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  • Video: If you voted for Hamas, Israel has a right to kill you, says president of NY Board of Rabbis
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      To Israel and to the diaspora in Brazil - this is just a lopsided uneven soccer match !

    • Guardian is reissuing the claims from an ex soldier -
      The argument type is same. Yesterday we were better. Yesterday we won. Yesterday we were underdog . Yesterday we fought valiantly . Yesterday we had an enemy that had to be destroyed . But now we are not doing that well. Our moral authority is shrinking .

      That's not the case .
      It has always been a Nazi apparatus .

      I ascribe this changing phenomena at two reasons- yesterday there was no presence of Palestine either in concrete or abstract level in the western territory. So the lies got only bigger and better .
      It does not work anymore for the Internet,camera phone,twitters .

      Guardian is moderating and removing anti zionist comments to its best of the abilities. But those that are allowed are picking up endorsements by hundreds and even thousands .

    • From his arguments,it follows that Rabbi is a legal target by Hamas . He supports,nurtures,and promotes a vicious military outfit
      That is Known for engaging to illegal slaughter,killings,kidnap pings,and committing racial clean sings.
      Rabbi is not being forced. Despite overwhelming condemnation and outrage from across the world ,despite condemnation from US both at public and private levels ,despite academic boycott,despite UN denunciation, he continues out of his volition ,supporting a thuggish entity.

  • Photos: Across the U.S., thousands continue to march in solidarity with Gaza
    • Zionist might try to use the protests by provoking unruly,illegal,or criminal activities and then blame the protesters. I won't be surprised if something of that nature is reported in US or in Europe to win propaganda value of such an incident,to turn local people against these protests and then get the municipals or states or country to ban them all together. Netanhu will take advantage of any such developments and thwart any attempt to force Israel for honest negotiations.
      We should not forget that the war was based on false reason and was carried out despite full awareness on the part of Israeli authorities. There was a reason . Israel did not want any reconciliation ,or any removal of current blockade . It will do anything to achieve that goal.

  • Kerry is off the Israel bandwagon
    • Kerry has opened the can that no one will from the State Dept since Baker.
      What did Madam Albright propose? What did Rice propose.? What did Clinton
      Any neocon's anger at any government stance when combined with exasperation,ridicule,and disbelief from the Zionist entity is the proof that something positive is being aired or touted . Kerry has explicitly affirmed the position of Hamas that the blockade has to be lifted. Two days ago a guest on CNN implicitly argued the same when she added that there had be more freedom and more lifting of the blockade . But obviously it was allowed to be aired for it was said in a passing and not as the main argument by the guest .
      Despite Kerry being rejected , we see a pattern that Kerry has engaged to repeatedly. He raises most important and pertinent issue to the American consciousness and invokes ire ,fear,and anger from Zionist He achieves nothing immediately
      But he reminds the world how weak US is, he reminds American how deep and flawed US relation to Israel is and how impotent America has become. It also informs the public of the degraded living condition under the occupation .
      For all the above I think Kerry has done a good job exposing the Zionism .

    • Still those who support Israel ,whether from Costa Rica or Fiji or some RSS from India or some Skin heads from Ukraine or some diehard racist from UK should read to find out the world view of this paranoid nation and get off the bandwagon .

      " “He understands that one of the most important differences between the past and the present is the ability of Jews to defend themselves,” Mr. Amidror said, using a frequent Netanyahu trope that has disappeared from his discourse these days. “If he feels that Israel might endanger its ability to defend itself because of the international community, he will decide to use the capabilities of Israel even against the international community.”

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      Israeli analyst and expert Von Credel has affirmed in this principle . So has US scholar with roots in Zionism .

      The world is not safe from Zionism

    • NYT leaves out the money angle By focussing on votes
      it tries to pump up the idea that the democratic principles are being observed
      While the fact of the matter is that the money is pushing and forcing Zionist ideas sometimes legally and often illegally
      Does the number of Jewish vote matter other than in S Florida

  • Oren's charge that networks showcase Palestinian dead at behest of Hamas is 'obscene' -- Penhaul
    • Like Holocaust is still showcased implicitly and explicitly when Israel enters the Hasabara Zone every time they want to kill more Iranian or Syrians saying " never again "

  • Raising money for Israelis being bombed in hospitals and schools, NY synagogue has not one breath for Palestinian dead
    • There is no difference between stockpiling arms in mosques and raising money for the arms in a Synagogue or raising money for the boots,dry foods,or medicines for the soldiers .

  • Controversial, illegal, and documented: Israeli military strategies in Gaza
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      Now Israelis are learning the obvious . IDF spokesperson admits to BBC that Hamas did not kill the 3 Israeli youths.

      " On Friday, Chief Inspector Micky Rosenfeld, foreign press spokesman for the Israel Police, reportedly told BBC journalist Jon Donnisonhe that the men responsible for murders were not acting on orders of Hamas leadership. Instead, he said, they are part of a “lone cell.” Further, Inspector Rosenfeld told Donnison that if Hamas’ leadership had ordered the kidnapping, “they'd have known about it in advance.”

  • Dr. Kristol's curriculum: US 'special responsibilities' include 'ancient longings' of Jewish nationalists
    • And his friend Goldberg. has found out the desire of Palestininan to die in the hands of Israelis/ " My old sparring partner, Jeffrey Goldberg, has been busy pondering why Hamas has sent hundreds of rockets – with no fatalities – into Israel. He argues that it does this in order to kill Palestinians. It’s an arresting idea, and it helps perpetuate the notion that there are no depths to which these Islamist fanatics and war criminals will not sink. ". link to
      and the simple" mistake " by Netanuououououo to disregard 2 state solution. A simple mistake along with all the correct missiles and precise bombings , so on balance Zio are doing good .
      Did not the neocons say Iranisn would love an attack ? Did not neocons say that Iraqis were dying for freedom and waiting for Americans to come to welcome them with roses.
      One wonders why the prison guard changed the tunes . Why not roses welcoming the Zio slaughter machine? Palestininans don t love roses anymore !

      Kristol is upset that American media is enjoying the show of the slaughter without lifting any weight ,shouldering any burden. 30 deaths is unacceptable . Exceptional America should have fought instead the IDF. This is what hurting him most.

    • Zionist has perfected the art of enjoying one set of values,legal protection ,military order,economic relation,and egalitarian socialism for themselves and another set for the rest who should not organize on any particular value based system ,on any broad based participatory political and economic principles ,or be allowed any exclusiveness unless the exclusionary practices exclude the enemies of Zionist . That's hy victims in ME ( even the Christian) are unwelcome but those from Ex Soviet are always .
      Multiculturalism can be a strength but only if the Zionists are not allowed near to the levers of the power . They will destroy it .

  • NY Times reports source of UNRWA school attack is unclear even though Israel said they did it
    • Time to airbrush the dust off the nostrils of the readers of NYT
      " As an undergraduate at U of Pen,Ron Dermer reluctantly accepted an assignment to argue that Israel should be condemned for its treatment of lies"
      NYT 07/26/2014 on the front page and there is no other news about Israel no news on Gaza
      NYT worships this man and wants it's readers to worship reminding them that no one wins arguments against him.
      The intelligence of psychopath was established long time ago when he wrote with another dunce worshipped as hero by NYT the book- THE CASE FOR DEMOCRACY :THE POWER OF FREEDOM TO OVERCOME TYRANNY AND TERROR" .

      He should know by now that power is in full display by Hamas and was before in 2006 by Hizbullah .

      His debating ability beyond any possibility of being wrong is captured by his assertion quoted by NYT . NYT said so. End of the story. He ,instead of ushering them in debate who shouted war criminal ,he called them " Moral Idiot" . That is his persuasive power in debate .

  • How Israel militarized social media
    • They ( Israel) have militarized the demonstration in Chicago. Gun control of mayor does not extend to Israeli flag carrier . Gun violence does not register in his radar when a Zionist does it . Law becomes smooth sailing , a ripple of nuisance in Chicago River when the destiny is to arouse the support for more violence against Gazan.

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  • U.S. casts lonely vote against establishing war crimes inquiry in Gaza
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      Just out. How Netanyhu tried to pressure Clinton to release Pollard letting him on into the secrets that Israel had the tapes on Lewinsky . Clinton was vehemently opposed by intelligence.

      How many Congremmen and senators or media honchos are similarly compromised ? They did this to Clinton who had done so much for Israel. Never believe the Zionist . They just can't be trusted . They have no qualms to do what they think is good for them.selves and that definition is elastic and always increasing in size .

    • He will get back most of the money in next election cycle.

    • Did not they excommunicate him by threatening not hold Bar Mitzhvah for his son.?

    • Bloomberg was lambasting US decision not to fly to Israel. He is not alone .I am sure other Zio were long same. Lo and behold FAA is flying agin. Is it under the pressure o keep the image of Israel as. Normal country open or business ?

    • The Israeli news website YNet reported that officials were contemplating whether or not to withdraw from the UN Human Rights Council in response to the vote. Israel has long decried the Human Rights Council’s focus on Israel. "

      If only Arab had that option in 1947-
      Arabs have decided to withdraw from UN. Its focus on getting a Zionist foothold in the midst of Palestine has been an irritant from the days when idea of controlling the nonWestern countries throigh quasi international bodies and pacts started becoming a fashion . By staying in the body they would give legitimacy to big fraudulent
      activity and by withdrawing en masse the Arab could make this body illegal to Arab and some other countries rendering any decision illegal ,non binding and open to future challenge.

  • Avishai says we misrepresented his views
    • What I find galling is the broad brush -Avishai uses to repaint the historical Zionism with a new layer of gloss under the veneer that the space here is limited. The political Zionism with ideas of relocating was,is,and will be always plain wrong and that wrong should be corrected. One can argue about the methodologies or the personal avarice embedded in or the deceptive behaviors exhibited by the past Arab responses . One can argue about Hamas reactionary attitudes to non Muslim,or corruption or cruel punishment or even about the charter ,but the negotiation and discussion are about not those .These are internal matter that affect or soothe the Palestine anger .
      Negotiation is about the behaviors and the counter responses between two parties.
      It comes down to simple conclusion that Israel can take now- remove all blockade ,free the prisoners,leave the coast line .
      About the charter , it has been trumped by recent declarations by Hamas for peace and truce.
      Hamas lies did not kill. Netanhyus lies are killing and killing for a long time. These lies are the official policy of Israel and have become of US

  • Berkeley rabbi mounts a soapbox in my living room
    • "They are a rightwing religious group with a nasty charter that they haven’t changed and a history of blowing up civilians, "
      I agree with your observation.
      But the relality is this -t- what Hams does or has done, is not unique .It has been done by all sides of and all kinds of combatants - death of civilians and destruction of ecology ,properties ,killing of non combatants,and children and women and markedly more so after the turn of 19 th century when war lost the localized character of the conflict .( it is possible to argue that the wars in medieval times or ancient times offered the opportunity of safety and preservation to the non combatants most of the times )

      Prevention of conflcit is much more so importnat today that it was 2 ceturies ago.

      Disregard of imposed sufferrings lead to resistance.
      Disregard of non violent protests leads to violence.
      Violence generates more of the same until it crystalizes into a violent movement

      We then start talking of terrorism and counterterrorism and then to war.

      Until the modern war learn s how to avoid the civilians , the response to the war will unfortunately involve civilians, the unengaged or the infirms and the children .
      Until Israel learns how to occupy a country without hurting common people , the day to day life,the ambition,the dreams,the safety,the sustenance of the population , someone will always show up at the enighbor's doors with bombs and missiles.

      So why someone should balme Hamas without looking into the criminality or the Original Sin by Israel whther it is 1917, or 1947,0r 1967,or 1989,or 2006,or2009,or 2013 or now

    • Rabbi is speaking in Yiddish again

      link to

      link to

      Deputy speaker Moshe Feilgin has spoken for entire Palestine to be rid of non Jews
      link to urges to cut off power supply to dialysis patient

      link to Deputy Speaker Fundraises for Israeli Terror Group
      by Richard Silverstein on April 25, 2014
      -Knesset deputy speaker Moshe Feiglin plans to travel to Toronto in ten days, where he will fundraise for the Canadian offshoot of the Israeli terror group, Kahane Chai. He will address a gala dinner for JDL Canada and then also speak at a Chabad synagogue in the city.

      (link to - in hebrew for the leftie Rabbi )

      Netanhou ouououo will not allow 2 State solution

  • 'No food, no water to revive awaiting certain death...': Horrifying report from Khuza'a village following Israeli attack
    • Did he kill "the Arabs" for they did not want to live side by side as half citizen?
      Bennett should read the NY Times archives and look up the last paragraph confirming the failure of the Arabs to get the UN Assembly consider the proposal for a Federal State of Palestine with a constitution directly drawing ideas from that of US.

    • Haaretz is yearning to have the good old days back. Jingoistic Arab leaders breathing fire . Palestine getting ovation from 3 rd world countries with no power in UN NAM,
      American campus and British campus have no Muslim presence. Israel with US fight the bad people in Middle East . No reporter in Gaza and Wrst Bank. That was the golden days . An enemy could be blamed for being a member of a decreipt value system around it. An enemy could be ridiculed, shamed,ignored and blamed for pathetic losses from 1947 to 1973 and also could be accused of starting the wars falsely without fear of getting exposed. 3rd world countries consisted of poor India and poor China and poorer Latin America ,SE Asia and impotently corrupt Iran,Iraq,Egypt,Turkey. Any narrative could be shoveled down the throat successfully as was done on the honest,poor,persecuted and ill informed Holocaust generation for decades prior and after the Holocaust.
      What hurts Haaretz is the loss of the carefully managed and created image . What hurts Haaretz is the confidence and vigor the Palestinian exhibits that their forefathers did not It was not that the forefathers did not know how to stand up,fight or protect. They had faith in justice in humanity,in common sense,and believed that a honest settlement could be reached. They underestimated and miscalculated the depth of the Zionist pathetic deception . The ill preparation for the fight came from the culture that had faith that justice and the zeitgeist of the self determination would prevail. This generation has seen it all.They have seen the corruption of the monarchs,dictators sheiks,and of the democrats within their friend circles. They have seen the deception ,played on them by Soviet,Chian,France,UK,and US This generation would die rather flee and when they die they would leave all the thousands fingers of different ages pointing blame at the core of the Zionism. Haaretz knows that Israel loses when it loses thecarefully crafted image of the moral authority . It does not lose anything when it loses the moral authority which Israel never had . The propangada within and outside are falling apart.
      Some Islamophobe some opportunistic,some bribed will support Israel. But their power is diminishing . Sheldon or Marcus or Singer can pay only so much for only so long . Capitalism is getting very poor in returning real money in the west .3rd world citizen don't believe any more the Western narrative , their own experiences have taught and inserted that reality into the DNA.

    • link to

      Targeting the wounded civilians

  • Critical Ethnic Studies Association and the African Literature Association endorse the academic boycott of Israel
    • Is there any way Mondoweiss can go on line in local languages in countries like India, Malayasia,Infonesia,or Hongkong.
      The future fight against Zionism will be fought in these countries .

  • 'Heartbreaking' is U.S. government's talking point for Gaza massacre
    • Israel never runs out of the bullet . But sure does run out of cliche
      and jargon . Time to invent a new language.

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      The sacred dancing by the bipartisan courtesans in honor of the Zion will not end .The Zion has the tapes of the scandal sex,drugs,money raising formulas,and hope for the financial redemption after the terms . Even the fact that sometimes the redemption could be withheld for the next progeny in line due to the father"s sins of failing to honor the High Priest of Tel Aviv would catalyze another round of solo dancing .
      Carter 's son's election comes to mind .But Carter did not go that far and he remains the 20 th century's most untouchable alive.

  • 'Slate' blames Birthright for indoctrinating American Jew who was killed fighting for Israel
    • But they don't glorify death. They celebrate life. They don't allow cult around the fallen .they don't fallen cult . They don't have death cult. They love life,friends,family,and beaches . They enjoy summer and winter.They adore everything living .Above all they don't send radicalized indoctrinated youth from France or US to die and die to kill . They don't travel thousands miles to drop bombs on hapless children and turn the bodies into piles of burnt meat .They love the nature and they love to smell the roses in the blossoming desert. Love of life is in the DNA and in The Tanakh.

    • Think for a moment. 2000 soldiers in US military traveling to Syria to join IS or Nusra. The US citizen and French citizen have volunteered to join a fight on behalf of a Government that maintains blockade and occupies West Bank . These fighters are fighting for a cause that is illegal in US laws and in international laws . They are violating Geneva convention by joining the army for a country that is violating hose laws And no one forcing them
      Are they radicalized? Will they attack locals ( as happens in France from JDL ) when they return?

  • You are not Alone: To Palestinians on July 20, 2014
    • ". "The MP tweeted: 'the big question is - if I lived in #Gaza would I fire a rocket? - probably yes'"
      Lib Dem MP David Ward is facing disciplinary action for tweeting . He is being condemned both by left and by right. link to

      In 2012, the Lib Dem peer Lady Tonge resigned the whip after refusing to apologise for an outspoken attack against Israel.

      Interesting , the whole Westminister gang could utter in one voice that Israel has a right to defend every time they fly a bomber to the hospital or a school without being thrown out or ridiculed but one could not remind them that Palestinian has exactly the same right .
      The Gestapo gang is out and alive in Europe as much as in Australia,US,and Canada.

  • Mr. Modi-- do not court apartheid Israel in my name
    • My understanding is that India was pressurized by Zionist to vote for partition. Not only that fake calls were placed to Indian officials. Even threats were made.
      Same thing happened to other countries like Haiti,Phllipine and few other.
      India did not give in.
      There are many reasons of Indian support fortis real now. But the most dubious what is cited often is that Arabs don't support India.
      What support it means? Iraq,Syria,and Egypt had very good relation. Gulf countries have prosperous Indian diaspora . Arab countries have large number of migrant workers. During none of the ears between India and Pakistan Arab did not start any embargo or threaten lives of Indian. During Babri mouse and the ensuing riots, Arab did not try any punitive measures against India.

  • 'Telegenically Dead': Israel’s crumbling media war
    • link to
      Israeli envoy says Israel is showing restraint,killing less and getting killed to let Palestinian live and should get a noble prize.
      The pathetic has not been asked yet to leave US soil for glorifying Israeli tendency of mass casualty of civilians . People have been silenced for calling Hamas a resistance movement.

      He has earlier dismissed openly any 2 state solution.

      link to

    • link to

      A boy won't let go the paramedic who is trying to lay him on hospital bed . He is poked with injury marks all over his tiny 2 feet body . He is saying " I want my father. Bring my father to me"
      Yes the photogenic death Palestninans are seeking and showing! A pathetic animal like Netanhu can only come up with this portrayal of the victim. Only he can.

    • Great .but could you please post the links if you have now on Gomez and Mia Farrow

    • AIPAC does not support Israeli policies blindly but supports the most ultra nationalistic ,anti peace elements of the Israeli establishment . It in US obviously aligns self with the same folks who don't support the Oslo ,or land for peace or two state solution.

      link to

      From same source "In late 2000, when the intifada began, the former Clinton adviser told me, there were cases in which Israel used what seemed to many to be excessive force, such as breaking the bones of young Palestinians, and exacerbated the conflict in doing so. But if administration officials had said anything “that smacked of ‘moral equivalency,’” he observed, “it would have gotten us attacks from Congress, the media, and interest groups.” After a while, he continued, officials begin to shy away from saying anything that might become controversial domestically, leading to
      self censorship in speech and action...."

    • "AIPAC Is the Only Explanation for America's Morally Bankrupt Israel Policy"
      Stephen M Walt

      link to

  • Dear American media, I’m asking you to simply tell what’s happening in Gaza
    • She has been removed from upcoming appearances
      link to

      Sanchez, Helen Thomas,Olivia Nasr , the long list will be getting longer .

    • link to
      Jon Stewart has nailed it.

    • This is now
      link to

      This was then link to

      IDF targeting and exhorting to target children

    • Israel allows enough non lethal material to build rocket. Israel needs reaction after provocation. Otherwise how the sheep could be told repeatedly to stay inside the closed tents of Zionism and how otherwise the gravy train from US congress will keep on rolling down to Tel Aviv? The safe war of choice against the most humiliated with so little to lose and so much to gain will not fade away from the daily list of things to do by the Zionist .

    • Katherine Fung in - today

      MSNBC Contributor Accuses Network Of 'Biased' Coverage Toward Israel

      link to

      She named the names. She mentioned AIPAC, Sheldon,Money,and she named the journalist.

      She did . She has done more than anybody in recent history to shame the corrupted system.
      I hope she is not forced to renege . But she is in trouble now. The dogs could be at any time barking at her apt door . But I hope the neighborhood has woken up and will chase the attack dogs away.

  • Video: 'It's a hell of a pinpoint operation' -- John Kerry caught criticizing Israel on hot mic during Sunday news show
    • Yes ,you are right. It is the presence of Islamophobia in certain circles that explain divine reverence for Israel in Ethiopia,Kenya,and India .

    • It is known as "career suicide" . Intelligence knows it for a longtime . Unless you are Carter building habitat , you have to support the demolition crew at the drop ofa dime and clear the way for the action. Kerry and Obama knee what was in store for the Palestniam children .

  • Nobel peace laureates and celebrities call for military embargo on Israel
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      Is Kerry waking up? Is Wallace offerring an escape hatch or a lullaby ? Fox is so inured to violence against Muslims and Arabs that it can't bring itself to admitting the fact that the visceral reaction to the death could be something other than an automatic sympathy for the Israeli murderers.

  • On the defensive, Barney Frank accuses Clemons and Kornacki of ganging up on him, and Israel
    • We know the felling Frank. We feel that through our all 5 senses all the times. The West has been ganging against Palestine for as long as you have been breathing your fire against Palestine .
      The difference is that your 6 th sense provides you with the feeling. We feel it through our regular five senses.

  • The heart of the problem with Israel: The mass expulsion of the Palestinian people
    • If Palestine uprising continued ,Israel would have to make war on her Arab neighbors. The war,he said,would provide the circumstances for the removal of the entire Palestinian population from the West Bank and Gaza and even from Israel proper"
      Ariel Sharon 1988
      " What is inconceivable in normal times;is possible in revolutionary times;and if if at this time the opportunity is missed and what is possible in such great hours is not carried out- a whole world is missed"- Ben Guiron Hossain Zadeh 07/18-20/2014
      Netanyhu said similar stuff during 1989 China 's violent demonstration . He rebuked Israel for focussing on it and asked Israel should have seized the opportunity of inattention of the west and finish the plan on the Palestinian.

      From these long lines of believers in violence stretching over a few decades to a century, one can safely assume that this network and policy or faith that bind this Zionist entity together would cause chaos,would provoke retaliation,would disturb equilibrium and would then blame the victims to unleash the animal like violent assault on children,women and elderly.

  • Israel is in a pickle
    • The end game? It is impossible to say what the end game is. Here is the difference between Zionist and people who are motivated by a goal . But the process of reaching some kind of goal could be the goal itself for it allows distraction,it extorts concession,it lessens the demands made on Israel,it increases the power of the talking points of Israel ,it empowers Israel to challenge US,UK,France,Germany ( France had banned any pro Palestine demo ) ,it petrifies any fair solution seeking discussion, it also numbs people to wider ,excessive barbarians ,and prolonged violences , it feeds to the general narrative against an enemy that covers Algeria to Phillipine and from Xinjiang to Ethiopia. ( how many times have we heard from partially informed citizen from India ,Nigeria,UK ,USA the charges that Muslims anywhere in the world are always seeking unrest,violence,and anti national activities?. Recent talking down of Obama and the demonization of Islam/ Arab by Israeli ambassador could only spring to life in this degenerate moral swamp. The benefit is enormous . It emboldens Mynamar Buddhist , Sri Lankan militia, supplies more energy to BJP- RSS disciples ,and encourages the neocons not to scrutinize what they say or what Pamella or Gelder does . The public becomes used to racism ,taunting,and to random violence against Muslim in Europe or Canada or US)

      There is no constructive solution on the Israeli plate . There is none on Obama's or Holland 's or Cameron's or of Blair. It can be in a pickle but it is not suffering either morally or physically. The moral suffering of Zionism is best understood only by the psychopath.

  • Obama humiliates Muslim guests at White House Ramadan event, endorses Israel’s Gaza assault and NSA surveillance
    • Dermer
      This is your culture
      link to

    • link to
      Diana Magnay is removed for labeling the bomb-dropping cheering public as '" scum"
      But Israel can have a man in WH calling Muslim religion embeds belligerency that its culture promotes belligerency . CNN is the one who brings these people on their podium who promote the arguemrnts that leads to the behavior of scum like behaviors, a mild world,compared to the real description these people deserve .

    • He is worse than Mbouto . He can be compared to Kabila from Congo and Kabila still be a winner .

    • Bringing Ron Dernmer in Iftar party is like asking a Nazi member to join Holocaust memorial service with a bunch of the victims .

    • Obama has no shame . He is a pathetic soul today . It seems he has internalized a lot of those abuses from Netanyahu . Or are we missing something ? Is he making sure that door is not shut on his face after he left WH . There are many doors .but there is one gatekeeper. That makes it difficult . It seems the gatekeeper was there in Iftar party . His name is this Ron Dermer .

  • 'We are moving from Iron Dome to an iron fist': Israel launches ground invasion of Gaza
  • 'Hamas... is putting their own people at risk' -- State Dep't on Israel killing 4 boys on Gaza beach
    • In the same counterpunch article

      -Lavrov’s mention of Kolomoysky, a Ukrainian oligarch with Israeli citizenship who is worth an estimated $6.3 billion according to Forbes, reveals the existence of a bank tycoon who continues to play an extraordinary role in turning the tide of war on behalf of the Kiev government. Of Jewish descent, Kolomoysky, who lives in Switzerland returned to Ukraine to accept appointment as Governor of the Dnipropetrovsk in March, 2014

      He created Dnipro Battalion.
      . Informed that a Jewish solider from the Dnipro Battalion had been killed in fighting and that members of the Jewish community had put a reward of one million dollars on the head of Tsarev , he (Tsa rev) withdrew from the Presidential race after being beaten by a mob in Kiev and after his home was burnt to the ground and ran to Russia. "

      Things are bizarre indeed.

    • "Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has suggested that “Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko would like to ease tension and go on with the truce, there are other forces” including the “battalions of Igor Kolomoysky who do not obey Ukraine’s Central Command and the Commander-in-Chief.”
      Who is this Kolomousky? A dual passport holder Israeli citizen .. He threatened a Presidential candidate who ran to Russia. He created European Jewish Union. 17 th July

      link to

  • Jet Blue incident shifts from anti-Semitic story to anti-Palestinian one
    • Did Dr Rosenberg mention of the killings of two Palestinian by Israel in May 2014? Did we hear about the death from CNN, Fox,WSJ,or from the State Department?
      The whole world knows about the three Israelis killed . This is the way impression is created ,an overwhelming negative attitude to Hamas and West Bank residents, making it an article of faith never to be questioned and rendering it as a mental shortcut to a biased and dangerously closed default position . The support from American citizen to Israel can mostly 99.999 percent of it, be explained by the emotional memory of a falsely presented event after the incident and always before a preemptive war against unarmed citizen.

  • NBC reportedly orders Mohyeldin to leave Gaza -- after he criticized State Dep't
    • US and Russia getting closer and loser to a war . China might play the same role US played in both World Wars . This development seems more likely than ever has it before . That possibility if ever realized will finish Israel . Israel will remain a country but will not have the free ride on the back of western countries any more and no one will step up to the begging bowl of Israel . This lack of free resources and lack of access to myriad other opportunities will force the country to fold ,and the society to fragment .
      In the ancient times more Israelis did trek away looking or better life and opportunity. I see a similar development .

  • Rachel Maddow ignores the story in Israel/Palestine
    • Thank you . It really goes to the heart of the intellectual and moral bankruptcy of hapless Americans .
      It seems Ameticans have been given choices between two set of identical corpses , but one of the two wears Santa Clause 's red color. The children and grown up decide now who to choose.

    • "The students making the posts will not reveal online that they are funded by the Israeli government, according to correspondence about the plan revealed in the Haaretz newspaper.

      Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office, which will oversee the programme, confirmed its launch and wrote that its aim was to “strengthen Israeli public diplomacy and make it fit the changes in the means of information consumption”.

      The government’s hand is to be invisible to the foreign audiences. Daniel Seaman, the official who has been planning the effort, wrote in a letter on 5 August to a body authorising government projects that “the idea requires not making the role of the state stand out and therefore it is necessary to adhere to great involvement of the students themselves, without political linkage or affiliation”.

      According to the plan, students are to be organised into units at each university, with a chief co-ordinator who receives a full scholarship, three desk co-ordinators for language, graphics and research who receive lesser scholarships and students termed “activists” who will receive a “minimal

      The officials said the students would stress Israeli democratic values, freedom of religion and pluralism. 16th July 2014

      At least she is not supplying Israeli version or getting paid upfront by Netanyahu .link to

  • Violence outside Paris synagogue falsely attributed to anti-Semitism (Updated)
    • link to
      JDL ,LICRA,CRIF are instrumental in campaign against Muslim of France,against media freedom,against independent French foreign policy( Chirac was sabotaged and punished) against French religious cultural expression in school and for creating Shoa as a quasi religious holiday. JDL often engages in violence against young Muslim kids ,in smashing book shop and organizing racist propaganda against immigrant/ Muslims.
      LIcRA and CRIF are the French version of AIPAC and other Jewish bodies in US.

  • Congresswoman who visited Israel on AIPAC's dime has no time for relative of boy beaten by Israeli police
    • How does someone still hold hope up in the psyche? How could keep the hope alive that justice oneday will be served?
      The corrupt alliance between the rich Muslims ,US power,and Israeli stranglehold on each type of powers across the globe offer no space for hope for the victims of the endemic Middle East violences .
      It was economic benefit and reawakening of Christian values,presence of communism as a threat and provcateuer ,and political windfall that rescued the blacks and provided a safe space for civil right leaders to demand equality before law. Zionism works against the obvious realities including economic political,and clings to the belief of 500 BC as far as foreign policy is concerned . It also has the obvious fear that it will have no moral legs to stand if it ever faced a situation where the forgiveness only oukd save it from wrath of its victims . Guilt provides it with energy of manufacturing crisis for instant and repeated economic,political,and military advantages on an ongoing basis .
      The war like mentality does not offer any room for the peaceniks or for new ideas. It eliminates them fom Israel. Fear is forced upon the population. Every war is existential and essential response with no alternative. Gradually the country is turned into a killing machine where every body is an active pro war robot with visceral animosity to any thought or behaviors which don't follow the Zionism supplied lines abroad and within the borders.
      Their is only one hope that this hatred will destroy Israel physically sooner than later. It has already destroyed its soul.

    • Did she ask who killed the young Israelis?
      Who masterminded or created blowback knowingly or unknowingly?

      link to

      link to

      Supporting Jihadist -"The good, the prime minister said, is Israel, which “saves lives from the daily slaughter taking place in Syria. This is the true face of Israel.”

      The evil, he continued, is Iran, which is arming those carrying out the slaughter. (Jerusalem Post, February 19, 2014)
      Was he also arming and training them? Didn't Israel send AlQuida operatives to West Bank to implicate PA in 2000 and later,but was spotted and arrested by PA?

  • 'We’re Like Toys for Them': Young Gazans speak about Operation Protective Edge
    • This war is not anything new that is being experienced by Gazan . Its a more or less daily experience for last 50 yrs. Palestininans are targeted while crossing check points,borders,while trying to fish,or even play soccer or go to beaches or try to harvest or plant or build homes on destroyed pieces of properties . During those situations, Palestinians walk away and don not offer physical resistances. War is won by Israel without firings shot. But it is still a war as was the war on Jews by Hitler.

    • No not toys . You are according to the Zionist , animals,unclean,death worshipping ,future terrorists --
      "“A deep and wide moral abyss separates us from our enemies,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said recently of the Palestinians. “They sanctify death while we sanctify life. They sanctify cruelty while we sanctify compassion.”

      Ayelet Shaked, a member of the right-wing Jewish Home Party, on her Facebook page June 30 posted an article written 12 years ago by the late Uri Elitzur, a leader in the settler movement and a onetime adviser to Netanyahu, saying the essay is as “relevant today as it was then.” The article said in part: “They [the Palestinians] are all enemy combatants, and their blood shall be on all their heads. Now this also includes the mothers of the martyrs, who send them to hell with flowers and kisses. They should follow their sons, nothing would be more just. They should go, as should the physical homes in which they raised the snakes. Otherwise, more little snakes will be raised there.”Chris Hedges
      link to

      Then I read " Judaism is a light of the nations"( Isa 42:6)

  • Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder says Israel is using our taxes to 'drop bombs on children' and take land
    • Zionist as a group is getting demented. Now unable to recognize themselves .

    • Yes. Why build . Israel will find a reason to destroy it. The reasons Israel kept the blockade was to see the departure,death,and eventual disappearance of significant portion of Gazan to make way for seizure of the land again. Otherwise it makes no sense. The other reason is to periodically force US to fork out money. Sometimes I wonder if Israel could ever settle down as a normal country when it depends on squeezing the last drop of the juice from every benefactors it has or will have . It needs excuses to extract the oxygen from the brain dead American .

    • Britain has a game plan- keep the far flung empire in business and protect the colonies with vassal,trading post,garrison state. Israel was added to the list with time horizon of 20 - 30 yrs . But it turned out to be a night mare. The salve threatened the master with killing the dog in it's kennel ( Begin ) .
      What game plan US has? Iraq,Libya,Afghanistan have not produced any significant recurring sustainable return to the coffers. Arms made by government subsidies are being sold to US government . US is selling arms to Egypt and other countries who buy the arms from the money US sends as gift,loan,or Import and Export Bank . The money or dollar is recycled. Dollar is under threat . The legislators get bribed by various Israrli lobbies and societies . But those very lobbies and societies indirectly get funded by Israrl or by people who benefit from this arrangement . Interestingly the money sent to Israel make their way back through deceptive accounting practice , to US and go back to the lawmakers who are bribed with the same dollar that was originally sent out . Recycling business lifts a lot of boats but where does the country see any return to the citizen. It does not.
      This house of card can easily come down anytime . Dollars used and collected and hoarded by other countries may not allow the recycling too long .

    • Dimadok
      Do us a favor . Tell the Chinese as representative Israeli .Write as a Zionist pr anti Palestinian to their newspaper in response to the pro Israeli trolls .
      Do same to India . They have BJP run government and pro RSS media like Times of India and Hindustan Times and Indian Express. These media covet ME and the pro Israeli ,pro violence ,anti Muslim comments would sway you off balance. Post your opinion there as well.
      Don't they need to know what the new suitor really thinks of them? Israel has already indicated that they would open more business,offices,increase contacts and activities in China and India.

  • Jewish activists light children's dolls on fire at Yad Vashem to protest Gaza attack
    • Thank you for bringing the news of the event to us. With a lot of gratitude to these activist , we thank them for the devotion to the cause that defines us as human.

  • The players may change, but the game remains the same: The use of racism to justify the massacre of innocent civilians in Gaza
    • I hope you are right. But I have doubts.. US is tired of war ( in saner situation it would be called no money , no money, no money ) and like British wants to withdraw from ME. Israel is already stepping in .It has got Egypt cornered, saudi arab dependent and good relation with a lot of salafist . It can make life miserable for Basher and King of Jordan more for more concession .Kurds is angry with everybody excepting Israel. Morocco and Libya wont mind to improve the relation for weapons . Pakistan according to Telegraph (UK) has been buying arms to the chagrin and impotent disgust of India. Israel can always play the terrorism card ,taking a leaf out of the western playbook, in Inida and China and support the terrorists and these countries alike . It will ensure that withdrawal of US or its money will not affect the financial and diplomatic survival of Israel. Israel has good relations with central Asian despot .
      If Israel implodes , it will be from the internal issues not from the fight of some Caliphate seeking thugs .

    • link to

      Label has to change with new or old actors but label has to change. New war can't be fought with old familiar name. Neoconservative was forced out of fashion by those hapless citizen because they supplied with the neocon lies also got " mugged with the reality" . These poor souls also found the wallet vacuumed by the wars based on labels -Axis of Evil, incubating terrorism,sleeper cells ,mushroom cloud, islamofascism ,,self radicalization, Arab Street , and WMD - the most famous abbreviations since YHAWH , coming from the neoconservative factory ready and fit for consumption . But now people have got wiser. Kristol must have shared the problem with the tribes . His son in law has the newer . He likes to be called freedom conservative . Hopefully that will bring the reality back to Americans averse to intervene ,hopefully they will . There is still Iran standing in the way of broader Middle East dismemberment .Gaza is the reflection of the future war . Old game same script,different handwriting and rearranging of the letter by the new actors who all hail from the same extended family . No one will question their family values .That much is certain.

  • Joining Graham, Schumer calls for end of Palestinian unification for sake of Israel's 'survival'
    • Poor Hagee should confirm his status by visiting Jerusalem old quarters with no prior intimation of arrival . He should go without umbrella or face mask.
      The spitted out Israeli saliva dribbling from his body will satisfy the requirement for the ceremonial baptism in case he was seeking one.
      China and India can learn a lot from Hagee- before turning yourself into a door mat,make sure that door would withstand the arrival of the freeloaders
      "Enemy of my enemy is my friend" means Hagee has to keep on fighting against Islam to maintain the friendship . India and China facing stuff from Xinxiang have to do same until exhaustion sets in. It also means your new Israeli friend will never allow to sit down and talk to Islam or the terrorist in case of India-China which is exactly happening between US and Iran ,between Hamas and US and between Hizbullah and US . Poor evangelist and their money wasted on a return ticket for Jesus so that the Jews will be killed and Jesus will sit down for a good dinner with his faithful. Hagee wants us to believe that Jews are fine with the self destruction with 100 % participation . Even a child would have second thought.

    • Blowback is already here. The kids from Hondurus have trekked a long way to escape Hillary approved overthrow of Honduran elected president Zalaya ,and are waiting at the border to be greeted by Hillary.
      Some blowback s appears early and get sorted out. Some show up late and they sort things out.

    • link to

      link to

      The interpretation of the dream that emanates from the holy city of Tel Aviv reaches the hearts and minds of the diaspora in the farthest corner of the earth and awakens the tribal connectivity .
      How can Schumer,the guardian of Israel,and Graham who bemoans for not born as Jewish ,ignore the interpretation . It is the medicine bottle for the perplexed teaching them how to take the med to the mouth.
      Like the OSP in Iraq war,like the Truman administration "s Jewish court ,like the tainted Johnson administration ,these guys are echoing what suit the Zionist in their time of need. The time and the need ,both are eternal and always in present moment.
      Explanation that is offered is same . It is the description of the crime .
      Created situation goes a long way in times of fury,death,violence to confuse the perplexed who are asking from the corrupt corridors of the power in Washington and London - Give us something to get confused to take to our constituents to keep them confused with bias ,also known as bipartisan JudeomChristian orgy in crack house . they got it.- Hamas is planning,planning,planning more about planning again .- they received the talking points .
      Who killed the Jewish boys and why did the Israel decide to pick up and pound the Hamas leaders ? Was the goal identified months before the visit of Kerry to bring some fun in the boring existence of the Zionism and in the process repeat the vow to the racist,vengeful,and isolated Jewish god? Sure the diaora and the helper ,both are welcome since they have honestly and correctly repeated the prayers of Netsnhyu .

    • link to

      link to

      The interpretation of the dream that emanates from the holy city of Tel Aviv reaches the hearts and minds of the diaspora in the farthest corner of the earth and awakens the tribal connectivity .
      How can Schumer,the guardian of Israel,and Graham who bemoans for not born as Jewish ,ignore the interpretation . It is pill bottle for the perplexed and humiliated telling them how to take the medicine all the way to the mouth.
      Like the OSP in Iraq war,like the Truman administration "s Jewish court ,like the tainted Johnson administration ,these guys are echoing what suit the Zionist in their time of need. The time and the need ,both are eternal and always in present moment.
      Explanation that is offered is what Israel needs. End of the circle to retrace itself.

      Created situation goes a long way in times of fury,death,violence does and is made sure that get no in-I depth look . Who killed the Jewish boys and why did the Israel decide to pick up and pound the Hamas leaders ? Was the goal identified months before the visit of Kerry to bring some fun in the boring existence of the Zionism and in the process repeat the vow to the racist,vengeful,and isolated Jewish god? Sure the diaspora and the helper ,both are welcome since they have honestly and correctly repeated the prayers of from TelAviv. .

  • Israel's message to the Palestinians: Submit, leave or die
    • I don't think Balfour had this scenario in mind. He along with Brandeis told that it was wrong to use mere numerical self determination since a great many potential inhabitants of the Jewish Home in Palestine still lived outside the borders . They continued to use bewildering logic like Zionism is rooted in age- long traditions,in present needs in future hopes of far profounder import than the desires and prejudices of the 700,000 Arabs who live on that ancient land " .
      Page 422 PARIS 1919
      Foreign Office reminded Weizmann " it is most important that everything should be done to ..,allay Arab suspicions regarding the true aims of Zionism " when he visited Palestine in 1918 .
      Herzl has himself wanted a state from Egypt to Euphraites( Complete Diary Vol || .page 711)
      Weizman admitted to Soviet ambassador to UK of the plan of driving millions of Palestinian to Syria,Jordan,and Transjordan and Iraq to settle 4 millions Jews( page 45 QUICKSAND by Geoffrey Wawro)
      Herzl's collaborator Max Nordau said " But there are Arabs in Palestine" He said " I did not know that! We are committing an injustice" ( page 19 QUICKSAND)
      Herzl cautioned against ardent supporters of immediate expulsion by saying to " expropriate gently.... Discreetly and circumspectly" and Zangwill wrote in 1921 " We must gently persuade them to trek " and " to fold their tents and silently steal away"
      ( p 19 QUICKSAND"

      Today when Israel refuses to apply Geneva Convention or obey the rules of various international organizations ,it does not do something new that is out of its character.
      Reinterpretation of Democracy or rule of law in times of wars or the responbiloties to the occupied civilians are but tip of the iceberg that hides the original nature of the Zionism under the liberal,civilized,humane facade of Israeli society.

    • You are blaming Hamas for what again? They acquired missile during the calm period ? Is thats why ? its like adking for Ghandhi or Mandela again ? Oh when Palestine is going tot produce one ! Ivri- they were killed or eliminated long time ago. The possibility of a successful peaceful agitation has been destroyed long time ago by Israel. There will be no Ghandhi . Hamas will stop procuring missile only when Israel will show the proof that Israel has delivered something in return for the past fulfillment of those demands by Arabs ( recognition by Arafat , Saudi initiative or recent gesture from Iran have met and faced extra new more demands from Israel, agreeing to 1967 border ) and has kept its side of the negotiation.
      What did Israel do during the calm period again? Did they remove blockade,release Palestinian leaders from jail,councilmen from jail,release children from jail,allow business truck to roll in,allow checkpoint injuries and death minimized or be stopped? Did Israel allow unhindered access of foreigners to Gazacor Gazan to foreign countries? Did it allow students to travel,and come back?
      What Israel did to Gaza is like if Indonesian maintained ground,water,aerial blockade of East Timor or UK did same to India . In case of the later,UK could have used all the arguments that Israel uses - past terrorism,collaboration with enemy ( Japan, Germany, meeting with Hitler, boycott,and intra India violence along with the security need to keep the empires in Malayasia and Hongkong safe)

    • This is why ,in this latest violence. the death of 3 Jewish boys was blamed on Hamas. Hamas leaders were then rounded up in WBank. Hamas ,it was known like any other human being will react. The reaction this time brought Israel closer to realizing the dream of total incorporation of Palestine land without Palestinian.

    • From link to

      The Israeli algorithm
      1 Basic tenet is to maintain total control of the land ,preferably without any indigenous
      population. If population did not leave,then they should live and survive like inmate,like native Indian in reserve,like fourth class in India,like the Jews in the train leaving for Poland from European towns.
      2 to realize that basic train, all other options have to be scuttled,decried,removed,ridiculed,and if necessary violence has to be unleashed.
      2 To justify the behaviors that would accomplish the realization, Israel can t speak of the tenet . Israel has to create new situation and blame the forces remotely linked to the conflicts . In the past,this is why it has blamed Saddam, Libya, Syria, Alquida and now Iran . In the process it not only delays attention to Palestine but forces money and gadgets out of Germany and US and forces Russia or China not to sell arms to Syria and Iran .
      3 The created situation will have to encompass the abstract and concrete level. The abstract is diffuse implicit subliminal hatred of Palestine,then Arab,then Islam and then the whole Muslim world. The description will inlcude the historical injustices against non Muslim in the past from Morocco to Indonesia and from Russia to Sudan.
      The abstract will also include Koran and Hadith and cover the current history of chronic violence and lack of democratic principle in muslim in habituated areas.
      The concrete part of the created situation will include the behaviors ( bad) of Muslim as jihadist,as failed leaders ,as lack of partnership, and also the constant ongoing propaganda by Israel in German,in France,in US and will reach India and China.the created narrative will try to seize any unrelated aspect of the behaviors of Muslims whether stoning to death,or slavery in Sudan or stone throwing by Palestine kids to multiply and increase the continuously present Israeli oppression and violence.
      4 the international responses to Israel will be ignored,ridiculed or be termed antisemite and effort be mounted to displace those voices from offices,from media,from public space.
      5 the local response will be war against the local human .
      6 once the tenet is reachable,now and then Israeli leaders will allude to it either as a slip,or to show contempt for the world that includes US and Europe.
      7 once the tenet is reached,some other angry stupid behaviors by Arab will be divined and sanitized as the solution that world was afraid of thinking but Israel was bold enough to think,contemplate,and accomplish.
      8 Cycle will repeat . The perimeter of Israel control has to get bigger and expansive.

  • Sawyer blunder indicative of noxious bias against Palestinians in American journalism
    • link to
      Teen survivor of Texas shootings say slain family members are in lot better place.
      It does not mean the teens are celebrating the victim hood or death over life .
      This kind of remark we come across all the time whiter the death isin a war zone or from a random meaningless violence . Death is also immortalized in so many other ways-movie,donation,building memorials,and even glorifying the membership in Gold Star for the mother ,the club of those who have lost their sobs and daughters.
      Media fully participates . So have Diane and Jack sometimes in their career solemnity recognizing the valor even for those who spent theirs valors in illegal wars.

      But Arabs are always blamed for the ritual and the utterances or the slogan they raise they undertake after each death of one of their members from drones or from Israeli shells

    • link to
      Teen survivor of Texas shootings say slain family members are in lot better place.
      It does not mean the teens are celebrating the victim hood or death over life .
      This kind of remark we come across all the time when the death isin a war zone or from a random meaningless violence .
      But Arabs are always blamed for the ritual and the utterances or the slogan they raise they undertake after each death of one of their members from drones or from Israeli shells

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