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  • Global Earth Day coalition drops SodaStream over complicity in Israeli occupation
    • Bravo Greenies!

      En fin!

      Zionists murder humans and olive trees en mass:
      link to

      Thank you, thank you, thank you for finally officially voicing the colossal link between israeli's brutal occupation and it's catastrophic impact on Palestinian land.

      "... a product manufactured in an illegal settlement on occupied land cannot be ‘green'."

      "This Secret Continent campaign is a clear example of SodaStream attempting to greenwash its complicity in Israel's occupation through a public relations stunt."
      link to

      There you have it, Miss Scarlett Johansson: straight from the Green horse's mouth. Maybe now you eat these words you so infamously uttered:
      [Sodastream] "has the ability to make a huge difference, environmentally."
      link to

      And how about this old tickler: "I’m not an expert on the history of this conflict, and I’ve never professed to be. But it is a company that I believe in, that I think has the ability to make a huge difference, environmentally.
      link to

      LOL! Eat them words, Scarlett - eat BDS shorts with a dash of bitters and a sprinkle of salts - eat eat eat or denounce! Repent!

  • UN peace envoy denied entry to Church of the Holy Sepulchre by Israeli police
    • This moslem I met the other day said that Jerusalem should be administered by moslems, and when I asked him why he thought this, he said: "jews don't acknowledge or respect christianity or islam; christians acknowledge judaism but do not respect islam; and islam acknowledges and reveres Abraham and Moses and Jesus.

      I suggested that maybe an atheist lesbian should administer Jerusalem and he laughed thinking I was joking.

  • How many 'Palestinian Arabs' want to kill 'all Jews?'
    • Michael,

      The Republic of Lebanon doesn't have the word 'Arab' in it and they're Arabs. Same for The Sultanate of Oman. (There's probably more but I don't have time to research).

      Circassians are NOT from the Levant, they're from the Russian-European border - weird to bunch them with Palestinians/Syrians/Jordanians (whatever their religion).

      Now, there's Palestinian jews, Palestinian moslems, Palestinian christians, Druze; there's Assyrians, Baha'i, Alawite, Bedouins - and a whole other host of religions and factions and ethnicities, in fact, EVERYONE who is a Levant native, pretty much lives in pretty much exactly the same Levantine culture way, have done so for millennia : god-fearing, farming/trading people, with various degrees of tribalism in every village across the Levant. They all also share variations on the same cuisine, colloquial language, social customs, music, folk history; they all share the same village lifestyle, even share the same moral gauge - despite the slicing up of the region, most notably the Sykes-Pico butchering of the Levantine borders.

      Point is, they're pretty much all the same people who've been divided by the West. And I expect them to remain so: to live as Levantines, regardless of their labeling by others.

      Why not call "Palestinian Arabs", Palestinian Levantians? That's certainly more accurate to my experience of the region. The Levant culture after all is as prominent in these people as their Arabism.

      It's crazy but it's as if American states were divided into separate countries after thousands of years of being American - well they're still gonna be living the American way regardless of what name the 'dividers' give them. That's why Palestinians and Arab jews who've been israelified will continue to practice various Levantine cultural traits - be it in their kitchens or at weddings or funerals etc. Palestinian and other Arab jews can only embrace so much of Ashkanazism. Ashkanazism will remain an alien culture to Levantine jews - regardless of the current (and temporary) Ashkanzi cultural and political dominance of the holy land.

      Ashkanazim have zero connection to Levantine culture cuz they're from Europe. And like other colonials before them, they are afraid of the re-unification of the Levant and it's people so the word 'Levant' doesn't even figure in their estimation or reference. Levant Arabs, as opposed to desert Arabs, share similarities to each other indeed, but they are not the same culturally, historically or in their physiognomy.

      But to get back to the original point: I have no doubt that zionist israelis loath the following words equally: Palestinian, Arab, and Levantine.

    • Maybe it's just me, Walid, but I find it weird (and covertly menacing) that the writer uses the term "Palestinian Arabs" (which includes Palestinian israelis - if I'm reading the writer and the context of his letter correctly). I think just using the word 'Palestinian' will do as reference. Why attach 'Arab' when it's sooooo obvious that Palestinians ARE Arab. It's a bit like calling a New York native: a New Yorker American. Just doesn't roll of the tongue or brain slopes smoothly, does it?

      Come to think of it, I think it's only zionists who use this term "Palestinian Arab" - using the word 'Arab' as a bogeyman's cuss word? Covert racism?

  • Obama and Kerry are spurred by 'vainglory' in pursuing talks -- Finkelstein
    • jeffb,

      I have to first correct myself: the Lebanese presidential elections are actually in a couple of days and not in a "couple of months". General Auon, a christian maronite who staunchly supports the hizb is slated to comfortably win. He's the guy whom israel wants least to win :-)

      Look dear, there is plenty of resistance training against israel going on - your Apartheid zionist friends in the idf know all about it - not my problem that they dis-inform you 24/7.

      Maybe we can both count the "imaginary" resistors when war breaks out.

    • jeffb,

      I said "Arab citizens" and you assumed I was talking about governments. But never mind your inability to comprehend the written word, here's going down your list:

      Egypt, by popular demand, will be addressing Camp David after the next elections - and its people hate you as much as you zionists hate Egyptians - except there's more of them than there are of you. Plus security arrangements between israel and Egypt are not the result of a love affair - it's strategic and not permanent.

      The king of Jordan, everyone knows, is a broke wuss who needs to do whatever USA tells him, BUT Jordanian citizens hate you zionists as much as you hate them and come a regional war, I wouldn't rely on the Jordanians to lend you zionists a hand - they will use the upheaval or any other opportunity to overthrow their treasonous, fake king.

      Lebanon has NOT kicked no nothing Syrian out - in fact the two countries are closer than EVER! Read hizbollah fighting salafists in Syria, and read: the most likely new president to be next elected, in a couple of months, is a maronite christian known for his STAUNCH SUPPORT OF HIZBOLLAH AND SYRIA.

      And Syria, well, they're not so busy anymore but the idf has certainly been made busy in the Golan lately. And the idf will be getting busier and busier in the Golan - till it's liberated.

      And once the Golan is liberated from the zionists, The Galilee will follow (a promise from hizbollah), followed by the liberation of Jerusalem (a promise from ALL Arabs, neighboring or otherwise).

      But you go ahead and tell yourself that no neighbor danger exists - while you guys simultaneously continue to cry 'holocaust' and 'existential threat' every five seconds.

    • Thanks pabelmont, I stand corrected.

    • Sean,

      Many Arab countries are experiencing internal political conflicts/upheavals and their governments are indeed distracted. But I assure you, Arab citizens everywhere have NOT forgotten Palestine in the slightest.

      My observation: while the West spends all its energy on chatter-mongering about the I/P and BDS, the Arab countries surrounding israel, who've been practicing BDS for some sixty five years, are busy training for the next war with israel - they know more than anybody else on the planet that israel has NO DESIRE for peace and the only way to deal with the zionist regime is to smash it - before it smashes them.

    • Finkelstein is basically a liberal zionist who is staunchly anti 'holocaust industry' and anti all individuals and institutions (aipac etc) who promote it.

      All his fierce attacks are against the politicization and commercialization of the holocaust - in honor of his righteous late parents who survived the holocaust.

  • Haaretz joins Rush Limbaugh and company in trying to link Max Blumenthal to KC shooter suspect
    • And Death Metal music has been implicated in all teenage suicide across the globe.

    • I haven't opened haaretz for at least a month. Got utterly fed up with their commercial pop-up windows - no other news site on the freaking planet does that on my computer (Mac). Plus, I finally realized that they're no better than FOXNEWS - spent the last few months not being able to get past the tedious headlines - and their comment section sucks eggs. Meh, I don't care what the left or the right or the so-called center in israel think anyway - not one bit and not for one second..

      I too am glad I dropped haaretz from my daily research routine.

      Max is a tough guy, he can handle the zionist media: the pack of toothless dogs frothing and bearing their gums will not stop Mr. Blumethal's commitment to exposing zionism and zionists who betray America and judaism.

  • Friedman prepares American Jews for a divorce from zealot Israel
    • A confrontation with hizbollah is by far scarier than BDS. Ask any israeli. I'm sure our military and Intelligence agencies have discussed this Achilles's heel: standard Empire strategics. Look at how we armed alquaida and sent them into Syria. Empire is capable of doing the inconceivable. Israel should be careful not to over-eff with Empire.

  • Alterman says BDS is helping Netanyahu
    • What's good for Netanyahu is bad for israel.

      Fact is, even without BDS, israel's reputation in America is sinking in the eyes of Americans - never been this low in six decades. Netanyahu especially is loathed and one can clearly see this loathing in the comments section on pretty much all yahoo-news articles that have the name Netanyahu featured in the headlines.

      Admittedly, this growing American contempt for israeli politicians and their shenanigans does not equal a notable increased support for the Palestinians. But there is certainly an awareness of the Palestinian narrative currently taking a-hold of American consciousness. This means that the israel narrative in America is increasingly being dismissed by the American public - and this is precisely what is freaking the deek out of American zionists.

      Alterman's wigout reminds me of MJ Rosenberg's wigout(s). They've both hit a big, bad, black wall called 'the truth about zionism' and the only way they can deal with it is to hissy-fit and deny, then attack.

      I expect a liberal zionist 'personality' to blow their cork once a week from here on.

  • The Jewish community must not embrace Ayaan Hirsi Ali
    • jaynot,

      Sorry dude, I don't believe you've read the Quran. Cuz you're quoting Pamela

      I'd say Walid has by far more credibility than Hirsi - at least we know he reads Arabic so he's read the Quran in its original language, whereas you don't know Arabic- and neither does wotsherface.

      Myself I'm not a fan of any religion in the slightest, but I'm certainly not gonna go around demonizing religious people.

      I advise you go and for real read the Quran. Maybe Walid can refer you to a good translation. I hear most Qurans are translated into English by zionists - and you know how it is with translations: one single wrong word and the whole book goes skewy-hooey-wywy!

    • @American,

      I've been told by shias that one of the divisions between shia and sunni is the women's inheritence issue: the shias allow it but the sunnis don't. I've been told that some conversions from sunni to shia is due to this. Maybe Walid, being a sunni Beiruti (living in Canada) can confirm this. Mindful here that there was no such thing as sunni and shia during the life of the prophet Mohamad.

    • No, Donald, "hell" hasn't frozen over - you just always assume the worst of me.

      But that's alright, I always forgive you.

    • Really great post, Sumud.

    • Al-Mayadeen TV has a religious discussion program that hosts a variety of experts on islam: Arab thinkers and scholars and religious sheiks and imams and christian priests and pastors who've all studied the Quran. Much denunciation of takfirism and its inhumane, un-islamic violence is always voiced and all denunciations are backed cogently by recited koranic verses and relevant episodes from islamic history. Hirsi wouldn't last a minute debating on this program: her arguments have no bearing on the reality of islam that is experienced by over one billion moslems. Neither she nor al-effing-quaida are the definers of islam.

      And to those who haven't read the Quran and really can't tell the difference between "authentic" islam and fake islam, why the heck don't you guys go read the darn thing yourselves?! It's just a book, you know - it won't bite!

    • jaynot,

      The prophet Mohamad was against slavery, against oppression of women and against forced conversions. This is stated in the Quran. Clearly the followers of wahabism and it's ugly sisters are not following their prophet.

      If islam is not compatible with democracy, how then would you explain Turkey? A staunchly islamic sunni state that practices democracy.

    • Hirsi Ali is a micro archetype of the prey turned predator; the victim turned aggressor; the meek turned monster.

      The macro archetype would be israel.

      It's no surprise therefore that the despicable duo would party together at their hate fest.

  • Florida university president who condemned boycott has financial ties to settlements
  • Why LA needs a city-funded Middle Eastern cultural center
    • Man you are ambitious!

      Opening a mideastern cultural center in Los Angeles is as impossible as opening one in west Jerusalem. Because Los Angeles IS westcoast West Jerusalem.

  • 66 years ago today 42 members of my family were slaughtered in Deir Yassin
    • anti-bds,
      "It shouldn’t matter that Deir Yassin had Men who were dressed up as women civilians with guns firing at the Israelis"

      Yeah right that explains why the Irgun and Herut terrorists gunned down all women in Deir Yassin - and raping a couple of the young ones in self-defense, of course.

    • kamanja,

      It's news to me that part of Hitler's plan was to take over North Africa, the Arabian peninsular and the Levant so he could holocaust the Arab jews still living in their Arab homeland. Link please.

      I would be very surprised if the meticulous and detail-obsessed holocaust historians never got round to giving a figure of how many Arab jews Hitler actually killed.

    • In the UK, where I was educated, the holocaust was taught as part of WW2 history. And I remember clearly that I was taught that the nazis killed 4 million european jews and not 6 million - in other words, the nazis were after euro jews and not Arab jews and they'd horrifically consigned 4 million of them to the cruelest of deaths . Nowadays the narrative has somewhat been changed and people like me who have been exposed to two versions of the conclusion are stuck not knowing which one to cite in public. Should I believe my respectable old school's version, or should I believe the current media's?

      Notable too with my personal holocaust education is that my non-jewish history teacher taught it with profound gravitas and empathy that deeply effected me. For several decades thereafter, I found it very difficult to criticize the jews of israel even though I was aware of their daily crimes against the hapless Palestinians.

    • Dabakr,

      This "Nakba" was called thus as the Palestinian natives who fled the war zone thought their lives would be only TEMPORARILY interrupted by the onslaught on war. But this Palestinian "Nakba" then bled into ETHNIC CLEANSING, which in itself is currently bleeding into a HOLOCAUST.

      Who knows what the future holds? Maybe a jewish "Nakba" will errupt and result in the collapse of israel? No biggie, it'll just be a "catastrophe", that's all.

  • 'Poof' -- Kerry blames Israel for breakdown of talks (Updated)
    • If there was no zionist occupation of our congress, our senate and mainstream media, if America was truly free, then this is what it would say to israel and Palestine:
      'Now you listen to me you little sh*ts, I'm the f*cking superpower here and if you don't do exactly as I f*cking say, I'm gonna open a can of whoopee on the bothayerasses! Now get the f*ck outta my face and go make resolution 242 happen! Problem f*cking solved! Capish mothereffers?!'

    • James,

      I've perused a few "Poof" articles on different news sites and by jove I've never seen the zio internet army out in such desperately high numbers and such vicious force. Not a good tactic when the jig is up, especially in America. All that remains is for voters to start threatening zio politicians with abandonment at the next elections.

    • The proof is in the poof.

  • 'We ask you to show solidarity with the farmers and their families of Gaza': Open letter to Neil Young from Gaza agricultural workers
    • Puppies,

      It's irrational AND foolish to judge something you know nothing about - it renders your judgement inconsequential and irrelevant.

      And it ain't up to you to decide which way the thread goes - who the eff are you? You're not a moderator; you're some pompous smartypants assuming the position of 'scientist' and 'realist' in-chief above the "Jews and Moslems and Christians and Californians and what will you…"? Ridiculous and despicable prejudice.

      Unless you've studied traditional Chinese medicine, you won't, of course, know that it IS a scientific system and it's results aren't random or hoogleyboogley: you follow the system and it produces results, time and time again and again and again: no two ifs or buts about it.

      Some people are just brainwashed and prejudiced and irrationally believe, like you do, that only western systems are 'scientific' - everything else is just inferior "superstition".

      The human face is one area of the human body that the Chinese use for diagnosis and I commented that Neil's eye condition indicates an imbalance. You find that irrational? Well, all western doctors examine the eyes when a patient goes to visit them with an ailment - what do you think they're looking for? The tooth fairy?

      And by the way, annie is right: sanpaku is not a permanent condition.

      Now don't you just wish you hadn't butted into a topic you know sweet eff all about?

    • puppies,

      Japanese medicine is based on Chinese medicine - they just use a different language to describe the same thing. Just thought you should know this basic fact.

      And what intellectual giants you and woody are, critiquing a subject you know eff all about.

      For your information, I was on death's bed after years of western medicine failure and so I took it upon myself, while in unbearable pain, to study Chinese medicine and nutrition and I am happy to inform you that since October 2004, I haven't even had a single day of sickness, not even a single cold - if you do the maths, that's almost ten years of DAILY perfect health. The proof is in the pudding, as they say, and it is my practice of preventative Chinese medicine that has brought me the freedom from sickness and suffering. This means I eat right and never get sick, in case you don't know what 'preventative medicine' actually means. But in order to eat right, one must know the properties of every food on earth and their impact on the human organs, which I do. I don't think you and tanaka can say the same.

      There is a rational and effective system behind Chinese medicine - part of the reason why they are the most populace people on the planet. Think about it.

      Traditional Chinese medicine has nothing to do with rhino or tiger penises, as woody so ignorantly claims; and smirking with him about it just makes you his equal in ignorance.

    • Woody,

      link to
      Go read this medical bible that has helped BILLIONS of people to better health for thousand of years, then get back to me. Ancient Chinese medicine has NOTHING to do with "rhino horns or tiger penises", though I'd say you're clearly in need of a dose to help you compensate for something.

      "stupidly wrong", is clearly YOU, woody - so stfu about stuff you know absolutely NOTHING about you dick!

    • Libra,
      It's not "California" medicine, buddy. It's Classic Chinese Medicine: older than you and me and judaism. If you don't think that the human body is integrative, fair enough, but do you really have to knock things you hardly understand?

    • I hope it works but I somehow doubt it.

      His state of mind is not sanguine; and if you look closely at Neil's eyes, you'll see he's suffering from something the Japanese call 'Sanpaku', which in English translates into 'three whites', in reference to the white surrounding the iris of the eye. The norm is two whites on either side of iris. Sanpaku on a person indicates a critical imbalance of physical health and/or mental judgement - as if the eye is rolling up and backwards, exiting consciousness, slipping away from life and towards death.

      Never sign a contract with a person suffering from Sanpaku. Their energetics attract accidents, illness and tragedies. Oriental medicine has volumes of literature on this very subject.

  • Friedman says Iran's friends include BDS and Jews in Open Hillel movement
    • Oh puleeez Phil and weareone, not nice to dump our trash in other people's yards. I don't think the middle easteners needs more foreign zionist rubbish in their holy land.

    • "Who’s next?"

      Honey Booboo. The occupation is all her fault.

  • Distracted by the peace process: What really happened during the talks
    • LeaNder,

      News footage of Palestinians lugging gallons of water and trash piling up in Arab Jerusalem is looped on Al-Mayadeen TV.

    • puppies,
      At this stage of the game, no one at the farm really believes in Oslo (designed specifically to take away all guns from the resistance).

      I don't mind to share here that the late and great Mahmoud Darwish was at my father's apartment in Paris when he phoned the PLO in Ramallah at 3pm, to resign over Oslo.

    • pups,
      I've been posting on the I/P conflict since 12th September, 2001, when maybe 2% of punters posting had a semblance of knowledge of israeli crimes against the Palestinians. I reckon currently, it's close to 60%.

      I can't even begin to tell you the uphill struggle on the blogs that I experienced back then; in fact I'm proud to say that I've been banned from most name sites in defense of Palestine. And I got banned specifically for saying, but in much more mercurial language, that the zios need to be seriously "physically restrained".

      It's not "optimism" as such, but we really have come a long way.

    • It would seem to be the case that Joe and Jane have not been "distracted" either. Check out the comments section on the peace talk impasse:
      link to

      So true: the jig is really, so very really up!

    • OT but here's another Jonathan Cook article regarding Seymour Hirsh's take on the chemical attack in Ghouta/Syria and Obama's back-peddling from his "red line":
      link to

    • The occupied Palestinians and israel's Arab neighbors actually have NOT been "distracted". They've known all along that ethnic cleansing is the name of the israeli game. Why else is the axis of resistance getting more and more popular amongst the masses especially the younger generations? The more illegal israeli colonies are established, or existing ones enlarged on the backs of Palestinian land, the more people of the region align themselves to the resistance as being the answer.

      Israel can build all the settlements it wants, but it certainly will not be able to keep them when the final crunch occurs.

      There is no liberation without an armed resistance. Unfortunately.

  • US is 'absolutely adamant' that Palestine not go to ICC and wreck the peace process -- Power
    • More than that, James, it sees the establishment of a Palestinian state as the final nail in the greater israel coffin, and the first nail is the little israel coffin. Assimilation into the Arab region is a terrifying prospect for zionists, which is what would eventually and organically happen if a stable period of peace were to pass in the holy land and the region..

      It is simply not possible to fulfill the zionist's 'dream' in the middle east. Zionism has arrived at the brick wall that the zio founders stupidly never anticipated.

    • I know, Walid, I read the article. I was more interested in sharing the quote, “The danger of peace has been averted” - showing that the zio ministers are so public and blatant with their anti peace stance. The writer of the article, like all zios these days especially lib ones, doesn't know whether to whimper or howl - from desperation: the fact that the zio jig is up.

    • "The danger of peace has been averted", was the message that one of the Likud Party's senior ministers texted on April 1 to some of his associates shortly after it became apparent that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas had submitted a request to be inducted into 15 UN bodies with a state status.

      link to

  • Oren says Pollard 'sacrificed himself for the Jewish people'
  • Let Pollard go. But first get answers from Tel Aviv
    • "Zippy" is "reasonably attractive".

      LOL! You gotta be kidding me, right? I would not use either "reasonably" nor "attractive" to describe Livni. She does have a very good stylist and make-up artist though.

      It takes a whole team and a lot of work to even get Livni to this:
      link to

      But hey, if Livni buzzes your magnet, then all I can do is smile and shrug my shoulders.

    • Woody never misses an opportunity to defend a damsel in distress.

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