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  • Bipartisanship is dead, as Netanyahu, AIPAC, and GOP square off against Obama over Iran
    • Regarding Bibi's new visual aid: it's a map of lies. Unless you wanna call the map a compendium of israeli black ops.

    • Bill Clinton: "I did not have sex with that woman".

      Netanyahu: "I did not disrespect that president".

  • The Emperor's Nuke Clothes
  • What we talk about when we talk about ISIS
    • I forgot to add that the Saudi army is a wahabi army, which is why the House of Saud has it's own army too (just in case the wahabi army attempted a bloody coup against the House of Saud).

      Yes folks, Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world with two completely separate and potentially antagonistic armies. Two Saudi armies pointing guns at each other, as well as at Iran.

      Get the picture?

    • The saudi system of governance has two branches - has been thus since the 1920's:
      1- House of Saud, who are in charge of State Affairs, petrodollar economy and investiments etc.
      2- Wahabi zealots, who are in charge of the administration of religious law; in charge of religious tourism and religious pilgrimages.

      Most of the House of Saud, though religious conservatives, are actually wary of the Wahabis, but over time, Wahabis have infiltrated into the House of Saud.

      The last king was somewhat at odds with the wahabis. The new king is in bed with them

  • Israel gives out 'security Oscars' at the UN to Iran, Hezbollah, Saudi Arabia and PA
    • That just makes me so f*cking angry!!!

    • Seafoid,

      Who do you think has been arming the Ukrainian (so-called) rebels? And when do you think the arming began?

      The answer is USA armed them, soon after Georgia's defeat. Ukraine is Plan B, if you like.

      And just so that everyone understands the Ukrainian demographics:, the Russians living there are a minority and they've been living there for several hundred years before Perestroika - when EVERYONE in the Ukraine considered themselves Russian.

      Ukraine demography: Ukrainian 77.8%, Russian 17.3%, Belarusian 0.6%, Moldovan 0.5%, Crimean Tatar 0.5%, Bulgarian 0.4%, Hungarian 0.3%, Romanian 0.3%, Polish 0.3%, Jewish 0.2%, other 1.8% link to

      And what is the official language of the Ukraine? Russian.

      The Ukrainian 'rebels' are out of touch with history and current reality if they think they can divorce themselves from the Russian sphere - and USA knows this, but punish Russia Empire must.

      Ultimately, it is the American tax payer who will pour dollars down the sinkhole that is the Ukraine. So Really, the tax payer has got to tell their representative that the Ukraine is a bridge to nowhere but death of innocents and wasted American wealth and that if they pursue this bad idea that is the Ukraine, then votes will not be handed to that representative.

    • Georgia was a weather-vane sent out by Nato, with USA approval, to test out Russia's response - a scout to feel out the waters. Ukraine on the other hand is 100% USA's brainchild, backed by Nato. So, I'm thinking here that Ukraine is a direct punishment for Syria - and perhaps an indirect punishment for Georgia too. But Syria is undoubtedly the headliner, Walid, not Georgia.

    • Walid,

      I don't think Putin is in the mood to do deals with USA at the moment. He's too angry over USA/Nato-Europe willfully unleashing the Ukraine crisis as punishment for his stand on Syria. And Putin now absolutely needs a foothold in the Med, especially that Nato is trying to push the Russians back eastwards and away from the western sphere. The cold war is back on again, Walid, but at this stage, we see manifestations of it through proxy wars and not through direct standoffs.

      Obama was very unwise to have thrown the Ukraine at Putin - his timing on this one was completely off by several decades! Right now, American Empire needs friends and especially powerful ones, even if they're only temporary alliances.

    • Walid,

      Yeah I saw TV footage of the Iranian exercise - very impressive indeed. Now combine that with this:
      Cyprus Signs Military Deal to let Russian Navy Ships Dock:
      link to

      (I have the above article on my friendfeed page: link to

      My analysis of the Cyprus deal: Putin wants to check our Sixth Fleet in the Med. Unfinished business between USA and Russia in the Med going all the way back to the Yom Kippur War maritime confrontation between our Sixth Flee and the 'Soviet Union'. Putin is also saying: THE USA MUST SHARE THE MIDEAST WITH RUSSIA! Never mind that Cyprus is a shot shot away from Syria too.

      Our Empire's power is hemorrhaging in the Middle East.

    • Looks to me that Iran outsmarted both the saudis and the israelis on this issue.

      It's all for domestic show, Walid, this saudi-israeli alliance against Iran. But neither will go as far as striking Iran - yeah they'll perform a few threatening dances together, but that's as far as it will go.

      And why wouldn't they strike, you ask? Simply because israel is not willing to put tel aviv in the line of 10.000 missile fires, and saudi arabia is not willing to have its industrial water plants in the line of missiles either. This is what the Iranians said they would target should they be attacked by israel thru saudi arabia. And they're able to do a heck of a lot more damage too. Besides, the global zeitgeist is currently against striking Iran and for striking ISIS and her psycho sisters.

    • David,

      I have no "real evidence", but I have a few 'indicators', plus strong instinct. Like, why would ISIS design and wear a uniform identical to one found in a few Hollywood movies? The designs are not authentic-indigenous (to Arabs in prophet Mohammad's time), they're not historic replicas, they're Hollywood's idea of it - yes, the design is close enough, but not quite it - too much 'flair' and body-enhancing stitch-lines are involved to render them purely for warfare - more like for camerafare.

      Their matching black boots are way too trendy for people who are fashion-challenged, nay who are anti fashion. And nary a flake of dust or a crease on them boots - always shiny - like a wardrobe professional pinned, preened and primed the fighters before their photo shoot.

      The theatrics of some of ISIS's execution videos - the Jordanian pilot's execution by fire, for instance: I mean they put the poor man in a cage and poured gun powder around its base, trailing a straight line of gunpowder some ten feet away from the cage where the end would be lit from a safe distance - I mean Tom and Jerry much? And the horrific beheading execution of the 21 Egyptian christian Copts by the beautiful rolling surf: cuffed and condemned prisoners in pristine orange jumpsuits stumbling along the blue sea in a single file, and beside each one of them, an exceptionally tall sword-carrying executioner in shiny black ISIS uniform and face-scarf. I mean have we not seen this composition in movies before? Is this not spectacular dramatics? Using wardrobe, prop and location to maximum effect - a Hollywood specialty. There are other examples.

      It's all trying too hard to push/hype the 'image' above all else - another Hollywood specialty.

      I watched a TV interview with an ex-ISIS fighter who says that ISIS performs many mock executions on a single hostage, on every hostage, before they kill them - he said some of these mocks are filmed. My question is, who's got the ISIS mock-execution footage library and what the heck are they specifically doing with this mock footage?

      I know the above all sounds too silly of a lead, but it bugs the heck out of me every time I glimpse new footage or photos of ISIS looking so Hollywood.

    • I'd like to give zionist Hollywood an Oscar for Best Costume Design: having kitted ISIS fighters with classic cinematic black garb from head to toe.

      And I would also like to give a certain zionist Hollywood post-production suit an award for best Editing of ISIS slash-and-gore movies.

  • Inflammatory posters at UCLA call Students for Justice in Palestine 'Jew haters' (Updated)
  • Racism is in the air: Video showing racist exchange between Israelis and a flight attendant goes viral
    • LOL Maximus! I didn't, but I shoulda.

      I actually addressed them with a posh British accent - something I picked up flawlessly when I lived in UK for 2+ decades - I use the accent as a weapon against obnoxious strangers in 5 star hotels and other sundry and such locations.

      But it was really a question of boundaries and making these boundaries clear to strangers when they trespass them: my friend's teen had asked the israeli stalker to stop following her (around the hotel compound) and he didn't respect her wishes. And that's another common antisocial israelis trait: they don't understand boundaries with strangers. Or land.

    • First of all, is the israeli airline so frigging cheap that they actually charge for a bar of chocolate on international flights?!!!

      Secondly, I'm not in the least bit surprised at this kinda racist behavior coming from israelis. Seen it all too often on my travels.

      Thirdly, it would seem that South Korea is by far a more just and civilized country when it comes to airline rage: link to

      Finally, true story: I was in a hotel in Cyprus a couple of years ago vacationing with friends and their very pretty teen girls. One of these girls had an ugly teen stalker who was also a guest staying at the same hotel. She pointed the stalker out to me in the hotel lobby - I walked up to him, surreptitiously, and determined he was israeli because he was loudly talking on the phone in hebrew. Next day, I saw him at the reception with his even uglier mother and father - I walked straight up to them and said to the father: "your son is stalking my daughter and her brothers are hizbollah fighters from the south of Lebanon". (Of course I was lying). The israeli trio, in shock at my words, took a step back as the father said: "it's not true, my son doesn't talk to Arabs". "And Arabs want their lands back", I quipped. "Am isarel chai", the bugger father instantly replied. "We'll be seeing your son on battlefield then", I smirked and walked away. Two hours later, I saw the family checking out of the hotel. I followed them out to their cab and made a big fuss waving them good-bye as their cab drove away. (lol!).

      It would seem to be the case that if you wanted to shut up an aggressive israeli, all you have to do is mention the name 'hizbollah'. Works like a charm.

  • Netanyahu claims to know 'details' of Iran deal -- and State Dep't mocks him
    • Old MacMocker had a farm
      And on his farm he had a mock
      With a mock-mock here
      And a mock-mock there
      Here a mock, there a mock
      Everywhere a mock-mock
      Old MacMocker had a farm

      Say... is the article below part of the WH "mock" campaign too?
      Finally! The US Is Busting Israeli Banks (wow this is an actual headline!!!):
      link to|finance|headline|headline|story&par=yahoo&doc=102439249#.

  • Netanyahu calls on Jews to leave Europe en masse in wake of Copenhagen synagogue attack
    • Goddammit! There's so much stuff on Netanyahu everywhere you look - I'm completely Netanyahu'd out and there's still two more weeks to go before zero-speech-hour!

      BiBi Netanyahu: The King of Chutzpah:
      link to

    • Five French teens held for vandalising Jewish graves (and no mention of teens being arab/moslem hmmm):
      link to

    • Religious parents, even.

    • Angry hasbara trolls are swarming the comments of the article, either denying the existence of Palestine or incensed that yahoonews is "humanizing" the Palestinians - lol! Jolly good to see so much sour grapes commentary cuz that just exposes the ziobots hateful dementia in the face of such beautiful picture and images of Palestinians included in the article. And it's on yahoones (mass media for the masses: grassroots) - a good place to take the pulse of the collective every now and then.

    • Man, there is so much anti-netanyahuism going on right now that even yahoo news is publishing 'un-terrorist' pictures of Palestinians in small albums:

      'Occupied Pleasures' – Palestinian resilience in the face of occupation:
      link to

    • Trouble is, the zionists didn't come to the middle east for peace and jasmine mist. That's why I fear that not even a tempest of love-drugs and intoxicating perfumes could ever completely seduce zionists into submitting to universal peace.

    • Israel is the only country on the planet that doesn't seem bothered at all by the rise of ISIS.

      Italy is claiming that it needs to go into Libya to bomb ISIS there as they are 350 kilometers from the Italian border. Meanwhile Al Nusra Front, or Alqaida in Syria (as they like to call themselves) are camping out in the Golan and roasting chestnuts with the idf on snowy nights.

      That's how out of sink the terrorist state of israel is with the rest of the world.

    • Iranian made drones, yeah... ready to spray essence of opium and Iranian jasmine over unsuspecting zionists.

      F*ck peace negotiations, lets unleash three billion peace drones over the middle east!

    • Majority WaPo commentators on Ignatius' article agree with you, Kay.

    • Two days ago, the idf were complaining that they caught a hizb drone on its way back to Lebanon - after having spent 20 minutes flying over the southern tip of Galilee (in israel) without being detected by israeli radars.

      Makes one wonder how many hizb drones go on intelligence gathering missions without being detected.

    • Hey Cigar,

      I'm watching Nasrallah give a live speech on presstv right now - English interpreter provided:
      link to

      Gotta keep an eye on the dude who's opening a third resistance front in the Golan, right in sour face of the idf.

    • Maybe he should wrap his hands around his neck instead of his face.

      This would definitely and completely alter the bugger's reality.

    • Oh wow he's still alive?

    • David Ignatius is saying that " Mistrust between the Obama administration and Benjamin Netanyahu has widened even further in recent days because of U.S. suspicion that the Israeli prime minister has authorized leaks of details about the U.S. nuclear talks with Iran."

      A perfect storm brews in the Middle East:
      link to

      The ziocon king bibi wants to torpedo the negotiations whose failure would highly likely cause world war 3 at worst and at best, force the major world countries to abandon the Iran sanctions altogether, being in need of Iranian oil and all that, thus exposing the further weakening of the American Empire and influence across the globe.

    • The shooter having an islmic/Arabic name does not mean that he was not duped by undercover mossad agents into doing their dirty work.

      History tells us that zionism has no problem sacrificing a jewish minion here and there to further its expansionist aims.

  • Netanyahu's disaster: speech cost 'omnipotent' lobby a veto proof majority for Iran sanctions
    • When a defendant loses a case and a money judgement is issued against them yet they refuse to pay, the courts can garnish a portion of their wages and hand it over to the plaintiff.

      Nothing outrageous about that, especially considering that holocaust reparations have long been a wage, a business, nay an industry owned by the defendant.

      It's just food for thought, folks - that's all my comment was meant to be.

    • How do you force the israeli government to pay up? Simple: through international legal instruments, you re-direct their German reparations to a Palestine Reparations Fund.

    • Little begging cells:

      Trio of Jewish House Dems ask Boehner to end ‘political firestorm’ over Netanyahu:
      link to

    • Whip list of the fellatio pow-wow:
      link to

  • Remembering Bob Simon
    • "Bob Simon from CBS died in a car crash. My personal experience with him was when he visited our house in 2001 in the aftermath of 9/11. He was preparing a 60 minutes episode to "shed light on extra judicial murders and how indiscriminate they can be covering cases including among others Israel's assassination of my father Kamal Adwan". After airing it, the theme turned out to be whether the U.S. should learn from "Israel success in eliminating terrorists" to target president Saddam Hussein. To prepare a story, he misrepresented himself, lied, and manipulated inhumanly our family's story. When I asked him then about where he thought the Arab Israeli conflict was headed, he said the absence of peace was destined to culminate in an apocalyptic end , 9/11 being it." I will say this about Bob Simon: while he was more willing than most mainstream journalists in the US to air some mildly critical segments about Israel, he was still part of the mainstream media who could not deviate from the Zionist narrative on Palestine. But while he was a correspondent in occupied Palestine for CBS, his reports were rather more critical of Israel than other correspondents, I have to say. But he would always feel the pressure and then prepare a pro-Israel report--they call propaganda for Israel "balance" in the US." - Rami Kamal Adwan (the son of Palestinian Fath commander, Kamal `Udwan, who was murdered by Israeli terrorists in 1973 in Verdun, Beirut)
      link to

  • Let's honor Kayla Mueller-- and other women leaders during the war on terror
  • 'She dedicated the whole of her young life to helping those in need of freedom, justice and peace': American hostage killed in Syria remembered for work in Palestine
    • dbrk,

      No one is a stinkier "aHole" than you and your support for Alqaida in Syria!!!

      And yeah I actually CAN keep track of what's going on in Syria like millions of other people can - it's no frigging puzzle: israel/nato/gulfies tried to oust Bashar, destroy the Syrian army and break up Syria, like they did with Iraq and Libya, and THEY FAILED hahaha! Except it's NOT funny cuz that just killed around a quarter of a million people and it's all because of your criminal side! So don't even bother shedding your crocodile tears for the "Syrian villagers"! They frigging hate you and wanna do the same to you now - do you get that?!

      The WHOLE of the Golan is LEGALLY Syrian land and pretty soon it will be under their control again and there won't be anything you can do about it except go to a war that you will lose.

      But maybe if you gave back the land you stole and paid reparations you could sit with hizb, Syria and Iran at a negotiating table.

      Is that the sound of you squirming at the thought?

    • dbkr,

      Al Nusra self-identify as "Alqaida in Syria". Israel has partnered up with "Alquida in Syria". You can't spin that fact buster.

      " Also- don;t alNusra people, there families and the villagers they support them deserve any compassion?"

      LOL yeah sure let israel show "compassion" to Alquaida in Syria (and NONE to peace activists). And from the sweeping mass victories of the Syrian army and the hizb in Quneitra today, I'd say the Quientra villagers who were shown on tv dancing in the snow looked very happy to be liberated from israquida.

      Say, you ready to face off the Syrian army in the Golan? I think they too want the land you stole from them back sooner than later.

    • Dbkr,

      When you start comparing Hamas to IS, you immediately expose your brainwashing and render the rest of your post flushable down the toilet.

      Get a grip will ya?! Learn the difference between apples and oranges.

    • Debbie Shlussel's teeth on the floor - that's the red I saw after reading her despicable article.

    • Conservatives Dance On Grave Of ISIL Hostage: 'Jew-Hating, Anti-Israel B**ch':
      link to

      "Mueller was a Jew-hating, anti-Israel piece of crap who worked with HAMAS and helped Palestinians harass Israeli soldiers and block them from doing their job of keeping Islamic terrorists out of Israel," Debbie Schlussel wrote.

    • Page: 67
  • Dear Mr. Netanyahu, please don't cancel your speech
    • Okay folks.... here's the first article I've seen bashing Hilary's presidential candidacy with the Bill Clinton-Jeffrey Epstein Lolita connection:

      Bill Clinton’s libido threatens to derail Hillary — again:
      link to

    • Here's a bitch-slap from Madelaine:

      Madeleine Albright: Netanyahu Should Deal With Problems 'In His Neighborhood' Instead Of Speaking To Congress: link to

    • Here's the real reason Benjamin Netanyahu probably isn't going to cancel his speech to Congress:
      link to

      Crappy headline with latest polls from israel re Netanyahu's speech.

    • That's an interesting view, anon, that Empire was brought down by four box-cutters... And nobody noticed. But I beg to differ on this point. The scenario you describe is actually in the process of unfolding, but it has not yet fully done so. Empire is critically wounded, but not quite dead yet.

    • Kay,

      The list is of Jewish lawmakers - I don't think Menendez is a follower of judaism, but he's certainly a felator of zionism.

    • Up-to-date list of Jewish lawmakers who will and won't attend Netanyahu's speech:

      ATTENDING (14)
      Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.)
      Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Md.)
      Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.)
      Rep. Ted Deutch (D-Fla.)
      Rep. Eliot Engel (D-N.Y.)
      Rep. Lois Frankel (D-Fla.)
      Rep. Steve Israel (D-N.Y.)
      Rep. Sandy Levin (D-Mich.)
      Rep. Nita Lowey (D-N.Y.)
      Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.)
      Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo.)
      Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.)
      Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.)
      Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.)

      SKIPPING (2)
      Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)
      Sen. Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii)

      UNDECIDED (6)
      Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.)
      Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.)
      Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.)
      Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.)
      Rep. Alan Lowenthal (D-Calif.)
      Rep. John Yarmuth (D-Ky.)

      NO RESPONSE (5)
      Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.)
      Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.)
      Rep. David Cicilline (D-R.I.)
      Rep. Susan Davis (D-Calif.)
      Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.)

      link to

      The guys who are on the 'No Response' list must be catatonic with trauma and confusion eh.

    • Don’t disrespect our president, black lawmakers tell Netanyahu:
      link to

      "Israeli officials have been caught by surprise by the CBC backlash...". Yeah stirred but not shaken, for sure.

      "But the CBC reaction has been particularly potent, striking at the political alliance between Jews and African-Americans that dates to the Civil Rights movement but has grown more fraught over the years."

      Will we see the day where African Americans pull the race card against israel?

    • Netanyahu admits 'profound disagreement' with Obama:
      link to

    • The israelis wouldn't dare a false-flag op over this. Netanyahu can f*ck around with the President of the United States all he wants but he can’t f*ck around with Empire and it's Empire that ultimately runs this "special relationship" and it runs it primarily for its own benefit and only its own. Yes aipac owns congress but that's because Empire is willing to put up with corruptions in our political halls, again, for the sake of its own benefit. And it is in Empire's benefit right now to acquire as many mideastern friends with vital/natural resources as it possibly can, if only to counter the rapidly expanding Russian influence in the middle east, especially considering the new Russian-Egyptian partnership that Russia snagged right out of American's clutches today.

      Netanyahu’s speech taking place or not makes no difference whatsoever - there will be a deal between the USA and Iran regardless. This is the one time that America will NOT give israel what it wants - not for the love of Iranians, but for the opportunity to re-vitalize its waning hold on the middle east.

      After decades of failed Empire policies in the middle east, culminating presently with the dark unleashing of Da'esh, Al Nusra, ISIS, Alquida and other violent brotherhoods across the vast Arab lands, Empire now must achieve a success of sorts, a grand one: it absolutely MUST produce a grand success. And it thinks it can subdue much dangerous and costly anti-Americanism in the Levant, North Africa and beyond by making peace with 80 million Iranians, most of them moslems.

      No, America will not exactly abandon isreal, but it will make a strategic friendship with Iran, and play that 'friendship' to further its advantages and powers over Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Russia. Iran in the hands of Empire can be used as both a stick and a carrot. A carrot with some of its difficult and spoilt client states like israel and Saudi Arabia. And a stick against its historic adversary, Russian.

      As the current scoreboard stands, Russia has won the fight over Egypt. Empire therefore MUST now win the fight over Iran and the nuclear deal is the perfect opportunity to sap some power away from the Russians in the middle east by reestablishing profitable business ties with Iranian industries, and breaking the current Chino-Russian monopoly on Iran's natural resources and arms deals. Iran is desperate for sanctions to be lifted and Empire is desperate for more influence and industries and less unmanageable wars in the middle east. Iran and America need something of each other but Empire has been playing its ‘need’ card very close to its chest. Netanyahu’s controversial and imminent speech has somewhat forced Empire to show its need-card to the world. Empire needs a deal with Iran - otherwise Obama (Empire mouthpiece) would have just bent over to Netanyahu like he was told to do with the settlements. Yes, Empire wants a deal with Iran. And Empire gets what it wants.

      The dirty fight between Netanyahu and Obama is pure Kabuki for the masses, if you like. But it's powerful and symbolic of the changing sails of Empire - counter winds punching the ship and rocking it at the turn while the captain and crew change course.

      We will still 'support' Israel, yes. But we will also soon open an Embassy in Tehran - for the sake of Empire remaining mighty and solo supreme.

    • I agree - the speech should absolutely go ahead heh heh heh.

      I appreciate a good stand-up alarmist.

  • Speech to AIPAC could give Netanyahu his out
    • You measure by land-grab and we measure by human suffering. Israel is not important in the grand scheme of things nor is it an obsession except for zionists. If we're talking "important", then Palestinian suffering is important. But not to you, naturally. And people who support the plight of the Palestinians are increasing in number because they're realizing that PALESTINIAN LIBERATION IS VITAL TO WORLD PEACE, and to them it looks like israel is a warmongering land thief that must be stopped from continuing its crimes against humanity and mass-murder spree.

      And you find that kind of attention flattering? Man, you are real screwy. Rotten eggs are being thrown at israel's face, not flowers.

    • 5 Reasons Israel Won't Attack Iran:
      link to

      A little reminder of who the boss is.

  • Do we really want Benjamin Netanyahu guiding U.S. foreign policy?
  • Biden will skip Netanyahu's speech
    • Dekabr,

      I certainly don't get the "idea" from deluded zionist propaganda like you do:

      Iran ready to expand trade ties with Egypt :
      link to

      Haddad Adel: Iran, Egypt ‘two strong wings of Islam’:
      link to

      Fact is, Iran has by far more friends in the region that israel ever will/can.

      And the irony of all ironies: Israeli policy on Iran is the biggest threat to its 'special relationship' with America:
      link to

    • Dakaber,

      Where the hell do you get the idea that Egypt is anti Iran? In case you haven't noticed, the Egyptian Moslem Brotherhood (who hate Iran cuz they're aligned with sunni oil sheiks) are thankfully NOT running Egypt anymore. Moreover, both Rohani and Sisi are fighting the same Alqaida menace; plus they're both anti zionism.

      You zio guys can stay in bed with the Saudis till both your regimes are eventually defeated by the suffering locals. The enemies of the region have been fully identified: israel and it's old friend Saudi Arabia. Egypt for sure is NOT the enemy of the region.

    • People always get bit by their own greed.

    • Israeli Opposition Calls On Netanyahu To Cancel Congress Speech:
      link to

      LOL! 24 more days of watching the noose swinging over the donkey and his felators' heads.

      Aaaaaaah finally, not just a crack in the center but an ongoing explosion. We deserve to watch this disaster movie, we really do.

    • Dershowitz: Obama Set to Make 'Dreadful Mistake' With Iran
      link to

      The dersh: savior of israel and lost little girls.

      I'd hate to be this man's psychiatrist (and you know he's gonna be needing one soon - cracked actor syndrome and all).

    • Then there will be a nice empty chair right behind Netanyahu. Close-ups aside, the 'empty' chair will be caught by numerous global cameras. In fact that should be the post-performance poster: side-comb Bibi speeching away with empty chair behind him.

    • Mac and Gus are enjoying a beer in the back yard.

      Mac: I know what Bibi's gonna say.
      Gus: Every word.
      Mac: So what the heck's the point?
      Gus: Strumming up war.
      Mac: You mean drumming up war.
      Gus: No I mean strumming.
      Mac: Like guitars?
      Gus: Like guilt strings and fear strings.
      Mac: Right, the holocaust.
      Gus: Bigger than that.
      Mac: Only one thing bigger than the holocaust.
      Gus: The new holocaust.
      Mac: Yap, Tehran is Berlin.
      Gus: You think history repeats or clones?
      Mac: I say it inseminates.
      Gus: Could be that history is all lies told by the telegenically dead.
      Mac: You could be Bibi's speech writer.
      Gus: I don't have enough lies in me to write his speech.
      Mac: Bibi's coming over to give us the gift of fear.
      Gus: Antisemitism.
      Mac: I mean the gift of terror.
      Gus: Ah the new antisemitism.
      Mac: Yeah semitic moslems are the new antisemites.
      Gus: Bibi's cool with Saudi islam.
      Mac: But Iranian islam must be destroyed.
      Gus: Because they care more about the Palestinians.
      Mac: That's why Bibi needs to scare the shit out of us on the 3rd March.
      Gus: Hamas, hizbollah, isis, da'esh, al nusra, al qauida, iran - all same terrorist in a turban.
      Mac: And they're coming right here to America to kill us all.
      Gus: Our women will be their Jihad wives, Bibi will say with bulging eyes.
      Mac: That would be scary if it were true.
      Gus; But it ain't true cuz Bibi's helping Alquida in Syria.
      Mac: While he's helping himself to our tax dollars.
      Gus: He's coming to take our money and soldiers.
      Mac: He's gonna tell us he's one of us and we're all us against them.
      Gus: He's gonna tell us nuke Iran or be nuked - no third option.
      Gus: Je suis Chosen,.
      Mac: Yeah he's gonna say that too.
      Mac: ...Say, you remember the old days when we didn't know shit about the middle east?
      Gus: Yeah. Trippy huh?

  • Why now? Story breaks that US teamed with Israel in assassinating Iranian 'agent' in '08
    • BTW, it was a really stupid move by the jittery zios to leak the story of this assassination cuz it blatantly revealed proof of israeli and American state terrorism.

      Last I checked, setting off car-bombs in residential areas is an act of terrorism.

    • Good job MW editors and readers for busting up the people-hating, conniving propagandistas.

      The CIA would NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS "leak" any info on any of their ops. Full stop.

      This leaves the usual zio media agents in the glaring spotlight. And their bullish machismo fingerprint is all over the story.

      "Why now"?

      Well desperate times call for desperate measures heh heh.

      But listen up folks, my insider source tells me that the CIA has chalked up 22 failed assassination attempts on Imad Mughnieh before they finally got him. Hizbollah's own investigations into the assassination led them to believe that it was a cia-mossad op aided by a mossad interception of a Syrian communique that revealed the time and place of a social event that Mughnieh would secretly attend. A cold breeze blew between the hizb and Syria while the hizb investigations were unfolding, and in the end, once it was verified and determined that the info was intercepted by the israelis and not leaked by the Syrians, warm relations between the hizb and Syria returned.

      The CIA considered Mughnieh a vital threat to both israeli and American hegemony in the Levant due to his genius military and strategic skills. Mughnieh, a young Lebanese guerrilla fighter, began as a bodyguard for chairman Arafat and ended up as the brain (and often brawn) behind ALL the major ass-kicking that israel got from the Lebanese. Mughnieh and his small hizbollah brigades succeeded in defeating israel where combined Arab armies had failed several times over- and the cia and the mossad deeply feared the seismic effects of continuing Mughnieh/hizbollah victories. Whatever the CIA and mossad say about Mughnieh, he was the mastermind behind the numerous resistance operations that eventually forced the eviction of the brutal idf out of Lebanon in 2000; and he was also the mastermind behind the hizb's victory against the idf on the battlefields in 2006. He is hugely revered in Lebanon, especially in the south (he's from the south). His portraits are everywhere, in both moslem and christian villages.

      The hizb took a big hit with Mughnieh's assassination. But it would seem to be the case the he's not the only hizbollah 'brain' working to ultimately defeat the zionist army: judging from the hizb successful retatlation against israel in the Shebaa farms a couple of weeks ago. There's plenty Mughniehs where that came from, it appears.

  • Finkelstein on Joan Peters's legacy (and Dershowitz's legal troubles)
    • "who financed the epstein sex slave / blackmail enterprise?"

      That's an easy one. Powerful men, underage girls, hidden cameras, orgies - Kachching!

  • Tell your congressperson: Don't attend Netanyahu's speech
  • 'NYT' and Matthews warn that Netanyahu speech to Congress could lead US to war
    • Obama Campaign Team Arrives In Israel To Defeat Netanyahu In March Elections:

      link to

    • LOL good one talky!

    • Oh dear, somebody is upset that they're losing the hasbara war - and it's just gonna get uglier and uglier all the way to the ICC:

      Mark Levin: ‘This President’s Anti-Semitism is Catching On’:
      link to

    • Say, Phil Weiss, isn't time you wrote an article about israel's illegal nuclear stockpile? I mean Netanyahu is coming to lecture us about Iran's "dangerous" nuclear program while his crooked finger is on the button of a huge ILLEGAL stockpile. Go on, Phil, expose this insane and sickening upsidedownism!

    • I was thinking yesterday of suggesting a Netanyahu speech-writer spoof competition.

    • Great pile-on at Jennifer Rubin by WaPo commentators! LOL, man - what can I say but thank you netanyahu, you truly are a gift that keeps on giving:

      link to

    • HAD hegemony, dear, HAD.

      Why else would israel be freaking the deaky out?!

    • Walid, I'm hearing that the isaelis want to do a deal with the hizb thru the Russians whereby the israelis agree to take a 'small' hit from the hizb and in return israel will just leave it at that.

      Apart from the cowardly proposition, I don't think the hizb does 'small' hits. And I think the hizb also knows that the israelis never keep their word so no point in doing any deals with them.

      Al Mayadeen yesterday was showing footage of hizb men battling alquaida in Syria and the significance of the video was indicating that the hizb (for the first time) is now using night-vision goggles and doing bulls-eye precision strikes. We saw footage of the hizb mowing down a whole Alqaida compound under moonlight. I have no doubt that the release of this video is causing great concern in the israeli war theater - hizb's acquisition of night-vision goggles is freaking them out. The idf has lined up tanks etc on the Lebanese border, but it's all for show to give false comfort to their illegal settlers as these weapons are utterly useless at stopping hizb precision rockets and missiles, plus Iron Dome radars do not pick up the Fateh A-110 missiles in hizb's arsenal.
      link to

      The next 6 weeks are fraught with danger.

    • I just posted up-thread: wondering if Nasrallah's speech will be before or after the attack.

      Maybe no attack till all the ducks are lined for the big one? I would prefer that scenario: the single fatal punch.

    • Here's what I'm wondering: Nasrallah has announced that he will be giving a speech this Friday/30th January (this was not scheduled before the attack on Quneitra). My question is: will he be giving the speech before or after the hizb retaliates against israel? Cuz for damn sure that's what his speech is going to be about.

      Should be an interesting week.

    • MRW,

      Americans angry at Netanyahu might like your idea too much.

    • RoHa,

      Russia Signs Military Cooperation Deal with Iran:
      link to

      Like I said, Iran is not alone; neither is Russia - and is China ever?!

    • You can stop the train wreck, Michael Oren, but the train has already run over the President.

      Significant irreparable damage has already been done to our stature - to our standing as Empire.

      Therefore we now have to force daylight between us.

    • Michael Oren calls on Netanyahu to cancel Congress speech: 'Cynical political move':

      link to

    • Say, is it considered illegal online gambling to bet money on how many standing ovations the nut will get from the nutters?

    • Netanyahu Speech To Congress Is High-Risk, High-Reward, Analysts Say:

      link to

    • And will his donkey-felators in congress get a stirring down south to hear him speaking in French?

    • And will Netanyahu open his speech with: 'Je suis Charlieyahoo'?

    • Every islamophobic cliche in the universe will be uttered by netanyahu on the 3rd March.

      He will mix isis and alqaida and hamas and hizbollah and iran all into one explosive cocktail and serve it to the American masses.

      Will they drink this hootch of hate?

    • If there's going to be bombs and timing involved, I see hizb bombs completely destroying a military target in the Golan timed just for the israeli election. Their response to Quneitra.

      If this were to happen, the idf will take a hit, and Netanyahu will take a hit.

      Two vultures, one stone.

    • And wouldn't it just be grand if on the 2nd of March 2015, the day before netanyahu's speech in congress, an israeli poll pits him at bottom popularity with voters over his imminent speech and he suddenly at the 11th hour declines Boehner's 'invite': citing an acute episode of brainfreeze from eating too much ice-cream:
      link to

    • No there will not be a war against Iran. And no our soldiers will not kill and be killed in faraway lands while israelis drink dirty Martini poolside in Miami Beach.

      But there will be a war against israel in the Levant by the Levantines, a war that will create a disastrous exodus of foreign settlers out of occupied Palestine. A war that israel dreads so much that Lieberman is now going to Russia to talk to Lavrov so he can talk to Iran who will then talk to the hizb and ask them to cool it and not 'hurt' poor little israel over their terrorist attack in Quneitra earlier this week. LOL are them israelis bonkers or what?! They wanna war with Iran and they can't even handle dealing with the hizb. And they think that the American people are just going to agree to wasting more American blood and treasure when they absolutely and categorically refused to even go to war in smaller, weaker Syria. Yeah right, dream on zio scrubbers! Get with the program, not even Bush Jnr was prepared to attack Iran for israel - for good reason: IT'S NOT IN OUR INTEREST! There'll be unending civil unrest and violent demonstrations in our major cities instead of war against Iran - there will be a violent backlash against zionist institutions and leaders. Politicians who support a war against Iran will be identified and bulldozed out of office at the next elections. Netanyahu and his treasonous gangbangers on Capital Hill need to take the people's pulse on this (like Hilary did) before opening their big mouths in America just to give comfort to warmongering israelis thousands of miles away.

      But in the meantime, I'm really excited to have Netanyahu thugly, smugly incite for war against Iran, which will actually be an incitement for war against both Russia and China too. This is what people have to remember: IRAN IS NOT ALONE OR ISOLATED. Netanyahu's absurd song and dance will educate our country folk further on how ruinous our support for the warmongering Apartheid state of israel really is. I wholeheartedly encourage this teaching moment to take place before the cameras of the world.

      And I'm laughing my ass off right now to witness so much negative discussion of the 'special relationship' both in the msm and on the internet. Who woulda thunk it even a year ago?! The sacred cow is getting stuffed!

      And I look forward to Obama's response to Beelzebub's speech too. Maybe he'll do a rebuttal, not in congress, but to the people of America, explaining why foreign warmongering assholes should be ignored and ignored and ignored - and eventually kicked in butt if they won't quit it.

      And more than that, I look forward to watching both netanyahu and the republicans both lose their next elections over this heavy-handed attempt at kneecapping the Presidential institutions of the only super power in the world.

      How effing dare they?!!!

      You bet there's gonna be a heavy price to pay for this unwarranted vicious insolence!

  • Netanyahu speech could turn Israel lobby into a political football
  • Obama won't meet Netanyahu during 'bizarre,' 'historic,' 'unprecedented' visit (Updated)
    • LOL Cigary! I wholeheartedly accept the invite - Wyoming is my spiritual home (Yellowstone) - but can I bring my dog along? She's a great public speaker and has had much experience barking at israeli F-16's flying overhead.

      When I think of going back to my beach-bum life in LA, I experience instant and painful mental boredom. No doubt I'll get there and start getting itchy feet soon after - plus I'm long overdue to visit Wyoming - haven't been there in 6 years!

      I'm over living in cities. I wanna live wrapped in the silence of the countryside. Who needs cities when you've got the internet?

    • Palestinians are a happy lot today. I'm seeing Lebanese flags flying in Gaza! Public gathering and speeches in Gaza square praising the hizb and all resistors against the zionist regime.

      They are so grateful to the hizb for kicking some zio ass today.

    • Walid,

      Many calls for unity for Levant resistance groups. This latest hizb op will energize recruitment into the Levant resistance and not wahaf*ckingbism!

    • Walid,

      Looks like the hizb knew exactly what the isreali convoy was carrying, and also knew the time they would be going through the pass where they were ambushed.

      Freaky intelligence!

    • LOL Walid, yeah I just heard that too.

      So we've had the Six Day War, and now we have the Six Hour War - next it'll be the Six Minute War.

      Hands down, clearly the hizb won the battle for deterrence - again.

      The israelis thought they took that away from the hizb a week ago then the hizb quickly turned the tables right back to their favor again. And so swiftly too. Apparently the israelis weren't expecting a response 'so soon'. LOL!

      Look out for extra demonization of the hizb in western media because israel's butt is hurting.

    • Hearing that the mid east 'regional powers/allies' burned their phones out this morning calling the WH in a panic and saying the region could not stand another new war and to pressure israel into not escalating. Never mind that israel is too dumpy to escalate - these 'regional powers' are fearful of a regional war that will see them unseated from their religious dictatorships.

      Put it this way: a war between israel and hizbollah would push media interest in isis out the window and would revive the spirit of the original Arab spring (not the fake one that swallowed it up).

    • All for domestic reasons, just. Livni knows only two well that to strike at Lebanon means a strike on tel aviv.

      No politician in israel wants to tell the sick israelis that they're not all that anymore - they'd never get voted in if they told the truth.

    • It really is incredible how a handful of young southern Lebanese men set up a local resistance group that is now an undefeated regional power players.

      The hizb wars against israel and hizb tactics are the most studied in military academies around the world.

      You should check out Nasrallah's speech this coming Friday on presstv - catch it live if you can - well you're up early enough for mideast time right? I think it's on at 3pm Beirut time which is 5pm California time.

    • Just,

      I love it here. It's beautiful just like California but with no botox and no zionists in sight.

      Actually it's a lot more exciting here than in California - but I sure miss California though. Sadly, spending my last winter here and packing up to go back in a few months.

      I see it like this: instead of having gone back to college to learn Arabic in the USA, I came here and chilled, learned deep politics and did language immersion for three years. I'm a keener analyst for it, that's for sure.

    • Seafoid,

      Iran stepped in to help hizbollah later - to get the real grass-root history of hizbollah, visit Mleta Museum where it's all preserved and told and retold. It was literally a handful of young village men who formed a resistance and secretly trained in the empty hills and came back to attack the occupying idf in their village and succeeded and thus the next village did the same and so on and so forth. The first hizbollah fighters literary used kitchen knives and bird-hunting guns and home-made molotovs. And their biggest weapon in their arsenal? Their courage. They were not afraid to die in the name of liberty.

    • I'm perfectly safe where I am. Not worried one bit. Nobody is around here. But they sure are worried in israeli border settlements - panic is the operative word here, they panicking in israel.

    • They're saying there's hizb footage of the ambush.

    • Bintbiba,

      The hizb men who died in the Qunaitra attack last week were buried a few days ago and were referred to at their burial as 'the first martyrs in the mission to liberate Al Quds' (Jerusalem).

      Make no mistake: this is all about Palestine and the Liberation of Palestine.

    • Say, I'm in south Lebanon, close to the 2nd line of defense - about half an hour south east of the ancient port of Sidon - up in them endless rolling hills overlooking the Mediterranean sea. For two days we've had israeli F-16's flying over frequently after a notable long silence. Today: COMPLETE SILENCE IN THE SKIES. I guess the israeli are too busy pulling their pants up at the 1st line of defense heh heh.

    • Watching Al Mayadeen Arabic TV?

      Easy for Leonardo, as they say! You guys speak fluent Arabic but me and my pidgin Arabic wuhhh! And everyone talking excitedly so fast - yikes! Yeah I keep missing crucial words here and there and I have to keep listening in for repetitions to verify translations in my head. There's nobody in the house here who speaks fluent Arabic and I'm waiting for a village friend to visit after work and watch Al Mayadeen with me and translate the words that I don't know. But I gotta say, I learned my Arabic from watching AlMayadeen for a couple of hours, daily and for the past two years. To me, even though I still struggle to understand everything being said, I think it is by far the most informative tv station, probably in the universe - lol! If only they would subtitle in English - man! That would just be an awesome source of info and cogent analysis to millions more people.

      Meanwhile, Leiberman is in China stuffing his face with deep-fried noodles and selling our military secrets on the side, probably.

    • Nasrallah is slated to give a speech this Friday. This was announced last weekend. No doubt most of israel will be listening in too. PressTV usually runs Nasrallah's speeches live and with English translation.

    • Not looking like israel can handle a full on war right now. Netanyahu gambled in Quneitra, spent a week smug and strutting his sh*t around - then lost it all at 1pm today, Levant time.

      And I think his speech in congress on the 3rd of March will backfire on him too - in the eyes of the American public.'

    • Very complex and daring hizb operation: mission accomplished.

      It behooves all israelis to believe every single word that Nasrallah says and not their government propaganda and their politics of fear. Nassrallah calculates reality while the israeli military re-calculates the myth.

    • Looks like Walid and I are watching developments on Al Mayadeen together.

      They're now saying (in israel) that israel has a 'bank of targets' that it will resort to, instead of all out war.

    • Hizb destroyed 9 israeli missile launchers in the convoy that they ambushed.

      Foof - that's a big hit.

      Notice how the hizb is focused solely on idf military targets operating on Syrian territory. This carries the least political backlash. Clever buggers!

      Meanwhile the Arab League is freaking out and asking for an emergency UN session to 'stop hizbollah' - from punishing israel no doubt. LOL! And how predictable is that?! The Arab League is worth as much to the Arab 'cause' as Saudi oil is. They're owned by the wahabi freaks!

      But aaaah, it's nice to see Palestinian resistance leaders so cheerful today while being interviewed - they usually aren't. All Levant resistance leaders being interviewed are calling out for all off-shoot resistance groups to unite against the expansionist zionist menace.

    • Now I'm watching stills of the results of the hizb attack on idf - man, lethal images - idf vehicles are a mass of twisted metal. Hard core!

      There's also talk of one missing isareli soldier - no confirmation of this yet.

    • Escalation from the Lebanon border: rockets fired at isreali settlments.

      (I'm adding info to this series as I hear of new fast-moving developemnts).

      Netanyahu meeting his military right now to figure out the response etc.

    • Kiryat Shemona settlers rushing to shelters or heading south - army tells them to be prepared to 'defend yourselves'.

    • The hizb is saying that the op was "part one" - the retaliation is not over. Hmmmm.

    • Netanyahu slaps our President and Nasrallah punches Netanyahu back.

      That's the news brief for this week.

    • I'm hearing the hizb attacked an idf battalion with huge number of 'war machines and equipment', the operation was complex but the hizb's ambush worked for them and there are at least 15 dead idf soldiers. All this has now been confirmed.

      Israel had ZERO INTELLIGENCE on the hizb's operation. Gigantic failure there.

      I'm watching idf bombing a village near the Shebaa farms in response - the usual retaliation against civilians.

      Road to Sderdot closed by israeli military, Kiryat Shmona evacuated.

      Israel readying to now attack Jabal Al Shiek region with missiles - Jabal Al Shiek is where the hizb executed its operation.

      Panic in settler lalaland... settlers from other northern settlments are volunteering to evacuate.

      Haifa airport closed - and some other small military airport in northern israel.

      My quick analysis: the Golan front has been officially opened, after laying dormant for some forty years. Now israel will be forced to stretch out it's defenses. Not a secure position to be in.

      Will the aliya-makers arriving to Ben Gurion airport today turn right around and leave?

    • Netanahu statement: 'whoever dares us, well they've seen what happened to Gaza'.

      He's threatening to turn Lebanon into Gaza. But don't worry folks cuz Lebanon now has the ability to turn israel into Gaza too. The Net knows this - throwing his threats around for domestic consumption.

      This mini war going on right now is a struggle between hizb and idf over deterrance - israel with its attack on Quneitra was challenging the deterrence that the hizb had established since 2006 war - the hizb responded by re-establishing the deterrence. A slap for a slap and a punch for a punch - that's the reality that israel is in with regards to the hizb and there's nothing they can do to change it short of starting a full-blown regional war that will find tel aviv turned into Gaza.

    • Kinda OT but relevant:

      Hizbollah just attacked idf unit in golan and killed SIXTEEN idf soldiers - this is the hizb's response to isreal's terrorist attack on them in Qunaitra last week.

      The ball is now in israel's court: a slap for a slap is what they have in hand - will israel escalate it to full-blown war?

      I'm like 90 miles from the action - tuning in to Al Mayadeen TV for breaking news on this potentially explosive situation.

    • Unfettered American zionism is treason.

    • Roha,

      What you list are the actions of a desperate lot.

      Israelis can pretend all they want that everything is hunky dory with their hi-tec Apartheid state, but in actual fact, they have never been so insanely desperate and so desperately insane.

    • "Battle is generally upsetting and really young soldiers often get overwhelmed." -Dabkar

      No kidding Groucho!

      So why does your israel keep creating oppression and wars that would require the killing of its youth? ...Just so it could carry on with more oppressions and more wars? That's a sick beast of a country by any standard!

      And since when did the truth equal bravado? "It ain't bragging if it's true", as the great Muhammad Ali once said.

      The truth of the battles in 2006 is that the idf got its ass kicked badly by hizbollah - many idf soldiers died and the rest ran away from the battles weeping. In response, the israeli military practically withdrew from directly confronting hizb fighters and went on a killing rampage blitzing civilian habitation and structures and mascaraing over a thousand innocent Lebanese civilians, most of them nowhere near the battlefields. And pray tell: what did israel do merely hours AFTER the ceasefire was eventually agreed upon? It dropped over one million landmines on Lebanese territory, then refused to give maps of the drop-offs to international, humnitarian landmine clearing organizations. This is ALL well documented by independent observers and analysts. Or did you think no one is watching and recording israel's henious war crimes against its neighbors?!

      But of course you will remain brainwashed and deluded by macho-macho zio-man.

      It's especially crazy that you would be saying all that bs about the idf considering how much pitch-fever fear of the hizb is unsettling ALL israelis right now - since their terrorist attack on Quneitra several days ago. Everyone in israel is terrorized - so the israeli news and media themselves are telling us. I mean do you live under a small freaking rock or what?!

      You and the idf are not the untouchables and you are most certainly not the heroes.

    • Lysias.

      First I gotta say that monarchies absolutely disgust me. The new king, king Salman is the 25th son of the original self-appointed founder of the dynastic Al Saud. Self-appointed after the father slaughtered his way to consolidation of other desert tribes that Al Saud still ruthlessly rule over - disgusting!

      As Saudi kings go, the last king was actually a more reasonable fellow. The problem with individuals like the last king is that the system of governance does not allow for any 'reasonable' thinking whatsoever, rendering thus the late king's reasonableness as utterly ineffectual to creating modernization changes - and rendering any attempt at change through the cult of personality utterly impossible. Only a violent invasion or a violent coup or civil war would modernize Saudi society.

      The Saudi system is two-pronged: the so-called royal house of Al Saud is responsible for running state affairs: industries, trade, commerce and foreign policies - while the Wahabis run religious institutions through strict moral codes (if you can call them 'moral', that is) imposed on everybody treading Saudi soil, including foreigners.

      The Saudi monarchy thus is pitted against the Wahabis - both entities checking each others power, keeping the scales balanced. Even if the last king had put his foot down and demanded softer laws, on women's rights for instance, or demanded changes in foreign policy, members of his family who have converted to Wahabism would easily arrange for his assassination as they did with the king before him. The al-Tuwaijriis you mentioned thus are insider Wahabi gatekeepers and wardens over the Al Saud. So, ultimately, the Wahabis rule the dictates of governance in Saudi Arabia.

      The new king is less pleasant than the last one. Even though he verbally supports the Palestinian cause, he will continue to war with the Arab 'resistance' countries. A predictable contradiction that has become a Saudi foreign policy hallmark.

      The new success of the Houthie revolution in neighboring Yemen is about the biggest threat for the current Saudi status quo - which is why the Yemenis must be supported in their endeavors: dismantling Saudi and American grip on Yemeni internal politics and liberating a chunk of oil-rich Yemeni land that Saudi has been occupying for decades: equalizing Wahabi power with Shia power, energizing and mobilizing the down-trodden, poverty-struck Saudi Shia population. I predict the new king will have his hands full with the new political realities in Yemen - we may even see stirrings of war between Yemen and Saudi Arabia.

      The new king is 81 years old and suffering from 'forgetfulness' - not fit for ruling and high-stakes decision-making, if you ask me. The new king will not change anything: business as usual in the royal courts - till, of course, some kinda violent rebellion unseats the whole goddamn Al Saud-Wahabi structure.

      Here's what wiki has to say about the new king, Salman:
      link to

    • Isreal is playing ping-pong and the hizb is playing chess.

    • Dabakar,

      I see it offends you for the Syrian army to be called the 'Arab' Syrian Army - well tough cuz that's their full name. Turkey has already lost in Syria, their evil plan has failed, so I don't know what the heck you're talking about. Also Egypt is actually presently setting up political negotiations between Bashar and the Syrian moderates (who have no blood on their hands), with the goal of establishing wider democratic institutions - so again I don't know what the heck you're talking about - you need to catch up on developments both political and military in Syria before you go off on your usual bravado propaganda of 'Arabs are effed and isreal is god of the region forever'. No dear, be scared, be very scared cuz what goes up, will eventually come down.

      And as to your blah blah idf soldiers are not scared of the hizb spin, let me just remind you what happened back in 2006 - thousands of such videos exist btw:

      Your shitty little army couldn't even penetrate more than 3 kilometers into Gaza a few months ago and most certainly couldn't get past the town squares of a couple of Lebanese villages bordering occupied Palestine back in 2006 - despite israel's superior armory - and actually, the idf were allowed into these border villages by the hizb so they could ambush and kill them and those idf-ers that survived the ambush ran away from Lebanon weeping., which is exactly what happened. I call this failure to penetrate into enemy territory a result of cowardice and lack of intelligence on the battlefield.

      I'd love to be a fly on the wall in your windowless shelter when not just the hizb, but the regional liberation army are marching steady and deep into the holy land. Oh you didn't know? Oh yeah you can bet your smug daily brainwash such an army exists and is currently in training. Hey don't blame me, blame your lying israeli ministry of information for not disseminating facts to its citizens - all for fear of creating mass panic and mass immigration out of your despicable Apartheid state. Your efforts at dividing Arab countries has resulted in a united regional resistance army. Was bound to happen this way sooner or later.

      I assure you, israel has only one more war left in it, so why don't we carry on this conversation when Palestine is liberated by the combined resistance forces of the Levant, okay dear?

    • Well the illegal isreali settlers all over occupied Palestine, especially the ones living on the northern boarder with Lebanon, categorically do not think the hizb are bluffing. And that's what matters at the end of the day heh heh heh.

      FYI, I don't for a sec believe the hizb are bluffers either.

    • Walid,

      Absolutely nobody wants isis around except for isreal and the saudis - aided by their helpers in USA.

      Iraq has already chosen to liquidate isis and has had a great week of successful battles, all thanks to Iran's help. This means Iraq accepts American bases - for the time being.

      And Syria: it's a matter of mere months now before the Arab Syrian Army will be controlling all Syria's strategic towns and cities - all that would remain is the final 'sweep' of disconnected terrorist enclaves. After which, the Arab Syrian army can start concentrating its efforts on cleaning up Quneitra of alquaida and its new bff, israel. I don't see "ten years" in the equation whatsoever.

      BTW, I am against hizb retaliating for last week's terrorist attack by israel in Quneitra. I think the hizb should hold fast and focus only of the eventual big clash with israel. No point in risking strategic gains for tactical ones; or exposing valuable secret weapons and battle plans for the sake of small military engagements (unless it furthers more strategic gains) - and I think hizb leaders know all this. After all, these terrorist attacks by israel are mere pin-pricks to the Lebanese resistance group. Let the criminal israeli settlers on the border worry themselves to death over whether the hizb is tunneling under their homes or not in the meantime.

    • I'd rather see an organic Shia hegemony in the Levant than a creepy alien zionist one.

      The Levant needs Iran to help fight the isis effers. The Levant does not need israel who is supporting the isis effers.

    • S'up Chu! Happy New Year - belatedly.

      Yes, that 'special relationship' - what a tedious cliche - even the word 'special': they use it like prissy pubescent cliques in a playground, not in the fashion of statesmen discussing nation affairs.

      "No daylight between us" - another barfer. A phrase loaded with pathological insecurities.

      The 'special, no daylight between us' relationship is as real as breasts on a bull.

    • Even yahoonews readers on numerous articles about this are up in arms about Boehner's invite to Netanyahu.

      Which is why I support it. Yes I do. I welcome bibi to my congress cuz it's about the worst PR move the zionist monstrosity can make right now.

      What the msm has been cleverly hiding from Joe and Jane regarding isreal will be in full glorious display in congress when he 'visits'.

      Netanyahu, the only Apartheid prime minister on the planet, fresh from massacring over 2000 Palestinian civilians including 500+ children, has been invited by sock puppet Boehner to stand at the lofty podium in congress and urge both sides of the isle to go kill more innocent civilians in their hundreds of thousands in Iran - on behalf of israel.

      Roll out the red carpets indeed. But just be sure to hide the silverware if wifey Sarah is coming to dinner after the show.

  • Congress invites Netanyahu to rebut Obama on Iran, and White House slams 'breach of protocol'

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