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  • Understanding the Partition plan
    • "You allude in this article to both Jews and Arabs supporting the British effort. But I thought the Nazis were supported by the Arabs — that whole Desert Fox thing, which might have influenced the viewpoint of Truman in 1948 deciding whether to go with the Jews or the Arabs in the Palestine deal. Did WWII play no role in the debacle that took place in Palestine in 1948?

      - See more at: link to

      There is no evidence of Nazi supporting the Arab. Kaiser was interested for trade .
      Mufti met Hitler long after his effort to get British understand the threat to indigenous Palestinian had failed and he became a target for assassination.
      Hitler helped the Zionist both ideologically and materially.

    • Devout Jews have lived in this part for centuries. Rest have left whenever economic situation have got worst or opportunities abroad were more exciting .
      This can happen again . This is bound to happen when western subsidies gradually dwindle down . Israel will be again a country without a whole lot of Jews to keep it going. It will crumble from within.

    • Only Silver can get away with the claim that a document signed by one of the two parties could be binding to the other party as well. He could for he was allowed by the powerful countries who officially were subscribing even at that time to equality,decolonization,peaceful resolution of existing conflics and were positioning themselves as the arbiter . In a more rational environment not corrupted by money or domestic politics,Silver would have asked to leave politics or go to jail for threatening President Truman.

      BTW,the UN General Assembly resolution was not binding. It was not approved by UNSC.
      UN should have been investigated for horse trading ,pressurizing,and bribing other members with threat of economic strangulation of multiple countries who switched votes under pressure . USA possibly could have lost the status as veto wielding member for abuse of the position and for allowing rogue elements in Supreme Court and Cabinet to impersonatethemselves as legitimate government officials in charge of the situation.

  • Did the BBC cover up the anti-Semitism of Gaza's children?
    • Poor JC!
      May be Geller,Spencer,Horowitz,Liberman,Netanyahu,and the Sheldon supported GOP hopefuls should start talking about Sinai terrorist,Libyan terrorists,Syrian terrorists,and Pakistani terrorists instead of Muslim terrorists . Once that change takes effects ,we may approach the grieving sons , daughters,and parents to reconsider their labeling problems which incidentally might turn out to be the least of the problematic issues to them and to the rest of the world.
      But JC is getting lost in the fine grainy semantics to obscure the handwriting of one sided murder,mayhem,destruction by the Zionist entity to persuade us to imagine the screams emerging out of those cluster bombs and phosphorus burning as the collective Arab chants against Christ killer .

  • Why is Wasserman Schultz, Obama's surrogate, holding out on Iran deal?
    • More than 10,000 phone calls have flooded his office line the past two weeks, organized by a group looking to kill the deal. Another group has dropped seven figures on TV in New York City to pressure Schumer and other lawmakers to vote against the plan. The powerful American Israel Public Affairs Committee has put its muscle behind an effort to lobby the New Yorker against it.
      Story Continued Below

      Read more: link to
      Schumer is undecided . He may vote against. Will he travel to Israel?
      Why does AIPAC need an Israeli venue? It could take them to Bunny Ranch in Las Vegas ,make them meet Adelshon,get something more than money .

  • Time Warner executive moonlights as speechwriter for Netanyahu
    • He is superman . He leaves his Zionist hat at the doorstep of Time Warner . Never thinking of it again until time to leave the office.

      He doesn't need it there to protect himself from any light for none anyway shines on the Israeli agenda in Times Warner.

      PNAC contributors wrote the position paper for Netanyahu and after that successful endeavors
      ,came to apply it on America. Now the traffic is in other direction until the next Pearl Harbor.

    • A Zionist will offer this argument : he has a vote,he has right to voice his preferences in a democ

  • Rand Paul turned into a hawk on Iran and libertarians are burning his stuff
    • The Nonwar War against Iran By Laura Rozen
      National Journal .Jan 18 ,2007
      " the emerging Washington-Saudi-Israel alliance makes perfect sense" says Kenneth Katzman. He continues" The Saudis are facing Iran in Iraq and in the Gulf states. Israel is facing Hizbullah. " .
      Clawson cited Israeli PM 's public reference to Saudi in promoting peace "

      [ we never heard about Saudi peace from Sharon,Olmert,or Netanyahu - Aparently no partner is or was available despite 27 Arab countries and Iran being ready to show up . But Clawson has a memory that is locked in Tel Aviv dumpster]

      But what " really spooked the Arab regime" was the success of Hizbullah and popular reaction in their own countries of infatuation with Hizbullah and Iran's defiance" not the nuclear angle
      .. Laura Rozen

      The perverse attempt to rope in Saudi support against Iran has been work in progress for a longtime.
      Clawson proposed the idea of false flag to get Iran attack US.
      Shia Sunni schism is more on their mind than has been on anyone else's mind . It offers a rationale not unlike the one used against Saddam and Ghaddafi and Basher Assad .
      Shia Sunni fight in Iraq bears the footprints of ' Salvadorian Option" . It was created . Unfortunately the neocons have succeeded in creating the Divide and Rule

      Martin Indyk said " we are going to play the old imperial rule of divide and rule,and the stakes couldn't be higher" He argued that US shouldn't be squeamish about pulling political strings in Iraq-- 04/27/2003 Chicago Tribune by Howard Witt.

    • Sander is no different from Wexler,Levine,Wrexler,or Feingold. Most of them have staked out a perch of being " anti war on Iraq" . This earned them being liberal ,antiwar,progressive etc.
      All of them in one or another fashion have supported sanctions and " no options off the table" on Iran.
      The benefit of this type of anti war hat is that it lends itself an aura of righteousness,honesty,and being pro peace progressive . This aura then misused to justify similar unprovoked illegal aggression and sanctions,
      The cynical ploy here is not to use same discarded notorious lying figures embodied by Perle,Wolfowitz,Liberman,Lantos Ackerman but to intoroduce new faces to market same old discarded notorious illegal ideas.

    • This is time to remember a great guy who stood for what was good for US and for world peace
      Sen Lincoln Chafee didn't vote for Bush in 2004, voted against Iraq war and blamed Bush for not following up on his( Bush's) earlier support for peaceful negotiation towards 2 state solution . He called spade a spade and don't allow nuances when he said" Pres Bush has embraced the concept of land for peace in word,but so far not in deed. I sometimes wonder which group has the president's words"
      International Herald Trobune


      Monday, February, 12,2007
      He was ousted.
      Even he blamed it on the Evangelicals only. But that could be a metaphor to describe the AIPAC without underestimating the Evangelics.

    • A false libertarian or one who will compromise on libertarian principles.
      Then we have " liberal,left ,secular Zionist " like Wiseltier who will compromise with or trample on liberal progressive idea if Zionism were threatened by liberalism or progressivism

      Here he is ranting and raving to express his emotion - link to

      when a simple " I hate all Iranians " would have done the job as was done by one of the Bush delegates to UK by name Debra Cagan ( Daily Mail UK ) , a person of few words .

      His fall is equidistant to the fall suffered or enjoyed by Howard Dean . He fell from being even - handed between Arab and Palestine to being regular fixture on TV for everything a Neocon breathe and dream of including cavorting with MEK.

    • Poor Paul. Did he get a phone call or an e mail from Max Boot after approving this message? Did he call him before sending the message?

  • The great Highway 17 billboard contest
    • The argument in favor of Israel has been always symbolic or contradictory when it were reality based concrete .
      1 NYT in 1947 was getting close to the bandwagon and castigated Truman administration for looking after commercial ,statregic and oil interests . This line of argument was all along emphasized by Zionist who settled on the newfangled concept that the very nature of America supported the Zionism . Both were ideological,abstract endeavors . Both were lost cousins finding similarities from pilgrimage to making the land bloom or prosper.
      But this very Zionism was reaching Czar PM Sultan,and Kaiser just 30 yrs ago with the conspiratorial proposals of quid pro quo . Palestine as Israel would protect Suez,protect empire,and be a barrier to barbarism .
      2 Today the argument is " we are best ally,Israel is our only ally,Israel is only democracy,it is LGBT friendly,it has so many start ups scientific commercial entities " the list goes on adding every year - " we don't try to wipe off people off map" while Zionism here and abroad explore the opportunities in Ethipia,China,India,and Mynamar based on fault lines between local Muslim and local non muslims as an alternative to the changing American .direction

  • Huckabee plays the Iran Holocaust trump card
    • Kurtzer also questioned the logic of critics who insist that Iran wouldn’t necessarily react in a provocative way if Washington were unable to implement the deal due to congressional rejection. The agreement requires Tehran to drastically reduce the number of its working centrifuges and ship out almost all of its enriched uranium stockpile so that it would be at least one year from nuclear “break-out” status. But in the event of congressional rejection, Kurtzer predicted that Iran would almost certainly retain its current capability of achieving “break-out” in two months or less. “That’s the part [of the criticism of the deal] that makes no sense to anybody looking at the agreement,” he said.

      link to

      Unfortunately neocons still take American stupidities for granted. They take the poor attention span for granted.
      Neocons will say Iran will cheat or ignore or attack depending on what at a given time will suit their arguments . But next moment when they are asked that Iran most surely would do all those if US forsakes negotiations and kills the deals, they try to emphasize that fear- stricken Iran wouldn't dare to do any of those .
      They had offered similar arguments that Iraq had nukes and mushroom cloud was rising on the horizon and Iraq would strike but Iraq would do none of those if we attacked him first.

    • This comment came when Huckabee was about to be interviewed by Fox where the host suggested" [ before going into let me ask you about Iran deal]" , something of this nature-off the cuff comment - how is the weather in your backyard . It immediately set this man on fire like as if there were about to be no Jews left by Iran on this new planet transformed by the deal. Given the rapidity and coherence in his soundbites ,it seems he was whispered and marinated .

      He didn't discuss anything else on tat snippet . It was Iran . That was all to it.
      Who decided to throw that question? Fox anchor. Why didn't he ask him about his health given the evident obesity, ? Why didn't he ask police violence? Why didn't he ask about the unemployment among youth ,among college graduates? Why didn't he ask about drug epidemic or marijuahna legalization? Why didn't he ask him about immigration ? Why didn't he ask him about the effects of the Iraq war on our economy and health of the veterans? Why didn't he ask him why EU and UN were supporting this deal but not Israel?

      It seems that stenographers can change sides and roles very comfortably . Before elections,questions are asked for a desired answer and for a desired narrow movement within a defined space . Wandering off is prevented by the very nature of the fence .They know what answer to give to remain electable by the Fox . They behave like a good stenographer having learnt what to say and what not to.

      Once these chosen one become president or cabinet members or opposition leaders ,he can carry on those roles defined at the outset of the election season . Now these elected officials vomit those out and the real stenographers return to Fox or WSJ to jot the political account down as divine truth without any exploration or challenges or question.
      But none has returned,they have been in the game all the time . After the election reporters and anchors marvel as stenographers . Before the election ,politicians are the stenographers.

  • Israeli general likens attack on Gaza towers to 9/11 attack, as 'symbol'
    • Suppose this example were used by Iran or Palestine against an enemy target ,against a structure in an enemy land ,we would be hearing nonstop on TV and from GOP pimps how our enemy is motivated by the jealousy,by the hatred against freedom and prosperity ,animosity against free society ,against our values and so on and on . They will repeatedly refer back to highlight the possible complicity of Iran in 911,and ask to open the investigation . They would declare it as another example of Iranian fixation with mass death and destruction. They would remind that " Death to America" is being reenact again by thuggish Iranian. To the neocons ,this would be seen as another expression of joy and glory by fanatics Iranian and Palestinian.

      Always without fail, Israeli managed to portray an exact similar event as evil or good depending on who is doing and who is affected .

    • Its a very sad infamous analogy with deep psychologically complex confusing attempts to hide the true nature of the psychopathic pleasure at the loss of loves in 911.

  • Focus on Jewish Democrats as key to Iran deal raises 'loyalty' issue
    • Steve Grover,
      You will appreciate this as a much better evidence of the existence of derangement

      link to

    • "The writer of such a script could claim Biblical authority. In Isaiah 44:28, the God of Israel declares through his prophet that Cyrus "is my shepherd, and he shall carry out all my purpose." Throughout Chapter 45 of Isaiah he speaks directly to Cyrus—"his anointed"—calling him "righteous" and informing him that "the wealth of Egypt and the merchandise of Ethiopia" will "come over to you, and be yours." The Book of Ezra opens with King Cyrus issuing an edict declaring, "The Lord, the God of heaven, has given me all the kingdoms of the earth, and he has charged me to build him a house at Jerusalem in Judah."

      link to

      Then we read in first 20 pages of the book by name - INQUISITION .THE FIFTEENTH CENTURY SPAIN
      Egypt 's borders in north and south were guarded by Jewish diaspora who came after defeat at the hands of Assyrian. But the successful Babylonian rebirth elevated the Jewish power and prestige in Persia. When Persia attacked Egypt,the Jewish military outpost changed sides. To
      Later when Egypt would revolt against Persia ,Egypt would also target the Jewish army protecting Persian occupation. To the DERANGED FATHER OF DERANGED B NETANYAHU ,this is absolutely abnormal expression of antisemitism.
      Hundred years later Roman army with Jewish legion would march to install previous ruler. The army would get the Jewish garrison guarding a strategic pass to let the Roman army in. DERANGED FATHER thinks that the Jewish army couldn't have done it without discussing the Jewish elders in Alexandria . To THE DERANGED FATHER ,THIS IS PERFECTLY NORMAL AND MORAL.
      Later again only Jewish army and the only Jewish administrator would provide the pivotsl support to one contender to the throne while the rest of the population including assimilated Greeks and elite Egyptian ,the priest ,and the rest would provide support to the legitimate king.

      There are many morales to this development as are to today's Iran
      1 even the religious story could be fabricated to legitimize and divine an illegal endeavor on an international scale even in 500 BC
      2 an illegal treasonous act could be explained away as part pf normal deal between host king and diaspora Jews
      3 normal anger and revenge by indigenous could be labeled against the occupying support system as Antisemitic act ( TO THE DERANGED FATHER , THIS WAS THE FIRST ANTISEMITISM ACT ,and HAPPENED IN EGYPT)

      4 Lying in the service of Zionism is as old as the claim of the existence of the antisemitism, so is the manufacturing of narrative.
      5 nothing is sacrosanct. Not even predicting events after the fact to make it look like as a reward and blessing from the God.

    • " He should use his position to help Israel"

      Yes ,why not. Nothing new here .

  • 'NYT' must think it has no Amish readers
    • Hoenlein is right from his perspective. He has been looking for his homeland for 2000 yrs but has ended up in wrong country still wearing the sleepers that saved his soles( souls ) from Assyrian. He hasn't paid them yet. So haggling and upfront payment are very natural.

    • hophmi

      Can you write a piece on Hitler meeting with baby Wiesel with Goebbles and teaching him how to write self promoting short essay? Then make a comment on the generational gap in Nazi regime being no different than the generational gap this author is experiencing between the mother and the daughter.

  • US Jews want Congress to approve Iran deal, by whopping 53 to 35, far more than Americans overall
    • Otherwise very vocal ,assertive and motivated proactive Jewish majority is always very silent ,very inactive and inactive in relation to the sufferings of Gaza,Arabs,Iranians . This is despite their opinion . Opinion remain in the drawing board .
      Even here they toe the line - in this case the majority believe the deal threatens Israeli security .

      Its the silence that torpedoes the goal they are trying to reach at.
      The big donors and megamouth rabid Zionist take,occupy,and adorn the podium to spread languages of hate,war,sanctions,and overt and covert threat to the dissenters ,to the peaceful -resolution -seeking voices,to the expert,to the politicians theologians,to the activists who dare to question their method,views,and monopolization of the venues .

      The silent Jews majority does engage in political and social activities or as long as it doesn't challenge the desired narratives of AIPAC or Israel.

  • Christian Zionists expose their anti-Semitism at conservative summit in Iowa
    • Brevik is partly correct.He doesn't and couldn't t see the bigger picture . Issue wasn't only the establishment of Isreal but the maintenance as well . Friction,war,acrimony,suspicion and lack of trust between the Arabs or Muslim and the West or the Christian had to be in place to let Israel abuse it to its advantage . War was necessary .It was essential. A concerted European attempt would definitely have freed UK in pursuing the zionism unencumbered with other concerns on wars on other fronts .But it would not have kept Israel alive .Israel needed and needs that enmity between Islam and Christian .

    • This is emblematic of the attempts by some excellent group of intelligent people to seek solace in myth hen reality around them is being shattered veryday . Its too late for them to get out of the tent. They need a tent and there is none to accommodate them .
      At last this collective stupidity,collective Nazi type belief,collective faith in the selected pages of Bible give them an illusion of having a collective existence . They are unable to stand on their own belief or conscience . One reason ,for too long ,people have been denied to have odd ideas or belief unless one belongs to something that is mass based . For too long,they have been subjected to scrutiny and disparagement by the power that control business,finances,media,and politics for their core belief which consist of compassion,morals,responsibilities desire for community cohesion,control on education,have some control over their future . They have nothing. So the morons are looking for enemies and redemption same time .
      I think their love for Israel or Jews is also symptomatic of immature defense mechanism and of futile coping system given the raw nature of Israeli exploitation and their own impotence
      to change anything

  • 'If we don't take out Iran,' it will reenact the Holocaust in US and Israel -- Steven Emerson to Times Square rally
    • In response to Kerry's caution against Israeli intransigence and the possible fallout affecting Israel

      Israeli firsters are saying the following-

      “It is the kind of statement that would be far more compelling to Israelis, or many in the Jewish community, if it came from an Israeli raising questions about the government’s approach,” said Dennis B. Ross, a former negotiator and senior adviser to President Obama on the Middle East. “I am afraid it will have the opposite effect of what the secretary may have intended.

      to underscore Mr. Ross’s point, Michael B. Oren, a former Israeli ambassador to the United States, assailed the comments."

      “If American legislators reject the nuclear deal, they will do so exclusively on the basis of U.S. interests,” Mr. Oren said in an email to reporters. “The threat of the secretary of state who, in the past, warned that Israel was in danger of becoming an apartheid state, cannot deter us from fulfilling our national duty to oppose this dangerous deal.”

      link to

      1- Dennis Ross can say Kerry has no right since he isn't an American to say what is good for Israel . Well if that were the case why Dennis Ross getting into this. Let's hear that view from an Israeli .

      2-Why American couldn't say when we are the best ally per the Zonist myth .?
      3- American couldn't say what is good for Israel but then they have to decide every year amount of extra money to be shipped to Israel . Is the money for what is "good of Israel"?
      4 US always has to come and veto in UN for Israel. Who will do the thinking and talking before that veto?

      5 MIchael Oren doesn't know that Krsitol wrote the letter making it look like coming from Cotton .The letter was signed by 55 or so Senators and sent to Iran. Oren doesn't know that Netanyahu will travel to US to urge Congress to vote against the deal. He doesn't know that AIPAC,UANI,JINSA,ADL,AEI,Project for Israel ,ECI, FDD and so many other organizations who are behind the campaign against the deal are also same organizations that take orders from Israel on ME and issues related to Israel. ,work for Israel,spread the vies of israel and tries to get US behind what ever Israel wants . Americans ex ambassador and ex cabinet members support the deal.Americans support the deal. Those who oppose the deal always bring Israel as the reason.
      Still Oren wants American believe that Congress is voting on this deal is about US. In same voice he says Israel a right to oppose this deal.

      Israel is doing all the opposition using US-media,congress,senate,and press releases but still wants Americans to believe that if Congress blocks this deal , Congress will be doing what is good for US.

    • He is easy to be called an idiot and be dismissed . But there are plenty with money and access equally rabid ,equally stupid,equally motivated and ready to shed some American blood by incessant lying

      link to
      The lies include- Iran considers Bahrain as 14 th province ( like Israel does Sinai and treats WB and Golan Height) , Iran tried to kill Saudi ambassador , and Arabs are ready to join Israel in confronting Iran.

    • Americans don't believe that they would be able t live inside the Sun with enough cooling machine and wine coolers . Then they also didn't believe that Soviet Russia would crumble overnight and Iraq war would last beyond 3 months.
      Its a dangerously uncertain world,I mean solar system.

    • Certain types of fundamentalism isn't fundamentalism. They are nostalgic memory for peaceful business as usual.
      Certain type of religious doctrines are not based on " Sky God" but on dialogue and understanding of the eternal wishes of the forces that make us human . It is not expression of bigotry but simple attempt to follow the prescription from that wonderful forces of unknown ,scientific " Sky God" when the science is based tribal entitlements and expectation of utter obedience from other .
      Certain kind of " wiping off " from any existence isn't as ugly,barbarian,beyond pale ,uncivilized, as is the threat of destruction in " wiping off the map" in fabricated sentence..
      Certain dangerous superstition isn't superstition and neither dangerous at all when the enemy has been created by the superstition for temporal gain .

    • Steven Emerson? Have we heard his name before somewhere in Florida ? He accused a newspaper of defamation. Newspaper stood by the report that he lied to people on terrorism .
      He withdrew.

      He is a liar and also ignorant .
      10,000 people showed up . Where were they when Israel was decimating Gaza ?

  • Poll: 51% of Jewish Israelis support reconstruction of Gaza settlements
    • 1 Were the Israelis told that they would be living in Gaza next to Palestinian with the same rights and opportunities that Palestinians enjoy but no extra privilege or exclusive access to resources? " Yes " answer will be a game changer . 1 - State can work .

      2 Hasabara goes like this - We gave them Gaza and Palestinian turned it into sewage How could the world trust them?
      Blockade doesn't exist,coup didn't happen International recognition wasn't withdrawn ,embargo was not imposed .
      3 Hasabara goes like this - You have to seal them off put them on diet,restrict their movement inside the wall, flood their prison ,and bomb the tunnel to stop them sending missile .
      At the end of the day Hasabara is a pack of lies . Liar have bad memories. Gaza war has 2 components
      1 Sanction,embargo restriction,and lack of access
      and 2 actual physical targeting of leaders and civilians
      Both were started by Israel. The was started by Israel

      On another level I would add this point to help you understand that this war is an on going war . So on a given day Gazan might start throwing rocks or sending missile after a lull of 1 minute or 1 day or 1 month or 1 year but the original war with its full effects still in place and that war has been started by Israel.

  • If Americans support Iran deal, 56-37, what gives Israel the power to 'croak' it?
    • One day Obama will regale his grand children with the story of how he outfoxed an arrogant ,out of touch,racist,hateful Netanyahu . He will share the tales and the trepidation . He would write how he was dehumanized,hated,and ridiculed behind his back by AIPAC ,how the " donors" threatened to withdraw money and votes . He would tell them how he tolerated and retreated and retracted under duress . Despite appeasement of the lobby and of psychopath liar PM,at every step of the way,he couldn't advance peace and advance Amerucan interest for 7 yrs .
      But he persisted and persevered .
      If only someone like him were at the helms in US in 1947 or in UK in 1917" the worlds could been spared a lot of bloodshed both in Europe and ME.
      We will wait for the memoirs .

    • AIPAC is who? The organization whose delegate want to do an Iraq on Iran --2007 AIPAC conference
      In Salon .com

    • British empire went bankrupt and then disappeared mainly from unnecessary war that started in 1914 .
      British also got mired in Middle East . Both could have been largely prevented had Zionist used their power and influences differently had they compromised that were available to them at different times from 1917.

      America has entered into a similar phase . Uncoromising Zionism is hurting American interest in Middle East . Ths in turn has started hurting American interest elsewhere in the world .

    • This " legitimacy" concern is both a diversionary tactics and an insurance against future re- calibration of the world opinion against Israel.
      Kristol somewhere in the darkened corner of his messed up soul knows that the Zionist history is a tapestry of intricately woven lies from the beginning to the inception of Israel and beyond. An acceptance of this narrative as legitimate will insure it from future destruction of weakened Israel unsupported by west by outside forces .

    • It seems AIPAC is banking on the possibility of American unilateral strike against Iran. There is nothing else out there unless IAEA plays rogue and denies Iran the clean chit . But Iran has learnt and will not allow this development . May be some insider color revolution may pave the path towards turmoil inviting outside intervention.
      These very possibilities will keep Iran in the sphere of Russia and China who can stop machinations of IAEA and color revolution .
      This begs the question why AIPAC is doing this?

    • How the myth is built-" , the MEK has periodically drummed up publicity for other purported blockbuster revelations; many turn out to be busts. This winter, as nuclear talks with Iran talks heated up, the MEK released a report they claimed exposed a secret Iranian enrichment facility. The report garnered much credulous press from right-wing media and even a mainstream outlet or two. But a blogger at the liberal site Daily Kos quickly noticed that the photograph the MEK claimed was a steel door to the secret facility had been ripped from the public website of an Iranian company that sells safes." 7/21/15
      Another door may reappear,someone might get hurt in Bulgaria,Delhi,or Argntina,or Thaliland. Anything can happen" out of blue" after germinating in the dark souls of AIPAC for few hours.An Iranian passport might be found next to the door slamming the finger of the cute baby in the ad . That machine doesn't stop .
      Instead of learning from the polling why Americans looking for peace and prosperity,why the world is supporting - AIPAC wants to educate the American and the entire world.

    • Masada isn't dead . It reincarnates in most confusing shapes and sizes.

    • ADL would call it a child abuse if the child in the ad above were portraying the Palestinian or Lebanese victims of Israeli aggression ,use of cluster bombs,use of phosphorus and use of depleted Uranium by Israel. Next we would hear the repeat chants from the media and GOP presidential hopefuls in their collective attempts to ingratiate themselves with Adelson's money.

  • Video: Israelis in West Jerusalem call for attack on Iran
    • link to

      Walker is planning on Inauguration Day . He should be given the luxury of being voted by West Bank settler .
      Walker is a good soldier ,a good Noahide. He will get his neighbors son killed who has no choice but to join military to earn a loving or have a future since Walker destroyed the job market and gutted education.

  • Nine reasons Obama is going to win on Iran. The first: Netanyahu
    • Wasn't she called antisemite for suggesting the neocons were fomenting war against Iran?

    • There is a reason Israel doesn't want this deal. It undercuts its argument of having more muscle,more militaryowers,more nukes to confront Iran . Those " fears" every year generate a lot of freebies ,dough,and gadgets for that country . It also doesn't want the deal since it may not be able to attack Syria or Lebanon whenever it wants
      Above all Israel doesn't ant Iran sit down with American or German or French one to one and enter into any understanding or sharing .

      Americans wonder why Israel is afraid of Iran and then looks for answer from those who manufacture the fear .
      Zionist can claim" we got your back"
      Americans can smile and say"Israel is our only ally"

    • Yes his not,never been. He was a great collaborator inside N Vietnam prison.

    • "“The AIPAC statement was rather carefully worded,” said Dr. Edward Levine, referring to its initial reaction to the nuclear agreement, which was released Tuesday. “I think that if AIPAC were, in the end, to sit this one out, that would send a strong message that a Democrat who is sort of a known Democrat can vote with the Democrats and get away with it.”
      From your Huffingtonpost link

      The pattern of vote,the consequences for voting,and the desired responses for vomiting in certain way by a democrats have to be approved by AIPAC.
      ( in another context if Levine were reminded in future of this paragraph,he would term it as Antisemitic expression)

    • Israel is getting the money for a deal that it doesn't support and his minions in GOP and among Democrats don't support ( in reality they want to scupper the deal) .
      Interesting times!

    • Yes,that's why I will caution Saudi Arab and Kuwait against trusting or relying on Israel.

    • It is all about money . The " start up nation" can't get started without the morning bowl of money as first thing for breakfast.

      link to

      Israel attacks Gaza and builds settlement . America says " stop it at least for few months" Israel gets free 40 billion dollars of arms . Saudi has to pay though.
      Iran is removed as nuclear threat of ' Israeli kind" to Israel and Israel asks for compensation to protect itself from the fallout of the deal?
      WSJ and FOX and CNN see an arms race building in Middle East and blames the deal ( or blames Hamas and Hizbullah depending on the year Israel is attacking Lebanon,Syria or Gaza)
      Words and sentences don't make sense . They are not meant to make sense. They are the perfect vehicle to hid the track of the thought .

  • Angela Merkel makes a 14-year old Palestinian girl cry by telling her she is not welcome in Germany
    • Yes ,deport her in the same Dolphin submarine . At least the girl would be comforted into thinking what a nice creature she could play with on her way back to the open concentration camp.

  • 'I trust Obama more than the Prime Minister of Israel to run our policy' -- George W. Bush's former pollster
    • link to

      and "We don't negotiate with evil," Dick Cheney famously said, "we defeat it."
      Yes ,you cant negotiate with yourself.Mr Dick for is called self stimulation .

      Some will label it as porno of violence

    • "That's why Bloomberg View's Eli Lake, among the most sophisticated of the hawks, ends his hot take on Obama with a whine rather than a policy argument, saying, "Obama should have the decency to level with us." Matthew Yglesias

      link to
      It is called crybaby syndrome.

      But have you been even honest with Americans Mr Lake?

  • Israel's real fear about the Iran deal: It puts pressure on the occupation
    • If I were one of those democracy promoting neocon , I would wear that hat at this time ,divert the discussion,and point to few developments
      -1 Iraninan citizen are hundred percent with their leaders . Its a good sign for democracy . US should focus on this aspect and encourage more involvement between political system and citizen within Iran
      - Americans overwhelmingly support something that Iranians support . This should open more people to people contact and establish dialogue between American and Iranian
      - Another point would be the secret anger of the Royals and the frustration of the Sheikhs in Arab . This shows their fear . They can't articulate the fear . The reason they can't articulate their concerns is the fact that no citizen ,no Arabs share their concerns . Democracy and moderates both have failed in Saudi Arab and Gulf . People in gulf welcome this ,they welcome Iran for all it potential - seeding democracy,fighting terror fighting IS and Israeli hegemony and above all Iran isn't going to fritter away the money like Saudi or Royals do.

      But being a neocon is a disadvantage when the peace nd reconciliation break out among rivals . Neocon thrive like Israel does in an atmosphere of hate,war,terror mongering and corruption.

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