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As long as Jews talk about "Jewish" instead of universal values I don't want to have anything to do with Judaism.

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  • Israeli minister says Palestinians are bringing a 'third Nakba' upon themselves
    • I see no difference between Hanegbi and an antisemite who claims that the Jews brought the Shoa upon themselves.

  • Avishai's prophetic 'Tragedy of Zionism' was denied by Jewish community 32 years ago
    • Misterioso: "The 1939 White Paper contained no reference to a “Jewish homeland” (or state) in Palestine."

      Sorry, I meant "national home". And the 1939 White Paper elaborated on how it was allready established. Which means that it wasn't meant to be a "state". The first General Attorney of Palestine Norman Bentwich (a Jewish Zionist) wrote explicitly about the nature of a national home:

      "A national home, as distinguished from a state, is a country where a people are acknowledged as having a recognized legal position and the opportunity of developing their cultural, social and intellectual ideals WITHOUT receiving political rights."


      "It signifies a territory in which a people, WITHOUT receiving rights of political sovereignty, has nevertheless a recognized legal position and the opportunity of developing its moral, social, and intellectual ideas."

      The rest of your comment is correct. Unfortunately I can't find the quote where Churchill made clear to Weizmann before the mandate that it wasn't about a state and that Weizmann should either take the mandate for what it is or leave empty handed.

    • "In March 1939, the British government “informed the Zionist executive that Zionist rights under the Balfour Declaration were abrogated and that the offer of a Jewish state was rescinded."

      There were no Zionist "rights" under the Balfour Declaration and there was no "offer" of a Jewish state. The British White Book (1939) explained very well that the Jewish homeland was simply established in 1939.

      "Ben-Gurion was a pragmatist. He accepted partition. In February 1950 “the Israeli government discreetly negotiated a draft treaty with King Abdullah of Transjordan,” says Avishai."

      Ben Gurion accepted partition? ROFL. Ben Gurion proposed to the UN to put the whole of Palestine under Jewish control and postpone its independence until Jews have become a siginicant majority through enforced immmigration. And he conspired with Transjordan to split up Palestine and then screwed Transjordan and asked Britain how it would feel about Isael taking the rest of Palestine through war.

      "... and the Arab League engaged in aggression and belligerence that eventually led to the 1967 Six Day War."

      Nope. It was Israel's lust for expansion that made it start another war after it's first military conquest of the Sinai in 1956. And it was Israel which shot down planes over Damasus and raided a West Bank village under Jordan occupation before it started its war in 1967.

      "When asked (in ’84) if the Arabs of the West Bank and Gaza should be given the right to vote in the event of annexation, little more than 3 percent of high school students said "yes.""

      Wait, do they teach Jewish children how to hate and and how to violate the fundamental rights of Nonjews?

  • Three settlers stabbed to death and three Palestinians shot dead in turmoil over security measures at al-Aqsa mosque compound (Updated)
    • ecchi: "There is a precise reason why civilians colonizing invaded land have no protected status under the Geneva convention: it’s because all responsibility for their safety belongs to the invader. "

      The simple reason why they are not protected by GC is that they are not nationals of the occupied. But not being protected under the GC doesn't mean that one is not protected at all by any right. I'm pretty sure that Palestinian law (the law of the occupied) prohibits murdering civilians or in international terms individuals who don't take part in hostilies (shooting, etc.).

      ecchi: "Also, the status of civilian is not reserved to an armed uniform-wearer in active duty."

      I honestly don't understand what you are saying.

    • Misterioso: "Yes, as did the French during WWII, Palestinians have the right to resist by all means. I remind you that the occupation has been in effect for 50 years. "

      As there is no right to keep a whole people occupied and therefore violate their right to self determination for half a century there is no right to murder civilians.

    • Mayhem: "You are masking the basic fact that the Muslims can’t accept the Jews having a sovereign presence in their midst ..."

      You are masking the basic fact that Zionist Jews couldn' accept a Muslim souvereign presence in Palestine.

      Mayhem: "... and they have used religious incitement against Jews going way back."

      After the Zionist Jewish incitement to take over Palestine or before?

    • Mayhem: "The intractable position of the Palestinians led by their Jew-hating religious leaders is typical. A Palestinian Muslim just can’t stand being told by Jews how to behave – that’s the Koranic principle."

      Yep, it's absolutely antisemitic not to do what Jews tell you to do allthough Nonjews according to Nonjew hating leaders and based on their Judaic principles only exist to serve Jews , rigjht?

  • The Spirit of '68 Lives On: Zionism as racism, and the network of lies
    • Nathan: "Of all the comments meant to play down the importance of the Hebrew Bible, ..."

      You are playing down the importance of Christianity on western societies and claim that the Hebrew bible founded them. What's next? That the French monarchy was more important to Western socities than the French revolution, because one can't understand the latter without knowing of the former? Or that the French Monarchy founded the societies which came after the French revolution?

      Nathan: "It should be noted that the term “Diaspora” means dispersion. Dispersion has a point of reference."

      Yes, it's reference is the "exile" hoax. Until today not a single Israeli academic is able to disprove that it's a hoax. And Zionist use that hoax to legitimise a "return" and that Jews who are allegelcy ipso facto descendants of ancient Hebrews have more right to return than Palestinians and their proven ascendants who acatually lived there and were expelled and denationalized by JSIL.

    • Bont: "They had choices in staying in their home countries or legally migrating elsewhere, which significant amount of European Jews did choose to take.

      Those who instead came to Palestine did so with the express intent of forcefully taking the land for themselves, disregarding any objections of the natives and other Jews. Hence, we can safely conclude that all Jewish Israelis are complicit in criminal activity without any worry of being anti-semites."

      I strongly disagree! The Zionists tried to make sure that Palestine was the only option. Jewish refugees for examples prefered the USA over Palestine.

    • Nathan: "Yes, Talkback, it’s really true. The Hebrew Bible is the foundation of western society."

      Yes Nathan, that is really your most briliant argument so far. Why don't you make a case that the Hebrew bibe is the foundation of Muslime societies based on the same logic and what's written in the Quran in Verse 2 about Judaism and Christianity?

      Nathan: The New Testament is obviously a very important text, ....

      Sure Nathan, "very important", but not as important as the Hebrew bible, right?

      "... however the founders of Christianity understood that the New Testament is absolutely incomprehensible without the Hebrew Bible. This is the reason that the Christian Holy Scriptures include the Hebrew Bible. How could anyone understand who Jesus is without knowing the story of King David?"

      That one text came preceded another and explains important aspects or the history of the latter doesn't mean that societies were build on the former. There's a reason why Christianty calls the Hebrew Bible and other texts "old" testament. It means 'not longer valid', "superseded", "obsolete", etc. And Western socities were build on what Christianity considered to be valid, etc.

    • Nathan: "The greatest contribution of the Jews throughout history is without doubt the writing of the Hebrew Bible."

      And how can this text written by Jews for Jews can be a great constribution for Nonjews? Let's start with the 'God promised the land of Israel to Jews' part and how this is still playing out for Nonjews.

      Nathan: "This book is the foundation of western civilization, ..."

      ROFL. Really? The "Hebrew Bible"/Judaism and not the "New Testament"/Christianity?

  • Haymarket Books' plan to buy Chicago mansion is latest battleground over Zionism/anti-Zionism
    • Arafatbastard: "Mondoweiss is not inherently anti-semitic, but most of the people who post under its articles certainly are."

      Trying to hide your racism against Nonjews behind the accusation of antisemitism?

      Arafatbastards: "Mondoweiss is basically a website run by Useful Idiots for Hamas."

      In other words. It's not a website run by Useful Idiots for Zion.

  • Bill making it a federal crime to support BDS sends shockwaves through progressive community
    • DaBakr: "Oh sure, there are literally dozens of articles on all of the BDS movements against all these other countries."

      There are literaly a dozens of reason why your argument is idiotic. You are like an imbecile who trashes Jewish organisations for focusing on antisemitism!

      BDS was created by 170 PALESTINIAN non-governmental organizations: PALESTINIAN Unions, PALESTINIAN political parties, PALESTINIAN refugee networks, PALESTINIAN women’s organisations, PALESTINIAN professional associations, PALESTINIAN popular resistance committees and other PALESTINIAN civil society bodies.

      But your main idiotic problem is that BDS doesn't focus on other people, too, which suffer from seven decades of settler colonialism, ethnic cleansing, dispossession, denationalization, disenfrenchisement, occupation, illegal annexation, illegal settling in occupied territories, stealing of resources from these territories, endless war crimes and violations of their human and fundamental right.

      Absolutely pathetic.

      What an ultimate shmock you are.

    • Nathan: "Talkback – You spend a lot of time and energy crying over spilt milk."

      I understand that in the world of Zionists expelling, dispossesing and disenfrenchising Nonjews is as irrelevant as spilling milk.

      Nathan: "Let’s assume that your point of view is absolutely correct (that illegal immigrants had no right to found a state)."

      Nathan, do the Nonjewish citizens of Israel have a right to create a state within Israel? Especially through war and expulsion?

      Nathan: "So what?"

      Exactly. The victims are NOT Jews, right?

      Nathan: "But if you insist on spending your time on the question of the right to statehood for illegal immigrants who have probably passed away (or who are now very, very old people), that’s okay. Everyone is entitled to a hobby."

      See Nathan, that happens as often as Zionists are 'crying' about the "legitimacy" of Israel. I just correct this. Not to educate Zionists, because they are educationally impaired, but so that others see tha a typical Zionists FAILS to give just one plausible argument why the creation of Israel was legitimate and Israel has a "right to exist". And then I cry, because I'm laughing. Especially when they try to praise Israel exactly like others praised Nazi Germany without saying a single word about the atrocities the commit to other people.

    • Nathan: "I await the quote from the BDS website that defines the end-of-conflict and the acceptance of Israel’s permanency."

      BDS simply calls in its own words on its website for "nonviolent pressure on Israel until it complies with international law". That implies BDS is not against Israel's "permanency", but against its "permanency" to not comply with international law.

      But that's of course dishonest as we all know that the violation of international law is essential to Israel's kind of "permanency", isn't it Nathan? Permanent expulsion, permanent "eternal, undivided capital", permanent dispossesion and disenfrenchisment, permanent settler colonialism ...

    • Nathan: "Talkback – I have never seen any Mandate-era document that uses the term State of Palestine. "

      Of course not. The state was called "Palestine", not "State of Palestine". That's for example the term you will find in Palestine's bi- and multilateral state contracts with other countries. I use the term "state of Palestine" to highlight the international status of Class-A-Mandates.

      Or were you refering to the fact that the Hasbara cult has to ignore that Palestine was a state under mandate?

      Nathan: "Anyway, today’s citizens of the State of Israel are not refugees or illegal immigrants."

      Of course not. They are citizens of the State of Israel. I said that most Jews in Palestine 1948 were NOT citizens of Palestine, but illegal immigrants and refugees. And I'm being even fair and don't refer to the 'legal' immigration of foreign settlers which was enforced upon the natives and a flagrant violation of their rights to self determination.

      Nathan: "I understand that in the anti-Israel world time stands still. However in the real world of here and now, the State of Israel is soon to be 70 years old."

      I understand that in the Kahane Continuum a straw man argument is considered a sign of intelligence.

      Nathan: Maybe you would like to argue that the great-great-grandfather had no right to found the State of Israel."

      Oh no, it's not an argument at all. I haven't read so far ONE plausible argument why immigrants should after 1945 have the right to create a state. Especially if their immigration was enfored by another country.

      Nathan: "It’s really a very interesting point of view, albeit quite irrelevant."

      I understand that in the Kahane Continuum expelling Nonjews and violating their right of self determination is as "quite irrelevant" as are any other atrocities and crimes against humanity Zionist settler colonialism has produced and still is producing. In the real world it's not.

    • Nathan: "In the anti-Israel (or anti-Zionist) world, ..."

      Nope. In the anti-Apartheid world ...

      "... there is no end-of-conflict scenario in which Israel’s legitimacy is finally recognized."

      ROFL. A legitimacy based on what, Nathan? Please formulate a legitimacy withouth using the word "Jews" or "Jewish".

    • Nathan: "You seem to believe that you can’t be a raving anti-Zionist while confirming at the same time any aspect of the Jewish narrative."

      The Jewish narrative was "raving anti-Zionist" before it was corrupted by Zionists.

      Nathan: "The world might collapse if someone would dare say that there was a land (and kingdom) called Judea (the Romans called the country “Judaea”, the land of the Jews)."

      Yeah, like the Kahane Continuum would implode if a Zionist would dare to accept the fact that there was a dependant State of Paletine under Mandate with a constitutive people called Palestinans and only they (and neither illegal immigrants nor refugees) had the right to self determine the future by majority ruling.

    • Mooser: "They even let illegal settlers post here."

      They even let commenters post here which publicy support war crimes like illegally annexing territory (Jerusalem) or illegally settling in occupied territories.

    • DaBakr: "No offense to your personal views but you might want to take a gander at some news outlets that are just a tiny bit to the right of the hard left(like MW)."

      What's "hard left" about Mondoweiss? Simply being neither racist nor fascist? No offense to your personal views.

    • GregMozart: "I support Israel. But as someone who cares about freedom of speech, religion, etc. I am definitely opposed to this law."

      I don't support Israel as someone who cares about freedom of speech, religion, etc.

    • Who said that certain Jews would only violate the fundamental rights of Palestinians?

    • DaBakr: "Is there a BDS movement focusing on: ..."

      Was there a movement focusing on Apartheid South Africa?

  • 'Irreplaceable bedrock' of U.S. backing for Israel is threatened by -- intermarriage
    • hophmi eptiomizes the Israeli permit system.

    • hophmi: "Lol. Pro-Arab intellectuals don’t get to comment on how “illiberal” Israel is."

      What about intellectuals that follow universal values? Are they allowed to comment if they get an Israeli permit?

  • The Palestinian Authority is on the verge of collapse, and collapse it should
    • DaBakr: "She was writing about the PA which last I checked is not in control of Gaza wether you consider Gaza occupied or not."

      What's your point? She was writing about the areas that are under PA autonomy (allthough Israel has ultimate control). She wrote "reoccupy" to indicate that Israel would have to do the dirty work of the PA.

      DaBakr: "If you personally don’t consider Israel removing every single Jewish Israeli a de-occupation of Gaza that is your opinion and personal interpretation of in international law."

      This may be the case in the Kahane Continuum. In our universe it's your opinion and personal interpretation of international law because the UN holds the position that Gaza is still occupied and that only the Security Council can determine a change of this status. And trust me, it's a complete waste of time to explain the underlying legallity (starting twith the ruling of the Hostages Trial) to educationally impaired Zionists. They just repeat their nonsense or react with heavy "this is Jew hatred" flatulence.

    • Nathan: "It seems to me to be wishful thinking of the anti-Israel crowd that the PA would disappear. The anti-Israel crowd regards the Oslo Agreement to be a big mistake on the part of the Palestinians, and so they wish it away."

      ROFL. Of course. Only the anti-Israel crowd wishes it away. It's all about being anti Israel. What pathological narcissism.

    • DaBakr: "I think you are confused. How can we reoccupy a place we already occupy? Gaza could theoretically be ‘reoccupied’" ..."

      I think you are confused. Gaza's status is "occupied". And a blah chick is simply saying is that JSIL would have to do even more of its dirty work.

  • 'We need to cut their heads off,' Bush said of anti-western demonstrators in Syria in '06 -- Tzipi Livni
    • Dabakr: " I think the single minded self-righteousness of anti zionists is impressive ..."

      The ability of Zionists to overlook the plank in their eye is even more impressiv.

      "... while the Palestinians have been duped into believing their maximalist goals will be realized, eventually, even if it takes 1000yrs."

      Yep, next year in Jerusalem. It's not a dream if you will it.

  • 'You are thieves of history!' Hotovely tells Palestinians, waving books at them
    • GregMozart: "Why nothing was said about Jewish rights to worship at their own holy sites. Why even today Jews are not allowed by Muslims to pray on the Temple Mount, which is obviously the site where their temple stood, and now just have a portion of the Western Wall of the courtyard?"

      Do you actually know that Israel forbids Jews to pray there and so does Jewish law?

    • I have two pieces of empty white sheets. One documents that Hotovely is a descendant of ancient Hebrews that lived in Palestine thousands of years ago. The other one documents the legal entitlement of foreign Jewish settlers to Palestine.For example her Georgian parents.

      And one empty book that documents the exile of Jews and how the diaspora was created.

    • Oops, I mean "descendant" of course.

    • Yes. They are so stupid, that they don't even realize that they are making a case for Palestinians, delegitimazing Israel and revealing their hypocricy.

    • Actually no Jew who lived in the Ottoman Empire and ipso facto became a citizen of Palestine would have claimed that Palestinians do not exist. That's just a delusion of genocidal foreign settlers and their supremacist brats.

    • Sibiriak: "... but it can also refer to ethno-national identity ..."

      Nope. Not at all. The term "Palestinan" is a term of a constitutive people created in 1925 which refers to the legal citizens of Palestine. That's why the PLO even in 1964 considered native Jews to be "Palestinians", too. The term has nothing to do with ethnicity of religion. The Hasbara trolls are correct when they claim that Palestinians are not a people in an ethnic or religious sense. But that's just a distraction from the fact that "Palestinians" are actually more. They are a real nationality/citizenship and nation. Something Jews will neverbe, because there is no state in which someone can become Jewish by acquiring its citizenship.

    • Well, Hotovely, too is just another ascendant of Jewish foreign settlers who made the dessert bloom. Her parents came from the country Georgia. That's why she doesn't know that Jewish natives were citizens of Palestine until 1948. The empty book just reflects her knowledge.

  • Young survivors of Gaza beach slaughter three years ago 'lost their minds'
  • Four Palestinians, two Israelis killed, and Israeli forces blockade Al Aqsa mosque
    • Jon66: "Is the Israeli state allowed ..."

      As if it would care about the legitimacy of its actions. ROFL.

    • Nathan: "How many adjectives are necessary in one short paragraph to explain to people who already are anti-Israel that they should be anti-Israel?"

      As many as there are necessary to make others, too, understand the real scope of the atrocities and inhumane perversions of real existing Zionism and its supporters.

    • Technically they are not Israeli "Arabs", because that would include Arab Jews.

  • Israeli paper investigates 50-year-ago attack on 'USS Liberty,' while US papers leave it in the letters column
    • CigarGod: "My comment was in response to Emet"

      No problem. It helped me find a mistake in mine. ;)

    • What is most fascinating about the comment section is how Hasbara trolls never claim that the accusations against the US or Lyndon would be hatred of Americans. Baybe, because they know that their accusation would sound even more stupid as it does. Even in their desperate and pathetic accusations of hatred they apply double standards. ROFL.

    • Ossinev: "Silly pathetic Americans. Even their so called naval intelligence officers allegedly can`t remember if there was a flag or not."

      Survivors mentioned that two flags were hoisted. One before the attack and one even bigger during the attack runs.

    • I accidentally left out "plane" after "reconnaissance". It was a reconaissance plane that studied the Liberty for eight hours prior to the attack.

    • Emet: " ... hate ... hater ... Hate will do more damage to the hater ... hate ..."

      Oh boy, Another case of heavy narcissim.

      Emet: "If there was, [h]ow big was the flag."

      The first one which was hoisted all day was a 5-by-8 feet flag and after it was shot down it was replaced by a 7-by-13 feet flag.

      Emet: "Have you ever flown inside a fighter jet at mach 1, during war, and tried to spot a flag on a ship below never mind being able to see what was printed on it?"

      Good Question, Emet. One might add: "while being pretty busy with jamming Liberty's five American emergency radio signals which are different from Egyptian emergency radio channels?"

      And let me ask you: Have you ever flown a reconaissance studying a ship build in 1945 for eight hours plane coming close to 200 feet which has dozens of large antennas including a large moon-bounce “satellite-dish” mounted on a tall structure near the stern, has white hull identification numbers and is waving an American flag and then mistook it for an Egypt ship that has black hull identification numbers, is a four times smaller and an ancient unarmed transport vessel from 1920 which is out of service?

      Keep drowning in your own hate, Emet.

    • DeBacle: "sorry moo, I know how bad you wanted me to give up scrounging around on anti Israel hate sites ..."

      Hate site? Why should anybody hate what Jews do to Nonjews in hist. Palestine? I'm sure that peverse supremacist sadists love it. Don't you?

    • DeBacle: "Lol. “Conspiracy theorist” is now an “ad hominem” attack on MW ..."

      It is an adhominem attack to attack someone personally instead of refuting his arguments. That's what you are trying to do. You want do discredit the author.

      Dabacle: "yet everybody that hates zionists/israelis and Jews are writing over and over that there is some kind of conspiracy that took place between the US and Israelis but maybe, their not entirely positive exactly what conspiracy took place so some won’t ‘commit’.

      You see, another adhominem attack. You are trying to discret anybody as hating zionist/Israselis and Jews who thinks that the the US and Israel were conspiring.

      Dabacle: "But.’conspiracy nuts’?. Not us."

      And that's the proof. Now you openly use "conspiracy nuts". As if there have never been two people or two parties conspiring in the history of mankind. But no, you are not "nuts", right?

    • Maybe, just maybe Israelis couldn't identify that the Liberty was a US ship, because their view was blocked by the big American flag which some crewmen hoisted.

    • Another ad hominem fallacy, even better.

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