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An old Jewish guy in Oz. Tired of the fallacies surrounding the I/P issue. We were given the territory for a homeland state, with more than enough room for every Jewish person on the planet. Even today. Since declaration, Israel has illegally acquired more and more territory outside of it's actual proclaimed and recognized Sovereign boundaries and it encourages Israeli civilians to break laws that were adopted in large part because of the treatment of our Jewish fellows under the Nazis. All I ask is that Israel adhere to the law, under which it can easily protect itself, grow and prosper. The Palestinians ask for their legal rights under the Laws all states are obliged to uphold. Israel demands more and more non-Israeli land. I've received too many threats for opposing Israel's policies towards the Palestinians, broken windows, graffiti'd walls, hate mail, I'd prefer to remain anonymous, if that's OK. Who I am is irrelevant. It's the information that counts. :-)


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  • 'The Israelis never stopped shooting': Gaza endures under Israel’s one-way ceasefire
    • @ hmp49

      "Much of Gaza’s agricultural land is within “several hundred meters” of the border? Seriously?"

      Rationale behind your challenge? Oh. You forgot to include a rationale? You don't have a rationale perhaps

      "There’s a reason it’s a no-go zone, and the Palestinians have themselves to thank for that"

      Rationale? You forgot again...

      "Simple solution – don’t go withing 200 meters (650 feet) of the fence"

      Why? You forgot a rationale again! It's not a demilitarized zone, the IDF are there shooting into Palestinian territory. It's not the border. It's not Israeli territory either side of the fence. It's only an Armistice Demarcation Line. Israelis can go right up to the fence. Why not Palestinian civilians?

      A simpler solution would be for Israel to withdraw from ALL non-Israeli territories for once. It has never been tried.

    • ooops Why is the video so BIG?

    • "In Ashkelon, a coastal city a just north of the Gaza border"

      Question: Can anyone tell me how, when and by agreement with whom, the territory of the southern most part of where now Ashkelon sits was legally acquired by Israel?

      Arab State - From the southern point of intersection the boundary lines run north-westwards between the villages of Gan Yavne and Barqa to the sea at a point half way between Nabi Yunis and Minat El-Qila , and south-eastwards to a point , whence it turns in a south-westerly direction, passing to the east of the built-up areas of Es Sawafir Esh Sharqiya and 'Ibdis. From the south-east corner of 'Ibdis village it runs to a point southwest of the built-up area of Beit 'Affa, crossing the Hebron-El-Majdal road just to the west of the built-up area of 'Iraq Suweidan. Thence it proceeds southward along the western village boundary of El-Faluja to the Beersheba Sub-District boundary. link to

      MORE : link to

      Jewish State - The Beersheba area comprises the whole of the Beersheba Sub-District, including the Negeb and the eastern part of the Gaza Sub-District, but excluding the town of Beersheba and those areas described in respect of the Arab State. It includes also a strip of land along the Dead Sea stretching from the Beersheba-Hebron Sub-District boundary line to 'Ein Geddi, as described in respect of the Arab State. (ibid)

      MORE : link to

  • Palestine’s moment of truth for the International Criminal Court
  • Israeli army can't stop patting itself on the back for helping Nepal victims
  • Obama's role model to journalists -- Dorothy Thompson -- turned against Zionism and was silenced
    • @ Steve Grover


      Israel is the only country with Nuclear Weapons in the M East and by having them threatens to use them (otherwise there's no point having them)

      Israel does have the most advanced military in the M East.

      Israel is the only country in the M East to have illegally acquired by war, territory belonging to it's neighbours.

      Israel is the only country on the planet to be in breach of hundreds of unanimously adopted UNSC resolutions affording Israel hundreds of opportunities to adhere to the binding Laws and UN Charter and relevant conventions those resolutions emphasize and re-affirm.

      Israel lies about its borders link to

      Israel lies to its own citizens endangering them by encouraging them to illegally settle in non-Israeli territories under occupation.

      She was quite correct.

  • Forgiving the anti-Semites
  • UN: 'Not a single destroyed home has been rebuilt' in Gaza since Israeli war last summer
    • @ DaBakr "so what happened to the 100s of tons of documented concrete that was trucked into Gaza through the eretz crossing?"

      No concrete has passed thru Eretz crossing you stupid person. All goods including those allowed by Israel from the Egyptian side pass thru Kerem Shalom.

      Apart from the fact that concrete and/or cement that has been damp becomes a solid block and is completely useless, it's been estimated that 1,000's of tonnes per day will be required over a number of years to re-build homes in Gaza.

    • @ Mayhem

      "from what do the Gazans have to defend themselves?"

      Israeli intransigence against all Palestinians. Being shot for being too close to their own side of the fence. Occupation, as you well know. Your feigned ignorance is cute

      " Don’t they realise that Israel would leave them alone if they hadn’t been lobbing thousands of rockets into Israel with the purpose of killing as many innocent Israeli civilians as possible"

      Keep repeating your drivel. Hamas, established in 1987, are a response to 90 years of Zionist colonization started in 1897 and 39 years of Israeli occupation beginning in 1948, the illegal acquisition by war by Israel of non-Israeli territory

      "Israel left Gaza unilaterally in 2006 "

      It's occupied. UNSC res 1860

      "Smuggling weapons into Gaza is hardly conducive to establishing any kind of a peace"

      It's a response to occupation and the illegal acquisition by Israel of non-Israeli territory since 1948 and 90 years of Zionist colonization

      "BTW, the true bully on the block is across the river in ISIS land. Hamas aspires to be like ISIS."

      Hamas aspires to be like ISIS according to the Tower? You're really quite gullible or stupid or a propagandist, likely all three

    • Mayhem

      "Chris Gunness is nothing more than a propaganda apologist for Hamas and an advocate for UNRWA that has a vested interest in highlighting and maintaining the plights of Palestinian refugees to help stock its coffers"

      Whatever drivel you need to post to keep your bile dripping. Who benefits once in UNRWA's coffers?

      " During the last Gaza war his organisation was implicated when rocket caches were discovered in three UNRWA schools."

      Dis-used schools

      "As of January, Israel had dispatched some 50,000 tons of construction material, and in February probably 20,000 tons more – and they were delivered to residents directly under the COGAT protocol that Israel and UNRWA had worked out"

      Anyone with a basic knowledge knows one builds from the foundation up. Foundation materials are not supplied.
      "It seems that Gaza residents who lost their homes are preferring to resell their construction materials to rebuilding their homes. Indubitably much of that material is being used to rebuild terrorist tunnels – something Hamas and Islamic Jihad are bragging about."

      israelnationalnews LOL. An illegal settlers publication? Cute stuff.

      There's never been any terror visited on Israel via these alleged 'terror' tunnels.

      "Based on the photos coming out of Gaza, not only are no houses being built – but the heavily damaged buildings haven’t even been removed!"

      Correct. With what should they remove the heavily damaged buildings? Their bare hands? Maybe Israel could lend a few bulldozers

      "Hamas knows quite well that the photos of Gaza devastation translates into cash that will be donated for reconstruction "

      Aid doesn't arrive as money you stupid stupid person

  • AIPAC-backed legislation targeting BDS movement advances in Congress
  • EU must take stronger action to sanction Israel following high court decision banning boycott
    • @ HarryLaw "Does Resolution 242 as unanimously adopted by the UN Security Council require the withdrawal of Israeli armed forces from all of the territories occupied by Israel during the 1967 war? "

      Yes. Subsequent UNSC resolutions make it very clear. UNSC res 476 sums it up rather nicely UNSC res 476 1. Reaffirms the overriding necessity to end the prolonged occupation of Arab territories occupied by Israel since 1967, including Jerusalem;

      "According to Artur J Goldberg one of the drafters of the resolution the answer is no. In the resolution, the words ‘the’ and ‘all’ are omitted."

      Opinion rendered before or after the resolution was adopted, is meaningless, only the actual words of resolutions are relevant. The omission of 'the' and/or 'all' does not change the meaning of the resolution. The arguments over 'the' & 'all' during the drafting of the resolution were a well worn tactic used to delay the adoption of resolutions for as long as possible.

      Wikipedia is by it's editorial policies third hand opinion, which can be written by anyone.

      "The bottom line is, the major movers and shakers all agree, final borders have to be negotiated by all sides"

      There is no legal basis for demanding negotiations. Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt's borders were defined prior to 1948. Israels' borders were proclaimed effective 00:01 May 15th 1948 (ME time) by the Israeli Govt. Israel has not legally acquired any territory since that proclamation and recognition. Palestinian territory was defined by default of its neighbours, including Israel.

      Their demand is akin to blackmail. Israel must negotiate because Israel cannot afford to adhere to the law under which reparations would be astronomical and the relocation of hundreds of thousands of Israelis back into actual Israeli territories would result in civil war in non-Israeli territories. A nightmare scenario, leading to a failed state

      " Who is going to stop them?"

      There is only one veto vote stopping them. That's why the Zionistas spend so much time, effort and money on maintaining the US UNSC veto. Draining the money pool thru BDS has a chance

  • Terrorism and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: An argument
    • @ JeffB April 23, 2015, 7:43 am

      "Which is why we tend to distinguish between violence committed by governments and violence committed by individuals the later only being a “crime”"

      Nonsense. The federal state shall constitute a sole person in the eyes of international law. Any entity in breach of a law, be they an individual, group or state, is guilty of a crime.

      "Either you believe in equality of all people or you don’t. If you are going to argue for a permanent racial inequality where Jews do not have legitimacy and others do, I’m not sure why you would expect Jews to find that argument convincing"

      It works both ways right? It's not very convincing if you are going to argue for a permanent racial inequality where non-Jews do not have legitimacy and Jews do

      "The goal of Israeli actions so far in the West Bank is to inhabit and live there. They aren’t merely occupying they are migrating to it building homes and infrastructure. The same way Americans have migrated West over the last few generations. "

      The same way? The West Bank isn't Israeli. Americans can migrate to the West in America, but to migrate West to Australia for example, they'd need to become Australian citizens.

      "Obviously Israel does not agree that the Palestinians have a just right to an independent state in the West Bank given that they have formally annexed chunks of it, and de jure annexed a majority of it"

      Israel has not legally annexed ANY territory by agreement with the legitimate citizens of any territory.

      "As for Gaza I see no evidence that Israel doesn’t want Gaza to be independent."

      Gaza is a part of Palestine. UNSC Res 1860
      Recalling all of its relevant resolutions, including resolutions 242 (1967), 338 (1973), 1397 (2002), 1515 (2003) and 1850 (2008),
      Stressing that the Gaza Strip constitutes an integral part of the territory occupied in 1967 and will be a part of the Palestinian state,

      " It is the Gazans that has mostly attacked and harassed Israel since the 2005 withdraw"

      Gaza is occupied. Israel controls its airspace, its territorial waters and controls all its border crossings including, under the 2005 agreement and the Israel Egypt Peace Treaty, those with Egypt. The occupied have a right to legitimate armed resistance on behalf of all Palestinians including those of the West Bank and any other Palestinian territory Israel has illegally acquired . The IDF Memorial site shows us that more Israeli military have been targeted, killed and injured than have Israeli civilians.

      "I would need to see some evidence that were the Gazans to agree to live in Gaza in peace with Israel that Israel would reject that offer."

      The offer was made in front of the world at the UN , Israel ignored it and continued to build illegal settlements.

    • @ JeffB

      "Jews believe that Jews have the same right to Judea, as Chinese do to China and French do to France."

      Drivel. If Jews were to become Palestinian citizens they might have a similar right. However, the West Bank as it was officially named, isn't in Israeli territory. Israelis, Arab or Jew, do not have a right to settle in Palestine as Israelis.

      The Zionist Federation by demanding a separate Jewish state destroyed the opportunity for Israeli Jews to live anywhere in the Jewish People's Historic Homeland in Palestine.

      "Everybody acquired territory by force. Everybody. "

      Nonsense. We were given, completely gratis, the territory for our Jewish state. The war of independence ended the moment Israel became an independent state at precisely 00:01 May 15th 1948 (ME time)

      "In the mid 1800s when Zionism started, there was no distinct group of Palestinians. The people whose descendants would identify as Palestinians didn’t have an independent national aspirations."

      So what? Your argument is entirely irrelevant. Israel was proclaimed within the territory allotted it under UNGA res 181. Israel has not since acquired any territory by any legal means. What remained of Palestine at 00:01 May 15th 1948 was not Israeli then, is not Israeli now. Territories outside of Israel are quite simply NOT Israeli

      "Asserting that the Palestinians had the right to construct a nation-state based on strict geographic criteria is like asserting that they had the right to construct a satellite telescope."

      They have the right to do both

  • Understanding the Jewish National Home
    • hophmi " There was no other nation on that land"

      You're spouting bullsh*t. Palestine nationality law was passed in 1925, under which Jews could get Palestinian Nationality, buy land and settle anywhere in the Jewish People's Historic Homeland in Palestine as Palestinians

      "To call the 1948 Israelis colonists greatly simplifies the history"

      Jewish COLONIAL Trust 1897 ring a bell? Long before the Holocaust.

      "This is not some European behemoth marauding around the world plundering resources."

      True, Palestine is not around the world.

      "This is a collection of refugees who were the victims of European colonists"

      A) The Zionist Federation of 1897 were not
      B) Some Israelis were victims of Nazi Germany. European countries were also victim to Nazi Germany
      C) Now Israel is in breach of Laws adopted in large part because of the treatment of our fellow Jews under the Nazis.

      "The terminology is simply inaccurate here, and it is morally offensive to suggest that the Israelis, who were the victims of the Europeans in every way"

      There were no Israelis prior to 00:01 May 15th 1948 (ME time) according to the Israeli Government

      " it is morally offensive to suggest that the Israelis, who were the victims of the Europeans in every way should pay some price for colonialism when the Europeans have paid no price for it. That is disgusting"

      Right. I understand your need, because they did it, you should be allowed to do it too. In that way two wrongs make .... two wrongs.

      //Even if we were to ignore that the land was taken by the gun, the Israelis never lived up to the terms of the documents and decrees that “justify” its “legal” creation.”//

      "The terms of the documents? You’re being silly

      Well, let's just take the declaration of statehood. Is there a constitution? NO! Has there been a Government legally elected under that constitution? NO! Is there religious freedom? NO! Were non-Jews asked to stay in the Declaration but already cleansed by Israel, welcome to stay? NO! Is it open to all Jews? NO!

      "There isn’t a nation on Earth, least of all Western nations, that can offer better justifications for their legal creations'

      No state can offer justifications for illegal facts on the ground in territories outside the state.

    • @ sklein1953 "Jews have longed to return to the “Promised Land” for a rcouple of thousand of years of exile. It is part of the Jewish prayer. It is in the Psalms and the prophets"

      So go whine a the Zionist Movement for having proclaimed Israel "as an independent republic within frontiers approved by the General Assembly of the United Nations in its Resolution of November 29, 1947" thereby robbing Israeli Jews of the right to settle anywhere in the Jewish People's Historic Homeland in Palestine, aka 'Greater Israel'.

    • @ sklein

      "A nearly four thousand year Jewish presence in the land is not historical myth"

      Correct. However, the far longer period of Jewish history in the region was as Palestinian Jews. About 2,000 years from the Roman era til 1948. Far longer than any Kingdom of David existed or State of Israel. link to

      BTW the nearly four thousand year Jewish presence in the land is irrelevant to the actual proclaimed sovereign status of the State of Israel and Israel's 67 years of illegal 'facts on the ground' in territories the Israeli Government claimed were "outside the State of Israel" ... "in Palestine".

    • @ hophmi "And therein lies your bias. Zionism, as proved by documents like the Carlsbad Resolution, is in no way racist"

      Zionistas deceitfully going back on their word time and time again has resulted in blatant racism.

    • Historically interesting and an insight into Zionist deceit. However what happened prior to the moment Israel was "proclaimed as an independent republic within frontiers approved by the General Assembly of the United Nations in its Resolution of November 29, 1947" became effectively irrelevant as of 00:01 May 15th 1948 (ME time)

      POINT: "The word “Certain” at the beginning of the last paragraph indicates that not all such communities were to be provisionally recognized as independent states. We will see later that Palestine was the exception"

      Iraq, Palestine, Trans-Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon were all under a class A Mandate and;

      Article 7 of the LoN Mandate leaves no doubt as to the status of Palestine

      ARTICLE 7. The Administration of Palestine shall be responsible for enacting a nationality law. There shall be included in this law provisions framed so as to facilitate the acquisition of Palestinian citizenship by Jews who take up their permanent residence in Palestine.

      The Nationality law was adopted in 1925.

      Further reading link to

  • The Second Coming of Holocaust remembrance
    • @ ivri " The Holocaust has many aspects that are unique to it – there is no need to repeat them as all are aware of that – which, in turn, had profound consequences on many"

      Indeed. Based in large part on what befell our Jewish fellows under the Nazis, the International Comity adopted laws and the UN adopted rules, codified laws, adopted conventions designed to protect all civilian, under occupation and those of the Occupying Power, from the highly likely violent consequences of occupying another people and their territory.

      It's quite bizarre It's *&^%$# criminal that Israel actively disregards the safety of Israelis by purposefully encouraging them to illegally settle in Occupied Territories in contravention of GC IV. Inflicts collective punishment by with holding Palestinian taxes and destroying vital infrastructure and then denying the means to rebuild. Confines civilians to a war zone by having all border crossings closed including, under the 2005 agreement and the Israel Egypt peace treaty, those between Gaza and Egypt. Bombs undefended towns and villages. Disregards hundreds of UNSC resolutions reaffirming and emphasizing binding law, UN charter (binding in its entirety) and relative binding conventions and affording Israel hundreds of opportunities to comply.

      "The Holocaust was a key factor in the establishment of Israel"

      The colonization of Palestine was planned in 1897 by a bunch of Zionists who weren't even of the region. From the Roman era Jewish folk in the diaspora could have gone to live in Palestine, acquired legal citizenship, bought land and settled anywhere in the Jewish People's historic homeland in Palestine, alongside fellow Jews who had an actual historical tie to the land. Herzl could have in his lifetime. He didn't bother nor did his family.

  • Just like the Nazis, Iran 'plans to exterminate six million Jews' -- Netanyahu
    • @ hophmi Wikipedia's editorial guidelines stipulate third hand opinion over truth and original documents.

    • hophmi

      "You’re in denial, friend. Iranian leaders have been saying this for year. What the heck is “Death to Israel” supposed to mean?""

      Number of times, dates and quotes in full/context ... thx

      "Really. Again, LOL. Who showed up? "

      It's irrelevant who showed up.

      "I just love the way people here defend the worst of Iran"

      Not defending anyone you stupid person, I'm contesting your assertions.

    • @ hophmi April 16, 2015, 10:25 am

      "So which part of what Netanyahu said is wrong, Phil?"

      The article was written for people to read. Try it

      " Has Iran not threatened to annihilate the Jewish state repeatedly?"

      Repeatedly? No. It's Israel's propaganda mongers who're "repeatedly" telling us over and over and over and over and over and over and over about an alleged threat Iran made once. It was actually no more than the UNSC demands of the Israeli Government illegally in Jerusalem link to

      "Has it not held Holocaust denial conferences?"

      Holding a conference on the Holocaust is not automatically Holocaust denial. What were the results of that conference BTW?

      "Have there not been moments in the past when do-gooders have valued paper agreements over common sense? "

      Yes, like believing Israel's Declaration of statehood, the Israeli Government's plea for recognition, it's statements to the UNSC, it's commitment to uphold International Law.

  • No Palestinians need apply to program on 'Palestinian issue' at Center for American 'Progress'
  • After torching Palestinian cafe and painting 'Revenge' on its door, 4 Israeli teens get community service
  • 'United States of Israel' has compromised U.S. 'sovereignty' on Iran policy -- Gideon Levy in D.C.
    • @ Steve Grover "Gideon Levy doesn’t seem to like Israeli’s leading a good life."

      Quote him in context ... or keep showing readers how moronic you can be. It's a simple choice.

      The more bullshit you write the bigger idiot you make of yourself

      Keep up th' good work

    • @ DoubleStandard " I forget that posts are generally expected to meet a minimal standard of anti-Semitism to be worthy of publishing"

      Cite/quote one.

      "He’s just a moron who makes a living off of trying to destroy the country that grants him the freedom to do so."

      Quote his alleged "trying to destroy" Israel and/or explain how Israel abiding by its agreements and the law some how endangers it.

      Meanwhile, making false accusations is against the basic tenets of Judaism. Making false accusations on behalf of the Jewish state is bizarre and only serves to show readers how far you are from common decency and Jewish values.

      Keep up th' good work!

    • @ DS
      Yes yes of course. Wanting what's best for Israel is ghastly. Supporting Israel's illegal activities in non-Israeli territories is good. We understand your need to raise your double standards high

  • Israel could reduce anti-Semitic violence by not calling itself the Jewish state, Finkelstein says
    • @ Annie

      "unless both you and hops are just on a kick of poisoning an otherwise interesting thread could you cease and desist please. or provide evidence other than your own hunch. a quote/ passage/ paragraph or something to substantiate your accusations please. thanks"

      You should know better than to even ask :-)

    • jon s "Sure , there was a typical Jewish appearance: beard, skull-cap, ear-locks, long black coat, etc"

      Mmmm.. How then can it be Antisemitic to portray them as such

    • Dan "When has he advocated that the Palestinians should forgo any of their legal rights. – please cite?"

      I'd have cited him if I'd thought that's what he advocated. It's want Israel wants, but has no legal right to demand.

      "Also please cite a legal authority – analysis by a qualified legal expert or a court ruling that supports your contention. "

      What do you think the UNSC is? Playschool?

      Israel has never legally acquired ANY territory by ANY agreement outside of those proclaimed by the Israeli Government May 15th 1948 in order to be recognized.

      No one has ever been able to produce the agreement which MUST exist for any territories outside of Israel's proclaimed and recognized boundaries to have legally become Israeli, because of the simple fact that they are not yet Israeli by any agreement. The Israeli Government admits by its own statement on land swaps.

      Why does Israel need to swap if it's already Israeli. Reason is of course because it ain't Israeli yet!

      There are no foreign embassies in Jerusalem because it has been illegal for states to recognize territories acquired by war since 1933

      My understanding is that you do not have any legal training or experience

      So what? The actual words of the LoN Mandate for Palestine prove the Howard Grief's in this world have either never read or must carefully omit Article 7 of the Mandate or they're idiots

      Nor have they read or must carefully omit the fact that even the Israeli Government acknowledges the Mandate terminated May 14th midnight 1948

      They spout what is easily proven beyond a doubt to be nonsense by the documents they cite. IOW They're liars. Charlatans. Trading in bullsh*t for the gullible

    • MRW "Does a state under international law have to have definable borders?"

      Of course it does. Otherwise there's no way of determining who owes a state rates & taxes. No way of defining which resources belong to a state, import/export duties, airspace, territorial waters etc. No way of telling if a state has been attacked or not.

      Not mentioning borders in the Declaration only meant the borders weren't mentioned in the Declaration. The moronic Hasbara notion that because no borders were mentioned in the Declaration that they did/don't exist is not only bullsh*te, it's an admission of a blatant attempt to purposefully deceive. They really are idiots

      Israel's sovereign extent was however undeniably proclaimed in the Israeli Government plea for recognition by which Israel was recognized and on which all subsequent UNSC resolutions are based.
      " Or is a declaration of statehood sufficient?"

      They're both part and parcel. "ARTICLE 1 The state as a person of international law should possess the following qualifications: a ) a permanent population; b ) a defined territory"

      Further to which it has been illegal to acquire or to recognize territory acquired by war since at least 1933, any war!

      Here's an example of JCPA duplicity One rule for the Palestinian another for Israel.

    • Mr Finkelstein is advocating a mere patch.

      There's no moral, ethical, logical or legal reason why Israel should not adhere to the law and f*ck off out of all non-Israeli territories for once and;

      There's no moral, ethical, logical or legal reason why the Palestinians should forgo ANY of their legal rights with or without negotiations.

      The fact is Israel simply cannot afford the compensations due by law for its 67 years of illegal dispossession and illegal facts on the ground in territories "outside the State of Israel" ... "in Palestine" none of which have ever been legally acquired by Israel.

      The only legal way out for the State of Israel is to strike a plea bargain with the Palestinians and hope their extreme generosity holds out. However, Israel refuses at every turn, every offer. Unfortunately 67 and more years of deceit have become habitual, a pathological nightmare

    • @ Tommy "They succumb to the same disease"

      Except of course Israelis are not fighting for their own territory. link to

    • @Brewer "When Norman makes the case for “the rights of Israelis to their state, which is recognized under international law” does he mean rights to sovereignty after the Palestinian property rights are restored"

      States have territory. UNSC and UN/UNGA resolutions and International Law talk about "territory", not 'land' or 'real estate'. e.g.,

      Article 73
      Members of the United Nations which have or assume responsibilities for the administration of territories whose peoples have not yet attained a full measure of self-government recognize the principle that the interests of the inhabitants of these territories are paramount, and accept as a sacred trust the obligation to promote to the utmost, within the system of international peace and security established by the present Charter, the well-being of the inhabitants of theseterritories, and, to this end:

      a. to ensure, with due respect for the culture of the peoples concerned, their political, economic, social, and educational advancement, their just treatment, and their protection against abuses;

      b. to develop self-government, to take due account of the political aspirations of the peoples, and to assist them in the progressive development of their free political institutions, according to the particular circumstances of each territory and its peoples and their varying stages of advancement; link to

      Land/real estate/property can be owned by individuals, institutions and even governments foreign to a territory. However, the ownership of land/real estate/property does not confer any rights to the "territory" or to citizenship or the right to immigrate or permanently settle in a territory

      Territory belongs to all its legitimate inhabitants, whether they own land/real estate/property, rent or lease land/real estate/property or live under a bridge in a cardboard box!

      Palestinians who have not taken up citizenship of a country other than that of return do not need a deed to claim a right to return to their rightful territory. All that is necessary is for them to have been the legitimate inhabitants of a territory. Same applies to Jews from the Arab states, with the same proviso. If they have taken up citizenship in a country other than that of return, they are no longer refugees, they have the rights and protection of their new state.

      Despite the fact that Jewish individuals and Jewish Institutions owning land/real estate, Israel paid absolutely nothing for its territory.

      The US at least paid for Alaska, which only became a part of the US long after the purchase when the then Russian citizens of Alaska agreed to be annexed to and become citizens of the USA.

      Israel, the JNF et al are simply liars and thieves who will say anything to prevent Israel facing the ugly truth, it has never been able to afford to adhere the laws it first broke when Israeli/Jewish forces were in non-Israeli territory, dispossessing the rightful inhabitants on the day Israel's boundaries were proclaimed by the Israeli Government. Now 67 years later the compensations rightly deserved by those it has dispossessed are simply astronomical.

  • White House 'trolls' Netanyahu by co-opting infamous UN cartoon to sell Iran deal
  • 'Passover siege' in Hebron: Palestinians endure military lockdown so Israelis can enjoy holiday in occupied West Bank
    • (The Tried – verse 8). “As to those who have not borne arms against you on account of religion, nor turned you out of your dwellings, Allah forbiddeth you not to deal kindly with them, and to behave justly towards them; for Allah loveth those who act justly.”

      In the Hamas Charter (Article 31), tho Zionists never bother to cite it

  • Iran is 'congenital cheating' 'Islamic power bent on world domination' -- Netanyahu tells US media
    • @ catalan " Iran nominal GDP per capita is 4.7k.or 98 place in the world. Inflation....etc etc etc ...Their economy is less than half that of the Netherlands, which has 14M people"

      The Netherlands under sanctions is it?

  • Yarmouk-based NGO chronicles week of ISIS attacks on the Palestinian refugee camp in Syria
  • Double standard in US political culture: BDS is fine for Indiana, not Israel
  • Philosophy prof who likened Palestinians to 'rabid pit bull' ignites protest on CT campus
  • Emails show Missouri museum canceled 'Ferguson to Palestine' event under pressure from Jewish group
    • @ Steve Grover "Principled"

      acting in accordance with morality and showing recognition of right and wrong
      synonyms: moral, ethical, good, virtuous, righteous, upright, upstanding, high-minded, right-minded, proper, correct, honourable, honest, just, noble, incorruptible, anti-corruption, scrupulous, conscientious, respectable, decent

      What principle is there in stifling open dialogue?

  • World Water Day protest targets Massachusetts-Israel Water Partnership
    • @ Herb Glatter "Perhaps it’s time to boycott water"

      Interesting theory.... How does one boycott water?

    • @ Herb Glatter
      "So Jews are “steali....." No Herb, Israel is!

      " So " Israel is " “stealing” yet they build desalination plants for Israel and now in the largest plant in the Western Hemisphere for drought-stricken Southern California that incenses you?"

      No Herb, just the stealing part.

      Two fails Herb. Keep up the good work

  • Bill Maher justifies Netanyahu's racism by saying U.S. has done much worse
  • Zochrot and BADIL bring Nakba to U.S. audience
    • Giles March 23, 2015, 7:25 am "The war by the international Jewish leadership on Ger ... etc ..."

      Methinks evidence is necessary for any such assertions

  • 'Do US Jews need a Jewish state for our safety?' debate begins in wake of Netanyahu victory
    • @ TwoRedDogs agreed ... however "Do Greeks-Americans, Italian, Irish, Armenian, German-Americans" the Muslim-Americans from various countries "etc., sleep better knowing they have a state to run to if need be?"

      They don't have a state to run to unless they hold dual citizenship.

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