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  • Most Jews want to expel Palestinians -- Pew's ugly portrait of Israel
    • Interesting how the Christian Palestinians (compared to Palestinian Muslim and Druzes) are generally more forceful in rejecting Israeli Zionist practices, and have a more clear view of what Israel is all about.

    • Agreed,
      did a double take on the headline myself.

  • 2017 is a crucial year for the Palestine Question
    • "insofar as a significant part of the settlers truly believe in the “redemption” of the sacred soil of Judaic mythology "
      I have called it a "collective psychopathology", difficult to handle and very dangerous.

    • Froggy: I grant/assume that you do care by reading MW. Good. But the facts on the ground are not changing but worsening for the Palestinians, and the "care" reference seems to be pointing to that fact.

  • Neocon savages Christie for failing 'months and months of careful coaching' by foreign policy experts
  • 500 Days in Limbo: The story of two men from Gaza stuck in US immigration detention
  • 'In every important way Israel has failed'-- leading American Zionist says No mas
    • I read that he was involved in the American Jewish Committee.
      Well the mid 1980s in Berkeley, me a Diaspora Palestinian, I was invited along with a Palestinian Israeli (1948) psychology student to speak about possibilities of peace by the Bay area chapter of the AJC on the prodding by the liberal zionist director of the American Friends Service Committee at that time (Quakers). So we spoke, it was supposedly a moving experience, many questions, some old ladies cried and hugged me etc.
      There was a guy, named John Rothman who seemed to be a wheeler and dealer there, came to me, appeared curious, and empathetic, and acted nice in front of the old ladies. He asked a few social questions etc. Low and behold, a few days letter an article in the "Jewish Bulletin (if I recall the name correctly) comes out penned by this John Rothman, attacking the local AJC leadership for providing a forum for dangerous PLO terrorist sympathizers etc etc. ( in those days the PLO was the big No No. )Within a month or two the director of the local chapter of the AJC, a man I only remember his first name as "Joel" was sacked from his position. I remember him as a kind and bearded man, who wanted to provide a forum and a question and answer with the other side. it was a great lesson to me.
      John Rothman became famous and moved up the Zio-ladder, as an extreme Zionist ideologue, wrote books and became a talk-show host in the San Francisco bay. He is one of the worst of the worst right-wing Zionist ideologues out there, while pretending to have a liberal point of view in other arenas, as a good Bay Area guy.

    • Yes it was never a noble experiment. They are trying now to save some of their personal legacy. I care less about them.

  • Did dodging foreign policy doom Bernie Sanders?
  • Chomsky and his critics
    • if you listened to him you'd note how NYT is his main font of news. Main does not mean only.

    • Agreed. It is a bothersome aspect of Chomsky's "makeup" that leads him to oppose BDS, and the notion of the Israel Lobby etc. And as in Donald's post above correctly noted he has become increasingly less relevant. These flaws will taint him whether his fanbase like it or not.

    • Great article and very informative.
      Yes Chomsky is a giant, a giant with serious flaws.
      I will list two.
      1. His main sources has been almost exclusively the western media, primarily the New York Times and in the case of Israel, in addition to the NYT, it would be Haaretz English edition. ( The inimitable Israel Shahak provided Chomsky's with regular translation of Israel's press when Shahak was alive in the late 70s and 80s). This reliance on NYTis most evident when one listens to his long lectures/speeches, where every second sentence is peppered with the NYT wrote on such and such a date... while that may impress any researcher, however the fact is that the starting point has always been flawed by the nature of the sources since the sane sources controlled what they wrote/reported about. If you discuss and theorize about what the censors allowed to print, then the resulting analysis will be skewed . So in essence what Chomsky engaged in is,in the end, a criticism ( a very strong one admittingly) of an echochamber. ( a recent and interesting take on the subject of the NYR and the New Yorker is noted in the article by Dr. Hatim Kanaaneh in Modoweiss:

      2. Until very recently, and very weakly and in passing during an interview only, he never recognized that the Israel lobby, and Prominent and influential Jewish Americans had influence on American policies, even in the middle of the neocon flourishing during and after the Iraq invasion when it was glaringly evident. Chomsky continued to explain US foreign policy and interventions in the Middle east as a lust for oil. It is a serious flaw, in my opinion. He held to the idea that corporatism and corporate interest is what drove American policy in general and adamantly insisted that that was also the case when analysing American foreign policy toward the Middle East.. A strange and surprising deficiency from Chomsky's part and from Chomsky's powerful intellect.. There are a few possible theories or explanations of why that is so.

  • Obama to sign AIPAC-promoted trade bill that legitimizes Israeli occupation and fights BDS
    • Zio witch hunts were widespread in the 80s, by the ADL in cooperation with local police departments against pro-Palestine groups, anti South African apartheid activists etc.

    • 75 to 20 ? I consider that a measured improvement for our congress, when in the recent past the same congress used to vote with super majorities of 100:0 or 99:1 in favor anything Israel much much worse than the Supreme Soviet's voting records.
      Providing a lifeline for a Zio-fascist country as the US has been doing, has its limitations in the long run, and the crash when the sick patient is no longer viable even in the intensive Zio pro-Israel lobby care unit will be deafening.

  • 'Barbarism by an educated and cultured people' -- Dawayima massacre was worse than Deir Yassin
    • "will have very little impact in the Western world"
      Mostly true currently, but there is a definite incremental understanding of how nefarious Zionist ideology is from the beginning. History, in the end, will not be kind.

    • As a group, the Zionist pioneers and the early settlers of Palestine were the most educated, "cultured" and intellectual of the Europeans. Yet original sins (emphasis on the plural) were committed and repeatedly. History is not going to be kind. History will demand an explanation. Previous facile, convenient and self-serving explanations and propaganda are shattering. The answer(s) and explanations will be ugly.

  • Oscar swag bag includes ten-day VIP trip to Israel worth $55,000 (Updated)
  • Dov Yermiya, who said, 'I renounce my belief in Zionism which has failed,' dies at 101
    • I met Dov Yermya around 1983 or 1984, he was visiting the home of a Palestinian friend of his in Northern California. The Palestinian was from the Galilee where Dov was one of the military commanders of the Jewish Army occupying Northern Palestine during the Nakba period. I remember him as a good man, charismatic and handsome. I think he had just written a book, and signed it for me. I remember that he said he felt more comfortable with Northern Galilee Palestinians than his Israeli compatriot. The Palestinian from the Galilee is long dead now, and I have this memory telling me that that Dov somehow refused orders from Rabin and Ben Gurion ordering him to completely cleanse the Galilee of Palestinians, in the now infamous "operation Matate". Matate means broom in hebrew. For an interesting quote on Operation Matate see the great documentary "Route 181" by directors Michel Khleifi (Palestinian), and Eyal Sivan (Israeli).

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