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Orwell would be proud.

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  • Factchecking Netanyahu: An annotated guide to the Israeli P.M.'s speech to Congress
    • This is a rhetorical statement, but I can't believe the garbage this maniac gets away with. In essence, America co-opts it and continues to let him bite that hand that feeds him. He is a bonafide, war mongering, propaganda spinning, manipulative, rogue. Be careful BN, when you claim to speak for the Jewish people you are creating a lot of misdirected and unjust ire/resentment. Is that part of your ploy? Well, that is an affirmative. You love to spin every conceivable conflict, criticism and area where Israel is culpable into fervent claims of anti-semitism. Please go away.

  • Moe Diab debates SWU operative Philippe Assouline (Updated)
  • With ceasefire set to expire, Palestinians aim to lift the siege while Israel wants to turn 'Gaza into Ramallah'
    • AMEN to that, Atlantaiconoclast!

    • I read a BBC article where a poll suggested Iran is the least anti-semitic country in the Middle East. What do polls mean-very little, yet is there is even a shred of truth to the report? The former Iranian president was a quack, but I am not sure his words were anything more than empty words. One of Israel's strengths is turning every conceivable situation into a grave threat to their existence. They have the fourth most powerful military on the planet. And they aren't going anywhere. However, they are like the US-they create rules that they don't abide by. That region of the world is so saturated in propaganda that is is hard to decipher what is actually the reality of the situation. The crux of it being that everyones' reality is so disparate. The most disturbing piece is that America's foreign policy is so egregious. Over the last seven decades they have beat the bag out of that region of the world. How can it be o.k. to support Iran and Iraq during their war? That is a hypothetical question, but more importantly, the norm. This is just the way of the world and there are a lot of participants. But America carries the heaviest bat and are as much as a global threat as anyone. Lastly, Egypt, never mind America, has NO place to be facilitating these "peace" talks. How can someone in Israel's camp be part of these talks? None of this is sensical.

  • Video: Gaza forces young Jew to overcome 'giant hostile ferocious backlash' of her community
    • Well done! I hope the batty folks will put forth some stern and extraneous reprimands! All must stay in an orderly marching line where if one steps out of the rigidity of what it represents will be harshly labeled and chastised. People seem to not understand that the most pernicious force on this planet it human beings. Shall we debate the track record? Homo sapiens, even though they claim to be evolved, are nothing more than rabid animals who can't get it straight. Sure there is the survival argument, but greed, in the western world trumps all other variables. We go from savage warfare to "pinpoint" accuracy ivasions. So what, it is all the same. If a population is treated like animals, they will respond in kind. I say f&c! you to America being the most aggressive nation on this planet. Don't present certain standards and NOT uphold them in any shape, from or fashion.

  • Sen. Elizabeth Warren, 1, ducks question on Gaza, 2, plans trip to Israel, and 3--
    • Jon66,

      How does one gain objective, impatial, transparent information? Are you taking into account the emotion based variable with this equation? Your theory is suspect, but more importantly arrogant and presumptuous. Being a member of the downtrodden, I apologize for being so ignorant.

    • Jon66,
      Could you please expand? Particularly around the education and life experience piece. Which "facts" would you say that people disagree about? Are you talking numbers, events, or who did what, when and why, type of facts? As for your comment on disagreeing, if one is outwardly critical of Israel; how are they labeled?

    • Chomsky, one of the smartest men on the planet, framed it very succinctly: The US sanctions it and Europe tolerates it. Pro-Israel people debate that it is unfair and Israel is held to different standards. Well, simply put, they classify themselves in a highly edified, humanitarian, progressive, democratic, stratosphere. They are part of western civilization. This makes their actions more immediate whereas conflicts in other parts of the world don't have the same "impact" (and I am not condoning them). Hence, given their impressive and recurring tendencies they are going to get hammered internationally. America's global policies are more reprehensible than any other country. They meddle in eveyone's business and are the most aggressive nation. Their Middle East policies are put forth with the notion that the war is in a permanent state. When their three goals are economic, strategic and military gain that is a poisonous cocktail that they have proven has not limitations. Orwell is smiling.

  • US branch of the Jewish 'family' owes the homeland 'unconditional love' -- Rosner
    • And if they don't have a profound love for Israel they are spat upon. It is all propaganda to persuade the herds that the mindset of unconditional support for Israel is a mandate. It simply doesn't add up.

  • Watch: Young Israeli Jew at Western Wall calls for 'another war and another war and another war and another war'
    • All too often the "feral/rabid" Palestinians are painted in this light. It is an anomaly for these types of stories to be heard by the public. The go to is to pin it on one side. However, both sides have parties that have sheer hatred for the other. The pro-Israel American media provides one narrative. However, the herds are o.k. with this practice because they have been deluged with the same story incessantly.

  • Tough Hillary Clinton says 'dreadful' pictures of dead women and children make it hard to get at truth-- Hamas is to blame
  • Rania Masri gives Barack Obama a lesson on the meaning of 'barbaric'
    • Mooser,

      I am a huge fan of when one is diagnosed as having "the Ziocaine Syndrome." That is brilliant! Cheers and an A+ for creativity. I certainly know myriad individuals who suffer from this condition. Its symptoms are fairly predictable, but there are some odd strains here and there.

    • The United States is Israel's lapdog. The former can't stray to far from the Israel Propaganda agencies blueprint. Any infractions results in America being sent off into their cage for a remainder of the day. Israel has the US trained to believe they do and will support them mowing the lawn when need be.

  • Hollywood's latest blacklist shadows Bardem, Cruz, Almodovar
    • More gems from the King of All Media:

      "Jews are the indigenous people of that area."

      Does history/time standstill?

      "If you’re anti-Israel, then you’re anti-America. It’s the only democracy over there, it’s the only friend we have who’s willing to fight and stand up for what’s right."

      I am not sure how democracy can flourish when Israel insists that Jews forever maintain the majority of the population. Additionally, if a state is more or less based on a religion then that is a recipe for absolute and utter ruin.

    • Howard Stern's comments are purely emotive based. Like so may of the pro-Israel diehards he chooses to ignore that Israel is a partner in this war. It is always easiest to take the path of least resistance i.e. ignorance.

  • Video: Israeli sniper kills Palestinian protester in Hebron
    • Will Israel's government go with their ever predictable response: there will be a military investigation regarding this event. I know these types of incidences garner virtually no attention in the American mainstream media. Bob Schieffer can offer his journalistic acumen to explain that this individual deserved to die. He is getting his monologue straight from Ministry of Propaganda in Israel.

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