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  • Tell your congressperson: Don't attend Netanyahu's speech
  • 'NYT' and Matthews warn that Netanyahu speech to Congress could lead US to war
    • Walid, I'm hearing that the isaelis want to do a deal with the hizb thru the Russians whereby the israelis agree to take a 'small' hit from the hizb and in return israel will just leave it at that.

      Apart from the cowardly proposition, I don't think the hizb does 'small' hits. And I think the hizb also knows that the israelis never keep their word so no point in doing any deals with them.

      Al Mayadeen yesterday was showing footage of hizb men battling alquaida in Syria and the significance of the video was indicating that the hizb (for the first time) is now using night-vision goggles and doing bulls-eye precision strikes. We saw footage of the hizb mowing down a whole Alqaida compound under moonlight. I have no doubt that the release of this video is causing great concern in the israeli war theater - hizb's acquisition of night-vision goggles is freaking them out. The idf has lined up tanks etc on the Lebanese border, but it's all for show to give false comfort to their illegal settlers as these weapons are utterly useless at stopping hizb precision rockets and missiles, plus Iron Dome radars do not pick up the Fateh A-110 missiles in hizb's arsenal.
      link to

      The next 6 weeks are fraught with danger.

    • I just posted up-thread: wondering if Nasrallah's speech will be before or after the attack.

      Maybe no attack till all the ducks are lined for the big one? I would prefer that scenario: the single fatal punch.

    • Here's what I'm wondering: Nasrallah has announced that he will be giving a speech this Friday/30th January (this was not scheduled before the attack on Quneitra). My question is: will he be giving the speech before or after the hizb retaliates against israel? Cuz for damn sure that's what his speech is going to be about.

      Should be an interesting week.

    • MRW,

      Americans angry at Netanyahu might like your idea too much.

    • RoHa,

      Russia Signs Military Cooperation Deal with Iran:
      link to

      Like I said, Iran is not alone; neither is Russia - and is China ever?!

    • You can stop the train wreck, Michael Oren, but the train has already run over the President.

      Significant irreparable damage has already been done to our stature - to our standing as Empire.

      Therefore we now have to force daylight between us.

    • Michael Oren calls on Netanyahu to cancel Congress speech: 'Cynical political move':

      link to

    • Say, is it considered illegal online gambling to bet money on how many standing ovations the nut will get from the nutters?

    • Netanyahu Speech To Congress Is High-Risk, High-Reward, Analysts Say:

      link to

    • And will his donkey-felators in congress get a stirring down south to hear him speaking in French?

    • And will Netanyahu open his speech with: 'Je suis Charlieyahoo'?

    • Every islamophobic cliche in the universe will be uttered by netanyahu on the 3rd March.

      He will mix isis and alqaida and hamas and hizbollah and iran all into one explosive cocktail and serve it to the American masses.

      Will they drink this hootch of hate?

    • If there's going to be bombs and timing involved, I see hizb bombs completely destroying a military target in the Golan timed just for the israeli election. Their response to Quneitra.

      If this were to happen, the idf will take a hit, and Netanyahu will take a hit.

      Two vultures, one stone.

    • And wouldn't it just be grand if on the 2nd of March 2015, the day before netanyahu's speech in congress, an israeli poll pits him at bottom popularity with voters over his imminent speech and he suddenly at the 11th hour declines Boehner's 'invite': citing an acute episode of brainfreeze from eating too much ice-cream:
      link to

    • No there will not be a war against Iran. And no our soldiers will not kill and be killed in faraway lands while israelis drink dirty Martini poolside in Miami Beach.

      But there will be a war against israel in the Levant by the Levantines, a war that will create a disastrous exodus of foreign settlers out of occupied Palestine. A war that israel dreads so much that Lieberman is now going to Russia to talk to Lavrov so he can talk to Iran who will then talk to the hizb and ask them to cool it and not 'hurt' poor little israel over their terrorist attack in Quneitra earlier this week. LOL are them israelis bonkers or what?! They wanna war with Iran and they can't even handle dealing with the hizb. And they think that the American people are just going to agree to wasting more American blood and treasure when they absolutely and categorically refused to even go to war in smaller, weaker Syria. Yeah right, dream on zio scrubbers! Get with the program, not even Bush Jnr was prepared to attack Iran for israel - for good reason: IT'S NOT IN OUR INTEREST! There'll be unending civil unrest and violent demonstrations in our major cities instead of war against Iran - there will be a violent backlash against zionist institutions and leaders. Politicians who support a war against Iran will be identified and bulldozed out of office at the next elections. Netanyahu and his treasonous gangbangers on Capital Hill need to take the people's pulse on this (like Hilary did) before opening their big mouths in America just to give comfort to warmongering israelis thousands of miles away.

      But in the meantime, I'm really excited to have Netanyahu thugly, smugly incite for war against Iran, which will actually be an incitement for war against both Russia and China too. This is what people have to remember: IRAN IS NOT ALONE OR ISOLATED. Netanyahu's absurd song and dance will educate our country folk further on how ruinous our support for the warmongering Apartheid state of israel really is. I wholeheartedly encourage this teaching moment to take place before the cameras of the world.

      And I'm laughing my ass off right now to witness so much negative discussion of the 'special relationship' both in the msm and on the internet. Who woulda thunk it even a year ago?! The sacred cow is getting stuffed!

      And I look forward to Obama's response to Beelzebub's speech too. Maybe he'll do a rebuttal, not in congress, but to the people of America, explaining why foreign warmongering assholes should be ignored and ignored and ignored - and eventually kicked in butt if they won't quit it.

      And more than that, I look forward to watching both netanyahu and the republicans both lose their next elections over this heavy-handed attempt at kneecapping the Presidential institutions of the only super power in the world.

      How effing dare they?!!!

      You bet there's gonna be a heavy price to pay for this unwarranted vicious insolence!

  • Netanyahu speech could turn Israel lobby into a political football
  • Obama won't meet Netanyahu during 'bizarre,' 'historic,' 'unprecedented' visit (Updated)
    • Unfettered American zionism is treason.

    • Roha,

      What you list are the actions of a desperate lot.

      Israelis can pretend all they want that everything is hunky dory with their hi-tec Apartheid state, but in actual fact, they have never been so insanely desperate and so desperately insane.

    • "Battle is generally upsetting and really young soldiers often get overwhelmed." -Dabkar

      No kidding Groucho!

      So why does your israel keep creating oppression and wars that would require the killing of its youth? ...Just so it could carry on with more oppressions and more wars? That's a sick beast of a country by any standard!

      And since when did the truth equal bravado? "It ain't bragging if it's true", as the great Muhammad Ali once said.

      The truth of the battles in 2006 is that the idf got its ass kicked badly by hizbollah - many idf soldiers died and the rest ran away from the battles weeping. In response, the israeli military practically withdrew from directly confronting hizb fighters and went on a killing rampage blitzing civilian habitation and structures and mascaraing over a thousand innocent Lebanese civilians, most of them nowhere near the battlefields. And pray tell: what did israel do merely hours AFTER the ceasefire was eventually agreed upon? It dropped over one million landmines on Lebanese territory, then refused to give maps of the drop-offs to international, humnitarian landmine clearing organizations. This is ALL well documented by independent observers and analysts. Or did you think no one is watching and recording israel's henious war crimes against its neighbors?!

      But of course you will remain brainwashed and deluded by macho-macho zio-man.

      It's especially crazy that you would be saying all that bs about the idf considering how much pitch-fever fear of the hizb is unsettling ALL israelis right now - since their terrorist attack on Quneitra several days ago. Everyone in israel is terrorized - so the israeli news and media themselves are telling us. I mean do you live under a small freaking rock or what?!

      You and the idf are not the untouchables and you are most certainly not the heroes.

    • Lysias.

      First I gotta say that monarchies absolutely disgust me. The new king, king Salman is the 25th son of the original self-appointed founder of the dynastic Al Saud. Self-appointed after the father slaughtered his way to consolidation of other desert tribes that Al Saud still ruthlessly rule over - disgusting!

      As Saudi kings go, the last king was actually a more reasonable fellow. The problem with individuals like the last king is that the system of governance does not allow for any 'reasonable' thinking whatsoever, rendering thus the late king's reasonableness as utterly ineffectual to creating modernization changes - and rendering any attempt at change through the cult of personality utterly impossible. Only a violent invasion or a violent coup or civil war would modernize Saudi society.

      The Saudi system is two-pronged: the so-called royal house of Al Saud is responsible for running state affairs: industries, trade, commerce and foreign policies - while the Wahabis run religious institutions through strict moral codes (if you can call them 'moral', that is) imposed on everybody treading Saudi soil, including foreigners.

      The Saudi monarchy thus is pitted against the Wahabis - both entities checking each others power, keeping the scales balanced. Even if the last king had put his foot down and demanded softer laws, on women's rights for instance, or demanded changes in foreign policy, members of his family who have converted to Wahabism would easily arrange for his assassination as they did with the king before him. The al-Tuwaijriis you mentioned thus are insider Wahabi gatekeepers and wardens over the Al Saud. So, ultimately, the Wahabis rule the dictates of governance in Saudi Arabia.

      The new king is less pleasant than the last one. Even though he verbally supports the Palestinian cause, he will continue to war with the Arab 'resistance' countries. A predictable contradiction that has become a Saudi foreign policy hallmark.

      The new success of the Houthie revolution in neighboring Yemen is about the biggest threat for the current Saudi status quo - which is why the Yemenis must be supported in their endeavors: dismantling Saudi and American grip on Yemeni internal politics and liberating a chunk of oil-rich Yemeni land that Saudi has been occupying for decades: equalizing Wahabi power with Shia power, energizing and mobilizing the down-trodden, poverty-struck Saudi Shia population. I predict the new king will have his hands full with the new political realities in Yemen - we may even see stirrings of war between Yemen and Saudi Arabia.

      The new king is 81 years old and suffering from 'forgetfulness' - not fit for ruling and high-stakes decision-making, if you ask me. The new king will not change anything: business as usual in the royal courts - till, of course, some kinda violent rebellion unseats the whole goddamn Al Saud-Wahabi structure.

      Here's what wiki has to say about the new king, Salman:
      link to

    • Isreal is playing ping-pong and the hizb is playing chess.

    • Dabakar,

      I see it offends you for the Syrian army to be called the 'Arab' Syrian Army - well tough cuz that's their full name. Turkey has already lost in Syria, their evil plan has failed, so I don't know what the heck you're talking about. Also Egypt is actually presently setting up political negotiations between Bashar and the Syrian moderates (who have no blood on their hands), with the goal of establishing wider democratic institutions - so again I don't know what the heck you're talking about - you need to catch up on developments both political and military in Syria before you go off on your usual bravado propaganda of 'Arabs are effed and isreal is god of the region forever'. No dear, be scared, be very scared cuz what goes up, will eventually come down.

      And as to your blah blah idf soldiers are not scared of the hizb spin, let me just remind you what happened back in 2006 - thousands of such videos exist btw:

      Your shitty little army couldn't even penetrate more than 3 kilometers into Gaza a few months ago and most certainly couldn't get past the town squares of a couple of Lebanese villages bordering occupied Palestine back in 2006 - despite israel's superior armory - and actually, the idf were allowed into these border villages by the hizb so they could ambush and kill them and those idf-ers that survived the ambush ran away from Lebanon weeping., which is exactly what happened. I call this failure to penetrate into enemy territory a result of cowardice and lack of intelligence on the battlefield.

      I'd love to be a fly on the wall in your windowless shelter when not just the hizb, but the regional liberation army are marching steady and deep into the holy land. Oh you didn't know? Oh yeah you can bet your smug daily brainwash such an army exists and is currently in training. Hey don't blame me, blame your lying israeli ministry of information for not disseminating facts to its citizens - all for fear of creating mass panic and mass immigration out of your despicable Apartheid state. Your efforts at dividing Arab countries has resulted in a united regional resistance army. Was bound to happen this way sooner or later.

      I assure you, israel has only one more war left in it, so why don't we carry on this conversation when Palestine is liberated by the combined resistance forces of the Levant, okay dear?

    • Well the illegal isreali settlers all over occupied Palestine, especially the ones living on the northern boarder with Lebanon, categorically do not think the hizb are bluffing. And that's what matters at the end of the day heh heh heh.

      FYI, I don't for a sec believe the hizb are bluffers either.

    • Walid,

      Absolutely nobody wants isis around except for isreal and the saudis - aided by their helpers in USA.

      Iraq has already chosen to liquidate isis and has had a great week of successful battles, all thanks to Iran's help. This means Iraq accepts American bases - for the time being.

      And Syria: it's a matter of mere months now before the Arab Syrian Army will be controlling all Syria's strategic towns and cities - all that would remain is the final 'sweep' of disconnected terrorist enclaves. After which, the Arab Syrian army can start concentrating its efforts on cleaning up Quneitra of alquaida and its new bff, israel. I don't see "ten years" in the equation whatsoever.

      BTW, I am against hizb retaliating for last week's terrorist attack by israel in Quneitra. I think the hizb should hold fast and focus only of the eventual big clash with israel. No point in risking strategic gains for tactical ones; or exposing valuable secret weapons and battle plans for the sake of small military engagements (unless it furthers more strategic gains) - and I think hizb leaders know all this. After all, these terrorist attacks by israel are mere pin-pricks to the Lebanese resistance group. Let the criminal israeli settlers on the border worry themselves to death over whether the hizb is tunneling under their homes or not in the meantime.

    • I'd rather see an organic Shia hegemony in the Levant than a creepy alien zionist one.

      The Levant needs Iran to help fight the isis effers. The Levant does not need israel who is supporting the isis effers.

    • S'up Chu! Happy New Year - belatedly.

      Yes, that 'special relationship' - what a tedious cliche - even the word 'special': they use it like prissy pubescent cliques in a playground, not in the fashion of statesmen discussing nation affairs.

      "No daylight between us" - another barfer. A phrase loaded with pathological insecurities.

      The 'special, no daylight between us' relationship is as real as breasts on a bull.

    • Even yahoonews readers on numerous articles about this are up in arms about Boehner's invite to Netanyahu.

      Which is why I support it. Yes I do. I welcome bibi to my congress cuz it's about the worst PR move the zionist monstrosity can make right now.

      What the msm has been cleverly hiding from Joe and Jane regarding isreal will be in full glorious display in congress when he 'visits'.

      Netanyahu, the only Apartheid prime minister on the planet, fresh from massacring over 2000 Palestinian civilians including 500+ children, has been invited by sock puppet Boehner to stand at the lofty podium in congress and urge both sides of the isle to go kill more innocent civilians in their hundreds of thousands in Iran - on behalf of israel.

      Roll out the red carpets indeed. But just be sure to hide the silverware if wifey Sarah is coming to dinner after the show.

  • Congress invites Netanyahu to rebut Obama on Iran, and White House slams 'breach of protocol'
    • LOL Walid!

      Yeah Al Mayadeen TV has ran this story too; including the story of israeli military top brass cancelling their vacation plans in fear of getting assassinated while they sun their buns poolside.

    • I look forward to Netayahu's show-and-tell anti Iran graphics:
      link to

    • Took the words right out of my mouth, Shingo.

    • Can I go OT here, just, and tell you that your nimble spirit is the cutest thing on MW?

    • Netanyahu will accept the invite cuz it's really an invite from his own office to himself. And I really hope Netanyahu's congress speech becomes a classic and spectacular donkey-felating orgy with fireworks and all for all to see.

      Already, the commenter community on the net is overwhelmingly against this 'invite'. LOL! We're about to see the arrogance of power backfire on the sooty-faced powerful.

    • He should invite Hassan Nasrallah and Nasrallah should turn up, turban and all - lol!

      And Obama should say to the American people: Nasrallah has been killing Alqaida in their thousands while Bibi has been helping Alqaida in every conceivable way.

      He should say all this cuz it's the truth.

  • ICC opens war crimes inquiry into Israel over Gaza war as Palestinians prepare another UN resolution
    • American,

      A smart analyst I know said: "When israel starts making public statements like 'we are a nuclear country and will not accept being challenged', like North Korea did, or make any public mention of the words 'our nukes', then we will know that they are really crazy and the whole world must work to bankrupt and stop them.

      He thinks they will in the near future start using language like that because they're now completely surrounded by pitfalls and the circle just gets tighter and tighter around them, despite the fact that the mainstream media keeps saying that everything is hunky dory in israel.

    • "Which Palestinian coined the phrase: “Everything is written in our notebooks”?"

      It may very well have been Arafat who was known for writing everything down in pocket-size notebooks. He never stopped scribbling in them little notebooks, I've been told by people who knew him personally for decades.

      Pre-internet, most of the world scribbled in notebooks.

    • Actually it has a lot to fear. Its enemies are getting better armed, as Nasrallah in his 3 hour interview two days ago clarified, plus Obama is fully intent on making good with Iran and not going to war there, AND the israelis are also facing their biggest, darkest PR disaster since isreal's inception: being named as war criminals and genocide generals at the ICC.

      And I think we too have something to fear with israel's cornering: the Sampson Option.

      That may very well be the first shot that is fired.

    • "What can the ICC really do to them?" - BlahChick.

      The ICC investigation is only like the biggest de-legitimization instrument on the planet - the very thing the zios fear.

      No PR company with a golden rolodex can fix that level of dishonor. No you cannot put lipstick on a war criminal.

      The ICC procedure will also make people less likely to fall for the jewish 'eternal victim' bs that Western culture is saturated with. Less money for the holocaust industry too

      The investigation will expose the sickness that is israeli society to the whole world. That's enough for me - the armed resistance in the Levant and beyond will take care of the rest in good time - is what I predict.

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  • Why do Muslims object to depictions of their prophet?
    • And regarding prophet Mohammad marrying an underage girl some 1400 years ago that seems to always give islmophobes a groinal high, let's all of us investigate all our great-grandfathers from 1400 years ago and see the age of their wives at the time, shall we? You'll find that until recent times, and I mean 80-100 years ago, starting menstruation in young girls was considered as a sure sign of maturity and readiness for reproductive marriage - they married them off young. That was everybody's standard at the time, the world over.

      Disgusting really to think that for tens of thousands of years, populating the world rested on the fragile bones of the nubile - regardless of their religion.

    • "That doesn’t mean you get to tell others what they can’t say. " - Je suis whatever.

      So then stfu tryna tell others how to respond to the death of a buncha French islamophobes.

      And your assessment of Mohammad is crisp out of hasbara - any basic history book on the subject not written by zio-islamophes will piss all over your opinion.

      I have the freedom of speech to depict your mother and child and janitor naked and getting it on with animals for the whole world to see and to make good dollar out of it to boot. But of course no such thing would be forthcoming from me because I can tell the difference between REAL freedom of speech and hateful smut.

      If you don't want moslems ticking off here and there, get the eff out of their country and hands off their resources. What's happening now is a reaction to hundreds of years of european colonialism in moslem countries - the failure of local political systems to sustain the populace who then turn to religious system for justice and order. If the west hadn't monopolized these countries rich in resources, them 'moslems' would have had no need to immigrate to your racist shitty little neighborhood.

    • " Muhammad copied..." - yonah.

      At least we have proof that the prophet Mohammad existed whereas there is no proof of Abraham, Moses or Jesus existing.

      And while we're on the 'copying' topic, there is nothing original about judaism - all spun from Zoastrism with a dollop of desert paganism thrown in.

  • It's not the cartoons-- a contrarian perspective from a Muslim cartoonist
    • Mooser,

      I'm sure you can appreciate the profound hostility between the monotheist and the pagans back in the days of deserts and gods and wine - I mean whine.

    • My understanding is that the prophet Mohamad did not want his face depicted or illustrated because he feared people would start to worship his image instead of god, worship the messenger instead of the message. To worship people or objects is a form of paganism that the prophet was trying to shake off his people at the time. He self-identified as a 'messenger', not as a holier-than-thou god.

      I met a practicing Buddhist a few years ago who told me that her branch of Buddhism does not allow for meditating on symbols of god or even on holy scripture, but that the focus of their meditations are on the single abstract force behind creation (god). I think the prophet Mohamad was trying to instill this same approach in his people.

  • Congress says possible Palestinian unity gov't must recognize Israel as a Jewish state in order to receive aid
    • Stratfor predictions for the Arab world & its Turko - Iranian neighbourhood in 2015:
      link to

      Below is a segment - the whole report is worth reading.

      The U.S. Attempts to Minimize the Burden of the Middle East

      "While the United States prioritizes a strategy to hem in Russia, its strategy for the Middle East will focus on trying to minimize distractions stemming from this region. This mission appears simple on the surface, but will be complicated in practice.

      Russia will use the Middle East to influence its engagement with the United States. In the first part of the year, Russia is likely to propose negotiations to reach a power-sharing agreement in Syria to end the civil war. This agreement will lack enforcement and is unlikely to gain much traction, but Moscow will use the proposal to position itself as a responsible mediator.

      Understanding that it will not be able to derail U.S.-Iranian cooperation, Russia will try to insert itself into the negotiations between Washington and Tehran by positioning itself as Iran's nuclear fuel supplier, thus making the United States more dependent on Russia to manage the region's conflicts.

      Russia will also use its tight energy relationship with Turkey to try to undermine Southern Gas Corridor energy projects designed to circumvent Russia.

      Russia's moves in the Middle East will do little to deter Washington from the main thrust of its strategy for the region: Avoid a large-scale commitment of ground troops to this theater and try to shift more of the burden to regional players to manage common threats like the Islamic State. The divergent interests of those regional players, as well as the U.S. preference to prepare local forces to lead ground offensives against the Islamic State, mean progress in Iraq and especially in Syria will be slow and uneven."

    • Russia is actively seeking power-sharing the middle east with the USA. But so far America will not budge or allow it - hence the Syria and Iraq continuing upheavals and the nuclear Iran crisis.

      A slow tug-of-war between two giants. And the middle east is the strategic grand prize.

      What was unresolved in the 50's and 60's between USA and the Soviet Union regarding the middle east is again being replayed out.

      Maybe the Russians will fare better this time round. It would certainly change the scene dramatically - and probably be better for the natives too. At least initially.

    • Clear and informative. Thanks Abierno.

      Giving aid to far away countries has always been a way of spreading the donor-country's sphere of influence. But it's never free money. It's really exploitation money.

      The economic war between Russia and the USA is fast developing, as your post indicates.

    • Iran would be happy to give the Palestinians double what we give it and more: widening thus its sphere of influence in the Levant through financial muscle. China and Russia would only be happy to step in as well.

      Last year, congressmen threatened to pull aid to Egypt till they were blue in the face and nothing happened.

    • I think the Palestinians are past depending on crumbs from the USA. Obviously.

      I think it's all hot air and political theater. I don't think congress will cut aid to Palestinians because the monetary expense of maintaining local intelligence ops and security in PA enclaves will then fall on the Knesset. And we just can't have that now, can we?

  • 'With God’s help, the journalists at Haaretz will be murdered just like in France': Death threats follow publication of cartoon in Israeli newspaper
    • Thanks for the reminder, Saiyuki - I was about to mention it but you beat me to it.

      R.I.P. Naji al-Ali, creator of Handala.

      I knew him as a child, he was a friend of my father's and regularly visited our house - he used to draw dogs and birds and donkeys on paper napkins for me.

  • Why I am not Charlie
    • Here’s how we defeat the vulgarians: Bill Maher, wrong-headed neocons, and the real answer to “radical Islam” :
      link to

      I guess we can now label Bill Mahr as a vegan vulgarian.

    • Well alright yeah!! J.K. Rowling chimes in on Charliegate:
      link to
      link to

      She can see a thick plot a mile away.

    • Cigar,

      You gotta defeat the ideology - no avoiding that task if you're serious about eradicating the ills of a religious movement.

      The Danish rehab program works so why aren't the 'other' worried Western countries adopting it? And surely it's a lot cheaper to rehab than to lock-down a whole country after every terrorist act.

      Not surprising that Denmark is consistently voted as the most civilized country in the world.

    • Walid,

      More and more, the world is dividing into East and West. For some time, the West has been taking advantage of the East's weakness: religious dogma. Now the east is beginning to take advantage of the West's weakness: racism. Religious dogma and racism, if left unchecked, will be the ruin of a society.

      Let us be mindful here that the race card in America is on the spinning table too.

      Everyone is vulnerable. Except for Denmark:
      "“discrimination at home is as criminal as Islamic State recruiting.”"
      link to

      Only the Danes understand that they must first win the ideological war - otherwise it's just gory killing fields ad infinitum.

    • There are the conspiracy theorists. And then there are conspiracies against conspiracy theorists:
      link to
      link to

      Then there are conspiratists who just.... conspire to theorize the conspiracy theories of conspiracy theorists:
      link to

    • Mooser,

      If you can directly debunk what MRW is saying then why don't ya? I mean instead of all that slapstick: which is ticklish, yes, but not informative.

    • Walid,

      A couple of analysts on Al Mayadeen TV late last night predicted escalating civil strife in France: leading to civil war if islamophobia is not classified as a hate crime under French law.

    • 'Israel must balance encouraging French aliya with not wanting to be seen as dancing on blood’:
      link to
      link to

    • 'I am not Charlie:" cracks in the unity after Paris attacks:
      link to

    • A more fun protest was had at Dick Cheney's house - guest speakers were Code Pink lol:
      link to

    • Lol that's hillarious, Cigar - your radio story!

      @Walid, thanks for reporting on the mass media's mass brainwashing.

    • Cigar,

      There are approximately 60.000 jihadi terrorists fighting in Syria - the more the Syria army kills them, the more they keep hoarding in through TURKEY! Of course, paid for by oily Arabs and armed, trained and given intelligence and medical succor by israel, usa, uk, france and even frigging canada and australia.

      Just watch how these pet terrorists eventually kill a few in all the above mentioned countries.

      And the more I think about it, the more I see a complete mosad set-up in the Charlie affair - some similarities here with the Boston bombing: young zealots with impressionable minds and a nasty axe to grind. Ripe for recruitment for mosad false-flag ops in the west.

      I mean israel knows very well it can't fight the Arabs forever, so it just stirs up islamophobia across the western hemisphere so the christians can then step up and do the dirty deeds of the zionist jews.

      It's israel's dream to bring back fascism in europe and assert it's footing in the usa.

      The big protest in Paris today is nothing but the likudization of western Europe.

    • Walid,

      So the leaders of the so-called civilized West are gonna be mixing with riff-raff and protesting on the streets of Paris?

      LOL - I'm sorry but I just gotta chuckle a moment or two here - I mean doesn't this show us that our leaders haven't got a clue on what to do about terrorism (that they create)? They're protesting in the streets when they've ALREADY got the frigging POWER to change dangerous foreign policies into safer ones.

      I don't know whether to weep or cry at this disgusting warmongering theater of the absurd.

    • Walid,

      It's truly heroic what the Lebanese man did (he's not been named yet). This is how it happened:
      The first suicide bomber entered the cafe and detonated himself, causing instant death and mayhem - people rushed into the cafe to help the dying and injured and after seven minutes of this, a second suicide bomber in the cafe caught the eye of a Lebanese man and as soon as the suicide bomber uttered "allahu akbar", this man instantly jumped on the suicide bomber, absorbing thus a initial impact of the explosion, which indeed saved tens of lives.

      R,I.P. to victims of yesterday's double-suicide bombing in Tripoli, Lebanon. 9 dead, 35 injured.

    • I'd say "amazing" brainwash or willful ignorance on your part.

      You really shouldn't have asked this question cuz you're gonna be eating crow while reading.

      Off the top of my head, here's a list of the moslem countries that have been attacked specifically because they are Arab/moslem countries who posed a threat to islmophobic israel - attacked, I may add, by a global cabal of zionist-islamophobic policy makers who sent their armies and mercenaries forth to mass-murder moslems:


      Without even needing to rely on further statistics, I'm pretty sure that the above combined deaths would by far out-number Alqaida' murder total since 9/11.

      Iraqi deaths alone would instantly tip the scales. And in the case of Iraq, it was death due to a racist/islamophobic occupation.

    • ... And pinned his tongue to his chin.

    • American,

      The doc is worshiping at the feet of Charlie - oh agenda, agenda, aganda!

      The upsidedownismof of doc: the motley Charlie were dedicated progressives.

      But in reality they're as frigging fascist as they come: the sadistic pleasure of humiliating the brown-skinned other - man, that was Charlie's bread and butter!!

      And here we got the doc blah-blahing Charlie's great civilized contributions to our turbulent world.

      Yeah right! Charlie Alqaida. That's all I gotta say.

    • Putting it nicely in perspective, as usual, MRW.

      And speaking of spent cultures with glorious pasts, little saddens me more in this respect than to see the glory of ancient Greece become now a mere begging nation in our modern times.

      Both Arab and Greek cultures have made fundamental and valuable contributions to our contemporary world. Yet in the West, there is a celebration of ancient Greek culture, but a visceral hostility towards Arab culture.

      Arabphobia didn't just start on 9/11. It has roots going back centuries to the first wave of Western colonization of Africa and Asia Minor.

    • Hamas condemns Charlie Hebdo attack:
      link to

    • Je Suis Ahmed:

      link to

      link to

      “Wait, I’m Not #Charlie. I’m #Ahmed.”
      link to

    • Not half as cowardly as pulling up deckchairs on occupied hilltops to watch the raging infanticide of 500+ Gaza children.

      I bet you or at least one person you know was yelling "am chai yisrael' with every fallen toddler.

    • flamestar,

      There is a difference between a news monitor and a TV junkie.

      Grownups can tell the difference.

      And apparently on your Lahdeehah planet, the news is positively obsolete.

    • OMG and islamic leader is being logical:

      Hezbollah chief says terrorists damage Islam more than cartoons:

      link to

    • The west, including France, supported the islamist and their wanton mass murder, mass kidnapping and mass rape in Libya, Syria and Iraq. They supported the mass destruction of ancient historic sites and houses of worship,; the west supported and enabled the mass destruction of peaceful villages and cities alike: factories and schools and hospitals and yes, even the destruction of publications and radio stations. Syria warned the West that training and supplying islamists with weapons was a failed and dangerous policy that will eventually backfire up-close-and-personal in their faces. Time and time again, Syria asked the West to stop the madness and the West just brushed off the warming and talked more of "regime change" in Syria instead - and even upped the ante for support and training while they huffed and hissed at Doctor Bashar in Damascus.

      Well it turns out Syria was right. It was gonna be a lose-lose situation for both Syria and the arrogant West. And as the Arab Syrian Army successfully carries on its sweep of foreign islamist terrorists, regaining more and more control of its territory, defeated and humiliated western islmists are returning home like ticking time-bombs on legs.

      What is occurring right now is the spectacular failure of Western foreign policies based on imperialist and colonial warmongering configurations.

      Prepare yourself folks for more of these kinds of attacks on western targets. It's kinda too late to stop the current incoming trend.

      Goddammit! Can our leaders be any more stupid for training and arming vengeful killers?!

      We need to vote these repeated failed policies and their supporters out of existence. The only winners in this expanding orgy of fear and loathing and death are the movers and shakers of the military industrial complex.

    • Our western governments spend billions of dollars on their own brand of colonial/imperial terrorism around the world, especially in the mideast in moslem countries.

      We saw with our own eyes the violent death then rape of the corpse that is Libya. It was no other than France that led this atrocity in Libya. France has raped and is killing Mali too. We won't even start with what France has tried to do in Syria.

      Seems obvious that if western nations wanted to find a solution to 'islamic terrorism', they should first stop their dirty deeds in moslem counties.

      Can't have it both ways anymore: either stop the violent dicking around moslem countries or stfu when moslem zealots respond violently.

    • With freedom comes responsibility.

      Hate-speech merchants need to understand this. Governments need to lay down equitable laws.

      For some people, their prophets are as precious to them as their own children, and in the kind of world we live in, f*ck with that and you could be f*cked with back.

      In France, you can go to prison for mere antisemitic speech, but you're allowed to publish materials deeply offensive to both christians and moslems.

      No I am not a frigging Charlie whatever! Islamophobes inciting and clashing with islamic zealots is NOT my problem! I would not want to be stuck on a desert island with either!

      No I do not care for the drunk at the bar cussing and picking a fight with another drunken psycho. I see them both antisocial pillocks.

      As far as I'm concerned both islamists and islamphobes are an equal grave danger to the world. I don't feel sorry for either.

  • Don't let's go to the war of civilizations again
    • "Who ever heard of a Jewish hippie!" - Mooser.

      Well they didn't call Jesus the "Anointed One" for nothing. Anointed with what, I hear you puzzling. With Levant marijuana oil, no less. Here's google's page on Jesus and marijuana:
      link to

      So yeah, maybe Jesus was the first jewish Palestinian hippie - if he existed, that is. And if he didn't exist, then still, his message remains valid and welcomed in our contemporary high times.

    • Yeah will the West might see it as a "clash of civilization", but that just doesn't quite work when the victims are moslem/christian Arabs. And there are more moslem/Arab victims of Alqaida than there are Western ones.

  • 'No apologies,' Bennett declares -- and controversy breaks over his role in '96 massacre
    • Marnie,

      Your good father is right.

      But unfortunately, some wars are necessary - wars that aim to liberate the occupied often cannot be avoided for the incessant and unrelenting violence of the occupier - israel here being an example of a criminal occupier that must be met with armed resistance.

    • Cigar,
      Thanks for sharing the memory of Natalie Abou Shakra. Heartbreaking...

    • I'm a survivor of The Grapes of Wrath. I happenstance was a mere 19 kilometers from Qana when it was suddenly attacked by israel. Seeing live footage of headless babies on Lebanese TV that afternoon was the most shockingly evil thing I had ever seen in my life. The tens of thousands of israeli bombs that fell in that week are still ringing in my ears. Needless to say, it took me 16 years to be able to visit Lebanon again.

      What people who've never been to a war zone don't realize is that the incessant thunder of exploding bombs alone can haunt and jitter you up for life, let alone seeing with own eyes all kinds of human flesh ripped off bones.

      War truly is the scourge of mankind and must be avoided if possible. Unless you're being physically invaded, like what the isrealis have been doing to the the surrounding natives for 65 years, there really is no need to go to war.

    • Is the article saying Bennett is the very man behind the Qana war crime?

      A pathetic Sharon wannabe!

  • Dershowitz story is also an Israel story
    • If it's true what psychologists and psychiatrists say: that child molesters were once molested children themselves, I wonder then who effed with little Alan?

    • Lol, even the cunnilingus-fixated 60 Minutes’ host Steve Kroft has it easier than the Dersh:
      link to

      "Kroft was getting his kink on with the aid of Viagra and racy text messages — including one in which he told his lover he “would rather be eating your pudding,”"

    • Whatever legalities happen to this unforgettable story in the next two years before the elections, all Hilary's detractors have to say to Joe Public during campaigning is:'Do you even want to risk having underage girls get serially raped in the White House while Hilary's fast asleep?! Just say NO to the Two-fers!!'

      Yeah you bet 2016 campaigning is gonna get that dirty.

    • ""I will conclusively prove that this woman has lied. ... I will make sure everyone in this world knows that she's lied. Whatever it takes, whatever resources, I will go and drain my bank account," he vowed. " The Dersh.

      LOL yeah let's see you "drain" your bank account before your ass gets thrown in jail for serial statutory RAPE!
      link to

    • Israel was established on sheer terrorism: multiple-tentacled terrorism - so the Dersh can stuff it!

      And I don't know, oldgeezer, if I would define the resistance of an occupied people as 'terrorism' per say.

    • OMG he's so unbearably despicable with his Paris attack comments! Unbelievable meanness! Stoking islamophobia, using hasbara disinformation to attack France when it's down - punishment for France having voted a yes for the Palestinian Statehood bid.


      Yeah you bet he's gonna be defending isreali crimes against humanity with his last pervy breath!

      Rabbi bowshit or whatever his name is probably told him to say something tough for isrel in public so the jewish community would ALL rise up to defend the Dersh's criminal hatred of little girls.

      Let's face it, the Dersh now belongs on Jerry Springer, not on the international political scene.

    • The man has mouths all over his body and face - just cannot shut it up for even a second!

      Alan Dershowitz: France Reaped What It Sowed in Paris Attack

      link to

    • Alan Dershewitz's Curious Denials:
      link to

    • "Little Saint James, U.S. Virgin Islands."

      It would have the word "Little" in it, wouldn't it?

  • Dershowitz named in lawsuit alleging abuse of underage sex slave
    • Here's a commentator from 'Above The Law' link:

      "Joseph Gioconda • 3 hours ago

      Without passing on Alan Dershowitz's guilt or innocence, since he is obviously presumed innocent, I would make a few observations:

      1. Professor Dershowitz's open assault on the character of the alleged rape victim speaks volumes. He openly called her a prostitute and suggested that, as a result, she is not a credible rape victim. Whenever an accused rapist stoops to such attacks, it raises serious questions about his own credibility across the board. "Blaming/shaming the rape victim" is a tried-and-true method of re-raping a victim. Plenty of liberals and academics have published about why this very tactic is abominable.

      2. Attacking the plaintiffs' lawyers by initiating disbarment proceedings is a pathetic sideshow with no real teeth. Alan Dershowitz knows full well that such a tactic is only intended to frighten other, less staunch attorneys, from pursuing allegations about powerful, well-connected men such as him. Again, it raises more questions about his credibility than it answers. Cassell is no lightweight.

      3. There are many mechanisms available to Dershowitz to clear his name, from giving a sworn deposition to offering to testify at an in-person hearing in Court as an intervenor. He also could initiate defamation proceedings against the victim. He has, to my knowledge, declined to do any of the above yet. (This may change).

      Therefore, while Dershowitz remains presumptively innocent of these allegations, and has not been charged with any crimes, his credibility is starting to become as tainted as that of Bill Cosby. Just my opinion...."
      link to

    • It's such poetic justice that the pervy dragon would be slayed by a little girl.

    • The sex side of the scandal is really just too boring after 24 hours of a news cycle - it's usually the same kinda story for all the men who've been caught with their pants down.

      Nah it's not the sex. It's the blackmail stupid!

      Epstein having 21 different contact phone numbers for Bill Clinton is by far more interesting than what a convicted sex offender's pathological masturbatory habits are.

    • By the end of this week, the Dersh is gonna wish his name was Eliot Spitzer.

      Sleazy as f*ck, at least Spitzer was not involved in willful blackmail of powerful politicians for the cause of israel.

    • Cash-strapped Fergie took £15,000 from paedophile billionaire at centre of claims Prince Andrew slept with under-age 'sex slave':
      link to

      Pictured for the first time since ‘sex slave’ scandal broke: Ghislaine Maxwell, the woman accused of ‘facilitating Prince Andrew’s acts of abuse’:
      link to

    • Prince Andrew’s ‘sex slave’ Virginia Roberts ‘is writing a tell-all memoir about their alleged trysts at home of US billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’

      link to

      "She also plans to name American politicians, business executives, foreign presidents and a well-known Prime Minister she claims Jeffrey Epstein forced her to sleep with."

    • "Also on Monday, Dershowitz's wife of 30 years, Carolyn, came to his defense and denied that they had ever met Roberts.

      'Anyone that knows us would find it laughable if it weren't so serious,' she told Inside Edition. 'He is the least likely person in the entire world that this would be true of.'

      She said that they had been to Epstein's island - but had no recollection of meeting the girl.

      'She's totally unfamiliar to me,' she said. 'I was on that island with Alan. Our daughter was there. Our friends met us for dinner. We were together the whole time.' "

      link to

    • Alan Dershowitz on woman's underage sex claim: 'I don't even know who she is':
      link to

      Wow. Now he doesn't even "know who she is".

      Let the cornucopia of evidence spill forth....

    • Bizarre sex story involving Prince Andrew, Alan Dershowitz and Bill Clinton may be true:

      link to

    • The Dersh is bathing in bathos.

    • Bathos (noun): A sudden fall from the sublime to the ridiculous.

    • Funny you should say that, Brewer, cuz what's happening to the Dersh right now is tantamount to a sudden boot-kick to the balls.

    • Happy New Year, just!

    • The Dersh is EVERYWHERE today - tryna clear his dirty-old-man name. His PR exec must be on jittery overload - and his reproductive agent must be on lockdown.

    • Sex scandals in politics are like nature's way of detoxing faults in the system.

    • The next exciting headline I wanna see is:

      The Mossad, Congressmen, and Underage Sex Clubs.

    • I just suddenly realized how much the Dersh looks like Woody Allen - lol doesn't mean anything really, just saying.

      Here's the big mouth on CNN:

      Alan Dershowitz denies underage sex:
      link to

      *Note how he's wearing his tie like he's strangling himself on CNN. That's an angry, angry man - pissed at himself for...???

    • Big question here is: will this scandal blow up so big that it flushes out the first batch of zionists from our Congress and from the UK Parliament?

      Cuz that would just be unbearably good news.

    • He's freaking out especially that the girls' lawyers are keeping their cards close to their chest - he doesn't know what they have on him that has pushed the case back into the limelight.

      I wonder how things are at home with his wife?

    • Every fiber in me tells me the Dersh is a pro bono mosad agent.

    • Hey I just remembered how the Dersh fiercely defended Mike Tyson during his rape case too, even calling him a "victim" of the raped girl. Needless to say, Tyson was eventually convicted of rape.

      link to

      Where's SeanMcBride to make us a cogent list of all Dersh's sleazeball client?

    • "Dershowitz: ‘I’m an Innocent Victim of an Extortion Conspiracy’ "

      link to

    • Alan Dershowitz story is now trending at number 3 on yahoonews
      link to

      I expect alotta water-cooler chatter about this all week - maybe even longer.

    • Well waddayouknow, non-zionist American elites are now daring to confront American zionist elites.

      Sign 'o the times, I tellzya!

    • Let's hope it turns out to be the most spectacular fall from grace since the orgiastic royal Queen Catherine the Great (1729 - 1796) was rumored to have died while fornicating with her horse.

      But the Dersh story would be the sleazier scandal and most certainly has not only legs, but many tentacles - considering the alluded presence of a 'blackmail black-book' with a long list of debauched powerful men, including the names of high level politicians both American and British.

      The potential is unbelievable!

      Let's roll.....

    • Old word out in Hollywood is that Kevin Spacey is gay. Epstein probably invited him over cuz he's what LA calls a starf*cker and American Beauty is his favorite film, after Lolita, that is.

    • Uh-oh it's the number 5 trending story on yahoonews - the masses are reading:
      link to

    • I bet Frankenstein is grinning like a Cheshire cat.

    • More hilarious shit from Cigar!

    • Actually Walid, that was the very topic of our discussion: the retired general said that the hizb are keeping mum about it for multiple reasons like not exposing other counter-espionage ops etc, but according to him, the israelis got him through a honeytrap - one of mosad's 'long' projects. And when I say 'long project', I mean they set up the dude with a Russian beauty and she was his secret mistress for a couple of years before the mosad pounced in on him and blackmailed him with a mountain of ruinous materials into working for them - the guy had an unhappy wife and kids in some little village somewhere and he didn't want his reputation and his family's reputation ruined etc. The gen also said that the claims of serious damage is actually not true, the guy was caught swiftly but was observed from a distance at the recommendation of Iranian intelligence. The dude had a high-up position but not so high that he had 'all access' clearance.

    • Isn't he also Nathalie Portman's bff - lol:
      link to

      Rate My Professor:
      link to

    • I'm reading the Dersh is also Roman Polanski's lawyer - Woody Allen's too:
      link to

    • Man! All that sexual blackmail of powerful men is like a cheesy 70's thriller - know what I mean?

      And coincidentally, only a couple of days ago I was discussing the mosad with a retired mideastern general who said that the main bulk of mossad's field intellegence work comes from honey-traps. Sometimes an op can take several years of f*cking and taping.

    • LOL Cigar - hands down, you're today's king of the one (or two) liners.

    • I got the "with my family" quote from here:
      link to

      I also read (In DailyMail UK, I think) that evidence of destroyed pictures of female nudes were found in Epstein's trash. Only a man jittery with guilt would be so stupid as to quickly strip the walls of hanging pedophilic pictures while the Vice Squad are pulling into the driveway - only to then dump the contraband in the trashcan outside the house.

    • The "red" on his face is called a 'liar's rash'.

    • Compelling and informative read, David Doppler. Thank you.

    • Oh Dersh, you even sacrificed your manhood at israel's alter.

    • The picture is totally creeping me out - I mean he's in an attic room and shushing with finger on pouty old lips while his other hand is moving out at ya. The room is more suited for a child's bedroom than a fancy-pants lawyer's home-office. (Frigging posing in front of a framed copy of 'Book Review' with the scales of justice and some cartoon lawyers thrown in - he's probably one of them cartoon figures which is why he had it framed and displayed).

      Yeah definitely creepsville material.

    • Happy New Year, SeanMcBride. What a bang of a story, right?

    • LOL Cigar - you're quick on the draw cuz you're enjoying yourself so much - I can tell.

      And so can the Dersh apparently.

      What a great start to the year!

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