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I can only listen to Pink Floyd when David Gilmour is singing because Roger Waters is a nauseating Jew Hater. Mondoweiss usually rejects my comments. Therefore, they are here on known as Mundanewuss. They must think I am to pro Israel for their tastes. I think people who are anti Israel are fools. If a comment of mine was accepted then my pro Israel sentiment wasn't strong enough. Some of my Mondoweiss furry friends refer to me as a "Zio-Supremacist". I appreciate their understatement.

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  • AIPAC is suddenly getting a lot of bad press, in Jewish papers and 'Washington Post'
    • It is glaring that Phil Weiss doesn't mention the recent pieces by Caroline Glick and other more Conservative pro-Israel commentaries that are very critical of AIPAC. Phil Weiss won't admit that AIPAC is centrist and represents pro-Israel Americans. Those who support AIPAC like I do will only support peace plans that the vast majority of Israelis decide for themselves and on their own and will not regret for the rest of their lives without bending to external pressure. AIPAC is obviously successful because it upsets people with more conservative views and those who are J-STREET supporters and further left. But anyone who isn't as much a leftist as Weiss is "Right Wing" in the eye of Weiss. Of course I'm speaking to a crowd that competes to out hate Israel more than the next guy, so y'all ain't interested this bit of nuance and truth.

  • For Bari Weiss, Israel advocacy was both ideology and good career move
    • "In looking over Weiss’s back pages, I was struck by the fact that Zionist advocacy has given Weiss quite a career. "
      All this proves is if you behave like a reasonable person and do the correct thing your career and when you don't your career suffers. Bari Weiss has nothing to be ashamed of. The other Weiss, ya know the Harvard Grad, should look to Ms. Weiss as a role model.

  • Rabbi Cardozo: outlawing circumcision would 'end the state of Israel'
    • Mooser "No, but if there was a law, (or even just medical regulations on the operation, for God’s sake!) people could much more easily be sued by their circumcised children. And mohels and doctors, too. Without a law, restitution is nearly impossible."
      So Mooser, why do you want to take your parents to the cleaners?

    • JonS
      Why do you care what what this Ofir guy or any other Mondoweiss fan/BDShole thinks about Brit Mila or really anything else? You know as well as I do that Brit Mila ain't going away any time soon. Any country that tried to ban it will be looked upon as anti-Jewish.
      Also JonS we both know Israel is here to stay for the long haul. The Mondoweiss fans/BDSholes and their ilk aren't worth the time and effort to try to convince of anything. Also we both know the difference between extreme right wing and extreme left wing Jew hatred. The extreme right wing will more likely out right express their hatred towards Jew and Israel. The extreme leftists will say they don't hate Jews, but express their hatred against anything Jews value. They of course are "indirectly" hating Jews for the cause of human rights.
      So I recommend that you point out their hatred and their utter stupidity (they think they are so fucking brilliant) without engaging with them. You'll have more fun that way and Judaism and Israel will continue to prevail and they will continue to bang their heads against the wall.

  • Zionism, anti-Semitism, Israel — and the UK Labour party
    • I grew up in the bubble known as Chicago. I'm not a Zio. I'm a Zionist.
      Who cares that Gilad Atzmon or Jonathan Ofir or Yoni Falic were all born in Israel? All that proves is that assholes are born everywhere. David Duke and Louis Farrakhan were born in the U.S.A.

    • "a derogatory word for Jews? what’s next, banning the term zionist?"
      Often used by anti-Semites as a substitute for the word Jew as a feeble way to disguise their anti-Semitism. Happens all the time by those who are fans of Mondoweiss and by David Duke types. I am a Jew and a Zionist and proud to be in both groups.

  • Schumer and Dems outdo Trump at AIPAC-- there's no peace because 'Palestinians don't believe in Torah'
    • Mooser,
      If I did, I'd remember to comment here more and start catching up to you in the number of posts. I don't want to be anywhere near second in being bananas compared to you.

    • Nah Citizen, I'm good with Netanyahu for now. But that is really for Israeli Citizens to decide.

    • So Marnie,
      Who would you like to see as Prime Minister of Israel?

    • Hey Phil,
      I'm guessing somehow they let you into AIPAC 2018. If that is true, will you do me a favor? Go introduce yourself to Jan Schakowsky. I know she is there. After she gets a good look at you she'll start talking like David Friedman or Caroline Glick. Thanks.

  • Jared Kushner's swift rise and long, long fall
    • Its funny Eljay I know a Jew here and there. They are all Zionists. The Shul I belong to has an Israeli flag on one side of the Aron Kodesh and an American on the other side. On Shabbat we say the prayer for our country and the prayer for the State of Israel in Hebrew and English. I've been a member of this Shul for 30 years. There are about 700 families that are members. I guess as you say we all hate each other, but you couldn't tell that when we are together. Anyway Eljay, you gotta give up on your dream of being a Rottenfüher in the SS.

    • Druid,
      If you don't like the canard you were dealt put it back in the deck and I'll reshuffle. Even though the odds are infinitesimal for 99% of the population to draw that canard, my guess is you'll draw it again.

    • Weiss,
      You forgot to mention that Jared Kushner kicked your ass out of the New York Observer and that your ass is still sore. His power in D.C. is decreasing but he won't be joining you in the toilet of Israel hatred and anti-Semitism anytime soon.

  • In calling for end of Jewish state, Avraham Burg is painted as 'troublemaker' at liberal NY synagogue
    • Jon S,
      Don't pay attention to Mooser. He has never been to a Purim Party or any other party for that matter. With his hundreds of thousands of comments on MW, its always a party of one.

    • Whilst on the subject of Purim. All the hatred of Israel and hatred of the Jewish people and religion that is spewed by Mondoweiss and its fans is drowned out by the cheapest and shoddiest built grogger.

    • Eljay,
      You gotta give up on dream of being a Rottenführer in the SS. The war ended in '45. It is really uncool to be an anti-Semite. Although you don't get that impression here at Mondoweiss.

    • No reason for Jewish fear because we have Israel.

    • "I’m 4000 years old Jew and most of my history, I didn’t have airplanes, denied nuclear bombs, denied paratroopers, denied a state, and I survived nicely. Israel, you are 70 years old, and you have the mightiest army ever in the world and every day you are afraid the state of Israel will perish. What is wrong with you Israelis?"
      Give me a friggin' break! The rest of the world didn't have 'em either. Exactly why Israel and the United States will survive and I have no fear of the survival of these 2 countries.

  • Zionists should be excluded from left-oriented protests
  • I'm blacklisted and banned from Israel, but for many others this is nothing new
    • Mooser Sez: "“Steve’s” a big booster for Reform Judaism."
      The vast majority of JVP Rabbis are Reconstructionist and not Reformed. So go see your plastic surgeon.

    • Yonah sez "It is not a ridiculous idea, but a litmus test on BDS as a requirement for entering JTS seems to me a little extreme."
      JTS is graduating leaders in Judaism including Rabbis, Hazzans and Jewish Educators. Part of the values of the institution is love for the Jewish State of Israel. JVP is all about hatred directed towards the State of Israel. If an applicant is a member of JVP, that member should be denied admission. If a student joins JVP after admission that should be grounds for expulsion.
      My guess Snyder is enrolled at Columbia or Barnard and is taking a few classes at JTS and will not be receiving any degree or certificate or Smicha from JTS.

    • Um North -JTS is the main Rabbinical School for Conservative Judaism. It is governed by the USCJ (United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism). And USCJ is a pro-Israel and Zionist organization. So being against the existence of the Jewish State of Israel is against the values of Conservative Judaism and JTS.

    • It is time for JTS to ban JVP members. JVP members have no place in Conservative Judaism.

  • What's wrong with colonialism?
    • Yes Eljay,

      Anti-Zionism=Anti-Semitism no matter how much JVP tries to bullshit that away.
      An' the rhymin' might such, but it keeps up with Jimmy Page's riffs and that is all that counts!

    • Eljay’s dazed and confused for so long it's not true
      Wants something to do, so he hates the Jews
      Lots of people talk and few of them know
      Soul of an anti-Semite was created below

      You hurt and abuse telling all of your lies
      Run around sweet Eljay, Lord how he hypnotize
      Bigot little Eljay, I don't know where you've been
      Digusting anti-Zionism, there you go again

      Every day Eljay works so hard wasting time on Mondoweiss
      Try the truth Eljay, but you push it away
      Don't know where Eljay’s going, only know just where he’s been
      Anti-Semite Eljay, Israel is here to stay!

    • But staggered is the most stable conformation of n-butane.

    • Way past 21.
      I think I'll go down to ole Kansas Stew
      and bring back the 2nd cousin of Johnny Cockeroo
      Ain't that a man?

    • Avigail was a woman who thought she was a loner
      But she knew it wouldn't last
      Avigail left her home in Eretz Yisrael
      For some Scottish grass
      Get back, get back
      Get back to where you once belonged
      Get back, get back
      Get back to where you once belonged
      Get back Avigail, go home

  • A private tour of the Hebron Heights winery
    • Glad to report they sold out of all of the wines made by Jerusalem Winery in my area. The stores hope to have it back in stock in next week. Mondoweiss and JVP does a great job of promoting Israeli wines.

  • A Christmas letter to Nikki Haley
  • The never-ending crisis of Zionism
    • Sure, if you say so. I'm a Cub Fan, a Blackhawks, Fan, a former Bears fan and a very proud Zionist. But Mooser lives in his tiny bubble of ant-Zionism. Don Ho knew that even tiny bubbles pop.

    • Lorde will reverse course and will wind up singing in Israel because BDS against Israel is a constant failure. She'll even ask for forgiveness from her Israeli fans.

    • Never will happen again. Weiss will not be allowed in and will be kicked even further than when Jared Kushner punted him right out of the Observer!

    • "As long as Zionism is a never-ending crisis, Judaism and Jewishness will be in crisis. One of its own making, too. That consumes all of Judaism’s resources as a religion. One that sets Jews against other people."

      Nice try with the April Fool's joke. Heck it ain't even January 1st. A Merry Cratzinmir to you and your monkey Jimmy North and to your founding anti-Semite Phil Weiss.

  • 'Where did we go wrong in our homes and schools?' David Harris laments young Jews' hostility to Israel
    • Eljay,
      It is very simple. It is disgust for an individual who says he isJewish, especially when spewing hate against the Jewish State of Israel and engages in the Protocols of Elders of Zion style of Anti-Semitism. But eljay, we all know you are the resident expert on Anti-Semitism here at Mondoweiss. Don't forget to put that title on your resumé.

    • The founding anti-Semite of Mondoweiss says:
      "David Harris is 68 (and makes about $500,000 a year)"
      Hopefully, the founding anti-Semite of Mondoweiss doesn't have a pot to pee in for his efforts.

  • Israel's top diplomat spouts anti-Semitic criticism of American Jews -- 'having quite convenient lives'
    • "But even I don’t remember what it’s like to not have a Jewish state; I’m 45. And if I don’t remember, Hotovely certainly doesn’t – she’ll be turning 39 soon."

      Thank G-d I don't remember what it is like to not have the Jewish State of Israel!!!!!!!!!!!
      12 years before I was born we didn't have the miracle of the Jewish State of Israel and just 15 years before I was born they got done murdering 6 Million of us.
      The Jewish State of Israel keeps getting better and better year to year! A Homeland for the Jewish people for generations to come!

  • Media criticism of gun lobby after Vegas massacre would make the Israel lobby blush
    • @Citizen
      Daniel Biss is pro-Israel and he says he is a progressive so I believe him. Go to his FB page or web site and see for yourself. Even AlterNet says he is a progressive.
      Hating Israel makes you an idiot and not a progressive.

    • What motivated Daniel Biss is that he is Jewish and being pro-Israel is in his gut. It is personal to him. He rejects the disgusting idea perpetuated by Weiss, JVP, Sarsour and their fellow travelers that you can't be progressive and be pro-Israel. Daniel Biss is pro-Israel and a progressive that voted for the Illinois anti-BDS bill in the Illinois State Senate.

  • Can't discuss Palestine on campus? Then disaffiliate.
    • You are correct Betty. And hopefully, other Universities will follow the University of Illinois example and disavow their Universities from Israel haters such as Salaita and his ilk.

  • Going veg
  • White Jews: deal with your privilege and call out Jewish support for white supremacy
    • "Ae librarian for over 30 years, she blogs regularly on racial equity and diversity in public institutions and in media."

      Ms. Williams was forced to resign her position as Adult Services Librarian from the Evanston Public Library. She was forced to resign because she used her position there to promote her own political views without allowing other views. This disturbed the library so much they offered her a large severance package to make her willing to leave. An example of her bias was bringing Ali Abunimah to promote his book which outraged the local community.

  • Rabbi Rosen's shift from insider to outsider was sealed by Gaza 2014
  • Join Roger Waters on Facebook Live as he discusses his support for BDS
    • And Waters couldn't be a more of a hateful and immoral anti-Jewish supremacist.

    • Also, Roger looks like he is in pain. He should quit sitting on his unicorn.
      Lazing in the foggy dew
      Sitting on a unicorn.
      No fair, you can't hear me
      But I can you.

    • The reason Roger appears unshaven in the photo is because every time he looks in the mirror he sings to himself: "big man, pig man ha ha charade you are".

  • What does it take to support excellent journalism in Israel/Palestine?
    • "What have Jews to do with “lamentations”?"
      I dunno Mooserlach. Its getting to look a bit like Tisha b'Av. Tis the season for Lamentations.

    • Page: 6
    • I of course won't donate, but I'll keep on chuckling whilst reading Weiss's lamentations about Zionist Jews.

  • Israeli musicians to Thom Yorke: Canceling Radiohead show will disrupt Israel's 'business as usual' facade
    • Mooser sez:
      "Why take the risk of exposure and loss of credibility to Mondo and BDS your comments are sure to bring about?

      I’ll tell you why, “Dabakr”! It’s because they are devoted to free speech and damn the consequences! You gotta give ’em that. I think it’s big of them."

      That is because Mooser has posted more than 40,000 comments on MW. So, it is true for him. Mooser's comments probably automatically get through. It ain't the same for me and others who oppose MW.

      Just today I attempted to post the following comment which was deleted: "Kushner is qualified for this because he kicked Weiss's ass to the curb." to this piece:

  • UN last hurdle before Israel can rid itself of the Palestinians
    • Yesterday I made a favorable comment about Nikki Haley I also pointed out that I'm not a Trump supporter. The comment was deleted. I guess I must have violated Mondoweiss commenting policy with this type of comment.

  • The Israelis
    • Mooser:
      Who can do all that with all that booze you and North say I consume? Instead I'll list the low hanging fruit like you​, Falic, Weiss Max Blumenthal. Since even low hanging fruit need a "rabbi", why not Brant Rosen?

    • Yeah, you're right. I already tossed out Yoni Falic.

    • I've made the list and I'm checking it twice.

    • "However, they do hate and are scared shitless, and isn’t hatred the manifestation of fear? "
      They got Hizbollah to the North, Hamas to the South, ape shit meshuganas killing each other in Syria and then Iran making threat after threat and funding Hizbollah and Hamas. I gotta say Israel does a good job handling it and Israeli's live mostly peaceful lives and worry about normal shit like getting their kids to school on time and fighting traffic to get to work.

    • Yeah Israeli's have arms. Yet virtually no gun violence. Go figure.

    • "I have lost jobs and been called vile by my own mother for my positions, but if the pro-Israel bloc in the U.S. is monolithic, it is not oceanic: there have always been people from whom I could derive support"
      Your mother seems like a wonderful woman. She shouldn't​ have called you vile. You should feel bad for making your mother feel that way. Pathetic.
      It is so wierd that you don't get how people would be united against those that are hell bent on destroying their country.

    • "It was moving that Allon needed to distance himself from the attitude; and yet the attitude was everywhere; and he and I met in a café because his parents had come out to stay in the apartment that day and he was afraid of exposing his parents to a liberal American."
      More like a raging anti-Semite.

    • Weiss sez: "Most of the Israelis I met were not tough but hardened. They have contempt for the non-Jews in their midst."
      They like non-Jews, but they hate Jews like you. Ya know the kind that do nothin' else but spew hatred toward Israel and tell people they are Jewish only when it adds a bit of emphasis to the hatred they spread.

  • Israeli ambassador says he admires and envies Palestinians for keeping refugee issue alive
  • Once I was lit by moonbeams
    • Annie sez "(and he doesn’t hate you)"
      You are correct Liz Rose's dad doesn't hate her. But I'm sure he can't stand the JVP knuckleheads she hangs around and wishes his daughter would quit the Tzedek Chicago Cult.

  • New York rabbi links Jewish Voice for Peace to Osama bin Laden and Assad
    • Mooser,
      Neither Israel nor Zionism nor the Jewish People need me to "champion". They are all thriving and I just express my pride. :-)

    • Here is JVP Rabbi Brant Rosen's contact information on a public website where he is employed. Feel free to ask him about the love he gets from his local Jewish community.

    • To sum up what Rabbi Hirsch said: JVP is full of shit.
      That is the gut reaction of pretty much all American Jews to anyone speaking on behalf of JVP.
      Also, the vast majority of American Jews never heard of JVP and aren't interested in anything they have to say.

  • The agony of J Street
    • Well its alright North in fact its a gas.

    • Sure. I started letting my Zionist pride hang out the second the Israel/Jew haters at the U.N. declared Zionism racism. Don't see any reason to not continue letting my Zionist pride hang out.

    • Yeah I know eljay same old. Same old.

    • Mooser asks:
      "No doubt you have an effective and efficient plan to deal with this problem, “Steve”.

      What is it?"

      The problem is miniscule and laughable and not worth the time and effort of consideration.

    • "To bridge the gap Weizmann coined the term “non-Zionist”. The nomenclature was intended to identify a Jew who was willing to contribute material aid to the building of the “national home” but was recognized as opposing the concept of “Jewish” nationalism"

      And now those who call themselves non-Zionist are just pathetic Israel hating scumbags in disguise.

  • Trump's new war has neocons, Clintonites, and Israelis applauding, but left and realists dismayed
    • Don Rickles Z"L never called Phil Weiss a hockey puck because it would have been a complete waste of his time thinking about a guy like Phil Weiss and he wouldn't have wanted to insult hockey pucks.

  • The Jewish revolution
    • Annie,
      It is refreshing to me that you and your Israel hating fellow travelers are happy with JVP behaving like the childish amateurs that they are. As a result, Jews have nothing to worry about. The JVP current membership is a plateau and then declines will follow as a result of their mismanagement.
      Anyway, this has been mildly entertaining.

    • JVP should fire Rebecca Vilkomerson too. After all, someone has gotta take responsibility for the disastrous decision of inviting Rasmea Odeh. They spent all that money at that expensive hotel and paid honoraria, travel expenses and accommodations for the speakers and then they invite Odeh who couldn't be more of a PR disaster for JVP. And what do they have to show for it? Nothing. I apologize for sounding like a capitalist and looking at the bottom line.

    • Just read that NY Post piece Annie. If that is the only thing you can find in the media about that spectacular JVP NMM, then JVP had better fire their Director of Propaganda Naomi Dann.
      Zionists like me just shouldn't be allowed to have this kind of fun!

    • So tell me Annie, how come there was zero, nada, bupkis media coverage of that big JVP nmm in Chicago with the star of the show Linda Sarsour?

    • JVP held their National Members Meeting at the Hyatt at McCormick Place in Chicago on 3/31 thru 4/2. JVP invited Rasmea Odeh the convicted murderer of Leon Kanner and Edward Joffe to speak. StandWithUs and the JUF ripped JVP apart in the media making JVP look like terrorist supporters which they are.

      JVP had Linda Sarsour speak who has gained a bit of a positive media coverage because of the Women's Marches. Because of how stupid JVP looked for inviting Odeh and even with Sarsour there, no one gave a crap about the JVP national members meeting. No coverage in the media. There was a small anti gun violence event hosted by JCUA in Chicago on April 2nd and that was covered by Chicago television news stations ABC 7 , NBC 5, CBS 2 and WGN.

  • Jewish groups slamming Trump on refugees are hardhearted when it comes to Palestinian refugees
  • What would Anne Frank do?
    • Mooser spank your own ass and shout hooray! You do a better job of disparaging the Holocaust than Trump and Bannon and you do it on a daily basis with your Israel hating comments on Mondoweiss.

    • Don't worry Mooser I am happy. I am happy I had the honor to know survivors of the Shoah. I am happy I had the honor to see them be an inspiration to our community. I am happy I had the honor to sing Hatikva with them at Sheerit Hapleitah events, at Yom HaShoah events and at the Illinois Holocaust museum. I am happy that I shared the simchas of their children's and grandchildren's B'nai Mitzvot and weddings with them. I am honored to be part of a group of people who make sure that there is always a Minyan at their Shivas. Unfortunately, their numbers are dwindling, but they were and are strong people who pass on their legacy of love for Israel. L'Dor V'Dor.

    • I haven't met a single survivor of the Shoah who wouldn't Kvell about Israel. I grew up and still live in an area near Chicago that was home to a large number. So many that the Nazis wanted to march here and a movie was made about this. I met many and unfortunately, I have attended funerals and Shivas for many. You can dislike Israel all you want, I will never cease to Kvell.

    • No ouija board is needed when you have faith in humanity.

    • Nothing scars Elie Wiesel's reputation no matter how hard you try.

    • Anne Frank would be a proud Zionist just like Elie Wiesel. She would find Mondoweiss disgusting.

  • Jewish brawl on CNN signals breakup of the pro-Israel monolith in the Trump era
    • "On Thursday night on CNN, Don Lemon had to break up a fight between Boteach and Peter Beinart and a Jewish Trump supporter named Andy Dean. All these guys support Israel, but they were at each others’ throats. Dean called Jonathan Greenblatt of the Anti Defamation League a “far left guy” for his criticisms of Steve Bannon. And called the ADL a “far left group.” Even though the ADL opposes Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS), and has vilified Keith Ellison, it’s far left?"

      Didn't seem like they were at each others throat. They seemed pretty respectful to each other though they each seemed like they wanted to get more air time than the other in the limited time.

      Had Lemon asked them what do you all think of Phil Weiss? They would each call him an idiot and fight each other to see who could say it louder and take up more time saying it.

  • 'Love thy neighbor as thyself' -- Really?
    • Mooser replies:
      "You bet, “Jon s”! That’s why God put Judaism and Jews on earth, for you to pimp any way you want to."
      Mooser pimps for the Jew haters. He even throws in a bissele Yiddish while doing it.

  • New anti-Semitism legislation may stifle campus activism for Palestinian rights
    • Maz,
      Mooser has posted here over 30,000 times. He has never (not even once) admitted that the possibility exists that Israel haters can also be Jew haters. He is first in line to post a comment defending an Israel hating Jew hater.

    • I guess they'll have to go through their "struggle" without the anti-Semitism.

  • Deborah Lipstadt's double standard on white nationalism and Jewish nationalism
    • Lillian Rosengarten sez:

      "Lipstadt herself is “real and dangerous” for she like many Jews who see themselves as progressives remain ambivalent or at one with the lies of the propaganda machines"

      If you pulled out Lipstadt from that statement and replaced her name with Lillian Rosengarten and Phil Weiss and Max Blumenthal it would become quite accurate.

  • If American universities ignore attacks on Muslim students, who will defend them?
    • Elizabeth Block,
      100% of all Jew haters hate Israel too. Gideon Levy of Haaretz sez different. But, Gideon Levi just like Phil Weiss and Max Blumenthal scratch out their living by drumming up Israel hatred and hatred of those that observe Judaism.

  • Why 'give him a chance' is not an option
  • I'm not worried about anti-Semitism
    • Naw fellow Citizen. Keep it simple just keep guys like Phil Weiss, Max Blumenthal and their favorite "Rabbi" Brant Rosen and their wacky preachin' on the fringe where they will forever remain.

    • "Caroline glick agrees with Phil that bannon is not an antisemite."
      So an Anti-Semite and a proud Jewish Zionist agree - Interesting Jonah!

    • "Chemi Shalev makes my point. He says that Jews came to feel that they were insiders in America– and suddenly we are outsiders."

      An adjustment turns this to truth - and as usual anti-Israel Jews more so than ever are outsiders.

  • Trump is bad because Israeli Jews will love him and US Jews will see it -- NYT columnist
    • Yonah, you know better! After all Mooser will tell you over and over and over again that Phil Weiss knows what is best for Jews and there could not be a better friend of the Jews. Heck he might even say something about his pupik too while assuring the Mondoweiss peeps how much Phil Weiss stands for Judaism.
      You want proof? Eljay has never-not even once questioned why Phil Weiss or Mooser hates Jews.

  • Sheldon Adelson, Trump's billionaire backer, is committed to 'the Jewish people' and believes Palestinians are a 'made up people'
    • Phil,
      Thanks for making the case for Sheldon Adelson getting the Nobel Peace Prize. What will the be the % of Nobel Prizes going to Jewish people be after the addition of Bob Dylan's Literature Prize and Sheldon Adelson's potential Peace Prize (thanks to Phil Weiss)?

  • Analyst: If Trump gives Netanyahu a green light 'Palestinians will detonate in the face of Israel'
  • 'Atlantic' editor says that Israel's 1948 expulsion of Palestinians was not 'a tragedy'
    • It's like this Jimmy North. The mods don't post my comments pointing out Phil Weiss's pathological hatred of Israel and most things Jewish. But, I guess they allow it from time to time when I say similar things about his sock puppet Mooser.

    • "Grover is exquisitely aware of what non-Jewish Americans think, and strives every day, every minute, to be what non-Jewish Americans want a Jew to be."
      Yeah Mooser every Jew strives to hate Israel like you do. Each one has boasted about it over 30,000 times.

    • No Mooser. Non-Jews in America think less of Jews who are stupid enough to be Israel haters.

  • Shimon Peres, Israel's greatest ambassador, will be remembered for enabling oppression of the Palestinians
    • "Entering the Jewish High Holiday season, a time of reflection and confession, what are Jews to do?"
      Continue to be Jews and be proud of the religion and be proud of Israel.

  • Shimon Peres, dead at 93
  • NYU pro-Israel group blocks public from IDF terrorism talk at last minute
    • "That’s right “Grover” all Phil Weiss has to do is raise one eyebrow, and the entire Sabbatean schtik comes crashing back to earth."

      Sez my sock pupik.

    • "The mission of Law Students for Israel is to facilitate open and honest discourse and debate centering around legal and humanitarian issues pertaining to Israeli policy."

      This is the reason why Weiss wasn't let in. He infringes upon open and honest discourse and debate centering around legal and humanitarian issues pertaining to Israeli policy.

  • Amos Oz would never stand in the street in Tel Aviv shouting 'Kill all the Arabs'
    • If I were being sarcastic I would have said this what happens to a person when they give up kishke for haggis.

    • So according to Amos Oz, Avigail Arbarbanel is an Anti-Semite. And of course he would be correct. Fret not Avigail, for you are joined by Phil Weiss.

  • Netanyahu's ghost on 'ethnic cleansing' video is rightwing pollster Luntz
    • Jimmy,
      I feel your pain we all had to endure stuff in our careers that we aren't thrilled about. Heck it even happened to me.

      I got a job right out of college with a small firm in the early 80s. After two months the firm was purchased by a German firm.

      About 6 months later they wanted to send me to their office in Damascus for 2 weeks. I told them I can't go because I have Israel stamped all over my passport and that I have a pro-Israel point of view. I wasn't thrilled with working for a German firm and was even less thrilled by being sent to a Country that is an enemy of Israel and the United States.

      Even with all that they told me I had to go and assisted me with getting a new passport. So, I went and Hafez Al-Assad was the boss of Syria at the time. I found the country very interesting and felt bad for the people for being ruled by a regime of scumbags.

      I never spoke about my views of the Arab-Israeli conflict or let anyone know about my religion. My Syrian colleagues told me from time to time that virtually every problem in the world was caused by Jews. They kept insisting that George Schultz was a Jew. And that the United States was run by Jews which Phil Weiss seems to agree with.

      Luckily, about 2 months after I arrived home I got a job with a different firm. I vowed never to step foot in a country that doesn't have diplomatic relations with Israel again. I haven't done that since.

    • Mooser,
      The only reason Jimmy North (is he still Katrina vanden Heuvel's valet at the Nation?) came up with the sock puppet schtick is bacause he can't say anything negative about the Cubs anymore.

    • Poor, poor pitiful talkback who lives in a world full of trolls.

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