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  • Some big Jewish donors to Clinton don't seem to care about Israel. Hallelujah
    • Mooser,

      It's true that I along with many other progressives celebrated JVPs action to disassociate with Ms. Weir because I don't feel she belongs in the movement for universal justice and peace with her pro-American state prejudices.

      However, I feel its really pointless and damaging to the movement as a whole to indefinitely dwell on this rather minor clash of philosophy and fester feelings of distrust and hostility between all parties involved.

      What is done is done. JVP shouldn't be crucified for holding on to a certain set of principles, and discriminating who they choose to work with. Not after all that they have done in restoring justice in Palestine and the US.

    • echinoccus,

      If you feel so much for Alison Weir, please feel free to donate to her group.

      If you are so angry at JVP for whatever they did wrt the Alison Weir, leave the group and stop giving them any of your money.

      Incessantly condemning them in an online forum meant for activism and the pursuit of justice, however, seems extremely counter productive and narcissistic.

    • No, you are seriously spreading libelous nonsense. JVP, even if they wanted to, is completely powerless to dictate what Ms. Weir should do and how. Hence, Ms. Weir is still active in this field of activism towards Palestinian rights; organizing talks, distributing her writings, attending forums etc. She is far from having been stopped in her activism and her organisation, If Americans Knew is still one of the largest, most active pro-Palestine activist group domestically.

      All JVP did was sever its own working relationship with Ms. Weir for well explained reasons. Please note that JVP is runned by its members fully and thus, is accountable to them only. If they feel like not working with anyone, its on them to act on it anyway they feel appropriate.

    • Let's just stop bringing up JVP's action towards Alison Weir and her organisation. All it does is stoke internal discontent and resentment of our allies in the struggle for peace and justice.

      JVP has never actively tried to stop Ms. Weir from continuing her brand of activism and preach to anyone interested in listening to her. So I don't see why we are so offended at what essentially is a move to assert self-autonomy within the organisation.

  • Support for Rep. Hank Johnson following mischaracterization of his remarks on settlements
    • Huh what? Alison Weir is associated with many folks who can be characterized as a Nazi apologists, but that's on her. Why attack people who choose to not associate with her?

  • US Jews adopted 'deferential' relationship to Israel, and tabooed dissent so as to preserve US gov't support
    • David

      "You did have a good discussion on Mondoweiss about this once. But Alison Weir, her group, If Americans Knew, and her book “Against Our Better Judgment” should be cited, along with Walt and Mearshimer, as legitimate voices from the larger American community, rather than let them continue to be tarred and feathered by McCarthy-like guilt by association claptrap, which in my opinion non-mention in your post perpetuates."

      Alison Weir is her own person, she is free to associate with anyone she likes and seek allies where she sees fit to fulfil her goals.

      Her abject failure in everything she does however should be a clear indicator for you, and everyone else, that she is not a valuable member in the movement for anyone to feel obligated to partner with. Phil Weiss is a distinguished writer and lifelong activist, he shouldn't have to be told who to associate himself with.

  • Advice to British leftwingers on kicking racism out of their anti-Israel rhetoric
    • Sibiriak

      "fighting Zionism in the name of POC, anti-White Supremacy, and a racialized version of progressive politics–not in the name of his own beloved People. "

      Zionism is closely related to White Supremacy, and as such, you cannot oppose one without doing likewise with the other. Same way you can't be anti-racism but pro-religious supremacism.

      Actually, I know many people who actively engage in anti-Zionism, but maintain a neutral or positive stance towards white supremacy. We in the activist field try to stay away from these folks the best we can, just as JVP, SJP, MW etc stay away from Alison Weir and countless other anti-Israel white supremacist / white nationalist groups existing today.

      What does "racialized version of progressive politics" even mean? Where in the world is race (by its many definitions) not an integral part of politics?

      Are you suggesting we be colorblind and deliberately refrain from discussing racially-sensitive matters (such as school-to-prison pipeline, environmental racism in Flint, Eurocentric national curriculum, black-white wage gap and unemployment rates etc etc etc) in politics?

  • 'Anti-Zionism = anti-semitism' is a formal logical fallacy
    • Annie Robbins :

      "it may come as a surprise to you but everyone here already knows all about this. we had a thread with over a 1000 comments on it and it was discussed thoroughly all over the internet for months"

      Annie, I did have a look at that thread you mentioned, and the consensus among the MW site editors appear to be in support of SJP.

      Ms. Weir's white nationalist organisation, If Americans Knew, however, is still sharing articles published in Mondoweiss in their official Facebook page, which I am assuming is being done without consent of Phil Weiss. In my opinion, this serves to present a scenario whereby IAR is someway affiliated with MW, when it is clearly not. I just thought this should be brought onto light here, in case people, especially the editors are not aware of it.

    • Annie Robbins :

      "maybe you missed this part"

      Actually I did miss that part, thank you for point that out! However, the full statement does indicate that the uninvited person, Allison Weir has links to white supremacist groups even though she claims to be an anti-Zionist :

      These remarks were in fact made by notorious white supremacist Clay Douglas to Ms. Weir during the times she appeared on his radio show, “The Free American Hour”. However, it is important to note that Ms. Weir did nothing to challenge these assertions by Mr. Douglas and has in fact repeatedly stated her belief that Mr. Douglas is not racist, violent, or anti-Semitic.

      I also researched upon SJP's rather strong allegations upon the purported anti-Zionist activist, and to my surprise, found that their stance towards her and her organisation is supported by a wide group of well-known activists and pro-Palestinian organisations. Some of the major ones include Rebecca Pierce (, Ali Abunimah (, Jewish Voice for Peace (, Ben Norton ( among many others.

      In addition, one of Ms. Weir's main supporters against SJP is the co-founder of the Free Gaza Movement, Greta Berlin who also claims to be an anti-Zionist activist. However, Ms. Berlin has been widely discredited by those within the movement as harboring anti-semitic viewpoints and run a Facebook page that is filled with blatantly anti-Semitic rhetorics, which goes unmoderated. If that wasn't bad enough, she is also alleged to have made Islamophobic attacks towards those she disagrees with in the movement. (

      These prove that we are not short of people of significant influence and followings that are actively disseminating anti-semitic thoughts and ideas while cloaking themselves as anti-Zionists. In the end, the party that will bear the costs of these opportunistic,devious actions are the Palestinians and pro-Palestinian activists.

    • "that’s a lie. this sort of framing (inserting untruths to make your point) is really not helpful and can be construed as propaganda....sjp retracted their first explanation and posted a 2nd explanation. you could try quoting them directly. " - Annie Robbins

      You are correct in saying there were two distinct statements made, but I do not believe SJP claimed the latter statement to supersede the former. Each statement explained different issues that in combination lead to the cancellation of the event.

      Here is the first statement by SJP, regarding the unwelcome intrusion of white supremacists into the event which is still up in the group's official Face Book page.

      Stanford Students for Justice in Palestine decided to cancel our event “The Exiled Palestinians.” This was due to the presence of Alison Weir, who has openly expressed anti-Semitic sentiments. Although she was not invited, Ms. Weir came to our event with the purpose of selling copies of her book and distributing materials promoting her personal website. When asked to remove her materials, she eventually removed her books but left other materials advertising her website. We expressed our discomfort with her materials as well as her presence at our event given that she claimed to be associated with the event, but she refused to leave....

      Ms. Weir has also made derogatory remarks about Arabs, endorsed speech by a former head of the KKK, denied the impact of South African Apartheid, and referred to communism as a Jewish conspiracy. We find such speech to be unacceptable, and it has no place in our movement.

      The crux of the matter is, the movement for justice in Palestine is constantly under threat of being co-opted unwillingly, by undesirable groups or characters that can bring down the image of the movement as a whole. Anti-Zionism is indeed not anti-semitic, in fact I would argue Zionism is the fundamentally anti-semitic (anti-Jewish) however that doesn't mean there aren't people jumping for the chance to legitimize their hatred and bigotry by co-opting anti-Zionism.

  • Can the US Congress bring justice for the Palestinians?: A response to Robert Naiman
    • They also purposely side-stepped the issue of Zionism which left them open to criticism when they went after Alison Weir

      Ms. Weir set herself up for breaking of professional relationships. She agreed to be interviewed by proven white supremacists, and engaged them in a friendly manner without calling out their problematic ideals and racism. JVP made the right move here. Anyone else who is serious about the fight for justice, which racial justice is an integral component of, would've done the same.

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