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  • Israeli police ransack Tariq Abu Khdeir family home and arrest relatives in apparent revenge raid
    • Steve Macklevore July 18, 2014 at 5:58 pm

      I'd really like to see shits like Professor Alan Dershowitz see this and understand that this is the reality of the country they love so much.

      It's a dirty racist vindictive shit-hole of a place, with one remarkable talent. just when you think they've stooped as low as any society can go, they go even lower.

      Fuck Israel!

  • Jet Blue incident shifts from anti-Semitic story to anti-Palestinian one
    • hophmi says:

      "This is one crazy lady who decided to shout abuse at a Palestinian person. She’s not reflective of the Jewish community in any meaningful way."

      On the contrary, with her emotional intensity, claims that 'the other' is a murderer and/or evil and general bullying intimidation, I'd say she's typical of the more extreme pro Israel supporters.

      These tactics are designed to intimidate and silence anyone sympathetic to the Palestinian cause. Sadly, any pro-Palestinian advocate has to get used to them. The tactics are obnoxious, just like the state and philosophy they are designed to protect.

  • Hewlett-Packard's complicity in occupation makes headlines
    • Steve Macklevore July 1, 2014 at 6:08 am

      Too bad the Chronicle cowards refer to 'disputed territories' rather than the truth with is of course illegally occupied territories, or the illegally occupied West Bank.

  • Why I pull against the U.S. in the World Cup
    • Steve Macklevore June 22, 2014 at 2:04 pm

      Two objections, Phil:

      1) In football the United States is an underdog, whilst a developing nation like Brazil is a super-power.

      2) Many people on the left dislike their own nations. That may be well and worthy, but its a very efficient way to alienate people you're trying to convince about important stuff.

  • Historical whitewash: Great Britain must be held accountable for its role in the Nakba
    • My grandfather's brother, Joe was stationed in Palestine as a member of the RAF during the second world war.

      This can be no consolation to you, but the reason I became involved in 'the cause' was the stories he told of Palestine pre-1948, and especially early episodes of what would later become known as the Nakba.

      I would also respectfully point out that British soldiers, alongside their Jordanian comrades fought bravely and effectively against the Israeli Army and managed to hold a sizable piece of what became the West Bank and of course the entire old city of Jerusalem.

      Britain can never atone for what it has done to the Palestinian people, but I can honestly report that the mass of the population is pro-Palestinian. This includes people of the Right as well as the Center and Left. A surprisingly large number of British people have never forgiven or forgotten the activities of the Stern Gang and Irgun. Proof of this is Great Britain's reluctance to recognise Israel, which didn't happen until 1950.

  • Israel's unending settlements 'mortally wound idea of a Jewish state' -- Indyk
    • "If [settlement construction] continues, it could mortally wound the idea of Israel as a Jewish state..."

      Poor dim-bulb Martin. If only you'd had this realisation 15 years ago and acted upon it. Instead you choose to enable it, by acting as Israel's American lawyer. What a terrible irony of history.

  • In historic interviews, US officials blame end of talks on Israeli land theft
    • I find the level of naivete in this article the most astonishing thing I've read for decades - maybe ever.

      “Only now, after talks blew up, did we learn that this is also about expropriating land on a large scale,”

      What do you have to do to become a U.S negotiator - watch "Exodus" and "Cast a Giant Shadow" and sign your name three times without a spelling mistake?

      Honestly, ignorance like this is actually negligent, maybe even criminally negligent. How can officials this stupid and badly prepared host negotiations when they have almost zero knowledge of the tactics and history of the negotiating parties? How the fuck are these morons chosen?

      Knowing what Israel has done over the past 40+ years is hardly a secret!

      Honestly, the ignorance and stupidity of well meaning Americans makes my blood boil! I knew Kerry was a dumb fuck - he lost an election to President Fuckwit for goodness sake. But he obviously feels most comfortable with dumber officials that make Sarah Palin look like Einstein!

      Maybe the U.S tactic is that the Israelis will drown in their own urine having pissed themselves laughing so much at the 'honest brokers' team?

      I bet you any money you like the Israeli negotiation team are well read, they rehearse, and they go through arguments and counter arguments and responses time and time again. Stealing land and spinning out negotiations is a serious business in Israel.

      Poor Palestinians - they should now approach the E.U - at least it contains a few nations, notably Britain and France that are as ruthless, duplicitous and cynical as Israel.

  • 'When I go into the class, I am preparing tomorrow's citizens for the next war'
    • Ofer Neiman wrote:

      "We also give our Arab citizens gas masks."

      Shame you don't give back the towns and villages you stole at gunpoint in 1947-48.

      CHORUS: "Why do they hate us so much?!?"

  • Hell freezes over (NYT publishes glowing profiles of anti-Zionists)
    • The real tipping point will come when the N.Y.T profiles gentiles such as myself without suggesting our motives are tainted with 'subconscious antisemitism."

      But I suppose hell really will become chilly before that happens.

  • 'FT' blast on settlements will strike fear at Hasbara Central (if not among liberal Zionists and 'glitzy blondes')
    • The Israeli case is essentially lost in Britain.

      There are a few (very few) hasbara pushers like Mad Mel Philips and Howard Jacobson, but otherwise support for Palestine is almost universal among most people.

      Hence the F.T editorial was nothing particularly remarkable, although it's heartening to see how much traction BDSM is getting these days. It really does seem to be the only thing that makes Israelis scared - never mind the paper tiger of the Iranian H-Bomb.

  • Palestinians bring plight of Wadi Foquin to Capitol Hill audience
    • A few years ago some Palestinians gave a presentation and Q & A on the occupation to Senator Joseph Lieberman - at that time a Democrat for Connecticut. At the end he declared that he was 'troubled' by what he'd been shown.

      And then he did nothing but support Israel.

      Sadly, I suspect this presentation will have the exact same effect on the US politicians who attend it.

  • Ben White brings 'apartheid' talk to Brooklyn College dep't (which hasn't hosted Dershowitz in 39 years)
    • So, the New York Daily News calls for 'balance' does it?

      I think we should welcome that call full on. Whose up to writing to the editor and asking when was the last time the News published an Op-Ed which had a pro-Palestinian viewpoint, and when was the last time it published one with a pro-Israel viewpoint?

      And over the course of say... the last five years, what has the ratio been between pro-Israel op-ed columns and pro-Palestinian ones?

      Do I detect the foul stink of hypocrisy and double standards? Let the News make it's case for 'balance.'

  • 'NYT' review casts Dershowitz as lovable contrarian
    • I see Dershowitz as a clown.

      A rather sad, attention-seeking clown with a shabby repetitive act and wet pants.

  • J Street's achievements
  • 'Welcome to the Occupation': British woman detained and interrogated in Ben Gurion airport while trying to volunteer at Bethlehem school
    • Amena please don't despair.

      The record of racist settler colonies isn't good; sooner or later they all end in tears and recrimination and regrets. Israel is no exception.

      One day they will be retribution and a terrible reckoning for "The Bitch," "Black tee-shirt" and all the others; if not for them then their children.

      Israel has had numerous opportunities to live in peace with it's neighbours. Each time it has chosen land and killing instead of a fair and just settlement. Israel has made it's choice, now the only interesting question is how long it lasts.

  • We gotta get out of Israel, if it's the last thing we ever do
    • Steve Macklevore July 24, 2013 at 2:18 pm

      No serious BDS activist would be foolish enough to issue a physical threat.

      Allegations of physical threats must be challenged; the whole threat story reeks of false flags and hasbara.

  • Foxman helped mobilize wealthy AIPAC board member to obtain Clinton pardon of Marc Rich
    • Steve Macklevore July 18, 2013 at 1:34 pm

      There's something infinitely depressing about once idealistic principled people reduced to taking dirty money for doing favours to obnoxious criminals...

  • If non-white majority in US is 'good news,' why is Bill Clinton warning about 'Palestinians having more babies'?
    • To make excuses for the President and ex-President's comments, perhaps they are trying to use language and arguments specially adapted to a racist, Zionist, bigoted audience?

  • When will the discourse of the 'two state solution' finally change?
    • Given the current ruthlessness of Israel and the way it's governments and the electorate seem to move in an ever more extreme direction:

      1) Isn't the main danger a complete ethnic cleansing of the West Bank, perhaps during a moment of high crisis elsewhere when much of the world is distracted. For example, a crisis on the Korean peninsula, or possibly the island of Taiwan?

      2) Isn't a secondary danger that Israel establishes an apartheid state, but with the help of it's very powerful domestic allies, especially in the USA, it simply toughes it out. "Israel hates the situation in the West Bank, but it's the only way this exceptional country can guarantee it's security."

  • My 72 depressing hours on Obama's trail
    • Try to remain positive.

      The number of good people in the world far outnumber the bad.

      Outside the United States, Israel is deeply unpopular, even hated in many countries. There is some evidence that the younger generations of American Jews may be less willing to adopt an "Israel right or wrong and here's a fat cheque to ensure it stays that way."

      Above all else is the endurance of the Palestinian people. It's been an open secret that since 1967, the broad aim has been to make conditions so intolerable that the Palestinians "voluntarily" leave for Jordan and elsewhere. Despite everything they show no signs of doing that.

      Above all else we must continue to make our voices heard. Otherwise with the 'right' American President and the 'right' Israeli Prime Minister, and the 'right' conditions (e.g an International community distracted by something like the Invasion of Iraq in 2003), Israel will attempt to ethnically cleanse the West Bank, while blithering on about how much it's hates doing so. The slow motion ethnic cleansing that is going on now can be resisted to some extent. A full scale ethnic cleansing might be accomplished in a few weeks and be irriversable!

  • 'Atlantic' writer provides no evidence for allegation that Harvard professor is anti-Semitic
    • I wouldn't worry about it too much, Phil.

      While it's true that in the past the lobby could finish people's careers off for good, the situation is much changed now.

      Thanks to our opponents crying ANTISEMITE! far too many times and in far too many situations, the charge itself has zero weight in Europe and is diminishing by the day in the USA. Consider just how many genuinely great and good figures have been accused of antisemitism in the recent past, and the accusation becomes nonsensical, simply a bad joke.

      Steve Walt's post and reputation is secure, no matter how much Jeffery Goldberg might wish otherwise.

  • Shorter NYT profile of Hillary Clinton: Bill and I dined with our old friend Elie Wiesel recently
  • Makdisi: E1 sets the stage for one state
    • My nightmare is that under the 'right' American President and with the 'right' Israeli leader and under the 'right' circumstances (a distracted International community, or perhaps one exhausted by a major war as in 1947-48), Israel ethnically cleanses the West Bank to the shouts and cries of the International community but little action beyond a token boycott or the withdrawal of an ambassador.

      Indeed many elements in Israel, faced with the reality of a one state solution will argue that such action is a regrettable necessity (boo hoo hoo we will never forgive them for what they force us to do boo hoo hoo).

  • 'America and Israel are in it together,' Clinton declares-- and nary a word about settlements
    • I wouldn't worry about Hillary. Unlike her husband, she comes over as exactly what she is - highly ambitious, highly intelligent, rather unprincipled and rather nasty. Those aren't characteristics that enable you to win the popularity contest that is a U.S Presidential election.

  • Avnery-- leftist, and 89-- warns of the 'natural increase' of Arabs threatening Jewish majority
    • Uri Avnery is a marvellous distinguished man, but at heart he's a Zionist.

      To be sure the most harmless left-wing Zionist, but none the less a man who speaks of his service in the Nakba of '47 and '48 with pride and affection. A man who who was close emotionally if not politically to extreme right-winger Menachem Begin. A man who knew and worked with Golda Mier, the lady who spoke endlessly of peace yet never saw a reckless assassination plot or cruel refugee camp aerial bombing she didn't approve of.

      In a sense Uri Avnery embodies just how hideous Zionism is. Even someone as kind, intelligent, thoughtful and compassionate as he still finds ways to justify land theft and ethnic cleansing. It was all done from the purest motives don't you see...?

  • Regurgitating Israeli talking points, Amanpour lectures Meshal that 'int'l agreements' bar right of return
    • A marvellous case of how weak the Israeli arguments are - in order to present the Israeli case, Christian Amanpour has to invent an international law nobody has ever heard about!

      I'll leave the debate about the professionalism of that to others, but I bet Amanpour is on a higher salary than most of us here...

  • NYT's Jodi Rudoren responds to criticism of Facebook comments
  • Exile and the Prophetic: The Jewish community’s entire life is bound up with war
    • "Yet more and more Jews are waking up to the fact that embracing war as a way of life leads nowhere - except to more war."

      I see no evidence for this assertion - in Israel the attack on Gaza is wildly popular.

  • Nous accusons: Mainstream media fails to report context and severity of Israeli atrocities against Gaza
  • Exile and the Prophetic: The interfaith ecumenical deal is dead
    • Elie Wiesel is an unapologetic racist bigot, for whom Israel can never ever do any wrong.

      It's shameful to pretend he has anything to teach anyone who isn't a member of the Likud.

  • Israeli court acquits border policeman in death of 10-year-old Naalin protester
    • I was working in the ISM Media Office in Ramallah that miserable day (July 29th 2008). They brought Ahmed to the central hospital and I sent two of our 'spare' volunteers over there to find out how badly he was hurt and what had happened to him.

      One of these volunteers actually saw Ahmed - he'd been shot in the head and cerebral fluid and brain material had leaked onto the pillow from the exit wound in the back of his head. They kept Ahmed on life support for a day or two, as his family couldn't bear to have the machines switched off immediately - they needed time to adjust to the idea that their beloved ten year old son had been shot dead.

      During that time he was on the life support, various journalists saw Ahmed - the idea that the cause of his death is in dispute is ludicrous. Also, several ISM volunteers were in Nil'in during that period - saw the various protests and could have been called as witnesses - needless to say they weren't.

      There's a nasty coda to the murder of Ahmed Moussa. The very next day, the Israeli Border police unit at Nil'in showed how much it had learned by murdering another Palestinian youth - Yousef Amera who was 17 or 18.

  • Obama beat Romney, 17-14, in mentions of Israel during debate
    • Great article Phil, too bad I feel slightly sick after reading it.

      Pity the Palestinian people; they're up against an entire super-power thanks to that super-power's corrupt and archaic political system.

  • Jewish establishment pulls out of interfaith dialogue, threatens Congressional investigation of 'delegitimizers' over Christian letter
    • This is excellent news - the Zionist Israel First crowd are shaken by this development. Hold firm churches, stay loyal to your congregations and your hearts!

  • Evangelical Lutheran Church calls for US inquest into human rights violations in Israel, and some Jewish groups are outraged
    • “The letter calling for hearings and reassessment was issued without outreach to longtime partners in public advocacy within the Jewish community..."

      Bad Lutherans, bad!

      To repeat what you already know, nothing but NOTHING connected with the Israel/Palestinian conflict is for release until we've had a chance to eyeball it and approve it.

      Now go take a trip to the woodshed. You're in a LOT of trouble!

  • Dowd's stalwart defenders lead counter-attack on neocons for pushing disastrous war
    • An excellent bit of research, Phil.

      You may be right that, almost imperceptibly, the tide is turning on Israel/Palestine and things which even five years ago would never dare to be said are now being discussed openly in mainstream publications.

      Alas, for the two state solution, I fear it's all a decade or so too late...

  • On charges of anti-Semitism and Palestinian solidarity activism
    • I suspect large numbers of French resistance fighters held virulently anti-German views during the Nazi occupation of France from 1940-45.

      Such views were surely inevitable under a brutal military occupation that included biased courts and summary justice deployed against the indigenous population.

      Postwar, both France and Germany were transformed and made huge and sincere efforts at forgiveness, understanding and conciliation. There is no reason why Israelis and Palestinians couldn't make the same sincere and good-willed efforts once a just and equitable solution to the Israel/Palestine conflict has been found.

      Until that solution is found, some degree of anti-Semitism among Palestinians is (sadly) inevitable, as is a degree of racism in Israel which many observers find horrifying.

      But demanding that anti-Semitism is stamped out in a population brutally occupied and oppressed by a state that wants to be known as Jewish is simply unacceptable.

  • Sarah Schulman takes on pinkwashing at OUT Magazine
    • I've seldom read a more comprehensive dismantlement of an organisation as this.

      OUT are shown to be weak, unprincipled and ruthlessly manipulated by the government of Israel.

      Excellent work by Sarah Schulman.

  • Jimmy Carter on Corrie verdict: 'The court’s decision confirms a climate of impunity, which facilitates Israeli human rights violations against Palestinian civilians in the Occupied Territory.'
  • Two-stater says the reality has shifted to one apartheid state
    • Dialogue groups have always been deeply problematic; not least because they are often enthusiastically supported by 'liberal Zionists' and 'moderates.'

      From an Israeli point of view they are perfect - they use a lot of Palestinian time and energy, they implicitly support the "each side is as bad as the other" idea, and they have no impact on the ground.

      Anyone who wishes to support the Palestinian cause is well advised to ignore dialogue groups.

  • Exile and the Prophetic: Have you been conquered by the bible?
    • I'm sorry but I'm finding this series far too long-winded, self-indulgent and self-absorbed.

      It may well have merits that I find elusive, but surely it's out of place here on Mondoweiss?

  • Australian pro-Palestine activists beat charges
    • Steve Macklevore July 24, 2012 at 8:16 am

      Really great work - massive thanks and congratulations to all concerned.

      Quite apart from the boycott issue, casting some much needed light on Zionist influence 'behind the scenes' is an absolute good, not just for Palestine but the nation of Australia too. Many 'ordinary' and normally apolitical people will be dismayed and furious to discover how much influence Israel has in Australian domestic politics.

      THANK YOU!

  • Ash responds to critique of Finkelstein on BDS
    • I do wish we could just move on from this issue.

      Infighting is exactly what Israel and it's supporters want from us.

      Some people think the right of return must be implemented in full, some like Chomsky I believe, say that it's an impossible demand and wrong to raise Palestinian hopes. Others think there is likely to be a small symbolic right of return, with compensation (which doubtless the poor American taxpayer will fund) for those who remain outside Palestine/Israel.

      The above positions are all honourable, and it's perfectly possible that people who hold any one of those beliefs can work together to end the occupation.

  • DNC member resigns after emails faulting Israeli 'aggression' and Palestinian burden for Holocaust
    • It's very sad to see proud representatives of the people reduced to snivelling wretches by the power of the lobby. I do hope there that one day there isn't a fearful backlash against it.

  • Circumcision deaths are a legalized non-scandal
    • Steve Macklevore June 25, 2012 at 5:43 am

      Urgh! The older I get, the more I dislike all religion, and especially the 'ultra true believers' What a revolting practice and what a horrible scandal. It makes me feel queasy. Urgh!

  • 'Palestine Place' comes to London, and the west will never be the same
    • Steve Macklevore June 12, 2012 at 5:53 am

      ISM London did a great two day training and orientation workshop last Saturday and Sunday.

      They will be giving further trainings (although not at the Palestine Place which closes this week) in the summer.

      Contact ISM London for details.

  • VP's daughter ties knot with a Jewish guy
  • Jane Harman, media mogul
    • Steve Macklevore June 11, 2012 at 3:49 pm

      Yet another fabulously wealthy and very influential citizen whose primary loyalty is to the state of Israel.

      It's a wonder we've achieved anything at all for the Palestinians when you get a glimpse of the forces aligned against them.

  • A debate about the two-state-solution with Norman Finkelstein
    • Steve Macklevore June 7, 2012 at 4:22 am

      I found this a fascinating debate between two honourable men who hold two honourable views.

      Indeed it's striking how much both of them agree on.

      The debate about the true numbers of settlers is rather ridiculous. Even if the Palestinians agree to the de-facto theft of their land to accommodate 300,000 settlers in Israel, that still leaves about 200,000 (a conservative estimate) who must be rehoused in Israel. Under the Israeli proportional representation system, it's difficult to see how any Israeli government could enact that legislation and, crucially, carry it out with an Army heavily infiltrated by hardcore settlers and nationalists.

      That's why ultimately I believe the solution will be one state, perhaps preceded by Israeli flight to the USA and Europe as the increasing extremism and unsustainability of Israel becomes clear. But I hope Norman is right and I'm wrong, because the one state solution could very easily dissolve into chaos and urban terrorism (see conflict in Northern Ireland for details).

  • The 'honest broker' comes clean: Obama admits the US is 'more attentive' to Israel than Palestinians
    • Don't despair - Israel and everyone else constantly underestimates the will and endurance of the Palestinian people.

      Israel is already a dirty word in large parts of Europe, and (worryingly for Israel) especially so amongst educated affluent younger people - the leaders of tomorrow.
      The BDS movement is growing, slowly but surely, and US support tends to be coerced by AIPAC rather than given from genuine warmth and affection.

      Netanyahu is rude and abrasive even by Israeli standards, and a second term Obama will have little to lose from slapping him about a bit.

      To repeat - don't despair; we must continue to fight for the Palestinian cause.

  • Once she joined 'Women in Black' and opposed aid to Israel. And then-- she ran for Congress and went to AIPAC
    • Steve Macklevore June 1, 2012 at 3:09 pm

      Once again, the incredible amounts of money that being 'on-side' offers is too much for principle or beliefs.

      It's easy to imagine the internal dialogue (or possibly even the overt dialogue taking place behind closed doors):

      "I'm going to have compromise on my principles on this issue. But if I don't the Lobby will back the opposing candidate and I'll be outspent, as well as smeared in the media, whom the Lobby also influences mightily.

      So, in order to get most of things done that I believe in, I'm going to give myself the best chance I have of being elected, and abandon the Palestinians to their fate. It's not nice, but then politics isn't nice, and I wouldn't be the first person who had to compromise and bow down in the face of he lobby to get elected.

      Does anyone have AIPAC's phone number?"

  • Alterman says BDS shares Ahmadinejad's agenda, and Hezbollah's too
    • "Alterman calls for incremental political progress that will engage Israelis and American Jews..."

      [Sigh] Right. As if that hasn't been tried, along with dialogue groups, staged withdrawals, back channel communications and thousands of other meetings, conferences, proposals and whatever for 45 YEARS!!!

      In the meantime, there's a serious risk that many Israelis will die from laughing too much while they steal more land, kill more Palestinians and recieve more American financial and military aid.

      An incremental (i.e stationary) political process is exactly what Israel wants.

  • WaPo's Walter Pincus says US is 'going above and beyond for Israel'
    • I have a horrible feeling that one day Israel will reap the terrible whirlwind it has so brazenly sown.

      Beware the wrath of the United States - it can be very cruel to small client nations.

  • A London interruption
    • Steve Macklevore May 17, 2012 at 6:52 am


      You were rather unlucky to encounter a crazed Zionist in London - my experience has been that the majority of people are sympathetic to the Palestinian cause, although the tactic of suicide bombing during the second intifada did immense harm.

      Fortunately that tactic has stopped while the Zionists have become even more intransigent and are as brutal as ever.

  • Shaul Mofaz, Netanyahu's new partner, ordered 'revenge' op that killed Palestinian police in 2002
    • Steve Macklevore May 9, 2012 at 9:21 am

      Ah, yes....

      "It felt bad even at that time. They said Palestinian police are connected to terror and that the [killers] passed through the checkpoint. Maybe the police are connected to terror but for sure they didn't pass through all the checkpoints [attacked that day]."

      Kill and weep. Kill and weep. Kill and weep. The same old Israeli mantra since at least 1967 if not before.

  • Obama nutmegs Romney with Netanyahu condolence call referencing 'the Jewish people'
    • Steve Macklevore May 2, 2012 at 10:41 am

      Benzion Netanyahu was an extreme right wing bigot. No crocodile tears please.

  • Rifle-bashing lieutenant-colonel solves Jewish problem created by Freud and my mother, says author of 'Indecent Proposal'
    • Makes me wonder just at what point would the apologists actually criticise Israel?

      Would they apologise if instead of using his rifle butt, the officer had actually shot the cyclist? What about if the officer had shot the cyclist dead? What about if the officer had killed two cyclists? How about three? What about five?

      I suspect the article above would have been essentially the same. A tragic accident, a good man loses it momentarily for the first time in his career, evil anti-Semites get what they deserve, makes me feel bad but good also, shows how wonderful the IDF is the rest of the time, appalling but entirely atypical incident hasbara hasbara hasbara...

      Conclusion? People like Jack Engelhard suffer a complete morality failure when it comes to Israel. Israel can literally do no wrong in his eyes.

  • Another mainstream voice, Robert Wright, informs Americans that two-state solution is on 'deathbed'
    • Steve Macklevore April 7, 2012 at 7:12 am

      Robert Wright's article is excellent, but I've just spent a miserable time reading a hundred or so of the comments.

      They reveal the all the standard Israeli prejudices and legalistic arguments. The settlements are built in government land, Palestinians want to destroy Israel, you can't negotiate with fanatics etc etc etc blah blah blah.

      I see zero sign that Israel is changing, and find it impossible to imagine any policy changes anytime soon. SIGH. Sorry for being so negative.

  • Beinart awaits Netanyau's 'epiphany'
    • Steve Macklevore April 5, 2012 at 2:14 pm

      Maybe someone should tell Beinart that "Am Jewish orgs" enthusiastically fund settlements, usually with US Charitable status, and so tax free.

  • Former State Dep't official says Obama calls for human rights and democracy are 'undercut' by position on Palestinians
    • It's irritating that people such as Anne-Marie Slaughter always make their pro-Palestinian comments when safely out of office, never when in power.

  • Gutless Leon Wieseltier
    • Phil, you're much too kind to Wieseltier in this piece. Personally I believe he made up the personal settlement boycott on the spot. The truth of the matter is that he hasn't boycotted anyone or anything.

      Proof? Simply the man's over-weaning arrogance and self absorption. There is no way he could have carried out any political act in secret for years and not told everyone about it.

  • When good intentions aren't good enough: Liberal Zionists and BDS
    • Superb article - the weird self absorption by the likes of Naomi Paiss partially explains why 44 years of military occupation has gone on and on and on.

  • The Norwegians, the settlers, the zealot, the olive seedlings-- and the Palestinian's suit against 'Nobody'
    • Interesting that she quotes Joan Peters.

      Exposing the fraud that is "From Time Immemorial" lost Norman Finklestien what would have been a promising career in academia. Embarrassing the likes of Barbara Tuchman, who along with many other Jewish luminaries endorsed the book's evidence and argument was considered unforgivable by the American Jewish community.

      One of the softer defences of the book is that it's considered a bit of a joke, especially within Israel itself. And yet here it is, used to support and encourage the armed robbery of land and livelihoods.

  • Israeli government sending 100 Israelis abroad to 'defend the state' during Israel Apartheid Week
    • This is very good sign.

      If the efforts to label Israel an apartheid state were completely ineffectual, then the Israeli government wouldn't bother doing this.

      Somewhere deep in the hidden places of the Israeli government, analysts are whispering that once upon a time white South Africa appeared strong and determined, it's critics dismissed as cranks and idealists. Yet within a couple of decades of the campaign gaining traction, apartheid came to an ignominious end...

  • A Jewish voice left silent: Trying to articulate 'The Levantine Option'
    • It's a very erudite essay, but for me it somehow dodges the issue that it was originally meant to address. The practice of Israelies adopting various elements of Palestinian culture and then renaming it and cliaming it as their own.

      A perfect (perfectly disgusting) example of this were the navy blue and white Keffiyeh (scarves) on sale in trendy clothes shops the last time I was passing through Isreal.

  • 'People who promoted the Iraq war ought to be so discredited that no one listens to them any more'
    • As someone fortunate enough to converse with Christopher Hitchens on numerous occasions, I can assure Richard Witty that he would have treated you with the contempt he treated all other mouthpieces who keep repeating the party line.

  • NBC and the Israel lobby
    • There are times when I despair for the Palestinian cause when I see what we're up against.

      Name after name after name in high finance, the United States government, political parties, the media, the law, the highest levels of huge corporations and even organised crime! Each one linked to another by friendship, professional association, sometimes even by family ties. Each one fiercely pro-Israel, to the extent that for many, Israel literally can do no wrong no matter what.

      Then I console myself with the thought that despite the power and the money and law arrayed against us, the Palestinian case is being heard. Ideas and concepts that even ten years ago were never discussed (at least in the USA) do occasionally get an airing here.

      So lets take heart and keep at it, and remind ourselves that any progress at all must be celebrated considering the incredible power of the lobby arrayed against us.

  • Huwaida Arraf: 'They have lies to spin; we have truths to tell'
    • An excellent overview.

      It repeats many of the points that ISM volunteers learn in their compulsory training in Palestine, and in pre-travel training in places like London (see the ISM London website link to )

  • Rachel Abrams says Palestinian children are 'devils' spawn'-- while Israeli children play with Transformers and draw your heart strings
    • After following this conflict for 30 years, Rachel's comment might be the most shocking I've ever read.

      To think that she is the soul mate of a man who's been deeply influential in both Israel and the United States during that time is deeply disturbing.

      Hopefully her comment will receive wide publicity - and we'll remember it and quote it whenever the subject of hate comes up in connection with the conflict.

  • PA says Tony Blair has lost all credibility (though he's better than Dennis Ross)
    • To us long term Blair watchers, this comes as no surprise.

      As long ago as May 2009, Blair was awarded a one million dollar 'peace prize' by an Israeli 'philanthropist and businessman.' There is no way that anyone working for the Palestinians would get within 100 miles of a prize like that.

      None the less it'll be good to see Blair fired - he loves being an international figure, and the greatest revenge of all would be to see him reduced to obscurity.

  • 'Are there any Palestinians unaffected by the occupation?' I ask him
    • The kindness and wonderful friendliness of the Palestinians is such a contrast to the shocking rudeness of Israelis. I believe many people, even those sympathetic to Israel notice this, but few come out and say it, because it smacks of racism and seems so trivial.

      It's actually not trivial at all - I've seen Israelis on holiday manage to turn the entire staff of a hotel against them in a few days, simply because they don't seem to realise how unpleasant and ungracious they are. It's so very strange.

  • Obama's impossible dilemma--and ours
    • A compelling analysis.

      None the less, I feel a bit more optimistic about a second term Obama. The Israeli electorate are historically intolerant of any leader who manages to threaten the US/Israel relationship, and the shocking flaws in Israel's proportional representation system ensure that no Israeli leader or government stays in power for long.

      To end on a pessimistic note, I do believe the Palestinians may have face a determined effort to ethnically cleanse them from certain areas of the West Bank if the current situation remains and someone like Bush again occupies the White House. It's not too difficult to imagine a hard right US administration secretly telling Israel that it would be OK to (for example) ethnically cleanse East Jerusalem and to be prepared for harsh US words and the temporary recall of the US Ambassador to Israel but no further action. We already saw something like this under the Bush administration which concluded a number of secret agreements and understandings with Israel which, to it's credit, the Obama administration disowned.

  • "Anti-Price Tag Patrol" criticized by Israeli right; settlers demand stronger IDF response
    • I suppose everyone familiar with this conflict gets used to callous cross-eyed stupidity but when a Rabbi says:

      "There are no innocents in a war."

      That seems straight out of the sayings of Adolf Hitler.

  • Palestinians have a better chance of getting a state on Craigslist than from Barack Obama
    • It's very sad to see the leader of a very great nation, crawling and simpering to appease someone as loathsome as Netanyahu.

      I have no doubt that Obama is sympathetic to the Palestinian cause. But I also have no doubt that his advisers have shown him the importance of big lobby money in the forthcoming election campaign. It's going to be a near-run thing, and Obama has been told in no uncertain terms that a few million Palestinians aren't worth losing a second term over.

      Despite that, I remain optimistic if Obama gets elected for a second term. Obama would be free from the financial pressures that the lobby is able to apply now, and also mad as hell from the repeated humiliations and threats from Netanyahu.

      Given that freedom and anger Obama may be able to surprise us during his second term. I spoke to one of his staffers a couple of years ago, and she told me behind the cool rational façade there's a ruthless bastard with a vindictive streak and who gets things done when he puts his mind to it.

      Lets hope so. If he doesn't, then frankly I despair for the Palestinian people, and suspect that Israel may feel emboldened enough to actually ethnically cleanse the West Bank at some point under a future Republican Administration under tea party influence.

  • Independent: How Israel takes its revenge on boys who throw stones
    • The thing that always surprises me about Israel's behaviour is how dumb it is. Does any thoughtful Israeli genuinely believe that Islam Tamimi will forgive and forget after what he's been through? Will his parents, will his brothers and sisters? Will his friends and neighbours and others in his community?

      By actions such as this, Israel is absolutely guaranteeing that the conflict will continue, that the Palestinians will redouble their liberation efforts, that thousands of people on both sides in the coming years will continue to suffer and die.

      Lastly, the International community is reading and watching this stuff. The story is the most widely read of the entire paper that day. The Independent is a major British newspaper, highly influential within political and academic elites. Those elites shape policy, not least because in a democracy the citizens read and watch this stuff also.

      If Israel continues doing this stuff, sooner or later (yes, probably later) it will find itself in the situation of white South Africa. Boycotted, sanctioned, hated, an international embarrassment almost universally loathed. It may take decades, maybe even a century or more, but Israel is doomed if it continues on this course.

  • Knesset passes anti-boycott bill, even as London Lit Fest approves
    • I felt rather sorry for Jonathan Freedland as it would have taken a debating genius to overcome the handicap of Carol Gould on the team.

      Gould is so extreme, dumb and obnoxious she can't even hang on to a gig at Pijamas Media or FrontPage!

  • Irish flotilla ship will not sail to Gaza due to extensive sabotage
    • I hope that all the other activists redouble their efforts and GUARD their ships!

      Steel conducts sound and heat very effectively and there is no way this kind of sabotage could be done entirely silently and quickly. If the ship was well guarded then there is a great chance the diver(s) who attempted the sabotage be discovered.

      The arrest of an Israeli diver(s) engaged in sabotage would be a major success for the flotilla.

  • Arrigoni: I came here because my grandfathers fought fascist occupation in Italy
    • I wouldn't worry about "Stop the ISM" as it's a one man band, not a group.

      It's run by a rather obsessive individual called Lee Kaplan, who sadly isn't playing with a full deck. He makes all kinds of crazy allegations and misspelled rants. Depending on your point of view, he's either someone to pity for being mentally ill, or simply a Zionist clown.

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