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  • UN last hurdle before Israel can rid itself of the Palestinians
    • Annie: she always reminds me of the Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz, so that's what I call her: it helps me, if only slightly!

  • Freed to travel, Barghouti will receive Gandhi award on Sunday at Yale
    • My fears exactly Eva: given the 'new law' will they disallow re-entry to Israel as he's clearly a BDS advocate and only has resident status? I hope not. Perhaps they think it's better to keep him there most of the time than disseminating the BDS message worldwide. In any event, it's absolutely fantastic that this wonderful human being will be able to receive the award in person. No more can they cry, "Where's the Palestinian Gandhi". (Of course, we know there are many Palestinian Gandhis, but no-one deserves it more than Omar. :) Congratulations Mr Barghouti!

  • Israel steps up dirty tricks against boycott leaders
    • PS> The link above also gives the texts of the excellent testimony from five Jewish Labour Party members in support of Ken. As for Corbyn, yes, as a former patron of Palestine Solidarity Campaign, we are horrified how he has been cowed into silence. Tom Watson? Yuk! He's detrimental to Corbyn. Many, including myself, feel like leaving the party as a result, but this would mean that our adversaries would win, so we also have to resist this too.

    • Although the BBC, this morning (Today Programme Radio 4) only interviewed Lord Levy regarding Ken's suspension for a year, he predictably was horrified that KL was merely suspended and not expelled, they did at least, for once, mention the letter signed by 30 Jewish Labour Party members in support of Livingstone and even mentioned four of the names who signed another letter as in the link below: They will not silence us, even if they rarely give any of us a platform...

  • 6,000 runners take part in the Palestine Marathon, demand freedom of movement for Palestinians
    • Ossinev: re Eddie Izzard No it wasn't a mistake; what would he have seen running the marathon? Not the day to day grind of oppression, humiliation and occupation, that's for sure. People need to know that it is way past the time when performers "talk" to their Israeli audience; people have been talking for decades to no avail. I am quite sure that had Eddie known how many people had been banned from running by the Israeli regime, he might have thought again about his intended actions. He probably thought he was being 'balanced', but as we know, there is no balance. By playing Tel Aviv, he's normalising the totally dysfunctional situation that prevails there. He certainly wouldn't have played Sun City. We know he's a person of conscience for the most part, but perhaps he will think twice if invited again. And I am sure he will be warmly welcomed to run in the marathon (if it's still being allowed to take place, that is...).

  • 'BDS is a terrorist movement' - exposing David Collier
  • Character assassination as a tool to silence a Palestinian activist
    • I agree with everything you say Annie. I too have met Malaka and find her to be all those beautiful things you have mentioned. Not only that, I was at a meeting where she spoke recently and she spoke to/about the wonderful work of a Jewish Israeli activist who I also know and who was also in the audience. Another Israeli friend of mine, who met Malaka at Exeter a few months ago, had nothing but praise for her, saying that she's so talented that she could do anything, but spent all her time trying to help her people. He's so right. It's not often, if ever before, that you hear a Jewish Israeli call a Muslim Palestinian from Gaza "perfect". So there you have it; The more lucid, sincere and effective a human rights advocate for the people of Palestine is, the more they'll be attacked, smeared and intimidated. We must continue to support one another no matter what. Thanks Annie for your fine words. Malala deserves nothing less.

  • DC hip-hop group releases 'Search My Bag' music video inspired by interrogation at Ben Gurion airport
    • Thank you so much guys! It's excellent! Stupid b******s, yet more amusement for us and negative publicity for them!

  • Rights group: Israeli online incitement towards Arabs doubled in 2016
  • Kal Penn's primetime shoutout to Palestinian refugees is gift that keeps on giving
  • After building a protest movement, West Bank village of Nabi Saleh steps back from weekly Friday protests
    • Dear Danaa,
      I take it you've read 'Goliath'? I think Max Blumenthal knows full well what you have written about the "semi-sparta-like garrison state mentality", and he has written volumes about Israeli flaws and cruelty. I also think that he knows full well that there are few Israelis with whom he has "commonality". There are, however, some Israelis who ARE aware of the utter cruelty and who we can ALL have commonality with. Blumenthal, in my opinion, is also fully aware that Gaza is a ghetto. He has consistently advocated for BDS for quite some time now. Yes, he has spoken about anti-semitism, but it does exist, though only marginally, I would say in the solidarity movement; and when it is exhibited by anyone it is always called out. It's very sad to see such criticism of him when he is always being attacked and smeared from the those he speaks out against. I say all this as a non-Jewish English person.

  • Miko Peled's viral video
    • He just did just! In London last night. :) His talk was better than ever. Superb. And it was filmed so hopefully will be 'out there' soon.

  • Palestine and the anxiety of existence
    • Elliot, when professor Salaita talks about "exacerbating the conflict", isn't he talking about people's internal conflict, whereby they cannot reconcile certain things? "So let us return to the original question: what to do when somebody expresses a visceral attachment to the idea of Israel. There is no universal response, but we can deploy a basic strategy: allow the Zionist’s internal conflict to exist. In fact, exacerbate it. That internal conflict isn’t an imperfection to be ameliorated, but a failure of imagination to be overcome. It’s not a matter of assigning blame to a person raised on an ethnonational narrative. Anybody committed to justice has to unlearn reactionary narratives, whether instilled by parents, teachers, peers, clergy, executives, politicians, directors, writers, or broadcasters, or all of them in tandem." - See more at:
      Regarding Israeli Jews never talking to Arabs, such as Steven, I'm not so sure that's true; certainly, that's how Miko Peled learned how to reconcile his inner conflict. For others, it's because they have been there and seen, and whilst that may be upsetting for people, it's ultimately a way of healing.

    • No. Not at all Hophmi and he's certainly right on projection!

    • Quite. One would think a car bomb or a bomb left somewhere would be far more dangerous. After all, a suicide bomber can only do it once, whilst others, like those manning F-16s can do it again and again.

  • Video: Scenes from a bloody Sunday in Palestine
    • That newsweek reporter is a disgrace. He simply spouts what he's been told, not that that is any thing new, of course. Clearly he doesn't know how to use such words as 'alleged', or border police 'claim' etc. This great 'moral army' - I'm assuming they claim the same for their police - can't even disarm a fourteen-year-old girl? Unbelievably despicable. Yet, we have to feel sorry for their ugliness: they can't be very happy; I suppose that's what comes from being told that everyone hates you from a very young age.

  • 'Other ways of being Jewish are available' -- a poetic response to expressions of hatred on Facebook
    • No RoHa, I noticed it too. Has anyone tried the link to the letter to Anne? Whether I'm here or the other site I simply get error 404.

  • Saudi court overturns death sentence for Ashraf Fayadh; new sentence is 8 years and 800 lashes
  • New Jersey teenager threatened with legal action by high school over pro-Palestine activism (Update)
    • Yes, Annie, it's called 'Prevent'. There have already been instances where kids in schools have been 'called out/in'. In one instance a child was called in for taking a leaflet supporting Palestine to school; perhaps about not buying Israeli dates, though I can't quite remember. Another instance was how a kid had to see a 'Prevent officer' because, whilst talking about the environment in school, he used the word 'eco-terrorism'. It appears that even when the kid is deemed to have done nothing to worry about,they are stuck on that list for a long time. Furthermore, the UK government is now saying that it's going to tell local council which companies they cannot boycott/divest from. David Cameron actually said specifically that councils were not going to be able to boycott our friends in Israel or British arms companies. It's not simply about 'terrorism', this whole strategy is a way of attempting to shut down dissent and as many different groups and organisations as possible need to combine to fight this.

    • Yes, Annie, it's called 'Prevent'. There have already been instances where kids in schools have been 'called out/in'. In one instance a child was called in for taking a leaflet supporting Palestine to school; perhaps about not buying Israeli dates, though I can't quite remember. Another instance was how a kid had to see a 'Prevent officer' because, whilst talking about the environment in school, he used the word 'eco-terrorism'. It appears that even when the kid is deemed to have done nothing to worry about,they are stuck on that list for a long time. Furthermore, the UK government is now saying that it's going to tell local councils which companies they cannot boycott/divest from. David Cameron actually said specifically that councils were not going to be able to boycott 'our friends in Israel' or British arms companies, doubtless using the word 'defence'. It's not simply about 'terrorism', this whole strategy is a way of attempting to shut down dissent and as many different groups and organisations as possible need to combine to fight this.

  • Hamas releases video of Gilad Shalit in captivity, and at the barbecue
    • @CigarGod: my thoughts exactly.

      @talknic I too belong to the talknic appreciation society; I've emailed a lot of your links to myself so that should it be necessary, I'll have the info at my fingertips, so to speak. The maps are superb too....

  • Suddenly, comparing Jewish state to ISIS is OK
    • But brilliant @David44 for finding that! I get their point!

    • ISIS has burnt the Palestinian flag; they hate Hamas because they were democratically elected and want a Palestinian state, both of which are anathema to ISIS/ISIL/IS/Da'esh.

    • It's true that,
      "What the West Bank occupiers/colonialists are doing doesn't exemplify the teachings of Judaism" anymore than what ISIL/IS is doing exemplifies Islam. But Israel calls itself the "Jewish State", hence #JSIL.

  • Israeli ambassador flings Nazi label at Israeli leaders, after latest authoritarian step
    • Mooser: Again I laugh!

    • Oh dear Greg, the mask slipped there: you couldn't help but bring in the 'Jew hating...' comment. I once read a comment somewhere by a Canadian lady, who said she had been, until a year earlier, a neutral bystander; but having looked into the situation, blah blah blah...the haters...blah blah blah...I pointed out to her that I was surprised that she had come to her conclusion after only having looked at the issue for a year because I would have thought that one would need at least five years, at minimum, to become fully apprised of the situation. At that point I added that her use of the term 'the haters' had revealed who she really was. Way to go Greg.

    • Diasp0ra: Me too! Also what echinococcus said about the 'ten-volume Russian novel' above had the same effect. We have to laugh sometimes to enable us to keep going. And now I've seen MDM's comment, that too!

  • In rare move, Palestinian police kick Israeli soldiers out of West Bank town
  • 'Valentino's Ghost' makes comeback after 4 years of suppression
    • RoHa: Ha Ha Ha!

    • See my comment below as to where you can see it now. I think its the 2012 version. It was on Al Jazeera English...

    • Excellent! :)

    • You can find it on Al Jazeera English website. Sorry American's I understand you can't get it! Anyway, for those who can, write the title in the search engine, and it will come up along with 'featured documentaries'. I went onto featured documentaries and then 'advanced search'. Scroll down and you'll find parts 1 and 2. I recorded it (2012) version, I think, last August, but only watched it recently and realised that I only had part 2! Anyway, happy to have found it again so I can watch it all!

  • As unrest grows, Hamas proposes controversial solution to unpaid public sector salaries
  • The rise of psychological trauma in occupied Palestine
    • Not only was it an exercise in intimidation, but, particularly in the first video, a training exercise for newbies as well. Yes, despite the polite 'goodnight' at the end of the second video: ugly.

    • xanadou: Children were also educated at home during the second intifada when universities and schools were closed y the occupation.

  • Executed: Dania Ersheid, 17, from Hebron
    • Excellent response Talknic

    • I think extrajudicial execution is accurate. Murder is also accurate, but murder has many motives, 'crimes of passion' for instance, whereas extrajudicial execution horribly highlights the chill factor. Either way: awful

  • Chaos in Jerusalem is a warning of things to come
    • Yes, Mooser! :) I don't think Ivri has JC's observation skills, somehow!

    • "..stable and normal...."?? I've always thought that Israel's arrogance will be its downfall. It just can't stop taking, taking, taking, pushing and goading, pushing and provoking and as for normal: simply view any video of a 'normal' festival day (of whatever religion) and see the chaos and bossing and shooting and shouting of the masters!
      As for 'small and vulnerable country facing a solid Arab-world monolith around it', Israel has always had more military power and military backing from some of the world's biggest arms dealers. And, of course, the so-called Arab monolith has been compromised for a very long time. "Plucky little Israel" was always better armed and organised than the new dictatorships springing up around it, which were emerging from centuries of colonialism and were not militarily organised and had not been trained by the Brits and weren't being supplied by the Czecs, French etc.

    • Jonathan said that a Palestinian leader in Israel spoke of civil war. That's a fifth of the population; and if they try to rein the rabid settlers in........I can certainly see what he's saying. I think it's an excellent article and he sees the possibility of Israel imploding on itself, which I think has been coming for a long, long time.

  • NPR fails to mention occupation-- while Barghouti says in Guardian it is 'root cause' of violence
  • Duma murders fail to penetrate the Tel Aviv bubble
  • Meet the teenage girls behind the viral photo from Nabi Saleh
    • +1 talknic! :)

    • Brilliant response diasp0ra! I remember when Ahed first came to prominence on video, some of the Zionists thought she was Israeli, even though, as we know, and as stated further up thread, there are many Arab Israeli Jews. Jewish Israeli, that is. It's always annoyed me how they go on about the 'Arabs'; a friend of mine actually calls himself an 'Arab Jew', quite rightly. But then, what would we expect from 'double standard'! I love the irony of some of the idiotic names they use: 'jackdaw': too right!

  • Why the mainstream media is still ignoring Max Blumenthal's excellent book on Gaza
    • Hi MDM: I was also there that night and had the misfortune of sitting next to the zionist shouter! She came in late and sat next to me! "Lies" she murmured when Max had corrected her, but I soon added my own response to her (sad) ignorance. I just finished the book last night and yes, there are things that make you gasp in despair, such as when he juxtaposes the words of some crazy Israeli official, "self-genocide" to the story of a little girl who lost both her arms. But, in his inimitable way, Max can voice wry humour and even exhilaration in one or two places. Ultimately though, the prognosis is not good (no surprise there) and reminds us of how much there is yet to do. We must all redouble our efforts. As ever Max's book is well worth the read.

  • God is on Israel's side, but not the United States, says Israel's new U.N. ambassador
    • Yonah says that Haaretz is available in English. We know, of course, that this is true; but am I right in thinking that there are articles in the Hebrew Haaretz that aren't in the English language version? I distinctly remember someone translating an article from the Hebrew version of Haaretz because that article was not in the English edition.

  • Just as Dermer turned the White House into a diplomatic battlefield, Danon will do the same at the UN
    • Alcibiades: Read the article again. I think Jonathan Cook says that Netanyahu's primary goal is to get Danon out of the way, since he regards him as a threat to his own position within Israel. It's also probably because he hates the UN so much.

  • AIPAC taking all but 3 freshmen Congresspeople to Israel in effort to sabotage Iran deal
  • 'This is our Israel, this is for the Jews. No Palestinian should come to Israel': A Palestinian-American's story of being detained at Ben Gurion airport
    • RoHa: I was about to note that none of our Zio friends had come on to defend this.
      NB. I am NOT Susie Abhulhawa, in case there's any confusion here!
      Yes, it's appalling that she too has been denied entry :(
      I thought Amigo's analogy above was excellent; we can all use that........

  • Once we were embattled, now we are insurgent
    • Thank you Ahmed for sharing your thoughts with us at this time.

    • Why Blaine, when I saw your name come up, did I know that there was going to be a complaint about activists on campus? Why, each and every time?
      Students have to organise, welcome newcomers into their groups and, most importantly, as Chomski would agree, their arguments need to be informative, absolutely watertight and prepared to perfection.

  • Human rights activists thank Lauryn Hill for canceling upcoming concert in Israel
  • 'United States of Israel' has compromised U.S. 'sovereignty' on Iran policy -- Gideon Levy in D.C.
  • Future of Yarmouk unclear as PLO abandons aid convoy to besieged refugee camp
    • Oops! Jackdaw's stolen the reply button below his/her comment! Yes, Mooser, this is indeed a terrible, heartbreaking situation which is entirely Israeli's responsibility. You and others had me laughing aloud on the White House 'trolling' piece the other day, so hope your humour WILL return at apposite moments.
      As for 'Jackdaw''s comment, very apt name by the way, Israel wouldn't have been settling "500,00 Jewish refugees from Arab countries had not Israel been created. They were all living happily in their respective countries prior to that. Not only that, but it's well-documented that Israel did its utmost, using various underhand methods, to get those people to move to Israel, whilst refusing return to the Palestinian, real refugees, having the gall to call them "infiltrators" at the outset.

  • Who can save Israel now?
    • Hi Hostage,
      I don't comment on here very much (I'm an avid reader), but I too had noticed your absence and am very happy to see you back. I noticed that you'd commented the other day. Your comments are often invaluable. Thanks!
      PS. We also missed Mooser for a year or so too!
      PPS. I'm also wondering what's happened to Shmuel, whose last post was a little unsettling as I remember. Hope he's okay.

  • Israel sentences Palestinian teen Lina Khattab to 6 months in prison for protesting
    • P.S. It's obvious that Lina's real 'crime' was having the temerity to wield a microphone. How dare she speak out? Free speech for Palestinians: not allowed.

    • I may be wrong, or perhaps it was a typo above, but I'm pretty sure that Sahar Francis is a 'she' as I saw her give a talk on prisoners in London a year or two ago. As for Lina, that'll teach her not to use a microphone to speak out! That such a lovely, intelligent young woman, who also happens to be a dancer, has been imprisoned for six months and fined an inordinately high sum for speaking out for political prisoners is, as with all the political prisoners, awful. Yet more proof, not that any were needed, that boycott, indeed, cultural boycott, is the only way to go.

  • Hanin Zoabi disqualified from Israeli elections over a mistranslation gone too far
    • @seafoid @bintbiba Yes, a very good question. Where does this leave a friend of mine who once told me he was 'an Arab Jew'? Everywhere we can see Zionists denigrating 'Arabs'. Do they have no sense of history whatever?

  • Biden will skip Netanyahu's speech
    • Thanks for that Kris. I knew nothing of this case but am not at all surprised that a 'stateless Palestinian' should be treated in such a way. Thanks to the American jurors (far finer representatives of 'the land of the free' than the government, judiciary etcetera), he is now able to try to begin a new life elsewhere.

  • #JeSuisUnJuifBritannique
  • On CNN, Boteach lectures two prominent Muslims about freedom they 'enjoy' in US and Israel
    • That makes three of us! Ok, hadn't got to Marnie and Annie: off topic or what? Is it love or lust or a bit of both? As for Biotech and his lust versus love: ultimately, love is far more likely to sustain a marriage than lust.

    • @ a blah chick: Hahahaha! Yeah! Typical Zionist on TV butting in all the time not letting people get a word in edgeways. I just wanted him to butt out!

  • 'Protest in the form of a prayer': Dream Defenders demonstration in Nazareth makes connections from Ferguson to Palestine
    • I read the comments before I watched the video for once; don't know why. All I can say is, they don't look like a bunch of criminal thugs to me. Here's some sarcasm: Blacks, all the same; Arabs, all the same; Muslims, all the same; Christians, all the same. Jews, all the same. We know this is not and cannot be true. 'Shills'? They also look totally genuine to me too. As for 'those masses who are more or less apathetic due to their lack of interest in world affairs in general, or because they're wrapped up in the goings on in their own lives most primarily', I should imagine, at least when referring to those in the former part of that sentence, that Palestine will be free or much closer to it before they begin to wake up. It's those who are interested in humanity and world affairs but who are continuously misinformed who need to be woken up. Give them a break. Well done people! At least you bothered to go and find out what's happening there, which is more than most have done. Thank you.

  • Why do Muslims object to depictions of their prophet?
    • I've already signed Amnesty's petition, hope you have hops. Strange you should bring that up. You don't do it regarding other individuals and generally speaking, people like you hate Amnesty. Oh, of course, this petition calls out an Arab country, so it's about 'Arabs'. I'm sure you'd never post a link to Amnesty's reports on Israel here, would you. Hypocrisy in action again.

  • Daily Show references Palestinian cartoonist Mohammad Saba'aneh in story on free speech hypocrisy
    • PPS. I've just realised that I think I can get it but have to pay more! I'll look into it.

    • PS. What happened to Asif Mandvi? I used to love him too. I remember one of their Christian versus Muslim versus Jew sketches which was absolutely hilarious! :)

    • Hey Annie, I too thought of Mohammed Saba'aneh very recently and wondered what had happened to him. I follow him on twitter but don't see him there so thanks for the links as I've now seen his most recent work. I hope he doesn't mind, but I use his 'Dreaming of Freedom' for my Facebook and Twitter, plus another one of his for the banner: the first one ever since they incarcerated him. I used to love watching The Daily Show, but unfortunately, we can't get it in England anymore, and I'm not allowed to watch it online either. I remember when Anna Baltzer was on with Mustafa Barghouti trying my hardest to find it on the internet; I was finally able to when an American living in the UK and an obvious internet 'whizkid' posted it. Thanks Annie for easing my mind on this one.

  • How a tweet about Gaza children went viral round the globe
    • I second that just! And what oneangrycomic said.

    • Actually, I can't remember who, but some well-known Israeli said that '.....this country is for the white man.' I'm sure David Sheen and Max B would know exactly who I'm talking about. I'm in complete agreement with Mooser's response. And Mooser, thanks for the humour you so often inject, by the way!

  • Caroline Glick melts down with European diplomats
  • Israel has no answer to BDS, Barghouti tells packed hall at Columbia
    • Israel has spent so much time filling up the West Bank that, from what I've been told, there's still plenty of space in Israel; and that's without displacing the Negev/Naqab Bedouin. We have to get to a stage where justice is to be done before we can think of that. How can we have everything pre-planned when we don't yet know how things will pan out? Any ideas NickJOCW?

  • Rabbi Brant Rosen steps down from Jewish Reconstructionist Synagogue saying his activism on Israel/Palestine has been 'lightning rod for division'
    • Yes, another sad song. I didn't know either of these: obviously listening to too much Assaf. He's coming to London in November…….Yay! Something positive to look forward to :) It's a benefit concert for MAP (Medical Aid for Palestinians); It's founder has just been denied entry into Gaza so nothing's changed on that front. :(

    • Thank you seafoid for again posting something so special. Yes, just, this is a wonderful, wonderful song. It reminds me of a lovely lady I know called Diana, of Jewish South African origin who once said to me that she had always been afraid to speak out; it wasn't until either 2006 or 2008/9 (I can't remember which) when she decided that she could no longer remain silent, and now she is one of the best and most effective activists I know, someone who does very important work. It's very sad, though, that Rabbi Rosen has had to resign a post that he so loved. But I'm sure his beautiful voice will continue to be heard as I can't imagine him stopping now. Once we know and speak out there's no stopping us. It seems that every large-scale atrocity that is perpetrated brings out more and more people. We will continue, recognising the courage, fortitude, generosity of spirit and good humour of the Palestinian people and try to be like them, not forgetting people like Brant Rosen who also embodies all those qualities.

  • My life during the war
    • Michelle, I don't think that's true; I didn't read the whole thing, couldn't be bothered, but you must know that wikipedia is written by individuals like you and me; not only that, Zionists are all over these pages, so you would expect high input by them on that particular page. As the page said, it has issues…..I've been moving home in the last month as well as attending countless demos in London so haven't had time to catch up on everything. I'm now away until Thursday so am well behind in my Mondo reading and trying to catch up. Anyway, I don't think it's illegal to boycott Israel in the US…..yet. In France they try their utmost to prosecute those advocating BDS, but in all cases bar one (I think), they've failed! Long live Palestine! Long live Gaza!

  • Ceasefire comes to a close -- Mohammed Assaf's 'Raise Your Head High'
    • PS. I think it's SON of the free land of sun because I believe that 'ibn' means 'son'. He's singing to the sons of the land. Also, 'shams' = 'sun', which is probably where our words 'shine' and 'shimmer' come from: just surmising! I'm sure some knowledgeable person will soon correct me here if I'm wrong; my Arabic is, after all, limited to about twenty words, but with the help of Assaf it's slowly improving!

    • Yeah, it's great to have the lyrics Annie! I think I'll have to ask Teymor if we can get lyrics on all his videos, or at least the future ones. As for 'Raise Your Head High', I too have been playing it constantly since I saw the link here on Mondo and when I'm not playing it, it's going round and round in my head. Yah, Assaf!

    • Thank you so much Maximus! (And of course Annie, though that should go without saying!) I've been waiting for him to come for so long. Funnily enough, I went to a MAP benefit concert only on Saturday, and though my lovely friend Kareem was playing amongst other, excellent, musicians and poets, including some superb Palestinian performers, nothing compares to Assaf! Let's hope there's been substantial changes on the ground, including from within the Israeli regime by then: we have to live in hope. I think it was you, Maximus, who gave Annie the link to this song……:)

  • Claim that Hamas killed 3 teens is turning out to be the WMD of Gaza onslaught
    • Micky Rosenfeld: from north London UK; Peter Lerner: Born South Africa, educated at a high school in the UK and uni educated in the US and SA, hence that indiscernible accent, though clearly not Israeli; yes, I couldn't quite place that accent so made a point of looking him up; there's another one who's been on UK TV recently beginning with an 'H' who was also born in SA. (I looked him up too). Regev, of course, is Australian. NONE of Israel's main official spokespeople/ apologists were born in Israel, i.e. police spokesman,(Rosenfeld) Military spokesman, Lerner, Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman, H…… and of course, the bane of British TV, PM spokesman, Mark Regev. They want spokespeople who sound like 'our' people. And I get what just is saying…. the west is so much more 'civilised' didn't you know? We have a 'conscience'. Said's classic orientalism. But anyone with half an active brain can see through it all these days; the demonstration in London today was huge, with all kinds of people of all ages taking part, and this was despite the fact that there were a lot of demonstrations in other places in the UK today too. What's needed now is for those people who attended the demos to get out on the streets regularly wherever they live in order to educate civil society and to promote BDS. At least two people I know weren't on the demo, but did their regular stalls with others, one in east London and another in west London to continue that regular presence, and one of those still couldn't resist turning up at the end of the demo in Parliament square; that's dedication and commitment!

  • Glib, simplistic, and extreme -- the world according to Richard Landes
    • Quite! Projection: that's just what I thought when I read that last paragraph. Thanks for that Roland, I couldn't stomach reading his whole article.

      More commonly used projection:

      "They want to push us into the sea." "They want to wipe us off the map." Hasn't that already happened to "them"?

  • Kerry says that Israel could wind up being 'an apartheid state'
    • It used to be 792 but that appears to have changed….(as crafty as ever?) I think it could now be 882. I'll check it out a few times and get back to you.

  • Haaretz joins Rush Limbaugh and company in trying to link Max Blumenthal to KC shooter suspect
    • Definitely right behind Max. Daniel Pipes claimed that Miller was influenced by Max's "ravings", but from my reading of the book Max merely quotes the ravings of others. He simply tells it as it is. And it appears that those out to smear Max are all raving hysterically themselves, if not using ugly, triumphalist-type discourse that is. They won't win; they can't win because truth will win;truth will out as always.

    • Yes Krauss: Ilan Pappe said recently that there isn't (any longer?) such a thing as a 'liberal Zionist'. All praise to Max, the consistently excellent analytical skills of Phan, and to Alex.

  • 'Secret' London conference seeks to link BDS to... terrorism
    • "We will draft and lobby for federal anti-discrimination statutes in the United States against banks, businesses and governments that target only Israel".
      Good luck with that one; there are so many countries under some form of sanction by the US and others that they would find it very difficult to find ones that '' only Israel." Indeed, it is precisely because so many other countries are under embargoes and sanctions by banks, business and governments APART from Israel that has made it incumbent upon Palestine solidarity supporters to actually push for BDS against Israel and its co-profiteers.

  • Johansson sees greater wrong in Oxfam than Israeli settlement
    • @hophmi: And as you must read regularly and thus acknowledge, a lot of people find belligerent occupation and ethnic cleansing noxious ideas, illegally wrong-headed policies and most definitely, undeniably discriminatory in nature. There are people who see the truth, don't deny the truth and definitely don't drink the foul fizz that contributes to the wrecking of lives and the rotting of teeth. There is nothing discriminatory about BDS. BDS works towards human rights, dignity and equality for the people of Palestine because governments continue to do nothing. Notice how quickly sanctions have been slapped on Russia; check out all the other countries under some sort of sanction. Israel's immunity to criticism must end for the good of everyone.

  • Zirin challenges sportswriters to report Israeli violence against Palestinian soccer players
    • Finally, here's an AP link, confirming the travel restrictions.
      The main reason FIFA are showing signs of acting is because of European activists, who tried to stop the under-nineteens EUFA tournament in Israel and were putting pressure on Michel Platini, the EUFA president. What helped with the release of Mahmoud Sarsak, apart from his incredibly brave and life-threatening hunger strike, was the fact that the European Championships were taking place towards the end of his strike, and people were demonstrating in solidarity with him and others in various European countries, such as Holland, France and the UK and pressurising UEFA with demonstrations at their offices whilst handing in letters. There was also a big demonstration outside the hotel where EUFA held their AGM in London, which, miraculously, Sarsak managed to attend having obtained his visa just in time! Because of all this, Sep Blatter was 'encouraged' to point out to Israel that they ought to release him if they were to hold the under-nineteen cup. I think it was also because of the guilt of all this that caused Blatter to invite Assaf to the opening of the World Cup in Brazil, albeit now 'relegated' to the opening of the Congress and not the World Cup Ceremony itself. But doubtless, as noted above, Blatter will come to some kind of 'understanding' (lip-service) with Israel so as not to have to accommodate the calls for its expulsion from FIFA. But dear friends, onwards and upwards!

    • And just in case people don't believe wikipedia (and why should they?) here's something from the Singapore FA website:

    • As can be seen from this, in 2002 Palestine, who topped their group for World Cup Qualifiers, were unable to travel since nearly half of the team were unable to obtain exit visas; in 2007/8 it was even worse, when virtually the entire team were unable to travel and FIFA gave Singapore a 'walkover'. Obviously, Israel should have been penalised at the time, but did any of us hear about this? Of course not. It's about time something was done about this and all this information be pulled together. There is ample evidence and FIFA knows it!

  • Cut off arms to Israel, Amnesty Int'l says, citing 22 civilians killed at protests last year
    • Les: I think Amnesty has often looked at Israel: this is one reason why Israel supporters won't buy Amnesty raffle tickets (though they'd never admit that that was the reason :). But now Amnesty are becoming far more vociferous in their criticism, perhaps simultaneously encouraged and emboldened by all the positive movement recently, and horrified at the ever-worsening situation on the ground. In any event, this gives people such as myself good reason, in addition to our own good reasons, to demand that our governments stop collaborating on killer-drone technology etc.

  • Boycotting the land you love: Israeli activist Leehee Rothschild on BDS and the struggle for Palestinian rights
    • Quite right Adele! jayn0t says 'I wonder if Rothschild's "small group of Israeli Jews" are really as naive as they appear to be.' I think 'really' is the operative word here. With so many of them having been shot at and maimed, including Jewish and non-Jewish internationals, I don't think naiveté comes into it. At least one of these people was standing next to one of his Palestinian friends when he was shot dead. We can hardly imagine the utter helplessness he must have felt, for all his privilege. A harrowing experience; and still he calls himself privileged; it's all relative, of course. Yes, everyone has a part to play when justice is what is being cried out for, whoever and wherever we are.

  • FIFA: Mohammed Assaf invitation to perform in World Cup opening ceremony 'still stands' (Updated)
    • Sorry, the link doesn't seem to have worked

    • Talking of Football: The Occupiers have never wanted Palestine's footballers to be seen to be doing well and have done everything to ensure that they cannot progress. Here's another example of that cruelty
      On 31st January, two young men, two cousins, Adam Abduraouf Halabiyeh (17) and Johar Nasser Halabiyeh (20)** were returning from football training in Abu Dis Youth Club to their house in Abu Dis, which is not far from the Israeli military camp.

      On their way home, they were attacked viciously by Israeli soldiers. First, they were shot in the legs with live ammunition. Then the soldiers set dogs on them to maul their hands and legs. The young men were taken to the Israeli military camp where once again, they were badly beaten, and again on their legs. At this point, Johar’s knees were broken.

      The television programme (link below) reports that Adam was first shot with three bullets and Johar tried to carry him: he was then shot in his own hand and then had another ten bullets to his legs. Then the dogs attacked them when they were on the ground before the soldiers got close to them. Adam reported that one of the soldiers hit him on the back of his head with his gun, which caused a gash in his head. This later had seven stitches, The soldier then jumped on Adam’s leg and broke his knee. They were taken in a military vehicle to the military camp where they were held for several hours. Here Johar’s knee was broken, after he told the soldiers that they were football players.

      The TV interviewer said Adam, ‘So you were throwing stones and they shot you?’ Adam said that this was not the story: they did not do anything to the soldiers, the incident happened when they were on their way home from football training.

      From the military camp, they were taken badly wounded to Hadasa Hospital in Jerusalem, but their families were not allowed to visit them. Adam’s mother is from Ukraine and she (unlike many Palestinians from Abu Dis) was able to get to the hospital. But when she said she wanted to see her son, she was threatened with deportation from the country if she persisted: she couldn’t see him.

      They were in that hospital for four days. After that, they were released: the army had never had any charge against them in the first place.

      The families took them to a hospital in Ramallah which did not have the facilities to treat their bad injuries; they are now in hospital in Jordan. The fear is that though they were well and playing football before this incident, they may never play again.

      Note, Adam is a school student still and Johar is the brother of Baraa, one of the children who visited Camden with CADFA last summer.

      CADFA is sending its strongest wishes to these young men, hoping for a swift recovery. We are taking this issue up as strongly as we can with our representatives here and considering the best course of action by young people and sports players in support of young people in our twinned town who have been so badly treated. We welcome your support; please look out for further activity about this.

    • Heeheeheehee! Love it kalithea! :)

    • Thanks, Walid. Yeah, I'm sure he was talking about Gaza, re: the ministries, because they wouldn't let him do a mass, public concert there immediately after having won Arab Idol, although the Ministry of Culture had kind of 'given in' and had said positive things about Assaf on FB, given that the public in Gaza were ignoring what the ministries were saying and where giving full-throttled, public, vocal support. I think he'd really like to do a public concert in Gaza, like he's done in other areas of Palestine, but the 'interior' won't allow it. Thanks for that; knowing only about twenty words of Arabic I'm somewhat limited and have to rely on the subtitles.

    • Walid: When I saw that interview I thought that the Hamas' Interior Ministry weren't allowing Assaf to sing in Gaza, as opposed to the Ministry of Culture, which said that he could. Perhaps I'm mistaken and it was about FIFA. That's how I understood the subtitles anyway....

    • :) But of course! :) Thanks Annie! Let's hope HE knows about this

  • Chilean soccer team defies league, retains Palestine on jersey
  • Scarlett and Oxfam chat over Palestinian land loss
    • All these graphics which are being produced are brilliant and at least more people are beginning to learn about SodaStream and its fraudulent claim of hewing 'Made in Israel', which is doubly illegal!

    • And I read somewhere that they've been known to be fired for being off sick AND being removed from the premises when they tried to collect pay that was owed to them. I thought it was in this old article: but it isn't, although it's very good. It was probably in a Corporate Watch article as they did a lot of on the ground investigations last year and also in Gaza. I too met Stephanie in London, albeit very briefly and she wouldn't remember me, but I thought she was lovely too!

  • Eric Alterman declines request to debate Max Blumenthal at Brooklyn College
    • Agreed Sumud: A rep from the Israeli Embassy in London was meant to be on a panel at the Bethlehem Unwrapped festival but they pulled out. This can be attributed to cowardice or you could call it a boycott or both. The Zionists other speaker, who did turn up, was a guy called Alan Johnson from BICOM, a Zionist organisation, who spoke about the wall being for 'security' and reeled off the names of several young Israelis who had been killed in suicide bombings. Jeff Halper of Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) concurred that this was terrible, but pointed out that it would take him all night and all of the next day to mention all the names of young Palestinians who had died. He also gave an excellent case as to why the wall was not for 'security'. Johnson softened somewhat, trying to appear as 'the nice guy', and kept saying 'I'm not speaking for BICOM here', that is, he wasn't being hardline enough for their tastes. Yes, the times are definitely changing.

    • But this time it was Alex Kane writing to Alterman. And it was when Phil asked Alterman to debate that Alterman asked for $10,000 'under the table, I think the phrase was. It seems that whoever asks him to debate Max gets a negative reply! Why? 'Cos Max is the best! :)

    • Thanks seafoid: I love your you tube links!

  • Scarlett Johansson watch: SodaStream stock plunges
    • @Citizen: that seems to be the way it goes as regards public statements; think about children from mixed marriages between blacks and whites; their offspring always identify themselves as black. Obama, son of a white woman is 'The first black president of the United States'. I still think, though, that these marriages can produce all kinds of people, of all colours (political, that is).

    • As I thought: they'll get a grant, in order to contribute to the Judaization of the Negev; part of the three-pronged plan to Judaize the West Bank, the Negev and Galilee.

    • Sorry Annie, I didn't mean to post twice: I'm not so computer savvy and thought I'd lost the first one
      Thanks for the links to the addition on the second one, though.

    • "BDS fail" ?!? Here's a different take on that, for Scarlett's prospects at least:
      Also, I'm sure I read recently that Soda Stream are being offered (yet more) benefits to open a factory in, guess where? The Naqab/Negev. This means they'll be building the factory on land presently occupied by the Bedouin. Yet more reason to up the anti against Soda Stream.
      Finally, as for SS being 'green' and environmentally friendly, my dentist told me that carbonated drinks are bad for your teeth, so SS is definitely NOT body friendly! All the more reason to boycott them.

    • "BDS fail" ? Here's a different take on that:

      And as for the supposedly environmentally friendly take, my dentist told me that carbonated drinks are bad for your teeth, so Soda Stream is not very body friendly!

  • Poor showing among heads of state for the lonely funeral of Ariel Sharon
    • Not so bad yourself Taxi :) I love the self-inflicted coma/morality shutdown bit. I often think that there are three kinds of political, statist Zionists, though this is perhaps a gross generalisation: those who are genuinely ignorant of the facts, those who are in deep denial (self-inflicted coma) and those who are simply not very nice people.

    • And George Bush junior loved his dog Barney!

    • seafoid, I couldn't agree more! Not at all surprised that that warmongering sycophant was there either.

  • Kerry wants to imprison West Bank with massive security fence along Jordanian border
    • Thanks talknic, it was good to be reminded of the less memorable names of the signatories to PNAC, and even better to see the second link! :)

  • From the Royal Albert Concert Hall to an Israeli Dungeon: Omar Saad, a young violist and conscientious objector
    • And the still pic that we can see before the commencement of the video shows Nigel playing with Omar himself. His thirteen-year-old brother Gandhi performs the first violin solo/duet with Nigel and sings a couple of mawwals during the concert.. It's awful to think that they, Mostapha and Gandhi, will also have to face what Omar is facing. Their sister will suffer because of the loss of her brothers but she won't be conscripted herself as they only force this ugly, occupation work, or alternatively, ugly incarceration, on young Druze males. I met an Israeli family in London who were passing by during an action recently, and they said that the reason they were in London was so that the son wouldn't have to join the military. Apparently he can't go back until he's forty, which I assume is when people are free from reservist duty too. What a sh***hole!

  • The American street, rising
    • I agree that the US is paramount as to what happens in Israel/Palestine; that's why I always come to Mondoweiss where I can be informed on the US AND Palestine. But I also think that this is where BDS comes in. The more the BDS movement grows, the more governments, including the US government, are put under pressure to act. This was the beauty of the South African anti-apartheid movement. Both BDS and its ultimate effect on the US government are imperatives for a just peace for all concerned.

  • Ben White brings 'apartheid' talk to Brooklyn College dep't (which hasn't hosted Dershowitz in 39 years)
    • Quite Hostage! An excellent observation (as ever)

    • Glad you posted this Blaine because I was beginning to get fed up with the bitterness; I can understand it, and often feel intense anger, but we have to be above that. I thought what the students did was beautiful and is at least making people unaware, more aware of the truth. Sometimes a silent demonstration like this is far more effective than angry shouting and screaming. Let's leave the ugly anger to our adversaries and keep on pushing in whatever ways we can. And please stop putting just in inverted commas because it really annoys me. Glad just is as gracious as your previous post proved to be.

  • AIPAC's 'unlimited' funds are greatest obstacle to peace, former British foreign sec'y says
  • Christian Zionists help settler-farmers take over Palestinian lands
    • Thanks for the chuckle Shmuel! :)

    • I too felt sick. In fact, I couldn't help but go on you tube and make loads of comments in reply to what these people said, though I don't usually. Although I went to a church primary school I don't regard myself as religious, but found that schooling useful in my replies! Uggg! It's an old video, though, and virtually every commenter was a Christian Zionist, so the song was preaching to the converted for the most part.

  • Update: Assaf's first video as global star affirms role as voice for the voiceless
    • Hi Walid, Thanks for your kind, considered reply. Ironically, I have sent my colleague a video with that section of the boy having his arm broken in it, in fact I think I even mentioned the broken bones policy when I sent it. I've also sent her The Mavrix' 'The New Black" which is another ugly video, but no truer words could be spoken. I usually send her videos (I'm a sucker for a song and have eclectic musical tastes) because they're good for those who may have a short attention span. At least at the outset, I didn't think she would have the patience to read long, intellectual articles which would inform her of a great deal. Actually, I think your interpretation of the song is an extremely valid one and one I hadn't though of as I hadn't compared it to Julia Boutros' song. I just read Enass' interview with Assaf again and he more or less said that he doesn't have much say in the content of his albums, but that he could record singles, so I assume he chose this song, but not, of course, the content of the video. I must say though, that I've watched it a few more times tonight. It's an addiction. I loved Palestine enough as it was, without this amazing singer coming out of there too. And I think he does deserve to come out of there at the moment. Let's face it: for the time being it's safer in Dubai. One day he'll be out of contract and will have more say in what he wants to do. PS. I also watched your links to Abdel Kareem from Syria and thought that he too was a beautiful, moving singer whose pain was palpable, not forgetting Farah who also has a superb voice. Lucky Annie! She's seeing two of the three tomorrow :)

    • The perfect ending to this thread just! Yes, Annie, tell us all about it. (and once Assaf is out of his contract he'll have more freedom to do what HE wants:)

    • Here's the link to Code Rouge: Generation Palestine, I hope

      PS. My colleague has now woken up her son by showing him Peter Kosminski's 'The Promise'. He'd worked in New York for a few years but is now back in London. A Jewish friend came to visit him, but now, since he saw 'The Promise' they've fallen out and he doesn't think he'll go to see her again when he next visits New York. That's another person who's beginning to see things for what they are.

    • @Annie @Walid : This evening I went out to a dinner for Richard Falk hosted by the Palestine Return Centre and on my way home I was reading David Samel's article about MJR's accusations against Ali Abunimah. When I got home I was going to continue reading the comments on the computer, but then saw the posting on Assaf! I then watched the video, looked at all the links and re-lived the winning night. Annie, I felt just like you when I saw the video! But, Walid, and others, I know exactly what you mean about the video. I then watched the video again two or three times. Still I was mesmerised by Assaf, and like Citizen, I am no spring chicken so it's not a mere teenage crush! I also watched the two videos that you linked to Walid. I'd never seen either of these videos before (the second of which I thought was absolutely, though horrifically brilliant) although I've seen lots of videos like them in visual content. However, I really don't think that Assaf can reach out to new people who know little if anything about Palestine through the use of videos such as the latter. I have a work colleague who, two or three years ago, said she didn't 'care' about what was happening in Palestine, and for people like her, who are being introduced to the truth, videos such as the latter two would simply put her off. In fact, she actually said that she thought that the French Video, by Generation Palestine and a young woman whose name I've forgotten, was 'brilliant' and much more effective. I think you posted it once Annie, and when I watched it I realised that I had seen it a couple of years before. (It's the one where successive people are running, with the flag, and the soldier shoots them all down until in the end the people make the soldier step back (rather like the child in the first video you posted Walid, where the soldier ran away: when ten fall, a hundred will spring up and when a hundred fall a thousand will replace them.) I'll try and post a link if I'm capable of doing it! My colleague, through a steady drip feed by me has now awoken to the reality of what's happening in Palestine, but for novices, sometimes real hardcore footage can be off-putting and they don't want to know. I know that people need to know the truth, but there are ways and means of educating them, I think. Assaf's video is indeed a creature of the record company, but having said that I think that it shows that the Arab people are Alive, and it's trying to depict the rest of the world waking up to this, or at least that's what I like to think. It does show the child with the Keffiyeh on his head and the flag painted on his face, which is at least something. But, having said all that, I do sometimes think that when watching Assaf's Arab Idol videos that it's actually better to simply listen so as to really appreciate the brilliance of his singing. Anyway, I'm really happy for you Annie that you'll be able to see him live on Saturday! Lucky you! :) Finally, I'd told some of my students about Assaf last June and one of them, a young Hungarian woman, who had returned to the school (I teach English as a foreign language) told me a couple of days ago that she'd been to a party recently and that the most popular song there was........Ali Al Kuffiyeh! So he is indeed beginning to be heard outside of the Arab world thereby helping the world wake up to Palestine. I continue to live in hope since it's the only way even if cynicism is not very far away!

    • I love the way he says that Palestinians "want Israel piece by piece." The irony of it. The usual projection, when it's clear to see that it's the other way around.

    • Yes, Citizen, I see. I Love him; can't help it and will continue to tune in an keep the dial there.

  • Major 'NYT' piece calls two-state negotiations 'phony'--and catastrophic
    • Hey Ramzi, Don't worry about Shmuel: he's with us! He was, amongst other people, reacting to Miriam6, and he did it, like one or two others, with a sense of humour! I'm sorry you feel hurt, but he was being sarcastic to Miriam because of what she'd said about Ali Abunimah and Omar Barghouti. I have to admit that he made me laugh when he wrote that, but I know he was joking and, well, you have to laugh sometimes in order to be able to go on. If you read the thread earlier on, you will see why he wrote what he did. And it's good to see your positive, hopeful comments, by the way. We have to live in hope. :) So I agree with tree and Donald. Shmuel is good to read because he seems to know a lot, AND he's got a good sense of humour :)

  • Moral obscenities in Syria
    • My first thought when I heard of this horrendous attack was that surely Assad wouldn't be stupid enough to carry out a chemical attack just after weapons inspectors had arrived in the country, would he? A few minutes later, Jeremy Bowen, the BBC's Middle East editor, on BBC Radio 4, said something to that effect too. We both thought it was possible, but we both questioned the feasibility of this. Since then, all those who are gagging for military strikes are taking it as a given (or at least saying) that Assad is responsible. Since that day I haven't heard mention, from any quarters about Bowen's and my obervation, has nobody else taken this into consideration. And now to learn that Israeli military intelligence has the 'proof' can only add to my scepticism.

  • BBC to censor violinist Nigel Kennedy's statement about Israeli apartheid from TV broadcast
    • PS. Notice how his interviewer felt obliged to say "There are two sides to every story." A sure sign that we're listening to the BBC if we hadn't known it already.

    • Thanks Seymour, good to hear that Radio 4 piece again! Now kept for posterity! Sue x

    • I certainly can't see him apologising! What are they going to do? Ban him from the appearance he's due to make on the last night of the proms? After all, he may speak out again, particularly in response to the supposed 'slur' and the fact that the BBC have asked him to apologise. How I resent having to pay money every year for my TV licence. They're such cowards!

  • BBC festival features Palestine Strings and condemnation of apartheid to jubilant applause
    • @Annie and Bintbiba: Mustafa is 15 years old and plays the duet with Kennedy in the final encore at the end because Nigel mentions him by name and says we'll hear that name, Mustafa Saad, in the future. This must be Gandhi, especially because someone actually writes ,"Go gandhi!" in the comments on the you tube video clip. What a family! And all the players are clearly very accomplished musicians despite their age and despite the endless difficulties they encounter in being able to rehearse and play together.

    • And though there may be "Arab" political parties in the Knesset, they have never EVER been invited to join a coalition meaning that they have absolutely no power to influence.
      I heard the Prom on the radio as I'd had an eye operation that day so couldn't go. It was brilliant. Nigel Kennedy had been on BBC Radio 4 the previous Saturday morning and there too referred to apartheid: it couldn't be edited because it was live. I wonder if they'll leave his comment in for the TV broadcast? Can't wait to find out. Thanks for the article Tom.

  • 'Oh Jerusalem my tears are scattered,' Mohammed Assaf sings in occupied Bethlehem
    • Well, here's another one who's enjoying the post! And Definitely not just a passing phase. I'm going to be obsessed, that is, listening daily, for at least six months! I'm like that when I love a great, great singer. :) Not only have I been listening to the Arab Idol playlist created by Farah Nasser daily, usually all of it, but I've also been watching all the videos that Mohammed himself has posted. Of course, I'd already seen the Bethlehem video, but I'd no idea it was in Bethlehem, a place that he had absolutely no chance of visiting such a short time ago. So once again, thank you beautiful people for keeping me informed. It's great to see Phil's input too, he even wrote a piece about Mohammed after he'd won, didn't he? I too thought he was saying "Come on, come on" so thanks for the Arabic lesson Enass and Pamela. Even when I'm not watching/listening, his voice is with me always. Did you see Reem Kelani's piece on EI? She too, thinks he's a great singer. As to whether he'll be compromised by politicians, I say, not unless he wants to be and thus far he's been true to himself, to Palestine and its people. Keep it up young hero! We love you!

  • UPDATE: Mohammed Assaf IS Arab Idol!!!
    • Hi Annie, I think it's a national song, circa around 1999, and is linked to the PLO/Fatah, which is why, I think, Hamas don't like it:
      apparently, people were told not to sing it at weddings, can you believe?!?

    • Yeeeeeeeeeessssssss!!!!!! Assaewnaasaaaaaaaaaaaaaf! Assaaaaaaaaaaaaaaf!
      Thank you so much Annie, and Enaas for the wonderful translations! I've been travelling home and just got your (our) Mohammed's wonderful news!! So so happy for him, for Palestine and for all of us who love him!! It's always the joyous moments that bring such sweet tears!!!!!

  • Update: 'Raise your keffiyeh, raise it,' Mohammed Assaf sings, and there is jubilation in Palestine
    • And I wore mine all day on Saturday! I had to! It was a must! :)

    • Yes, Phil, the spirit and pride is still and will always be in evidence.

    • Yes, Just, it's his proud mum AND dad, who sang with him when he was a boy, (and maybe his grandmother to the left?) I bet she has some stories to tell......
      And Annie, you passed the fever on to me, or should I say Mohammed Assaf did? I've read hardly anything on Mondo for 10 days because I've been doing nothing but watching videos! I'd seen the Global March to Jerusalem video last year and noticed the nice, smooth voice but then thought no more of it; little did I know what he was capable of. I've always been a sucker for a song. Apart from the commonality of our love of Palestine (and Mondoweiss) I also felt very strongly about Mohammed Sabaaneh: so much so that his 'dreaming of freedom' cartoon has been my FB status ever since his kidnap. I just didn't get round to signing in and telling you this. I came out from 'under [my] rock' the day after you posted the 'fever' article, because I'd missed the other one. Palestine's spirit will NEVER die! Thanks for all the wonderful posts, Annie and Mondo and all its contributors!

  • 'Fuck it, I Love Israel' -- Artists 4 Israel bombards Ibiza with hasbara condoms

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