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  • Arrests without charge of American beating victim's relatives in Jerusalem leave State Dep't 'deeply concerned'
    • tear-stained uzi July 19, 2014 at 8:24 pm

      Israel has long had a strategic 'love' for the Kurds. If you'll remember, it was Saddam Hussein's gassing of the Kurds that provided neocons one of the more compelling arguments for invasion, based on scary chemical WMDs coming to America via nightmarish 'cropduster drones'. Seymour Hersch has written extensively about Mossad running ops against Iran launched from within Kurdish-controlled territory in northern Iraq. The Kurds are happy to help out, as they know Israel will back their plays as they work to carve out an independent Kurdistan. Who loses? Israel's regional 'enemies': Syria, Turkey, Iraq and, most importantly, Iran.

      Israel's 'love' for the Kurds is akin to the chessmaster's 'love' for a sacrificial pawn. If/when the gambit is successful, Israel's one true Love -- possessing all the Biblical lands of Eretz Yisrael -- will be that much closer to being consummated.

  • Dwight Howard should be thanked for showing the price of standing up for Palestine -- Zirin
    • tear-stained uzi July 19, 2014 at 9:21 pm

      Just to add to ritzl's comment above, I've also been seeing pro-Palestinian tweets from Anthony Bourdain, which has caused much rage, gnashing of teeth, and crapping of pants among the Zionist foodie crowd. (The ones who think Israel invented kkkhummus and developed Jaffa oranges in that formerly barren wasteland that had 'no people' in it, only Arabs.)

      The trickle is turning into a flood...

    • tear-stained uzi July 19, 2014 at 9:06 pm

      Dave Zirin is great. I remember being shocked by his brave eloquence when Chris Hayes had him on his old 'Up w/ Chris Hayes' weekend show (which, BTW, was vastly superior to his current, neutered prime-time show, which is 'Maddowesque' in its adherence to Democratic Party dogma.) IIRC, he wasn't even on to talk about I-P stuff, but just spoke out, and it was clear that Hayes was in total agreement. I think Eli Lake might've been at the table, hissing and eye-rolling in his passive-aggressive Zionist way.

      But yeah, Zirin's more thoughtful and knowledgeable about the Palestinian struggle than most foreign policy wonks, and he's a sports writer, ffs!

  • Gaza is a concentration camp, and it's an American delusion not to recognize that -- Weschler
    • Great quote from Chomsky. But doesn't its very strength ("straight talk," as you put it) stand in stark contrast to his recent BDS comments, which were decidedly, as our State Dept is fond of saying, "unhelpful?"

      Chomsky's progressivism appears to have collided with some sort of tribal red line, and gone squishy. He's certainly not a villain in my eyes, but it's frustrating that he provides cover now for PEPs.

    • tear-stained uzi July 19, 2014 at 9:55 pm

      The beatings will continue until morale improves.

  • Joining Graham, Schumer calls for end of Palestinian unification for sake of Israel's 'survival'
  • Now Rand Paul wants to 'Stand with Israel'
    • tear-stained uzi May 5, 2014 at 12:57 am

      If you're being serious, I think you may be crushing on Senator Paul just a little.

  • 'NY Times' and 'LA Times' run op-eds by an AIPAC board member without telling readers
    • I see you and I had a similar reaction to this putrid op-ed. The sheer audacity of the screed's "up-is-down-ism" is what is so shocking to the human conscience. I had to break my reading into paragraphic chunks to try to avoid apoplexy, but I wasn't entirely successful. Kudos to Annie and Mondoweiss for braving the stench of this AIPAC sewage dump in The Times in order to expose the awful truth of the situation.

      Seth Seigel's hasbara lies are so offensive, so foul... words/language have abandoned me in the face of such obscenity.

      History will remember the Seth Seigels who made it their lifes' work to defend the indefensible injustice of the Occupation. There will come a reckoning.

    • Welcome back, Richard Witty.

    • Hey Annie, ABC is one of the 'good guys' here; that was sarcasm directed at the NYT, not you.

  • Goldberg slams Kerry for mentioning boycott-- though he saluted it as 'smart strategy'
    • Why are Israelis so precious and so sensitive that we have to tiptoe around them in case we ‘terrify’ them?

      LOL! As someone who worked with a number of Israeli colleagues in Silicon Valley, I can say: 'precious'? Yes. Sensitive? Erm, no. (And they would be the first to agree!)

  • 'NPR' praises Israeli assassination program in faulting US one
    • So you end up with a platitudinous law that says you have a fundamental right to an occupation, human dignity, and liberty...

      You can't say Israel hasn't delivered on that first promise...

  • Netanyahu calls on American Jews to stand 'together with us' to stop Iran deal
    • I know that we have that inner strength to guarantee the [White Christian] future. I know it and you know it; together we’re going to achieve exactly that – to defend and secure the [White Christian] people and the one and only [White Christian] state. I say that here in our eternal capital, [Birmingham], and I know, I know that you stand with me.

      ~ David Duke of the Desert

  • Ben White begins North American speaking tour in the face of opposition
    • Where, o where, is the Jewish Dr. Martin Luther King, who will lead his troubled flock to the True Zion of the spiritual realm, not this false idol of already-inhabited real estate?

      (Probably he sits in a cage, waiting to be deported as a schvartze "infiltrator.")

  • Former AIPAC official warns against US 'retreat' from Israel's 'permanent reality'-- conflict
    • How exactly did Iranian "posturing" "bring about civil war in Syria?"

      There are a plethora of causes, but most significant are severe drought going on 6+ yrs, subsequent crop failures, massive displacement of subsistence farmers and rural villagers into urban areas, the Assad regime's short-sighted selling of the country's wheat reserves during a hot market (and mid-drought), and ultimately, violent repression of civil unrest by unemployed and starving Syrians. I just don't see the hand of Ahmadinejad & the Mad Mullahs in this.

      Here's one link:

      Syria: Climate Change, Drought and Social Unrest

    • FWIW, I've also noticed this trend. Even spotted critical, well-informed comments on Fox News stories!


    • ... Rosen will always be there with unsolicited advice to further the interests of his Israeli principals.

      LOL -- I think you misspelled "Israeli principles," as in: lie, threaten, mislead, manipulate, cheat, steal, kill, etc.

      I don't understand why Rosen thought whining in FP about 'Night Flower' AIPAC's painful 'sunburn' would help matters, though.

  • Witness accounts on the killing of three Palestinians that stopped peace negotiations
  • Glenn Greenwald brings facts and reason to 'Real Time', ruins Bill Maher's night
  • Dershowitz calls Hawking an 'ignoramus,' a 'lemming,' and likely an anti-Semite
    • Stunningly ill-informed and sloppy, even by Justin Raimondo's wildly erratic standard. He managed to toss in a hefty helping of hoary hasbara horseshit, too. Really, too much nonsense to even know where to begin unpacking. Note, too, his dismissive attitude toward the SA boycott. Oh, and don't forget: Jews have been the target of boycott before!

      My hunch? Raimondo's libertarian-capitalist 'soul' has been so seduced by the whole 'Start-Up Nation' myth that is now central to modern Zionist propaganda, that it's tipped him into that benighted territory known as Lib-Zio Land. Sure, the Palestinians deserve our support in their struggle for human rights; just don't let them try anything that might, you know, actually be effective.

  • Obama's heckler asked about Rachel Corrie, not Jonathan Pollard
  • Tribalism in the Jerusalem speech
    • This essay puts into clear language some of my own ambivalent reaction to the Cairo speech, in spite of being half blinded by misty clouds of hopey-ness at the time.

      Blood and soil may be central to the Zionists' worldview, but by joining them, Obama ensures his personal legacy will be both bloody and soiled.

    • Um, actually, yeah! If he did it all Liberace-style, and wore his diamond-encrusted kippah, I'd buy tickets for all Mondoweiss readers and writers.

  • 'NYT' landmark: Jewish philosophy prof says we 'really ought to question' Israel's right to exist
    • Norm's broader hasbaratic argument was gathering steam coming down the track, and I was following along raptly, when suddenly, a gasket blew:

      ...[F]or Jews facing anti-Semitism in Europe and a bleak future in America, the prospect of a better life in Israel will beckon them there like a magnet attracts iron fillings.

      I'm telling you, Norm, you need to quit living recklessly and get yourself a good, Jewish dentist. Who wants to go through another Seder where everything tastes like rust? Get rid of those cheap old things and you can finally get that cranial MRI you so richly deserve. Modern amalgam fillings aren't really that expensive anymore, and for only a few more shekels, my guy, Dr. Izzie, will even throw in a special Hasabaraignoranium coating, which studies show can impart an almost convincingly natural sincerity to your smile.

  • Schumer describes Hagel's come-to-Jesus moment
    • You're right, it oughta say, "Hagel's come-to-Moses moment."

      “And I told him what a double standard is. That Jewish people throughout the centuries have suffered a double standard. Everyone could be a farmer except Jewish people. Everyone could live in Moscow except Jewish people. I said when everyone else can lobby but all of a sudden when those of us who are pro-Israel lobby, it’s a negative, that’s a double standard. And I’m sure you didn’t mean it, but it harkens to the old days.

      “And he really, you know, he almost had tears in his eyes when he understood. So I believe he will be good.”

      [emphasis mine]

      Note the shift from "Jewish people" to "those of us who are pro-Israel." Also, as far as foreign nation lobby power goes, Israel is to "everyone else" as General Motors is to Segway. Yeah, Chuck, let's hear you make the case for more affirmative action for American Jews.

  • '5 Broken Cameras' director detained in LAX on way to Oscars (Updated)
    • Thank G-d the voters of CA's congressional district 30 wisely chose to replace that old antisemite, Howard Berman. Now maybe Israel will finally get a fair shake from our Muslim Bro'hood-infiltrated Congress!

  • 'NYT' lecture to Palestinians on democracy was written by former 'Hasbara Fellow'
    • Rather than continuing to give Mr. Abbas a free pass, the West should roundly criticize crackdowns on dissidents and stand firmly with Palestinian democrats.

      Wait, is Hasbara Fella advocating that we help (the democratically elected in Gaza) Hamas overthrow Fatah??

      I know this would make total sense to me if I were still snorting Ziocaine like I did, back during Disco...

  • Why is Birthright organizing skateboarding and hip hopping-themed trips to Israel?
    • This thread had me LMF(A-Z)AO! Excellent graphics, David Sheen!

      Now you just need to make a viral video. How about... The Hebron Shake!

  • Hebron teen was killed by Israelis minutes after buying cake for his 17th birthday -- PCHR
    • Now we know the truth: the Arab terrorist operative was carrying a deadly explosive device, cunningly disguised as a festive 'cake' in order to play on the overdeveloped sense of compassion which is a universal trait of the benevolent Israeli Border Guards. Fortunately, this brave daughter of Judea saw through the ruse, and quickly and humanely neutralized the target, saving the lives of her comrades. Thus, yet another almost-Holocaust was averted.

      (Can you tell that I'm angling for Avital Leibobitch's job?)

      BTW, this poor kid must've been some kind of ninja assassin to have "pounced" on a heavily armed soldier whilst simultaneously tucking a large cake under one arm, choking said soldier with his other arm, and holding a fake plastic-but-actually-kinda-totally-metal-and-real-looking gun to the soldier's head with his, um, third arm?

  • 'America and Israel are in it together,' Clinton declares-- and nary a word about settlements
    • "Wrong, and that is hyperbole and you should know it."

      Hyperbole? Yeah. Wrong? I'd say it's more right than wrong.

      "To assume that Israel plays a central role in these areas is to be either be ignorant, malicious or simply steeped in hyperbole.

      Let’s be precise here and not give Israel, nor its backers, unlimited, shadowy powers. It muddies the conversation.

      This seems like kind of an overreaction to Sean's polemic. What are you really trying to say, here?

    • Yes. I would have commented on this post hours ago, but I've just been so busy vomiting, you know? OK, for 30 minutes, Hillary spews non-stop unhinged lies and racist tropes for the cause of apartheid. Way to lick the boot, Secretary Clinton!

      I missed the ending, where she undoubtedly said, "God bless America, by letting us serve Israel, your Chosen people! I pray that we be worthy of this honor. Am Yisrael Chai!"

      One bit of news she broke, I think: she confirmed Rashy BéBé's stunning earlier clairvoyant forensic achievement, when he fingered Hamasiranian Islamomaniac terrorists for the tourist bus bombing in Bulgaria. Or has this corroboration been reported before?

  • Questions of war crimes remain as Israel shifts explanation on strike that killed 10 people from same family
    • Good news! The liberal usage of preservatives and trans-fats enables Processed Peace™ to have an almost indefinite shelf-life!

    • You raise good points, David.

      "If Israel feels that all members of Hamas in any capacity have committed a capital offense, what about members of the IDF? Are they all legitimate targets for death wherever they might be?"

      Since (most) every Israeli citizen has mandatory service requirements, doesn't that make them all 'legitimate' targets by their same twisted logic?

    • @Alex -

      Has the IDF ever given an explanation for why their story has 'evolved' so much?

  • Bill Maher says Islam and Christianity are 'warlike religions' but Israel 'kicked ass' in its 'little war'
    • If she were smart, America-hater Caroline Glick would hire Maher away from HBO and install him at her Latma 'comedy' project. At least Maher is occasionally funny, and I'm sure he'd jump at the chance to do black-face work.

    • I know it's a cartoon, but ugh -- Dershbag's "O"-face. I need to go rinse my eyes in bleach, now... thanks!

      I had a comment rejected recently for accusing one of our habaratchniks of "enjoying himself too much" while looking at maimed Gazan babies. Next time I'll just borrow your link.

  • UC Berkeley's new chancellor disavows Columbia divestment petition his name was on
    • Jeebus, what a shitweasel Dirks is. "Right. Well, when that particular petition was being circulated, I was chair of the department of anthropology and in fact, at some point, saw my name on a list and asked it to be removed." This jumbled mess of non sequitur and feigned detachment is some of the most desperately amateur lying I've ever seen. Which he subsequently compounds by, as HarryLaw points out, "throw[ing] his wife under the bus to pander to the lobby."

      BTW, terrific assist by Dan "All Things Israel" Mogulof, from Berkeley’s Office of [the American-Israel] Public Affairs [Committee], who heroically attempts to steer the Chancellor-Designate away from the rocky shoals of career-sinkinganti-semitism.

      G-d help UCB.

  • Apartheid? Don't be silly
    • Really? You don't think it's stunning that Jewish Israelis can roam freely in 97% of the Palestinians own land, while being restricted only from entering the 3% PA-controlled ghetto?

      The generosity of the Zionists: "You Pals can have exclusive rights to aaaall of Area 'A.' We could have taken the whole land (easily!) -- G-d gave every dunam to us, you know -- but we are such good guys... really, we're too giving (it's our greatest weakness). Anyway... you're welcome. Just don't let us catch you outside of Area 'A,' or it'll be no more Mr. Nice Guy!"

  • Reactions to UN vote: Livni calls Palestinian move 'strategic terrorist attack'
  • Israel responds to UN vote by approving 3,000 new settlement units and plans to build in strategic West Bank corridor
    • While it would be nice to think Obama would finally grow a pair over this latest outrage, it's more likely he'll just have Susan Rice say, "See? We told you your UN gambit would be bad for the peace process. You have only yourselves to blame."

    • Typical tantrum-throwing by America's spoiled child. Looking forward to the day when we can watch Palestinians driving their shiny new Caterpillar D9s through these evacuated eyesores.

      Seeing pictures of the Ziosquatters' tracts always reminds me of:

      "Little Boxes"
      (Malvina Reynolds)

      Little boxes on the hillside,
      Little boxes made of ticky-tacky,
      Little boxes on the hillside,
      Little boxes, all the same.
      There's a green one and a pink one
      And a blue one and a yellow one
      They're all made out of ticky-tacky,
      And they all look just the same.

      And the people in houses
      who went to the university,
      where they were put in boxes,
      And they all came out the same.
      There's doctors and lawyers
      And business executives,
      They're all made out of ticky-tacky
      And they all look just the same.

      And they all play on the golf-course,
      And drink their Martini dry,
      And they all have pretty children,
      And the children go to school.
      And the children go to summer camp
      And then to the university,
      They all get put in boxes
      And they all come out the same.

      And the boys go into business,
      And marry, raise a family,
      And they all get put in boxes,
      Little boxes, all the same.
      Yeah a green one and a pink one
      And a blue one and a yellow one
      And they're all made out of ticky-tacky
      And they all look just the same.


      Malvina Reynolds

      Some covers:

      Pete Seeger
      The Shins
      The Decembrists
      Rise Against

  • Don't 'target our Israeli ally'-- Schumer warns Palestinians
    • Could "ICC" stand for Israeli Criminals' Comeuppance? The weasels clearly think so.

      The ferocious funk of flop sweat is flowing freely off the 'Firsters.

  • If only . . .
  • Ashrawi: statehood is 'game-changer' and US is damaging its standing in world by opposing it
  • Mainstream journalists' failure to explain reasons for Gazan resistance is professional malpractice
    • If this constitutes "journalistic malpractice" (and I agree, it does):

      To imply that the Palestinians have no cause to resist, when rather plainly they exist in circumstances no people on earth would tolerate, is not really different from an actual lie. Israel can lie about Gaza if it wants, as governments do. But should major U.S. newspapers do so in their editorial and opinion pages?

      Then what is this, but Presidential malpractice:

      "Let's understand what the precipitating event here that's causing the current crisis and that was an ever-escalating number of missiles that were landing not just in Israeli territory but in areas that are populated, and there's no country on Earth that would tolerate missiles raining down on its citizens from outside its borders,” Obama said at press conference in Thailand at the start of a three-nation tour in Asia.

      BTW, Mr. President, where exactly are those "borders" of which you speak?

  • Kristol's declaration should force media to acknowledge, Israel is at core of neoconservatism
    • Tom Friedman may be right-of-center to you and many of us on foreign policy, but that places him smack dab in the middle of American Punditocracy. McConnell just means he is a reliable barometer of konvenshunal whizdumb.

      "The other thing the lobby has had to run up against is when Generals are willing to come out and say that Israel’s national security is not the same as the U.S.’s national security."

      Unfortunately, the 'biggest' of these was Petraeus, who privately began scrambling immediately to reestablish his pro-Israel bona fides, remember this Mondoweiss gem? Anthony Zinni was an earlier general who went rogue, and I recall him getting The Treatment; do you remember any others?

    • Bodyguard.

    • Uh, I believe you're speaking of [cough] Z i o c a i n e [cough]?

  • Overwhelming US support for onslaught was given in prejudicial disregard of Palestinian perspective -- Scholars
    • "... we ... reject the unconditional U.S. support which has been lent Operation Pillar of Defense, and likewise disapprove ..."

      Did you guys hear something?

      Just now? It sounded like somebody said something...

      ...I guess it was just the wind.

  • NYT's Rudoren: Gaza funeral 'didn't feel incredibly human to me'
    • Her lack of introspection throughout this incident has been stunning. Most discouraging to me is that she seems clearly better than Bronner, yet is still so far from being a neutral observer that it almost doesn't matter.

      Her responses to Phil's critique have been angry and defensive, and demonstrate a stubborn refusal to reflect honestly on her own prejudices. Unbelievable that the Times, the opinion-shaping "paper of record" which ought to be playing a central role in carrying the Palestinian story to westerners, can't do better. It's pitiful, and the Palestinians pay a heavy price when they are portrayed to the world in such a chauvinistic, distorted way.

  • NYT's Jodi Rudoren responds to criticism of Facebook comments
    • A great, typically classy response from Phil Weiss, who kicked the Jewish hornets' nest.

      I was just over on Rudoren's FB page and the level of vitriol and hatred directed at Phil is, frankly, disturbing. Here's Ron Kampeas of JTA, someone Phil often quotes with obvious respect (I've never been a fan, but know he's highly regarded by people like Laura Rozen and Josh Marshall), getting in a few stings:

      You've been Mondoweissed. He's a creep, a semi-stalker and don't think he's not asking mutual friends about you so he can cut and paste what's convenient into a narrative that has little going for it, except that all Jews except for Phil Weiss are venal.

      That's just one example. (There's a backstory I'd love to hear!) I know Phil's tough, but that is some deeply personal, hurtful bile to have to endure for speaking out, and I salute him for his bravery -- and his humanity.

      In fact, Kampeas reminds me it's time I finally donated to this great site.

  • Gazans are 'ho-hum' about the deaths of relatives -- NYT's Rudoren
    • Brilliant! Reads like a dimadok comment.

    • I can't watch him -- he is such a smug Zionist tool. He was on Chris Hayes' show once and he really dragged down the intellectual level of the conversation with his constant immature snarkiness about Arabs and Persians, not to mention his aggressive, me me me attention-whoring.

      Richard Engel, Zio-diva.

    • I've seen many a sympathetic Western 'news' story, also back during Cast Lead, about large numbers of terrified Israelis being treated for shock; not from injury or blood-loss, but from fright.

      The implication in such articles is always that Israeli Jews simply feel and experience life much more richly than do Arabs; they are the "civilized man," after all, surrounded by brutal "savages."

    • "Even if she thought these things, how clueless could she be to say them in public, though I’m glad she did rather than keep her racist insensitivity secret. ... How disappointing! I didn’t have great hopes but I expected a lot better than this." -- David Samel

      Agree totally. Better to know the truth, I suppose, but truly discouraging, nonetheless. Being an "improvement" over Ethan Bronner isn't adequate.

    • Even apart from the psychological factors you note, what reasonable human would expect that traumatized and grieving Gazans would naturally just open up emotionally to a Jewish reporter from the NYT asking them how do they feel, having just lost their family? It's clear now from Rudoren's FB posts that she is culturally insensitive, a quality that her interview subjects would quickly detect, causing them to be guarded in their responses -- a "ho-hum" affect, in her interpretation.

      Can you imagine what she would've written about Palestinians if, in their raw anguish, they had (G-d forbid!) replied with bitterness or anger? Rather than "aspiring to martyrdom," we would've been treated to the whole "culture of hate" meme. Depressing.

  • Israeli hasbara cartoon features white man fighting jungle animals
    • He looks like a psychotic, pigeon-toed postman who has foolishly wandered into the forest. I dunno, he seems more nebbish than "New Jew."

      I've believe we've seen this cartoon before, and in the next scene, the animals are happily lazing about with full bellies; the wolf picks his teeth, while the bear comically tries on the pith helmet, to the delight of all the woodland creatures...

  • Gaza, Now
    • I am so upset right now that words fail. Some of you may have already seen the following video of a horrifically burned and dying baby girl from Gaza. WARNING: IT IS TRULY AWFUL. DON'T CLICK unless you are willing to face the raw consequences of the world's indifference to the plight of Palestine. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO UN-SEE IT.

      'Savage' baby after 'Civilized' Israeli airstrike

      In a related video, here's the vile sociopath Robert Gibbs, incoherently attempting to justify the Obama administration's killing of 16 y.o. American citizen Abdulrahman al-Awlaki (skip to 1:57 for money quote).

      Obama won't dare stop Netanyahu, so this is on him. I voted for Obama, so this is on me. I am NOT OK with this. Israel must be stopped!

  • Photo: The scream
    • I had the same reaction, Betsy. Another fact-free and lazy false-equivalency piece of modern 'journalism,' and that last bit was indeed cutely snarky.

      This part got me:

      The photo of [BBC Arabic reporter Jihad] Misharawi wailing as he carried his son was attached to tweets accusing the Israel Defense Forces of “infanticide” or worse, feeding into dark stereotypes about Israelis’ intentions. [emphasis added]

      Masterful use of the "blood libel" eternal get-out-of-jail-card, by Max Fisher. Well-played, sir!

      Or this:

      Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s official Twitter feed posted the photo with the message, “I saw today a picture of a bleeding Israeli baby. #Hamas deliberately targets our children.” It’s hard to find fault with the not-subtle argument in support of Israel’s campaign against the Gaza-based group, which does fire many rockets at civilian neighborhoods, but such pointed use of the harrowing photo to make that case can be jarring. [emphasis added]

      Oh tsk, tsk, Max! Such strident criticism of the King of the Jews cannot be allowed to stand. Krauthammer will have you drummed out of the WaPo Gestapo, if you're not more careful!


  • Israel supporters (and IDF officials) proudly display their bigotry on Twitter (UPDATED)
    • Wow, you mean those lame-ass tweets above were written by a pro PR flack?! No wonder Israel is struggling to counter "delegitimization."

      Are we sure he's not a Hamas mole? (He is definitely something that rhymes with "Hamas mole.")

  • Israeli police spokesperson Micky Rosenfeld: 'If they dare to strike Tel Aviv... we'll wipe the whole place out'
  • On the West Bank, the mood is resigned, edgy
    • Horribly apt analogy. The bully's jealous violence is unleashed once again, after catching Abbas flirting with the UN.

    • "At that point The Dersh had tweeted with savage irony: People were worried that Obama was going to get hard on Israel, but they are murdering Palestinian men, women and children with impunity once again." -- Phil

      Seriously?! The Dershbag is one sick, twisted bastard. He needs to just STFU and "self-deport" already.

      Please, stay safe Phil. FWIW, my agnostic 'prayers' are with Palestine.

  • Two new resources: Timeline of Israeli escalation in Gaza and Israel's history of breaking ceasefires
    • "... the way the conflict is usually presented in the US is “Palestinians attack and Israel responds.” Sometimes there’s criticism ..." -- Donald

      Gee, sounds like you're talking about this freshly spewed dreck, from NYT:

      Israel has a right to defend itself, but it’s hard to see how Wednesday’s operation could be the most effective way of advancing its long-term interests. It has provoked new waves of condemnation against Israel in Arab countries, including Egypt, whose cooperation is needed to enforce the 1979 peace treaty and support stability in Sinai.

      The action also threatens to divert attention from what Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly described as Israel’s biggest security threat: Iran’s nuclear program.

      It does contain gentle admonishments*, so, uh, there's that.

      *Please, everyone, be careful when using such inflammatory language. Remember, antisemitism is just a baby-step away...

    • Pretty blatant f.u., even for Booboo. Do you happen to have a link re the clause? thx

  • Couldn't make this up -- Official name of Israeli demolition plan for new East Jerusalem park is 'They Won’t Know and Won’t Understand 2012'
    • The “mission,” according to the document, is for the municipal authorities, with the help of the Jerusalem District of the Nature and Parks Authority and the command of the Jerusalem Police, to “act in accordance with a municipal bylaw to fill burrows and to remove hazards.”

      Just clearing out the Untermenschen vermin from their filthy warrens. Yes, it's dirty work, but how else to make the desert bloom?

      Only the choosiest ethnic-cleansers choose Caterpillar!

  • CBS no longer categorizes American Jews as 'ethnic minority'
    • I'm just going to sit over here in the corner, on this rickety old folding chair, and button my goyishe lip. Please, just carry on as if I'm not here, okay?

      Oops, sorry about the squeaking! I'll try not to fidget so much... anyone got any 3-in-1 oil?

  • US immigration officials detain and interrogate Imran Khan about drones and who's pushing the State Department
    • Of course, they're working! The modern "Security State" needs a constant, never-ending supply of "terrorists;" what better way to generate them? Especially when we target the subsequent funerals and emergency medical first-responders.

      It's genius! (and one more thing we've learned from those high-IQ, most-moral Israelis!)

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