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  • Whistleblower: US General Sean Swindell bears responsibility for deadly Kunduz hospital attack
    • You are trustworthy, I never trust anything printed unless I falsified it myself!!!!

      As far as Frank goes, you know what is awaiting you in the military if they have your real name? Noone in his right mind would risk that, therefore either an alias or no report!

    • The story is same all over the world, they prosecute the small ones and let the big ones go, and I don´t mean the size of the person.
      Reports and investigations are falsified all the times, generals, or even colonels will be transferred and the staff must face the music.

      Example: a few years ago a german colonel requested an airstrike from us on gasoline trucks in Afghanistan, our planes flew over and reported many civilians and children in the area. Colonel Schmidt demanded an airstrike regardless, that eventually killed more than 70 people, mostly civilians and children.
      Instead of courtmarshalling him, he was ordered back to Germany and promoted to a Brigadare General. It is the same dirt all over the world.

  • At Israel's birthday party, ambassador says rising criticism comes from 'killing fields of Europe'
    • Ally is the wrong word nowdays, it was replaced with partner.
      European politicians keep talking about our american partners, not realizing that they are nothing but vassals, the orders come from Washington and they just obey.

  • Democratic Party is now split over Israel, and Clinton and Sanders represent opposing camps, says Pew
    • Politics and politicians are like prostitutes, they go to bed with anyone as long as it is profitable. Without the SU the west had absolutely no chance against the might german military with their super weapons, we needed the huge masses of the soviets to destroy the nazi army. WWII was won by us, and lost by the germans, at Stalingrad, where they lost a whole army, the best they had at that time. Only after that slaughter were we willing to land in Africa and eventually in Italy and France. Did the germans won the battle at Stalingrad, then our landings would have been much bloodier, therefore Uncle Joe to the bloodiest dictator Europe ever had.

    • What do you expect after 50 years of brain washing and constant zionist propaganda by the MSM, Hollywood, TV, our political parties and politicians, who receive huge amounts of money from jewish donors. If we did the same to communism, the american public would consider Stalin the greatest hero of all times.
      Europeans say, americans don´t grow up, they just grow old. Watching the discussions of top political figures, like Trump, one can understand this critic. It seems there is nothing outside the US borders, american laws and customs apply all over the world, and the US has a God given mandat to spread democracy all over this globe, even if it takes to bomb countries back to the middle ages, overthrow duly elected governments and ruin countries by imposed sanctions.
      After WWII we had great sympathy, we were loved all over the world, and even our previous enemies respected us. We blew all that, our friends today are mostly bloody dictators or countries where the politicians receive every year a few hundred millions to call their own. Following I hear more often; is the US a superpower that lasted less than a century? If stupid people run a business, or a country, they can ruin it very fast.

  • 'Her absurd generals, her military junk' -- Daniel Berrigan's prophetic speech on Israel in '73
    • It is called Roman Catholic Church in english, Römisch in german, etc.
      Romish is not proper.

    • K Renner

      Just recently in Germany the AfD, a new conservative party, won huge number of voters, due to their position on this unlimited migration into the country, over 1 million just in 2015!
      The Jewish Central Committee issued a statement, that they are against and strongly oppose such a conservative political trend. On the other hand, they never ever criticised Israel and its bloody handed politicians, it seems the same direction of political views are perfectly OK when it is done by jews. Hypocrats!

  • Norman Finkelstein on Sanders, the first intifada, BDS, and ten years of unemployment
    • Norman

      You probably heard the following: old soldiers do not die, they just fade away.
      You left your mark on history during the past 30 years or so, your books will be in the libraries and on bookshelves in many homes, and people will remember you when you one day just fade away. That is more than most of us can ask for, so be proud of your contribution to the cause.

  • As right-wing incitement spreads through Israeli society, Netanyahu looks to extinguish fire he has stoked for years
    • That french citizen, who shot the wounded palestinian, should be arrested and jailed for murder as soon as he returns to France. The crime of murder has no border or time limit!
      Watching this video reminds me similar demonstrations in nazi Germany, where the murder of jews was cheered. How low can sink the population of Israel, they should never dare to say the word Holocaust, they are not a bit better!

  • Tidbits from Reader Survey: Please Add Your Ideas To The Mix
    • Hallo Annie

      If you look up the Encyclopedia Judaica, you will find that there non-jews, like you and I, are called goyim. I do not speak hebräish, so I cannot judge if that is derogatory, or simply an old name for not jews. I personally do not find insulting being called by that name, (by the way, I did not know that you are not jewish, as all others at MW seem to be just that). To make it very clear, to me it doesn´t make any difference if one is jewish, christian, moslem, or one who believes in any other fairy tales. What you are is important, not where were you born, who was your mother and father, etc.

      Perhaps I did not make it clear what did I mean with my comment. Since 10 years all articles in MW are about Israel and the palestinian occupation, even if the author is not jewish or even an arab. Meanwhile all around that country there are upheavals, wars and similar events, that effects the lives of all occupants of Palestian, however you stick to your old scheme. That is like being a surgeon, who operates only on the left leg, for the right one you must go to someone else.
      The events in the ME, and Israel/Palestina is located just there, concerns us all, because their future could be decided, or effected, by one of those wars, therefore perhaps we should keep an eye on them. The situation there is very similar to 1914, when it ended in WWI.

    • I know Mondoweiss is a jewish blog, however if you would include a few goyim, you may be surprised that there are a few who are most intelligent and politically match the line most of your readers are interested in. Presently you print mostly jewish interests and views of the palestinian cause, a very limited selection, and after years it gets a bit boring.
      The ME is changing rapidly and what happens in Syria or Lebanon, among other states in the region, will effect the interests and history of Israel. Would it not be a good idea to raise your horizon a bit and look what is happening over the israeli border?

  • Obama's November surprise
    • "Removal (demolition) of settlements buildings".

      That would be the biggest blunder of the retreating zionists, they owe the palestinians billions of dollars, not to forget the destroyed real estates, stolen water, etc.
      Those buildings should stay where they are, the they are needed to house the refugees coming home and are just a small return for the destruction of the homes of the palestinians.

  • 'Say Hello to Zenobia': A report from Palmyra rising from the ashes
  • 'Forward' columnist and Emily's List leader relate 'gigantic,' 'shocking' role of Jewish Democratic donors
    • gamal

      I enjoyed the music, all my life I liked afro-american and caribic music, however I just don´t know what the hell are you talking about!!!!

    • Hallo Annie

      I had a good laugh reading the comments regarding the word goy or goyim. It depends how do you look at it, a french man in love calls his lady "ma petite cochon", my little pig, that would be insulting to most of us, however she just loves it!

      I tried to fill out the questionnaire for Tova, however I could not agree with many questions, it was a 3d degree to me. You will not find me on Facebook, YouTube or similar sites, I prefer privacy. I am not a yes-man, sometimes my questions or comments did upset a few important persons, however I also got results, churning the same stew over and over will not get us any further in our quest.

  • Sanders's leftwing base made him take on Netanyahu
    • Yes, and I welcome the day when the US government, politicians and press threat Israel as it really is, the last bloody colonist on this Earth, that with wars, killing of innocent civilians and immens amount of financial and political support of the USA is able to get away with methods contrary to international laws and ethic. Great percentage of the present and past israeli leaders and IDF senior officers should end up in front of the ICC as war criminals.

  • Sanders slams Clinton for ignoring Palestinian needs and thinking Netanyahu is 'right all the time'
    • Amen to your last sentence, however can you name one single democrat whom you really trust to do just that? That party became more corrupt than the Mafia, thanks to the Clintons.

    • Ellen, I will not bother to vote, however if we want to elect someone who is the least corrupt and probably the most reliable, then it should be Bernie.
      It is a pity that we must chose the best of the bad and not the best of the best!

    • I live just too far from the USA to be able to watch the daily events concerning our gladiators fighting for that prize, the keys to the WH, however I have the feeling that we expect just a bit too much from good old Bernie.
      He is an old zionist, lived in Israel, and he may changed his attitude toward the aims of zionism, however he just cannot bring himself to really face up to them. His criticism always will be half hearted, careful not to go too far, keeping the chance to go back to the tribe if he fails to get the prize.
      The idea of having Hillary as the POTUS is bad enough to keep you awake all night, however is Bernie the optimal solution? He will be 75 by the inauguration, not an age when a human being can take on the stress of what is needed to govern this huge country and all parts of the empire we built for us over the years.
      My feeling is that we just don´t have candidates in either party, where I could feel safe to go to bed in the evening, and not be wake up to the news that we have another major war. With Hillary we can bet on it, so good luck to all of us, because we are unable to produce a statesman to run the country, we have a bunch of opportunistic politicians who cannot be trusted.

  • Trump supporters in New York take on ISIS
    • " I would bomb the whole place", said Ms. Ammar.

      Now that is a real caveman reaction to the issue, the same action we are doing since about 70 years, we bomb the hell out of them, killing women, children and the old! And these people call themselves "christians", go to church every sunday and pray for blessing from above.
      How uneducated and stupid are our average citizens, kill a few million humans and the job is done. The problem is, that those arabs are today much better educated, have plenty of money and connections, and they are already in Europe to thank those peoples for the subjugation and bombing their countries.
      What would Ms. Ammar say when one day a bomb blow up her house, the school where her grandchildren learn, the hospital where she may be convalecing, or the movie where she may see her very last show! We are doing such things since decades and it is time we get off the high horse and get the hell out of their countries. Otherwise they will come to us and don´t let the FBI or HS fool you, they will come. You cannot stop a person who is ready to blow himself up just to kill a few of his enemies at the same time. London, Madrid, Paris and Brussels should teach us a lesson.

  • Senior advisor to Clinton calls Obama's rationale for withdrawal from Mideast 'strange, bizarre, illogical, odd'
    • I did not say palestinians, but arabs, and I really doubt that the settlers can match the birthrate of millions of arabs living around Israel. One day they may join together to fight the colonists in their mids.

    • You are absolutly right, so please call, e-mail or write a letter or two to your congressman and senator about your feelings. Let us know what did you achive.
      We need millions marching on the streets of the country before our politicians notice what is wrong with their solidarity, however the USA is not known to have huge demonstrations that last until the demands are met. A good example is the OWS movement, that lasted a few days and achieved a big nothing.

    • Anyone interested in the wrong doings of the Clintons should go to YouTube and type in Hillary Clinton lies. You have a great selection of crimes commited by them, legal actions against them, fines they had to pay, friends and associates charged, jailed and even killed.
      Sounds better than many thriller you can buy.
      And this person, who should be in jail for rest of her life, wants to be the next presiden? Bill and Hillary are a two person crimes syndicate!

    • "Even if the ME is less important to us, our trading partners depend on that source of energy".

      Im my opinion it is time the USA stops being Uncle Sam to the whole world and let our "cousins" dig the chesnuts out the fire themselves! The NATO could do this job without the participation of us, those countries grew fat during the past 50 years, meanwhile we sink more and more into deep indeptedness. Tamara Wittes must be jewish and what she really mean is that we must stay in the ME to ensure Israel´s security againsts great odds. Israelis have less children than the arabs and what this means could be illustrated with the history of several countries in Europe, and probably on other continents, too.

      I second Obama´s decision to pull back from the ME, during the past 70 years it costed us billions of dollars and thousands of dead americans, let other nations have the fun in case they need the energy from there. On the other hand one can just buy their oil, without invading their country, bombing their towns back to the middle ages and killing millions of their citizens.

  • Trump 'has no business being president' because he would be 'neutral' to Israel -- Clinton tells AIPAC
    • I listened exactly 3 minutes long to Trump at the AIPAC, then I had to shut it off before I puke all over my computer. He is another brown nosing vasall of Israel, it makes really no difference who will be the next president, he or she will be controlled from Tel Aviv.
      This is going on since Johnson, and I must wonder, how long will it take before the american people wake up to the sad facts, that they really have nothing to say about the policy of their elected goverments?

    • hophmi

      "spoken like a white supremacist"

      How wrong you are, during my life I had more so called colored persons als friends than white ones. I even had many jewish friends, because they were not blinded by the daily dose of ziocaine, but were interesting and intelligent human beings, not God´s messengers from the early days of jewish history!
      Sorry that you do not qualify!

    • How low did our country sank during the past 50 years!
      During the first nearly 200 years a roman catholic had absolutly no chance to become the president due to the fear of the Vatican having an undue influence on him. John Kennedy had to convince our people that he being a catholic will not influence any way his decisions and the way he governs the country. He was our very last president not in servitude to Israel.
      Today one has to pledge an allegiance to Israel, a foreign country, even to be considered as a candidate for a higher public office, must visit Tel Aviv before elections to get final instructions, and assure them their undying servitude to be elected, as most of our congressmen do.
      Clinton, Cruz and all those traitors should be arrested and jailed for the good of this nation and anyone voting for them should also be classified as a traitor. You are selling your country as Quisling did during WWII. He was hanged for his deeds, should our politicians be treated the same way?

  • El Al captain indoctrinates the passengers, but only in Hebrew
    • "in Germany after murdering 6 million jews!.

      The question is, how many palestinians did those passengers on the plane murder over the years? Why do they fly to Berlin, the capitol of those murdering nazis? Why do 10,000 young israelis live in Berlin, opening up businesses like cafes, restaurants, bars, etc.? Is there something more interesting than in Israel? I make a bet with you Steve, if the arabs ever get a leader who will unite them, a great number of israelis, who today curse the germans, will head toward that country.
      Besides, the 6 million jews murdered is just a zionist number, because nobody knows the exact figure of those victims. That 6 million number was already circulating before WWII.

  • What brought you to be critical of Israel?
    • Yes, General Jackson was a passionate hunter, he liked to hunt indians in Georgia and Florida. It would be great to know how many of them did he kill personally. Later he became our president.

  • It will take more than a political revolution for Bernie Sanders to 'level the playing field' in Israel/Palestine
    • Who is "us"?

      Us are all the american citizens and taypayers who pay all those billions of dollars Israel costs us every single year!! Last time I checked "the ruling political and economic elites" paid very little, far below their fair share of taxes. As a thank you the israeli government and great part of the citizens spit on our values and political system. Netanyahoo said in Canada: "We can take care of the americans, we already control Manhattan, (I presume he ment Wall Street), and bought Poland and Hungary." You can find his speech on YouTube.

    • Israel may be a strategic asset, as suggested by the writer, to any Israel-firster politician or zionist jew, however that land costs us a lot of money, political efforts and millions of enemies.
      The US military thinks that with a friend like Israel you do not need any enemies, they simply cannot be trusted.

    • Bernie Sanders went through the same jewish indocrination as every jewish child does, therefore he has a problem speaking clearly about the palestinian occupation. He would like to help the palestinians without doing any damage to the State of Israel.
      As we all know you cannot make an omelette without breaking a few eggs and the election promises of the candidates have an expiring date right after the elections on Nov. 8th, therefore we cannot depend on anything what is promised to us. Will Bernie have the guts to "break a few eggs" and lean hard on Israel if he is elected, we don´t know, and to be honest, I just cannot believe it at this point.
      He could convince me by going to the AIPAC meeting and read the Leviten to all those traitors of this nation.

  • Austrian Parliament cancels International Women's Day event following attacks on Hedy Epstein
    • In those camps there were jewish capos who did not threat their fellow captives much better than the german or other guards. I have read a report on this decades ago, (please do not ask for source), stating that some of this overseers and accomplices later claimed to be just another captive jews and became the worst zionist leaders.
      Elie Wiesel könnte nicht Elie Wiesel sein, he could have stolen the identity of an unfortunate person who did not survive the Holocaust. Many capos did just that!

      Above it is mentioned several times that Hedy Epstein is a "survivor" of the Holocaust!
      You can be a survivor only if you were right in the middle of it, however she was far away and not in danger at all. On the same bases we can say that every person in Europe, USA, Canada, etc., who lived during that time, are "survivors" of the WWII, even if they were not even near to the war zone.
      She is a lovely old lady and I have the feeling that she is being used by others.

    • WWII ended just about 71 years ago and the Holocaust Industry, (Finkelstein), is still churning out stories both positiv and negative to the zionist cause. There are many ways to skin a sheep and there is always money in it.

      Jews finally must come to the conclusion that there were many others who were threated just as bad as they were, for every jew 10 non-jews were killed in that war, and if we keep scratching the old wounds, they will never heel.
      The guilty ones are already dead or sitting in wheelchairs, so in my opinion it is time we bury this whole affaire in our deepest memory and start fresh again. For every action comes a reaction and it can go on forever.

      Millions were desplaced during that war, and if Hedy Epstein was evacuated with a child transport, then she should consider herself to be lucky. Many non-jews did not have this option, millions of german, austrian, polish, russian, french, british, etc. children starved or died through the bombing attacks of the war parties. One was not better than the other.

  • Palestinian citizens of Israel respond to poll showing Jewish support for expelling Arabs from country
    • "...because jews are full citizens of the US with equal rights...."

      One should speak to those japanes full US citizens, who were locked up during WWII. Or the german ones.
      Nothing is guaranteed in this world, american jews should disassociate themselves from the zionists, both in Israel and in this country.

  • A totalitarian democracy
  • Speak softly and act like a big dick
    • Trump is a laudmouthed, vulgare idiot, however I just love what he is doing!
      He is destroying that crusted Republican party, the establishment is running scared, Israel-first billionairs are moving over to the Democrats. The leaders of the party are sending all their storm troops to destroy the integrity of their own leading candidate, first time in history.

      Now we need all the dirt the investigators can dig up on Hillary to make my day perfect. Perhaps we can start to reform those parties to serve only american interests.

  • Romney echoes neocons: Trump will lead U.S. 'into the abyss'
    • In politics sometimes we must take what we get. If you want what you wrote above, then Trump is the only candidate that will come near to your wishes. Maybe! There is a german proverb that says: "one will not eat as hot as man cooks." Once and if Trump get to the WH, I am sure he will change his tune, gets more statesman like.

    • What we need in the USA is a strong third party to stop this the winner takes all system. Should a party do not receive a bit over 50% of the votes, then it must look for a partner to form a government, as one can see any given time in Europe. This may not make governing easier, but it will stop parties usurping the full power.

      As in any business, a third party must start small in local politics to establish a reputation and political basis, corner positions like a mayer of a city, congressman, governor, etc. It takes years to have a strong base and finances for a presidential campagne.
      According to my estimate, all american third parties, including the present Green Party, fail, because they go for the top position without having a real political support in the nation. Dr. Steiner is a nice person, however who knows her? She should run for local positions, like a mayer of Watertown, city councellor, etc. to collect valuable experience in this dirty world of politics.

  • Why I support a one state solution and still consider myself a Zionist
    • There is a proverb "You cannot serve TWO masters at the same time", or "You cannot dance on two weddings simultaneously", they are centuries old and I think both express my feelings about dual citizenship!
      I made my home in Germany over 40 years ago, however I will always keep my US citizenship, and only that one, because it is not like an underwear that you can change if needed.

      Becca says: "I am an american. I am an israeli", meaning she is serving the interests of two nations simultaneously! Since american interests are not the same as the israelis, how can she do this spagat? If she decided to be an israeli citizen, then she should surrender her US passport and forfeit on US citizenship.
      She, a born american, served not in the US armed forces, but of a foreign country, and as we follow the deeds of the IDF since many years, she must have commited crimes against humanity, as they do it every single day. Did she shoot an unarmed palestinian child or woman? Or a few old men? We will never know, however being a member of a criminal organisation is already a crime, according to US laws!

      Thousands of europeans served with the ISIS in Syria and Iraq, and as they return to their home countries, they are charged with crimes and jailed. We should do the same with all american jews, who will not serve in their own armed forces, but go to Israel to join the IDF. We should have laws that forbids serving the interests of a foreign nation, in the military or any other way. Most countries have such laws.

      Our government, think tanks, CIA, NSA, HSD, Pentagon, etc. are full of double citizen Israel firsters, how can we run a country and feel safe when foreign agents sit at all important points? How could our country sink that far?

    • " I am a zionist, however I support a one state solution".

      Great, and naturally that state is called Israel, or Eretz Israel, where all will have the same rights, as long as they are jews! Is this a joke?

      We could continue with this farce, "I am a nazi, but love the jews", or "I am a communist, however believe in a capitalistic system"! Or "I am the pope, therefore I never beat my wife".

      Dear Ms. Strober, there is no such thing as a jewish nation, as there is no catholic nation, moslem nation, hindu nation, etc., all those are religions and states are political entities.
      Jews are made up from 100 different nationalities, (I did not count them), who sometime converted to judaism, the real hebrews are so rare, that together they would not make up a decent city, never mind a nation.
      You had the privilage to be born an american, however you decided to become a colonist subjugating ethnic majorities with modern weapons, (IDF). What you now do is, after beating up a person, you give him a bandaid. How kind of you, I wish we had laws to take away your american citizenship and declare you persona non grata in the country.

  • As Trump takes on the neocons, Kristol likens him to Hitler
    • With Jill Stein you will waste your vote, the USA is just not ready for a third political party.

    • The problem is that Bernie is a very bad salesman.
      If he wants people to listen to his program, he must create the need for the products he sells. He must ask the colored and other working classes if they like to earn minimum wages, visit schools where their children will not learn anything, wait for hours in emergency hospitals, etc? He must plant the seeds of a need and discontent, open their eyes, and then tell them what he will do for them. He also must make it very clear that Hillary is a politician bought by big finance and industry and she will never do what she promises.

    • Hillary´s days also may be coming to end.
      There are three different investigations on her, the e-mails, the Haiti affair and her assistant, who collected FOUR paychecks from the government and private parties, all for working in the interests of the Clintons. Do I smell rotting corruption?

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