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  • Israel lobby panics about 'spoiled' next generation of American leaders turning against it
    • Lobby is offering hard earned wisdom and advice free to both GOP and to Trump how to get out of the fender bender curves and how to get back to shape

      “During the Reagan years, the G.O.P. –because it harvested so effectively the intellectual labor of conservative think tanks like the American Enterprise Institute and the Heritage Foundation and publications like The Wall Street Journal editorial page and Commentary. continued into the George W. Bush administration — amply stocked with the likes of Paul D. Wolfowitz, —-

      In recent years, television personalities have taken over the role of defining the conservative movement that once belonged to thinkers like Irving Kristol, Norman Podhoretz .” -

      While Heritage Foundation confirms emergence of old as new enemy on the horizon-

      “Counterterrorism officials and the public are on high alert from terrorism threats, but a new threat assessment from the conservative Heritage Foundation warned that Iran “represents by far the most significant security challenge to the United States, its allies, and its interests in the greater Middle East.” link to

      Max Boot wants Americans to forget that there was Iraq War2 and since then there have been 3, 4,5 Iraq wars and continuing with more branches and franchises in and around north Africa and Syria ,Yemen and Somalia . Not being content with the scale of the destruction ,the Lobby is angling for more targets because [there are no targets ] as Rumsfield once had moaned about Afghanistan before offering his own reason to attack Iraq in addition to the reasons The Lobby provided .

    • "Now ten years on, the Israel lobbyists face a greater threat than academic critics of the Israel lobby: young Americans, who are awaking to Palestinian conditions on college campuses, thanks to the efforts of - "
      The more America gets entangled , in senseless ruthless unholy wars , more the lobby's existence becomes a problem . It is the by -product not the intended goal and unfortunately it is single handed created by the lobby . Effects of war on money job future and on White Europe are riling up a lot of people To them Israel can be a religious fulfillment but an entity which has has lost its all significance under the the direct assault of the changing hard pressing reality . The wolves may scream and goad Americans to die more for wars in ME and make promises of great future , and try to re-instill the virtue of sacrifice . But no one is buying the snake oil from the snake charmer despite the new flute

    • " 20 years from now, these students will be judges, heads of Congress,” Mr. Yudof told me. “We have to respond now to maintain the historical relationship with Israel.” -

      If he can he would stop the time . Science moves forward So political historical and social science . Future generations should remain free how to judge ,evaluate,and get a grasp of today's realities just like American and European have been judging evaluating ,and grasping the meaning and importance of the colonization, slavery, empire building ,Cold war, CIA's unholy activities , Gulf War 1 and 2 and the arrival of the terrorism . How the academy will react if today someone from the Dean's office circulate a warning of not deviating from the official narratives of Bush jr's take on Saddam WMD ? How should one react if the Southern Baptist confront the academics over their refusal to support Intelligent Design, creation of the world in 6 days and 6 seconds on a 6000 yrs old watch ? Those beliefs do tie certain section of people all across the globe to certain bond , history , culture and tie them together in a universal relationship.

  • Former AIPAC official says Israel should get no US aid without ending 'oppressive' settlements
    • "That inflammatory language drew a strong response from Jewish leaders Thursday.

      who counts U.S. Supreme Court justices among his congregation at Cleveland Park’s Adas Israel, wrote a similar letter" WaPO

      1 Does the inflammatory actions of Israel draw or has ever drawn any response from the liberal secular reformist congregations?
      2 Does The Supreme Court Justice support the selective silence and the automatic embrace of the policy of the State of Israel by his Congregations? If so, he or she should step down .

  • America's iron fist in the Middle East
    • After corrupting and destroying a great many societies in the East by forcing drugs ,selling drugs,cultivating drugs,and making billions out of drugs both England and USA have undertaken global fight against drugs ( while it is debateable if US has actually stopped taking advantage of drugs production in distant lands ) . Hopefully one day US and UK will undertake similar fights against arms production, sales of arms,and making most of the foreign revenue out of arms .
      Meanwhile students and common folks may learn how to detest an arm manufacturer and peddler the way they detest the drug peddlers and producers.

      Yes I am sarcastic here but I see this moral gap in the thinking of those who hate drugs but endorse ,condone or simply love the sale of the arms which end up killing and destroying countries that even the drugs can't .

  • Netanyahu accidentally calls Arabs 'goats' in video intended to promote 'equality and dignity for all'
    • I have been trying but so far unsuccessful to see this episode referred to by CNN or NYT Though they have been a little too hurt by the shenanigans of Trump's remarks on immigrants and on Mulsim.

      Then I saw this Editorial on today's NYT

      The Putin-Trump Admiration Society - The New York Times
      link to
      The New York Times

      link to

      When placed side by side for a measure of the irresponsibility on the part of NYT , the silence and condoning of similar behavior gets mid boggling Netanyhua did try to influence Romney vs Obama election.Israelis. tried to eavesdrop on American -Iran negotiation. Israel planted moles in cabinet and in the negotiating team . Republicans showed more warmth , love and fear for the Israeli PM and also called Obama weak

      It ridicules Trump for not getting what it wanted from Russia. Has America got anything from Israel despite sustaining its very survival? Did Obama get anything despite reflexive support to Israel and despite replenishing Israeli coffers and military warehouse free

  • Israeli rabbi who advocated rape of 'comely gentile women' during war becomes chief army rabbi
    • Abbas should have informed the world of the real dogma and practices of the religion inspired Zionism instead of talking about poisoning some well.

  • Ozick says Obama needs 6-volume history of Jews on his bedside table
    • If her hopes are to modify Islam to her image of what it should be,then we have a big problem on our hands . Usually ideas in Zionism take shape over the years . It germinate and growse slowly . The environment is created for the germination. Gardener is found to water .River is redirected to draw the water .

      Yoded Yinon took 40 yrs to materialize in the process we saw the defeat of Carter,Bush sr,corrupting of Clinton, enslavement of Bush Cheney, millions of non American dead,thousands of American killed in war and in suicide,destruction of Syria,Yemen,Somalia,Ghaddafi,Libya and Iraq.

      This woman of virtue ,integrity vision,and humanism wants to cement her legacy as virtuous,humane honest,and bold visionary attempts to heal Islam from without just the way Iraq. Libya,Syria were .
      She gainst the confidence thatshe could in knowing the fact the free roaming of Cheney,Blair,PNAC crowd continue to be unhindered that none have faced hard labor in penitentiary.

  • Elie Wiesel is Dead
    • Kissinger has a human right prize after his name . Lantos had some kind of Human right podium devoted to his aging corpse . Obama discloses the numbers of the innocent who died in drones
      Saudi Arab is derided for supporting IS but is still saved by US from the charges of slaughtering the Yemeni children . It is a world that Wiesel understood well before this world was conceived . He spawned quite a few who would carry the torch -Bernard Levy -comes to mind . Michael Gordon and Judith butler tried to outsmart each other . I dont blame Wiesel i just dont value his as a human being more than I value Cheney .

  • Obliterated Families: Gaza family submits complaint against French weapons manufacturer for complicity in war crimes
    • Arms suppliers should be treated the way we treat the drug peddlers
      May be oneday it will, once the arms start coming back to the originator countries but in the hand of the rogue elements of societies .

  • 'I was wrong in my presumption that Israel desired peace' --Chas Freeman
    • "This era may be said to have definitively ended on October 26, 2015, when Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu told the Knesset that, while he rejected the idea of a binational state, Israeli Jews “need to control all of the territory [of historic Palestine] for the foreseeable future.” Mr. Netanyahu showed that he understood that this would preclude a secure peace for Israel with Palestinians, other Arabs, and the world’s Muslims when he added, “I’m asked if we will forever live by the sword—yes. - "

      One can hear these moaning eerie shrieks by squeezing a cadaver against itself .

      Think of any other nation anywhere proudly brandishing a plan of conquering ,occupying and getting rid of the natives leading to the claim the land was given to them by the Gods ! What will happen ? US will start bombing before the sound of the announcement fades away . R2 P ,Humanitarian Intervention, War to establish democracy , roll back tyranny and not appeasing another Hitler - we will run out of the adjectives and the words before the nation is pulverized to tiny sand particles

  • Media accusations of blood libels -- against Abbas and Sanders -- amplify a Jewish tribal fantasy
    • NYT could have dismissed the mistake as " overstatement ,nonetheless a true picture of the goings-on both at the ground level as well as religious level" . Abbas is trying to wake the powers and the leaders up to the reality . NYT is focussing on the quality of the handwriting .
      This is another example of focussing on the patterns of the leaves and ignore the forest .
      NYT could have added that Rabbis are known to incite but this was not the right example.
      But this is in perfect synch with the past ramblings of NYT and rest of the Zionsit inspired media . It reminds me of those famous phrases1 Arsbs want us to be thrown into the sea
      2 The day Arb love more their children than they hate us,there will be peace
      3 there is no partner for peace .
      I am sure there are other. But its the same focussing on language and words and using the language nd words to denigrate ,to belittle,to deceive and to deny what rightfully belongs to Palestinian have been the works in progress in US media and continues to be so.

  • Israel should be deeply disturbed by the Brexit vote
    • Narbonne in southern France didn't survive . David and Solomon's fiefdom did not . Khazar didnot . Jewish people did and would continue after State of Israel have given up trying to survive on American dole

    • British and American approaches to land acquisition by Zionist are same . Under protection of British Imperial army ,Zionist kept on increasing the numbers of the immigrants . The British gated the information,news,and the facts to the advantages of Zionist. It periodically punished Atabs for rebellion ,revolts,and opposition. It created the myth of Hitler - Mufti nexus nor t challenged the Israeli provocations . It punished the liberal secular . It founded the Saudi Royals . It destroyed the Arab nationalism .
      America continues same . US protects and promotes militarily,diplomatically,and financially the land acquisition of Zionist. It ignores Israeli provocations. It gates the news censors Anti Zionist logic and reasonings, it suppress Israeli treachery ,illegal activities,and nefarious game plans . It doesn't allow the dots to be connected from original imperialistic plans of Herzl and Ben Guiron to current activities of settler occupier religious fanatics Likud - Labor - Kadima
      chameleon. It labels anti Israelis as anti Semitic it labels nti Zionist as terrorist . It abuses UN just the way British abused their mandate and League of Nation roles .

  • Post Orlando, a Muslim's comment on homophobia within the Muslim community
    • What did Michael Oren actually say?

      Translated from Hebrew,the comment was:" If I were Donald Trump I would come out the minute the FBI decided to start leaking this morning that we are talking about a man who acted out of Islamic motives,with connections,First of all the name itself ,Omar Siddiqui ,Mteen a Muslim name ,the on of immigrants from Afghanistan ,who apparently was somehow in touch with extremist Muslim organizations . This already has a significant influence on the race for the presidency"

      Roger Cohen NYT A19 OO-ED Saturday June 25 ,2016

    • "A growing number of contemporary traditionalist sunni and Shia scholars including Shaikh Mohamed El-Mochtar El-Shinqiti and Zaytuna College’s Shaikh Abdullah Bin Hamid Ali — while affirming the immorality of the act — assert that there is no temporal punishment stated in the two primary sources of Islamic law, the Quran and the Sunna (teachings and sayings of the Prophet), for merely being homosexual. Prominet Iranian scholar Abdolkarim Saroush even notes that any persecution or discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation would be wrong.

      Like the punishment for adultery and fornication, there is strong basis to argue, as many scholars have done, that the punishments are really for public indecency within the context of Muslim society. In fact, this is reinforced by the fact that even in the classical Muslim era, evidence of homosexuals in Muslim lands abounded but with minimal instances of prosecution. This may have been partly due to the combined effect of Islamic law’s strict evidentiary requirements and the prioritization and pre-eminence of privacy rights.

      Though classical jurists deemed homosexual conduct immoral, they appear to have had a more sophisticated take on the issue. Shaikh Hamid Ali in his The Homosexual Challenge to Muslim Ethics, documents how some jurists attempted to understand those who behaved effeminately (mukhannath) based on whether it was innate or by choice. He quotes Shaikh Yahya b. Sharaf al-Nawawi (1277 CE) as writing that “there is no blame, censure, sin, or punishment on this type [one acting out of natural inclination] because he is excused by virtue of having no hand in that condition.”

      Shaikh Ali also refers to classical jurist, Hafiz Ibn Hajar al-Asqalaini (1448 CE) who cited Imam Ibn Jariri al-Tabari (922 CE) to conclude, that when men exhibited feminine characteristics due to their innate nature then rather than being condemned they should be taught to gradually unlearn thisn, because they may have been created this way.

      Islamic law did not seek to regulate feelings, emotions and urges, but only its translation into action that authorities had declared unlawful. Indeed, many scholars — including prominent 11th century jurist Abu Muhammad Ali Ibn Hazm — even argued that homosexual tendencies themselves were not haram but had to be suppressed for the public good.

      Though not what the LGBTQ community wants to hear, it reveals that even classical Islamic jurists struggled with this issue and had a more sophisticated attitude than many contemporary Muslims. Moreover, such fiqh works offer Muslims some lessons on how to live with differences.

      A case in point is a ruling by Shaikh Ibn al Qayim al Jawziya, a prominent Hanbali jurist of the 14thcentury, who was asked whether the Muslim state should ban the Zoroastrian institution of self-marriage whereby men were encouraged to marry their mothers and sisters. While affirming that this was unlawful and morally repugnant under Islamic law, Ibn al Qayim (a student of the puritanical Ibn Taymiyaa) ruled that the state could not ban this practice and that in fact the institution ought to be recognized under two conditions:

      1) the matter is not brought to a Muslim court; and

      2) the Zoroastrian community recognized self-marriage as a valid tradition.

      Given the dynamism and sophistication inherent even in classical Islamic jurisprudence, it can be argued that there is plenty of room to accommodate differences within, particularly in a secular liberal democratic context. To make it workable though, both sides of this debate need to understand the other."

      link to

      Islam does allow a lot of wiggle room . Most of the Koraniac verses end with asking for forgiveness even for the worst kind of crimes because "God is Merciful"

    • You bother because you fight the status quo . You also bother because the 20th century practice may not have 7th to 19 the century antecedents. You bother because the discussion might offer a you valid knowledge -based space to disagree

    • Part of me wants to believe that my "homophobia' stems from my ideas about (heterosexual) sex . It is something you don't talk about, dont engage before marriage,don't go into a situation where my still un-married body can get riled up sexually, and it is something that imposes dress codes on men and women . Until lately that was the case in West and it is still prevalent ( link to It is very much in vogue in non western countries.
      For the mind to handle another layer - homosexuality- LGBT issue- without squirming like a trapped earthworm is difficult - This uneasiness and and inability to process this uncomfortable emotion ( why people on earth should worry about 2 guys or galls- who are no harm to them ,-going to hell ? At least the heaven will be less crowed . For heterosexual it also means less competition for sex .These logic should stop Heterosexual from being preoccupied with this . ) are expected sequel of the attitude .
      It is not the full story . It must be some other sort of fears . I think its the freaking image of 2 men naked together somewhere in the dim lit chamber. Its not the religion but this reaction that possibly underlie the visceral negative attitude of men and women irrespective of the religion

      Our DNA and our brain is trying to bolster the case of Darwin's survival of the fittest - one might argue . But this is why we also have fore-brain that goes against the emotional amygadlaoid primitive reptilian brain.

      For Homophobia to disappear, the prevalent ( both wetern and non western )attitude to sex in general have to disappear

  • Dennis Ross tells American Jews, 'We need to be advocates for Israel' -- and not for Palestinians
    • He is one of those insiders who kept two faces throughout their existences and allowed those two faces to influence one another . He has worked hard to remove any Arab speaking or Arab ethnicity from the negotiating process of US side. He worked hard to get US behind Iraq sanctions and Iran attack He has worked for Israel abut through the position of an American representative His total silence on gaza -wars,blockades- is disgusting and Anti American .

  • Democratic Party leadership lines up against BDS -- and the 'nuts' who support it
    • D Wexler ex Florida Congressman on CSPAN with Zames Jogby and C West on Democratic Convention Platform

      Interesting remarks,suggestion,and beliefs and prescription from a man who once wanted to prosecute Bush for Iraq war . Wrexler sees Iranian foot prints on each and on all ME conflicts, he supports sanctions against Iran , he thinks Hizbullah is a terror outfit and Basher Assad should do .

      This is why I believe these people Liberman and Wrexler are nothing but 2 sides of the same coin .They are place holders .They show up to occupy the default position of the Zionist game plans. once he is gone somebody else would show up and criticize him for ill fated ,illegal,and destructive attack on Syria or Iran and then would demand for an attack (,in due course of time ,but which is enough time to confuse the nature of the continuity of the debate within the Zionist game plan ,)on another Muslim country

      He also says about BDS,that it is not right and outside forces cant help the peace process

      But about threat a to Israel he says America can help and America should . He says Hizbulalh and Iran are problem So is antisemitism in the world which is rising per him. In one sentence he finds threat to Israel could be addressed,modified and challenged by outside forces ( US and then through US the rest of the West ) but threat To Palestine cant be helped by BDS .

      He also says America should not disengage from ME but again America should not discuss the relevance or necessity or reason of BDS but should ignore it,should not support it (and by extension of same attitude some one will call it illegal but that doesnt occur to him )

      So he suggests America should do what Israel want - finish off Syria,keep sanctions and pressure on Iran ignore and don't support BDS and he still thinks outside forces cant help the peace and negotiation . But to him outside forces can help war and war like situation ( it doeskin occur to him that removing this type of intervention or engagement can actually promote peace )

      This is why Wrexlr is nothing but another Zionist in a different garb .

  • Clinton's foreign policy speech downplays Israel (and leaves out Palestine)
    • "In 2012, a last-minute effort to include the ........."

      Was it George Bush or was it someone else in his administration who inspired himself and the audience with the discovery of democracy at work in America allegedly evident in the side show of allowing some protesters to scream against war ?

      Here is Democrtaic version of that. liberal interventionist and Neo Conservatives have 2 things in common - more support for Israel more plans for more wars .Rest of the attributes or any of the differences are for consumption for the domesticated idiots.

    • There is a consensus among figures like Zakaria or Bill O Reily ,WaPo,NYT and WSJ that someone aspiring to be president would be at his or her best as a new ground breaking visionary bold foreign
      Policy strategist if the aspirant articulates followings- Total enduring overacting embrace of Israel
      Total annihilation of the terrorist
      Roll back of Chinese and Russian powers
      Removal of dictators like Putin, Basher, Bolivian,Venejuealean leaders and bringing Baltic nations as new front for resetting NATO 's strategy against Russia,
      Dismantling Iran deal,
      Spreading Drones over the sky of Africa to Pakistan

      These are nothing new . But still the mouthpieces sitting on "leftist " and " conservative" platforms will ask for those old tried and repeated failed strategies from any putative potential candidate. Otherwise it is not ground breaking and not bold and not capable enough of securing America or protecting America . This is general model that is accepted by hacks masquerading as experts and accepted by Clinton supporters as bare minimum . One gets a feeling that the leaders,supporters of leaders,and the media honcho - all are swimming passively with the stream that is devoid of new ideas,afraid of new ideas,and pushed by interests groups ,guided by lobbyist and supported by collective stupidities reinforced by collective ignorance
      Very few Clinton supporters know her embrace of crony bankers,accepting gifts and bribes ,frequent lyings ,manufacturing of lies,apocalyptic nature of her foreign policies ,proclivities to getting into unnecessary wars ,and support for mst regressive autocratic regimes abroad. She brings to table what Bush jr couldn't despite trying . She brings the worst of McCain ,Bush,and Mitt Romney in one single platform that is Clintonite as far as foreign and economic policies are concerned .

      There is no education. There is no information. There is no effort to analyse ,debate,refine ,challenge shred ideas and build ideas in the media . Forced group thinking dominates media with limited or no space for dissent or changes .
      Being exposed to same lies day and night leave American people as knowledgable as were the Europeans and Americans until fairly recently who grew up and who died listening to the same world views day and night generations after generations and years after year from the religious pulpit in the local church .

  • Top donor to Clinton super PAC is Haim Saban
    • One of the accomplices of Labon Affair was a physician. He was caught and later deported to Israel.
      Goldstein w not the first physician murderer. Neither was the Glasgow airport attacker in post 2003 Great Britain.

    • Weakening Arab countries one by one piece by piece was always the standard playbook recipe . Yesterday's atrocious proposal become common platform of the presidential contenders . PNAC penned the [position paper for Netanyaho government in 1996 - working with Jordan,Egypt,and Turkey - ,Isarel will undo Oslo, force Palestinian into signing to new paradigm enunciated by Israel , force the regimes of Iraq and Syria to fold . Idea was to destroy any remnant of pan Arabism, nationalism and fragment the defiant countries into confessional fiefdoms run by US and Israel. Those murderous ethnocentric racial and colonial ideas were allowed to become mainstream .The open invitation to violence was glamorized,normalized and adopted as official policy . Clinton was not an aberration She is one of many toll booths an Arab or a middle eastern muslim will have to pass through diplomatically ,militarily ,and economically to survive WB has check points So has American political map Those can be easily identified by the dropped blood of the ME citizen . Some one might will call it blood libel But how else one can summarize the ritual killings of those leaders and those citizens under those leaders who have and who had opposed Israeli colonization? It is not that Saddam was not open to Israeli existence .It is not that Iran or Syria is against Israeli existence . They are not Neither was Ghaddafi or Saddam Bu we killed them and in the process we killed millions and displaced more .In the process we destroyed Arab nationalism ,gave rises to putrid religious violence .
      The after effects of these unwanted violence against middle eastern people of all faiths become then a rallying cry for more violence .

      Will these or their descendents forget that someone killed millions to become a president or to move his her career further"
      Violence execute with no moral compass but with an eye to sheer personal gain will be remembered for a long long time .

  • Max Boot has perfect propaganda on murdering medic-- but Jeffrey Goldberg is silent
    • Americans,take note . You can destroy your ideals,values,moralities ,you can do everything to appease the unabashed Zionist but the moment you fault ,get a little wayward or deviate ,or forget to assure ,or apologetically request to hide at least a few of the bad truths ,they will jump on you
      They will prance up and down and collectively will bellow from their rotten core" what did America do in Vietnam? " Who knows whether one day they will write OpEd in Saudi or Iraqi newspaper about unmitigated disasters that America inflicted on Arabs .Unlikely that in 10 yrs from now but no one will be surprised if that appears in 30 yrs from now.

    • A fair debate on the casualties was qua shed long ago when the butcher ,sorry the senator Joe Liberman declared to Americans- " Al Quiada never apologized for " the 911 victims and blithely sorry, more like a butcher ,declared " why should we "

      Other day CSPAN ,actually yesterday Sherman from CA was asking some deputy guy involved with Iran deal why should he trust these Iraniand when he can't trust one car dealer or something in same vein. How many casualties have taken place because of the sanctions? How many more does he want ? Didn't someone of the same Anti Iranian and pro Israeli camp actually declare that the death of the innocent Iranians were worth their endeavor and pursuits which are essentially defined by Israeli issues and concerns .?
      Actually all death in Middle East from 1991 are caused by Israel directly or indirectly .

    • "“History has chosen us to spearhead the fight against the terrorist Gazan enemy who curses, vilifies and abominates Israel’s God.”

      Is there an ISIS follower in town? They have companion right in the heart of the defender of the western civilization . At least that's what the Zionst claim and have been since the begining of the 20 th century.
      Tony Blair should take note as well . He received a lot of attention and bucket load of silver from the nation that allow the fulfillment of this sort of religious ethnic narcism . His fight ago against radical Islam should start right there in his own backyard . What about those folks like Joe Liberman and Podohoretz who declared wars on Islamofasism while nestling over the fertilized eggs of the Zionism?

  • Tom Friedman needs to get an inoculation (attacking BDS) before he can say how bad Israel is
    • Obama administration might as well can use this development to remind American citizens s that the advisers inserting themselves in the last Bush administrations were not only against Oslo peace process ,they actually worked towards dismantling the peace process .Obama administration as a parting shot to the GOP and Clinton type Democrat could as well remind the voters that the potential of a similar coup hasn't diminished but remains very much a possibility

      (link to
      The Neocon-Liberal Hawk Convergence is Worse Than I Thought)

      One hopes that Bernie supporters are reading the old and the new position papers of the neocons

    • If it were not BDS,something else would have supplied Friedman with an excuse like this one-Israel lives in a bad neighborhood ,or this - surrounding countries are crumbling and failing or the terrorists might soon set their eyes on Israel or Iran still rattling its sabre ,or even worse like America's constant criticism of Israeli settlement polices doesn't provide Israel with sense of security that a democracy needs to flourish

  • 'New York Times' finally tells its readers: Netanyahu is 'dangerous'
    • To

      talknic May 23, 2016, 6:57 pm

      But that carefully carried out collective destruction of green house was presented to Anerica by the bomber boy
      this way

      "What occupation? Seven years ago, in front of the world, Israel pulled out of Gaza. It dismantled every settlement, withdrew every soldier, evacuated every Jew, leaving nothing and no one behind. Except for the greenhouses in which the settlers had grown fruit and flowers for export. These were left intact to help Gaza’s economy — only to be trashed when the Palestinians took over.

      link to

    • Why do you hank so? Can you expand on it please?

  • 'NYT' blames Hamas for civilian deaths in front-page article that sounds like Hillary Clinton
    • Don't they all think same? The group think is the litmus test fore getting into the front of any page

      link to

      WASHINGTON — Why was there an Israel-Gaza war in the first place? Resistance to the occupation, say Hamas and many in the international media.

      What occupation? Seven years ago, in front of the world, Israel pulled out of Gaza. It dismantled every settlement, withdrew every soldier, evacuated every Jew, leaving nothing and no one behind. Except for the greenhouses in which the settlers had grown fruit and flowers for export. These were left intact to help Gaza's economy — only to be trashed when the Palestinians took over.

      Israel then declared its border with Gaza to be an international frontier, meaning that it renounced any claim to the territory and considered it an independent entity. In effect, Israel had created the first Palestinian state ever, something never granted by fellow Muslims — neither the Ottoman Turks nor the Egyptians who brutally occupied Gaza for two decades before being driven out by Israel in the 1967 Six-Day War.

      Israel wanted nothing more than to live in peace with this independent Palestinian entity. After all, the world had incessantly demanded that Israel give up land for peace.

      It gave the land. It got no peace.

      The Gaza Palestinians did not reciprocate. They voted in Hamas, who then took over in a military putsch and turned their newly freed Palestine into an armed camp from which to war against Israel. It has been war ever since.

      Interrupted by the occasional truce, to be sure. But for Hamas a truce — hudna — is simply a tactic for building strength for the next round. It is never meant to be enduring, never meant to offer peace.

      But why, given that there is no occupation of Gaza anymore? Because Hamas considers all of Israel occupied, illegitimate, a cancer, a crime against humanity, to quote the leaders of Iran, Hamas' chief patron and arms supplier. Hamas' objective, openly declared, is to "liberate" — i.e. destroy — Tel Aviv and the rest of pre-1967 Israel. Indeed, it is Hamas' raison d'etre.

      Hamas first killed Jews with campaigns of suicide bombings. After Israel built a nearly impenetrable fence, it went to rockets fired indiscriminately at civilians in populated areas.


      Israel has once again succeeded in defending itself. But, yet again, only until the next round, which, as the night follows the day, will come. Hamas will see to that.

      Washington Post Writers Group

      Charles Krauthammer is a Washington Post columnist.


    • West anticipating a long lull, a long respite from war of conquest ,a long pause from constant warfare because no war was needed any more was getting ready to settle down and exhort, was getting seated slowly in most pompous imperial way in the most comfortable chair to preach the values of democracy, self rule,non violence,free trade,unrestricted access to safety and security with honor and respect , and of global values to the vanquished and to the conquered from tip of Argentina to the tip of North Africa ,from Guam to Georgia. It almost succeeded in enjoying the fruits of the labors spent from 17 th century until Israel started upending the polemic and the rhetoric by reenacting the past drama in most gruesome ways .

      This is why US may deplore Liberman but will abide by the decisions of Lieberman . This si shy US may decry fascism or Nazism but will ignore the creeping Nazification of Israel

      US might go to war against a neutral nonthreatening country because a terrorist is hiding there who has made vows of loyalty to somebody already killed by US drone in another country . US might even confuse the world into thinking that the war is legal because it has been authorized by Congress . US might see creeping Nazism and fascism and coin the term Islamofascism to bolster its case because , it claims, at one point those two philosophies threatened US

      But not when it is Israel. Because it has the right to do what it thinks it should . Even if that included some segueing into the dark side of Nazism and bolder side of daytime assassination which is nothing but terrorism. Because Israel needs it .

      It seems the empire did not know how figure out the rule of succession . The election of the leaders have always been a quandary throughout the ages -how to choose , how to find how to anoint the next successor - and this black hole of uncertainty of who will wield power next time has given the opening for Israel to flourish .Money anoints the leaders .In the process it has been taking down all those hard earned opportunities of lecturing the world how to live ,how to behave,how to subscribe to any view , how to be rational global responsible bias free citizen . It's a pity that the conquest and the vanquishing of the third world did not leave it with some time how to protect those ill gotten wealth from the hyena and how to maintain this persona of being a better society with honest leaders with universal values and not getting detected .

      Israel kneecaps every time the leaders of the free world wants to stand up on its values . Because there was no value .

    • If not Hamas,then who?

      Israel is getting disenchanted with Hamas because of Hamas's failures to maintain constant sate of war between Israel and Hamas .

      Israel is angling for emergence of more radical more cruel more angry more religious more fanatic . Israel wants ISIS ( remember when the Al Quida operative financed and trained by Israel was unearthed by PA in earlier part of the last decade )

      Israel benefits - it can kill some leaders who are moderate who have vision and who have followers ,

      Israel can ask for one billion extra US dollars for every Palestinian killed by Israel .
      Israel can tell EU- "not now,this is not the time , this is not time to start any process of any kind with anybody out of Palestine . Just stop BDS . That is an incitement and is a reward to those in Palestine who wants us to be gone . BDS allows Palestinian to think that they can erode our confidence and destroy our alliance with EU . That is not desirable at all in given circumstances . "

      History tells us that Israel like the hybrid of FOX-Hyenas dont change its dark stripes

      "in 1982 Israel had a problem. Yasir Arafat, headquartered in Beirut, was making ready to announce that the PLO was prepared to sit down with Israel and embark on peaceful, good faith negotiations towards a two-state solution.

      Israel didn’t want a two-state solution, which meant — if UN resolutions were to be taken seriously — a Palestinian state right next door, with water, and contiguous territory. So Israel decided chase the PLO right out of Lebanon. It announced that the Palestinian fighters had broken the year-long cease-fire by lobbing some shells into northern Israel.

      Palestinians had done nothing of the sort. I remember this very well, because Brian Urquhart, at that time assistant secretary general of the United Nations, in charge of UN observers on Israel’s northern border, invited me to his office on the 38th floor of the UN hq in mid-Manhattan and showed me all the current reports from the zone. For over a year there’d been no shelling from north of the border. Israel was lying.

      With or without a pretext Israel wanted to invade Lebanon. So it did, and rolled up to Beirut. It shelled Lebanese towns and villages and bombed them from the air"

      link to

  • How Eli Lake tricks readers so as to cast realists Walt, Mearsheimer and Freeman as anti-semites
    • Israeli foe is an antisemite . That is one of the many definitions of antisemitism. Other definitions have included opposing Bush's war on Iraq,denying that Iran has a nuclear program, using the word " neocon" in a negative sense and referring to the persecution of Arab. .

      Lets now focus on Horowitz- why Kristol is renegade Jew ? What makes one a renegade Christian r Muslim
      or Hindus? Do they respectively become one by their failures to support something that could have been or can be good for England or America or Saudi Arab or India?

    • Page: 10
  • Hillary Clinton supported Iraq war because of Israel, say Matthews and Landler
    • National Interest interviewed Trump

      It was a refreshing break from the hackneyed time worn repetitive echo generating mantra of American indispensability ,exceptionalism and leadership Nothing like this has been heard from a Republican foreign policy candidate in decades. Trump doesn’t want to modify the party’s foreign policy stands. He’s out to destroy them.”

      [Heilbrunn is the editor of The National Interest, publication of the Nixon Center, ] -- it continues "

      This is why perhaps his most significant statement was: ‘I will also look for talented experts with new approaches, and practical ideas, rather than surrounding myself with those who have perfect résumés but very little to brag about except responsibility for a long history of failed policies and continued losses at war.’ What Trump is talking about is dispensing with an entire wing of the GOP that has controlled the commanding heights of foreign policy over recent decades.”

      Unfortunately, after the Cold War our foreign policy veered badly off course. We failed to develop a new vision for a new time. In fact, as time went on, our foreign policy began to make less and less sense. Logic was replaced with foolishness and arrogance, which led to one foreign policy disaster after another.

      “They just kept coming and coming. We went from mistakes in Iraq to Egypt to Libya, to President Obama’s line in the sand in Syria. Each of these actions have helped to throw the region into chaos and gave ISIS the space it needs to grow and prosper. Very bad. It all began with a dangerous idea that we could make western democracies out of countries that had no experience or interests in becoming a western democracy.

      “We tore up what institutions they had and then were surprised at what we unleashed. Civil war, religious fanaticism, thousands of Americans and just killed be lives, lives, lives wasted. Horribly wasted. Many trillions of dollars were lost as a result. The vacuum was created that ISIS would fill. Iran, too, would rush in and fill that void much to their really unjust enrichment.”

      link to

      Trump sounds more confident and sure he is damned right also .
      A Trump presidency or someone with this philosophy can create domino effects domestically
      Politician now devoid of the career enhancing opportunities of mass killing abroad will have to look back and be forced to address the domestic issues .They will fight over who is better in building roads,schools,universities.laboratories,manufacturing units,docks,and ports . They have to decide on minimum wages and student loan ,on drug problem on universal health care .

      Now on Clinton- Can the world afford her ?

      "Washington Coup in Brazil? Was Incoming President US Embassy Informant?
      by Daniel McAdams, May 14, 2016 Can Honduras see light at the end of her tunnel vision that only points to her upward journey ?

      "Neocon character assassin Jamie Kirchick, writing in the European edition of Politico, put a new gloss on it by claiming to detect a Vast Kremlin Conspiracy as the animating spirit behind the Trump campaign. " and Neoocns will rather vote for Stalin.
      Are we surprised why the conspiracy theory is now in vogue and suddenly turned into insight?]

      and they are ready to desert the common sense approach and go back to "- "Which is why they are even now returning to the Democratic party, channeling the long departed spirit of “Scoop” Jackson – and good riddance to them. I" link to

  • At Israel's birthday party, ambassador says rising criticism comes from 'killing fields of Europe'
    • As the military threat to Israel disappears at least disappears from the fabricated mindset because obviously Iraq and Syria or Libya could not be used anymore as a threat . Because of the too much of the obviousness.

      So Israel to stay in limelight of American concerns and polluted conscience ,has to invent new threats .

      That's what they are doing. There is always something . The wolves are always howling at the pious innocent child lost in the neighborhood also known as -Jungle- by the resident -author of the Israeli villa

  • Wide-ranging interfaith coalition backs 'Freedom of Religion' bill to stop Trump ban on Muslims
    • Trump has no ideology. Neither has Clinton or Cruz or Biden Obama, or Huckabee or McCain . You can add a few more randomly out of the mix.

      Clinton to Rubio and everybody in between could come across as pure
      evil narcissistic to an outsider living in Japan, India,Pakistan,Iraq,Syria, or any of the African or Latin American countries . They can afford because they not depend on foreign- them in any fashion or form though the locals do suffer or get affected by the policies of US politicians . Locals include the leaders and scholars .

      Clinton to Cruz and beyond can ignore thse countries because those countries don not shape or mold the news transmitted across America .

      Trump is in the same situation and more . He does not depend on the money and the media . Others do. Trump can afford to be narcissistic to the poor and rich alike and also to the rich powerful mover and shakers residing in foreign lands .

      He shows raw power at home that American leaders routinely uses abroad .

      This automatically gives hope to the rascals also known as racist and fanatics . There is always carpetbaggers. So I am not surprised to see some evil elements have found refuge in his bandwagon . But his message was simple-stop illegal immigration, ban on Muslim until things are sorted put and disengage from war,and renegotiate trade and military pacts .
      ( he did not say - Ban Muslim- period. He talked of identifying,knowing,Che king background, and having information I gather he as talking of illegal unknown immigrants . Though the media while keeping quiet on nefarious bills ,and ,behaviors targeting Muslim have kept quiet ,though people who advocating the profiling of Muslim and saw the sign of Islam and evil on the tattoo of the Virginia Tech Shooter rant against Trump's crimes ,he keeps on unearthing their vid unscrupulous and corrupted expediency . )

    • Trump did not bring Islamophobia to this country .
      Neocons did. Liberman did. Those who coined the word- Islamofasism- they did.
      Fox Network did.

      Islamophobia was the natural outgrowth of the same vision that promoted the search for a new enemy after the IndoChina wars came to an end in 1975( link to
      Islamophobia was the new Communism after Soviet disappeared . It was so sincerely desired by both the Evangelics and by the Neocons that it is difficult to claim that the miitant t secularism or mi,itant religions are different by any measures . (The American Conservative page 8-9 July 17 th 2006)

      Trump is paying for somethg that he did not buy or own . He is being put through the meat grinder because he forsees an America that the neocon doesn't like , because he called spade a spade,be ause he threw the whole shitload of lies back to the face of Jeb Bush by articulating the truth . The " word " came to life. Logos became the flesh .

  • Calling Israel a 'modern day miracle' and 'vibrant bloom in desert,' Clinton says BDS is anti-Semitic
    • link to

      A man who once demanded (. link to )a bombing campaign against Iran for nonexistent nuclear danger from Iran ,sees the easing of tension between Iran and US as the clearest most treacherous example of a disengagement from Middle East by the lying Obama administration.

      Now Hilary echoes same rash dangerous unhealthy comments against the those who seeks peace diplomacy,trade,and prosperity in the Midfle East To her working with enemy is disengagement ,to her it is isolationism.

  • DC meeting between Israel and Saudi Arabia marks end of Arab Peace Initiative and two-state solution
    • Israel has theorized to itself that with time,it's dreams of greater Israel will materialize .It is . But it also calculated that it needed Great Powers behind it or at least some of them not against it .
      It creates facts both on the ground and also in the realm above it : in the conceptual level .Very soon Clintonites and Trumpites will ask:" what's wrong with Moslem world? What's wrong with Arab? The Custodian of the holy Shrines have and the acclaimed and accepted interpreters of Islam or Sharia have , the land of the Muslim philanthropy have accepted Israel. Why Cna't Palestine,Iranian,Pakistains,Lebanse can't accept? " From this dangerous collusion of 2 atrocious regimes, a new corruption will sweep Muslim countries among the middle class in hope of political career, money,and social advancements . Just the way it has corrupted the the soul and the body of UK,France, and US. Also the gradual fading of Palestine will accelerate . Golan will be allowed by Arabs to be recognized as part of Israel. It will happen by indirectly Arabs will not put pressure on US or UK not to recognize.

      Saudis are doing it hoping it will survive another day . But that survival is a deal made in shadowy uncertain world of Israeli hegemony Saudi will be toast the moments it asks Israel to compromise its values which are based on Zionism that foresees total control on an area that is still undefined and borderless. Zionism of Balfour era has made tremendous progress by undermining ,sabotaging,by not compromising ,refusing,and always by clinging to its original minimalist demands using the great Powers . It has not compromised . The plans that seemed made of fairy tales and uninterrupted dreams have materialized over time . Arab concessions form 1913 have not produced any results that favored Arabs. It ( Zionism) have bestowed money a sense of security and dependence on the corrupt self centered few like it did on the great grand father of Jordon's king and on Mubarek , on Christian Militia in Lebanon and on Shah of Iran . They have been dispensed with when the needs have arisen .Even in the most happy halcyon days of good relation between Jordan,or Egypt and Israel, Israel has never flinched from saying that Palestinian have a or will have a homeland in Jordan or Mubarek's Aswan Dam will be attacked by Israel.

      Sauids demise will be very relished by the world The signs point to that

  • Note to Ken Livingstone: The British Labour party has supported Zionism much more than the Nazis ever did
    • Would he have been subjected to the flowery welcome or welcomed by flower if Livingstone rattled out the truth this way: " WE have made mistakes . We did commit blunder in supporting Balfour .We did by protecting nascent Jewish inflow and immigration based colonialism ,delaying and not implementing various white papers and by killing Palestinian resistance . We should not have done .We should not have supported Zionism the moment we knew that it was -the Zionism- was entering collaborative relationship with Hitler"

      He was sandbagged and he (Livingstone ) was ambushed by this guy confronting him . This a discussion that should be done out in open in town hall with experts giving their facts ,sharing their sources and opining afterwards .

      Anti Muslm sentiments in England has been rising since Iraq War 2 .Blair has been constantly trying to prop up his image,build his portfolio (based foreign-finances ,donations,and speech fees ) by polemics against mulsim ,Islamic leaders and cultures .
      He has said most uncouth words against Muslim and Islam . How that rat is superior in nay way to the lowest scum on earth let alone Livinstone? How is not that ANTI- SOMETHING? we need a word smith to build the new word But the concept is there . Much more that antisemitism the world is facing entrenched ,ingrained, raw ,organic ANTI SOMETHING that affects Muslim and that just scalped the head of the Muslim member

  • Defending Israel, PEN says it can't support 'cultural boycotts of any kind' -- but it does!
    • Even Disraeli will get confused though he may not dislike the resurrection of his name at the service for a bygone Majesty and at the service of a crumbling one who would have crumbled much earlier had it chosen to follow the advice of Disraeli or the footsteps of Britain .

    • The gap between the 2 pieces of the forked tongues allows the cognitive dissonance ( Iran vs Israel, Azerbaijan vs Israel ) to germinate and pass unnoticed . If you challenge the indoctrinated lady, she would remind you of the phrase : No Moral Equivalency between the two- so successfully used umpteenth times by the neocons.

  • Jeffrey Goldberg terrorizes peers into silence over his daily intellectual and moral outrages
    • “This is why perhaps his most significant statement was: ‘I will also look for talented experts with new approaches, and practical ideas, rather than surrounding myself with those who have perfect résumés but very little to brag about except responsibility for a long history of failed policies and continued losses at war.’ What Trump is talking about is dispensing with an entire wing of the GOP that has controlled the commanding heights of foreign policy over recent decades.” Trump as quoted by National Interest. 29thPril. Justin. Raimondo

      PNAC FDD will not have place in US. Diplomatic affairs. in Trump'sAmeruca

      Is that what driving These people to desolation? Bernie ,in that case may not be that bad to them. They should cut their losses and grab Bernie . In future they can claim even being pro Palestinian .

    • May be someone should tell ADL that the collective silence from the media encourages more attacks on GAZA and allows passing of gigantic amount of handout or dole to Israel under the deceptive headings of Rift between Obama and Netanyahu The press focuses on Gaza's blak Arabic writings and on masked faces
      The press puts a mask on the bipartisan deal so the poverty stricken Americans don't see a oneday deal is making through the US congress

      Media reminds how Israel American ally has become weaker from one way US Iran deal that blunted the edge of Iran for generations to come and Israel is looking foe security

      It is time to remind Tablet Mag that occasional pangs of conscience ate not the answer to the atrocious Israel attacks - militarily,diplomatically,or in print media where foot soldiers like their columnists sway the debate with use of forked tongues and abuse of language.
      But something more is required. Bernie is a sidetrack. Trump's philosophy can cut the head of the snakes in its tracks. Simple languages can jar the tongues of thesew wordsmith and word carpenters forcing the debate to ie against their favor unless they stop abusing the language.

  • Donna Edwards ends insurgent campaign by taking on Democratic Party orthodoxy, and supporters vow to continue the fight
    • LONDON — In the face of mounting criticism over inaction on episodes of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn reversed himself on Wednesday and suspended a party lawmaker for endorsing anti-Israel posts on social media before she became a member of Parliament.
      'n 2014, before being elected, Ms. Shah endorsed a Facebook post displaying a graphic that showed Israel’s outline superimposed on a map of the United States. The map was under the headline, “Solution for Israel-Palestine conflict — relocate Israel into United States,” with the comment, “Problem solved.” link to

      while in another setting-

      "Adelson is a prominent Republican moneyman, notorious for bankrolling GOP presidential efforts. Republican candidates are compelled to go through the so-called “Adelson primary” if they hope to win their party’s nomination. They are also expected to adopt Adelson’s hard-line foreign policy views. The billionaire is a die-hard Israel supporter, going so far as to claim the Palestinians are “an invented people,” and has called for a preemptive nuclear attack on Iran."

      link to

      and then this - a man trying to get into Las Vegas

      " Ban all Middle Easterners, but not Israelis — says GOP Senate candidate in Florida

      Many media reports failed to highlight that Carlos Beruff made an exception for Israel while one-upping Trump
      Ben Norton

      link to

  • 'Do we get to win this time?': Trump foreign policy appeal based on revenge for Iraq War failure
    • Nick Cohen has asked Guardian readers to show any proof of the power Jews might have .
      Nick Cohen is learning first time in life that racism exist . It did not ,according to him until he "became Jews" .

      He also searches for evidence among Saudis and Dreyfussian and Nazi brigade that Israeli controls "the world" but doesn't try to look into not in British and US government not in British and US media,treasuries ,defense ,academia and polices .

      He wonders why people believe that Jews fuel radical Islamism. He excoriates Corbyn for having exchanged words with 911 truther
      He lambasts Margot Wallström, "who sees herself as a feminist rather than a racial conspiracist, explained recently, Islamist attacks in Paris were the fault of Israeli occupiers in the West Bank."

      He is sad because "But even if a chastened Labour expels this or that antisemite or disciplines the Jew-baiters at the Oxford University Labour club, I do not see how its leaders can challenge the conspiratorial world-view they shared for decades. They would be renouncing everything they once believed in.

      As someone who warned in the 00s about the growing darkness on the left, I am pessimistic about the chances of change" link to

      How did he miss his own moral of the story? Can a Hamas write so visibly about the Israeli governments ,settlement or PNAC?

      How did he miss the CNN footage where Trump was asked if he would still be neutral on I-P conflicts after the death of an American but when not a word was asked effects of the death of Rachel Corrie and a few other on US towards Israel ? Nick ! doesn't it show where the power belongs !

      Nick like other fellow travelers is twisting the story .He is twisting the real story behind Margaret, Oxford and behind Corbyn .Here in US the neo cons are doing same on Trump by focusing on "illegal immigration"and banning of all muslims" when the real fear is dissociation from war and possible even handed approach on I-P. The last if accepted can come as racism to Nick . That last has been a violation of some secret masonic code or hidden 1776 constitutional gem according to the liberal and conservative neo cons

      Nick is doing it because it works .Nobody will give time and read Margaret or Corbyn -what they actually said and what was the narrative . Trump also will not get a fair hearing until he bows and kowtows .

  • Trump 'has no business being president' because he would be 'neutral' to Israel -- Clinton tells AIPAC
    • The neighborhood that has been turned upside down and been eviscerated from withing by Clinton has now become the reason for Clinton to lay prostrate at the feet of Netanayu and the rest in TelAviv

      "The former secretary of state suggested on CNN’s “State of the Union” that the situation is far more complex. She pledged to “defend and do everything I can to support Israel, particularly as the neighborhood around it seems to become more dangerous and difficult." link to

    • Clinton Email Shows US Sought Syria Regime Change for Israel’s Sake -T

      The paper’s ideal was that the US would impose regime change by supplying arms, but without US troops, and that Russia wouldn’t dare oppose America (noting Russia did nothing during Kosovo), that the new US-backed Syrian government would abandon ties with Iran, turn against Hezbollah, and potentially negotiate a peace settlement with Israel, while the rest of the Arab world cheers America “as fighting for their people.” link to

      2 Wikileaks Drops Hillary Email Bomb That Could End Her Campaign but FB Censored It
      Before the launch, the FBI was investigating the Democratic candidate’s use of a private server during her tenure as Secretary of State. The archive contains over 7,000 emails written by Clinton herself.

      The scary, albeit fascinating exposé on who’s in bed with whom in the halls of global power has expanded to include Facebook, according to WikiLeaks. The organization has accused the social networking site of censorship, saying Facebook is blocking users’ access to the latest Clinton dispatch.

      link to

      This is Clinton a liar a demagogue a sycophant who will her soul agian again to get money and media approval from Israel.

    • "The aide added that progressives concerned about the hawkish tone should remember that Clinton has been a staunch advocate of diplomacy, noting her support for the Iran deal, which Clinton helped launch through back channels; her backing of a political transition in Syria; and “supporting a two-state solution and needing to take steps that encourage that ultimate outcome.”

      “The other thing I’d point [progressive critics] to is her emphasis on the values that underpin both why the U.S.-Israel relationship is so important, but also a real part of our global leadership,” the aide said. “That is also a really important point for those who try to paint her as a hawk — they are ignoring how much work she’s done on behalf of — whether it’s on women’s rights or gay rights or development — and really ensuring that those are core parts of our approach to foreign policy and a key element of our national security.”

      link to

      Even the aide has learnt how to lie exactly the way Clinton has been mastering the skill.
      The aide knows where,when and among whom , " there is an orange" can be the answer to the question :"when is the next train" . So the answer that she is a great advocate for woman's right to the fear of being hawk ( more precisely ,she is a war criminal ) sounds exactly like that answer .
      Americans don't dislike being called children of Clinton after being called children of the greatest generation or of the God after every wars for last 70 yrs and they behave like one

      The meaning of the word seems to have changed like the attitude of the leaders to the interest of USA - thats why she can be labeled as the champion of the peaceful transition in Syria or as someone who launched the Iran deal through back door ( she kept the front door open so that it can disappear and get out )

      Her first job would be to invite Netanyahu. Who needs an elected President for that ? Doesn't he own that land as part of the OT?

  • 'NYT' finally mentions 'Goliath' -- in rightwing ad smearing Max Blumenthal
    • Quite a few Republican candidates have espoused similar stances on the primacy of Israeli interests over American interests .They have evoked the names f Jesus./Bible in support of the belief now turned into a secular political platform as well ( Bill Maher, Rchard Dawkins,and Sam Harris - are you listening ??)

      But why shall I be surprised or disbelief that Clinton can say such a thing? It is still in the realm of the realm of the possibilities. Chuck Hagel was smeared as anti semitic and declared persona non grata for upholding the American interest above that of Israel and nobody came to his rescue.

  • Netanyahu slams Abbas in wake of killing of American tourist
    • "More and more Israeli Arabs realize that as Arabs they can get a better deal living as citizens of Israel than in any Arab country. - "

      More and more Mexicans ,Hondurans,Guatemalans,and Native Indians realize that as hyphenated-Americans or in reservations they can live better and succeed more by living in US than in Mexico,Honduras,Guatemala or in pre 1880 America.

      Cart is before the horse. Your argument is not moving. Without Israel ,there would have been no sufferings of Arab. There would have been one Arab country or two - one dominated by UK another by France and eventually both would have got independence .

      Honduran and Mexicans ,Colombian will not come to US were not for the killings,destruction, pillage and pervasive insecurity created by US from 19th century and still counting . They would have charted out a path to development like rest of the countries in Europe or SE Asia have.
      But that evolution was denied and denied repeatedly in case of Arab countries because they could not adjust to any US polices . And the Arabs could not adjust since US policies were bending like twigs to and fro ,up and down, and continues to do from persistent Israeli nudge and push and threats against US and West.
      Israel does it because it has found out that the on going fights and frictions have more to offer than the break out of peace has to . A peaceful ME will remind US not to send money to Israel, not to open US market to Israel or to OT, not to allow Israeli intelligence to steal data and copyrighted products , not to get insider information in researches , not to grab security and economy related items in the name of an alliance , wont allow Israeli citizen to come and occupy sensitive government positions , will not allow America on fall back on default mode of thinking militarily everytime a something new happens in ME ( Just yesterday Clinton threatened more sanctions on Iran for test firing missiles. Iran has not violated any international agreed laws .Even the so called previous violations of many laws were violations because Israel forced America to declare those activities as violations when done by Iran )

      Even the sufferings of Arabs started mostly after 1991 gulf wars which was perpetrated on behalf of Israel. Palestine suffering started in 1917 when Israel was conceived .

  • Romney echoes neocons: Trump will lead U.S. 'into the abyss'
    • Neocons are slowly inserting themselves in the affairs of the muslim and of Islam. They are trying to replicate the past success. Having done so wonderfully well by successfully claiming the central position of both the political parties (Democrat and Republican ) ,of both countries (Soviet and USA ) in recent past ,they see no reason that they couldn't do it again with Arab,Muslim,and Islam. Trump has given them the opening just as the successful Hizbullah fighters gave them an opportunity of becoming the spokesperson of Saudi Gulf monarchies .

      Like Socialist of the eastern Europe and Russia ,like Democrat and GOP , muslims are being molded by the neo cons hoping to turn the conflicts between the Neocon and the civilization into a fight between Islam and Western nationalism.

  • As Trump takes on the neocons, Kristol likens him to Hitler
    • link to

      "This does not fit with Washington’s narrative. As a result, much of the American press is reporting the opposite of what is actually happening. Many news reports suggest that Aleppo has been a “liberated zone” for three years but is now being pulled back into misery."

      If I were in Syria, I would notice the Hitleresque ambience all around Kristol and but see some hope for escape from misery in Trump's mocking of the efforts of the Yoded Yinon PNAC Neo Con brigade to balkanize and fragment Syria and Iraq. .

      From same article " Americans are said to be ignorant of the world. We are, but so are people in other countries. If people in Bhutan or Bolivia misunderstand Syria, however, that has no real effect. Our ignorance is more dangerous, because we act on it. The United States has the power to decree the death of nations. It can do so with popular support because many Americans — and many journalists — are content with the official story. In Syria, it is: “Fight Assad, Russia, and Iran! Join with our Turkish, Saudi, and Kurdish friends to support peace!” This is appallingly distant from reality. It is also likely to prolong the war and condemn more Syrians to suffering and death."

      Our knowledge matters . So an indictment and imprisonment of the Ruthless charlatan like Kristol posing as informed unbiased pro American expert would go a long way in keeping the world safe against barbarism.

    • Neoocnservatives depend on the status of the memory of the people . They also portray themselves as innocent powerless do -gooders always ready to remind the Americans how gullible honest hardworking religious minded the average Americans are and always at risk of being taken advantage of by bad guys at home and abroad.
      But they always make emergency exception ( like the way Kristol is suggesting as reported in today's NYT ) . They make emergency support available to Wahabis,ISIS,Al Nusra,Al Quida and they deplore Islamophobia . Those emergency measures have the potential of further future exploitation ( Kristol might say in 5 yrs time - we ,the Jewish neoocn supported Saudi , we deplored Islamophobia )
      The fanatic Wahabi Saudi becomes "moderate" . Saudi has to be defended because the Saudis hate Iran. (link to
      Now Trump has been called Islamophobe by the neocons. It is one of the 2 reasons they demand Trump be challenged by common Americans.
      Neocons are cleverly forgetting that they started the anti Arab,anti muslim ant Islam hatred in the public sphere and in official space. They continue to do same .

      link to

    • Right now ,this moment on CNN a bunch of experts are in the middle of a firestorm debating Donald Trump's silence and conversely disavowal on and of KKK.
      But then I heard from the lady defending Donald say this: " Right now in America,the most persecuted group of people are the Jews"

      Before this segment,another guy debated with Mr Van Jones who was dropped by Obama for his comment on 911. This guy accused the reverend Right of being anti Semite.

  • Finally, Israel issue explodes into presidential primaries
    • Bill Kristol was some kind of chief of staff or advisor to D Quayle . He hopes he will be again and this time the moron actually be a president and not just vice.

      His Plan B is to bolt out ,rush out of the attic and join the Scooper Jackson Democrats party of Hillary . Dear Father will be happy .That ideologue of violence left McGovern's party to join Reagan .

  • Trump repeats 'neutrality' vow on Israel, surely sensing shift in US opinion
    • Palestinians don't need love from America. America should get the hell out of Middle East. If done, Arabs ill have a better future and Palestinin will achieve their goal.
      Israel can't afford that probability. It depends on America for everything . Without America, Israel will be a lot lonely, Middle East will matter on the strength of its usefulness to America , and Israelis have to work like the rest of the world to survive and progress.

      Trump is the person who can make it happen. His anti Muslim rhetoric is just to appease the hurt and abandoned white middle class . His stance on illegal immigrants are honest,vital,valid,nd patriotic.

    • Trump has agitated against illegal immigrants. His focus on Muslim is more of a product of the general attitude and feelings inculcated,rehashed,echoed,propagated and circulated by the Jewish figures overtly and covertly through comments in FOX,CNN ,writings printed in WSJ,NYT, and through productions of ills like Obsession,Third Jihad and numerous Hollywood productions with subliminal pervasive nti muslim ambience inbuilt in the script.
      So the tears on Muslim by the ridiculously anti American and PronIsraelimRubin come as surprise until one knows the inner workings of the neocon. Neocons will denounce neocon if that serves Israel,embrace Fasism if Fasiscm helps their loyalty and will bury American Firster if he or she cares a le more boutvUS nd just a tiny bit less about Israel.

  • Chomsky and his critics
    • This nice powerful but hidden arrangement between the left and the right ( HJS,ADL and Kamm, Cohen, Francis Wheen, David Aaronovitch, Norman Geras - ) ,remind me of the plans hatched by the oligarch to shape the political orientation of the entire spectrum of Russia . It was ignored by Putin .( Berezovsky also had another brilliant idea, which to his regret Putin did not grasp: creating a fake two-party system, with Putin at the head of a socialist-democrat sort of party and Berezovsky leading a neoconservative one, or the other way around

      link to But has not been ignored by Sheldon Saban or by the duo's hangers -on in GOP,and Clinton camp

      The baiting of Bosnia's muslim leader in UK is is not at all unexpected given the tarck record of Arab Royals produced by British in and around two WW, or unheard of . Evangelicals have been courted by Zionist succeessfully for years despite open antiapthy towards Palestinian Christian and misery of the Christin in Arab lands after 2003 war .Blacks recently have been approached with flowery language and embridered words by Clinton for votes despite not admitting of the disastrous effects of Clinton era on Black and open antipathy to policies of Obama before elction and after assumption of office of the presidency

    • Witch hunt against Chomsky should be understood as the elite run onslaught on dissent anywhere in the world . But elite maintain their caste, hierarchy ,and food chain also . Israel is at the top of the pecking order . Muslim as a group at the bottom unless the muslim can be fed to sate the hunger at the top. The elite inform the perimeter of debates,talking points,social issues and also the status of the contenders .Electability is the new word in place of Brahmin who can officiate the Puja ceremony and no one else . Chosmky has punctured the balloon way before other looked into the deflated vainglorious balloon

  • Trump says he must be 'neutral' on Israel/Palestine, then slags Palestinians as anti-Semites
    • Donald Trump can speak the truth , he can demonize muslim, he can side with Evangelican attitude to Islam and muslim. This is fine with me as long as he starts doing 2 things - raise the economic problem and the stupidity of the current war aka foreign policy in ME . Truth will open the eyes of the supporters of Trump .
      When he refers to the known lies said and perpetrated on America by fig -leaf Bush serving the neoocns out of Israel ,he opens a door . When he mentions of failures of pre 911 intelligence ,he unknowingly guides us to the the events around he ultimately unsuccessful attempts of the intelligence to warn Bush gang of immediate terror attacks on American buildings with planes . By raising the false rationale knowingly given to Americans in the run up to Iraq war , Trump also will help and possibly has helped America to conclude that behind the lies was a truth hidden from American- that is Iraq war was for Israel. Not for oil. Not for terrorism. Not for democracy . This is why he is under attack from neo ocn and neo con inspired American who have come to occupy each and every strata of the society,politics,academia,business,and even infest the so called independent thinkers .

      So a "racist" /"Islamophobe" Trump is millions times better than those who talk of human values , freedom of migration , universal rights , rights of muslim women to get right claps of thunder from the neocons infested American media and who only in next step support attacking another country for non existent problem so that they can attack the same country again for the newly found problem created by the 1st invasion.

  • 'Politico' editor held 'secret contest' with Clinton aides at State Dep't to name a column
    • In not so distant future , certain internationalist will be able to stand tall astride the globe and advise the contenders for the top offices of Russia,China,India,Pakistan,Turkey,Lebanon,Egypt,Armenia, Georgia, Philliipine and Venezuela
      same time .

  • 'We are all Jews' -- the Holocaust as imperial export
  • Iraq war hangover is fueling anti-establishment candidates
    • The West has enjoyed the legitimacy since at least the to e when west discovered the rest of the world. The legitimacy was shaky until it found two enemies in its midst- Nazi and communist
      Now it has chosen Islam after some world wide fight against drug and agin bigotry
      Recent war against Islam has tapped into all the known resources- Nazism Communism Drug Laundering Bigotry Tyranny Gender and Religious biases

      This palace is built on some wild card of gossipy H.ooywoodesque propaganda and it will be brought down by its own pillars

      1 link to

      2 link to

      3 link to

      4 link to

    • "At the World Economic Forum, keynoter Joe Biden warned global elites that the unraveling of the middle class in America and Europe has provided “fertile terrain for reactionary politicians, demagogues peddling xenophobia, anti-immigration, nationalist, isolationist ,

      I wonder how Biden found that out? Did he think of that scenario arising out of pre emotive wars,murderous society destroying sanctions and targeted assassination or drone attacks on children and women in the lands far removed from Davos? Or like his neocon counterparts he thought that certain human reactions could only be expected among white western people and not among Arabs or Muslims?

  • Adelson newspaper suggests Swedish foreign minister deserves assassination for questioning Israeli policy
    • "“There’s also a reputational risk, whoever goes in first they’re going to be watched like a hawk by those who oppose the deal, the Israelis, Saudi Arabians, Republican American entities,” the banker said, saying that his bank was particularly under pressure from the US pro-Israel lobby, AIPAC. “I can’t see any movement for at least six to 12 months.”

      link to

      Sweden is small potato . The risk to the entire planet mainly comes from the AIPAC

  • Clinton baits Sanders over 'destruction of Israel'
    • American have a moral and legal responsibility to answer the shrill war mantra of the opportunists like Sullivan or Clinton. It doesn't wash that this is all political posturings and not meant to be seriously debated . Neither the pious platitudes that US and Israel are one undivided entity joined in fight against Islam would make it Kosher .
      American need to understand that power and prerogative come with responsibility . By repeatedly failing todo what the electorates are supposed to do they become the willing executioner of the State of Israel.

  • Why are American pro-Palestinian voices silent about the brutal war on Yemen?
    • Muslim silence on Yemen draws from multiple weak points. Yemen is not being brutalized by Hindus and Christian . Neither are Kurds . A politically conscious voice doesn't exist in Muslim countries . It can cry hoarse over Chechenya or West Bank but these protests are organized by forces often rallied by religious figures who will not cross the redlined set and expected by Saudis and it's appendages like Pakistan or Egypt . This silent servility to Saudi draws its sustenance from Saudi money and control of Mecca .Saudi buys same silence from America and UK.
      Yemen is already demonized beyond pale . Media does it job by keeping it that way through selective negative coverage .
      Also it has been clear that some of the demonstration organized by Arab in 2011 or 2012 against Ghaddafi or Basher Assad were possibly staged and managed by the US government at some level. Without tacit governmental support ,no Muslim would possibly dare to come to the street protesting Yemen war. Chances are that Muslim would likely join if the Jews or the Christian raised the voice against Saudi atrocities .
      Irrespective of what is happening on the street,it is a shame and disgrace that Saudi atrocities are getting a free pass in the Muslim countries and in the mosques where one could hear the platitudes and shibboleth from the Imam denouncing Israel India,Russia or China for the state crimes against Muslim .
      It shows the lack of independence ,free thinking,conscientious reasoning and shows lack of respect of life among the Muslim population unless the victims and the perpetrators belong to different faiths. It is sad . The barbarity of Saudi is something that also empowers the villains in India,Mynamar,and Israel or in Ethiopia because these right wing religious zealot can see what the Saudi could get away with .

  • How Zionism helped create the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    • Saudi spend inordinate amount of money in west to lobby and to promote their interest . Now they arev spending money to get benign public image . They've recruited the neocons . News paper call them ally and moderate .
      But these lazy bone loafer and corrupt and ferocious people won't spend any money to protect the Muslim from the wrath of the right wing neocons and from rabid rightwing media or from the anti Muslim platform
      Yet , Muslim countries kowtow to them .

    • It can be understood why Alquida attacked in Kenya New York or off Yemen coast or why Al Shab attacked Kenya and Ethiopia , it could be understood from their ideological doctrines or from the laws governing the wars .
      But one can't understand the attacks on Turkey France,England,and America by IS when the paymasters of IS ( Saudi to Qatar ) are controlled by the West to the last cell in their bodies . It is also worth looking into why IS should be drawing wrath from these countries by beheading ,by raping,by killings " infidel" when the IS should know better that these images increase animosity and hatred in the western mind .
      Sure it serves the purpose of IS to recruit on racial religious grounds . But it also serves the west . It serves west by keeping the nation battle ready ,war prone, and the western mind reflexively and permanently anti Muslim . This anti Muslim perception and attitude could come handy any time the west decides to attack a Muslim country from Indonesia to Uzbekistan to Mali . That's what went behind the Iraq war and call for wars against Iran to Sudan. West did not and would not question . This explains how and why the spokesperson of Trump campaign could say and get away with the comment: " So what,they are all Muslims"

      British has been doing same in Arab since 1913 convincing everybody at home why the arrangements made by them were worth doing.

      It would not a far fetched to think that the threat of IS is used by the west the way the threat of Ibn Saud's gangs was against Sharif .

    • In 2012 Israel was worried that Saudis might unravel and collapse . They conveyed the urgency,fear and the solution how to prevent this to America .
      Something must have happened in between 911 and 2011.
      Wosley,Perle,Morravosky,( or what ever is the name of this French Israeli Expert ) and Kristol/ Krauthammer duo have been asking for the Saudi scalp . Now they don't . Neither anybody anywhere in administration reminds them: " It is not a bazaar. Days of haggling is over"

    • Religion has been a major tool in the dangerous arsenals of Brotish. They used the smoke of this gun power against Tipu Sultan to rally both Hindus and Muslim against him .Later they promoted religionization of Indian politics through Ghandhi and Jinnah.
      British ,American, and the typical emblematic of the fountain of the information like FOX and NYT have helped promoted,armed or given unhindered unchallenged gated expression to radical Islamic fanaticism while denouncing same fanaticism sometimes in same breath .
      A typical consistent default position of these entities are like this - support Saudi or Quawaiti or Bahraini excesses ,tortures religiosity and then mount war or threaten war against Iran or Syria or Lebanon or Hamas because of the presence of the radicalism and of terrorism . A recent FOX news opinion clips would show this dexterity in clear bold relief . - FOX was asking who was going to stand up against IS followed expression of concerns for all the chaos ,rage,danger,and terrorism that have engulfed Gaza. Hizbullah and Iran.

      Britan has perfected this art in India and Nigeria and a few other countries for an entirely different purpose. Brtish sources are used by Indian elite to demonize Muslim overtly nd covertly . Those ideas are then used by politicians ,voters government officials and academicians to create,maintain,and promote anti Muslim discrimination,violence,and hatred .
      Using the same template , the Indian,Nigerian,Phillipnes,and Burmese media reports the American negative narratives against Muslim either through selective reporting,opinions,or premature conclusion but always omitting the informations ( British or American,or German or French) that could expose the links between the Islaim radicalism and the West or that would would provide the facts on Western brutalism on Muslim countries .
      West benefits from this type of blinkered gated suppressed unchallenged views . Indians not only experience the hatred against Muslim ,they translate it against Pkistan,Bangladesh,or Palestnian or even Iranian or Saudis as the context changes or the relation between India or those countries come under strain .

  • Inside GILEE, the US-Israel law enforcement training program seeking to redefine terrorism
    • The best offense in any war irrespective of the length and time in duration is to get someone to fight your war and make him feel good about it . Friedman has achieved this for the Zionist.
      It invokes the same name Zionist does ,it borrows the ideas,it plants the narrative,it teaches the same hatred,it steals the same third party money,it forces the legislative branch ,it corrupts the language ,it stifles the dissent,it inserts itself in the fabric of the same third party that goes out on a limb to fight Freidman's war .
      Did Hitler have this kind of arrangement with a Vichy representative to coordinate the labeling of the Jews and of the Gypsies as threat to the safety of the Aryans?

  • 'NYT' and 'Washington Post' run professor's articles defending settlements without stating he is a settler
    • In that case a child born to family who have muscled their way into Ireland Britain or China or Spain by force and have raised now locally born children could claim that their children should be allowed citizenship,of the land , ownership, of the stolen property and rights to carry on as native born.

      I don't think so.

    • He breaks American laws and international laws by occupying part of West Bank and uses the law to defend it
      I wonder how GE reacts nd treats Muslim or Arab students in his classes or examination.
      Also I am sure he is quoted by people or invited as expert to deliberate on these issues by people who have no idea that he is practices expansionary policies of Zionists

  • Why did Brookings Institution hold a secret panel countering BDS?
    • Zionist would try to portray the campus activities as another expression of terrorism and hate speech . If they managed to drag the activist in courts and paint them in same brushes of is
      Islamophibia terrorism antisemitism, chances are that they would be able to destroy the careers of a lot of youth .
      This is the reason, a general atmosphere of tension and concerns about Muslim in the country is so desirable to Sheldon Haim Islamohobes gang .
      The rising tide of hatred,fear,and ignorance will keep these people's nicley packaged profile on the friendly radar of American consciousness . War is the fuel that they know will keep the water flowing to support that tide . May be that's why the advisors of Clinton,Rubio,and Cruz come from same chamber of horror

      link to

  • Denouncing Iran deal, Democratic Rep. Maloney mixes up Asia and Africa
    • So much money has been given to Israel torop up its military. So much arms and varieties of arms have been given to Israel to maintain the uperiority . So much arms been sold to Gulf and Saudis Arms have killed Gazan,West Bnk residents,Lebanese farmers and school children, Syrian workers laborers,mothers,and daughters by these arms . So many Iranian students nd scientists have been killed by these arms .

      Against background only a fool or only shill can rail against the possibility of an " arms race"
      Race is there but it is one way race and even a blind can perceive it .

  • Activists mark Chanukah by challenging growing Islamophobia in the United States
    • Not only that,there are more. American went to war against Germany because of Lusitania and Zimmerman telegram.
      America has sunk too many ships and carried personally too many " Zommerman telegrams" to the Middle East SAsian leaders with " yes or yes " choice .
      Americans might shrug it off just the way recently some Europeans youth shrugged it off when they realized the violences they were accusing Koran of ,actually came from Bible .

      Truth and nothing will pave way to justice . Without justice ,peace will be elusive .

    • Islamphobia will stay with us for a long time even long after the threat of jihadism and terrorism are gone.
      I can see the dirty political future wjere some leftist neocon left over coming out cowshed and hijack this picture above in the name of fighting for Muslim.

  • #Winning
    • This is why the discussion that is being allowed today to understand the rise of Nazi ,should have been allowed to be aired in 1919 peace conference . Britain did not want to know that it was trying to protect its monopoly on business and manufacturing against rising German ,not through the merits and quality but by mercantile diplomacy and military in early 1900 . War wouldn't have happened . Nazi or Fasism would not have survived or even seen the daylight .Wilson bore responsibility for sucking America in a war it had no skin into. He fought for someone else ideals but didn't fight for its own ideals- making the world safe for democracy. Years later Bush 2 would do same . He fought a war of neocon but not a war whose support could have been found in his bible ( Palestine. Lebanon) or Bill of Rights( aggrandizing of power ,emasculation of judiciary, gutting ofAmerican rights to freedom,justice,safety and security )

      We would not be dealing with IS monster if we followed legal,moral,ethical laws and operated on legal and ethical planes after 911.
      Hitler was post 1919 creation . IS is post 911 creation.

    • The French should start looking into their readiness for easy sudden,180 * changes . What promoted such a metamorphosis ? Few refugees ,and gunning down of a few, that's all it took.
      May be this curiosity will help them understand why Syrian,Iraq,Libyan and scores of Somalian became virulent anti western rampaging menace .

  • Hatred of Israel was reported motive for CA attack, but US press politely ignores the story
    • Sirhan was from a Palestinian Christian family . His role in the assassination of Robert Kennedy is shrouded in the myriad workings of Dulles's CIA despite Dulles being out of office .
      He denied though he never said he loved Robert as Oswald clearly had said about his postive feelings to and loving the president Kennedy .

      These two killers in CA had arguments with a messianic Jews who maintained Islamophobic rants on Facebbok . I wonder if it broke the back of the camels.

  • Bragging that she and Israel were born within months, Hillary Clinton wants to take relationship to 'next level'
    • Miracles continue to happen to the Zionist in America where rational mind is offered as a reason for American exceptionalism that is ,one could be sure,Clinton's pride as well as that of dumb Carlson or Huckabee.

  • The double standard for white and Muslim shooters
    • Muslim dont wait in dread to find out who the shooter is . But they get frustrated when the news like the followings are not covered or mentioned

      -1 link to


      3- link to

      or 4 fawning behaviors like this not dissected to expose the rotten entrails inside the brain of the nasty psychopath -

    • Public bigotry goes beyond selective morality . Public wants America to confront IS .public believes every word the administration and opposition say against IS and terrorism . Same public wont believe one word on climate,economy,gun violence,medical abortion, education, or need for infrastrucre or overhauling on tax law or health insurance depending on which party is saying and who the audience is. But those same stupid moron will embrace the nazi label attached to Putin,Assad,Ghaddafy,or Saddam or to Chavez irrespective of who is making the accusation.
      This readiness to accept monolithic narrative supported by both parties is the cause of
      American blunders succeeding repeatedly for the next set of blunders.

      Even those who portray a level headed ness would start with : Yes,we know Saddam or Ghaddafi or Putin are monster,despotic,and imperialist but we should not have done this or that.
      No these morons need to stop using these epithets or adjective because that description do readily apply to any western leaders but is never articulated while describing Blair,Thatcher,Bush or Reagan or Clinton or Sarkozy.

      American public get lectured by Friedman that Saddam was dong something very bad- he was supporting suicide bomber and the fami,IED of the suicide bombers .
      But no one refers to the fact that American have been sending money -tax free - in millions of dollars to support the criminal gangs accused of violence against Palestinian ,bear the legal cost ,and provide for the violator's family. Above all ,Saddam did not violate Americal laws . But these donors are violating by sending money or the illegal construction.

  • Trump at the rightwing Jewish conference
    • Guardian used to delete all anti Zionist posts before and used to ban anybody questioning the 911 narratives of the neocon . Now it does allow more often than not .

  • The pledge of allegiance
    • The debate over admitting Syrian refugee has been generating a lot of windfall for the politician,self anointed TV experts and also for those who entrap and engineer false flag operations.
      Goldeberg on TV managed to besmirch both US of Roosevelt( who interred Japanese and not German ) and Syrian (unlike Jeiwsh refugee ,they engage in terrorism according to him ) forgetting the history of Jewish threat to the lives of Churchill and Truman and also the history of subsequent terrorism conducted by Jewish people in US.

      But what would happen if another terror attacks occur and be traced back to Syrian?
      This possibility alone is good enough reason not to admit puny number of few thousands refugees when millions other refugees are being subjected to man made crisis in Burma ,Somalia,Iraq-Syria and Libya?

  • Israel isn't worried about ISIS
    • May be that is why bonker Bolton has written a piece in NYT (11/24/15) asking for creation of a Sunni state in Syria plus Iraq ( NYT tells its readers that he is a scholar )

  • 'Jewish Communal Fund' seeds Islamophobia as toxic as Trump's
    • Is ADL or its patron somehow connected to the group or to the donor who are subsidizing JCF, AFDI or the Clarion ?

      The subtle propaganda could still find a safe place ,an encouragement, or protection in the one sided narrative ,part expose' or in the memory of the organizations supposed to be articulating an opposite position.

      Today's NYT carries an editorial on Rubio's hidden donors but does not mention the tangled relationship between Rubio,his donor,FDD, and the attackers forcing changes within Argentina financially and diplomatically .Neither is the donor's ink to the WB settlement .NYT does show concern for the vital election and tax laws . But has no concern that the US foreign policy is being twisted and the international obligation is being violated by Rubio's enablers .(Following Paul Singer's Money, Argentina, and ... - LobeLog
      link to
      May 8, 2015 -

      Rubio's Biggest Donor Funded West Bank Settlement ...
      link to
      May 13, 2015)

      NYT's observation :" as long as you know who's behind the money..., I think that the sunlight we need"

      Government, media particularly WaPO still adhere to the Sarin gas story and to the carnage unleashed by mythical "barrel bomb" to stick it to Assad .

      Without the subtle distortions flooded by the media to the public there would have been no Iraq war and no Islamophobia .
      It still has unspent power and it is being used to shape the GOP ( Hilary included ) candidate's MIddle East policy,attitude to refugees,and to furthering the unnecessary war efforts .

  • Posters linking Muslim students and BDS activists to terrorism appear on college campuses in California and Washington, DC
    • Can the campus based Jewish organizations be linked to Iraq war,Iran sanction and assassination,Gaza wars and general atmosphere of Islamophobia in media?
      Can any poster appear on Congreess and State Assemblies linking Jewish money to Iraq war,Gaza war,Iran sanctions and Syrian wars?

      It won't appear but if it does the department of antisemitism with ADL and JINSA and AIPAC would pour more money on Jewish organization,remove the students,and cry hate crime charges against the cartoon picture poster .
      Charlie Hedbo would be referred to but to denigrate this " beyond the mainstream ,beyond the pale," uncivilized pollution of human values

  • The way for Americans to take on the Islamic state is to end support for Jewish nationalism
    • Humans are so alike in dreams,ambitions,and attitude to other . But that doesn't make a good soundbites if one is looking for war as a solution . To smoothen the resistance to barbarism one has to talk of in terms of abstract that can be processed emotionally but not cognitively . THE SKY GOD is then gets unknowingly replaced with democracy and freedom as the reason for call to arms or more precisely to to depleted uranium

    • Neocons have destroyed hopes and dreams of a sizable number of human population across Arab,US,and Europe. They also have succeeded in driving a wedge between Islam and Christianity and between America and Europe . They destroyed the GOP as a party . Their intervention abroad have generated equally destructive intervention within . The atmosphere has beome palpably more violent intolerant,paranoid,and entitled along the way the ear effort have forced the abandonment of any hope for millions of youths .If they puld they would have got America in a war with Russia ,China Venezueala,and Iran. Their hope is that like W Clinton ,Hilary would be ready to strike at countries that neocons don't like . But the play book of neocon doesn't ask for attack . They create the situation for an attack. They don't tell public that it is time for war . They make the public think in terms of war becoming a necessarry evil ,a tough choice , a noble act for the peace loving America . They wail and mourn so that people take notice of the psychological agony they are experiencing over the lack of Americn leadership in addressing the curable pain certain segment of humanity somewhere is facing .
      This is the way they prepare people for negative judgement on foreign leaders ,countries,cultures and religion. War then becomes easy choice to pick as a solution to some imagined threat . Both are often tied - security for America and relief for the hostage population abroad .
      They also depend on the memory lapses and on intellectual slowness of the citizen . Both were so clearly evident when a charlaton like Carson ( GOP front runner) received plaudits and hand clapping for saying that 911 was a small non significant historical footnote compated to the threat of IS . He was not challenged . Neocons know history is something that could be disappeared and created in and out of thin air respectively depending on the need of the hour .

      Every label and each metaphor that have been hurled at the terrorist could be hurled at the neocon . They self radicalize themselves in pursuit of new war They have no respect for life . They hate reality and truth . They carry the self conscious victimhood psycholgy . They believe they know what is best for the rest . They push and alter the rules . They misquote . They juxtapose and decontextualize .

  • CAP runs deceptive article blaming settlement project on rightwing Christians
    • Christian Evangelics and Catholics are berated routinely because of this or that both by CNN,MSNBC and even crabwise indirectly sometimes by WSJ or FOX . But never for their blind obedient reflexive support for Zionism and for any project of the Zionist
      Public attitude to " liberal causes" have morphed over the years because of the pressure from the media and because of the confidence and the comfort level accrued over the years to politicians teachers,educators pastors,and academicians to discuss openly about those issues .
      Zionist will do a Salilita on academic,a Thomas Helen on MSNBC 's helmsman , bring the memories of Carter,Bush sr and Hegel or Deen to aspiring politicians if lines are not toed . Support for Evangelics would be sought duly and quietly.
      This is what is done in third world countries - poor ,half clad,ill educated tribal or religious or villagers would of be bus loaded to populate the meetings of the leaders as show of force . Often these people were paid cash or alcohol,or simply the opportunity to ride a train or bus and see a city . This also help imparting a sense importance to these people. Evangelics are no more relevant than these third world illiterates ,poor,religious people.

    • Israel as a project was started by atheist and secular non observant Jews and they sought support from contradictory antagonistic political ,national,religious,and ideological quarters . Some are still relevant like America,Democracy,Freedom,White Christian Evangelic, and fundamentalist exclusive Judaism
      Some are not like Communism,Nazism,Ottoman power or Persian Shah or European left .
      Evangelism out of all these is the only force that is a force because Zionism has conferred them that aura of power and label . It has no power . It scream,shout,cry,but always end up crying, shouting and screaming with zero result . It is told how successful they were stoping Bush from pursuing Palestinian solution through phone calls ,letters,and e mail.
      It makes them feel good . That e mail didn't do the job . It was the neocon inside and it was the neocon driven narrative on media that told Bush that he couldn't win . If the media came out against the anti Paestonian stand of Evangelic ,they way always come put against their ( Evangelic) gay bashing, public display of Christianity school prayer,corporal punishment ,stand on - abortion, intelligent design,contraception policy, sex abuse , and education or proselytization the result would have been different ands public opinion would have been different . Bush Jr could have addressed Palestinian problem despite being called Chamberlain by Sharon at that time . A pseudo consensus was created by Sharon gang . American scoffed at Sharon's mislabeling but succumbed to his ploys from within.

      Evangelicals are still being maintained given prominence and relevance by the same forces .
      Some can go even further and claim that both IS and Evangelicals get the support and the oxygen to thrive from the neocon Without that support none of them will have impact . Not only that . The impact they have on respective religion is devastating and ultimately self damaging .

  • Rigged Netanyahu 'conversation' at Center for American Progress shows it's twilight of the Israel lobby
    • "
      “Empires cost money, and the price of ours – which in based on the principle of everything goes out and nothing comes in – is exorbitantly high. Which is probably what led Center for American Progress head honcho Neera Tanden, who is close to Hillary Clinton, to propose charging countries that we invade and conquer for the costs of subjugating and occupying them. Tanden proposed – seriously – that we seize Libya’s oil as the price for “liberating” them, i.e. turning their country into a terrorist version of Disney World."
      http://www.antiwar.vom 11/11/15 Justin Raimonfo
      She can come up nonchalantly and most piously with the right wing solution for left wing intervention.
      Didn't Wolfowitz suggest something like this?

  • Actions planned to protest Netanyahu's visit to Washington
    • Only NYT is still actively engaged in drumming up the support for Netanyahu. For NYT ,the problem is a simple misunderstanding of words and phrases . It is all about " With U.S. and Israel , It 's Who Slighted Whom" ( NYT 11/9/15)
      According to NYT the rupture of relationships came from " over MrObama's push for a nuclear agreement "
      On the NYT front page, not any mention of Gaza war, WB settlements, check point killings, Gaza blockade, periodic threat against Iran, killing of scientists,meltdown in Middle East that has no solution without Iran, attacks against Syria and covert support to IS.
      Martin Indyk and Uzi Arad are the experts who blame both equally in addition to the confusion sowed by NYT in its headings.

      About 14 yrs ago , the argot appeared in very warmongers lips- No Moral Equivalency between US/ Isarel and terrorist AKA Hamas/ Hizbullah / Arafat PA/ Ghaddafi/ Assad and Iran.
      That should be resurrected to declare that there is no moral equivalence between Obama and the terrorist ,racist,bigoted anti American Netanyahu and his league .

    • How does Israeli money play any role in Western election? It does possibly and I can think of the possibility that Saban or Singer or Adelson do get political legal moral protection from the quarters that support WINEP,JINSA,AIPAC,PNAC,FDD,( some of the staff work for Israel some of them will work for Israel ,some of them will establish or have connection to military or settlement . Some of them have business dealings that profit from American money doled out to Israel or technological know how developed in US or stolen from US.) Sometime a third country gets scientific ,military or business insider help from Israel whose origin is practically US soil ( thus subsidized by US at a cost to its economy and security) Donors to Democrats and Republican benefit from these labyrinthine distortions of the legality .
      I have heard of Adelson getting foothold on Macau was a product of this sort of unethical behaviors

  • All Israeli politics is local -- it's American
    • Election is fought on a very narrow and limited number of issues- LGBT right,abortion,immigration,war,and freedom. Both parties have taken opposite stands on each of these .Both parties are united in fight against Iran and Hamas and united in fighting for Israel .

      Majority of Americans are not affected by the outcomes on these issues . So the war or the shadow boxing can be dragged on for decades to come until one them gets a price tag on itself .Israel has slowly gaining that laurel to rest on .Iran was an unnecessary fight that became a millstone on AIPAC neck or more likley it became the frog that the snake grabbed but could not swallow . One day the fight on Gaza can also become the stone that will sink Israel.

  • The idea that people living under violent military occupation must be instructed in nonviolence is problematic
    • Israel was not born in nonviolence . How can it be dismantled by the defeated party without violence? Sure Dalai Lama might have a role in imparting nonviolence as a means to address the tension between the IDF and the settlers . Beyond that nonviolence has no place in Israel.

      Nonviolence was present among Arabs of that area.
      They offered accepting Jews and building a nation periodically before 1947
      Syra offered to take refugees in exchange for a durable peace in 1949
      European American and S American offered places and residencies for the fleeing Jews in 1940 s without any condition or demands .
      Guardian exposé on the steps agreed by Palestnian authority in exchange for some kind of state ( rump state, state the size of couple of hundreds of the Israeli stamps put together ) was not even worth the consideration by Zionist of all stripes .

      So the nonviolence has no place . The only hope of Palestine lies in the process runs it full cycle. That process of slow demise of American power has started .Without America being able to take care of Israel's economy ,the Israelis would slowly leave just the way their ancestors did during Roman era and before .

  • Hillary Clinton promises to invite Netanyahu to White House in her first month
    • If Iraq war put Israel at the top of the food chain at the western political military financial machine ,Syrian war has brought it down from that position for good . In reality that machine is frayed, immobile and waiting for inevitable journey to the junkyard . But the octopus will not US to get free . Now the host is in its own final phase of total subordination . The tentacles will not let US escape and US cant support it anymore by securing outside helps( or demands ) China S Sea, Ukraine,and Syrian war have only reignited the unfinished business of Georgian war , Lebanon Hizbullah Israel war, and Manchurian war . The world is not in awe and it has survived the shock . Israel is just another country who will be forced to deal with inner secular and religious tension, Jews and non Jews tension . Israel can dictate US but will not be able to get it done beyond WB and Gaza . US,Israel, and Royals in Arab will come closer just the British Jordan and Israel did. This arrangement was shattered because British got its fingers burnt in other but related wars. US-Royals-Israel troika can last for a long time But chances are Israel will push the envelope and get US more embroiled in more audacious dangerous demands bringing China ,Iran,Russia as durable monolithic resistance while Syrian and Hizbullah would provide the manpower to go against Israel if occasion arose .

      Israel's days are numbered not because it's enemies are powerful but because it has put itself into a corner both within and outside , domestically and internationally .

      Humpty -Dumpty cant be put back on the horses again

  • 'NYT' op-ed blaming 'Facebook' for violence parrots Netanyahu and gets push from ADL
    • Father is ashamed of the son while NYT and ADL are quite proud

    • Will the settlers be so vile and violent without tacit and active encouragement and supported by similar practices by the state of Israel itself?
      Will the Islamphobia be so rampant without the active and taicit support of the Jewish bodies and mega billionaires ( America and Canada) ?

      Difference is Facebook and U Tube are the only means the Palestinian have but for Zionist, media is one of many to promote violence .

  • Karmah Elmusa rocks Elle Magazine
    • The comments Guardian used to block or delete in and around 2001-2003 now frequently do make it to the comments sections . Still it has a long way to go. It deletes even the quotes of Churchill with links and doesn't allow even those references which are sourced in British archives!

  • 'The Palestinian body finally achieves the approving gaze of the settler'
    • The baby faced young boys and girls were writing approvingly on the rockets and on the missiles that drained on Lebanon and Gaza in 2006
      . Collections of those pictures archived by the group who visually docu,enter the human costs of that wars also include the joyous Israeli children celebrating those destructions.
      Hate really does destroy the souls .

  • Video: Israeli military tells Palestinian refugee camp, 'We will gas you until you die'
    • Following the disclosure of German supplies of " gas" agent to Iraq, Israel loudly asked a polemical question : Why Germany is so obsessed with the gas.
      Soon after it worked out the free delivery of the submarines that coud carry nuclear warheads with the German governments.

  • Rightwing Israelis celebrate murder of a Jewish activist (and NYT won't tell you so)
    • 1 It is time to sue the people in US who abuse their government and official positions , that are tax payer paid, to incite violence against Arab countries . At least Facebook is not taxpayer funded.

      2 link to
      More I read it ,more glaringly absent I find the balance and the presentation of the reality.
      If one wants to stop spread of hate and violence, then one does not look for excuses and loopholes but address the source of the problem.
      This is exactly what is happening here. He brings the issue of " FIRE" in crowded theater.
      Today's situation Facebook incitement vs Palestine agitation is not nowhere near to anything like crowded theater.
      Their life is permanently closed off irrespective of fire or snow by those walls and checkpoints.
      " Fire" doesn't lead to attempt to escape. Walls are the reminders of the " smoldering fire" around them They do not need another fire .
      But this" FIRE" is always happening here in US- Iraq, Libya, Ghaddafi, Syria,and Somalia and Iran- can testify to the knee jerk escape route Americans seek when government and ex government or media lies about threat
      I think that was exactly what happened following 911 . Americans jumped and freaked out in all directions looking for escape from the menacing nuclear bomb of Saddam after some one shouted to them ,not one but million times,that he was about to come while the numbed and shocked Americans were still trying to understand and process physically and psychologically the gruesome 911 event . They were trapped by four walls and roofs of constant barrage and bombardments of hate,fear,falsehood,and revenge.

    • His son has published the incident in NYT-

      I see plenty of complaints against SOCIAL MEDIA for allowing the provocation pre and post incident . In the process,I see his complaints confined to the Palestinian provocation.
      Not a word about Jewish right wing 's contribution towards the hatred .

  • Netanyahu's having a better week in the Democratic Party than Hillary Clinton!
    • Israel will continue to fabricate tension create violence,and manufa true threat not only in the Midfle East but anywhere it finds doable . That is the way it will keep the world busy on something that allows it the time and ensures the lack of response from the rest so that it can carry on ethnic cleansing and carry out attacks on the neighbors .

  • 'Most-read' article at Washington Post calls Israel 'savage, unrepairable society'
    • Pakistan in 1980 ,Saudi Arab from 1930 and India from 1992 have slowly and inexorably gravitated to intolerant ,spiritually bankrupt,religiously fanatics controlled nations .
      Israel has joined the gangs a little late just like it joined the European colonization projects a little late .

  • The effectiveness of the pro-Israel lobby to intimidate our press has reached new heights
    • This information goes to two interdependent classes but not in the sight of the vision of each other anymore - political elite and the main street Americans .
      They conclude that they have another reason to support Israel .

      CNN experts can always assert that they were simply exercising the right to free speech in the middle of all different interpretations and competing views or they might continue to demand that they were enriching American awareness depending on the context . Iraq war narrative was dealt with in similar method .

      The ways news talk on Middle East are presented ,often leave the scope of negative stereotypical generalization about people of that area from Algeria to Iran ,creating another source of dangerous ignorance and biases in the minds of the Americans. An action could be cited hundred times blaming hundred different actors separated by time and space .

      This is one of the reasons that Netanyahu or his ancestors or his future clan can articulate breezily and blithely that Mufti was the instigator of Holocaust and refer to Saddam,Ahmednezad, Basher ,Arafat or Nasser as Hitler and someone always planning Holocaust in ME. Because he knows the ability of American elites or citizen to give a moment's thoughts of critical scrutiny are compromised by a diffuse invisible pervasive ignorance brought in by the media . The farce goes on because the adverse effects of the ignorance is not felt by the citizen or the soldiers or by the politicians while the bounty from accepting the lies maintains its allures ,attractions and promises of more parks.

    • Existing media is under surveillance
      CNN international cant put out same news and footage within US
      Liberman of Israel approached Putin to ban RT be ause he didn't like the coverage
      Al Jazera was initially resisted against its US forays . It managed to air only after changing its tunes.
      Press TV has been banned in UK.

  • State Dep't slams Netanyahu's Hitler story as 'inflammatory' and against 'scholarly evidence'
    • Uri Avnery: (Adolf Hitler, who took his racism seriously, applied it to all Semites.
      He could not stand Arabs either. Contrary to legend, he disliked the
      Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, who had fled to Germany.
      After meeting him once for a photo-opportunity arranged by the Nazi
      propaganda machine, he never agreed to meet him again.)
      link to

    • "In a 2012 article for Al Jazeera, Massad explains that “Zionism would begin to rewrite the Palestinian struggle against Jewish colonization not as an anti-colonial struggle but as an anti-Semitic project.”

      link to

      Arab should pushback . The attempts have gone mainstream.
      The Arab should counter this machinations to plant guilt in the mind of Arab and neuterPalestinian resistance

    • Exactly this question was posed to Churchill by Copeland and few other from British administration why he was so intent to deny the nationalism to Palestinian and fight for nonexistent Jewish entity .

    • hophni
      Question should be asked why the Jews tried to frame Mufti?
      It is not surprising given their plans to kill Churchill and Truman that they would seize on any reason and when nonexistent they would create one to further immediate advantage or gain

    • Show the quote or the quotes.
      Mufti testified personally for the 1937 Peel Commisson .
      Churchill was asking for use of violent means to put him in prison.
      Soon he left .
      May be he said,may he didnot.
      So did all Jewish leaders including Netanyhu,Bennett,Rabin and Sharon against Arab against Palestinian and against Muslim.

    • The question is was Mufti right and responsible in meeting with Hitler in 1941? Was he right in asking Hitler to stop sending Jews to Palestine?
      The narrative around Mufti had evolved over the years against the unalloyed pure Zionism propaganda background. We have been conditioned to view him through the Zionism prism.
      He was called by Churchill as fomentor of Arab revolt and should be arrested even by violent means in 1937 around the same time when the White Papers were coming out one after another and basically were in accord with the reasons and the arguments that underlied these Arab revolts . Churchill was offerring unconditional support with most obsequious ways to Weizmann Rothchild, Amery and other Zionists to fight for the establishment of the state of Israel in 1937 when he was also cautioning these Zionists against the activities of the English officials in Palestine who never agreed with the partisan selfish anti Englsih activities of Churchill . Churchill would express his disdain against the Emglish Government for not being enough pro Zionist . Churchill would definitely be more comfortable in company of today's flag waving Arab hating GOP Tea Party and GOP Presidential hopefuls who are busy slamming Obama and Kerry .

      Mufti had no place to go. He had to leave Jerusalem .two attempts were made on his life .
      He failed not in his dreams but in getting it executed . He never asked for slaughter of Jews in Palestine . He wanted the newly arrived to be expelled from Palestine.

      Today we hear same cries from France,Hungary,UK and Sovenia for expulsion of the immigrants
      We hear in US . At least these immigrants are not building their armies,navies,and buying planes and building fortifications around enclaves . They haven't gone into the neighbors houses and replaced them with their presence .The differences don't end there. These refugee crisis are the products of the western causes . It was back then in Europe and it is still same from Afghanistan to Libya from 1980 to 2015.

      It is time for Arab to rehabilitate Mufti , to research him ,to find his relevance in today's atmosphere where Churchill wear new American masks in the corridor of Congress and when Netanyahu says Abbas has joined IS and Arafat's murder after branding him as terrorist Nazi goes unpunished .

  • Despite global disgust, Netanyahu doubles down on claim that Hitler got idea of Final Solution from a Palestinian
    • Martin Gilbert in his book : CHURCHILL AND THE JEWS
      A Lifelong Friendship
      Documents on numerous pages following facts
      Arab revolt was in response to the Jewish immigration and nation building efforts
      Churchill would fight for the establishment of state of Israel
      Jewish mega donors were his boss
      State of Israel had to wait until Hitler and Mussolini were defeated because only the defeat would make that possible.
      He was denouncing not only Chamberlain and later Baldwin but also any British officials who for moral,ethical as well as for British national interests were speaking against the immigration and Jewish nation building effort .
      Churchill denounced Mufti because he could have hindered his plan .
      He admitted not only the influence of Russian and German Jews but also the power of the American Jewry in the activities of the Zionists both terrorists and non terrorists ( if narrowly defined on the target of terrorism : Jews were called terrorists when hey killed British )

      From Martin Gilbert .

      Churchill ,if had the power would definitely have Mufti executed through show trial at Nuremberg but British Home Office had nothing and they exposed the attempted forgery to implicate Mufti .

      Fact of the matter is that all of the Zionist leaders were guilty of the crimes that Mufti was accused of but not proved .

    • May be now is the time to document and publish the list of leaders who met with Hitler seeking his support ,help,cooperation and inspiration .

      I have doubt that Mufti knew what Hitler was doing to the Jewish people when he suggested that the German Jews be sent to Poland or France. ( Did America know back then ?) Sure the Jewish people knew .But why should he believe them after the lie and the destruction the Jewish people had shown to him they were capable of ?

      Who are we to complain against Mufti against his stance on Jewish immigration to Palestine when US , Canada ,Australia , UK and France have not taken refugees from Afghanistan (1980 onwards ) ,Iraq,Syria or Libya in significant numbers ? Mufti was not responsible .But these countries are .They created the refugee crisis. They destroyed their livelihood and societies .

    • One of the reasons for shunning Ahamednezad was this trope -he denies Holocaust.
      BN out of his islamophobic hatred and lack of any intellectual self-respect ,he has essentially produced a new line of discourse among the muslim Arab haters in US.
      Instead of asking him to quit the politics what should have been simply accurate and legitimate responses from every souls including presidential candidates like Carson and Huckabee who live and breathe by every letter of the Holocaust ,he is still being seen as peace seeker moderate fighting against terrorism.

      He essentially has denied the Holocaust and has raised the possibility of rehabilitation of Nazi ideology just the way now Crusade has been upgraded and rehabilitated following 911 by the neocons out of the similar islamophobia

    • Instead of banishing Mufti if only the British ,American,and Russian threw out the Zionist provocatuers amidst their administration ,academy,justice ,defense and media for igniting violence against the Palestinisn from 1890 onwards, the world would have been a lot better place

    • Thank you. This is what I gathered from the book on Mufti by Phillip Mattar
      Britain did not have anything on Mufti to charge him with any crimes.

    • Mufti's peaceful attempt was destroyed repeatedly by British PM /administration despite the recommendation of the WHITE PAPERS
      PM Macdonald at the backdoor maneuvering by Weizmann scuttled the recommendation .
      ( Like the way US does today )

      1-Israel’s endless enemies — the dangerous myth in Ari Shavit’s book - Jerome Slater on December 20, 2013

      See more at: link to

      2 Picking apart the New York Times Zionist narrative on the ...
      May 17, 2011 - Yesterday's deaths at various demonstrations commemorating the Nakba remind us of one all-important fact: without a just resolution to the ...

      These will throw the light on the machinations and the perversions of the Zionist .

      Then there are plenty of books that will expose the same reality of overwhelming Israeli superiority in manpower and arsenals that were employed by Zionist to attack Egypt,Syria,Jordan and Palestine in 1948 May.

      Mufti was thrown out of Palestine at the suggestions of Zionist .Two attempts were made on his life by Zionist and Britain.

      He understood the Zionist plans when rest of the Arab leaders were still hoping that British would be honest and just and Zionism would remain a social aspect of Jewish revivalism .

      BN is hoping that every else would forget the history of Herzl,Jabotisnky, Rupin,Wise,Silver,Weizmann, and Ben Gurion .He hopes no one will remember the deal between German Zionist and Hitler .

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