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  • Netanyahu did everything but use the 'n-word' against Obama to stop the Iran Deal -- Susan Rice
    • Obama made it sure that he would not be another casualty like JFK was. Achieve something and don't fight each and every battle.
      There is pressure on him from neocon from every direction He has helped the country in solving Iran issue ,has stopped slide to war against Russia and hasn't responded to calls from Clinton Power,Kagan in attacking Syria.

  • Howard Stern says no one lived in Palestine before Jews got there, but Roger Waters wants them to go 'back to concentration camp'
    • Howard Stern is shock jock radio host. I have heard his shockingly sexual innuendo
      and vulgar incestous references to mainly female . He breaks the ethical and sublime's boundary at ease all the time.
      So why he hasn't been able to break his own psychological fence free himself off the tribal sandbox and let his logical conclusion run free in a fact driven hard hitting reality oriented world?
      Even for certan atheist has god whose name is Israel - that goes for Harris
      Even for certain free thinker. Iconoclastic hammer wielder some statue are too powerful to even suggest a relocation - that goes for Stern. Breaking them would break their fragile ego based on tough looking calcium based skeleton

  • The refreshing bluntness of Ayelet Shaked
    • "Marriage services for Jews in Israel are controlled by the state rabbinate. Israel has no civil marriage, so there is no existing framework that could be expanded to include gay couples. - See more at: link to

      How does military avoid the quandary? Cam gay men lesbian women from military apply as a couple for mortgage without being married?

    • In known history of Israel, moderates have never won. Worst is that it doesn't revisit to correct the mistakes even when it is solidly anchored,powerful ,and respected . It does nt know how to use the power .Worse is the evolution of its narrative on its own genesis or movement to the future .. The new illegality,the new brutality,the new deception,the new sin ,the new breach of morality- all are normalized for the next course of action which again leads to same recycling of the same core principles and repeating the same behaviors. Saked is looking at the playbook of the original founders ,at the trio of Begin Dayan Rabin and remembering Shamir and Sharon . He can identify the identical facial lines on her own forehead and of Netanyahu.

      So the violent end is the only end that it can anticipate and be ready for .

  • Syrian and Palestinian refugees can be helped by better representation on TV and in film
    • just October 4, 2015, 8:02 pm

      Kudos to these young Israelis with such wonderful voices . ( I dont know Arabic.But I loved it )

    • Last Friday afternoon NPR played few tracks from an album. Lyric was good,so was the music. It was really a wonderful experience. NPR. was fulsome in praising deservingly so
      Then I heard NPR giving the background and airing the interview with the singers.
      It explained everything .
      Yemeni song and music being promoted by three Yemeni Jews from Israel.
      Why haven't we heard it before?

      Nothing good in Arab world. Not the food not the dress,not the culture until sold worn or promoted by a Jewish person.

  • The Obama administration needs to own up to the quagmire in Syria
    • The New York Times recently reported about the:
      As Syria Reels, Israel Looks to Expand Settlements in Golan Heights

      “…many Israeli leaders and thinkers seizing on the chaos in Syria to solidify Israel’s hold on Golan.”

      Advocates of the new Golan settlements defend them by citing the chaos in Syria:

      “With Syria ‘disintegrating’ after years of civil war, they argue, it is hard to imagine a stable state to which the territory could be returned.”

      The Times quotes Israeli MP Michael Oren suggesting settlements and eventual recognition of the illegal activities by US.

      link to

      May be the motive of Israel was never anything other than profiting from the deadly chaos that it created.

    • For neoocns it was never about IS or al Nusra . It was all about the security and the hegemony pf Israel.

      link to

      Otherwise these dangerous people in charge of foreign affairs would have been called on the carpet to explain why they disagreed over America offering trainings and logistics to Lebanon to fight ISIS

    • You dont know how to argue with facts. Fcats to you have an end in itself.
      The difference between Assad and Netanyahu are quite a few
      Let's just focus on Plaestine

      Assad will kill torture anybody who happens to pose a threat to the existing society and political arrangements . and wont complain against unrelated State torture in Tibet or Kashmir Netanhyhu will target only Palestinian boys,girls,women,and elderly and not Jewsih women or children . He will target the Palestinian men and not Jewish men . He then will compalin : " What is happening in Darfur ? What is happening in N Korea? Why is evrbody silent on repression in Tibet?"
      Sunnis and Shias and Christian could be in military,politics,business ,corruption and in crimes in Syria . Not in Israel. Syria doesn't describe itself a republic or dictatorship based on ethnic purity and doesn't claim that Syria is meant to protect certain ethnic purity.
      Palestinian has never offered and pursued the policy of religious and ethnic cleansing on contrast to the polices of ISIS or al-Nusra .
      And no one is supplying arms ,ammunition, dollars ,trainings ,and no fly zone to Hamas to weaken Netanyahu so that Egypt could move in and capture Haifa and create a security ring for Hamas around the Mediterranean shore of Israel to guard Egyptian interesrs

    • No one is suggesting that Assad is a saint . What most of us feel disgusted about is this western abuse of underlying tension to feed the instincts of Israeli beast .

      How would some body feel if Pinochet inserted himself ,to cure black poverty, dispossession of Mexican from Texas-Arizona-Nevada and discrimination against Native American , in American corrupt political system to feed the Mexican drug cartel business?

      After Vietnam,Granada,Panama,Iraq war 1 and 2 , Venezuela and varying level of antidemocratic pro corporatist behaviors at home why should America be trusted ?

    • In reality conspiracy isnt that uncommon if we stick to the definition . It is defined as planning and execution of one or more illegal,or unethical,or immoral or harmful activities by 2 or more people under secrecy when transparency could have prevented the execution.

      But nowadays it (conspiracy theory ) is given an aura of magic ,something happening out of blue and developing out of vacuum and being orchestrated by "ugly beast with one eye and 2 horns" ( as the designation was belittled by a neocon ) . Then it is slaughtered or to be precise the accusation against the perpetrators and beneficiaries of hatching a plot and executing the plans with state level preparedness , are brushed away ,swept under the carpet and ridiculed because "its a conspiracy theory " ! The Holy Grail of the right to ridicule and to ignore !

      Conspiracy survives on the culture of ignorance,suppression,hiding,and on the availability of power to push the agenda . This is why the Oslo peace process hater neoocns with missing 2 horns and 1 eye can come on teh TV and inflame the passion against Iran by claiming that Iran is against Oslo peace process. There is nobody to correct them,show them the door,and prosecute them for challenging a treaty signed at the behest of US in US and underwritten by US in addition to false framing of another country.
      They also can in same breath say that Saddam would attack US if US did not attack now but wont attack if we attacked Saddam first! Again there is nobody to correct them and show the door and shut the door on their faces for good. In US conspiracy theory is not required .It is brazenly pushed and promoted in the process hiding,suppressing,ignoring and plain lying about everything that could expose their schemes .

    • Street vendor is not the agent .He looked up for guidance ( he did not but his class) and he saw teh divine figure of CIA in the mask of Islam .His student sympathizers looked up for support and they saw the divine figures this time in the garb of democracy singing western music known as freedom . Out of nowhere ex Ghaddafi confidant and Chad invader rescued by CIA ,shipped to US and then marinated for 30 odd years suddenly become the leader of the movement or one fraction of the movements .At the least US could have stopped his departure and could have prevented the rise of the conspiracy theory . But the US has only the conspiracy to offer and only this piece of ghoulish platform to operate on. So It can't.
      It reminds me the "occupy Wall Street" . The Democrats ( one of Obama's nominees not nominated because he signed some letter asking for more 911 investigation ) suggested that the movement should be shepherded by the political elite .
      Peoples frustration ,anger,and fear have been exploited throughout the human history . But only the prepared ,informed,and with followers can seize the opportunity . In this age of internet,witters,You Tube,and mass E mail and texting the moneyed men and women could create the digital movement and virtual followers . It can amplify the magnitude and the dimension . US exactly followed this paradigm unsuccessfully in Cuba in its efforts to create flash mob and digital AstroTurf movement masquerading as native grassroots genuine legit agitation only about 2 ? 3 years ago. It can also inflate the casualties .It can also swing back and forth like a pendulum between possibility of truth and lies like it did when the West preached to the choir of the impending genocide in Libya and Sarin Gas attacks in Syria . Conspiratorial mechanism also include the act of sowing the doubt , turning that doubt into event or incipient possibility and rallying the crowd into all kind of preventing homework .

    • Syrian revolt or Arab spring was definitely in the works for sometime. Neocons knew it and subverted it . It is no different than the earlier attempts at other counties from Kirgistan to Georgia to Serbia .
      Middle class in Arab counties are no different than their counterparts in Russia and India . Revolution coud also happen there if there were fossilized institution ,established nepotism ,family rules,and above all animosity at government levels .
      Ths regime change could have happened in India if this were 1980 of Indira Ghandhi .
      Changing government doesn't hurt neocons at all. It cements the partnership with rogue elements within intelligence,State department,Defense,Pentagon,and opens opportunities for personal growth and brings those countries closer to the same sections within US that is most pro Israeli . A new ruler bought and brought by neocon would repay the debt most ardently if it meant to be limited to being avid pro Israeli in foreign policy .

      Neocons have been trying since 1996 to depose Syrian regime and turn it into Jordan or Egypt . The Plan-B was anarchy and fragmentation. Neocon as a movement was permeated and suffused with visceral ant Muslim,anti Arab hatred with options of inflicting multiple plans of different severities and cruelties contingent on the available opportunities . They had different beliefs on other matters and on other issues and ven on their religious affiliations,on personal choices on sexual gender,racial,climatic,educational,economic matters . But they were untied and are still by two strands of the thickest steel ropes - anti Arab and pro Israel. They might show differences here and there and now and then but like the water finds the lowest point. they find their lowest denominator at a given context and wait for the next move . In that paradigm today's friend like Egypt or Jordan could be sacrificed tomorrow if a better Jordan or Egypt could be expected tomorrow . A better Egypt or Jordan is what is good for the Jews at a particular given moment .

      Your analysis is correct . But Syrian or Ghaddafi regime failed because the rulers did not allow political aspirations of the rivals to have any say . System prevented any opportunity for opponents to come to power .

      The regime was not poor or repressive in the sense Ethiopian,Hnduran,Mynamar,Congolese,Taliban,Haitians,or N Koreans or Nigerian are. But the rest have no enemy by name neocons ( even hatred against N Korean is nothing but a charade as far as neocon is concerned. It is kind of a stepping stone or stabilizing stone . Their selective animosities would otherwise get exposed if they didnot join anti Korean crusade. It also provides them the justification that they badly needs)

  • Department of Projectile Vomiting
    • Irving Kristol - Jews don't like big military budget
      Ooms, They don't like shedding blood also .
      Irving was different . he liked it. his son laments that America is not ready . america is cutting back . America is failing in its obligation.
      He wants more It is someone else's budget and blood .

  • The Republican candidates are fostering a dangerous culture of Islamophobia
    • NYT is covering the trend pointedly arguing against the rising islamophobia in the GOP camp . Editorial and OpEd ( Friedman) are rightfully condemning the overt racism and the blame game.
      But how could one forget that the initial days after 2001. NYT and Friedman were themselves promoting a softer version of it . Their frequent references to the inherent deficiencies of Arab,of Muslim,of Islam,and the insistence on the military solutions to the cultural differences predate the wholesale embrace of the hatred of Muslim by the was robust pushback from Bush in early days ,that prevented the appearance of his antimuslim sentiment in 2002

      2004,2006 elections. Even in 2008 election MCCain stood firm against the intrusion while the media including NYT. Often tried to introduce the angle of Arab and Islamic issues in the lection in negative light .
      These GOP morons know that their back are secure from any onslaught . The depraved lunatic fear mongering people with base instinct have been rehabilitated by the think thank by the media and even by ADL.

    • To maintain this relationship, a dictatorship or dynastic kingship is essential. Not democracy. Too many voices within democracy create the problem of discussion,leakage of information, losing the argument and then election followed by power . America loves dictatorship . Israel loves it. It is as good a product as is the oil ,gas,and water.
      As is the oil part of the landscape ,is is the tyranny , so is the dictatorship . They are part of Islam and Arab. So does claim Israel . It then becomes the American understanding of Arab . A racial epithet ,a prejudicial view and attitude is created through which Arabs are judged , thanks to Hasabara ,Hollywood and the gutter politics .

      Now the exploitation can be internalized ,hate,and war could be internalized as being deservedly done to tyrannical regime,tyrannical societies,dictatorial religion, to uplift them. Their pain don't matter. Our injustice doesn't count. Support to Israel is given and even irrelevant to understanding Arab anger . The explanation as the psychological fix- in is already available - Arabs are animals ,violent,pedophile,anti woman,,bigoted with no culture .

      But often the history doesn't end the way people fashion it or intend it to finish .
      These people are young ( unless a big heart attack removes some of those with robust waist line among the contenders sooner ) and would live to see the day when America would be reduced if it were lucky enough to avoid a Nazi fate ,to the British empire of 1947.

  • Berkeley human welfare commissioner fired for backing occupation divestment resolution
    • Blum’s verbatim comments at the Regents meeting are even creepier than that reporting suggests:

      " I should add that over the weekend my wife, your senior Senator, and I talked about this issue at length. She wants to stay out of the conversation publicly but if we do not do the right thing she will engage publicly and is prepared to be critical of this university if we don’t have the kind of not only statement but penalties for those who commit what you can call them crimes, call them whatever you want. Students that do the things that have been cited here today probably ought to have a dismissal or a suspension from school. I don’t know how many of you feel strongly that way but my wife does and so do I."

      link to

      Blum is the husband of Diane Feinestein .Couple ave made lot of money through defense contracts . Avid Zionist.
      Now they are attacking the university directly talking to the power at the top but not reaching out to the people concerned . They are not winning the debate. They are force shaping the debate in esoteric abstract term and denigrating it .
      Campus debate is being reduced to a farce .

      "In response to inquiries from The Intercept, Feinstein refused to say whether her husband was authorized to make such threats on her behalf, but she refused to distance herself from them. “This is a matter before the University of California and Senator Feinstein has no comment at this time,” her Press Secretary said."

  • Long Island synagogue marks High Holidays with thanks to Israeli soldiers in Gaza war
    • Brainwashing is so complete and so thorough that it is now required of every American to repeat this garbage washing to American shore as some kind of miracle .
      More zAmericans know the better it is how disingenuous is the argument that Israel is not at war with America despite the fact American soldiers and money both are sacrificed periodically for the intransigence and entitlements of Israel despite the fact that much better more peaceful productive alternative exist.

  • 'NYT' openly counts Jewish politicians, and Obama and Clinton both reach out to Netanyahu

      link to

      " FBI Says 'Australian ISIS Jihadist' Is Actually a Jewish American Troll Named Joshua Ryne Goldberg -

      US man accused of 9/11 memorial bomb plot

      A 20-year-old whose online identity was 'Australi Witness' - an ISIS agent apparently living in Perth - has been arrested at his parents' place in Florida over plotting a bomb attack at a 9/11 memorial event.

      A young Jewish American man has been charged with pretending to be an Australian-based Islamic State jihadist after a FBI joint investigation with the Australian Federal Police based on information provided by Fairfax Media.

      Joshua Ryne Goldberg, a 20-year old living at his parents' house in US state of Florida, is accused of posing online as "Australi Witness," an IS supporter who publicly called for a series of attacks against individuals and events in western countries.

      In recent days Australi Witness has claimed online that he is working with other jihadists to plan attacks in Australia and the United States. He distributed pictures of a bomb that he was working on with "2 lbs of explosives inside

      : link to

  • 'Jimmy Carter's cancer is God's punishment,' says leading Israeli newspaper
    • Faith often doesn't elevate man to the level near to the God
      It often brings God down to the level of the man.

      Didn't Katrina happen due to something similar according to one Rabbi?

      Emotion trumps the reason - that's why he won't try to answer why Carter didn't get the cancer immediately after 1979 or after he had written the book on Israeli apartheid or why Bush 1 hasn't or why Obama hasn't got .

  • Obama gets Wasserman Schultz-- and salutes her 'homeland' with a Netanyahu valentine
    • "The most difficult decision!"

      This is the most common,prevalent,and accepted refrain from the leaders singing up for the deal.

      The gravity,the falsehood,the lies,the ulterior motives and the sinister presence of the Zionist interest in this type of gentle's Hasabara
      or Zionist lite Hasabara could be understood and appreciated if we projected it back to 2002 and imagined this situation-

      The hypothetical scenario but a very plausible and sensible if the saner voices prevailed basing their position on the available facts back then-

      : Bush government concluded a behind the scene negotiation with Saddam culminating with 1 International team and US have accepted
      Iraq's position that it have no nuclear programme
      - It have no connection with Al Quida
      - It have no connection with 911
      - it have no connection with Anthrax
      - it has agreed for election
      - it has agreed to cease support to Palestine
      - it has agreed to safe departure of Saddam
      - it has agreed not to start nuclear program
      In exchange , Sanctions will be lifted, US would still maintain some sanction on military supplies and suppliers of certain technologies.

      I am sure that also would have been resisted by these " moderates"
      They , I can guarantee would have said " I support administration but I don't believe Iraq was not responsible for Al Quida, Anthrax and being a threat to US. I also believe Saddam has nuclear intention, Iraq has been in violation before , Iraq has attacked Kurds and has killed the Quawiti babies "

      The gist of the refrain or polemic would have come entirely from the Zionist . It would have come from them because they have already provided those factors as the ground to destroy Iraq.

      Essence of the current disclaimer is also coming from the Zionist . Its they ,who provided the mortar and brick of this argument .

      Cardin,Schumer,and Menendez represented by the 2002 placeholders would have started undermining and killing the deal with support of bipartisan lawmakers and through "do and don't do" list from AIPAC .

  • The Israel lobby is alive and well-- and split
    • Republican Party will become the party of Evangelical and the Tea Party ,anti non white ,anti LGBt . At least that is the direction current crop of GOP hopefuls are taking the party to. So how will the Zionist fit in ? It is a dangerous development . Two extreme elements will combine to shape public discussion and governmental polices . Despite being in minority.,they still can remain chillingly effective . The rancor over Iran deal has shown that a very vocal minority with access to money nd media can easily overrule the popular opinion . But after a while this minority can't even get enough sustaining power from these sources . Then the situation gets ugly . There is possibility that after destroying GOP the Zionist will angle for fracturing the country just to serve themselves .

  • Debacle for the Israel lobby: Booker jilts Boteach, and Netanyahu sinks AIPAC
    • link to
      I kind of agree with Zogby .Netanyahu was not defeated or wounded . Neither Isreal.
      AIPAC also has benefitted from this months long year long 24/7 attention,meetings,announcement expressions.entreaties and requests made by one side to the other in most abject dependent servile apologetic manners possible .
      Somewhere down there is the possibility that the impotence and abuse of the US Lawmakers have been picked up both by the lawmakers and the citizen and one day payback would be in the order .

    • He is polluting Judaism

    • Long ago someone wrote that the posture of R Perle was to go to the extreme right ,then move a little to the left and then claim that he had compromised . Israel does same. Zionist dose same . Netanhayu
      can't learn other techniques either .
      Gain of Israel will be money,land,and protection at UN and domestically AIPAC will say to its beneficiaries - hey ,look pal, we did not challenge or obstruct what you tried to do over Iran and we don't begrudge your patriotic pro American pro deal but this is something different , you have to allow x,y,z and more here and there you know m you have to balance ,maintain the tradition and do what good . So sign up for x,y,z ..,

    • When the bar is so low ,Obama doesn't need much To deafet AIPAC.
      Does he? Calling Schumer a Zionist would be labeled as defeat for Zionsim .
      How does Republican get away with this when 90% support the deal and GOP stay avidly anti deal?

      AIPAC always touts how it was defeated by Saudi Reagan. But the audacity of them to challenge a popular sitting president showed the power . It taught DC a lesson . That lesson DC still recaptures every morning before breakfast and every night before saying Amen - don't disagree with Zionist.

  • Pro-Israel Jews have 'inexcusable prejudice' against Obama -- Sandy Berger
    • How one could avoid antagonizing Netanyahu? The very presence of the idea of the peace process in and around certain corners of America turns him into a raging angry bull ready to gore any banner with peace or Palestine or Oslo emblazoned on it.
      It is his nature from decades old upbringing in certain culture . He can't help.
      Neither can Indyk. He has to create statistics to keep the 2 state solution alive from Likud perspective when the truth of the matter is 51% don't want Arabs have any right or any state and believe Arabs don't want peace and demands Hamas accept certain preconditions . Neither the Jewish power and voice in US believe in anything that is different from what Israelis believe . Periodically ,these forces create buzz words and talking points that substitute for real analysis and foreign policy .
      To protect this shameful saga, Israel has to maintain tension in the region by hook or crook so that America keeps on pumping Israel with money,arms,and diplomatic support on one side and on the other side ,America has to keep on piling up pressures on Arab countries.
      A real peace means a slow dissolution of Israel.

    • How did we get here ?

  • Iran is going to nuke your dog, pro-Israel group warns
  • Obama and the Zionists
    • Eisner can't ofer anything other than an advice of an unprovoked
      war against Iran . That's her way to mend relation with Israel. That's the way Obama can put American Jewish at ease.
      " they turn the city into a graveyard and call it a peace"

  • The 'Pallywood' smear: Viral images of Palestinian boy's brutalization brings backlash
  • You'd think Wasserman Schultz would lose DNC job for bucking Obama on Iran Deal
    • Page: 20
    • You mean the average Jews don't get excited enough to donate despite being reminded of Hitler year after year ,month after month by ADL and AIPAC?

    • Forward editor Eisner was interviewed this evening by Chris Hayes in MSNBC.
      Both were trying to avoid the charges of being seen as conspiracy theorist by sidetracking and avoiding the discussion on the Jewish role in Iran deal. But they had to discuss this of they were going to talk about Iran deal .
      So Forward editor ends her comment saying that this kind of non alignment between Jewish and American leaders are new. Has never happened.
      I was astonished. Has she forgot how Carter was sabotaged by AIPAC? How Begin sabotaged wider objectives of Carter? Has she forgot the discordance between Eishenhower ,Kennedy and Bush sr and Israeli leaders? Other American presidents were not brave to articulate and fight . Obama did and won decades after Eishenhower's success .

    • In other country ,this event if happened,we would call him or her as representing the rogue element within administration or inner circle .
      We will would wonder" who is in charge? Can world be safe given such a powerful country's leader can be rebuked so openly by a senior same party leader"

  • NY's Center for Jewish History to host Ayelet 'Little Snakes' Shaked in conversation with Bret 'Hiroshima' Stephens
  • God is on Israel's side, but not the United States, says Israel's new U.N. ambassador
    • In 20 th century it was Zionist IMHO introduced the religion in politics . In India of Raj, it was Hindu fundamentalist and later Ghandhi who introduced religion in the politics.
      Now every does so. It also seems some countries claim legitimacy only from the religion.

    • Israel means one who wrestles with God.
      Glick has said that Israel wouldn't let go of angel until Angel agreed to him.

    • G Pompidou , French president was physically threatened and shunned by Jewish groups in Chicago and NY because he sold arms to Libya.Mayor and Governor joined the shunning presaging similar behaviors by government officials later against Arafat and Khameni and Ahmednezad . Despite rai ate concerns and indignation at the power of Israel exerted through the Lobby,Nixon did not pressure Israel and both LBJ and Nixon sent advanced weapons. This gave rise to the views in Israel and within the lobby : Israel could ignore international opinion. American embassy alarmed at the findings that Israelis had concluded " US sees ME their way " conveyed the impressions to the administration . Israelis possibly were more than confident when Roger Plan for OT and refugees were abandoned by Nixon.
      Page 304 QUICKSAND by G Wwaro

      Now Israel confident with the arsenal ,it have accumulated from German and US and the links it has established with Asian countries ,can definitely cushion it from loss of pivotal western support.
      That can happen if Israel becomes a normal country . A normal country take it losses,cut or losses,and compromise. It accepts the ideas of balance of power,negotiation,and accountability for actions. Who will come to its rescue if tomorrow Iraq or Yemen or Libya or Egypt develop Nuclear weapon? Who will allow it to occupy Lebanon again or continue to occupy Golan without compromises?
      Israel will change but wasn't that the whole purpose of neighboring Arabs- Change and we will accept you.
      There might be a madness in this plot . May be seeing the eventual disruption of special relationship , Israel planned for the dissolution of the unfriendly countries in Middle East . Now the job is done ,it can forsake any claim or pretension of special relationship. But this Israel will be just another country in ME among many .Will India buy weapons to sale its own weapons to Arab? Will Arab hedge India against China?
      To navigate the myriad complexities, Israel has to depend on itself and hard work so that it can remain a source of technologies,food,arms,and tourism . It can't depend on Western one track divinely inspired talking points or abstract concepts of freedom or conscience .
      Can it do?

    • God is always on the side of the fanatics . ISIS or RSS or Monks in Iraq,India or Mynamar claim the same and confirm same exclusive right to the land .
      The differences are in the level of western involvement
      Israel is supported and praised ,ISIS is supported but denounced,RSS is dealt in pure businesslike while the monks are simply desired to be disappeared .

    • Yes Danon wants to become more independent and be freed from the shackles of US.
      Can he help America discontinue the yearly aid?
      Can he stop depending on America to rescue Israel in UN?
      Can he ask America not to try to impose sanction on future enemies of Israel? Can he start working on busting on the myth that America and Isarel are eternal allies?
      He is like the jilted lover who has got everything but still wants more but offers no sex to the partner and doesn't do the reciprocal part and now threatens divorce because the flower didn't arrive morning on time.

      But the journey this man taking isn't not right or left wing . It is zionism wing . It is something a person with undetectable conscience can complete .
      The gratitude isn't in the DNA . DNA of Zionism doesn't and can't allow it. The beasts jumps on the feeder the moment the feeding stops .

      But are we surprised? Why should we be?

      We should go back in time to the closing days of British empire-

      --""“We are determined this time to squash you British sons of a bitch and we declare war to the finish against the British. For every Jew you stinking British pigs kill in Palestine you will pay a thousandfold in fetid English blood. The [Lahome Herut Israel] has passed sentence of death on the British pig Mayhew. The execution will soon take place by silent and new means.”"

      It is obvious that America has replaced Britain when seen at the same mirror that once reflected the Zionist"s take on Britain in 1940s

      Your observation that Danon might sale his pitch in China is worth noticing .
      Didn't his great grandfather try same traveling through the capitals of the Europe and Ottoman looking for a perfect match for the future crime?

  • Minnesota Congresswoman demands accountability for Nakba Day killings
    • "US Court: Palestinians Must Pay $10m to Americans Killed in Israel"
      Can the American charity organization settling the settlers and Amerucan government supplying deadly weapons to IDF and the Zionist lobby supporting and enforcing only certain discussion and attitudes that empower IDF ,provide moral support to settlers,and to Israeli government be charged with terrorism,providing material supports to terrorism,violating international laws , be held accountable for ignoring American policies and treaties ?

    • Yes I would like to help her reelection I am out of state
      How do I o it?

  • Tea Party and ZOA team up with Trump and Cruz to oppose Iran Deal
    • Tea Party Patriots
      hate Obama and hate Muslim so much that is ready to cut its nose to spite American face.
      Trump even doesn't respect your Bible .

  • 'A better relationship with Iran' is the deal's secret promise, but supporters can't say so
    • No body called Pol Pot or ISIS leader crazy. No body would call Hitler or Himmler now .
      Why are we calling crazy? They should be sitting on death row or be sitting in a cage crying for mercy

  • Israel's destruction of Mamilla cemetery part of effort to remove Palestine from Jerusalem
    • Is IS planning to build a slaughter house and casino or high end brothel.? They should at least start with a transgender's room or unisex one.

      CNN and NYT aren't covering constructive side of the IS activities.
      I saw Blitzer moving his beards against the fanaticism of IS .
      They should have told Blitzer through a long distance microphone that they would build something like museum of Tolerance on the ruined ruins

  • A year after Shipman lost his Yale job for speaking out on Israel's actions, some Jews say the same thing
    • It is pure vile antisemitism to erect barrier to the goods and the produces from OT . It is pure and vile antisemitism not to erect barriers to the flow of the goods and produces to and from Iran ,Iraq,Libya,and Syria.

      But here the problem emerges . Antisemitism can't be used as legal basis of punishment . So sanction and threat develop around redefinition of Antisemitic activities of any possibility of business with
      Iran and turned it into law through US.
      Boycott through BDS become a victim of charges of antisemitism through criminalization of antisemitism,at least in France and Canada.
      Wiping off Israel and Yellow Ribbon accusation have their strength in evoking the Antisemtism and holocaust . Death to Israel is somekind of Nazi chant not heard in Germany but always meant according to pro sanction anti Iranian Zionist. No one again wants another Reich!
      BDS is portrayed as existential threat to follow similar chain of threats from Saddam,Ghaddafi,to Iran. Only the latest. War,existence,sanction,Antisemtism and right to defend itself get pounded and mixed into amorous ideas of granny concept whose underlying support is unflinching loyalty to the Zionism and continuous unravelling of logic or reason in the service of the Zionism.
      So they try more economic sanction using all angles and every corner in the globe.

    • How this incident would have played out if Shipman were active in Russia or China deafening Latvian or Tibertian or if he were a Syrian who just got charged with terrorism because he criticized Assad?

      Someone would have picked it up for busy TV slot in evening hours.State department spokesman would then have been lobbed a question. Someone from the NED or embassy would have paid a visit. Seeing support ,Shipman would have tamely uggested to open the door for discussion and probe and woud have asked university to delink itself from the country concerned.
      NYT FOX and CNN would have started referring to this from different angles of American responsibilities and woud have alluded to the climate that fosters fear,suppression,threat ,and disregard for truth ,freedom,and lack of accountability . Other players out of love for money,violence,power,new opportunities or genuine anger would have
      cascaded a chain of events resulting in more rhetorics,hardening of position,and eventual mass agitation on the street .

      Tunisian experience and the subsequent s spread to neighboring countries prove that firing of a figure like Shipman could have achieved same final goals that were fundamentally different from the original goals of the respective countries . The final goals were the summation of the effects of the activities of Media ,NED State dept,Defense and foreign players .
      Color revolution in Serbia,Krygistan and Georgia started out f some cold,tepid not news worthy sparks .
      In case of Shipman a golden opportunity to shine the light on the power of the diverse,pervasive,interconnected Jewish lobby was lost , or to be apt it was never allowed to claim any attention beyond ridicule and angry dismissal.

  • Israeli nukes are finally newsworthy-- as US gov't both releases and gags info
    • I have never heard of any country that ever. Tried transferring technologies to rogue state.
      But then did Israel transfer any technology to any country against explicit US 's objection? Like China ?
      Did Zionis transfer data and plannings or mi,itary secrets to Soviet before and after Israel were manufactured on the deceptive lies ,threats,and blackmailing of UN member countries? Did it even make a threat on the life of American ambassador using the potent force much more powerfull than nuclear bomb itself : America and hurting the prestige of America?

      On another vein - what is a rogue nation? Who is rogue?
      CheneysAmerica? Netanyahu's Israel?
      Who decides again ? Does Netnyahu ,does Cheney decide?
      Wasn't Israel an illegitimate nation when Kennedy was trying hard not to allow? Wasn't Israel already a rogue nation in 1980 when Netanyahu was stealing nuclear material from US? Somebody in US was helping him transfer .

      Now why didn't Saddam transfer any WMD to terrorist ? Sure he had none Thats why. But that's not the validation of the ideas,concepts,evolving narrative of the neocon. They still use same stupid argument. Why Saddam will transfer to somebody else instead of using it against the invading army of US?
      ( I have even heard that if Iraq tried ,it would be vaporized by US . That was 1991 when Iraq were more resourceful that it was in 2003)
      Americans have been shaped by the neocon to simultaneously hold and defend two opposite contrasting concepts on the same problem and on the nature of responses to the same problem. So America can believe Iraq or today Iran could not and would not hurt America because they knew or know the expression' return to stone age' but they would hurt America if America didn't attack them now.
      It is not that Americans did not see the inherent stupidities and inconsistency in this argument. They saw . But like the medieval peasant in Europe,they knew better . They could not survive emotionally,financially,socially in society and sometimes physically ,they knew if they ever drew attention to the deception.

      Rogue state as an idea is the similar product of similar mindset .

      Those neocon can get away with stupidities because they have been allowed by the coward and the corrupted.

    • "The Israelis had promised in signing the Phantom contract “not to be the first to introduce nuclear weapons into the Middle East.” [Ambassador to the U.S. Yitzhak] Rabin had informally defined “introduce” to mean“not test a---
      “not possess,” Rabin simply says they “prefer” to say they will “not become ---

      become a “nuclear power” without “possessing” nuclear weapons, he simply said they “prefer” their formulation. - See more at: link to

      This kind of linguistic exercise and playing footsie with phrases under the transparent table remind me of the struggle of early Catholics Father to define the Trinity. and attempts to define the divinity of Jesus while disavowing any for Mary . It was tough . So was the concept of Jewish Democratic State . How one could steal,build,store,and control the nuclear weapons but not introduce or possess is as difficult to understand as it is to figure out how the democracy could be introduced on the premise of ingrained inequality and on the basis of the undeclared constitution that declares supremacy of one ethnic group over bother.
      But then words have no relevance in Zionist 's parlance . It is always Alice in the Wonderland . Meaning is ad hoc and post hoc,arbitrary and considered ,arrived after knee jerk response after marathon meetings depending on the context and the audience .
      This is why neocons see Iran as destabilizing while Israel introduces the destabilizing factors and attacks neighbors even threatens US ally.
      This is why Israel is called an ally while it undermines and hurts America from within and out.
      This is why we hear of the practice of the worship of the death cult among Palestine trying save their lives while Israel unleashes depleted Uranium siphons water,scatters sewage,dismantles school destroys hospital and kills children playing on the beach. The same folks who support Israel and shake in their boots in front of neocons despite these recurring events and ignore the damages done to US by arrogant Israel and neocons ,claim that America are no longer respected by the rest of the world.
      When words lose meaning,emotion does as well . Very soon the conscience follows suit . It all starts with communication under fear,threat,and duress . Open fearless communication doesn't allow this kind of lingual psychological contortions. Lobby and money and possible threat to life or prestige make it possible for Israel to get away with the lies. But deep within America knew that Silver again would pound on the table of the president and threaten to ' run him out of town' if not given in.

    • Turkey is committing a crime against Kurd because Turkey has been forced to join in another crime by America : fight against Assad in 2011 . Turkey dint initially try to get involved. It even sent feelers to Syria to start working on some democratic changes.
      Syria has been under attack from US and Israel from 2003 . Other countries joined the fray because what they would see be the effects of disintegrating Syria and Lebanon on them. Once the potential upheaval manifested ,Shia angle became factor which was then used as an explanation by western media for the murderous behaviors of Saudi.
      {Hizbollah have thrown out Israel from Lebanon and Israel dint dare attack Syria ( until 2003) . Iran was their support . Nobody back then panicked at some Shia crescent . }
      By fighting against Syria,Turkey was essentially singing up for fight against Kurd.

      Israeli nukes have never been endorsed or supported by US until the crazies in Bush gov took over . Israel was portrayed as an ally and indispensable friend ,a stable one,only after 2001 . Before that there was open discussion about putting American or UN army to maintain and separate Palestinian and Israel using Oslo as the blueprint for eventual state.

      No failed countries are trying to pursue nuclear program. Those Arab countries like Iraq ,Libya,and Syria were not failed state when they were pursuing . They were made into failed state by the neocons . Syrian crisis started in Harriri massacre whose origin possibly could be graced to Israel.

      If allowing nukes to Israel were such a great American project to maintain peace and advance American interest ,then the obvious and traumatic failures should now persuade the policy makers to throw the self misguided liars out and bring back the realists . America has more leverage on Israel that it has on any other country . But again the very same people who call Israel an indispensable ally also spread the falsehood that America has no leverage on Israel.
      No one country has threatened west with nukes but Israel has . That threat also has been raised by the expert while the morons looking for Sheldon's money refer to the threat to West from non existent Arab or Iranian threat to US .

      America never allowed or persuaded Taiwan nor Indonesia to become nuclear power in 1970 when communism fear was very evident in American thinking . Even after 1974 it did not allow Pakistan to pursue despite avidly pro Russian India's successful detonation in 1974.

      S Africa was targeted by Israel not because S Africa could be potential anti communist country from American point but because that where the mutual- S African and Zionist's ideologies ,political isolation,and e economic opportunities coalesced .

  • Etgar Keret sometimes worries about what's happening to Palestinians
    • "Once again, we’re a small country surrounded by enemies, fighting for our lives, not a strong, occupying country forced to fight daily against a civilian population.
      Isarel has been fighting against thi s aggression since the begining of Dar Yassin ,since the bombing of King David Hotel,since the murder of British envoy to Palestine ,since the days of Silver in the Whitr House of Pres Truman,

  • Hockenberry skewers Menendez for double standard on Israeli nukes and killings of civilians
    • "Menendez said the two countries were two “totally different” cases. One is a democracy, the other is a “theocracy.”

      - See more at: link to

      Menendez is saying " you are black. You can't vote. You are woman , you can't be a surgeon or pilot or have the right to work outside home.
      You are not Christian ,you can't own land or engage in trade or be a government official

      He is also trying to confuse the premise of the argument . Nuclear weapon is not about democracy,theocracy, capitalism or communism or dictatorship . This is tool and not an ideology

      But money can make people believe in their own lies and give the strength to defend themselves against getting caught

  • Churchill, Iran & 'Duck Dynasty': Mike Huckabee brings his presidential bid to the Israeli settlements
    • I came across a new term cuckconservative . Rush Limabaugh alluded to also Guardian ( UK ) coveted it .
      . This term gained prominence following the conservative efforts to distance themselves from the immigration policy of Trump . Bush was named to be one. But in that blog these fanatic anti immigration conservatives were equally pissed off at those who would cheerlead for Israel.
      Duck dynasty and Huckabee don't have much shelf life left for these conscious buyers.
      Some movement also have been noticed among the evangelical.
      Winning election through evoking Churchill or showcasing the dynasty of duck family in the glorious presence of Netanyahu is no longer even a proposal worth anyone's consideration.

  • Pittsburgh Jews say Obama will allow 'Second Holocaust' while Israel's ambassador openly lobbies Capitol Hill
    • 'A board member of the Zionist Organization of America candidly told TIMES magazine ,People thought they had seen a Jewish Lobby operate before. They haven't anything yet"

      That unveiled threat [ against Carter administration] soon became a reality. "

      TIME,June 27, 1977.
      from THE LOBBY
      Jewish Political Power And American Foreign Policy

      AIPAC accused Carter administration of pro-Arab bias,demanded that the White House fired some of the Middle East experts and published a list of 21 grievances . It also mounted protests letter writings . NY Rabbi chimed in to add his 2 cents on the power of the Jewish vote bank ,asserting the scope and the magnitude of that power in this remarks
      ; Carter wouldn't be in power had he said in October what he has been saying now in this spring.

      What has changed ?

      AIPAC nor Rabbi have changed much . America has ,thanks to the Iraq war and the books by Carter and M&W.

  • Does Obama have Booker? Boteach desperately plays race card and Jewish donor card
    • Since 2001, not a war nor a policy unless we include the Hondurus coup ,has shown a constructive or pro American outcome . Why does Botox or his agent of poisioning think that endeavor this time against Iran will produce any different result either domestically or internationally.
      If the deal falls through America will be facing rest of the world not Iran in its attempt to make sanction meaningful . This could have been a lot easier earlier but nt this time . America has to engage in various false flags to shape European and Asian mind to bring back Russia,Germany,,India,China and UK in line .
      Here lies gravity of the full spectrum of the nefarious game plan the Zionist are engaging . The Zio knows that unilateral sanction will have no teeth after the deal fails to pass US House.
      So they will burn the house lighting fire to American economy ,Euopean economy in order to desyroy Iran . Why this collective hate,anger,and blood thirst against Iran ? So that their children can siphon more water,clean air,and till more fertile land in Paestine,Syria,and Lebanon.

  • Celebrating Hiroshima, WSJ columnist insinuates US should nuke Iran
    • Japan has to go through this process to get to where it is today.
      Never heard such a glorification of mass murder ,never I could have imagined it ,let alone someone writing this in WSJ .
      Is it some kind of a purification process by the finest human sacrifice at the later of progress ?
      Wait a sec., was there an European version of it? Like the journey on a train to Auswotchz?
      Someone really has to be messed up to make the connection . Some one has to lose his mind before to allow a piece like that to be published in WSJ .

      By the way ,before 1945"Japan was pretty well ahead in lot of indices that measure human development . It was pretty close to UK and US in terms of other manifestation of progress- occupying and torturing the non white natives in faraway lands.

    • George Will on Fox denigrated the whole deal on Sunday .
      Certain mindset never changes . Didn't he excoriate Iraq war after supporting it? Either he is too coward to learn and apply or he is too obsessed with the opportunism afforded by being part of the team but never giving up the option to jump the ship like the rat does .

    • Japan eventually internalized the concept of pacifism and rejected war as a solution . It wouldn't have happened if the calamities were restricted to financial losses and deaths to some lower classes ,poor,marginalized people or soldiers.
      It woke the nation up .
      America has suffered tremendously financially and has seen the poor marginalized school drop out filling up the cannon fodder in Iraq and Afghanistan. Bret and Joanas are no stake holders. They don't suffer.
      Neither their payers . Before peace gets internalized among American elite., US has to suffer much more and Iran war will do same that WW2 did to Europe forcing the thinking that the seeking of peace as the only alternative.
      Only them columnists like Bret will be hauled before court for incitement to violence and for conspiracy to commit murder or terrorism.

  • Why did Sec'y of State Clinton stick her nose into $465 donation to Scottish film festival in '09? (BDS)
    • Doesn't it show the effectiveness of the interconnected nature of the disparate elements who live times and spaces apart come together to do the bidding of the Zionist?
      Paul Singer teams up with AIPAC,FDD,and UANI to sharpen knives against Argentina .
      Lauder urges Merkel to toe the AIPAC lines on Iran.
      Lantos goes after Chirac and Schrieder . Chirac folds and Merkel emerges .
      HBL asserts that as a Jew he would like to see Sarkozy break up Libya and Syria to make sure that the rebels get the chance to recognize Israel.

  • It's not bigoted to call out the Israel lobby over Iran Deal
    • The deal is not about Christianity.
      Bush ,for your information was repeatedly referred to as born again,as evangelical,as someone almost bigoted .

    • 40 millions money aren't money according to Tablet
      ADL, AIPAC, UANI, FDD, ECI, and IP, are not Zionist interest based according to Israel
      Kristol,Krauthammer,Kagan ,Schumer, and Menendez,Cotton, Cruz, Rubio ate not the faces of the Zionist and the Zionist money respectively according to Tablet.

      Zionist have not been arguing to topple and bomb and nuke Iran at different times over last 20 yrs according to Tablet.

      According to Tablet - these are the sincere desires of common Americans but they don't know

  • Shocker: 'NYT' runs front page press release for AIPAC warning Obama to cool his jets
    • AIPAC would support this deal if Iran does a Sovietesque collapse,allows an Yeltisnesque president ,and allows a Jewish oligarch emerge who can hide in Israel .
      AIPAC hasn't been directly mentioned by Obama. So why does AIPAC get so aggravated. hysterical and antagonistic?
      By its own behavioral pattern,isn't it admitting that it is the 890 pound gorilla in town and only gorilla in town?

      NYT mentions Reagan.
      Rift with Reagan proves the fact that AIPAC had the confidence that as the 890 pound gorilla in town ,it can take on a popular president ,force a popular president to change policy on a country that lobby doesn't represent.
      That confidence doesn't grow in a vacuum overnight without major forces propping it up ,undergirding,and protecting the audacity ,and without assurances that the misadventures would not be punished or labelled by American as unpatriotic,dangerous,and inimical to US interests.
      That is the take home message of that saga, It was not a defeat of lobby . It was the confident,audacious,brazen antiAmericanism that it was sure wouldn't hurt it a bit.

    • NYT fired Judith Miller . Was she as a sacrificial lamb? Judith Miller was in bed with same group who were agitating for war day and night 24/7 following 911. Most of those were what we now know as the neocon.
      NYT now doesn't want anyone even go there let alone the president.

    • NYT has always eventually come round . It did in 1947 . It supported the maximalist position of the Zionist . It didn't seek or want a rift.
      The history of Zionism has always been exactly that- some sigh,a tired yawn,and some meal culpa - but the new reality always stays and more are created on the illegal invalid really for another cycle of sigh,yawn,and move on.
      NYT in future will remind a future president that for any ME issue, the president better coordinate all moves its Israel.Otherwise an avoidable fiasco and limb down by President woud follow .
      Wasn't it Mit Romney who said he would ask Israel bête any foreign policy initiative ?

  • Iran Deal Latest: AIPAC lies and, in a first, Schumer runs from the cameras
    • Fear mongering can lose steam. It can get drowned by those who are the target of the fear mongering . Proof is here . But only if they decide to look,hear,observe,analyse,and be honest .
      LA Jewish group has achieved this . It has forced the drwonings of the Jewish agency's polemic and fear mongering
      . But woud it have done so unless it hadn't felt the cross currents and the direction of the wind is blowing?

  • Obama ushers in the crisis of the Israel lobby
    • 10,000 showed up to start a process to wage war and not a whimper of disavowal !

      Did the death to Iran echo? No .It cant but could be replaced with the alternate words ,it is too reminiscent of Death to USA".

      May be that is why these supporters of death,war,destruction and murders will be forgotten.
      You see in America one has to hear certain phrase to get riled up ,angry,revengeful and one has to say certain words strung together to be called fanatic ,atavistic,genocidal,terrorists as David Brook recently described Iran in NYT.

    • "Just as the beneficiaries of war dividends view international peace and stability inimical to their interests, so too the militant Zionist proponents of “greater Israel” perceive peace between Israel and its Palestinian/Arab neighbors perilous to their goal of gaining control over the “promised land.” The reason for this fear of peace is that, according to a number of the United Nations’ resolutions, peace would mean Israel’s return to its pre-1967 borders. But because proponents of “greater Israel” are unwilling to withdraw from the occupied territories, they are therefore afraid of peace—hence, their continued attempts at sabotaging peace efforts and/or negotiations."

      link to

      The real reason behind the protests against the deal is also that it leaves Iran as a functioning society and not into some pulverized countries like Iraq,Syria,and Libya.
      The other losses are that AIPAC ,JINSA,FDD,IP,WINEP,ECI and Krauthammer,Kristol - the bomber boys,and Kissinger,B Lewis and Iran Directorate were not part of the process as they were part of plans against Syria,Libya and Iraq. .
      Obviously the war chanting also can't be used. AIPAC has to invent word and phrases that will sink easily in American minds.
      Israel also can't always cite Iran for excuses to kill Gazan a
      ,Lebanese,Surian,and ask for more money .

    • Just says"… “What the Europeans say essentially is that we gave this over the United States. The US took over the leadership and they’re responsible,” he added. “This deal that looks like everybody was a cheerleader for – [but] they are expressing their reservations in private.”

      Yes Hoenlein , you are right.
      What happened to the names of those countries belonging to the international community supporting ear against Iraq,Lbya,Syria,and sanction against Iran? Are they ready for their names to be published?

      Or did they tell you not to be named ?

  • Understanding the Partition plan
    • "You allude in this article to both Jews and Arabs supporting the British effort. But I thought the Nazis were supported by the Arabs — that whole Desert Fox thing, which might have influenced the viewpoint of Truman in 1948 deciding whether to go with the Jews or the Arabs in the Palestine deal. Did WWII play no role in the debacle that took place in Palestine in 1948?

      - See more at: link to

      There is no evidence of Nazi supporting the Arab. Kaiser was interested for trade .
      Mufti met Hitler long after his effort to get British understand the threat to indigenous Palestinian had failed and he became a target for assassination.
      Hitler helped the Zionist both ideologically and materially.

    • Devout Jews have lived in this part for centuries. Rest have left whenever economic situation have got worst or opportunities abroad were more exciting .
      This can happen again . This is bound to happen when western subsidies gradually dwindle down . Israel will be again a country without a whole lot of Jews to keep it going. It will crumble from within.

    • Only Silver can get away with the claim that a document signed by one of the two parties could be binding to the other party as well. He could for he was allowed by the powerful countries who officially were subscribing even at that time to equality,decolonization,peaceful resolution of existing conflics and were positioning themselves as the arbiter . In a more rational environment not corrupted by money or domestic politics,Silver would have asked to leave politics or go to jail for threatening President Truman.

      BTW,the UN General Assembly resolution was not binding. It was not approved by UNSC.
      UN should have been investigated for horse trading ,pressurizing,and bribing other members with threat of economic strangulation of multiple countries who switched votes under pressure . USA possibly could have lost the status as veto wielding member for abuse of the position and for allowing rogue elements in Supreme Court and Cabinet to impersonatethemselves as legitimate government officials in charge of the situation.

  • Did the BBC cover up the anti-Semitism of Gaza's children?
    • Poor JC!
      May be Geller,Spencer,Horowitz,Liberman,Netanyahu,and the Sheldon supported GOP hopefuls should start talking about Sinai terrorist,Libyan terrorists,Syrian terrorists,and Pakistani terrorists instead of Muslim terrorists . Once that change takes effects ,we may approach the grieving sons , daughters,and parents to reconsider their labeling problems which incidentally might turn out to be the least of the problematic issues to them and to the rest of the world.
      But JC is getting lost in the fine grainy semantics to obscure the handwriting of one sided murder,mayhem,destruction by the Zionist entity to persuade us to imagine the screams emerging out of those cluster bombs and phosphorus burning as the collective Arab chants against Christ killer .

  • Why is Wasserman Schultz, Obama's surrogate, holding out on Iran deal?
    • More than 10,000 phone calls have flooded his office line the past two weeks, organized by a group looking to kill the deal. Another group has dropped seven figures on TV in New York City to pressure Schumer and other lawmakers to vote against the plan. The powerful American Israel Public Affairs Committee has put its muscle behind an effort to lobby the New Yorker against it.
      Story Continued Below

      Read more: link to
      Schumer is undecided . He may vote against. Will he travel to Israel?
      Why does AIPAC need an Israeli venue? It could take them to Bunny Ranch in Las Vegas ,make them meet Adelshon,get something more than money .

  • Time Warner executive moonlights as speechwriter for Netanyahu
    • He is superman . He leaves his Zionist hat at the doorstep of Time Warner . Never thinking of it again until time to leave the office.

      He doesn't need it there to protect himself from any light for none anyway shines on the Israeli agenda in Times Warner.

      PNAC contributors wrote the position paper for Netanyahu and after that successful endeavors
      ,came to apply it on America. Now the traffic is in other direction until the next Pearl Harbor.

    • A Zionist will offer this argument : he has a vote,he has right to voice his preferences in a democ

  • Rand Paul turned into a hawk on Iran and libertarians are burning his stuff
    • The Nonwar War against Iran By Laura Rozen
      National Journal .Jan 18 ,2007
      " the emerging Washington-Saudi-Israel alliance makes perfect sense" says Kenneth Katzman. He continues" The Saudis are facing Iran in Iraq and in the Gulf states. Israel is facing Hizbullah. " .
      Clawson cited Israeli PM 's public reference to Saudi in promoting peace "

      [ we never heard about Saudi peace from Sharon,Olmert,or Netanyahu - Aparently no partner is or was available despite 27 Arab countries and Iran being ready to show up . But Clawson has a memory that is locked in Tel Aviv dumpster]

      But what " really spooked the Arab regime" was the success of Hizbullah and popular reaction in their own countries of infatuation with Hizbullah and Iran's defiance" not the nuclear angle
      .. Laura Rozen

      The perverse attempt to rope in Saudi support against Iran has been work in progress for a longtime.
      Clawson proposed the idea of false flag to get Iran attack US.
      Shia Sunni schism is more on their mind than has been on anyone else's mind . It offers a rationale not unlike the one used against Saddam and Ghaddafi and Basher Assad .
      Shia Sunni fight in Iraq bears the footprints of ' Salvadorian Option" . It was created . Unfortunately the neocons have succeeded in creating the Divide and Rule

      Martin Indyk said " we are going to play the old imperial rule of divide and rule,and the stakes couldn't be higher" He argued that US shouldn't be squeamish about pulling political strings in Iraq-- 04/27/2003 Chicago Tribune by Howard Witt.

    • Sander is no different from Wexler,Levine,Wrexler,or Feingold. Most of them have staked out a perch of being " anti war on Iraq" . This earned them being liberal ,antiwar,progressive etc.
      All of them in one or another fashion have supported sanctions and " no options off the table" on Iran.
      The benefit of this type of anti war hat is that it lends itself an aura of righteousness,honesty,and being pro peace progressive . This aura then misused to justify similar unprovoked illegal aggression and sanctions,
      The cynical ploy here is not to use same discarded notorious lying figures embodied by Perle,Wolfowitz,Liberman,Lantos Ackerman but to intoroduce new faces to market same old discarded notorious illegal ideas.

    • This is time to remember a great guy who stood for what was good for US and for world peace
      Sen Lincoln Chafee didn't vote for Bush in 2004, voted against Iraq war and blamed Bush for not following up on his( Bush's) earlier support for peaceful negotiation towards 2 state solution . He called spade a spade and don't allow nuances when he said" Pres Bush has embraced the concept of land for peace in word,but so far not in deed. I sometimes wonder which group has the president's words"
      International Herald Trobune


      Monday, February, 12,2007
      He was ousted.
      Even he blamed it on the Evangelicals only. But that could be a metaphor to describe the AIPAC without underestimating the Evangelics.

    • A false libertarian or one who will compromise on libertarian principles.
      Then we have " liberal,left ,secular Zionist " like Wiseltier who will compromise with or trample on liberal progressive idea if Zionism were threatened by liberalism or progressivism

      Here he is ranting and raving to express his emotion - link to

      when a simple " I hate all Iranians " would have done the job as was done by one of the Bush delegates to UK by name Debra Cagan ( Daily Mail UK ) , a person of few words .

      His fall is equidistant to the fall suffered or enjoyed by Howard Dean . He fell from being even - handed between Arab and Palestine to being regular fixture on TV for everything a Neocon breathe and dream of including cavorting with MEK.

    • Poor Paul. Did he get a phone call or an e mail from Max Boot after approving this message? Did he call him before sending the message?

  • The great Highway 17 billboard contest
    • The argument in favor of Israel has been always symbolic or contradictory when it were reality based concrete .
      1 NYT in 1947 was getting close to the bandwagon and castigated Truman administration for looking after commercial ,statregic and oil interests . This line of argument was all along emphasized by Zionist who settled on the newfangled concept that the very nature of America supported the Zionism . Both were ideological,abstract endeavors . Both were lost cousins finding similarities from pilgrimage to making the land bloom or prosper.
      But this very Zionism was reaching Czar PM Sultan,and Kaiser just 30 yrs ago with the conspiratorial proposals of quid pro quo . Palestine as Israel would protect Suez,protect empire,and be a barrier to barbarism .
      2 Today the argument is " we are best ally,Israel is our only ally,Israel is only democracy,it is LGBT friendly,it has so many start ups scientific commercial entities " the list goes on adding every year - " we don't try to wipe off people off map" while Zionism here and abroad explore the opportunities in Ethipia,China,India,and Mynamar based on fault lines between local Muslim and local non muslims as an alternative to the changing American .direction

  • Huckabee plays the Iran Holocaust trump card
    • Kurtzer also questioned the logic of critics who insist that Iran wouldn’t necessarily react in a provocative way if Washington were unable to implement the deal due to congressional rejection. The agreement requires Tehran to drastically reduce the number of its working centrifuges and ship out almost all of its enriched uranium stockpile so that it would be at least one year from nuclear “break-out” status. But in the event of congressional rejection, Kurtzer predicted that Iran would almost certainly retain its current capability of achieving “break-out” in two months or less. “That’s the part [of the criticism of the deal] that makes no sense to anybody looking at the agreement,” he said.

      link to

      Unfortunately neocons still take American stupidities for granted. They take the poor attention span for granted.
      Neocons will say Iran will cheat or ignore or attack depending on what at a given time will suit their arguments . But next moment when they are asked that Iran most surely would do all those if US forsakes negotiations and kills the deals, they try to emphasize that fear- stricken Iran wouldn't dare to do any of those .
      They had offered similar arguments that Iraq had nukes and mushroom cloud was rising on the horizon and Iraq would strike but Iraq would do none of those if we attacked him first.

    • This comment came when Huckabee was about to be interviewed by Fox where the host suggested" [ before going into let me ask you about Iran deal]" , something of this nature-off the cuff comment - how is the weather in your backyard . It immediately set this man on fire like as if there were about to be no Jews left by Iran on this new planet transformed by the deal. Given the rapidity and coherence in his soundbites ,it seems he was whispered and marinated .

      He didn't discuss anything else on tat snippet . It was Iran . That was all to it.
      Who decided to throw that question? Fox anchor. Why didn't he ask him about his health given the evident obesity, ? Why didn't he ask police violence? Why didn't he ask about the unemployment among youth ,among college graduates? Why didn't he ask about drug epidemic or marijuahna legalization? Why didn't he ask him about immigration ? Why didn't he ask him about the effects of the Iraq war on our economy and health of the veterans? Why didn't he ask him why EU and UN were supporting this deal but not Israel?

      It seems that stenographers can change sides and roles very comfortably . Before elections,questions are asked for a desired answer and for a desired narrow movement within a defined space . Wandering off is prevented by the very nature of the fence .They know what answer to give to remain electable by the Fox . They behave like a good stenographer having learnt what to say and what not to.

      Once these chosen one become president or cabinet members or opposition leaders ,he can carry on those roles defined at the outset of the election season . Now these elected officials vomit those out and the real stenographers return to Fox or WSJ to jot the political account down as divine truth without any exploration or challenges or question.
      But none has returned,they have been in the game all the time . After the election reporters and anchors marvel as stenographers . Before the election ,politicians are the stenographers.

  • Israeli general likens attack on Gaza towers to 9/11 attack, as 'symbol'
    • Suppose this example were used by Iran or Palestine against an enemy target ,against a structure in an enemy land ,we would be hearing nonstop on TV and from GOP pimps how our enemy is motivated by the jealousy,by the hatred against freedom and prosperity ,animosity against free society ,against our values and so on and on . They will repeatedly refer back to highlight the possible complicity of Iran in 911,and ask to open the investigation . They would declare it as another example of Iranian fixation with mass death and destruction. They would remind that " Death to America" is being reenact again by thuggish Iranian. To the neocons ,this would be seen as another expression of joy and glory by fanatics Iranian and Palestinian.

      Always without fail, Israeli managed to portray an exact similar event as evil or good depending on who is doing and who is affected .

    • Its a very sad infamous analogy with deep psychologically complex confusing attempts to hide the true nature of the psychopathic pleasure at the loss of loves in 911.

  • Focus on Jewish Democrats as key to Iran deal raises 'loyalty' issue
    • Steve Grover,
      You will appreciate this as a much better evidence of the existence of derangement

      link to

    • "The writer of such a script could claim Biblical authority. In Isaiah 44:28, the God of Israel declares through his prophet that Cyrus "is my shepherd, and he shall carry out all my purpose." Throughout Chapter 45 of Isaiah he speaks directly to Cyrus—"his anointed"—calling him "righteous" and informing him that "the wealth of Egypt and the merchandise of Ethiopia" will "come over to you, and be yours." The Book of Ezra opens with King Cyrus issuing an edict declaring, "The Lord, the God of heaven, has given me all the kingdoms of the earth, and he has charged me to build him a house at Jerusalem in Judah."

      link to

      Then we read in first 20 pages of the book by name - INQUISITION .THE FIFTEENTH CENTURY SPAIN
      Egypt 's borders in north and south were guarded by Jewish diaspora who came after defeat at the hands of Assyrian. But the successful Babylonian rebirth elevated the Jewish power and prestige in Persia. When Persia attacked Egypt,the Jewish military outpost changed sides. To
      Later when Egypt would revolt against Persia ,Egypt would also target the Jewish army protecting Persian occupation. To the DERANGED FATHER OF DERANGED B NETANYAHU ,this is absolutely abnormal expression of antisemitism.
      Hundred years later Roman army with Jewish legion would march to install previous ruler. The army would get the Jewish garrison guarding a strategic pass to let the Roman army in. DERANGED FATHER thinks that the Jewish army couldn't have done it without discussing the Jewish elders in Alexandria . To THE DERANGED FATHER ,THIS IS PERFECTLY NORMAL AND MORAL.
      Later again only Jewish army and the only Jewish administrator would provide the pivotsl support to one contender to the throne while the rest of the population including assimilated Greeks and elite Egyptian ,the priest ,and the rest would provide support to the legitimate king.

      There are many morales to this development as are to today's Iran
      1 even the religious story could be fabricated to legitimize and divine an illegal endeavor on an international scale even in 500 BC
      2 an illegal treasonous act could be explained away as part pf normal deal between host king and diaspora Jews
      3 normal anger and revenge by indigenous could be labeled against the occupying support system as Antisemitic act ( TO THE DERANGED FATHER , THIS WAS THE FIRST ANTISEMITISM ACT ,and HAPPENED IN EGYPT)

      4 Lying in the service of Zionism is as old as the claim of the existence of the antisemitism, so is the manufacturing of narrative.
      5 nothing is sacrosanct. Not even predicting events after the fact to make it look like as a reward and blessing from the God.

    • " He should use his position to help Israel"

      Yes ,why not. Nothing new here .

  • 'NYT' must think it has no Amish readers
    • Hoenlein is right from his perspective. He has been looking for his homeland for 2000 yrs but has ended up in wrong country still wearing the sleepers that saved his soles( souls ) from Assyrian. He hasn't paid them yet. So haggling and upfront payment are very natural.

    • hophmi

      Can you write a piece on Hitler meeting with baby Wiesel with Goebbles and teaching him how to write self promoting short essay? Then make a comment on the generational gap in Nazi regime being no different than the generational gap this author is experiencing between the mother and the daughter.

  • US Jews want Congress to approve Iran deal, by whopping 53 to 35, far more than Americans overall
    • Otherwise very vocal ,assertive and motivated proactive Jewish majority is always very silent ,very inactive and inactive in relation to the sufferings of Gaza,Arabs,Iranians . This is despite their opinion . Opinion remain in the drawing board .
      Even here they toe the line - in this case the majority believe the deal threatens Israeli security .

      Its the silence that torpedoes the goal they are trying to reach at.
      The big donors and megamouth rabid Zionist take,occupy,and adorn the podium to spread languages of hate,war,sanctions,and overt and covert threat to the dissenters ,to the peaceful -resolution -seeking voices,to the expert,to the politicians theologians,to the activists who dare to question their method,views,and monopolization of the venues .

      The silent Jews majority does engage in political and social activities or as long as it doesn't challenge the desired narratives of AIPAC or Israel.

  • Christian Zionists expose their anti-Semitism at conservative summit in Iowa
    • Brevik is partly correct.He doesn't and couldn't t see the bigger picture . Issue wasn't only the establishment of Isreal but the maintenance as well . Friction,war,acrimony,suspicion and lack of trust between the Arabs or Muslim and the West or the Christian had to be in place to let Israel abuse it to its advantage . War was necessary .It was essential. A concerted European attempt would definitely have freed UK in pursuing the zionism unencumbered with other concerns on wars on other fronts .But it would not have kept Israel alive .Israel needed and needs that enmity between Islam and Christian .

    • This is emblematic of the attempts by some excellent group of intelligent people to seek solace in myth hen reality around them is being shattered veryday . Its too late for them to get out of the tent. They need a tent and there is none to accommodate them .
      At last this collective stupidity,collective Nazi type belief,collective faith in the selected pages of Bible give them an illusion of having a collective existence . They are unable to stand on their own belief or conscience . One reason ,for too long ,people have been denied to have odd ideas or belief unless one belongs to something that is mass based . For too long,they have been subjected to scrutiny and disparagement by the power that control business,finances,media,and politics for their core belief which consist of compassion,morals,responsibilities desire for community cohesion,control on education,have some control over their future . They have nothing. So the morons are looking for enemies and redemption same time .
      I think their love for Israel or Jews is also symptomatic of immature defense mechanism and of futile coping system given the raw nature of Israeli exploitation and their own impotence
      to change anything

  • 'If we don't take out Iran,' it will reenact the Holocaust in US and Israel -- Steven Emerson to Times Square rally
    • In response to Kerry's caution against Israeli intransigence and the possible fallout affecting Israel

      Israeli firsters are saying the following-

      “It is the kind of statement that would be far more compelling to Israelis, or many in the Jewish community, if it came from an Israeli raising questions about the government’s approach,” said Dennis B. Ross, a former negotiator and senior adviser to President Obama on the Middle East. “I am afraid it will have the opposite effect of what the secretary may have intended.

      to underscore Mr. Ross’s point, Michael B. Oren, a former Israeli ambassador to the United States, assailed the comments."

      “If American legislators reject the nuclear deal, they will do so exclusively on the basis of U.S. interests,” Mr. Oren said in an email to reporters. “The threat of the secretary of state who, in the past, warned that Israel was in danger of becoming an apartheid state, cannot deter us from fulfilling our national duty to oppose this dangerous deal.”

      link to

      1- Dennis Ross can say Kerry has no right since he isn't an American to say what is good for Israel . Well if that were the case why Dennis Ross getting into this. Let's hear that view from an Israeli .

      2-Why American couldn't say when we are the best ally per the Zonist myth .?
      3- American couldn't say what is good for Israel but then they have to decide every year amount of extra money to be shipped to Israel . Is the money for what is "good of Israel"?
      4 US always has to come and veto in UN for Israel. Who will do the thinking and talking before that veto?

      5 MIchael Oren doesn't know that Krsitol wrote the letter making it look like coming from Cotton .The letter was signed by 55 or so Senators and sent to Iran. Oren doesn't know that Netanyahu will travel to US to urge Congress to vote against the deal. He doesn't know that AIPAC,UANI,JINSA,ADL,AEI,Project for Israel ,ECI, FDD and so many other organizations who are behind the campaign against the deal are also same organizations that take orders from Israel on ME and issues related to Israel. ,work for Israel,spread the vies of israel and tries to get US behind what ever Israel wants . Americans ex ambassador and ex cabinet members support the deal.Americans support the deal. Those who oppose the deal always bring Israel as the reason.
      Still Oren wants American believe that Congress is voting on this deal is about US. In same voice he says Israel a right to oppose this deal.

      Israel is doing all the opposition using US-media,congress,senate,and press releases but still wants Americans to believe that if Congress blocks this deal , Congress will be doing what is good for US.

    • He is easy to be called an idiot and be dismissed . But there are plenty with money and access equally rabid ,equally stupid,equally motivated and ready to shed some American blood by incessant lying

      link to
      The lies include- Iran considers Bahrain as 14 th province ( like Israel does Sinai and treats WB and Golan Height) , Iran tried to kill Saudi ambassador , and Arabs are ready to join Israel in confronting Iran.

    • Americans don't believe that they would be able t live inside the Sun with enough cooling machine and wine coolers . Then they also didn't believe that Soviet Russia would crumble overnight and Iraq war would last beyond 3 months.
      Its a dangerously uncertain world,I mean solar system.

    • Certain types of fundamentalism isn't fundamentalism. They are nostalgic memory for peaceful business as usual.
      Certain type of religious doctrines are not based on " Sky God" but on dialogue and understanding of the eternal wishes of the forces that make us human . It is not expression of bigotry but simple attempt to follow the prescription from that wonderful forces of unknown ,scientific " Sky God" when the science is based tribal entitlements and expectation of utter obedience from other .
      Certain kind of " wiping off " from any existence isn't as ugly,barbarian,beyond pale ,uncivilized, as is the threat of destruction in " wiping off the map" in fabricated sentence..
      Certain dangerous superstition isn't superstition and neither dangerous at all when the enemy has been created by the superstition for temporal gain .

    • Steven Emerson? Have we heard his name before somewhere in Florida ? He accused a newspaper of defamation. Newspaper stood by the report that he lied to people on terrorism .
      He withdrew.

      He is a liar and also ignorant .
      10,000 people showed up . Where were they when Israel was decimating Gaza ?

  • Poll: 51% of Jewish Israelis support reconstruction of Gaza settlements
    • 1 Were the Israelis told that they would be living in Gaza next to Palestinian with the same rights and opportunities that Palestinians enjoy but no extra privilege or exclusive access to resources? " Yes " answer will be a game changer . 1 - State can work .

      2 Hasabara goes like this - We gave them Gaza and Palestinian turned it into sewage How could the world trust them?
      Blockade doesn't exist,coup didn't happen International recognition wasn't withdrawn ,embargo was not imposed .
      3 Hasabara goes like this - You have to seal them off put them on diet,restrict their movement inside the wall, flood their prison ,and bomb the tunnel to stop them sending missile .
      At the end of the day Hasabara is a pack of lies . Liar have bad memories. Gaza war has 2 components
      1 Sanction,embargo restriction,and lack of access
      and 2 actual physical targeting of leaders and civilians
      Both were started by Israel. The was started by Israel

      On another level I would add this point to help you understand that this war is an on going war . So on a given day Gazan might start throwing rocks or sending missile after a lull of 1 minute or 1 day or 1 month or 1 year but the original war with its full effects still in place and that war has been started by Israel.

  • If Americans support Iran deal, 56-37, what gives Israel the power to 'croak' it?
    • One day Obama will regale his grand children with the story of how he outfoxed an arrogant ,out of touch,racist,hateful Netanyahu . He will share the tales and the trepidation . He would write how he was dehumanized,hated,and ridiculed behind his back by AIPAC ,how the " donors" threatened to withdraw money and votes . He would tell them how he tolerated and retreated and retracted under duress . Despite appeasement of the lobby and of psychopath liar PM,at every step of the way,he couldn't advance peace and advance Amerucan interest for 7 yrs .
      But he persisted and persevered .
      If only someone like him were at the helms in US in 1947 or in UK in 1917" the worlds could been spared a lot of bloodshed both in Europe and ME.
      We will wait for the memoirs .

    • AIPAC is who? The organization whose delegate want to do an Iraq on Iran --2007 AIPAC conference
      In Salon .com

    • British empire went bankrupt and then disappeared mainly from unnecessary war that started in 1914 .
      British also got mired in Middle East . Both could have been largely prevented had Zionist used their power and influences differently had they compromised that were available to them at different times from 1917.

      America has entered into a similar phase . Uncoromising Zionism is hurting American interest in Middle East . Ths in turn has started hurting American interest elsewhere in the world .

    • This " legitimacy" concern is both a diversionary tactics and an insurance against future re- calibration of the world opinion against Israel.
      Kristol somewhere in the darkened corner of his messed up soul knows that the Zionist history is a tapestry of intricately woven lies from the beginning to the inception of Israel and beyond. An acceptance of this narrative as legitimate will insure it from future destruction of weakened Israel unsupported by west by outside forces .

    • It seems AIPAC is banking on the possibility of American unilateral strike against Iran. There is nothing else out there unless IAEA plays rogue and denies Iran the clean chit . But Iran has learnt and will not allow this development . May be some insider color revolution may pave the path towards turmoil inviting outside intervention.
      These very possibilities will keep Iran in the sphere of Russia and China who can stop machinations of IAEA and color revolution .
      This begs the question why AIPAC is doing this?

    • How the myth is built-" , the MEK has periodically drummed up publicity for other purported blockbuster revelations; many turn out to be busts. This winter, as nuclear talks with Iran talks heated up, the MEK released a report they claimed exposed a secret Iranian enrichment facility. The report garnered much credulous press from right-wing media and even a mainstream outlet or two. But a blogger at the liberal site Daily Kos quickly noticed that the photograph the MEK claimed was a steel door to the secret facility had been ripped from the public website of an Iranian company that sells safes." 7/21/15
      Another door may reappear,someone might get hurt in Bulgaria,Delhi,or Argntina,or Thaliland. Anything can happen" out of blue" after germinating in the dark souls of AIPAC for few hours.An Iranian passport might be found next to the door slamming the finger of the cute baby in the ad . That machine doesn't stop .
      Instead of learning from the polling why Americans looking for peace and prosperity,why the world is supporting - AIPAC wants to educate the American and the entire world.

    • Masada isn't dead . It reincarnates in most confusing shapes and sizes.

    • ADL would call it a child abuse if the child in the ad above were portraying the Palestinian or Lebanese victims of Israeli aggression ,use of cluster bombs,use of phosphorus and use of depleted Uranium by Israel. Next we would hear the repeat chants from the media and GOP presidential hopefuls in their collective attempts to ingratiate themselves with Adelson's money.

  • Video: Israelis in West Jerusalem call for attack on Iran
    • link to

      Walker is planning on Inauguration Day . He should be given the luxury of being voted by West Bank settler .
      Walker is a good soldier ,a good Noahide. He will get his neighbors son killed who has no choice but to join military to earn a loving or have a future since Walker destroyed the job market and gutted education.

  • Nine reasons Obama is going to win on Iran. The first: Netanyahu
    • Wasn't she called antisemite for suggesting the neocons were fomenting war against Iran?

    • There is a reason Israel doesn't want this deal. It undercuts its argument of having more muscle,more militaryowers,more nukes to confront Iran . Those " fears" every year generate a lot of freebies ,dough,and gadgets for that country . It also doesn't want the deal since it may not be able to attack Syria or Lebanon whenever it wants
      Above all Israel doesn't ant Iran sit down with American or German or French one to one and enter into any understanding or sharing .

      Americans wonder why Israel is afraid of Iran and then looks for answer from those who manufacture the fear .
      Zionist can claim" we got your back"
      Americans can smile and say"Israel is our only ally"

    • Yes his not,never been. He was a great collaborator inside N Vietnam prison.

    • "“The AIPAC statement was rather carefully worded,” said Dr. Edward Levine, referring to its initial reaction to the nuclear agreement, which was released Tuesday. “I think that if AIPAC were, in the end, to sit this one out, that would send a strong message that a Democrat who is sort of a known Democrat can vote with the Democrats and get away with it.”
      From your Huffingtonpost link

      The pattern of vote,the consequences for voting,and the desired responses for vomiting in certain way by a democrats have to be approved by AIPAC.
      ( in another context if Levine were reminded in future of this paragraph,he would term it as Antisemitic expression)

    • Israel is getting the money for a deal that it doesn't support and his minions in GOP and among Democrats don't support ( in reality they want to scupper the deal) .
      Interesting times!

    • Yes,that's why I will caution Saudi Arab and Kuwait against trusting or relying on Israel.

    • It is all about money . The " start up nation" can't get started without the morning bowl of money as first thing for breakfast.

      link to

      Israel attacks Gaza and builds settlement . America says " stop it at least for few months" Israel gets free 40 billion dollars of arms . Saudi has to pay though.
      Iran is removed as nuclear threat of ' Israeli kind" to Israel and Israel asks for compensation to protect itself from the fallout of the deal?
      WSJ and FOX and CNN see an arms race building in Middle East and blames the deal ( or blames Hamas and Hizbullah depending on the year Israel is attacking Lebanon,Syria or Gaza)
      Words and sentences don't make sense . They are not meant to make sense. They are the perfect vehicle to hid the track of the thought .

  • Angela Merkel makes a 14-year old Palestinian girl cry by telling her she is not welcome in Germany
    • Yes ,deport her in the same Dolphin submarine . At least the girl would be comforted into thinking what a nice creature she could play with on her way back to the open concentration camp.

  • 'I trust Obama more than the Prime Minister of Israel to run our policy' -- George W. Bush's former pollster
    • link to

      and "We don't negotiate with evil," Dick Cheney famously said, "we defeat it."
      Yes ,you cant negotiate with yourself.Mr Dick for is called self stimulation .

      Some will label it as porno of violence

    • "That's why Bloomberg View's Eli Lake, among the most sophisticated of the hawks, ends his hot take on Obama with a whine rather than a policy argument, saying, "Obama should have the decency to level with us." Matthew Yglesias

      link to
      It is called crybaby syndrome.

      But have you been even honest with Americans Mr Lake?

  • Israel's real fear about the Iran deal: It puts pressure on the occupation
    • If I were one of those democracy promoting neocon , I would wear that hat at this time ,divert the discussion,and point to few developments
      -1 Iraninan citizen are hundred percent with their leaders . Its a good sign for democracy . US should focus on this aspect and encourage more involvement between political system and citizen within Iran
      - Americans overwhelmingly support something that Iranians support . This should open more people to people contact and establish dialogue between American and Iranian
      - Another point would be the secret anger of the Royals and the frustration of the Sheikhs in Arab . This shows their fear . They can't articulate the fear . The reason they can't articulate their concerns is the fact that no citizen ,no Arabs share their concerns . Democracy and moderates both have failed in Saudi Arab and Gulf . People in gulf welcome this ,they welcome Iran for all it potential - seeding democracy,fighting terror fighting IS and Israeli hegemony and above all Iran isn't going to fritter away the money like Saudi or Royals do.

      But being a neocon is a disadvantage when the peace nd reconciliation break out among rivals . Neocon thrive like Israel does in an atmosphere of hate,war,terror mongering and corruption.

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