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  • Invest in thorough, accurate news to build a fair future for Israel/Palestine
    • You guys have always done a great job, by American standards, bringing Palestinian news to the American readers. Thank you earnestly for that.

      But you're losing wider readership and supporters because the news you're reporting can be got elsewhere and for free; and you've also willingly neglected the needs of your blogging community - a community that was a huge attraction to the random reader for it's steely and well-honed debating skills. Mondoweiss was exceptional and utterly unique in that sense.

      Mondoweiss sprung into the spotlight initially for two reasons:
      1- Phil Weiss confessional writing and his choice of independent writers, both jewish and non-jewish.
      2- The eclectic, dynamic and sanguine bloggers who frequented MW's threads and added inimitable waves of wit and wisdom to the Mondoweiss experience.

      Now what you have - for the most part - are severely jew-centric articles that are of more interest to jewish readers than to anyone else. And hardly any articles by Palestinians themselves or other internationals appear in MW now to break the fishbowl perspective - like they used to before.

      And you've severely neglected the needs of your blogging community, especially of late - seeing so very many brilliant bloggers abandon the sight for its lack of respect for blogger's time (endless waiting in moderation), and lack of valuing their seasoned perspectives on the israel/Palestine crisis (decreasing freedoms of speech).

      All for what? For a fancier typface? Cuz that's all you're gonna be left with unless you change course again.

      My question to MW editors is this: why would serious bloggers donate money to a site that doesn't respect or cater to their needs?

      You give thanks to the many wonderful writers and random readers of MW but never give thanks to your blogging community - the very people who've invested hundreds of thousands of hours combined over the years to help propel MW to a recognized stage.

      Mondoweiss began as a vision and now that vision is wearing an eye-patch.

      Nobody is sadder than me to see this unfold.

  • 'You don't want us to breathe!': Video captures everyday frustration of life under occupation in East Jerusalem
    • It would be interesting to look at mw traffic stats to see if less commentary activity has any impact on site traffic.

      My guess is that a dynamic commentary section can only add to site traffic. And if this is the case, then why do the 'decision makers', if their main aim is to 'reach as many readers', show such clear disregard to the commentators' basic needs?

      You don't have to answer this, annie - I'm just putting it out there for the 'decision makers' because it doesn't make sense to undercut the commentary section if indeed it's bringing in extra site traffic.

    • Walid,

      You're too modest my friend. Your contributions are always of immense value and indeed most "excellent".

      Personally, I initially actually liked the design - on face value - but in practice I found it tedious and confusing to navigate the site with ease and speed. I quickly found that all that extra wide white space as well as the choice and size of font was interfering with my focus after only a couple of minutes. For sure this latest design is the least blogger-friendly that MW has ever had. Perhaps you're right here to call it a regular 'magazine' and not a pioneering blog. The spirit of Phil's initial vision has certainly been replaced with a staid corpo look and direction.

    • Thanks for the clarification, annie. Still, it's within their power to reinstate it by popular demand and they haven't - yet. I think this oversight/neglect is detrimental to the 'dynamic' reputation of MW - as evidenced by the departure of many extraordinary commentators who collectively lit up MW with serious wattage and distinguished it from the rest of the I/P media pack.

    • Hi annie, you little braveling! I've written to Phil about the edit function a couple of times but got no response. I mean why would a ten-minute edit function bother them so much that they'd remove it? I'd love to know the reason. The current design sure whacked off a heckalotta excellent contributors - to mw's detriment, I fear.

    • Hey Just! Hey bintbiba! Hey everybody! (No not you mister and missus zionist!!)

      I've been waiting for Adam and Phil to reinstall the 'edit' function and put away the duct tape.

      Till that happens, I'm around only in snippets and once every blue moon. Me still fighting the cause in other places here and there, but me never forgetting my cute buddies-in-arms here on MW. Big fat yankee howdee to y'all!

    • Honk if you love Apartheid.

      ... And a great honking cacophony erupts in israel.

  • Kahanists attack school after synagogue killings
  • This is not yet an intifada, Palestinians say
    • Lol Mooser, that's some funny dewflap shit!

    • Just,

      Your meet-and-greet is perpetually splendid.

    • Zionist israelis are utterly shielded from the brutal realities of their occupation of the suffering Palestinians - shielded by government, by media, by school and synagogue propaganda; and shielded by their own self-inflicted pathological denialism. This attack sends a clear message: the bubble-shield is now burst: the occupied in Jerusalem, after almost five decades of being under a brutal and humiliating occupation, will no more be passive and will randomly seek out the occupiers wherever they may be. This is now the reality/facts on the ground that must be understood - this is now the zeitgeist of Jerusalem . You wanna be an occupier there, then be ready to be attacked by the occupied. If Palestinian muslims and Palestinian christians are having to live in constant terror in Jerusalem, then so will the UK and USA jewish occupiers live there in terror too.

      Occupation has severe, if not fatal consequences - live with that mister and missus occupier and stop whining. This is (slo-mo) WAR for Pete's sakes and will continue escalating incrementally - so if you don't like living in a foreign war zone, if that stresses you out, then just go back home already. I personally do not feel sorry for a man who dies trying to steal another man's land.

      And this whole thing that it is a more 'barbaric' crime because it took place in a place of worship is completely intellectually bankrupt. Why is that worse than people getting killed in a beautiful forest: a gigantic place of 'worship': or in one's own blissful bed: holiest and most desirable of holy places? Abraham was not 'jewish' - Abraham was just Abraham and he was a pagan Arab who squeezed all the pagan gods into one - and we're supposed to be impressed by this in the 21st century? We’re supposed to treat his followers, despite their hate speech, avarice and theft, as holy victims? Please, enough of this undue over-sensitivity to ‘places of worship’. Just because you’re in a place of worship most certainly does not mean you’re a good person.

      By this inane logic that says it is more 'barbaric' to kill worshipers in a place of worship, we should all then feel exceptionally bereaved for all the Da'ish and ISIS effers who were decapitated and dismembered when bombed while praying in mosques.

  • Sh*tstirring Jeffrey Goldberg dumps diplomatic sh*tstorm with 'chickensh*t' quote
    • If chickshit israel premtively attacks Iran, the whole of the mideast will rise up in a regional war. And if we Americans are forced by the traitors in congress to pick up the bill and spill our blood in defence of israel, this will undoubtadly lead to a world war with the use of nukes.

      So the question here for Americans is: are we nuts to vote in slaves of aipac who want to kill millions of innocents just to save their desk jobs?

  • B'Tselem video: Israeli soldiers blindfold and detain 11 year old disabled child
  • 'Settlement endorsement should be put on a par with racism, sexism, homophobia and anti-Semitism' --British pol
  • British Parliament sends a message to Obama: the people see Israel as a 'bully'
  • Champaign-Urbana holds Rosh Hashanah service for Professor Salaita
    • Then came along jesus of nazareth and the worship thing took a spiky turn. Inwards.

    • Does anybody remember the names of the subsidiary Gods the ancient “Israelites” worshiped?

      The Golden Calf is quite a memorable god of the ancient israelites.

    • So much paganism in judaism. I mean really: casting of pebbles and bread blah blah?

      You want 'sins' forgiven? GO EFFING DO SOME ACTUAL GOOD in the world instead of this pretend ritual stuff!

      Nothing against the champaign kids but this is a ridiculous gesture - rooted in sheer superstition and is utterly ineffective on a practical level.

  • Hamas is just as bad as ISIS and worse than Boko Haram -- Israeli government propaganda
  • US Congressman Danny Davis calls for lifting the blockade of Gaza
    • The Chicago Sun is abhorrently zionistic - man I've read so much racist stuff against the Palestinians there! Why bother publishing it there? The readers/commentators are rabid zionists and NOT open to any acts of justice or random kindness to ANYTHING Palestinian. I don't therefore think that this letter will 'change minds and hearts'.

      But I do applaud congressman Davis for his humanitarianism and his patriotism. And I also agree with American above: send money DIRECTLY to politician who do right, not some organization that they may belong to.

  • Israeli military demolishes West Bank dairy factory benefitting orphans despite court appeal
    • bryan,

      What Kay thinks is how the majority of the world thinks of israel. It's israelis who are voting for their Aparthied institutions, not kay. They are fully responsible for the loathing they receive.

      And no: the israelis are not "a light onto the world" - they never were and they never will be.

      They are, collectively speaking, a disgustingly racist nation and proud of it.

    • taking milk away from orphans.

      Yeah by bombing the crap outta the cow.

  • The best U.S. 'strategy' to combat ISIS? Stop supporting religious states
    • Walid,

      The gathering and training of the takfiris actually started in 2006 shortly after the Hizb's victory over the israelis - with Al Nusra specifically trained to fight the Hizb. The world's zioconery thought it best that suni jihadists fight the mighty hizb as clearly israel couldn't defeat them.

    • So funny you should post this vid, annie. My Syrian gardener had seen this video a few weeks ago and he shared it with me for a laugh - I mean he stood there in the garden and verbally described the video to me and recommended that I go watch it on youtube, which I never did at the time cuz, well, my gardener is a great guy but he's not very good at telling jokes so I didn't really get it at the time :-) ... And here it is: turning up on MW - LOL! Now THAT'S funny!!

      Also, it seems that the ice-bucket challenge has morphed into all sorts of wild ideas:

      link to

    • Please don't call them ISIS, Isis is a lovely girl's name. And just as importantly, NO ONE in the middle east calls them that - they're known in the middle east as 'Da-ish'. They are neither patriotic towards their country of origin, nor are they islamic by any normal measure.

      How to stop Da-ish, Al Nusra, etc? Get the following countries to stop financially supporting them and militarily training them: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, England,France, israel and the USA - all guilty of.

      Otherwise, once Da'ish and their paymasters have failed at the dastardly plan of 'regime changes' across the Levant, the armed psycho mercenaries are gonna come knocking hard on our doors.

      Yeah, a 9/11 redux.

      And in case you're wondering who benefits the most from Da'ish and Al Nusra? Yeah, you guessed it: israel. And who loses the most, excluding the dead and their bereaved families, well, we do - America loses the most.

      Da'ish and Al Nusra were armed and trained and sent out to murder the Arab Spring in its infancy - sent out to stop the Arab masses from taking to the streets in every Arab city to demand democracy. Well they've succeeded so far in slaughtering the Arab Spring, but the Arab dream of democracy, universal rights and equality is not dead yet - and I don't think it could die by hook or by crook.

      I mean the nerve of Obama et all telling us that Da'ish must be stopped when by moonlight him and his 'moderate' friends are arming and training Da'ish to the eyeballs! Is there a name for this criminal sickness?!

      Nobel peace prize, Mr. Obama? My ass!

  • Israel has three years to end the occupation -- Abbas
    • Nice bit of israeli propaganda you're referencing there, bilal.

      Every now and then the zionist pull out the old 'Palestine is Sinai' malarkey. Why on earth would Egypt do this? What does it get out of it? LOL! If you wanna see another revolution break out on the streets of Egypt, just you be the leader who gives a chunk of Egypt away. No-siree, there never ever was such an 'offer', nor will there ever be.

      Yeah, well... bilal badly wants to believe, I guess.

      Here's a link to hundreds of articles on this latest hasbara "fabrication":
      link to

      Now reverse the dastardly rumor and start saying that Egypt has offered the Sinai to israel if it would give historic Palestine back to the Palestinians but israel stupidly refused the stellar offer of the century. I mean, if israel thinks the Sinai is such a good deal, why doesn't it take it itself? It's approx 3 times larger than the holy land...... Except.... It's all arid desert. Well, I say since the israelis keep bragging about how they're so good at 'making the desert bloom', absolutely, give them Sinai - absof*ckinglutely give the desert to isreal!

      And let Palestine be Palestine in peace.

  • Israel's right wing Zionists, Palestine's militant resistance are political winners after Gaza slaughter
    • There's a lot of internet chatter about how the journalists' beheading videos are fake. I haven't seen the videos myself but apparently both videos of the US journo beheadings are not shot in one continuous shot, but are cut and edited - that you never actually see the 'act' of beheading itself. The second beheading, that of Mr. slatoff - apparently he's an American-israeli dual citizen, using his American passport in Syria. Hmmmmm.

  • Countdown to the next round in Gaza
  • The Palestinian message to Israel: Deal with us justly. Or disappear
    • Walid,

      For signing Oslo, Arafat was promised a 'safe' return to Ramallah to rule Palestine from. How attractive is that for an exiled freedom fighter dreaming of recognized statesmanship? Plenty, I'd say. Oslo was personal for Arafat, very personal. At that time too, nineteen years ago, the Oslo signing appeared to provide huge positive symbolism and hope for the millions of Palestinian refugees scattered in the diaspora and yearning to return to their homeland. You could say for all it's poison apples, the Oslo basket ironically had these two arsenic-free crabapples for Palestine to relish .

      Unfortunately, it was the Palestinian resistance, the Mokawamah, that ultimately paid the price for this romanticism - being sidelined by the Ramallah decision-makers and practically the whole world too till..... well, till some fifty six days ago when the Mokawamah, for the first time ever, started launching unstoppable streams of rockets not just at illegal settlments, but at tel aviv, at Ben Gurion airport and even at the Dimona Nuclear Plant. This has changed everything. Everything. Things will never be the same again. Not for israelis - and especially not for the Mokawamah.

      Now the Mokawamah is the apple of Palestine's eye.

      Now Palestinians know for sure that the price of true freedom is paid in blood. They have learned that, unfortunately, with a genocidal, hateful and hated enemy like israel, only armed resistance and the gamble of death will bring about any notable changes. This is what the Mukawamah in Gaza taught the Palestinian collective - and the Palestinian people have understood this clearly - and undertood it like never before.

      There will never again be an Oslo-esque accord signed by a Palestinian hand - ever again.

  • Ceasefire deal after weeks of fighting in Gaza promises easing of blockade
    • Funny thing though, Shingo, them back-stabbing Egyptians are the ones who ultimately made happen the deal that the Palestinian Resistance wanted.

      When the israeli negotiators first went to Cairo to 'negotiate', they refused to agree to lifting the Gaza siege and insisted that it is Egypt's place to open the Rafah border for relief instead; but the Egyptian team wouldn't have any of it, telling the israelis that they would not permit them to conflate the israeli siege of Gaza with the Rafah Crossing closure.

      Had Egypt not taken such a strong and unflinching stand regarding this particular point, israel would have not been made to face reality and thereby submit to the (rightful) demands of the Palestinian Resistance.

      On Almadeen TV, I have heard nothing for two days but lofty praise for Egypt from Palestinian representatives, both in the military and in the political arenas.

    • Two "Hannibal" cases are currently being studied by Palestinian international lawyers to determine if they fit the definition of a war crime:
      link to

    • Oldgeezer,

      "Hamas are so far from being good. "

      Why do you say that? What do you think they've done that is no "good"?

      It's not a confrontational question, I'm just interested in why people repeat this zionist meme.

      There are some 16 different resistance groups operating out of Gaza. All of them participated in confronting the idf. All of them are seen by their own people as their ONLY reliable protectors and defenders. ALL of them are referred to by Palestinians as the 'Mukawama'. Mukawama is Arabic for The Resistance.

    • Gene,

      How the heck is israel gonna stop the Palestinian resistance from re-arming? LOL do tell! The dumb israeli military STILL have ZERO intelligence on the resistance's arms depos and factories inside the tiny area of Gaza - the israelis didn't even know that tunnels under israel existed for eff's sakes!

      It appears to me that you're the one whose sense of "reality" has been "compromised" by too much zio media brainwashing. Think man, think! What can the idf do to the resistance except massacre its unarmed women and children - which is highly counter-productive and ineffective, as Protective Hedge just proved?! All the barbaric violence meted out by isreal is resulting in more world sympathy for Palestinians and more israeali crimes against humanity to be faced soon at the Hague.

      You've been snookered high and dry - face it.

      Recognize that the Palestinian resistance has won Protective Edge's STRATEGIC battle. Netanyahu did, was forced to - so eventually, hopefully, you and others will too.

    • Kay,

      Why the heck would anyone listen to Beinert when they can get it from the horse's mouth, ie hamas or islamic jihad spokespeople? And what they're saying is the following (translated): "Netanyahu has agreed to lift the siege in stages, the details will be worked out in the coming month - the price of failure to comply for israel is more resistance, more rockets".

      Looks to me that israel has no other choice but to either lift the blockade and live in a state of cold war with Gaza. Or israel can expand the conflict to include hizbollah and the Golan resistance simultaneously. All options include rocket/missile fire hitting tel aviv. Why else do you think Netanyahu UNILATERALLY and without consulting his cabinet agreed to lift the seige? He knows israel will not succeed in it's military mission to achieve any of its military 'objectives' under Protective Edge, or Protective Hedge as I like to call it. The main problem here is the zionists' delusion of power - which is actually their problem and not ours - watch that delusion disintegrate something ugly in the next couple of months. Netanyahu is a step ahead of them in realism as he was forced by 'facts on the ground' to step out of the delusion of grandeur zone and do the only thing that would stop the rockets falling on illegal settlements and on tel aviv: agree to lift the seige - which is also costing israel hugely in PR currency.

      Whoever fails to see that israel's loss of deterrence marks a brand new chapter in the liberation of Palestine is buying too much tepid msm/Beinhert POV - or is suffering from acute and blinding cynicism.

      The Palestinains haven't won the war yet, but the israelis sure as heck have lost this battle round - for reasons that Walid above has listed - and THAT is a victory for Palestine.

      The people of Gaza have endured a 50 day violent attack on them and survived, nay emerged from the rubble with even more determination to achieve their freedom. 28 days out of those 50 days, Gazans were fasting while their nerves rattled - they endured under this immense hardship that few of us here can even imagine. The least that people who claim to support Palestinian liberation can do is cheer on their resilient spirits and achievements.

      It's a brand new equation for Palestine today, people - get in the zone already and stop moaning about israel breaking promises and deals - there are serious punitive measures that the Palestinian resistance can now take if/when israel reneges on deals from here on - and the resistance's rockets can only get bigger and deadlier. These are facts that from here on need to be included when configuring any analysis.

      C'mon now give three cheers for Palestine!

    • They have a month to discuss the 'details' for lifting the siege - but a lifting of the siege will take place - the current agreement specifies this - and if israel reneges down the line, then.... well... here comes another rocket or two and here comes the sirens in tel aviv!

      The Palestinian Resistance is celebrating because they have finally got themselves a deterrent against israel's capricious, violent paroxysms . No more political assassinations by israel, no more mass arrests, no more limited 'strikes' on Gaza etc. Them stinking old days are over! From here on, israel will have to think twice before spilling Palestinian blood in Gaza, in the West Bank or in East Jerusalem.

      Bravo Palestine! With barbaric enemies like israel, armed resistance is the ultimate weapon that gets you results. Just ask the Lebanese.

      But what I'm really chuffed about though is the fact that the idf has now lost even more prestige with their military failure in Gaza (they lost prestige when they couldn't defeat hizbollah back in 2006). Yeah that the 'mighty' idf couldn't even take over a small piece of land like Gaza must be the cause of much jolly sniggering around the mess-halls of the world.

      Hey a big fat bravo again Palestine! Salutes and salutations to all Palestine supporters too.

  • Our new look
  • Bardem and Cruz don't speak English well enough to understand 'genocide' -- Saban
    • Yikes! Yeah that's her alright. The desperate-for-youth hairdo says it all.

      You'd know her name if you lived in LA and knew a buncha film eggheads like I do.

      Point is: this must be the suckiest celeb list ever!

      Sign of the times.

    • Let it be known that the geriatric action superstar Sylvester Stallone and his bff the lascivious and seedy Arnold Swartznigger are both staring in the franchise action flick 'The Expendables' - which is distributed by the notably uncharismatic Jon Feltheimer, CEO at LionsGate - his name noted on the list of signatures in support of israeli war crimes and infanticide in Gaza - big zionist maker and shaker.

      So we can plausibly say that the action boy-bimbos , Sylverster and Arnold, put their names on the list cuz their boss Feltheimer asked them to and they couldn't say no cuz 'The Expendables' franchise is their last open gig in Hollywood and they need to curry favor with their zionist Hollywood 'boss'.

      Needless to say, the fact that the dimming, wrinkled stars of Stallone and Shwartznigger are the biggest names on that list is a sign of the diminishing reputation of Netanyahu's israel in the eyes of Hollywood proper. They may still love israel, but they sure ain't supporting the current right-wing infanticidal israeli government.

      Hey... what I wanna say about mister Saban won't get past moderation so I'll leave it at that. (Like you need to know 'good English' to recognize genocide or infanticide!)

      It's appalling: the poster that the ADL is using is disgustingly racist and I hope good Americans see through the utter prejudice and incendiary hatefulness of it. It is doubly disgusting that such a scary ogre-esque looking warmonger like dame Golda would say it too - yikes!. Man, that Golda sure is the ugliest politician in the history of mankind! Ugly on the outside, ugly war criminal on the inside!

      And regarding the so-called "most powerful woman in Hollywood", Amy Pascal (her signature is on the list), well I've met the sweaty-handed dudette (at a friend's wedding) and I used to hang with one of her assistants so I can tell you all about her personal dysfunctionalities and obsessions with liposuction and facelifts and breast augmentation, but I won't. That would just be way too catty now, won't it?

  • Rolling in underground tunnels
  • Video: Gaza forces young Jew to overcome 'giant hostile ferocious backlash' of her community
    • Egypt might be a lot of things but it ain't a violent expansionist entity like israel and ISIS are. That's why it ain't on my list. Your addition tells me that you didn't get the point of my comment.

    • Carey Wedler is not a zionist. You can tell this because she says 'hamas' and not 'khkhkhkhkhkhkhamas!'.

    • One cannot help but notice that it is both ISIS and israel who are bombing mosques and churches. Only ISIS and israel are ethnically cleansing lands they falsely claim as theirs. It is ISIS in tandem with israel who are killing indigenous people en mass in the middle east.

      Nobody else is committing these horrendous crimes against humanity except for ISIS and israel.

      More jews should be making this link and utterly shunning zionism for its partnership with ISIS in their evil attempt to redraw the map of the middle east.

  • Watch: Young Israeli Jew at Western Wall calls for 'another war and another war and another war and another war'
    • "Jewish Daish".

      That's what israelis are now called in the middle east: jewish Daish. Why? Because locals cannot see the distinction or difference in both action and ideology between zionists and Daish. Your regular middle easterner is equally disgusted and mortified by the horrors of both.

      You hear a lot of Levant people cussing out the islamic Daish for their massacres in Syria and Iraq. And you also hear them cussing out the jewish Daish for their massacres in Gaza. Often they cuss them both out in the same sentence.

      (For those who do not know: Daish is another name for ISIS).

    • Page: 64
  • Goldstone sequel to be co-authored by Amal Alamuddin, Clooney's fiancee
    • Amal Alamuddin 'Horrified,' but Unable to Serve on Gaza Rights U.N. Probe:

      "There are various reports published today stating that I have been appointed as one of three members of the UN Commission of Inquiry for Gaza," the British barrister said in a written statement Monday. "I am horrified by the situation in the occupied Gaza Strip, particularly the civilian casualties that have been caused, and strongly believe that there should be an independent investigation and accountability for crimes that have been committed."

      Alamuddin, who specializes in international law, human rights, extradition, and criminal law, concluded: "I was contacted by the UN about this for the first time this morning. I am honoured to have received the offer, but given existing commitments — including eight ongoing cases — unfortunately could not accept this role. I wish my colleagues who will serve on the commission courage and strength in their endeavors."

      link to

    • LOL! Now all the TMZ and Hello magazine readers will get an education on Gaza and the genocidal idf because Amal is on the panel.

      We can now safely say that Palestine has finally gone mainstream.

      Isreal's Goebbels Syndicate must be real p*ssed at that.

  • The withdrawal that isn't
    • NSA documents refer to recent implementation of the hornet’s nest to protect the Zionist entity by creating religious and Islamic slogans.

      According to documents released by Snowden, “The only solution for the protection of the Jewish state “is to create an enemy near its borders”.

      link to

    • ISIS (Israel’s pals)

      Snowden reckons ISIS and israel are tight as a tick:

      The former NSA and CIA agent Edward Snowden revealed that the leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi was trained in Israel.

      Snowden added that the American CIA and the British Intelligence collaborated with the Israeli Mossad to create a terrorist organization that is able to attract all extremists of the world to one place, using a strategy called “the hornet’s nest”.

      The “Hornet’s nest’’ strategy aims to bring all the major threats to one place in order to track them, and mostly to shake the stability of the Arab countries. The NSA documents revealed that the ISIS “Calif”, Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi went trough intense military training in the Israeli intelligence “Mossad”.

      Besides military training, Al Baghdadi studied communication and public speaking skills in order to attract “terrorists” from all the corners of the world.

      link to

  • Who broke the ceasefire? Obama blames Hamas against the evidence
  • Inhuman shield: How 'The New York Times' protects US elites from Gaza's brutal reality
  • Crisis in Rafah: Palestinian civilians trapped trying to escape Israeli onslaught (Updated)
    • Why Israel's blockade of Gaza was a mistake:

      [Hamas in 2007]... the organization sent messages to Israel via official representatives and tradesmen from Gaza. These people conveyed the message that if Israel would open the border crossings, Hamas would stop all terrorist acts against Israel.

      link to

    • I just watched an hour long debate over Gaza between two Egyptians on Aljazeera Arabic TV. They were often at each others' throat with program hostess unable to get a word in edgeways or stop the rising tempers.

      The gist of the debate:
      Young Egyptian guest: we need to rebuild Egypt before we can get involved in intractable conflicts.
      Older Egyptian guest: we need to protest en mass on the streets and demand Sisi help the Gazans even if it means dumping the Camp David Accords.

      The hostess kept asking both guests if a rapprochement between Hamas and Sisi was to Egypt's advantage - and finally, after going round and round in heated circles, both guests answered a 'yes' and both said that it would need to happen organically and not because there's a crisis in Gaza. This was about the only thing that both Egyptians agreed on.

  • Cease-fire breaks down: Israeli shelling kills 50 after reported capture of soldier
    • Somebody should tell Obama that baby-killing soldiers should indeed be "captured"... by the fathers and brothers of the killed babies, if need be.

      The upsidedownism here:
      israel doesn't want a big Gaza war and its baggage, it just wants a wee genocide.

    • It is interesting to note that when a Palestinian Resistance commando unit uses tunnels to access a bordering illegal settlement where the idf have taken up attack positions, these Palestinian Resistance fighters go DIRECTLY after the israeli soldiers in a face-to-face armed combat, and not into the homes of the illegal settlers to slaughter them while they sleep.

      Them "terrrist" Palestinians sure look like they're hitting their military targets and avoiding the mass killing of israeli citizens.

  • Reprint of Yochanan Gordon's "When Genocide is Permissible" (Updated)
    • If political leaders and military experts determine that the only way to achieve its goal of sustaining quiet is through genocide is it then permissible to achieve those responsible goals?

      Looks like the dastardly dude is hiding his true belief behind the question mark at the end of his last sentence.

      Israel is f*cked forever. All the more reason to dismantle the genocidal zionist regime in the holy land.

  • The Brits are way hipper about Palestine than Yanks
    • Anthony,

      You forgot to include 'Operation Grapes of Wrath' - Peres own blood orgy in the Lebanon in 1996:
      link to

      You will note that israel's exact current criminal approach to Gaza, "Incremental genocide", as Ilan Pappé calls it, was being tested out by Peres on the Lebanese people and their Resistance group back in the day:
      link to

      It is exactly because israel is never held to account by the international community that its crimes against humanity just get larger and larger and more extreme with time.

      I pray to the god of the f*cking skies that this time round when the dust settles, israel is meted out a deserved punishment, a potent punishment that would surely rehabilitate its criminality. It's doable - look at Germany.

      Except Germany's army had to first be smashed and its major cities turned to smoking rubble before rehab could even begin.

    • Lets check out what happens when our psycho media punditry get together for a spot of afternoon tea:

      God was surely taking a dump when he created them two stinkers.

    • Yeah I'd say the Brits are "better":

      Here's The Young Turks roundtable on Russel Brand versus Fox News:

  • 'Children killed in their sleep': Israeli artillery fire hits UN school, killing at least 20
    • annie,

      I bet justpasssingby sticks pins into a ragdoll he's called Taxi as a solution to liberating Palestine.

    • Justpassingby,

      People like taxi are the ones leading the arab world, from sisi, to abdullah in saudi and jordanian regimes.

      LOL! Me, I, moi - I'm "sectarian" and "leading the arab word:"? LOL! Suuuuuuure I am LOL!

      Pathetic attempt at discrediting me. Try again. But please, try not to bring down the intellectual real estate value of this neighborhood.

    • LOL Shingo,

      I'm sure you've had your long-winded response to my objection to your bigotry pre-written and you've been baiting and baiting and waiting to spring your 'gotcha' bs on me.

      Frankly, I didn't bother reading much of what you wrote because NONE of what you said about me takes away from the fact that you are obsessed with hating on Egyptians - all 88 million of them - you're an admitted and proud bigot, judging from your statements and justifications.

      Myself, I have NO PROBLEM admitting that a couple of my "predictions" re Egypt didn't fall into the time frame that I gave a year ago. Nevertheless, even within this context of my faulty calculations, I can still run circles around you with regarding Egypt and its political history. Man, you are too blinded by your hate for Egyptians to ever learn anything new, so I won't bother.

      You're still crying over the overthrow of Mursi - absurd waste of your time if you ask me.

      Shingo, you can have the last word on this - I'm sure it will be a repetition of the frothy bigotry that we've heard too many times from you already.

      All you do is slander - you never suggest a solution to the complexity that is Egypt -cuz you don't understand Egypt and you never will so long as your heart is full of hate and your mind is full of rage towards them. No good ideas come from the state of being that you've entrenched yourself in.

      I can admit my mistakes and re-orientate my thinking. Can you?

    • Shingo,

      Sisi reminds me of Mubarak, who reminds me of Sedat, who reminds me of Nasser.

      Man, you haven't got a clue.

      But of course you will insist that you are the King of Egypt and therefore you know Egypt best.

      To equate Nasser with Mubarak or Sadat is the epitome of ignorance, not just of the political history of Egypt, but of the region's battle with colonialism as a whole. It's tantamount to equating JFK with Bush Jnr.

    • While Hamas is actively mano-to-mano seeking out idf soldiers on the battlefield, the vindictive and cowardly idf is actively seeking to slaughter snoozing children.

      Israel's savagery and terrorism is destabilizing the world as we know it. Expect an expansion of this conflict as a reaction to psychotic zionist crimes against humanity.

      It would appear that only a total military defeat of the idf can put a stop to israel's wanton blood and mortar orgy. I welcome this - and not a moment too soon.

  • As night follows the day, deaths of 10 Israeli soldiers lead to deaths of 30 Palestinian civilians
    • Under the pretext of the so-called “security threat” soldiers were directed to carry out a pre-planned attack of revenge on Palestinian civilians.

      War crime.

      ... After war crime after war crime after war crime after war crime after war crime....

      And the list gets longer and longer...

  • Video: Celebrities, artists and activists call for Palestinian freedom in #GazaNames project
    • If Bob Geldof is reading this, then I gotta question or two here for Bob.

      Bob, what is the difference between a starving African child and a Gaza child being starved by the israeli siege?

      What is the difference between a starving African child and a Gaza child being targeted by a charging F-16?

      I'm hoping you would say 'there is no difference in these terrible tragedies whatsoever'. And indeed this would be the right and only answer to give. The suffering of children - all children - grieves our souls into pits of despair. So... why the f*ck don't we hear a pipsqueak from you about the mass murder of children in Gaza?

      I'm frankly asking you to tell us why you continue to support Apartheid israel and its genocide and infanticide of Palestinian children? Well, you are silent about the heinous murders, aren't you? You've been silent for decades, Bob. You're not a neutral humanitarian in this conflict. Why is that? What is wrong with you, man?! I mean you shook hands with Mandela for Pete's sakes - quite a few times, beginning with this here:
      link to

      Then you had to go from Live Aid to this wacky gig?!:
      link to

      Boggles the mind.

      For the life of me, some days I just don't understand the frigging human race one single bit!

    • Thank you to everyone involved in the making of this video. Man, it was the saddest thing I ever saw - it really was.

      I'm taking a minute of silence...

  • ‘Lone soldiers’ and young ideologues from around the world contribute to Israeli war crimes
    • hoph,

      An occupier CANNOT claim self-defense when attacking the occupied.

      The occupied have every right to even nuke the heck outta the occupier's ass, let alone shoot fizzy rockets.

      Get that into your thick skull.

    • mikhkhkhkhail,

      You keep up that israel-firstism and the American backlash will eventually swat down your sorry treasonous ass. And what a "suck" fest that will be.

    • jackdaw,

      Of course you would jump to defend American jewish mercenaries in Occupied Palestine!

      And yes I do think it's wrong for soldiers trained under the American flag to unilaterally go off to fight a war of their choosing. Being "on the right side of history" does not make a difference - a mercenary is a mercenary!

      And regarding Hizbollah, well dear, they are NOT part of the Lebanese army and like it or not, they joined the Lebanon-Syria border battles against Alquaida after Alquaida and her ugly sisters threatened to bring war and terrorism to Lebanon - all Hizbollah did was take the battle to them and keep them out of Lebanon. So your example here is moot!

      Why do you support infanticide? Why do you defend an army that is in effect committing genocide before the eyes of the world and its cameras?

      What the eff is wrong wth you?!

    • Mikey Hartman, another American lone soldier who went on to found the Israeli military’s Marksmanship and Shooting School, says he “wanted to be a hero” – which he defined as being a sniper.

      What literature did little Mickey grow up on that would make him think a "hero" is he who hides in the shadows and shoots at civilians? WTF?!

    • I would consider American jews fighting for israel as traitors, just as I would consider American atheists fighting for israel as traitors.

      Americans fighting for any other country except the USA are traitors. American jews aren't exempt from this grave judgement.

  • Hasbarah Bingo
    • Great stuff! Thanks for putting it together.

      I'd like to add that the zios also like to fog it up 24/7 - they've spent trillions of Benjamins on trying to hide from view the bulky and cumbersome word: OCCUPATION.

      The word 'occupied' should always be attached to the word Palestine, cuz that in itself explains the plight of Palestinians in a most succinct, immediate and direct way. Hasbara fails in the face of this single truthful word. You tell people that Palestine is 'occupied' and they kinda get it quick. But they don't get it at all if you don't use the word 'occupied' - because the incessant, zionized msm and cyber hasbara have done their darnest to fog up this basic fact: Palestine is occupied.

      And if you happen to also let it be known that the Palestinians have actually been under occupation for 66 years, their land and resources shrinking smaller and smaller as time passes, people then tend to really-really get it - get where the Palestinian anger is coming from.

  • Kerry is off the Israel bandwagon
    • They found swine bones at Masada digs:
      link to

    • Donald,

      What do you make of Kerry saying "... some freedom..." here:

      Palestinians need to live with dignity, with some freedom, with goods that can come in and out, and they need a life that is free from the current restraints.”

      'Some freedom'?

    • Israel is the only predator country in the history of the world that demands protection from its victim.

    • yonah,

      At this point in time it is not realistic to expect any lifting of the siege without a mechanism (an occupying army, to be blunt) to monitor the demilitarization of Gaza

      The "demilitarization" thing ain't NEVER gonna happen - not even if WW3 was a consequence.

      The zionists tried to do exactly the same thing with Hizbollah and south lebanon back in 2006 - as indeed they continue to set up demand after demand for disarmament of Hizbollah and failing miserably. Just look at how much better armed the Hizb has become since 2006.

      Disarmament? You're gonna have to genocide 1.8 million Gazans first, yonah - and that's not a guarantee of disarmament.

      How about the effers in the isreali military industrial complex and their international war-profiteer friends get arrested for wanton war crimes and genocide first? How about their death factories are dismantled and their Swiss bank accounts emptied then poured into rebuilding Gaza and other suffering parts of occupied Palestine - not forgetting here a percentage that would go to Lebanon and Syria as compensation for the death and destruction that the israelis have committed in those lands too (I believe Sudan is owed for a bombing or two as well).

      Dream the f*ck on. The Palestinians aren't surrendering a single bullet till you have your illegal nukes surrendered to the international community for dismantling.


      They have every moral and legal right to defend themselves against Apartheid and a 66 year old brutal occupation.

      They have the right to defend themselves against the israeli genocide.

      They have the right to defend themselves against israel's unconscionable and loathsome intanticide!

    • Hamas chief: We cannot coexist with occupiers.

      Asked by veteran interviewer Charlie Rose whether he could foresee living beside Israelis in peace, Meshaal said only a future Palestinian state could decide whether to recognize the Jewish state.
      "We are not fanatics, we are not fundamentalists. We are not actually fighting the Jews because they are Jews per se. We do not fight any other races. We fight the occupiers," he said.
      "I'm ready to coexist with the Jews, with the Christians and the Arabs and non-Arabs," he said. "However, I do not coexist with the occupiers."
      Pressed on whether Palestinians could recognize the state of Israel as a Jewish state, Meshaal reiterated Hamas' position -- the group does not recognize Israel.
      "When we have a Palestinian state then the Palestinian state will decide on its policies. You cannot actually ask me about the future. I answered you," he said.
      "But Palestinian people can have their say when they have their own state without occupation."

      link to

  • (Updated) In Photos: Worldwide protest against Israeli attack on Gaza
    • Pat,

      The UN line is disputed only by the racist israeli land thieves.

    • Neil Young has officially cancelled his tel aviv concert due to safety issue, of course.
      link to

      But if you ask me, I think he's deeply relieved, especially after seeing how the genocidal israelis are targeting civilian structures in Gaza right now, willfully slaughtering some 50+ children (and counting), also targeting for slaughter several whole families, as well as a long list of other unspeakable war crimes. Neil is now relieved his name will NOT go darkly down history books as one of the disgraced musicians who played the stadiums of a middle eastern Sun City while the State apparatus was actioning a genocide, targeting and murdering unarmed civilians en mass.

      Neil Young's statement from the link:
      "We'll miss the opportunity to play for our fans and look forward to playing in Israel and Palestine in peace. I will be making donations to both the Louise Tillie Alpert Youth Music Centre of Israel, and Heartbeat, two organizations that teach music to Palestinian and Israeli youth simultaneously by enabling them to play music together."

      Man! Sounds to me that he's now more than happy to be relieved of his contractual obligations with the Apartheid state - and it also sounds to me like he ain't gonna want the future headache of playing in tel aviv ever again either. His giant sigh of relief could even be heard on faraway planet Venus.

      Neil Young should thank hamas rockets for saving his soul from eternal damnation.

    • Harry,

      I'm amused by the hamas drone design template cuz the oppressed will ALWAYS find a way to liberate themselves - here the zionists for decades have been foolishly dismissing the old adage: desperation is the mother of invention. For decades the israelis have been assuring each other that the Palestinians are brute sub-humans with no brains and no ability to advance, and this attitude has now come to bite the racist israelis in their fat Apartheid butts. Al Mayadeen also talked about how israel for the past two years has targeted Palestinian scientists and tec students for fear of the Palestinians acquiring the necessary technology to use in their defense.

      "Seriously, 700 rockets blowing up the desert is not a good military tactic."

      They're creating a heckalotta fear in israelis, so I'll have to disagree with you here. I'm sure some (smart) israelis are thinking: BUT WHAT IF the next rocket aimed at the Damona actually hits the nuclear compound there - what if it even 'randomly' hits the guard booth at the gate?

      The hamas rockets are to create deterrence through fear - I really don't think hamas is relying on them as a kill weapon. I think they're doing what hizbollah does: kill soldiers and put the fear of god into civilians - and idf soldiers WILL BE KILLED if there's a ground invasion in Gaza, no doubt. The israelis know this, which is why they've not yet entered Gaza.

      The idf have already lost the 'Ramadan 10' battle: they stupidly made the removal of hamas rockets as their declared military aim and this is going to prove impossible to achieve. The israelis made exactly the same stupid declaration in 2006 with hizbollah and they never achieved it, despite them killing over a thousand Lebanese civilians. In military terms, you're considered the winning side if you achieve the aims you set out to fulfill - and not by the number of unarmed civilians you end up killing. This is why all military experts, including in israel, deemed the israelis the losers in the 2006 war.

    • Jon s,

      We can safely say that only nazis are scared of Taxi.

    • Al Mayadeen TV's reporter in Jerusalem said that Hamas got their drone technology from studying remote-controlled toy airplanes. LOL!

      Life will NEVER be the same for israelis. Poor little sick effs.

    • So.... HAMAS HAS DRONES! (YAY!)

      As admitted by israel:
      link to

    • Beware of the ziocon megaphone terrorist brigade.

    • Pro Palestine protest turns violent in Bastille Square:
      link to

      Mossad agitators on duty, methinks. Trying to tarnish the peaceful protests and associate them with unruly violence. Trying to intimidate people into staying away from next Saturday's mega global protests for fear of police violence.

      Smells of what happened to the initial and legitimate protests in Libya, Syria and several Occupy (Wall Street) protests across America several years back.

      Beware of the evil tactics that the 'counter-revolution' employs, now globally, to subdue the people's call-out for justice.

    • It would be cool justice if the zios "defined their borders" on another planet.

    • Even a sling-shot has military value - read David & Goliath.

      But the most important weapon of all is sumud.

      Israel will keep paying a heavy price for f*cking with Palestine (with Syria, with Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, Sudan, and Libya too). The rockets and missiles will only increase in number and in range and there ain't nothing that aipac and its donkey-felating congressmen and women can do about it.

      So if you're jewish and zionist and have suicidal tendencies, by all means move to occupied Palestine. The rest of you bastard colonialist, prepare to go to the Hague, or get ready to be hunted down like the nazis were hunted down in the four corners of the world. That nest of grotesque evil called Tel aviv will one day look like Dresden circa 1945.

    • Pat,

      Hamas is NOT stopping its liberation war - ever. So why don't you and all them other racist land-thief-child-killer settlers pack your bags now while you can. It's only gonna get worse for the lotta youz. If the 'rockets' don't get you, the ICC will.

      No Rest Till Liberation!

  • Claim that Hamas killed 3 teens is turning out to be the WMD of Gaza onslaught
    • LOL, Kris! That's so true.

    • Look, folks, it's really very simple: if a hebrew speaker can say 'ham', then they can say 'hamas'. If they can say 'his', then they can say 'hisbollah'.

      But they don't, do they?

    • Shingo,

      What you say is true but that doesn't absolve the mossad from being prime suspects in the heinous death of the 3 teen settlers.

      Also, on a side but related note: Al Mayadeen TV battle analysts are now saying that the idf this time round has a new policy of shooting dead any idf soldier caught in the throws of a hamas capture on the battlefield. Apparently on four separate occasions, hamas was in the throws of capturing an idf soldier when captured and capturer were all intentionally sprayed with idf bullets or dealt unpinned hand grenades. Looks like Netanyahu is going for zero idf soldier-capture in Gaza so as to make his eventual withdrawal from Gaza 'less complicated' and also so that his name will not be associated with missing soldiers in the minds of the israeli people.

      They do kill their own for political opportunism, shingo.

      As far as I'm concerned, as long as they're NOT producing evidence to damn the Qwamseh members with, mossad remains a prime suspect in my books.

    • Spot on Djinn!

      Zios are perfectly capable of pronouncing the 'h' in 'hi how are you' - but insist on using khkhkhkh for hamas and hizbollah.

      Khkhkhkhkhkhamas khkhkhkhizbollah Khkhkhkhkhkhamas khkhkhkhizbollah Khkhkhkhkhkhamas khkhkhkhizbollah!!!!

    • Why should we believe anything Micky Rosenfeld says? Why would even a "one cell, hamas affiliated" commit a kidnapping at a time when the Palestinians were making positive strides towards unity and further international recognition? Where's the motive here?

      Of course it's still plausible that a rogue khkhkhamasite would be behind this kidnapping, but it's just as plausible as:
      1- The hitchhikers and driver were involved in a fatal car crash and the mossad made mince meat out of it.
      Or, on a more macabre note:
      2- We know that the zionist project commits murder against jews in the name of 'state enhancement', read bombing synagogues in Arab countries for state demographic 'enhancement' - so why wouldn't the leaders of the zionist project be suspects in this case too?

      Netanyahu has not presented any evidence, and I don't think he ever will. I doubt any israeli security agent, be they police or military or intelligence, really knows what they're talking about either. Information on this case is in the hands of the very, very few - and they wouldn't ever give it away to anyone - not even to their wives on their death beds.

  • The killing fields
    • Incredible video, edwardm - much thanks for posting.

      Teary-eyed from watching.

      That rescued Palestinian child is a phoenix rising from the ashes - literary.

      How will he feel as an adult looking at the footage of his rescue? Israel better watch out if it thinks it can 'bury' the spirit of resistance in Palestine.

    • Setting a Palestinian teen on fire, killing ANY Arab he chooses etc. take your pick, blah chick. For sure "jail" is where one expects to go when one commits a crime.

  • As in Vietnam and South Africa, Gazan masses are willing to pay high price for freedom -- Kasrils
    • That's one heck of a moral statement, coming from you, Tokyobk.

      What are the chances that other zioeffs are fast arriving to your sensible and equitable conclusion? What are the chances that the concept of 'equality' between israelis and Palestinians would be embraced by the israeli colonialist society at large?

      In israel's current climate of religio-nationalist extremism and the medieval baying out for a genocide of the Palestinians on the street of Jerusalem, I somehow doubt that other israelis are ready to face reality.

      I fear it's too late for israel to change its suicidal course. Hamas's rockets aren't meant to kill - the Palestinian Resistance knows this - these rockets are loud, booming political messages aimed at both israel and the world and they are saying: WE ARE UNDER A MURDEROUS OCCUPATION AND WE WILL NEVER LET YOU LIVE IN PEACE TILL WE ARE EITHER OBLITERATED OR LIBERATED!

      Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death: is what these rockets are saying.

      The Palestinians, after 66 years of a brutal occupation, have reached the end of their tether. The rockets WILL NOT STOP without the Palestinian Resistance's reasonable conditions being met. They say this every day a hundred times at least on Arab media. And if israel does not find the political will to change course, allow UN troops to police the Gaza border like they successfully police the border between the idf and hizbollah, if there is no political will to lift the siege on Gaza COMPLETELY, then all israel can do is commit itself to the holocaust of the Palestinians, a direction that will surely signal its imminent demise by suicide both politically and on the battlefield. I assure you there will be a regional war if the killing of Palestinians goes on for much longer - and can israel survive a regional war, especially if it expanded into a world war? All independent analysts think not.

      It was insane in the first place, considering the inherent racism within zionism, to expect longevity as a small racist fortress in the heart of the middle east where a chunk of the population is brown-skinned.

      No doubt israel would have stood a better chance of survival if it had focused on goodwill exchanges with its neighbors instead of showing them nothing but hateful death and misery since 1948.

      Tokyobk, I'm glad you've re-assessed and arrived at your conclusion that only equal rights for all can advance the cause of peace - I hope you don't get flack for it from your family and friends.

    • Hamas battle reports indicate that the idf has actually killed 4 of their own, 4 soldiers who were in the throes of being captured by Hamas.

      This is santayhu's new policy: zero tolerance for captured idf boys - better to kill them than to cause an 'agony' for years to millions of israelis. Bibi does not want history to associate his name with missing soldiers.

  • Joan Rivers slams CNN and BBC coverage of Gaza -- 'you're all insane'
    • Janet,

      What a freaking pompous smartypants you are, swanning in here with your nose up to the ceiling for the stink of goyim - I'll have you know that Citizen is married to a jewish lady and so therefore his children are.... yeah, you guessed it: JEWISH!

      Take your hateful presumptions and your obscene obsession with antisemitism and shove it! You don't know sh*t except to defend the wholesale slaughter of CHILDREN, the mass murder of unarmed civilians including the sick and the infirm! You're enjoying your genocide - this much is clear - but you're upset that others don't share your craven racism and infatuation with jewish ethno-supremacy! STFU already you hasbara buffoon! You wanna PARSE the freaking OCCUPATION? You'll be parsed yourself around here till your eyelashes fall off from exhaustion - and you WILL BE proved wrong at every single turn, loser!


      Let us start with this standard, basic human right, shall we?

    • Even Monty Python's Parrot is more alive than joan rivers is - dead parrot is funnier too and by far better looking, let's face it:

    • Yay! Big H is back! (We are not worthy we are not worthy!)

  • Controversial, illegal, and documented: Israeli military strategies in Gaza
    • I just read her profile, Sumud. She's kinda the opposite of me. She's a Lebanese who was raised in California, and I'm a Californian who spent some of my childhood in Lebanon, raised and educated in UK.

    • LOL! Thanks, mate.

    • Hell, Sumud! Glad it's not a freaking political desert on the beaches of south Cal!

      Alright if you post her twitter link? It'll be fun to read.

      BTW, south Lebanon and southern California have a lot in common: great weather and much shared fauna and flora.

    • Didn't you know, oldgeezer, nukes are made from pencil shavings.

    • The Warsaw jews dug tunnels:

      One of the haunting images of Jewish heroism, lauded in history books and Holocaust commemorations, is the courage of those, especially the young, in the Warsaw Ghetto, when in 1940, Jewish Warsaw residents were ordered by the German invaders into a small section of the city.
      The courage of those who dug tunnels, smuggled goods necessary for survival in, and communications in and out, has rightly become a legendary act of resistance and courage, defiance in the shadow of despotism and repression.

      link to

  • Hamas mimics Hezbollah tactics, and no one will have stability till blockade is lifted
    • LOL, Sumud! I'm sure there are at least a hundred people on twitter called Taxi - but, ce n'est pas moi.

    • Brandon Flowers isn't even on my radar.

    • We can safely say that there's 'no daylight' between the Palestinian and the Lebanese Resistance.

      Nasrallah's whole speech was dedicated to Gaza and the courageous Palestinian resistance.

      Hope Gaza was listening.

      Hope the israeli child-killer army was listening too.

    • You can watch it live here just:
      link to

      Otherwise look for it at presstv video archives.

    • Watching it right now.

      .... And immediately he launches into support for Gaza.

    • Shingo,

      I live somewhere between Malibu and Marina Del Ray. That's as much as I can give out.

    • Walid,

      I have no doubt that Gaza will be the main dish of his speech. It IS Al Quds day, after all.

      Hey the speech starts in less than half an hour: 5pm Lebanon time.

    • yonah,
      There's a heckalotta non-jewish zionists in LA - just check out the Hollywood A-listers on parade. And of all the LA jews that I'm friends with, only one is a confessed zionist - and that's really because his mum is catholic and his father is jewish but his father abandoned him when he was a kid so zionism has become his substitute-father: in other words, his zionism is more of a psychological prop than an idealist belief.

      So, yonah... there goes your pathetic attempt to smear me, there it goes spiraling down Le Grand Toilette.

    • Au contraire, just: thank YOU for your unrelenting zest for justice.

    • annie,,

      Here's the link you asked for:
      link to

      Though I personally heard about it yesterday on Al Mayadeen TV.

    • Inanna,

      What I’ve been hearing is that the cooperation between Hamas and Hezbollah goes back quite a few years as the technical level.

      When Hamas closed it's Damascus office during the height of the Syria crisis, Hizbollah took the following view and made it known in secret to Islmanic Jihad, who in turn relayed it to Hamas. Hizbollah informed the Palestinian resistance that they disagreed with their Syria stand but that this disagreement is merely political and would not EVER effect Hizbollah's support for Palestinian resistance against zionism. Thus on a 'resistance' level, Hamas was assured of Hizbollah's brotherhood and in fact opened wider communication and cooperation channels with them in the past two years.

      Cool-headed Hizbollah, always keeping its eyes on the prize and not getting distracted by regional bitch-outs for even a second.

      Mishaal and Haniyeh were seduced by Gulf money but the military resistance (including Islamic Jihad and others) knew where the help and support was coming from.

      To correct you here in a small but important measure: Islamic Jihad has never been bought by Gulfie money. In fact, Islamic Jihad was the first Hizbollah student in Gaza, following their warfare methodology and Resistance philosophies way before Hamas ever did.

    • Shingo,

      I'll be going back home to LA, back to being a beach bum on a California beach.

      Los Angeles would be the absolute best city in the whole world if not for its several million zionists on botox swanning about the place.

    • Israel-Hamas Conflict Felt at Jewish Summer Camps in the U.S.:
      link to

    • Astronaut Tweets 'Saddest Photo' Orbiting Above Mideast Conflict:

      link to

    • Good grief our Annie went to Lebanon! Did Phil go too? If not, will he ever? I'll have everyone know that Lebanon is a fantastic place to analyze the region from: so much uncensored information by analysts transmitted there on a daily basis gives one a most fascinating and clearer read of the 'big picture'. And what a cool, beautiful and welcoming country it is too! Exactly the reasons I've been hanging here for a couple of years. I'll be sad to leave it this coming Autumn.

    • Yes, annie is right. Since the 2nd-3rd day of battles onwards, the independent Arab media (yes there is such a thing) has been commenting on israel's lack of intelligence data on the battlefield. All the idf direct strikes against Hamas have been at Hamas rocket launch sites AFTER rockets have launched - hence isreal's current frustration and violent revenge against the unarmed Gaza population: an idf necessity to appease the racist zionist jew's public baying for "extermination" of Arabs. This wanton attempt at "extermination", we can clearly see is backfiring globally on israel, including in the USA - read Aipac's cancellation of its "We Stand With Israel" NY parade booked for this Saturday - heck even Madonna has become an overnight "antisemite" for tweeting against the israeli TARGETED bombing of Gaza children.

      Hamas has surprised everyone with its new 'improved' battle preparedness AND battle strategy. By now, it is no secret that Hamas has been emulating Hizbollah on the battlefront, word for word, page by page and chapter by chapter. I have heard, through military analysts on independent Arab media, that Hamas has been arming itself through two ways: what is known as the 'Green Bag' method, and also through hizbollah smuggling bulks of armaments and hizbollah TRAINERS into Gaza. All this Hizbollah-Hamas rigorous co-activity has been going on for a few years, peaking last year when 'supposedly' Hizbollah was on bad terms with Hamas over their Syria stance. So really Hamas and Hizbollah fooled the world into thinking they have un-friended each other when all the while Hizbollah was actually fortifying Hamas's military needs (heh heh heh). Quick note here on the 'Green Bag' method: bribing security personnel on the Rafah crossing with bags stuffed with 'green' hundred dollar bills: $20.000 a pop for turning a blind eye to a truck here and a truck there coming into Gaza - mindful here that the average yearly income for these border security soldiers is $9,000. You gotta laugh here at israel's sheer incompetence: daily, nay minute by minute reconnaissance of every inch of Gaza by air and by sea plus cellphone monitoring and NEVER did israel even notice the Hizbollah trainers were infiltrating into Gaza or the mass of hizbollah weapons that have been smuggled into Gaza since the last attack on Gaza in 2012. This israeli blindness is also greatly due to israel's lack of human intelligence on to the Gaza ground - thanks to Hamas' vigorous 'spring-cleaning' of Gaza from traitors and informants especially in the past two years. This is another Hizbollah strategy: allow ZERO enemy intelligence gathering.

      Strategically speaking, Hizbollah taught Hamas to do what they did back in 2000 and in 2006: concentrate on killing as many idf soldiers as fast as possible, so as to create low moral in israeli society which translates into eventual unilateral idf withdrawal from the battlefield - read DEFEAT of idf. The idea is to get the israeli public to pull the trigger on their own leader, read Olmert's fall in 2006. The book 'The Art of War' recommends the smaller warrior use their opponent's weight against them, and this is exactly the strategy taken up currently by the Palestinian Resistance as a whole, learned from Hizbollah. Hizbollah has passed on its knowledge of how to destroy markavas, how to effectively use tunnels for ambushes and how to keep ALL their military plans ABSOLUTELY SECRET.

      Nassrallah has already said that "It is forbidden for Gaza to fall". Gaza is extremely important for the regional Axis of Resistance: if they're gonna defeat the zionists and expel zionism from the middle east, they absolutely need a foothold in the Holy Land - Abbas is not exactly going to allow Hizbollah to operate freely in the West Bank, so Gaza is their ONLY treasured foothold that they will staunchly protect even if it means Hizbollah joining the current battlefield. On a side but related note here: Iran yesterday publicly announced its readiness to supply the West Bank with arms - something that the military wing of Fatah is surely smiling at.

      The Hizbollah-Hamas military strategy is working not just on the battlefield. International investors seeing with their own eyes the incompetence of the over-supplied idf: the idf's inability to STOP THE HAMAS ROCKETS is indeed giving investors cold feet and giving the israeli economy a kick in the teeth. The israelis are now learning that attacking Palestinians not only puts fear in their little black zionist hearts, but it also unequivocally damages their economy. The 'start-up' nation quickly becomes the 'shut-down' nation when Palestinian rockets start falling on tel aviv.

      All israel can do in the face of such surprising Palestinian determination and smarts is to punish Gaza civilians - committing war crime after war crime in Gaza. But the idf's despicable vindictive cowardice is back-firing against them too - especially with regards to American support: the current 'crisis of zionism' inside the American jewish community and the negative unintended consequences of Op 'Protective Edge' on the zionist PR machine are clear indicators of the failure of israel's current stupid and blind strategy.

      Now, mondo folk: grab yourselves an empty pot, add no intelligence data, add idf targeting of Gaza civilians especially children, add Social Media outrage trumping zionist mainstream media in USA - now cook together for a couple more weeks and presto: you will have another bitter humiliation of the idf by the Axis of Resistance.

      Hamas is also employing Hizbollah tactics on the battlefield, using tunnels to ambush markavas from the BACK!!!!! A known Hizbollah signature.

      Note here that despite all the hits that Gaza has taken for some 18 days, Hamas is not running to anyone to help them establish a quick cease-fire. Only israel is. Hamas has enough fire-power to carry on picking israeli soldiers on the battlefield - they're killing them in GROUPS, not just sniping single soldiers here and there. BTW the number of idf dead is larger than what the idf is admitting - for obvious reasons.

      The issue of Gaza Gas is also profoundly relevant in this heinous operation against the people of Gaza. Israel wants the Gas and is falsely claiming that it will not permit Gaza to enjoy the benefits of their gas wells, citing that Hamas would use funds to buy bigger rockets. This is a joke because Hamas doesn't need Gaza Gas to 'buy' anything it needs. It has enough committed entities helping it restock already - all donated.

      The rockets will not stop, the tunnels will not be located 'before' launch - and soon enough the paranoid isreali public will pull the trigger on Netanyahu and his failed leadership.

      The Palestinian Resistance is not alone. There are more surprises to come. All thanks to the brave Palestinian fighters and to their use of Hizbollah's winning formula.

      Today is Quds Day (Jerusalem day), a day when the Axis of Resistance countries show their support for the Palestinian cause. Nassrallah is slated to give a speech tonight. For English speakers, try catching it on Press TV - they usually transmit it live with English translation (the speech will be at 5pm Lebanon time: morning in USA and afternoon time for europe).
      link to

      Israelis especially should watch this speech so they can bypass the numbing lies they're being fed by their government regarding the real direction this war is heading.

      BTW, the Palestinian Resistance is not depending on Sisi for anything either. Why would they when they have Hizbollah as silent partner for now, and active partner if israel overplays its hand in its current genocidal attacks on Palestinians.

      The rockets will not stop till liberation. The Palestinians, including Abbas and Fatah are all now united on this. Full stop. Israel needs to understand that they've left the Palestinians only two options: die slow under occupation, or die fast resisting.

      Clearly, the later choice is the more dignified one that the Palestinians have chosen: Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death.

      Looks like Palestine has more in common with American ideas of freedom than the zionist media will have us believe.

  • U.S. casts lonely vote against establishing war crimes inquiry in Gaza
  • 'Telegenically Dead': Israel’s crumbling media war
    • “When we are talking about 600 dead, it is obviously something that we can’t accept. The massacres and attacks must stop immediately.” “

      STFU France you nasty war whore!

      We haven't forgotten what you zio-colonialism did to Libya's women and children! We haven't forgotten what you tried to do to Syria and her children!

      Is 600 dead where you 'civility' begins?! 599 dead just don't quite tickle your oohlala 'western' sensibility you colonialist skank!

      NEVER trust the French!!! (Government, that is)

    • Thank you for writing this article, Deepa Kumar. Thank you too for your impeccable research. Thank you for presenting us with the naked Goebbels-esque machination and dominance of isreali propaganda in USA media.

      Thank you too for illustrating clearly how Social Media, ie PEOPLE POWER, is in fact a force to be reckoned with in the face of the elite-chosen attempting absolute domination through misinformation and mass brainwashing.

      Worth repeating here:
      One of its first instructions is that pro-Israeli propagandists need to show empathy. The manual insists that they should “show empathy for BOTH sides” (caps in original) as a way of gaining credibility and trust. To make sure that the point is understood, the manual repeats again (in bold and underlined this time) the instruction “use Empathy”—the suggestion being that empathy is an important tool to be used in the propaganda war.

      When innocent Palestinian children and women are killed, the first response should be to show empathy; the next is to reframe the issue stating that Israel is not to blame and that it is only defending itself and further that it only wants peace. Even when it is raining death and destruction on Palestinians, the manual is clear: “Remind people—again and again—that Israel wants peace.”.

      Yes, they're putting pink lipstick on Goebbels and stuffing a tear-drenched handkerchief in his hand and hoping no one notices. But people ARE noticing. All thanks to the Internet; all thanks to the smarts in people and the goodness in their hearts. Thanks to Social Media, people are now realizing that they have more than just the pitiful power of a single vote every four years. When united through Social Media, citizens now have the daily power to change events in history and ultimately shape the destiny of mankind.

      Soon enough in the near future, Gus and Mac will be discussing the Goebbels-esque points of your article over a six-pack in Mac's backyard.

  • US Jews occupy Israeli army support office in NY in civil disobedience action
    • Thank you to all who were involved in the occupation of the IDF shop in NY. Thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU ALL from the bottom of my heart! Thank you for being brave seekers of equality and justice for all.

      *That a foreign army recruitment center is even allowed to operate on USA soil is astounding - let alone an army infamous for infanticide!

  • Gaza onslaught is p.r. problem for Israel's 'moral authority' -- Albright
    • How do we know that mossad agitators aren't infiltrating the pro-Gaza protests in Europe and screaming “Jew, Cowardly Pig, Come On Out And Fight” and "gas the jews" just to delegitimize the protestors altogether.

      It's a HUGE credibility problem when you've lied every single day for some 65 years: even 'if' you're telling the truth, no one will believe you.

  • Renouncing my Israeli citizenship
    • Bravo, Lenny, you just saved your soul.

      I am right now dancing to bless your exit from israel, just like the brainwashed deluded israelis danced to welcome your colonialist entry. And judging from the picture above attached to this article, the zionist dancers got nothing on the moves I'm busting out for you right now :-)

      From the bottom of my heart, thank you for choosing justice over colonialism.

  • Dear American media, I’m asking you to simply tell what’s happening in Gaza
    • Trying to reason with American zionist media is like p*ssing in the wind. Cuz they're not REAL journalists, they're paid, craven propagandists - evidently! Every editor-in-chief of the American zio rags deserves a turd pie in their face, not a thoughtful letter and an invitation to reason.

  • Massacre in Gaza: At least 60 killed in Shuja'iyeh, over 60,000 in UN shelters
    • Mahane,

      The occupier cannot claim self-defence. Only the occupied get this moral privilege.

      Example: an armed robber trespasses into a house and gets caught by the owner of the house, a fire-fight ensues and the owner is killed. Later, in court, the robber submits that he killed the owner in self-defense. Do you think the judge will accept this?

  • Palestinians celebrate report that Hamas captured Israeli soldier
    • mikha,

      One day you will recognize and admit that the original Hebrews were Arab, born in the Arab desert terrain.

    • "The fact that Hamas has not produced any photos of him, nearly 24 hours after announcing his capture, would indicate that the latter is more likely."

      Not really, Maximus. Keeping the question of whether the captured soldier is dead or alive delivers a resounding psychosocial punch to Natenyahu and his predatory society - its called psychological warfare. This information is also an important bargaining chip. Israel will have to concede something first to get the answer to the question: is the captured soldier dead or alive.

    • mahane,

      A captured idf soldier is worth at least 1000 Palestinian civilians kidnapped by the idf and thrown into jail where they sit rotting FOR YEARS without being officially charged.

      1 captured soldier = the freedom of 1000 kidnapped Palestinian civilians.

      I'd say that's worth a few champagne bottles.

    • Dabakr,

      Nassrallah yesterday spoke with Meshaal by phone then released a statement confirming that hizbollah is indeed ready to join the fray in aid of the Palestinian resistance in Gaza. So, Dabkar, are you guys ready for hizbollah to step into the fray when you can't even handle controlling hamas, a much weaker resistance group? I think NOT.

      Like Nassrallas stated a few days ago: "It is forbidden for Gaza to fall". If you're smart, you'd take his words seriously.

      You gotta just face the facts here: you've already lost Gaza. And in the end, you will have to accept ALL OF HAMAS' CONDITIONS if you want your lifestyle to return to a relative norm.

      Start adjusting to the new power equation: you eff with Palestine and Palestine will eff right back at you.

      You lost your deterrence against hizbollah in 2006, and you've just lost your deterrence against Hamas in 2014.

      This is the new reality that no amount of spin can change.

  • Israel is in a pickle
    • Speedo,

      How dare the Palestinian Resistance use a basic war tactic?! How dare they use hebrew cloth against the idf?!

      I hope every single idf butcher bastard in Gaza suffers the horrendous grip of paranoia right in the thick of battle - suffers eternal nightmares in a mental institute thereafter - if he survives Gaza, that is.

    • I'm sorry I depressed you, Mooser.

      It would seem to be the case that in the eyes of zionist jews, every Palestinian man, woman and child wears an un-shave-able Hitler mustache.

      It's a sickness, Mooser, it's a sickness that I don't think an eye doctor can fix, but a humiliating military defeat sure can.

    • speedo,

      Any feeling person would jump for joy at the injury or death of an army of child killers. It's the human condition to rejoice when evil gets its comeuppance. And this, it seems, irks you to no end.

      Why don't you cut the crap and tell us all what's on your mind? Why don't you go right ahead and tell us what you REALLY think? Just spit it out and call us all antisemites, why don't you? Say it out loud or just buzz off already.

      I think it would cheer the world up good and sweet if the whole idf army was kidnapped!



    • Who can forget that adorable little nazi, the jewish rabbi Manis Friedman, who said the following in 2009:
      "I don’t believe in western morality, i.e. don’t kill civilians or children, don’t destroy holy sites, don’t fight during holiday seasons, don’t bomb cemeteries, don’t shoot until they shoot first because it is immoral. The only way to fight a moral war is the Jewish way: Destroy their holy sites. Kill men, women and children."
      link to

    • Israel is punishing civilians cuz it's losing on the battlefields of Gaza.

    • Oh wait, I do actually have a prediction:

      Instead of jews being known as victims of the German holocaust, they're gonna be known as child killers (well that's kinda started already). The cause of this dark turn: zionism!

      My, my - the bathos, the bathos, the bathos..... from victim to child killer. How low and long the fall will be.

    • F*ck predicting: here's what's gonna happen:
      1- isreal will end up in smoke and rubble.
      2- The despicable zionist jews, zionist moslems and zionist christians alike will either be dragged off to the Hague or they're gonna f*ck off to wherever the heck they came from (not Palestine that's for damn sure!)
      3- The zionists will be stuck in their racism and goy-hate for the rest of their miserable lives, passing it from one generation to the next.

      I definitely see Palestine free of zionism, israel and evil.

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