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  • Leading NY writer likens Edward Said to monster in a horror movie
    • Bernard Lewis in 1992 wrote on the best possible Middle Eastern political solution. He repackaged Yoded Yinon and advocated Lebanonization of the Middle East.

    • Resorting to the wisdom of Muravchik to understand Said is like asking Cheney to comment on Geneva Convention. Both are entitled to their opinions ,one can argue .

  • 'Six Jews sitting in the White House discussing the Palestinian state'
    • "“Critics declared that, ‘It would be obscene at any time for the president of the World Jewish Congress to lobby the president of the United States to resist policies being promoted by the government of Israel.’ When Seymour Reich, president of the Israel Policy Forum, suggested to Condi Rice that the Israelis should be pressured to reopen a Gaza Strip border crossing, the Lobby went ballistic, and Reich soon recanted, announcing that ‘the word “pressure” is not in my vocabulary when it comes to Israel.'”

      link to
      Six Jews can advise only in one direction . Anything suggestive of pressure on Israel is no go area . That's not the way it would be allowed to work.
      Media host then sanitizes this reality by saying US doesnt have leverage when it comes to Israel. Israel does what it wants .
      ( Americans have been fed the invongrous myth of power,persuasion,diplomacy on ME. Its war and sanction against Israel's enemies and deep sigh with helpless rolling of eyes when it is Israel . No use of leverage .either total war or total submission )

  • Oren pushed Random House to hurry his book so American Jews will 'intercede' to stop Iran deal and save millions of Jews
    • Bernard Lewis must have shared his own apocalyptic view of the " apocalyptic "view of Iran made by Bernard about Aug 22 of 2006 That was the date when Iran was supposed to have mounted a nuclear attack on Israel to force the return of 12 th Imam. It is ironic and pure perversion that the immoral illegal jingoistic utterances of Bernard didn't cost him his job at Princeton. America has been slowly conditioned into accepting Goebblesesue agenda driven distortion as distilled analysed argument.

    • No daylight and no surprise"

      How many times have Bush and Obama been caught off guard by Israeli behaviors,settlement building and spying ? How did Netanyahu arrange the congressional address ?

    • "“Obama’s attitudes toward Islam clearly stem from his personal interactions with Muslims. These were described in depth in his candid memoir, ‘Dreams from My Father,’” wrote Oren. “Obama wrote passionately of the Kenyan villages where, after many years of dislocation, he felt most at home and of his childhood experiences in Indonesia.”

      “I could imagine how a child raised by a Christian mother might see himself as a natural bridge between her two Muslim husbands. I could also speculate how that child’s abandonment by those men could lead him, many years later, to seek acceptance by their co-religionists.”

      Read more: link to

      ADL criticizes it as conspiracy but doesn't condemn it as Muslim equivalent of " Antisemitic " canard .

      Oren is otherwise onto something that is well known but never explicitly said. Its the bridge. The understanding the mixing,the effort to share and know - that worries the Zionist. This is why there should be no dialogue between Iran and US, Hamas and US, Syria and US . Dialogue brings people together . Zionism thrives on conflicts of other .peace and understanding are existential threat to it..
      But beyond that hope, Oren like other neocon are trying to invalidate the moral and legal underpinnings of Obama's action through use of the power of the explanation and analysis. He thinks he has provided Americans with the causes of Obama's behaviors and now America should ignore him!

    • Red line is very Zionist in conceptualization of a crisis into an opportune moment in future . So they refer to Sarin gas or CW use against Syrian by regime in hypothetical terms and inserts a loaded closed end question to the audience . Any politician will be forced to respond with recoil and then be forced to offer a forceful response . We know what happened afterwards . Lo and behold ! Syria did exactly that until it was exposed to be a doctored evidence by Israeli Unit 800.

      Not long ago the redline on Iran was also introduced incrementally with lower threshold by Zionist . Initially it was enrichment capability . Later it was the capacity of mastering the fuel cycle .
      Despite the crass reference and undiplomatic gestures towards war with neighbors on dubious grounds , Oren dances around with the expression of longing for peace,safety,security of America and for ( an abstract ) Middle East . He will be the first person to call anyone antisemite if he were told Iraq war was orchestrated by people like him holding same views and having same passionate attachment to Israel and faith in violence as the way to solve problem.
      People often forget to see that war any war against Iran,Iraq,or Syria or even Saudi Arab after 911 was the desire and th game plan of the neocon to set Middle East on fire . Their idea was to set it on fire from any angle possible. The shibboleth and platitudes offered by the neocons that he or she fromthis or that camp of Zionism or Israel didn't support Iraq war but wanted Iran tobe targeted exposed the casuistry based attempt to evade responobility

      . Why Iran ?
      Reason is same . Chaos and anger in ME .weakeing of government and creating cauldron from any angle and starting Shia Sunni fight while America loses its hold on the situation giving Israel perfect environment of attacks on its neighbors and on Palestine.
      It is a different type of red line . This redline is for America. Its a trap and America didn't even know it . It sleepwalked and crossed it giving Israel the upper hand to say,to lie,to distort and demand,dictate,and build and mount assaults . After torture,war,violence all executed under false intelligence and arrogant disregard of truth , how could America ask Israel to be responsible ,honest,and normal? It can't . Iraq or Iran or Syria -any war would achieve that paving the way or next war . If Syria were attacked instead of Iraq we would have been told that CW nd WMD had moved to Iraq .
      Their attitude could be compared to the serial rapist or murderer if he tried to evade conviction by saying that he or she didn't want this particular victim but the one next still standing knowing fully well that the murder of the next would have produced the same aftermath but major gains for her or him .
      Despite the shrill call for violence against Iran no media have ever challenged the Zionist why they subscribeto that madness that had possible dire consequences for American when Fallon,Pace,Abizaid all have openly and Schenski included have raised objection out of the fear for consequences or legality .

  • Obscure Netanyahu minister emerges as unsung international hero in latest 'NYT' report
    • NYT while trying to promote a thug as statesman is also letting the cat out of the bag. Israel decides US foreign policy in Middle East . Israel comes to claim it only when it looks like a success. Iraq war was not claimed for it was not a success . But that denial over Iraq war might also change in case in future the situation changes that could be painted and sold by Israel as favorable and advantageous for USA . It doesn't have to be . All Israel would need an opportunity of rearranging the facts to make the claims. Just like Osirik reactor. Just like liberating Gaza . Just like offering land for peace and just like accepting UN partition plan before those land for peace.

    • NYT should ask itself ,Israel and this Steingiz why they didn't accept the fact that Iraq had no WMD despite assertion by Russia,UN,Iraq, and IAEA? Israel was the instigator in this demand that Iraq should have no WMD . They have been asking same for Iraq,Syria,and Libya in different contexts and times . The idea was not to prevent emergence or persistence of WMD lying around in ME but to use it to start a process marked by more demands,more intrusion,more inspection,more UN deliberations,more sanctions and then disintegration by war.
      NYT is a pathetic criminal partner and accomplice in Israeli aggression.
      Despite Syrian acquiescence ,denial and cooperation, CW issue was twisted by Israeli intelligence with the hope that US would mount attack on Syria.
      NYT should retract the statement or add following lines " obviously Israel was looking at its own interest. In case of any future Israeli preemptive attacks which have become a commonplace after 911 ,Israel doesn't want to face any possible resistance or counter any hindrance . Removal of any weapon that Syria possesses would magnify the chances of clear quick Israeli victory in a war that are initiated by Israel".

  • Netanyahu likens BDS to Nazi Germany
    • The N- word and the H - word have been carrying halo myth inscrutability ,and an immense psychological separation from mundane worldly experiences . That mystical unknowability was the 20 th century version of being chosen being divinely blessed and being tasked with duties to remain as a beacon of light unto the nation . Unfortunately the frequent domestic use or sbuse have started diluting the impact and have started poaching on the claims of Jewish exclusiveness.
      This is the reason for this belated attempt to reverse the decline .
      Any enemy could be Hitler but the Holocaust is unique to Jewish and would remain so. No Jewish coud be called Nazi but the ethnocentric corporate welfare state could be built for particular ethnic group eliminating other claimants to the land or to the political system.

  • Jeffrey Goldberg has never faced 'pundit reckoning' for pushing Iraq war
    • If the neocons were exposed and prosecuted ,then the war in ME wouldn't have expanded and escalated to this stage. That would have deterred any prospective future warmongers from doing things behind the shadow under the radar.
      The gulf and Saudi fear of Shia to great extent are manufactured by the same neocon . it has the explanatory power for sudden Saudi hatred against Iran . But is just a new lie that the war against Iran and its allies are Saudi manifestation of insecurity . I think its the proof of pressure on Saudi to enter into defacto alliance with Israel. Neocons can always go back to the drawing board and dust off the old allegation of terror links . Neocons also can unleash thse jihadist against Saudi( Counterpunch covered this angle in an article written by Mr Israel ) . It is also possible that the genuine fear of internal revolt of Arab spring type forced these royals and sheikhs forced them use the diversionary tactics ( jihadi violence from IS and Nusra) against Iran which met Neocon game plan well. But Saudis are living on borrowed time .
      Question is why Turkey?

    • Fight against Hizbullah or Assad or both lead to the same goal - smoothing the flight pathway to Iran by Israel and then getting US involved to clear " the mess. ". ( " per Chney gang )

      Here is Joshua Landis as quoted by /

      " “I have it on good authority that Steven Hadley, the director of the US National Security Council, called the President of the Italian senate to asked [sic] if he had a candidate to replace Bashar al-Assad as President of Syria. The Italians were horrified. Italy is one of Syria’s biggest trading partners so it seemed a reasonable place to ask! This is what Washington has been up to.”

      It was Syria who was on the coalition against Saddam, it was Syria that provided timely information that saved USA lives in post 2003 ME from attacks by al Quida hijackers . Syria also tortured ( the human right violations that Neocons didn't want Syria to be accused of) the rendition victims. It got rid of CW. It's role was limited to maintain good defensive alliances . Its interests do overlap with that of US . But the power that be don't want Syria be known as ally but as enemy. Same is the fate of Hizbulah and both are connected.

  • Is BDS practicing a double standard with respect to Arab countries?
    • Boycotting Saudi or Kuwait or Bahrain would be a great idea. Boycotting Egypt will be a great idea too. But before we jump to the innuendo of failures to do so, lets remember that Egypt 's Sisi was the product of Israeli manipulation and American silence. Lets not forget that Israel demanded from US that Saudi regime wouldn't fall from any internal Arab Spring when there was a fear of that happening .
      Before boycott starts it is usually discussed in UN . BDS stems from failure of UN. UN also failed to condemn and take action against Saudi for incursion against Yemen and for sending army to Bahrain . Bahrain was not censured by UN for atrocities against Shis. Iran tried but didn't succeed . Mr Bernirt should excoriate the UN, US,and Israel and should start BDS movement against SA, Bahrain and Israel for cozying up to them .
      The other argument that other countries do it is invalid . Burma,Cuba,Iran,Sudan,Syria,Iraq have been under UN sanctions for some of the behaviors that Israel has engaged in over the years. So no one is selective here when demanding same set of responses to Israel. BDS is mild rap on the knuckles .

  • Netanyahu cabinet members reject two-state solution; call for annexation of occupied territories
    • Back to the reservation . Netanyahu wandered off to fend off US 's reaction after the election promises to get the most vote ( one has to get to the right of Netanyahu on Iran,Syria,and Palestnie or 2 state to get more votes ) . Bennett said same .
      44 % Israrlis in 2003 didn't want 2 state or 1 state. They wanted expulsion ( Linda S Heard in
      CIA ranked Israel below Libya in it's readiness to help in the US led fight against terrprism( US sees Israel tight Middle East ally as spy threat)
      American Jews would theoretically like to support 2 state solution but they have a different problem. They don't believe anything on Arab,peace,2 state or negotiations unless these are vetted by Israel or believed by the major Jewish organizations in US, The sources that shape their opinions are the think tank,letter head organization,lobby, like AIPAC,JINSA, WINEP, AEI, Israeli Project, FDD, ,UANI, Stand with Israel and columnists like Krauthammer,Podohoretz, Kristol, magazines like Tablet,Commentary, media like Fox and WSJ and NYT

      Despite 1982, 2002'and 2006 Saudi proposals and despite Fullbright's 1970 proposal of total security for Israel in exchange for land or despite Roger Morris ( 1973) proposal of 1949 armistice line as border with security and despite Hamas de facto recognition of Israel within 1967 border. American Jewish believe(82% ) that goal of the Arab is not return of occupied territories but destruction of Israel. ( James Petra) and 58 % don't support compromise on Jetusalem.

      Netanyhu is tapping into a rich effective vocal powerful block with money access to media,access to administration to give shape to the subconsciois encrypted message that bind Israeli Jews,American Jews and the majotJewish organizations .

    • One of the reason Hamas hasn't been engaged or delisted from terror list by Israel,US and by US and west is the refusal to admit" Israel's right to exist"
      One of the reason Iran was on the sanction list is apparent refusal to agree to Oslo .
      That argument was killed by neocon in Bush cabinet.
      But what about the right of " Palestnian to exist"?

  • Supreme Court slam dunks the Israel lobby on Jerusalem, 6-3 (and Rubio, Oren, and Engel are angry)
    • Apparently the mayor of Jerusalem has an answer to rising antisemitism. NYT reports that he was particularly hurt that this opportunity of stemming the tide against antisemitism by recognizing Jerusalem as part of Israel has been intentionally scuttled by Obama administration and the court .

      What's next?

    • UN GA declared that the area would be partitioned in two states. How could one recognize one part without not the other part? It is evident in the process that there would be a state along with Israel. The deal doesn't become invalid to the rest of the world for t one party didn't like immidiaetly the idea and other party grabbed it by fighting .

  • From Germany, With Hypocrisy: Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier visits the Gaza Strip
    • link to

      The masks are coming off as are the gloves . Neocon have been excoriating Saudis for decades . The neocon's favorite man in Israel is now looking positively at 13 yrs old Saudi peace proposal. Neocons aren't presenting that power point to change regime in Saudi ( may be next time . Saddam suffered a fate almost 20 yrs after the plans. Saudi may take less time )
      Saudi suddenly is buying protection from same Jewish regime so that US calls it a moderate nation and 911 charges don't restart flying . Israel and West may help the citizen from worrying about democracy and start fearing Iran. Saudi is saved . There is a monster out there ,its not not time for any change. Jordan's monarch another paid and bought agent understood it in 1940.
      The ad hoc ism is exposing the tyrants secular,fanatic,monarchist,democrats all alike . Germany gaffe is reminding me of the opportunistic responses to the use of the imagery of ghetto,Bauchenwald,Austwitcz,and segregation by Spanish noble laureate in 2002 . The leftist writer wanted to be seen part of progressive concerns for the plight of Palestine . So they joined him. But they were looking for way out so that they don't have to cast the stone against Israel. They bolted out.
      Saudi, Jordan Leftist ,German are trying to get things done on the cheap.
      Its juggling on the sagging rope . A little flutter or fresh breeze can throw them easily off balance . Even a rhetoric or reference to a horrible image can shape the mind for the mind is just waiting for an excuse to be shaped .

  • What I Was Told: Arabs hate Jews
    • link to
      Neocons have succeeded in gaining control of the corrupt Arab elite . Corruption is what allows the Zionist to make inroads and to survive. Its the best medium for the parasites . US congress both houses and the Pentagon are the 2 cesspool of breathtaking unbelievable level of corruption .
      So now Israel will periodically remind Arabs as they do Anericans of past antisemitism ,extract guilt out of nonexistent gas bubble around the imagination and extract more wealth . Given the track record,they would also offer support to Jihadist as long as they accept the political religious positions of Zionism ,keep on fighting the Royals and divert attention to Europe,Asia or Africa.
      It is reminiscent of 19 th century European fights among and each against other . Its the early 20 th century play book that is being read to Arab.
      Neocons have won. In return we won't hear much about Islamofasism or " the Arab hate us" .

    • "Professor Wistrich frequently likened today’s radical anti-Zionism to anti-Jewish sentiments in Europe before the Holocaust. In the journal The Jewish Political Studies Review, he wrote in 2004, “The most virulent expressions of this ‘exterminationist’ or genocidal anti-Zionism have come from the Arab-Muslim world, which is the historical heir of the earlier 20th century forms of totalitarian anti-Semitism in Hitler’s Germany and the Soviet Union.”

      link to

      God gave this guy a tongue and he twisted it to his bitterest revolting level of satisfaction.
      Guilt is difficult to carry but lot easier to project on other and then expect redemption . That never came from Arab or from the inheritors of the 5000 yrs of history that he never lost sight of and never forgave.
      Do they hate the Jews? He died with that deep conviction in his guilty ridden psyche . Alternative was unforgiving loneliness in The State of Israel permeated with de ades old deep moral and ethical insufficiencies .
      So is it surprising to hear the voices of the little child or the deep pocketed unethical politicians saying the same argot : Arabs hate us just for they being Arab and we being Jewish ?. One set of belief of disdain is matched by another set of belief of belonging to the special exalted one.

  • Turning Lebanon into Gaza -- Israel's hole card against Iran deal?
    • The hope of Israel that an attack by Iran as retaliation for attack by Israel against Hizbullah will lead to 1990 type of scenario endings devastation and sanction for 10 yrs . But chances are that the international community will not join . Sanctions will fail and US will have periodically attack Iran to keep it reined but unlikely given the possible challenges from other nations.
      Attack on Iran can only come if Rusdia and China were sufficiently bribed but they won't be easy to be bribed anymore for the eventual risk point to their direction - thanks to Ukraine and pivot to Asia. This will unite China,Russia,and Iran and there would be new Cold War . Israel will work on the side of US but Iran will find new clout in Levant . Istael security will be compromised . Chances are regimes like Jordan and Saudia Arab will be destabi,oozed leading to major disruption of oil supply from violence. Venezueala might decide to cut oil supply to US leaving US economically strained .
      May be this is the reason Putin warned that attack on Iran would lead to WW3

  • Kim Philby's last straw
    • This information has some lessons for anybody who wants to know why Bush Cheney gang was not expsoed for negligence,stupiditues,dereliction of duties ,wilfull deafness to the emerging concerns to the events of pre 911 despite beung briefed by numerous agneices on numerous occassions .
      Someone would have definitely shone light on the discrepancies in the governmnet's positions , and on the abscence of any responses to the threats as were revealed to the administration as most likley to happen sooner than later if Bush didnt get on board to attack Iraq , genertae the hysteria around post 911 with subtle islamophobia,threats to muslim countries,and if he agreed to negotaited handover of Osama per inetrnational rules.
      This 'someone" would have been from the very same group who created and allowed the atmosphere of general dismissiveness and disdain for pre 911 intellignece .They would have leaked to the media as anonymous sources .Think Tank that they patronized or hung around would have asked for details and demanded enquires by outside agencies.
      Bush saved his back( it also made his dream to be a war president come true ) by inserting himself fully in the agenda of the neocons.

    • Not at all,even when one rats out somebody for conveneince or perosnal belief or gain of any degree or magnitude . Criminals do that all the time By staying silent she allowed him to continue spying for along time.He possibly would have got exposed much earlier .

  • Sam Harris and the dangers of false atheism
    • Will Sam Harris try to excoriate the CUFI? Will he try to lampoon Mr Bernard Lewis of Princeton for conflating Islamic belief with state politics woven by him and then present it as evidence of possible cataclysmic threat to America that could justify his (undisclosed )intention of a preemptive attack on Iran?
      Joel C Rosenberg ,another end timer moved around WH selling his Ezekiel Option. The bombing target of this jewish to Christian convert is Muslim ,Evil leftists and academics.
      Re- The End Times Hits Primetime
      By Matt Taibi in Rolling Stone Aug 30 2006.

      The support base of Israel include so many whose belief would horrify even those who harboured the Nazi ideas of securing 1000 yrs of peace under Reich.


      link to

    • I have read this statement. The issue involved is not about addressing this atheism cult follower's fanatic statement in meaningful way but to align this man and his ideas with the picture and ideas of Hitler and Kahane . He is a deranged psychopath.
      But here is the rub. How does he manage to stay visible? The answer is same that allows Kristol and Krauthammer to stay visible. In US visibility means relevance . It means knowledge and expertise. Before we can get rid of psychopathic tendencies,we have to get rid of the swamps that nourish them ,that protect them,that nurtures them.

  • The U.S. is at last facing the neocon captivity
    • No one has claimed Americans are smart . They tied to do exactly samething on Iran. Isn't that part of the online accusation investigation,and threat of jail time to the reporter who spilled this failed ploy ( James Risen )
      Israel is pea in a different pod here. They should have been suspected before being given 1,2 billion .
      Hasn't Israel been repeatedly accused of spying including on getting hold of technology secret? Not that long ago we heard of something of a technological transfer illegally from Stanford .

    • Nevada Ned

      "Israel soon discovered that it needed U.S. cooperation, however, and therein lay the cause of the Lavi’s (possibly temporary) demise. It was not feasible for Israel to develop one of the world’s most sophisticated aircraft on a self-sufficient basis, as originally hoped. The Lavi project consequently involved joint research, the use of some U.S. components (such as Pratt and Whitney engines) and U.S. taxpayers’ money.

      Some $1.3 billion of U.S. aid went into the Lavi before alarm bells went off in Washington: why was the U.S. paying Israel to develop and produce an aircraft that would compete on the international arms market with planes produced by its own companies and put American workers out of their jobs? The Reagan administration, averse to putting pressure on Israel over issues such as stopping settlement construction in the West Bank, leaned on the Israeli government, which duly caved in: the Lavi project was cancelled in 1987."

      The Chinese J-10 has no U.S.-made parts: the engine is Russian-made, and nearly everything else is made in China. According to military affairs writer Tim Kennedy, however, “after Israel discontinued the largely U.S.-funded project, it sold China the plans for the Lavi and the associated secret U.S. technology.” (See “U.S. Military Technology Sold by Israel to China Upsets Asian Power Balance,” January 1996 Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, p. 12.)

      link to

    • There were other ways to silence the debate. By declaring some one of being guilty of something that is again beyond the horrible,akin to nazi,similar to fascism or not morally equivalent to the counterparty the debate was not only stifled and it was actually won by the anti peace gangs . The phrases and the words were coined at that time first time and de novo. Most of these words and phrases have come from the Zionist . The psychological numbing was carried out by the Zionist forces . Opinion and possibilities were presented as fact . Zionist in media ,academy,government offices and non government organization made sure that other voices or alternatives not heard ,they made sure that the Arab and Islam were perceived as evil incarnate.

    • Why did American support the 2003 war? Bill Moyer provided the definite answer to that question- everybody saw Bill Kristol and no body saw those from the other side of the divide.
      Now the next question should have been why Bill Kristol got that platform or all the other platforms subsequently including the choosing of Sarah Palin ,or hammering of Hegel or penning the letter for Cotton to Iran or the platform to offer advice on any ME crisis ?

    • Your observation of the Kurdish massacre can be likened to the observation or suggestion that US went to war in 2003 was to spread democracy and free people from tyranny . Its a layer on top of the preceding excuses that didn't hold water ,that didn't have sustaining power which was the search,capture ,and dismantling of the WMD which was on top of the doomsday predicting lies of Mushroom threat clouding Western sky which was fabricated to fix the intelligence around the war plans which was based on Wolfowotz ardent desire to see Saddam gone paving the way for PNAC vision and towards the break up of ME as dreamt by M Ledeen.
      Kurdish massacre was not raised in media in 1990. It wasn't presented to US or UK public . It was not brought out as an issue to UN. Years earlier US has failed to condemn the gassing. So this isn't valid . It wasn't valid .
      Bush spoke of " our ways of life" in 1990. AIPAC started working behind the scene. Israeli FM Levy was threatening to start attacks on Saddam if West failed . Bush was called wimp.
      Lantos manufactured baby killings in hospital. Human right or democracy wasn't used. Actually it was told by media that it wasn't up to West to bring democracy when Shia and Kurd rebel failed . Using this and in violation of UN ,west imposed no fly zone.
      To maintain the sanction, UK created a perverted second channel of intelligence program known as Rockingham program.
      US media and terror expert like Emerson ,Bodansky, and few other made sure that the focus on Iraq as a threat never got scrutinized and challenged.
      Poor Kurdish experience would be revisited numerous times to explain lies after lies and hide the sinister intention again and again as perverted way to expiate guilt for destroying a highly developed advanced society.

    • Not a single oil company took out advertisement ( how many ad have we seen against Iran in NYT sponsored by oil coterie and how many by Israel coterie? in recent times) against Saddam. . Oil company didn't provide the napkin,pen,table to support those napkins,or the ideas to any senators or congress to write any resolution against Iraq.
      Oil company CEO didn't try to join the chorus of Max Boot,Wolfowitz, Sharon,Barak,Netanyahu,Ephrain Haveily, Perle,Wurmser,Libby,Luty,Kagan, and AEI JINSA,and WSJ editorial staff whose phonetic production intellectual fuel psychological limit were exclusively spent to destroying Iraq,Libya,Saudi Arab,Yemen,Somalia,and Syria .
      In 2001 Jan - August media focussing on the business and industry were reporting of the tension between the Bush cabinet and the oil industry. Oil industry was desperately pushing for business and lifting of sanction on Iraq so that they could start doing business .
      Scholar of the the oil and gas industry were reporting of the powerlessness of the oil cartel to move any policy decisions in Bush ( the industry might have hoped for significant changes given the fact Cheney was involved with oil ,with Saudi and had contacts across ME . His company was doing business at that time both in Iraq and Iran without losing money or getting attacked by any rebel,fanatics or fundamentalist or Baathist . Oil industry was aware of the Cheney's membership of JINSA ) cabinet towards lifting or softening of sanction . Israel and neocons were raising concerns that the oil industry wasn't on board . The neocon mind in news paper was exhibiting angry panic that the oil industry might try to shape the Middle East policy of engagement.

      In 1947 business and oil were used by the Zionist ,by the NYT and by the 5 th column in Truman administration that the US was succumbing to the oil industry pressures. There was no oil industry ,no CEO no board of director and no owner of any oil company or oil exploration company who put up resistance to Truman or Marshall or Forester over this. They didn't bring large number of people out on the street . NYT didn't quote them fit there was none .
      Oil and access to the waterway did feature in the discussion . But that was the concern of the scholar,academic,and the State department. Their concern was motivated not by any personal or group gain . Nobody paid them to think so. They looked at the national interest and they argued for the national interest . It was debate and discussion and sharing opinion .
      NYT blamed these entities for being concerned with national interest! ( you can read Truman by McCalluagh ) . At UNGA Zionist were given US delegates passes so that they could talk to delegates on the assembly floor of UN in Nov 1947. Supreme Court judge Franfurter threatened Phillipine president to vote in favor ,Niles pressurized Liberia,Weizmanput pressure on France . There was no oilman ,there was no oil woman . None . Nada! Nope! Nothing !

    • link to
      Buchanan names the names that were agitating for war when the shock and smoke still hadn't settled on Ground Zero. The neocons even threatened G Bush against taking any decision other than attacking Iraq ,Syria,Lebanon,Saudi Arab,and Libya.
      Sept 22 , 2001 Bush adopted 1992 discredited Wolfowitz doctrine.

      In 1998 March , PNAC asked Clinton to bomb Iraq and told Clinton that they ( neocons ) would provide necessarry supports ( what support could they have provide? Relief from media attack ? Impreachment ? More salacious revealitions? ) . Clinton reeling and wobbling from Monics ( whose tape was destroyed by Neyanyahu . Netanyahu informed Clinton ) bombed Iraq in 1998 Dec.

      Redux 2012 Obama facing the GOP pressure through AIPAC who with Ilena Roth wrote Iran threat and sanction resolution outsmarted them by announcing executive order to impose more sanction on Iran in Jul 2012.

    • " Saddam is not like the Saudi Princes who spend bulk of their lives outside of their country,and who fritter away the Kingdom's oil profit on prstitutes and bottles of champagne in Paris. No,Saddam is building railways! Creating electrical networks! Highways and other important elements of a serious State infrastructure!
      After eight years of war against the Iranian regime of Khomeini,he desperately needs to demobilize his Republican Guard,which incorporates so many of his technical elite in order to rebuild the war-devastated country.
      These people are his technicians,his engineers . If they are put to work in the way Saddam wishes,they will rapidly make Iraq the most advanced power in the region,and we can't allow this to happen"
      DrEdward Luttwak,the author,lecturer,historian,military strategist and Pentagon consultant replied to the Blondet . Page 29 -30 Chapter 3 .neo- Conned Again Hpcrisy ,Lawlessness and the Rape of Iraq . Contributed by

      Maurizio Blondet
      " nor is this a simple coincidence ,for Luttwak sits alongside with Michael Ledeen on ISC which is stacked with neoconservative warmongers" - page 35.
      Luttwak's best selling book Coup d'Etat can explain the stealth takeover of Bush2 presidency by Neocons.
      Lutwak said those words in 1990. He in 2005 or sometime later would claim that the second Gulf war had nothing todo with WMD or terror . It was not based on anything that was remotely of US any interest.

    • link to
      Money given to those true anti wars (not like Carl Levine or similar other democrats ) compared to those who supported wars peanuts and less than pocket change . Money came from AIPAC .
      The American support for war was still at 30% ( NYT poll) 3 months before the war . It was massive propaganda ,negative violent aggressive race baiting ,threat ratcheting blitzkrieg across the whole MSM and the press releases from the interested war parties that made the changes . One way to achieve was to silence the domestic,foreign,international,European and Arab voices against the war.

    • It was no secret what AIPAC and some Senators were up to in 1990-

      "3 When I was first elected to Congress six years ago (1974) I deliberately
      sought an assignment on the Foreign Affairs Committee precisely because I
      wanted to be in a position to be helpful to Israel.. Solarz

      3 All of that might be of purely academic interest were it not for the fact
      that among the men behind that campaign were such names as, Dick Cheney,
      Donald Rumsfeld, and Paul Wolfowitz. What was, back in 1997, merely a
      theory, is now, in 2003, U.S. policy. Hardly a conspiracy, the proposal was
      out there for anyone to see.-* ABC Nightline’s* Ted Koppe

      4 In 1991,(Cheney the organization had given him its “Distinguished
      Service Award” and he was declared to be “excellent” on issues of
      U.S.-Israeli security cooperation, according to JINSA’s director of special
      projects Shoshana Bryen

      5 Why speak about an attack when you are defending freedom as you did in
      World War I, World War II and now in [World War] III? ... I don’t think
      this is a campaign against Iraq, neither their people nor the land, but
      against a terrible killer, a dictator who already initiated two aggressive
      wars – one against Muslim Iran for seven years at a cost of 1 million
      [lives] and against an Arab Kuwait... foreign minister Shimon Peres to
      Rabbi William Berkowitz

      6AIPAC leaders acknowledged that the lobby “had worked in tandem with the
      [first] Bush administration to win passage of a resolution authorizing the
      president to commit U.S. troops to combat.” A *Wall Street Journal* article
      at the time noted that the “behind-the-scenes campaign avoided AIPAC’s
      customary high profile in the Capitol and relied on activists – calling
      sometimes from Israel itself – to contact lawmakers and build on public
      endorsements by major Jewish organizations.”

      “Yes, we were active,” AIPAC’s director Tom Dine, told the paper. “These
      are the great issues of our time. If you sit on the sidelines you have no

      7 And, to be sure, money had its role with Democrats who had benefited from
      large contributions from pro-Israel PACs being among the swing votes.
      Having “pro-Israel liberals behind the resolution made it easier to hold
      moderate Republicans as well.”2

      8 While the U.S. Congress was divided over going to war in 1990, “there is
      one place in the world which is longing for war,” said retired Major
      General Matti Peled, a former Knesset Member and, before his death, a
      leader of the Israeli peace camp, “and that is Israel... Every commentator
      finds it his duty to join the party of the war-mongers. Arrogant statements
      about the slowness of the Americans are heard every day.”25

      Anti-war activists paid no attention to such statements or to the
      activities of the Israel lobby then, nor have they since.26
      While they
      chanted, “No Blood for Oil!,” in national protests on October 25th,
      Kinsley, a mainstream liberal, described the situation as “the proverbial
      elephant in the room... Everybody sees it, no one mentions it.”27

    • "Late last week, amid little fanfare, Senators Joseph Lieberman, Lindsey Graham, and Robert Casey introduced a resolution that would move America further down the path toward war with Iran.

      "According to Lara Friedman of Americans for Peace Now, the resolution got 15 Democratic supporters only "after days of intense AIPAC lobbying, particularly of what some consider 'vulnerable' Democrats (vulnerable in terms of being in races where their pro-Israel credentials are being challenged by the candidate running against them)."

      What's more, says Friedman, the non-binding status may be temporary. "Often AIPAC-backed Congressional initiatives start as non-binding language (in a resolution or a letter) and then show up in binding legislation. Once members of Congress have already signed on to a policy in non-binding form, it is much harder for them to oppose it when it shows up later in a bill that, if passed, will have the full force of law."

      link to

      In one of the election related debates ,Liberman (Joe) boasted how he and Mc Cain pressed for the passage of the Iraq Accountability Bill long before the 2003 war .

    • This is the reason ( tendency to use military ) that attracted Neocons to Scooper "Boeing "Jackson and to Reagan. It was the reason McGovern was denounced by Neocon. Militarism was seen essential by Kristol and Podohoretz if Israel were going to survive the changing scenarios in the world post 1967 .

    • It was in 1979 when Wolfowitz set his eyes on Saddam and Ghaddafi ( Sunshine Warrior NYT) .He wanted to remove both .He had to wait .1990 following Iraq invasion of Kuwait ,FM Levy of Israel made the threats of attacking Iraq if West didn't. That was the time when Solarz went around to get the democrat on board and Bush was called ‘wimp” for vacillating . Saudi and Egyptian attempt for a peaceful solution was rebuffed . Buchanan confirmed the fact that the war was desired and forced by Israeli supporters in Congress .Tom Lantos manufactured the incubator story to arouse angry hateful emotion . ( Same Lantos who would call Shroeder and Chirac prostitutes in 2002 for demanding more inspection and discounting terror connection)
      Push for war started from Jewish lawmaker . Initially Americans were told that the congress could scare Saddam by just stating that America would use force .Once that was passed ,lawmaker started demanding against diplomacy and pressed for war ( it was like 2013 Red Line crossing over Syria . " Hey President when are you going to attack now the Sarin had has been used by Syria" or like No Fly Zone over Libya ,once achieved , Sarkozy and Levy used it to achieve their ulterior motive) .

      Prior to 911 various agencies were reporting of impending attacks on US but the neocons in the cabinet ignored it .Even Israel supplied the warnings but as usual misled US by tagging Saddam to that possible terror attacks. Between 1991 and 2001 , Wolfowitz tried publicly to share his hatred of Saddam by blaming him for 1993 WTC bombing . Laurie Mylorie wrote the book documenting saddam relation to OK bombing. Israeli PM Rabin blamed Saddam for OK bombing . Bodanksy blamed saddam ,Al Quida and Iran for all kind of terrors committed by Al Quida . Albright when faced with the possibility of the UNSCOM declaring Iraq to be free of nuclear material ,asserted that the sanctiosn would t be lifted unless Saddam were gone. Saddam stopped cooperating with UNSCOM .US bombed Iraq. Same Albright whose appointment owed a lot to the influence of the Jewish lobby . Sanction continued . In 2000 Clinton was thinking of decreasing the level of sanction but was overruled

      PNAC was writing position paper from 1996 and it published the updates on their existing one in 1998 and 2000 essentially demanding revocation of Oslo and removing Saddam and Assad . These paper writers would occupy Bush cabinet to propel their ideas . Jerusalem Post remarked that the foreign policies of Bush would be influenced by these Jewish presence in the government . Cheney was already hobnobbing with JINSA from 1994 . 911 came and very soon the direction of the understanding of the events were channeled to 19 hijackers and secret Saudi flight but not to the intentional ignoring of the warnings, 911 dancing Israelis , Art student mystery and not to the odd behaviors of 160 or so Israelis foreigners with military and intelligence connections . Media was told what to think and where not to look. Meanwhile Saddam was declared to be responsible in collusion with Al Quida by the PNAC staffers within and outside the government .

      It was Wolfowitz who claimed and insisted Saddam was the person responsible for 911, hours after the event. That idea was propagated and rehashed and echoed repeatedly by his colleagues and very soon by the media . American didn't believe Saddam was . They blamed to Al Quida . American didn't believe Saddam was a threat even in late 2002.

      While in Israel the ideas of immidiaetly attacking Iraq were manufactured for Americans to swallow and advices that US should attack Syria and Lebanon and Iran . Wolfowitz confirmed the same views to the Pentagon . OSP was created for intelligence . Russia would not buy the claims of link between saddam and 911 or WMD or anthrax . Anthrax was another clue to the direction of the complicity of someone by the name of Jack who wanted to frame an Egyptian even before the anthrax letter became known to public but after the letter was mailed .FBI would exonerate the Egyptian but would not ask how Jack knew .Jack had worked on anthrax before .

      Niger documents were fabricated by the neocons most likely by Micahel Ledeen . CIA didn't buy it. CIA was bypassed and it reached Cheney's office in time .

      .Once the war became certain Israel started distancing somewhat publicly knowing fully well that America couldn’t climb out of the slippery slope .By that time relentless media barrage have increased pro war sentiment from a minority voice to majority one .

      Expecting a quick cakewalk and greet with Iraqi desert roses , people were apoplectic with positive exuberance .Some let the cat out . Friedman counted the number of the neocons exactly 25 without which the war couldn't have happened . Karuthammer and Krsitiol kept on eductaing American public on TV and Wolfiowtz mentioned something about oil to pay for the war killing 2 birds - the war would be cheap and war could be blamed on oil. Zelikow reminded the student that the war was for the safety of Israel and never was about threat to US.

      Following the lions were the hyenas who were prowling for possible land garb in Palestine sensing that the west would remain busy filled with hubris and hate towards anything muslim or Arab . Israel killed Arafat and called Bush Chamberlien .It called quite a few guys Hitler also . suddenly the open season was declared on muslim ,Arab and Islam . It was the zenith of Israel like 1967 .
      Did I mention Chalabi? He was rejected by CIA ( as was Niger document in 2001) but made his way back to State Dept and Pentagon through Israel in mid 90s .
      Throughout 1990 ,neither NYT nor CNN would inform anybody in US of the effects of sanction and the illegality of the sanction.
      Did I mention the power point presentation by Laurent Mirawich, a protege of Perle who advised the Pentagon to go after Saudi Arab and Egypt also. Perle,Feith,Abrams,and Wolfowitz were all ex con and they would insert themselves again to commit most vicious crimes .
      General Zinni, State Secretary AI Haig and Moran and Hollins would identify the culprit behind the war.
      Oil would be blamed but the only oil connection was between the possible pipe line to Haifa and Halliburton. Oil industries did not want this war . Rumsfield and Clawson spoke of the opportunities for oil industry but that was their threat of withholding the loot from some other countries not supporting the war.

      Before getting lost to the hubris of Wilsonian democracy or real politics as you are throwing around to distract from the Jewish influences to this war, to the long lasting sanction,to constant demonizing of Saddam in the media and to the first Gulf war ,lets just look again how Iran and Syrian imbroglio developed ,lets see who is doing and has been doing what .
      Before looking into the number of supporters for or against in both houses ,lets look at the number of supporters for an war against Iran and how it was reached and who started the war rhetorics . It was neocon. It was Israel. Sensing the revulsion of American at the consequences of Iraq war, Neocon started delinking Iran from the 2003 war as if it never happened, as if Iraq war developed out of blue from some crazy oil lobby and from Bush father complex problem.
      Oil industry didn't want this war . They don't want war with Iran. They wanted business and Saddam was more than happy to oblige but Clinton and Bush regime under the neocon influences made that impossible .
      Yes this war 2003 was made by the neocons . What could have happened if Bush didn't go? He would then be under the threat of getting exposed as wimp. He would have been asked by CNN,FOX ,WSJ,NYT and other outlet why he ignored the warnings ( he didn't his neocon gangs did) . It is interesting that when faced with the grave implication Wiliam Safire didn't confirm that he said Air Force 1 was under threat of being taken down. 911 atmosphere was the very atmosphere that Israel knew it could use to its advantage . Netanyahu rebuked the Israeli Firster to focus too much on Chinese crackdown of 1990. That was the best time to get things ( war and land grab) done while the world was distracted . Israel and neocon abused the 911 victims ,abused the fear ,hatred,and emotion . American wanted to know why 911. Answer was given by media and the neocon- Saddam bad, Islam bad, radical Islam want to destroy West, they hate freedom . The bastards forgot to say Radical Islam hated Wilson , hated Churchill, hated Founding Father,Reagan ,Kennedy . They could have got away with anything . Bush was afraid . So was American but for different reason.
      It was not love for peace or democracy that got the coalition in 1990 or in 2003 getting on board . It was money,it was bribe,it was threat and promises of dough in various shapes and sizes. WTO and Saudi Arab's financial help to Russia in 1990, scaring Saudis in 1990 by false satellite , and so on . Same was in 2003 .
      No Wilsononoan democracy . It was pure hatred of Zionist foisted on the rest that got 2003 war. The door was opened by the Zionist in 1990.

  • Rudoren covers up Shaked's genocidal statements in 'NYT'
    • I was listening to her and also was trying to understand the confused answers and comments of the NPR host. At one time he said basically that Israel now had all the momentum since the threat from Iraq,Syria,Libya had melted away . He was asking if Israel would use the opportunity to force what it would like see happen in Palestine . There was talk of status quo and maintaining the grip but no mention of the dire situation in Palestine no pushback against current Israeli attempts to influence the political situation in Syria a nd Lebanon through support to terrorism or even the recent anti Obama anti Iran activities in US Congress .The respect and reverence were palpable in the air .

  • Netanyahu appoints Ayelet Shaked—who called for genocide of Palestinians—as Justice Minister in new government
    • thank you,its always "they are saying , they are saying "
      while the Zionsit are actually doing while . Followed by the neocons approving saying "Israel is doing the heavy lifting to save the West ". I think the message was neoconishly similar in one of Geller's ads.

    • "—the lawmaker asserted that “the entire Palestinian people is the enemy” and called for its destruction, “including its elderly and its women, its cities and its villages, its property and its infrastructure"
      There is something wrong in the free dispersal of the relevant speech across the public domain .Hoepfully next time when more sanctions are touted in letters to WSJ for "Death to Amareica and Death to Israel" or Pamela in her next move wants the world to know of creeping backdoor entry of the death cults of Islam to US, she should ask her new found Zionist God how to make an offerring and the WSJ should scatter the news of the availability of the latest opportunity .

  • Not a single Muslim is quoted in 'NYT' profile of Geller
    • Well ! Well! Now it makes all some sense. Rabbi warns of the possibility of the future threat from the non Jewish children . He sanctions killing if the threat were real ( now you have to the read the intention of the infant and the babies. And about the intention,one can seek guidance from Sam Harris in his communique between Chmosky and him ) . Geller tells that Brevik knew the future of these children ,what they would turn out to be . He decided to kill them . Rabbi ,you won . Did FBI or whatever they call it over there intercept any communication between the three? Any body language or posture or movement of eyebrows on the TV as signal? There are the real possibilities . That's why they had closed door military tribunal / court to try the terrorist in case the terror suspect sent some signals while it was being broadcast over the TV to the sleeper cells in the West.

    • Did NYT mention " The Koran should be banned as a “fascist book” alongside Mein Kampf because it urges Muslims to kill non-believers, says Dutch populist MP Geert Wilders."
      link to ?

      link to

      Geert Wilders were defending free speech in Texas along with his two other triplet - Spencer and Geller .

  • A response to the 'Washington Post' blogger who calls me an anti-Semite
    • When does the description of an event or narrating a known history become anti- of anything ? Is it anti Arab to say that Saudi is oppressing maid,intervening in neighboring countries,sending terrorists to Chechenya or Kashmir or Syria? Was it ant Arab to say Saddam gassed Kurds or attacked Kuwait ? If the ideas have any whatsoever effects on any country or any group of people . It had in Iraq . On the basis of these information Iraqi society was destroyed and further down the line in2003 again on the basis of description of some events, it was decimated . At least those ideas and distortion of those events could be classified as hate speech , ( equivalent to Nazi antisemitism ) of propaganda that encapsulated anti Arab attitude and paved way for social destruction of million of people.
      But why referring to the money machine that keeps anti Iran polemics in full force and high gear of readiness ,should be called Antisemitic when one hears everyday same ,sees same and be assured by the donors that what they expect from the politicians.It was no different in case of Iraq Lebanon,and Syria in recent memory . While these are discreet,same stuff goes against Palestinian on a regular basis . How are these any less poignant ,bitter poison pill than Nazi propaganda?

    • I see some mysterious subliminal message of parallelism in your effort to compare Rwanda ,Congo or another third world country to Israel. It was tried not that long ago by some political linguist ( neocons are political linguists . Politics influence the meanings and the meanings enable the politics. Distortion rather than straight lies bring the magic to life ) in his effort to generate some fellow feelings between India and Israel on the basis of newly minted ideas . Idea was that like India,Israel fought against colonial powers for independence and for freedom

    • Pamela Geller doesn't do a lot of things including asking for assaults against Muslim countries . She doesn't have to . Its called division of labor. Bernard levy ,for instance stands for her and regularly asks for assaults on Muslim countries . I am sure you have seen her picture with some nutty Zionist from Israel who does other stuff. CNN does her a favor by talking about respect of freedom of speech . She does her part for CNN by staying quiet about firing of Sanchez,Jim Clancy,Octavia Nasr ( how these characters cases different than the denial of services to the couple asking for a Homosexual wedding cake? . CNN can't pick and choose what its employees could say and couldnt say on the basis of race or ethnicities while it allows its anchors ,hosts,and guests dispense much worse opinion on Arabs and Muslim) . Pamella Geller doesn't have say to American Christian atheists,Hindus,and Jews " go and kill the Muslim" .she can get same thing done by saying " Muslim say or their religion says or Koran says to kill Chrstian,Jews,Hindus,and atheists first thing in the morning to the commuters on the train or buses to school or works" . Goebbles didn't spend a lot of time about how to kill and when to kill . But he made sure people don't get lost in his propaganda but got the essence . Germans got the essence of his polemics .
      Bush never said Saddam was involved in 911 or anthrax but he made sure that message came out of his daily show . Sometime the unspoken is what is spoken and the spoken gets relegated to the oblivion.

    • "This is the evidence of Prtocol of Zion like thinking"

      There is a sophisticated name for this type of reasoning.
      Since Protocol was a malicious forgery ( like WMD,Aluminium tube,Niger forgery,Atta meeting, and Sarin gas use by Syrian government as well as the estimats that periodically get out of the slow moving pen on IAEA report on Iran nuclear program) ,the evidences cited here have to be malicious figment of imagination,since the author can string the two thoughts together in the same sentence .
      It is childish concrete thinking .
      This is what is palmed off as journalistic wisdom courtesy to WaPo.

  • MSM's platform for Pamela Geller is equivalent to normalizing David Duke and Nazis
    • Why can’t Muslims laugh at Mohammed? David Goldman in link to

      Sure David Duke will apppreciate the fretworking of the same pattern over and over again in multiple platforms and by multiple actors .

    • Racial intolernace to Blacks didn't come from one corner but from multiple sources- politics,churches,business communities,farmers,and from academic spaces and poisoned the minds .
      Islamophobia has got the same starts using same techniques both in the Europe and in the US.

    • Thank you Kris

    • Try this PDF - page 10 and 15

      link to

      The historians commented bitterly on the
      extraordinary influence acquired by popular
      singers over young people, resulting in a
      decline in sexual morality. The ‘pop’ singers
      of Baghdad accompanied their erotic songs
      on the lute, an instrument resembling the
      modern guitar. In the second half of the
      tenth century, as a result, much obscene
      sexual language came increasingly into use,
      such as would not have been tolerated in an
      earlier age. Several khalifs issued orders
      banning ‘pop’ singers from the capital, but
      within a few years they always returned.
      An increase in the influence of women-

      In the tenth century, a similar
      tendency was observable in the Arab Empire,
      the women demanding admission to the
      professions hitherto monopolised by men.
      ‘What,’ wrote the contemporary historian,
      Ibn Bessam, ‘have the professions of clerk,
      tax-collector or preacher to do with women?
      These occupations have always been limited
      to men alone.’ Many women practised law,
      while others obtained posts as university
      professors. There was an agitation for the
      appointment of female judges, which,
      however, does not appear to have succeeded.

    • KraussMay 4, 2015 says--

      " Further, there have been large amounts of polls indicating that mainstream support for pretty extremist ideas are quite widespread in Muslim-majority countries. "

      This article goes a long way in explaining how and why -

      "The U.S. Encouragement of Fanatic Islamism in the Arab World
      by GARY LEUPP

      link to

    • Sure. lets piss at all religions together . Let's start with the foundation of the State of Israel and then move to the settlemement activities , the retrun of Palestinianas ,and bankrolling of the occupation projects by secular atheist Europe and by the religious devout of America.
      Lets not send busload of Bibles to ME from Jordan in future "Iraq" sorry "Iran " war and ask Liberman or Netanhuu to shut up from using the word "Amalekite" to galvanize the warmongering Evangelcis or IDF or CUFI.

    • Iran Holocaust Conference was superficially covered by various media but truth was hard to come by . It was ridiculed and ignored unless it could be used to poke Iran .

      " "In Britain, Stephen Smith, chairman of the Holocaust memorial day trust, said the conference contrasted with a high awareness of the Holocaust among young Britons. "Three-quarters of young people know when the Holocaust took place and 84% have heard of Auschwitz. Knowledge is the first step to prevention. Denial is the first step to repetition," he said. " Guardian ( UK )

      Sure this is the real meat in the plate . That's why denial of Palestininan suffering,denial of Zionist warmongering against Iraq and denial Zionist of abuse of the power within western political systems should be see n in the same frame of arguments - --- it can repeat itself - look at Iran and look at periodic invasion of Gaza and Lebanon and Syria - one can see the danger of denial.But the Zionist won't appreciate the repeating the same argument for the same problem if it were not seen as issue of any concerns by the Zionist.

      And I also will refer to this quote ""Today people who claim to be against Nazism have a record of colonialism and racism," he said. "The objective for organising this conference is to create an atmosphere to raise various opinions about a historical issue. We are not seeking to deny or prove the Holocaust."
      link to
      Last quote was from the Foreign Minister of Iran.

    • Yes it didn't start tomorrow or this evening . There is a background
      Have you ever been to a building that is allowed to rot or forced to be used only by squatters ? Snake,roaches,and insects will take over and the people living there would be forced just to manage a bare existence .
      Have you been to a garden that was despoiled. and left after mass scale uprooting of all the rose plants and Cherry trees ? The garden will become infested with the weed and the grass .
      Afghanistan,Syria,Libya,and Iraq were those gardens . These gardens were destroyed by US
      America has the same potential if tomorrow's America is ruled by Evangelic,S Baptists,Graham family,Falwell descents,with Liberty University ,Boykin ,militias ,and politicians like Santorum,Huckabee,or Gomer (? ) giving the intellectual and military underpinnings combined with simultaneous destruction or marginalization of the Harvard,Yale,Berkley ,ACLU,Planned Parenthood,separation of church and state concept, suppression or limitation of 1st and 2 nd Amendment ,general disregard of science and removal of ethnic or historical studies that challenge white Chrstian version of the worldview from the academy.

    • Thank you for refocusing on that event from a different angle .

    • This is not about religion. This is abuse of religion,race,culture and of politics and of the interpretation of the freedom of speech , a practice that works by forcing,selectivity and exclusiveness by using the idea of public and private domain,gate keeping. limiting access,and fear mongering .
      Karl Marx understood this phenomena very well . His observation of the aimless,uncoordinated,angry responses to British oppression of Inidans that subsequently galvanized in mass rebellion was right on the money . It was not about religion .Hindus and Muslim were not rebelling against the forced practices of chewing on beef or bacon. The religion provided the flag of resistance against the East India company's ruthless exploitation and dislocation of the communities. Charles Dickens failed to see that way His progressivism was limited to Brtish Christian and European in that order of importance .
      Texas or Hedbo incident is far removed from the actual theater where these "East India " type of events are taking place . So an argument could be made : why here . But if some ideologues can think that he or she can emulate Boykin or some soldiers who were caught flushing Koran in toilet and in numerous acts motivated by angry anti Islamic attitudes ,by mainstreaming the same hatred and transplanting the same hatred here in US and Europe far removed from the actual battlefield ,then some lone fanatics,some deranged intellectually challenged ,some disconnected youth with decontextualized existence ,or some plain rogue double agents could engage in same kind of transport business .
      East India company should not have been asked by Dickens to understand the situation Neither should be Pamella by the mainstream.

    • Pa mela Geller has definitively mainstreamed the islamophobia and no one comes close excepting in general the Fox crews . Tele Islamophobes on Fox isn't thought that way simply for the fact that these helming anti Muslim gossips or marathon of diatribe have other jobs as well to perform ,wearing hats of anti Obama, anti Putin,anti Mexican,anti black,anti global warming - I can go on and on -Fox or WSJ are the worst among the media,but serves other purposes Pamela Geller has no other job description.

    • One of he problems that MSM doesn't want to acknowledge is the reality is that though Pamela Geller is doing something that neither Neocons nor Cheney did It is still serving the same purpose of creating a permanent mind set of hatred that could be exploited anytime militarily abroad against Muslim.
      Racism in this country owed its existence to slave trade which became possible only when the marriage between economic opportunities and the ideas of racial superiority was established . Pamela Geller is trying to establish that moral ,cultural,and religious superiorities . Steve King had lent his hand already in support .
      Neocons inspired columnists are silent since the rhetorics keep the country distracted from Israel and Israeli run projects . Free Speech is the sacred cow . But it is a sick cow wandering on the streets with no real nourishment but getting dependent on the fake fodder of dangerous racial discriminatory languages

    • Nuremberg trial passed death sentence to the guy who allowed a dyke to be broken in I think France inundating residential area and threatening people's lives.

    • Islamophobia was introduced in public domain by the Hasabar brigade using patsy and feckless figures . After Europe ,its now the tun of US.
      Accusation of Ahmednezad sponsoring Holocaust conference was spread in the same voice that also demanded more sanction and regime change . One player was suspended in Florida for using adulatory languages for Castro. Various figures on e board of President Carter run organization openly accused him of antisemitism and resigned from the board .
      Calling Israeli killer over Gaza assault cost a labor MP job and earned some jail time.
      Arun Ghandhi was forced to resign from US based Gandhi organization for speaking up of Israeli atrocities against Palestinian.
      Evangelics don't have any good feeling for Muslim but they won't start any calculated Islamophobic movement on their own. They don't have the courage and space to do so visibly and publicly . The Zionist has offered them and guided them every step of the way.

  • Annals of the lobby: Edwards is a bad girl, Zakaria posterizes Saban
    • "Strauss's chief motivation as a thinker derived from his desire to oppose the twin forces of positivism and historicism, which separately and in combination produce relativism in political thinking. Positivism is the theory that says only scientifically (empirically) supportable claims merit the label of truth; all claims of the sort we have come to call values (for example, judgments of what is morally and politically good, right, and just) are pronounced merely subjective preferences, which can never be rationally validated. Only facts and broader theoretical conceptions built upon facts can be rationally established and defended. Values are thus "subjective" and "relative" to their holders." link to

      By first fighting against empiricism, Straussian then takes the case of the purity and validity of the "subjectivism" to personal/tribal level .In the process Straussians attach legitimacy to the perosnal preferences what should be globally accepted as correct and valid subjecticism.They clear the path to that localized ethnic claims. No one will be able to question. Questioning become "antismeitic" or "beyond mainstream ' or just plain ridiculous :beyond the pale. So my pain ,my holocaust, is worse than yours and they are unique. My history deserves different interpretation and is flagged with pure moral direction. My values and interests are unique,my ways to defend those values and interests are also valid and unique . This validity precludes any challenge . Not only that it is unique ,but can't be applied to the interests and concerns of other . Despite arguing for the relativities of ideas or experiences , Straussian often lapses into vicious attack mode by using the term "moral relativism" as perncious development , a threat to what they consider their sole preserve . Saban sees it that way. So does David Horowitz .
      Other have to prove but that proof shouldn't depend too much on empricism but on subjectivism !
      Occupation is not occupation.Transfer never took place. IDF is the most moral army.Occupation is a lie that again points the diabolical nature of the enemies of Israel . Education should open the door to understanding without bias and bring the facts to the table. Saban elevates the relativism and the subjectivism . Strauss isn't only a regular fixture in the psyche of the Republican zealot .He wields same influence on the democrats and on those who are obsessed with the certainty of the "moral clarity "of Israeli behaviors like Horowitz. is.

  • Israeli army can't stop patting itself on the back for helping Nepal victims
    • Third world countries are the victims of various versions of an Argentinian situation.
      link to
      Haiti ,or Nepal are victim of natural disaster for they don't have resources left usually due to the corruption ,IMF,WB,and the pressure of the individuals who profit personally from outside using the internal weakness of the countries,connection to the international financial organizations and sometimes using Uncle Sam's judicial System .
      Argentina could end up like Nepal when faced with new natural calamities . Sure Israel and also Singer will send some volunteers to rescue the victims from under the rubble . Still ,even then it would constitue a great act .

  • Obama's role model to journalists -- Dorothy Thompson -- turned against Zionism and was silenced
    • For every Dorothy Thomson born , 100 Con Coughlin ( Telegraph of UK )are created by the forcez of Zionism to match the donation to the world but to the opposite direction.

      Sharon lies in 2002 saying WMD has moved to Syria. It goes to OSP.Cheny says "I have seen the report" .Con Coughlin writes how the letter from Habbush to saddam showing the Uranium buying by Iraq from Niger and tranfer of WMD to Syria confirms the ,long -held suspicion in Bush camp was found by the provisional government after April 2003 .

      Suskind exposes how the letter was forged and backdated at the order of WH .Suskind is then accused of " gutter reporting " by WH .
      Bil O Reily gets excited with teh evidence of teh connection .

      NY Sun promotes the article from Con Coughlin. The lies travel giving succer to the corportae boards of teh WSJ,FOX,Telegraph,NY Sun and of a few more .
      Americans poll online to tell much how they dont trust Syria.

      ex -Saddam General Geroge Sada writes a book "Saddam's sercets " and comes to see Infohe of OK ,to testify to Senate Armed Committe and supports the lies of Conmen who all can trace the roots to Sharon of 2002 .

      The Chrsitain faith based charity organziation -Wolrd Comapssion- validates George Sada -"Do I believe this man? Yes," Mr. Law said. "It's been solid down the line and everything checked out."
      says Terry Law of the organization .

      link to

      link to

      Mohammed Atta's Iraqi Connection By: Con Coughlin
      London Telegraph | Monday, December 15, 2003

    • Helen Thomas, Scott Ritter,Sanchez,Joe Sorbon, and Octavia Nasser suffered same fate .So did Jim Clancy.
      Robert Frisk had it much worse . He was threatened . He was called terrorist supprter by Harvard professor by UCLA faculty,WSJ reporter and threatened by Hollywood actor. link to
      So was Jennifer Lowenstein and Suzanne Goldberg . Their crimes were to raise the point that was raised by US and UK intelligence and even by 911 commission later .( that the Arab grievances lie in the foreign policies and military activities of US / Israel in the ME)

  • Mark Shields blasts Adelson for 'making foreign policy for the United States'
    • Foreign policy regarding ME was becoming the sole AIPAC preserve by the middle of Clinton adm. Perle and Wurmser were sharing the plans on ME in an article in Forward in 1998 touting Ahmed Clalabi,extended no fly zone ,no drive zone and continued legislative ( " pro Israeli" ) pressure on Iran . They promised of receiving overwhelming support to American forces as liberator from the persecuted of Iran,Syria and Iraq ( Beyond Regime Changre by Dandy Tolan and Jason Felch in LATimes Dec 1,2002) for restoring honor to the persecuted.
      One of the neocon light wrote " one of the first thing I realized after visiting Iraqafter US invasion was the very fact that Iraqis didn't liberate themselves ,but had to be liberated by Americans was a source of humiliation to them. It's one reason they never threw flowers" that was Tom Friedman quoted by Robert Fantina in The Current Fairy Tale
      IRAQ and thecNew York Times

      The neocons still want regime change,still are making ME policies and still installing hokum and illusion to American mind . Later the same clan member would claim just the reverse! By that time damage is done and the next move will be offered again with straight face.

    • Will David find the money donated to AlQuids as legitimate since it would be ideological? In reality Adelson is much worse . He has selected Iran as the target that needs to be bombed for his money.
      Was Saddam just ideological when he was providing relief to the family of the suicide bombers? At least he didn't say that the family who would send their sons to bombing campaign would get his money.

  • AIPAC-backed legislation targeting BDS movement advances in Congress
    • Last time someone called this AIPAC and Kohr on the carpet was Rep MCollum ( D -Minn.) She is verily needed ( Enough is Enough .People have had it up here with The Lobby . May 26 2006) Hollings and Moran and Barr are also missed sorely . These people challenged and confronted the agenda of AIPAC out in the open .

    • Israel ahs succeeded beyond it's wetest dreams in confusing American . It has no reason to pause and consider that failure in passing any bill through Congress/senate is a possibility .
      It has inserted requirements in school text book, it has silenced churches, it has forced demonic silence over it's continued brutalities in academia and has got the media to spin its story ,it has provided the talking points and the details to the media and the Congress/Senate to attain what it is in best interest ,it has written position papers on the situation of ME and also provided Israeli centric solution ,it has thrown out anybody with Arabic and Muslim names from cabinet appointments ,it has penned various accountability acts and showered the country with Islamophobia . It has provided crucial support to Sisi of Egypt, Jihadist threatening ME, has managed to attack the neighbors with impunities and given war and more sanctions as only play in town to deal with Syria , Iran and Sudan.

      Dulles, Senator Fulbright,and Admiral Moorer in 50s,60s,and 70s respectively warned of the dangers from Israel to US. Those dangers have become perversely the very desired outcomes US seeks now ,thanks to the pressure and propaganda by Israel.

    • Israel responsible for Gaza strikes on UN schools and shelters, inquiry finds

      Ban Ki-moon condemns attacks, including strike on UN school that killed 20 people and wounded dozens, ‘as a matter of the utmost gravity’

      UN Condemnation and removal from UN in the from of boycott by other members should be initiated

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