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Ancient Jew anarchist hippy. Technoweenie wise-ass, know-it-all. Reality-based, Chomsky-an Carlinite, reluctant t*rr*rist sympathizer. Anti-Zionist, anti-Democrat, anti-Republican, anti-military, anti-bullshit, anti-war, anti-Sky Santa" anti-hero. "Liberal democracy" is neither, just a front for criminal capitalism, and needs to be stripped of it's iconic status. Sacred cows should be barbequed at the first opportunity. Voters should be tested for intelligence and their votes weighted accordingly. Loyalty should be reserved for family, friends and neighborhood. Utterly cynical, pro-creativity, pro-technology, pro-capitalism, pro-privacy, pro-grassroots, pro-mind your own damn business and leave me out of it. Your mileage may vary.

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  • Geller's 'savage' bus ad meets strong resistance from the Bay Area
  • Missouri mosque burning: Imam says 'tragedy' will not 'stop us'
    • Once again, here is the real America and the real Joplin:

      link to

    • I'm an American and a Jew, and usually a hell-raiser, ready to rip into bigots of every stripe, particularly US white bigots of both the secular and evangelical fundy types, and Zionist bigots. But in this case, I'm not all that concerned with the sad, sick person who committed this hate crime. Rather, I see in this Mosque burning a classic case of the silver-lined cloud. I am absolutely sure that the people of Joplin, Missouri are by and large thoroughly decent people. And I hope to ***SEE*** that decency in action. I hope the people of Joplin, of all faiths, will spontaneously come together in a sort of loaves-and-fishes event, gather (buy, donate, find, scavenge, salvage, and otherwise accumulate) the materials necessary to rebuild the mosque, and working shoulder to shoulder to do exactly that.

      Please tell me if you have experienced the same impulse that I have, not only to see Joplin rise to the occasion and by their actions say, " This is the real America, and this is most certainly the real Joplin. ", but to actually desire to travel to Joplin -- while hoping, expecting, and discovering, with satisfaction but not surprise, that the rest of the country, like you, is headed for Joplin -- to take part in the rebuilding.

      Sometimes an act of destructive anger can be an opportunity.

  • 'NYT''s Sanger says Iran nuclear program is 'direct threat to the U.S.'
    • Understand, it is not about Iran being a threat, which it is not. It's not even a threat to Israel. (Israel is the primary threat to Israel. First, by stealing Palestine from the Palestinians, and then using the inevitable pushback against this criminal aggression as an excuse for continued aggression and expansion.) By threatening everyone in the region -- largely because they support justice for the Palestinians -- and alienating/antagonizing the rest of the world with their brazen -- but perhaps more important, savagely disproportionate -- violence, the Israelis are setting the stage for their destruction.

      (Many people point to Israeli nukes and persuade themselves that these weapons will somehow protect Israel. But there is another way to look at it, and an unblemished five-thousand year pattern of anti-Jewish reaction to support it. Those nukes make a violent paranoiac a threat to the entire world, confirmed in spades by The Sampson Option -- Israel's threat to nuke the West if it doesn't protect Israel against some future defeat at the hands of the Arabs. In this context, those very Israeli nukes could provoke its eventual destruction)

      No, the business with Iran is just that, business. The US political class and MIC need a boogieman to replace the old USSR. Iran has been selected for that role.
      As usual, it is almost entirely about $$$$$$$$$$$$$.

  • Israel's reliance on US has turned it into a 'global pariah'
    • Seems like a pretty good analogy to me: a criminally aggressive, militarist fascist nation Japan/Israel, pre-emptively attacks a militarily capable, disapproving neighbor state in an effort to neutralize that states ability to defend against and bring to justice the criminal aggressor state.

      The truth, what a concept!

  • Reference
    • Try "The Secret History of Zionism" by Ralph Schoenman, available full-text and free on the web.

      Okay. It's a little biased -- it's a polemic -- but the historical data is impeccably footnoted.

  • Congressional bill: No money to U.N. till it retracts Goldstone Report
    • "Security council is merely a winners of WW2 club..."

      Mig, you got it exactly right, but there is more.

      The League of Nations was formed in the aftermath of WW I. If you read it's charter, you might think, "Wow! What a good idea. What a rational, civilized, forward-thinking, peaceful-international-conduct-enabling innovation for humanity." But the words of the charter were phony, cynical, hypocritical crapola from day one. The soulless mafia goons who run the world had no intention of good faith re The League's founding principles. Rather, they didn't miss a step in continuing their ages-long gangster behavior. The League's principles were bad-faith window dressing probably meant for the consumption of the people's of the Europe -- what was left of them -- who had just been profoundly savaged by the massive for-profit venture which was the first full-on war of the industrial age.

      Two seconds after it was created, the League's members -- the "winner's" of WW I --adopted it as their latest tool, gaming it for their imperial advantage. They divvied up the Ottoman's lost empire, and the Brits empowered the Balfour declaration -- a monstrous violation of the League's principle of local sovereignty -- by inserting it into the Mandate for Palestine.

      The UN is no different. Despite some little good that it does when everyone agrees on some humanitarian action, it's just a clubhouse for the ancient class of world-rapers. Any mouthings of commitment to high principle is just a cover story for the gullible. Latest example: the "humanitarian" rationale for the Libyan war. As Shakespeare put it:

      "When devils will the blackest sins put on,
      They do suggest at first with heavenly shows,"

      If it wasn't for the gullibility of each new generation of suckers, children accidentally deceived into thinking that the grown-up world was led by folks as sweetly loving as mom and dad, the entire political class would be fed into a wood-chipper.

      As for me, I'm sixty-two years old -- can't frickin believe it -- and I would dearly love to feed the chipper.

  • U.S. funded Israeli-linked security company pushes anti-Muslim ideology
    • You used the term "colonialism". We were taught this term in school. When we were young and impressionable and had no way to know better. European Colonialism. But this is spin. Eurocentric, Anglo-Saxon spin. When you go somewhere uninvited, offload "settlers" and men with guns, chase off the people who already live there or enslave them, killing any who object, and steal their land, the term "colonialism" is just a sanitizing lie. The reality is invasion, conquest, murder, subjugation, and theft. The proper term for that suite of actions is "imperialism". In short crime.

      Spread the word. "Colonialism" is a lie. To cover a crime. The greatest crime there is.

    • You do realize don't you, that the "hostages" in Iran were a response to the US overthrow of the democratically elected, moderate, secular Iranian govt, by the CIA, and the subsequent quarter century of murder, torture, and theft of Iranian patrimony by the US installed puppet?

      You do realize don't you that Lebanon is a separate country and not one of the fifty states, and that consequently US marines have no business setting up shop there, and that when they do, it is as trained-killer invaders who deserve to be killed themselves, which is just what happened? It's called justice. Sauce for the goose. You do get that don't you?

      If you don't, then you are seriously disconnected from reality.

  • Tahrir demonstrators say they aim to liberate Jerusalem
    • The Jews have never been at peace with anyone, ever, in five thousand years. When conquered or dominated they remain quiescent, coyly pious. When empowered or sovereign, their aggressiveness awakens, feeds on their paranoia, and so they are on a hair trigger of distrust and preemptive violence 24/7/365/5000. The USS Liberty, the Lavon Affair, the bombings of the Iraqi Jews, the Mavi Marmara, no one, adversary, ally, or disinterested third party is immune to attack. And the justification is always the same: the self-fulfilling prophecy of "They hate, us they want to exterminate us, they were coming to kill us."

  • Assange is holding dirt on Israel because western newspapers didn't want to publish it
    • Thanks, Jeff. I checked the first three out before concluding it's all Echo Chamber of Ignorance self-reinforcement. Are you the only sane person here? Whatever. Good luck to you. I have enough difficulty extracting truth from garbage on websites with quality information and clear-headed reality-based participants, without subjecting myself to the tsunami of brain-destroying hoo hah that I find in this thread on this site.

      Can't do it. Now I'm outta here.

    • I didn't realize when I came here that Mondoweiss is Truther Central. "The sky is blue! Oh my God it must be a conspiracy!" "Water runs downhill! Oh my god it must be a conspiracy!" "The Sun comes up in the morning, and -- check it out -- it comes up in THE EAST!!!!! What more proof do you need? It's a conspiracy!"

      Things fall "at the speed of gravity" (stupid stupid ignorant clueless phrase -- it is the ACCELERATION of gravity, and the velocity, as a function of time, due to that acceleration) because that is what happens when something falls. Anything that falls, at the earth's surface and in the earth's gravitational field, falls at that rate. It's not a conspiracy, not an accident, not subject to variation, it's a fundamental truth, a fundamental law of nature.

      No, I'm sorry, you guys are too far gone: The whack job tabernacle choir screaming their stupidity in the Echo Chamber of Ignorance.

      I'm outta here.

    • "His own former volunteers blew the whistle on him that he took money from Israel not to release documents damaging to Israel."

      You better have some credible info to back this up. And it better not be that tinfoil hat whack job Gordon Duff.

      Show me some proof.

    • Gordon Duff is a Truther. Disqualified (from reality-based discussion).

    • C'mon, Gordon Duff is a Truther. A full on whack job. Brain dead. Leave him to jibber jabber in peace. He has no place as a participant or a reference in any discussion outside the tin foil hat crowd.

      Don't embarrass yourself.

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