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I live in Europe, I've been following the I/P conflict for about 12 years. I went to Palestine just before Intifada II

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  • Israel destroys homes for Bedouins, builds homes for Jews
    • @ diasp0ra : I wish you were right ... but I wouldn't be so optimistic. Making the life of the Palestinian people unbearable small steps by small steps, harassing them, killing them on a daily basis is what has been going on for nearly 50 years. And I hate to add : successfully ! In short more and more land, absolutely NO sanctions whatsoever and sadly no halt in sight. It is called quiet deportation.
      The zionists don't care if it was to take another 50 years to extinct the question of Palestine by making the indigenous Palestinian people such a minority no one would care about anymore.
      The SA analogy does not work here. SA had no way to expel the Black people. The Whites were always to be a minority.
      Add the recent comments of a Massoud Barzani about a total redraw of the current Middle East maps , the tearing apart of Syria which would benefit Israel (among others).
      The zionists are arrogant and despicable, yes but they are powerful and clever.

  • For the first time Israel's high court wrestles with legality of punitive home demolitions
    • WeAreAllMadeOfStars December 5, 2014 at 9:48 am

      I personally love the contrast in the picture : Those oriental women wearing a veil, well-dressed and elegant facing a modern western faceless zombie. That sums it all to me

  • Palestinian flag is an 'enemy' flag-- Netanyahu's latest crackdown
    • WeAreAllMadeOfStars December 1, 2014 at 4:40 pm

      Correct me if I'm wrong but up to the Oslo Accord, it was forbidden to fly the Palestinian flag even in the Palestinian Territories ...

  • Bardem and Cruz don't speak English well enough to understand 'genocide' -- Saban
    • WeAreAllMadeOfStars August 25, 2014 at 5:57 pm

      arrrghk .... where's the edit button gone ? Anyway, it should read The other day and in the end there was a sarcasm-tag I love that ad soooo much end-of-sacrcasm-tag but it seems it was deleted. Sorry folk :-(

    • WeAreAllMadeOfStars August 25, 2014 at 5:51 pm

      I love that ad ... The other I was trying to prove to a friend of mine that the ADL was a farce, an intellectual bankruptcy ... This ad is a perfect own goal. Tell you, I'm gonna keep it and tell you again but this time more clearly I love that ad soooo much

  • Amid fierce debate, members of German think tank take a stand on Gaza
    • WeAreAllMadeOfStars August 19, 2014 at 5:29 pm

      Since this thread seems to be "international" or multilingual, you might find some hope in this French saying (about patience) "Les petits ruisseaux font les grandes rivières" which could be translated as "Small watercourses make big rivers"

  • The killing fields
    • Dear Kay24
      I can sort of feel your anger and sorrow and though my words won't change those feelings, I would like first to say to you that :you, the people are not guilty of those horrendous crimes, the governments and to all those US posters here, not only the US government but also all the governments of Western Europe. All those governments are the real enablers and full complicit of these crimes. I live in Western Europe and I am truly ashamed.
      We must act like candles (small, fragile yet warm and alight) : share the flame with the next candle thus creating a chain of lit candles setting light on the path of peace and freedom. Might sound highly poetic but essentially true and I think, essential.

  • The deafening silence around the Hamas proposal for a 10-year truce
    • I have another simple one Dim (though I confess not entirely from me) :
      Give up your arsenal (planes, helicopters, submarines, nuclear warheads, tanks, and the list of mass murdering and destruction tools goes on), proclaim Israel demilitarized zone under UN/OSCE/LGA control, subject to the international monitoring of goods and people coming in/out of Israel and denounce the goal of creating Eretz Israel, withdraw from all occupied territories including Golan. Does any of them require loss of lives or any harm to Israelis?
      No. So what's your take Dim ?
      I leave to other posters to comment on “Palestinian people’s honor” ...
      I am not a Palestinian but I'de be proud if I was (my heart is though, Palestinian that is)

  • Massacre in Gaza: At least 60 killed in Shuja'iyeh, over 60,000 in UN shelters
    • WeAreAllMadeOfStars July 20, 2014 at 7:19 pm

      Dear MDM,
      We, as people of consciousness, have absolutely no way to predict how a heartless-brainless monster, let alone a full army of them, will behave ...

      Dear Gazans
      I'm so ashamed I can be of so little, next to nothing to help you right now ... We want to help you, but it turns out you are to be admired for all your Human qualities. Love.

  • Video: Resistance activists down power line in West Bank
  • First night of Israeli ground operations kills 27 Palestinians; Ambulances come under fire attempting to retrieve the injured
  • After brutal police beating, Palestinian-American Tarek Abu Khdeir, 15, sentenced to home arrest without charge
    • WeAreAllMadeOfStars July 7, 2014 at 2:25 am

      international opinion which sees Israel as part of the jungle rather than the villa.

      I know you're paraphrasing but still you're insulting the jungle (what's wrong with the jungle) and insulting the Arab people (they're part of the "terrible" jungle)

      Israel is definitely the villa : surrounded by fences/wall/barricades ... no natural wild life tolerated, any insects and lovely form of life annihilated on the spot, guns ...
      In the jungle, wild life flourishes, all kind of extraordinary species live, even human tribes live there respecting their host environnement ...

      Enjoy your post generally though

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