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  • A Christmas letter to Nikki Haley
    • Someone, perhaps much smarter than I am, said once: should women take over the rule in our lands, then we will not have wars, but peace. He must not known the nature, where female animals are much more vicious than the male ones!

  • Trump threatens to cut aid to countries voting against Jerusalem decision at UN
    • To make it clear, anyone who denies the Holocaust is an idiot, it happened, it was terrible and inhuman. However under our civil rights one should have the right not to believe it and should not be prosecuted for it. Just call him or her stupid!!! However certain european states do just that, criminalising this opinion.

      jon s

      Not only the jews, but the arabs and several other minor groups belong to the semitic peoples, so don´t try to corner that market, like the zionist so gladly do! Jews are a very small minority in that group. Besides, good 30% of soviet so called "jews" are not even jewish, they just wanted a better life and Israel needed all heads she can get! Are they also semitic?

    • We have the rights not to believe anything, even the existence of God, however if you make a comment denying the Holocaust, then in Europe they will put you in jail!
      Several major german politicians ruined their career by criticising the doings of Israel. If we go back 500 years, now I know what could happen to you if you ever criticised the pope or the Vatican. Shame on our governments for letting this to come this far.

  • An ominous warning: 'Netanyahu needs a war with Iran. And he needs it soon'
    • Israel should very carefully look at our records of winning wars, although we have the most sophisticated weaponry in the world! Since WWII we have not won a single one of them, proving that with airpower you can destroy buildings, towns and even cities, but you cannot win a war.
      Barefooted Vietnamis chased us out of their country, after killing around 50,000 of our sons and daughters, we suffered the same fate in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Somalia and in a few other less known places.

  • Israelis need Massachusetts a lot more than Massachusetts needs Israel
    • I still call Boston home, although I spent the greatest part of my life in Europe, and was always proud that MA was a liberal state! We produced the Kennedys, etc.
      Lately it worries me that zionists took over the legistlatur and right wing groups dictate the policies of the state.

  • PLO source denies Abbas plans to propose large land swap deal during Trump visit
    • Abbas has no authority to negotiate in the name of Palestina for anything, his elected position as Prime Minister expired two or three years ago! He refuses to call new elections, because he knows that he will lose and must give up his comfortable housing and income.

  • Mass Dems move to kill anti-settlement resolution, amid fears of BDS and 'exodus from party'
    • God was once in the real estate business and gave that piece of land to the hebrew tribes, forgetting that he gave previously the same Land to other peoples!!! Following up on that logic God also gave other peoples a piece of land someplace, and can you imagine the chaos if all nations suddenly wanted to go back to the location where they lived 3,000 years ago? Besides, these invadors are not even hebrews, they are converts to Judaism, mostly from the Caucasus area and the daughters of Trumps, Clintons and Bidens!

  • The false piety over Spicer's Holocaust mistake
    • The man tried to say how reprehensible this deed is, however used the wrong comparision to illustrate it! A human mistake and one has to be a hypocrat to make such a fuss about it!
      Hier I would like to add that we still do not have a proof who did it, and Trump´s shooting from the hip may be a huge mistake. In Aleppo the so called White Helmets did a few tricks and got in Hollywood an Oscar for it, although their stories were mostly staged events.

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  • Trump makes war, and everyone swoons
    • The very first questions should sound like this:
      are we sure that Assad used sarin on the rebels or do we rely on informations from groups near to the islamic rebels, like the white helmets, who are known to lie about everything?
      Why would the US bomb a government airbase exactly the same time when the so called rebels start an attack against Assad forces and they will need this very same airbase to fight those rebels?
      Beside Assad who has plenty of sarin and who would like to have the USA to enter the war in Syria, besides Hillary and her cohorts?

      Answer 1: It was never proved who lauched the giftgas attack during 2013 that killed over 1,000 people and probably this one also never will be proved without a doubt. Falseflag operation are more than possible, yet the whole world very conviently charge Assad.
      Answer 2: Was this incident very carefully coordinated, so the world blames Assad and the US can destroy his fightingpower to aid the US backed so called rebels, in truth US and Saudi backed and supplied foreign fighters, as most of them are not even syrians? This is a question and also a reply to think about.
      Answer 3: Beside Assad, Turkey and Israel could have dropped the giftgas, as they both have a dire desire to have the US in that war and both have plenty of such weapons, in addition to other unsaviory actors in that drama.

      It is an old truth, keep generals away from politics, as they are trained to solve every problem with force! Trump has just too many generals in his team, so I am afraid this may just be the beginning of new and bloody wars.

  • The martyr’s daughter: a review of 'Where Can I Find Someone Like You, Ali?'
    • echi

      Thanks for your english language lesson, however the subject here is not how great my knowledge of it! Apropos, I can find in most comments or even articles grammatical mistakes, however I would be a piss poor person to concentrate on that!

    • The palestinians are a colonized folk and according to international laws they have the rights to use any means to free themselves, even killing their oppressors!
      However Ali was not a hero, he was a terrorist, instead of fighting the israelis he and others decided to caper a civilian plane with many innocent civilians on it, because those civilians are not armed. In other words an easy target. Using any means does not cover such acts!!

  • UN bowed to 'fearmongering and threats' from powerful governments to cover up 'painful truth' of Israeli apartheid -- UN official's resignation letter
    • A great number of IDF soldiers are young jews from the USA and other western nations. I would help them by offering them, when they return home, either two years in their military at home, or two years in jail!
      That would cut down the number of those killers in Palestina!

    • Chapeau off to this courageous woman, one has to ask, how many men would risk of their jobs to tell the truth? All UN Secretary Generals during the past 50 years or so are nothing, but agents of the west, cowardly old men!

  • Gerald Kaufman – From Labour Zionist to Israel's bitterest critic
    • I have Kaufman´s commons speech since years in my computer and every time I get disgusted with our politicians for kissing zionist asses, I listen to his words!! One out of hundreds!

  • The lying King
    • All humans were born equal, however we are not equal, as we developed after birth toward different directions, influenced by religion, nationality and educational level, and this may make getting along with eachother more than difficult.
      I good mirror of this is Europe today. Average birth to west european women is 1.4 child, asian and african immigrants top that with good 100% and Erdogan just called his 5 million fellow turks living there to have at least 5 children.
      There is only one solution, we must send all priests, rabbis, mullahs, ministers to the Sahara, because they are the main causes for most human problems, instead of preaching peace, they preach hate of other religions.

  • 'There is a deep state,' Snowden says, contradicting the liberal press
    • Philip Weiss

      You have computer problems, when I hit Theo above, instead of getting into the list of my comments, I get Theocratic Israel, one of your articles during Oct. 2016!

    • Pixel

      You forgot operation Mickey Mouse, a joint MI and CIA operation during the 1980s!!!

  • Human rights lawyer: Israel's new anti-BDS travel ban violates international law
    • Jackdaw

      Do not understand you, however gladly give an answer on meaningful question!

    • I wish good morning to the author, however everything Israel and the zionist did during the past 80 years is illegal and against international laws.
      Starting with buying up lands from absenty owners, immigrating into Palestina contrary to laws, subjugating, killing and driving out the population to form a jewish state, stealing uran in the USA and building nuclear bombs, constantly have "defensive" wars against the arab neighbours to enlage their territory, stealing the land of the palestinians, killing them without a cause, bombing cities full of civilians, using phosphore boms forbidden by international laws, attacking ships on international waters, sending murder commandoes of Mossad to foreign countries, etc. Did I miss anything?

  • Finders Keepers in the Holy Land: So who was there first?
    • Boris

      "I look like a jew"
      Don´t say that, Moosie will jump on you immediately! A few years ago I made the statement that I usually can identify a jew, here I ment the european kind who immigrated to the USA, the great majority of them. Moosie offered me immediately to rearrange my facial features as a thank you for my great capacity. He probably looks like Meir, Shamir and other great heroes of Israel and don´t want everyone to know it!

    • YoniFalik

      Thank you for your comment. It really doesn´t make a difference whose your ancient or even recent parents are, important is only what you are! We all can be proud of our ancestors, however we cannot demand that others do the same!
      Besides, with all these turbulances, wars, etc. we really never know who really our ancestors are, and it is good so, we can concentrate on the present and future. I never met a person whom I could not like, until I did not like him, however not because of his nationality, race, religion, but what he or she was!

    • Boris

      "First of all, prussians were eradicated by the germans"..... and other BS.
      I think you should go back to school to brush up on history! The prussians are one of the germanic tribes, among the bavarians, franken, suedes, alemannen, hessen, east and west goths, vandalen, longobarden, vikinger, danen, etc., etc. Further, the sachsen and angeln settled on the british island, creating an anglo-saxon nation, the nordmannen settled in Frankreich´s Normandie, etc. When Bismark united the so many german states into the German Reich, the prussian king became the emperor and could have as many children as he wanted!

    • Boris, (the russian immigrant?)

      "We - the jews - remain".
      There is no such thing as a jewish nation nowdays, enough was written on this subject to fill a whole library. Present jews in the west, and also the majority in Israel, are nothing, but converted khasars, a TURKISH language nation, powerful during the 8 -11th century, when the mongols overran their empire. Their decendents moved further toward the west in Europe, had many children, and eventually immigrated to the Americas. These people has absolutly nothing to do with the original hebrew tribes and bloodline.
      To Israel immigrated millions of slavic jews, the decendents of those khasars, and according to reliable sources about 30% of them were not even jewish, but people who wanted a better life outside the Sovietunion and later the GUS states.
      Judaism is a religion, not a nation, and it should be treated as such. The area was called Palestine 3,000 years ago, just look at any greek maps of the area. Before Joshua came, there were the Caananits, the Philisters, (therefore the name Palestina), and a few other empires before even Joshua crossed their border, and their decendents are still there. On the other hand, the khasars are just johnny come lately in the history of that land!

      Your ancestry may derive from that little 32 inches woman ape scientists try to sell us as our great o-ma. Mine came later, crossing the Med with boats, and singing O Sole Mio, (and those italians think they have a long history of culture)! I suggest you go to YouTube and search for the 1961 speech of Mr. Freedman, who left judaism when you zionists showd up in the USA!

  • Name the six countries the U.S. is bombing in the Middle East
    • Since all this countries are "served" from the same place in Germany, I purposefully included Pakistan to the group. Somalia is also not in the ME, however receives the same treatment, thanks to the group of new liberals in Washington, mostly jewish, who without asking the nation decided 20 years ago to change governments in seven nations.

    • Goldberg forgot a country or two, to Pakistan we send drohnes very regularly, hitting towns and killing thousands of civilians every year, or anyone sitting in Ramsfeld, Germany, at the controls, can see who is a civilian, a woman or a child?

  • Linda Sarsour raises over $100,000 to repair vandalized Jewish cemetery in Missouri
    • How idiotic, that money would have been more welcome in Gaza, perhaps providing for those enslaved children toys or medicin! Palestinians, don´t be generous to those who enslave, occupy und even kill you every single day!

  • Jews in Iran: a travelogue
    • Roha
      "Aristoteles spoke latine"
      I was too young at that time, therefore cannot remember, however if you go into Google, (that saves you a trip to the library), you will find this is attributed to him. Probably the romans brought it back to our part of civilisation and is a translation.

    • Boy, oh boy, I am having fun, so many jumps to my order, Prof. Pavlov would be proud of me!!

      My great-great-great-great uncle, (Mooser knows how many greats I need there), Aristoteles, would say: a bunch of "Homo risibilis"!!!

      just let them coming, it doesn´t bother me, they are destroying the reputation of MW, not mine! Five years ago I was told that MW is a serious blog, it may have been until the clowns showed up. As far as the moderation goes, it never worked, you called me a nazi and a zionist only a few days apart and they let all your insult through.

      Am I a zionist? Look at the many attacks on jews or jewish objects, you are getting to be a hated minority, so make an aliya and move to the land of milk and honey, (all imported). I will put in a good word to Nini, he may need a bunch of clown, as israelis don´t have many reasons for a laugh.
      Am I a nazi? Homeland did build a bunch of fenced in camps, just in case they need them. Personally I find this not funny, however you brought up the subject.

      To all participants, do you think you have a brain? Did you see it? Either prove it to me or I don´t believe you! Your mob action fits 15 years olds, but not grown men, it seems the europeans are right that americans never grow up, but just get old!
      And I used to get upset hearing this, but one learns something new every single day!

    • To all of your ignorants

      I don´t have to brag about anything, I know who am I and where do I come from. My family tree goes back around 300 years, I really don´t care, but my cousine looked it up. At that time the Kennedies and Saltonstalls were potatofarmers in Ireland and England. My great-uncle, brother of my grandfather, was primeminister in a country in Europe.

      Now chew on that!

    • amigo and talknic

      I keep forgetting you have problems understanding what you read, so I guess I must attach an explanation.

      "Few enemies, little honour........." I was enjoying the mob, who acts like streetgangs in NY or Chicago, all against one at the same time. Should we be physically near, you probably would jump me, Chicago style.
      The english say: "you cannot make out a donkey a racehorse, even if you put an expensive saddle on it" Soemeone who repeats the same BS over and over again, like ziocaine, months after months, regardless what the thema of the article ist, is telling his mental capacity.
      Let me say with Shakespear the following: "The fool thinks he is wise however the wise knows that he is a fool"!!

    • An old chinese proverb says: "Few enemies, little honor, many enemies, a lot of honor"!

    • amigo

      Since I speak several languages fluently and my daily conversations since many years are in the german language, sometimes I mix up words being written differently. It even gets worse when we converse in three different languages. It has nothing to do with intelligence, perhaps old age!
      You want to try it? Oh, I forget, you don´t speak anything else beside english! Kiddo, we are not in the same class, however I am always kind to the less privileged humans.
      You cannot be jewish, they usually have more smarts!!

    • I was waiting for you Amigo,

      your fellow dogs already barked a few times!

      "What is an Iraner or Perser". Whatever you may think what they are, however they are certainly not arabs!!! Got it?
      Read what Kay24 wrote and try to understand the following comments, and bitte don´t get your IQ to get in the way!! When having problems please contact me again.
      Would you please wake up eljay, his comments are very much desired.
      By the way, it is not polite to get into the conversations of others, unless you are invited!

    • Kay24

      We are almost there, however Shiits are not a nation, but a branch of Islam, and Farsi is a language spoken in Iran! You wanted to day Iraner or Perser instead of arab!!!

    • Jon66

      Don´t get upset, talknic is a retired truckdriver, or was it bus, learned his manners at those many truckstops where he ate his daily burgers, and now he is working on his PhD on I/P relations! However, he has problems with reading and understanding what he reads, my recommendation for him is to visit classes for seniors making up for missed times.
      In addition he is one of the MW watchdogs, when they let him off the leash, then he attacks anyone who is not conform with blog ideas, he is just a yes man.

    • Sorry Kay24

      however Iran is not an arab nation, you probably ment to say moslem or islamic!

  • The day the two greatest salesmen in the world met at the White House
    • It hurts to say this, however the palestinians are nothing, but cowards!
      70 years ago they greatly outnumbered the invading jews, however they just let them take control of more and more land. Their intifada was nothing, but children throwing stones at armoured vehicles and getting shot in return.
      Where were all the men, the types who put a fear into the IDF in Lebanon? Hiding behind their children, so anyone who expects these people to put up a good fight for their freedom also believes the moon is made out of fine swiss cheese.

  • Trump says he's 'happy' with one-state outcome, ringing in a new era
    • talknic

      I am glad you believe in official statements, after all I am sure the palestinian leaders tell how much money they stole and where is it located! LOL
      When Arafat died, european press reported how much money his widow inherited in swiss bank accounts. Millions!
      I am sure those traitors collect yearly special bonuses from Israel and the US, not going through official channels. What is your job, lad?

    • The UN SG is and always was a puppet of US interests, or have you ever seen him to contradict US positions?

    • Anyone with a little understanding the history and situation in Palestina knew that the so called two state solution never was a possibility, MW is and always was fighting the windmills, like Don Quiote did once.
      The zionists never entertained the idea of having an independent state beside their Eretz Israel, not even nearly a century ago. The palestinians never had a leadership that was not a paid agent of Israel/USA, the millions every year they pocket and pay into foreign accounts more than insure their loyalty. When Arafat died, he had a swiss bank account with more than 50 million dollars credit, all saved from his pay als president, and I bet that Abbas and the rest of those traitors also have similar sums at their disposal.

      We, the USA, insured that the zionist expension will not have serious opposition, by destroying governments who could face up to Israel. First Saddam Hussein had to go, then we destroyed the state in Syria, the only two countries who could put up a good fight. Egypt is bought with the millions they receive every year, Saudi Arabia could care less for their brother palestinians, so who is left? Lebanon with their constant civil strife?
      The zionists won and we must except it, like it or not. Or anyone of us thinks that in the USA we ever will have a president that is not controlled by zionist interests? For a moment I considered Trump, however he is a deal maker, a nascissist, he will never fight for something where he personally has nothing to gain.

  • To oppose Trump, Jews must join the fight against fascism and Zionism
    • Dersh and I are old friends. A few years ago I e-mailed to inform him that his discussion with Gideon Levy was very interesting, however I find that Levy was right!
      In return he called me an anti-semite, a cretin that just crawled out from under a stone and I should crawl back there, too.
      I make friends very easily.

  • Legalizing the theft of Palestinian land has been Israeli policy since Day 1
  • The legislation that will be used to intimidate and imprison members of the Muslim community has been introduced
    • Again Mooser

      You are just like a Jumping Jack, one has to push the right botton and you react!
      So you liked my fairy tale, ( I am sure Hemingway would be envious), however it is also a parable, it also contains something you should know, however in your arrogance not even noticed.

      Let me tell you something, you are ruining a once respected political blog, the MW!! Clowns belong to the circus, but not here, I have friends who visited the site for years, however don´t do it anymore, because they are tired of those stupid remarks coming from you!
      Other blogs I visit have 200-300 comments within 24 hours, MW has 20-30, half coming from you, unless I put in something that you personally don´t like and you start insulting me. Perhaps Weiss should think about this.

      Now I have other things to do, a great bottle of red wine is waiting for me, so so long, fetass!!
      It is 7:36 PM here, since you have problems with different times!

    • Mooser

      Which elite school did you attend?
      8 AM in the USA is already at least 2 PM in Germany, every 6 years old here knows that. Just another example of your superior intelligence!

    • Mooser

      Don´t knock Putin, only uninformed and uneducated persons do that.

      I know Wladimir since his days in E. Germany as a KGB agent, I was defending our values on the other side! We used to meet in Berliner Tiergarden, he brought a few bottles of finest vodka, I brought the best american baloney. He just loved our baloney!
      I called him Wlady, he me MG, that is short for my god, as he new Theo means god to the greeks. We drank and talked, watched the beautiful german girls and imagined what would happen to them if we pushed the wrong botton.

      We also played games. I moved NATO troops into all countries belonging to the Warshaw Pact, set up missiles and did military excercises only a few miles from the Russian border. Did naval excercises on the Black and East Sees close to shores, so their population can admire our great naval force and the skill of our pilots landing and taking off.

      In return he built two new airports on Cuba, put in two squadrons of their best fighter planes and a slew of those famous missiles they have, set up radar and missile sites in the Bahamas, in Jamaica, on Bermuda, built a huge military base in Tijuana with 30,000 soldiers, 1,000 armored vehicles, airborn troops and a pass for them, so they can visit San Diego for fun.
      It seems I did a better job, all my plans came true, but none of his.

      I got a call yesterday and was asked if I was interested in a position of cultural attaché in Moscow, knowing that once I knew Putin. However, I retired with grace, he shot up into the blue yonder like a MIG29, that can, after takeoff, go vertical up to 15,000 feet, or until the pilot throws up into his helmet. I cannot call him Wlady anymore, what should I say, Tovarish President? Besides, at my age I just cannot handle all that vodka anymore and would President Putin swallow all that baloney we dish out for him? He is there to serve the interests of his country, not ours!

    • MHughes976

      Thanks, I always like your informative comments. I am not a lawyer, however what would happen when a federal judge simply can stop decisions made by the president.
      Letters and arguments must be presented and a higher court must decide.

    • Not judges, but a single one, and his order will be overturned by the appealls court. He cannot forbid the president to care for the safety of this nation.
      Thanks for your careful information and advice, however I am ahead of you on important informations.

    • Mooser

      Your intelligence and knowledge is overrated, above text was written as an irony, a farce!! Real dumb persons come out of those elite schools, like you and Trump!
      I hope you don´t plan to rearrange my facial features, as you did a few years ago?

    • Yes, and we already have a Leader!
      After all Hitler was not all bad, he built the german Autobahnen, (expressways), and full employment building weapons for the coming war.

    • Where are the democrat members of the congress or those republicans who so vehemently opposed Trump? Laying low, because in less than two years we have mid-term elections and they want to be reelected again?
      Trump will cause great problems and damages to the USA, just in two weeks he made more eenemies than other presidents in years. Impeaching him would be a solution, however do we want Pence and the 50 million born again religeous zealots in the WH?

  • Dennis Ross's advice to Trump is 'bullshit, delusional or lying,' to gut two-state concept -- Peace Now
    • The idea of a two state solution was dead long before 1948!
      All one has to do ist to visit the Haganah Museum in Jerusalem and read the letters of main zionist leaders, like Ben Gurion, a few dated still in the 1930s. They talk about Eretz Israel that includes all palestinian territories and more.
      The zionist never ever wanted a palestinian state beside Israel, this 70 years of fooling the world is more than disgusting.

  • 'No Ban, No Wall' highlights the common struggle in US and Palestine
    • My name is Theo, I don´t hide behind fictitious names!
      If your real name is Mooser, then your parents must have been shocked seeing you after birth!!
      Can you provide a picture for all of us?

    • eljay

      I like your reasoning, not a ton, but 2,000 pounds, after all they are both the same!
      We usually talk about decades, or kilos, or meters before we hit the higher unit of measurement!!!

      You forgot that we talk about limiting immigration and not about more wars!
      Stay with the subject.
      By the way, I was against our wars since Vietnam, how about you, smarty?
      However I am a realist, not a half blinded idealist.

    • I had a real good laugh at above comments, the watchdogs left the caves, ready to attack the unbeliever who may have other ideas. Pavlov would be proud of you. (If your education did not cover this area, look up Prof. Pavlov and his dogs in the internet).

      In Europe we can have heated political discussions, have a few glasses of wine, then go home still being friends. Americans just cannot do it, if one dares to defer, then he will be insulted or even beaten up, good old John Wayne style. The british say, it takes three generations to make a gentleman out a peasant. Or, you cannot make a racehorse out of a donkey by putting an expensive saddle on it! Take your pick, which one do you like the best.

      I am glad that you have such a good opinion of yourself, Trump has the same problems. Narcissism blinds you.

      It is not decades, but since 1918, also almost a century the west subjugates the moslems in the ME, however that makes my sleep not better. WE; the USA, killed millions during the past 70 years, toppled governments, so do you think we should just lay down and take what is coming our way, because we did the same to them?

      If that is your real name, then you must come from Egypt! That country has the worst dictator since the king went on holidays, why don´t you go and help to free your country? Or do you think we should do it for you?
      The following is more than childish, however I want to please you:
      Yes, I was in Argentina and Brasilia, more than once.
      Also in Marocco, Senegal, Tunisia, Kenya, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Indonasia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapur. If this is a who was in more countries, then it is your turn, in return I will informs you more of my travels.
      Look up how omniscient is written!

      Don´t worry, the whole well educated world knows that americans have very bad manners, just look at Trump! Be proud that you are not different! I am ashamed every time Trump, McCain or any other "well educated" leader of this country gets on TV.

    • Nigeria ist the most populous and richest country in Africa, however they have an islamic group called Boko Haram killing and kidnapping thousands.
      Should we put an immigration stop on that country, certain groups with pink glasses on their noses would shout we are prejudiced against blacks! However all inhabitants of that country are black, so naturally they are effected. Brains should be used to think, not to keep a head in shape!

    • Mooser, I want to add: Millions of soldiers, policemen, FBI and other agents are working hard and long hours to keep this country safe as possible, so you can sit on your fat behind and mouth off!
      Have you ever visited an islamic country? I did many, the first time during 1969, and see the difference in aggression against the west. The islam declared war on the west, just look what is happening in Europe!

    • I don´t remember the USA ever being a fascist country, yet only a few days ago you complained that we did not let the jews in and consequently they perished in in nazi camps. We also had immigration stops on other nations, recently ordered by Obama, your hero of the latest days.

      You cannot have it both ways, so please tell us all, were the USA a fascist country during the 1930s and 40s? Or every time when we put a stop on certain migration?
      Mooser, you have a huge dose of narcissism, you could have a contest with Trump on who is worse. You must put your two cents in every subject, even if you don´t know what you are talking about, in certain articles there are more comments under your name than all others together! Just call yourself Trump II!

      During my life we had a few big mouthed individuals working with us, however they all failed in their duties! Just a lot of hot air, talking heads, nothing behind!

      MW always deletes my answer to you, if they allow your loud mouthed insults, then they also should allow the replies! I have a better upbringing than you have, I never use words you do in this blog.

    • President Trump did not issue a stop on moslems, but on certain countries that were already picked by Obama a year ago, he just followed up of that decision. Funny, nobody went on the streets at that time a year ago.
      We have to admit that the natives of those countries are mostly moslems. However we should not forget that in those countries either they have wars or islamist groups rule them, and americans are killed. Remember the SS Cole, that was torpedoed in a harbour in Yemen, or the killing of american soldiers in Mogadishu, who were on a UN mission. Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan are overrun by islamists, who is clean and who is ready to commit terror?
      I would have added Tunisia, the terror attacks in Nice and Berlin were commited by islamist coming from there and they provide the greatest number of killers to ISIS, who will eventually return home. Do we want them in the USA?
      It is time to dispose the pink coloured glasses, we are in a war that will get very ugly. Europeans let in a million migrants and since then the local population is not safe anymore. Terror attacks, beating up and robbing people on the streets, drug dealings, etc., according to the police done by "southern looking men with darker skin", as they are forbidden to name the nationalities.
      Nobody can learn from himself, however it is smart to learn from the problems of others. This problem has been minimized to be against moslems, however it is not! It is against islamists, they hide among good and honest moslems and it takes time and great effort to find a needle in a haystack. If we don´t do it, it may kill us eventually!

  • Rallies at White House and airports across the US as outrage builds over Muslim ban
    • Breaking news! Over a million brits did sign a petition that should Trump come to GB, he must eat only british food! In addition, the queen wants to know what are those colonists up to!

  • Trump's anti-interventionism helped him win, says Obama's former Middle East adviser
    • As long as the USA, or any other country, finds that they have interests to be defended thousands of miles away from home, the non-intervention theory is just a maculator. As soon as Trump start closing US bases far away from home and stops replacing governments, only then can we hope for a lasting peace.
      Will he do it? I really doubt it and some should take away his smart phone, he acts like a 10 year old child!

  • Saturday's marches are going to make America great again
    • Mooser

      Please ask the Environment Minister in Berlin, why did she transfer 5 million dollars into the Clinton Foundation only a short time before elections? It is being investigated as illegal election contribution by a foreign state! I always know what I am talking about!

      When the fight for the WH and elections are over, it is time for a nation to get together behind the new president to work together, even if we don´t like him personally, as personal feelings have no place in such positions. Opposition is there to control future developements, not to bring a nation to standstill, as the republicans did eight years long. What will MW do, play political opposition to Trump?

      Mooses, we got into eachothers hair since years, you just cannot stand it when someone knows more about a subject as you do. Ridiculing is your way to discredit anyone who may be a danger to your rule at MW, it seems they allow you to say and do anything!
      Accept it, there are persons who are better informed and better educated in world affairs and politics, you are just a couch potato defending your position. Say a few funny words and you will feel immediately better!

    • Mooser

      Al Capone killed or ordered the killings of dozens of persons, yet he never was convicted for those brutal deeds. According to your reasoning therefore he was innocent?
      Follow the Clintons from Arkansas and White Waters scandal, the internet can be very useful.

      The european royal courts always had jesters who made people laugh! However there is time to talk serious about the problems we are facing and how to solve them the best. By writing funny comments in a blog that is not being read by the elites in Washington is not the way to do it. Jesters do not help with doing anything constractiv.

      As long as all participants say exactly the same, there is no room for a serious discussion, it is possible only with different opinions. One of my bosses once said: "do not tell me what I am doing right, because I know it. Tell me what we are doing wrong, so we can change it"!
      He hated brown nosing individuals!

    • amigo

      No contradiction! During 2008 when Obama ran, I believed his promises and hoped for a better country with him after watching Bush and his idiotic policies. After four years watching his unability to do anything right, except play golf regularly, I realized he was the wrong person. He is just a talking head who can deliver speeches written by others! It is a pity that millions were blind to his failures and reelected him.
      As far as Trump goes, I did not elect him, however he is my president now, so I have to back him up. The repuclicans blocked Obama eight years long, so we had a standstill, do you plan to do the same with Trump? He is a Rambo, he will fight his way through, so better to go with him to prevent anything catastrophal he may cause.
      It is a pity that the USA only can come up with people like Trump and Hillary as candidates for the presidency.

    • Mooser

      Nice talk, you have very good manners!!
      Everyone in this country have a boss or two, unless you are self employed, and during my life I had bosses not qualified for that position, however we had to accept him! Trump is our president for 4 years at least, so we have to live with it.
      I also had new bosses who in three months tried to change the world, however we pulled him back to reality and I hope the staff of Trump will do the same.
      Trump is doing a good job, he breaks up the decades old crust of the establishment running this country, as it really makes no difference which party provides the president, the same circles run us. He may be a Rambo, however we may have an other country after he steps down, hopefully a better one.
      If you know anything about international affairs and geopolitic, then you also know that the USA was taken for trillions by our so called friends and partners, Uncle Sam pays and others enjoy life and get rich. Trump puts and end to this.
      We run a trade deficit with practically all other countries since 50 years, China has more dollars than we have, and we all should know that you cannot spend forever more than you earn! Trumps puts an end to this practise, too.
      Was Hillary a better choice? With her and Bill´s criminal records? The german government paid 5 million toward her election, that is illegal both in the USA an in Germany.

    • As Trump so eloquenty would say: Not fair, not fair! Sad, sad!
      So you want to fight the man who was elected by half of the US voters?
      Sad, sad.
      I don´t want a nice guy in the WH who plays golf every day and makes nice speeches, like Obama, (by the way I elected him the first time), but a bastard who will work hard to further US interests. No president did it for decades. Nice peoples always finish last!

    • Living since decades is Europe, I watched how millions of europeans march to force their governments to make changes in their policies. Sometimes it worked, sometimes not, however they had nothing to lose, but everything to gain!
      Over the years I urged my fellow americans to go on the streets and demonstrate for their demands, however not in thousands, but in millions. However, watching these sunday demonstrations on different TV channels, it seems everyone tries to make a point of his or her own, instead of voicing concentrated interests. This will not work! I watched OWS, that was nothing but a street partry for many, to die out in a short time, not achieving anything.

      I did not elect Trump, however he is our president now, so we owe him at least the usual 100 days after taking office to show us what he plans to do. Instead of waiting, the establishment, great number of politicians and the international press immediately declared a war on him, forgetting that the people elected him, not Hillary, whom I personally wished even less to win. That saying about the pest or cholera. So let us be fair, give the man a chance, he may not be as bad as he tries us to believe.

  • Obama 'betrayed' American Jews and Trump is a 'swineherd' -- Bernard-Henri Levy
    • Remember our intelligence ship SS Liberty, in international waters, attacked by israeli warplanes and speedboats, killing 74 US sailors and wounding around 170!
      Because they monitored the israeli plans to attack Egypt without warning, never mind declaration of war. The IDF tried to sink the ship to destroy any evidence of their treacherous plans and the even more treacherous Johnson and admiral McCain made sure no help came to them and all secrets were buried in deepest vaults.
      74 young americans had to die, who cares!

    • No, he lives in France, where he enjoys free speech, what the native palestinians do not have, safety and an unearned glory. He would never emigrate to that wonderful jewish state he so much praises.

  • Antisemitism and its useful idiots
    • Nobody in his right mind would want a jew free USA, this country benefited unproportionally from jewish scientists, artists and inventors, we would be a poorer country without them.
      However, what we want is american citizens who practise the jewish religion, (if they prefer to do so), and not zionists, who support Israel with all means at their disposal, even spying on their country that provides them a safe home, and always work against the interests of this country to further a zionist cause!!

  • On eve of Paris talks PA support for two-state solution not shared among Palestinians
    • According to the latest news Abbas will not attent the Paris conference!
      One should ask him, what are his plans to free his people, the palestinians? After the UN vote he already should be at the ICC in The Hague filing charges against israeli occupation, instead he refuses to go to a very important conference, important for Palestina.
      In my opinion he has absolutly no interest to change the status quo. His mandat ended good two years ago, so he is holding that office without proper authority. He refuses to call elections, because he knows that most likely he will lose it and must give up his office. Besides, in my opinion, he is just a paid agent of israeli/US interests.

  • Mostly-Jewish golf club is roiled by a prospective member's stance on Israel-- Obama's
    • According to very reliable sources NYC invested millions of taypayers money in Trump to avoid his bankrupcy and consequent legal and financial problems, as Trump always worked with monies of other people. One must wonder why he still refuses to publicise his tay returns?

    • Not sad, we all get what we deserve, at least most of the time. He is a pathetic and cowardly little man, who can read speeches well, but climed up on a tree that is just too tall for him and did not know what to do at those hights.
      Now let´s see what our new wonder boy will do?

    • I find this funny!
      Nearly 60 years ago I worked at the Brookline Golf Club on some weekends to make a few dollars extra. Although the club was located near to the heavily jewish populated suburbs of Brookline and Newton, there were no jewish member at that time, so inquired about the reason.
      I was told: if you allow a jew into the club, he will bring his family, neighbours, friends, etc. and before you know they take over the club, with jewish holidays, jewish food, etc., and we christians have nothing to say anymore.
      So now a heavily jewish membered club in Washington doesn´t want the President of the USA, because his policy on a foreign country? They should check how it was in Boston good 50 years ago and what was the fear of those members at that time.

  • In 'breathtaking' UN vote, Obama changed his policy on Israeli settlements, making them a war crime -- Finkelstein
    • Just a bit of correction.
      The UN Resolution did not make the settlements a crime, according to International Laws they were always a crime! As many other crimes commited by the state of Israel, their most democratic military, the Mossad, etc. however the world had no guts to voice their opinion and call it what they really are.
      I am not lighting fireworks yet, let us wait until Trump sits in the WH and his reaction to the resolution. A game is not over until it is over.

  • A bi-national, democratic state is the only option Israel and Kerry has left us with
    • Yes, a two state solution would have worked, before 1967!!
      Anyone, who today takes these words in his mouth, is kidding itself and his fellow believers, as anyone with a little brain in his head knows that the zionist expansions after the 1967 war and the consequent settling of palestinian real estate made any such idea impossible! The West Bank looks like a swiss cheese, in the holes live the palestinian majority, but has no connection to other areas, unless they surpass jews only areas and get shot doing it!

      My idea of the solution that will not taste any zionist:
      1. Jews must go back to the 1948 borders approved by the UN.
      2. Zionist settlers, who still live in the forgone past, must return to the lands where they came from, because with them there is no chance for a peaceful coexistance.
      3. Palestinian refugees return to the vacated settlements on the WB and in Jerusalem.
      4. Jerusalem will be declared a holy city, free of zionist and moslem politics, and governed by an elected body of christians, moslems and jews. (Similar to the Vatican).
      5. Israel and Palestina, within their new borders, will be democratic countries, where religion and races will not guarantee a better life and where politics and religion will be separated. Rabbis and mullahs have no voices in politics.

      Now it is an open season, shoot me for above idea, what in my opinion is the only real choice, beside wars for the next hundred years or so. Israel cannot win all of them, even GB, a superpower once, eventually had to leave the colonies.

  • Why Obama waited 8 years to take on Netanyahu
    • Nobel Prize for Kerry? Are you serious? Obama already got one before he did a single thing, and he stayed with that position, not doing a single thing!
      Nobel Peace Prize is cheap, easy to get, mass murderers got it, therefore for an honest person it is a disgrace, an insult.

  • John Kerry gives the 'separate but not equal' speech to Israel
    • Israel wird always named as the best and greatest ally and friend of the USA!
      My question is, the leach, that sucks my blood, not caring how much of it is left in me, ist my greatest friend?
      The damm is broken and I hope the world gets its senses back and treats Israel according what it is, a colony that subjugates and kills the natives, ignores all UN resolutions, and steadily builds Erez-Israel on lands that belong to others.

  • Netanyahu accuses Obama of betraying 'commitment' to Israel and initiating U.N. resolution
    • Exactly what I said to friends just a few hours ago: He should have recoignised Palestina as a state, voted yes and stopped all help to Israel, and these 6-7 years ago!
      He is a coward and in my opinion without Michelle he would have never become a president. I am sure even now he had sleepless nights after the UN vote, how could I be so careless!

  • 'NY Times' trivializes UN abstention, reducing it to 'tense and tetchy' relationship between Obama and Netanyahu
    • This vote doesn´t mean anything unless the palestinians act fast before Trump redones the whole thing. Since we cannot trust Abbas, who is nothing but a paid agent of Israel/USA, so who in the upper ranks of palestinians have the courage to go fast to the International Criminal Court, ICC, in The Hague? I personally see noone.

  • Hell just froze over: the New York Times runs an article saying Zionism is racist
    • A few days ago I watched a presentation on the origins of mammals and had a chance to see my great-great-aunt that lived 220 million years ago!!
      They looked like hamsters today and had about the same size. I was very happy that I don´t come from an ancient rats family, it would be debasing!

      On the same thought, who cares where my gens originated, the only important part is what am I, not who was my grandfather or which hamster was my original creator 220 million years ago.

  • Stephen Cohen calls out liberal media for demonizing Russia, slurring Tillerson and stigmatizing all dissent
    • The West spent billions to get Ukrania into our camp, according to Ass. Secretary of State Neuman the USA alone spent 5 billion dollars to get that country out of the russian sphere. We sent our military to train their army, (I personally managed ones coming back from Ukraina), and the CIA also has a battalion of agents there.
      Since Putin crossed our plans, took back the Crimea with the naval base Sevastopol and supports the russian nationals living there, he became an all out object of false claims and outright lies by the western politicians and press. Even in Europe if you read newspapers or listen to TV reports, they all repeat the same nonsense unisono, practically word by word. That puts an end to any idea of a free press both in the USA or western Europe.
      It seems certain groups of powerful individuals have decided that the few years of peaceful co-existance with Russia must end, because if you produce weapons you also must have wars, otherwise demand will not keep up with the production, and with wars one can make huge profits.
      Although Trump is not what I wished for a president, his idea of friendly contacts with Russia makes sense to me. The USA tried to conquer the whole globe, either with wars or with bought governments, however just like any other empire we are coming to an end. Let others have influence, a peaceful coexistance is better that the constant wars we wage since 1941! Since WWII we were unable to win a single war, we lost hundreds of thousands young people and billions of dollars for nothing, therefore we need a very rapid change of politic.
      Having succesful businessmen in the government may be beneficials, perhaps they will not take years to make a simple agreement with our opponents, as diplomats usually do. I say, give them a chance, worse than Bush and Obama they cannot do.

  • Barghouti warns Trump that moving embassy to Jerusalem would be shocking violation of int'l law
  • Santa Cruz church becomes first US congregation to boycott HP for role in Israeli occupation
    • Ossinev

      I lived and worked most of my life among jews and must state that they have an addiction to complaining. It seemed that whatever happened it was always against them, forgetting that such negative changes effected all of us. As matter of fact, if you look at history, it seems jews could always complain, right or wrong. During WWII over 50 million human beings died, however now, 71 years later, we only hear about the jewish suffering, and that on every single day!!

    • I used HP products most of my life, as matter of fact presently still have a printer, copierer and fax monster, although around 10 years old. Is it OK if I keep it even if I will have problems to sleep after reading this acticle? I wonder what will HP do?

      A long time ago I learned the following: you cannot learn anything from yourself, regardless how smart you are. From those who always agree with you the chances to learn something new is also slim, you can only learn from those who disagree with you and have other ideas, whatever they may be.

  • US Senate quickly passed the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act
    • When something ist forbidden, then it becomes even more enticing, during the prohibition people wanted to show that they do what they want and drank all that cheap gin made in bathtubs.
      One could ask one question: why is Israel the only country on this globe that cannot be criticised, does it have to do with God picking them to be his/her/its favorits?
      Or another: why are we wasting all those billions of dollars when we know that it will never survive history?

  • Jimmy Carter's proposal to recognize Palestine is dissed by all the usual suspects
    • Funny you mention the Austro-Hungarian Empire. There the austrians gave the orders, the hungarians had little rights, and the rest had to keep their mouth shut, like the palestinians in Palestina. Like all empires, where one nation conquered others by force, it also fell apart, living many little countries, now mostly under the umbrella of the EU.
      However there is a very great difference, as all nations in that empire lived there for a 1,000 years or longer, in Israel immigrants from dozens of nations, who at the beginning couldn´t even understand eachother, are the colonists, the only one in the 21st century. Israel is a theocracy, where ancient beliefs and the rabbis have the say. A few days ago I watched an israeli film on the problems of a divorce in that country, rabbis are the judges and the ceremony is probably 3,000 years old. Unbelievable in a world of 21st century.

  • FL State Sen. Dwight Bullard opposed an anti-BDS measure -- and lost his job
    • This shows very clearly of what I think of politicians, "they are a bunch of rubber necked, backboneless, opportunistic individuals, who should not be trusted with managing a great nation"!!!! Prostitutes have better characters!

  • 'Tis the season, to boycott!
    • Annie

      I would like to comment on your comment to Just.
      My question to Nada was what did the palestinian profit from the worldwide BDS. You listed many little things that YOU may consider is benefiting those people, however please ask one of them in the West Bank or in Gaza. I doubt they would agree with you.
      I know you try to justify the work of MW, it is great to be able to discuss the problems in Palestina, however compared to the needed actions we only make waves in a bathtub.

    • Yes, Raphael, they all have hearts of gold!

      The palestinians bomb and shoot themselves, Gaza built the wall so their people cannot escape to Israel, they like the occupiers so much that they built roads for them, what they themselves will not use, not wanting to disturb their guests.
      Jews like to have swimming pools, so the old inhabitants gave them their share of the scarce water, cut down their orchards not wanting to block the fine view of the israeli settlements. Arabs always liked to go through control points, it is very exciting not knowing will they be shot or not when passing through, and heck with travelling, it is so beautiful looking up at the new zionist towns, where the sewerage is directed at their homes and fields. Inhaling teargas makes the day for many of them, not forgetting the butts of rifles in the ribs and police batons on the head.
      I could go on, however we all got the message, except you, Raphael!

    • Hallo Raphael

      So you are a pacifist, you don´t join the IDF, but gladly watch when they do their dirty work! How human, in Germany good 75 years ago there were millions of your kind, they did not join the nazi party, however did not bother to save the life of a single jew!!! They all were pacifists!
      If you are not a jew, what are you doing in Israel? Trying to boost the headcount in favour of zionists?

    • BS, SandraLLAP

      Not the palestinians, but the israelis go back on any agreement, like the Oslo one, steal more and more of the land that should be part of future Palestina, cut up the land with jews only roads, and destroy old arab towns, wells and orchards! As the zionist already planned in the 1930s, you want all the lands that supposedly once was Israel, and will do anything to achieve it.
      The present palestinians leadership was bought a long time ago, they do what the USA/Israel tells them to do, Abbas is a lapdog.

    • Congratulations, Raphael, you just became a member of the last colonising nation on Earth!! How does it feel to be responsible for the many dead palestinians, you kill a few of them almost every day, your IDF and police does it in your name?
      As far Judea and Samaria go, those names are only a small part of the history of Palestina. Before Joshua showed up and butchered the inhabitants of those city-states, like Moab, so the jews will not have to fight them again, there were peoples living there for thousands of years. Don´t they count? The Palestinians, previously called the Philisters, were living there long before the jews came, don´t they have a stake in the area? How about the arabs, being there about 1,400 years, a lot longer than the ancient Israel ever was, they don´t count either?
      If all peoples would have the rights to move back to the area where they lived 2,000 years ago, what a chaos would that cause? Or do you think the so called jews, as half of them are not, have these rights, however the palestinians, who live there since 3,000 years, have not?
      What a twisted idea of fairness.

    • Yes, my friends, we live in a real world and the politic must match it! I personally am also a half baked idealist, however had to learn that mashing my head againt a wall will not bring it down, contrary to my head.
      Although good 90% of israelis have no hebrew forfathers, one even says that around 30% are not even jewish, but immigrants to a better life from the Sovietunion, they will stay there until we have another government in Washington, who is not bought and paid by zionist interests. Don´t ask me if we live long enough to see it!

    • You may be right, Nada, however you must provide an example of how did sanctions change history, and I do not mean putting pressure on your local drug store not providing your favorit icecream.
      Putin was elected in Russia, also not a dictator, and we decided to sanction that country because of russian policy toward Ukraina, where according to Ms Numan, Ass. Secretary of State, we invested 5 billion dollars to bring them into our camp. In other words we financed the Maidan uprising and those fascist batallions using the swastica as a symbol on their banners. Since the sanctions the popularity of Putin increased to 80%, the nation lines up behind their leader, Russia has new allies with Iran and now Turkey, an old NATO member, and our importance is nosediving in the area. Just another example of sanctions going wrong.
      Just ask, what did Palestine profit from the worldwide BDS movement? De nada, nothing, only a sanction of the US against Israel would change history, because they are 100% dependent on us, however it will never come.
      Do you want changes? Bring a million people demonstrating in Washington for their rights, clog up the city and put pressure on the Congress. Educate the voters, publicise the wrong doings of political parties and their leaders, put your finger into their wounds. It may take time, but it is the only sure way, outside an outright revolution with a lot of blood spilled, what none of us wants.

    • A word about boykotting or sanctions.
      The US did both to Cuba for 50 years, however never achieved the removal of Castro and his gang, only the people were damned to suffer for a half of century. The same goes for our sanctions against N. Korea, Saddam Hussein, Iran, etc., they just don´t work.
      Castro chased away Batista, also a bloody dictator, and did we at that time acted diplomatically, then Cuba would have never became what it was and still is.
      The same lesson applies to our female citizens, you can catch a lot more flies with honey than with vinegar!

    • Never judge a person by what he says, but what he does, politicians, oder those who want to be like Trump, say a lot without really considering the consequences! They usually say what the mass of voters want to hear. On the same venue Trump will not do half of what he promised to do.
      Angela Merkel is considered to be the most powerful european politician, a magazin even called her the Empress of Europe. (How painful, it was a US one!)
      During 2003 at the party convention she made a very passionate speech, promising, if she will be elected, to make her party great again. She listed what she will do just to achieve it.
      Consequently she was elected to head her party and during 2005 she was elected to be the kanzlerin, the head of german government.
      Up to now, 11 years later, she did not institute a single change what she promised during 2003, is loved by a majority not only european, but also american politicians, and although she made many mistakes that costed the nation countless billions of euros, it is almost certain that she will be elected again next year, the fourth time!
      What lection can we draw? Simple, democracy is lost on most nations where the majority is ignorant of events and has the herd mentality. It is easier to watch a few brainless TV shows than to dig into important information on how the nation is being managed., who should not be reelected and who should go to jail.

  • Thanksgiving in Palestine
  • Donald Trump picks anti-Muslim intel officer to be national security adviser
    • Although I judged both candidates as not worthy to become the president of this country and like millions of other citizens wished for two others, on the long run I decided that Trump just may be the less evil. However, I still did not vote for him.
      Now watching his picks for important positions I am getting a bit nervous, are we heading back to the McCarthy area, when anything in your past, even voicing a bad joke, could be used against you to ruin your future.
      I hope the Senate and Congress have enough cool headed individuals to keep him on the ground, the world has enough doubt about the validity of our highly praised democracy.

  • After years of careless accusation, Dershowitz says anti-Semitism charges must be 'very careful'
    • I could not enter the blog for weeks, what happened??!!!!

      About Dersch. A few years ago I watched a discussion between him and Mr. Levy of Haaretz, whom I respect very much.
      A wrote an e-mail an Dersch, voicing my agreement of what Levy said. In his reply he advised me that: "I am a cretin and should crawl back under the stone where I came from"!!
      In other words we had a friendly discussion, typical of Dersh, and since I said the same what Levy did, does he consider him also to be a cretin?

  • Let's talk about Russian influence
    • A few years after the incident I met one of the survivors at HQUSEUR in Germany. They were really scared to even talk about it, threatened with courtmarshal and even jail.
      This in the land of democracy and free speech.

    • I am impressed by your positive attitude, however I don´t want to belong to that 1% left over!

    • Hophmi

      "our current enemy Russia, (and I add here the name of Putin)"

      Let´s say that I am in the position of knowing the situation, both military and political, between Russia and the West.
      There is an army of ignorant individuals in the west who still doesn´t realize that the old SU is gone since 25 years, it fell apart into 16 individual countries! Russia has less than 150 million inhabitants facing about a billion western citizens who have the mightiest military, the most sophisticated weapons, the most aggressive political institutions and the press. Yet there is not a single day goes by that we do not hear or read how dangerous and aggressive Russia and its leader Putin is.

      Putin annected the Crimea after its main naval base was in danger of falling into the hands of ukranian ultra right fascist bands, however only after good 80% of the population voted for it.
      We cry foul and demand a withdrawal, although the Crimea never belonged to Ukraina until Hrushchev decided to move borders illegally, without the consent of the High Soviet.
      We took the Kosovo from Serbia with force, after we bombed them for weeks, killing hundreds of civilians. According to our politicians and press it was legal and according to internantional laws, although that area belonged to the serbs for over a thousand years!

      We have angst of the russian military, yet is was the NATO who moved to the russian borders, (by the way breaking a silent agreement), have military exercises near to those borders, naval exercises on the Baltic and Black Sea. Russia has such exercises only on their own territory,

      Our politicians and the press keep us in constant fear, so they can wage unnecessary wars, spend huge amounts on unnecessary weapons. We have no enemy who could attack us now or in the near future. Russia will not do it, they have a history of being attacked by the present NATO lands, like Germany, England, France, Turkey, the good old USA and our ally Japan!

      This is not to support Russia in any way, but to be fair. Not the Russians, but we, the NATO countries, who are the ones of creating international stress and financing and aiding wars in previous soviet territories, like Georgia, Ukraina, etc.
      Just like Hitler said on Sept. 1, 1939: "now we shoot back on the polish border", after the german army already invaded that country!

  • Trump and Clinton campaigns both send message that Muslim loyalty to US hinges on condemning terrorism
    • So Trump was inforned of state secrets, so now we just have to wait until he tell the whole world what he has learned! He will never withstand the opportunity to do it.

  • Hundreds of Jews march for 'Black Lives Matter' in New York
    • Jews of color, what is that? Is this a new brainless designation for certain persons?

      I remember we called certain peoples negroes, then we called them colored people, black people, african-americans, people of color, etc., did I miss a few?
      The name changes, but the treatment of those people does not, and there is where we need a change. Negro means black in latein and those people are to a certain degree all black, so I personally think it is a fairer name for them than all this fancy new designations.
      Europeans are called white, yet not a single one of us is really white, but many different shades of pink, brown and red. Do we also qualify as people of color?

  • Trump's vomit is media gold
    • jd65

      Since a century in the USA we did not have a single president who would qualify for being a peaceful person. Even Wilson was pusuaded to join the bash of WWI in Europe, after he tried not to get involved.
      In case of the present candidates: in my opinion Hillary already proved how bloodthirsty she can be, "We saw, we came, he died, said with a hamish joy", so if she becomes the president we can bet on another rounds of "fighting terrorism" someplace in the world.
      Trump is a proven idiot, but an unwritten page. He may just do what he says, withdraw our troops from far away lands, be friendly with Russia, instead of a constant twist, do not get involved in civil wars of other nations and finally spend the money not for war, but for rebuilding this crumbling land. In that case he may just qualify for being a peaceful president, if his advisers do not stir him in the wrong direction.
      I personally do not trust either of them for different reasons.

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