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  • NYT fails to report that Netanyahu started air war over Syria as corruption probes close in on him
    • You are absolutely correct. The F-16 is aging technology and no matter what you do to the avionics, the air-frame can take only so much adjustments to squeeze out more efficiency.

      Also, Israel, to continue receiving US aid has to by equipment from US weapons manufacturers, which are currently producing nothing more than "junk" hardware and software. Again, Israeli engineers can only do so much to advance the basic foundations.

      The other side of the coin is that Syria and Russia have been very restrained in their responses to Israeli incursions as neither wants a wider conflict. However, Israel should be very careful in pushing President Putin too far. At some point he will retaliate with a very calculated reaction, which will put a damper on Israeli dreams of a war with Iran.

  • Israeli paper's publication of BDS ad marks beginning of society's return to sanity
    • Anyone who believes that this single ad in Haaretz is some type of indication that Israel is beginning a return to some level of normalcy is only fooling themselves. Besides, look at every other article on Mondoweiss and this one isn't even a blip on a radar.

      In any event, for one, Israel has never been a sane, national entity and all of the historical documentation on the birth of this nation bares this out.

      Second, Israel is a sociopathic state, practically in its entirety. Sociopathy is an incurable disorder that cannot be treated.

      As a result, Israel's social fabric will eventually implode leaving the Palestinians to pick up the pieces if they have the strength left to do so.

  • There are two narratives, but one reality: Palestinian dispossession
    • OK Boris, you have a bit of history and anthropology to study.

      To date, modern archeologists even in Israel cannot find any evidence to support Old Testament claims to the land that was ancient Israel. In fact, a number of studies have found that instead it was the Phoenicians that were the original inhabitants of this land.

      There is also no evidence whatsoever to be found that modern-day Jews in the West or Eastern Europe have any link to the ancient Israelites. In fact, it is being slowly recognized that the indigenous Palestinian population living there now could be direct descendants of the ancient Israelites...

    • I am very impressed by the writing in this article and plan to print out the entire piece as a result so I can read it in a more leisurely fashion.

      That being said, as a student of WWI military history, one of the underlying factors to the creation of the Balfour Declaration was the position of Britain in WWI; in short she was losing the effort and in late 1916\early 1917 she was considering removing her troops from the continent to make a separate peace with Germany.

      Zionist officials went through Lord Rothschild in order to have them convince the British government against removing her troops in Europe and as such remain in the war. In return, Zionists made a promise to use their influence in the United States to get her to enter the war on the Allied side.

      This was quite disingenuous of the Zionists, considering that Jewish influence at that time in the United States was hardly what it is now. In this respect, I disagree with the author of the article on this point where he brings it up; unless of course he was relating what Jeffries thought at the time. Wilson was old-time southern Christian boy who most believe was from New Jersey. He wasn't. He was born and bred in George and was quite a part of the southern belief systems.

      In addition, since 1914 British propaganda endeavors were going full steam in the US to push it to join the Allies in the conflict. As a result, in reality, Zionists had to do very little to convince the US to enter the war.

      However, the real wild-card was President Woodrow Wilson, who once he became convinced that he could "save the world for democracy" (a statement that no one even at the time understood like many of Wilson's declarations), Wilson's god-complex went into overdrive and he needed no prodding whatsoever to get the US into the war. Besides, the Wilson administration was already violating all the international laws of neutrality with his support for the Allies, so this was not as huge a step as many would like to believe as many in Congress were also more than happy to go along with America's entry into the war.

      The British interest in Palestine was also as a result of their belief that there may be oil in the region, with which the Zionists would be expected to trade with Britain. However, during the Paris Peace Conference in 1919 there was quite a bit of intrigue between Britain and France over both Palestine and Syria, the latter for which the French government believed were large stores of oil as well. In this regard, the British got the short end of the stick.

      On a final note, for any who would like to understand the insidiousness of the Zionist project in Palestine, I would strongly recommend reading Thomas Suarez's latest work, "State of Terror". Culled from Israeli and Zionist primary source material, Suarez recounts the degenerate terrorism that Zionism used against the Palestinian People as well as the Palestinian Jewish Community in graphic and violent detail. It will leave you with nightmares for weeks...


      "Of course there is now a Jewish community in Palestine that cannot be ignored or just sent back to where they came from, so one cannot undo the original sin."

      Well we could simply lock up the current Israeli regime for their maintenance of such an insidious enterprise...

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