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  • Controversial, illegal, and documented: Israeli military strategies in Gaza
    • Is Israel sending text SMS messages to Palestinians, warning them to move to avoid bombs, they way it did in Cast Lead?

      At the time, Israel and its supporters in the USA, such as New York Senator Chuck Schumer, gave this practice as evidence of the IDF's careful respect for civilian life.

      It subsequently emerged that IDF soldiers had orders to shoot and kill any Palestinian seen using a cell phone. So the 'humanitarian' text messages must have actually been death sentences for a number of people in Gaza.

  • 'Washington Post' exhibits naked double standard in Israeli, Palestinian deaths (and injuries)
    • The timing of this current bout of Israeli genocide might very well be due to the forthcoming US elections. Every fundraising Congressman, Congresswoman and Senator up for election want to do everything he or she can to flout their pro-Israel credentials. Furthermore, the November election is the last one in which Obama will have a personal stake. The Israelis might be wary of what Obama will do vis a vis Palestine, without having an election to worry about. So, the Zionists think, why not grab Gaza now?

  • Video: 'It's a hell of a pinpoint operation' -- John Kerry caught criticizing Israel on hot mic during Sunday news show
    • 'Pinpoint Operation' : I wish not only Kerry had been asked what he meant by that, but more importantly, was that terminology given to him by someone else.

      I'm just guessing, but I wonder if Netanyahu or some other Israeli supplied him that phrase, promising that this indiscriminate, genocidal attack on Gaza would be a 'pinpoint operation'. Kerry may have been reflecting his disgust at once again being lied to by the Israelis.

  • Bowing to AIPAC, Senate unanimously passes resolution supporting Israel
    • Does anyone realize that this kind of resolution and all the money and support the USA gives Israel means that more Americans will die in terrorist attacks? Does anyone understand that Ramzi Yusef and his Uncle Khalid Sheikh Mohammed attacked the Twin Towers and The Pentagon precisely because of US support for Israel?

  • 'Heartbroken' at 'horrifying' killing of boys, State Dep't says Israel must do more to prevent civilian deaths
    • Headlines around the world today abound with the shock and outrage at the slaughter of innocent children.

      Like this one at the London Evening Standard (

      Of course, it is not the death of Palestinian children which has evoked this reaction. The mainstream media never seems to be outraged when Palestinian children die.

  • Cantor's defeat had nothing to do with religion
  • Shalom Modi: India and Israel look to deepen ties following victory of the Hindu right
    • Don't forget that British Palestine and British Hindustan were partitioned at about the same time, 1947/1948. In both cases it ultimately served British imperial interests.
      Gandhi and others warned against partition; he'd spent time in British built jails in India, just as Palestinians today spend time in British built jails.

      Gandhi even offered to make Jinna, the Pakistani/Moslem leader, president of a united Hindustan, obviating the need for the creation of a separate Bangladesh or Pakistan.

      In both former British colonies, in the middle east and south asia, Britain's partitions have been total disasters.

  • Defending Apartheid – From 1968 to the present
    • While some will object to any Nazi comparison, but on ecan't help remembering that German rocket scientists were planning to take mankind to the stars. They did, to some extent; the first photographs of the earth from orbit were made from modified V2 rockets. Slave labour camps and the all the crimes of the Hitler era were, for some of these scientifics, completely justified by the promise of huge scientific advances, which they were sure in the end would benefit all mankind.

      Another thing, when you hear Israelis and their supporters like Taft talking in this vein, is to remind oneself that Israel is essentially a colonial project. Zionists themselves often referred to the 'colonization of Palestine' before WW2. Throughout the imperial/colonial, many of Europes' greatest technological advances were made either in the colonies or because of the colonies. The richest 'Europeans' were often those who lived abroad. Think of people like Elihu Yale, who made his money in India, or Cecil Rhodes in Africa; the richest French Dutch English etc men in the 17th & 18th & 19th centuries usually made their money in the colonies. In mid 17th century the richest English men often made their money in either Barbados or Jamaica, on the backs of course of slave labour.

      Israel is essentially the last European colony, and its wealth and success, like all colonies, has come largely at the expense of the indigenous people.

  • Tony Blair's Middle East speech: dangerous and anti-Muslim
    • “For the last 40/50 years, there has been a steady stream of funding, proselytising, organising and promulgating coming out of the Middle East, pushing views of religion that are narrow minded and dangerous.”

      As good a definition of Zionism as any.

  • 'A Painful Price': The escalating war on Palestine solidarity at U of Michigan and beyond
    • Thanks Max
      An article as riveting as it is depressing, and one is prompted to react along the lines of 'Where's my country, dude?!'

      Zionists are destroying American intellectual life.

  • St. Louis dumps Veolia
    • Veolia is a French Company; Saint Louis was founded by the French and is named after Louis IX, King of France; Furthermore, as it happens, the architecture of the Saint Louis City Hall, including the staircase pictured above is modeled on the Hotel de Ville in Paris.

      Liberté, égalité, fraternité!

  • Self-exiled Israelis in Berlin now number 20,000
  • AIPAC's 'unlimited' funds are greatest obstacle to peace, former British foreign sec'y says
    • Don't forget that Jack Straw is Jewish; as far as 'black marks' against him, don't forget he was Tony Blair's Foreign Secretary at the time of the 2003 Iraq invasion.

  • Twenty years since Oslo, US leadership has yielded endless 'process' with no 'peace' in sight
    • nothing wrong with Oslo, except a detail of spelling

      It should be called the 'Oslo Piece Process'

      Then people would understand it is a process which lets Israel take control of Palestine piece by piece by piece....

  • Will there be fallout from the NSA sharing intel with Israel?
  • Obama punts on Syria
    • The US/Israeli alliance has bagged a lot of countries, reconquering Kuwait, conquering Iraq, regime change in Libya and so on. But Syria is proving to be a regime change too far. This time the US and Israel have come up against Vladimir Putin's Russia.

      Russian and American ships are closely watching each other in the Eastern Mediterranean; war between the 2 countries is unlikely but still a slim possibility.
      The point is that the US can not proceed with regime change against Assad without impunity. You can't be a bully when you are up against the biggest country on earth.

      Putin feels like he was duped by the US in Libya; he was assured that US/European intervention there was for humanitarian purposes, and not about regime change. He feels Obama was lying to him all along, and that killing Muammar Qadafi was the secret goal of the US from the very beginning. It probably was.

      America's supposed indignation at the use of chemical weapons is as thinly disguised causus belli as you are ever going to see.

      In the case of Syria, Putin is not going to let America play him for a fool again.

  • Obama lost his English poodle, but it looks like he'll get a French one
    • When mining the endless seam of US government hypocrisy, don't forget chemical weapons in Iraq. First of all the US Government is undoubtedly complicit in the use of these weapons while Saddam was in power and supported by the US.

      More to the point, people are suffering right now in Iraq from 'chemical weapons' used by none other than the USA. This is due to the widespread use of depleted uranium in weaponry, by the US in Fallujah and elsewhere. While not usually referred to as a chemical weapon, depleted uranium definitely has chemical as well as biological toxicity. Today the number and type of birth defects in Fallujah and other areas where depleted uranium was used is comparable in some ways to the number and type of birth defects recorded in the post WW2 Hiroshima and Nagasaki. What could be more unspeakable?

  • Israel's Rx for the Palestinians, and the region: managed conflict
    • instead of 'managed conflict' one might better use the term 'managed extinction.'

      Palestinian civilization is being extinguished before our eyes; the Israeli's may be the agents of this extinction. but the USA it the manager.

      Don't doubt that the USA is at war with Palestine, the people of Palestine. One should look at the US government's role as analogous to the Indian wars of the 19th century. Just as the USA provides money and backs the Palestinian authority today, it provided reservations, money, and funding for compliant native American organizations 2 centuries ago. Americans living in the Eastern United States, in general, did not perceive that their government was at war with native Americans; they thought the role of the government was generally helpful and benevolent in dealing with the the non -Christian 'savages.' We talk today of the 'Israeli-Palestinian' conflict. In the future it will be known by other names, including one's like the US-Palestinian conflict.

  • Spock visits the holy land
  • 'The one and only Jewish state,' Netanyahu says, pounding the rostrum
    • "The Prime Minister knows that occupying Palestinian land is not a long term solution...."

      The Prime Minister knows no such thing! The Prime Minister in fact believes that occupying Palestinian land IS the long term solution....

  • CL Sulzberger believed in the Israel lobby
    • "the U.S.A. couldn’t sell Israel down the river or blackmail it, even if it wanted to (which it doesn’t) because of the influence and wealth of its Jewish minority of about 6 million."

      A purely anti-Semitic statement (unless of course, you are a Zionist; then it is simply stating an obvious truth).

      I wish somebody had a collection of similar 'ant-Semitic' statements made by Zionists.

  • BBC to censor violinist Nigel Kennedy's statement about Israeli apartheid from TV broadcast
    • The Zio-Baroness tweeted "Imagine outcry if Proms conductor with Spaniards in the orchestra used platform to protest re Gibraltar occupation!"

      I bet if that had happened, it might not have been censored; the ZBC (sorry, BBC) would have explained that this was just one person's opinion, with which it disagreed. Same as just about any other criticism of any other country. For precious Israel, however the Ziocrats at the BBC have to make sure that even one little critical sentence had to be censored.

  • US aid to Egypt is not for Egypt but Israel, JJ Goldberg explains
    • I appreciate that the Suez canal has diminished in importance, Dan. I only wanted to make the point that, just as was the case of British in the 19th and 20th centuries, , the US is working in its own interests (of which Israel is paramount), in conjunction with an Egyptian junta, against the interests of the bulk of the Egyptian people.

      What the Suez canal once was for the British Empire, Israel is now for the USA.

    • "US supported a dictatorship in Egypt for decades because of US support for Israel"

      Perfectly correct. The US is at war with Egypt. On the one side are the Egyptian people, and on the other side are the US supported military dictatorship, the USA, and Israel.

      This has all happened to Egypt before. The British position in the 1880s was the same as the American position today. British and European investors financed the Suez canal for their own benefit; the only Egyptian beneficiaries were the semi independent Ottoman viceroy (Khedive) and his cronies; the people of Egypt benefitted little from the canal. Egyptians came to realize there country was being used by foreigners in conjunction with a corrupt local elite, and a revolted led by a leader called Orabi. The British sent in the troops, arrested Orabi, and put the Khedive back in power.

      Morsi is a 21st century Orabi; the US doesn't have to send in troops as of yet, because the Egyptian military are just like so many mercenaries; but who knows, maybe Israel/USA will intervene militarily in a more obvious fashion to ensure that Egypt is run for western/Israeli interests, rather than for that of the Egyptian people.

  • Why the coup determination is now irrelevant to the question of US aid to Egypt
    • The US is at war with Egypt; On the one side are the Egyptian people, and on the other side is the Egyptian military, which has become little more than a proxy for the US and Israeli governments.

      Never forget that Al-Qaeda is essentially an Egyptian phenomenon; Al-Qaeda was born in the torture cells of Egypt; Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri, the current head of Al-Qaeda, was one of those tortured by the Egyptian military; his main grievance was the military regime's accomodation with Israel.

      When assessing the history of Al-Qaeda and its nature, now that Bin Laden is dead, the Bin Laden/Saudi era will seem more like an aberration; with al-Zawahiri in charge the organization's essential Egyptian-ness is clearer. Al-Qaeda then are more like Hamas; just as Hamas are the more radical part of the Palestinian resistance, Al-Qaeda are radical side to the resistance against US/European/Israeli domination of Egypt.

  • Nazareth Illit mayor says, 'If you think I’m a racist, then Israel is a racist state'
    • "“Covenant of the Pieces” [that God made with Abraham, recounted in Genesis 15:1–15] and the explicitly racist promise: “To your seed I have given this land” [Genesis 15:38] . . ."

      Has anyone told Gapso that Muslims believe that Prophet Mohammed, and his Quresh clansmen who began Islam all believed themselves to be the direct descendants of Abraham?

  • 'This is worth it, folks,' Kerry says of talks-- and warns of 'avoiding war'
    • Kerry simply hasn't offered the Palestinians enough money yet. Once Abu Mazen gets the funds he wants, he'll at last agree to yet another meaningless meeting, and then Kerry and Netanyahu can congratulate himself with this sign of 'progress.'

      Abu Mazen and his delegation are doomed to watch Palestine disappear before their eyes anyway, so they might as well charge as high a price as they can for the theft of their land.

  • End your illusion: Israeli government will never implement a two-state solution, top official says
    • If by the term 'state,' one is referring to a entity which is equal in rights and sovereignty to any other state, there has never been a "2 State Solution", advocated by anyone in any position of real authority. The only proposals that have been put forward or for a neutered, truncated Palestinian entity completely subjugated to the whims of Israel.
      Such an entity would never last.
      No one should therefore lament the death of the '2 state solution', because it never existed as a realistic possibility.

      Barring the appearance of a new Saladin, Israel will continue to grow as an apartheid state, any will probably be around in that in that form after everyone using this website is dead. It will continue to call itself a 'democracy', while it immiserates and/or expels the indigenous people of Palestine. And Uncle Sam will continue to pay for it all.

  • Anthony Weiner spoke at 1993 anti-Rabin rally where participants called for Israel PM's assassination
    • Mondoweiss should have a contest:

      What could an American zionist politician NOT get away with, as long as he or she remains a fanatical supporter of Israel? Personally, I just can't think of answer.

  • Weiner's Park Ave apartment belongs to man whose 'only agenda' is Israel
    • "Representative Michele Bachmann of Minnesota and other House Republicans, who suggested that Ms. Abedin may be tied to Muslim extremists."

      Bachmann and the other House Republicans are totally correct.
      Ms. Abedin IS tied to extremists!
      It is just that these extremists are not Muslims....

  • Diaspora Jews must speak out against the Israeli Law of Return
    • ANTISEMITISM: The belief that there is something wrong with being Jewish.

      ZIONISM: The belief that there is something wrong with NOT being Jewish.

  • Obama has done nothing to alleviate 'explosive' occupation -- eminent Europeans
    • I don't think the present crop of leaders are any more idiots than those 'former' ministers listed in the letter to Catherine Ashton. In another decade or two, similar letters might be written by a bunch of current European politicians when they are in retirement.

      The USA has its own former President, Jimmy Carter, who has echoed many of the same things as in the Ashton letter. It all seems pretty meaningless and hopeless; all these people are out of power.

  • Reality check-- John Kerry prepares to stick fork in two-state solution
    • Keep in mind that THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A "TWO STATE SOLUTION" in terms of two equal states. Every proposal has been for a neutered, subservient Palestine alongside a belligerent, US backed Israeli regional superpower.

  • Obama scared AIPAC into silence, then defeated it
    • m j rosenberg's analysis is thoughtful but I don't quite agree.

      Hagel is an outstanding American, who has obtained a job that only marginally impacts the overall US/Israeli relationship. By attacking him, the lobby is saying that even if you someone of the calibre of Chuck Hagel, and if you seek any important job in the government, the lobby is going to come after you in a severe way if there is anything about your statements or record vis a vis Israel that zionists don't like.

      Any ordinary person planning a career in US politics, especially someone seeking a job which might touch on the US/Israeli relationship, will have gotten the message. Nobody who wants to have an easy nomination, or any easy career, will defy the lobby without thinking twice; otherwise they would take the same flak that Hagel took.

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  • Chuck Hagel confirmed as Secretary of Defense by 58-41 vote (Updated)
    • A victory for the Israeli lobby. It was always going to be.

      The point of the anti Hagel fight was to show anybody and everybody in America what you are up against if you don't pay obeisance to the Israeli lobby. Even though he is a great American, a wounded and decorated soldier, a successful businessman and Senator, anybody who wants to succeed in American politics certainly won't choose Chuck Hagel as a role model. Not unless they want a difficult life.

  • The controversy over the Oscars joke that Jews run Hollywood
    • I think you are wrong; too many are not ready to have this conversation.

      In America, the Emperor still has no clothes. In the story written by Hans Christian Andersen, an obvious truth denied by the majority despite the evidence of their eyes is proclaimed by a small child; but the emperor carries on as if he had clothes; too much is invested in the lie.

      The teddy bear at the Oscars is just like the little boy in the Danish fairy tale, enunciating an obvious but unwelcome truth. Some very powerful people in America will continue to see themselves as persecuted victims, so much so that their overwhelmingly obvious power and influence can not be discussed.

  • Comparisons to Nazi Germany are exaggerated
    • Zionism is Jewish fascism. The same basic philosophy-blood, soil, land, people- simply applied at a different time and place and to different peoples. Zionists haven't killed millions of people, because they haven't needed to. Not yet.

  • Orlando paper feels it has to balance local woman's op-ed explaining Nakba with Israeli gov't official's response
    • Has the USA had a half century of occupation of all of Cuba? Are there "American Only" Roads in Cuba, and hundreds of American colonies, turning Cuba into an unviable collection of Bantustans? Is there some 100 year old philosophy, like for example, "Cubanism" which claims that Cubans have to leave Cuba, and make way for Americans? If all these things were true, one would expect rockets to be fired from Cuba at the United States, at the very least.

  • No surprise: Chuck Schumer refuses to stand up for Hagel
    • there are all kinds of tactics employed in the politics of nominations. Couple of examples:

      If Obama dumps Hagel, and is later criticized for his policies vis a vis Israel, he'll be able to say to people like Schumer, look, help me on this issue, I' did you a favor before by not nominating Hagel.

      Another reason, is that floating one controversial nomination can help the actual nominee have an easier time getting Senate approval. Senators as well as Presidents have a finite amount of political capital to spend; having made the point they won't nominate anybody, Senators will be that much more congenial to the next candidate for nominee, whoever it is.

  • New J Street spokesperson promoted GOP 'Palestinian culture of hate' comments in his last job
    • After a half century of a brutal and merciless occupation, isn't some degree of hatred of the Israeli occupiers completely normal.

      Did the French Resistance have a 'culture of hate' against the Nazis? The Fascist plan was to make France part of a greater 'Germania', just as the Zionist plan is to incorporate all of Palestine into a Greater Israel.

  • Israel responds to UN vote by approving 3,000 new settlement units and plans to build in strategic West Bank corridor
  • Day Eight of Israeli Attack on Gaza: Ceasefire agreement reached; Palestinian death toll climbs to 145
    • I agree with BillM, but it is also a victory for Egypt and President Morsi.

      Netanyahu suddenly seems a diminished figure.

      One can only ask how Netanyahu, and his zionist allies in the US, will react.

    • This cease fire is great news.

      What a difference a US election makes. Congratulations to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama (assuming the cease fire holds). A President Romney or a President GW Bush would have continued to mouth 'israel has the right to defend itself' till the last Palestinian was killed; while Obama's rhetoric may have been similar, he acted differently, by despatching Clinton; a Romney or Bush would never have sent their secretary of state in similar circumstances; their only worries would have been to do with the logistics of supplying endless munitions to Israel.

      When Clinton and Netanyahu issued their joint statements, you could see that Bibi was furious at her presence on his turf.

      I only hope that this is used by Obama and Clinton as an opportunity for some kind of comprehensive peace deal, but who knows?

  • Winona LaDuke: 'We can't talk about Israel because we are Israel'
    • I'm not sure that i agree with Winona. The 19th century, blood and soil philosophies of race, separateness, imperialism, colonialism, apartheid and jim crowe have largely been abandoned by western states. (at least as ideals to be aspired to). People accept multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multi racial societies as completely normal, in which the rights of colonizers do not trump the rights of indigenous peoples. Israel is the glaring exception to this rule; zionism is the last of the colonial blood and soil philosophies to still have life in it. Europe has given up nazism, fascism, pan-slavism, etc. Only in israel is the belief in an ethnarchic colonial state still widespread.

  • On the Jewish Israeli street, there's no solution to Palestinian issue but more violence
    • I don't think any President was duped, Kathleen. They know the Israelis want to steal all the Arab land they can get. Both the US and Israel know full well that Palestine is disappearing and a Greater Israel is taking it place. To admit that would be tantamount to endorsing genocide, so Tel Aviv and Washington just play a game, to pretend to the world, and to themselves, that they are serious about peace. Talk of peace is just so much hot air to mask this process of ethnic cleansing. Israel is addicted to Arab land, and the US is the enabler of the addiction.

  • Avigdor Lieberman: 'When it comes down to the choice between Jewish or Democratic Israel it has to be Jewish'
    • what can be said for Lieberman, is that he is the only major zionist politician who is honest.

      Zionism is an ethnic cleansing non-democratic philosophy; 'liberal' zionists simply can not admit this obvious truth.

  • Stop calling him 'Bibi'
    • why all this focus on the prime minister's cute first name? Everybody already knows that American politicians love to call him 'bibi' to affirm their love for zionism and aipac.

      It is his second name, and the way in which he uses it, which demonstrates both the man and the zionist ideology he espouses are nothing but frauds.

      The netanyahus changed their name from Mileikowsky. There is nothing wrong with that. Your father could have changed his name to 'Presley', if he wanted to, and he could have named you 'Elvis' when you were born. Nothing wrong with that either.

      What would be creepy, however, is if you started pretending that you were the real Elvis Presley, the singer. If you collected presley memorabilia, and showed to it people as if it were yours, would be so strange that people would rightly assume you were deranged.

      But this is exactly what the prime minister does. He collects stuff from an ancient family called the Netanyahus, and displays it to visitors, telling them it comes from his ancestors in Israel. What a creep.

  • When it’s quiet in Jerusalem the settler security cameras are still rolling
    • WONDERFUL work by Alison.
      excellent report and insight, please keep it up, if you can.
      It might be dis-spiriting witnessing the annihilation of a nation.

      I can't help noticing how the two comments on the forum are tied together:

      "The Palestinians must feel as oppressed as blacks were in the Jim Crow South. "

      "i wonder if there has ever been an ethnic cleansing in the history of mankind so meticulously documented as what is going on today in palestine."

      Blacks in the jim crow south always had at least a few influential persons in washington concerned for their plight; eventually there were enough representatives in congress and senators to make a difference. This ethnic cleansing in palestine today is happening in plain view because there are no 'pro-palestinian' people of influence in power in washington now; america's elected representatives only differ in the degree of their support for zionism. Tel Aviv has washington's middle east policy completely in its pocket.

  • Video: 'Tearing Palestine down-- Veolia!'
    • Further to MRW's USA List, it should be noted that in the UK, Veolia is quite literally a household name.

      Millions of people have their garbage collected by the company, which has contracts with lots of local governments. Some of the representatives who sit on the committees overseeing these contracts are quite sympathetic to Palestinian rights. If enough Britons wrote to their local authorities complaining about Veolia's record in Palestine, it might seriously threaten some of their UK contracts.

  • Netanyahu tells a Christian Zionist pal that the bible was Ben Gurion's claim to the land
    • The Ottoman Empire was a pretty sophisticated Empire, more sophisticated in many ways than contemporary European states.

      Many jews thrived under Ottoman rule. When Ferdinand and Isabella conquered the Kingdom of Granada (where, under Muslim rule, many Jews lived prosperously for centuries) many Jews fled to the Ottoman Empire.

      Without the British conquest of the Ottoman Empire province of Palestine at the end of World War I, Zionism would today be known as a quirky and discarded theory. The Jews of Palestine would no doubt be living relatively happily under Turkish rule.

  • American Enterprise Institute's Daniella Pletka goes quack quack quacky
    • I think Pletka is right about Obama. At least, I hope she is. She only mistaken in two things. The first is her belief that Obama is alone. The second is her assessment of what is driving this contempt for Israel, which is the actions of herself, AIPAC and the rest of the Zionist lobby.

      Former US Senator from South Dakota James Abourezk in 2006:

      " I can also tell you that very few members of Congress—at least when I served there—have any affection for Israel or for its Lobby. What they have is contempt, but it is silenced by fear of being found out exactly how they feel. I've heard too many cloakroom conversations in which members of the Senate will voice their bitter feelings about how they're pushed around by the Lobby to think otherwise. In private one hears the dislike of Israel and the tactics of the Lobby, but not one of them is willing to risk the Lobby's animosity by making their feelings public."

      Obama has given more money and more assistance to Israel than any other President. So you have to ask the question, what would the world be like if Obama LOVED Israel? How much money would we give Israel then? Would the Israeli Prime Minister have an automatic seat as a US Cabinet member. Would the Star of David become the 51st on the American flag. Would criticism of Israel be regarded as treason for American citizens, subject to the death penalty.

      I only hope Obama, and our legislators continue hating Israel, the way the American politicians and the American people came to hate fascism and apartheid. Its the only light at the end of the tunnel.

  • Walt, Munayyer, and Mearsheimer offer one state scenarios, and my response
    • What makes a "state" a "state?" I don't think there has ever been seriously considered any plan in with a Palestinian state with all the rights and freedoms of a normal state.

      From this it follows that there is not now, nor has there ever been, any seriously considered plan for a "two state solution."

      One could make an analogy with a mortgage when buying a house. Even if the lender offered you very good terms, but restricted how you could provide security in your own home, and who could live in your home, restricting when you could enter and leave your home, is that really a "mortgage?" Only in the technical sense, but it wouldn't be a mortgage than any reasonable person would accept.

      Palestinians have likewise only ever been offered a truncated, feeble and neutered version of a state. No real "state" has ever been on the table, and now its unlikely there ever will be.

  • Iran/Palestine (keep your eye on the ball)
    • i think it is logical to assume that Netanyahu, the ever complaining, nuclear smuggling fraud, sees the nonexistent 'iran threat' as a useful way to disguise and justify when necessary the ever expanding borders of israel.

      Any number of commentators have concluded that Israel gain nothing from bombing Iraq's Osirak nuclear facility, and it may have been a shot in the foot. Saddam Hussein and other Arab leaders simply became that much more determined to gain nuclear and other weapons for themselves.

      Its the USA military that later got rid of the threat from Iraq; the lesson for the Israelis is to get the US involved in the region on a permanent basis as de facto mercenaries for the growth of Israel's power in the middle east.

  • Obama's spineless deference to Netanyahu is now perceived by a wide range of Americans
    • "Netanyahu has blackmailed him with the possibility of an attack on Iran"

      if you have any evidence for this belief, i wish you would share it with us.

      the implications are pretty startling, for bibi and israel. If this claim is true, Bibi has failed to protect israel as he ought to, our of political considerations vis a vis the United States. I don't believe that. If Israel felt it needed to bomb Iran's nuclear facilities to survive, it would already have done so, regardless of American opinion.

  • Netanyahu can 'squeeze' Obama because media and Congress will take his side if he attacks Iran
    • Firstly, Bibi's been bluffing about iran for at least two decades. When are people going to stop believing him?

      Secondly, the US is already at war with Iran. A war of economic sanctions, cyberwar, and assasinations. If a country was doing all that to the USA, wouldn't the USA consider itself at war with that country.

      Thirdly, Iran is a great distraction from Palestine. While Ahmadinejad never actually said he wants to 'wipe Israel off the map,' Israel keeps repeating that lie, while it it Palestine which is actually in the process of being 'wiped off the map'; talk of Iran re-enforces Israel's sense of victim hood, excusing it from ethnic cleansing and house demolitions in Palestine.

  • American Jews who choose 'humanitarian values' over Zionism are tempting another Holocaust --Gordis's blackmail
    • American Jews do not need the State of Israel for a "self-confidence and sense of belonging" any more than African American need the State of Liberia for "self-confidence and sense of belonging."

      Furthermore, the policies of the State of Liberia have little on African Americans or any Americans.

      By contrast, with its current policies, the state of Israel has become a liability for American Jews in equal proportion to its status as a liability for all Americans, for the United States in general.

  • In attacking Romney, Democratic p.r. firm embraces 'pro-Israel necons'
    • neo conservatives are not merely 'pro-Israel'; neo-conservatism is a branch of zionism.

      Has anyone ever heard of an 'anti-Israel neocon'? It is unthinkable.

      Every neocon will admit that supporting Israel is important. What they won't admit is that supporting Israel is the basis of the whole neo-con philosophy.

      Without Israel, neo-conservatism would not exist. There would still be right wing, war mongering Americans, but they wouldn't be called neo-cons, they'd be called something else.

  • Romney says that Obama 'has thrown... Israel under the bus'
    • I think one reason the "thrown Israel under the bus" phrase is so beloved by Romney and his team is because they think it has the added purpose of telling ordinary Americans that even though unlike them, Romney never uses public transportation, at least he knows what a bus is.

  • My grandfather sparked my interest in debate over Zionism
    • There are lots of businessman who consider themselves socialist, especially in Europe. The Labour in Britain still considers itself socialist, even though it doesn't use the 's' word often. It has many prominent business men and women who support it, as does the Socialist Party in France, and other parties on the left in Europe. Are there no businessmen and women who vote for left leaning parties in israel? Of course there are.

  • Follow the money, stupid
    • In some districts, the 'jewish vote' is crucial in elections In general, American politicians have found its convenient to to mask how they've betrayed their country to the Israel lobby by emphasizing the 'jewish vote.' While the 'jewish vote' is usually small and usually doesn't decide elections, but 'jewish money' always matters.

      This site has already noted the example of the film, where a Congressman acknowledges that 'jews' control his middle eastern policy, even though to his knowledge the number of jews in his district is only seven. The film is something of a parody but its brief admission that money from pro-Israel supporters controls american foreign policy in the middle east is spot on.

  • Paul Ryan said to be meeting with Adelson
    • If one can't mention rich jews in this context, yonah, perhaps you can explain the context in which you feel that the phrase "rich jew" is permissable. Perhaps you feel one should never mention that an individual is Jewish and rich?

      VP candidate Ryan is off to solicit funds from Adelson, a "rich jew" who undoubtedly doesn't care for Arabs. Why shouldn't it mentioned that Ryan is an advocate of a philosophy expoused by another rich jew who didn't like Arabs? If the phrase "rich jew" can not be used in this context, jonah, you must feel that it never can be.

  • Paul Ryan describes Israel as issue of 'Homeland Security'
    • America's 'Homeland Security' department already goes just about everywhere in the world. Wherever there are American oil platforms, you will find that Homeland Security personnel not only oversee their security but send their personnel their as well. Homeland Security is very active in the Persian Gulf, in the form of one of its principal sub-departments, the US Coast Guard.

      Homeland Security's power is growing and growing all the time, and in future years and decades, protecting Israel will no doubt be considered a part of its remit.

  • The world according to Sheldon Adelson
    • Gore Vidal claimed that Harry Truman's election in 1948 was assured after Zionists secretly gave him a briefcase containing $1 million in cash. The only thing that has changed is that now Zionists no longer feel the need to disguise the obsence amounts of money they give to their favored American politicians.

    • amazing photos and trip. Its a vision of apartheid in blossom, or the democide of the nation of palestine in plan view.

      Are your sure the image of the girl with the discus isn't taken from the 1936 Berlin Games in Nazi Germany. Hitler and Leni Riefenstahl would surely have loved the photo.

  • Terror war comes home: White supremacist kills 6 Sikhs in Wisconsin
    • The irony of an 'anti-islamic' attack on a Sikh gurdwara (temple) is that many of the most prominent aspects of the Sikhhism as practised today were created as a response to what Sikhs themselves perceived as Islamic tyranny. Many Sikhs do not cut their hair, always carry a ritual knife (two of the mandatory 'five k's'). This is precisely because about 300 years ago the last of the Sikh gurus re-organized the religion along military/democratic lines to preserve Sikkhism from the repeated assault of the spreading Mughal Empire. The Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb was particularly known for his piety, and spreading Islam was one of the principal reasons for his consistent persecution of the Sikhs.

      A Gurudwara is vulnerable precisely because Sikhs openly welcome visitors of all faiths. Many of them are very beautiful, and anyone can visit as long as you cover your head and take off your shoes.

  • New round of Iran sanctions pressures Obama to move closer to Israel's 'red line'
    • Pity Iran
      Imagine if there were nuclear armed Iranian cruisers and aircraft carriers churning along the coasts of the united states; iranian military bases in mexico, canada and other surrounding countries.

      The Iranians are enduring the equivalent of the 1962 Cuban missile crisis, day after day, year after year, endlessly under pressure from the the US and its middle eastern allies. Iran doesn't threaten the United States in any way, and the US government should just leave iran alone.

  • Romney backs Israel in the battle of the Iran red lines
    • Everything Romney says is designed to help him get elected. Nobody has any idea what his policies will actually be.

      Remember the 'missile gap' in the 1950s? Kennedy actually led some people to believe he would be tougher on the soviet union than nixon/Eisenhower had been.

      Remember Reagan? He promised to 'go to source', blockade Cuba, and rescind the arrangement to give control of the panama canal to panama. Many people believed him; once in office, he did none of those things.

      Romney has no responsibility at the moment, and can say whatever he wants.

  • Ernie Els's tribute to Mandela
    • Mandela was in prison while Els was growing up. As a young boy the golfer would have been told over and over again, without any ambiguity, that Mandela was a terrorist. despite the fact that he proved to be the overwhelming choice of the people as president

      Israeli's believe in the same self evidently contradictory mindset today, but to even a greater degree. This is because the people Israeli's claim to be 'terrorists' like Hamas in Palestine and Hizbollah in Lebanon are in power because they are they democratically elected to be there.

      Israeli's also scorn the mullahs in Iran, but Iran is a far more politically representative state than most of the gulf states which are US and Israeli count on as allies.

  • 'We well understand' what you're experiencing -- Netanyahu to Colorado
    • What would Netanyahu's (and America's reaction) be if this was in the news (Would it be considered merely 'intriguing')?

      James Holmes: Cinema Killer is a Muslim “Big Brother.”
      The arrested terrorist, James Holmes, was known for his pronounced Islamic sympathies. He spent a significant part of time at an obscure organization which billed itself as the “Muslim Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles” . He worked as a “counsellor” at this Muslim organization, in charge of entertaining and indoctrinating young children. According to a spokesman for the Muslim Big Brothers Big Sisters, Holmes was in charge of the "the care and guidance of a group of approximately 10 children" at the Muslim “summer camp.” The ‘camp’ is strategically located near Glendale. The spokesman for the Muslim organization did not hide that fact that Holmes taught the young Muslims “how to work in small teams to effect positive outcomes."

      That background, in part, has left those who know Holmes trying to process how his experience with the Muslim Big Brothers contributed to what happened Friday morning.

      Here is the text from the Actual Article:,0,6207253.story?page=2

      Holmes "worked one summer as a counselor at a camp for underprivileged children. The chief executive at Camp Max Straus said Holmes worked there in 2008 and "had no incidents or disciplinary concerns."

      In a statement to The Times, Randy Schwab, chief executive of Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles and director of Camp Max Straus, wrote that Holmes was responsible for "the care and guidance of a group of approximately 10 children" at the camp, in the hills above Glendale.

      "His role was to ensure that these children had a wonderful camp experience by helping them learn confidence, self-esteem and how to work in small teams to effect positive outcomes," he said. In a later e-mail, he added: "That summer provided the kids a wonderful camp experience without incident."

      That background, in part, has left those who know Holmes trying to process what happened Friday morning."

  • Should maps ad be censored at Chappaqua rr station? a newspaper asks
    • the occupation of palestine is 'complicated' in the same way that apartheid was complicated, or that the jim crow separate but equal laws in the American South were complicated, or that slavery was 'complicated.'
      But all these things -slavery, apartheid, jim crow, occupation - are all equally and simply wrong.

  • The (what about) China syndrome
    • If you are American, and your friend says "“I don’t hear you complaining about Syria or North Korea,”why don't you make a deal with them?

      Get them to agree to put their signature on a letter to their congressman/woman and senator written entirely by you, complaining about America's support for Israel.

      You in turn agree to put your signature on any letter that they write to your congressman/woman or Senator, complaining about American support for North Korea or Syria!

      What could be fairer than that?

    • Does the US give aid totalling $1,000/citizen/year to any other country? Does it block near unanimous UN resolutions against any other country than Israeli?

      The USA is the enabler for Israel's horrid policies of ethnic cleansing. This isn't true of any other country. In former Yugoslavia, the US plays precisely the opposite role that it does in Israel, protecting minorities, including Muslim minorities. If the US behaved in Israel the way it has in the Balkans, the Bibis and the Baraks of Israel would be rotting in the Hague.

  • No municipal contracts for Veolia as long as it keeps the occupation moving
    • As Veolia claims to operate in 77 countries Veolia Worldwide

      I hope your campaign brings Veolia's criminal behaviour to the attention of people wherever this firm operates.

  • Backer of NY ads exposing Palestinian land-loss says response has been 'astounding' and news 'coverage is pouring in'
    • If you want to see inaccurate maps, check out those provided by the government of israel itself at, from which we learn.
      The total area of the State of Israel is 8,630 sq. miles (22,145, of which 8,367 sq. miles (21,671 sq. km.) is land area. Israel is some 470 km. (290 miles) in length and about 85 miles (135 km.) across at the widest point. The country is bordered by Lebanon to the north, Syria to the northeast, Jordan to the east, Egypt to the southwest and the Mediterranean Sea to the west:
      THE LAND: Geography and Climate

      The web site mentions Palestinians, but from the information displayed, you'd never know where 'Palestinians' have lived in the past, or where any Palestinians live today. You could easily conclude that there are not any palestinans living west of the jordan river today. I'd be surprised if you see on any israeli government web site the hundreds of official maps from the 20th century and before which simply mark the entire area as 'Palestine.'

  • Ali Abunimah KO's Jonathan Tobin in 'Democracy Now' debate
    • to simply say that tobin is telling lies underestimates the difficulties of overcoming zionism. When tobin says abunimah wants to 'destroy' israel, from tobin's point of view, he is telling the truth: the only 'israel' tobin can imagine is one where Jews dominate everything. For Jews to be equal to muslims, christians, etc. would not be 'israel' for somebody like Tobin.

      Zionists have a sense of entitlement, and other assumptions which they never question, without which the whole philosophy could not be maintained. Zionists think palestinian resistance to ethnic cleansing is 'terrorism', because their philosophy tells zionists that they are entitled to the land they are stealing.

      Abunimah was as eloquent explaining zionist double standards as one could possibly be; but with tobin you can see that he was up against a very difficult zionist mindset.

  • 'Terror is part of a political war... its task is a major one' --Shamir
    • The terrorism of Shamir, Begin and others is undisputed. The more pertinent question is to what degree has Israel simply become the personification of a terrorist as a nation state? Perhaps even more importantly, how has the United States, through its support and identification with Israel, become 'Shamir-like' in its policies?

  • Deep in the West Bank-- a Jewish Arcadia
    • "We are expanding...."

      An uninhibited advertisement for ethnic cleansing.

      The relative ordinary-ness of this sign is what is so shocking.

      US Taxpayer dollars at work.

  • 'Is Israel the most important issue?' one Dem asks another in NY cong'l debate
    • "NJDC President and CEO David A. Harris quickly pounced on the (Joe the Plumber) video.
      “Using the memories of the six million Jews killed in the Holocaust to make a political point is never appropriate, under any circumstances,” he said."

      If every Zionist has always adhered to Harris's statement, would Israel even exist?

  • Netanyahu govt to impose fines on mayors of cities that employ migrant workers
    • “the place of infiltrators is in the countries that they came from,”

      Will Avigdor Lieberman and millions of other European and American born infiltrators be packing their bags soon?
      Do the children of "infiltrators", like Bibi Netanyahu, have to leave as well?

      or can somebody say when it was that the state of Israel outlawed irony?

  • Liberal Zionists are afraid their parents will reject them if they come out
    • It might have been a great experience to hear Ilyse's speech, but there is so little substance in the text it could mean anything. You could just change a few words and it would have cheered at an aipac conference. It only increas's one scepticism that j street is substantially different than aipac.
      For example, Texas Governor Rick Perry is among those who also recently said " I love Israel with all my heart".
      How can Ilyse and Perry and others have any room left in their hearts to love America?

  • Ozick, anti-Palestinian polemicist, is shortlisted for a big prize
    • Calling the Palestinians an "invented" people because the term "palestinian" is new is like calling Native Americans an "invented" people, because the term "Native American" is a recent invention.

      Native Americans always existed; they did not use the term "native american" because they never had to.

      If someone beats the hell out of you and is prosecuted in a court, you will be referred for the first time in you life as the "victim." If the lawyer defending your assailant argues that his client is innocent because before the crime in question, no one ever previously referred to you by using the term "victim", the judge and jury would rightfully just laugh.

      Palestinians used the term to "Palestinians" as and when it was needed. It is the unprecedented Zionist assault on the indigenous people of Palestine which suddenly made the need for a term to refer to the Palestinian victims of Zionism so pressing.

  • '60 Minutes' profiles Palestinian Christians, Michael Oren falls on his face
    • Oren is made to look silly but its every Israeli ambassador's job to defend the indefensible, and Oren does it as well as anyone else. Having to look like a chump is part of every Israeli diplomat's job description.

      One is left wondering if Bob Simon had intended to interview Oren for this episode in the first place. One is left wondering how different this episode of 60 minutes would have been without Oren's intervention? For all we know, Oren might have reason to believe that his intervention was a great success, and the segment would have completely different without him.

      Simon talked about the importance to Israel of American (mostly Christian) opinion. The must astonishing about the position of the Christians in Palestine which was not mentioned is the degree to which American "Christians" are helping to cleanse the holy land of its ancient Christian communities. So called Born again Zionists like John Hagee have raised millions or even billions of dollars to help build and consolidate settler communities in the west bank and east Jerusalem where Christians are not allowed to live.

  • A European says, You can stick a fork in Israel
    • When all these jews leave the middle east, are they going to take their tanks, helicopters and nuclear weapons with them in their luggage? Why do people think Israel is weak? It is a regional superpower, with a very high standard of living, with an armlock on the most powerful country in the world, the USA. Israel has everything it needs to continue its abhorrent policies for a long time.

  • Iran didn't threaten to 'wipe' Israel out -- Israel's deputy prime minister
    • Israel is like a man divorcing his wife who claims that the 10,000 times she said "I love you" don't matter; the only thing that matters is that she once said "I wish you were dead"
      Then it turns out she actually said something like "I wish you were never born."

      Whatever Ahmadinejad is irrelevant. Its just one of many statements made by one of many Iranian politicians. Ahmadinejad has also said, on more than one occasion, that he accepts the Arab peace plan for recognition of Israel. Israeli's never talk about that. They instead focus ad nauseaum on one seemingly belligerent statement, the ultimate purpose is to mask Israel's own unrelenting and ceaseless aggression.

      Politicians who's deceitfulness is so profound that they can not admit their country has nuclear weapons can not be trusted on any matter at all. When an Israeli politician talks, it won't be long before the BS comes out.

  • P5 +1 Iran nuclear talks went swimmingly! Netanyahu is fuming
    • The threat of an impending war with Iran is a ruse. Netanyahu wants Palestine. All of it. Talk about Iran just takes the focus off everyday Israeli practices of ethnic cleansing.

  • Amira Hass explains why Israel's U.S. model of ethnic cleansing failed, and why 'Jewish regime' will 'crumble'
    • Israeli's like making comparisons with Amerindians because they know they'll attract some sympathy in the US. By contrast the Israeli's reject totally the much more apt comparison with apartheid South Africa, because Americans and most people in the world that regime was pretty much all bad with no redeeming aspects at all.

      The other thing about comparing the plight of Amerindians to Palestinians. Its the closet that zionists will ever come to admitting that 'project israel' is an evil enterprise. Zionists can only justify what they are doing to Palestinians by drawing 0n the most controversial and morally questionable acts committed by other states throughout history.

  • Israel bars Gunter Grass from entry under law barring former Nazis
    • The Nazi party might be the only popular political party in history ever to limit membership.

      After Hitler came to power, applications for membership to the Nazi party surged. Whether out of opportunism, fear, or some mix of both, it seemed that everybody in Germany wanted to join. The party responded to the mass of applications by putting great restrictions on membership, something political parties never normally do.

      As the Nazi dictatorship tightened its grip, just about anybody living in Germany in the 1930s would have joined the party if they were allowed to, in order to survive. So judging someone simply because they were a party member is pretty meaningless.

  • With 'last ink,' Gunter Grass breaks silence on Israeli nuclear program threatening world peace
    • carowhat is right. The ad hominem attacks on Grass are a typical hasbara attack style.

      Grass's past is not important. What is important is israeli policies, in particular its nuclear policies as well as its nuclear weapons.

      Israel and its supporters criticize Iran for not living up to the NPT (Non Proliferation Treaty) which it has signed. Iran is also accused of not cooperating with inspectors sent under the terms of the NPT.

      The point to make is that Iran has signed the NPT. For Israel, there is no treaty. There are no inspectors. Israel has no right to comment on Iran's nuclear industry at least until Israel itself has signed up to the NPT and allows inspectors.

      Israel instead has an 'ambiguity policy' (in other words, a 'dishonesty policy') and pretends it has no nuclear weapons at all. Unfortunately many western governments (US, UK) have adopted Israel's 'ambiguity policy' and the MSM for the most part slavishly follows the Israel doctrine as well.

  • The 'Jewbags' photo
    • Phil is right.
      Anybody who wants to understand how money controls politicians in the US should read Robert A. Caro's biographical series on President Lyndon Johnson. It is one of the best biographies of an american politician ever written. Caro explains in detail how the really big contributors can completely control government policy in certain areas.

  • Land Day vs. the 'Jewish State': an interview with Haneen Zoabi
    • States can pass laws and define themselves any way they want. The problem is the attitude of other countries, primarily the USA, which should not give any support to such ethno-theocratic states.

      The US can be friends with Israel if it chooses to remain a 'jewish' state. But the US should not give any money, weapons or diplomatic support to Israel or any state which rejects democracy as Israel does. The US should instead encourage Israel and all other states to become true democracies without any bias shown to anyone of any particular religion or ethnicity.

      Unfortunately the situation today is the opposite of this ideal. The USA is the enabler for the ethno-theocratic state of Israel. The siege of Gaza and the ethnic cleansing of the West Bank would not continue without American support. If the US withdrew its support, Israel would be forced to become a democracy.

  • Boycott measure goes down, 60-40, at Park Slope Food Co-op
    • bds would have carried if only about 200 or so people had voted differently. amazing result in a place like brooklyn; for anyone who cares about justice for palestinians, one can only be hopeful.

      Can somebody explain what park slope would have done if that had happened?

  • 'Washington Post' all but leaves out the fact that scientist caught in 'Mossad' sting is Jewish and Zionist
    • "Dual loyalty in action, and the Post buries it."
      Please explain to which country other than Israel do traitorous spies like Jonathan Pollard and Nozette feel any loyalty?

      One can and only wonder how often the FBI have considered catching other traitors in the same way as Nozette, but dropped the investigations when they realized the traitors in question were senators or representatives?

  • Fact checker fact checker find me a fact
    • Even "blanks" fired from a firearm can kill. If you are close enough to a victim when you fire a blank cartridge, the gun powder alone can have a combination of mass and speed to cause a lethal wound. A number of people have received wounds from "blanks", which sometimes prove to be fatal.

  • Blasting Obama as 'blurred,' McConnell assures Israel lobby that bipartisan Congress will authorize 'overwhelming force' against Iran
    • Iran has every right to BOTH nuclear power and nuclear weapons. Its a big country of 70 million people; why can the US and Israel have whatever energy and weapons they want, and not Iran? How can Israel, a country of 7 million people, dictate to Iran, 10 times its population?

      I hope Iran gets nuclear weapons as soon as possible. Iran needs these to deter US and Israeli aggression.

      Israel can have peace in the middle east whenever it wants; it just needs to end the ethnic cleansing of palestine, and the occupation of palestinian and other arab lands; israel's unceasing expansion and addiction to arab lands is the cause of the conflict, NOT Iran or Iran's nuclear ambition.

  • Netanyahu seeks Iran conflict, extremist reaction to knock out Obama
    • Israeli and the US are already at war with Iran and have been so for some time; If the US was subjects to the drone monitoring, assassinations, explosions that Iran is subject to, and if the Iran had its fleet patrolling American coasts, with dozens of military bases in proximity to to its borders as Iran does, then the US would feel its at war.

      BIBI wins either way. By linking Hamas/Abbas/Palestinian resistance with Iran, he can pretend the ethnic cleansing of Palestine is necessary to stop an 'existential' threat to israel.

  • New Republic says 'all of western civilization' could be threatened by Iran
    • Who lost sleep last night over the nuclear weapons in countries like Pakistan and North Korea? Those are far more unstable countries than Iran. A nuclear Iran is inevitable. How can Israel, a nuclear armed country with only 7 million people, tell Iran, whose population is 70 million, that it can not have nuclear power or nuclear weapons. Israel further seeks to dictate the nuclear policies of surrounding states with hundreds of millions of people.

      The world will be fine with a nuclear Iran. Iran will be safer from attack.

      The USA had an internal debate when China was on the verge of acquiring nuclear weapons. American generals argued for a strike on China "before it was too late." I imagine most people using this forum were born after China went nuclear.

      Israel is using the Iran nuclear issue to cover the acceleration of its ethnic cleansing of Palestine. Bibi and other Israeli politicians have been crying wolf for years.

  • MSNBC: Israel trains Iranian terror group to kill nuclear scientists
  • Chris Hayes stunning 'Story of the Week' featuring Sheldon Adelson
    • Don't forget that Adelson has said he'll support the Republican candidate, whoever he is. He might give just as much money, or more, to Romney, so he can own a President.

  • Bombshell: Israeli intelligence posed as CIA to recruit terror group for covert war on Iran
    • The whole story is not a bit surprising and encapsulates how Israel uses the USA for its purposes in general.

      Israel is both a strategic and moral liability for the United States. If the US Navy was used in accordance with American values, Obama would be contemplating using it to break the existing naval Israeli naval blockade of Gaza rather than a theoretical Iranian blockade of the Persian Gulf.

  • Incitement: Washington Institute for Near East Policy applauds covert war on Iran
    • The USA has been in a permanent state of war with Iran since before most people in this forum were born. This in turn is a continuation of Anglo-Persian conflict that goes back to long before anybody knew what fossils were or that you could make a fuel for them.

      In 1622 the East India Company joined forces with Safavid Persia to effect "regime change" upon the Portuguese backed rulers of Hormuz Island in the Straits of Hormuz. For decades thereafter the Company and British monarchy continued to try to collect the protection money they claimed from the Persians owed them.

      Most Americans don't even know that the USA had already had 10s of thousands of "boots on the ground" in Iran. During WW2 predominantly African American troops worked ceaselessly on the "Persian Corridor" to supply the Soviet Union with 100's of thousands of vehicles; Many of the jeeps and trucks which rolled into Berlin to take the Reichstag were built in Detroit.

      We are simply experiencing another chapter in a centuries old attempt to control one of the world's oldest and most strategically placed civilizations. The US and Iran are at war.

      The US is so powerful that it can not only wage war on multiple countries at the same time but can do so without its own population even noticing. Ahmadinejad is currently in another country, Cuba, which the USA has been in a state of war for a long time as well. If another country imposed sanctions on the US like those it imposes on Cuba, Americans would consider it a hostile act and go to war over it; if its not an all out shooting war its because the poor Cubans have no hope of retaliating against all powerful Uncle Sam.

  • Cooking magazines dish on new trend: labeling Arabic food Israeli!
  • Santorum is a one-stater-- he says all of West Bank is Israel
    • How worried should would be about the people of Texas and Mexico and the rest of the United States? If Santorum gets elected, Santorum might introduce an Israeli-like system of citizenship. The USA will have different levels of citizenship, depending on ethnicity and religion. If you are born in Texas or New Mexico and perhaps anywhere else in the USA, and trace your family history in your locale back forever, you could still be denied citizenship. Russians like the Lieberman and the Miliukowskys (sorry, Netanyahus) with a philosophy like Zionism could come to America and claim they have a divine right to your house and neighborhood.

      Should Americans being checking out refugee camps in Canada or Mexico to go to after Inauguration day, 2013?

  • Pentagon asks for extra $100 million to Israel for Iran defense (and Congress doubles the tip)
    • $1.036 trillion? wow. Any record of a single Israeli word of gratitude for all that cash? More importantly, any chance the US will get paid back?

  • Is portrait of Mark Zuckerberg in 'The Social Network' anti-Semitic?
    • paranoid nonsense.

      You should download a copy of 'pirates of silicon valley' and consider the rather negative portraits of bill gates and steve jobs. Even the title tells you where the film-makers stand. Then you should try to argue that that the portrait of Gates is 'anti-Christian' or 'anti-Congregationalist', or that the portrait of Jobs is 'anti-Buddhist' or a slur on adopted people. Your arguments would make make as much sense as those you've made about The Social Network.'

      The world doesn't revolve around Judaism, any more than it revolves around Congregationalism or Buddhism. The portrayal of Zuckerberg in the movie has nothing to do with his religion or ethnicity.

  • Gingrich comment that Palestinians are an 'invented people' enters primary debate
    • You could use Gingrich's line of thinking to argue that the Holocaust never happened. There were indeed around 6 million jews were killed by the nazis during WW2. But there was no use of the term 'jewish people' at that time to refer to them. They must therefore have been an invented people, interlopers with no rights to any land in Europe. The fact that Israeli's identify the Middle East and not Europe as their homeland merely buttresses the argument.
      The logical extension of Gingrich's argument is that nothing like the Nakba could ever have happened. There were indeed up to a million people who had to move or be killed, and many were killed, when the state of israel was formed. But since for Gingrich there was no such thing as a 'palestinian' then this million people were driven out of land that didn't belong to them, so no 'nakba'.

      How often you see phrases referring to 'Lebanese people' or 'Syrian people' or 'Jordanian people' or 'Egyptian people'. Not very often, because in those cases there is no need to do so. 'palestinian people' became a more widely used phrase because unlike in the other cases there existence came under threat from israel.

  • Bill Kristol says jump, Romney and Gingrich say How high?
    • gutman's analysis isn't too bad, except for calling hatred of Israel's policies a form of anti-semitism. Its not in any way antisemitic to criticize and oppose the colonization of the west bank and east jerusalem or to criticize and oppose "every new settlement announced in Israel". Its in fact a moral obligation to do so.

  • Game changer: Hillary says Israeli restrictions on women remind her of Rosa Parks and Iran
    • From the ynet article:

      Interior Minister Eli Yishai also rejected Clinton's statements. "Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. I assume that whatever will be done here will be within the measure of the law."

      Even though elections were just held in neighboring Egypt, Israeli officials continue to blurt this absolute falsehood. Another neighbor is Lebanon, which has a parliamentary democracy as well. And of course israel is and never will be a democracy as long as it insists on being a jewish state. The government headed by Netanyahu controls all historic palestine, where jews are in the minority. its all rigged so that that there is one area under control called 'israel' where jews have a majority; people living in occupied palestine, the west bank and gaza, have no say in electing the people who make the most important decision of their lives; the PA is just like a local authority.

  • Panetta's last words to Israel: 'Get to the damn table... Get to the damn table'
    • Maybe Panetta made a Freudian slip, one way or another.

      Something which is "damned" is doomed and disgraced. For Israel the table has always been damned. Negotiations are just so much stalling while the settlements expand and Palestine disappears. Alternatively you could say that the "damned table" is one which for Israel can only function as a means to damn Palestine into non-existence.

  • Roger Cohen says our foreign policy has been 'Likudized'
    • Instead of 'Likudized' i would use a different term; may 'zionized. All major Israeli parties are dedicated to the same goal of the total absorption of Palestine and other territory in the middle east and differ little on how to achieve it; its a mistake to think things will be substantially different if Livni or Barak was prime minister. Same thing in the USA; Obama is just as much a captive of America's Zionized politics as his predecessors and his potential successors.

      Nobody knows what is being planned vis a vis Iran but the USA and Israel are already very much at war with Iran and have been for some time. Obama has been against Iran getting Nukes since before he took office; that goal can not be achieved without killing people.

  • A message in the sand: 'We will not allow gas exports to Israel'
    • The bad deal the Egyptians got on their gas sounds like the latest chapter in the long history of western exploitation. The Suez canal was supposed to help the Egyptians but European countries and companies made all the money; when Nasser tried to make it function for the first time to primarily benefit of the Egyptian people, France Britain and Israel invaded to tried to take it back.

  • Is U.S. Egyptian policy just an Israel policy in a galabiya?
    • The Israel problem is the biggest problem in world politics. Accomodating the endless aspirations of Zionism is equivalent in import to other episodes in history such as the cold war, the rise of imperial and later Nazi Germany, and the rise of Revolutionary/Napoleonic France. Huge countries like Egypt are having their fate shaped by the question of what is best for the far smaller country of Israel. Much of the effort that western powers once put into building their overseas empires has been directed to Israel, the last western colony.

  • Student leader who tweeted about Obama assassination spent last weekend w/ pro-Israel group StandWithUs
    • If she was a Muslim linked to a pro-palestinian group who had made the same tweet she'd either
      a: be in jail
      b: her tweet would be all over Fox News and the other right wing MSM to show how Obama is soft on islamo-terrorism.

  • Condi Rice was 'shocked' by 'ethnic purity' claims for Jewish state
    • Rice admitted on television that on 9/11, after the first tower was struck, she assumed it was an accident. As national security advisor at the time, she should have been the first person in the world to consider it might be a deliberate attack.

      I don't think she thought this way because she was stupid or lazy. Like her observations of Livni's statement, politics forces officials like Rice not only to view the world through a narrow, ideologically constricted box, but to act accordingly as well. The Republicans were focused on Saddam Hussein throughout the Clinton Presidency and consistently denigrated the priority the Democrats gave to fighting Osama Bin Laden, purely for political reasons. Focusing on the terror threat from Al Queda didn't fit their political agenda to such an extent that it made America less safe. Anybody Rice who told George Bush that he should forget about Iraq and focus on Al Queda would never have been hired or would have been fired. Rice should be ashamed of letting down her country just as she should be for acquiescing silently to Livni's repugnant views.

    • hope your right

    • Livni is just as much dedicated to the ethnic cleansing of Palestinian as Netanyahu, Lieberman or any other Israeli Minister. Condy Rice was just as dedicated to playing a useful role managing this ethnic cleansing as Susan Rice or Obama or any other member or the current US government.

      We are witnessing the slow extinction of the Palestinian nation. The Israelis may be the perpetrating this managed extinction. But the US and other western countries are the managers, trying to anaesthize the world and their electorates by making the whole horrible affair seem as benign as possible.

  • Dubious Charlie Rose asks Ehud Barak why not one state?
    • Barak is pretty much in agreement with the sentiments expressed by Zionist founding father Theodore Herzl's views a century ago in the "A Jewish State: An Attempt at a Modern Solution of the Jewish Question" The only thing that's change is that what was universally referred to before WW2 as Palestine is now called 'Israel', and that the "Jewish Question" or the "Jewish Problem" is now called the "Palestinian Problem.":

      Herzl: "Palestine is our ever-memorable historic home. The very name of Palestine would attract our people with a force of marvellous potency"

      "An infiltration (of Jews) is bound to end in disaster. It continues till the inevitable moment whent he native population feels itself threatened, and forces the Government to stop the further influx of Jews. Immigration is consequently futile unless based on an assured supremacy."

      At the end of Zionist spectrum are later writers like Jabotinsky (of whom Netanyhu's father was a student and admirer). Jabotinsky specifically explained that Zionism is a colonial project. Neither he (not Barak in the interview) didn't use the phrase "assured supremacy" but they both absolutely agree that their must be maintained a Jewish majority by one means or another.

      The present situation is a compromise between these zionist streams of thought. The Israeli government rules over lands in which Jews are in the minority. The Palestinians in the occupied territories do not have a say in the selection of the Israeli cabinet in Tel Aviv which makes the ultimate decisions over their lives. Endless and meaningless promises that this is only a temporary situation which is not israel's fault disguise the fact that historic Palestine - within which resides the state of Israel -is now ruled as an oligarchy or ethnotheocracy but which has been rigged or gerrymandered to maintain the pretense that the State of Israel is a democracy.

  • The escalation: 'Time' says Israel attacked Iranian missile base
    • who is the unnamed 'American official'? Usually journalists say 'senior official' or such to try to hype up the importance of the scoop.

      the 'bomb iran' talk works for bibi in more ways than one. You have to admit, if you really think that world war III is about to start tomorrow, the ethnic cleansing of palestine seems a less urgent issue.

      if anyone didn't know it before, the leaked sarkozy/obama conversation demonstrates that the us has to constantly deal with israel; bibi wants to put the focus entirely on a non-existent threat from iran, so that in his conversations with washington things like settlement expansion and the related repression of palestinians doesn't even come up.

      Is it a coincidence that the iran threat has been of more concern to Bibi since the PA's recognition by Unesco? Just this small hint that the Likud party program of a single state west of the jordan might be threatened by a genuine prospect of a palestinian state might have seriously spooked the israeli government.

      Israel and the US have been at war with Iran for a long time. Cyber attacks, assassinations, and who knows what else. Even if not a single American person is directly involved, it doesn't matter; the US is involved as the enabler. Nobody quite knows what things the US and Israeli leadership have in mind for Iran and its not much use speculating.

  • Dennis Ross announces he is leaving the Obama administration in December
    • don't think the sarkozy microphone flop or the IAEA debacle are important enough issues to sack ross.

      'Bomb Iran or I quit' sounds better, but far too dramatic for somebody like Ross.

      What would you want most, if you were a career diplomat like Ross? maybe a republican candidate offered Ross secretary of state in return for support in the election, or something like that.

  • Wexler on the warpath: Opening volleys of major push for Iran war by liberal Zionists and hawks?
    • you can be a liberal zionist any more than you can be a liberal fascist.
      Wexler and his friends are guilty of appeasement. Germany's and Italy's sympathizers in the 1930s made the same argument, give the fascists the land to which their entitled, let them build huge armed forces and demilitarize their enemies, and then it will fear secure and become less bellicose and make peace.
      Israel's nuclear superiority gives its leaders the confidence that they can continue the ethnic cleansing of Palestine with impunity. They don't want to worry about Iran's or anyone elses reaction each time a new 'settlement' extension is announced

  • The real question is: Does Netanyahu lie?
  • Israelis respond to Obama snub on Facebook
    • the anti-muslim comments mentioned demonstrate a general ignorance of the fact that the USA and Israel put enormous efforts into propping up the Saudi Arabian dictatorship and other Islamic regimes so that they continue to react with complacency as Israel expands its territory, primarily at the expense of people who themselves are Muslim.

  • Israel's UN ambassador breaks bread with Le Pen, French nationalist
    • Fascists of the world, Unite!

      Zionism is such a form of national socialism. In the 19th new groups of 'people' emerged in Europe that had never been referred to such in the same way before, such as the Italian people, the German people, and the Jewish people. In the 20th century leaders of these 'peoples' emerged who maintained that they needed to purify their societies and claim lands they to which they had an ancient right and in which anyone who was not the right kind of 'people' who have to leave or accept 2nd class status. Mussolini told Italians that 'a great people needs space' and that the Meditteranean was 'Mare Nostra' (Our Sea). The National Socialist German Workers (NAZI) party claimed 'lebensraum' in eastern europe. Zionists claimed Palestine, although they hesitated and almost opted for other places like uganda. Zionism is colonial and fascism combined. Israel is Europe's last colony.

  • JTA wonders why 'Jewish influence' is so 'pervasive' in our politics
    • The problem is called Democracy.

      The US is in the mess its in because even those jewish-americans are a small minority there are nevertheless about 25 jewish americans for every palestinian-american. There are no palestinian american senators, governors, or congressmen, none running banks, movie studios, corporations, etc.

      There isn't any reason for any politician to support the palestinian cause, and there lots of reasons to be seen as a supporter of israel. If there were 6 or 7 million palestian americans and only 2 or 3 hundred thousand jewish americans, the Us would have a completely different policy.

      Democracy is a better form of government than just about anything else, but it doesn't guarantee moral or ethical behaviour. A democracy can be just as cruel and inhumane as any dictatorship. When Harry Truman recognized Israel, it was against the advice of all of his officials, as it would cause enormous hardship in Palestine and make America a pariah in the Arab world. He explained by saying he didn't care about Arabs because he never heard of a case where an American election was decided by the Arab vote.

  • Ultra-Orthodox pose greater risk to Israel than Iran -- fmr Mossad chief
    • Halevy is irresponsible and wants to have his cake and eat it too. If Iran is attacked and there are dire consequences, which there no doubt will be, he can say I told you so.

      Like most Israeli and their supporters the double standard that allows israel to have nuclear weapons without signing the non proliferation treaty or allowing any inspectors while condeming Iran which does not yet have these weapons but has signed the NPT seems perfectly normal.

      Force will be needed to stop iran from acquiring the bomb so if you against iran having nuclear weapons you are a hypocrite if you are against the use of force to stop iran from acquiring any.

      He doesn't explain what or anything should be done about the "ultra-Orthodox" because he doesn't want to be responsible for anything done to them.

      In any case the war has already started with cyber attacks, assasinations, and who knows what else. The US is waging an undeclared war on Iran because the Iranians have the audacity to want a tiny fraction of the same arms that US and Israel have.

      I hope iran gets nuclear weapons quickly because it maybe the only way to deter us agression. Pakistan, China, India, North Korea, Russia have enough nuclear weapons between them to destroy the world. Did anybody lose any sleep last night worrying about these weapons? The world will be safer with a nuclear iran.

  • Netanyahu’s party platform 'flatly rejects' establishment of Palestinian state
    • this is what it says about likud at ynet, which is not unsympathetic to likud:

      Main platform
      Israel will not allow the establishment of an Arab Palestinian state west of the Jordan River. The Palestinians will be able to manage their lives freely in the framework of an autonomous regime, but not as a sovereign, independent state.

      The Jordan River will be the State of Israel's permanent border.

      Jerusalem is the Jewish people's everlasting capital; it will not be divided, nor will any negotiation to the effect be conducted. Israel will continue to push for the expansion of Jewish neighborhoods in east Jerusalem. Israel will ensure the freedom of religion and faith as well as free access to all holy places in Jerusalem, for all religions. The boosting of Jewish settlement activity in the Golan Heights will continue.

      Israel's defense, safety and security will be top priority in any political negotiation or agreement. Israel will maintain all its security assets in order to ensure its ability to defend itself in times of crisis.

      The Likud pledges to continue to strive for peace with all of it neighbors, while stressing security Israel's safety and security as a benchmark guideline to Mideast peace.

      Israel will spare no effort in ensuring the return of all its missing and captive soldiers; Israel will continue to work for the pardon of Jonathan Pollard.

      Israel will strive for a free economy while integrating into the global village, encouraging privatization and greater exposure to competition; a greater effort will be made to conserved the environment and improving infrastructure; additional government assistance will be offered in order to expand the job market and minimize unemployment; and more foreign currency, energy, tax, health and welfare reforms will be introduced.

  • Some preliminary questions about the alleged Iranian terror plot
    • the usa and israel are at war with iran, have been for sometime. US MSM giving tons of exposure to an alleged assasination which didn't happen, while virtually ignoring the actual assasinations of iranian scientists. We may never know the full involvement of US in the murders of Darioush Rezaie this year and Majid Shahriari in 2010. But it doesn't matter if there was no direct involement of US personnel because Israel is fully supported by US and the intelligence and defense agencies of the two countries are joined at the hip.

      Its a new cold war, and its just a question of if or when the shooting begins.

  • Even in times of austerity, some spending is inviolable
    • That the authors felt no need to explain is a testimony to the grip the israeli lobby has on the American legislature; any senator, congressman or congresswoman would fear for their job if they even discussed cutting aid to israel as a possibility.

  • NYT reviewer: Small group of Bush advisers will take real reason for Iraq war to their (restless) graves
    • Two particularly startling points from this AJC:
      15. Should the Palestinians be required or not be required to recognize Israel as a Jewish state in a final peace agreement? 96% Agree

      This demand for recognition of a "jewish state", which has only been around for a few years, is just an example of israel's bullying of palestine, demanding something that no state can do. States only acknowldedge other state's sovereignty, not their character; Israel can define itself as a martian state if it wants, its nobody elses concern. The demand is just another way to frustrate any meaningful discussion as israel expands its illegal colonies.

      even more frightening and telling is the 76% of respondents who agree that "The goal of the Arabs is not the return of occupied territories but rather the destruction of Israel". The implications of this are enormous. If 3 quarters of all American jewish leader of any influence believes this, which by this poll would seems to be the case, there is little chance of peace in the middle east.

  • The jury is in - Times readers decide against Bronner
    • i fear the NY Times will retaliate. they will transfer bronner somewhere else, which will be dressed up as a promotion of some kind. then his replacement will be some zionist who will make bronner look like a palestinian activist.

  • Anwar al-Awlaki's extrajudicial murder
    • "[Awlaki's] hateful ideology and targeting of innocent civilians have been rejected by the vast majority of Muslims and peoples of all faiths. "

      why not, or how long before:

      "Avigdor Lieberman's hateful ideology and targeting of innocent civilians have been rejected by the vast majority of Jews and peoples of all faiths. "

      or similar???

      lawless US government!!!

    • Out of sight, out of mind. Obama's administration doesn't want American troops on the ground, with the images of the grieving families and the dead soldiers in the media. For the same reason, avoiding publicity, Obama doesn't want any prisoners; whether at Guantanamo Bay, or inside America.

      So the solution the administration has arrived at is drone strikes in remote areas. Maximum bang for your buck, minimum publicity.

      The rule of all, of course, goes completely out the window. But politicians have long known that if you are seen as providing protection, the electorate doesn't really care about the rule of law. This is especially true where the USA's victims are foreigners, but now it even applies to American citizens.

  • White House sells Quartet statement on negotiations as 'a major accomplishment in Israel's favor'
    • quartet is a waste of time; it exists simply to internationalize and further legitimize israel's tactic of obstruction and temporazation while its colonists grab ever more of the west bank and east jerusalem. Israel will stretch out negotiations forever if it can and the quartet is only there to help this happen.

      Abbas should just forget about negotiations for the time being and concentrate on UN recognition; doing so may not work, it may backfire, but its the best of the bad range of choices facing him; hopefully and independent Palestine will be able to gain its fast disappearing leverage for dealing with israel and the us

  • Blair uses envoy post to support billionaire life-style, TV doc claims
    • Blair is a Zionist. He obviously sold out to the British Zionist lobby in order to get elected. Lord Levy, the chief fundraiser for the Labour Party during Blair's leadership, was also the chief fund raiser for Israel. Levy was almost jailed for abusing his position. Blair embraced the invasion of Iraq, probably because for one thing is was so good for israel. this guy is bad.

  • Obama's impossible dilemma--and ours
    • Don't agree with Jerome's analysis. Obama could take a lesson from President Eisenhower, who went over the heads of the Congress and went on TV to explain how he had to boot the Israeli's out of Gaza, which they had occupied during the Suez crisis in 1956. Ben Gurion and Golda Meir had initially told him Ike that a return to the status quo ante was impossible.

      If the US President wanted to force israel to do something, he could easily do so. Congress would protest but would simply have to accomodate itself; Majority Leader and closet zionist Lyndon Johnson was livid about Ike's decision, but couldn't do anything about it.

      Similar situation with Apartheid South Africa as there is with Apartheid Israel now. US withdrew its support for the Apartheid government and apartheid collapsed. The US could completely alter Israel's fate, but unfortunately the tail wags the dog.

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