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  • Netanyahu's latest 'cartoon evidence': racist image identifying Muslims with terror
    • Speaking of cartoons, here's one from the Guardian, although its source is an Australian political cartoon, First Dog on the Moon:

      "How does one respond to a message stating that your house will be destroyed in 10 minutes? asks First Dog on the Moon"

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    • Yousef Munayyer:

      Israel claims to know whats in a civilian building its bombing from the air, yet has killed 3 of its own soldiers by friendly fire.

      James Fallows:

      When strategic message becomes ‘They’re forcing us to kill children,’ strategy is in trouble. As US learned.

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    • That is a blow to their big egos.

      Exactly. I saw a tweet yesterday that said: "There's nothing quite as shocking and infuriating as those you consider and treat as inferiors making you look bad."

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  • Massacre in Gaza: At least 60 killed in Shuja'iyeh, over 60,000 in UN shelters
    • Sumud, I know what "Cupid Stunt" means and I know its a play on words with the first letters of the name reversed. And no its not in the "best possible taste". I don't see the humor in referring to someone by uttering a hateful slur used to refer to a female body part.

    • Seafoid. Please don't use gross misogynistic slurs.

  • This Jew can't support Israel
    • Meanwhile, Ali Abunimah linked to Peter Beinart on Facebook: (with the comment, "Peter Beinart looks into the abyss and sees a yellowed photograph of himself looking back..."

      What frightens me about the organized American Jewish community at times like this is not that our leaders are hawks. A genuine, self-reflective hawk would have a higher threshold for Israeli military action than me, but would have some independent criteria for when the moral and strategic cost of continuing the war grew too high. The Shin Bet leaders interviewed in the Gatekeepers are hawks of this sort. They were willing to take very tough actions to protect Israel but also capable of recognizing when such actions became self-defeating. What frightens me about the organized American Jewish community is that it has no independent standard at all. Whatever the Israeli government does is, by definition, moral. Whatever the Palestinians do is, by definition, immoral. It's an utter abdication of one's own faculties--and completely contrary to the way American Jewish leaders act toward their own government. When Avigdor Lieberman, a man who wants to exile many Palestinian citizens of Israel from the country, became foreign minister, they shrugged. When Bibi renounced the two state solution, they said nothing. The more ghastly the photos from Gaza become, the more adamantly they insist that Israel bears no responsibility for them. Can anyone say, with confidence, that there is any action the Israeli government could take that American Jewish leaders would not seek to justify? I can't, and that terrifies me.

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  • Israeli military destroyed el-Wafa hospital even though it knew there were no weapons inside
    • History of Al-Shifa hospital:

      Al-Shifa, which means "healing" in Arabic, was originally a British Army barracks, but was transformed into a center to provide treatment for quarantine and febrile diseases by the government of the British Mandate of Palestine. Prior to the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, al-Shifa was the only hospital in Gaza. When the Egyptians administered the Gaza Strip after the war, the quarantine and febrile diseases department was relocated to another area in the city and al-Shifa developed into the central hospital of Gaza. Initially, a department for internal medicine was established, followed by a new wing for surgery, and subsequently new buildings for pediatrics and ophthalmology were added to the hospital.[3]

      After a brief occupation by Israel during the 1956 Suez Crisis, the returning Egyptian administration, under directives by president Gamal Abdel Nasser, paid more attention to the health and social situation of Gaza, and al-Shifa was expanded to include departments for obstetrics and gynecology. They established a new health administration for the Gaza region, later building several clinics throughout the city that were attended by doctors from the hospital.[4] The largest department in al-Shifa was internal medicine (100 beds), then pediatrics (70 beds), surgery (50 beds), ophthalmology (20 beds) and gynecology (10 beds).[5]

      Israeli occupation and Palestinian contro

      When Israel reoccupied Gaza in the 1967 Six-Day War, the entire Egyptian administration and staff in the hospital were taken prisoner.[6] By 1969, the internal medicines department grew to contain several sub-departments.[7] The hospital underwent a major Israeli renovation in the 1980s as part of a showcase project to improve the living conditions of Gaza residents.[8]

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      According to Haaretz, as part of the 1980's renovation, Israel built Building 2 at Al-Shifa, which included a large basement for laundry and administrative services. This basement is where Israel alleges Hamas leadership is hiding, but given the existence of numerous tunnels, which appear to be far safer than a hospital that the IDF has repeatedly attacked, it seems rather unlikely.

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      Of course, Wikipedia insists that Ahmed Jabari (second in command of Hamas military wing, since killed in an assassination by Israel in 2012) hid there in 2008. However its sources for the allegation merely state that the Shin Bet believed that (unnamed) Hamas leadership was hiding there, not that it was proven or admitted.

    • Exactly, Mooser. It is, as Ilan Pappe has called it, an incremental genocide.

      In a September 2006 article for The Electronic Intifada, I defined the Israeli policy towards the Gaza Strip as an incremental genocide.

      Israel’s present assault on Gaza alas indicates that this policy continues unabated. The term is important since it appropriately locates Israel’s barbaric action — then and now — within a wider historical context.

      This context should be insisted upon, since the Israeli propaganda machine attempts again and again to narrate its policies as out of context and turns the pretext it found for every new wave of destruction into the main justification for another spree of indiscriminate slaughter in the killing fields of Palestine.

      The context

      The Zionist strategy of branding its brutal policies as an ad hoc response to this or that Palestinian action is as old as the Zionist presence in Palestine itself. It was used repeatedly as a justification for implementing the Zionist vision of a future Palestine that has in it very few, if any, native Palestinians.

      The means for achieving this goal changed with the years, but the formula has remained the same: whatever the Zionist vision of a Jewish State might be, it can only materialize without any significant number of Palestinians in it. And nowadays the vision is of an Israel stretching over almost the whole of historic Palestine where millions of Palestinians still live.

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    • The law with civilian hospitals is that if they are being used for military purposes, they forfeit their protected status.

      And the IDF specifically stated that El Wafa was NOT being used for military purposes, and yet they bombed it anyway, in violation of the 4th Geneva Convention. You can studiously avoid that fact all you want, but it doesn't change the fact. It simply reveals your argument as specious.

    • One thing I can say with some confidence – the framers of Article 19 did not anticipate those situations where militants were firing from highly urbanized areas, right next to hospital buildings.

      First off, 100 meters is the entire length of a football field and wider than a typical city block. so even according to the IDF the alleged rocket fire was not "right next to hospital buildings" by any stretch of the imagination. Number two, the idea that the framers of the 1949 Geneva Convention did not "anticipate" fighting in urbanized areas is idiotic in the extreme. Much of WWII was fought in urbanized areas, so there was no need to "anticipate" what had already occurred 5 years before.

      Obviously, Israel came to believe it was a legitimate target, and its behavior was consistent with Article 19 requirements to warn the hospital in advance so that it could be evacuated, which Allison admits in her article they did, communicating at length with the hospital director. Allison’s point that there was no weapons cache in the hospital is certainly something to be considered, assuming it is accurate, but it is not dispositive.

      No, its behavior was NOT consistent with Article 19. Here's Article 19 verbatim:( I've bolded the relevant sentences)

      The protection to which civilian hospitals are entitled shall not cease unless they are used to commit, outside their humanitarian duties, acts harmful to the enemy. Protection may, however, cease only after due warning has been given, naming, in all appropriate cases, a reasonable time limit, and after such warning has remained unheeded.

      The fact that sick or wounded members of the armed forces are nursed in these hospitals, or the presence of small arms and ammunition taken from such combatants and not yet handed to the proper service, shall not be considered to be acts harmful to the enemy.

      link to

      The IDF has admitted that the hospital DID NOT commit acts "harmful to the enemy". The IDF's only claim is that the hospital was near to where "harm" was done, not that the hospital itself committed harmful acts. This alone precludes specifically targeting the hospital itself, which the IDF has admitted it did.

      As for your tortured "interpretation" of the second sentence, any rational human being who wasn't frantically trying to excuse the inexcusable as you are would recognize that the "warning" that Article 19 requires prior to a hospital being targeted, is not a warning that the hospital will be targeted even though it has not violated the policy stated in the first sentence. The warning required is clearly a warning issued to stop "acts harmful to the enemy", otherwise the caveat about the warning going "unheeded" makes no sense whatsoever.

      In other words, Article 19 spells out exactly when an opposing army can ignore the protection given to hospitals. It is only allowed to do so when the hospital is committing acts "harmful to the enemy", and even then the opposing army is only allowed to consider the protection null and void IF it has given the hospital a warning to cease its harmful activities, given it a reasonable amount of time to do so, and the hospital does not heed the warning by ceasing its harmful activity. As much as it may give you warm fuzzies to think that the IDF warned the hospital that it was going to attack it, that means nothing in international law. The first provision of Article 19 was not met, nor was the second, since the hospital was not itself harming the IDF.

      Allison’s point that there was no weapons cache in the hospital is certainly something to be considered, assuming it is accurate, but it is not dispositive.

      Wow, you're on one hell of a Ziocaine high. The IDF admitted that it was not targeting the hospital because of anything the hospital did itself. It claims it targeted the hospital because it was within 100 meters of rocket firing. You can't even read straight, even if it comes from the lips of the IDF.

      Question for you, hophmi: How far away is a hospital supposed to be from a "legitimate target" to avoid being specifically targeted itself? And if a hospital can be a legitimate target because its near to another "legitimate targe"t, can't that line of thinking be used to make every building in Gaza a so-called legitimate target? Or have I stumbled upon the IDF's military strategy here?

  • Israel warns media they are at risk of 'injury or death' because Hamas ‘exploits journalists as human shields’
  • On the defensive, Barney Frank accuses Clemons and Kornacki of ganging up on him, and Israel
    • Thanks for that quote from Greenwald, American. John Cusack just recently posted on his twitter feed a link to a portion of a 2012 interview of reporter Chris Hedges which says essentially the same thing.

  • NBC reverses; Mohyeldin to return to Gaza to cover 'Palestinian side of story'
    • The actor John Cusack also has some good tweets on Gaza recently. And Kerry Washington tweeted about the killing of the 4 soccer kids.

  • Hasbarapocalyse: Naftali Bennett says Hamas committing 'massive self-genocide'
    • It occurs to me that despite all the Zionist talk about the "need" for a "Jewish State" in order to give Jews "self-determination" there are still Israeli officials who clearly believe that Jews in Israel lack self-determination entirely. They have no agency and are never responsible for their own actions. Someone else has "made them do it", and they are completely unable to prevent others from "making" them do despicable things, thus in their eyes their very own actions are all the fault of the other and never their own fault or responsibility. Maybe its time to rethink the need for a Jewish State. Its definitely not working even by their own standards.

  • How can Human Rights Watch conclude an Israeli didn't want to kill 4 boys on the beach?
    • More on the genocidal T-shirts here:

      link to

    • More to help HRW's "imagination":

      Photo of a T-shirt printed for members of an IDF elite unit who had completed sniper training, reads "The smaller they are - The harder it is!".

      link to

      Quote cited from the same source:

      Sniper: “They forbid us to shoot at children”.
      Journalist: “How do they say this?”
      Sniper: “You don’t shoot a child who is 12 or younger”.
      Journalist: “That is, a child of 12 or older is allowed?”
      Sniper: “Twelve and up is allowed. He’s not a child anymore, he’s already after his bar mitzvah. Something like that”.
      Journalist: “Thirteen is bar mitzvah age”.
      Sniper: “Twelve and up, you’re allowed to shoot. That’s what they tell us”.
      Journalist: “Under international law, a child is defined as someone up to the age of 18.”
      Sniper: “Up until 18 is a child?”
      Journalist: “So, according to the IDF, it is 12?”
      Sniper: “According to what the IDF says to its soldiers. I don’t know if this is what the IDF says to the media.”

      -- Amira Hass' interview with an IDF sniper, explaining why so many Palestinian children were killed in the first weeks of the intifada, when the IDF was largely confronted by stonethrowers. Published in Ha'aretz, Don’t shoot till you can see they’re over the age of 12, 20 November 2000.


      ...According to Rafi, an officer in the Shaldag, an elite unit connected to the air force, the whole mission was about revenge. "The commanders said kill as many people as possible," he said.

      He and his men were ordered to shoot anyone who appeared to be touching the ground, as if they might be placing a roadside bomb, or anyone seen on a roof or a balcony, as if they might be observing Israeli forces for military reasons, regardless of whether they were armed.

      Asma Moghayyer, 16, and her brother Ahmed, 13, were shot as they went to collect clothes from a rooftop washing line. The Israeli army insisted the children had been blown up by a roadside bomb. However, journalists visiting the morgue saw only single bullet wounds to the head.

      The truth, said Rafi, was that they were shot by an Israeli soldier following clear orders to shoot anyone on a roof regardless of their role in the conflict.

      Rafi says that his overriding impression of the operation was "chaos" and the "indiscriminate use of force". "Gaza was considered a playground for sharpshooters."

      -- Israeli Soldiers Tell of Indiscriminate Killings by Army and a Culture of Impunity by Conal Urquhart; 6 Sept 2005.

      I could go on an on with examples of the deliberate killing of children by the IDF. HRW clearly lacks "imagination".

  • And now a word from our Democratic Party standard bearer
    • That already happened for me before the last Presidential election. I'm voting Green Party from now on until and unless I see a change in the Democratic Party.

      Issued July 16th, 2014:

      WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Green Party of the United States is calling for an immediate ceasefire in the current exchange of missiles between Israeli and Palestinian forces, negotiation for a just and peaceful resolution to the conflict, an end to Israel's occupation of Palestinian Territories and human rights violations, repeal of apartheid policies in Israel, and establishment of one democratic state for all in Israel-Palestine.

      The Green Party opposes and condemns all violence against unarmed civilians and deplores the murder of young people on both sides that ignited the current face-off. Greens said that Israel must be held accountable for mounting Palestinian casualties in the assault on Gaza, with over 200 deaths, mostly civilians, caused by airstrikes in densely populated areas (link to Hamas must be held accountable for indiscriminate rocket attacks, which have killed one Israeli during the escalating crisis.

      "We are appalled that the Obama Administration endorsed Operation Protective Edge. The White House must lead the rest of the world in bringing international pressure for a ceasefire, aid for civilian populations in the line of fire, observance of international law, and a just peace in the region with an end to Israel's illegal occupation and apartheid policies within the Occupied Palestinian Territories and Israel," said Dr. Justine McCabe, Connecticut Green and member of the Green Party's International Committee (link to

      Greens are urging support for U.S., Israeli, and Palestinian peace groups that are protesting the air assault and possible ground invasion and demanding a return to the November 2012 ceasefire agreement and an end to the occupation and seven-year blockade of Gaza.

      "Assertions about Israel's right to defend itself must be placed in the context of Israel's high-tech military arsenal; the occupation of Palestinian Territories; mass displacement of Palestinians, including home demolitions and settlements; detentions and brutality by the IDF, often directed at children; denial of access to resources; and continuing denial of basic human rights and equality. There is no 'right' to occupy, violate human rights, or inflict collective punishment on civilians. Safety is only possible for Israelis and Palestinians when Israel ends these injustices and when both sides lay down arms and sit down to negotiate a solution," said Muhammed Malik, former Co-Chair of the Miami-Dade Green Party and member of the International Committee.


      n an effort to bring about real peace, justice, and security for all Israelis and Palestinians, the Green Party of the United States has endorsed the Palestinian Civil Society call for boycott, divestment, and sanctions against Israel as nonviolent measures to be maintained until Israel ends the occupation and colonization of Arab lands and dismantles the separation wall, recognizes the fundamental rights of Arab Palestinian citizens of Israel to full equality, and promotes the rights of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and properties as stipulated in U.N. Resolution 194.


      The Green Party supports suspension of U.S. military and foreign aid to Israel and a U.S. foreign policy that promotes the creation of one secular democratic state for Palestinians and Israelis on the land between the Mediterranean Sea and River Jordan as the national home of both peoples with Jerusalem as its capital. The party encourages a new U.S. diplomatic initiative to begin the process of negotiation, laying the groundwork for such a single-state constitution.


      link to

  • 'We are moving from Iron Dome to an iron fist': Israel launches ground invasion of Gaza
    • And the Hamas command post is not, in fact, located in El-Shifa Hospital, and yet you have insisted that the fact that a Hamas representative spoke outside the hospital proved that the hospital was a command post. If your level of proof for the existence of a command post in the hospital is the fact that an official speaks directly outside the hospital then by YOUR OWN LOGIC applied to the Israeli government would mean that Yad Vashem is an IDF command post and thus a "legitimate target" in your mind. Except of course that you believe in the "two-rule" solution. One vet harsh rule for Palestinians and another, much more lenient one for Israel.

      Other than that you are simply parroting the hasbara of Israeli government sources used to excuse their targeting of civilian infrastructure.

    • OK, jon. Then does Netanyahu speaking at Yad Vashem mean that the IDF has put its military headquarters there? Cuz that's the equivalent of your cracked logic.

  • What would you do?
    • I found a similar image to the damage photo Sumud posted. Here it is from Haaretz, so the photo is legit, and I stand corrected. The photo does show significant damage and the woman was very lucky. Not as much damage as the Israeli missiles cause in Gaza but significant damage to this poor woman's home.

      link to

    • Sumud,

      You mention that you saw other photos of this scene. Could you link to them? The damage doesn't look like rocket damage to me and with a Google search I haven't been able to find any other use of this photo or mention of this in any news source recently, nor have I found it with Tin Eye, which is an internet photo search engine. The only source that I can find is the one you posted, which is ElderofZion.

      On edit I see Citizen's post about the Israeli official's twitter photo. Any other news source for this besides a twitter photo?

    • Here's video of another one. Significantly less damage than the one that Sumud posted.

      link to

  • NBC reportedly orders Mohyeldin to leave Gaza -- after he criticized State Dep't
    • Twitter from reporter Peter Stevanovic: Media told by @IDF to leave all beachfront hotels in Gaza, which we are in. Have nowhere else to go. Could be a long night.

      link to

      I heard that the IDF at least gave them 30 minutes to evacuate, where the Palestinians get 57 seconds. Same problem though. Where do you go?

      This is why the IDF banned all reporters from Gaza during Cast Lead. Some of them might actually report what is happening there.

    • DaBkr,

      I don't see our MSM couching the Syrian conflict as a case of poor Assad being perpetually victimized by violent rebels, or the BokoHarum being excused while US officials insists there is "no light" between the US and the BokoHarum. That's the difference between what Israel is doing and what is happening in other countries, and that is why the hasbara is failing and that was seafoid's point.

  • The trojan horse of liberal Zionism
    • But Annie, as I said, you already believe that the IDF is evil, so no matter what, you’re going to accept whatever explanation seems most evil.

      No, Annie is aware that the IDF lies consistently so she is not likely to believe an organization that lies on a routine basis. If you want an example of blatant lying by the IDF, I would remind you of another incident in Gaza in 2003 when an Israeli tank fired on children playing soccer and killed a Palestinian boy.

      11-year-old Khalil al-Mughrabi was shot dead in Rafah by the Israeli army two years ago as he played football with a group of friends near the security fence. One of Israel’s most respected human rights organisations, B’Tselem, wrote to the judge advocate general’s office, responsible for prosecuting soldiers, demanding an inquiry. Months later, the office wrote back saying that Khalil was shot by soldiers who acted with “restraint and control” to disperse a riot in the area. However, the judge advocate general’s office made the mistake of attaching a copy of its own, supposedly secret, investigation which came to a quite different conclusion – that the riot had been much earlier in the day and the soldiers who shot the child should not have opened fire. The report says a “serious deviation from obligatory norms of behaviour” took place. In the report, the chief military prosecutor, Colonel Einat Ron, then spelled out alternative false scenarios that should be offered to B’Tselem. B’Tselem said the internal report confirmed that the army has a policy of covering up its crimes. “The message that the judge advocate general’s office transmits to soldiers is clear: soldiers who violate the ‘Open Fire Regulations’, even if their breach results in death, will not be investigated and will not be prosecuted.”

      Of course the Chief Military Prosecutor was not punished in any way for her falsity and after leaving the IDF she was appointed as an Isreali judge.

      link to

      This is not just an allegation that the IDF lied. Through an error in sending an internal memo to BTselem, it is a direct proof from the IDF itself that the IDF knew the truth and purposely lied about a child's death and did nothing to pursue either justice or the possibility of this type of thing happening again and again.

  • Violence outside Paris synagogue falsely attributed to anti-Semitism (Updated)
    • Alienkh added another piece of the puzzle for me with the Voltaire Metro. For a large part of the longer video you can see parts of the intersection at Rue Poppincourt and Rue de la Roquette. There seems to be a number of JDL guys taunting and reacting to something down the street on Rue Poppincourt, and a few pro-P people who seem to be coming down Rue P and tuning left on Rue R, away from the JDL peeps (and away from the synagogue, a block further away). At one point, you can even see a guy with a kefiyyeh and another guy standing in the intersection (at 0:47) looking at the JDL guys as if acting as a protective force while other people turn the corner towards the Voltaire Metro station. The camera pans away so you can't see what happens immediately after that.

      Looking at the Google map of where the incident was video'd, it looks like the shortest, most direct route from the Bastille, where the pro-P protest happened, to the Voltaire Metro station is straight down Rue de la Roquette, where the synagogue and the JDL demonstration was. If the pro-P protesters leaving the demo were skirting around the synagogue by taking side streets until they got to Poppincourt and then heading back to Rue de la Roquette to hook up again with the shortest route to the Voltaire Metro, that would explain some of what we see there.

      As far as the 5:50 video goes, my biggest question would be what is happening at the very beginning of the video (or right before the video starts) when you see people running away from the direction of the synagogue and then a group of JDL thugs yelling and ripping up cafe furniture to make weapons. There is the slight possibility that this was after some type of attack of a few pro-P demonstrators on the JDL guys, however there is too much distance between the people we see running and the JDL peeps we see at the start of the video for me to seriously believe that there was a physical confrontation between the two groups at that point. When we see some Pro-P guys counterattack the JDL guys starting at 3:06, with the JDL guys running behind the police line there is much less distance between the two groups than there is at the very start so I compared that to the opening scene of the video and don't think they are showing similar events (i.e., the aftermath of a direct confrontation.)

      (Honestly, I must admit that I laughed when the brave JDL "defenders" with their chairs and sticks and iron bars all cut and ran behind the police line when the going got tough. However, it looks like some poor guy got a bad beating from a pro-P person or two, which is terrible.)

      One additional point: When you see a glimpse of the people in front of the synagogue at 4:19, you can see a group of policeman a half a block away at the nearest intersection. You can't see much beyond the synagogue but all activity seems to be in the direction away from the Bastille side of the synagogue. I don't see any indication that the synagogue was "surrounded" by attacking pro-P people, or even peaceful pro-P people for that matter. Unless another video shows up with some new perspective this looks like a case of a street fight between some JDL hooligans and a few pro-P people, instigated by the JDL (and apparently Beitar France as well). I see no attack on the synagogue.

    • Annie, Did you notice down thread that Sumud and Sycamores figured out that the cell phone video supposedly taken from inside the synagogue was actually taken from a different location over a block away?

    • Good detective work, Sycamores and Sumud. But the gated parking area at 98-100 is on the wrong side of the Restaurant La Cappadoce. I think the location of the video that was claimed to be the synagogue is actually at 102-104, on the left side of the restaurant as you look at it (camera left, not stage left). Its got the same kind of gate as the parking gate, enclosing an outdoor courtyard of a apartment complex as far as I can tell. Definitely not the synagogue, which is over a block away.

      link to

      And if you stop the 5:50 video at 4:19 you can just see for an instant the synagogue's gated courtyard in the upper middle of the screen. It's past the tree and the group of mopeds and motorbikes and just past the shop with the orange lettering on the glass window. It appears that the synagogue gate which is blue in the Google Street view from 2012 is now painted white. Lots of people milling about but no ruckus there and you can see some people walking out of the synagogue.

      Here's the synagogue on Google Street View:

      link to

      Here's another view of some of the confrontations from a camera directly opposite the one that was incorrectly identified as the synagogue. You can see the gated apartment courtyard clearly from this one. (Note: When it first loads it will tell you that you can't access it from your geographic location-unless you are in France- but just wait a couple of seconds and the screen will change. Then after making you watch a promo for The Transformers movie, the 2:06 video will start.) Its start correlates to about 3:15 into the longer 5:50 video, and about 10 seconds into the :25 second non-synagogue "synagogue" video.

      link to

    • In fact I can't spot one person within the whole video who is even looking at the synagogue. Whatever is going on outside - and it looks like possible hooliganism from both sides -it has nothing to do with the synagogue, and is in no way an attack on it.

    • No, they clearly stated in their tweet the night before that they were planning a demonstration in support of Israel's bombing of Gaza right outside of the synagogue. Great way to "protect" your synagogue by insinuating that they endorse your violent extremism. Talk about using human shields, this is a good example of it.

      Besides if you look at the short video shot from the synagogue there is no one attacking the synagogue itself. People are running back and forth in front of it, but no one is attacking it.

  • Understanding Hamas
    • And tree, too. Great.

      So you're saying that Sumud's rational comments didn't make you testy? Pretty easy to tell that you are upset from you nasty responses to him.

      I only added the point of you being testy on edit in my comment to Sumud after noticing your nasty reply to his comment about Dubai. You obviously have a blind spot for your own nastiness.

    • Sumud at 3:13pm

      Great and reasoned comment but now you've made yonah testy again.

      And I think your comparison to Latin America a few decades ago is quite apt.

    • How many homes were bulldozed in Kiryat Arba?

      Zero of course. Not only do homes NOT get destroyed, but the Jewish murderers in the OPT get released early and given copious funds from the government for living on someone else's land.

      Menachem Livni is an example. He killed 3 and wounded many more in a machine gun attack on the Islamic College of Hebron in 1983. He got a life sentence, which, in Israel, really means 30 years, and was pardoned after 5 years. He made the news last year:

      An Israeli settler who was released early from a life sentence for killing 3 Palestinians in 1983 has received compensation of 1.3 million NIS (around $250,000) from the Israeli Tax Authority for alleged damage to land that he has cultivated in the Hebron area – land that he illegally confiscated from its Palestinian owners.

      Menachem Livni is a settler in the ultra-right wing settlement of Kiryat Arba, in the Palestinian city of Hebron, and says that he is entitled to the payments, and will continue to sue the Israeli government for more money.

      Livni was convicted of the murder of three Palestinian students, and the wounding of 33 others, when he and two other right-wing settlers with the so-called ‘Israeli Underground’ threw hand grenades and fired automatic weapons at the Islamic College of Hebron in 1983.

      He was sentenced to life in prison along with the other perpetrators of the attack, Shaul Nir and Uzi Sharbav, but he received an early release when he was pardoned by Israeli President Chaim Herzog in 1990.

      He immediately moved to the Israeli settlement Kiryat Arba, which soon became known for violent attacks against Palestinians and illegal seizure of Palestinian land.

      Livni himself took over a large swath of Palestinian farmland and began growing fruit. He was provided with his own contingent of Israeli military troops to protect his stolen swath of land from the Palestinian owners, who repeatedly attempted to reclaim it.

      link to

      If you can get passed the paywall you can also read about it here:

      link to

      This is typical. No Jew has ever had his house demolished for punitive reasons, regardless of whether he lives in the OPT or in Israel.

      And then of course there is the example of the destruction of 15 houses in the Palestinian village of Beita in 1988. A group of young Jewish hikers from Elon Moreh escorted by two armed guards trespassed on Beita village land, shot and killed a 19 year old Palestinian in his fields and then entered the town, shot another Palestinian and got into a confrontation with other villagers. A 15 year old Jewish girl was killed in the conflict. Israel went ballistic, destroyed several houses in the village and deported six Palestinians. It would have been worse, but it came out after a few days that the girl had actually been killed by an errant shot from the Jewish guard's rifle, and the IDF knew that before they destroyed the village houses. Settler groups were extremely agitated against the IDF for releasing the fact that she had been killed by the guard and not by any villager, and for releasing the fact that the young hikers had been initially coached to lie about what happened.

      A semi-accurate account of it is here, enough to get the flavor of what happened:

      link to

      Of course, none of the Jews were prosecuted, and no house in Elon Moreh was demolished.

  • Federal official fires gun at pro-Palestine demonstrators following scuffle in LA
    • Annie, I noticed it immediately after posting this. Sorry for the redundancy.

    • A different report on the incident in Paris, including a video showing LDJ (French JDL) vigilantes attacking demonstrators. Apparently the altercation was not one-sided, even though hophmi would like to present it that way.

      Jewish vigilantes brandishing iron bars and cans of pepper spray took to the streets of Paris to attack pro-Palestinian demonstrators, it emerged today. (Tuesday)

      Shocking images shot in the French capital at the weekend show around 150 mainly young men chanting racist slogans as they went on the rampage.
      It came as President Francois Hollande warned that he did not want to see 'the Israeli-Palestinian conflict imported into France.'

      French Jewish groups have complained about an increase in anti-Semitism in recent months, with many accusing Muslim youths of targeting them.
      But a video shot close to the Place de la Bastille on Sunday, and verified by police before being posted on YouTube, suggests that the pro-Israel groups are in fact taking the law into their own hands.

      It will cause concern in moderate Jewish communities around Europe, especially in Britain, where the Israeli bombardments of Palestinians in Gaza have come in for huge criticism.

      While security guards are regularly used to defend synagogues and other Jewish sites in cities like London, vigilante groups would be banned.
      In Paris, CRS riot police do not make a single arrest among the Jewish gang, thought to be linked to the extremist Jewish Defence League (LDJ), despite them openly fighting in broad daylight.

      Members can be heard chanting '****-you Palestine' as they smash up chairs and metal tables to be used as missiles.
      Gas canisters, pepper spray, metal bars and wooden sticks are used by the vigilantes, some of whom are wearing crash helmets.

      They run through the streets towards pro-Palestinian demonstrators, and skirmishes break out while the police stand by.
      When the gang runs back towards police lines, there is no attempt to arrest any of them.

      In contrast, pro-Palestinian demonstrators were later accused of trying to break into synagogues, and six of them were arrested.

      Alexis Bachelay, a Paris MP for the ruling Socialist party, said: 'There has evidently been a media manipulation about who really got assaulted.
      'These are extremely serious facts that need to be investigated thoroughly by the police. It is not the first time that young French people of Muslim origin are stigmatised by the media.

      'French people of Muslim origin should be protected by the law when demonstrating. They should not be attacked by radical groups like the LDJ'.
      In turn, local Jewish community leader Joel Mergei, accused anti-Israel protestors of reaching a 'new low'.

      An LDJ source insisted that the gang members pictured were 'defending' the Jewish community in Paris.

      link to

    • Here's another version of events from the LA Times:

      Fight at pro-Israel rally started over stomping of Palestinian flag

      A pro-Israel demonstration outside a federal building Sunday in Westwood turned physical after protesters ripped a Palestinian flag away from a passing vehicle and began stomping on it, according to media reports.

      People in the vehicle got out and tried to retrieve the flag at about 5:45 p.m. and that's when the confrontation turned physical, KNBC-TV Channel 4 reported.

      The demonstration outside a federal building in the 11000 block of Wilshire Boulevard was being held to back Israel in its bombing of targets in the Gaza Strip in response to rocket fire sent from Gaza by Hamas, authorities said.

      The protest was nearing its conclusion when “a verbal and physical altercation ensued between the occupants of two vehicles leaving the area,” the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said in a news release.

      A federal officer trying to break up the fight fired a single gunshot, according to the Sheriff’s Department. No one was injured.

      No sheriff’s deputies were involved but the department is investigating, officials said.

      Four people were arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, KNBC reported. The weapons were reportedly wooden poles used to hold protest signs

      link to

  • Florida Congresswoman sides with Israeli police over her own brutalized teenage constituent
    • Phil and Adam and Scott are making a huge mistake, which I have told Phil about without expecting him to believe me or of course to change his mind.

      I totally understand that, and that is the point that I am criticizing. I think it is you and others like you are making a huge mistake. I see the primary problem as bigotry directed at Palestinians and Arabs (and Muslims). Its a big problem within the organized Jewish community and within the greater US community as well. To a very great extent this kind of bigotry is the deadly kind, excusing and even calling for death and destruction based on ethnicity, as well as supporting (monetarily and politically) a militarily strong country that is committing grievous acts against human beings simply because of their ethnicity . Focusing instead on the smaller problem of spoken stereotypes, which is the majority of what is claimed to be some form of Jew hatred when it is not, is a diversion that allows the majority of the organized Jewish community(MOJC) to ignore the log in its own eye, so to speak.

      Its gatekeeping, and its a co-dependent type of relationship to Israel, insisting that the abuser will get better on its own if everyone would stop criticizing it and stop criticizing the co-dependent, which in this instance is the majority of the American organized Jewish community. Yes, some of the criticism is unfair and based on stereotypes, but its a stereotype that the MOJC encourages and indulges in itself. Phil and Adam and the rest are doing something brave and right in their reporting and in hosting this website. For decades the response of the MOJC to the Israeli abuse of Palestinians has been to shun and silence any critic within their ranks and to seek to present a united front in complete support of the abuser, and this only further ingrained and encouraged the abuse. Part of this stems from a profound bigotry on the part of the MOJC that firmly believes that "Jews don't do that" (assumed Jewish moral superiority), and part of it stems from a similar bigotry that thinks that if anyone within their ranks criticizes Israel, that the greater non-Jewish community will blame all Jews for the actions of Israel (assumed non-Jewish moral inferiority). And so they deny the truth, even when they know it is the truth, but rather than saving the Jewish community they put it in more danger by actually making the community complicit in the actions of Israel, rather than a community that is standing up for justice and equality.

      The MOJC needs more introspection about its own activities and the violent and abusive consequences of its activities in support of Israel, not a hunt to find some spoken stereotype on a website to rationalize their own bigotry. Its a diversion, proven by the fact that they define anti-semitism so broadly as to make it meaningless in their need to justify the unjustifiable.

      I'm sure your feelings on the plight of the Palestinians are sincere, but I think that some of your activities in this regard are counterproductive and not where your energies could best be used to stop the "incremental genocide", as Ilan Pappe put it recently. I understand that you disagree but want you to know how I view what you are doing here. I'm probably not explaining this to the best of my abilities at the moment because of my anger and frustration that we are focusing on someone on a website making a stereotypical generalization about a real problem within the US while hundreds of people are being slaughtered and having their homes destroyed, yet again. This seems sadly typical of approved discourse in the US. and that is not what is going to stop this ongoing horror.

    • I have said such things many times. Nothing I have ever said should make you infer I think otherwise.

      The majority of your posts indicate that your primary concern here is sniffing out perceived anti-semitism. Just as your first question to Phil when you invited him to your club was about the possibility of anti-semites latching onto the truth that Phil courageously posted about Israel. Yes, you have issues that are important and interesting to you and its obvious from your comments exactly what they are, and what gets boilerplate instead.

      PS No comment in a comment section is really much of an effort towards anything, you realise that right?

      I understand that but then why the "sniff" crusade on your part? Especially when you say nothing when other commenters post vile stereotypes about Palestinians, or when you yourself imply some sort of conspiratorial "code" among non-Jewish commenters. Isn't that exactly the same sort of negative trope you are flourishing yourself?

      And then there are the ZIonist commenters here who insist that Zionism is the only natural and acceptable ideology for a "true" Jew. I've never seen you dispute their use of stereotypes. Why is that?

      Part of the problem with our Congressional Representatives is a monetary one, but the other part of the problem is that too many in the organized Jewish community are too willing to call "anti-semite" for an elected leader who would defend or help a Palestinian American boy against an Israeli Jewish system of justice that frankly stinks to high-heaven of ugly bigotry. And such an accusation is very difficult to defend against given the current state of the average American's knowledge of what really goes on there. Unfortunately, the reality is that too many American Jews are overly concerned about what is said about Israel or their support for it and utterly unconcerned with what Israel really stands for.

      The commenter didn't know the difference between the majority of the organized Jewish community and "the Jews" which implies all Jews and is wrong, even though several in that same organized Jewish community try to imply that in fact what they say speaks for all Jews, or all who count and aren't "self-hating". Its not a case of knowing "the code", its of understanding the reality and not the stereotype, which sadly, many in that same organized Jewish community make easy to fall into.

    • Ah, our hero tokyobk strikes again. Six paragraphs about the horror of a new commenter engaging in a stereotype, followed by a short rote recitation tacked on at the end claiming to be horrified at the problem the commenter has spoken about, albeit in less than enlightened terms. Because the real critical problem is not what horrible things are happening to Palestinians in reality, but what might happen in some alternate reality if TBK doesn't quash every possible "scent" of anti-semitism.

      Next time, TBK, instead of adding your meaningless little "yes, its terrible" coda to the vast majority of your posts that worry solely about how people here vent their frustration why not just shorten it to "Your mileage may vary (YMMV)" or "Member FDIC". It will mean just as much, especially since you clearly consider commenting on the actual subject of the article to be "OT".

      Or on the other hand, you could actually try commenting on the subject of some of these reports, instead of just searching for possible anti-semitic comments, and show that your concern is real and not just a protective afterthought.

  • Jewish activists light children's dolls on fire at Yad Vashem to protest Gaza attack
  • Israel viciously bombs Gaza, that's the only truth
    • Thanks for this piece, Ali. The world needs more voices like yours.

    • I agree with you there about the US political class. Israel has done the same thing. Hitting a "militant" with a missile and then firing another one with flechette weapons to keep anyone from approaching the wreckage. Israel's twist is to then accuse the Palestinians of faking injuries and death if Israel gets caught in the act. The US usually just pretends it was a dreadful mistake and passes money around.

  • 'American Jewish voices are most critical in the world' (to end idea that Jewish lives matter more)
    • I would not read eran efrati’s post in order to get my finger on the pulse of Israel’s Jews.

      I think that the fact that Efrati was appealing to American Jews because he recognized that Israeli Jews would not turn away from racism on their own indicates he has a good sense of the pulse of the vast majority of Israel's Jews.

      However, that was not my point. My point was that he is an Israeli and is hoping to enlist American Jews in standing up for justice and equality, with a life experience as relevant as yours, or more so, since he's been in the IDF and later joined Breaking the Silence and so has a much closer experience with the occupation and also with Palestinians than you have had. He isn't asking you to figure out what Israeli Jews are thinking in order to join them lockstep, which seem more like what you are copping to.

      Thanks for the links but I can't access Shalev's article from either link without a paywall popping up. I may be able to read it later. I have read other Shalev pieces and consider him reasonable. It doesn't change the reality though.

    • I do not consider a white American who takes this position regarding a far off unnecessary war in Iraq to be an example that I can embrace as similar to my own.

      Eran Efrati is an Israeli and by his own account a 7th generation Jerusalemite, asking for Jews to stand up for an end to violence, an acknowledgement that Palestinians deserve human rights as well as Jews, and equality before the law. Certainly an example that any former Israeli should be able to embrace as similar to his/her own. Israeli racism is behind this "war" and the decades long mistreatment of Palestinians and claiming that it isn't is simply whitewashing Israeli racism.

    • Yonah, I have no megaphone. I am just another commenter on a website, just as you are.

      If I understand you, you think that "end the idea that Jewish lives matter more" was rhetoric, despite the fact that our MSM and certainly all the Israeli apologists they interview clearly act as if Jewish lives matter much much more. From the rest of your comment to me, I take it that you don't really want to end that idea, as you embrace it yourself, although to a lesser degree than many. Fine, you aren't for equality and don't want to be rushed into caring about ending violence when its not Israeli Jews being killed , injured and/or having their homes destroyed.

      I don't care whether you sign the petition or not. And its not "mine". Why ask me what the petition says again when you could read it from Efrati's post, or read it blockquoted within my comment above which elicited your response?

      I simply wanted to know what idea you found so objectionable within it and within what Efrati said. Now I know.

      You have a nastiness of your own but so what. You can't recognize your own nastiness. So what. You don't like me. It really doesn't matter to me one way or the other. I respond to what you say, as I am allowed to do on a public forum. Thanks for responding to my question. I'd appreciate you responding to my other questions above but don't expect you to. Your choice.

    • Yonah, You told EVERYONE what you wrote, not just Donald. This is a public forum and everyone can read what you wrote, including your dig at everyone here for not following the proper yonah rules and acknowledging that your sacred utterances must remain unsullied by any criticism. You don't want what you consider a "nasty" response but don't mind making them yourself, albeit in a passive aggressive way in this instance.

      I don't see as how you have a pass to make nasty remarks and then have no one call you out on your own nastiness. Heaven forbid someone who is offended by "rhetoric" calling for human equality and an end to violence when hundreds of people are dying gets criticized for being offended. I grieve for your pain. What is the world coming to?

    • Page: 40
    • I have never had a positive interaction with any of the other people who have criticized my comment and so I will deal with you, with whom I have conversed at times, like two humans, not like man with megaphone versus me.

      Yes, its always the other person’s fault that you’ve never had a positive interaction with most people here. Poor put-upon yonah. You can call names and insult people and insist that its perfectly fine and noble for a person to side with their own affinity group no matter what that affinity group might do, and then wonder why someone could dare to think you are morally wrong on that account. But it’s all someone else’s fault for not treating you with kid gloves, as if polite deference to your feelings, whatever they might be, is the only acceptable “human” response to what you say in a public forum.

      So what don’t you like about Efrati’s “rhetoric”? His call for an end to human rights violations by Israel, or his call for the end of Israeli racism, or his plea for you to assert that you don’t think Jewish lives are more important than Palestinian lives? Again, Efrati isn’t insisting you have to join the other side, or root for Hamas. All he’s asking is for you to stand up as a Jew, along side other Jews, for humanity and morality. *

      *Feel free to address your response to Donald, or to Mr. Rogers, or to Captain Kangaroo, or hold your hands over your ears and shout, “I’m not listening” if you want. But your insulting other commenters here while pretending to be the aggrieved party is childish. So if you want an adult conversation then why not respond to the comments of others, or just keep your comments to yourself if you don’t want a discussion of them by people who might just sincerely, and humanly, disagree with them. Just don’t pretend that you haven’t been just as insulting to others here as you accuse them of being towards you.

    • On edit- Original comment in wrong place. Moved to above.

    • Yonah,

      I know anything I say to you is immediately suspect as far as you are concerned, but...

      Efrat is speaking to you as a Jew and an Israeli. If you choose to sign the petition you are siding with him and with JVP and with many other Jews. If your Judaism boils down to supporting whatever the government of Israel does simply because it claims to be Jewish then it seems like a very hollow Judaism. This isn't a "your side, my side" issue. This is a moral issue from an Israeli Jew asking you to stand up and stand beside him. This is what he is asking you to "side" with:

      We need you to tell us – Israeli politicians, the Israeli media, Israeli society – that you can’t support this. That you can’t support human rights violations. That you can’t support racism. That you won’t support the idea that Jewish lives matter more than Palestinian lives.

      Is that so hard for you to agree with? Do you consider this un-Jewish? Or rather isn't it the best of Jewish thought and belief? Efrat isn't "writing to the choir". He's asking you to take a stand for morality, as a Jew. By simply signing a petition, requiring a miminal amount of effort.

      Here's the wording of the petition:

      In this time of tremendous suffering and fear, from Jerusalem to Gaza, and from Hebron to Be’er Sheva, we reaffirm that all Israelis and Palestinians deserve security, justice, and equality, and we mourn all those who have died.

      Our unshakeable commitment to freedom and justice for all compels us to acknowledge that this violence has fallen overwhelmingly on Palestinians. And it compels us to affirm that this violence has a root cause: Israel's illegal occupation.

      We are united in our belief that:

      The denial of Palestinian human rights must end.
      Illegal settlements must end.
      Bombing civilians must end.
      Killing children must end.
      Valuing Jewish lives at the expense of others must end.

      Only by embracing equality for all peoples can this terrible bloodshed end.

      Do you really think that the originators of this petition are not on your side?

  • 'Protective Edge' has nothing to do with protection
    • He felt that being able to see the eyes allowed the audience to feel some human engagement with the character, be they hero or villain.

      Interesting point.

      And yet the most adorable set of aliens on the original Star Trek were the tribbles, with no discernible eyes, just a lump of trilling fur. And I think one of the most poignant and humanistic, for lack of a better word at the moment, episodes was the one about the Horta, a big blob of a rock-like creature, first reviled as a monster, and later revealed as a mother trying to protect her children from slaughter.

      link to

  • Soul-crushing video shows Gaza father unable to accept his little boy's killing
    • ...Hamas leaders in their bunkers...

      Oops, Goldberg is getting off the approved hasbara message here. According to all the Israeli spokespeople the IDF is targeting houses because Hamas is using them for command and control centers. What? Hamas leaders are not in civilian houses but in bunkers? There goes one excuse for Israeli targeting civilians.

    • Maybe ‘autistic’ is not a good choice of term, as you say, but I can’t think of a better one just now.

      How about sociopathic? Or ASPD:

      Antisocial (or dissocial) personality disorder is characterized by a pervasive pattern of disregard for, or violation of, the rights of others. There may be an impoverished moral sense or conscience and a history of crime, legal problems, and impulsive and aggressive behavior.

      link to

  • Terror in Gaza: 57 seconds after 'warning,' Israel destroys a house
    • Wrong video, MY. Ritzl wanted to see the video that Tapper referred to on Hamas TV, not the video of Tapper and Buttu.

    • I just saw this on Max's twitter feed. Disgusting and even moreso because the IDF tries to claim some humanitarian concern in giving people 57 seconds to scramble out of their building and get far enough away to avoid injury. And if they manage that then they are left without a home or any belongings and with little chance to rebuild and probably little money to do so even if they could get the materials that Israel blockades from Gaza. How is that humanitarian in any sense of the word?

      BTW, there seem to be some poor soul on the roof of the building where the earlier "warning" mortar went off. You can see him at about :55 seconds in (5 seconds before the devastating blast) , and see his body start to fly off the roof before it is obscured by the building debris.

  • Terrifying tweets of pre-Army Israeli teens
    • You're welcome, BNS.

      BTW, I think you should cut Annie some slack here. Besides authoring some great pieces she also does a large share of the moderating here, which is almost entirely a thankless job and she's correct in that numerous new commenters have claimed to be "pr0-Palestinian... but" and have turned out to simply be apologists for Zionism, with little real sympathy for the Palestinians. And some of them have turned out to be sock-puppets as well ( link to ), including at least one that was commenting from the Israeli foreign ministers office, if I recall correctly.

      In any case, welcome to the fray and I hope you are sincere but you are welcome here no matter what.

    • BNS,

      If you click on the last blued clickable link at the end of each Twitter comment it will take you to the personal Twitter page of each commenter that David Sheen reproduced here. I checked all of them this morning. The tweets are all legitimate, David didn't make anything up, and they are all on Twitter, not a dating site. Some of them I notice have since been deleted or made private, probably because of the publicity.

      Retrica is a popular app for taking Selfies (self-portraits taken with your smartphone).

      link to

      Twitterers (tweeters) usually post a profile picture that goes out with each tweet. That's why the pictures are there. Since twitter is a social medium used by a lot of young people they often use it for hook-ups and such so that's why the posed selfies.

    • I’m just curious as to whether you are a person of principle or an abject racist.

      You're always safe going with number two when it comes to hophmi's statements.

    • Interestingly, most if not all of the twitter comments hophmi linked to were not from Arabs but from a few Pakistanis, an Indian, a Nigerian, and a white guy from Washington State. All over the world as opposed to tweets from one small country.

      The world is full of racist creeps who don't mind touting their bigotry, but hophmi keeps trying to insist that Jews are somehow less so than anyone else and then when he's proven wrong he goes on a rant to prove that Jewish bigotry is just like any other bigotry so why are you picking on Jews, forgetting for the moment that he was the one that tried to claim otherwise by asserting some higher Jewish sensibility. Hence his mad search for derogatory twitter comments which just prove the point he was trying to negate.

    • Antisemitism is a German term invented by Wilhelm Marr. It has nothing to do with Arabs.

      Actually it had quite a lot to do with Arabs. Marr used the term to refer to Jews as Semites, of Middle Eastern origin like Arabs, and therefore part of an "inferior" race. A race that included Arabs. He was disparaging Arabs just as much as Jews when he invented the term "anti-semitic".

    • Also note that hophmi doesn't refer to the the death chants as genocidal utterings. No, its "Jewish vigilantism" to hophmi, even though vigilantism refers to taking the law into your own hands to punish those you consider guilty of a crime. "Vigilantism" is a euphemism he used for something far worse. Vigilantism isn't what the death of Mohammed Abu Khdeir was, nor is it what the Jewish crowds were shouting for. They were making genocidal chants against all Arabs, and the murderers were exacting an ethnic revenge murder on an innocent boy.

    • But hophmi's made the same claim on this account.

      Here: Jewish vigilantism is unfortunate, and virtually the entire Jewish world in the US and in Israel opposes this kind of thing.

      link to

      "Virtually the entire Jewish world", except for a few Israeli girls on twitter, and a few thousand Jewish protesters shouting "Death to Arabs", and the 45% of Jewish Israeli religious school students and the 16% of Jewish secular school students who think chanting "Death to Arabs" is totally kosher, and several prominent rabbis and politicians in Israel and Netanyahu himself, and obviously a large segment of Jewish Israeli society. "Virtually the entire... "I don't think the word entire means what hophmi thinks it means.

    • The photos are their profile photos and go along with every tweet they send. That's the way twitter works. The pictures aren't that large in the individual tweets. See here for instance:

      link to

      On a feminist note its also rather sad that they feel they need to post "sexy pictures" of themselves on twitter in the first place. And of course racism isn't sexy, unless you are another racist. But maybe that's the point. They're looking for "Mr. Racist".

  • Eyewitness to Israeli beating of teenager Tarek Abu Khdeir: It was 'an ambush'
    • The important words are the last three... "I am confused". Kind of sums it up for wes.

      Photos of IDF (hint, wes, that means Israeli) mista'avrim:

      link to

    • Well, at any rate, I’m cynical enough to note the “hang time”, that is how long it takes for certain people to say that “musta’arabin” are a Palestinian invention.

      Hang time of two hours and 42 minutes for the post from wes below.

    • Ah, the same brilliant mind that said he couldn't identify Tareq in the beating video because he couldn't see his face, thus implying that it wasn't Tareq that got beaten, now tries a new tack, and tells us that he can positively identify the masked beaters as Palestinian, who somehow managed to convince Israeli police that they were Israeli policemen and could arrest Abu Khdeir after beating him senseless and have him end up in an Israeli jail.

      For DaBkr, who somehow missed the "Jews don't do that" meme, despite its prevalence, this example from wes is just another version of it. Its all "Pallywood" to them because "Jews don't do that".

  • Video: Diane Sawyer misrepresents photo of Gazans in aftermath of Israeli bombing as Israeli victims of Palestinian missiles (Updated)
    • ABC News may have already deleted the erroneous lead-in to the story. Check Walid's embedded video above for the Diane Sawyer lead-in that Adam is talking about.

      link to

    • Dead in Gaza: 80, Dead in Israel: 0.

      But seven Israelis were slightly injured running to shelters! Magen David Adom (Jewish Red Cross equivalent) is keeping such statistics and updating them daily as the scraped knees continue to pile up. I kid you not.

      link to

    • Either way, tree, it seems to be an error and not a deliberate act.

      But the framing in the copy was all about rockets over Israel and Israel shooting them down. That framing of her opening statement was not an "error", it was intentionally without reference to Israeli missile strikes on Gaza. I don't know if Sawyer writes her own copy or not, and I'm not accusing her of intentional bias, just the garden variety bias towards the Israeli perspective that exists among many in the MSM.

    • It’s made obvious by the second woman in the Palestinian hijab that was evidently an error between Sawyer and the technician working the videos.

      Nope, can't be an error between Sawyer and the video playback. Those videos are put together in advance. Its not as if they had an alternate tape of an Israeli family "salvaging what they can. One woman standing speechless in the ruins," and the videotape operator ran the Palestinian one instead by mistake.

      Nope, its either Sawyer misspeaking on her own or the copy writer making an egregious error. And on top of that error, she led the story off with "Overseas now to the rockets raining down on Israel today. As Israel tried to shoot them out of the sky."(Which was likewise over a shot of Gaza being bombed, not rockets over Israel.) No mention of Israel bombing the bejesus out of Gaza in her opening remarks. Besides, a tinderbox is something with the imminent potential to erupt into violence. Its already well past the tinderbox stage for the Palestinians in Gaza.

  • White House says US can't stop 'tsunami' of boycott and isolation if Israel won't end 'occupations'
    • I think it was Yousef Munayyer. I didn't see the program, but noticed on his twitter feed that he was scheduled to be on CNN this afternoon.

      link to

      BTW, I got pointed to this news article from the Washington Post via a tweet from Munayyer. Amazingly evenhanded with reportage direct from Gaza with some of the relatives of those killed. From the Washington Post no less.

      link to

  • Why is Mohammed Abu Khdeir's death different from all other Palestinian deaths?
    • Check the archives, unleashed. The kidnapping and murder of the 3 Israeli teens was covered extensively here, as was the reaction of the Israeli government, which included violent collective punishment and killings. Before that the murder of 2 Palestinian teens by the IDF was also covered extensively here (those teens were the two named by Annie in case you didn't know).

      Ahmed Moor's point in this essay is that the beating (and sometimes killing) of Palestinian teens by the IDF, border police, etc. was been an ongoing reality unrelated to the current murder of the 3 Israeli teens. And yet you have no sympathy for that and instead think that Moor needs to mention the violence against the recently dead Israelis instead of pointing out the decades of violence against Palestinians. Before you call for compassion from others, try it yourself. Otherwise you just look like an uncaring hypocrite.

  • Understanding 'militant' as a cover-up for civilian deaths, and other ways international law helps clarify the Israeli attack on Gaza
    • I meant in the last several months. :-)

    • You’ve been doing some great reporting lately, Annie. I look forward to your next piece.

    • And they are being targeted for killing in their homes so even those who are part of the military are being killed in violation of international law. If its OK to kill military members when they are not serving in a combat role, as Israel insists, then it must be OK to target IDF reserve members in their homes as well. Except of course that Israel has rules for "them" and different rules for "us".

      Annie, I just read this from the Washington Post.

      link to

      Amazingly even-handed with reporting from Gaza interviewing relatives of those killed. Check it out.

  • 'Operation Protective Edge' begins: Gaza rocked by Israeli airstrikes as Palestinian militants shoot at Jerusalem
  • 'Jewish' or 'Israeli' -- NYT, BBC, and CNN make different word choice
    • I’m against home demolitions as a policy to deter terrorist on moral and political grounds.

      OK, Hophmi, you've "clarified" that. But home demolitions for the stated reason of "deterring terrorist attacks" constitute just 6 % of the Palestinian home demolitions that Israel had done since 1967. And in fact the comment that you responded to referred not to punitive house demolitions but to the administrative and military ones that are done in order to clear more land for Jewish settlement, and to prevent Palestinian inhabited areas from increasing in size (or even to force them to decrease in size, forcing the Palestinians into smaller and smaller enclaves).

      So, in the interest of clarity, hophmi, why don't you tell us your stand on the 94% of home demolitions that Israel commits that have nothing to do with "preventing terror"? Or was your earlier response about home demolitions just meant as a diversion from the topic of the home demolitions that are nearly an everyday occurrence. *

      According to ICAHD, 27000 homes had been demolished in the West Bank from 1967 to 2012. That's 45 years at an average of 600 demolitions per year, or 1.6 homes destroyed per day.

  • Child's beating in Jerusalem brings unprecedented coverage of Palestinian experience to U.S.
    • Unfortunately, police/riot control types sometimes have a tendency to get testy when stones are thrown at them.

      So show us one instance where Israeli police or the IDF beat a Jewish kid who was allegedly throwing stones. You can't. Because Jewish kids do throw stones, but the "police/riot control types" never beat a Jewish kid senseless. They'd be facing even more massive Jewish riots if they did to a Jewish kid what they did to Tariq Khdeir.

  • After brutal police beating, Palestinian-American Tarek Abu Khdeir, 15, sentenced to home arrest without charge
    • That may rate as the single most repellent post I’ve seen here.

      You obviously haven't seen any of Double Standard's other comments here. Its a toss-up as to which of the 37 comments are most repellent. He(she?) is relatively new here, but despite the name being an apt description of the attitude behind it, the comments appear to be the real thing even though they sound like sick satire at times.

      You can peruse the sewer here:

      link to

      Looking at the page, there are only 14 comments listed, but 37 comments made. I guess that means that 23 of them didn't make it past moderation, so these 14 are the more benign utterances of DS.

      And one of the DS comments that did make it past moderation prompted this explanation from Phil Weiss:

      I’m approving this comment because I believe it reveals an important mindset that while highly offensive is emblematic of certain strains in the US discourse that ought to be exposed/discussed.

      link to

  • Video: Jewish mob chanting 'Death to Arabs!' stops cars in Jerusalem to check drivers' ethnicity
    • Hophmi’s ‘fantasy Israel’ convicted the Rabbi for a hate speech crime.

      No, in hophmi's fantasy, no Israeli Jew thinks he is superior to an Arab, so no such hate speech could have happened, certainly not one given by a popular Rabbi.

      In the real Israel:

      Rabbi David Batzri and his son Yitzhak were investigated by police after they made racist remarks against Arabs and protested against a mixed Arab-Jewish school in Jerusalem.[66][67] As part of a 2008 plea bargain, Yitzhak was sentenced to community service, and David issued a declaration saying he was opposed to any racist incitement and said that he calls for love, brotherhood and friendship.[68]

      link to

      So Rabbi David Batzri got off scot-free with a phony declaration. Wow, I'm impressed....Not. Apparently as a Jew in Israel you can get away with calling Arabs impure diseased animals as long as you insist later that you did so with great feelings of love and brotherhood. Great point, jackdaw. Keep it up.

    • Yes, just, I did too. The man was in custody and therefore not a threat to anyone and Israel usually has no compunction about extending gag orders indefinitely. So why lift the gag order on the Dadon murder now, when it is likely to inflame more mob violence, and has in fact done so? Totally irresponsible.

    • eljay: It’s not because Jewish Israelis are less human, but rather because they seem to think they’re super-human; and the non-Jewish Israelis among them – and the non-Jewish non-Israelis around them – sub-human.

      hophmi: Not at all.

      Richard Silverstein has an update on the suspects in the Khdeir torture and slaying. Here's some background on the ringleader, Yizhar Basri.

      Bazri’s grandfather is the head of the Jerusalem rabbinical court, a distinguished religious position. Another relative is a noted Shas-affiliated Kabbalist-wonder rabbi, Rabbi David Bazri, who was convicted of hate speech (Hebrew) in 2008. Their offence involved incitement against Arabs which occurred at a protest against the founding of a bi-cultural Jewish-Arab school in a Jerusalem neighborhood. He said, in a homily reminiscent of the views of Rabbi Yosef:

      The founding of this school is an act of rot and impurity. You cannot mix the pure and impure. We [Jews] certainly must be separated from other peoples [Arabs]. You will stand in the breach against this and prevent it. It is prohibited to mix light and dark [ed., a veiled reference to skin-color]. Jews are pure. Arabs are asses. They are devils, demons, diseased. So why did God make them walk on all fours? Because they are donkeys. That’s why they build and clean [a reference to Palestinian construction workers and garbage collectors]. But they must understand that they are donkeys. They have no place in our schools.

      In the context of Israeli religious hate, this is garden variety stuff. As I said, many Jewish rabbis say even worse. But what’s important about this statement is seeing how it was absorbed and implemented by Yizhar Bazri. Clearly, the tradition of homicidal hate runs right through the entire family. It’s not a surprise that it would manifest itself as it has.

      link to

      El-jay's statement is rooted in reality. Hophmi is imagining his fantasy Israel, not the reality.

    • I'm not discounting the government encouraged incitement at all, simply pointing out why they were particularly hailing taxis to beat up Palestinian taxi drivers in particularly in addition to looking for other Palestinians to beat up.

    • In perhaps the most frightening scene they start flagging down taxis presumably looking for Palestinian drivers (they let cars pass once they see a driver is Jewish).

      Certainly not to excuse this, but by way of explanation, its probably related to the fact that a Palestinian Israeli taxi driver recently confessed to killing Israeli Shelly Dadon, who was murdered on May 1st. In the minds of the rioters of course if one Palestinian is guilty then they all are. Actually, that seems to be the mindset of quite a few Israelis, if not the majority.

      The suspect was arrested on June 16th. The police just cleared the information about his arrest for publication Sunday. Seems like a particularly bad time to publicize this if one is at all sensitive to the tensions in Israel at the moment, But nothing the police do in Israel really surprises me. Insensitivity reigns.

  • Please, pray for Palestine
    • Who uses a funeral procession as cover to throw rocks?

      Jewish settlers did it at least twice in Hebron in 2003. Actually, they did worse. Besides attacking Palestinian homes and cars. setting one home on fire, they also shot and killed a 14 year old Palestinian girl as she was sitting on a staircase at her home and wounded several other Palestinians in the first instance.

      Fourteen-year-old Niveen Jamjoum, shot dead in violence that began during the funeral procession for a Jewish settler on Sunday, was buried here today in a small cemetery behind a school.

      ''Farewell, sister,'' cried Marwan Jamjoum, 25, as the teenager's body was lowered into the ground, shrouded in a bloodstained sheet. ''The girl is gone.''

      Ms. Jamjoum, the youngest of nine children, was shot as she sat on a staircase while Jewish settlers hurled stones and opened fire at Arab homes during the funeral for Elazar Leibovich. He was a sergeant in the Israeli Army and among four settlers who were killed by Palestinian gunmen in a roadside ambush on Friday.

      link to

      According to Israeli sources some Palestinians threw stones at the earlier procession, triggering what Israeli newspapers called a "rampage" by the settlers. During the second instance, Palestinians in Hebron were under close curfew, to protect them, according to the IDF, during the funeral procession, but it didn't stop the "mourners" from attacking several Palestinian homes along the route, or even entering and ransacking one. Notice that the IDF didn't feel the need to fire tear gas at the Jewish procession, despite the fact that there was considerable rock throwing by Jewish settlers that did damage to Palestinian homes. In fact the IDF did nothing to stop the Jewish violence. Luckily no one was killed during this rampage.

      Second instance:

      HEBRON, West Bank — Hurling rocks and calling for revenge, Jewish settlers attacked Palestinian-owned homes on the outskirts of Hebron yesterday during the funeral of a militant settler killed by Palestinian gunmen at an illegal settlement outpost Friday night.

      The violence erupted as hundreds of mourners, many of them armed, gathered outside the settlement town of Kiryat Arba, near Hebron, to pay tribute to the slain settler, Netanel Ozeri, 34. He was killed by gunmen from the militant group Hamas when he answered their knock at the door during a Sabbath dinner with his family at their hilltop outpost about a mile away.

      Ozeri, a father of five, was a member of the outlawed extremist anti-Arab group known as Kach. He had set up the outpost on land Palestinians say is theirs in defiance of Israeli court orders to halt construction and clear the area pending a ruling on ownership.

      As settlers carried the stretcher holding Ozeri's body from the outpost yesterday afternoon, other settlers attacked Palestinian-owned homes along the way, heaving rocks and smashing windows while Israeli soldiers did little to stop them.

      link to

      And then of course there was the racist march in Jerusalem a few days ago that coincided with the funeral for the 3 Israeli Jewish teens.

  • 'Forward' normalizes idea that some folks 'hate Israel'
    • There are plenty of good Jewish men out there who have the intelligence to understand politics at something other than a child's level.

      And then there are Zionists.

      I wonder why the the male in question in what appears to be a hypothetical situation is not an anti-Zionist Jew. It seems to me to be a more likely scenario for a Jewish woman who has such a co-dependent relationship with Israel. Although the hypothetical is interesting in that the anti-Zionist gentile is not portrayed as an anti-Semite. He has no objection to her faith or to raising their children as Jews.

  • In Shuafat, Palestinian family delays funeral of murdered teen to search for answers
    • Such deterrent measures are supposed to be applied in the disputed territories only, as they are a continuation of the Emergency Regulations promulgated by the British, which Israel is bound to enforce, as they were the last legal sovereign there until the illegal Jordanian annexation of those areas.

      Such rot, Israel is not "bound to enforce" the British Emergency Regulations, and Jordan was the last legal sovereign of the West Bank by Palestinian consensus. In fact Israel has conveniently declared itself in a "State of Emergency" for every year since its founding in order to justify using variations on the Emergency Regulations, which Britain enforced in the last years of its Mandate against both Jews and Palestinians, but which Israel enforces lopsidedly against the Palestinians instead. Because of course the Emergency Regulations were an abomination when the British used them against Jews, but they are merely "necessary" when Israel uses them against Palestinians.

    • While Israeli murderers have had their sentences commuted in Israel, I’ve never heard of Israelis who have committed mass murder, like killing 15 people, as Ahlam Tamimi, being released early.

      Funny because I named three such Israeli Jews in my post above. Menachem Livni, Shaul Nir and Uzi Sharbav were convicted of the Islamic College attack which killed 3 and wounded 33, as well as the attempted assassination of the West Bank mayors. Besides having their multiple life sentences shortened 3 times, they were pardoned in 1990, just over 5 years after being convicted in 1985 of the multiple murders. Livni made the news recently because the Israeli Tax Authority has been giving him money, and he has been given person protection from the IDF.

      An Israeli settler who was released early from a life sentence for killing 3 Palestinians in 1983 has received compensation of 1.3 million NIS (around $250,000) from the Israeli Tax Authority for alleged damage to land that he has cultivated in the Hebron area – land that he illegally confiscated from its Palestinian owners.

      Menachem Livni is a settler in the ultra-right wing settlement of Kiryat Arba, in the Palestinian city of Hebron, and says that he is entitled to the payments, and will continue to sue the Israeli government for more money.

      Livni was convicted of the murder of three Palestinian students, and the wounding of 33 others, when he and two other right-wing settlers with the so-called ‘Israeli Underground’ threw hand grenades and fired automatic weapons at the Islamic College of Hebron in 1983.

      He was sentenced to life in prison along with the other perpetrators of the attack, Shaul Nir and Uzi Sharbav, but he received an early release when he was pardoned by Israeli President Chaim Herzog in 1990.

      He immediately moved to the Israeli settlement Kiryat Arba, which soon became known for violent attacks against Palestinians and illegal seizure of Palestinian land.

      Livni himself took over a large swath of Palestinian farmland and began growing fruit. He was provided with his own contingent of Israeli military troops to protect his stolen swath of land from the Palestinian owners, who repeatedly attempted to reclaim it.

      link to

      And, as I pointed out, Popper is eligible for parole 7 years ahead of his multiple life- commuted to 40 years sentence. Goodman, who also committed multiple murders at the Temple Mount, was released after 15 and a half years. So you are either suffering from short term memory loss or you are not being truthful when you say you have never heard of Israeli mass murderers being released early.

      Tamimi and Awana, who were both charged as accessories to murder rather than murderers themselves, were given life sentences and ended up serving 9 and 8 years respectively before being released as part of prisoner exchanges. These were longer prison times by a few years than Livni and his cohorts served, even longer than Segal served, and several years shorter than Goodman served. So their release was within the average given to Israeli murderers of Palestinians. ( My suspicion is that Goodman served the longer sentence because of the location of the murders- the Temple Mount- and the fact that although he was a dual citizen he was considered more of an American than an Israeli. He also didn't have the power of the settler community pushing for his release like Livni and the others did. )

      The majority of released Palestinian murderers have served around the same amount of time-20+ years - as your average Israeli citizen murderer serves. So my point remains that releasing Palestinian prisoners at the point at which they would have been released pro-forma had they been Israeli citizens is not a sacrifice on the part of the Israeli government, despite cries to the contrary.

      As for furloughs, Israel has trouble with Israeli citizens committing violent crimes and/or fleeing the country after being given furloughs and still the bungled system goes on. I don't see it as any more rational to give furloughs to Israeli citizens than it would be to give them to Palestinians who are still under obvious Israeli control in the West Bank and Gaza.

      link to

    • Alan Harry Goodman served 15 and a half years before his release in 1997.

      Segal, who was a member of the terrorist Jewish Underground in the 1980's, was convicted in 1984 for his part in the 1980 car bombing of 3 West Bank mayors, the murders of 3 students at the Islamic College, and the attempted bombing of Palestinian buses and other crimes committed by the JU.

      Menachem Livni, Shaul Nir and Uzi Sharbav, the three Jewish Underground members who were directly convicted of murder in the Islamic College violence and subsequently sentenced to life imprisonment, had their sentences reduced 3 times, served less than 7 years in prison and were hailed as heroes by the leaders of the Gush Eminem upon their release.

      Hagai Segal was sentenced to 5 years in prison, had his sentence cut to 3 years and then was released after 2 years. He now lists himself as a "lecturer, academic and consultant on Middle Eastern affairs". He's also a journalist and opinion writer for Ma'ariv and its website, ynet.

    • Ami Popper is still serving his life sentence for his murder of Arab workers in the late 1980s waiting at a hitchhiking stop.

      Popper is an interesting case.The seven murders were committed in 1990 when he stole his brothers uniform and gun, demanded IDs of Palestinians waiting at a bus stop, then lined them up and fired 140 shots, killing 7 and seriously wounding 11 others. Seven more Palestinians were killed by the IDF after riots occurred in response to the mass killing. (BTW, riots among Jewish Israelis occurred after the recent kidnapping/murders were discovered but no shots were fired, and no Jew was killed by riot control, a major difference between the treatment of rioting Jews and rioting Palestinians.)

      Popper was sentenced to seven life sentences but his sentence was commuted to 40 years, making him eligible for parole after 33 years in 2023.

      Most life sentences in Israel are commuted to 30 years, or 40 years for the more deadly or outrageous, with parole possible after 2 thirds of the sentence served. For a point of interest, the release of Palestinians convicted of murder, as part of a negotiated prisoner release, usually occurs after they have served an equivalent time to that of Israeli convicts, thus the idea that Israel is making some great sacrifice to release those prisoners is a phony one. Since Israel regularly releases convicted murderers among their own citizens after 20 to thirty years there is nothing particularly generous about releasing Palestinian prisoners after the same amount of time. And of course, Palestinian prisoners are convicted under military rules, which fall far short of providing adequate judicial safeguards.

      In any case, Popper got additional favorable treatment that Palestinian prisoners never get. He was allowed conjugal visits and after 10 years he was allowed to leave prison many multiple times on weekend furloughs. He married his wife while serving his prison time and fathered 3 children during that time. In 2007, on his 124th 48 hour furlough, he negligently killed his wife and one child in a car accident. As far as I can tell, this did not negatively impact his sentence. In 2012 he was transferred to a different prison because he was apparently harassing former Israeli President Moshe Katsav, who was also serving time in the prison for rape and sexual harassment. According to news reports, Popper wanted to "settle accounts" with Katsav because Katsav refused to pardon Popper during his stint as President from 2000 to 2007.

      Certainly Popper's lenient treatment in prison can not be compared to any Palestinian prisoner.

  • The Aftermath: Home demolitions and dead Palestinian teen follow Netanyahu call for revenge
    • ...who long for an Israel, not to put too fine a point on it, of one state, one nation and, somewhere down the line, one leader.

      In case anyone missed that, its a comparison of Israel to Nazi Germany. One state, one nation, one leader is a translation of "Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Fuhrer".

      By an Israeli journalist.

  • Photo Essay: Israeli soliders destroy Qawasmeh and Aisha family homes in retribution attack
    • Annie,

      Channeling my inner RoHa here, but the term is "I couldn't care less", not "I could care less".

      Otherwise, a couple of great cogent responses from you to our new "journalist" who thinks you find "terrorists" by wrecking household appliances and furniture and pouring out all the containers of sugar, oil, and rice on the floor. Maybe the FBI should be clued into these great "investigative" techniques.

    • Annie, I think she gives it away here:

      ... as such I feel that I understand the other side a bit more now.

      She's obviously not a reputable journalist because journalists are not supposed to have a "side". I suspect she attended a hasbara campaign, not a legitimate "journalism project" as she claims.

      If the IDF was looking for the named suspects why did they wait two weeks to destroy the house "looking" for them? It never occurred to them to search there before? The IDF thought that after nearly two weeks of being named prime suspects that the two would logically return to the one place that would be most likely to be under intense surveillance? Were the IDF "looking" for them in the toilet, like the proverbial keys, because "the light was so much better" in the bathroom?

      Children should not be treated with such brutality. There is no justification for the cruelty of these terrorists, and they need to be put away for life.

      Have you said the same thing about the IDF soldiers who brutality killed 2 innocent young Palestinians and injured a third on Nakba day? Have you said the same thing about those who have killed Palestinian children during the IDF's recent crack-down? Or about the thousands of Palestinian children killed by Israel over the years, or the Palestinian children as young as 12 forcibly abducted from their homes in the middle of the night by IDF soldiers? Anything to say about that brutality?

      If the suspected killers of the 3 Israelis are found and given a fair trial then of course they should be punished. But if you aren't willing to see the same thing happen to those who murder (many more) Palestinian children (and adults) then you are part of the problem despite your professed belief that you are "not a supporter of the occupation in any way."

  • Israel needs no proof to kill Palestinians for teens' death, Israeli colonel says
    • From Haaretz:

      Police found a body in a forest west of Jerusalem, early on Wednesday morning. A large police force is present on the scene.

      Earlier the Jerusalem Police received a report that a man was forced onto a vehicle near the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Beit Hanina. A missing persons report was also filed. The link between the incidents has not yet been corroborated but the father of the missing child was taken by the police to identify the body.

      Palestinian media is reporting that the Palestinian teenager was kidnapped by Israeli Jews and murdered in retribution for the kidnapping and murder of the three Israeli teenagers, whose bodies were discovered Monday night.

      The Palestinian claims are uncorroborated, still mobs of Israeli extremists protested in Jerusalem on Tuesday calling for revenge for the murder of the Israeli teens. Five Palestinians were attacked, and two of them needed medical treatment. The extremists were engaged in violent confrontations with police in the capital's center for several hours.

      The police arrested 50 people suspected of involvement in the incidents. Public transportation in the center of town was disrupted for hours, and hundreds of youths ran through the downtown city streets yelling racist slogans and calling for revenge against Arabs.

      link to

      The "man" forced into the vehicle in the article was a 16 year old.

    • Breaking news according to Richard Silverstein:

      Palestinian Instagram users have reported that a Palestinian boy, Mohamed Hussein Abu Khdeir, was kidnapped this morning (Palestine time) before morning prayers in East Jerusalem by three Israeli settlers. A body likely to be his was found shortly afterward in the Jerusalem forest. It was badly burned.

      This was the text accompanying Zalameh’s video on Instagram:

      Video of announcement just now, from the loudspeaker of my local mosque, that ibn el balad Mohamed Hussein Abu Khdeir is reported missing, apparently taken by 3 Israeli settlers just before Fajr prayers – this is just opposite my home. People in the hood have gathered in the streets, there is still some confusion as to what exactly happened. Israeli helicopters are hovering above, seems this will hit the news any time now once things become clearer. Let’s make dua Mohamed is safe inshallah. #ramadan #jerusalem #palestine #رمضان_في_القدس_غير

      An Israeli security source told Reuters that the killing appeared to be an act of retribution for the Hebron murders.

      link to

  • Children's lives in the balance (is one worth more than another?)
    • …his snarky attack on tree is surprising. He should be thanking her for correcting his error* rather than chastising her for pursuing truth.

      Not surprising at all, el-jay. I have confronted him with his hypocrisy on this and other subjects several times and his response nearly always includes a few nasty ad hominems. I suspect he knows my observations are correct - he just hates being confronted by them.

      Tree- As to the essence of the article. If I were prime minister of Israel, given the preponderance of the feelings on both sides and the realities of the world, I would negotiate a two state solution.

      Yonah, interesting as it may, or may not, be to hear your take as fantasy prime minister, the essence of the article is not "the occupation sucks". The essence is that there should not be a gross imbalance between the greater world concern for Jewish Israel children and the lesser concern for Palestinian children. I know you find that hard to address given your earlier confession that you care more about random unrelated Jews than you do about anyone of any other religion or ethnicity, but you are smart enough to know that the essence of the article boils down to the prevalence of bigoted attitudes about whose child's life is of worth and whose is not.

      You graciously forgive and excuse the rabbi who uttered despicably eliminationist words against Palestinians but you rail against anyone defending anything said by Lindbergh, Pope Pius, or Vidal (all dead, 2 for decades) as if it means they "love" them, and for that you cannot converse reasonably without resorting to personal attacks. So you can forgive bigotry that you acknowledge in Jews but not forgive the bigotry you perceive in those who are not Jews. Yes, yonah, the occupation sucks, and one of the reasons it sucks is that there are too many people like you who think that Jewish bigotry against others is forgivable but bigotry against Jews is an abomination. You can't have such a dichotomy without it "sucking".

    • Yonah,

      I only point out your own foibles and hypocrisy, and believe me, if I wished to turn everything you write into an issue I would have to spend way too much time here, with little time to do anything else. Sorry, but most of your nit-picking and hypocritical blather I ignore because its not worth my time nor is it informative to other commenters or readers.

      I consider the 3 teens settlers because they chose to attend yeshivas in the rabidly racist Kfar Etzion settlement next to Hebron. It was their choice and the choice of their parents to support both the occupation and the racism against Palestinians in this way. That said, I don't believe that their actions deserve a punishment of death, and doubly so not one without a legal indictment and a fair trial.

      Innocent Palestinians, who BTW are not living or studying on stolen land, nor treating their neighbors as lesser beings, deserve the same fair treatment under the law. Israel does not allow that, to the moral detriment of Israel and most particularly Israeli Jews, who control the levers of power in both Israel and occupied Palestine. But certainly, once again, you managed to go the very heart of the matter in this post, which is not whether Palestinian children and Israeli children deserve the same consideration and concern, but whether or not the 3 teens were settlers or not. Which of course is why your post was just another petty and vindictive nitpick.

    • Yonah,

      Your comment was this:

      Nof Ayalon and Elad are located in Israel.

      Were you not incorrect in your statement about Nof Ayalon being in Israel (implying it was within the green line)?

      Since you seem to consider yourself the nit-picker in residence here, at the very least you could admit that your statement was incorrect, rather than try to redirect, since that is one of the complaints you often make about others.

      If I lived in Israel and opposed settlement in the occupied territories I would not live in a town that thought it was acceptable to expand illegally into the West Bank, just as my father took a cut in pay and a job transfer across country so as not to have to live in Virginia during the Jim Crow era.

    • According to Judi Rudoren and the mother of Naftali Fraenkel,

      She stressed that [her community of] Nof Ayalon, which spills slightly over the 1949 armistice line dividing Israel from the West Bank, is not a settlement.

      which means that part of it sits in the occupied West Bank. A map confirms this. Yonah is incorrect in regards to Nof Ayalon .

  • What did Israeli officials know about the missing teens, and when did they know it?
    • Here's another question:

      Today, Israeli volunteers found the bodies of the three Israeli boys who’d been murdered after being kidnapped in north Hebron over two weeks ago. Their bodies had been buried under rocks in a field. They’d been shot shortly after they were abducted (and probably just after an emergency call was placed by one of the boys, which was ignored by Israeli police). The bodies were found in the general location intelligence officials had told my source ten days ago they would be (he’d also added that the boys were almost certainly dead)


      I also read elsewhere, can't remember where exactly, that two of the bodies were merely covered in rocks and one was very shallowly buried, and that they were found in the fields of one of the suspect's uncle. So for two weeks the intelligence sources knew they were looking for bodies and had the names of two prime suspects and yet they couldn't find three hastily and minimally buried bodies for two weeks, until the bodies were found instead by untrained civilian volunteers?

      In any case its clear that the intelligence services are questioning whether Hamas was involved or not, but the Israeli government is only interested in exacting revenge upon the Palestinian collective for the actions of a group as small as two. Utterly depraved. Again, it looks like the "Western" culture is enacting a violent response out of a concept of "honor and shame".

  • Missing Israeli teens found dead near Hebron; Netanyahu: 'Hamas is responsible and Hamas will pay'
    • The statements from the Israeli officials sound exactly like Richard Landes' formulation about an "honor and shame" culture, and its need for revenge. Only problem is he got the players backwards.

  • Glib, simplistic, and extreme -- the world according to Richard Landes
    • Great comment, Larry. Spot-on.

    • For anyone to credit this tripe with an academic degree and employment is a disgusting farce.

      Agreed. There are so many things wrong with Landes' "scholarship". For instance, in no particular order:

      1-He conflates Arab with Islam, when the majority of Muslims are not Arab in culture. In fact, Arabs make up only 20% of the world's Muslims.

      link to

      2-Honor killing, for one, is not a part of Islamic teaching, but a cultural remnant of areas that include the Arab Middle East but also affect areas in Hindu India, Christian Southern and Eastern Europe and South America. Indonesia, with the world's largest Muslim population, does not have a history of honor killings. And Arab culture comprises not just Muslims but also Jew and Christians, who were also affected by the cultural acceptance of honor killings. Thus it cannot be ascribed as a feature of Muslim culture.

      Moreover, the custom predates the Islamic faith, and is by no means unique to Muslim cultures; also, there is little evidence of honour crime occurring in other Muslim countries such as Indonesia. The extent of cultures following the 'honour ethic' is more geographical than ideological, comprising the Indian subcontinent, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean regions.

      In India, for example, many such murders are committed by Hindus and Sikhs. For some Hindus, an honour killing may be motivated by a woman marrying across caste boundaries. In 2003, a young couple who fell in love at University and contracted a secret marriage. Her family disapproved of the match due to his low status in the caste system. They were both forced to drink poison with scores of witnesses to their agonising deaths. Most cases in India occur in Punjab and Haryana (in which two provinces one out of every ten murders is an honour killing) and parts of western Uttar Pradesh. Many of these murders are ordered by an informal judicial system of caste panchayat, which is a self-proclaimed body consisting of village elders, from which women are excluded. Mangal Singh, a Sikh interviewed in Amritsar, claimed that the 17 women and children killed within his family were willing 'martyrs' in the name of family pride.

      Honour killing also happens in Christian communities in the Mediterranean and other regions. The culture of Ancient Rome allowed the father to kill his children if he deemed necessary. Honour killing was only abolished as a specific category in Italy in 1981, and murders in the name of honour still occur in the country. In 2006, Bruna Morito was shot six times in the face by her brother for bearing a child outside marriage. In Brazil, men could be acquitted for murdering their wives up until 1991, and there have been 800 recorded such murders in a single year. Even in 1991, a lower court ignored the ruling of the Supreme Court and acquitted Joao Lopes for the double homicide of his wife and her lover. In fact, the opposition of the woman as the vessel of familial honour and the man as its protector was widespread throughout the southern European region, although it is not clear how many murders are committed in the name of honour at the present time.

      Even within the Middle East, honour killing is not restricted to Muslims. In Yemen, a Jewish father killed his daughter after a rebuke from the rabbi for her extra-marital pregnancy, and in Palestine, in 2005, Faten Habash was beaten to death with an iron bar, wielded by her Christian father because she wanted to marry her Muslim boyfriend.

      link to

      It should also be noted that in Western cultures up until recently a "crime of passion" was considered a legitimate defense against the charge of murder, and that domestic violence, often born of the same attitude that women must be subservient to men's egos and sense of shame, is a continuing problem in the US and other Western cultures.

      3- Landes fails to note that the Muslim Ottoman Empire, which ruled over much of the Arab world, including Palestine, at that time, ended the dhimmi system in 1859.

      On February 18, 1856, the Ottoman Reform Edict of 1856 (Hatt-i Humayan) was issued, building upon the 1839 edict. It came about partly as a result of pressure from and the efforts of the ambassadors of Great Britain, France, and Austria, whose respective countries were needed as allies in the Crimean War. It again proclaimed the principle of equality between Muslims and non-Muslims, and produced many specific reforms to this end. For example, the jizya tax was abolished and non-Muslims were allowed to join the army.[37][38]

      link to

      During the earlier period under Ottoman and earlier Mamluk Egyptian control,

      Jews and Christians living under early Muslim rule were considered dhimmis, a status that was later also extended to other non-Muslims like Hindus. They were allowed to "practise their religion, subject to certain conditions, and to enjoy a measure of communal autonomy" and guaranteed their personal safety and security of property, in return for paying tribute and acknowledging Muslim rule.[49] Islamic law and custom prohibited the enslavement of free dhimmis within lands under Islamic rule.[50] Taxation from the perspective of dhimmis who came under the Muslim rule, was "a concrete continuation of the taxes paid to earlier regimes"[51] (but lower under the Muslim rule[52][53]). They were also exempted from the zakat tax paid by Muslims. The dhimmi communities living in Islamic states had their own laws independent from the Sharia law, such as the Jews who had their own Halakha courts.[54] The dhimmi communities had their own chiefs and judges, with their own family, personal and religious laws,[55] and "generally speaking, Muslim tolerance of unbelievers was far better than anything available in Christendom, until the rise of secularism in the 17th century".[56] "Muslims guaranteed freedom of worship and livelihood, provided that they remained loyal to the Muslim state and paid a poll tax".[57] "Muslim governments appointed Christian and Jewish professionals to their bureaucracies",[57] and thus, Christians and Jews "contributed to the making of the Islamic civilization".[57]
      However, dhimmis faced social and symbolic restrictions,[58] and a pattern of stricter, then more lax, enforcement developed over time.[59] Marshall Hodgson, a historian of Islam, writes that during the era of the High Caliphate (7th–13th Centuries), zealous Shariah-minded Muslims gladly elaborated their code of symbolic restrictions on the dhimmis.[60]
      From an Islamic legal perspective, the pledge of protection granted dhimmis the freedom to practice their religion and spared them forced conversions. The dhimmis also served a variety of useful purposes, mostly economic, which was another point of concern to jurists.[61] Religious minorities were free to do whatever they wished in their own homes, but could not "publically engage in illicit sex in ways that threaten public morals".[62] In some cases, religious practices that Muslims found repugnant were allowed. One example was the Zoroastrian practice of incestuous "self-marriage" where a man could marry his mother, sister or daughter. According to the famous Islamic legal scholar Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyya (1292–1350), non-Muslims had the right to engage in such religious practices even if it offended Muslims, under the conditions that such cases not be presented to Islamic Sharia courts and that these religious minorities believed that the practice in question is permissible according to their religion. This ruling was based on the precedent that Muhammad did not forbid such self-marriages among Zoroastrians despite coming in contact with them and having knowledge of their practices.[63]
      The Arabs generally established garrisons outside towns in the conquered territories, and had little interaction with the local dhimmi populations for purposes other than the collection of taxes. The conquered Christian, Jewish, Mazdean and Buddhist communities were otherwise left to lead their lives as before.[64]

      Same link as above.

      4-Anyone who equates Muslim era dhimmi status with Israel's present day treatment of the Palestinians is vastly over demonizing dhimmi status and whitewashing Israel's actions. Dhimmi status did not involve any ethnic cleansing, torture, home demolitions, harsh military rule, land theft, ethnic based checkpoints or any of the other present day abominations visited by Israel on the Palestinians under occupation and those made refugees, or those who remained under separate military rule for 19 years in Israel itself and still suffer from considerable discrimination that includes continuing land theft and home demolitions.

      Landes is a poster boy for a "shame and honor" attitude that seeks revenge for a perceived slight in regards to earlier historical dhimmi status for non-Muslims, thus proving that "guilt" culture hasn't really taken a firm hold in the US if his kind of "scholarship" is considered intelligent fare.

      5- Landes traces the conflict back to 1948 but leaves out the fact that Zionsim in Palestine existed for more than 50 years before that, and set up a separate system for Jews that disadvantaged indigenous Palestinians by denying them rights as tenant farmers on Jewish owned land, and by promoting the "conquest of labor" and "conquest of land", both of which entailed the denial of equal employment, and equal rights to land for non-Jews, an obvious situation of decades of shame and offended honor for the indigenous Palestinians. If this supposed "shame and honor" culture was so strong in Muslim majority Palestine then Zionism, with its oh so obvious bias against the indigenous population, would have been snuffed out in revenge way before immigrant Jews reached one third of the population and set about ethnically cleansing the two thirds of the population who didn't meet their ethnic requirements.

      Landes speaks from a racist perspective that one would have hoped had died in the US many decades ago, not see enshrined in academia and feted by supposedly reputable media. Reality, sadly, is otherwise. One can rationalize the denial of rights to a group of people based on the idea that ethnically speaking they are too primitive and savage to dare to give them equality. A truly ugly racist idea, espoused by supposedly "enlightened" individuals. Disgusting.

      As an additional point, I think Nikles gives a bit too much credit to Landes' ideas, as he seems to accept Landes' inaccurate description of dhimmi status, and seems to think that honor killings are mostly a Muslim and Arab problem when they are not.

  • What's your politically-correct World Cup bracket?
    • BTW — it was 39 degrees Celcius during the game. Pretty crazy. Qatar, here we come!

      Wow! Worse apparent temperature than the one in Qatar today! (Sorry, I'm American, so I have to do this in Fahrenheit. ) Temperature in Rio today, 95 degrees with 74% humidity(!) equals an apparent temperature (temp and humidity combined in formula to determine perceived temperature) of 123 degrees! Temperature in Doha, Qatar today was 111 degrees, with humidity at 21% and thus not an aggravating component of apparent temperature, leaving the apparent temperature there 12 degrees less hot (can't really say cooler at those temperatures) than in Rio.

  • One killed in protests as Israeli army takes control of Ramallah city center for first time since 2007
    • Exactly what is misogynistic about the comment?

      Pat's already proven that s/he doesn't understand the meaning of the term "white man's burden". Is it any surprise that s/he doesn't know what misogynism is either?

  • Why I pull against the U.S. in the World Cup
    • No, in essence, it's rooting for the underdog. You clearly don't understand the concept of "white man's burden" if you think that sitting on the sidelines rooting for the underdog is an example of that type of thinking.

  • Fear of anti-semitism accusation did not stop Presbyterians from witnessing occupation
    • I don’t know about the other 2 inventions, Shingo, but drip water irrigation is reputed to be the invention in the 1950s of Simcha Blass, an Israeli of Polish origin.

      No, that's not correct. Blass is credited with the development of the first plastic drip emitter in 1959, but drip irrigation preceded the development of the drip emitter going as far back as ancient times with the use of buried clay pots.

      Modern drip irrigation began its development in Germany in 1860 when researchers began experimenting with subsurface irrigation using clay pipe to create combination irrigation and drainage systems.[2] Research was later expanded in the 1920s to include the application of perforated pipe systems.[3] The usage of plastic to hold and distribute water in drip irrigation was later developed in Australia by Hannis Thill.[4]

      link to

      Drip irrigation has since expanded into micro-sprayers, bubblers, misters and drip tape which deliver water in different ways than drip emitters (Blass' invention). And Subsurface Drip Irrigation(SDI) is yet another type of drip irrigation. Blass was an important innovator in the field of drip irrigation, but he did not "invent" it.

      As for fruits and vegetables, no person can claim to have "invented" them, but they can be bred for specific traits. Cherry tomatoes existed long before Israel existed as a State, and are believed to have originated in Peru. Israeli plant breeders did develop a specific cultivar of cherry tomato, called the Tomaccio tomato, which was bred for sweetness, early ripening and long shelf life. There are other cherry tomato cultivars, some much older (the Santorini, bred in Greece in the 1800s) and others more recent, such as Super Sweet 100, which is popular in the US. Chances are, if you bought cherry tomatoes in the US, they weren't Tomaccios, although they are apparently popular in Europe.

      And, no, Israelis did not invent the mobile phone or computers.

    • Seems like you are making a mountain out of a molehill.

      Another tactic illustrated. Presbyterian divestment is not only the scourge of anti-semitism, and a cataclysmic disruption of interfaith dialogue, its also really no big deal. Makes you wonder why Rabbi Jacobs made such a great effort to forestall it.

    • This was a teaching moment in that it taught us it is impossible to be moderate enough to escape the false charges of anti-Semitism.

      A most important lesson to learn.

    • That's because your info is not correct. Motorola split itself into two companies in 2011, Motorola Solutions and Motorola Mobility. It sold off Motorola Mobility (which made consumer cellphones and cable set-top boxes) to Google in August 2013. Motorola Solutions, the other half of the split, is the company that is a target of BDS, and the subject of the Presbyterian divestment.

      And BTW, Google sold off Motorola Mobility to Lenovo in January of this year, retaining only the Motorola patent potfolio which appears to be the only real interest Google had the acquisition. So your information is faulty all around.

  • What evidence is there that teens were abducted?
  • Nighttime Israeli raid on Bir Zeit University yields -- truck full of Hamas flags
    • So this is what it has come to, confiscating flags and shooting teenagers.

      It's been that way for decades. I remember reading an account from Israeli American Aron Trauring back in 2002 or so which went into his IDF service during the first Intifada in 1987. He mentioned that most of the time spent by his unit was concerned with confiscating Palestinian flags and physically abusing Palestinians who dared to display such flag. That was over 25 years ago.

      I tried to find the article again but it seems to have fallen down the internet rabbit hole, along with his blog, which was quite good.

  • I’m a Lutheran member of a Jewish organization, and I support Presbyterian divestment
    • However, your examples don’t really fit because you are considering the Jews as Israelis and thus like the other power abusers you mentioned.

      No, he is considering Israelis as power abusers, something that knows no boundaries as far as race or religion goes; in other words, Jews are no less capable of being power abusers than anyone else, as the case of Israel profoundly illustrates. Therefore there is no need to get the "permission" of anyone to criticize those excesses.

      The context for Jewish permission is Jews having been historically victims in the Christian world and therefore the correct analogy would be a white person saying he or she does not need black permission to have an opinion about say Affirmative Action.

      No, your analogy is all wrong. Affirmation action is a US concept dealing with the historical victimhood of blacks within the US. Woody's analogies are spot on because they deal with criticizing the reprehensible actions of a foreign state, not US policy questions like affirmative action. The proper analogy with respect to seeking "permission" from US blacks would be whites criticizing the genocide of Tutsis by Hutu extremists, or criticizing Idi Amin, or the Lord's Resistance Army in Africa. No one I know seriously advocates that US whites cannot legitimately criticize tyrants in Africa without first getting "permission" to do so from black Americans.

      There is nothing wrong with asking people to be sensitive especially when their own histories regarding others are tainted as pretty much all of ours are.

      And that should likewise apply to Jews, whose "own histories" (in the collective rather than individual sense of history) now include over 100 years of victimization of Christians and Muslims. A fundamental problem of the present situation is that Zionist Jews ( and some Christian Zionists as well) have shown no such sensitivity and seem to think that none is required. Again this is the exceptionalist thought that Jews are morally incapable of doing what they are clearly doing in Israel, and thus it is acceptable to them to lash out at non Jews using the same type of collective bashing of Christians and Muslims that they claim to abhor when it was used against them in the past. Slappy's rant is a perfect example of that kind of extreme bigoted thought.

      At this point in history its less a case of Christians and Muslims not being "sensitive" enough, but more a case of Zionist Jews in Israel (and their fellow travelers here in the US) being incredible insensitive to the fact that they are inflicting pain on non Jews simply for the reason that they are not Jewish. Jews are in power in Israel and they have proven no more moral and sensitive than the rest of the world, but they (Zionist Jews) can't acknowledge that, so they double down on the insensitivity by castigating those who have the nerve to criticize Israel's rampant institutional bigotry.

  • Settler leader Dani Dayan given yet another platform in the NY Times
    • Apt name, Double Standard. Your comment exhibits it in spades.

      There are now 5.5 million Jews living between the river and the sea, and believe it or not, they have rights and needs too, and will be totally unsafe and persecuted in any genuine democracy of both Jews and Palestinians.

      The sad historical fact is that Jews in Palestine under the Ottoman Empire were generally safe and unpersecuted compared to the Palestinians under "democratic" Jewish rule, who have been continuously persecuted since the formation of Israel in 1948. One can even look to the early Zionist plans to "transfer" the indigenous population and their successful efforts to dispossess Palestinian tenant farmers on land the Zionists purchased to realize that Zionism, from its very start, had absolutely no intention of treating all peoples there equally.

      You may not like the idea of Palestinians being less equal than Jews, but they will have more freedom, more stability, and a higher quality of life living under Jewish control than they will living under their own leadership.

      Under "Jewish control" the reality has been the impoverishment of Palestinians, and as Donald would mention, you sound exactly like some American Southern whites justifying the Jim Crow system 75 years ago. It was racism then, and its racism now. You clearly illustrate my point about the "acceptability" of Jewish racism today.

      The Palestinians will just have to accept that they made some fateful and poor decisions in the past, and be happy that it is the fundamental character of the Jewish people to be gracious and kind to people who would, at the moment, certainly not do the same.

      Funny how their "fateful and poor" decision was to advocate for exactly what you are advocating now (one state, no partition) as the only logical way forward, with the clear and fundamental exception being that you oppose equality for all citizens who are not Jewish. Perhaps that was their "poor decision"; to want a system that treated all people as equal instead of one that privileged Jews and punished non-Jews.

      Clearly there is no "fundamental character of the Jewish people" and Zionism has clearly shown that being "gracious and kind" to non-Jews is not a foundation of its ideology. Again, this is merely another example of Jewish exceptionalism on your part. Yes, Jews can be gracious and kind, just as every other human being can be. But they can also be just as mean spirited and hateful as any other as well. Zionism is built on the mean spirited and hateful side of humanity, ignoring the precept "That which is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow.". If you lived under the conditions mandated for Palestinians under Jewish rule in Israel/Palestine, the terms "gracious" and "kind" would not pass your lips.

    • Good point, TRD.

      The Yesha Council (Hebrew: מועצת יש"ע‎, Mo'etzet Yesha, which is the Hebrew acronym for Yehuda Shomron, Aza, lit. "Judea Samaria and Gaza Council") is an umbrella organization of municipal councils of Jewish settlements in the West Bank (and formerly in the Gaza Strip), known by the Hebrew acronym Yesha.

      So literally, the NYT was referring to the Judea Samaria and Gaza (YESHA) Council of Jewish Communities in Judea and Samaria, which means that the second part of the phrase (in italics) was a redundant and biased description, not the Council's title.

    • He likes wine and art and can string together a couple of decent sentences. That makes him “interesting” and “quirky” and “fresh”.

      You could say the same thing about David Duke. But the NY Times would never run a sympathetic story on him, nor call him "worldly" and "pragmatic", nor most of all allow him to pen an editorial within its pages. Which just goes to show that the NYTimes thinks Jewish racist shit doesn't smell and talk of a "Jewish soul of a community" in the West Bank is perfectly acceptable and "interesting", whereas talk of a "white soul of a community" in the US is reprehensible. Same shit, but only one smells oh so fragrant, and anyone who doesn't recognize that fact is a raving anti-semite.

  • Boston subway ads are shocking-- 'and so is the reality on the ground'
    • Who are you responding to ???

      I think she's responding to your satirical "Desperate Zionist" post. And MY1 falsely thinks she is supporting his view, because he knows better than any Palestinian or anyone else by keeping his eyes closed and his ears shut and never seeing or hearing anything bad that Israel does.

  • Wake up, Ruth Westheimer
    • ...but the level of the conversation is low all around here.

      And the portions are so small.

    • As far as I rememebr Kahane never promoted harming or killing anybody but he did want to annex all the land and he did want to ‘move’ or fairly put: ethnically cleanse’ certain areas of this there is no denying.

      I find it very pathetic that you seem to think that calling for the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians is not promoting "harming anybody". Nevertheless, Kahane went farther than calling for ethnic cleansing. From Robert Friedman's book on Kahane, "False Prophet", describing Kahane's stint as a member of the Knesset:

      Kahane prepared several bills for the Knesset that were shockingly reminiscent of the Nuremberg Laws, which the Nazis had enacted against German Jews nearly five decades earlier. One called for the expulsion of Israel's Arabs. Another would have made it a crime punishable by two years in jail for a Jewish woman to have sex with an Arab. A third would have made it illegal to insult Judaism and the Jewish people. "We state that anyone who declares that any verse or saying in the Bible, the Talmud, or the Commentary isn't true is racist and should be subject to three years in prison," Kahane told me. He also called for confining Israel's non-Jews to ghettos less they pollute the "authentic Jewish" spirit. As he put it in a speech he delivered in New York in 1984: "The foreigners vomit their sickness onto us, and we swallow it eagerly...Let us vomit them out and purge the Holy Land of all vestige of impurity."


      In a speech in Haifa on June 28, 1985, Kahane attacked Jews and Arabs equally: "No one can understand the soul of those (Arab) beasts, those roaches," glowered Kahane."We shall either cut their throats or throw them out. I only say what you think." According to a report in Kolbo Haifa, a Hebrew-language weekly newspaper in Haifa, Khane then directed a stream of obsenities against the mayor of Haifa, Arieh Goral, and left-wing politicians Shulamit Aloni and Yossi Sarid, whom he called "scoundrel:, "dog", "disgusting" and "Jewish prostitutes who employ Arab pimps."

      Kahane concluded his harangue, which was meglomaniacal even by his standards, by promising the audience: "In two years time, they [the Arabs] will turn on the radio and hear that Kahane has been named minister of defense. Then they will come to me, bow to me, lick my feet, and I will be merciful and will allow them to leave. Whoever does not leave will be slaughtered"

      And he was a racist kook and an extremist for decades before he moved to Israel. His screws had all come flying loose years before he moved to Israel. Your excuses for him are pathetic in the extreme.

  • Palestinian citizens of Israel protest draft in Tel Aviv as passersby tell them to die or emigrate
    • What do you think BDS is? Yes, it’s nonviolent, but it is confrontation.

      As was the US civil rights movement. It's purpose was not "kumbaya", but justice and equality. That didn't excuse the violent racist epithets thrown against it, anymore than BDS excuses nasty racist remarks made at Israeli Palestinian protesters.

      ... if integration of US armed forces was an important step in integration in America, by analogy drafting Arabs into the Israeli army is a step towards integration.

      Not just an "imperfect one", but a totally incorrect one. If the US Army's primary field of operations was in the US South enforcing Jim Crow laws its a sure-fire given that blacks would have been protesting both volunteering and being drafted in the US Army. That would be analogous to the situation with the IDF. Besides that, only Christians, a small minority of the remaining Palestinian Israelis, are being urged to join the IDF. That would be equivalent to black Catholics being drafted in the US, but black Protestants not. Surely not an attempt at "integration".

      it demonstrates the lack of utility and simplicity (as in simple minded) of invoking Jim Crow when trying to describe ...

      Jim Crow is a useful and largely accurate way to describe the problem in Israel/Palestine, although Jim Crow was a milder form of what exists in the occupied territories today. Where it fails is in using the US experience to predict what will happen in Israel, since Israel lacks the separation of powers, the Constitution, the strong judiciary, the Federal government's interest in promoting equality, and the general Israeli Jewish public's empathy for those different from themselves. In other words, the fault with trying to use the US experience with Jim Crow as a "way out" lies in the fact that Israel is NOT a Western democracy as it so often claims.

  • For wearing veil, woman is ordered off Jerusalem light rail and frisked
    • And you offend me by going into the street like that. I have to put up with it.

      No, you don't. You don't have to go out into public if you don't want to be offended by how other people dress in public. Perhaps the woman in question would be offended by how you dress as well. In public neither one of you gets to dictate how the other dresses.

  • Clinton cautioned Israelis on giving up Golan because Syrians might try to poison Sea of Galilee
    • But my takeaway from this is that everyone is allowed to speculate here in the comments section and in the text of MW, but my speculations are not allowed.

      This seems to be your "takeaway" in nearly every instance and its not a realistic assessment. Maybe you should reassess what you "take" from the comments here. People are allowed to speculate, others are allowed to disagree with the speculation, or criticize or disagree with aspects of other people's comments. None of this indicates that anyone is "not allowed" to speculate or comment. You seem to regularly confuse disagreement with "policing" or censorship. Just because you say something doesn't mean that other people have to agree with it, and if they disagree with what you say that doesn't mean they are trying to prevent you from saying what you want. You might want to ponder those concepts a bit more than you do. It might help to lessen your feelings of being put upon.

    • He owns this blog and is allowed to speculate whichever way he wants to and never to fess up that he said something that was proven wrong by the facts. Bar or no bar, this is not the work of a professional journalist, but of some street corner fool mouthing off whenever he feels like it, without any consequences.

      Fulfilling your self-appointed role as grumpy old man and full-time critic of Phil Weiss yet again I see. Since both the Guardian and Haaretz speculated on the spy assassination theory PRIOR to Phil's piece I would suppose that any honest man who criticized Phil would likewise claim that the Guardian and Haaretz are not "professional journalists" for the same speculation, but then you aren't really concerned about honesty are you? Your primary purpose here is to criticize Phil as often as possible whether honestly or not. Both anti-semitism and an anti-spy operation were mere speculation until a suspect was identified. Your speculation was no more righteous or informed than Phil's or various Israeli and British journalists, it just happened in the end to be more correct this time. Phil owes no one an apology, least of all you.

  • On Jerusalem Day, thousands of settlers celebrate 'conquest' of the city and say 'Kahane was right'
    • Lance was not stating HIS own moral principle, just asking if Kahane's
      "moral principle" applied to everyone or just Jews. (Kahane of course only applied it to Jews, and also didn't bother to look past ethnicity to determine who "wanted to kill" him. That's how Alex Odeh got killed.) Funny how you don't condemn Kahane, just LT. I guess we can jump to the same conclusion about your "strong moral convictions," right?

  • CNN showed 'blatant' bias when Blitzer aired Oren saying 2 killed Palestinians may not be dead -- Munayyer
    • ...what happens when you drop a thousand pound bomb on a baby..

      That great Israeli humanitarian, Lt. General Dan Halutz, has already answered that question. He feels a "slight bump" when the bomb is released. "A second later it's gone, and that's all. That is what I feel."

  • Israeli government tries to undo image of Pope at the wall
    • Amen, Inanna.

    • but the idea that people are essentially the stock of their ancestors is the definition of racist.

      Given Quimseh's status as a member of the aggrieved indigenous victims of racist Zionist foreigners, including Polish Jews like Peres and Netanyahu's father, I think he has the right to refer to them as such especially when his point is that their roots are European and they are atheist while they falsely claim that as Jews they are the indigenous ones, and God, in whom they don't believe, granted them and only them the land. The ones essentializing themselves (as indigenous Jews) are Peres and Netanyahu, so take up your beef with them, not Quimseh, and not seafoid who simply approved of Quimseh's comments. If a Native American referred to white Americans who trumpet "Manifest Destiny" as Europeans liars would you jump down his neckand call him a "racist"? Seriously?

      And while you are at it, look at your own hypocrisy. You self-refer as an African-American but as you admit your most recent ancestor who actually came from Africa was born in 1850, a much more removed African ancestral tree than Netanyahu's. So if it is OK to mention your more ancient ancestry, why the need to slur with your ever ready "anti-semitic" tag when Quimseh correctly refers to Peres' and Netanyahu's very recent ancestry? And ancestry is not necessarily race, and certainly there is no Polish race, so your point is contrived. And both Peres, and Netanyahu's father WERE foreign interlopers who committed crimes against the indigenous Palestinians. Its great to be all "kumbayah" and "can't we all live together", but when you only seem agitated enough to make a comment when you think Jews are being verbally maligned while daily and for over a century non-Jewish Palestinians have been physically attacked, oppressed and maligned by those same foreigner interlopers and their descendants who show no sign of accepting the real victims of their interloping as fellow human beings deserving to live in the land, then I for one question the sincerity of your commitment to fighting racism and promoting acceptance. You really can't seem to step out of your Jewish victim bubble.

    • To quote from the early 2014 Ynet article lest Shuki doesn't bother to read the EI link:

      Sources with the defense establishment estimated that currently some 80,000 Palestinians who have crossed into Israel illegally reside in the State, and that some 6,000 cross the border fence every month.

      And to quote from the EI article itself:

      While the Wall was only twenty percent completed in mid-2003, a decade later the wall’s route is still only 62 percent complete.

      On Sunday, Yediot Ahronot cited sources within Israel’s “defense establishment” who estimated that around 6,000 Palestinians cross through gaps in the Wall every month. A lower figure of 20-30,000 Palestinians workers a year is cited by Israeli workers’ advocacy group Kav LaOved (which even at its lower end would still mean almost 400 a week).

      To cite another example, in 2007 — when the Wall was 50 percent completed and there was one suicide bombing attack the whole year — an estimated average of more than 1,200 Palestinians bypassed the wall to work without permits every week.

      Palestinian choice

      Even the founder of Israeli campaign group A Fence for Life has admitted that with “tens of thousands of illegal workers” facing “no problem crossing the gaps in the fence,” the lack of attacks is fundamentally due to “the Palestinians’ choice”.

      Israel’s apologists, therefore, want you to believe that a partially completed wall, crossed routinely by at least hundreds of Palestinians every week, is the reason for an almost total reduction in suicide bombing attacks.

      Perhaps Shuki can explain how a wall/fence that is breached by 6000 Palestinians every month,with many if not most breaching the wall nearly daily to work illegally in Israel, can somehow stop a suicide bomber who only needs to breach it once. Or perhaps it would be easier to explain how s/he can be so easily duped into thinking that the wall provides any kind of "security".

  • Netanyahu says Jews invented the idea of 'honoring your father and mother'
    • But if you insist, then the only thing I can recommend you worship is the sun, as it is the source of all life on Earth.

      Water would be worth worshiping as well, if you are so inclined.

    • Here's the video of the scene you are talking about, eljay. I always laugh when I view it!

  • 'There is no veritable religious freedom here': Postcard from the Christian community in East Jerusalem
    • It seems to have stopped as of Friday evening. If you click on the "Recent Comments" link you can see the latest comments, but the sidebar seems to have stopped working.

  • New video shows Palestinian youths killed by Israeli army on Nakba Day posed no threat to soldiers
    • Denis, you weren't reading the article correctly. The photo that purports to show a bullet is described as a RUBBER bullet aimed at the head of one of the medics, NOT a live bullet as was used to kill the teenager.

      Nazzal circled the rubber bullet to outline it before the moment of impact.

      A rubber bullet travels at the speed of 200 feet per second (60 meters per second), well within the capability of a fast camera shutter to record it. At 1/1000 shutter speed it would have traveled approximately 2 and a half inches, or 6 centimeters, entirely within the range of a blurred image as shown in the photo. Its low velocity is one of the reasons it is less lethal than a live round, which as you pointed out travels at much greater speed. If you'd read a little more carefully you wouldn't have speculated as you did. No photoshop required.

  • What’s wrong with the ADL survey and how it could be improved
    • Full disclosure on my part: I'm an atheist.

    • But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.

      Or, more often lately, bureaucracy.

      Eichmann didn't do what he did out of religious fervor. Nor did those who enforced the starvation of Ukrainian "kulaks" rely on religious thought. In both cases immoral acts were done out of ideological fervor and the overarching institutional power that allowed the dehumanization of other people. Religion was not and is not a necessary element. Weinberg was wrong in this case.

      And I can give you numerous personal examples of atheists exhibiting homophobia and misogyny. It isn't just a religious failing.

    • TBK, haven't you got anything better to do than call everyone here an anti-semite? Is that what you consider your primary function here? (Besides putting words in other people's mouths, of course?) Inquiring minds want to know.

  • Another prominent liberal Jew runs away from the Zionist label
  • On the day two Palestinians are killed, 'NYT' reporter flashes snark
    • I rather think that she is attacked so often by both sides that she feels she can’t win.

      I disagree. She's a partisan who doesn't have the moral fiber to report dispassionately. I'm reminded of an article I've posted a few times before from Donald Neff, written nearly 20 years ago, describing his stint as Time Magazine's Jerusalem Bureau chief, twenty years before then (almost 40 years ago, from 1975 to 1978). Its a fascinating read of how an American reporter with a predisposition to favor Zionism came to open his eyes to the ugliness of Israel's occupation and the hatred he faced when reporting a true incident of Israeli brutality.

      In April 1978 Neff reported that IDF units "went wild" in the West Bank and Gaza, and among other brutalities, units arrived at Palestinian high schools and lobbed tear gas into classrooms after demanding that the windows be closed and in the resulting panic among the students several fell from second story classrooms and broke arms and legs. Other teens had been picked up by the IDF for no known reason, had their hair crudely shorn and were made to do exercises all night long. When Neff went to file his report his fellow Bureau employees nearly refused to file it, relenting only when he insisted that he would use the telex himself if they refused. He was immediately called an anti-semite for authoring such a report, and even though, after an initial IDF denial, Ezer Weizman, the then Israeli Defense Minister, confirmed Neff's report, issued an investigation and fired several IDF commanders, Neff was still ostracized and hated throughout Israel and in Zionist circles in the US. All for telling the unvarnished truth.

      Shortly after Weizman set the record straight I left Israel. I was, quite frankly, worried about my personal well being under a Begin government and I was drained by Beit Jala and heart-broken and discouraged by the display of prejudice and unprofessional conduct of my colleagues covering the story, who I had admired. Not only would they not have used the story if it had been up to them, but after Weizman's confirmation some of them confided to me that they had known in their hearts from the beginning that the story was true.

      This amazing confession struck me as the worst example of bad journalism and ugly prejudice I could imagine. The experience left me highly skeptical about the wisdom of employing reporters in areas where they were partisans.

      link to

      Ruderon can't even bring herself to report honestly on events that happened over 60 years ago. It's not fear that is holding her back from an accurate description of the Nakba. Its partisanship, prejudice and bad journalism.

      On edit, I think another important point made in Neff's report is that this kind of cruelty has been going on for multiple decades. Recent events are not a sudden souring of an initially "benign" occupation, or a benevolent ideology that turned bad. They were both born of a racist and cruel ideology from the start.

  • Shalom Modi: India and Israel look to deepen ties following victory of the Hindu right
    • Muslims aren't an ethnic group. Neither are Hindus. They are both religious groupings. Most Indian Muslims belong to indigenous Indian ethnic groups, with a small genetic inflow from Persia and Central Asia, and an even smaller inflow from the Arabian Peninsula.

    • It's a mis-placed response to Krauss' post here: link to

      which refers to the salute as a "modified Hitler salute".

  • Inspiration on the quiet streets of Palestine
    • That's my understanding as well, annie. If it was an official UN holiday, no one there would work on Yom Kippur, regardless of their religion. And from what I understand Jewish UN employees already have the right to take Yom Kippur off if they wish.

  • Rothkopf's jailbreak from the Zionist captivity is sure to embolden others
    • In reality, lisa, it's you who has been proven here to have "problems with truthfulness".

    • But in yonah's case, it isn't the racism that infuriates him. It's Max's openness about the racism that infuriates him. It offends his "sensibilities", so therefore, since it infuriates him personally he can't imagine how it could be liberating to anyone else. You aren't agreeing with yonah here, abc, you are agreeing with Max.

  • 'NYT' publishes unvarnished ADL propaganda: 93% of Palestinians are anti-Semites
    • First of all yes, absolutely – regarding coexistence- the question of whether one wants to replace racism with reverse racism is exactly that taken up by Mandela and King and others who struggled against white over black racism.

      What was "taken up" by King and Mandela was the need and desire for full equality in treatment for all. This is the same thing that is propose by the anti-Zionist One-Staters you refer to. (Not to be confused with the Zionist One-Staters who have full Jewish supremacy in mind.) Those two men did not argue that there was a need to categorize, enumerate and reform overall black attitudes towards whites PRIOR to the institution of full equality, just as they did not argue that white racism had to be enumerated and reformed prior to full equality. In fact one of the best ways to reform racist attitudes is for governments and institutions to engage in full equality.

      To imply, as you do, that the inequality that underpins and reinforces this bigotry needs to remain until any possibility that the oppressed harbor animosity towards those who oppress them diminishes or vanishes altogether is simply an excuse for inaction and for a reprehensible status quo that you seem to worry about much more in regards to its possible future reverse, not its very present reality. Israeli Jews have had 66 years to figure out how to treat non-Jews as equal to Jews and have failed miserably at it. Why is it more important to deal with the future possibility that non-Jewish Palestinians will also fail, and thus prove to be just as bad as Israeli Jews, rather than dealing with the facts as they are? Unless you think that Palestinian suffering is more acceptable than possible future equivalent Israeli Jewish suffering, in which case you need to check your own bigotry before you worry about anyone else's. BTW, from what I have learned of Palestinian, and Middle East history, the present Jewish rule has been harsher and more unjust than any Palestinian rule within the last several hundred years. If the native Palestinians had been one-tenth as anti-semitic as the Zionists claim they were in the late eighteen hundreds and early to mid nineteen hundreds, Zionism would have never survived the era. The lack of "co-existence" can be laid primarily at the feet of the early Zionists who had no interest in co-existence, but rather insisted on dominance from the very start.

      If one can legitimately call occupied Palestinians anti-semitic (and I strongly suggest that the numbers are vastly exaggerated and manipulated) then Zionist and Israeli Jews are largely responsible for earning that anti-semitic feeling. When I was a teenager in the early seventies, I had a close girlfriend who was black and had moved away from the South, where her brother had been murdered and the authorities did nothing. She confessed to me that she hated all Southern whites, because every white Southerner she knew was a racist. I couldn't fault her feelings; I might have felt the same in her circumstances. Equality needs to come first to eliminate those hatreds. You can't eliminate them (from either the oppressor group or the oppressed) as long as inequality exists, and to demand that they do is to support a repressive staus quo.

    • What would that figure be in a scenario of full equality? That is a number that should be on the minds of any one advancing One State on universlaist grounds.

      Should that number (in reference to black attitudes towards whites) have uppermost in the minds of people advancing the end of apartheid? Was it more important to worry about the possibility of future racism on the part of black South Africans than it was to ensure full civil rights for all people in South Africa? Because that is the equivalent of what you are doing with respect to the push for equality and justice in Israel/Palestine, which, I repeat, is already One State as far as governance and control goes.

      Yes, we certainly do disagree. I think that my question is much more important to confront than yours, and I would not even find your question worthy of addressing until Israel makes some significant effort to address its own severe institutional racism. Until then, your question is simply a diversion and an excuse to continue repression and dispossession.

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