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Perhaps we should hire some Israelis to tell us what to do about the situation? Well, that's done.

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  • US Freedom Riders woke a nation. Palestinian Freedom Riders must wake the world
    • "when were Southern blacks using terror tactics which obligated a stringent security apparatus which led to oppression?" Google "Nat Turners rebellion". They were very successful, murdered many of their white tormenters and their families before they were killed. You asked?

    • Yes, it is very promising, I hope.

  • Israeli court to flotilla activists: Sign confession or face two months in jail without trial
    • Could this be a translation error? Was the Judge merely acknowledging "that he entered Palestine voluntarily and illegally". In any event, it's a subject he and his family has no doubt been very familiar with for a couple of generations.
      Let's see, a Jewish Illegal Alien threatening a Goy Illegal Alien! It doesn't get better than this, unless of course, the court proceeding was held in the back of a Taxi- Cab?
      P.s. How do you spell ill-legal?

  • Sullivan says that Washington Post columnist has become 'spokesman' for Netanyahu 'propaganda'
  • What next after the latest frustrated flotilla?
    • Interesting. If Greece wasn't on the edge of economic oblivion and naturally consumed with their own fate, your concept would be workable. My ex-brother-in-law once showed me a tiny cave on his home island where the resistance in his town hid from the Wehrmacht. He also described to me participating in food marches under occupation when he was 10.
      One day he mentioned to me that he was with his mother at this very spot, holding her hand as their food march approached a fortified Wehrmacht position with many of those wonderful German chain guns. The entire group of civilians could have been eliminated in seconds. It was the first time in his memory that he feared for his life and he was ten.
      Out of the blue, this part of the conversation was followed by an exclamation of how much he despised the IDF from what he had seen of their behavior in Palestine. Much worse than the Wehrmacht.
      The German troops did not fire because they were without food as well and suffering. The Israelis are very well fed and suffer nothing, but they kill with abandon including 10 year olds.
      He's older now and not afraid of death since he sailed the seven seas for 40 years before knowing me. He could be very useful in such a strategy and there must be many, many more like him.

  • Israelis respond to Obama snub on Facebook
    • Do these fools really think they have any friends here, victims of the Lobby, yes. Could it be possible they don't understand that the only thing separating them from the dustbin of history is cash invested in the corrupt politicians that serve a tottering Empire and coerce it's citizens?
      I guess it's possible they could be so naive, they've been down this road more than once and didn't get it then. They just got an insight into the real resentment that's brewing in the west, a hint.
      I was recently surprised to hear a comment from a completely non-political co-worker on the subject of the abhorrent situation in Jerusalem. I was dumbstruck. Can't wait to hear how this totally average American got the itch. I referred her to IfAmericansonlyknew.

  • Next week, Palestinian freedom riders will board segregated buses in West Bank
    • I agree, they're not facing the Klan of the Jim Crow South, they facing the Jewish SS\NKDV. As they're won't be any press coverage of the carnage, why do it, let alone announce the date? How's a conference call going to help? If the Freedom Riders were going to step up and also attempt to board the buses and share the carnage with the Palestinians, maybe? Otherwise they're just sacrificing innocents, to what end?

  • 'Delegitimizers' of Israeli sovereignty said to be Islamist-leftist network (joined by P.A.'s UN bid)
    • Sub-Acute Psychosis of a whole people? Makes good Corporate types as well. Otherwise, I haven't a clue.

  • Threatening letter to Obama on chilling Turkey is signed by 7 Jewish House members, says Peace Now
    • Better hope you don't get a nasty, threatening message(complete with sound effects) on your answering machine. It can be quite unnerving!

    • So Beer is the root of the Clash of Civilizations your espousing? You do know there are dry counties in Baptist Texas and Oklahoma today? I wandered all over Istanbul and other parts of Turkey as an American teenager(before 67) and I was safer there than Tulsa or the Orthodox areas of NYC and Tel-Avi. Of course, Zionism poisoned that.
      In the second largest Jewish community in the ME, Tehran, Jews and other minorities are allowed alcohol since they are not Muslims. Other privileges as well, including guaranteed representation in Parliament. Not the West Bank or Gaza by a long shot. No knocks on the door in the middle of the night
      Being a student of propaganda, I can't wait for the end of the rope Hasbara propaganda. Then we'll see what you really have Schultz, maybe?

    • Since 2 days in October 1973, Israel is the greatest threat and the next nuclear go around they start is going to be worse. If the Israelis use the nukes on Iran(not that we'll know), then what will you say, Schultz? I didn't know. If Israel rolls the dice and starts this madness, I can't imagine why they wouldn't go all out. It's not like anyone we know of will speak up?

    • I would think Krauss(a nice German surname) is a reason hysterical Americans might think they need a second country to escape what?
      I hate to break this to you, Jews could always pass and did very well when they needed to which wasn't all that often. Irish Catholics as well.
      I think those days are gone if they truly ever existed. None of the Jews I know have ever been assaulted or anything close to it unlike others. Somebody wasn't nice and that's about it.

      In the Jim Crow days, they could spot the blacks and Mexicans(no passing), but I never saw a Jew abused in the least, unlike the blacks and Mexicans. Jew bashing was a hypothetical exercise as no one had ever seen one as far as they knew. Maybe a country club or two in NYC, I don't know, I probably couldn't get in there either.

      The fact of the matter is, America is the Jewish homeland, Israel is the dangerous Madoff scam.

      As for Krauss, I think Phil should upgrade his site so we can put certain commentators on ignore. All the financial sites I frequent have this capability(even free Yahoo financial) so you can screen out the Boiler Room shorts and not be driven crazy. Here, we could screen out all of the IDF Corporals in the Hasbara Division. I think it would be much more productive site as you're not ever going to cure the sub-clinical psychopaths with a post and you wouldn't be enticed into trying.
      Hej! Tumta

      P.S. Could Corporal Krauss be more Witty?

    • We spend a lot of time on this site debating IDF Hasbara Corporals on trivia? Zero sum game.

    • For the Americans on this blog, we don't have to figure out the solution for every ethnic tragedy or a remedy.
      "Friend to all nations, entanglements with none", Let them sort it out, once Congress is liberated.

    • Actually you might be wrong somewhat. As a child/teenager I lived among the people you know as the Taliban, Turkey, Libya and Iran. South Baptist Texas as well. I'm an Atheist, but I was always more comfortable anywhere in the Muslim world at that time as an American. I was probably safer in Karachi and Istanbul(in spite of the Gypsies) than any major American city.

      The Oklahoma and South Texas Taliban are very serious as well and big Israel supporters. The great blindness of the rest of Americans would seem to be that not understanding economic class Living a hard life every day can make you strong and sometimes irrational. I wouldn't hesitate to participate in a small arms unit operation with recruits from Peshawar or points north(hypothetical), but with anyone here?

      Surviving the worst daily poverty on the planet makes you strong. You don't have any other options. If you want to pay it a visit, try the South side of San Antonio on a Saturday night, Not nearly as serious, but it will give you an idea. The only way to defeat a people with no options is to kill them all as they have nothing to lose. That's not a victory in any sane persons book?

      The Israelis and their supporters are rapidly approaching their Soviet(as in Germany) moment. In their desperation, they are going to do enormous harm because they are definitely prepared to kill everyone. They feel entitled due to their imagined suffering just as the Germans did 80 years ago.


    • Probably not. Your wand would would work. Please wield it, if it's that powerful. But I'm afraid it's just 10 days too late. I have been down this road before and I had hoped it would be the last time. Oh well, we all have our dreams.


      P.S. Thanks Phil, this helped.

    • Phil's an anti-semite. Thanks for alerting me! I thought he was a recovering Zionist? Perhaps, He could recommend a 12 step program for you?

    • 10 days too late.

    • No, it's a group of sub-clinical Psychopaths with enormous influence. How it came to this for a whole people and now us, I couldn't or wouldn't tell you (actually I have my suspicions, but it's a long conversation with adults only). In the next 90 days, I'm investing every dollar I have in the Zionists plans for disaster. Hopefully, then I can run away and hide afterword.

    • I think we are all going to feel quite foolish if Krauss turns out to be an Israeli Corporal in the IDF's Hasbara unit. You should assume they're pretty good, it's a full time job and we're paying their salary!

      Krauss, we need some links to your quotes or screw off.


    • In this country, probably the worst thing since slavery. We will pay for this for generations.

      "Friends to all nations, entanglements with none."

      Think about it, while we're endlessly commenting here about the on-coming disaster Israelis(Demo/Republicans) seemed determined to put on us, we could be living our lives. Doing something productive.


    • When has Israel ever done us a favor, Hasbarist. They are the masters of the zero sum game, but me thinks, they've grown a little too big for their britches.
      Nobody's disappearing in Palestine or now, the high seas for that matter(sic)? The Israelis have set the Gold standard for people "disappearing" routinely. The Turks aren't pirates, you and your friends are. You do know what consideration eventually pirates get?

    • If none of your scenarios does it, when the Saudis move oil pricing off the dollar standard, say goodbye to what's left of the American living standard. Cheap energy costs here have supported the greatest standard of living the world has ever known ever, since the end of WWII(the base of the economic pyramid). All denominated in the dollar, in spite of the fact, that virtually no Saudi oil comes here? The Saudi Ambassador just weeks ago warned that the veto of the Palestinian state will forever, irrevocably alter the relationship with America(read the dollar). I guess the greens here will get a chance to test their some of their theories unless of course Barry has signed off on WWIII?

  • Say Yes To Colonialism!
    • Oh well, "Condi Rice" well there's the fountain of truth. Thank God, we have Israelis such as yourself to explain the motivations of our corrupt politicians to us. You do know them well, don't you.

    • "Nazis are people too, just people." Well, that's true as well. So what?
      "Pursue peace", the only peace the Israelis are interested in is "the peace of the graveyard", unless of course someone comes up with a development plan.
      Sounds like too much medication today Wittty?

  • Nurit Peled-Elhanan: 'Apartheid in Israel and Palestine .... is enabled by the most profound racism'
    • Your here in Obama's US?

    • Thank you Annie,
      Often the best stuff arrives from the most unexpected places. But Oklahoma(very North Texas), apparently things do change. I'll next be looking for for something from the Northwest Frontier in Pakistan?

    • Link to the book please?

    • Baptist Al Quida in Oklahoma was my experience and I've lived in Tulsa and Peshawar. Actually, I've always thought these people have so very much in common they would get along quite well, It's really ironic given the current circumstance. I suppose the Israelis you're referring to would as well. It appears it just a problem of geography. If we could just get them all together in their own community maybe they would leave us alone?

  • Netanyahu’s party platform 'flatly rejects' establishment of Palestinian state
    • All of this presumes that the Ayatollah Khomeini was incorrect in his assertion that the Zionist entity would disappear from the pages of history. I'm not religious, but I did watch the Soviet Union disappear in a manner of weeks to absolutely everyone's amazement(including Gorbachev's kidnappers). The speed with which it occurred reduced the bloodshed, I believe. The longer this intolerable situation takes to conclude, the uglier the end will be.
      On the heads of American Zionists(and their lackeys), I think. They are the enablers of Israeli extremism. Without their interference, the situation would have been resolved by now, out of necessity with much less violence. When the helicopters are flying off the roof of the American Embassy in Jerusalem, leave the Israelis to their fate and have no tolerance for their American supporters.


  • Goldstone's major error: By looking for South Africa, he missed Israel's own brand of apartheid
  • 'Freedom Waves to Gaza' flotilla leaves Turkey headed to Gaza; Organizers: 'It is time to lift the siege of Gaza which deprives 1.6 million civilians of their rights to travel, work, study, develop their economy and be free.'
    • Who is Bibi going to Nuke and when. Barry won't step up. Six million Iranians evaporated. That's what it will come to once the Iranians hit back as they should and will. Oh well, a small price to pay, a peaceful nation with problems gets obliterated. I expect the comments will be kind of thin. What are you going to talk about ?

  • Sadly, Americans need permission from Israeli heroes to stick a fork in Zionism
  • Israel lobbied Serbians in Bosnia to block Palestinians at Security Council
  • Germany takes a toy away from the spoiled child
    • Why does this little tiny city state have WMD? I think you all know. Examine what happened in October, 1973. You have the web. Once one goes off, well, oh well, unless all of the great powers have lost their backbone, it's going to get very serious . Israel must be subdued. Finklestein is right. Occupy Israel!

      Just as the defeat of the German extremists created a better Germany, the defeat of the Zionists is required to solve this problem if there is still time. Otherwise be prepared to live very differently.

  • Refusing to die in silence: Palestinians resist settler violence during the olive harvest
    • Remember this. Don't be dissuaded in the future when these young Israeli stormtroopers or their successors meet their fate. Yes, it will be very ugly, but much deserved. Their mothers, sisters, fathers and friends will meet the same sad fate. I would encourage their victims while taking revenge to not give it a second thought. Just even the score, it has come to that.

  • Breakthrough: 'Ynet' honestly seeks answer to question, How did American Jews get so rich?
    • Having grown up in the 50's in the Jim Crow south, I know the Klan(in this case the JKK) and their tried and true methods when I see them. Controlled the press, the banks, politics, every aspect of power. Nothing has changed except the ethnic identity of the pieces on the chessboard. New uniform, different geography, but the song remains the same. "We're superior, xxxxxx" and we're going to keep it that way. I have only come across a couple of cultures that seemed to have seriously gotten beyond this weakness which was extraordinarily refreshing once this American removed his blinders.

    • Same guys as Obama(Raul)! Noble's not what it used to be. Ethnic savagery, pure and simple. The swamp some humans are trying to crawl out of.
      I think eee's trying to convince me that anti-semitism is not so bad. Think it will catch on? Whoops I forgot the majority of Semites, aren't Jews are they? I think we need to change the vocabulary of this debate? No more "anti-semitism". Call it what it is. Vicious tribalism. Perhaps "anti-vicious tribalism" is the way to go? Kinda catchy?

  • J Street presses division inside Jewish community, blaming neocons for leading 'charge to war in Iraq'
    • Thanks, Phil, It just struck me that so many of your commenter s are stuck in yesterday, Way behind the curve?

    • 77 comments, my goodness. I have a job. Couldn't possibly read them all. Did anyone mention the Bank of America holding company just last week moved 53 Trillion(yes that's Trillion) of derivatives into the bank. JPM followed suit the next day into various banks. Not a peep from Barry or his cohorts. Complaints from the FDIC were smothered immediately. Ask yourself why I'm the one pointing this out to you. Go check the public record. The significance is the derivatives get paid before the savings account holders in a melt down by current law. A 1 percent loss in these derivatives is one trillion dollars, which wipes out all of the depositors in BOA. Where is the FDIC going to get a Trillion dollars? If you have any money in a BOA account, well you might consider doing something.
      Is it possible, the USA will continue funding fanatical Zionism in the face of such losses?

  • Palestine in Oakland
    • No Oakland is not Palestine, not even close. I didn't see anyone throwing rocks at the police, not one rock. For the serious among you, examine New Orleans during Katrina. On certain unfounded news, the police completely panicked and left town, About 1300 of them. This is just getting started, be patient.

  • Testimony of an Israeli activist who was robbed and beaten by settlers while attempting to assist the olive harvest
    • If he shot someone there would be a different story line, don't you think? As long as the killing is one sided comment, all you want. The debate is over.

  • Comrades in Cairo send solidarity, and advice, to Occupy Wall Street
    • Yes, I fear they're lurking in my backyard as we speak! Hope they don't shoot my dogs as their not involved! I doubt "Peter King " will climb the walls over anything as he just sells used cars. I suspect it will get nasty, ala Woodrow Wilson. I'm old, why bother with me?

  • Israeli police target Sheikh Jarrah store for hanging posters of Erdogan
    • Thank you. Maybe I'm not out in the woods after all? You fight when you have to!
      That's just not the case here, it seems to me?

    • You'll notice how well that advantage has served us(and the Soviets) over the last several decades? Technology without a strategy, Ever accidentally shot yourself?
      P.S. The charming one eyed "War Criminal" appears to be right to this day? Alan Hart.

    • Oh please, enough of the Nazi fantasy, Yes the West view's of Germany over that 15 years is a Stalinist/Hollwood/British/Zionist propaganda piece of epic proportions. Yes, we're OK because we're not there yet. We're not those people yet. Got news for you. We have exceeded their wildest expectations.

      It has occurred to me that there is nothing more dangerous than an ethnic sense of abuse. The German sense of abuse entitled them to the actions they took. Germany and Germans were absolutely devastated after WW1. Truly devastated for more than a decade. Along the lines of the Jim Crow South of the time.

      What current day Israeli's or their supporters(or anyone here) have suffered anything comparable? That well fed Jewish Storm-Trooper has no material complaints, does he? Hence the greater danger Jewish Fascism poses? German Facism of the 30's sprang from extreme deprivation. Zionist extremism springs from entitlement. They behave as entitled brutes even in times of relative comfort when they don't have to. It strikes me as much more dangerous than the Nazis. They could have been avoided by better conditions after WW1. What could possibly satisfy the well fed, pampered Zionists?

  • David Brooks propagandizes for Netanyahu-- he has no partner for peace
    • I have for some time been trying to remember David Brook's real name. It's really been annoying me. Can anybody help here? No, it's not Lady Gaga, something else?

    • "If Obama were a Republican"? I'll have you know it took all the energy I could muster to stop laughing and get up off the floor and type this? Tell me that there's not more to this routine!

  • Israeli military and settlers interrupt olive harvest celebration in Hebron
    • Co-Conspirators as well. Don't need drones to apprehend them. Right down the street.

    • If I remember correctly(admittedly,a dubious proposition sometimes), Saladin considered Richard, at times a murderous psychopath? Murdered everyone, men, women, children, family pets. Or do I have the wrong Christian conqueror?

    • 10 days too late. All that is required is for two or three armed individuals to show themselves and the over-armed, under-motivated Israelis will run away in spite of your poetry. They'll have to be shot in the back so as not to return. Yes, there is another perspective. It's way past talking about it, but Americans still need not suffer the complete corruption of their leadership.


  • Dying of schmaltz
  • Gary Ackerman blasts NYU divestment campaign, NYU students and faculty blast back
    • Prescription ran out? Think about refilling what ever it was, when you were commenting on Stephen Walt's blog lately! It seemed to be working!

    • Why in the world would this American give a XXXX? Not our problem! We have our own problems, bigger every day. Leave us out of it!

    • eee, Hophmi and co. are true believers. Ackerman is just another used car salesman, playing them.

    • It's unfortunate that it falls on us(me) to have to do this?

    • Prescription ran out?

    • Anti-Semites are rare-er than Unicorns in my limited decades of experience, but perhaps the National Geographic Society should be contacted or NPR.
      There have always been rumors of small groups of "Anti-Semites" huddling around campfires in the mountains of Idaho, along with the Yetis and Abominable Snowmens who are known to live there.
      Perhaps Gary could mount an expedition to actually capture one? Stuff it and display it at the Smithsonian, If not there, I'm sure the NYS museum in Albany would display it.

  • Palestinian citizens of Israel are second class citizens, even in the Prague airport
    • So why are you responding to them? Apparently, you don't believe your own statements. If their hopeless Racists, do you think you can save them from their fate? What's your point? Pedophiles? No Ethnic killers, nothing new here. Perhaps a eee/Pedophile rehabilitation charity could be funded? Your getting so played.

  • Rachel Abrams says Palestinian children are 'devils' spawn'-- while Israeli children play with Transformers and draw your heart strings
    • He was in much better shape than others would have delivered him. Yes, his tan was bad. I have yet to hear his responses to the questions he was asked? Perhaps, he'll speak up. Unlike the victims of Cast Lead, I would imagine he's happy to be alive?

    • I know this is going to sound terrible? But could these people be a dead end? Sub-clinical psychopaths? Look it up. Could such a large group of people meet this definition? I'm glad I'm old. You guys will have to answer this question.

    • I think it might be something much more dangerous than PCP. PCP can be cured simply by not doing it again. I'm not sure this problem can be fixed?

    • He got a pardon. Can it be revoked? Love to think of him doing serious time in a serious place. Bring the wife.

    • The Acid is strong in Israel? If you can't handle it, stop taking it! And by all means, leave the rest of the human race out of your nightmare, please.

    • I suspect Phil is more overwhelmed than I am. The first time you're overwhelmingly challenged at such a fundamental level, the first impulse is to run and hide? Only human.

  • More creeping halacha
    • Yes, ma'am, they did. I vaguely remember riding on buses in Georgia as a youngster, they had similar rules. Although we were not a racist family, not ethnic, not religious I could sense my mother's panic on the bus when I asked her why?

  • UNICEF pressures Israel on child detainees
    • I'm sorry to disagree.
      Non-Jewish "minors over the age of 14 can be sentenced to up to 10 years in prison for throwing a stone at an individual, and up to 20 years for hurling it at a moving vehicle." Civilized people don't barter the fate of children. Release them period. Combatants should be the focus of the trade. In my humble opinion, Hamas should have ended the deal at the last moment when the Israelis refused to release Marwan Barghouti. Perhaps a finger a day could have sealed the resolution of that issue. One a day. Bibi wouldn't have wanted to hug flipper? Apparently, Hamas has it's agenda.

  • Netanyahu cuts his deals with Hamas, not Fatah, and here's why
    • Reasonable people will not be happy about "bummers". They are what they are and I suspect we will have to continue to endure them. This is where religion is handy, don't you think?
      P.S. I noticed Witty's comments on Stephen Walt's site last week. My first thought was "new prescription"? But who knows?

    • Not really, he had no choice? Trapped by a history he had no say in. If not him, then the next stand in. Political and economic gravity can't be ignored.

  • Finkelstein thinks shift in young Jewish opinion means there will be 2 (viable) states. Mearsheimer doesn't
    • Phil,
      In case you haven't noticed the West is fading. Are you or young Jewish Americans ready to fix bayonets and take care of business as opposed to lobbying? 10 days too late. Unfortunate, but probably true. Those Israelis that can live in a multicultural state, not in charge might do ok. The rest have already started leaving. The fanatics will be dealt with as there is no other choice.

  • 'Occupy Boston' takes on the the occupation of Palestine
    • When you see this in the main stream press you will know that's it's unraveling. Hence the danger, a great danger, war is looking very attractive to desperate politicians.

  • 'Washington Post' headline: US must reevaluate aid to Israel
    • What is the end game? It was last rehearsed in October 1973. I'll leave it to you to run it down. Shouldn't be too hard, if your interested(5). Two days teetering on oblivion and those where with seemingly much more reasonable Israelis leaders with better options. That they were panicked into the corner on facing their own handiwork was not remarkable. That they weren't stopped dead in their tracks by an American President was the beginning of the end we're now facing. 5 Dolphins and 200 warheads later with a totally compromised Presidency and Congress. It not looking good.

    • It's getting much bigger than Palestine. Watch it. If your interested, see what he said previously about what an unprovoked Israeli attack on Iran means for our future(Americans) and his recommended response.
      P.S. Phil, I hope you don't delete this one. Pretty innocuous.

  • Terrific young Israeli journalists are indispensable
    • Well at least some doubts are starting to creep in! 10 days too late, at best! Did the IDF impart basic weapons proficiency on any of these youngsters? Otherwise, who cares?

  • In prisoner deal, Palestinian and Israeli right wings are working together-- politically
    • P.S. If you can raise this issue on Al Jezzera, please do. It seems there are some IT problems today?

    • "The Elephant in the room", no one is mentioning? "Marwan Hasib Ibrahim Barghouti "? Is he in or not? Did Hamas capitulate on the "Mandela of Palestine"? Why? Not their Mandela? Smells bad. Even Al Jezzera is silent on the issue.

  • Americans believe red herring-- Iran is Enemy #1. Why?
    • Of course, it's propaganda, the details are not important unless your a PHD in search of funding. If this thing unravels as it probably will, you're going to have to decide. No debate at some point, where do you stand. When will you stand up and end the endless commentary?

    • "seems to have desires of empire". Yes, we're aware of the Zionist's dreams. Both Israel and Saudi Arabia are engaged in ethnic cleansing as we speak, so to say. Right now. What's Iran doing, nothing, no others threatened. Another false flag and who are the masters of false flags? Not you Richard, but your friends. Let's hope for an unexpected turn in events, a Tet.

  • Alex Odeh's murder, 26 years ago, was an early sign of Southern California's treatment of Palestinian dissent
    • Not to worry. I think the FBI has truly given up. Just can't deal with AIPAC. Hence their participation in the Iran false flag operation today. The good news is, if this is enough to cause an attack on Iran, Dolphin launched cruise nuclear cruise missiles on the east coast might not be necessary.

      The debate is long over. Stop kidding yourselves.

  • Panic and shock sweep Cairo
    • Zionism is the last gasp of Western Fascism in Palestine . If it wasn't so, the collaborators , Begin and Shamir wouldn't have escaped the death warrants for murder and terrorism issued by the Palestine Authority Police(Yes, there has been a state for 1000's of years). They would have been hanged and rightfully so. I'm still waiting for Phil to wake to why he is an American. He won't be having this discussion if it wasn't so.

  • Operation Enduring Failure: Ten years of war on Afghanistan
    • In my entire life as an American citizen there has never been a time this country has not been at "War" somewhere. I participated in some of them. It can be great fun and profitable if you play your cards right.
      At some point, my Scandinavian Ex, pointed out to me how truly bizarre this situation is to everyone else on the planet. Who do these Americans think they are, Gods? Other than Israel and North Korea, who lives like this? Americans, including O'Bummer have completely accepted this bizarre, militarist proposition seemingly without question or profit? One of us is truly crazy?
      P.S. But you debate the finer points endlessly?

  • Kol Nidre in Cairo. Not
    • Tell me again why an American should care? Yes, if something like this occurs here to anyone, you have an issue. Otherwise form your own Lincoln Brigade and joust with the world's windmills. Leave us out of your crusade. Why in the world would any of the people of the region have any sympathy for the Zionist endeavor. Wish Martin was here, he could splain it to you. It's not an American fight, never has been.

  • The Boomerang Comes Home: Obama's 'death panel' and the war on terror
    • Yes, we now have a speech panel with the power of life and death. You better hope you don't find me on that panel down the line. I won't hesitate now that grand jury's, indictments and trials are so not cool. Just wack what disturbs you. There are a bunch of people you don't know(and don't want to know), that have no problem with that proposition. You, at least had a chance not to go there. Too bad.
      Current Americans are going to turn out to be the biggest fools in human history! They had the best plan handed to them on a platter and they screwed it up.

  • Even in times of austerity, some spending is inviolable
    • Yes, a long running RICO conspiracy. Ask the FBI. Sad to say the national democrats are it's longest victims and then us. Now it seems the republicans are on board, except one? Seems like we're going to have to hit bottom first and then see if there is anything salvageable. It's going to get ugly. Oh well.

  • NYT reviewer: Small group of Bush advisers will take real reason for Iraq war to their (restless) graves
    • I can't believe your endlessly debating this nonsense. No, we don't need to re-define labels, we, Americans need to fix this totally out of control problem. Face facts, it's way past serious. Unfortunately, it appears that some amount of anti-semitism(collateral damage) is going to be necessary to reign in the Zionists in the US. At some point, the debate ends and things get serious. It's just 10 days too late.
      P.S. We'll see what Phil does with this comment?

  • Jewish terrorists strike again, this time in the Galilee
  • 'Time' features generational divide over Israel-- when will 92d St Y stage this family affair?
    • Thank God and I'm an Atheist. This trend has been reported for the last several years, some young Jewish-Americans rejecting racism and treason. Hence the delema for the Zionists as the trend is against them. They have to act within the current generation(Witty) and they don't have any rational options. So they reset the clock.

    • The ground is dissolving from under Likud's feet. They are aware of it. It is only a question of time and not much at that. The Soviets fell in days much to everyone's amazement. When Israel unravels, it will be like the scene in Titanic. We will see the the last gasp strategy of the "the most charming war criminal, Moshe". It will involve a nuke, here and we'll get it wrong.

  • Mourning the Jewish New Year
    • If you are an American at least you have somewhere to retreat intellectually, maybe. All of your problems spring from the fact that you somehow see yourself as a Jew/Israeli? As an American, you have many more options. Use them, get over it. Grow up!

  • Visit to the Office of Congressional Ethics about AIPAC junkets to Israel
  • Ron Paul for Palestinian statehood: 'I believe in self-determination of peoples'
    • Long time Libertarian. As I often remind my friends, our Constitution does have a general welfare clause, often a good investment, but you have to remember to pay the rent.

  • Will a US veto at the UN invite another 9/11 (followed by an attack on Iran)?
    • Of course, the "Veto" will totally isolate us. It's an act of war. Add the impending "Soviet economic moment" and you can kiss your past goodbye. We are being lead down the primrose path. The only consolation will be the revenge that's taken in the confusion. Nothing to talk about, act. At least it will be interesting for a change.
      P.S. You remember how fast the last "Superpower" unraveled? Weeks, a blink of an eye!

  • Abbas brings Tahrir to New York, and some of our media seem to be on board
    • I'm more concerned in the short term in how he does it. A direct attack on Iran by his forces is dicey at best. Tactically, I would advise them to use a cruise missile delivered by a Dolphin on an American city. In the current environment, Iran will immediately be blamed and nuked into oblivion. I would think in the longer run, it will become irresistible to the Likud mindset when they feel cornered again. Just like October 73. They're serious Kool-aide drinkers after all.

  • Ismail Khalidi: A tragic lecture, justifiying a vicious occupation, with no awareness that we killed the two-state solution
    • This editorial was sourced from one of my local papers, I'm stunned. Couldn't believe my eyes. The only point of view presented there in my experience is the Israeli Ministry of Propaganda. Something has seriously changed since I last visited it's pages. Any ideas?

  • Ron Paul says our unfairness to Palestinians led to 9/11 attacks
    • 9/11 was what? 10 years ago. You think they're done with us? They've been one step ahead for a very, very long time. Frankly, I'm worried we're done for as they appear to be 10 steps ahead now. You think Barry was a mistake, a progressive misstep? I afraid we're going to be just 10 days too late this time for the last time. You don't always get a do-over even in America.

  • On the 8th anniversary of Rachel Corrie’s stand in Gaza
  • '92d St Y' cancels appearance by Palestinian doctor whose 3 daughters were killed after Jewish co-panelist drops out
    • At long last, no one has responded, even Witty. Of course, it wasn't Witty. Someone killed this Man's daughters. I hope to never see such a video again. Yes, I'm in hiding, I'm entitled.
      The killers have not stepped up? Maybe they haven't had enough time to think about it. Young men need time to think about it, as they become old men and wish they had not, I think.

  • American Jewish community described as 'powerful' (in France)

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