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Ancient Jew anarchist hippy. Technoweenie wise-ass, know-it-all. Reality-based, Chomsky-an Carlinite, reluctant t*rr*rist sympathizer. Anti-Zionist, anti-Democrat, anti-Republican, anti-military, anti-bullshit, anti-war, anti-Sky Santa" anti-hero. "Liberal democracy" is neither, just a front for criminal capitalism, and needs to be stripped of it's iconic status. Sacred cows should be barbequed at the first opportunity. Voters should be tested for intelligence and their votes weighted accordingly. Loyalty should be reserved for family, friends and neighborhood. Utterly cynical, pro-creativity, pro-technology, pro-capitalism, pro-privacy, pro-grassroots, pro-mind your own damn business and leave me out of it. Your mileage may vary.

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  • Geller's 'savage' bus ad meets strong resistance from the Bay Area
  • Missouri mosque burning: Imam says 'tragedy' will not 'stop us'
    • I'm an American and a Jew, and usually a hell-raiser, ready to rip into bigots of every stripe, particularly US white bigots of both the secular and evangelical fundy types, and Zionist bigots. But in this case, I'm not all that concerned with the sad, sick person who committed this hate crime. Rather, I see in this Mosque burning a classic case of the silver-lined cloud. I am absolutely sure that the people of Joplin, Missouri are by and large thoroughly decent people. And I hope to ***SEE*** that decency in action. I hope the people of Joplin, of all faiths, will spontaneously come together in a sort of loaves-and-fishes event, gather (buy, donate, find, scavenge, salvage, and otherwise accumulate) the materials necessary to rebuild the mosque, and working shoulder to shoulder to do exactly that.

      Please tell me if you have experienced the same impulse that I have, not only to see Joplin rise to the occasion and by their actions say, " This is the real America, and this is most certainly the real Joplin. ", but to actually desire to travel to Joplin -- while hoping, expecting, and discovering, with satisfaction but not surprise, that the rest of the country, like you, is headed for Joplin -- to take part in the rebuilding.

      Sometimes an act of destructive anger can be an opportunity.

  • 'NYT''s Sanger says Iran nuclear program is 'direct threat to the U.S.'
    • Understand, it is not about Iran being a threat, which it is not. It's not even a threat to Israel. (Israel is the primary threat to Israel. First, by stealing Palestine from the Palestinians, and then using the inevitable pushback against this criminal aggression as an excuse for continued aggression and expansion.) By threatening everyone in the region -- largely because they support justice for the Palestinians -- and alienating/antagonizing the rest of the world with their brazen -- but perhaps more important, savagely disproportionate -- violence, the Israelis are setting the stage for their destruction.

      (Many people point to Israeli nukes and persuade themselves that these weapons will somehow protect Israel. But there is another way to look at it, and an unblemished five-thousand year pattern of anti-Jewish reaction to support it. Those nukes make a violent paranoiac a threat to the entire world, confirmed in spades by The Sampson Option -- Israel's threat to nuke the West if it doesn't protect Israel against some future defeat at the hands of the Arabs. In this context, those very Israeli nukes could provoke its eventual destruction)

      No, the business with Iran is just that, business. The US political class and MIC need a boogieman to replace the old USSR. Iran has been selected for that role.
      As usual, it is almost entirely about $$$$$$$$$$$$$.

  • Israel's reliance on US has turned it into a 'global pariah'
    • Seems like a pretty good analogy to me: a criminally aggressive, militarist fascist nation Japan/Israel, pre-emptively attacks a militarily capable, disapproving neighbor state in an effort to neutralize that states ability to defend against and bring to justice the criminal aggressor state.

      The truth, what a concept!

  • Reference
    • Try "The Secret History of Zionism" by Ralph Schoenman, available full-text and free on the web.

      Okay. It's a little biased -- it's a polemic -- but the historical data is impeccably footnoted.

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