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  • Update: Why did Netanyahu respond to chickenshit with 'grassy knoll' remark?
    • Annie,

      As someone whose translation have been usd by Philip and others on Modoweiss before for many years I can tell you that it is simply a case of a bad translation. The Knesset protocols for the day are on line at If you click on the 29 October you get a word document. 19_ptm_30632
      Netnayahu says:
      ל כשיש לחצים על ישראל לוותר על ביטחונה, הכי קל
      לוותר. מקבלים מחיאות כפיים בטקסים על מדשאות, אחר כך באים הטילים והמנהרות.
      My translation would be
      When there pressures upon Israel, the easiest course is to give in, you get applauded on the front lawns, and then the missiles and tunnels would come.
      This is clearly an allusion to the Rabin's signing the Oslo Accords on the White House front laws. Anything about a grassy knoll would be a faulty translation.

      I hope someone informs Justin Raimondo.

  • 'NYT' fails to disclose that Op-Ed author arguing Israel's case against BDS is husband of 'NYT' reporter in Israel/Palestine
    • Goodman is a South African Israeli and not the other way around. Why do you keep reversing the order? This is not the first time. Can someone provide an answer, please? [And the New York Times also so does it, would probably not be a good answer.]

  • Row breaks out in chambers as Aussie Parliamentarians criticizes 'study tour' of Israel
    • A further follow on via a Facebook status of a federal Labor MP:
      Laurie Ferguson (Member of the House of Representatives Australian Federal Parliament):
      Lynda Voltz, Labor MLC, today said that she was surprised that a study tour organised by the Jewish Board of Deputies to Israel and Palestine appears to have narrowed the views of those members of the NSW Parliament who attended. She was also surprised at the unprecedented and undemocratic attacks on her parliamentary colleague, the Hon Shoaquett Moselmane, both during the debate and since as he defended the rights of the Palestinian people.
      "I was astounded at some of the outrageous statements made by those members who attended the tour which showed a lack of historical knowledge on Palestine and ignorance of the reality on the ground in the occupied territories, particularly Gaza." Ms Voltz said.
      "For a tour that was meant to enlighten those who went they have returned with a particularly binary view of the Palestinian issue. Some of these statements included,
      Mathew Mason-Cox Liberal MLC,
      "This land from the river to the sea, this biblical homeland of the Jewish people, this State of Israel, sanctioned by the United Nations".
      Fred Nile CDP MLC,
      "Sadly, when Israel gives up land for peace, as it did with Gaza, it gets rockets in return ......Gaza is not a concentration camp; every day, trucks are carrying in food, constructions materials and so on, and so that community is able to get the supplies that it needs."
      Walt Secord Labor MLC
      "One thousand trucks a day go through the facility, and they balance the day-to-day operational needs of Gaza residents and businesspeople such as medical support, including transferring people to Israeli hospitals for cancer treatment".
      Ms Voltz said that she had twice travelled through the Erez Border crossing into Gaza and was surprised that the study tour participants could come away with such a distorted view of the situation of the 1.6 million people who live in this 48 square kilometres of land.
      "If the delegation had bothered to pass through the checkpoint into Gaza as I have done on a number of occasions they may have been able to broaden their view". Ms Voltz said
      "Perhaps if they had also spent some time visiting Dr Jean Calder at the Red Crescent in Gaza or Max Gayland who serves as the United Nations coordinator for humanitarian and development activities in the Occupied Palestinian Territory in the neutral zone, they would be aware of the extreme difficulties faced getting any supplies into Gaza."
      Ms Voltz said the attacks on her parliamentary colleague Shoaquett Moselmane MLC both within the chamber and by the Israeli lobby group since had been outrageous and indicative of attempts by the conservative Israeli lobby group to stifle debate on the issue of Palestine.
      "I am still at a loss as to understand why Shoaquett is being singled out so vociferously for exercising his democratic right to express a view on the rights of the Palestinian people". Ms Voltz said.
      Media Contact: Lynda Voltz 0413 382 474
      Links to the parliamentary debate:

    • David Shoebridge's party name is The Greens, usually shortened to Greens. It is not called the Green Party. You can see that on the clip where his party designation is GRNS.

      Disclosure:I'm a member of the Greens albeit in a different state.

  • 'It was like pictures of Babi Yar' -- an Israeli witness to Sabra and Shatila speaks because of the stain on his soul
  • Shamir ordered Bernadotte assassination to save Jerusalem for Jews. But will his obits tell you that?
    • Interesting post Phillip, which I enjoyed reading. However I do think you should make it clear that the reticence of Haaretz to mention the Count Folke Bernadotte assassination is strictly for foreign (English language) consumption. The Hebrew media was not so coy. Haaretz itself as well as financial paper Calcalist of the Yedioth Acharonoth stable, Yisrael Hayom (Sheldon Adleson give-away freebie known as the Bibiton for its sole aim of supporting Netanyahu) and the settler voice Makor Rishon all alluded to the assassination in their Shamir death coverage.

  • 'Ha'aretz' article in Hebrew suggests that racism is inherent in Zionism
    • A couple of points
      On the use of the words Arabs: When the original article was written there was only a single Arab nation. The imperialist powers of Britain and France created constructs as Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan (or more precisely Trans-Jordan) etc a few years later.
      On Haaretz: only about a half of the opinion pieces in the Hebrew Haaretz are published in the English edition. Only some of the news get published. Anyone who have picked up both (especially the Friday weekend editions) would immediately tell one is a lot more weighty than the other. The Middle East News Service that I run try to get some of others translated as well as circulate other hard-to come by stories. My belief is that regardless of politics, everyone will benefit from a greater understanding of Israel and Israelis. [My Arabic is not up to the same standard.]
      The best way to keep up with my news output is to friend me of Facebook:

  • The occupation reaches Europe: airlines cancel 'flytilla' passenger tickets
    • Has anybody thought of the practical thing of demanding a ticket to Amman instead? Passengers can then reach the Allenby bridge, an hour's bud ride away, and be refused entry to the West Bank [NOT ISRAEL] by the Israeli occupation authorities in front of the world's cameras. It also make a much clearer point that the travellers want to reach the Occupied Palestinian Territories and not Israel. They are not even interested in transit through Israel.

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