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An old Jewish guy in Oz. Tired of the fallacies surrounding the I/P issue We were given the territory for a homeland state, with more than enough room for every Jewish person on the planet, even today Since proclaiming its frontiers in the May 15th 1948 in the Israeli Government plea for international recognition, Israel has illegally acquired by force and occupied more and more territory outside of it's proclaimed and recognized Sovereign territory. None of which has ever been legally ceded to or legally annexed to Israel by any agreement or legal instrument The occupied have a right to violent resistance against armed citizens of the Occupying Power. However, no one has a right or excuse for committing acts of terrorism against innocent civilians. To that end: I condemn all forms of terrorism, murder and any other harmful crime by any individual, group, organization or state and; condemn any government, individual or organization who purposefully encourages the illegally settlement of territories held under occupation thereby purposefully endangering its own citizens by using them to create illegal facts on the ground Today the State of Israel continues to encourage Israeli civilians to create illegal settlements, illegal facts on the ground, breaking law that was adopted by the UN and International Comity in large part because of the treatment of our Jewish fellows under the Nazis. Law adopted to protect all civilians including those of an Occupying Power from the expected violent consequences of occupying another people and their territory Israel demands the swap of non-Israeli territory for non-Israeli territory so it can keep non-Israeli territory in a future settlement. There is no legal basis for the demand nor is there for the disarmament of a future Palestinian state. All states have equal right to self defense. Likewise, there is no legal basis for the demand to be recognized as the Jewish state. Israeli demands have no legal precedence or validity The Palestinians have no legal, moral or ethical obligation to forgo any of their legal rights. Negotiations mean only one thing, the Palestinians forgoing legal rights so Israel can benefit Were Israel to adhere to the law, it can easily protect itself, grow and prosper. It'd have no UN resolutions against it. No need to continuing to corrupt US politicians in order to maintain a UNSC veto vote. No need to lie to and endanger its citizens I've received too many threats for opposing Israel's policies towards the Palestinians, broken windows, graffiti'd walls, hate mail, I'd prefer to remain anonymous, if that's OK. Who I am is irrelevant. Reliable information is essential to informed dialogue towards resolving the I/P issue. Propaganda has no place in struggle for peace


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  • Bearing witness: a review of Alice Rothchild's book 'Condition Critical'
    • " I get that you like most BDSers have no problem with Jews practicing whatever religion they want as groveling slaves. "

      Quote, verbatim an example... thx

      "But the reality is that religion held out the promise that someone like Ben Gurion would come and restore their freedom, lift them from bondage and they would one day live again in their country. "

      Quote the passage/s thx

      "Zionism is the practical realization of what Judaism always preached."

      It's the exact opposite to the basic tenets of Judaism

      Zionism covets other folks property. It lies, falsely accuses and murders to get it

    • @ JeffB

      "So with that in mind ... yadda yadda yadda .."

      Uh huh. Speculate, then base an argument on it. What extremely clever and overbose ( © ) nonsense.

      "BDS evidently doesn’t want a negotiated peace of any kind. "

      You've not actually bothered to read their aims. So clever

      Keep up th' good work

  • Actor Richard Gere in Hebron: 'it's exactly like what the what the Old South was in America'
    • Watching a ZioPuppet unload is funny

      @ DaBakr March 24, 2017, 5:00 pm

      "As if this privileged white man knew what it was like to be black in the ‘deep south’"

      I get what you're trying to say. Americas laws were changed by only black men? WOW!!! I wonder if all those white guys knew?

      Seems there's no end to the fool you'll make of yourself in trying to justify the unjustifiable

      "There are no comparisons to the situation in the I/p because the conflict is not racial, religious or cultural. Is it nationalistic? Yes. But only Jewish nationalism Is condemned. Palestinian nationalism Is championed. "

      The Palestinians didn't decide to invade in 1897, it was the the Zionist Federation decided to colonize Palestine.

      Jews could have immigrated and achieved legitimate citizenship and bought real estate and settled from at least the Roman era until 00:01 May 15th 1948. Few did. Even Herzl in his life time could have. He didn't bother.

      Now Israelis, be they Jewish or non-Jewish are prohibited by the Laws Israel obliged itself to by becoming a state, from illegally settling in non-Israeli territories.

      Go take your pathetic whining to the Zionist Federation for preventing Israeli from settling anywhere in the Jewish People's alleged Historic Homeland by demanding a separate state and then proclaiming that state within the borders outlined in UNGA res 181

      "So many on the far left (and here) have such pseudo intellectual disdain for tribalism and nationalism but only condemn it when it’s Jewish"

      What Israel is doing is illegal you amazingly stupid Zionist moron.

    • @ catalan

      If drowning in the crap of your own wholly holey Hasbara is execution, you're doing a great job!

    • "We’re a rather small group right now, but growing rapidly!"

      et tu genesto?

  • Towards Better Ally-ship for Palestine: A letter to the US activist community
  • Beitar Nordia soccer club distances itself from racist fanbase, 'La Familia'
    • @ A R

      "... the state could mandate love of settlers as a prerequisite of citizenship"

      ... and in return, if they're poor enough, they'll be offered interest bearing loans to specifically buy real estate that does not yet belong to the state, where like the settlers they can illegally settle and be purposefully endangered in the front lines in occupied and otherwise illegally acquired territories claimed by the state who then collects rates and taxes to rousing choruses of "cherry tomatoes" "mobile phones" "blooming deserts" "we're a victim" "Anti-semite!"and other wholly holey Hasbara favourites

  • Open Letter to Theresa May: On 100th anniversary of Balfour Declaration recognize an independent Palestinian state
  • Reading Maimonides in Gaza
    • DaBakr March 22, 2017, 5:38 pm

      "Quiet will be met with quiet. "

      Like all wholly holey Hasbara, your ZioBullsh*t overfloweth

      90 years AFTER the Zionist Federation decided in 1897 to colonize Palestine, Hamas were formed

      39 years AFTER Jewish forces invaded non-Israeli territories in 1948/49 outside the newly proclaimed borders of the State of Israel

      20 years AFTER Israel occupied even more non-Israeli territories in 1967

      Hamas are a response to over a hundred years now of Zionist fomented aggression

      "If one believes reports that blame only israel and not both israel and hamas for why u.n. Shelters were hit "

      Under the Laws of War the defense of villages, towns, schools et al is allowed. In fact they can ONLY be targeted if they are defended.

      However, the Palestinians have no effective defenses against armaments fired from Israeli warships at sea. They have no effective defense against Israeli warplanes, missiles, land mines, white phosphorus fired into areas during the daylight and where there are no Israeli troop to take advantage of the smoke cover

      "a seaport and an airport on on the table for negotiations from, surprisingly, Lieberman"

      Both on the table long before Lieberman came on the scene.

      ".... apparently, The hamas thinks tunnels , planning attacks and covert ops to (hopefully)kidnap israelis pays better in numbers of prisoners released then opening any port, or bringing any kind of humanitarian relief to gazans not affiliated with Hamas, is, pflp, etc."

      Hamas didn't fall out of the sky. They are from the people of Gaza. A people under belligerent Israeli occupation who have a right to build tunnels, plan attacks and covert operations in order to capture enemy soldiers. Meanwhile, it was Israel, the Occupying Power, who destroyed Gaza's airport and forbids any shipping directly into Gaza.

      So again, you're talking bullsh*t!

      Keep up the good work.

  • UNC SJP responds to ongoing debate over cancellation of Rania Khalek event
    • Interesting. I've reached a similar conclusion.

      Israel has failed again to have "respect for and acknowledgement of the sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence of every State in the area and their right to live in peace within secure and recognized boundaries free from threats or acts of force;"

      The purposeful destruction of Syria per the Project for a New American Century of 1998 is obvious

      Also worthy of note: In 2006 the State of Lebanon's armed forces didn't engage with Israel

      UNSC Res 1701 SC/8808 11 August 2006 - At the top


      “1. Calls for a full cessation of hostilities based upon, in particular, the immediate cessation by Hizbollah of all attacks and the immediate cessation by Israel of all offensive military operations;

      “2. Upon full cessation of hostilities, calls upon the Government of Lebanon and UNIFIL as authorized by paragraph 11 to deploy their forces together throughout the South and calls upon the Government of Israel, as that deployment begins, to withdraw all of its forces from southern Lebanon in parallel;

      “3. Emphasizes the importance of the extension of the control of the Government of Lebanon over all Lebanese territory in accordance with the provisions of resolution 1559 (2004) and resolution 1680 (2006), and of the relevant provisions of the Taif Accords, for it to exercise its full sovereignty, so that there will be no weapons without the consent of the Government of Lebanon and no authority other than that of the Government of Lebanon;”

      MORE @

      The State of Lebanon was required to control the elements within it’s territories. It was also free to be the final arbiter as to who within its territories, could be armed.

    • You're spouting ZioNonsense JeffB

      Druze are a faith. Palestinians are of many faiths

  • Sports and the Palestinian BDS Struggle (Part 3): Looking Ahead
    • @ Mayhem

      Take your pathetic whining to the Zionist Federation for A) deciding to colonize Palestine B) Loaning money to specifically poor Jews (at interest) on condition they put themselves and their families at the front lines in their war on Palestine C) Insisting there be a Jewish State despite lying that it wasn't their intention D) declaring that state and thereby robbing Jews of the ability to live anywhere in the Jewish People's alleged Historic Homeland

  • Feel-good co-existence story on NPR fails to point out that one side lives under occupation
    • How cute to see aloetse supportive of a state in breach of International Law, the UN Charter and the basic common sense tenets of Judaism. So blatantly Naziesque

  • Head of UN agency resigns after refusing to retract report calling Israel an 'apartheid regime'
    • echinococcus March 21, 2017, 5:57 am

      = not able to quote. So, stop harassing. Thx

      "your ridiculous respect and defense of the colonialist-created “Israel” violating the UN Charter itself?"

      Quote this 'respect and defense of', I'll be really interested to read it

      "The majority of your entire production, which essentially consists in attacking only Zionist expansion over and outside the self-proclaimed, illegally UN colonialist-sanctioned initial 1948 “Israel” –never approved by a full and free Palestinian plebiscite. It may be hard to find a post of yours that does not defend the imagined legitimacy of this colonial conquest. My denouncing this as propaganda to justify Zionist invasion, however partial, is irritating you but it’s accurate."

      You're delusional

    • @ echinococcus March 20, 2017, 9:16 am

      "Please stop your Zionist-lite propaganda.."

      Please stop being ridiculous already.

      “Israel” as of November 1947 is already a totally illegal ... etc "

      Indeed. It never the less, now exists as you have apparently acknowledged

      echinococcus March 19, 2017, 1:49 am

      Fact is, the Zionists are citizens of an interloper state

      - See more at:

      "Stop promoting this glaring violation of the UN Charter"

      Quote, verbatim my promotion thx. Otherwise, I believe the expression is STFU

      "Stop cheering for the illegal refusal of Palestinian self-determination"

      Quote, verbatim my cheering thx. Otherwise .... ... .... .. !

      "Proclaiming borders” is worth zilch when it happens on conquered/invaded territory and the owners have every right to cancel any invader presence."

      Whether we agree with UNGA res 181 or not, their proclamation of borders in order to be and by which they were recognized was per UNGA 181, not conquered/invaded. The existing state of Israel, agree with it or not, only has right to those territories according to its own statements to the UN/UNSC before and after declaring statehood

      The Palestinians have long ago expressed a willingness to forgo the right to all their territories for peace with Israel. Their sense of compassion for all the innocent folk caught up in the Zionist Colonization enterprise appears to surpass your own

    • @ jon s March 19, 2017, 4:59 pm

      "Fact is, Jews are not interlopers or invaders or pirates in our historic homeland"

      Fact is, Israel is an interloper and invader of non-Israeli territories. So too are Israelis (Jewish and/or non-Jewish) who're illegally settling in non-Israeli territories. Is that too hard to get thru your brain dead impenetrable Zionist skull?

      "For millions of Jewish Israelis , immigrants or native-born, this is our home"

      Go bitch to the Israeli Government and the Zionist Movement for having proclaimed Israel's borders on far less than the Jewish People's alleged Historic Homeland.

    • If the US leaves the UN, Israel will lose its UNSC veto protection against actions that might be taken for its 68 year crime spree. As far as I can figure, protection by the UNSC veto vote and IAEA benefits were the only reasons for Israel joining the UN

  • AIPAC underwrote Islamophobia in the Republican Party, and the Democratic Party too
    • @ JeffB March 17, 2017, 4:50 pm

      " Anyone who believes in AIPAC as anything other than just another lobby has already bought in to recycled Soviet Zionology. "

      Best you tell AIPAC. They have no idea.

      " No one cares about AIPAC."

      Except Israel, who desperately needs the US veto vote

  • Trump's 'America First' budget puts Israel right up there, too
    • atalan March 18, 2017, 5:16 pm

      "From my vantage point, coming from a poor country and a different age, I just feel immense gratitude for everything I undeservedly have as an American – proper dental care, a passport I can travel with, living in a multicultural society of so many kind people. ..." ... where from undeserved safety you can support a rogue regime that illegally acquires some one else's territories, thumbs its nose at the US, the UN and anyone who gets in the way of its colonialistic expansionism, tortures and incarcerates children without charge

      " It is all in the eyes of the beholder"

      Logs it seems

  • Remembering Rachel Corrie, 14 years after the Israeli military killed her in Gaza
    • Repeat even if not-necessary!

    • Even mention of Rachel Corrie can send the most composed cold apologist for Israel's war crimes into an immediate eye popping rage.

      WARNING :Use with caution (a handy handkerchief recommended). Repetition might induce involuntary Ziospittle, apoplexia, stroke, heart attack

      Rachel Corrie

      RAchel Corrie

      RAChel Corrie

      RACHel Corrie

      RACHEl Corrie

      RACHEL Corrie

      RACHEL COrrie

      RACHEL CORrie






      Repeat if necessary

  • UN agency labels Israel 'apartheid regime'-- and Israel likens organization to Nazis
    • (The record will show ... ... ) If'n it ever gets working again

    • @ catalan March 16, 2017, 6:44 pm
      Doesn't bother to follow thread protocol
      Doesn't answer a reasonably put question
      "I am also not a huge fan of Israel" Will say anything.
      (The will show catalan's time here is spent trying to justify Israel's illegal appropriation of other folks territories)

    • @ catalan March 16, 2017, 5:24 pm

      " In practice, both governments and individuals discriminate against minorities"

      Name a society where minorities have not or are not discriminated against.

      "In all honesty, after Babiy Yar, it is not clear to me how any Jew can even live in the Ukraine."

      It's their actual homeland maybe has something to do with it. Same it seems for Iranian Jews in the 21st century

      "Language itself is slanted against Jews. Like in Bulgaria, Jews are supposed to be “grateful” that we weren’t killed during the war but rather sent to labor camps. Really? That’s like Blacks here being grateful for not being slaves. "

      Or like Palestinians who having no form of gainful employment while under Israeli occupation should be grateful for having to resort to involvement in building illegal settlements for Jews only.

      "The whole discussion is moot because for all practical purposes Jews are gone or disappearing from Eastern Europe. Probably from Western too."

      Strange, only about half the world's Jewish population are in Israel, .where have they gone to? Greater ZioLand in SkyPixieRealtor world?

    • They're so funny.

      "Israel was invaded by five Arab States!"

      "The Arab Regional Powers had a right to attempt to expel forces of the Jewish State from territories outside the borders of the State of Israel "

      "Israel didn't declare any borders!"

      "Thought you said Israel was invaded?"

      "Yes. It was!"

      "How do you know if it didn't have any borders?"

      Oh ah ... Cherry tomatoes ... er ... Mark Twain, ... uhm ... mobile phones ... Anti-semite!"

    • @ Juan R. March 15, 2017, 11:12 pm

      "Within Israel itself, Arabs and Jews share the..."

      Uh? The 500,000 Jews from the Arab States weren't Arab?

      "It is quite astonishing to witness how a lie told often enough can eventually be accepted as truth!"



    • " Arab Israelis can ... live where they want"

      Any in the illegal settlements in non-Israeli territories held under occupation since 1967?

  • Zionism and feminism are incompatible, leftwing voices say
    • @ DaBakr March 18, 2017, 4:53 pm

      "I wonder if it delves into the Arab involvemrnt in the slave trade that brought the Africans by force to the Americas and elsewhere"

      The Arabs weren't the only ones involved

  • Banksy's hotel isn't gentrification, it is an invitation for people to come see the occupation for what it is
    • " Five years is not terrible"

      To a raving nutcase apologist for Zionist colonization. However, most Palestinians have been dispossessed or under occupation their entire lives

      1948 to 2017 is 69 years. 120 years since the Zionist Federation decided to colonize Palestine

  • For Purim, costume contest celebrates soldier's killing of a Palestinian (free vacation on the line)
    • "Man, I sure hope you’ve learned to read by now."

      Uh? Forget it. Their job is not to read. It's to spread misinformation. lie, obfuscate, falsely accuse, smear and anything else they can to justify the continued unjustifiable colonization of Palestine by the Jewish State

      Failing the above, which because their narrative is based on lies is inevitable, the M/O is to annoy until someone spits the dummy and calls 'em what they so completely deserve to be called. Stupid, immoral, liars who'll say anything

    • Not even their own children are spared! Such is the rot in Israeli society.

  • Palestinian police beat demonstrators in Ramallah during protest against political activist’s death
  • Israel detains one activist and deports another, amid int'l outcry over boycott ban
    • Any evidence that either wanted to "destroy" Israel? Remember if you can, accusations are not evidence. BDS is about holding Israel accountable to the law, not destroying it.

  • Clinton says two-state-solution would have entailed 'a lot of blood, gore, turmoil in Israel'
    • Clinton is compromised. The Zionist Movement have had over a hundred years experience and time to hone their skills at creating and getting the dirt on the influential, putting their people, money and influence where it best suits their colonial cause.

  • 'We may no longer be permitted—nor permit ourselves—to enter Israel,' 172 scholars write
    • @ aloeste March 14, 2017, 9:28 pm

      "any non-leftists on this list?"

      Interesting question. Only leftists believe in the law?

    • @ aloeste March 14, 2017, 9:28 pm

      "sounds like what anti-zionists were saying 20-30 years ago…."

      Israel and Zionists are really slow learners. Steal, lie, falsely accuse and the only people who will like you are either brainwashed, naive or themselves liars. thieves and false accusers

  • No space for Zionism
    • @ jon s March 14, 2017, 5:43 am

      "The Jews in the arab countries were being persecuted, were being murdered. In many cases they were essentially kicked out."
      Upper case for "Jews" lowercase for "arabs". We see this time and time again. Some folk just can't help showing people their worth.

      The Japanese, German, Italian citizens of the US, UK, Australia during WW2 were being persecuted, interned or deported, their properties frozen. Quite common when countries are at war. Murders too

      Also common to allow their return/freedom after hostilities are over if they have not already taken alternative citizenship in a country other than that of return, whereby they lose refugee status

      Go whine to the Zionist Federation et al for starting the wars in the Middle East with their Jewish Colonization project
      and for encouraging Jews to adopt citizenship in the Jewish State, thereby forgoing refugee status

      BTW it wasn't the Israeli government who initially catered for Arab Jewish refugees, it was the hated and ridiculed UNRWA who set up refugee camps in Israel for Arab/European Jewish refugees until the Israeli Government took over responsibility in 1952/3


      @ Jon66 March 14, 2017, 10:15 am

      "You have me confused."

      Very funny. You're not here to discuss or learn. You're here attempting to justify the unjustifiable Zionist Colonization project

      "Do you think Korematsu/ internment was a legitimate thing?"

      It's not about what I think. The new HasBarristerSister was moaning about something common to countries at war. She thinks possible allies of the Jewish State should have been exempt for some reason. Can you give me one?

      Internment or expulsion and the freezing of assets is the norm amongst countries at war. Go bitch to the Zionist Federation for choosing to colonize Palestine demanding a Jewish State instead of accepting the more than generous offer contained in the LoN Mandate Article 7

      " If Nepal declared war on the US, would it be ‘right’ to intern or expel American citizens of Nepalese ancestry"

      It's what countries do when at war.

    • @ Jon66 March 13, 2017, 9:48 pm

      "I think most Americans feel that the Korematsu decision upholding the internment of US citizens of Japanese ancestry was wrong and scandalous. I hope that we never treat American citizens in that manner again. It’s a stain on our nation"

      Thanks for that John. Strange how the complete dispossession of hundreds of thousands of its non-Jewish citizens, with no right to return or reinstatement at all isn't a stain on Israel ... I guess Israel is unsustainable no matter how much sh*te it wallows in

    • Jon66 March 13, 2017, 9:48 pm

      "I think most Americans feel that the Korematsu decision upholding the internment of US citizens of Japanese ancestry was wrong and scandalous. I hope that we never treat American citizens in that manner again. It’s a stain on our nation. "

      A) Link is a dud
      B) The internment law is still in force it seems

    • @ sharonsj March 13, 2017, 3:43 pm

      "Funny how their support doesn’t extend to the million Jewish citizens of other Middle-Eastern countries who were exiled and had their property stolen. "

      Having taken citizenship in countries other than that of return, they're no longer refugees. Go weep to the Zionist Federation and its state who encouraged Jews to forgo their Arab State citizenship.

      BTW it's NORMAL for countries at war to expel or intern possible allies of their enemies and to freeze their assets. The US/UK/Australia incarcerated or expelled their own citizens of Japanese, German and Italian descent during WW2. It's also normal to allow their return after hostilities have ceased and unfreeze their assets. People who've taken up alternative citizenship no longer have refugee status.

      You'd best question why Israel does nothing towards helping claim Arab Jews assets. It would be in effect an acknowledgement of Palestinian rights to claim their ceased assets. Israel simply can nor afford the compensation due. Instead they screw Arab Jews too. No one is spared an evil if it suits the Zionist cause

      "Any mention of right of return for them? I thought not."

      You haven't 'thought' at all. If they have RoR even though they have taken up alternative citizenship, so too would Palestinians who have not taken up alternative citizenship

      "Palestinian citizens of Israel get to vote, be members of the government, the military and the judiciary, etc."

      So what? They're citizens.

      " When there were Jewish citizens of Arab countries. there were (and still are) actual apartheid laws that kept them out of those positions. Any mention of their rights? I thought not."

      A) BLM = Black Lives Matter B) If they've taken citizenship elsewhere, they have no rights in countries where they're no longer citizens.

      "Both Hamas and the PLO have the eradication of Israel and the Jews in their written charters"

      Article Thirty-One: “As to those who have not borne arms against you on account of religion, nor turned you out of your dwellings, Allah forbiddeth you not to deal kindly with them, and to behave justly towards them; for Allah loveth those who act justly.” (The Tried – verse 8).

      The PLO recognized Israel in 1988. Israel has never recognized Palestine

      "Any mention of that by BLM? Does BLM even know about that and, if they do know, do they care?"

      Why would it? BLM = Black Lives Matter

  • Steve Bannon's Judeo-Christian 'Camp of the Saints'
  • See 'The Settlers,' an important documentary about the destruction of the two-state solution
    • You're describing the style adopted by Bernard Madoff which depends on the greed and/or gullibility of the investors, requiring more recruits to invest more money in nothing.

      In this instance it depends on more and more gullible people and more and more non-Israeli territory. More and more building and defense contracts in non-Israeli territories, more land taxes etc,. More and more victims Palestinian and Jewish, all of which is attempting to illegally institute something the State of Israel has never been able to ethically, morally or financially afford

      If the debt Israel owes were to be called in I sincerely doubt many folk with dual citizenship would want to stay in a failed state

    • "Zionist enterprise" ... " colonization project"

      It's a pyramid scheme! Always has been

      The Zionist Colonial Enterprise requires more and more land and more and more specifically poor Jews who convinced by the sales pitch are loaned money at interest on condition they put themselves and their families on the front lines, where Israel the state does the Zionist Colonial Enterprise's dirty work. Hiding behind poor Jewish civilians under the guise of defense. The enterprise has no conscience, it must feed, protect and hide its vile dark soul in order to exist

  • Hate crimes in America: either a trap or an opportunity for Palestine advocates
  • Mr Friedman, where do you stand on demolition of Palestinian village and school alongside Israeli settlement?
    • I doubt he'll bother to read it. Supporters of the Zionist Colonization of Palestine can't take any notice what so ever of the cracks in the Israeli narrative.

      There are so many loose ends, pull anyone of them and the house of cards will fall after which all that's left is G-d gave it. The same G-d who was AWOL during the Holocaust and every other major event that took the lives of G-d's believers

  • If Israel is unwilling to differentiate itself from the settlements, then boycotters shouldn't either
    • @ ejay

      He couldn't give a fig

    • @ catalan
      "Obviously, in the case of Soda Stream, people are putting emphasis on taste, need, utility and not on politics. That is why they are doing spectacularly"

      Not to mention the fact that they pulled out of the West Bank. If they're pulled out earlier or better yet, never been illegally in non-Israeli territories in the first place they'd likely have made even more.

      A rabid vein popping Zionist from my neck of the woods sold his shares in Soda Stream because they were going to move out of the West Bank. He's rightly deserving of every lost shekel. Poor sick sod. LOL

    • I have come to the same conclusion in the past four years.

      The State of Israel is in breach of its legal obligations.

      Boycott the state and any business or person/s profiting from the state's illegal actions in any non-Israeli territories

  • 'We are losing the next generation' -- rabbis describe crisis over Israel in their congregations
  • 'Fake news' isn't news or new: Remembering the 2003 US invasion of Iraq
  • Human rights lawyer: Israel's new anti-BDS travel ban violates international law
    • States willing, veto for a select few could be done away with. For the while, pigs might fly.

      As it is, it does have the effect of preventing UNSC sanctioned wars between those five powers ...

    • @ Stogumber March 9, 2017, 9:10 pm

      " ... “international law”. On first view, it seems to be based on agreements between nations. On the other hand, it seems regularly to support policies to which no nation in its good sense ever would have agreed"

      Example of such policies

      " ... no nation will deliberately open its borders to hostile aliens (on whatever “opinion” their hostility is grounded) – so may we really assume that any nation has agreed to such an international law?"

      When the opinion is that a state should adhere to the law, is it actually hostile? Adhering to the law seems to benefit countries. The HasBarristers here have given a fine example. Soda Stream has increased in value since abandoning its illegal operation in the West Bank

    • Yes Theo, you missed over a hundred years by the Zionist Federation and its institutions ripping off Jews by loaning specifically poor Jews money at interest on condition they put themselves and their families on the front lines where there was and still is most danger. A task now taken over by the State of Israel, who continues that fine tradition of lying to, taking advantage of and f*cking jews over

  • 'BDS is a terrorist movement' - exposing David Collier
    • The David Colliers of the world don't give a damn about their inconsistencies, exaggerations and blatant falsehoods, as long as the propaganda is out there. Once something is on the internet it is impossible to remove.

  • Open Letter: Against the blacklisting of activists and writers
    • Judaism itself is against free speech when it consists of lies and false accusations such as those the Zionist Movement thrives on and are essential to its message and purpose

  • Liberal newspaper Haaretz calls 1937 Palestine 'pre-state Israel,' in article by gov't employee
  • A Palestinian state has always been a fiction for Zionists
    • @ aloeste

      The Palestinians have no obligation to accept anything less than their full legal rights to territory and freedoms

      They are also under no legal obligation to forgo any of their legal rights in negotiations.

      Meanwhile, Israel has no right what so ever to any non-Israeli territories acquired by war or any other illegal means and; Israel has a legal obligation to withdraw from all non-Israeli territories illegally acquired by war since its borders were proclaimed effective at 00:01 May 15th 1948 ME time.

      Israel is also legally obliged pay 70 years of reparations, which it has never been able to afford and it is legally obliged to allow non-Jewish Israeli refugees return to territories the Israeli Government proclaimed May 15th 1948

  • Character assassination as a tool to silence a Palestinian activist
  • Rabbi Sacks endorses religious crimes in video against BDS
  • Wave of bomb threats renews charge that anti-Semitism is fueled by BDS
  • Finders Keepers in the Holy Land: So who was there first?
    • As if it isn't enough that Jewishness or lack of, Jewish identity or lack of, Jewish DNA or lack of, Jewish culture or lack of, Jewish nose, colour, foreskin or lack of are entirely irrelevant to the legal status of Israeli territories and that state's illegal activities in territories "outside the State of Israel" ... "in Palestine", we have this completely ridiculous notion and argument about physical Jewish 'look'. It's completely irrelevant to the issue at hand

      By grooming, attire, actions and accoutrements one can spot a Jewish person, like wise a Muslim, Buddhist, Catholic Rastafarian

      Butt naked there are
      more Ashkenazi looking people in the world that there are Ashkenazi;
      more circumcised men in the world than there are Jewish men and if there is actually such a thing as a Jewish look;
      more Jewish looking people in the world than there are Jews

    • @ Boris March 9, 2017, 5:37 pm

      "Well, we are close to 200 comments in this thread, with a significant portion of them directed at me."

      Indeed. When someone is as wrong and as full of bullsh*t as you are

      "This would be my last comment here."

      Registering a new abuser name?

    • " I look like an Ashkenazi Jew."

      Stereotyping Jews is surely Antisemitic

    • "Their genes were inherited by their descendants .."

      That makes 'em .... er ... lemme think of th' word ... Oh Yeh ... descendants

      " but their culture, their very identity as such people is not more"

      Cultures change according to needs, biodiversity, wars, propaganda, technology, natural disasters, pandemics, social climate, medical advances

    • Boris and co will be along shortly to dig their cat hole a little deeper. It's a ZioTradition

    • @ JeffB March 4, 2017, 8:30 pm

      "Without the power of enforcement there are no rights. Which incidentally is why I don’t consider the UN’s legal rulings to be legitimate, they lack enforcement capability and thus aren’t a government at all"

      B) The UN wasn't set up as a government

      A) The UN enforced Saddam's expulsion from Kuwait. Secured Indonesia's withdrawal from East Timor etc. It is quite capable. The veto vote prevents that capability from being exercised and it is controlled by vested interests, not any sense of justice or morality,

      C) I guess you're also against Israel having a right to exist. Yes?

      "... my family (grandparents) lost property in the in 1960s race riots that would have directly benefited me. To what extent does that give me license to steal property from blacks in those same areas? Again my answer would be it doesn’t. The descendants of the rioters aren’t responsible for my loss and I don’t gain license to punish them from some sort of historical right"

      Interesting theories you expound. So the Palestinians, who didn't play a part in the Holocaust and who didn't expel Jews in the Roman era deserve to have more than half their territory given away for a Jewish state. Right?

      "The people who have moral title to the land are the people who now live on the land and make improvements to it ..."

      WOW!!! So if I decide to take care of a piece of land in the US as a non-US citizen, I have a moral right to take it away from a US citizen who might not take care of it as well as I might. Right?

      "This allows for a simple theory of international relations which is very utilitarian"

      ... and will start many wars.

      "What is the best solution to the problem now, forgetting at all about how we got here?"

      Try getting out of a room not knowing where the door is.

      " Contra-positively all moral claims to territory last one generation. If a group (including a nation) hasn’t been able to realize them during a lifetime they are forever forfeit for their descendants."

      You're doing a great job. So Jews from the diaspora of 2,000 years can f*ck off out of Israel and Palestine. Right?

      "In short all punishments one wants to dole out for marauding need to be done to the actual marauders not their progeny."

      Israel slaughtered how many innocent children in its unwarranted attacks on Gaza?

    • @ Boris March 5, 2017, 9:41 pm

      "Jews are one of the most ancient people. "

      Nonsense. The Australian Aboriginals span some 45,000 years. Jews and subsequent Christians and Muslims are newbies

      If not for forced assimilation and genocide we would have been as numerous as Chinese. However, now, with strong Israel this process will be reversed.
      - See more at:

    • @ JeffB March 5, 2017, 6:13 pm

      "As for Jews and Israelis. Jews have chosen to identify with Israel"

      You're delusional. Neither I or any of my Jewish friends identify with a state in breach of its International obligations and the most basic of Judaism's tenets

      "Zionism is Judaism greatest achievement recently"

      Breaking the basic tenets of Judaism is a great achievement? WOW. You really need help dude.

      There's nothing 'great' about the purveyors of a vile pyramid scheme that requires more and more territory to survive and that preys specifically on poor Jews in order to loan them money at interest, on the condition that they place themselves on the front lines in the putrid war on Palestine

    • Poor poor Jeff, he'll say anything, absolutely anything, no matter how ridiculous, insane, illogical it makes him look.

    • Boris March 4, 2017, 1:01 pm

      "Jewish people as a historical entity has the oldest claim to the piece of land now called Palestine.

      Strange. According to the Jewish scriptures our Jewish forefathers conquered folk who were already there. Did they, contrary to the same scriptures, slaughter every single one?

      "Yes, there were other people in there. As people – they are all gone"


      " Their genes have been inherited by other people"

      So they're still there. Contradicting yourself is so ZioPuke. If their genes were inherited, then they are related to those people who were there before our brutal forefathers

      " but as ethnic entities – they are gone. We – the Jews – remain"

      You're delusional

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