishment, will only serve to greatly damage the psychological state of the child as he grows into an adult, facing the real world by themselves.

      The people who built Israel and rule it are beholden only to themselves and their vices. Not much different from common criminals running a criminal enterprise. Jews are loved and cherished, of course, but only as long as they tow the Zionist line. Stray from it and you are now the enemy that must be neutralized.

  • Report: Recent rise in deportations result of Israeli strategy to stifle solidarity with Palestinians
    • Yes, Israel is not much different from any Middle Eastern dictatorships or African hellholes, when it comes to the state itself. I agree with this entirely.

      But how does a state that is so universally disliked and hated throughout the Middle East and large portions of the world, that is surrounded by hostile nations, that is facing festering internal dissent and rebellion, that has a population that is vastly smaller than any of its adversarial nations, manage to continue existing and raising mischief for over 60 years?

      We must stop ignoring the elephant in the room. Israel is bad, of course, but only because it is the arm of white supremacy that is rooted in the USA. Israel is America's true uncloaked self, full of hatred and delusional superiority complex. Without the bombs and guns, Israel is not even fit to be called a nation of humans. Just like white America.

  • 'Beholden to AIPAC' -- progressive senators Warren, Murphy, Brown sign letter seeking to limit Obama's actions
    • I see no difference between being beholden to AIPAC or to the American state. Both serve settler-colonialism and white supremacy.

  • UC Berkeley reinstates Palestine class, rejecting pressure from pro-Israel groups
    • Yes, elimination of the Afrikaners would have been ideal, but presented a practical challenge to anyone willing to pursuit such a goal. However, one can rest easy knowing that Afrikaners are always going to be genetically disadvantaged in reproducing within most areas of SA because of their frail white skin and lack of hardiness against the harsh African environment.

  • In Brookings poll, most Dems say $38 billion aid package to Israel is 'way too much' while the GOP is split
    • But why is it way too much? What is the benchmark from which the magnitude of excess aid is judge?

      Secondly, let's consider the source of the aid money itself. The billions of dollars was generated from the continued military occupation of Turtle Island and exploitation of its resources by the white supremacist government. That in itself is already a major crime even before we consider how it is being used to finance occupation of Palestine.

  • US aid deal gives green light to Israel's erasure of Palestine
    • How is Palestine being erased?

    • Palestine will never be erased regardless if Israel gets 38 billion or 38 trillion in aid. What a laughable assertion to make.

      Have we not learned anything from the rapidly disintegrating settler-colonial project on Turtle Island? As long as the tiniest bit of Native DNA exist within the human genome, the resistance will go on.

      USA will fall, just as Israel will.

  • 'There's no occupation'
    • Yes, Turtle Island. Here is what the US-based human rights group, Palestinian Youth Movement say about settler-colonialism on Turtle Island :

      "As Native communities face an ongoing genocide and continue to resist the imperialist settler-colonial regime of the United States, Palestinians are too experiencing a genocide and ethnocide within our homelands from the settler-colonial state of Israel. Native communities have been displaced and relocated, just as Palestinians face mass internal displacement, home demolitions and life in exile from our homeland. Native communities continue to face the destruction and degradation of their land and water with restricted access to resources and delegitimization of sovereign authority and of treaties." - See more at:

    • Look, I honestly don't see what's the problem in Israel claiming there is no occupation, when other, much bigger countries do the same without much protests.

      Turtle Island has been occupied for over 500 years now, and I don't see anyone disputing the legitimacy of the government that is occupying it, the government known as the USA.

  • Trump could be bumpy for Jews
    • White racism will eventually only serve to critically harm those who engage in it. White male suicide rates are at the highest levels today, and there is no sign of the rate dropping anytime soon. People who kill themselves rarely do so to mark the end of a happy life.

  • Why I single out Israel
    • The only group Israel seem to hate more than the Palestinians are justice-minded Jews like the good author who wrote this article.

    • Jewish people have the right to single out a fascist regime that has hijacked their faith and identity and using them to raise havoc and mischief for its own amusement. Jews are in control of their own narrative, and they will no longer stand idle to Israel's continued bastardisation of the Jewish culture and religion.

  • Stand with Standing Rock, and say no to Dakota Access Pipeline
    • Palestinians won't be free until Native Americans are free.

      It's sad that many progressives are still ignorant of this rule. Our struggle is far bigger than just liberating Palestinians. It's about liberating us all from the oppressive power systems that exist everywhere on Earth.

      While we self-gratify our sense of justice and righteous by pretending to care for Palestine, millions of Natives are struggling in their fight for liberation in our own backyards that we choose to be blind to.

      Is this not their land?

  • Netanyahu's big lie

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