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  • 'NYT' finds a model relationship for Palestinians and Israelis: collaborator and his handler
    • Danile Pipes the peace envoy to UN! Didn't Swedish cartoonist travel to meet him before the cartoon came out in Norwegian papers ?

    • "Shoebat warns: "Mosab is now touring churches to end Israel’s lifeline. Many Jews and Christians in the West are unable to determine friend from foe in the Mideast; they are not able to read what is said in Arabic. They must seek translations, and must be aware of double agents like Mosab."

      Shoebat is right but at the wrong place. US and the Christians have not been able to differentiate between the Zionist and the honest friend/ally.
      Israel needs to pay Shoebat more (from Christian accounts obviously ) to keep his mouth taped .

    • Try again.

    • You haven't found Jesus while looking for him .Devil has provided you with Mosab. It happens a lot though . People were looking for Mary Magdanle . Quite a few of them winded up having Ayyan Hirsa Ali. The reason is that the English speaking west was looking for information but ended up with Rupert Murdoch .

    • Despite providing with the service,NYT is still blamed or labeled as Left Wing Israeli foe by Israeli 5 th columnists . Not only it provides the podium,it also supplies the process of how to think about a not so edifying or morally uplifting situation and turn that into a noble example which should be repeated for the benefit of the people .
      I wonder if NYT would reconsider the cooperation between Soviet and some Americans later rightfully exposed under McCarthy's over zealous prosecution . Or will it lament for the lack of similar cooperation between Nazi and Zionist ?

  • Ohio student leader who dropped bucket of blood for Gaza receives vicious death threats
    • " she will be killed by terrorist or Islamist"
      It seems that the thugs want to hurt her and blame it on someone else. This is not new . Israel uses human shields and blames it on Hamas. The difference is that is so brazen and open that it borders on stupidities .

  • The rise of 'If Not Now' and the collapse of the pro-Israel consensus
    • hen did this ‘occupation’ start? In 1937, Husseini testified to the Peel Commission that the Jews owned their land fair and square

      Which section of the Peel Commission does refer to the alleged acceptance By Husseini?

    • Consensus is collapsing .That is the silent majority.They don't carry the day however .

      NYT has a one full page ad. CIMMITMENT TO PEACE AND JUSTICE Page -A7 NY TIMES 13th Sept 2014 It is urging people to bridge the dividing lines between Israel and Palestine through music . These people matter.They can shape the opinion of the millions of people or reinforce the existing opinions by one liner and by a simple message as a fact in a short sentence.
      They have done a good job. Even better than Nero who was playing music himself . These guys are asking the Gazan to play the music and to join in the chorus .
      Besides the core message,NYT is also sending a clear message that it is possible to bring all the liars from A to Z in one page and ask the Gazan to build the bridges through art and music. Gazan have the templates they can use while drawing or painting. A lot of Israeli kids drew and painted the wars in gory details for the other kids not that long ago .
      NYT is a partner in crime and it can bank on the principle of intuitive association that consensus or doubt can be marginalized or made to disappear simply by the influences it exerts on the country at so many levels.

  • The real issues in the Salaita case: Palestine, neoliberalism, and the corporate university
    • Silencing is the best weapon the Zionist has. It is very effective .

      "There are dangers in telling this truth, in breaching what Edward Said called “the last taboo”. My documentary, Palestine Is Still the Issue, was nominated for a Bafta, a British academy award, and praised by the Independent Television Commission for its “journalistic integrity” and the “care and thoroughness with which it was researched.” Yet, within minutes of the film’s broadcast on Britain’s ITV Network, a shock wave struck – a deluge of emails described me as a “demonic psychopath”, “a purveyor of hate and evil”, “an anti-Semite of the most dangerous kind”. Much of this was orchestrated by Zionists in the US who could not possibly have seen the film. Death threats arrived at a rate of one a day.

      Something similar happened to the Australian commentator Mike Carlton last month. In his regular column in the Sydney Morning Herald, Carlton produced a rare piece of journalism about Israel and the Palestinians; he identified the oppressors and their victims. He was careful to limit his attack to “a new and brutal Israel dominated by the hard-line, right-wing Likud party of Netanyahu”. Those who had previously run the Zionist state, he implied, belonged to “a proud liberal tradition”.

      On cue, the deluge struck. He was called “a bag of Nazi slime, a Jew-hating racist.” He was threatened repeatedly, and he emailed his attackers to “get fucked”.

      The Herald demanded he apologise. When he refused, he was suspended, then he resigned. According to the Herald’s publisher, Sean Aylmer, the company “expects much higher standards from its columnists.”

      from John Pilger’s Edward Said Memorial Lecture, delivered in Adelaide, Australia, on 11 September. Pilger can be reached through his website:

      link to

  • 'Common Dreams' website traps Hasbara troll spewing anti-Semitism
    • This would have been all over the TV if an Arab were doing this to spew easily detectable false anti Palestinian messages to spread the ideas that racist ,vicious Islamophobia was rampant ,pervasive,and growing even if he or she did not intend or plan to shut down that particular media.

      It would actually be analysed for hours to debunk the trustworthiness of any information supplied by anybody that Israeli supporters did not or would not like as nothing but conspiracy generated trolls from Internet that created veneer of transparency or obviousness by convoluted arrangements of talkback .

      In another vein but also fits the wider perception that the crimes have different verdict depending on if an Arab or Israel is committing, I will mention the uproar, anger, righteousness, call for war by FOX news against the area controlled by Isis(the emphasis was against the area) for killing the journalist, and contempt against Obama for not taking that position.
      Did the American Turkish citizen in Flotilla murdered by Israel enjoy same kind of support? What about the beating by the kid from Florida who got beaten up mercilessly by Israel weeks ago?

  • Salaita’s stellar teaching record exposes political motivation behind his firing
    • Thanks

    • When does personal believe become accepted near universal belief? Was the struggle against Nazism absent from academy in 1933 ? Was the criticism of Nazism disallowed in the administration or the cabinet of Roosevelt or in the Congress or in the public events or spaces ?
      Does anybody hold any position in college or school or government for openly having extreme views on Iran? Did Bernard Lewis lose the position in Princeton after advocating genocidal attack on Iran? That view of attacking Iran has taken 10 - 15 yrs to become somewhat universal within certain elite in the miLitary ,academy,media,or political circles .
      But advocating attacks against Iraq ,Libya,Syria,Iran have been in the works long before it became accepted piece of behaviors. Obviously Muslims,Arabs,Iranians felt threatened and obviously they were exposed to racist taunts and attacks . While Iran has never done nothing ,neither did Libya or Syria ( until 2011) , Israel has done a lot to earn the opprobrium and the criticism .
      Universities should ask or should have asked Pipes or Dershowotz or Summer to leave for the same reason since they failed to keep their personal beliefs and faiths and attraction to Israel,a jews,Judaism from the academic and administrative responsibilities that would have caused attitudinal problems to Muslims and would have caused discomfort to the Muslims. Similar extreme views were common among the Republican hopefuls and should not be allowed to compete for presidential office that affect retain sections of the citizen.

    • This example will clarify .Some of the students would experience myriad and uncomfortable emotions in class rooms, if the parents of these students were accused of pedophilia or rapes or drug dealings or war crimes or cheating at examinations or taking bribes or stealing properties or working with extortionists in the past or currently being accused of all of those after being exposed to lectures on ethics,human rights,campaign against violence ,on corruption ,on fairness,on immorality of undue advantages and the application of the rules of the laws . Some of them might unfortunately feel threatened if the connections got exposed .
      Does it mean that the subjects won't be taught ? Does it mean that the students should boycott the classes and agitate against the teachers?
      The Jewish students have no more legal or moral rights than these students would have had in denouncing the classes .

  • Ari Shavit calls out every brutality, except the ones Israel is complicit in
    • The post war plannings that were never there

      Memo: U.S. Lacked Full Postwar Iraq Plan - Washington Post › World › Middle East › Iraq
      Jun 12, 2005 -

      Blair knew US had no post-war plan for Iraq | UK news | The Observer › News › UK news
      Jun 16, 2007 -
      Leaked UK report damns Iraq war planning - WikiLeaks
      link to
      Leaked UK report damns Iraq war planning ...

      U.K. Memo: U.S. Flubbed Iraq Postwar Plan | Fox News
      link to
      Jun 12, 2005 -
      The plans could have prevented the violence Shavit is deploring .

      In addition-
      Wolfowitz castigated the military chief for suggesting more soldiers ,
      Perle and fellow travelers ridiculed anything other than cakewalk ,welcome with roses,and reconstruction with Iraq oil,cheap oil, democratic movement spreading to Iran from Iran,and jumping back to Palestine .
      They predicted and they lectured Pentagon how Egypt,Saudi would be the prizes and Jordan a pivot to "democraticize " ME and usher in peace ( Third Reich promised peace of 1000 yrs )
      They then blamed Bush military ,and blamed the war conducts . They blamed not out of horror or the fate of Iraqis or American wounded soldiers. Nor out of concern of trillion losses but out of the fear of being scrutinized ,out of the fear of being exposed, out of the fear of being convicted , out of the fear of losing power and influences . Those concerns were shared by their Israeli patrons and friends also.

      Now Shavit is blaming the victims .but Kruthammer wanted the Atabs to fight among themselves . The sadism is endemic,pervasive ,and was also not u n expected from the neocons whose liberal wing saw it worth the sacrificing of 500,000 Iraqi children.

    • Following the wise foot prints of the international neocon who did so well creating Niger Documents, bringing to life a braindead alcoholic looking for asylum in the west -Curveball, intercepting putative meeting between Atta and Saddam's friend in Prague and ignoring the clues left by Israeli on anthrax letter
      US arrived almost to the doorstep of another war with Syria
      link to
      link to

      link to
      link to

    • The clues are mind bogglingly absent from discussion in the media.
      Why Jihadist are streaming out of Western countries ? Why they are not preemptively caught,why they are not detected , why not prevented from crossing borders , why they are not on the terror watch list or no flying list ? Are they being trained by western countries ? How is the money being transferred to them?
      Given the known facts about the extent of the surveillance ,and the types of entrapment operations ,and zeal of the treasury in pursuing the money launderers or the violators of any sanction , it is unbelievable that the thousands of Isis supporters from Europe , from Jordan, and from US-Canada-Australia could travel hundreds of miles or fly ,could plan,and could
      get hold of the money and the arms without the knowledge of Deep State / Surveillance State .
      It is also laughable to claim that the sudden appearance of Isis from Iraq's west was not anticipated or the movement of this large army with black flags were not detected by the intelligence or by the satellite .

    • Oded Yonon could have easily added Shavitz's observation as an epilogue in his book or could have asked to Shavitz to contribute to the main messages of the book Yinon wrote . PNAC could have easily slipped this observation as the main objective .
      We have seen enough of wars to figure this possibility ( current violence in ME) as almost a certainty . Unfortunately the very people who knew it also the were first to ignore it . These folks will be in the frontline denouncing anybody who would see this as a likely possibility . Even doing an assessment of the provisions needed to prevent any such outcome will be denounced . The likely future scenario will be kept hidden from everybody . If unearthed , the predictions will be ignored . Exactly all of the above were mercilessly executed by the neocons .
      Libyan war was another element that added badly needed fuel when the chances of widespread violence was diminishing , frustrating the Transatlantic league of the neocon.

      This is exactly what Iraq war predicted . Same was true of Libya . Now Syria is added as next purveyor of violence,instability,acrimony,and destabilization to the wider ME

      The very violence that Shavitz is referring to , was anticipated,predicted,and feared . But it was not debated. It was not allowed to factor in . It was ridiculed by the neocon and the by the pupil of the neocon in the administration ,in the pentagon and in the media . Even academia chimed in to ridicule the thought that war and violence could break out .
      Neocons were doubly afraid to allow any discussion. One reason that the public will revolt against war. The discussion will delay the war . In the delay,more information against war will come out . They were also afraid that the main objective of fragmenting the ME will be in jeopardy . The neocons did not want any preventive,restorative,or corrective actions . Their aim was atomization of ME . Atomization involves death,destruction,shearing of social fabric,introduction of regressive primitive reflexes in cognitive and motor responses to chaotic events around and to sensory processing of postwar ambience around . This is what happens . It is known . It can happen anywhere . Itcan happen in Switzerland . Itcan happen in Norway . With enough firepower ,forceful diplomacy,bribing ,and elimination of established social structure or creation of scarcity - it can happen anywhere .
      But Shavitz are trying hard to forget and doing best to make the rest forget that the epilogue was written by the charcuterie of the play book. Today's violence in ME could be in a nutshell ascribed to the planning,executions,and the dream of the neocon.
      History is replete with these kind of developments as collateral damage. But in this war planned and executed by the neocons,it was the goal.The neocons tapping into previous corrupting influences of Herz, Ben Guiron,Oded Yinon,Sharon,or PNAC and into ideas floated by various academics or assessments made by military planners or into worries expressed by intelligence in different time periods ,came to the inevitable conclusion that the cauldron would be the result . They had no difficulty to choose the path . Cauldron of violence and froth of destructive hatred were their goals. They jumped to the opportunity after 911.
      So Shavitz stay tuned . The next series of volumes are not out yet and you will not
      like the contents or the epilogues.

    • What are you trying to say? What are you referring to ? Provide the links or the context little more in detail.

  • Lobbyist tells Eliot Engel he has 'the blood of hundreds of Palestinian children on his hands'
  • Hillary Clinton's 11th-hour diplomacy
    • This is the waning years of Roman Republic . The leaders are evaluated and chosen on the basis of war readiness and eagerness for more wars ostensibly for allies .

  • Man who saved Jewish boy in Holocaust acts to save Israel from 'racist... quagmire'
    • Israeli court allows protesters to picket Palestinian-Jewish wedding
      Guardian ( UK) Aug 17

      The Jewish Chronicle has apologised to readers who complained after it ran an advert for the Disasters Emergency Committee's Gaza crisis appeal.
      BBC ( UK )

      Racism has become mainstream ideology in Israel. It is becoming culturally , at least Pakistan of 1980 s

  • Rabbi slams 'militarization' in St. Louis but when it comes to Gaza-- the press 'loves underdog and suffering'
    • Rabbi is right to get into this latest controversy
      But I can't stop speculating that if any Imam or Muslim as a Muslim got involved in this episode he or she would be accused of incitement or introducing the Islamic angles into this quintessential American issues .

    • Thanks

    • The Zionist has perfected the art of balancing very well. One side of the Zionism ( liberal ) wants to commit the same crime the conservative side does and supports the same crime the conservative wing of Zionsm does but it does from a different vantage point. The liberal supports the blacks,the Latinos,the immigrant,and even sometime Muslims ( like in Balkan ) . It is immaterial whether they do that to earn some brownie points but evidently they cite and use the examples to buttress their claim of belonging to a worthy cause or movement known as Zionism. By association Zionism then becomes good and worthy of acceptance .
      But obviously what they believe they don't practice .
      The subversion of ideologies or corruption of the fairness is worst enemy of the ideology and of the just process. Historically Zionism has inserted itself in various social agenda whether new deal or civil right or financial derugaltion or labor right on the past or offerring costly services to the victims of persecution abroad to essentially to enrich their own folks disproportionately and often on a recurring basis .

  • Israel and its advocates have a new target in sight: Head of UN inquiry William Schabas
    • Clinton is one of the staunchest supporters of anything everything Israel does

      Here is the deep roots of the invincibility of Clinton

      "“Hillary Works for Goldman Sachs and Likes War” – Former Bill Clinton Aide

      Hillary-The-Hawk Flies Again

      By Ralph Nader
      Global Research, August 17, 2014
      Dissident Voice 16 August 2014
      Region: USA
      Theme: US NATO War Agenda"

    • "UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon asked the UN Security Council “not to take into account” its Board of Inquiry report about the 2008-09 Gaza attacks.
      Media reports, citing official documents released Friday by WikiLeaks, said that Ban colluded with Israel and the United States to “undermine UN report into Gaza war crimes."

      WikiLeaks also says Susan Rice, White House National Security advisor spoke four times with Ban. She expressed her “concerns over the Board of Inquiry's report on incidents at UN sites in December 2008 and January 2009."

      Rice urged Ban to exclude the recommendations in the final report's summary that was later meant for transmission to the UN Security Council on May 5, says WikiLeaks.

      But Ban responded saying he was not in a position to alter the report and the recommendations made by the board as it was an independent body.
      In her second conversation, Rice advised Ban to make it "clear in his cover letter when he transmits the summary to the Security Council that those recommendations exceeded the scope of the terms of reference and no further action is needed."

      Ban then told Rice that his "staff were working with an Israeli delegation on the text of the cover letter." In a final phone call the Secretary General confirmed to Rice the completion of “a satisfactory cover letter.”

      Following which Rice thanked Ban for “his exceptional efforts on such a sensitive issue," WikiLeaks reveals.

      link to
      Nina Rai - India

      It is the déjà vu moment but forced on the rest of the countries to experience on more than different occasions and context .
      There was the IAEA guy from Japan who performed the same service for Israel against Iran through the American portal . These are in addition to the multiple players playing similar service for Israel through Ametican institutions publoc and private within America in the academy ( recent is University of ILL) and Congress and Pentagon( sending ammunition without the cabinet even knowing ) or the pressure on FAA ( by Bloomberg and his workstation- the media ) .
      Sometime we forget that every month or so Israel creates crisis manages it within an entire illegal framework by outright threatening and corrupting engagement with the Ametican institutions and the global bodies and then leaves the situation for the next outbreak of hostility . The cycle repeats but the e
      Isode means more destruction for the Arabs or Iran and more monetary/ financial and military gains for Israel with few more settlements and death of few more scientist or additions of additional sanctions on Gaza,Iran,or Syria .

  • New J Street platform parrots Likud as membership continues to shift left
    • J Street is Janus faced . It wants the Arab continue to pray for peace and oblige Israel's needs that don't end . Even the Guardian paper expose did not bring the utter reality to its visual field for a quick glance .
      J Street is saying that it reserved the right to use the Hasabara : Israel has no partner - every time Atab decides to react to the continued violence and blockade or aerial bombardment by Israel.
      Israeli leaders are afraid as were Ben Guiron, Golda Meit,Begin,Shamir of peace breaking out . How could they keep on swuizzing ever ounce of juice from West if peace were achieved ? How could they then expand or initiate war in distant land like Iran ?
      The default position is war . That's what Israel have chosen since when Nordue remarked " we are committing crimes"

    • The land belongs to Palestine. There is this element of coercion,exploitation,and oppression . But the idea of Israel has possibly has harmed US and in the past UK more than it had Arab . The country of Israel would have been a basket case without the successful operations that Israel has mounted against US over the years . Without those trade secrets,pharmaceutical know how,military technologies,and unparalleled partnership ( one way and that is towards Israel ) in innovative projects ,Israel would have remained an outpost of some religious zealot . By rearranging the relationship through constant warfare and hostilities between itself and the neighbors , Israel has managed which could never have been possible if there were peace in Palestine from 1967 or even 1973 .

  • The Walzer Problem
    • " I could not judge Israel sitting in New Jersey" .
      Makes perfect sense for superficially attentive regular folks . But he is not superficially attentive regular folk . He has tremendous interest and emotional investment . He also has access to information and time to atomize those information,tease those facts apart,and look at them objectively . Above all he has contacts and resources to verify through these sources the contents of the news that coming out openly,covertly,and by leaks .

      This alleged inability to second guess Israel or question Israel or suspect Israel or trust Palestinian narratives or disbelieve the assertions of the media outside CNN,Fox,BBC,or Israeli military briefings have never become an issue while delivering judgement and making decision by the liberal Zionist and by some ardent Israeli supporters on the motives ,capabilities,and immediacy of the malevolent behaviors of Iraq,Syria,Libya,and Iran while sitting in New Jersey. In reality that sitting in Princeton or Harvard or Fox News room was enough to claim and capture the certainty,righteousness,and historic validity of any arguments and solutions that were offered to counter the foes of Israel,and to ignore the denial by those regimes .

  • US branch of the Jewish 'family' owes the homeland 'unconditional love' -- Rosner
    • Israel’s new lawyer: Hillary Clinton
      She sees the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through Bibi’s eyes, which could be the reason she gets so much wrong.
      By Peter Beinart 0

      Israel can ride out the unpleasant situation easily and smoothly . Female will vote for her for she is a she . Israel will invent other qualities in her to get the LGBT and Blacks and Hispanic get impressed and even optimistic of the future

  • Propaganda on Palestine: All-Knowing White Man & Angry Black Woman conjure good Jews and evil Arabs
    • We have not seen any video ever made depicting the truth about Zionism or any video showing the propaganda making business of the Zionism. Neither there is any video of the effects of the Israeli repeated attacks on the citizen and the infrasyructures of the neighboring countries and on the residents of the occupied territories including on the Syrians of the Golan Heights.
      Now and then people see actual footage and snippets of realitiesc documented by people videotaping the actual incidents.
      There will be rebuke,scolding,and denigration if a movie was made portraying any of of the segments of the histories behind the conflicts from 1917 to 2014 and the elaborate strategies of the Zionist covering the same period. Even the government will issue statements denouncing any such attempt.

      It is time to showcase these events in movies and videos and transmit them in the social media.

  • Hollywood's latest blacklist shadows Bardem, Cruz, Almodovar
    • The Zionist has managed to make the rest accept the logic that B could be punished,condemned,and hurt by C for the crimes committed to C by A and still can depend on A to continue the violence against B.

  • 'An extreme rightwing regime behaving in the most criminal fashion and defying the world and unscrupulously using the Holocaust to justify what they're doing'
    • Some novel ideas are coming out . Never heard of it before. Is it doable ?

      link to

    • " How would you fare as a gay man..." ?
      My answer will be this - Maslow drew a pyramid of human needs . At the lowest level is the survival .
      We can use this pyramid also to picture human tolerance . Gay right is a legitimate right that need to be addressed . But a society that is safe and stable is also confident of absorbing and accepting behaviors that are outside the commonly practiced way of life . It can be argued how does gay life threaten a country. It does not . But looking at America at war times will confirm that the tolerance for a lot of actions,speeches,and behaviors do disappear at all levels of the societies and a lot of behaviors are promoted that have no impact on the progress of the wars.
      In time of crisis ,people want to come together as one body and mind . It helps if the community practice same religion pray to same God,speak same language,and think alike . Palestine has never been free of crisis.

  • With friends like these...
    • Think of this data coming out of West Bank or Gaza about say Bush 2 after 911?
      Every Americnas will have this information and each host on FOX will quote this .

    • what is Orientalism here?

    • The most importnat take home message is this that the site ( "Readers of the prominent Israeli news site Mako ") chose to inlcude an option of this nature .
      Waht does it say about the elite or those who shape opinion in Isreal ?

  • On being accused of anti-semitism by well meaning liberals
    • Saudi Arab is a major problem. But does to hurt US interests? Has it hurt ever? Even 1973 oil embargo was u dermined by S Arab. It is a despicable country that abuses religion and religious sentiments of millions of Muslim . It exploits the migrant workers,send and recruits jihadist to destroy secular or democratic Muslim countries It is paranoid and so paranoid that even Muslim Britherhood is untouchable to the Saudi. Like Israel. If this country disappeared as a political entity, the world be a better place for Muslim. Jews Christian,and non monotheistic people .

    • There is a deep fear of crossing lines when the criticism of Israel is concerned. But those lines are created by Israel to kill any attempt to criticize Israel.It is the Zionist who have invented the cant that Antizionism is antisemitism. It is Israel that have invented the slippery slope argument of the possibility of the valid anti Israeli criticism morphing into anti Judaism .

      It is Israel who over the years blurred the lines and made the space for criticism disappear while it has engaged one after another in repeated violent behaviors against helpless Gazan including their leaders .
      It is the one that has all the powers. It is who has the supports of the most militarily powerful clubs on earth . It is the country that ignores UN and ignores the pleas of its supporters . It is the country that freely uses the themes of Chamberlain and Hitler. It is the country that sees holocaust every time its military edge over the neighbors are threatened .
      The rocket launching from Gaza in response to provocations which are both periodic and sustained same time is no different from thevscreaming and kicking of a child being molested and hurt by a predator who is using the guns and knives against the child .

      So what one can do against a nation armed to the teeth, ignoring the world opinions,showing fingers to friends,and continuing illegal destructive exploitative oppressive behaviors against its neighbors and against the citizen under occupation ? No one who could force Israel will step up in any effective way. S Sudan, E Timor , Croatia and Kosovo could be sired by bombs ,sanctions,and threat but Israel has to be protected by engaging in opposite sets of behaviors .
      Outraged people need to monitor their words!

      No one will be hurling enraged angry and sometimes racist comments at Israel if the behaviors of Israel ever changed from milder criticism in the past.
      What's the point of using same language that was used to criticize Israeli behaviors during Cast Lead? What was point of repeating languages that were used in 2006 or 2000 or 1996 later on in the later conflicts that followed those earlier conflicts ?
      A country would not use same arms that did not achieve the results last time . Israel has not stuck to previous strategies or type of arms used in the past. How does it expect that the criticism of its behaviors will still be at the same friendly level when those efforts in the past did not force Israel change its behaviors? It seems that the helpless world have got only the language to try to change Istarl its behaviors.
      Israel is unhappy with it. Does it remember what words it has used against Arabs,Muslims, and Palestine? Does the critic of liberal " antisemitism" remember what language was used in the western media following 911? Does it notice what language US media routinely uses against Iran,Russia,Venezuela,and sometimes against Syria?

  • Steven Salaita-- unremitting in criticism of Zionism and Gaza slaughter-- loses a job at University of Illinois
    • Should we include those who revolve between government jobs and academics and never fail to use constant anti Arab rhetorics?

  • Bob Schieffer in a 'world gone mad'
    • So much similarity in usage of languages among Krauthammer , Netanyhu,and Bob that it begs the question where the moral deficiency flowing from. All have essentially accused Palestinian of using visual display of the dead for propaganda.

  • What I said to the couple holding a banner with a swastika on it
    • One does not use N word to express hatred against Obama . One should not use. Swastika to express hatred against Israel .

      Hindu has this sign .but the couple were not there expressing support for Hinduism or persecuted Hindus in Afghanistan or Pakistan.

      Anger when not scrutinized how expressed ,can result in unintended consequences . Hitler or his symbols will be last things that any person will look forward to for feeling justified or for validating anti zionism

  • UK activists shut down Israeli arms factory
  • israel is the golden calf
    • Israel might try to sell it to India's RSS as an evidence of religious cultural commonality . RSS and Zionist worship the cow . Murdering cow by Muslim and Christian in India is like murdering or wiping Israel off the map by the Antisemitic crowd of West and by the millions of Muslim.
      Next selling pitch -Ban cow slaughter in India . ban Wiping Israel off .

  • Elie Wiesel plays the Holocaust trump card in Gaza
    • Chomsky called this guy a fraud .

    • Wiesel should retweet Elizabeth Tsurkov to figure out if school would be closed tomorrow or if the knife would be removed from the hand of the butcher .
      The Tweet-
      - A new chant of the racist in Tel Aviv tonight: " Tomorrow there no school in Gaza ,they don't have any children left "

      28 th July 2014

  • Seven congresspeople go to Israel on AIPAC's dime-- and one gets defensive about it
    • "You know that most people in the BDS movement are not supporting any military always that Israel is different because it is "

      US is supporting anti Asad forces. US tried to get more involved. Krystol and AIPAC have been up in the arms against Assad. AIPAC wrote and then forced US houses the Syrian accountability act . ( it has done on Libya, on Lebanon on Iran )
      There ate human rights issues in Iran and Syria . But these countries did not come into existence on the principle of occupation,expropriation ,and dispossession og the native These countries suffered illegal usurpation of powers at different times . Those illegal transfer of power came with full US support . The reactions to these interventions gave rise to current regimes in Iran and Syria.
      Now US did not demand from Syria ,neither from Morocco or Jordan that powers should not be transferred to the sons without a full plebiscite or free election or new constitution . That was 2000.
      Israel never bothered either to ask Morocco or Jordan to enter democratic stages.
      When rebellion broke put , instead of helping the citizen,US and Israrl and Monarchs started fanning the rebel side. Not only that, Israel explicitly adopted the principle of continued stalemate preferring no winner . US adopted same stance . Israel doctored intercepts and intentionally blamed Syria which all most led to wars . This was according to AIPAC , necessary least element of intervention established by AIPAC in media , now been met . Israel created the environment in media of this red line that dared Obama to do something.
      Now the death numbers . More deaths have occurred from western supported rebels . Second those displaced Christisn, Alwaotes , Shia, Kurds, Yezdi never asked any agency that they should be armed to stop Assad. They have blamed Sunni and the rebels again supported by Israel Jordan,US.
      During Assad "s ten yrs of rule , no one , no group ever said that the religion or DNA or various combinations of DNA have determined what rights or privileges or protections or legal rights they should have or enjoy.
      Nature of the problem is different .
      Nature of US behaviors also to Syria,Lebanon,or Iran ate different from US involvement in Israel.
      Every death is deplorable but not every measure to stop them .
      If tomorrow Syria attacked some refugee camps in Jordan or Turkey on some ground or fabricated grounds that rockets were fired from the camps , them may be US or Israel can speak of moral equivalence .
      Not today.

    • Yes there are other problems . But why does Israel get into those issues and divert resources and divert focus and distort the responses and always for its own benefits?
      911 generated Israeli centric views . Iraq war fiasco led to further Israeli centric policies . Arab spring led to Israel centric rear guard actions on part of US.
      Israel ties US like an anaconda does. Every attempt to free itself becomes an example of Chamberlain or worse .

  • Israeli deceptions revealed in story of ‘kidnapped’ soldier
    • Israeli leaders will flee like rat when the ship sinks . It will implode from within in this century . It will happen earlier if mighty US finds himself the way UK found itself in 1946 : broke and pathetically proud .

    • Israel said that soldier was kidnapped during the combat.
      So what ceasefire Israel or media is talking about? Unless they meant that ceasefire meant cessation on hostilities on the Palestininian side and continued activities on Israeli side. It spends comical and farcical to suggest it but the wider western media have been accepting a view like this for decades
      Look at the 4 or5 airspace violations of the neighboring countries ( Lebsnon and Syria) by Israrl this year alone . Think of the blockade which is an act of war that's been there for 8 yrs now . Accepting the weakness or inability to respond does not endow Istarl with base of legality or morality for its actions. Responding to the provocations are the legitimate choice .

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