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  • Alleged K.C. killer: 'If Jews can have a state of their own, why can't we have a White Christian state?'
    • Yes ,let's talk. He loves his children. He loves his mother. He loves his wine. He loves concert. Come back to us when you have stopped loving your children or hating his mother or hating his favorite TV program,or his fairy tale books of kindergarten years.
      The association between two set of behavior is like associating Marshal plan with Dresden bombing or castigating your love of US democracy for your support of Israeli democracy
      BTW do you have the names and religious identities of those killed?

  • About that special relationship...
    • Then the question is why so, why Israel is not openly on board? Does neocons know something in advance ? Can they later blame Obama as they did Bush for fiasco? That time at least neocons will be able to hide by repeatedly citing the absence of Israel as pragmatism that US ignored again to its peril. Above all they can always refer to the bond and the association between Israel and them .
      I can visualize the media asking one of the neocons" you have been there. You have family in Israel. You visit every summer. You speak to Natanyahu,Batak,Bennett and scores of other politicians and military strategist on a first name basis. The Israeli leaders meet you when they visit US. You know the Jewish colleagues or Israeli nationals who are defending freedom and fighting against terrorism .
      So what went wrong why US did not take the cue from Israel. Why did not we ask Israel what Israel was thinking and why Obama did not try to find out why Israel was not supporting us ? May be we would not be in this pickle if we asked "

    • In the western media,there is an effort afoot to dismiss Iran's interest and sincerity in the nuclear talks. The argument runs as follow-Russia is resurgent. Iran sees an opportunity in prying Russia away . Russia is using or will use Iran issue to sabotage any meaningful solution to Ukraine political problem , other countries like Syria and Hamas might see an opportunity to reassertion themselves . America is seen as dupable and weak . Obama is appeasing US enemies .Churchil would have not done and neither Regan.
      But nowhere is the mention of Israeli behaviors . It is more poignant that the cheer leaders for action against Iran and Russia are the neocons and on the left are Hillary,Rice,Power who are also Israeli Firster. In their's 'International community' , Israel is missing . This is the same Israel that the same " International community is prostrating itself to .

    • Given the history of occupation by itself, I was anticipating that Israel would support the occupation by Russia . Given the prominent and succeesful role of the Jeiwsh persons in the politics and the finances, I was expecting that they would support the current Ukraine government as legitimate and flow with US/EU.
      But is also possible to opt for the status quo( Crimea under Russia, Ukraine under the current financial and political leadership) which Israel is doing.
      But it is surprising that Israel has been going against US,supporting Russia,and the media here in US are silent on the behavior of it's(US) only ally in the world who shares US values , threat to the security, and who was even established on the same prinicple and determination based on same releigious impulses as that of the US!( according to the Israeli firsters)
      But is there another explanation? Is this the things Tablet and J Post have been talking about -pivoting away from US and towards to Russia ( later to China and India if situation demands )?

  • Two desperate anti-Semitism charges, from Foxman and Boteach
    • Antisemitism is eternal and is reinforced in every generation and every decade by the genocidal firework of the mind that has no reason ,that has no argument to win ,that has no intellectual wherewithal to support itself. It is a basic defect of Greek,Arab,Egyptian,Euope ,Assyrians -from the ancient times irrespective of the books,traditions,religious values,beliefs. It is the attack against the people of God who long ago in the bodies of Abrahms,Ishaal,and Jacob left the town at the urgings and orders of the God as embodiment of reason , reason nd enlightenment for the rest of the world

      Something like this is above. in this - the putrid smell of the room where C Glick delivered this speech
      link to

  • Dershowitz plays McCarthy, and John Dingell is labeled 'anti-Israel'
    • Great comment

    • CMJO ( conference of major jewish organization) is big player in US. President attends their meetings, Congress listens to them They get to sit down with local,national,and international public figures and chat with elected people who depend on taxpayers money for their wages and benefits.
      Their ideology also involves some of the extreme views on Goldstone report ,extreme attiude to any criticism of Israeli policies and banning of people who dont toe their official positions .
      I have no problem with their ethnocentric,exclusive, antidemocrtaic viewes and practices including the ideology of manufacturing guilt by association but I have problem with the elected Americans supporting such an organization and providing legitimacy to them .

  • Florida university president who condemned boycott has financial ties to settlements
    • Settlement is illegal even by American standard including legal.
      But there is an academician breaking the law,suppressing it,and then trying to preserve her self interest ( both financially and by using Israeli Lobby through her vocal support - at least it would never hurt her ) well perched in the higher echelon of academic universe . The messages to the students are many and all of them are morally repugnant,illegal,and self serving .
      It was in Florida where a judge convicted a Palestinian Professor and put him in jail
      for supporting Palestine

  • New book explores intersection of Islamophobia and support for Israel
    • I agree with you. Grass root activities will not force US changing ME policies. But changes are happening within US in the areas of economics and foreign policies despite US not wanting so These changes will determine the fate of Israel. Israel is very divided within. The fundamentalism is a rising force. It is no longer a country that inspire much hope for its own citizen . The changes around Israel in the long run will bring Arab together ,may be in another 10 yrs., US will not influence or control these developments. Chances are that ,it would give up as Kerry is showing exasperation. UK did but there would be no US to step in.
      The grassroots opinion will never become Israel friendly again. They may show no interest but they will not come out batting for Israrl like their forefathers did in 1930 to mid 1940. Administration then does not have to worry about fate in the election.

  • Australia opposed Palestinian UN bid because foreign policy was 'subcontracted to Jewish donors' -- report
    • In Europe , Israel has Holland

      Thanks to the Dutch – How the American Israel Lobby Steers Official EU Policy on Israel

      On 26 January the Dutch quality newspaper NRC Handelsblad quoted sources in Brussels and other European capitals, revealing that Dutch officials managed to soften the tone of an EU declaration about Israel earlier that week. Last September a similar thing happened, when the Dutch silenced a critical EU standpoint on Israel in the UNHRC. The censuring role of the Dutch brings to light the successful influence of the American Israel Lobby on official European politics.


      Dutch minister of Foreign Affairs Uri Rosenthal did it again. He sabotaged an official EU Declaration referring to the recent ‘Area C Report’ by the EU diplomatic representation in Israel. This report states that ‘Palestinian presence is being undermined’ by the continuous arrival of Jewish settlers – up to a point that it is preventing a Two State Solution. Just like the report, the drafted declaration was in fact the final call for a just solution.

      Not anymore. The EU now speaks of ‘disturbing developments on the ground’ – a formula that Rosenthal tried to block as well, preaching that ‘this is the wrong moment to criticise Israel’. But even so he successfully dismantled the urgency and in fact the reality of the alarming EU Report, downgrading its makers – his own diplomats – in the process. The frustration in their ranks will be fierce. And so is the anger among the leading EU nations Germany, France and the UK, and most other member states.

      Why would the Dutch alienate themselves within the European community for which they have always been a driving force? Of course – Holland is a loyal friend of Israel by tradition, so seeing the Dutch step in for Israel should surprise no-one. But pro-actively clearing the way for the large scale abuse of human rights and international law is something else.

      from ( by a commentator )

  • Friedman says Iran's friends include BDS and Jews in Open Hillel movement
    • How to read and shred Friedman?
      I have tried this way.

      1 - "in my view ,to use a nuclear bomb to do it." There he inserts the possible truthiness and plants suspicion that Iran has nukes or is going to have. By writing this,he becomes Adelson and not a critic but supporter of Adelson who wants to nuke Iran . He becomes supporter of deadly sanctions and also of war of choice against Iran because this allegation has been the cornerstone of US policy despite no proof and despite the rights of Iran to have civilian nuclear program. He conflates and impugns . He becomes advocate of suspicion,bad blood,and of continued hostility against Iran

      2 "Do everything possible to endure that Israel remain in the Occupied Territory"
      Did Iran help Israel to get there? Did Iran challenge Israel to stay there ? Did Iran ask the settlers not to cleanse the area of Palestine and throw a challenge to the diabolical efforts of Jewish people?
      Is Iran physically preventing Israel from leaving? Did it physically prevent Israel leaving from Sinai or Lebanon through surrogates and militants? Did it pay or send subtle cues to anybody or to PLO or Hizbullajh or did it offer extra prayers to Alah to sabotage it? Did it stop funding to Hizbullah for allowing calm on Lebanon border during and after withdrawal
      .? Did Iran applaud Israel for violating Lebanese air spaces on a daily basis from 2000.? Did Iran guide Israeli plane or lure Israeli plane to re enter Lebanese air space?
      Did Iran prevent Israel's Gaza withdrawal or try to disrupt election ?

      3 "Iran and its ally Hamas has plenty of evidence that this strategy is working. Israel's 47 yrs old ... "
      Iran did not put this strategy in place and has never challenged Israel not to replace it . Was America al these years trying to keep Soviet in Afghanistan and later in Easyern Europe and trying to persuade Russia to move to Crimea? The day Soviet moved out of Kabul and Berlin and of Krakow , relations became a lot easier and friendly between the two.No Afghan followed Soviet soldiers with US supplied missile . Neither will Hamas or Hizbullah if Israel withdrew to 1967 or some other agreed borders.

      4 "Adelson ..poisoning democracy. ". How is Iran poisoning democracy? Did it ever label the victory of Hamas or Hizbullah in election as illegitimate? Did it refuse to accept the verdict of electorate in Iraq , Turkey, Tunisia or within its own borders? Did it ask Israeli Arab to boycott ? Did it demand that Israel should not give voting rights to Palestine?

      5 during Soviet Afghan war,no one thought that Carter and Brezhnev were working together to destroy Soviet by hating or loving and no one said that Pakistani leaders wanted Soviet to stay in Kabul since the " strategy of staying " was working . That would have been a stupid argument .

      6 the war ,the fight ,the quarrel - they always end when both parties stop and cease activities. It start when both start or resume hostile actions. Beyond that similarities , there is no other shared facet . This commonality does not imply and never will that they are working towards same goal.

    • link to

      Language or absence of it has served the Zionist well to escape responsibility, hide intention,present falsified attitude and still be accepted by the suckers who get directly harmed by the processes .

    • The criticism has still to come with an icing on the cake that tastes anti Iranian and anti Hizbullah . What do they have got to do with Adelson or Oslo or occupation?
      Iran has accepted Oslo. Hamas has offered periodic 20 yrs to indefinite truce and Hizbullah wants last parcel of land still occupied by Israel back and not waging war for it despite a number of violations of Lebanese air space by Israel.
      One wonders if one day we will hear the grotesque argument that Israel was made to behave by the Muslim militants and forced to commit all transgressions that it had over the decades . Friedman can't call spade a spade . That is his sophistry and polemic when he brings Iran. He could have included Christian Zionist as well . But they are not writing the checks and asking the candidates to repent. Last time they did,Mitt Romney was selected and Santarum with Rick Perry and Hickabee went home .

    • I worry that the biggest friend of Friedman is Iran and Hamas.

  • Adelson would install Netanyahu in the White House if he had his druthers -- Avnery
  • Narendra Modi, a politician who presided over anti-Muslim pogrom, may be India's next leader, and U.S. cozies up to him
    • Palestinians pay for Indian ambitions
      By Ramtanu Maitra


      The push to consolidate the India-US-Israel compact at the strategic level began months ago, but surfaced only recently. Last May, India's National Security Advisor Brajesh Mishra was in Washington to form the India-US-Israel axis. In a clear public announcement, made in front of 1,200 dinner guests of the American Jewish Committee (AJC), Brajesh Mishra spoke in support of such a triangular bonding. Mishra proposed, offered and expounded on just about everything to make the case that the three countries must fight

      When Indian Deputy Prime Minister L K Advani was in Washington last June, his brief visit included dinner at the elite Cosmos Club, courtesy of the American Jewish Committee.

      Another major event was the first-ever joint Capitol Hill forum that was held on July 16, between the US Indian Political Action Committee, the American Jewish Committee, and AIPAC. The event featured nearly a dozen Congress members from across the US, including Republican Tom Lantos (D-CA) and Republican Gary Ackerman (D-NY). Tom Lantos summarized the binding issue of the evening thus, "We are drawn together by mindless, vicious, fanatic, Islamic terrorism." Congressman Ackerman said that Israel was "surrounded by 120 million Muslims" while "India has 120 millions Muslims [within]".

      Subsequently, visiting Israeli special envoy David Ivry told New Delhi that Israel will assist India in its battle against terrorism. Ivry met with External Affairs Minister Yashwant Sinha, Advani and Mishra. Ivry said that a recent speech by Mishra in Washington implied that India, the US and Israel should cooperate in fighting terrorism. "The US can be the leader and we [Israel and India] can contribute as much as we can," he said. He added that sharing of intelligence was very important. But that is not all. The traders' bonding has also become pretty tight.

      The Indian lobby that promotes a strong India-Israel business linkage also finds it necessary to justify why Israel should be brought closer. They point out the commonalities that hang these two countries together - India and Israel are both democracies and have survived in a sea of hostility, surrounded by implacable adversaries and a heavily militarized security environment. Both nations have fought wars in nearly every decade of their existence. No other two countries in the world have suffered so much at the hands of state-sponsored Islamic jihadi terrorism as India and Israel, the rhetoric goes

      (Copyright 2003 Asia Times Online Co, Ltd. All rights reserved. Please contact [email protected] for information on our sales and syndication policies.)
      Asia Times on line

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    • Yes there is a history of sectarian violence in India. But there is a pattern. It is against the minorities by the majorities. In case of Muslim
      ,it starts with always excuses created by the majority Hindu. These are the excuses
      1 Muslim support Pakistan
      2 Muslim breeds more
      3 Muslim believe and practice polygamy
      4 Muslim invaded and destroyed 300,000 temples
      5 Muslim is trying to covert the Hindus again with swords.
      6 Muslim divided India
      Against this pervasive belief spread by the elementary school system and periodically reinforced by the media ,is another set of belief that assert : Hindus are tolerant. Hindus never tried or forced any conversion. Hindus don't or did not attack other countries . Hindus celebrate knowledge and education. Hindus tolerate the violence from the minorities and particularly those committed by Muslim . India has always supported Palestine but Arab have always supported Pakistan. India has to appease Muslim by banning Rushdie . Muslim are given the rights of exercising their religious laws in properties ,adoption,and worshipping .
      The lists go on and on.
      A culture and atmosphere of hatred is built and sunk in and within the system that permeates the education,media,folk belief,popular knowledge ,and political attitude .
      So when RSS decides to use anti Muslim hatred for politics,it has no difficulty in finding a slogan,a narrative,a loyal flag to which the Hindus would flock to in droves. Congress uses the same by inverting those concepts . The slogan of Congress is this that Hindus are better and more enlightened and Cpngress is here to protect Muslim despite the shortcomings of the Muslim.
      1984 election gave RSS spawned BJP 2 seats in Parliament. In 1987 this party scored 187 seats . In between happened a court case involving a Muslim woman seeking court's opinion on payment from ex husband. This unfortunately infuriated Muslim and energized Hindus. Then came the demand to hand over the mosque at Ayoddha to Hindus. This mosque will be layer demolished by the BJP street fighters known as Sang Parivar
      in 1992. But in 1987 a Hindu girl was burnt to death as part of Sati Practice( widow burning ) 300 KM from New Delhi . Not a single Muslimor Christian came out agitating against the Hindu practices deity the exposed BJP affiliations with the perpetrators .
      Yes RSS and BJP came to power by killing Muslims. Modi did same each time on every election after 2002 anti Muslim violence.

      The only way this can be understood if we understand the rise of Nazi party in 1933.

    • "Israel has rejected in strongest terms data recorded and published by the Ministry of Defence which documents the sale of Israeli-manufactured cockpit displays and electronic warfare components for F16 fighter jets to Pakistan in 2010. Further investigations launched by Britain into the deal however at the request of both Israeli and Indian officials have found that it did in fact take place, although they have yet to establish whether it was with the knowledge of the Israeli government."
      Telegraph( UK) 13 th June 2013

    • Page: 12
    • At one time Israel was supporting both the Tamil rebels and the Sri-Lankan government
      This time Israel has been busy building military arsenals of India but with eyes open to Pakistan market .Telegraph reported that Pakistan was busy buying Israeli arsenals leaving Indian side red faced .
      Obviously reports were denied and never again explored .

    • Even the train fire has never been fully explained. There were reports of th fire starting from within.
      Other day there was a demand from the Hindu BJP of Modi to censor the screening of a documentary exhibiting the well orchestrated month long training on the use of explosives,climbing,use of camouflage ,and throwing of grenades and use of dynamite by the Hindu religious figures leading to the demolition of the historical mosque in north India in 1992. BJP has orchestrated some of the " Muslim-initiated" attack to create the excuse for the political aims.
      But it was 911 that allowed Modi to embark on this massive fraud . He knew that the attitude of the US after 911 would help Modi irrespective of the truth . He knew that he could bank on the neocons and AIPAC as well. He took advantage of the situation .Aroind same time China also crushed Xinxiang 's nascent political agitation.

  • 'NYT' readers who objected to calling Abbas 'defiant' have a point, public editor rules
  • Ultra-Zionists push back as Jewish establishment tacks toward center
    • So I can assume that he supports one state ,equal right,democratic state or he supports total undoing of the occupation with full Israeli withdrawal to 1967

  • The Israel lobby’s trojan horse: ‘Reforming’ education laws to defund Middle East studies programs
    • as: Aggressive “anti-Israel sentiment that crosses the line between objective [political] criticism of Israeli policies and anti-Semitism”
      Yes the Hasabaraist always gets to decide when the line is crossed,where the line actually is . The subjective opinion becomes the verdict to be followed by the government . No question , no dissent, no discussion.

  • Not an April Fool's joke: U.S. weighs releasing Pollard to keep Israelis at negotiating table
    • This tells us and the world that US is run by some psychopath ,spineless rats who will sell their mothers to the cheapest bidder to be called something else
      Polard has hurt Americans not Palestininians or Jews. Why American people's being sacrificed for the photo op of some spineless leaders ?

  • Wait, did a 'Washington Post' columnist just call Netanyahu a bad guy?
    • You are so right . WaPo is trying to do what people try to say when they talk of " moral equivalence" . I hav never fully grasped it but until now. With this subtle attempt on the part of WaPo to be seen as fair,to be seen in sync with the current geopolitical attitude to Israeli leaders of all stripes ,to remain within the tent of liberal Zinosim it is trying to spread the blame around so that nothing not only happens but also Israel is not solely blamed. Once this view takes root,there will be a sigh of relief expressed as indifference and helplessness at the political process while Natanhyu or his successor w ill continue to do what Israel is doing with full consent and participation of the media and of the US congress . WaPo gets to claim that it has done its duty while it shields Israel from any undue exposure to American taxpayers.

    • Diehl could have added that Sisi possibly would not have succeeded without Netanhyu
      . Abbas 's refusal to recognize Israel as Jewish state is not the barrier but a figment of Natahyu to scuttle any fair deal. It is Natanhyu who is moving the goalpost and he is not the first Israeli PM to engage to these tactics.

  • Christie steps in deep doo-doo, promptly apologizes to Adelson. Whew!
    • link to

      What will happen to the public opinion if it happens in US what has taken place in the media world of Israel?

    • One of the many charges leveled against Hamas and incidentally against Iran is that none of them support Oslo peace process. Peace process is a sham illusion .but is it not the time to expose and sanction these individuals who come up with this type of demand? What is there for processing if occupation is not admitted?

  • A British Jew warns US Jewish orgs to heed rapidly-shifting world opinion
    • Don't quote Pew gallop poll,when Pew figures go south for Jewish people,first thing one hears is how antisemitism is raising its head again instead of hearing of any self reflection or plan to change the direction or discussion about understanding the reason for the drop in the support for the Israeli state. Then one hears the explanation how Muslim immigration is inserting their views in politics and in the colleges Next come legislation in France criminalizing criticism of a Israel and sprouting ofCampus Watch in US.

    • link to
      The entire industry based in Yale, Universitites in London, France,and Berlin are looking for an answer why Muslims in Arab countries hate the Jews and why Americans are catching up with Europeans in losing patience with Israel . But they are knowingly looking at the wrong place.

  • 'Contractually obligated' to say the peace process is alive, Aslan told Americans to get ready for one state
    • Aslan is a reasonable guy but has no partner either in Israel or in US circle that can make a difference peacefully. It is his faith that possibly makes him trust the Zionist but I won't . Essence of Zionism is based on accepting falsehood.distortion,misrepresentation and subversion of the realities and of the values that a normal mind take for granted.

  • Journalistic malpractice: Washington Post suggests Abbas doesn't recognize Israel's right to exist
    • Nine years ago, then-Secretary of State Colin L. Powell delivered a speech on the Middle East in which he briefly called on Palestinians to recognize Israel as a "Jewish state." Powell doesn't recall how the phrase ended up in his speech, but David Ivry, then the Israeli ambassador to the United States, says he persuaded an aide to Powell to slip it in. --

    • giladg.

      Is Russia and Ukraine talking despite what just happened and despite what Russia envisions about the future of the make- up of Ukraine?
      Is US and Russia talking despite what US demands and Russia disagreeing?
      Did Ukranian national in Crimea lose all rights like voting and water supply in Crimea
      despite their refusal to accept the new reality?
      Does the Mexican-descent Americans face the fate of WB Palestinian ? Mexico does not recognize US absorption of southern states. Does US allow legal immigration to US from Mexico to come and settle in US? Did US allow amnesty to millions of Mexicans?
      Following partition of India, did India throw out the Muslim? Did China after grabbing Tibet, turn Tibetans into 2nd class citizen?
      Is Scottish losing rights in UK for their refusal to admit the UK the way the British establishment want? Are they losing right for demanding dissolution of UK and independence of Scotland?

    • I don't recognize you as the police officer but here is my driver's license and registration and insurance proof. You want to search my car? I don't recognize you as police officer with that right .but I will open my trunk.
      I don't recognize you as police officer but I have paid my last ticket given by one of you wearing same uniforms.
      Police Officer - I will ask the judge and force him to stop you using the road by car or bus or train or on feet. You don't recognize me .
      But I never said that.
      Police- well .it seems so . That's what you do. Do nt you?

    • In 1948 Israel had 80,000 hardened warrior trained by Europeans and by American . Combined Atab forces numbered 40,000 and only 5000 of those were trained ( Jordanian forces by Britain ) . Israel started removing Palestinians from Nov 1947 which forced Egypt and Jordan to intervene for refugees were streaming into their territories.
      Sources. NYTimes archives

  • 'The clash of civilizations’ theory is absolutely and completely dead
    • It is very difficult not to conclude that the ideas expressed by these two neocon giants and moral midget were essentially in the service of the military industrial Zionist insatiable need for a permanent war which was threatened by the end of Soviet .
      How otherwise ,they could have ignored the symbiotic relationship between the Islamic fundamentalism and the US establishment that was evident throughout last 40 yrs?
      End of history is not a new theme. Prior to the birth of renaissance, it was a common belief among European that the history was not moving any more and the end of the world was near with no further changes in secular or religious realms.They based it on the interpretation of the Book of Daniel of 4 civilizations ( Egyptian,Greek,Petsian and the last was Roman who they thought were part of ) .and the presence of continued warfare among the nations with no understanding of the world outside
      . History ended for some in Versailles, for some on the day Aztec surrendered and for other the day Peurto Rico changed hands. The wounded feelings of the defeated back then would come roaring back in the form of Chavez and Lulu with an undefeated flag . Same thing happened in China. None was expected.

      The court jesters my try to provide the justification and may try to soothe the conscience by demeaning the defeated and robbing them of hope . Some of them survive to offer contrition and inverted apology like Lewis did when he said he never supported Iraq war.

  • Expelled from French university, lecture on Palestinian rights takes place on banks of Rhone
    • French society at the top has become a separate country,divested of the very spirit that once defined it. It has also become a country of rich and poor who are looking for a fall guy ,most of the time a fall group that it can hang at the altar of the hope to bring its lost days back.,Muslim is easy target Palestine fits the unmet need of that scapegoating . Israeli agents have managed to control the university and the administration ,cultural zeitgeist and the policing of the favored narrative.
      D M Bala M Bala was the manufactured bad guy .
      So it is perfectly understandable that the lecturer has to find a street to speak about the social and political reality of Palestine . The universities have become the conveyor belt of mass production of certain variety of social and political type. Alternative has no future and no space.

      link to

  • Ohio State Hillel member calls Desmond Tutu a 'neo Nazi' for criticizing Israel
    • Didn't the Israeli envoy remind the Australian government how these two were alike in exposure pf ommon threat to ethnicity ? Australia is facing yellow peril and Israrl the darker Palestine .
      Later Israeli Firster in US , a congressman from NY would remind Indian gov how Israel was surrounded by 200 million Muslim and India was in habituated by 200 million Muslim.

    • Mufti was a great person. He was an intelligent Palestinian patriot . He was repeatedly mischaracterized by the Zionist who twice tried to kill him. The putative killer from the Stern gang died in Iraq by German fires . He patiently waited until 1930 for a change in the British immoral and illegal plan and waited to hear from the Zionist about a possible legal framework of understanding and working towards a binational state with no further immigration of the Jews .after 1930 . He started agitating only after repeated deceptive and coercive moves by British and by the Zionist. He was accused by Eichmann 's Jewish handler of Eastern Europe of being involved with Nazi but England never accepted those falsehood and never tried to frame him as the Zionist had hoped for.
      Mufti was a disappointed ,hurt and forsaken man . But he later realized that the worst mistake on his part was not to initiate armed conflict in 1919 when the Zionist were vulnerable and British was weak .

    • Will you blame them?

      "Plan to transfer Arab-Israelis to new Palestinian state seeks legal approval
      Israel's hardline foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman who suggested the controversial idea is seeking secret legal advice"
      Guardian ( UK ). 24 th March 2014

    • Tutu was disinvited from speaking in one of the colleges in Minnesota after pressure had been put on the committee by the local Jewish community .
      American Psychiatric Association was facing a similar problem of revoking the invitation 2 -3 yrs ago ,though eventually it honored its responsibility and invited him to be the keynote speaker.
      The tentacles of the Zionist have infiltrated every nook and corner of US . Twitter is another victim .

  • 'NYT' music piece strikes false note on Mehta and Israeli politics
    • How many checkpoints and how many cavity searches do they have to endure before getting to Israeli Concert or music school? Their own schools have been set on fire by Israel a few times , a few have been deported,and a few murdered ,and some not allowed to travel to outside to start education. All of them also have someone they know closely is in prison or is killed or disappeared.
      It is difficult to play on any instrument other than on those rocket or pebbles that never fail to make a sound in the US media echo chamber.

    • Again read the book Jerusalem 1913 . You will come across the mindset of Ruppin,filmmaker Sokolovsky,scholar Menachem Ussishkin,Victor Jacobson,Wolffsohn ,and Jacobus Kann . There was never any shred of evidence that the leading,vocal,assertive,successful elements within the Zionism ever wanted any compromise ,any contact,any collaboration,and mutual effort or non militaristic solution.
      Back in those days the most ruthless ethnic cleansers colonialist fanatics succeeded . That trend never lost it 's momentum or singular role. Menachem Begin, Sharon,or Nanahoo or Benneett or Lieberman were / are the periodic predictable reincarnations of these earlier figures.

    • There was vigorous and vibrant cultural and intellectual activities in Palestine Jerusalem in 1913 .Those were slowly and calculatedly stymied,stifled,and eventually destroyed by the Zionist onslaught.Not only that ,the Zionist also excluded by design and pre planned mapped out set of behaviors and actions later turned into policies any Palestine participation into the Zionist school,college,vocational centers,banking s,political and military outfit and media. Despite these, Palestinians continued to dream and try. Zionist also continued to prevent any Palestinian and European contact at educational and economic level.
      Jerusalem 1913 The origins of Arab Israel conflict by Amy Dockser Marcus is a wonderful resource that document some of these developments.

    • It is pure drivel and is part of the same historical Zionist tendency to distort,suppress and ignore realities then claim that Arabs lack certain experiences that the West and Israel are immersed with and born with

  • Northeastern University SJP chapter suspended as members are subjected to police interrogation
    • Yes .it has worked before. The book by Ginsberg- Fatal Embrace alludes to similar undercurrents of thinking in the fight for access to education for all and desegregation in housing in 60s. Blacks were used to further Jewish upward mobility.

    • Normal behaviors are being criminalized . Tomorrow distributing leaflet about Justine Bieber performing in nearby town could be alleged to have violated school policy .

      Next is the requirement of the training. Is the Gulag back in fashion?

  • US Homeland Security investigates Israeli arms deal to Iran
  • 'Daily Beast' labels Abbas 'stubborn' for refusing to recognize Israel as Jewish state
    • The Israeli leaders are always ready to come to the negotiations . They knew,know,and will know that they could safely come to the table,increase the perimeter of the border of Israel and be patted on the back by US for making the tough choices the Israeli leaders had,have,will have to make in uttering the words of the peace moving the lips for 2 state solutions,and clearing the throat to be heard loud and clear. It is so difficult.

    • Guardian exposé should have put this charade to an end long time ago. It did not. It should have mobilized the grass root agitation one have seen in
      Libya,Tunisia,Egypt,Syria,Russia,Greece,Spain,Venezuela and in some other places.
      National Endowment for Democracy and International Republican Inst should have taken the lead in doing something like the did in other countries, like offering spaces for discussion,media exposure,uses of twitter and Facebook,and raising the issue in US that usually leads to Senate hearings and C SPAN ,and Sunday Talk discussion.

      That did not happen shows the power and forces pitted against Palestine . Worst is the cooperating corrupt leader is still embraced by the EU and US.

  • Dateline, Ukraine: How the State Department 'midwives' democracy
    • The generals are rebuking the politicians,rear ending them in cabinet,doing end run around on every opportunity they could get, and the CIA is upbraiding the Senators ,threatening the media,and suggesting route map for policies within and outside the borders. They are also being hailed as hero and patriot .

      They are doing a good job . They may decide not to take decorative control.they have effective control.

  • 'Netanyahu is a Nazi': Scenes from an Orthodox anti-military draft protest in Jerusalem
  • NYC Community Board member calls BDS 'the face of anti-Semitism'
    • link to

      Facebook maintains a page of an Israeli citizen that gloats over the maiming and the killings of the people who are resisting Israeli policies.

      This is the same Facebook who have blocked much milder criticism of Israel and has blocked equally horrendous posts from users.
      What gives?

  • Anti-Defamation League exploits fear of Muslims to undermine anti-gay bill
    • Fatwa is overrated . Any Muslim can utter a Fatwa with or without any basis of any religious or traditional or historical ground and any Muslim can equally come out against that Fatwa or personally can reject it.
      It is not Papal Bull. It is not Halacha.
      The Fatwa against Salman Rushdie was denounced by Muslim scholar and was accepted by some. It was same tradition that allowed vehement denouncement of the attack on Twin Towers by Muslim clerics after it started emerging that religious zealot might have done it.
      It is the same reason other Muslim countries don't give a hoot to the Fatwa of Iranian leader against Nuclear weapon.

      Minnesota episode is more of a hot air ballon than anything. BTW ,will I now get my ham and bacon from the Kosher Dili counter in the student cafe of Harvard and Sinai Hospital ? How can they refuse to carry those items?

    • Does not that what Israel does everyday? Denying water,road,education,health,travel,and housing to 50 percent of the people under Israel on the basis of religion? This man with fat cells all over his frontal part of the brain won't get it . Or he may. He is just trying to represent the donors who pays for his food ,travel,education of his kids ,and housing .
      This harebrained has even attempted to discredit the Walt and Marsheimer by writing the book - Deadliest Lies - a book written following the template of Iraq war - that is selective memory,cherry picking ,showcasing,and then adorning with names of some Gentiles. Here he goes again - how best to denigrate Muslim other than getting under the bed of the Gentiles and waking them up with a thud of intellectual poops right out of the acquired cleft lips.
      Lets recap before he calls me anti-Semite - he supports Iraq war,Iran war,Libyan war,and war against Syria. He supports sanctions. He supports Cast lead, he supports Israeli incursion against all neighboring countries ,he the ouster of Morsi, and he is against any negotiations between the west and any of Israeli neighbors. He supports Israeli onslaught against Palestine and the policy of exploitative occupation. He denounces Park 51, he keeps quite on Guantanamo ,and he keeps quiet on racial profiling and on entrapment . He bats for AIPAC . He denounces Obama for pissing Nethahoo off! He is of Jewish faith. He will call it a deadliest lie if he is told that his hate for Muslim and support for Israel against the interest of US is directly rooted in his faith.

  • Anti-anti-semitism: How did a movement against bigotry lend itself to another form of bigotry?
    • link to
      Horace Kellan ,out of Harvard along with Brandeis expemplified this dilemma of squaring the circle . The concept of America to them was the concept of abstract collection of positive human attributes transcending cultural,religious,ethnic,and demographic differences but was also based on Old Testament per Horace who believed that the Puritan carried the essence of OT . To Horace, Judiasm had be relieved of the religion but the Zionism had to express the eternal desire of Jewish separateness both as tradition and sources of ideas that human could benefit and had benefitted from . This aspect of Jewishness had to be saved by letting Palestine be ready for Jewish immigration . The Israel then could support the survival of Jewishness .
      The inconsistencies and the contradictions border beyond the belief ,but this was the staple intellectual diet of the early secular Zionist . There lay the future unravelling
      of the problem the Zionist is facing today.

      Today ,this is why one can hear that the removal by eminent domain is same as building houses for the Jewish people on the land made empty by demolishing the Beduin or Palestine homes . This is why one hears the logic of building check point and wall for security of the Jewish people sacrificing the safety ,security,preservation of life of the Palestine mirror the removal of Americans from one place to another as were observed during the while building Hoover dam,or transcontinental highways or rail ways.

      This Horacian views that blind people to reason also underpin the racial coloring of the genuine resistance exhibited by Arabs or Palestine as nothing but some kind of antisemitism.

  • 'NYT' boycott debate features two Zionists, and excludes BDS
    • No it does not .Falk has accused USG of prior information and negligence.
      That has now been confirmed by various
      " mainstream people"

    • It is the language that allows us to new understanding of hopeless situation and guides us to challenge which seems legal, ethical moral,and logical reality. Recent success
      of public outcry forcing various ant LGBT laws,traditions,and seemingly logical ethical,and individual decisions to be dropped or curtailed or changed ,have opened the possibility of demanding corrective measures in the prevailing biases against Palestine, Iran, and slants towards Israel .

      For to long we have allowed the lies,obstruction to information,distortions of views,and suppression of truths as choices by the non government entity which could not be legally challenged. This view needs to be corrected

  • AIPAC is losing influence in US politics because it is too tied to Israeli government -- Judis
  • 'New Republic''s literary editor attacks its senior editor as nasty, ignorant self-hating Jew
    • History is about changing the course. In last three decades, a china and Russia and large number of Latin America have. You see the result? The only dinosaur left in the jungle pouting his lips with 1000 tons of muscle power is US economy and nowhere to go. It has not changed.
      Israel has managed to achieve a lot. It has emasculated its enemies destroyed their societies,prevented their rise but it forgot to build a peaceful ,secure,legitimate,normal state even after 60 years of existence.
      Arabs in their days achieved million times more within 60 years of the death of their political and spiritual leader in 7 th century.

  • Netanyahu seems to put Hitler mustache on Angela Merkel
    • So Bibi can turn the world statesman or woman with little adjustment of light,position,emphasis on certain gesture,and letting the shadow dance around a bit ,into a monster a Hitler without much intellectual effort.
      He is the dream of every Zionist who never misses opportunity of using the 1939 or Munch in every flawed argument Now Bibi has found a new way of doing it. It reminds me of his success with the Nuclear container at the UN.

  • Political Zionism is destroying a culture and a people, and intentionally so
    • Have we selected out the Zionist ? Have we been targeting Israel and been ignoring other ? I don't think so.
      America has tightened screws on Soviet, Mynamar, Mozambique, Libya! Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, and scores other in different times . The toll of those sanctions have been immensely destructive .
      Israel is not o ly exempted ,it enjoys the full throated support in every form imaginable. It is disingenuous and patently false to claim otherwise. But this is the main plank of the Zionist that Israel is no different than other countries . It is singularly unique and it manages to veer the power that -be towards its goal sooner or later. It also manages to bring the doubter and fence sitter and conscientious among its midst eventually to its side. Recent change of the attitude among the Israeli left is no different than the changes of same magnitude and direction by the secular and labor Zionist and by the advocates of the binational state towards full embrace of Jabotinsky 's ideals .

  • 'When I go into the class, I am preparing tomorrow's citizens for the next war'
    • Apparently that what we ( neocons) have criticized the Pakistan and Afghanistani Madrassas for. These are the incubators of radical ideas turning the student into suicide bombers targeting the enemies .

  • Mayor of Canadian city invites Ehud Barak to economic summit
    • Toronto Mayor can switch from cocaine to ecstasy . Jerusalem will be delighted with opening of a new dealership.

  • 'Can you tell who is an Arab?' appeal is tax-deductible
    • link to

      Syrian rebels receiving medical help from Israel . This is being coordinated with the Israeli military and intelligence with full awareness of the politicians .

    • While Bibi visits the Al Quida fighters in IDF built and maintained hospital in the Syrian border o save the " Good " Israel from "Evil" Arab, US Jewish organization using tax payer money are saving the fallen girls from Arab lad of ill repute. Call it the new partnership based on shared values

  • Knesset member endorses settlement boycott
    • How low they have to get to suck at the little toe of the Zionist enterprise? It seems that by the time they reach that point in abyss ,the French won't be able to see their own face anymore. It has changed beyond recognition and beyond conscious reach.

  • Great Britain’s 100 year war on the Arab world
    • One of the frequent apologies certifying the uniqueness of the British imperialism is that Britain was more just more open,more honest,and less brutal. I am not so sure. In times of crisis , Britain did not flinch in inflicting same cruelunishment,creating same wanton destruction,did not flinch from arbitraryly defining laws as other before him and did not abstain from ruthless destruction of local culture or economy. To achieve those goals ,it may not have used the same tools ( which either have become politically inconvenient as slavery or militarily fruitless as hand to hand fight with bayonet,or wiping out of the population by burning or pillages and senseless killings that would have crippled the very aim of the colonialism by emptying labor force,consumers,and supplies of mercenaries ) that Spanish, Mongols, Romans or Portigese used in their hay days. British empire was more interested and successful in financialization of the colonialism project ,monetization of the resources and growth of capitalism,. This automatically involved the creation of the illusion of local control of the local lifestyle and culture and provision for the local elite in the form of education,jobs,glorification,and guaranteeing of financial security . This elite would pay lip service to the local community while spare the British from arduous task of fighting and peace keeping.
      To some extent,this is still true . Today the agenda of US -UK agenda in the rest of the world is managed largely by the English educated elite who occupy the administration,military,universities,press,and the finances. In return. Their works and services get recognized by the counterparts in the west . In Nigeria, India, Pakistan,Egypt and East European countries these stakeholders are also routinely seen as arch foes of the country by the rest of the population who wield no effective power to change the equation.

    • One of the failures that sealed the fate of the Palestine was the patience and the trust exhibited by the Palestinian elite towards the British at the turn of the century. An armed resistance would have ended the British and the Zionist dream in 1920 .
      .Mufti of Jerusalem realized it in 1930 s and changed the level of cooperation .for which he was hounded out by the British, Jordanian psychopathic king,and the Jewish militia.

  • Disenfranchised: How the NYT spins the status of Palestinian land
    • NYT allows article by Pussy Riot as Op ED even after the nature of their activities have become known to the people
      " Sochi Under Siege" by Maria Alyokhina . She Deplores the treatments meted out to the protesters brandishing slogan on T shirts and little flags by environmentalists . She deplores illegal construction and building . Her voice touches the pain of those who wants to love Russia but not the way Putin,the elected president wants .
      This is NYT. I have no love for Putin. I hope NYT allows the write up from Hamas or the Hizbullah . I hope NYT in same issue while denouncing the closure of critical TV station in Venezuela admits of similar incidents in Europe and America . But it does not. NYT is not done yet. It rambles on India for " muzzling speech" . India has balked at any speech or writings that can inflame the religion or caste sentiment. India sees its security through this prism for that is the reality in India. This nation does not or can't fall apart but only at the ideas of religious and tribal fault lines.
      NYT decides what it should allow and what it won't . It is fine. But these views area key up by the wannabe human interventionist and politicians and by the aged celebrities looking to refurbish his or her image . These players then create the echo chamber consisting of their lips and of NYT front pages . It then travels to American military and homes with urgency of solving problem and zeal of rescuing the vulnerable s defined by the sitting members of the echo chamber .the results have always been disastrous , trying to impose solution on those on which it has no leverage and ignoring the behaviors of those on which it has immense leverage ( Saudi, Pakistan, Egypt, Israel)

  • Transcript: Netanyahu calls on U.S. Jews to fight BDS-- 'eerie' anti-Semites 'on the soil of Europe'
    • Is Bibi threatening? Is he raising the possibility of hacking to expose the bank account,funding,business money flow ,and personal data of anyone involved with BDS.? He seems to be doing that,raising possibilities of other kind of Internet- based vendetta,reprisal,and disinformation.

  • 'NY Times' and 'LA Times' run op-eds by an AIPAC board member without telling readers
    • It is the same reason that explains the responses with near total abhorrence and silence to the very thought of Nazi economic success .In reality the Nazi success had nothing to do with the Jewish deprivations but Israeli use of water resources are joined at the hip with the plans of the stealing of the natural resources from Palestine.
      In future , NYT will bring AIPAC stalwart from WB or from CFR to tout and sell the idea of allowing Israel to develop the infertile arid unproductive lands that the Palestinians are being forced to accept as generous Israeli offer. Yes. What's wrong with that? Hasn't Israel bloomed the desert? Don't they have the expertise?

  • Goldberg slams Kerry for mentioning boycott-- though he saluted it as 'smart strategy'
    • This is why there is movement afoot to label BDS as Antisemitic and then prosecute the proponents as racially motivated . But this is not at all surprising when dominant platform within Zionism is that validity of any idea or concept could only be reached after it has been proven to serve or at least not hurt the Zionism in any form or shape .

    • France is an interesting place where interior minister can think of removing the Roma en masse while condemning the comedians for antisemitism as manifested in " anti Nazi" salute. It seems Europe has got rid of native nationalism and racism but has accepted a foreign version of the discarded idea as a legal frame of reference.

  • Israeli government implosion over peace process opens door to international isolation
    • Israel is where Pakistan was in 1980s with all the elements that shaped the successive socio political developments of Pakistan ,are now operating in political military religious realms of Israel. Israel does have an escape route that is underpinned by it's high technological and science sectors . But that turnaround depends on the political courage and readiness to assert itself.

  • Surviving anti-Semitism smear, Walt and Mearsheimer seem to have influence in high places
    • The money sounds a lot but the book was not commissioned as was Exodus. The book did not become a best seller the way the American Zionist Emergency Council
      of Silver and Weizman made the book by name, Palestine,Land of
      Promise by W C Lowdermilk a best seller - by buying in bulk .

    • Your argument presupposes that defeat could never visit a superior army,loss can never take the crown away from a defending champion in the final game. Napolean had never been a real successful invader,that Hitler never could have marched into France as he was defeated by enemy Russia - would seem plausible line of argument according to your way of approaching the new develments in AIPAC and in other Israeli lobbies.
      Russia indeed something brave,defiant,and ultimately successful against Napolean and against Hitler.

    • ". , there isn’t a government on the planet that agrees with our legal rationale for these operations, except for Afghanistan and maybe Israel.”
      He is wrong. India supports the continued droning in Yemen Somalia,Pakistan,and Afghanistan. The media shapes the narrative and chooses the words in a way that shows to its public, who could be eager to hurt any Muslim anywhere ,the reluctance but necessity of the assassination project from US perspective. Its media is like Israel when it comes to Arab and Muslim countries. Even the Facebook and other popular social websites are replete with innuendo and racial epithet against the Arab spring ,against Palestine,against Iran. Its Hindu ideologues caricature and deplore Morsi while welcoming Modi and other BJP zealot .

  • Congress is next battleground over boycott of Israel
    • This is emblematic of a calculated decades old phenomenon. Get an outsider, out side the tribal loop to advance tribal agenda ,then claim of the existence of the support from a wide variety irrespective of any DNA match in the persuasion bordering on crime and treason. It does not hurt to forget that he sang same psalms out of Sharon.'s manifest on Iraq and is still singing on Iran. In reality the memory loss of the existence of that dirt under the carpet helps the tribe in hiding the rich tapestry woven around Pollard, Iraq,Iran,Syria,and Egypt . The beneficiary shill shows up while least expected to carry the can to be remembered as righteous gentile.!

    • Everyday,the Pollard case is gathering also more momentum from the higher ups sabotaging and making end run around what US citizen prefer .
      Woosley joins other Israeli figures in denouncing the continued imprisonment as example of anti to

  • Foxman says US gov't is conducting 'vendetta' against American Jews with Pollard case
    • Ukraine was ravaged by Arendata system in Middle Ages. Poland-Lithuania combination empire attacked Ukraine and leased almost 2/3 of it to the middlemen who were Jewish .Their job included tax farming,revenue collection, and organization in a vertical system distribution of raw material ,manufacturing,and selling of finished product,control of tavern, distribution of permit,and lending to poor at high interest rates . Essentially the Jewish community worked like the nobles of a big estate with duty of paying to the king a fixed sum every year and owning the control of the citizen and economy.So when Ukraine shook off the yoke,there was anti Jewish violence .
      The Jewish politburo member of 1919 Soviet Russia did not forget this when Russia tried and succeeded in imposing communism and making it part of Russia. The Ukraine famine and destruction of Ukraine Christian traditions arose out of this complex,myriad interconnected ,religious animosity. Foxman does not want this neglected be given proper attention.

    • Fox an sees antisemitism everywhere Sometimes back,it was antisemitism to think that Iran had no military nuclear program.
      Now is this from Jan 30 th
      ". Secretary of State John Kerry’s stock seems to be dropping more and more in the eyes of Israel’s far-right coalition government lately, but MP Moti Yogev took the anger about the peace process to a new level, overtly accusing Kerry of being driven by “anti-Semitism.”
      link to

    • link to
      This article in Guardian (UK) traces the anti Nazi ,pro -Soviet activities of some of the famous people within US congress and New Deal proponents of Roosevelt administration. Samuel Dickstein ,a congressman from Manhattan who later became a judge was a corrupted Soviet spy who saw like other anti Nazi activists a deep antisemitism in US went to establish HUAC ( house of UnAmerican activities ) that gave rise to anti communist McCarthyism after 2 nd world war.His spying for NKVD was more racial,genetic,and religious than was it for ideological reason. He found US not ready,powerful,and motivated enough to fight Hitler as was Soviet. He ended up spying for Soviet . He was not alone. Ironically his organization was meant to target only Nazi infiltration in US administration which was not there .HUAC morphed into anti communist investigation during McCarthy era and he was not invited .

    • Something seriously wrong with this F* man. He equates the spying by an American on America for a nation that would sell that information to another country is equivalent to America spying on Israel using American tools and manpower. He has not heard the word treason and 5 th column . He himself lives in that grey zones surrounding the treacherous behaviors. This blind spot could be explained by his own paradpxical intellectual existence.
      There is one more element here in this age of secularism and hate crime. If someone were proved to have committed a hate crime on the basis of religion or race or gender,his or her punishment would be above and beyond what would otherwise be imposed. There should be a matching program for the people convicted of treason purely for the reason of race and religion . Polard would never hurt Israel but has hurt US to benefit Israel . His action was motivated by religious fervor and anti gentile attitude.

  • Maybe de Blasio believes his job is to defend Israel?
    • Has anybody looked into the possibility that his wonderful "leftie" pedigree might have drawn the attention of the Lobby?
      Palin was chosen by the lobby working from a diferent perspective ( i.e small quintessential American town, soccer mom, Bible -thumper,anti abortionist and clueless with a lot of ambition). Blasio is just the opposite with one common attribute - he has ambition.
      It is also possible that Blasio has seen Obama's political rise and ideological fall. He knows how to get noticed by the lobby.
      Didn't one French King once say" Paris is worth a mass " after converting to Catholicsm in an age where the fine line between the religions was aslo the fine line between hell and heaven in the next world and could have meant life and death in the real one?

    • "In any case, a Jew always has a much higher [level] soul than a goy, even if he is a homosexual "

      I wonder what he thinks of the homosexual goy? Where does the LGBT rank?
      Some one tried to locate the soul on the Pineal Gland. I guess the address has changed to the activity of a different kind of gland and instead of windows to soul we are being asked to look for use of the orifices to measure the closeness to the divinity.
      BTW they used to kill the homosexuals before . Does he want to kill everybody who is spiritually inferior to the homosexual?

  • Truman always opposed a religious state, but caved to 'fanatical' Zionist lobby
    • McCarthyism attracted overwhelming Jewish antagonism . Part of the reason was that Jewish people were involved with socialism,communism,international socialism movement,and trade union .Involvemnet was finacial and proviidng leadership .It was also global . Communism and Jewish were blamed for New Deal. Some already was blaming Roosevelt's Jewish suporters for US entry to WW2.
      Mccarthy arose in this context where differnet forces combined - necessity of having an enemy,increasing the reach of the intelligence,and identifying potential Soviet agents . It was obvious that the Jewish citizen with doctrinal attchment to Stalin and Trotysky and associated activities would come under scrutiny.
      It was a bad time but no worse than the suppression and trial of WW1 and WW2 antiwar activists .

  • Hizzonor at AIPAC (has more political room than he thinks)
    • This PEP ( progressive except Palestine) deserves more attention and should attract more analysis in other areas of broader ,recurrent,transnational conflicts of the past . It should serve as a timely warning for the future generation and a reminder to the prospective gentile suitor( of Israel) that trusting the loaded jargon of Israel / Zionist could destroy it from inside.
      The agitation,the revolution,of 19 th and of 20 th centuries ,the fragmentation of nationalism in Europe,the secularization of the society in Western countries,free speech,civil rights movement,anti war position of 60 s, or the prowar position in the two world wars ,New Deal of Roosevelt,or issue like as provincial as admission to elite colleges point to a clear,predominant,Jewish role both in Europe and US. But at any moment the Jewish interest were threatened,there were Jewish separation and abandonment. Whenever the Jewish interest were met and sustained,the objective of the original reason or aim were either jettisoned,or ignored,or simply not implemented. The atomization of the society -the result of some of the political ideas and movements was not allowed to touch the Israeli society or the diaspora . The core ideas of democracy,freedom of speech,egalitarianism and equality enshrined in most of the political movement ,or the avoidance of Fascism or of socialized economy or the application of the legal proceedings against breaches of human right at local or national level while imposed or structured on the rest of the countries or the private entities within any given country of the world through treaties,changes in constitution,UN,ICC, sanctions,war,or through creation of new word and phrases were never given the same opportunity or chances of same clear unequivocal exercises and not allowed to make use of the same internationally agreed upon mandate regarding the same and similar issues of either Israel or the diaspora.
      PEP has many past and current examples. Ideas or values were subjected to the tribal needs of the moment. The isms that were worshipped ,the persons who were called savior s,the icons that were made out of the fallible mortals or the systems that were pushed for to become the only game in town were also excised ,uprooted,destroyed,and calumniated if the interest of the tribes required so.
      Individuals like Churchill, Truman,and Nixon spring to mind. Instead of looking for complexities ,nuances,context,reasons or simple truth in their behaviors or remarks they were vilified as antisemite first thing as a response .PEP fits that model. Everything is expendable and recyclable,and disposable. What matters is this- does it benefit the tribe.

  • New York bill to punish ASA over Israel boycott picks up 48 supporters
    • Iran sanction by US/France through the AIPAC and its sister program in France will work to the advantage of Russia . Russia will not honor and can't be forced to honor. Indian writer openly is now complaining that India went along with US only under the Israeli pressure through US. Success of AIPAC at this stage will only hurt US more without Israel gaining any new returns on its century's old ant Muslim investment in imperial bank . Soon AIPAC will be kicked out for selling the West a pig on a poke . Those cakewalk,unchallenged status on world stage,control of the pipelines from Iraq out to China,lillypad to leapfrog to rest of the ponds in southern Russia,oilipeline from Basra to Haifa over the body of Nasrallah and Basher ,rewriting the school history books,and embrace of Israel as goaded by Powell by the rest of the Middle Eastern countries never happened and 6 trillion is out and counting.

    • It is always the State or its equivalent that come to rescue the Jewish exclusiveness, apartness,separateness from the rest of the societal members.
      There is this article by Sylvain Cypel in NYT -A French Clown's Hateful Gesture addressing the " quenelle", demand of Gypsy expulsion by the Interior Minister, anti immigrant innuendo by professor of philosophy at Ecole Poly technique and the racist ratings by Eric Zemmour on TV.
      Also Blasphemy in Secular France by Diana Johnstone 01/24/14 covers the same affairs from an interwoven political perspective of normalized hatred and eulogized memory of persecution ,depending on the color and the memory of the victims ,in which today's 's Left of France make their livings.
      While " quenelle" author Dieudonne is being prosecuted and banned by the State and being pursued by the media ,by the rabbi in most racist fashion ,is being sued by LICRA ( Ligue internationale contre le racisime et L' antisemitism e), there is blissful ,normalized dereliction of duty by the State and acceptance of mass media and academic silence on the Roma affairs despite their shared history of Holocaust
      State decides ,when to go after similar crime of similar magnitude and scale . Sometime it even decides to go after the lesser infringement of the same laws and rights and ignore the more harmful and bigger one. State goes after the powerless guy like Dieudonne but leaves Sarkozy or the Interior Minister despite the worst racial aspect of the later two's remarks,and suggestion.
      ASA boycott is being cited to punish its supporters and members. Will the Congress start punishing the AIPAC and ADL and AEI and ZOA for their relentless pressure on Congress to put more sanction on Iran despite the opposition of the WH and of the common American? Will the Congress ever decide to punish those who have been hounding the academics and restrict the funds of those colleges for violating freedom of speech ? Will the Congress ever decide not to employ anybody from Harvard or allow its expert opinion for allowing Dershowitz to stay on its faculty despite his pressure on De Paul and on the State of California?

    • Usually Congress ( Federal level ) or the Assembly ( State) level are either spending time on renaming the lane in the back alley of the backwater of unknown villages somewhere in the middle of nowhere or about investigating the doping incident in some baseball game. And rest of the time they are listening to or waiting to listen to what the Lobby has to say or order so that they could come back in 2 to 4 years and do the same for rest of their lives.

    • Jewish group have always depended on the State. The kings and the emperors have always lent their support to the ideas ,interests,and concerns that the group felt vital to have, to maintain exclusive privileged nature of the Jewish club ,in exchange for intellectual and financial solution to the nation's perennial crisis.
      Things haven't changed much since the days of Cyrus.

  • NY Mayor tells AIPAC: 'Part of my job description is to be a defender of Israel'
    • The reporter was escorted out. He or she was escorted out after the headlines of Blasio speech were caught on video. What he said is not new and by itself would not have contributed no additional information about the knee- jerk fealty to AIPAC by the hopefuls for offices and the expectation of the Lobby.
      I think there were other elements more disgusting,more sell- out ,more promises,and opportunistic dealings . Reporter was throw out or none invited to protect the lobby and the leader from exposure to American public .

    • Israel usually tries on the friendly soil , it even tried before being caught on Indian airport of Calcutta in year 2000 .

    • link to

      It is good to see NYTimes jabbing at secretive dealings between Poltical leaders and AIPAC under the radar .The night flower has been touched by the weed killer.

    • link to says that Obama administration is unsettled,upset,and unhappy with the effort of the Jewish lobby regarding Iran and sanction. It also says WH believes that the lobby is backed by Israeli government.
      The very mention of origin government 's backing should make the Justice department to investigate the lobby as foreign lobby and should force it to consider investigating the ways and means used by the lobby to influence government foreign policy. The blurring of what is allowed and what is not ,should be brought out open to American public. American should
      know how their tax payers money is spent in influencing foreign policy at the behest of the foreign government and how their representatives waste time and energy on one area to the exclusion of other ,often with conflicts of interest generated by the received campaign money , and how that money buy them the power to hurt American interest.

    • Every American is told in so many ways to be ready to take care of Israel. Bible helps some, , love for democracy helps some,love for shared values help some ,love for defense help some. Weather and cuisine might also be included soon in one of these days. ( it snows there not far from Negev desert,and has mountain and sea ) as other reasons to support Israel. Reasons are shriveling in number and essence as the meat in the spiel are rotting from inside out. Those " loves" are taught to be loved to even die for in case the loving object is threatened by the passerby of the history who don't have 2000 years worth of walking towards that soil.
      The root of this psychological maneuver started decades ago . America was rebranded repigeonholed,re categorized,relabeled as " an idea" , " a propositional nation" , ' a refuge for the brave and for the persecuted who are ready to fight for the persecuted " ," a nation not an island of isolation " , " not isolationist " not uninterested in getting involved in European mess of religious and royal fights " of modern day of early 20 th century " . This rebranding has forced the morphing of peace as war, defense as preemptive offense, not taking sides in unjust conflicts by unjust parties as isolationism and managing the domestic crisis instead of military intervention of dubious benefit as contemptible retreat.

    • The long list of those elected leaders at State,County,Federal level adding the responsibility to defend,support,nurture and guard the interest of Israel in their job description (for Mark and Schumer - that is the only daily duty ) now include
      Blasio. Mark Kirk, Schumer, GOP 2012 Presidential candidates and some from Democrat like Biden.
      The official door whether it is WH or NewYork Mayoral city council office is and will always remain open to the AIPAC or the Major Zionist Organization of America.
      Mayor does not want " theSaudi Airlines ,"in case he is provided with new information, different perspectives,non Zionist solution to his electoral ( future) or official problem,or contradictory facts ,different set of evaluation of US interest that undercut AIPAC and Israeli views . May be that is the reason ,he will not meet with Palestinian ,or BDS,or travel to Gaza and West Bank or speak to an Iranian MP.
      AIPAC works in many ways . But two of them are always linked and always operational-1 lie as much as possible as long as long as possible from as many platforms as possible to reach as many as possible while removing the same opportunities to the opposition and destroy any attempt to refute the lies,correct the misinformation,and chart the course based on truth or on the American interest or both.
      Blasio might be genuinely concerned of the concerns of the 1 million Jews in NY. But he should be more concerned of the interest of the remaining,responsibility to the remaining,moral obligation to seek fact based solution,ethical attitude to seek and understand the reality and not to succumb to the temptation of the combination of the glorified exposure to media,money,access,and should have the moral strength not to fear of being called antisemite or Chamberlain by the organization hell bent to start war for the sake of Israel .
      I wonder what Blasio would say about the observations by Gates that " pro Israeli " folks in the administration had been trying often successfully to get US fight war for Israel . The long list of the people who have felt that way are many - Barry Goldwater, Powell, Blair ( UK) ,W Clarke, Buchanan, Congressmen like R.Paul ,Mike Grovel of Alaska ,Earnest F Hollings of S Carolina and even the Army Intelligence.
      Blasio is ignoring the reality that is flashing red for attention. American interest lies in shutting his door to AIPAC and cutting his official phone line to Tel Aviv.

  • The blind alley of J Street and liberal American Zionism
    • J Street is the mask that AIPAC wears despite the discomfort. It is the reenactment of the fight between Jabotinsky and Weizmann. These two are the reincarnation of the Weiss and Silver.,J Street is the good cop and AIPAC does not care what the American think .

    • link to

      Israel was a mistake and it still is a mistake that was made possible by pressure ,personal ambition,dereliction of duties,and corruption at the highest level. It is still being maintained by the same combination of the same factors.
      At least ,the press has started raising that doubt again in American mind.

  • A double standard on 'terrorism'
    • There have been other instances of collaboration on terrorism involving Jewish people and the militant organization, on US soil.
      link to
      Unfortunately these exposure never receive the attention that the fake encounter and entrapment receive.

    • Did Sharon ever condemn USS Liberty?l

    • link to
      A man of no scholarship activity,no expertise,no knowledge of the Iran,no concern about the interest of the country that he pledges loyalty has been foisted on both Canada and US as an expert and given the necessarry machinery by the Zionist to carry out disinformation ,ability to influence the MPs ( Canada) and the Congress men and women to carry out the Olmert, Barak , Netanyahu scheme against Iran.
      He is the proof that OSP never lost its relevance and usefulness

  • 'Economist' pulls cartoon showing Obama shackled to Congress bearing Star of David
    • Association of Star of David with neafrious elements or with not so holy causes also predate the creation of Israel. The Star was flown on the flag side by side with the Nazi flag in 30s. cartoon in Economist is not blasphemous or destructive to the Jeiwsh interest or image.
      Star of david reminds Jewish people of the deep heriatge and of the rich cultures. It distills it in those shapes all the history,passion,responsibilities,prides,and possssibilities that the Jeiwh nation possess and cherish.
      Economist is distilling the facts ,the passion,the history,the political climate and the power with which Israel through AIPAC has been forcing US to toe Israeli-lines on Palestine ,Iran,Syria and Egypt by placing the symbol over the American eagle and the flag .
      It is not on the chain.( putting it on the chain would have been more like saying the Jewish soldiers fought American wars in Iraq when the fact is that it was the significant Jewish influences that sent the American soldiers to the wars ) .
      Jewish influence embodies,symbolizes,and encapsulates the forces that mainatin that chain.

  • Analyst on NPR lets the cat out of the bag - briefly - about Washington's Iran obsession
    • link to

      Krauthamer tells us now why he does not like the deal. It prevents Israel from attacking and it prevents Iran from building a weaponization [ nuclear] programme.
      The other reason ,he cites ,is that it is worst among all the negotiations since Munich.

      BTW ,torture does not elicit the truth or the motive from the disturbed or from the psychopath. It does not expose the true motive or conspiracy. Simple frustration and denial of appeasement will do. Anger will make them utter the truth.

    • Pro Israeli lobby groups were working with US lawmakers ,often leading the charge against Iran ,and legalilizing various anti Iranian measures for at least two decades. Bush first was sabotaged from within as he tried to improve the relation.

      Richard Perle claimed in 1998 Forward article with his ethnic pride that pro Israel lobby groups ,working through the Congress, were at the forefront of anti Iranian legislation-

  • Kerry's Saudi recipe for Palestinian homelessness
    • There is something odd in Saudi behaviors since 20o6 success of Hizbullah or failures of Israel. Saudi has slowly got closer to many Israeli positions that were anathema to Saudis.
      Is it due to a sincere reappraisal of the situation ( could be misplaced,could be wrong,but was it believed by Saudi to be to their interest ? Was it an informed choice or was it imposed on Saudi, Either by Israel or by US? Saudi are vulnerable on number of fronts. Canard of 911 and flying out of Saudi nationals, Russian anger at Saudis for terrorism, corruption and scandal that NSA have collected on them over the years and the a jihadist threat - all can be unleashed ,freed,manipulated or used if the strategy demands it. )
      Saudis are known to buy off . Today again they are buying off to stay on the good book of Israel and US who in one stroke have erased the major block by simply not addressing it . The results of the crimes committed by Israel and made possible by US will be shifted to Saudi citizen who are not in any position to question . Saudi acceptance will be used by US and Israel as automatic approval by the so called Sunni block from Manila to Maghreb. The autocracies ,who are so demonized by Israel and propagated by Israeli owned media in the west as the true nature of the Muslim political choices ,are offering the help that they have no right to offer and Israel has no right to ask and US has no right to enforce ,are now the pivot on which the Israel depends to be de facto a Jewish state.

  • Wasserman Schultz won't stand up for Obama on Iran sanctions
    • Rahman Immanuel from his position ,sandbagged the Democratic Party in fielding the pro war,anti withdrawal candidate in 2006 Congressional election by showering or withholding the largesse despite overwhelming majority in demanding for withdrawal.
      link to
      The carry over effect of that successful dishonesty and misuse of authority has been evident in the robust support for war against Iran from the Democratic camp.

  • Fact-checking Jeffrey Goldberg: the American Jewish unanimity on Israel
    • "when they see their president and the leader of the Jewish state in harmony."
      The harmony has been in need of some kind of repair for a while. Goldberg can ask who is responsible for the ill feelings.
      Succeessive Israeli PM have deflected the past administrations from seeking any resolution on borders ,refugees,settlements,and compensations from 1948. The problem has only got messier and Israel has become barzen in refusing to budge. TRuman a, Ike and Kennedy could make bold assertions about the need for Israel to look into the realities and change their deceptive beaviors. Johnosn was beholden to Israel and to AIPAC .He was a damaged good . He had too many skeletons in his closet to raise the issue. Carter did try and was defeated. Bush could have done but was defeated also . Bush second was afraid,scared,and was not that bright either to understand the importance of the presidential office or of the foreign policy . . Even Clinton and Reagan paid lip service demanding essentially same that was the demand of the UN, world, Palestine and of Arab.
      Obama has broken ranks with recent presidential approaches and attitudes but he has not asked for anything new that was not demanded before by other US Presidents
      So why Goldberg is having porblem? Why he thinks that Jewish people are queasy and uneasy the direction of relationship between two leaders ?
      Prior to 2012 elections, there were open recriminations and anger expressed by jewish community against Obama for not being "tough" on Iran, for demanding "too many concessions from Israel" and not putting enough pressures on Palestine.
      This is the face of the "liberal" Jewish constituency.

      Goldberg wants the US to ditch its own stated positions and embrace new narrative coming out of Isarel and AIPAC on these simmerring problems . He thinks a good relationship is possible if US does what israel asks for , and he thinks the American Jews would be happy only if and when US does show 'flexibility" and adopts the Israeli voice.

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