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yonah fredman

"i am a zionist who believes in a two state solution." This was my profile sentence for the last three years. Here is my update: The two state solution is striking in its simplicity and its legal basis on the 1947 partition resolution and UN Security Council Resolution 242 of 1967. A US president should certainly pursue this direction. But unelected to the US presidency, I am not so limited. Recent calls from various parts of the Israeli political spectrum to grant the right to vote (in Israeli elections) to West Bank Palestinians appeals to me. The trick is to turn this idea into a policy of the state. Granted this would not solve Gaza or the refugees, but it would be a giant step, if not a leap. Another addendum: Shlomo Sand is the last person I thought would "buck me up" in my Zionism, but he has. The attempt to dismantle Israel in the one state plans offered will not result in a solution, and I think that at some point the situation will clarify itself into forcing israel to turn itself into a nation of its citizens and to get Israel to withdraw from the West Bank. As Sand says things don't look good from here.

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  • ADL is leading 'witch hunt' against Keith Ellison over Israel comments, J Street exec says
    • mooser- i'll supply the punch line and you provide the joke.
      punch line: I had a roast beef on a hard roll.

    • This is what I posted on JJ Goldberg's facebook page. I considered editing the language to avoid arguments with mw denizens, but have chosen to leave it intact, with a willingness to tone down some of my language if forced to by objections:

      Keith Ellison is a hard sell to jews who support israel unquestioningly and hate farrakhan unconditionally. Because my israel views are closer to j street than to aipac, his israel views are within shouting distance of acceptability. On the other hand, the farrakhan connection is deeply troubling. His raising the reichstag fire when the topic was 9/11 indicates someone close enough to street rhetoric (and I mean that in a bad way) for me to put a big question mark on his file. When he was young he followed farrakhan, did he outgrow it or did he aim for higher office and force himself to disavow it. We can't know.
      Mostly I am on the sidelines on this fight. Trump is going to be president and keeping him to one term and strengthening the Democrats in Congress is my highest priority. If ellison were running for president, that would be problematic. But he's not. He's running for dnc chairman. His job is to energize the base. A candidate for president can go one of two ways: energize the base or attract those on the fence. But a party chairman is not about expanding the party, he's about energizing the base, and for that, ellison is useful. Very soon trump will show us precisely how far he is willing to go to curb the rights (or merely insult) muslims. If one fears and hates trump, and I do, one must use all tools to keep him to one term, and Keith Ellison could be useful.
      Who are the stars of the Democratic party. They are few and far between. I am a democrat because I prefer rfk and Humphrey to nixon. And trump was no plain republican, he's a vulgar "Lock her up" bannon buchanan, David duke republican. So I hate trump. I don't like the Republican party, but I fear and hate trump.

    • I think ADL's language of "disqualified" ,rather than "we oppose him for this post" was excessive rhetoric as well.

    • The Keith Ellison dnc fight, you could see this one coming up 6th Avenue (as letterman would say when he was still on 6th avenue.)
      For the democrat grass roots , he fulfills both identity politics and a solid left winger, early Bernie supporter. Trump will be going against muslims in various ways- policy and rhetoric. Opponents of trump must confront him on both rhetoric and policy. Who better to embody that opposition than an american black muslim.
      Even though ellison is a mainstream muslim rather than an NOI (Nation of Islam ) muslim,
      To pretend that American black muslim can be separated from its cultural connotations is a pretense. Malcolm x, elijah muhammmad, Muhammad ali, farrakhan all immediately come to mind. Usually malcolm and Ali have good associations, whereas THEM (The Honorable Elijah Muhammad) and farrakhan have bad associations attached to their names and images.

      The ADL has taken the lead in opposing bannon. The ADL sees its mission as two fold: anti discrimination and support for israel. J street has a singular vision, support for a specific vision vis a vis israel. ADL 's support for israel is not nearly so specific. It may be natural for Ben ami to see Keith Ellison as an ally to the j street vision and for adl to see ellison as one of the key anti Israel voices in the US Congress and therefore to oppose him. Ben ami's use of the term "Witch hunt" seems to me rhetorical excess, particularly because opposition to ellison is natural to (nonspecific vision) supporters of israel.

      JJ goldberg, in the forward, covers the ellison dnc vs the jews controversy well.

  • Video: Israelis look forward to the Trump presidency
    • Zion square in jerusalem represents the right wing/religious sector of the jewish population. Polls before the vote indicated that Israeli jews supported clinton over trump 43-29. Obviously one would need to interview in tel aviv or better yet in northern tel aviv to get an accurate cross section of the centrist and left wing israeli Jewish public. This video reveals the thoughts of the right wing and in no way represents an accurate image of the totality of the israeli public. (Inaccuracy of this sort is also known as propaganda.)

  • 'He won because of race' -- Netanyahu's upset anticipated Trump's
    • ruth, ruth.

      punchline: i should have said dimaggio?

    • Two other commonalities between the two elections: the mediocrity of Phil Weiss's analysis of both events. The utter non questioning of the pre election polls by Phil Weiss of both events.

      There has never been an election that I voted for the Republican candidate for president, but I have never been this scared of a Republican candidate as I am of trump. This vulgar clown with his kkk endorsement , his "Lock her up" rhetoric. His wink and nod to jew haters in the yellen, soros, blankfein commercial. His blatant anti muslim, blatant anti hispanic rhetoric, ( "Mexican judge") his history of anti black racism (birther), and mondoweiss chose to sit out the election and only in the aftermath hurls its deepest insult: you're just like bibi.
      There is a clear tendency in US presidential elections, democrats have won 6 of 7 of the last contests in terms of popular vote, two of which have been overturned by the electoral college. Do we hear one word from phil weiss against the electoral college, not even a whisper. One man, one vote is good enough for the middle east, but in america we accept the electoral college without a protest.

      In israel, the right wing has won or essentially tied, every election since 1977. Any competent analysis of the israeli polls before the 2015 elections showed there was ZERO chance for a left wing coalition. Herzog was predicted to get more seats, true, but he would need Lapid to form a coalition and Lapid scorned the zoabis in 2013 and there was no reason to think he had changed his mind. It was all smoke and mirrors swallowed as if nutritious by mw's superficial analysis and the feckless white house.

      The Democratic party is not sure where to turn whether towards its energetic confidently liberal base or towards the center, to court the fence sitters in suburbia. A strong candidate rather than a weak candidate can make a big difference as well and certainly if we're still a democracy four years hence, trump will be the status quo and the democrat will be change and defeating trump is definitely doable, whether with a Joe Biden centrist or a Bernie Sanders leftist . (I mention both as types not actual candidates. Not to be ageist, but they're too old.)

      Israel is certainly a negative to the left wing of the democratic party and any proposal to move the party to the left will involve democrats who are weak on israel. (Nowhere near the anti Israel sentiment of mw or the mw comments section, fer sure, but certainly closer to Keith Ellison in heart, if not in courage of his convictions.) It is the general leftness that will bring with it the anti Israel sentiment. The i-p issue is not the priority to the grass roots, but rather wall street is. But the natural place of leftists is to be anti Israel (in2016) despite the tumult of the region and the Democratic party will choose grass roots enthusiasm over wooing the fence sitters. We will see how the strategy works in2018. Usually Dem voters are too lazy or busy to vote in off year elections, we'll see if Keith Ellison can get them to the polls.

  • It is time to imagine how one state-- one person, one vote-- will work
    • Note to any readers not from the choir: see how people who speak, write and read neither modern hebrew nor biblical hebrew are authorities on both.

  • Here's the gossip: Beinart is about to replace Goldberg as most important Jewish journalist
    • David Remnick is more important than both, but both Goldberg and beinart wrote books about israel and consider the issue primary in their lives in a way that Remnick is dissimilar. (Speaking regarding public persona, not heart of hearts.)
      But Goldberg and beinart are different; beinart is an activist, Goldberg is a person of note, of importance by connections, beinart is an activist. Goldberg sees his role as the leader of the diaspora, dershowitz's heir. Beinart sees himself as heschel's heir. (A.j. heschel).

  • A conversation with Miko Peled
    • annie- zog stands for zionist occupied government. according to wikipedia this use of the term zionist is unrelated to zionism as you and i know it, but more related to protocols of the elders of zion. pat buchanan used to talk about congress as israeli occupied territory, a phrase you might wish to include in your rhetoric. to my ears, the distance between zog, zionist occupied government and congress as israeli occupied territory is minimal.

    • Annie- you're right. He merely adorns his antisemitism with his ZOG talk. No attempt to disguise. Are anti Zionists ready to make common cause with him because of his ZOG rhetoric?

    • Who says something like this: my provocation is just like Rosa park's provocation. An arrogant fool. Who answers amen? A choir of idiots.

    • Antisemitism is a disease. The Kansas city nut job is more obvious to American ears than the worthless feces of Paris and the hyper cacher, because kc murderer is familiar to us. He masks his hatred in antizionism as well. Do you consider him blowback from zionism? (Or is it because his victims were not jewish that you don't consider his motive of jew hatred to count.)

    • Who says something like that, I don't even know what antisemitism means. A pompous idiot. And who backs him up. A choir of unthinking yesmen.

    • Peled's "I don't know what antisemitism means" is another outrageous utterance.
      Kansas city April 2014 Jewish community center antisemitism kills 3 nonjews. Paris kosher market January 2015 antisemitism kills 4 jews.

    • Miko peled believes his provocative language helps the cause of the Palestinians. I seek to prove that his language doesn't help them.

    • The comparison of the provocations by Rosa Parks of breaking an unjust law with peled's slimy scummy smelly usage of stereotypes is further evidence of the deafness of the general's son.

    • There is no deception involved in listening to the very real suffering of the Palestinians. But the idea of stopping up one's ears is something that miko peled's deafness recalls.

    • Zionism, particularly as expressed today in the occupied west bank, but in fact on a deeper level, is an ideology which defies modern values. The value of each human irrespective of their tribe or gene or sociological grouping is the value. In fact zionism is similar to other nationalisms in this regard. The displacement of the Palestinians in the nakba and the recent arrival of the yehudim as a result of a globe in convulsions, of course, makes this particular us vs. them dissimilar to most other nationalisms.
      Miko peled's ire at the US military aid bill is commendable. Expressing himself as if his rhetorical mentors were Shakespeare and dickens, also not bad. But shylock and fagin, you son of a general, this is what you have learned, you turkey, you son of a general. Go, get lost, you turkey. The choir here loves you. Bravo, they say. Turkeys.

    • It was an analogy. Assuming that the topic is israel and its evil, peled has hijacked the thread and made the conversation about himself.
      Phil Weiss's namby pamby questions to peled as peled attempts to win the gilad atzmon award of the year is another shining example of the tone deafness of mondoweiss, backed up to the hilt by the choir.

    • Miko peled has made the conversation about him and his rhetoric. He has hijacked the thread. But go ahead and defend him.

    • Dudes- seriously you're all so full of it. A little comment in the mw comments section and I use the word bark and you foam at the mouth.
      I will quote you the great lover of mankind miko peled the spoiled child the anointed one: "then theyr surprised Jews have reputation 4 being sleazy thieves. " These are the words you are defending, these are the words that entice Phil Weiss's empathy. You are a choir that agrees with itself. Congratulations. Bannon's trump commercial, no hate there. Peled's "sleazy thieves", no problem there. I used the word bark. Unfair. To the dogs.

    • If you think miko peled brought Palestinian freedom forward with his jew hating tweet, then say so. My estimation: he did not speed it nor delay it even five seconds. So then he added hate to the conversation that was not there before. So are you pro hate or anti hate. Don't answer too quick.

    • If passion alone will free the Palestinians, then who can say that miko peled is on the wrong path. But if dialogue with jews who disagree will someday be part of the path to that freedom, peled leads not in that direction.
      The noise of a barking dog is how peled sounds to me. He has heard the siren song of Palestinian suffering and can hear nothing else.

  • Leading pro-Israel groups dare not criticize Trump lest they lose access to White House
    • When agnosticism re: temple location becomes accusation of antisemitism, indeed, the argument has been cast into emotional territory and a real historian plus a dean of journalists could enlighten us as to what are considered safe assumptions versus healthy skepticism versus denialism.
      I was just saying, if I'm looking at a photo of Willie shoemaker next to wilt chamberlain and you tell me that one is a jockey and the other a basketball player, I would make an educated guess. The location of the temple from my viewpoint is similarly an educated guess.

    • Anyone who has visited jerusalem laffs at those who think the temple was elsewhere. They are game players.

  • If American universities ignore attacks on Muslim students, who will defend them?
    • Shoah is very emotional turf on a blog in 2016, three generations removed from the dead, and you think the judges in 1955 standing with brothers of the murdered are above emotion in their judgment. On this topic you grant Joe Israel's street verdict. The judges were not historians and the intensity of the emotions of the moment are really beyond you spoiled americans whose grandparents all died of natural disease.
      There's plenty to accuse zionism regarding its evil towards the Palestinians . Why bring up the topic of kastner. It is a sign of bad faith on your part to raise the topic out of the blue.

    • Gideon levy lives in israel and is a friend to almost half the people under the charge of the israeli army. He was trained by the best Zionists and came to the conclusion that the long range future of the land is not being served by the status quo.

    • "Jews for Sale" is the yehuda bauer book involved.
      Mooser commenting on kastner is a laff. He knows nothing. Like Schultz on hogan's heroes.
      (Remember mad magazine's take off on stalag 13.)

    • There was nothing uniquely Zionist about the kastner train or the kastner deal. this propaganda from ben hecht is just propaganda. Yehuda Bauer, a real historian, debunks it. leave kastner out of your condemnation of zionism. it is just a symptom of the left's ignorance and inability to put themselves in the shoes of the jews of europe.

  • Trump aide blows off Zionist gala, and Dershowitz warns that politicizing Israel means 'we could lose'
    • Jwalters- herzl 's first plan to solve the judenfragge, was a massive baptism, with himself leading the way.
      Coin a beautiful phrase like anti goyism, and you certainly do not set the stage for an in depth discussion.
      Did you read amos Elon's biography of herzl? I read it 35 years ago. If you've read it or some other book fully dedicated to the story of his life, I'd appreciate a reference .
      Here's the details I recall. There were two currents in central europe at the time. Communism and nationalism. Herzl had pretty much zero tendency towards socialism. When he tried to join the German nationalist fraternity, he was told, you ain't no kraut, yous a jew.
      He was a megalomaniac whose will in fact changed history, to the detriment of most Palestinians and to the salvation of hundreds of thousands of jews.
      His vision of the Jewish state had almost zero Jewish about it. He loved German culture and sold his plan as bringing the enlightened culture to a benighted part of he world. How is that anti european?
      Once he latched onto the plan of a Jewish state as a cure, he then analyzed the weaknesses of Jewish identity. He himself was exhibit number one of the assimilating jew. That is not anti european, that is an analysis of the bourgeois jew in Austrian society. Did the jews have the inner strength to stand up for sovereignty. Certainly the jews of German and middle European society did not. They provided very little in terms of the passion and population to the situation until the feces hit the fan in 33. It was the eastern jew under the czar that provided the passion and the people to herzl's project, reaching the figure of 85,000 by the time of world War one.
      Again, the motivation of herzl is clearly the jew hatred of central europe. Your obfuscation is motivated by either malice or ignorance. You don't seem ignorant.

    • Echo is a fan of trump, so when people put aside the issue of Palestine for one night to attack echo's hero, echo is upset.

    • Talknic- herzl was seeking a national solution, not a personal solution. A solution for the masses, not for himself .
      A man who was thoroughly assimilated- didn't circumcise his sons, had a Christmas tree, he was scared of assimilation? Tell me some more fairy tales .

      Do you think you help the Palestinians with these fairy tales?

    • What a cesspool mw comments has turned into. Who needs to go to Facebook for false news when we can come here for false history. Herzl was happy to assimilate, but the nonjew was not happy to have him around. J Walters and the hate. Keeping the tradition going. Hurray for mw comments!

    • Yaron London's tone should be read with the delivery of Eric Severaid (z'l), skewering Israel's weaknesses. The full article deserves a read and not the facile treatment of the commentators here.

  • Zionists embrace of Trump and Bannon is no surprise
    • Israel's foreign policy has not emphasized morality and because of the "light unto the nations" and the obvious shortfall, screeds like this post are inevitable.
      Israel's sins against the Palestinians is ongoing and at the core of any analysis of how to move forward regarding israel, there must be some deep reckoning with the palestinians.
      On the other hand, the machiavellian ways of navigating the world of survival, that's just the nature of survival.
      Spoiler alert: ad hominem coming.
      The inability of present day israel to present a vision for the future regarding its core issue does not give license to ignore the circumstances of Israel's birth, which is fine preaching to the choir, but I am not the choir and you sound to me like barking dogs.
      The wandering nation shtick might just have been the alternate history except for 4 things: 1. zionism, whose root cause was European nationalism which defined them as outside the nation. 2. The Balfour declaration and the follow through of the British mandate. 3. Closed gates of America led Jewish population in palestine to go from 85,000 in 1920 to 400,000 in1939 and 4. The shoah.

    • Mooser, a propagator of false statistics scorns the usage of real stats to put anecdotes in context. What a man of falsity you are. But for a good cause.

    • For those who might consider applying facts and brains to an analysis, consider Obama's margins (in the american jewish vote measured in exit polls) over mccain, 78-21, and over romney, 69-30.

    • There are high visibility Zionists who have embraced trump and bannon, including Ron dermer speaking for bibi, and dershowitz, representing those of like mind. Very few of hillary's American Jewish supporters is heading to the side of trump, certainly not today, two weeks after the election. When they/we see Trump's cozying up to bannon, our reaction is not, "oh, we were wrong to vote for hillary, " but rather, "told you so."
      This "told you so" is communicated to that percentage of fellow jews who backed trump.
      The obviousness of trump's racism was not sufficient cause to get these jews who voted like they were white, so we focus on the jew hating aspects of the alt right.
      Recall that American jews went 71-24 for hillary and even orthodox jews went 56-39 for hillary.

  • I'm not worried about anti-Semitism
    • Two weeks ago I woke up on Sunday and wrote in my head, "It was the Sunday before trump was elected president." I hoped the line was just fear, but I feared the line was not preposterous. And it was not.

      I am ashamed to have Donald trump as president. I am ashamed that white americans voted for him in such large numbers and I am ashamed that orthodox jews voted for him in such large numbers. He is a clown and a bully and a mussolini in his temperament. He is an embarrassment. When he was running I quipped, "I would laugh, but it's not polite to laugh at your own funeral."
      Now the assertion from phil weiss, it's not your funeral or certainly not your funeral as a jew.
      So I feel it appropriate to catalogue my fears and prioritize them in order to make sense of them.
      I do not fear a nuclear war from trump, but I fear a diminution of democracy, which seems like a minor problem, so I will cite the real problems.
      1. And that is first. Anti muslim measures. Could president trump ask all Muslims to register? Will he be satisfied with much less blatant measures? ( how will he react to the next San Bernardino or orlando?)
      2. Anti illegal immigrants measures. Will trump go "to war" against the big cities that have declared themselves sanctuaries for our neighbors without papers?
      3. Temperament. Who the f*** knows what such a thin skinned rabble rouser is capable of?
      4. Racism- the anti black inferences of the birther movement are quite apparent to me? Who denies them?
      5. Republican agenda- repealing obamacare and giving tax breaks to the rich and putting judges on the Supreme court.
      6. Associating with haters. Bannon, who has David duke's seal of approval.
      So I put bannon down on the list.
      But when trump runs for reelection his currying favor with David duke may be a factor of higher importance.
      Choosing an unpredictable bully who threatens hillary with prison (and 2nd amendment people) during the campaign and rubs elbows with bannon is enough to make me think that calling trump dangerous was and is a reasonable reaction.

    • Steve bannon brings a smile to david duke's face. That is sufficient to put me on guard. The yellen-soros - blankfein commercial featuring the faces of three jews that were not readily recognizable to the mass of voters, but which were surely recognized by kkk leaders, was a sign of either an improbable coincidence, or a wink and a nod from bannon (Unless someone else created that commercial) to duke. To me, it is clearly a bannon duke dog whistle. Although I don't quite understand why people hate the federal reserve, I know that some do , and I also know that some people hate soros and others hate blankfein or Goldman sachs. But to pretend that the images of all three showing up in one commercial talking about global levers of power is nothing fishy requires either some motive for ignoring bannon's shout out to duke because bannon is good for israel and that's all that really counts, which would explain glick's ideological blindness, or else an assimilationist's deaf ear to attacks on jews, which is Phil Weiss's problem.
      In general glick and phil have zero in common, but whitewashing bannon's shout out from hi IQ kkk to kkk 1.0 has created the rare moment when two opposing ideologies find common deafness.
      Talk about jews who have low facial recognition among the masses, Isaac babel is one such. Interesting to include babel, since Phil never once ever said a word of recognition of stalin's jew hatred or of Soviet union hatred of the jew. Phil's only concerns with non hitler jew hatred is back to the pogroms when he whitewashed the Russian officialdom's role in the kishinev pogrom or over to America and wasp culture's pre wwII law firm barriers. Never a word about the anti immigration sentiment and policies of American Republicans in the 20's, which surely had the effect of adding hundreds of thousands of jews to hitler's dead jews, and also tens of thousands of jews who ended up in palestine rather than Ellis island, thus giving the Yishuv the demographic critical mass it needed to build the state to be. Phil, like the good assimilationist that he is pooh poohs or ignores antisemitism as much as he can and the presence of babel's photo reminds me of Phil's dogmatic assimilationist's bent.

    • Caroline glick agrees with Phil that bannon is not an antisemite. Both Caroline and phil are blinded by their ideologies.

    • I consider Jews to be in an anomalous situation, of voting against the way the country votes, of alienation from the country's decision. If Jews vote in a distorted way, it makes sense that they would sense the threat of trump/bannon in a distorted way.

    • As far as Jewish power, Chuck schumer's ascendancy to minority leader in the senate, accompanied by his endorsement of ellison, was a unique encapsulation of the contradictions of the last few weeks.
      Hillary was thought to present the delay of the day of reckoning ( regarding israel) between grass roots democrats and their elected representatives and the day is here.
      The rise of kkk with high IQ's, does mean far more danger for Muslims and hispanics. But who voted more against trump, jews or hispanics? Jews voted 71 to 24 and hispanics 65 to 29. So the alarm which is overblown is a reflection of an exaggerated Democratic voting record.

  • Why was the Clinton campaign obsessed with fighting BDS?
    • Keith Ellison vs israel lobby. Schumer's ascendancy to the highest legislative office ever achieved by an American jew was accompanied by his endorsement of ellison. Schumer in the trenches would be fighting ellison, but schumer, minority leader, moves out of the way, tells israel supporters to fight ellison on their own.
      I would think that the party activists should control the dnc and it's healthy for the Democrats to reject the coming trump anti muslim measures with an american Muslim face. So the elevation of ellison is good for activating the grass roots. I think the center abandoned by the republicans is the place to be. That is: the presidential candidate need not be to the left of Elizabeth warren, even though the party needs the enthusiasm of the young whipper snappers, it's important for the Democratic party to go in the direction of Joe Biden and not bernie sanders. A polarized electorate is unstable and if/since the republicans have moved ever rightward, victory needs the ability to talk to the center. To win back the voters who went for obama, but then switched to trump.
      The smart way to defeat ellison is to insist that it is a full time job, which it is.
      The majority of hillary voters and of the Democratic party is still pro israel. The activist wing is not. But there are other issues which separate the majority of the anti trump voters from the more radical ideas of democratic activists.

  • When Sanders changed political reality. And hasbara culture slapped him down.
    • Web site- grammar monster. Found by googling quotation marks subvert. Quote-" use quotation marks to denote so-called or to show that a word is not being used in its literal sense".

    • mooser- i have heard about that usage of single quotes versus double quotes here before, but have yet to find any reference to it in a grammar book. please cite the grammar book and the page or link me to some grammar authority who considers this single quote marks vs double quote marks as standard usage.

    • When I use a phrase but wish to indicate the affectation involved, or the subjective nature involved or the exaggeration involved with using that phrase I mark the words off with quotation marks.

    • Yakov hirsch- you have documented Goldberg's dishonesty. Sanders as candidate asserting a Palestinian viewpoint was new.
      Liberal Zionists are being "kicked out" of both parties the past two weeks. Trump and bannon from the right and Ellison from the left, it's a type of powerlessness.
      Listen, Goldberg was invited to hoist a few with castro, so just as a careerist, how can one scoff?

  • Dershowitz backs down, concedes Bannon's 'anti-Muslim, anti-women' bigotry disqualifies him for high office
    • Dershowitz's reputation has been downhill ever since the OJ Simpson case. But he is the most prominent Zionist in america and his whitewash of bannon and 2 day delay in telling the larger picture indicates that he is lax in his role as spokesman.
      The question to my mind as I wrote that is, who is the number 2 prominent zionist. I came up with three answers: chuck schumer minority leader of the senate, shmuel boteach, nuf said and Jon stewart, renegade but essentially left wing zionist. Peter beinart and Jeffrey Goldberg are 2 more names.

  • In standing up for Bannon, Dershowitz is true to his Orthodox Brooklyn roots
    • According to a poll that appeared in haaretz, reform jews voted 76-21 for hillary, conservative 71-25, orthodox, 56-39, "just Jewish" 67-26 .
      53% supported US pressure on israel to promote peace, 81% supported a 2 state solution, 77% supported israel stopping to build settlements and 63% supported the iran deal.
      Nov. 9th, byline July maltz.

    • Goldberg tries too hard. Saw a video of him with Christopher Hitchens and Martin Amis, and the gaps in the education between him and those two was quite apparent. At other times he thinks he has to crack wise as if he was the godchild of buddy hacket.

      as far as him dealing with his roots as far as being netanyahu's primary voice intimating that iran was going to be attacked, I don't know what to think of that, other than i'm happy that it didn't come about like goldberg, the voice of bibi, was selling. some say that the people around bibi put the reins on bibi. i'm pretty sure, that risk averse bibi was happy to not attack iran. that means that goldberg was fed some sort of "spin" and sold it to us.

      very few nonorthodox jews make aliya like goldberg did, so his jdl/idf roots are quite unusual given the milieu of his upbringing. jdl and idf are quite usual in the milieu of my upbringing, so there is a curiosity about what was the personality that reacted the way he did to childhood bullies. i never dealt with bullies (except online) so i cannot assert that goldberg's reaction was typical or atypical.

      Is he an honest journalist? no. are you an honest journalist? i doubt it. is phil an honest journalist? i doubt it.

    • The photo featured is of the main campus of yeshiva university in Washington heights manhattan, whereas the dersh attended the humbler digs in brooklyn of a branch of the main school. To prominently feature this photo which will be misunderstood by 99.9% of your readers is sloppy journalism.

  • Neoconservatives warm up to Trump (maybe they have an agenda)
    • The traditional foes of the ashkenazi jew has come from the right wing. From the czar to hitler from Lindbergh to pat buchanan. Hatred from and towards the left wing is a more complicated relationship. Marx and his reduction of the jew to an economic unit or foul idea, stalin and his senility post ww II , the denigration and suppression of religion, the refusal to accept Jewish identity as something other than religious, and then of course the case of zionism and the realities of the Jewish state and its constant war. Every Jewish family had a Jewish commie or socialist uncle or cousin, and midstream left was pervasive: FDR was a god to American jews, so the left might be estranged, but it was familiar, from the root word family.
      As american jews are concentrated in the cities, I must mention Jewish friction with blacks in the late 60's as another conflict point between American jews and the left.
      In recent years as jews increasingly become jews of no religion, but continue to live in the cities and to vote democratic, the conflict between Israel supporting jews and those who don't care or oppose has been the headline story. And then along comes trump, with his companion bannon, and they set off every radar that any jew learnt from his parents in terms of George wallace and David duke and pat buchanan and European history and the alarm of Muslims blacks and hispanics backs up our traditional fears and our traditional prejudices and we say, resisting trump and trumpism is our priority now.

  • After years of careless accusation, Dershowitz says anti-Semitism charges must be 'very careful'
    • The struggle for Israel's survival has been the primary issue of self defense among tribe conscious jews for all of my life. There was a period in 68 when fearful new york jews (outer boro jews) spoke of impending doom based on the frictions of the teachers' strike, (highly influenced by a doubling of the murder rate) I didn't buy their panic, and have not heard panic since til now.
      Trump is capable of anything to win and in all probability antisemitism will not be a tool he will see fit to use. Such a ruthless man rubbing elbows with bannon is grounds for extreme vigilance.

  • We are in an era of conservative counter-revolution
    • Regarding europe and the europe project: 1. A unified euro seems to have been a mistake. 2 . Europe's proximity to the messed up economies of eastern Europe and the super duper messed up middle east create pressures that make America's illegal immigrant problem look like child's play.

      Regarding the Egyptian revolution - those who saw the progressives of Egypt as being the heir apparent of mubarak's defeat were deluded by preconceptions and naivete. The obvious heir was revealed to be the Muslim brotherhood, a distinctly nonprogressive political force. There is no way to go from dictatorship to progressive democracy in a poor country like egypt without passing through a phase of a regressive elected Islamic party. This phase can last anywhere from 15 to 125 years. To reject sisi is natural for those who prefer democracy to dictatorship, but please please do not confuse the Muslim brotherhood with anything progressive. The will of the people is NOT inherently progressive and is certainly not progressive in the case of the MB.

  • A most mournful gathering
    • Katab is the root word of write in hebrew as well. I Googled kanafani and found "we write with the blood of Palestine ".

    • The threat to illegal immigrants a bit, but the threat to Muslim americans is a primary concern and though chuck schumer is a politician seeking the minority leader position, his backing of ellison is significant to give a public face to democrats as support solidarity with muslims. The ajc teaming up with some Muslim organization is further indication.

      The hate loosed in the land is mostly vocal cords and graffiti, not encouraging, scary, but panic is not called for.

      Some accuse Jewish support for civil rights from 45 til 68 of being selfish, breaking down barriers for blacks as a means of creating a more open society for jews, so the relationship of the civil rights of others to Jewish advancement and safety is clear. (The political battles between blacks and jews, is another part of the story, as are social and economic frictions.)
      Cooperation between American Muslims and American Jews in the face of trump's ascendancy makes domestic sense, whereas from a foreign policy point of view it seems counter-intuitive.

    • Amigo- I must assume you've lived in nyc for extended periods.

    • Gamal- trying to read the Arabic in your sign off , it seems to be bil'dam naktab el falestin. Which probably means in blood we will redeem falestin. Although I may be wrong but if I'm on the right track, still the verb between blood and falestin is foreign to me.

    • When my left wing cousin in israel refers to the trump phenomenon as a symptom of sickness, I concurred. When I erupted at my rosh hashana hosts and broke into hebrew and said trump is the most dangerous candidate of a major party in my lifetime, I do not question the emotion.
      What do we do now?
      (Some have taken to the streets and declared, he's not my president. Americans know this rhetoric from secessionists in 1860, and so we can discern street rhetoric from reality. Big city dwellers in chicago nyc and LA, our vote doesn't count as much as the farmer in Montana and resentment at the lack of one man one vote is natural. The odds against a constitutional amendment is long, but the people in the US should be reminded that they are undemocratic in the current constitution. )
      The dangers of trump domestically can be divided into 3: a. republican, b. Trump policies and c. Trump rhetoric (leadership )
      A Republican of any sort would cut taxes and rein in obamacare. Democrats would oppose such changes. That's nothing new.
      The innovations in policy are primarily anti Mexican (south of the border) immigrants and anti muslim. Part of this is rhetoric and part is policy. Enforcing the law regarding illegal immigrants, particularly deporting illegals that have been convicted of a crime, is certainly within mainstream parameters. Building a fence or a wall, seems like a waste of energy and money. Immigration cops invading nyc and stopping all hispanics to check their papers isn't going to happen, but everyone knows their own community and can imagine abuses by El federale or the cops, that seem like something to fear.
      The issue of Muslim immigrants is the biggest unknown. And face it: a San Bernardino is just a question of time and an incident would be the primary occasion for policy changes and rhetorical flourishes.
      Steve bannon, specifically the antisemitic tunes that he and his ilk have now brought into the white house will not be a major part of the story. This is most true regarding policy for there is no domestic Jewish or anti Jewish policy proposal that I have heard offered in earnest. There will be anti media and anti Hollywood rhetoric and if chuck schumer becomes minority leader there will be his ethnicity to hook onto, but in terms of policy I can't think of anything that threatens.
      The nature of the man is authoritarian, with a willingness to rile up the crowds.

  • Epic battle looms over accused anti-Semite entering White House, and 'NYT' graywashes the moment
    • I don't think bannon is hitler, nor is trump hitler, but they are both dangerous men and because some advocates for israel are so blind as to see nothing else but building settlements is indicative that not only their American politics is messed up, but their middle eastern politics as well.
      Mayors have informed trump not to start trouble. Trump wants to succeed, and sometimes to succeed is helped by trouble and sometimes success is defined as avoiding trouble and we don't know how this will work. Very unpredictable.

    • The nyt is covering the story rather than leading an anti bannon movement. Aipac has only one issue. American Jewish committee is wrong for passing up the chance to comment.
      Steve bannon and the alt right are new to me. The evidence against him is not very substantial, but I consider David duke's support for trump to be a very black mark against trump and though it is feasible that those who oppose various federal and nonprofit activities in society might pick yellen and soros purely on the merits of their contribution or damage to society and they are targets irregardless of their roots. Anything is possible, but I ain't buying.

      There are half a dozen issues that are arguable regarding illegal immigration, Muslim immigration, and other issues and reasonable people can disagree. But my sense is that these are not reasonable people, these are ideologues, nationalists, that is white nationalists. I accept that I don't yet know enough about Steve bannon, but he looks like pat buchanan, that is kkk with a high IQ.

      Some jews and most scientists (as if race is a science), consider most ashkenazi jews as whites. Traditionally white nationalists do not consider jews as whites. (Tradition!)

    • James- brass tacks. Are we / you going to defeat this non cabinet appointment?

      My answer is no. I can't see it. Show me how? Cite history.

    • James- I will reassess my comment, but skip the hitler stuff, please.

    • So what did you think of the yellen-soros commercial?

    • Has an aide that doesn't need senate approval ever been nixed based on outside pressure? Not in my memory. To fight trump over this appointment seems foolish, so the nyt shies away. Chemi shalev is free to speak from the heart. The ny times has to be ready for battles it can win and must win.

  • Trump is bad because Israeli Jews will love him and US Jews will see it -- NYT columnist
    • Hardly navel gazing. the intersection of American jews and israeli Jews is rosner's beat.

      Off topic: Phil Weiss pooh-pooh'ing Steve Bannon's shout out to David Duke with his Yellen, Soros commercial is indicative that Phil Weiss is no friend to the Jews.

  • DNC chair tweets from Islamophobic gathering in Florida
    • If I were a political operative such a conference would interest me out of curiosity. I don't think I'd tweet to mark my attendance.
      Today clinton blamed her loss on the FBI. History won't write it that way. (Moral: Don't trust losers to explain their loss. As in bush pere blaming ykw, you know who.)

  • Before Trump's revolution, there was Sanders'
    • annie robbins- in my analysis of the party's bias in clinton's favor i am not stating my preference, merely stating how i analyze the party's behavior. you are right, winning is everything, or almost everything, certainly a greater reason to support a candidate than "we owe it to her" or "it's now time for a woman".
      the hillary clinton phenomenon of the party granting precedence to a candidate to the effect that no serious candidate rose up against her was unique. never before, since stevenson in 56, has the party granted the nomination to anyone like this, and stevenson, in terms of the lack of primaries and the lack of expression of the will of the people was certainly prehistory.
      bernie sanders was a very unorthodox candidate, not a party member until the contest for president, far left of the mainstream of the party. the choice for mainstream party members seemed clear, "one of ours and not an outsider". (quotation marks are not purely accurate.) that is not why i voted for hillary. i think hillary would have made a much better president than sanders. he's an ideologue and she's a wonk. (there was also an impure reason for my preference for clinton: given the intemperate nature of the trump crowds, the alternate history of trump running against a "commie jew" includes ugly scenes of a different sort that i wished to avoid.)

    • 29% of all americans and 43% of Republicans told pollsters a year ago that they think Obama is muslim. 20% of all americans told pollsters that they think Obama was born outside the US. Do you consider these opinions benign?

    • The first offensive battle regarding minorities will take place vis a vis Muslims and Mexican immigrants, not issues regarding jews. Will trump attack the federal reserve or George soros or the jews? I don't see it. He may go toe to toe against the media , against chuck schumer, against hollywood, but he is a friend to David duke, but I can't foresee any policy clashes. His rhetoric when he's up against the media, we'll see what happens then. When the senate democrats filibuster he might crack a joke at chuck schumer's ethnicity, but that is just style. I don't see what policy difference the presence of the friend of David duke as chief of staff will effect the jews.

    • The TV ad featuring yellen and soros was a "secret" message to 2 audiences: David duke and Jonathan greenblatt. 15% of the population recognizes yellen and 10% recognize soros, but this was not a message to them. It was a smoke signal, a secret handshake, a salute, a shout out to David duke and his 3%, or his 13%. "We are on your side," steve bannon announced to that fraction of trump voters. The average trump voters ignores this, but the alt right loves it. The alt right also loves Phil Weiss's tone deafness. Phil could not choose between trump and hillary. Okay. I understand. But now he can't choose between Steve bannon and Jonathan greenblatt. Phil Weiss says, " you get power, you get attention from jew counters of all types. It's the price you pay. Don't complain."

    • Reporting on racist attacks by trump supporters does not substitute for analysis of exit polls indicating such a gap between the votes of whites compared to the votes of blacks and hispanics.
      I do not call all trump supporters racist, (in fact a majority of trump supporters reported that their choice was more a vote against hillary rather than a vote for trump). The lopsided differences between the votes by the races merely reflected the gap in those numbers republicans versus democrats since 1964. Trumps numbers were not that far off from romney's numbers. But these lopsided figures don't even get mentioned? An analysis of the results that doesn't include the numbers 57-38, 8-88 and 29-65 (which are the numbers of trump versus clinton supporters of white, blacks and hispanics) is hiding from the facts. Yes class and the hollowing out of the rust belt economies should be a part of any analysis, but ignoring the landslide among white voters compared to the votes by non-whites show a refusal to admit that the country's problems are deeply rooted in a racial divide.
      ( During the primaries when Clinton's victory was due entirely to the loyalty of black voters, did that aspect of her victory get any coverage by you and phil? Nope. Every time I mentioned it, you waved it away and Phil kept saying that Bernie should hit israel harder and that was the key to success which according to the numbers was sheer nonsense.)

    • Chuck schumer has announced his support for Keith Ellison to head the dnc. Smart political move. Unexpected.

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