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  • Does Israel Have a Right to Exist as a Jewish State?: An excerpt from Ali Abunimah's 'The Battle for Justice in Palestine'
    • Well do Scientology followers, Mormons, etc around the world have ethnic qualifiers? Surely they have common traditions, religion etc especially if the evaluating criteria are not very tight. What are the common ethnic qualifiers of for example for a secular Finnish Jew and religious Arab Jew from Yemen? Very little, close to nothing, to form a "nation". Equally we could say that Christians from Tahiti and Lapland are a "nation" because they have same religion, Christmas traditions, Eastern foods etc forming their ethnic qualifiers.

      If Israel has the "right" to exist as a "Jewish State, doesn't it mean that other countries could have the" right" to decide to be officially non-Jewish states? What can a Zionist Ukrainian Jew supporting Israel say to bunch of Ukrainian Nazis who want to have "their" version of a Christian non-Jewish state?

  • At Sochi Olympics, Israel is in... Europe!
    • Sibarak what on earth has a couple of sentences picked the Council of European Studies (what ever it is) paper to do with the land borders of Europe and the definition of the old continent Europe? As said it is not for Israeli Jews decide what the continent of Europe and European mean.

      I also could "dig" from internet interesting studies and quotes of definitions of Jews and Israel. Would you believe in the in a couple sentences deliberately handpicked from a paper of Council of Zionist Studies located in Teheran?

      Must we really because this Israel is in Europe welcome the Middle East as part of "Europe". If we claim that Jews born and living in Israel are Europeans, can we say to Palestinians in Israel and occupied areas, that you are not Europeans? If your ancestors left that potato farm in Poland 100 years ago and moved to Palestine, does it mean, that you are still Polish and a European? Really?

    • Höpöhöpö - in Finnish polite form of "bulshit". The borders of that old historic territory called Europe have been clear and defined for centuries. Europe is no "idea" which Israeli Jews can bend and stretch how they will in their propaganda. What Israeli Jews want is not relevant with definitions what is Europe or European. An Israeli Jew born in Israel to Jewish parents living there is an Asian, not European.

      Israel was established by European Jews. No doubt of that. But so have many other countries around of the world. Is Argentina for example part of your "idea of Europe"?

      It is very important to kick Israel out of all possible European organizations. Or then Palestine and other Israel's neighbors must be included. And Argentina. It would be racist not accept them if Israel is allowed to be a "European member" but not them.

      If Israeli Jews want to be Europeans they can use their second or third passport and move form Asia to Europe. What about using the "idea of Antarctica" and Israel joining the "idea" of that region? Then there is no reasons to fight with others and Israel can form all the "Antarctica" organizations it wants. Being the only member has benefits. The is Israel is always the first.

    • The borders of Europe have been clear for hundreds of years. Under the commonly used definitions, the border between Asia and Europe stretches along the Ural Mountains, Ural River, and Caspian Sea in the east, the Greater Caucasus range and the Black Sea, with its outlets, the Bosporus and Dardanelles, in the south. Based on that division, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Russia and Turkey have territory both in Europe and Asia.

      In all cases Israel has nothing to do with Europe. Of Israel's landmass 0% are in Europe. Actually it delegitimizes Europe if Israel is allowed to join our European "clubs". Palestine must then given access as a European country to all same sport, culture, business etc organizations where Israel is allowed to called as a European country. So should Lebanon and Syria which are actually closer to Europe than Israel is. And lets not forget Jordan as part of "Europe".

  • 'Jewish settlements on West Bank' are now Comedy Central fare
    • Is Israel really that hophmi? A developed nation. Germany in 30's was also a developed country.

      Saying that Israel is a developed country compared to Arab countries is true economically and industrially, but so what. So is also Iceland. Israel's economy is totally isolated from the regions economy.

      Israel is itself saying being part of the west. Compared to western countries Israel is in the bottom of the barrel.
      Israel is a less developed country in the sea of economic excellence.

    • Are you joking Fnlevit? Look closer at the economy and technological level of Israel and compare it to Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands etc and you will be surprised. Israel is superior and important only in Zionists' imagination. This can also be seen in the different ratings which reveal Israel's real level, which is something else Israeli propagandist tell us and seem themselves to believe. Measured with on personal level GBP (PPP) Israel is number 31 and among all countries GDP (nominal) number 42. Israel's export and import levels and structures can be seen here. The biggest product group of Israel imports for example to EU are chemical based products TDC 06) and mineral products & blood diamonds (TDC 05+ TDC 14).

      Anyway WHEN the level of Israeli apartheid becomes more obvious and brutal the consequences will hit hard Israeli economy. Many Israeli high tech companies will move to USA and Europe. That is easily done because these companies are mostly knowledge in peoples heads and computers. If (I mean when) the economical and cultural blockade begins Israeli secular intelligentsia begin increasingly to use their second passport without returning. There remaining Jews will fortify behind their religion and overblown nationalism making the country a paradise of nationalistic fanatics and religious extremists. End of the Jewish Reich ...

  • State Department was right: Israel colonizes the West Bank as peace process continues
    • I begin to understand why Israel during past three thousand years has managed to be independent only for a couple short intervals. These people have astonishing views of foreign policy and unhealthy high self-confidence. In a way it is interesting to see how much they can humiliate USA this time and to what lengths they go in bulling to EU.

  • Martin Indyk arrives, saluting Kerry's 'noble endeavor to achieve Israeli-Palestinian peace'
    • First of everything else Martin Indyk is Jewish and extremely tied to Israel both mentally and professionally (= financially).

      If some kind of neutrality was the goal of USA why choose a Jewish ambassador to lead the discussions. If the choise would have been a Muslim and/or Arab the Jewish side would have made loudly known that it is not proper.

  • Coupless in Cairo
    • Interesting to see what will be the western rhetoric used about Egypt now. Will they begin to demand weapons for the Egyptian "opposition now" (Muslim brotherhood and other "freedom loving democrats"), non fly zones and begin to use equal language about Egypt's rules used about Syria's president and regime. US and some European leaders will need strong "medicines" and intensive training in order to able to look serious when explaining why what government in Egypt is doing is OK and what in Syria is not. And why Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt = BAD and Muslim Brotherhood in Syria = GOOD.

  • In 'earthquake' diplomatic move, EU calls on Israel to 'recognize in writing that the West Bank settlements are not part of Israel'
    • Israelis have real symptoms of serious megalomania and are victims of their own propaganda. They really seem to believe, that Israel is the bellybutton of the world. These cranky "babies" in their comments say that Israel should boycott EU and EU would suffer without those wonderful Israeli products (they probably mean mini tomatoes). They also "laugh" that then EU must continue using Russian gas and oil, because Israel doesn't sell them gas in future. A bit unclear to them seems to be to whom Israel is going to sell gas if not to EU.

      Also this Israeli confidence to Israeli high-tech hilarious. Compare Israel's achievements to Sweden, Norway, Finland, Holland etc. then the Israeli "high-tech" image faints to its real size.

  • Exile and the prophetic: Edward Snowden, on the run
    • Imagine how the Chinese and Russian dissidents feel as Edward Snowden is hailed by the same police states that make their lives miserable.

      Isn't that a bit far-fetched conclusion. Poor Chinese and Russian dissidents loose their self confidence when the local forces are "honoring" Snowden? Most Chinese, Russians, Europeans, Arabs etc, dissidents and the rest of us, see this Snowden affair only as a US "problem" and are to some amount amused watching the US reactions in hunting the one who revealed the immoral crimes and avoiding to see the problem.

      The Chinese and Russians dissidents certainly know the shortcomings in their own societies, but now they are also forced to see, that USA is not better and in some aspects even worse. It is like the Pope would have been caught for acts of pedophilia, and Pope in this metaphor is not Snowden. The state which for decades has made massive amounts of "freedom, free market & democracy" propaganda, condemned numerous countries and governments and lectured about human rights to everybody who had to listen, is revealed and proven to be a real big brother society. What can USA say from now on: "Do behave as we command you to behave, not like we behave". A moralist without moral is what is left.

  • Former Yale official accuses Yale 'unequivocally' of anti-Semitism
    • What is the antisemitism data actually collected by Israeli universities? Kantor Center for the Study of Contemporary European Jewry (Tel Aviv University) collects a database of antisemitism and racism. Adding racism to this database was a clever thing to do in order to get some mass to this otherwise very "thin" database what actual today's antisemitist incidents would else produce.

      For example with the Nordic countries as keywords produce following amounts of hits:
      Finland 107 hits
      Sweden 851 hits
      Denmark 354 hits
      Norway 397 hits.

      If there would be such amounts of real antisemitist incidents during past years, we should have some reasons to worry. But when we watch closer these records of these hits, it is clear, that most of the records have nothing to do with antisemitism, Israel or Jews. What are the remaining actual antisemitism records? Mostly they are rather harmless incidents and the most "dangerous violent incidents" are putting or drawing a swastika on or in front of Jewish buildings. In Finland one "violent incident" was when a man pissed on the fence of a Jewish Center and when in the middle of night a lonely passer-by made a Nazi salute which was shot by a security camera. In Sweden a newspaper story where the header warned of a possibility of world war and told that US soldier were transported to Israel had a own record (System Number 000234027) and it was categorized as defamation. The story was based on RT's story based on the military drills in Israel and tense relations in the area. ETC. It is extremely difficult to find records of actual concrete violence against a Jew which could be seen as dangerous in normal sense.

      Watching, what on university level is collected as records of antisemitist incidents, the only conclusion is, that this data is artificially exaggerated and used in making propaganda. The data is like a diary of a insecure school girl suffering of extreme low self confidence, where all kind of relative insignificant events are collected to prove how everybody is against her. If Palestinians in Israel and Muslims around the world would collect equal databases with so low level "anti-us" classification criterion, the databases would be massive and adding extra racism records to overstate the problem would not be needed.

  • The etymology of anti-Semitism
    • Tel Aviv Univeristy's Kantor Center's anti-semitism database, which is used in those is rather "astonishing" widely published and commented studies which claim antisemitism is increasing, is mildly said "extraordinary". For example the search with keyword FINLAND produces 107 hits. Many of those hits have nothing to do with anti-semitism, Jews or Israel, more with anti-islamic events telling how the members of our populist party (Perussuomalaiset) have been forced to explain their claims in front of courts. These "news" are filed under the category racism, legal proceedings. Why collect these?

      In the category "Anti-Semitism","violent incidents" and "attacks" are for example
      * Nazi Salute in Front of the Jewish Community Center [article]. Filmed by the security camera, nobody else on the scene. Happened in the night or late evening.
      * somebody had called a Finnish Jewish MP with the name "Jew", nothing else happened
      * people of Middle Eastern origin had verbal conflicts with Israelis in Helsinki saying "I hate Israel, Jews", nothing else happened
      * an unknown person peed on the fence of the Jewish community in Helsinki. When he was approached by the security staff he could not give any logical explanation to his act. During the conversation with one of the security staff he made some remarks in Arabic.
      * unknown person passed by the Jewish Community in the Finnish capital Helsinki, repeatedly shouting "Sieg Heil" and "Traitors". Nothing else happened.

      Violent incidents? Attacks??? Seriously. Compare to that what happens in Israel and occupied areas. For example to videos of the Jerusalem Day. Tel Aviv University should collect a database of racist (by Jews) attacks in Israel and occupied areas. If they would use same criteria they use in collecting European anti-semitism, both local Jews and Arabs would laugh their heads off.

      Collecting these anti-semitism incidents of minor verbal conflicts, name calling by drunken etc are a sign of a severe neurotic anxiety disorder or an organized propaganda making effort. If the database would consist only real serious events it would be a relative "thin folder".

  • Two social critics who used Nazi analogy-- Mark Rudd, Betty Friedan
    • Well would the "right" comparison point with Nazi Germany be the situation in the year 1940, before the mass killings begun. There were in Germany then prisons, concentration camps, first ghettos, some murders, state level propaganda, nationalistic violent movements, deportations, thefts of property etc. Something what we can see also in Israel/Palestine. We know how the whole "story" of Nazi Germany, because it is history. We do not know how the story of Zionist Israel will end, but all marks are that the highly likely result will be a unseen mass killing. So when Israel and Nazi Germany are now compared the comparison points "timing" in Germany is 1932 - 1940. Astonishing much is equal. Not the amount of killed - yet, but the violent racism, over-nationalistic attitude, concentration camps, ghettos, isolation of minorities etc are.

      Israel and Jews use constantly using Nazi Germany as one of the main reasons to "justify" the creation of their country - Israel. We have also all rights to try to find historic and present comparison points of what Israel is and has become. There is is no other country in the West where large masses march on streets shouting "Death to Arabs" with all support of the ruling regime. The only point we can compare Jerusalem Day marches are in the 30's when the German youth shouted death to Jews. For example. Where have we seen Gaza's in the not so distant history? The only possible comparison point is Warsaw Ghetto.

      Lieberman as a minister suggested bombing Aswan damn. What would that be - a Holocaust - or a Holocaust power two? Israel has weapons for transforming the whole Middle East to radioactive glass deserts. And a mentality solve
      problems with violence. The constant decades long chain of aggressions and attacks is a proof of that. Israel lives and earns money with these conflicts. Peace would force Israel to shrink to a 5-7 million small state what it is. And that they do not want...

  • Israel admits giving contraceptive injections to Ethiopian immigrant women
    • Surely there have been extremely bad events in world in the past and even in recent times. But these events do not justify what Israel has done and is doing.

      Israel now "celebrates" the yearly memory of the events of the Holocaust and demands those constant loyalty oaths from the western world in forms of endless compensations and quilt confessions. Never again - they say in Israel. On the same time Israel has done much of the same Nazis did in Germany. Maybe the scale is still debatable, but the difference is that the story of Nazi empire is something that happened and is "closed" , the story of Israel is still on a developing story and the most bloody chapters are in the future if a complete u-turn is not made. Erasing a population of millions, the Palestinians, will not be tidy. Neither will be using nukes against neighbors.

      Israel is today's "Germany of the 30's" more than any other country. Surely Israeli is not like the pre WW2 Czechoslovakia or Poland. Israel is one of the mightiest military forces in the world armed to their teeth with nukes, nerve gases and bacteriological weapons. The society is so severely radicalized with a racist nationalistic/religious ideology that the nearest comparison point in the western world are fascist nations in the 30's and the South African apartheid era. The politicians are so aggressive with their lebensraum demands and who do not see any other means in foreign policy than using military force. The leading rabbis express fervently so racist views, which said by a Christian priest would end his carrier in a millisecond and even cause severe problems with the laws in our countries. ETC.

  • Unedited security camera footage shows Israeli officer fired at Hebron teenager after he retreated
    • Do you really honestly believe in that desperate pistol story? Nobody with a plastic pistol as his only "weapon" attacks an adult male and heavily armed soldier/police so that he tries to hit frequently the soldier with the hand where the plastic pistol is. The alleged plastic pistol doesn't make the hits more effective - on the contrary. That kind of toy pistol is light and fragile. The only realistic way in using such a fake pistol is to pretend it being a real weapon and make equal threats as one would do with a real pistol. Not using it like it would be a hammer or ax.

      It is certain that Israel has of the event better quality videos taken from different angles. Israel with 100 percents certainty films every passing person on check points to gather information of the Palestinians movements using face recognition. It would be a simple matter for Israel to prove that the young man had really a shiny toy pistol in his hand by presenting a decent picture of that. Instead it can only present an edited blurry extremely low resolution (240p) video which proves nothing.

    • Shiny gun? Have you Obsidian tried to hit an adult heavily armed man with a plastic pistol? The only effect of that is that the target gets a cramp caused by the laughter. That shiny (= reflecting to light) object in this unbelievable unclear video is more likely a mobile phone and its screen reflecting to lights surrounding the checkpoint.

      Most of us have a small camera which can produce HD quality video. The hightech Israeli army surveillance cameras on checkpoints and drones produce so laughable quality video that it is impossible to believe it being the reality. In this video and those other numerous other videos published by IDF the common dominator is that they are so unclear and blurry, that anybody can claim what ever they want based on the "evidence" these videos provide. I wounder how can Israelis use for example face recognizing programs if the video feed has the quality IDF "offers" in these videos it publishes.

      It is almost certain that Israeli soldiers/police on the checkpoints have in their pockets a collection of plastic pistols and knives. These are useful when covering up unclear killings. Not the first time these fake weapons appear and are used as an excuse. One thing is certain that this video doesn't prove that there was any shiny fake gun.

  • 'For the first time in decades, Israel has a new university' -- Netanyahu following decision to upgrade Ariel settlement campus
    • In Ariel are 14,000 students, of them 600 Israeli Arabs. Israeli Arabs represent about 20 percent of the Israeli population. So using basic mathematics and the idealistic (but obviously not valid) assumption, that in Israel all people have equal rights and possibilities, the amount of Israeli Arabs in Ariel should be around 2,800. Considering that hundreds of thousands of Israeli Jews in reality live not in Israel the amount of "the minority's proportion" should be even bigger. Arabic is one of Israel's official languages, but Ariel's internet pages are in Hebrew and English.

      The proportional share of minorities among academic professions tells much about the minority's real status in the society. In the pre-WW2 Poland Jews represented about 10 percent of the population. 56 percent of all doctors were then Jews. Of teachers 43%, of journalists 22% and of lawyers 33% The majority of the country's retail businesses were owned by Jews. Still we are in the propaganda told that Jews in Poland were then oppressed and discriminated. What is the share of Israeli Arabs among doctors and other professions listed in the Polish example? Or retail business owners. One percent or even five?

  • UC's new chancellor endorses the falsehood: Criticizing Israel is anti-Semitic
    • A long time Finnish member of Parliament Pertti Salolainen (former journalist, diplomat and leader of the conservative party) got just a "special" anti-Semite treatment. He was asked in the television why USA voted against the lifted Palestinian status in UN. He said that USA has difficulties to take a neutral stand because the Jews are very influential in USA and control much of the money in US politics and the US media. He also said that USA doesn't dare to make decisions in the matter because of internal reasons and that is the sad truth of US politics in the Israel/Palestine question. This short analysis is basically something to what every Finnish (and European) analyst or politician agree, but not all dare to say in public.

      At once the Simon Wiesenthal center reacted to the matter and demanded through the Finnish ambassador in USA the Finnish government apologize and to kick out Pertti Salolainen from all official positions he has. The local honor chairman of the Jewish congregation Gideon Bolotowsky added fuel to the flames by "joking" in the local yellow press that Salolainen has his data from the Mein Kampf.

      The local reaction was less successful to the "semite" side. The story did not became so big as the pro-Israeli side had hoped and the Finnish political elite was wondering what was wrong in the short analysis Salolainen had made and the media went mostly in the "defensive mode". The 72 year old experienced and rather respected politician was furious of the treatment he had received from the Jewish lobby (US and local). Though I suppose younger Finnish politicians and experts are in future careful with analyzing the Jewish "system" and "influence" after seeing the treatment Salolainen got. Some years ago the present Finnish FM Erkki Tuomioja got his share of this harsh "anti-Semitism" treatment when he wondered why some use against Palestinians same kind of politics they themselves suffered in the 30s.

      Free speech seems to be a bit problematic for "semites". No politician (anayst etc) seems to be not allowed to say what they think about the Israel/Palestine question and Jewish role if that what say is not approved by "non-existent lobby". It is like in the former Soviet Union. Tell the official "truth" or vanish.

  • Palestinian teenager shot dead by Israeli soldiers in Hebron
    • Well Hebron and the extreme Israeli Jewish right wing nationalists is the best what has happened to Palestinians. No more Israel can pretend to be the victim and the poor little democracy in defense. Israeli Jewish racism and cruelty is now so obvious, that the pro-Israeli counter propaganda has less and less effect. The so called Israeli leftists and centrists were more clever in the past. They managed rather successfully to hide the effects of occupation and the Israeli Zionist strategy in the robbery of lands. Though they did (=allowed) exactly the same that is now done.

      Lieberman and his merry company are worth more than 100,000 Qassams and several divisions of trained soldiers. For Palestinians not for the "Jewish" state.

    • Indeed. The Israeli gruppenführers on check-points and in demonstrations must have a collection of plastic pistols and knives in their pockets to be planted every time this kind of "unexplained" murder happens. With such plastic guns it is easy to compose a self defense story to cover a murder and war crime.

      It is more than certain that Israel has cameras at the checkpoints, also at this in question. Why do they not show evidence in form of pictures and videos of this incident? Israel doesn't normally hesitate if they have video evidence supporting their story. Maybe because it did not happen like Israelis now claim. Lets hope the Palestinian journalist got pictures of that Israeli check point crew to be used in future when these murders are in front of courts.

  • 'New York Times' fails dismally again, this time in Congo
    • I once had a discussion with my former neighbor, an extreme Cristian, about Israel/Palestine, just after she had visited Israel on a religious pilgrimage. She claimed, that Palestinian were against the Jewish rule only because they are Muslims and because of Islam. My points, that many Palestinians are Christians and when Palestinians defend their livelihoods and properties it is not the question of religion, it is a question of resisting a robbery, had no "effect". She was only blaming Islam for everything even of the killing of Palestinian children. Finally I tried to "educate" her that also Christians can kill and steal. I said in Rwanda both sides were Christian tribes and a million were killed. To that she said: African black people are not real Christians. I withdraw from our "theological" debate speechless.

  • On the Jewish Israeli street, there's no solution to Palestinian issue but more violence
    • Military significance means that in this case the Gaza rockets are a military threat to Israel. The Gaza rockets have at the best some psychological significance as a threat to the Israeli civil population, but certainly the rockets are no significant military threat to Israel militarily. A much bigger military significance in the military circumstances of Gaza would be achieved with modern anti-tank and air defense weapons or high power snipper rifles.

      Gaza rockets have been and are a "God given" present to Israeli regime. Israel has had much more propagandist benefits of those primitive weapons than Hamas has had. Without those rockets Israel would have been demanded to end the siege of Gaza long ago and Israel's possibilities in the settlement expansions would have much more limited. The rockets have worked only as a "safety valve" to reduce the growing frustration among Palestinians. Militarily and politically those rockets have been a disaster for Palestinians.

      The reality is that traffic is still a more significant mortal threat for southern Israeli population than Gaza rockets have been. In the area of "Gaza rocket influence" cars driven by Jews kill and have killed many more Jews than rockets from Gaza.

  • Dissecting IDF propaganda: The numbers behind the rocket attacks
    • Mentioned for example in this article

      Amusingly in the end of the article is said:
      "Fajr 5 rockets can be fired from the back of a 6x6 truck to hit targets up to 75 kilometres (46 miles) away. This compares to a range of between four and 13 kilometres for the Qassam rockets."

      How many seconds would a heavy 6x6 truck with Fajr-5 (or 3) launching systems (over 10 meters long) have time if they appear to the streets of Gaza. Also astonishing is how Iran would manage to smuggle such massive launching systems to Gaza. Massive even without the truck.

      Israeli propaganda has interesting pictures of pieces of Fajr-5 and equal large rockets
      older example
      Notice how both large objects have soft landed from the sky without any marks on the ground. :)

    • Israel claims constantly Hamas firing Fajr-3 and Fajr-5 artillery rockets. Both are very long (5 - 7 meters) and heavy (400 - 900 kg) artillery rockets. To put these rockets to a firing position demands manpower, machines and special launching platforms. They are not like these light and mobile Qassams which can be moved by a couple a men, do not demand launching tubes and can be prepared to launch in a very short time (some tens of seconds). It is impossible to believe that Hamas could use same hidden launching tubes for these giant artillery rockets more than one time. Even more difficult is to believe that Israel would not know about these hidden launching platforms.

      The list of Iranian weapons in use of Hamas is "amusing". Why would Iran smuggle to Gaza basic weapons like mortar shells, Grad rockets etc which could be easily bought from Egyptian black markets? It would be much easier to give a suitcase full of dollars and say to Pals buy what you need. Why (and how) would Iran smuggle to Gaza long and heavy artillery rockets which demand special launching systems are almost impossible to be used in the tactical situation Hamas soldiers are (small area + complete Israeli air superiority and extremely developed spying systems).

      By claiming constantly Iranian weapons to exist in hands of Hamas and those few successful long rage rocket launchings (which I doubt come from Gaza and are fired by Palestinians) is aimed to get needed excuse to act against Iran.

  • Three stabbed in latest anti-migrant attack
    • When a young Palestinian boy (citizen or occupied) throws a stone the police "finds" him in a short time with the certainty of over 95 percent. When Jews burn mosques, destroy olive trees, shoot at Palestinians, write "kill Arabs" graffitis, arson houses where migrants are presently living, stab non-Jews (Pals and migrants) the polices solution percent seems to be under 5 percent. The racist crimes Israeli Jews are carrying out now almost daily are so serious, that the western and Israeli press would get a fit of rage if these acts would be done against Jews in Israel or elsewhere.

  • Romney visits Western Wall, ignores question, Does Israel have a right to annex West Bank
    • Well some "sources" say that (some) Jews think that stealing from a non-Jew is not a sin or even not killing a gentile. Maybe a pro-Israeli extremist should forget speaking about sins.

      Fredblogs how many Israeli surprised Jewish Irgun and Stern Gang terrorist you suppose there are now in "hell"? Or modern time soldiers who had by"mistake"dropped a 1000 kg bomb on a residential building (or UN soldiers) or fired a tank gun by "mistake" on civilians. Not to mention those who fired phosphorous on schools etc. A lot, if we believe in the concept of hell and morality.

      It is rather absurd constantly to portray the suicide bombers as the top evil in the world. Jewish terrorists left bombs on market places, hotels, trains etc. What is the actual difference? The suicide bomber "punishes" himself, the normal terrorist continues planting new bombs repeating the crime. It is clear to all, even to Israelis, that it is the situation which causes the terrorism, as a form of military resistance, on Palestinian side. Palestinians do not resist because of their religion, they resist because of their assets are stole and life is in danger. Israeli Jews can not say that their religion is not the primary "motive" behind the exploitation, genocide and landgraping done by them. Only Judaism sets out those who are Jews and so Israel as a Jewish state. Jews are a real nation only when a Jew can be a Muslim (or Christian etc) and still be considered as a Jew.

  • Netanyahu adopts Facebook strategy to claim sovereignty over Jerusalem for the Olympics
    • Well NormanF I love Tahiti and other tropical islands. I mention them all the time in my prayers especially during the harsh Finnish winters. So actually the islands belong to me and my offspring.

      The only argument Jews have towards the right to rule Israel is in the end the religious one. Even a completely atheistic (if it is possible) or secular Jew has to admit it. Judaism is a simply a religion, not a race.

      Jerusalem is mentioned also in Christian prayers and psalms so there is an equal cultural/religious "justification" which Jews use in their claims for the land in Palestine. So didn't a Catholic Polish farmer have an equal right to Israel/Palestine than a Polish Jewish doctor had? Both had a equal "love towards Jerusalem" and both could not prove that their ancestors were really from the ancient Israel.

  • 7 dead in terrorist attack in Bulgaria
    • The Iranian / Hizbollah link of that AMIA bombing was basically not supported with real evidence. The accusations against Iran became stronger only when the chance to find real factual evidence had become almost non existent. The astonishing "events" cane read from

    • Are you really serious? You define Q.E.D. because something happened in Argentina 18 years ago on this date. Why did the Iranians wait 18 years?

      Can we using your logic then draw the conclusion that every terrorist attack done on April 9 is done by Jewish terrorists? Like you say can way say: "Who can say that history cannot repeat itself and Israelis will pull something like that again?" Q.E.D. By the way on April 9, 1948 took place the Deir Yassin massacre. There are tens if not hundreds of dates which could be used as "an anniversary" of massacres, terrorist attacks, assassinations etc done by Israelis.

    • Well who should be condemned besides in general such incidents, when it is obvious that there is not yet any real "crime scene data" available even for the Israelis. Of course we all are sorry of the loss of the life of the innocent in this and other cases.

      The Israeli blaming Iran is so far based simply on the "evidence" that on the same date happened an attack 18 years ago in Argentina. The situation is now that Israeli leaders blame Iran and the world's other leaders condemn the attack. So Israel gets its desired propaganda effect.

      There are tens of organizations and several countries which would have the motive and means to organize such an attack. Turks could revenge the flotilla and weaken Israel by forcing it to another unnecessary war or European Nazis could be behind. Saudi (Sunni) could be behind this knowing perfectly well that Israelis would blame Iran in all cases. Palestinians could be guilty. Who benefits most of this attack? Surely not Iran or Hizbollah.

  • American citizens are detained in Hebron for wearing hijab on a 'Jewish street'
    • What has the present Syrian situation to do with Israeli decades long occupation and ruthless religious racism? Nothing as even you pro-Israelis say,when somebody blames Israel for the violence in Syria. Does what happens now in Syria make everything alright with what Israel has done and is doing? Jewish settlements on Arab land are "nothing" because in Syria people are killed.

      It will be "interesting" to see one day how the Israeli Jewish leadership and the Haredi army will behave, when Israeli Arabs one day get fed up with their low status and bad treatment in their own country. Only then can we make real comparisons and it can be predicted that Israeli Jewish side will not "loose" in the brutality and amount of bodies.

  • Shamir ordered Bernadotte assassination to save Jerusalem for Jews. But will his obits tell you that?
    • I watched on internet sites of some of the main Swedish newspapers. At the best they shortly mentioned only that Shamir died, not the bindings to the assassination. Well much of the Swedish media is owned by "the less neutral religious side".

      If Bernadotte would have been assassinated by Arabs and the person responsible for the assassination would have now died, the Swedish media had not saved space, costs and energy in their "analysis". Comparing the past decades media coverage of the disappearance of Raoul Wallenberg and the assassination of Folke Bernadotte would be an interesting academic research subject. Of Wallenberg has been written countless articles and speculations. Bernadotte's role and killing has been effectively silenced.

      In Jerusalem is a Raoul Wallenberg street, but is there in Israel a street named after Folke Bernadotte? Several streets around Israel are named after his killers. Well using the Israeli "we are the victims" line they could say: Bernadotte forced us to kill him and that we can not forgive to Swedes.

  • 24 Hours in Israeli Custody: The arrest of an American activist in Palestine
    • Has anyone done a survey of the hundreds of thousands of Israelis who have left and will never go back?

      The population figure of Israel is based on an ESTIMATE (provisional as the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics calls it) based on the 2008 Census.
      Normal developed industrial countries have such population database systems (personal ID, voting, tax, health care etc registers), that they can give an exact figure of the population living in the country on any given day. But not poor Israel, the "bright" light of Asia and Africa.

      The real Israeli population amount, especially the amount of Jews LIVING NOW in Israel, is obviously a major state secret. Some sources estimate that even one million Israeli Jews live permanently in their "second passport" country.

  • Ros-Lehtinen bashes occupation and illegal settlements
  • Leader of Palestinian political party in Israel routinely harassed and detained at Ben Gurion airport
    • Have Israeli Jews earned the loyalty of Israeli Arabs? Israeli Arabs have numerous reasons to resist the racist/religious order in Israel.

  • US Embassy to American in trouble in Israel: 'You're not Jewish? Then we can't do anything to help you'
    • During the cold war my country Finland was forced to lick the Soviet Unions ass in many ways of unhealthy "co-operation". Politicians were forced to speak with ever increasing liturgy about our friendship. One Finnish high politician even suggested that Finland should choose a new independence day, the day when we signed a co-operation and defense treaty with the Soviet empire. This time period was called Finnladizierung. A period of which we Finns are not very proud of even it was obviously the only way Finland could remain as a almost sovereign country.

      But that was nothing compared with the present manifestations of relations / co-operation between Israel and USA. There should be made serious academic research of this Israelizierung, where a small country gets on many levels full control of a superpower's political and governmental system.

  • Watching propaganda in a Missouri synagogue
    • Not true. USA has paid the costs of the military occupation and Jewish Israel has also made a lot of money by having the control of Palestinian income and assets. Israeli industries and trade sector get a healthy profit of the goods and services bought for Palestine with the foreign domination money. In what else occupied area have outsiders to pay the living costs of the occupied. Not in Tibet, not in Kashmir. Lets remember that the size of Israeli economy is in reality the economy of the chosen citizens (+ "own" Arabs") and the economy of the slave people (Palestine).

    • Israel's economical miracle? What miracle? Israel is successful economically compared to neighboring Arab countries but not compared to West European states. It would be interesting to know how successful Arab and other countries would have been if had been blessed with millions of highly educated adult immigrants with international connections, knowhow and capital. Not to mention the constant flow of US and Jewish donations, money pumped out of Soviet Union/Russia and Holocaust "royalties" from Europe. Israel compared to the comparison group it wants to be compared - the "western" democracies - is no economical miracle. In 1968 Israel's GDP per capita was on the same level as Japan's or Italy's and ahead of Greece's or Ireland's. Now only Greece is behind Israel.

  • Video: #Flagwoman protester raises Palestinian flag on Israeli military vehicle outside Ofer prison
    • Every video in tv news (for example) is always edited and "describes" the view of the person who took it. Edited in this case only means that sections of no action are cut out or were originally not taken on the video. IDF and border police have in their vehicles cameras and they surely video all events. They could easily prove using their own video evidence, that it did not happen like shown. But they never do. Not in the Eisner's case and certainly not in this case.

  • With 'last ink,' Gunter Grass breaks silence on Israeli nuclear program threatening world peace
    • Every German (and Austrian) young person had to join Hitller Jugend if they wanted to avoid severe personal and family sanctions. They had no options. Where does a 10 - 15 year old boy or girl go in a totalitarian state if he/she doesn't agree? Hitler Jugend was a nationalistic combination of scouts and political Sunday schools.

      It is idiotic to claim that those teenagers had in Nazi Germany a change to radical "moral" decisions. Ratzinger went to Hitler Judend because he had to do that. Günther Grass was called to Waffen SS because ALL German boys of his age were commanded to join the army. What should those 16 - 17 years old boys have done, when even adults had no options? The young boys went to defend their country, not the political ideology or order.

  • Video: IDF caught in a lie about Tristan Anderson
    • Tear gas launchers are in fact grenade launchers. The difference is the ammunition, but functionality is exactly the same. Tear gas launchers / riot guns have a sight like rifles have. It is a rather absurd argument to claim that the police/soldier firing a tear gas launcher (= grenade launcher) has no possibility to aim and no control were the grenade will land. Look at the US model M-32 6 shot 40 mm launcher which can be used as a riot gun. Some example pictures of Israelis using riot guns with sights.

      Well what do you Giladg think about those "romantic" former Pols, Germans, Russians and Americans who patrol in Palestine convinced that they have the right to those lands because they claim that their God gave it to them 4000 years ago.

  • Several thousand US troops headed to Israel for 'unprecedented' joint missile defense exercise
    • Of course Iran is militarily no threat to anybody. The country is barely able to defend its own territory. It has a badly outdated air force, a weak coastal navy etc. Iran is no match in a traditional war against Saudis, Pakistan, USA etc. Every military expert knows that. Iran has the military capacity to make an attack against it relative expensive to the attacker, but that is all.

      The only reason why Iran is seen as a threat is that it doesn't obey USA and the west. Iran is seen as a threat because it has shown its potential in becoming a real regional power, the nuclear issue is only a pretext which can not be solved. An industrially developed 80 million peoples' Iran with its huge natural (= financial in the end) resources is a nightmare to Israel especially when that Iran is not in the famous US leash. A five million Jews' state can only be the leading dominant regional power if big countries like Iran, Egypt and Turkey are hindered to develop and lead to long internal wars. Israel has actively supported the breaking of Sudan not because it loves democracy and the idea that people should have the right to govern themselves, but because it wants that same to happen in all Middle East except naturally in Israel/Palestine.

  • Israeli gov't employs guilt to try and reverse reverse-aliyah
    • Sensitive? Why? Facts are facts. Jews are surely not and have not been the Romani people of Europe. We all know the numerous Nobel prices and famous Jewish business families and their achievements. Name one ethnic minority which has succeeded better in the field of education and wealth?

      The Poland education facts can be found on the page

      One example of the wealth of the Jews is the claim that one third of the German costs of WW2 was financed with the properties taken from Jews.
      As said Jews were a small minority in Germany in the 30's. Small but rich.

      I find it a bit absurd how the same people can in one sentence brag about the achievements of their brothers and sisters in religion and in the next sentence describe how abused they are and have always been. The indisputable achievements of the Jews are well known. These achievements are not possible for people treated as the lowest in the society.

    • Also an interesting and less explained point in the Jewish "history" is how Jews managed to become the best educated and richest minority in Europe and USA. An astonishing achievement for a minority which claims all the time being undermined and heckled. Sure what happened in WW2 was a great tragedy, but most of time Jews had rather good times compared for example to Romani people.

      Before WW2 in Poland Jews were excellently represented in professions like doctors (56% of all doctors in Poland), teachers (43%), journalists (22%) and lawyers (33%). Jews represented then about 10 percent of the population. Hardly possible for a pariah ethnic/religious group. Imagine that in Israel over much 50 percent of doctors or one third of lawyers would be Israeli Arabs (20 percent of the population). Then we could not speak about Apartheid, we would speak about the majority's dissatisfaction with the "situation" .

  • Israel's threat to attack Iran-- will Obama capitulate to that as well?
    • Avner Cohen doesn't mention in his Haaretz article the most important fact. That the Osirak reactor was a small light water research reactor, built by the French and under IAEA supervision. Producing enough plutonium for a nuclear bomb with that reactor would have been impossible and Israelis knew that. Osirak was a Israeli message to the Arab world - "We do not allow you to become industrially and technologically developed". Operation Opera (Osirak bombing) was a as heroic military operation as the bombing of Lebanese dairy plant (Liban Lait) was. The defence around the reactor was primitive and almost not existing. Operation Opera was a great military victory only in the Israeli Jewish folklore and propaganda.

      Claiming that Iran would give nuclear materials to terrorist organizations is rather absurd. What guaranties does the world have that Israeli nuclear materials do not get in the hands of extreme Jewish terrorist organizations. What is the guaranty that if a peace is achieved through a two state solution the settlers "brown shirts" do not leave a nuclear "price tag" greeting. None - especially when those religious/nationalistic extremists have members on every level of the "system".

  • A weekend of terror in Occupied Palestine
    • The really crazy thing is that England used mustard gas against the Iraqis (that is OK) but if a Muslim uses it against the West it is called a weapon of mass destruction and grounds for the the US to retaliate with nuclear bombs.

      And the "amusing" thing is that the chemical weapons and technology to deliver them was sold by the "West" to Arabs and Iranians. USA delivered to Saddam the gas weapon and Israel made healthy profits by selling battle gas technology and components to Iran. Rather hypocritical that US and Israeli outrage of the gassing of the Kurds during Iraq Iran war.

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