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  • Bellow: Diaspora Jews support Israel because it restored our 'manliness' after the Holocaust
    • eee,

      None of the stuff you cited (well, cut and pasted from Wikipedia) contested what Avi said, that "Palestinians did not reject Jewish immigration, per se. They rejected the establishment of a Jewish national state on land that belonged to Palestinians."

      And hindsight proved the Arabs right. The British policies in Palestine led to the exact evils the Arabs feared coming true.

      Oh, also, with your cut and paste job from Wikipedia, you forgot the next line:

      The court placed the blame for the riots on the Zionists, 'whose impatience to achieve their ultimate goal and indiscretion are largely responsible for this unhappy state of feeling’[13] and singled out Amin al-Husayni and Ze'ev Jabotinsky in particular.

    • "Where is there ONE mass grave of Palestinians in Israel?"

      That's your problem, Israeli, you have the absolute inability to see anyone's suffering but your own. If there's no mass graves, you suppose, there's no Zagare. Well, I was talking about the fact that there was a city where Jewish life thrived, but through the inhumanity of man, it does not.

      And, likewise, there are hundreds of villages, towns and cities, all over your godforsaken state which were formerly Palestinian and would still be, but for the inhumanity of you and your countrymen.

    • "Since they don’t trust a word their own government says, why would they trust any government?"

      LMAO. Yeah, because the history of the "word" of the US government, let alone the Israeli one, is nothing a long series of absolute statements of truth. Why, just yesterday I was at the Smithsonian Museum, looking at all those Mobile WMD Vans captured in the Iraq War. You know, the ones that Colin Powell told the world about...

      Oh, it's just too bad that I don't share your belief in government, eee. Oh, to be like you, to be like an innocent 5 year old child on Christmas Eve, with a tooth tucked under her pillow, knowing that, in the morn, all her beliefs will be shown true...

    • "The majority of Arabs rejected Jewish immigration to Palestine from the very beginning because they wanted to remain a majority."

      And history proved them right.

    • "It is quite simple. The life of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians is not at risk."

      So says the Israeli. I'm sure that the Palestinians would have a different view.

      "The life of millions of Jews before WWII was. Just read Roger Cohen’s latest commentary, he explains well what you don’t seem to get."

      Actually, you didn't seem to actually read Cohen's article at all. Your Israeli state is littered with Palestinian Zagares.

    • "You are a low life taking what I said out of context."

      First, the word, in English, is "lowlife." No space. Again, I understand that through no fault of your own, you've been cursed with Hebrew as a primary language. So, you're welcome. I'm just trying to help. (Although I do chuckle at the notion of being called a lowlife by an Israeli like you. The irony is almost literally visible.)

      And your statement,

      What I said using your example is the following: A Russian says, why should I be comforted about the millions of Russians that were killed because millions of Jews were killed?

      is borderline jibberish. You clearly have no idea what the function of the word "comforted" is in Mooser's statement, especially considering your use of the work "comfort" in your response.

      Becuase, really, there is no way to harmonize the gibberish you put in the mouth of our fictitous Russian while, at the same time, making this statement:

      What exactly does it matter that there were many other victims of WWII?

      Perhaps you simply don't have a command of the English language sufficient to keep yourself from looking like an amoral goon. All you have to say is, "Please forgive me for my incompetence," and I would be happy to do so.

    • Actually, eee, I find your ramblings fascinating as they demonstrate a clearly damaged mindset. You really should get mental heath treatment.

      I especially like how you insist -- INSIST -- that a mother who lost a child in the war had a qualitatively different, and more intense (perhaps more real or justified) sense of loss than one who did not lose a child. And then, although you deny it, you put yourself in the position of the mother of the Jewish children who were killed by the Nazis.

      Psychologically, you are asserting, whether you admit it or not, that with regard to the Jews killed in the war, you are their mother, while those who morning the other victims of the war or all of them together, are like the woman who had no child killed and cannot know your loss, cannot know REAL loss.

      It is really quite twisted.

      Likewise, your statement that you are "angry that the Jewish community allowed it to happen" is an insult both to those who died and those who fought to prevent even more deaths. Because the Jewish community did not "allow" it to happen. It happened because those who sought to kill were more powerful than their victims. It was not the victims' fault that they did not have the strength to defeat their enemies; it was the perpetrator's fault that they did not exercise their power in a humane fashion.

    • “Manliness” (which of course is also a quality many women have) at its very essence is being able to provide for and protect one’s family. Traditionally, men that were not able to do so feel humiliated and diminished.

      It is interesting that your country is perpetuating the very same dynamic with your Palestinian victims. And you will no doubt cry when that particular chicken comes home to roost.

    • What a psycho. Let's try this game and see if you can spot the problem:

      A Russian says, "The German fascists killed millions of Russians in the Great Patriotic War. That's what's important. Who gives a shit if they gassed a few million Jews, too?"

  • Voice in wilderness, Ron Paul calls for friendship with Iran
    • "As far as I know, Ron Paul’s position on abortion is that he wants the matter returned to the states. (I.e., he disapproves of the Roe v. Wade decision). Just how is this view reprehensible?"

      I would suggest that this view is reprehensible because there are many states which do not recognize a woman's right to choose as a fundamental human right. It would be the equal of letting Alabama and Mississippi decide for themselves what the Establishment Clause means.

      Put it this way: when it comes to civil and human rights, everyone has the right to the maximum protection, regardless of the liberalness or conservativeness of the state in which they find themselves. So permitting individual locales to limit those rights and liberties can only have an anti-liberal tendency. It is an inherenly negative ratchet.

      "When I was studying law at Yale Law School in the earlyt 1990′s, I had the impression that most people regarded Roe v. Wade as an extremely slapdash, unconvincingly argued decision."

      The decision isn't entirely well written, but the holding is well founded. IN my opinion.

  • Obama administration approves navy warships seizing two boats carrying peace activists and letters to Gaza as necessary for Israeli 'security'
    • "Do I really have to give money to Obama — would the Romeny/Cain folks really be so much worse? Makes me want to vomit."

      Zionists have a Alien-facehugger hold on American politics of both parties. There is no good option, only bad ones.

  • Breaking: Gaza flotilla stopped by Israeli warships
    • "Obama will be pushed by hard-charging GOP candidates to send military and more financial support."

      Obama wouldn't be pushed by the GOP on this issue; he'll be pushed by the Dem. purse-string holders and the Israel firsters, who will be happy to bust up NATO if that's what Tel Aviv requires.

  • JTA wonders why 'Jewish influence' is so 'pervasive' in our politics
    • "And when the Palestinians tried to do that in the 1930s, Jews shot them and created the Haganah to steal the land from them."

      But they were Arabs so, to people like eee, Zionists need not bother themselves with their rights.

    • Before the ’08 election, a friend of mine said “I always vote for whoever is best for Israel.” In a discussion with another friend, I backed him into a moral corner where his response to the inhumanity of the Israelis toward Palestinians became, and I quote, “I don’t care.” Every Jewish service I’ve been too (bar/bat mitzvahs for friends’ children) has included a somewhat militant prayer for Israel in their fight against their “enemies.”

      I've heard many stories such as these. Two things strike me: (1) these very same people would likely be the first people to have smoke coming out of their ears and scream antisemitism if you said that you "don't care" what happens to the Jews, and (2) refuse to believe that other people consider the Israelis to be "enemies" based on the actions of those same Israelis, and that those people have the same right to defend themselves against the Israeli that the Israelis reserve for themselves.

      These are the same kinds of people who find a claim to exclusive rights to the land between the Med and the Jordan, based on history and religion, to be either fine when Likud makes it, but scandalous when Hamas makes it.

      I don't know whether to pity them or slap them.

  • Reporters again turn State Dep't briefing into moshpit, scorning US 'impotence' in the conflict
  • Say Yes To Colonialism!
    • "The dissenting poster advocates for the delay in mutual humanization."

      And the initial poster doesn't??? What is making 20% of the population of a state into pariahs except dehumanization??? If 1 in 5 of the people in Israel are not Jewish, it is not, in any sense, a Jewish state, unless you don't care about the minority. If the Israelis and their supporters want "humanization" then I say, "you first."

  • Olympia Food Co-op fights lawsuit over boycott of Israeli goods
    • "ummm you accidentally wrote 'Strategic Lawsuit Against Pubic Participation'

      Wha? That's what a SLAPP is...

  • Netanyahu’s party platform 'flatly rejects' establishment of Palestinian state
    • "This isn’t the Likud 'Charter', it is its party platform from the elections to the 15th Knesset in 1999, when Netanyahu lost his seat to Ehud Barak – that’s ages ago in Israeli politics."

      If it hasn't been formally recinded, it is still in effect, right? If Likud did not feel it necessary to amend or rescind it in the last 12 years, then why should we not believe it is the true position of the party?

  • Students protest Israeli spokesperson at Wayne State University
    • seafoid,

      The fans may or may not be antisemitic. I'm not arguing that point. All I am saying is that there is nothing inherently anti-Semitic about the banner and sporting the Palestinian colors in response to an Israeli team. They are anti-Israeli acts, for sure, but not inherently anti-Semitic.

      Interesting that the Roth Institute does not publish a country report on Israel.

    • "I don’t buy that."

      Then we disagree.

      "Polish antisemitism is the real McCoy. Anyone for Kielce 1946 ?"

      And no doubt that there are very few people in those stands who were anything more than infants in 1946, and the vast majority borne afterwards. So unless you are proposing a genetic disposition on behalf of all people of Polish descent, an even occurring in 1946 seems fairly irrelevnat to what's happening 66 years later.

      "Football fans can be very extremist."

      Yes, but that does not mean that we can believe anything we want without proof, and it does not change the fact that an anti-Israeli insult is not magically transformed into an anti-Jewish one, because Abe Foxman says so.

    • Shmuel,

      I understand your point; I simply think you are wrong. I have no doubt that the Legia fans were being provocative. I never said they were not. (The notion that they were being anti-Semitic, on the other hand, is nonsense.)

      My point is simply that no one in his or her right mind, in 2011 could fail to understand that, to a large percentage of the Polish population, that the hammer and sickle would be seen as a hightly, highly offensive thing, and the Israeli club is, at the very least, extremely negligent in not taking steps to insure that they, and their fans, did not insult their hosts by the gratuitous display of these symbols, whether in the political realm or not. It was not incumbant upon the Polish club; any thinking human being should know this already.

      In my mind, there are no innocents here. Both sides are guilty of provacative behavior and gross negligence.

      "In my side comment I pointed out that even in the left-wing political context, the hammer and sickle has very good as well as very bad significance. The same cannot be said of the swastika."

      Not as a political matter, no; but as a societal matter, some South Asians and Native Americans have positive connotations with this symbol. If a club had incorporated it into its logo, I would expect it to know enough that it would have to change it if it were to go play in Tel Aviv. The same should be true with the Hapoel team playing in Poland.

    • "If it were a problem, I would expect the team not to be invited or for stipulations to be made in advance – rather than getting upset, after the fact"

      So then the fact that the Israeli team didn't condition its acceptance of the offer to play on any condition that the Legia fans didn't prepare a counter banner shoudl mean that they (and their supporters like Foxman) shouldn't get upset after the fact, right??

      "On a side note, the hammer and sickle (or cog, or wheat, or star or colour red) as a left-wing political symbol have both noble and ignoble significance. Do you know of any decent right-wing groups of any kind that incorporate the swastika in their logo?"

      Right-wing, left-wing is not the point. The swastika symbol is revered in Native American and South Asian cultures. I would expect that a football squad from those areas which incorporated that symbol in its logo would alter them to omit it, if it were traveling to Tel Aviv -- not because it believes that the symbol is bad, but because it would be humane enough to think about its hosts for a moment and ask whether the hosts would believe the symbol is bad.

      And the same here. Hapoel should have understood that it's communist trade dress (in this capitalist enterprise) would be perceived as very, very insulting by the team's hosts and should have acted accordingly.

    • "The Hapoel logo – link to
      – incorporates the hammer and sickle, and the team’s colours are red and white. Hapoel means 'the worker' and the team has socialist roots. I’m sure there was no intention on the part of Israeli fans to protest or offend their hosts 'in a country that suffered a great deal under communism'."

      I think that they should have had the good sense to leave the hammer and sickles garbage behind in Tel Aviv. It is no excuse that this is their team logo.

    • "The Israeli team, Hapoel, was waving flags and banners with red stars,hammer and sickles, and some other communistic symbols in a country that suffered a great deal under communism."

      If this is true (and I've no reason to doubt you, dumvitaestspesest), that the team was doing this, then the Israeli team should be banned from international competition by FIFA.

    • Ron,
      Thank you for your service. Sincerely. That, these decades later, the perpetrators (both foreign and domestic) of that crime and the cover up have not been brought to justice is a stain on the USA. One of many since 1948.

    • "Now we target journalists. "

      LMAO. Benito Mussolini was a journalist. So was Julius Streicher (after a fashion.) This issue isn't that one writes, but what one writes. And Hoffman is a cog in the Israeli apartheid machine and should be opposed as such.

    • "That’s an American protest, not an Arab protest."

      Hopmphi is a raging anti-Arab bigot, who can't see Arabs as Americans.

    • I disagree that Foxman was right. He was wrong, as usual. Here was an Israeli team and they were being jeered as Israelis, not as Jews. There is nothing anti-Jewish about such a sign and sporting Palestinian colors, although there is something clearly anti-Israel about it (and rightly so.)

      Foxman's doing nothing here but chumming the waters trying to justify his paycheck.

  • 'Freedom Waves to Gaza' flotilla leaves Turkey headed to Gaza; Organizers: 'It is time to lift the siege of Gaza which deprives 1.6 million civilians of their rights to travel, work, study, develop their economy and be free.'
    • "Do you really not understand why you are my enemy? You want to end the Jewish state in Israel. How can you not be my enemy? This is not a disagreement about some policy, you want to put an end to Israel and you don’t care about what 99% of Israeli Jews want."

      LOL. You better watch out, she might be after your PRECIOUS BODILY FLUIDS!!!

    • "3e keeps singling me out. I suspect he’s trying to ruin my reputation."

      Frankly, we're now all somewhat suspicious of you, being mentioned so glowingly in one of eee's posts. Watch your step. You're suspect.

    • "If a Zionist would have written something like that about Arabs or Muslims, there would be 100+ responses... These are facts..."

      LOL. Speculation on what might happen if someone had said something about Arabic or Muslims now constitues a "fact"??? Rather than banning Hebrew, we should, instead, call for mandatory remedial English (and logic) for eee.

    • "‘clearly’ is eee’s new favorite word."

      When someone is trying to argue and they use the term "clearly" or something similar, it is a signal that they want to reach a conclusion but either don't know how to argue to that conclusion or they do not have the factual support for it. So they try to tell you the conclusion they want you to reach, rather than showing it. It is a sign they've lost and just won't admit it.
      (Simiarly, when someone starts a response with "So you're saying..." or "So, in other words..." it is a clear sign that they simply have no response to what you're actually arguing and are going to engage in strawmanning.)
      As eee has shown through his little meltdown today, it seems clear that he is working on pure paranoia and is imposing those paranoid ideas on everyone else. Whether it's an act, a mental illness or what, I cannot say.

    • "You guys want to abolish the Jewish state. And you want to make Hebrew illegal. And you want to BDS me and my family. And you want to be able to fire rockets from Gaza at targets in Israel without any response from Israel. And you want to force millions of Palestinians refugees into Israel and trash it."

      No, this is all your paranoid delusions which you use to justify your inhumane treatment of other people. Nothing different from the paranoid delusions that every oppressor has held about those who he oppresses, from the white bigots in the American South talking about black crime and the sins of miscegenation to Germans in the interwar years talking about how the Jews stabbed the Imperial German army in the back. Same shit, different victim.

  • Occupy Connecticut
    • This type of mindless Libertarianism is a stain on the American political scene. It is the same kind of greedy pro-corporate business-worship that the worst of the GOP promote. It's tenets can be reduced to "Government should not exercise any power except what is necessary to do what I want/need it to do. If you want something that I don't, go fuck yourself."

  • Does the UNESCO vote pave the way for broader Palestinian acceptance within the UN system?
    • "We all know that ever projectile fired from Gaza is consider a war crime."

      No we don't. Some was, some might be, some certainly isn't.

      "How about the years and years of terrorism? How will that be judged?"

      Again, some of it might be terrorism; much was legitimate armed defense against an occupier.

  • 80 year old Palestinian woman stoned by settlers
    • "eee’s doing the same over on the ‘goldstone’s logic’ post. all these aghast asides and never explaining any kind of train of thought. "

      It's a new technique they just sent down from the Ministry of Hasbara and Public Enlightenment...

    • "This proves that there is no god."

      No, it just proves that there is no such thing as a good Israel. (Or, at least, good Israelis in enough numbers to do anyone any good.)

  • Could Goldstone's logic in defense of Israel have saved apartheid in South Africa?
    • "Of course it is genocide, except that the number of Palestinians is growing, so it is a genocide in reverse."

      Nope. It is genocide. It is the deliberate policy of the Jews occupying Palestine to destroy, in whole or part, the ethnic identity of the Palestinians.

    • "Come on. Don’t you see that what Bitar is doing in this post is exactly revising history to make a point? His whole post is playing “what if” with the history of SA!"

      I think this is another example of your curse of having Hebrew as a native tongue. What the author is doing here is not "revising history" but eviscerating Goldstone's arguments by pointing out that the things which he points to in an attempt to save your Zionist fantasy land would be laughed at if proposed by the South African regime to excuse their actions.

    • "Occupation is occupation, it is not apartheid."

      Nonsense. The apartheid regime the Jews living in Palestine have put in place is merely the method by which your evil occupation is put into place.

  • What Palestine's UNESCO membership could mean on the ground
    • The first order of business for UNESCO (the rest of the UN, too) should be to kick out any country that suspends any payments due to membership decisions. There is no reason why US government, businesses and people should continue to enjoy any benefit conferred by the UN system if the US is going to be petulant children.

  • Netanyahu needs a history tutor -- Can UNESCO experts help?
    • "where has any pro-Israel poster on Mondoweiss called a Palestinian, an Arab, or a Muslim a pig, and was not banned?"

      I said "pro-Israel sites," not Mondoweiss. The slurs against the Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims here are not overt, like this comment was.

    • “pigs, not human beings”. Sounds about right

      Wow what?

      Oh, please. Go troll around some pro-Israel sites. Despicable as this statement appears to be, this is nothing compared with what your side has been saying for generations about the Palestinians.

  • 'A historic forum:' Sylvia Schwarz tells Minneapolis gathering that privileging Jews is racism
    • "Ok, the 7 million Jews in Israel are racist and the millions of Jews in the Diaspora who are Zionists are also racist."

      I understand that you've been burdened with Hebrew as a native language, but, in English, saying "Zionism is racism" is not the same as saying "Zionists are racists," let alone "All Zionists are racists."

  • The pro-Israel lobby courts influential African-Americans
    • "Then why doesn’t the South Africa government boycott Israel?"

      LOL. Poor South Africa trades with the rich Israel because shekels in trade buys a lot of bending of principles.

  • The lobby rescues its old warhorse from glue factory: Israel is a strategic asset
    • "The lobby rescues its old warhorse from glue factory: Israel is a strategic asset"

      Such people do not know what the word "strategic" means. Israel could be a tactical asset to the US, but it is not a strategic asset to the US. (The US, by contrast, is clearly a strategic asset of Israel.) In fact, it is more true on balance that Israeli is a strategic liability than a strategic asset. (Though not an enormous one, given the dearth of true external strategic threats to the US.)

  • Minneapolis panel pitting Zionist and anti-Zionist Jews gets no media attention
    • "So you don’t believe that people from outside of the land have the right to buy land legally, and live there?"

      That's really a question that should have been asked of the then-present resident, right??? That whole "self-determination" thing you're so hot on... Or is it only Jews who should be permitted to exercise that right of self-determination?

      "And, the British did not give land to outsiders."

      Arthur Balfour just laughed.

    • "How could the liberation of a people from the depth of genocide and centuries of suppression be racism."

      Because one deals with the release of a shackle on oneself and the other deals with the imposition of a shackle on another. Virtually no one is opposed to the liberation of Jews from the oppression they suffered and from the genocidal impulses of the National Socialists. One can hold these feelings and also state that the manner that those who were liberated then acted was wrong.

      If a slave society gains its freedom and turns around and enslaves it captors, we must be joyful of the liberation and condemn the subsequent enslavement.

      "The excesses of Zionism may contain racism, but how does the urge for a home space for self-governance equate to racism, in fact, not just in slogan?"

      Because, in fact, they could not accomplish their goal of such a "home space" without committing a crime against the population of the land in which they chose to make that "home space." You might be okay with holding your nose while the crime is done, and your fellows might believe that the crime committed against the Palestinians was a good thing to create a "greater good," but your inability to separate the facts on the ground from the Platonic fantasy of Jewish self-representation does not obligate anyone else to agree with you or to excuse the inexcusable actions taken to create that state.

  • Leading progressive magazine gives Palestinian solidarity the Swastika stamp
    • You do get that MANY Jews (Jews) feel assaulted for their sympathy with Israel, and that the banners are a pushback, a self-assertion.

      A way of saying ‘No, we won’t be made to live in a state of permanent shame, permanent subordination, again. Israel is part of our stand in the world.’

      Of course you steadfastly refuse to recognize the fact that Israel's treatment of the Palestinians is to "[make them] live in a state of permanent shame, permanent subordination." That is the problem. If it was understandable and laudable for the Jews to rebel against that, then it is doubly so for the Palestinians who are fighting the imposition of the very thing you claim the Jews were fighting.

    • "I agree with you that the 'price taggers' are thugs, criminals. In Israel, they are regarded as legally criminals, and some (too few) are prosecuted.
      It takes a strained analysis to declare that they are funded by the state.
      In contrast, in nazi Germany, the thugs were what the state was constructed of."

      The settlement project in Israel is a state-funded, -run and -sanctioned activity. The violence and racism of that project (with the "price taggers" being an eminently predictable part and natural outcome of that process) is also what the Israeli state is constructed of.

      "(Especially after the legislature was closed and the courts replaced.)"
      Uh, no. The National Socialist state was an adminstrative state but its power was not based on the elimination of competing branches of government, but in co-option the entiretly of the adminstrative bodies of the State. The takeover of and eventual disembowling of the Länder and the imposition of the party organs (the Gaue and Gauleiters) into the management of the state was much more important than the closure of the Reichstag (which, although open into the 1940s, had little power after the Enabling Act, or the takeover of the Courts.)

    • "that cartoon is right on. Traditional Jew haters are now replacing the word Jew with Zionist, legitimizing Jew hatred for another generation."

      No, it's complete nonsense. There is nothing mystical or special about the fact that Israel is a state controlled by its Jewish population that exempts it from criticism or which makes criticism of it any different than criticism of any other state. It is criticism of the state, not bigotry of the people.

      Criticism of Zionism and Israel is no differnet criticism of the Juche philosophy and the actions of the DPRK. One doesn't, thereby, in the latter case, somehow become an anti-Korean bigot.

      What you are talking about it a crutch. It lets you pretend that the criticism of Israel is based on animus and not reason, and, therefore, you permit yourself the convenience of rejecting it without consideration of its merits. But in doing so, you are abdicating your responsibility as a reasoning, rational adult and become an accessory to those crimes committed by the Israelis and Zionists in general, against the Palestinian people.

  • J Street presses division inside Jewish community, blaming neocons for leading 'charge to war in Iraq'
    • “Nobody is paying me.”

      I recall months ago one of mondo’s old hands saying you admitted to working for the ADL. Surely you’re not ashamed of such employment?

      He only said he's not being paid, not that he doesn't work for them.

  • Jennifer Rubin's fast track to intolerance
    • "I like Jennifer Rubin. She’s a swell gal."

      LOL. My guess is that more people were surprised when Ricky Martin came out of closet then are surprised to hear that you /heart/ Jennifer Rubin.

    • the sole bumper sticker on her gray Honda Pilot reads, “JERUSALEM IS NOT A SETTLEMENT. It’s Israel’s Eternal And Undivided Capital.”

      I want a bumber sticker that says, "AELIA CAPITOLINA IS A COLONIA. But it is not the Capital of Syria Palæstina."


      Baloney. The Jews invading Arab East Jerusalem are settlers and they are trying to create a settlement.

  • Why Palestinian rights are not front and center for OWS meta-brand
    • 'Well I guess you could say that to be shackled, thrown on a ship and sold in a slave market in New Orleans would make you an immigrant. Don’t think I’d risk telling the ancestors of such a person this though. "

      (I think you mean decendant.) I have no problem with the label "immigrant" in this case. They were immigrants, but not voluntary immigrants.

      "I think I also might be a wee bit careful pointing out to Mexican-Americans that they are immigrants. You’re likely going to find one of them who takes serious offence at the suggestion."

      That is a good point. (Excluding, of course, the part of their ancestry, if present, which traces to Spain.) In many areas of the American South West, it was the boundaries which moved and not the people. Is there a word for them?

    • "no it’s not. that’s stupid. it’s just a tactic used to get people to stop criticizing neoconservatism exactly like claims that criticizing israel is the ‘new anti semitism’."

      That's exactly right, annie. DBG's statement is a passive-agressive way to intimate that people who oppose Zionism are antisemites, but he doesn't have the balls to say that. It's all transparently self-serving nonsense, of course.

    • "...Native-American...

      ...we are all immigrants..."


  • Testimony of an Israeli activist who was robbed and beaten by settlers while attempting to assist the olive harvest
    • "So settlers have the right to see people’s ID on demand?"

      Sure. It's just one of the perks to being a member of the Master Race Chosen People*.

      (*at least the Zionist [i.e. political] version of the concept, not the religious one.)

  • Israeli police target Sheikh Jarrah store for hanging posters of Erdogan
    • "Maraka believes that he is being singled out because of political reasons related to strained relations between Israel and Turkey."

      Of course he is. Cowardly yellow Zio bastards.

  • Bad Elliott
    • "I’ve heard this before, I/P is the only obstacle to world peace."

      Israel isn't the only obstacle to world peace, but it is a big one.

  • Occupy Wall Street movement is making room for Palestinian issue
    • "Sounds like a fifth column to me."

      You could have just wrote "Insert ironic projection here" in Comic Sans font.

      And, anyway, your comparison doesn't work. The fact that the US gov. is in the bag for the Zios and for the banksters, is simply two symptoms of the same disease.

  • The writing on the wall
    • MK Yitzchak Herzog of the Labor party eulogized Yossi with unusually warlike words, for a secular liberal politician. “You will not defeat us,” he vowed. “In the end we will defeat you, as we defeated Amalek.”

      Anyone who would quote this fairy story about "Amalek" in a modern context is insane and should be locked up for observations.

  • 'J Street' urges Israel lobby group to sever ties with Elliott Abrams's wife Rachel for 'unhinged hate speech' against Palestinians
    • "so what should they do Woody? continue an armed struggle which has failed for 60 years? sit back and let Israel colonize the entire WB? trust that their supporters in the international community will get them a deal? trust that BDS will bring Israel to it’s knees?"

      What makes talking to a party which has no interest in reaching a reasoanble deal any better than any of these options?

      But if you were to ask me, given the way the Zionists freaked out about the UN petition, I would recommend continuing to do that and things like it. I would attempt to leverage international pressure and if the colonization continues, I would move for the South Africa option -- one person, one vote. And when the Israelis fight against that, I would press that concept harder.

      And if those options failed, I would start again. I wouldn't take anything off the table, including the armed struggle against Israel and its supporters, but do it world wide. I hope it does not come to that, sincerely, which is why the Israelis should leap to take the Arab peace deal. Because if they believe that there is a chance that this will just go away, they're nuts.

    • "because they want a state and w/ out talks there will be no change."

      They've been talking for a generation and there has been no change, and there is no indication from the Israelis that there will be any change in the future, aside from the Israeli position of "Surrender to us now and quietly accept whatever we decide to give you and don't you dare complain about it."

      Continuing to talk without a fundamental attitude adjustment by the Israelis benefits the Israelis and penalizes the Palestinians, and there are other options, including bringing international pressure to bear, pushing for voting rights in the Israeli government, and others, none of which are possible if the charade of "talk" goes on.

      So, again, why should they talk?

    • "FOR INSTANCE – Bachmann: America ‘cursed’ by God ‘if we reject Israel’, By Andy Birkey, The Minnesota Independent, 02/08/10

      Uggh. I read quotes like this nonsense from that loon, and it reaffirms by belief that religion was one of the top 3 worst ideas ever to plague the mind of man.

    • "is Israel just supposed to put everything down and agree to it with our an coordination or negotiation with the Palestinians?"

      I am certain that if the Israel's announced an acceptance of the Arab Peace Deal and asked for meetings with Palestinians to coordinate on the withdraw of Israeli gunmen, for example, they would have no problem. What they want is to freeze the Palestinians in negotations. which is to the Israeli's benefit. Having been fooled by the Israelis for 15 years into pointless "negotiatiosn", why would Palestinains do so again, without firm committments by the Israelis?

      "Right now they won’t even sit down with Israel to discuss it."

      They did so for 15 years after Oslo and Israeli stonewalled (and continue to steal Palestinian lands.) If all Israeli will offer is more talk, what is the point?

      "Bibi has mentioned he’d sit down and talk based on ’67 borders,"

      BFD. Talk is nothing. Netanyahoo also said that he would never allow a real Palestinian state. Why would the Palestinians give Netanyahoo a political victory is he is not willing to make firm commitments ahead of time?

      "he also offered a governmental freeze of all building in the WB/EJ."

      So? He won't freeze all buidling in the West Bank and Arab sections of al Quds, and certainly won't roll back the colonies, so this means nothign more than that the invading horde of Israeli Jews will continue under private hands.

      "you guys can talk about past plans until you are blue in the head, nothing will happen without direct negotiations."

      And the Israelis had 15 years of direct negotiations and the Palestinians got nothing more than more Israelis polluting their land with their theft. If the Israelis aren't going to make clear concessions and commitments ahead of time, then the Palestinians should pursue other options.

    • "The Arab peace plan is a great idea, why don’t the Palestinians sit down and hash it out?"

      Because the Israelis have not indicated that they will accept it, so the call for talk is nothing more than a ruse to occupy the Palestinians and the world while the greedy Israelis steal more Palestine. (Imagine a man is raping your wife, and the rapists' partner asks you not to call the police or take any action, but to "sit down and hash it out." You now have an idea of what you are asking the Palestinians to do.)

      But the real question is "why don't the Israelis accept it?" It gives them everything they CLAIM they want. But it would prevent them from continuing to oppress the Palestinians and would require them to abandon their plans for the Greater israeli Empire. (I guess the fact that they have to give up their blood lust and land greed maybe that's why they don't accept it...)

    • " I want peace not war. I am sick of war."

      So what are you doing to get the war mongering Israeli Jews to stop their multi-generational war on the Arabs in general and on the Palestinians in particular? It is rather galling for a supporter of the aggressor state to complain about war. There's been a peace plan on offer by the Arabs for a decade and the fucking Israelis won't even talk about it. Why are you hear, attacking people who are standing up for the victims, if you hate war so much? Why aren't you on the pro-Israeli sites bashing them for Israel's failure to accept the Arab peace deal?? (Or is it only a peace on Israel's terms, which turns the Palestinians into slaves, in their own land, subject to the whim of the invading occupier, that constitutes "peace" in your mind???)

    • "Did Foxman at ADL chime in yet?"

      The vile toad won't say a word because that piece of filth Abrams was defaming Arabs. If anything, that fat bastard probably agrees with her.

  • The Global War on Halloween (fake head not included)
    • I think that the odds of his being alive at this point is close to zero. If he were alive, he would have made a media appearance by now.

    • "Are these Folks insane?"

      No, just evil.

    • "Thought experiment: Imagine what it means when political correctness is at such a level that we cannot celebrate the death of Osama bin Laden without drawing criticism that it is somehow discriminatory toward Muslims to do so."

      Bullshit. It has nothing to do with Osama bin Laden. That's just your excuse to wallow in your anti-Arab bigotry.

      First, it doesn't mention bin Laden. Second, it doesn't look like bin Laden. Third, bin Laden wasn't beheaded, so it makes no sense to see someone carrying around a head and thinking that it is bin Laden. Fourth, bin Laden had a short hair cut, it makes no sense to see wild, long hair and to then think this is bin Laden.

      What we have here isn't political correctness, it is you trying to excuse a ragingly racist depiction of the "crazed raging Arab terrorist." Who the hell do you think you are, attacking Adam because he doesn't share your vile anti-Arab prejudice?

      "I think, frankly, many Muslims would be offended at the idea that they need your condescending protection, Adam."

      Change "Muslims" to "black folks" and that's just the kind of excuses the klan types may have said to the civil rights workers in the 1960s. They were disgusting racist bigots then, and you and your ilk are disgusting racist bigots now.

  • For neoconservatives, Israel is a foreign and domestic issue
    • As a matter of political strategy, if not ideological priority, supporting Israel meant supporting American involvement in the rest of the world. “Can anyone believe,” Irving Kristol warned in 1984, “that an American government which, in righteous moralistic hauteur, refuses to intervene to prevent a communist takeover of Central America will intervene to counterbalance Soviet participation in an assault on Israel?” If Jews truly hoped to protect Israel, he suggested, they must overcome their residual dovishness and accept the necessity of “a large and powerful [American] military establishment” willing to intervene all over the world.

      Great. My country is bankrupting itself to protect a bunch of god damned Zionist racists.

  • In anxious/nostalgic interview of Amos Oz, NPR's Rob't Siegel says Shalit was held 'hostage'
    • "His treatment did not conform to the most basic standards of the Geneva Conventions. He was therefore not a POW."

      This is stupid. Even if it assumed that his jailers failed to abide by the Geneva Conventions, that does not change his status, it means nothing more than that his jailers failed to abide by the Geneva Conventions.

      And given serial crimes against humanity inflicted on the Palestinians by the Israeli, he's lucky he was treated as well as he was.

  • Struggling for water in Gaza
    • "Bibi wants 2 keep control of water resources by keeping key settlements"

      Of course, Netanyahoo is the head leach in a state full of leaches. If he wasn't sucking the life blood of the Palestinians, he wouldn't have a purpose in life.

    • "If you want to wait 10-20 years, be my guest, but things will only get worse"

      More typical Israeli genocide threats. Disgusting.

      "Israel is one of the world leaders in desalination and will be able to take care of its own needs,"

      Only because you blood-sucking parasites have already stolen the Palestinians' water.

  • As the two-state solution dies, what comes next?
    • "Ariel Sharon, who suffered a debilitating stroke nearly six years ago while serving as prime minister of Israel and remains in a coma-like state, responds to some requests and, despite being fed intravenously, has put on weight, "

      God willing, he's fully conscious, in unbearable pain, and totally unable to communicate those facts to the world, as punishment for his crimes.

    • "Chief PA negotiator Saeb Erekat says Palestinians rejected offer because it applied only to government construction and most settlement construction is carried out by private contractors..."

      My god, can't Israel do ANYTHING in good faith??? It seems that every thing they do is a scam designed to get one over on someone.

  • Dying of schmaltz
    • I've always assumed that it was merely appealing to the vanity of the religious. A lot of people do that. I can't tell you the number of times I've heard people say that someone "is a good Christian" when they mean "is a good person."

      Theologically, I can't say. Being an atheist, I don't have much good or nice to say about any religion on the theological grounds. But I am happy to see that most people, of every religion, pretty much ignore all the bad stuff in their doctrines (and they all have them. Lots of them.) and just try to be good people. That gives me hope that one day, someone's religious affiliation will be like their zodiac sign -- something that you have, but not something that you take seriously or that you let affect the way you look at the world or how you treat other people.

    • They didn’t regard attacking civilians as a crime.

      Its odd that you would equate them in any way.

      That is not the case in Israel. Settlers for example that kill Palestinians are regarded as criminals.

      Oh, bullshit. The settlers have and are committing crimes against Palestinians simply by being settlers, the f'ing Israelis don't consider that a crime; hell, many, if not most, consider that the actions of the settlers makes them good Jews; "redeeming the land" and that garbage.

      Do you think that the Palestinians willingly walked away from that land??? No, it was viciously and violently taken from them at gunpoint, often with consequences of death to the rightful Palestinian owners; the settlers either did that or aided and abetted it. That crime, which your god damned people adore and praise, is millions of times more significant and criminal than the random capture of some soldier.

  • 'Neocon' is suddenly a bad career move (and Rachel Abrams ain't helping the Elliott Abrams brand)
  • Even Fayyad forecasts struggle for equal voting rights in I/P
    • I don't think he hates it in all cases. I think he hates it on a non-ethno-religious basis. But what I think he really thinks is that the Palestinians (and the rest of the world) should happy bend over and give the Israelis what they want and happily take table scraps, while never accepting such a situation for other people.

    • My issue isn't the word "enfranchisement", it is "self-govern" and, more specifically, what you desire.

      Israel doesn’t have the right to limit a nation’s self-defense. But, if Palestine faces the question of whether they prefer a viable sovereign state voluntarily not arming, or no state, I hope that they would choose the sovereign state.

      That really doesn't answer my question. My question is whether your expressed desire for the Palestinians to be able to exercise their right of self-government includes the right to acquire nuclear weapons, or whether you believe it should be limited to what Israel will tolerate or permit.

    • "I desire that all are enfranchised in jurisdictions that they regard as self-governing rather than governed by an alien nation."

      So would you permit the Palestinian state to possess the same number of nuclear weapons as Israel has, or does Israel, in your view, have the right to limit that exercise of self-government?

  • Props for the amazing political space OWS created (but who is talking about Palestine?)
    • "of course Woody, I find it reprehensible."

      I am glad to hear it.

    • "nice Nazi reference, you guys are about as classy as they come."

      So I take this to mean that you will take your fellow Zionists to task for "nice Nazi reference(s)" such as using the expression "Judenrein" in reference to the Palestinians. Or is it only when your ox is gored that it is a problem??

  • AJC and ADL urge Jewish community not to bicker, so that US politicians don't waver in support for 'the Jewish State'
    • "I think there are organizations that claim to be pro-Israel that are partisan first and pro-Israel second."

      Shocking... an American political party organ putting the interests of America and the party in front of a foreign government.

  • Muammar Gaddafi captured and killed in Sirte
    • In conclusion, DBG, clearly not all of us “you guys” are of the same opinion, because, believe it or not, we are all individuals with our own biases and philosophies, and none of us are reading from the same bible of uniform thought. I agree with most of the things Woody Tanaka writes about – this is not one of them.

      Thanks, CloakAndDagger. You do me the honor of thinking about what I've written.

      And you are correct about DBG's statement. I think it displayed a rather knee-jerk assumption about us, based on the fact that we disagree with him, rather than based on what we might think and conclude.

    • Hostage, I was using the expression "in the Hague" as a stand in for war crimes trial, not that it would have to be in the Hague, itself.

    • "Does this make what was done to Qaddafi good?"

      It is irrelevant to it. But what happened to Qaddafi was just, so, by definition, it was good.

      "I mean I see a lot of deflection, does that mean you guys approve of his execution?"

      I do. Absolutely.

      But, to me, your comment brought to my mind the common Israeli-apologist tactic of saying "such-and-such country is doing something that is so much worse than Israel. Why don't worry about that first."

      Well, why don't you worry about the extrajudicial killings committed by the Israelis and Americans, on a greater scale, killing more people before worrying about the Libyans.

      "Do you think it will help Libya?"

      Absolutely. I think that the notion of a trial in the Hague as panacea or catharsis for the victims is false in many cases and can be absolutely harmful by prolonging the problem. In rare cases, battlefield justice is the best choice.

    • "execution without trial and presenting his dead body in the back of a pick-up is not democracy, it is savagery. "

      Exactly. They should have shot him and dumped his body in the sea. Or maybe, they should have dropped a 2-ton bomb dropped on a building in which he (and maybe some children and other people who were in range) was located. Or, perhaps, they should have waited until he went to a wedding and then just blown up the whole party with a drone. Those methods are so MUCH more civilized.

    • "Arabs have killed more Arabs than Israel could ever dream of, probably this year."

      What the hell is this supposed to mean?? I could say that Christians have killed more Christians then they ever killed Jews, but that wouldn't make the Inquisition right. So what exactly is your point?

  • Palestinian citizens of Israel are second class citizens, even in the Prague airport
    • "can’t Arabs realize that the actions of a few of them have brought this suspicion down?"

      It's rare that a racist will just lay that racism right out there, and, in the process, blame the victim of the racism for the racist's racism. But you accomplished just that.

    • "THE ONE THING: Does anyone imagine, even for a moment, that these Arab-named passengers had NOT been screened in all these ways by Israel/El Al BEFORE leaving Israel?"

      "What am I missing?"

      You're trying to find a purpose or a reason for the Israeli action. There is no purpose behind this mistreatment and abuse. It exists for its own sake; it is its own end. The Israelis mistreat and abuse simply to mistreat and abuse.

    • "When was the last time you saw Carabinieri at JFK Airport providing security for Alitalia flights?"

      Italy doesn't have a fifth column in the US.

    • "The main purveyors of terrorism in Israel are Arabs"

      Nope. The main purveyors of terrorism in all of Palestine (including the portion you call Israel) are Israeli Jews.

    • "Of course, the IDF blew up all those buses in Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem, the cafes, the discos, the hotels. In fact it is IDF soldiers in those “martyr” posters and last message videos left behind."

      No, it, and the filth that preceded it, did far worse than that, all over Palestine, as has for the last 100 years.

    • "Israel has a free press and an open society."

      LMAO. Except for the Palestinians forced into the cattle chutes.

    • "When you own an airline and put in place your security guidelines, just make sure to publicize this and Israelis will not fly your airline. Problem solved. If your experience is that Israelis are a security risk to a flight, you should certainly build your security guidelines based on that."

      In other words: So long as you don't touch my racism, I'll overlook yours.

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