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An old Jewish guy in Oz. Tired of the fallacies surrounding the I/P issue. We were given the territory for a homeland state, with more than enough room for every Jewish person on the planet. Even today. Since declaration, Israel has illegally acquired more and more territory outside of it's actual proclaimed and recognized Sovereign boundaries and it encourages Israeli civilians to break laws that were adopted in large part because of the treatment of our Jewish fellows under the Nazis. All I ask is that Israel adhere to the law, under which it can easily protect itself, grow and prosper. The Palestinians ask for their legal rights under the Laws all states are obliged to uphold. Israel demands more and more non-Israeli land. I've received too many threats for opposing Israel's policies towards the Palestinians, broken windows, graffiti'd walls, hate mail, I'd prefer to remain anonymous, if that's OK. Who I am is irrelevant. It's the information that counts. :-)


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  • Understanding the Partition plan
    • @ David
      "On the question of Jews and Arabs, it is not a matter of DNA, but of identity. it has always been the case that Jewish Palestinians attached more significance to their Jewishness than to the fact that they spoke a version of the local language. "

      DNA is an inescapable reality. Rhetoric about a more significant attachment can be altered at whim.

      "Rabbi Silver’s remarks are pure hasbara. He is trying to create the impression that Israel’s unilateral Declaration immediately at the end of the Mandate, completely outside the process described in the Plan, was somehow authorized by the Plan."

      Hasbara they may be, never the less spoken by the Jewish Agency. It shows just how deceitful the Zionistas have been.

      " Mr. Johnson is talking complete nonsense when he says that the undertaking to enter the Economic Union might be signed by only one party. A treaty of union signed by only one party is not a union at all. "

      1st the states need to exist, only then could a treaty to Economic Union be signed. I re-iterate, "independence" by its very nature is entirely unilateral.

      Of interest to readers the British stance on partition link to

    • @ DaBakr "your naive if you think there is one particular “truth” in the ME and in regards to Israel/Palestine and Jerusalem-especially. etc etc etc etc"

      But there are truths. They're recorded verbatim in the UNSC and other indisputable archives.

      Is it not true that the Jewish Agency said they considered UNGA res 181 as "binding"?
      link to

      If yes, then it is also true that successive Israeli Governments have been lying about UNGA being non-binding

      Is it not true that the Israeli Government proclaimed Israel's extent? link to

      If yes, then it is also true that successive Israeli Governments have been lying about Israel not having proclaimed any borders

      Is it not true that under International Law territories held under military control are "occupied"? link to

      Is it not true that Israel claimed that it controlled all Israeli territories and held under military control territories "outside the State of Israel"..."in Palestine"? link to (follow the links provided there)

      If yes, then it is also true that successive Israeli Governments have been lying about occupation since 1948

      Is it not true that Israel was recognized AND accepted into the UN whilst at war in territories "outside the State of Israel"..."in Palestine"?

      If yes, then it is also true that successive Israeli Governments, by the example of Israel itself, have had no legal cause to deny Palestinian statehood

    • Nice one.

      A couple of points

      1) one cannot separate Jews and Arabs so easily //the Jewish population within the area of the Jewish State was 498k (k=1000), the Arab population (including Bedouin) 497k, giving a total of 995k. In the Arab State there were 10k Jews and 725k Arabs, giving a total of 735k. //

      Many Jews were Arab. Jewish and non-Jewish is far more accurate. ( If we consider the Arab Jews from the Arab states it becomes even more apparent that today, a large portion of Israeli Jews carry Arab DNA link to )

      2) //There are two possible points of confusion in the wording of this paragraph. When it talks of the “independence of either the Arab or the Jewish State” it may suggest the possibility that only one State might become independent. But this is not “as envisaged in this Plan”. The word ‘either’ implies only that the achievements of independence by the two States are independent events, and not coordinated in time.//

      Independence is entirely unilateral. There was no provision for co-signing. One of the few truths uttered by the Jewish Agency prior to declaration

      Friday, 19 March 1948 Rabbi Silver replacing Mr. Shertok at the Council table as representative of the Jewish Agency for Palestine stated:

      "The setting up of one State was not made conditional upon the setting up of the other State.”

      And again Security Council S/PV.271 19 March 1948 The representative of the Jewish Agency, Rabbi Silver:

      “ The setting up of one State was not made conditional upon the setting up of the other State. Mr. Herschel Johnson, representing the United States delegation, speaking in a sub-committee of the Ad Hoc Committee on the Palestinian Question on 28 October 1947, stated, in discussing this very matter in connexion with economic union: “The element of mutuality would not necessarily be a factor, as the document might be signed by one party only.”

      It seems the LoN Mandate was as close as it ever got to a just solution. One state, equality for all.

  • Palestinian toddler killed in settler price-tag attack
  • Leading American writer Abulhawa is denied entry to Palestine
    • @ Palikari "Ahem… Jerusalem is the capital of Israel"

      You're well aware by now that Israeli is only country in the world with its capital outside its own territory .... UNSC res 476 puts it quite simply.

      If you're not aware by now you're a moron.

    • Page: 54
    • @ Palikari "As a Jew, I am banned from Saudi Arabia and some Islamic countries"

      Bullsh*t! Israelis and people, even non-Jewish people, with an Israeli stamp in their pass port are banned .. Your Ziocrap need to conflate Jews with Israelis is noted.

      "I, personally, have never been denied entry anywhere, but many people have"

      So how do you know you're banned from Saudi Arabia and other Islamic countries for being Jewish rather than because you're either Israeli or have an Israeli stamp in your passport?

      "Many Israelis have been denied entry in Europe or America"

      "Israelis" .... your flip flop Ziopoop conflations are sooooooooo cute. Keep up th' good work pal

      "Israel, as a sovereign state, has right to deny entry to whoever it wants. Period."

      As a sovereign state it must have borders, let's start with those proclaimed by the Israeli Government in its plea for recognition as effective at 00:01 May 15th 1948 (ME time) and work forward thru to territories LEGALLY acquired since ....

    • @ Palikari "The State of Israel, just like any state in the world, has right to allow or deny entry to whoever it wants"

      Again you come out with bullsh*t! By Occupying and financially strangling and preventing by what ever means possible Palestine to decide who it wants to allow entry (and exit), Israel is in fact stopping people from entering Palestine. Israel wasn't the destination. Jerusalem is not in Israel (UNSC res 476)

      Can you name another state in the world who does the same? Go ahead ....... I'll wait .....

  • Pelosi says Iran deal has the votes, and Podhoretz urges Israel to attack Iran
    • @ dmm

      " too illiterate to have heard or read of the many, many promises since that time from the mullahs themselves to destroy Israel"

      Only an idiot thinks the repetition of a threat in the press is yet another threat.

      BTW the UNSC agrees with Iran on the illegal regime in Jerusalem. Is there any difference in the essence of the following two statements?

      1) “Israel must end the prolonged occupation of Arab territories occupied by Israel since 1967, including Jerusalem”

      2) “The occupation regime over Jerusalem must be erased from the pages of time”

      "Apparently the age-old concept of destroying one’s enemy (which has fallen into disfavor only within relatively modern times) is too foreign for the left to regard as even "

      No pal, we see it every time non-Jewish women and children are have nowhere to flee Israel's US sponsored hi-tech human slaughtering equipment.

      " ... the mullahs are dreaming about is how Iran/Persia would be the Lion of the Middle East for the next thousand years if they defeated or destroyed Israel"

      Care to quote them ... thx

  • In wake of January attacks, French Muslims have been demonized in manufactured 'clash of civilizations'
    • DoubleStandard " just the most powerful, therefore it used violence against inferior civilizations"

      I'm sure Hitler would have agreed with you. The types Israeli intransigence attracts makes one wonder WTF they demand to be recognized as the Jewish state

    • DoubleStandard "They are a demographic problem if you want to maintain a liberal democracy"

      There's nothing about democracy in the Israeli Declaration of statehood. In fact it states "The state of Israel ....will be based on freedom, justice and peace as envisaged by the prophets of Israel" That's a theocracy!

      BTW Israel has yet to have a legally elected Government, under the promised and obligatory and non-existent constitution. Non-existent because a Jewish State and democracy are irreconcilable.

      "You can’t have a liberal democracy if a majority of the public thinks that making fun of a religion gets the death penalty"

      Evidence this applies to the Palestinians? I'll wait .....

      " In the end, the people whose barbarism you defend will turn on you once you are no longer useful to their cause"

      Zionists and supporters of Israel's illegal expansionism are a good example. Rabin is a good example. Your drivel is another of those Hasbara bullsh*t sayings, like the Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity, when in fact for the last two thousand years they've been under some form of occupation in part or in total. I.e., they've never had an opportunity to declare independence.

      One cannot declare independence whilst under occupation because one is quite simply NOT independent. It's the very reason the Jewish People's Council waited until one minute after midnight to declare independent statehood effective.

      It's the Zionist colonizers who have miss opportunity after opportunity for Jews to legally settle anywhere in Palestine. From the fall of the Roman Empire, there was the opportunity for Jewish folk to settle anywhere in Palestine, without being illegal settlers. Why did so many Jews NOT take advantage if, as we’re led to believe by the Zionist colonizers, it was such a burning desire. They didn’t. They missed that opportunity.

      The next opportunity was recognized by the British via the Balfour Declaration. A Jewish homeland, in Palestine. As Palestinians (at the time Jewish folk in Palestine were also Palestinians). All citizens would have been under Palestinian Law, which would have guaranteed equality, freedom of religion, democracy. (missed opportunity)

      The opportunity was there under the British Mandate over Palestine It even offered an opportunity of assistance similar (perhaps even less restrictive than the arguments being bandied about today) to Israel’s current Law of Return. Article 7 The Administration of Palestine shall be responsible for enacting a nationality law. There shall be included in this law provisions framed so as to facilitate the acquisition of Palestinian citizenship by Jews who take up their permanent residence in Palestine. (missed opportunity)

      The opportunity was there in the British White papers in 1922 (missed opportunity)

      The opportunity was re-iterated in the British White papers in 1939 (missed opportunity)

      Was it the Palestinians who took this right away? No. In fact, they had no say and were being represented by the Arab States who said when outlining their legal case for the 1948 Invasion of Palestine, “.. in accordance with democratic principles, whereby its inhabitants will enjoy complete equality before the law, [and whereby] minorities will be assured of all the guarantees recognised in democratic constitutional countries, and [whereby] the holy places will be preserved and the right of access thereto guaranteed.” Almost identical to the missed opportunity offered in the Balfour Declaration, the missed opportunity in the British Mandate over Palestine, the missed opportunity in the White papers, per the League of Nations Charter and later the UN Charter. It was their argument from the outset for all Palestinians, Jewish and non-Jewish, to determine their own fate and to have the opportunity to decide where they would settle in Palestine.

      The opportunity was missed at EVERY opportunity!.

      In the situation as it stands today, Israeli civilian law, Israeli civilian settlements, Israeli civilian infrastructure and Israeli civilians in non-annexed territories, in territories illegally annexed by Israel and in “territory occupied” and not withdrawn from (i.e., still occupied) , all run contrary to International Law and the Geneva Conventions. They are ILLEGAL!
      Israeli Jews (and non-Jews) are restricted under International Law and the Geneva Conventions, to only being able to legally settle in actual Sovereign Israeli territory.

      Anything an apologist for Israel says is very likely the opposite, so poisoned is their thinking

    • @ DoubleStandard "What you call “hatred,” we evil Zionists call intelligent self-preservation"

      Occupation and illegally acquiring other folks territory has NOTHING what so ever to do with self preservation

      "You guys could learn a thing or two from us"

      From you "evil Zionists", indeed we have. You're liars, cheats, denialists

      "I am not concerned that you will support the Palestinians against Israel"


      "A populist uprising means a revolution grounded in mutual understanding of the dangers that radical Islam poses to Western civilization"

      Diabetes is a far far greater threat

      "Israel is on the frontline of that fight"

      Israel was outside the territory it proclaimed at the time it proclaimed it, STARTING its war against what remained of Palestine

      "That is why India and the far east are interested in Israel"

      They're interested in business

      "Countries that are resisting Islamization support Israel"

      Turkey, Lebanon, Syria and PALESTINE are all against Islamization!

      "Countries that are embracing their own destruction revile Israel"

      Israel is "embracing" its own destruction by being in breach of the UN Charter and International Law

    • @ DoubleStandard "As if calling it a particular name somehow makes it more or less valid"

      There is nothing valid about Hasbara. Try any argument justifying Israeli excuses for its stance on Palestine and it can be shown to be bullsh&*t!

      "You guys are not nearly as appreciative as you should me. Would you prefer that no Zionists comment on this page?"

      No pal, we love it. Every time you post you afford the opportunity to show interested readers just how inept and wrong apologists for Israel can be. The dis-service you render to your cause is breathtaking!

      "That it be an echo chamber where you guys just tell each other that you are winning and the Zionist entity will fall any day now?"

      Israel is as isolated as it has ever been.

    • @ DoubleStandard "We should just stay blind to what’s happening in Europe and soothe ourselves by repeating “TOLERANCE” over and over again while giving a Nazi salute. That will definitely solve all of our problems"

      If you say so, no one here has .... must be some weirdo stuff you been takin'

  • Anniversaries: Who counts?
  • Iran deal is overwhelmingly supported by American voters -- 54 to 38 percent
    • WIKI ... "no one can find the book Taheri claimed as his source in the Library of Congress or a search of Persian works in libraries worldwide. The statement itself can't be found in databases and published collections of Khomeini statements and speeches" link to

      If you want to believe and/or cite a proven liar, you've got a problem

      Give up dude. Nothing justifies Israel's current stance on the M East or the Palestinians. It has been a belligerent state as of 00:01 May 15th 1948 (ME time)!

  • It's time for American Jews to recognize they have been duped
    • @ Sibiriak "Legally acquired or not, that (pre-1967) territory has been de facto acquired and that acquisition has been recognized by practically the entire international community "

      Care to cite that recognition? Fact is, they haven't. Until territory is legally annexed by consent of the legitimate residents of the territory to be annexed, it quite simply is not Israeli. It is expressly prohibited for states to recognize territories acquired by force or any means of coercion link to

      Not having been mentioned by the UN/UNSC leads people to believe it is Israeli. Fact is, the UN/UNSC cannot pass resolutions against members for what they have done prior to membership. It is never the less, still illegal to acquire territories by war

      The Palestinian offers have been to cede those territories captured and occupied by Israel prior to 1967 in exchange for peace. In exchange for peace! It hasn't happened.

      "Crucially, the BDS movement ... etc etc ... means that reversing Zionist occupation and colonization of Arab lands that occurred before that date is not a BDS goal"

      Irrelevant to the legality of territorial ownership/transfer. Until there is peace and until there is legal bilateral annexation it quite simply ain't Israeli.

      The US after having bought Alaska from the Russians, annexed Alaska by agreement with the then RUSSIAN citizens of the territory to be annexed,some time after it was bought. In a nutshell, all they bought was the right to annex by agreement.

      The US, by adopting the legal custom of annexation via an agreement/treaty with the legitimate residents of the territories to be annexed (Hawaii, Texas, Alaska etc), were largely instrumental in that legal custom eventually passing into Customary International Law.

      Israel and the Palestinians cannot make an agreement that breaches International Law. Legal annexation must still take place. If and when it does, there's gonna be lot of people suddenly realize the lies Israel has told for 67 years not only to the International Community but to un-awares and deliberately kept un-awares Israelis. Those unpolished turds will hit the fan eventually, then there might be a chance for real peace amongst peoples of the region because Zionism will at last take its deserved place amongst the worst of histories despots

    • @ yonah fredman ".... when i hear your vision of Israel recognizing the right of return, then I think you are waiting for the day that some soldier not Israeli controls Lod/Lydda airport and the only circumstances where I see that are after a major war, so to me your advocacy of such single mindedness is in fact advocacy of a major war"

      A) Get it thru your thick skull. Only non-Jewish ISRAELI citizens ethnically cleansed by Israel have a right of return to Israel. People cleansed by Jewish forces from non-Israeli areas, do not have RoR to Israel, they have RoR to Palestinian territory.
      B) Even if Israel did become majority non-Jewish what makes you think it cannot be named Israel?
      C) "war" the sick Ziomind, Ziosupremism or war.

      "... in my book bibi is the bigger obstruction on the road to the better future"

      Bibi is only the most recent of consecutive Israeli leaders who have ALL been a hindrance to peace. NONE have had Israel withdraw from ANY non-Israeli Palestinian territory.

      "Meanwhile, because of the Zionist dictum: It is in our hands, I am interested in what unilateral moves Israel might take. Therefore I am attracted to the idea of annexation and full citizenship. It is a dynamic unilateral move. It is an interesting idea."

      It is a stupid illegal Zionutter idea. Unilateral annexation is the same as acquiring territory by war. Only bilateral annexation, by agreement with those to be annexed is legal in today's world.

      "so let me just end by saying, am yisrael chai. the jewish people live"

      We live. Wonderful. Now about Israel, the rogue state, in breach of International Law, the UN Charter and the Declaration of the Establishment of the State of Israel, how about it gets the f&*^% out of all other folks territories for once and takes all its illegal settlers with it back to Israel. Never been tried!

    • @ RuthAnne
      //“But how can Israel behave ‘morally’ when it is a settler-colonial state? When have any settler-colonial societies behaved morally? It is an oxymoron. Settler-colonialism is a crime against humanity. A crime can’t behave morally…”//

      "This is succinctly put. But surely it also applies to the USA? That is a settler-colonial state, complete with all the crimes against the indigenous people that went into establishing that country."

      Israel is STILL colonizing! Still dispossessing!

      //“Israeli society has always been sick because you can’t build something healthy on a criminal foundation, where so much abuse has been, and still is being inflicted on others. ”//

      "Again, a truism which is also applicable to the U.S.A."

      The indigenous US population has US citizenship, the vote. They can go on holidays overseas and return. Study overseas and return. Use the same roads as everyone else in the US. Do not have to go thru checkpoints to get to school or hospital or go shopping or to worship.

      The Palestinians do not have the Israeli vote in Israel nor in territories Israel illegally claims as its own. They must pass thru numerous checkpoints IN THEIR OWN TERRITORY to go to school, work, shop, worship, tend their fields

      "I always find it baffling that so...."

      I always find it baffling that some folk refuse to examine their own idiotic notions before they put their foot in their mouth

      "How great it would be if “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” actually applied to ALL people, including he Palestinians and the Native Americans"

      Lemme get this straight. If the US had not been colonized, the Zionists would not have decided to colonize Palestine circa 1897 ... is that what you're trying to say?

      Or is it that had the US not been colonized, Israel would adhere to International Law and the UN Charter and hundreds of UNSC resolutions affording Israel the opportunity to adhere to the binding laws and binding UN Charter those resolutions re-affirm and/or emphasize, all of which Israel has ignored ... is that it?

      Or maybe you mean that all non-indigenous Americans should leave, including our US Jewish fellows, THEN Israel would suddenly stop illegally acquiring territory, stop lying to Israelis about not having any borders, stop illegally selling duped Israelis real estate in non-Israeli territories, stop deliberately encouraging them to be in breach of GC IV adopted to protect ALL civilians, including those of the Occupying Power from the expected violent consequences of occupying another people and their territory ... is that what you're trying to say?

      I hate to tell you this RuthAnne , but you're yapping at the wrong people. Go whine to the Zionist Federation who started this idiotic fiasco 118 years ago. Go bitch at Netanyahu who insists on more and more and more illegal Israeli settlements in non-Israeli territories. Go moan to the Israeli Government who insists on assisting Israelis to endanger themselves by illegally settling on non-Israeli territory.

      The Palestinians ask for their LEGAL rights according to the laws and UN Charter Israel obliged itself to uphold, but has simply ignored for 67 years

      Israel's demands for other folks territory for Israeli defense have no legal basis. All states have equal right to territorial integrity and self defense. Israel's refusal to allow non-Jewish Israeli citizens right of return to Israel has no legal basis. Israel's demand to recognized as the Jewish State has no legal basis. There are numerous UN Member States who do not recognize each other, they are never the less legitimate states. Israel's demands that there be a peace treaty with Palestine before it can be recognized has no legal basis. Israel was recognized while at war, it was accepted into the UN while it was at war in territories the Israeli Government itself said on May 22nd 1948 were "outside the State of Israel" ... "in Palestine". Israel has occupied for 67 year non-Israeli territories in what remained of Palestine after Israel proclaimed its borders. It has never withdrawn from any Palestinian territory nor has it legally acquired any territories beyond its proclaimed borders.

    • catalan plays stupid

      //“BDS will end Israel’s atrocities as occupier, coloniser and apartheid State. – ” //

      "Fair enough. Care to specify when is this miraculous day going to arrive? "

      Did anyone know if or when BDS would work in Sth Africa? The answer is of course no, they didn't. But it did!

      " ... blah blah blah blah ..... What gives?"

      Quite simple. Israel refuses to abide by the law.

    • @ yonah fredman

      "For clarity sake, this is my order of preference for resolution or steps towards improvement of the Palestinian-Zionist conflict:
      1. a negotiated settlement (along the lines of the 2003 Geneva accord)"

      Swapping non-Israeli territory for non-Israeli territory so Israel can keep non-Israeli territory? Get it thru your fat head. Israel has not legally acquired one square inch of territories it wished to swap.

      What say I claim your back yard, them tell you I'll swap it for part of your front yard and part of your house. Seems you'd be &*&^%$ stupid enough to say yes. The Palestinians aren't that stupid

      "2. withdrawing 98% of settlers from the West Bank and leaving Israeli troops there."

      Why not ALL Israeli settlers? After all they're not in Israel. And why leave any Israeli troops there? Palestinians do not want, nor do they deserve to be occupied

      "3. a unilateral withdrawal from the West Bank, except for parts of east Jerusalem"

      NONE of it is Israeli! Simply %^&( of out of ALL non-Israeli territories for once! Adhere to the law

      "4. a unilateral withdrawal from the west bank including all of east jerusalem"

      The UNSC demands withdrawal from all territories Occupied in the 1967 war " including Jerusalem". Not E or W Jerusalem or some of Jerusalem, but " Jerusalem" (UNSC res 476 puts it nicely)

      "5. annexation of the west bank and giving full citizenship to its population"

      Legal annexation requires the consent of those to be annexed. It has become Customary International Law, in great part because of the USA who even in the mid 1800's adopted the Legal Custom of seeking the consent/agreement/treaty with those who were to be annexed, see Texas, Alaska ( it did not become a part of the US until long after it was bought), Hawaii. By adopting that Legal Custom the US was instrumental in that Legal Custom eventually passing into Customary International Law.

      NONE of your proposals mention Gaza. Nor do any of your proposals have any legal basis, nor are they fair or in anyway reasonable. For example: They do not mention the return of non-Jewish Israeli citizens to Israel. Strange isn't it that the Palestinians fight for the return of Israelis to Israel. Yet you don't even mention them

      You don't mention any compensation for 67 years of belligerence. No compensation for 67 yrs of dispossession. No compensation for 67 yrs of wanton destruction. No compensation for 67 years of exploiting non-Israeli resources. No compensation to Israelis who have for 67 yrs been duped into thinking they are living in Israeli territory.

      You don't mention the reasons Israel cannot now afford to adhere to the law and must bargain

      "Withdraw today now! i accept that withdrawal today and now is a better alternative. Not going to happen and not very interesting to discuss. Not in the realm of ideas. In the realm of dogma. Which fits right in with your tendency to label me"

      Deservedly! There's actually nothing, not one legal, logical or moral reason, for Israel or any of its illegal settlers or any IDF to remain in ANY non-Israeli territory.

      "I feel that Israel is very static and a static defense will not work in this situation"

      Odd Israel is still pro-actively dispossessing, slaughtering, doing everything within its power to become the Greater Israel of myth

      "If your primary objection to annexation is the will of the indigenous occupied people ... "

      'indigenous' - irrelevant! They only have to be valid citizens of the territory

      " ... then let that be the first step in my proposal. the next prime minister of israel states: the status quo sucks. we cannot negotiate with hamas or feckless fatah, ... "

      Hamas/Fatah also irrelevant. The PLO is the representative of the Palestinian people, regardless of their political choices.

      " ... therefore the path we see is annexation and with this in mind we ask the int’l community to conduct an election: yes or no to annexation and citizenship..."

      It would have to be a referendum by the people. It's called self determination. They have to decide to hold it!

      "it isn’t going to happen in the near future, but yes, i think this offer of honesty: we hate the status quo and wish to improve the situation and we are offering full citizenship to the west bank population, yes, i think this is a dynamic response. and even if the election is lost and the population votes 70% to 30% against annexation putting us back to square one, Israel will show initiative and dynamism rather than its current status quo defensive posture"

      It ain't ever gonna happen while Zionism holds sway

    • (correction) by 1897, when the Zionist colonization program got under way?

    • @ DoubleStandard "Wow. You acquire citizenship in a country that faces no threats, abandon your birthplace, and then compose screeds slandering your homeland to anyone who will listen"

      You talking about the exodus? Tell me how come there were any Jews left in Palestine by 1987, when the Zionist colonization program got under way? Tell how come in the early 1800's Jews could and did migrate to Palestine, gained legal citizenship, bought land and settled?

      Tell me why Herzl, who could have done the same in his lifetime, didn't? Nor did his family!

    • @ Jon s Why on earth would anyone want to read the Israeli propaganda perspective? "some of the critiques" are typical smears and distortions of people in denial trying to justify Israel's breaches of International Law and the UN Charter

      Tell me this ... why is the Israeli Government's plea for recognition NOT available on the Israeli Government's or any of it's educational web sites? After all it is perhaps without doubt one of the most important documents relative to the formation of the modern state of Israel!

      I have yet to meet an Israeli who supports that state's expansionist policies who has ever read it or even knows of it's existence. Those who have read it, suffer massive jaw drop that's a pleasure to behold. Those who do not change their opinion on reading it, are either denialists or propagandists,.

      You and your fellow Ziopoopers have been shown it here often enough, yet you still manage to blabber on with all manner of bullsh*t in a vain attempt to justify what has been one enormous lie perpetuated by successive Israeli Governments ON IT'S OWN CITIZENS and the rest of the world.

      Here, again for other readers ( I doubt you're allowed ) May 15, 1948

      Letter From the Agent of the Provisional Government of Israel to the President of the United States, “MY DEAR MR. PRESIDENT: I have the honor to notify you that the state of Israel has been proclaimed as an independent republic within frontiers approved by the General Assembly of the United Nations in its Resolution of November 29, 1947, and that a provisional government has been charged to assume the rights and duties of government for preserving law and order within the boundaries of Israel, for defending the state against external aggression, and for discharging the obligations of Israel to the other nations of the world in accordance with international law. The Act of Independence will become effective at one minute after six o’clock on the evening of 14 May 1948, Washington time.”

      That is how Israel was recognized.

      Next, find me a valid document that shows where the Palestinians agreed to have ANY of the territory that remained of Palestine after Israel was recognized within its borders annexed to Israel. Hint, it wasn't with Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon or Syria, they were all states before Israel became one, their borders have not changed and they are not the Palestinians.

      Then find me an Armistice Agreement or Ceasefire agreement with the Palestinians predating the 1980's, when Jordan handed back sovereignty to the West Bank to Palestine

      Good luck buddy.

      PS. I'll save you time .... they don't exist!

    • @ yonah fredman - does Ziopoop

      "Although historians attribute the war to Sadat’s frustration with Golda Meir’s intransigenc"

      Indeed, Israel had ignored the UNSC, did not resolve issues through peaceful means via Chapt VI resolutions. The Arab Regional Powers had the right to resolve them by other means, incl war

      " They were attacked and under threat.."

      No pal, they were in breach of their legal obligations from their own belligerence dating back to 00:01 May 15h 1948, when Israel's borders came into effect while Jewish forces were outside of those borders, where they have remained until this day.

    • It's time for Israeli Jews to realize they are being duped!

  • Focus on Jewish Democrats as key to Iran deal raises 'loyalty' issue
    • Why is she screaming? There's a bloody microphone! No one want you to anywhere honey, just get Israel the f*ck out of all non-Israeli territory for once.

      Accusations aren't evidence and there's no evidence Iran wants or is trying to acquire nukes.

  • Greece’s Syriza makes military deal with Israel that only US has made
    • @ Scotch "There’s nothing “illegal” about the occupation by Israel of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. "

      The UNSC has called for Israel to end the occupation. Israel has ignored the numerous UNSC resolutions reaffirming and emphasizing binding Law and the UN Charter also binding. Israel is in breach of its legal obligations to the UN Charter. It is therefore illegal.

      "The UN acknowledges the right to self defense, which clearly is what those occupations are. The Palestinian “liberation” groups openly say they do not and will not accept Israel and their only goal is to erase it."

      The UN does not allow the acquisition of territory by war or the illegal settlement of territories under occupation. BTW care to quote quot the Palestinian liberation groups, verbatim? I'll wait

      "Further, a UN resolution passed after the ’67 war acknowledges Israel’s right to borders it can defend, but everyone forgets about that one"

      Quote it ... In fact it says this states must have " respect for and acknowledgement of the sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence of every State in the area and their right to live in peace within secure and recognized boundaries free from threats or acts of force;

      Israel's boundaries were recognized prior to it being accepted into the UN. Israel has not since legally acquired any territory.

      "Secondly, the UN is a collection of representatives of governments. The idea that people can get together and vote on matters of what is right or wrong is ridiculous, especially when those people work for governments which have an agenda. Nothing is legal or illegal because the UN says so. That’s a joke"

      Saddam didn't think it was a joke when he invaded Kuwait nor Indonesia when it was demanded it end its occupation over East Timor.

      " “Massacres civilians”? Oh right… the ‘genocide”. The Arab population of the Gaza Strip has grown at 4 times the rate the Jewish population of Israel has. "

      Irrelevant. Growth rates do not mean massacres have not occurred. The world's Jewish population has doubled, so the Holocaust didn't happen I guess. Interesting theory you have

      "“Genocide” is a joke too, and it’s time you either admit that it’s not happening or that the Israelis are the most inept people at it in the whole world"

      Look up the definition some time....

  • Deconstructing Netanyahu's response to the Iran deal
    • Is there any difference in the essence of the following two statements?

      1) “Israel must end the prolonged occupation of Arab territories occupied by Israel since 1967, including Jerusalem”

      2) “The occupation regime over Jerusalem must be erased from the pages of time”

      It would seem Iran has been reiterating the UNSC take on the matter link to

  • 'If we don't take out Iran,' it will reenact the Holocaust in US and Israel -- Steven Emerson to Times Square rally
    • @ hophmi

      Most people didn't think the Jewish state would breach Laws, a UN Charter and conventions adopted in large part because of the treatment of our Jewish fellows under the Nazis. But it has. Most people didn't think Israel would simply ignore the hundreds of opportunities it has been afforded via UNSC resolutions reminding it of the law, to adhere to the law. But it has.

      Iran meantime hasn't illegally acquired any territory. Hasn't illegally annexed any territory. Hasn't encouraged its citizens to illegally settle in non-Iranian territory. Hasn't started any preemptive wars in order to keep illegally acquired territory.

      BTW Accusations are not evidence, except of course if you're a ziodunce. There's absolutely no evidence what so ever that Iran is or wants to develop nukies.

  • Poll: 51% of Jewish Israelis support reconstruction of Gaza settlements
    • LOL hophmi is a hoot

      "The pullout from Gaza was an agonizing experience for most Israelis"

      Odd, most Israelis weren't illegally settled in Gaza. Perhaps you mean ... not breaking International law is agonizing for most Israelis

      " and it was sold to them as a way to avoid the constant conflict Israel found itself in with Hamas on the border"

      The salesman was a lying schmuck. It's an Armistice Demarcation line. Israel's actual borders are as proclaimed effective 00:01 May 15th 1948. Israel has not since legally acquired any territory

      ".... along with the moral opprobrium Israel received from the international community"

      Lucky for Israel. Hussein's Iraq was kicked out of Kuwait by force of arms

      ," and to give the Palestinians a territory on which to start building something

      Not Israel's to give and Israel keeps destroying what has been built

      "Israelis in Gaza liked it there, and most were not ideological settlers"

      It's normal that citizens of one country aren't permitted to live in another country unless they take citizenship of that country, even if they are Israelis

      "Pulling out has so far resulted in three wars and far more opprobrium than before"

      The war started in 1897 by the Zionist Federation, became a war with Israel 1948, when that state was declared

      "So it’s not a surprise that Israelis would want to go back to the way things were before. What’s surprising is that 49% would advocate the status quo today"

      When a population is fed a diet of bullshit, they're inclined to believe it.

      "I suppose if one advocates the one-state solution as most here do, there should be no problem with Jews living in Gaza"

      Ah ... that olde sudden switch from, from Israelis to Jews. The problem is not with Jews you stupid person, it's with Israelis. Non-Jewish Israelis are also prohibited from illegally settling in non-Israeli territories under occupation. GC IV doesn't discriminate

      Why do you keep trying to sell bullsh*t? You know you're wrong. Paid by the post?

  • If Americans support Iran deal, 56-37, what gives Israel the power to 'croak' it?
    • when are these two clowns gonna show a document that legally increased Israeli territory beyond what was proclaimed and recognized 15th May 1948?

      yonah fredman, hophmi ... come on. You rabbit on in la la land. Put up your evidence for once

      Clearly since June 11, 1967 Israel has decreased its scope, giving up (back) Sinai as a result of the peace treaty with Egypt in 1979"

      Israel was required AND AGREED and did withdraw from all EGYPTIAN territory BEFORE peaceful relations were assumed.

      "So despite the rhetoric of the right wing, the facts on the ground are that since 67 Israel has reduced its borders"

      Israel's borders have never change. Read the Israel/Egypt Peace Treaty instead of posting Zionist drivel. One wonders how folk like you ever learned to breath in and out, let alone stand upright or wipe your rrrrrrsss

      hophmi " Israel since 1967 has, without question, contracted in size, rather than expanded"

      Bullsh*t! Israel's borders have never changed. Cease fire lines and Armistice Demarcation lines have.

      You're both like tiny children, unable to accept the fact that Israel's territorial acquisitions have all been illegal. Therein lies the problem. Israel cannot now afford to adhere to the law. It certainly can't start telling Israelis the truth without there being a huge backlash. Their state has been selling them non-Israeli land in non-Israeli territories for 67 years. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Israelis DO NOT live in territory acquired by Israel by any legal means. WTF do yo think it spends so much time effort and money maintaining the US UNSC veto vote.

  • Press can't justify red carpet for Oren tract and blackout for Blumenthal's 'definitive account' of Gaza
    • Zionist war against Palestine : 1st Zionist Congress 31st Aug 1897 til today 20th July 2015 = 43,056 day war

      Israeli war against what remained of Palestine after Israel proclaimed its borders effective : 15th May 1948 til today 20th July 2015 = 24,537 day war

  • 'She intended to kill a soldier' --Palestinian teen charged with stabbing soldier at roadblock outside settlement
    • She was entitled to attempt to kill an armed belligerent Israeli in Occupied Teritories. The murderers of Mohammad Abu Khdeir on the other hand .....

  • ICC rules prosecutor to reconsider 'Mavi Marmara' investigation

      Slack Jaw tries to make Hostage the topic.

      Typical Hasbarrista tactic

    • @ Jackjaw

      "I don’t have to check anything. "

      Of course you don't, you're a supporter of Israel's crimes.

      "You’re retired..."

      There you have it pal. He's no longer a part of it and has obviously had a change of heart, perhaps even why he retired.

      But I get your point ... If Hostage had not served in the US military Israel would have long ago withdrawn from all non-Israeli territories. It would not be in breach of hundreds of UNSC resolutions affording it hundreds of opportunities to adhere to the laws the re-affirm and emphasize. It would not still be a rogue state, still killing, still dispossessing, still illegally acquiring territory, still endangering its citizens by KNOWINGLY and WILLINGLY encouraging them the be in breach of Conventions adopted in order to protect them from the violent consequences occupying another people and their territory, still selling its own citizens land in non-Israeli territory, deceiving them. Right?

      Now. Did you actually have a valid point or anything to say that might go towards resolving the situation, like Israel should adhere to the law for example? If not, why don't you just bugger off because you're schtick is so pathetic you don't even realize that your every post only shows people the kind of mindless schmuck the Zionist enterprise attracts.

    • Poor Jackdaw ///” I find the idea of being invited to tour a land that’s still off-limits to the refugees that the Zionists have managed to drive off completely repugnant.”///

      "What I find repugnant is the moral hypocrisy of someone whose led the good life in a country that was born out of the extermination of the indigenous inhabitants, and bred on the chattel slavery of tens of millions of African slaves"

      Uh huh. Problem .... Israel is still pursuing its expansionist policies, still disenfranchising, still dispossessing, still hasn't written a constitution, still hasn't had a legally elected government under that constitution, still selling non-Israeli land in non-Israeli territories to gullible (and stupidly willing) Israelis, still endangering its citizens by knowingly encouraging them to illegally settle in non-Israeli territories under occupation, all of which are criminal and all of which you seem to approve.

      So what do you see in a mirror pal? Or are you too cretinous to recognize it

    • @ Jackdaw //“If you’re trying to rattle anyone here with arrogant Zionist smugness"//

      "No, no. That’s the farthest thing from my mind.."

      Then goes on to prove himself a liar

      Israel has never legally acquired an inch of territory beyond what it proclaimed to the world in it's plea for recognition, effective 00:01 May 15th 1948 (ME time). link to

      HUNDREDS of thousands of Israelis live in territory yet to be legally acquired by Israel, by annexation under an agreement. In fact 1/3rd of the territory Israel claims as its own link to simply ain't yet Israeli

      WTF do you thing Israel spends so much time, effort and money maintaining the US veto vote? Faced with the legal consequences of over six decades of creating illegal facts on the ground, Israel would go broke. All those mega millionaires and their investment money would scoot. No more exploiting other folks resources. A million or more Israelis suddenly having to face the truth, the Zionist Movement's state has been shafting them all their lives

      "No rush to make up your mind. Israel is still going to be here for a few years anyway"

      Will it still be in other folks territories in breach of the UN Charter, International Law and acting against the basic tenets of Judaism?

  • 'Suck Iranian ****' --- Netanyahu's Farsi twitter account earns negative reviews
  • CT bus ads feature longstanding plan to 'abolish partition'
  • Michael Oren misrepresents 1971 synagogue bombing that changed his life
    • @ Elisabeth / GilGamesh

      One cannot be an atheist Christian or Copt. Look up the word atheist!

      A lapsed Catholic is not a Catholic

      However, one can still be a Jew WITHOUT having any religious affiliations.

      Jews can be heathens too ya know!

    • yonah fredman "my dead friend larry told me that when he was in grade school in the sixties on long island, a teacher asked the kids their religion, and when he answered Jewish he was quick to add, but we’re not religious."

      Your dead friend Larry was brain dead before he died? WOW!!

      If he wasn't religious why did he say his religion was Jewish? Surely later, as an adult, he'd have realized this , yet he still related it to you.

      Jews can be ethnically Jewish, but not religiously Jewish and it does sometimes help to clarify things. There are certain things one would never say to a person of Jewish religion, that might be perfectly fine to a non practicing Jew.

      If someone asks my religion I say I'm a religiously atheist. The usual reply is "'I thought you were a Jew" I say, "Yes, I'm a religiously atheist Jew". The same cannot be said of any other religion or ethic group.

  • Happy 10th Anniversary BDS
    • jon s "The case of Sodastream is a good illustration of how misguided the bds campaign is."

      Uh huh

      "Sodastream announced that it’s closing it’s factory in the WB and building instead a facility in the Negev, near the Bedouin town of Rahat."

      Not in any occupied territories ... right. That was the point of BDS. Kinda shows it worked in that instant

      "With that announcement the boycott of Sodastream should have ended , and the company should have been commended for ending its complicity in the occupation and for its decision to relocate to Rahat, ..."

      WTF should ANYONE be commended for adhering to the law after having been reminded of it for the past 39 years ?

      " where it will provide much-needed jobs."

      Jolly good. However, if jobs are much needed there WTF didn't they locate it there 1st instead of breaking the law?

      "I get the feeling that some “pro-Palestinian” activists simply hate Israel more than they actually care about real, live, flesh-and-blood Palestinian people."

      Your transparent concern for the Palestinians is sooooo cute. Now if Israel would kindly get out of non-Israeli territories and stop strangling the Palestinian economy...

  • The BDS Movement at 10: An interview with Omar Barghouti
    • @ Palikari

      "Barghouti himself is currently studying at Tel Aviv University, while advocating an academic boycott of Israel.

      Pathological level of hypocrisy."

      Uh? Whatever it is you really should stop taking it. Is he calling for tel Aviv University to boycott itself? WOW! What interesting theories Israel's apologists come up with

  • Report from Ramallah: How Palestine is today
  • Saban's PR firm promotes Israel's illegal settlements-- so when will Hillary Clinton condemn it?
  • New online digital mapping tool shows inside story of Israeli assault on Gaza
    • @ Palikari

      "This online tool contains a lot of false data. It claims that many people dead during the conflict were civilians when in fact they were terrorists from Hamas and Islamic Jihad, as it has been proven countless times.

      Amnesty doesn’t have any rapporteur in Gaza. All their data comes from organizations with ties to Hamas, like the PCHR. Hamas ordered all organizations to refer to all people dead as “innocent civilian”. But Amnesty doesn’t care about the truth at all. They just care about bashing Israel."

      Got any evidence other than your flapping gums?

      BTW link to

    • @ Palikari "International law doesn’t allow jihadists to fire missiles at civilians with the aim of killing them"

      Hey there pal, I didn't say it did

      "This violates the Principle of Distinction and Fourth Geneva Convention, as well as any moral value."

      I thought Israel's apologists claim the GC's don't apply. Another case of hypocrisy

      " Also, this was not self-defense at all, but terror against innocent civilians"

      It is impossible from the receiving end to ascertain what an unguided weapon is intended to hit. The IDF Memorial site shows that more military have been targeted, injured and killed than have Israeli civilians. Like all Hasbara, there's facts get in the way

      "I am a student of law. You can’t give me any lesson on international law"

      I never believe anything an apologist for Israel says unless I can check it.

    • @ aloeste

      Uh? They fired rockets from Gaza, it's where Hamas and their Palestinian fellows live. They are permitted to attempt to defend themselves from an illegally Occupying Power, especially from their own territory.

      Under the Laws of War, Art. 25. The attack or bombardment, by whatever means, of towns, villages, dwellings, or buildings which are undefended is prohibited. However, the Palestinians do not have any defense from Israel's hi-tech US funded human slaughtering equipment

  • Theodor Herzl wasn't Jewish, according to Israeli minister
    • Jackdaw " You rub me the wrong way because you’ve failed to preserve any part of the 3000 year Jewish religious tradition"

      I didn't know coveting other folks property, bigotry, racism, making false accusations and encouraging one's fellows to break the law were Jewish values

    • But James, DaBakr's job is here

    • @ rosross

      "She may not have minded in another age. Times change."

      She didn't live in 'another' age :-) and DNA wasn't even on the radar in her age. We were all in the tribe, no matter what religion we professed or not to have. "Atheist, shmatheist! You're Jewish! Now eat!"

    • Added to which Arab DNA is deeply and inescapably embedded in the Jewish Israeli population

      By 1950 the population of Israel was estimated to be about 1,370,000

      There were approximately 156,000 non-Jewish Israeli Arabs who were not dispossessed within the borders of the territory proclaimed by the Israeli Government and recognized on the 15th May 1948 as Israeli and; there were some 500,000 Arab Jewish refugees from the Arab states

      That’s approximately 656,000 Arabs of a population of about 1,370,000

      656,000 of 1,370,000 is about 47% not including the non-Jewish Israeli Arabs who were dispossessed by 1950 and; not including the indigenous Arab Jews.

      Simple maths shows us the Arab population of Israel in 1948 was well in excess of 50%. A large number of Israeli Jews today are of Arabic descent.

    • Glad no-one ever tried to tell my mother (rip) that .... LOL

  • Retired Jordanian intel chief reveals 'crazy proposal' to expel fleeing Syrian refugees to Saudi Arabia
  • California students resist authorities’ attempt to conflate criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism
  • Israeli minister proposes building island off Gaza coast so Israel can 'disengage' while maintaining siege
    • Israeli Minister of Intelligence ? Palestinian territorial waters and non-Israeli territories are within Israeli borders? The poor man.

      "Katz said the islands would have hotels and tourists"

      Palestinian territorial waters are Occupied Territory, subject to GC IV, adopted to protect all civilians. The moron wants to build a military base on an Island in Occupied Territory. It would be a valid military target. Tourists and hotels? He's completely insane!

  • I believe I can make a difference in my lifetime
    • @ DoubleStandard "Such is the nature of a Jewish state. As Beinart says, non-Jewish citizens of a Jewish state can never be truly equal since the state’s framework is identified with an identity that is alien to them."

      So it ain't a democracy. Glad we got that sorted

      I’m OK with that."

      Of course you are...

      " No Arab state in the Middle East treats minorities properly. It’s not a big deal if a few million Arabs have to live in a state that gives immigration preference to Jews."

      There's already more Arab DNA in Israeli Jews than they dare admit

      By 1950 the population of Israel was estimated to be about 1,370,000

      There were approximately 156,000 non-Jewish Israeli citizens who were not dispossessed from within the borders of the territory proclaimed by the Israeli Government and recognized as Israeli on the 15th May 1948 and; there were some 500,000 Arab Jewish refugees from the Arab states

      That’s approximately 656,000 Arabs of a population of about 1,370,000. Which is about 47%. Not yet including the non-Jewish Israeli Arabs who were dispossessed by 1950 and not yet including the indigenous Arab Jews.

      Simple maths shows us the Arab population of Israel in 1948 was well in excess of 50%. A large number of Israeli Jews today are of Arabic descent. Arab DNA is deeply and inescapably embedded in the Israeli population

      "Once a peace deal is signed"

      Peace first requires withdrawal. Read the Egypt Israeli Peace Treaty. Israel was first required and agreed to withdraw from all territories sovereign to Egypt BEFORE peaceful relations were assumed

      "a lot of these discriminatory laws would disappear anyway"

      What are you taking? Israeli laws have nothing what so ever to do with a peace treaty.

      "Are you saying that only original refugees actually have the right to return?"

      I believe what I said is still there

    • @ DoubleStandard "It wouldn’t destroy Israel unless you are insisting that be done in one-state, or unless you’re insisting on the RoR"

      Uh? How? Jewish Israelis now far out number the non-Jewish Israelis who have a right to live in Israel.

      The remainder and majority of Palestine refugees have RoR to what remained of Palestine AFTER Israel was declared independent of Palestine.

      RoR claims to Israel are for non-Jewish Israelis under UNGA res 194 adopted in 1948. UNRWA wasn't formed until 1949. Your drivel is propaganda based on the UNRWA figure for refugees, which has nothing to to with RoR under UNGA res 194

  • US only country to oppose UN holding Israel accountable for war crimes, yet again
    • @ AviS

      "There is no debate that the action in Gaza was in direct response to indiscriminate rocket fire for the preceding months. "

      Hamas (1987) was formed in response to 90 years of Zionist colonization (since 1897 link to ) , in response to 39 years of Israeli occupation ( since 1948 link to ) . Resisting today (2015) in response to more than a century of Palestine being colonized

      "I had to take my sleeping daughter into a bomb shelter no fewer than 3 times last summer"

      Did you tell her the real reason why?

    • " If the true character of a person could be constructed using the Israeli Government as a model, a person would be created who would be very arrogant full of hubris, devious, aggressive, and ruthless"... pathological liar, serial abuser, thief, murderer

      ARTICLE 2

      The federal state shall constitute a sole person in the eyes of international law.

    • @ catalan "What is the address and phone of the Zionist Movement?"

      You're really that stupid. WOW!! link to

      " Also, it seems like you are the one doing the “whining”. "

      Quote me

    • @ Palikari "The UN is a rather unique organization:"

      Indeed. Much of the Charter, which is binding in its entirety on all UN Member states, was adopted in large part because of the ghastly treatment of our Jewish fellows under the f*(ing Nazis. That Israel, the so called Jewish State is in breach in non-Israeli territories and that people like yourself are supportive of that behaviour, is quite Naziesque

      " Only at the UN could Libya chair the Commission on Human Rights…"

      Unlike Israel, Libya is not breaching Human Rights in non-Libyan territories. Israel has been in breach of human rights in non-Israeli territories for 66 years.

      "and Syria chair the Security Council"

      Unlike Israel, Syria is not in breach of the UN Charter in non-Syrian territories, where-as Israel has been in breach of the UN Charter in non-Israeli territories for 66 years.

      "Most countries in the UNHRC are dictatorships and gross violators of human rights"

      The majority are not dictatorships. Actual statistics tell us you're full of smelly Ziopoop. Why do you and your kind have such a desperate need to lie?

      "When totalitarian countries like Sudan and Syria and Saudi Arabia (just to name a few) vote to condemn a democracy like Israel on anything"

      There has never been a UN resolution against Israel for what it does within its actual sovereign territory. BTW There's nothing in the Declaration of the Establishment of the State of Israel about democracy. In fact there has never been a legally elected Government in Israel, under a constitution. Israel's first Government which was not elected by the people of Israel and only provisional, immediately robbed Israelis of their constitution

      "In 9 years existence, the UNHRC passed 62 condemnatory resolutions against Israel, while the total of all other UNHRC condemnatory resolutions for the rest of the world amounts to 55, with most of the worst violators given a free pass, if not a seat on the council itself"

      Which countries other than Israel are violating human rights OUTSIDE of their actual proclaimed and recognized sovereign extent?

      " Do you really think it’s normal 62 resolutions against Israel and only 8 against North Korea? "

      None are against Israel for what it does within its own sovereign extent. Those against Korea are for what it has done within its own sovereign extent.

      You're yabbering at the wrong people. Go take your pathetic whining to the Zionist Movement who're the cause of Israel's continual breaches of International Law and the UN Charter.

      Q) Why do supporters of Israel's illegal activities in territories OUTSIDE of the State of Israel always appear to be so ignorant and full of stupid whataboutery.

  • Joining up (Tzedek Chicago, and a Judaism beyond nationalism)
  • Michael Oren cannot hide his disrespect for Jewish Americans
    • With nothing of substance to say Steve Grover demonstrates mealy mouthed nonsense

      " A more accurate name for JVP is “Jews Who Think Israel Should Surrender to Terrorism and Die”

      Care to substantiate your claims ... thx .... I'll wait

  • Iran's kumbaya video: let's cut the deal and turn to 'existential battle' against extremists
    • yonah fredman "If one opposes the Iranian regime does that make one automatically a neoconservative?"

      If one could put up a rationale other than the NeoCon crappolla you might have a point.

  • Oren's demands make Israel's liberal apologists squirm
    • @ hophmi " If you have $100 to spend, and your choices are the well being of your own family and the well being of someone else’s, and you do not choose your own family, your priorities may be out of whack"

      If a member of your family is a violent, lying thief, addicted to coveting other folks property, who encourages other members of your family to endanger themselves by illegally settling, thereby breaking a Geneva Convention adopted to protect them from the almost certain violent consequences of occupying another people and you choose to excuse them, your priorities are definitely out of whack!

  • Cultivating megadonors, Clinton waffles on Iran and stands by Netanyahu
  • Episcopal Church rejects BDS resolutions citing fears divestment would hamper church in Jerusalem
    • You've obviously got eyes and you can obviously read hophmi. Try reading "citing fears divestment would hamper church in Jerusalem"

      Nothing about the notion of boycotting Israel's illegal activities being morally offensive

  • 'Why this bullsh-t?' Video of Israeli navy flotilla takeover
    • @ Mayhem "more legalistic gobbledegook to defend the previous set! "

      You have nothing to counter it? AMAZING!

      "The UN bodies, to which Hostage has referred, have already clearly demonstrated that unprincipled bias against Israel by passing more resolutions against it than virtually all the rest of the world’s nations combined. Their edicts against Israel are intended to bash Israel into submission."

      Israel has been afforded hundreds of opportunities to adhere to the Laws and UN Charter as re-affirmed and emphasized in hundreds of UNSC resolutions for the simple reason that Israel has failed to adhere to those laws and the UN Charter.

      Reminding Israel of its legal obligations and hundreds of previous opportunities without once taking any action, is not bias against Israel.

      "The aggressive exploitation of the tenets of international law as a weapon used exclusively against Israel ...."

      Your crappolla overfloweth. The Nazis acted against International Law. Iraq was booted out of Kuwait, Indonesia out of East Timor

      " There were Israeli nationals on board the Marianne – enough reason for Israel to be justified in apprehending the vessel, about to enter Gaza – a state to all intentions purposes still at war with Israel."

      Gaza is not a state you stupid person. A vessel in International Waters is the sovereign territory of the state of the flag under which the vessel sails. Israel invaded the sovereign territory of another state, not Gaza.

      Furthermore Israel hijacked the vessel AFTER it was inspected and no arms or contraband were found.

      "Crimes in support of Hamas, which has now been shown to be in collaboration with ISIS after the massacre of Egyptian police and military officers in Northern Sinai a couple of days ago"

      A theory is not evidence

      " Would Hostage also say it was not permissible to stop vessels attempting to smuggle weapons into Gaza? Could Hostage say with 100% certainty that these vessels in this propaganda flotilla did not have any arms on board? "

      The IDF didn't find any weapons you silly person

      " Israel continues to allow bountiful humanitarian aid to reach Gaza. Read how the Israeli aid to Gaza is 500,000 times more than the aid that was on the flotilla."

      Even if true it's irrelevant. Attempting to break the blockade draws public attention to the blockade. The fact that you're here trying to defend Israel's ongoing illegal usurping of the people of Palestine is evidence that it's quite successfull

    • jon s

      "Simple logic says that if a blockade is legal, then attempting to break it is not "

      Simple logic says that if you are asked to show a law prohibiting the breaking of a blockade and you can't, it probably doesn't exist

      "On the other thread, see my comment there"

      The comment that DOESN'T prove your point

    • @ ivri

      "what did these “political voyagers” think?"

      That it would promote publicity like this article YOU are posting on (thx BTW). That the publicity of articles like this would reveal the idiocy of Israel's excuses for hijacking a vessel in International Waters AFTER Israeli inspection had shown it to be un-armed, not carrying any banned goods under the blockade and therefore NOT in breach of the blockade's stated intention.

      "The important thing..." is that they have been 100% successful otherwise YOU wouldn't be here, you stupid stupid person.

    • @ jon s Uh huh.

      Problem... Your source and citation do not tell us it is against International Law to attempt to break a blockade.

  • Oren's memoir reveals Israel's elite is hyper-sensitive to U.S. criticism
    • @ jon s July 4, 2015, 1:29 pm

      "I’m wondering about your hysterical comment:
      I counted two “stupid”s , one “pathetic”, one “devoid of any intelligence”.
      Wow, really convincing"

      There's nothing hysterical about holding a mirror up to you and your kind. The Zionist Movement decided to colonize Palestine. The Zionist Movement armed settlers and assisted illegal immigration into Palestine beyond that allowed under the LoN Mandate for Palestine.

      The Zionist Movement lied continuously at every turn in its attempts to create a Greater Israel. The Zionist Movement proclaimed sovereignty only over a part of the Jewish People’s alleged Historical Homeland, robbing Jews (as Israelis) of the right of the right to settle anywhere in Palestine guaranteed under Article 7 of the LoN Mandate for Palestine.

      The Zionist Movement's un-democratic, un-elected provisional Government robbed Israelis of their constitution and robbed them of their right to have a legally elected government, under that constitution.

      The Zionist Movement have been for the last 67 years busy lying about non-borders while stealing non-Israeli territory. The Zionist Movement encourages Israeli Jews to illegally settle in contravention of Geneva Convention IV adopted to protect ALL civilians from the high likelihood that they might become collateral in the resistance expected when one occupies another people and their territory.

      So it's really quite stupid of you and your kind to whine, moan and present pathetic excuses to people who can see a far better course would be for Israel to adhere to the Law and UN Charter, tell the truth, withdraw from all non-Israeli territories taking its illegal settlers with it, stop creating wars, enemies and start living up to it's Declaration of Independence for once.

    • @ jon s " Why not consider the possibility that the Jews praying for a return to Zion for thousands of years .....

      Good point. So, you're whining at the wrong people you stupid stupid person. Take your pathetic kvetching to the Zionist Movement who only proclaimed sovereignty over a part of the Jewish People's alleged Historical Homeland and who have been for the last 67 years busy lying to Israelis about non-borders while stealing non-Israeli territory. They're the one's who screwed the opportunity under the LoN Mandate for Palestine Article 7 whereby Jewish folk could immigrate to Palestine and attain Palestinian citizenship and buy land and settle anywhere in Palestine.

      "... – actually meant what they were saying?""

      Uh? If they actually meant it they could have for over 2,000 years and the few who actually did mean it probably did or stayed there throughout

      Even Herzl in his life time could have immigrated to Palestine, attained legal citizenship, bought land and settled anywhere in the Jewish People's alleged Historic Homeland. He didn't bother. Nor did his family see any need.

      Why are Zionist propagandists so utterly devoid of any intelligence?

  • Activists call on Oprah Winfrey to distance herself from Leviev over human rights abuses
  • Interview with Rela Mazali: The Israeli left, BDS, and the 'habit of hope'
    • @ Elan

      "Can someone explain to me how steadily firing nonstop rockets at Israel and building tunnels from which to threaten and terrorize Israel is not considered militarization from the Palestinian side? "

      Nope. It's definitely militarization and it's what people are legally allowed to do when their territory is being colonized, they are under occupation, being dispossessed. Jews should not have resisted the Nazis? WOW!!

      " to excuse the use of violence and force by one side and not the other, seems to me to be a huge bias"

      One has legal justification for resisting colonization and occupation. The colonizer and "Occupying Power" has no legal justification link to

      "As well, to suggest that Hamas and the Palestinian side in this conflict is peace-loving and only a victim in all of this, seems also one-sided "

      The Palestinians didn't invite the Zionist Federation to colonize Palestine. Israel is not being colonized or under occupation.
      The Palestinians/Hamas do not have military control over (occupy) any Israeli territory.
      Israel, after having been given completely gratis the territory for the Jewish state, has been illegally acquiring non-Israeli territory for the past 67 years.

      Hamas (1987) was formed in response to 90 years of Zionist colonization (since 1897 link to ) , in response to 39 years of Israeli occupation ( since 1948 link to ) . Resisting today (2015) in response to more than a century of Palestine being colonized

      "Nobody is addressing the fact that what happened in Gaza was partly a consequence of constant threats and attacks on Israel

      The occupied are allowed armed resistance and civilian collateral is always a possibility

      "An end to violence means an end to violence on both sides"

      So Israel could withdraw from ALL non-Israei territories, nothing is stopping it and it has never been tried.....

      You're whining at the wrong people pal. Go whine to the stupid Zionist Federation, they decided to colonize Palestine. They demanded a separate state, now Israelis are prohibited from illegally settling in non-Israeli territories.

  • Flotilla members still imprisoned as video emerges of violent Israeli attack during capture
    • @ Palikari "By the way, to break a blockade is illegal under international law."

      Cite the law

      "You could have just sailed to Ashdod and all supplies would have been transferred to Gaza via Kerem Shalom crossing"

      You're missing the point or brain cells..

      "If you were truly concerned about human rights, you would not be sailing in support of a terrorist regime which summarily executes citizens and uses children as human shields"

      They weren't sailing in support of Israel.

  • United Church of Christ votes to boycott & divest from companies profiting from Israel's occupation
  • In effort to thwart BDS, some Israel supporters urge partial settlement freeze
    • @ JoeSmack
      " They are playing on the fact that settlements alone should be pulled because of the harm to Israel’s image internationally"

      Er no. The settlements are illegal, not in Israel, and the settlers are Israeli citizens, not Palestinian citizens

      "In reality this is simply a repeat of something that has happened throughout Israel’s history, namely that international pressure focuses almost entirely on Israel’s occupation and settlements.."

      Correct. Other nations, entities, BDS organizations, including the UN have no right to dictate anything within Israel's actual sovereign extent.

      " and small concessions are offered by even the most right-wing administrations. "

      Israel has never made any concessions. Offering to swap occupied Palestinian territory for Occupied Palestinian territory so Israel can keep Occupied Palestinian territory is neither a concession nor does it have any legal basis. Adhering to the law is not a concession. Gaza is still occupied.

      "The BDS call very clearly includes refugee rights and Omar Barghouti has himself emphasized again and again that he does not think it is pragmatic or ethnical to remove them, and yet every BDS resolution that has passed so far ignored the refugees. There isn’t a single mention of them in the actual resolutions."

      Try making sense ... please

    • @ Naftush

      These "Palo-supremacists"
      What Israeli territory have they illegally acquired?
      How many Israeli prisoners do they hold without charge?
      How many of those are children?
      How many Israelis have they dispossessed?
      What wars did they start?
      Are they exploiting Israeli resources illegally?
      Have they a blockade on Israel?
      Do they determine who may or may not enter or exit Israel?
      Have they prevented any goods from being exported or imported into Israel?
      Do they withhold Israeli taxes?
      Have they used cluster bombs, fletchettes, white phosphorus on Israeli schools?
      Have they devastated whole city blocks of Israeli civilian dwellings?
      Have they bombed Israeli electricity generators, sewerage works?
      Do they encourage illegal settlers on Israeli soil in breach of GC VI?
      Do they get billions in military aid from the US?
      Have they prevented Israeli fishermen from fishing within the legal limit?
      Do they prevent Israelis from going on holidays, returning from holidays, study?
      Have they bulldozed any Israeli homes?
      Have they destroyed any Israeli orchards?
      Do they prevent any Israeli farmers from reaching their farmlands?
      How high is the separation wall they have built on Israeli territory?
      How many Israeli villages have they destroyed?
      How many gallons of putrid smelling 'skunk' have they sprayed on Israelis and Israeli homes?
      When Israelis protest in Israel do they bombard them with tear gas, shoot them, gaol them?

      Maybe you can supply photographic evidence and where possible a simple yes or no will suffice, unless of course you want to dig a deeper hole

    • @ Mayhem " BDS advocates are not going to be satisfied with anything short of Israel’s capitulation to its raison d’etre of being a Jewish state"

      How will adhering to the law in or by withdrawing from NON-Israeli territories effect Israel in respect to it being a Jewish state?

      " The freezing of settlements would enable Israelis who are striving for a resolution to the conflict to claim the high moral ground as Shavit likes to express it. "

      The settlements are illegal. If Israel were to adhere to the law it would hold at least a modicum of high moral ground.

      "If there is no reciprocal gesture from the Palestinian side then they get exposed for their unwillingness to aim for an equitable solution"

      The Palestinians don't hold any Israeli territory under occupation. The Palestinians don't have any illegal settlements in Israel.

      The Palestinians long ago offered to cede 78% of their rightful territories to Israel for peace. link to

      Israel has offered nothing. No thing! Not one thing! Nada. Nil. Nought. Zip.

  • Rainbow flag covers Israeli separation wall near Ramallah
  • My journey from Zionism to Palestine solidarity
    • Hasbara never rests

      @ Mikhael

      "never heard of people in the Jewish community, Zionist or otherwise objecting to UNICEF collection boxes. "

      You should get out more often link to

      "UNESCO, on the other hand, was rightly perceived as being anti-Israel in the 1980s, and it invited Yasser Arafat to address its general assembly (well before he pretended to recognize Israel)."

      A) rightly perceived by who and on what basis?
      B) It was an official recognition.

      " initially sponsored an exhibit detailing the connection of Jews to Erets Yisra’el, but then backed down due to pressure"

      Because the exhibition was an Israeli Government sponsored propaganda exercise

    • @ Mikhael

      "I guess Mondoweiss wants to peddle the idea that Zionists hate UNICEF"

      Uh huh .... link to

      Say .... do you have any evidence to back your assertion re MW? I'll wait...

    • @ German Lefty 'The study found that 58% of the post-1967 maps used in Palestinian Authority schoolbooks in the occupied territories show the polity “Palestine,” incorporating everything between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, including present-day Israel.

      Arguably correct. The "Question of Palestine" as it is officially referred to by the UNSC is not yet answered.

      "There is no mention of Israel"

      It's not the Question of Israel !

  • 'A traumatized society is dangerous'
    • @ catalan

      “Given the power of American Jews,” rosross ... "American Jews involved in Zionism/Israeli/Jewish agendas which lobby politicians and influence Government in Israel’s favour"

      "I have learned from this blog .."

      I have learned that stupid people like you will do anything to try to make a point including take things completely out of context

      "....that I have a lot of power and that I am above the law. The above the law thing I plan to test next time I make a traffic violation. "

      What does making a traffic violation have to do with lobbying politicians and influencing Government in Israel’s favour?

    • Interesting ..... however, Zionism wasn't traumatized! The Zionist Federation wasn't traumatized! The Jewish Colonial Trust wasn't traumatized!

      More bulldust isn't going to cover up for or change the ways of a rogue state, even if it is Jewish

  • 'Jewish cow' is udderly superior to all other cows in the world, Netanyahu says
  • In op-eds, church leaders say BDS is moral response to Netanyahu's rejection of Palestinian statehood
    • Edit Under UNGA res 194 non-Jewish Israeli citizens have a RoR to Israel’s proclaimed and recognized territories of 00:01 May 15th 1948 (ME time). Today’s Israeli Jews far outnumber the non-Jewish Israelis original dispossessed 1948, their lineal descendants, the 20% who remained in Israeli territory and their lineal descendants.

    • @ Shalom "the third is clearly supporting “the promotion of a Right of Return,” that if realized would eliminate the state of Israel.."

      Bullshit! The Palestinian claim of RoR is under UNGA res 194. Under UNGA res 194 only non-Jewish Israeli citizens have a RoR to Israel's actual proclaimed and recognized territories of 00:01 May 15th 1948 (ME time), Israel's Jewish population has grown to a point where there is no demographic threat what so ever. Today's Israeli Jews far outnumber the non-Jewish Israelis original dispossessed, their lineal descendants of Israel's dispossessed non-Jewish citizens of 1948 and the 20% who remained in Israeli territory.

      The remaining dispossessed Palestinians only have RoR to non-Israeli territories.

      Currently Israel refuses RoR for non-Jewish citizens to Israel and refuses RoR for Palestinian citizens to the non-Israeli territories that remained of Palestine after Israel proclaimed its sovereign extent and was recognized as such.

      It's Israeli propaganda policy to scare monger Israelis with the completely false assertion based on the idiotic and wrongful notion that the entire UNRWA figure is for return to Israel.

      UNGA 194 was adopted in 1948. UNRWA didn't exist in 1948! UNWRA's definition does not apply to UNGA res 194. The UNRWA website itself tells us it has no mandate to effect final status. link to

      Further more states do not cease to exist simply because their demographics change and a real democracy changes to accommodate its majority.

      The actual threat is to all the territories Israel has illegally acquired by war since proclaiming its boundaries effective at 00:01 May 15th 1948 (ME time) (ibid). It's not Israeli territory! Israeli propaganda has been deceiving Israelis for 67 years, that's how low the Zionist Movement's state has sunk!

  • BDS will keep Israeli tanks from moving and F15 from flying, Oren says
    • @ ivri "That`s human nature – it is what decades of warring does to people"

      So go kvetch to the Zionist Federation they're the people who started this war

      "The Arab world and the Palestinians have turned Israel into a Sparta"

      I see they invited the Zionist Federation to colonize Palestine ..... Strange there's no mention in any of the Zionist Federation's minutes

  • 'We are doing you people a favor by allowing you to be seated here,' Netanyahu deputy tells Palestinians in Knesset
    • Hi JLD,
      hope you're doin' well

      Wikipedia can be edited by anyone, is third hand opinion, depends on consensus rather than truth and if they don't like what you say they'll have you banned and even remove a vote made before you were banned link to

      The article you've linked is an attempt to deny Palestine was already a state with provisional recognition. "This article is about the geopolitical entity created in Palestine under British administration." It's bullshit! Now it's stuck there by consensus of those who do not want it changed

      " Rather than there having been an “expiration” of the British mandate, wasn’t it more a matter of the Brits having unilaterally decided to cut and run? "

      The British were conforming with the majority of the UN on partition. They stuck to the LoN Mandate for Palestine as far as was possible. The Mandate had no provision for partition and under the UN it was arguably already a trusteeship per Chapt XI

      However, the British occupation would have had to have terminated anyway for Palestine to have gained independence as prescribed by the LoN Mandate for Palestine 1st line and the LON Covenant Article 22

      Under the/a partition plan or not, the occupation of Palestine also had to end for the simple reason that any entity, be it Jewish, Arab or any other, cannot declare independence while under occupation. For the same reason what remained of Palestine after Israel was declared independent, could not declare independence while there were and still are Israeli forces in what remains of Palestine. Although Palestine was a state under the Mandate and is now , it was/is not an independent state. Especially while Israel remains in occupation. In fact Palestine has never in its history had an opportunity to declare independence. It has always been occupied fully or in part by some entity or another. Contrary to the Hasbara, there's never been an opportunity for the Palestinians to miss!

      The Mandate ended so either party could declare independence under UNGA res 181 and had Israel stuck to its proclaimed frontiers, the Arab Regional Powers would not have had legal cause to go to the protection of what remained of Palestine.

    • The Knesset (administrative body) is in conflict with Israel, the Jewish State

      [ Links are all to the same document ]

      link to "We appeal .... to the Arab inhabitants of the State of Israel to preserve peace and participate in the upbuilding of the State on the basis of full and equal citizenship and due representation in all its provisional and permanent institutions"

      link to "The State of Israel ... will ensure complete equality of social and political rights to all its inhabitants irrespective of religion, race or sex "

      link to "it will guarantee freedom of religion, conscience, language, education and culture"

      Jews around the world should be raising their voices in protest at the evil regime in control of their Jewish state ( link to "recognition by the United Nations of the right of the Jewish people to establish their State is irrevocable." )

  • Interview with a suicide bomber
    • @ catalan

      "I wonder how many talknic admirers like Mooser, Annie, etc agree that it is A-ok to blow up a pizza parlor because of a “collaborator”"

      A) Typical Zionnutter puke. I didn't say it was OK you stupid person

      B) It's OK though it seems for Israel to blow up entire neighbourhoods

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