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  • Let Pollard go. But first get answers from Tel Aviv
    • "Maybe let him go..."

      Only if you let him go without a parachute out the door of an helocopter hovering over Netanyahoo's house and make Benji clean up the mess.

    • Yes, the idea of releasing this traitor for any reason before it much-too-delayed death is bullshit, but nevertheless...

    • "Look, the NYT is already attacking the Palestinians for the failure of the talks."

      So long as they keep letting people who are obviously in a conflict situation cover the story, is anyone surprised??

    • I wouldn't even let him apply for parole. The man deserved to hang from a post across from the Israeli embassy and have his body rot and turned to carrion as a warning. He got life, and that should mean life. He would still be getting off easy.

    • I disagree that he should be let go. He got life, he should die in prison. The fact that he is eligable for parole is repulsive to me.

      But, that being said, it's not taking revenge on Pollard or holding him hostage; it's ensuring that the US is made whole before it extends compassion against those who harmed it. The Israelis have clearly made this one of their own cause and are responsibile for their acts, so if we are going to insure that we are doing the right thing in releasing him, we have to be sure that everyone who is guilty is not only become remorseful and experienced contrition, and has made amends and begged for forgiveness for their actions. If that is accomplished then, and only then, should there be given any thought to humanitarian release.

      So unless both Pollard and the Israelis express sincere remorse and contrition, provide all of the information so that we can finally know what was stolen and correct for it and until both Pollard and Israel beg for forgiveness (I would require Netanyahoo to come to the White House and, in front of the press corps, literally get on hands and knees and beg), then we should not even entertain early release. To do otherwise would be to send the message that spying for another state is not a big deal at the end of the day.

  • Reports: Abbas faults Israel for 'procrastinating,' says Palestine will move to join int'l organizations
    • "mass murderers"

      Nope. at most alleged murderers. None of them were ever given a fair trial, so all are rightfully considered innocent and besides, most would argue they were simply freedom fighters striking at those who are attacking them and exercising their right of self-defense.

    • "The threatened cutoff in funding includes the Security Council, General Assembly, and ICJ."

      After which these organizations should eject the USA. Let the UN pack up the Gen'l Assembly and move to Geneva and let the US be as powerful in international affairs as Chad and have to beg the UK for a veto on the SC. It would be justice.

    • "Abbas should be sent to Tunis where he belongs."

      And the Zionists should be sent to Poland and Germany and Russia and Brooklyn where they belong. Or maybe there can be equality and freedom for all. Oh, but that would require you to abandon your Jude0-supremacism, and that's not going to happen with you who are the equivalent of the Ku Klux Klan...

    • "PS: A quick search of Google News failed to turn up any mention, apart from the newswire source bilal linked . . . an indication of how the media handle this."

      Of course not, the Israeli Ministry of Hasbara and Public Enlightenment hasn't given the media their instructions yet on how to spin the story to Israel's favor. Hoppy, time to tell your bosses to get to work!!

  • Pollard was in it for money, and sold so many dox Cap Weinberger wanted the death penalty
    • "But I always find it a little odd to see progressives (not that all of us here are progressives, of course) taking the side of people like Cap Weinberger"

      Stopped clock is right twice a day...

      "and talking exactly the way the Obamas... of the world talk."

      Nonsense. The Obama of the world sent Kerry to dangle Pollard in front of Netanyahu.

      "but on the list of issues covered at this website, whether Pollard stays in jail ranks somewhere around number 9573 in order of importance."

      That, by itself, might be true. But the way I see it, anything that can get between the US and Israel is a net gain for the world and for mankind. And anything that tells the donkey felators in Washington that they serve the US people and not some foreigners in the Levant is a net gain for the USA.

  • 'NYT' editorial writer savages Republicans for 'pro-Israel, philo-Semitic' curtseys to Adelson
    • I think it's tough to say it's just the groveling. But at the very least, the article is a pretty good brief on why the US needs an asset tax of about 99% on everything above, say, $100 million dollars.

  • Boteach stops reporter from videotaping Columbia University debate
    • I'd be willing to be that this "policy" was at the explicit request of Mr. Boteach, so as to prevent videotape of yet another example of him sitting with his thumb up his ass while his sugar daddy advocates crimes against humanity in Iran.

  • Not an April Fool's joke: U.S. weighs releasing Pollard to keep Israelis at negotiating table
    • "What a sham. “Israel will freeze most of the settlements” MOST leaves all of the room in the world for Israel to continue to do as they please with absolutely no consequences. "

      Not only that, but it will let them to continue the liquidation of Arab East Jerusalem, as they refuse to recognize the Jewish settlements there as settlements.

    • I agree. The whole thing is slanted and ignores some of the key issues in the oppression of the Palestinians. Par for the course for the NYT -- Israel's Fan Club newletter here in the US of A.

    • Well, if a Dem. administration releases this traitor, the Party can kiss my vote and donations goodbye for the foreseeable future.

  • My heart bleeds cold borscht over the downfall of liberal hero Olmert
    • That's amazing, hoppy. A work of art. To put so much anti-Arab racism, whataboutery, and Zionist exceptionalism in a comment on a corrupt Israeli politician going to jail is quite amazing. But I guess for you, Israel and Israelis need defending, regardless of the merits, so you might as well make a show out of it...

  • Christie steps in deep doo-doo, promptly apologizes to Adelson. Whew!
    • And to their credit, those N.J. policos weren't in Vegas felating the donkey for their Zionist sugar daddy; that was all Gov. Krispy Kreme... Thus, Drumthwacket.

    • So not only is Capital Hill Zionist Occupied Territory, but so is Drumthwacket!!

      Time for America to waken and drive these agents of an alien staye off our shores.

  • Journalistic malpractice: Washington Post suggests Abbas doesn't recognize Israel's right to exist
    • @giladg:
      "The majority left on their own accord. They were told to leave to make the massacre of Jews a lot easier to then return after this deed was done."

      This blood libel is worse than any Holocaust denial, because at least Holocaust deniers don't blame the Jews for their oppression and claim it was done by them as an attack on the Germans.

      That this garbage is permitted here is unfortunate.

  • 'The clash of civilizations’ theory is absolutely and completely dead
    • "What have the Arabs done to advance peace with the Jewish people taking into account core Jewish interests? Seven letters, 'nothing'."

      LMAO. They agreed to give up 3/4 of their land to the Zionists. That's not nothing. IN fact, it's more than anything those same Zionists ever did or ever will do.

  • Liberal Zionists are the new front line against BDS
    • "And there is no statute of limitations on murder."

      but these men are not being charged with murder. Murder would require the state to establish that they actually took some action in the killing of another person.

      Rather, these men are charged with essentially being present at a location where a murder occurred. Nothing more. That is why these prosecutions are greatly unjust.

      These people are being prosecuted not because of any action they took, but merely because because the persons who should really get prosecuted – the people actually committed the murders – have either died or have already been charged and tried

      This is nothing more than a last gasp of the Nazi hunting industry, so it can get a last lick in (and raise cash besides) before that generation dies out completely and with them dies the Nazi hunting industry.

    • because that one was flat out libelous statement. This one is not. This one is a mere analogy of how the Israeli government has acted through the years. If you don't like the way the Israelis actions are portrayed, then you should move to have the Israelis change their actions.

    • "Interesting that all the responses to my comments focus on my example of the IDF and my metaphor of the bus, but not on the essence."

      Because the essence was dumb. You made the assumption that this was, in fact, defeat. Not so. You should know sometimes goal is not necessarily victory but, rather, what can be gained from the fight. Here, the victory is in raising awareness of the issue.

      For example, if the IDF does not have the goal of taking a village, but, rather, in murdering some men women or children in the village and spilling their blood in order to Terrorize the general population, a goal which the IDF seems to have all the time, then the fact that the village was not taken is not a defeat.

    • Nurit, there is no such distinction made in international law. The Cyprus example is an examination of the application of the plan for that specific conflict. At any rate, the Israelis also refuse the return of personal property stolen by the Israeli regime and Zionist squatters, so clearly that's not the principle the Zionists are applying.

      As Kris so aptly put it: if it's not too late to return the art stolen from Jews and not too late to prosecute camp guards, it's not too late to do justice to the Palestinians' property claims - real and personal.

    • I guess I look upon these people with the same mix of disgust, pity and anger as I would look upon a Russian-American who claimed to be a progressive or liberal, but who argued in favor of the Russian anti-gay laws.

      Further, Aronoff is nuts. There is no negotiated withdrawal; the number of occupiers increases every day. "We must honor the 'dreams and rights' of both peoples, Aronoff said." Yet, her favored people never seem to get around to honoring the dreams and rights of the Palestinians. That's the problem.

      Further, Rosenberg scare quotes "property" in the context of the Palestinians regaining what was stolen from them in the 1940s. I wonder what his view of the Jewish descendants of art collectors regaining what was stolen from them in the 1940s. Does he favor the return of that property or does he merely consider it "property"?

  • Right-wing news outlets attack U. Mich's divestment drive
    • Oh my goodness!!!! Cooking while Arab!!! What a crime is being committed here. No wonder the Zionist organizations are losing their minds. Next thing you know, he might STEAM VEGETABLES while, with malace aforethought, still remainging an Arab!!!! Will the horrors never cease!??!!!??!

  • JJ Goldberg says Adelson's influence fulfills anti-Semitic belief
    • JeffB:


      JeffB, either apologize to everyone for your lies about Archbishop Tutu or shut the hell up. Until you show you have the minimum character to beg forgiveness for you libels against that great man, I have no interest in conversing with the likes of you.

    • "Here’s how one gets accused of antisemitism by JeffB:"

      Well, with his massive dump of lies against Desmond Tutu and his cowardly refusal to even try to support his lies (other than displaying his ignorance of intercessory prayer) is anyone surprised how off the deep end he is?

    • "Because it would be ruled by Arabs. Duh."

      WTF?? The country would be half Jewish. A secular and democratic state would have protections in place for civil rights for all people, and the Jewish population would have disproportionate economic power (as they do now), so how is it suddenly going to be "ruled by Arabs"???

      Or is this the lie you tell yourself to salve your conscience when you contemplate the injustice that Zionists like yourself inflict on other people: that the alternative to Jewish-led Apartheid is "Arab rule"???

    • "Question for the Anti-Zionists here, why should I not expect an Arab-ruled Israel to look like every other Arab ruled country?"

      Putting all of your mounds of bigotry aside, who said it would be "Arab-ruled"?? When half of the population is Jewish and half Palestinian, it would be jointly ruled. And that fact would make it unique.

  • Loyola student government president vetoes divestment resolution
    • " how BDS proponents will divide a campus "

      Nope. It's the evil acts by the ISraelis that divided the campus.

  • BDS' big night: Loyola student government passes divestment, U. Mich votes it down
    • Wow, how completely narcissistic, yonah. "I'm a Jew and Max is a Jew," you're saying, "but he disagrees with me, therefore there must be something worong with him.

    • "I neither stated nor implied that Palestinian flight during the Nakba was an offensive act. "

      Yet that is the standard use for this argument: that they were moving out of the way in order to permit the Arabs to drive the Jews into the sea or some such nonsense. If you were not stating or implying this part, then that is to your credit, although the slander is so regularly asserted that it would behoove you to explicitly state that you are not asserting it as such.

      "Is quoting Benny Morris considered Nakba denial?"

      It can be, sure. If it is done with knowledge that there is no actual substantive support for the claim, and if made without an explicit statement that, regardless of the reason for the departure, the past and continuing failure of the Israeli state to permit the Palestinians to return constituted an ethnic cleansing, a crime against humanity and a key act in the Nakba. In those cases than, yes, it can be Nakba denial.

    • You are correct. I was merely commenting on the nasty habit of pointing to the supposed "instruction from Arab leaders" and the claim that the Palestinians flight was somehow excused or, even worse, was somehow an offensive act, as well as the claim that it negates the Right of Return.

    • "The South African apartheid analogy, repeatedly cited in the BDS document, does not apply. It was the South African apartheid regime that was abolished, not the country known as the Republic of South Africa. If the BDS goals were achieved, there would be no State of Israel at all. That is why so many proponents of BDS have such a hard time even referring to Israel as a country."

      This is such a stupid argument. First, the Afrikaners who implimented Apartheid did so in an already existing Republic. In Palestine/Israel, the Zionists had no pre-existing state for their Apartheid, so they created one. That is a distinction without a different.

      Second, the "country" is South Africa. The State is the Republic of South Africa. The end of Apartheid involved so many legal changes to the State of the Republic of South Africa, but it did not abolish the country of South Africa.

      If BDS achieves its goals, the country (whether called Israel, Palestine or both) will not change (as the country of South Africa did not change). What would change is the legal underpinnings of Apartheid, as was the case with the law in teh State of the Republic of South Africa. So will the State of Israel need to change? Yes. That is where the bigotry and Aparthied lies.

    • "One can also see from a 1948 news report in Time magazine that the Palestinian exodus was due in part to orders to leave given by Arab leaders (the original Israeli narrative):"

      This is Nakba denial at its ugliest: claiming that the people fleeing for their lives were somehow performing an offensive act against the people who were terrorizing them is probably one of the twisted things one can say about another.

    • "A third guest speaker, history professor Victor Lieberman, was supposed to give an objective overview of the conflict. "

      Well, that was a mistake, given his reputation for pro-Israel slant.

    • LMAO. In a country where the congress bounces up and down like puppets at the whim of Netanyahoo, even getting the vote is, itself, a victory. Rome wasn't built in a day, and it took a long time to destroy Aparthied in South Africa, so we expect it will take a long time to destroy Apartheid in Israel.

      As for Loyola, not a big surprise and a harbinger of the future.

  • Liberal Zionists turn on media darling Ari Shavit for promoting Netanyahu's bluff
    • "It seems to me that the logic of "Jewish state" is solely relevant in terms of immigration policy."

      I don't see how you can say that, given that in it's history, Israel has used "Jewishness" to determine who would not be subject to martial law, what resources schools and communities received, what housing and land was available for residence, whether historical sectors of Jerusalem was preserved or destroyed, what right and benefits one gets from the state, whether one is likely to have his political party and political representatives banned, all the way down to the present day where it is proposed to be used to determine whether the government will strip someone's citizenship to give the part of the country away, so as to promote said Jewishness.

      So, no, this thing means a lot more and is a harbinger of more violations of the rights of Palestinians, which all people of good faith see and which is why it is being opposed.

  • Wash Post story on Adelson as Republican kingmaker leaves out his nuke-Iran agenda
    • No, the zionists have the deck fairly well stacked; they've got operatives and agents in place in both parties, so the process is so corrupt, the Apartheid State will come out ahead regardless of which of the two parties is elected. On the issue of whether the US should continue to support one of the great injustices in the world today (i.e., the destruction of Palestine at the hand of the zionists), the American people are given no meaningful choice. The zionists have figured out how to poison the US government without killing it. Washington warned us about this and we didn't listen and we're suffering the consequences and indignities because of it.

  • U.S. intel analysts doubt Israeli claim that captured weapons were headed to Gaza
    • "but it certainly does not exonerate Iran. The source of the weapons is not being questioned"

      Why would Iran need exonerating? Many state engage in military sales and providing other states with weapons. That's why the gunships used to murder children in Gaza by Israelis are named after Native American tribes which the US tried to genocide. Or the international weapons trade something in which only non-Muslims are permitted to engage in your opinion.?

    • "Concerning that top picture: what is with Jewish Israelis and their flag? If they have one flag its got to be a BIG flag flanked by a whole of little flags. I believe this is called over compensating."

      I assumed that was just photoshopped.

      That was a real display??? Holy Reichsparteitag, Batman, that looks to be right out of Nuremberg.

    • "So you suggest that instead of the weapons going to terrorists who want to kill Jews by firing them from the Gaza Strip, they’re going to terrorists who to kill Jews by firing them from the Sinai."

      Why would you put "Jews" here instead of "Isrealis"?? Seems very antisemitic to me, judging by the reaction one gets if, for example, AIPAC is described as a "Jewish Lobby" rather than an "Israeli Lobby" or if, for example, in discussing the occupation, one would say that "the Jews are oppressing the Palestinians" rather than "the Israelis are oppressing the Palestinians."

      I guess another possbility is that you simply believe that it makes it worse to try to kill a person who happens to be Jewish than to try to kill someone who happens to be non-Jewish. In which case, you're a bigot.

      So which is it, hoppy, are you an antisemite or a bigot?

  • Avigdor Lieberman claims transferring Palestinian citizens is perfectly legal
    • Given the history of the Israelis, there would be no reason to transfer the land if it wasn't going to end up revoking the citizenship of Palestinians. The quest for the Palestinians land, but not the Palestinians, has been the goal of the Zionists from the beginning. So we're now supposed to believe that they've had some great change of heart??? Do you really think people are such suckers as to believe that?

    • "The source of that fantasy was Israeli Army Radio. See U.S. denies plans to free Pollard for peace link to"

      Let's hope so. Reading the original story, it doesn't suprise me that Netanyahoo had decided to renege on the Israeli's previous agreement: you can't trust the Israeli state on anything, for any reason. Further, given Kerry and Obama, the claim that they'd free this traitor for some pointless pandering to Tel Aviv wouldn't surprise me, which, in and of itself is telling.

    • Well, as I keep saying over and over again, if you wait long enough, every Zionist will eventually justify the Holocaust. And here you have them repeating the early 1930s playbook of Germany stripping Jews of thier German citizenship without thier consent. Oh, well, I guess that crime against humanity will no longer be raised by Yad Vashem, Simon Weisenthal, etc., in detailing this era.

  • U of Michigan student gov't meets tonight, amid anticipation of divestment vote
    • "My own request is that Israel be treated like any other country in full equality with those countries. That Israel should live under whatever standards are applied (not claimed) to all other peoples and their countries."

      Yes, and when the standard is announced--that all states must grant all people full equality and all human, political and civil rights and an equal vote in that government that controls their lives without regard for ethoreligious background of the people and without regard for issues citizenship, in situations were occupations last for generations--then you claim that that standard is unfair because and that Israel faces unique challenges, blah blah blah.

      "As I mentioned your whole definition of 'invaders' vs. 'occupants' is more or less wholesale endorsement of the idea that land should permanently only be governed by the right race / ethnicity / nationality / religion"

      Baloney. It's a recognition of the basic fact that there is no justice in one group of people moving to a land from abroad and concocting and perpetuating a polity on that land that perpetuates a system of benefits on an ethnoreligious, racial, and national basis and which excludes some or all of the people already on that land and their descendants. Nothing racist at all in that recognition.

  • Ohio State Hillel member calls Desmond Tutu a 'neo Nazi' for criticizing Israel
    • "Mufti was a great person."

      Oh, I disagree. Whether he was an intelligent man and a patriot is beside the point. He was not a great person, at all. In fact, he was a pretty horrible person. That being said, his being a horrible person has nothing to do with the righteousness of the Palestinian cause. He was horrible, but even worse are those who try to use him to discredit the fight for Palestinian rights, liberation and freedom.

    • "So instead of being a Neo-Nazi he’s a self appointed minister to the Jews who thinks he has the right to lead them in prayer like they are some sort of congregation? That’s your defense?"

      So, in other words, you admit your lies and slander against this great man. Too bad you don't have the character to come right out and admit it.

      And further, Tutu was doing no such thing. He was offering his advice as a spiritual leader. And too bad the Israelis rejected it and continued to act in the evil manner they had up to that time or worse. Had they listened to Tutu, the world would be a much better place.

    • Who are these Nazis Tutu is supposed to have led a prayer service for?

      The Nazis responsible for making the holocaust happen: link to

      Oh, for the love of pete, he did not "hold a prayer service for Nazis"; he said an intercessory prayer. It's something completely different, an extremely common Christian practice and in no way improper. At all. Just because you are wholly ignorant of the practice doesn't mean you get to just make up whatever crap you want about it. Don't be such a dumbass.

    • "First off if you don’t like your heroes being insulted then maybe you get some idea about why Jews find BDS (which Tutu advocates) offensive. The people that Tutu attacks are just as precious to the Jews as Tutu is to the South Africans"

      This is complete gibberish. BDS is in place because of what the Israelis do, not who they are. It's a libel to claim otherwise.

      "In 1987 he advocated terrorism against the domestic Jewish population of South Africa as retaliation for Israel’s pro-government position. He 1989 he advocated for American Blacks to take revenge on American Jews to put pressure on Israel. He’s advocated a total ban on South African trade with Israel and has frequently urged organizations to support a total ban. He’s frequently argued that because of Jewish history Jews are especially obligated not to live like other people and should be judged by a much higher moral standard. He’s made crude statements about gas chambers relative to South African apartheid rejecting the comparison as unfair to his people. He’s on several occasions attacked jews for being 'unchristian' by which me means immoral. The very use of that conflation is outright anti-Semetic. He’s led a prayer service for Nazis and been an advocate for the Grand Mufti (a 1930s Palestinian who engineered a Palestinian / Nazi alliance). Durban, South Africa he was an advocate for upping the anti-Jewish hostility."

      You know what? I've seen you zionists repeat these same slurs, slanders and lies over and over and over again against Reverand Tutu. Repeatedly you people slander this great man. So JeffB, go ahead and support each and every claim you made with primary sources -- none of this linking to other zios making the same statements. Otherwise, we'll know you're the liar we think you are.

    • Yes, this is what support for the Israelis is reduced to: libel and slander of one of the great heroes for civil rights, equality and humanity of this or any other time, simply because he has the nerve -- the absolute gall -- to suggest that Palestinians have human rights and a right to human dignity, even when those who are working to strip those rights and that dignity are Jewish.

      What is most appalling is the notion expressed here that because Jews fought for civil rights for blacks that somehow Tutu is obligated to acquiesce when Israel oppresses Palestinians.

  • A movement grows in a Georgia church basement
    • "You seem capable of great optimism regarding the Free Palestine, but meanwhile here in your own back yard you can’t get along with me long enough to hold the racist term in your arsenal and not shoot it off every ten minutes."

      Before we go any further, support that statement. Either demonstrate that I use "racist term[s]" -- not just unwelcome terms for people you like, but racist terms -- or withdraw that claim and apologize for it or show yourself to be a liar and a person of low character.

    • yonah, except that this future state, after equal rights are implimemted, will be half Jewish and have a history, culture and language that accordingly sets it apart from its neighbors (and would likely be not in as hostile a relationship with those states, owing to the lack of a beligerent Apartheid state). So then it would seem to me that your comment assumes that giving citizens who are Arabs equality must mean that the state would necessarily, regardless of anything, descend into some version of the racist and stereotypical Orientalist version of the "Arab despotism" trope.

      Yeah, that's pretty racist.

    • yonah, given that Egypt and Syria are particular situations without any seeming connection to Palestine save for the fact that they are Arab countries, why choose them? Seems rather bigoted to me that you'd choose them rather than, say, Italy and Tuvalu or Costa Rica and New Zealand.

      Also, why specify Egypt under Morsi rather than now,where death sentences are being handed out after "trials" where defense attorneys are not even present?

      Further, how about free as Palestine under the occupation by Israel?? Would you approve of a one state solution with that level of freedom, equally applied to Arab and Jew alike? If not, maybe basic humanity counsels you in favor of agitating to get the Israelis to cease inflicting it on the Palestinians...

  • Columbia debate on Israeli policies features 3 Zionists, no Palestinians
    • "Shmuley’s claim to be America’s Rabbi is complete BS."

      Actually, it's really nice that here in America, terms such as "America's Rabbi" (and its equivalent in the other religions) are simply marketing gimmicks by people who are basically clowns without the floppy shoes, and not actual public offices.


    • Yes, unbalanced people. But also a weird topic: “Are Israel’s Policies Justified in Light of the Security Issues it Faces?”

      Maybe Columbia Law School (at SJP’s request? or sua sponte?) could have a conference on a slightly different topic: “Are Israel’s Policies Justified in Light of International Law?”

      Interesting point. And, of course, Columbia Law School would never host a debate on the topic: "Are Palestinian Militants' Policies Attacking Israeli Civilians Justified in Light of the Security Issues they Face" and certainly not one in which no Israelis or Jews are present.

    • Sure, but show Five Broken Cameras without approved zionist rebuttal and all hell breaks loose.

  • D.C. scribes party with red wine, vinyl, and image of a terrorist
    • Except, no, you're wrong, as usual hoppy:

      Q. You quote a line about Dayr Yasin from Ben Gurion– If we didn’t have Dayr Yasin, we would be a minority in this country. For me that’s a smoking gun.

      A: To be fair, in the next line of that passage from the Knesset transcript — which I don’t quote — he says of course the Haganah didn’t carry out Dayr Yasin, that was the Irgun and the Stern Gang [two more radical militias that split from the Haganah in the years prior to the war], not us. I don’t quote it for two reasons. One, Ben Gurion’s attempt to distance himself from the massacre is undermined by evidence that the Haganah approved of the attack on the village in advance. Two, which is more important, he is still acknowledging the way in which the Jewish public profited profoundly from the massacre. And in that sense you can say he’s directly or indirectly endorsing the results of it.

    • "This is the truth: comparing David Duke and Menachem Begin is a game for stupid people. Different people, different places, different contexts, different ideologies."

      One's a Jew, one's not, so we know which one you'll be defending, don't we, hoppy.

      "Begin believed in self-determination for the Jewish people. Duke believes in persecuting the Jewish people. Comparing the two . . ."

      LMAO. You could just as simply (and truthfully) said "Begin believed in persecuting Palestinian people. Duke believes in persecuting Jewish people. Comparing the two... is appropriate." But then you wouldn't be providing your usual service, would you, hoppy.

  • Iymen Chehade fights Chicago school's cancellation of his class
    • "He is teaching history not theology."

      What a stupid statement. First, it's not a matter of theology. (Do you even know what the word "theology" means??) Second, the notion that history should be tought as straght facts, divorced from the social mores, ethics and the social structure in which it arises is no longer a viable teaching method, if it ever actually was.

      "He is a specialist in history not ethics."

      You speak as if these are separate disciples. They're not.

      "Intermixing his own opinions about ethics are as wrong as when Social Science professor intermix their own opinions about statistics, which I’ve frequently castigated them for."

      If you've castigated them for that, you're a moron. The world is an interdisciplinary place and has been for a long time. Time for you to vault ahead to the 20th Century, then maybe one day you'll join us here in the 21st.

      "Language like 'crime against humanity' that wouldn’t become mainstream until later can be skipped. "

      And you clearly have no goddamn idea what you are talking about. It is rather pathetic that you "castigate" others for going beyond what you believe to be their competance, and here you are, spout on about this subject whic you clearly have no clue about. Not even a little.

      So why don't you take your own advice and shut the hell up and leave it to others. Okay?

    • JeffB:

      "He has an ethical obligation to teach both sides"

      So if a history professor teaches about the Holocaust, does he have an ethical obligation to teach both sides; not only that the Holocaust was wrong and a great crime against humanity (one side), but also that it was the Salvation of the Aryan race thwarted by the subhumans (the other side)?? Or does the professor have the academic freedom to present the material in the manner he sees fit?

    • "Had he shown an Israeli film as well, there might not have been so much of an uproar."

      So in order to have academic freedom, he must be a slave to the zionsit narrative?

  • US desperate to keep futile peace process going a little longer
    • "would only be in line with international law if executed with the consent of those being transferred, and if it did not leave any of those transferred without any kind of citizenship.”

      Sure, and what are the odds that the Moldovan Mussolini (I got to stop insulting Il Duce like that...) will be less than meticulous in obtaining that "consent." Oh, and no doubt the zionist entity will create a special third-class citizenship for those who are ejected: technically citizens of israel, without the right to any services or rights whatsoever and specifically barred from entering the country.

  • Democrats have no problem with Israeli envoy addressing GOP group opposed to Obama
    • "I think the way to look at this is that Israel is close enough to the establishment that they don’t have to follow tight diplomatic etiquette."

      That may be the way that YOU look at it. But I'm an American loyal to none other and I do not wish to have any alien state or its representative (even if he's a turn-coat Floridian) being anywhere close to MY country's establishment. Washington warned us about this stuff.

  • 'NYT Book Review' owes readers an apology for printing blatant racism about Palestinians
    • "Let me know when you’re willing to condemn the blatant racism printed here about Israelis."

      Then you concede that Mr. Schimmerling's statement is blatant racism? A lie? A complete and utter falsehood? A libel, even?

  • US Jewish leaders blast Harvard students on pro-Israel trip for taking photo at Arafat's tomb (Update)
    • yonah, I have never been there, but I'm sure it's a lovely geographical spot with very interesting historical and archaeological merit.

      Nevertheless, it is unfortunate that this site has been used by some, including Birthright, as a rallying cry for zionist politics. Just look at some of the comments on this thread, to "the Jews who died heroically at Masada" and embodying "the central themes of Zionist mythology," and a "role model that Israelis pass onto their children. One of the cornerstones of the secular religion of Zionism and a central moment in the new Judaism. If the Holocaust is our crucifixion the Masada might be analogous to the Assumption of Mary."

      If this is a site that comes with this much baggage, and the trip is to discuss water issues, it is not beyond the pale to compare the two and find that the trip to Masada is unnecessary to examine the water issues but present for the politics.

    • "So you think criticizing the Harvard kids for visiting Arafat’s grave is dumb,"

      who is this "you" you're talking about. you're the only one who used the word "dumb" so I guess you're talking to yourself.

    • "Your knee jerk response about pig bones, without reading the article, hoping to discredit the Jews who died heroically at Masada."

      LMAO. No, you're merely angry because people don't buy into your knee-jerk "heroism" narrative. These Jewish extremists were people who raided nearby villiages and in one, murdered seven hundred Jewish woman and children found there, and then, rather than "dying heroically," they murdered each other and their own families, in a Jonestown-style murder/suicide pact.

    • "So visiting Arafat’s tomb is an OUTRAGE!!! but dressing up in KKK robes and blackface is just a goof."

      "So confoosed."

      Ask hoppy about it. But whatever excuse he gives, the real answer, for him, is that the people who glorified the Klan (and made excuses for it) are Jews, and Israeli Jews at that, so they must be viewed as benign, whereas Arafat was a freedom fighter against the oppression of those same Israeli Jews, so anything that does not condemn him must be objectionable.

    • "A visit to Masada makes it a birthright tour, but a visit to a dead political leader’s grave is copacetic? "

      If you would, please explain how a 2,000 year old site of a murder-suicide pact has anything to do with the purpose of that trip -- to study the water issues in Palestine/israel. Otherwise, please give it a rest, it only makes you look like a fool.

  • 'NYT' music piece strikes false note on Mehta and Israeli politics
    • "They have a Palestine National Orchestra. Did you miss that? "

      I'm sure he didn't. But I'm also sure the link was rebutting your racist excuse that all the Arabs are studying Arab music and not Western classical music. Unless you think that maybe in 1947-48 all the Western Classical music loving Palestinians got ethnically cleansed by the Jewish terror forces but they left the Arab music lovers didn't.

    • "All I was trying to say is that Arab-Israelis are little more likely to study Arab music than they are Western classical music, and that this should be taken into account. "

      Oh, bullshit. You were spouting your normal anti-Arab racism, got caught, and then spouting whatabouttery and distractions about the Palestinian National Orchestra.

    • "How many Palestinians in Israel have studied Western classical music? It’s clear that the orchestra is not formally segregated. The orchestra’s a Western vestige in Israel. Is it really surprising that there haven’t been Arab-Israelis in it? I’m sure you’ll see one before long. "

      I was wondering how MW's one-trick pony was going to defend this bigotry--because of course if there's a criticism of a Jew or of Israel, it won't be long until our defender of all Jews, regardless of merit, hops on by to spout some horsecrap. But I admit, blaming the victims of the brutal and viscous racism inherent in zionism for their own oppression is a new low, even for a worm like you, hoppy.

  • British architects vote to ban Israeli group from industry association over expanding settlements
    • LOL. A fan of the ethnoreligious Apartheid state has the gall to compare people seeking freedom from oppression for Palestinians to the KKK. HA!! Cohen and his ilk are Klansmen in kippas, nothing more, nothing less.

      He is a disgrace to the USA.

  • Eyewitness account of Israeli soldier killing Palestinian judge reveals barbarity of occupation
    • The fact that this cold-blooded murder isn't front page news in the US demonstrates conclusively the degree to which the zionists have a lock on the American media. It's disgusting that the acts of these idf barbarians are never exposed in the American media. Damn them for their cowardice and complicity.

  • Israeli teens dressed as KKK and in 'black face' for mock lynching at school Purim party
    • Kinda disgusting but typical that in making his lame excuse for this teacher giving a pass to these evil kids, that JeffB measures what this educator could be expected to know, based solely on how opposed to Jews the Klan was, as if the only thing anyone can be expected to know is only those things that relate to one's petty, parochial interests.

      Of course this argument is transparent nonsense and JeffB is simply pulling a hoppy: defending an israeli Jew, regardless of the merits, simply because that person is an Israeli Jew.

      And the proof of that no doubt lies in the reaction that the world's Jews have when someplace in Asia opens a Hitler of Nazi themed restaurant. If there was any validity to Jeff's excuse, those Jewish org,'s would simply say "oh, the Nazis weren't in the top 100 of people threatening South East Asians, so of course we can't expect them to know of the Nazis. Europe ad the Jews aren't the center of the world, after all.". But of course those Jewish groups don't react that way because they understand that a fully mature person should be expected to have a sensitivity to all of these issues.

    • "In the USA, the KKK originated as a group of former Confederate soldiers who lost their basic civil rights as the result of radical Northern politics in the immediate aftermath of the US Civil War."

      Bullshit. The Klan began as a domestic terrorist organization bent on denying the Freedmen their rights, and in opposing the lawful attempts to return the hotbed of treason that was the South back into the union in good standing by stomping out the treasonous sentiment in that region. Sadly the Klan and its allies won, Reconstruction was never more than a slap on the wrist and the same Southerners that started the Civil War instituted the 100 year reign of terrorism known as Jim Crow.

    • oh stfu. Of course you defends the indefensible: The woman's a Jew and you're a man on a mission to posit a defense for anyone, regardless of the facts or the merits, so long as the accused is Jewish or israel.

      No one in their right mind could believe that horseshit you're peddling. These little racist jerkoffs held a mock lynching and dressed in blackface!! It doesn't take and special sensitivity to recognize the wrongness there.

      so piss off with your lame excuses for racism.

    • It doesn't puzzle me at all. The administrator was either a racist himself or excused the racism. Nothing more.

    • Typical disgusting racist israelis. The fact that these people thought it was okay shows the racist corruption at the heart of that state; the fact that they weren't summarily kicked out of the school is proof of that corruption.

  • Now the US is trying to 'delegitimize' Israel's defense minister
    • "I hope the fence is as penetration-proof as possible.
      Your mention of Auschwitz is contemptible and stupid."

      What is contemptible and stupid is your cheerleading for the death strips and assassination squads on installed on Gazan land behind the Apartheid wall.

  • Ululating at Vassar: the Israel/Palestine conflict comes to America
    • "The first kibbutzim were founded by Labor Zionist idealists, intent on establishing a socialist utopia in their historic homeland."

      So? That "socialist utopia" was being constructed on someone else's land, and they had no intention of respecting the fact that Palestine belongs to the Palestinians.

      "They weren’t 'aliens'"

      Yes, they were. They came from Europe and areas outside of Palestine. They were absolutely aliens to that land.

      "they were not 'attempting genocide' and they didn’t engage in 'land theft'."

      They were zionists. The zionist project, from the start, had as a basic core the theft of Palestine from its sole rightful owners, the Palestinians, and destroying that culture and people and replacing them with alien Jews from Europe and elsewhere. By definition, if they were zionists, they were engaged in these practices.

    • They're going there to study the water problem. Now I guess you could justify a visit to a kibbutz in that study, if the entirety of zionist Ag. policy (including the whosale theft of Palestinian water is presented) but Masada is totally irrelevant to what they're studying. And while it is a very minor but legitimate historical site, it's been turned into a pro zionist propaganda site. That fact, coupled with the few or no visits to Palestinians sites which demonstrate the water theft, shows that the inclusion of Masada is for hasbara purposes.

    • "What’s racist about the word “PalArabs?” Explain please."

      What's bigoted about the word "heeb"? Figure it out yourself.

    • "I can certainly understand why Israel, which has been targeted for terrorist attacks by nationals from some of these countries, would give extra scrutiny to people who have been there."

      No one said "extra scrutiny" you dimwit, Ellen was talking about harassment.

    • " The Jews were refugees."

      LMAO. Yeah, especially the Jews fleeing all that oppression in Brooklyn to go squat in occupied Palestine.

    • "So, once again, it isn’t about human rights. It’s about politics."

      Wrong as usual. It's all about human rights. The fact that you don't see it is an indictment on you.

    • "Again, I was not commenting on the accuracy of the allegation, but only that the SJP student said it."

      No, you didn't even have the character to attempt to understand her point, but rather mocked her and everyone who suffers similarly to her, because she dared object, by demanding respect for herself, as your Judeo-supremacist racism demands that she be denied that.

    • " The plural of kibbutznik is Holocaust survivors. "

      That's dumb. The first kibbutzes were started in the 1900s when the first wave of alien Jews from Europe first invaded Palestine to put their ideology of land theft, racism, attempted genocide and eventual oppression of the Palestinians into practice. It had nothing to do with the Holocaust.

    • "'The IS program has gone to Russia, Cuba, Spain, Morocco, and Vietnam among other places.'
      All , of course , perfect democracies with admirable human-rights records.
      No cause to protest, boycott, villify."

      And if you believe there are reasons to protest, boycott and "villify" those states than have at it. That's no basis to excuse the program going to israel, though.

    • "deciding that PalArab (a shorthand no more, no less)"

      So is "heeb" but that doesn't make any less a slur.

    • What is really stunning to me is the, frankly, juvenile reaction of these zionists. Their entire argument is: "you make me feel bad about liking israel, so stop." What children. What unthinking, overpampered, self-centered little children. Pathetic.

    • "All , of course , perfect democracies with admirable human-rights records."

      And none of them getting billions in US taxpayer dollars, either.

      "Incidentally, the plural of kibbutz is kibbutzim."

      In English, it's kibbutzes.

    • "This takes the cake. A trip to Israel is discriminatory because Arab countries discriminate against people who have been to Israel."

      No, you dimwit, she can't take the trip because she would be discriminated against by the zios at the Gurion airport. She is also saying that it is discriminatory that Vassar would arrange the trip knowing that its Arab students would face that discrimination and, further, knowing that if they decided to endure the dehumanization they are sure to face at the hands of the israelis that the israeli stamp in their passport would prevent their travel to Arab states, and that it is discriminatory for Vassar to require its Arab students to make that choice.

      The question of whether its right or wrong for the Arab states to do this is immaterial; they do. It's a fact. So given that fact, it would be Vassar who would be discriminating by taking an action (touring occupied Palestine) when doing so would open up those students to the loss of the ability to travel to Arab states as a result of the stamp by the occupation entity.

    • "you essentially argue that they should be stateless."

      Well, they made their choice when they chose to remain on stolen land.

    • @homphi
      "So why not work for a two-state solution, where both states protect the rights of their minority populations? Israel is already mostly there."

      The fact that you can spout such nonsense with a straight face is a good reason why not. If the oppression and prejudice that Palestinians experience on a daily basis is a-okay with you, that's a clear reason to reject the 2SS as nothing more than an attempt to lock in Judeo-supremacism.

    • "PalArabs"

      Racist pig.

  • In Abbas meeting, Obama dropped formula about recognizing Israel as Jewish state
    • "Don’t do it"

      It's stupid and juvenile, I'll admit it. It started out as a typo and some one, maybe eee, freaked out, so I do it out of id, spite and petulance as much as anything else. And it's just become habit. But when people actually get stuff like "PalArab" posted, it's small potatoes.

    • What always burns by britches when reading these grand pronouncements (besides the blatent bs wiggle language of stuff such as "end... of all claims") is that the only state for which "security" is pronounced as a concern is israel. Frankly, the Palestine has always had more to fear from israel and has a bigger secuirity issue from them, than israel does from Palestine. It's disgusting.

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