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  • Invest in thorough, accurate news to build a fair future for Israel/Palestine
    • Dear Phil,

      It's not necessary for you to bring back the 'confessional' but it's cool if you would consider sprinkling it on Mondo every now and then. I like the confessional because I personally enjoy the mix of literary prose and politics and you're quite fluent at that - I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who enjoys and learns from them, judging by the numerous responses your confessionals used to garner on the commentary board . It is also refreshing and appealing to hear unfettered honesty in a media-world full of charlatans and self-deceivers . There is soulful insight in your confessionals that is both entertaining and informative . No other site puts out 'confessionals' - therefore the 'confessionals' add an inimitable and unique quality to the Mondoweiss experience.

      "Im not with you on the professional end: I dont think folks can get that stuff for free elsewhere".

      Phil, the Palestine 'message' is everywhere now, regardless of who is writing it - and yes it's out there for free - just google 'Palestine + whatever topic' and you get hundreds of thousands of pages and latest news. I know you've introduced many new and valuable voices (both jewish and non-jewish) to the American arena that greatly redress the Palestine narrative - this must be absolutely acknowledged and credited. But often Mondo ignores major developments, especially israeli geopolitical ones. I think this is to the intellectual detriment of Mondoweiss. Maybe you need to invite writers who understand or specialize in i/p geopolitics. There's probably no need to cut down on jew-centric articles as the nature of the site is to give an eclectic fan of jewish opinion, but it would benefit Mondoweiss to mix it up a little and cater for the non-jewish readers who are in full support of Mondoweiss' endeavors but who have less 'natural' interest in jewish internal squabbles.

      Israel isn't just a Palestinian problem (or a USA one for that matter), israel is a Lebanese, Syrian, Turkish, Jordanian, Egyptian, Sudanese, Libyan, Yemeni, Iraqi and Iranian problem. Your sole focus only on Israel-Palestine ignores and understates the wider disaster that israel truly is. If readers were given the fuller picture, not just the Palestine corner of it, they would see israel for what it really is: not just an Apartheid state in Palestine, but a hostile anti-universalist implant that has caused a whole region, with hundreds of millions of people living there, profound loss of life and natural progress. Including articles that cover israel's nefarious and criminal activities in the wider middle east region and not just in Palestine would then truly fulfill the words of your banner: "The War of Ideas in the Middle East".

      As to Mondo's blogging community: faster moderation would greatly help revive it some, encouraging skilled (and busy) citizen-analysts to return to the forums. Also, allowing for a wider range of perspectives on the blogs (like you used to) would also give the reader a variety of vantages to mull and not just a handful of repetitive standpoints (remember when articles used to hit over a thousand posts?!).

      I know the moderation issue from a practical point has always been a tricky one considering Mondo's shoestring budget, but maybe a combination of robo-mods and live mods would be a solution. Having a 'report abuse' function next to each post is an example of a robo-mod - perhaps there are other robo-mod functions too? But the way the current system is, whereby some bloggers have immediate publishing privileges and others don't, has the effect of considerably narrowing the debates because you get a handful of the same people debating in real-time, while the majority waits endlessly on the sidelines. This has a dulling effect on the overall debating dynamics and readers of blogs soon tire of reading the same POV from the same small group of people. It's also frustrating for the non-privileged blogger to be debating a privileged one as their responses are instantly published, giving them the advantage of an immediate second and third strike etc. This is not an equitable platform for the serious debater - especially if they're having to sometimes wait 2-3 days to get published.

      Mondoweiss distinguished itself by having true excellence both in its articles section and its blogging community: like two hands on one body toiling away. I'm sure you'll agree, Phil, that having two hands is by far better than having one.

      Handily yours,

    • BUT....... I have to here thank the editors for bringing back the 'edit' function button TODAY.

      That really does make a HUGE difference to the serious blogger. After all, we're not texting a coupla lines here on MW, we're penning paragraphed analysis and NOBODY wants to see their typos enshrined in archives for eternity.

      So... I thank the editors, from the bottom of my weary pen, for re-instilling the 'edit' function again.

      Merci beaucoup mon petit editores!

    • It's just Ellen, me and the crickets here...

      Kinda demonstrates my point.

    • You guys have always done a great job, by American standards, bringing Palestinian news to the American readers. Thank you earnestly for that.

      But you're losing wider readership and supporters because the news you're reporting can be got elsewhere and for free; and you've also willingly neglected the needs of your blogging community - a community that was a huge attraction to the random reader for it's steely and well-honed debating skills. Mondoweiss was exceptional and utterly unique in that sense.

      Mondoweiss sprung into the spotlight initially for two reasons:
      1- Phil Weiss confessional writing and his choice of independent writers, both jewish and non-jewish.
      2- The eclectic, dynamic and sanguine bloggers who frequented MW's threads and added inimitable waves of wit and wisdom to the Mondoweiss experience.

      Now what you have - for the most part - are severely jew-centric articles that are of more interest to jewish readers than to anyone else. And hardly any articles by Palestinians themselves or other internationals appear in MW now to break the fishbowl perspective - like they used to before.

      And you've severely neglected the needs of your blogging community, especially of late - seeing so very many brilliant bloggers abandon the sight for its lack of respect for blogger's time (endless waiting in moderation), and lack of valuing their seasoned perspectives on the israel/Palestine crisis (decreasing freedoms of speech).

      All for what? For a fancier typface? Cuz that's all you're gonna be left with unless you change course again.

      My question to MW editors is this: why would serious bloggers donate money to a site that doesn't respect or cater to their needs?

      You give thanks to the many wonderful writers and random readers of MW but never give thanks to your blogging community - the very people who've invested hundreds of thousands of hours combined over the years to help propel MW to a recognized stage.

      Mondoweiss began as a vision and now that vision is wearing an eye-patch.

      Nobody is sadder than me to see this unfold.

  • Obama took on the Cuba lobby-- when will he take on the Israel lobby?
    • The Real Barack Obama is Standing Up:
      link to

    • Marnie,

      I consider one of the reasons behind the European Court striking Hamas off its terrorist list as a wily maneuver to block any claimed 'legitimacy' for israel to strike at "terrorist" Hamas in Gaza in the near future. I'll go further than that by saying that gathered intelligence by the EU and USA indicated that israel was readying to strike at Gaza again by no later than February 2015 - what with israeli elections announced for April and all that - and with the fact the israeli voters are fond of electing leaders who spill Arab blood the most. Sadistic Israel has plans to strike at Gaza during the height of winter, just so that Palestinians can feel the wrath of both israel and nature.

      The EU, always bearing the financial brunt of israeli assaults on Gaza, is no longer prepared to keep spending billions on fixing up and rebuilding over years what israel keeps illegally destroying in mere days. So it serves the EU in a financial way, not just in a human rights way, to stop israel from willy-nilly striking at Gaza and claiming the presence of "terrorist" Hamas as an excuse.

    • The world, including the architects of American Empire, are sick of the ball-and-chain that is israel. This week, for the first time, the world bombarded israel with several successful diplomatic strikes - even shockingly allowing the European Court to remove Hamas from its terrorist list. I don't define the timing of all these strikes this week as coincidental in the slightest. With Hamas' removal from the EU's terrorist list, America and Europe have clearly signaled to israel that they have reached their limit with israel's ongoing international-scaled crimes and they're now willing to play harball. Yes, admittedly, they softened one blow by allowing the European Parliament, by a close vote, to reject the recognition of a Palestinian state, but to nevertheless recognize it "in principle" - they now have that "in principle" recognition IN WRITING - very easy now for the EP to bureaucratically recognize Palestine at the next Palestine session. The western powers gave israel here a final and fair warning. The world is saying: without a 2SS, there will be blatant Apartheid: an intolerable state that the world will NOT befriend and allow to prosper.

      The "two year window" in the French proposal matches Obama's remaining 'two years' in office. World leaders know they cannot anymore, at election time, ignore their own domestic outcries against israel and defend hefty aid packages to israel without appearing to be in support of Apartheid - a position that would threaten the success of their domestic candidacy. For western politicians, it is just as vilifying and ruinous to be associated with supporting Apartheid as it is with being an antisemite. Any politician worth their salt will avoid these two labels attached to their name at any cost.

      America and Europe, behind the scenes, are lining up their ducks to impose a solution on both the Palestinians and israelis. No one can stop this drive now. And they have plenty of time to set it up institutionally, legally and policy-wise. They have plenty of time to prepare their public through government PR and media - the imposing of a 2SS can easily be explained as the world saving israel from itself.

      "The Status Quo is Unsustainable" - and the zero hour is fast approaching.

      And no matter aipac's powers and monies and all that - the giant stride to avoid an all out 'holy war' in the holy lands, promoted by continuing israeli settlement activity, trumps any shrieking lobbyist and their zionist billionaire paymaster.

      Whether israel will accept an imposed solution or go to war with the whole world (a war they would surely lose), is yet to be seen. These are the only two choices left for israel: cooperate on a 2SS based on the '67 border, or be globally ostracized to breaking point.

      It would be most ironic for a people who survived an imposed holocaust to commit mass suicide over their attachment to a failed ideology practiced by a failed state.

      No wiggle room left for israel on this issue - no more peace charades - no more buying of time to create more 'realities on the ground'. Finish - finito - the end of all that! This week the western world took a step or two in a long-overdue new direction - and there is certainly no going back.

      I predict that aid to israel will be a controversial issue during this coming 2016 elections, and by 2020 elections, American voters will loudly demand aid be stopped to the only Apartheid state in the word - and the politicians will be forced to finally take notice.

      So, adding the numbers, israel and aipac have some 10 years before internal collapse and utter cultural, political, economic and diplomatic ruin.

    • The Cuban Lobby is Aipac's best friend - tight as Dick's hatband, they are. They share the same love of spite, vindictiveness and gangsterism. In fact, some Miami Cubans are even more zionists than Theodore Herzl himself! I should know: I've met and spoken and argued with a few of them in my travels.

      Obama lifting the embargo is also a subtle but clear message to aipac: 'I've kicked your best friend in the head and I can kick yours in too', (by not using vetoes and other political chess moves, for instance). 'I can do alotta damage in two years so don't push it!', he's saying to his vicious detractors.

      Oh yeah, you'd better believe Obama is seething with controlled rage at aipac and at everything isreal - not just at Netanyahu and his cabinet, but at EVERYTHING israel. They all positively disgust him to the core as a president and as a black human being. He's endured six long years of their racism, sabotage and public humiliation. Zionism and zionists have just about ruined everything for Obama's historic presidency and he's had to bite his lip blue about it for all this time. Post mid-term elections now, when there's so little to lose, he's un-biting his lip some and sticking his tongue right out at them.

    • I see israel eventually becoming our new 'Cuba' - if it lasts that long.

  • 'You don't want us to breathe!': Video captures everyday frustration of life under occupation in East Jerusalem
    • It would be interesting to look at mw traffic stats to see if less commentary activity has any impact on site traffic.

      My guess is that a dynamic commentary section can only add to site traffic. And if this is the case, then why do the 'decision makers', if their main aim is to 'reach as many readers', show such clear disregard to the commentators' basic needs?

      You don't have to answer this, annie - I'm just putting it out there for the 'decision makers' because it doesn't make sense to undercut the commentary section if indeed it's bringing in extra site traffic.

    • Walid,

      You're too modest my friend. Your contributions are always of immense value and indeed most "excellent".

      Personally, I initially actually liked the design - on face value - but in practice I found it tedious and confusing to navigate the site with ease and speed. I quickly found that all that extra wide white space as well as the choice and size of font was interfering with my focus after only a couple of minutes. For sure this latest design is the least blogger-friendly that MW has ever had. Perhaps you're right here to call it a regular 'magazine' and not a pioneering blog. The spirit of Phil's initial vision has certainly been replaced with a staid corpo look and direction.

    • Thanks for the clarification, annie. Still, it's within their power to reinstate it by popular demand and they haven't - yet. I think this oversight/neglect is detrimental to the 'dynamic' reputation of MW - as evidenced by the departure of many extraordinary commentators who collectively lit up MW with serious wattage and distinguished it from the rest of the I/P media pack.

    • Hi annie, you little braveling! I've written to Phil about the edit function a couple of times but got no response. I mean why would a ten-minute edit function bother them so much that they'd remove it? I'd love to know the reason. The current design sure whacked off a heckalotta excellent contributors - to mw's detriment, I fear.

    • Hey Just! Hey bintbiba! Hey everybody! (No not you mister and missus zionist!!)

      I've been waiting for Adam and Phil to reinstall the 'edit' function and put away the duct tape.

      Till that happens, I'm around only in snippets and once every blue moon. Me still fighting the cause in other places here and there, but me never forgetting my cute buddies-in-arms here on MW. Big fat yankee howdee to y'all!

    • Honk if you love Apartheid.

      ... And a great honking cacophony erupts in israel.

  • Kahanists attack school after synagogue killings
  • This is not yet an intifada, Palestinians say
    • Lol Mooser, that's some funny dewflap shit!

    • Just,

      Your meet-and-greet is perpetually splendid.

    • Zionist israelis are utterly shielded from the brutal realities of their occupation of the suffering Palestinians - shielded by government, by media, by school and synagogue propaganda; and shielded by their own self-inflicted pathological denialism. This attack sends a clear message: the bubble-shield is now burst: the occupied in Jerusalem, after almost five decades of being under a brutal and humiliating occupation, will no more be passive and will randomly seek out the occupiers wherever they may be. This is now the reality/facts on the ground that must be understood - this is now the zeitgeist of Jerusalem . You wanna be an occupier there, then be ready to be attacked by the occupied. If Palestinian muslims and Palestinian christians are having to live in constant terror in Jerusalem, then so will the UK and USA jewish occupiers live there in terror too.

      Occupation has severe, if not fatal consequences - live with that mister and missus occupier and stop whining. This is (slo-mo) WAR for Pete's sakes and will continue escalating incrementally - so if you don't like living in a foreign war zone, if that stresses you out, then just go back home already. I personally do not feel sorry for a man who dies trying to steal another man's land.

      And this whole thing that it is a more 'barbaric' crime because it took place in a place of worship is completely intellectually bankrupt. Why is that worse than people getting killed in a beautiful forest: a gigantic place of 'worship': or in one's own blissful bed: holiest and most desirable of holy places? Abraham was not 'jewish' - Abraham was just Abraham and he was a pagan Arab who squeezed all the pagan gods into one - and we're supposed to be impressed by this in the 21st century? We’re supposed to treat his followers, despite their hate speech, avarice and theft, as holy victims? Please, enough of this undue over-sensitivity to ‘places of worship’. Just because you’re in a place of worship most certainly does not mean you’re a good person.

      By this inane logic that says it is more 'barbaric' to kill worshipers in a place of worship, we should all then feel exceptionally bereaved for all the Da'ish and ISIS effers who were decapitated and dismembered when bombed while praying in mosques.

  • Sh*tstirring Jeffrey Goldberg dumps diplomatic sh*tstorm with 'chickensh*t' quote
    • If chickshit israel premtively attacks Iran, the whole of the mideast will rise up in a regional war. And if we Americans are forced by the traitors in congress to pick up the bill and spill our blood in defence of israel, this will undoubtadly lead to a world war with the use of nukes.

      So the question here for Americans is: are we nuts to vote in slaves of aipac who want to kill millions of innocents just to save their desk jobs?

  • B'Tselem video: Israeli soldiers blindfold and detain 11 year old disabled child
  • 'Settlement endorsement should be put on a par with racism, sexism, homophobia and anti-Semitism' --British pol
  • British Parliament sends a message to Obama: the people see Israel as a 'bully'
  • Champaign-Urbana holds Rosh Hashanah service for Professor Salaita
    • Then came along jesus of nazareth and the worship thing took a spiky turn. Inwards.

    • Does anybody remember the names of the subsidiary Gods the ancient “Israelites” worshiped?

      The Golden Calf is quite a memorable god of the ancient israelites.

    • So much paganism in judaism. I mean really: casting of pebbles and bread blah blah?

      You want 'sins' forgiven? GO EFFING DO SOME ACTUAL GOOD in the world instead of this pretend ritual stuff!

      Nothing against the champaign kids but this is a ridiculous gesture - rooted in sheer superstition and is utterly ineffective on a practical level.

  • Hamas is just as bad as ISIS and worse than Boko Haram -- Israeli government propaganda
  • US Congressman Danny Davis calls for lifting the blockade of Gaza
    • The Chicago Sun is abhorrently zionistic - man I've read so much racist stuff against the Palestinians there! Why bother publishing it there? The readers/commentators are rabid zionists and NOT open to any acts of justice or random kindness to ANYTHING Palestinian. I don't therefore think that this letter will 'change minds and hearts'.

      But I do applaud congressman Davis for his humanitarianism and his patriotism. And I also agree with American above: send money DIRECTLY to politician who do right, not some organization that they may belong to.

  • Israeli military demolishes West Bank dairy factory benefitting orphans despite court appeal
    • bryan,

      What Kay thinks is how the majority of the world thinks of israel. It's israelis who are voting for their Aparthied institutions, not kay. They are fully responsible for the loathing they receive.

      And no: the israelis are not "a light onto the world" - they never were and they never will be.

      They are, collectively speaking, a disgustingly racist nation and proud of it.

    • taking milk away from orphans.

      Yeah by bombing the crap outta the cow.

  • The best U.S. 'strategy' to combat ISIS? Stop supporting religious states
    • Walid,

      The gathering and training of the takfiris actually started in 2006 shortly after the Hizb's victory over the israelis - with Al Nusra specifically trained to fight the Hizb. The world's zioconery thought it best that suni jihadists fight the mighty hizb as clearly israel couldn't defeat them.

    • So funny you should post this vid, annie. My Syrian gardener had seen this video a few weeks ago and he shared it with me for a laugh - I mean he stood there in the garden and verbally described the video to me and recommended that I go watch it on youtube, which I never did at the time cuz, well, my gardener is a great guy but he's not very good at telling jokes so I didn't really get it at the time :-) ... And here it is: turning up on MW - LOL! Now THAT'S funny!!

      Also, it seems that the ice-bucket challenge has morphed into all sorts of wild ideas:

      link to

    • Please don't call them ISIS, Isis is a lovely girl's name. And just as importantly, NO ONE in the middle east calls them that - they're known in the middle east as 'Da-ish'. They are neither patriotic towards their country of origin, nor are they islamic by any normal measure.

      How to stop Da-ish, Al Nusra, etc? Get the following countries to stop financially supporting them and militarily training them: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, England,France, israel and the USA - all guilty of.

      Otherwise, once Da'ish and their paymasters have failed at the dastardly plan of 'regime changes' across the Levant, the armed psycho mercenaries are gonna come knocking hard on our doors.

      Yeah, a 9/11 redux.

      And in case you're wondering who benefits the most from Da'ish and Al Nusra? Yeah, you guessed it: israel. And who loses the most, excluding the dead and their bereaved families, well, we do - America loses the most.

      Da'ish and Al Nusra were armed and trained and sent out to murder the Arab Spring in its infancy - sent out to stop the Arab masses from taking to the streets in every Arab city to demand democracy. Well they've succeeded so far in slaughtering the Arab Spring, but the Arab dream of democracy, universal rights and equality is not dead yet - and I don't think it could die by hook or by crook.

      I mean the nerve of Obama et all telling us that Da'ish must be stopped when by moonlight him and his 'moderate' friends are arming and training Da'ish to the eyeballs! Is there a name for this criminal sickness?!

      Nobel peace prize, Mr. Obama? My ass!

  • Israel has three years to end the occupation -- Abbas
    • Nice bit of israeli propaganda you're referencing there, bilal.

      Every now and then the zionist pull out the old 'Palestine is Sinai' malarkey. Why on earth would Egypt do this? What does it get out of it? LOL! If you wanna see another revolution break out on the streets of Egypt, just you be the leader who gives a chunk of Egypt away. No-siree, there never ever was such an 'offer', nor will there ever be.

      Yeah, well... bilal badly wants to believe, I guess.

      Here's a link to hundreds of articles on this latest hasbara "fabrication":
      link to

      Now reverse the dastardly rumor and start saying that Egypt has offered the Sinai to israel if it would give historic Palestine back to the Palestinians but israel stupidly refused the stellar offer of the century. I mean, if israel thinks the Sinai is such a good deal, why doesn't it take it itself? It's approx 3 times larger than the holy land...... Except.... It's all arid desert. Well, I say since the israelis keep bragging about how they're so good at 'making the desert bloom', absolutely, give them Sinai - absof*ckinglutely give the desert to isreal!

      And let Palestine be Palestine in peace.

  • Israel's right wing Zionists, Palestine's militant resistance are political winners after Gaza slaughter
    • There's a lot of internet chatter about how the journalists' beheading videos are fake. I haven't seen the videos myself but apparently both videos of the US journo beheadings are not shot in one continuous shot, but are cut and edited - that you never actually see the 'act' of beheading itself. The second beheading, that of Mr. slatoff - apparently he's an American-israeli dual citizen, using his American passport in Syria. Hmmmmm.

  • Countdown to the next round in Gaza
  • The Palestinian message to Israel: Deal with us justly. Or disappear
    • Walid,

      For signing Oslo, Arafat was promised a 'safe' return to Ramallah to rule Palestine from. How attractive is that for an exiled freedom fighter dreaming of recognized statesmanship? Plenty, I'd say. Oslo was personal for Arafat, very personal. At that time too, nineteen years ago, the Oslo signing appeared to provide huge positive symbolism and hope for the millions of Palestinian refugees scattered in the diaspora and yearning to return to their homeland. You could say for all it's poison apples, the Oslo basket ironically had these two arsenic-free crabapples for Palestine to relish .

      Unfortunately, it was the Palestinian resistance, the Mokawamah, that ultimately paid the price for this romanticism - being sidelined by the Ramallah decision-makers and practically the whole world too till..... well, till some fifty six days ago when the Mokawamah, for the first time ever, started launching unstoppable streams of rockets not just at illegal settlments, but at tel aviv, at Ben Gurion airport and even at the Dimona Nuclear Plant. This has changed everything. Everything. Things will never be the same again. Not for israelis - and especially not for the Mokawamah.

      Now the Mokawamah is the apple of Palestine's eye.

      Now Palestinians know for sure that the price of true freedom is paid in blood. They have learned that, unfortunately, with a genocidal, hateful and hated enemy like israel, only armed resistance and the gamble of death will bring about any notable changes. This is what the Mukawamah in Gaza taught the Palestinian collective - and the Palestinian people have understood this clearly - and undertood it like never before.

      There will never again be an Oslo-esque accord signed by a Palestinian hand - ever again.

  • Ceasefire deal after weeks of fighting in Gaza promises easing of blockade
    • Funny thing though, Shingo, them back-stabbing Egyptians are the ones who ultimately made happen the deal that the Palestinian Resistance wanted.

      When the israeli negotiators first went to Cairo to 'negotiate', they refused to agree to lifting the Gaza siege and insisted that it is Egypt's place to open the Rafah border for relief instead; but the Egyptian team wouldn't have any of it, telling the israelis that they would not permit them to conflate the israeli siege of Gaza with the Rafah Crossing closure.

      Had Egypt not taken such a strong and unflinching stand regarding this particular point, israel would have not been made to face reality and thereby submit to the (rightful) demands of the Palestinian Resistance.

      On Almadeen TV, I have heard nothing for two days but lofty praise for Egypt from Palestinian representatives, both in the military and in the political arenas.

    • Two "Hannibal" cases are currently being studied by Palestinian international lawyers to determine if they fit the definition of a war crime:
      link to

    • Oldgeezer,

      "Hamas are so far from being good. "

      Why do you say that? What do you think they've done that is no "good"?

      It's not a confrontational question, I'm just interested in why people repeat this zionist meme.

      There are some 16 different resistance groups operating out of Gaza. All of them participated in confronting the idf. All of them are seen by their own people as their ONLY reliable protectors and defenders. ALL of them are referred to by Palestinians as the 'Mukawama'. Mukawama is Arabic for The Resistance.

    • Gene,

      How the heck is israel gonna stop the Palestinian resistance from re-arming? LOL do tell! The dumb israeli military STILL have ZERO intelligence on the resistance's arms depos and factories inside the tiny area of Gaza - the israelis didn't even know that tunnels under israel existed for eff's sakes!

      It appears to me that you're the one whose sense of "reality" has been "compromised" by too much zio media brainwashing. Think man, think! What can the idf do to the resistance except massacre its unarmed women and children - which is highly counter-productive and ineffective, as Protective Hedge just proved?! All the barbaric violence meted out by isreal is resulting in more world sympathy for Palestinians and more israeali crimes against humanity to be faced soon at the Hague.

      You've been snookered high and dry - face it.

      Recognize that the Palestinian resistance has won Protective Edge's STRATEGIC battle. Netanyahu did, was forced to - so eventually, hopefully, you and others will too.

    • Kay,

      Why the heck would anyone listen to Beinert when they can get it from the horse's mouth, ie hamas or islamic jihad spokespeople? And what they're saying is the following (translated): "Netanyahu has agreed to lift the siege in stages, the details will be worked out in the coming month - the price of failure to comply for israel is more resistance, more rockets".

      Looks to me that israel has no other choice but to either lift the blockade and live in a state of cold war with Gaza. Or israel can expand the conflict to include hizbollah and the Golan resistance simultaneously. All options include rocket/missile fire hitting tel aviv. Why else do you think Netanyahu UNILATERALLY and without consulting his cabinet agreed to lift the seige? He knows israel will not succeed in it's military mission to achieve any of its military 'objectives' under Protective Edge, or Protective Hedge as I like to call it. The main problem here is the zionists' delusion of power - which is actually their problem and not ours - watch that delusion disintegrate something ugly in the next couple of months. Netanyahu is a step ahead of them in realism as he was forced by 'facts on the ground' to step out of the delusion of grandeur zone and do the only thing that would stop the rockets falling on illegal settlements and on tel aviv: agree to lift the seige - which is also costing israel hugely in PR currency.

      Whoever fails to see that israel's loss of deterrence marks a brand new chapter in the liberation of Palestine is buying too much tepid msm/Beinhert POV - or is suffering from acute and blinding cynicism.

      The Palestinains haven't won the war yet, but the israelis sure as heck have lost this battle round - for reasons that Walid above has listed - and THAT is a victory for Palestine.

      The people of Gaza have endured a 50 day violent attack on them and survived, nay emerged from the rubble with even more determination to achieve their freedom. 28 days out of those 50 days, Gazans were fasting while their nerves rattled - they endured under this immense hardship that few of us here can even imagine. The least that people who claim to support Palestinian liberation can do is cheer on their resilient spirits and achievements.

      It's a brand new equation for Palestine today, people - get in the zone already and stop moaning about israel breaking promises and deals - there are serious punitive measures that the Palestinian resistance can now take if/when israel reneges on deals from here on - and the resistance's rockets can only get bigger and deadlier. These are facts that from here on need to be included when configuring any analysis.

      C'mon now give three cheers for Palestine!

    • They have a month to discuss the 'details' for lifting the siege - but a lifting of the siege will take place - the current agreement specifies this - and if israel reneges down the line, then.... well... here comes another rocket or two and here comes the sirens in tel aviv!

      The Palestinian Resistance is celebrating because they have finally got themselves a deterrent against israel's capricious, violent paroxysms . No more political assassinations by israel, no more mass arrests, no more limited 'strikes' on Gaza etc. Them stinking old days are over! From here on, israel will have to think twice before spilling Palestinian blood in Gaza, in the West Bank or in East Jerusalem.

      Bravo Palestine! With barbaric enemies like israel, armed resistance is the ultimate weapon that gets you results. Just ask the Lebanese.

      But what I'm really chuffed about though is the fact that the idf has now lost even more prestige with their military failure in Gaza (they lost prestige when they couldn't defeat hizbollah back in 2006). Yeah that the 'mighty' idf couldn't even take over a small piece of land like Gaza must be the cause of much jolly sniggering around the mess-halls of the world.

      Hey a big fat bravo again Palestine! Salutes and salutations to all Palestine supporters too.

  • Our new look
  • Bardem and Cruz don't speak English well enough to understand 'genocide' -- Saban
    • Yikes! Yeah that's her alright. The desperate-for-youth hairdo says it all.

      You'd know her name if you lived in LA and knew a buncha film eggheads like I do.

      Point is: this must be the suckiest celeb list ever!

      Sign of the times.

    • Let it be known that the geriatric action superstar Sylvester Stallone and his bff the lascivious and seedy Arnold Swartznigger are both staring in the franchise action flick 'The Expendables' - which is distributed by the notably uncharismatic Jon Feltheimer, CEO at LionsGate - his name noted on the list of signatures in support of israeli war crimes and infanticide in Gaza - big zionist maker and shaker.

      So we can plausibly say that the action boy-bimbos , Sylverster and Arnold, put their names on the list cuz their boss Feltheimer asked them to and they couldn't say no cuz 'The Expendables' franchise is their last open gig in Hollywood and they need to curry favor with their zionist Hollywood 'boss'.

      Needless to say, the fact that the dimming, wrinkled stars of Stallone and Shwartznigger are the biggest names on that list is a sign of the diminishing reputation of Netanyahu's israel in the eyes of Hollywood proper. They may still love israel, but they sure ain't supporting the current right-wing infanticidal israeli government.

      Hey... what I wanna say about mister Saban won't get past moderation so I'll leave it at that. (Like you need to know 'good English' to recognize genocide or infanticide!)

      It's appalling: the poster that the ADL is using is disgustingly racist and I hope good Americans see through the utter prejudice and incendiary hatefulness of it. It is doubly disgusting that such a scary ogre-esque looking warmonger like dame Golda would say it too - yikes!. Man, that Golda sure is the ugliest politician in the history of mankind! Ugly on the outside, ugly war criminal on the inside!

      And regarding the so-called "most powerful woman in Hollywood", Amy Pascal (her signature is on the list), well I've met the sweaty-handed dudette (at a friend's wedding) and I used to hang with one of her assistants so I can tell you all about her personal dysfunctionalities and obsessions with liposuction and facelifts and breast augmentation, but I won't. That would just be way too catty now, won't it?

  • Rolling in underground tunnels

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