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I'm a women who has a need to see everyone treated fairly I'm a political junkie with no loyalty to any one party.

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  • Video: Uprooted, Walled Out & Cut Off -- The Palestine Festival of Literature visits Jerusalem
    • Fantastic! thanks for posting I have shared with everyone I know and even those I don't. I imagine it wont be until people of the world are able to see not just imagine the damage being carried out on a whole people, it would certainly help to get people more willing to have their say. That poor older women who was crying it was clear she has suffered it hurt me watching her.

  • Alterman says BDS is helping Netanyahu
  • 'We ask you to show solidarity with the farmers and their families of Gaza': Open letter to Neil Young from Gaza agricultural workers
    • Thank you Jeff Levy there was much info I had missed but thank you for pointing this out I imagine I must have somehow missed that...sure makes me wonder..

    • Neil Young was a huge help to First Nations here in Canada so it was quite surprising that he left here to go and perform for Israel Many of the same people he helped have written him numerous letters in the hopes her wont perform I imagine we will soon see what Mr. . Young is made of. However I've known him for many years and believe he will do what's right He's always been socially conscious but somewhat shy To be honest I was somewhat surprised at him talking out against the unfair treatment of First Nations in Canada surprised but proud of him for caring.

  • 'The Shondes' singer Louisa Solomon endorsed BDS, so-- DC JCC cancels her band's gig
    • I had the chance to tell her today how so many of us are proud of her. She was truly grateful to hear those words of appreciation.

  • 'New Yorker' satirist Borowitz won't touch Adelson's Israel agenda with a barge pole
    • Annie
      Thank you for correcting this satire I am in total agreement that some Satire should always carry truth to its core and specially on political matters such as this one.

  • Attacks on BDS sharpen as it gains traction in the Jewish community
    • Annie
      #1 hasbara tool, accusations of anti Semitism, to Israel's critics. it’s intellectually lazy and morally vacuous. Very well said..

    • W.Jones
      Yes she does, but tends to keep them in her purse more often then naught.

  • U.S. intel analysts doubt Israeli claim that captured weapons were headed to Gaza
    • Annie
      I truly enjoy and agree with you're articles as well as great comments. No one could ever tell you that you that you're not up to the minute in what's happening on many of these aspects. Thank you for you're compassioned sharing and of course you're great wit.

  • BDS supporting rock star Roger Waters hits back against vicious smears
  • Dateline, Ukraine: How the State Department 'midwives' democracy
    • I wonder how many Russian Christians remember the 66 million who were murdered starved and tortured to death, Is the world we are to live in now? a world where every Country has the fear of being attacked on a whim for political and economic gain. Are we marching towards this one world govt with our eyes open? I'm frightened for my three sons having to live in the future of a Country I've no idea where its headed other then what my nightmares are full of.I see no way out other then we people I have acknowledged that no politician will come riding in to save the day so it really will be our doing or undoing to change. I want this next generation to live with the same freedoms that most everyone here has been lucky enough to be raised on.

    • Bandolero
      Very well said. The Israeli Time's Today also printed the article of the Israeli Vet
      They were bragging loudly I wouldn't be surprised if he receives some reward for a job well done!

  • Caught in an honest moment, Kerry casts doubt on the 'peace process'
    • seafoid
      “The essence of dramatic tragedy is not unhappiness. It resides in the solemnity of the remorseless working of things” Nicely expressed.

  • NYC Community Board member calls BDS 'the face of anti-Semitism'
    • Wow what an ugly little man with a message unbecoming of any person never mind a official. The good news is however that people are becoming less frightened of the same old tired accusations and are not backing down as quickly as they once have.

  • Vassar faculty say president's statement against boycott sidesteps US responsibility to speak out against 'gross injustice'
    • I loved the last paragraph! My heart sang for joy at this great letter and the fact there are more and more signing on. A huge thank you to all faculty members...

  • Florida Jewish leader quits a Hillel board to protest bar on free speech
    • I hope Mr. Warshal feels a sense of relief for doing the right thing no matter how long it took him to get there I hope he's able to bring other Jews to his side of thinking as well. How refreshing to read someone blaming the whole mess on MONEY of course its the absolute fact but not many dare say it.. Great article thanks.

  • Netanyahu mentions 'BDS' 18 times in denouncing movement and its 'gullible fellow travelers'
    • Giles
      You have no idea how much I hope that this
      Pope will show he carries his balls on his person instead of his purse.
      The global world specially I'm hearing much push from Israel about cleaning up the sexual abuses that they say have been covered up for far to long, with the Vatican responding that no one has done more for the crime then they this recent past. I truly feel if nothing is said in support of all Palestinians by the Pope it will cause more Harm then the Vatican realizes or maybe they also realize this .. Its difficult not knowing but in the meantime I will pray that the spirit of truth will pour from his soul on the day he speaks to the worlds people.

    • The way I see it Bibi just brought out what was needed a universal talk on all things BDS` and why so many of us around the globe are behind the BDS.

  • Obama warns Israel about delegitimization, and Oren suggests annexation
    • Erasmus
      What this Pope says or doesn't say will either make or break him. I've no doubt there are many who have been waiting to hear the Pope's opinion on this matter. I' can only hope that his faith is strong and that he walks away with a renewed sense of what his job entails. We need a man who represents God to speak the truth however it seems that in todays world God is no longer very important to the masses. I pray that his heart is full of the sprit of truth I believe if he does the right thing so much will change for the Palestinian's. I for one have prayed and will continue to do so..

    • Kathleen
      Regardless of what anyone says you're absolutely correct, I've not seen another president say boo to Israel since Regan said no when they asked the US to sell Saudi weapons. Obama gets a thumbs up on this.

  • 'It was clear to me as a black person just what I was seeing around me': Report from an African-American delegation to Israel/Palestine
  • AIPAC is losing influence in US politics because it is too tied to Israeli government -- Judis
    • Mr Weiss
      Thank you for you're honesty, and for telling it as you see it. Today when reading similar articles its quite obvious that many writers, write talking points such a disappointment the world of journalism has become "but people such as yourself Mr Weiss give me hope that its not all lost yet!

  • Mayor of Canadian city invites Ehud Barak to economic summit
    • You say someone clearly had no clue about what they were talking about my God You're saying he was this educated man when education has nothing at all to do with the oppression and murders of another people. He may of brought Israel out of recession but where did that leave the palatines forgive me for saying its the fact you are unable to see the wrong shows me its an unwinnable argument. One day you will see the truth until then compassion for all people regardless of race is the true mark of a sane and stable person.

    • seafood
      I worry about anything that Barek says to any political official because it wouldn't matter whatsoever what Barak asked of them they would jump for joy to please him and make all his dreams come true. Our Prime Minister recently stood up and told the world that Canada would go through fire with Israel and an attack on Israel is an attack on Canada. As a Canadian people have been frightened to death of what they say or don't say for example I would tweet a article on the Israeli and Palestine issue or share on other sites and once in awhile someone would retweet but since this boycott began making noise I noticed more people were acknowledging it after all this time finally..

  • Bill supporting God-given Greater Israel comes to New Mexico
    • Thanks to everyone who has compassion and understanding of another s obligation to stand up for those who are oppressed. I have to say its people like everyone here who are consistent with their support of the Palestinians our speaking out has had to have a difference in some way. Yesterday I was surprised and pleased that instead of receiving maybe 1-2 tweets on my posts of this nature, I received 23 .I actually felt myself tearing up. I think since Obama had mentioned that the Iran sanctions is not in America National security interest things began to change, I imagine people took that as their cue. What were seeing is a clear indication that Israel has no plans to settle.. Because if they did these continuous threats and more anti boycotting bills would not be happening as much as they are.I truly hope the pals get rid of ABBAS he will be the death of them I think he's more afraid of this peace deal being successful. He's a snake and if he's not removed that in itself is further prof that the Pals have absolutely no say, there is no doubt that they must be livid with what he's offered ..On a brighter note Israel claims that the dome from the US will cover all of Israel and no rockets will get through so That has to mean no more killing Pals., It would seem they can no longer use the rocket threats against them. Must be why we are hearing of daily shootings and not a word does the world say what a spineless bunch of world leaders we have.

  • After big loss, AIPAC goes... Progressive!
    • Kathleen.
      Does it really matter that Obama was at least humane enough to as you said squirm out of the red line? The facts were known and just maybe Obama didn't want to kill people for a lie and he knew it was all a sham So anyone with compassion would forgive him and really in the end all that matters is there was no military strike, and Obama didn't let the lie of Assad using chems matter instead he realized he would lose face by not striking seems to me and anyone else who cares about the life's of the innocents He did the right thing and surprisingly he at least is fighting back even if its small its more then any other President has since Regan refused to agree with Israel and sell arms to Saudi and before Regan said no... Kennedy tried and had he lived who knows where this Country would be today...

    • AIPac did not tell the Conservatives to stop that is just a lie, I read that article but was not fooled into believing the only reason our traitors backed off was because they told them to, It was Obama saying out loud to the world that adding more sanctions is not in Americas national securities interests. Believe me the second that came from his lips it scared the crap out of our traitors. How can you go against a President who says something as strong as that... FINALLY!

  • Water struggles continue in Gaza under the blockade
    • Hi Dickerson
      That is where I am at these days I know what they have to say so I avoid reading their comments they make so angry. However reading the person above its unbelievable that people actually think like her and what's worse she's convinced How can any Mother say that because of ones race they don't love their children like normal moms admit that kind of dumb I rarely see that much. But the attitude all the time.

    • Sumud I think with all the articles out on these issues they are having a harder then usual time catching

    • Opps IDF not IMF

    • Those numbers are correct they were giving to him after speaking to a Palestinian Mother who said those exact numbers and lets not forget the Dutch taking back a water deal because of this same reason, and he saw with his own eyes. People are not stupid I have a friend from Red cross and they told me I wouldn't be able to ever imagine just how the Israelis punish those in Gaza they also pointed out that every time something happens over this IMF goes in the dead of night and separates families taking children to jail and if anyone believe that those in Gaza are not starving then think again, what is worse there all becoming sick what with shit in their drinking water thanks to IMF spraying sewage into the homes of pals. Really I can hardly stand siting by I feel so dam helpless and never have I been a racist person our parents brought up their kids with love and I cant remember a single time where I ever felt ANY ONE WAS BETTER THEN THE NEXT PERSON REGARDLESS OF race religion OR color. I've noticed this past week when I tweet a article on this issue and I basically only tweet about Israel and Pals usually I'd be lucky with 1-2 retweets lately I see 10 20 some people are sick to death of our watching as Country after Country are losing their uniqueness to the rules set out by them while were trying to stop the Slaughter and make sure we are able to see the pals free.

    • EVA I imagine this what you will answer to God when he asks what did you do for the suffering .. Beliefve me I don't think God will like this answer.

  • France to perform CPR on Scarlett Johansson's image -- award for film career!
    • This is not going to help her not on the international stage or with her fellow actors who have worked lifetimes to achieve the same reward, people realize the only reason she is receiving this is because her stance on Soda stream its only going to help sink her career even further. People in Hollywood may not say much but she will know in her heart she's a traitor and that she put business before humanitarian works. I DON'T FEEL SORRY FOR HER SHE MADE THE CONSCIOUS DECISION TO END OXFAM OVER THIS So she may as well enjoy her reward..she has to live with this ..

  • Avigdor Lieberman: 'Our Oscar goes to Scarlett'
    • Yes Congrats Miss Scarlett for bringing more national attention to the real issues of the Palestinian killings and oppression. When I see a beautiful person who does ugly things I no longer see that beauty anymore instead the ugly from the inside shines through its the same with the not so beautiful their goodness makes them appear more beautiful to me.Besides her head is far to big for her body lol

  • The killing of Odeh Hamad
    • I wonder how Gulag would feel if he were awoken to shit in his mouth by the IDF spraying it into the homes of the Palestinians and they did this in the hopes that disease would fall upon them .. no excuse in the world could ever make sense of that cruelty.I would love to hear one person explain why the IDF did that?.

    • Annie Robbins.
      Wow that was an amazing article, I will share with all that I know it should be read by all people , The way I see things is not by race or religion but by facts and these days its something I believe every living person should rely on hard cold facts Thank you for a wonderful well written article Ive become a fan of you're writing.This needs to be shared with everyone we know and I hope people will do just that.

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