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  • 'Where did we go wrong in our homes and schools?' David Harris laments young Jews' hostility to Israel
  • 'You are thieves of history!' Hotovely tells Palestinians, waving books at them
  • Netanyahu's bloody incitement
    • What do we know about the specifics of this particular case? Was it really as random as the press would have us believe? I guess we'll never know if it was anything more than just another example of "terror." If I was a detective there, I'd be going "Hmm."

  • Democrats head to a crossroads over Palestinian rights as primary season comes to an end
    • This line from the story: “That’s so complex. I don’t think many Americans really care about it. Those people have been fighting for thousands of years,” Jensen said.

      I've heard this many times from journalist friends as a justification for their unwillingness to report on I-P issues. It's as though they feel they'd have to go to school to develop an understanding sufficient to allow for reporting. This is a powerful weapon of hasbara and one that's not easily overcome. I thank God for my Palestinian family, for without them, I'd likely be in the same boat. Those who've dedicated their lives to justice for the Arabs of the Middle East would do well to consider this particular matter.

  • Anti-Semitism is considered a serious moral failing. But no one calls out anti-Palestinian bigotry
    • As an outspoken observer and commentator on media and the Middle East, I, too, find this regularly in my work and via social media "discussions." The problem with the Western press is that anti-Palestinianist bias falls within Daniel Hallin's media "Sphere of Deviance" and therefore unworthy of even the smallest bit of coverage. This is due entirely to the success of hasbara and the eggshells upon which the press must walk in matters of regarding Israel. I don't believe it will change anytime soon. My many media friends refuse to touch it, and meanwhile, the shell game of regional destruction provides ample opportunity for the press to talk about things other than the human rights violations against Palestinians. The matter almost moved into Hallin's "Sphere of Legitimate Controversy" in the summer of 2014, but it quickly went back to the "Sphere of Deviance." You'll recall the first beheading by ISIS took place on July 24, 2014, as the world was clamoring for action against Israel over atrocities in Gaza. Due to its utterly deplorable nature, the behavior of ISIS drew press attention away from the bombings. The beheadings one-upped anything Israel was doing, and Gaza suddenly disappeared. It was a remarkable coincidence, eh?

      The dehumanization of an entire culture (those awful Arabs) has been one of the most remarkable examples of successful propaganda in human history, proving that even as advanced as we think we've become, we're really just savages at heart. My only hope is the free web, where everyone is a media company and hands can reach across the bias and shake those of others who might be curious. Sadly, this is nobody's strategy, and as long as the overall Palestinian community continues to play into the anti-semitic arms of awaiting Zionists through its own bad behavior, the narrative of "everybody hates the Jews" will continue on generations.

      I want to thank Mondoweiss once again for the window on the world that it provides and thanks to Mr. Johnson for this particular essay.

  • Palestinian running for Congress in Nevada says Harry Reid told him a Muslim can't win
    • The responses of Ms. Lambe and Ms. Jones could be seen as legitimately trying to help Mr. Sbaih overcome what they viewed as "baggage," but it all collapses the moment Senator Reid handpicks another novice for the office. Then it all becomes obvious, and I would love to hear their arguments regarding Mr. Sbaih's candidacy today.

  • Executed: Dania Ersheid, 17, from Hebron
    • Annie, the emotion you expressed in this comment is vital in the war of information. When these kids are murdered, we need profiles of who they were, so that outsiders can see them as something more than just another dead Palestinian body. This is the key missing element in the battle for the Western mind, because when one group sells the dehumanization of another, the most powerful weapon is to rehumanize them. Remember, too, that the toothpaste industry learned a very long time ago that you don't sell toothpaste by showing decay. You're our best hope, Annie. Thank you for your tireless efforts.

  • Until the denial of Palestinian rights ends, 'political violence' will continue -- Munayyer explains on CNN
    • The phrase "organized via social media" troubles me deeply. The modernist hegemony of top-down control demands organization. It's unthinkable that people could simply take up arms themselves absent organization, so the CNN anchor MUST pose the issue in order to introduce Abbas and the PA. The Network, however, is the tool of the postmodernist. We can talk with each other now without the need of command and control, and this is precisely what's happening in the region today and why it's something truly "new under the sun." So while social media is playing a major role, it's not under anyone's lever-pulling, but rather the mechanism by which a dissatisfied mass can spread the truth of what's happening from place-to-place.

  • State Department forced to retract statement suggesting Israel incites violence
    • Thank you, Annie. Thank you, Bryan. Israel has no divine right to the promised land, for the covenants with Abraham and Moses were conditional. A few weeks ago, CBN produced a propaganda piece on "What's the big deal about Israel?" and several times mentioned that "God always keeps His promises" as a justification for the Nakba and subsequent, including current, actions that establish a return to the promised land. If God always keeps His promises, then the Christian fans of CBN should also know that there are promises for disobeying the covenants, and that's where we are today. Unfortunately, this is mysteriously ignored by the lock-step nature of certain unquestioning Christian support for Israel.

  • Israel's destruction of Mamilla cemetery part of effort to remove Palestine from Jerusalem
    • This blatant rewriting of history is far more dangerous that most realize. The press turns their head aside, for hasbara has won the battle that will soon be overcome by the Great Horizontal of our networked world. The direct connection referenced above by Mr. Yahni between modern Israel and the old testament is a dangerous one, for who wants a country armed to the teeth exercising the will of God?

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