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  • From AIPAC to JVP: The political evolution of Seth Morrison
  • Another New York Times' reporter's son is in the Israeli army
  • 'Absolutely not!' -- Young Colorado Jews meet hostility when they try to talk to organizational leaders
    • This article really reminds me of how we constantly hear that it's necessary for Israel to attack and occupy sovereign Palestinian lands out of a need for security. During a debate some time ago, noted Jewish American scholar, whose parents both survived internment camps during the holocaust, had a very interesting response to that assertion. He said, “Israel is ranked as the 4th leading military power in the world (now roughly 6th – 11th). Does it have real security claims against the Palestinians? Let me quote to you former Foreign Minister of Israel Abba Eban. He said 'Israel has as much to fear from a Palestinian State, as the (former) Soviet Union does from Luxembourg.' How many people here feel the (former) Soviet Union has a real threat from Luxemburg?
      “Furthermore, if we apply the logic of Abba Eban, the (former) Soviet Union had more rights to occupy Afghanistan, than Israel does to occupy the West Bank and Gaza. Because, certainly Afghanistan poses a greater security threat to the (former) Soviet Union than Luxemburg. How many people (...) support the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan? Now let's look at what Amos Oz says in his (…) book The Slopes Of Lebanon. He asks, to me, (…) a reasonable question. 'What does Israel (…) have to fear from a state that would be 1/5 the size of Albania and 1/2 the population of Kuwait?'
      “Is that a real threat to the state of Israel, or is that simply an excuse to continue the occupation?” It is not racist, anti-Semitic nor does it make you a self-hating Jew to disagree with Israel. It might make you a person of compassion, with good morals and strong character.

  • 'I mourn my Jewish community, which seeks to justify these inexcusable acts'
  • Checking under Israel's Iron Dome
    • Israel likes to tell us there was hardly anybody living in what is now Israel and Palestine previous to the creation of Israel. Alison Weir writes that in 1948, Loy Henderson, Director of the State Department, wrote a memo warning, “support by the Government of the United States of a policy favoring the setting up of a Jewish State in Palestine would be contrary to the wishes of a large majority of the local inhabitants with respect to their form of government. Furthermore, it would have a strongly adverse effect upon American interests throughout the Near and Middle East...”
      […] “At the present time the United States has a moral prestige in the Near and Middle East unequaled by that of any other great power. We would lose that prestige and would be likely for many years to be considered as a betrayer of the high principles which we ourselves have enunciated during the period of the war.”
      […] “[Proposals for partition] are in definite contravention to various principles laid down in the [UN] Charter as well as to principles on which American concepts of Government are based. These proposals, for instance, ignore such principles as self-determination and majority rule. They recognize the principle of a theocratic racial state and even go so far in several instances as to discriminate on grounds of religion and race.”
      Weir also writes that, “In 1947 the CIA reported that Zionist leadership was pursuing objectives that would endanger both Jews and 'the strategic interests of the Western powers in the Near and Middle East.'” Why would they care if it was an uninhabited pile of rocks? It does not make you anti-Semitic or a self-hating Jew to disagree with what Israel is doing, just a person of compassion, with a conscience and with a good heart.

  • Israel and its advocates have a new target in sight: Head of UN inquiry William Schabas
    • Dutch nonagenarian recently returned Righteous Among the Nations medal after six relatives killed in Gaza. Henk Zanoli, who helped save a Jewish child from deportation to concentration camps, said holding on to the medal would be an 'insult to the family.' He said, "For me to hold on to the honor granted by the State of Israel, under these circumstances, will be both an insult to the memory of my courageous mother who risked her life and that of her children fighting against suppression and for the preservation of human life." It doesn’t make you anti-Semitic, racist or a self-hating Jew to disagree with what Israel is doing, just a person with compassion, a good heart and a conscience.

  • Embedded deception in the BBC’s coverage of Israel's onslaught
    • Reading this reminds me of something IDF veteran, Idan Barir, said recently. Israel has been criticized for not being as careful as it could be regarding innocent deaths. Barir says, “Israel defended its actions, arguing that it was targeting militants and doing its best to avoid civilian casualties.
      “I served as a crew commander in the Israeli artillery corps at the beginning of the Second Intifada, and I feel compelled to counter this claim from Israel. The images, evidence and army reports from recent operations in Gaza -- of more than 1,900 deaths (a number which will likely increase by the time you read this) and a large amount of the population left without shelter -- show that Israel has deployed massive artillery firepower. Such firepower is impossible to target precisely.
      “Artillery fire is a statistical means of warfare. It is the complete opposite of sniper fire. While the power of sharpshooting lies in its accuracy, the power of artillery comes from the quantity of shells fired and the massive impact of each one.
      “In using artillery against Gaza, Israel therefore cannot sincerely argue that it is doing everything in its power to spare the innocent.
      “The truth is artillery shells cannot be aimed precisely and are not meant to hit specific targets. A standard 40 kilogram shell is nothing but a large fragmentation grenade. When it explodes, it is meant to kill anyone within a 50-meter radius and to wound anyone within a further 100 meters.”
      It does not make you an anti-Semite or self-hating Jews to disagree with what Israel is doing right now, just a person of compassion, good morals and a good heart.

  • Israel's latest plan - Abbas to oversee a national security state in Gaza
    • Reading this reminds me of something. Former Israeli soldier Avner Gvaryahu tells us about the IDF practice of the 'Straw Widow', “The grounds of how these actions are growing, is the day to day life. Is the routine. Are the things that no one questions. Right? For example, entering a house for military purposes. This is what is called a ‘Straw Widow’. I took part in numerous ‘Straw Widows.’ This is something that happens around the West Bank. Not really questioned, not considered illegal, not considered extreme. But when you have the order to enter a house, and eventually do whatever you like in the house, because you need it for military purposes, it’s a very slippery slope.

      “Because, when you enter a house and only use it for an observation point, what do you do when you’re water’s finished and there’s no other way to get water to you? Do you drink water or you don’t drink water? What happens when your food is finished? So when we’re sitting here very comfortably we say, ‘of course talking water is immoral to take someone’s water or food without permission. Even though it’s very easy to get permission when you have a helmet and gun, right? No one will say no to you. But this doesn’t end. What happens when you have to take a shower in the house, if you’re in the house suddenly for 48 hours or three days. And if you’re allowed to sit on the sofa, you’re allowed to put your legs on the table.”

      It does not make you anti-Semitic or a self-hating Jew to disagree with what Israel is doing, just a person with a good heart, with compassion and with a conscience.

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