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  • Beinart calls West Bank 'non-democratic Israel'
    • I don't have a problem with the description of the West Bank as rhetoric, because it is de facto correct and it undercuts the Zionist/Israeli claim of being a civilized people.

  • Israel to sue Bedouin villagers for cost of demolitions
  • Anti-Muslim hate rally organizer Eliezrie to teach “Kabbalah of Love” at Jewish Federation Vegas mega-event
    • "A man in a black hat – 'bigot'. A man with tzitzis – 'bigot'. A man that speaks of Jewish culture as 'we' – 'bigot'. A man that speaks of the obligation of those born and brought up Jews to honor their connection to God – 'bigot'."

      Who's doing that?? No one here. At most, people are saying "someone who believes that Jewish souls are different from, and inherently better than, non-Jewish souls -- bigot" And rightly so. In fact anyone who DIDN'T react by denouncing such rubbish as the lunatic bigotry which it is on its face is, himself, worthy of scorn.

    • Wow, that's some pretty vile bigoted garbage. Are there really people who believe this shit?

  • Two indications from Egypt that Gaza blockade will collapse
    • "If the opening of the Rafah crossing results in arming of Hamas and other militias and they use them, then that will not be a benefit to Gazan Palestinians, but the beginning of another war."

      Is it bad for the Israeli people that Israel is armed? Or are Palestinains not to be permitted the means to defend themselves?

  • There is no practical solution, and that is why I talk about rights
    • "I thought you were advocating for the collective rights of the Palestinian people, independant of individual claims."

      No, I am advocating for the restitution for the injuries and losses inflicted on millions of individual Palestinians, which were inflicted based on the false view that something other than an individual (such as a state, or a community, or a religion, or an ethnicity) has rights.

    • "Israel IS a democracy. It is not a single party state, not a dictatorship of an individual. "

      These are not the only two ways in which a state is not a democracy. For example, you could only permit 1/2 of the people under the rule of the government to have a say in the policies of that government. Such a state is not democratic, even if privileged half vote.

    • "If you are an advocate of HUMAN rights, then be one, including Jews, including Palestinians. (Individuals and communities).'

      The problem in your thinking is to believe that communities (or anything other than individuals) can exercise rights, especially human rights. Only individuals have rights, and to the extent that we speak of on any other scale, it is merely shorthand for the aggregate exercise of many individual's rights.

      The road to fascism (real fascism, not the pretend name-calling) starts with the assertion that a community can have a right which supersedes an individual's human rights.

    • "I don’t know if human rights cases from three generations ago, that do not revolve around property, are actionable."

      And that demonstrates the vacuousness of your preening on about morality. When one side inflicted human rights violations against another in an attempt to steal property, it is immoral to claim that only the property issues can be resolved.

    • When the Jews in Palestine (i.e., the land from the Med to the Jordan) give the Arabs in Palestine a full and equal democratic voice in the government or governments administering that land, then your concerns might be worth consideration. Until then, it is more sqawking by a Zionist with the goal of continuing the crime. Nothing more.

    • "And, yes, those that have legal claims against the state of Israel or other parties resulting from 1948 should have their day in a color-blind court with the prospect of compensation for land takings."

      The vast majority of those who have claims have claims not based on land takings, but based on human rights violations. Every Palestinian who was ethnically cleansed, and their descendants have such claims. Should they be fully compensated??

      And a court of law is only an appropriate place for resolving such grievances if the burden of proof is on the Israeli government to establish beyond any doubt that a person seeking compensation is not entitled to it, or is not entitled to the amount being claimed. Otherwise you would be purpetrating another crime against humanity by giving the evildoers(i.e., the Israelis) a benefit of the doubt.

  • Imagine your children attending tent schools, subject to demolition, because colonists seek your village's water
  • Weiner-Baird debate lived up to its billing
    • "zionism is a political construct. the comparable bigotted construct to palicaine would be jewacaine. no one says that because it is grossly anti semitic and would be likely be banned."

      Exactly, Annie. Right on the head.

    • "Hamas fire rockets over the borders for years before Israel went into Gaza. "

      Israel was oppressing and murdering Palestinians for decades before Hamas even existed.

    • "Palicaine"


    • "Am I missing something here? "

      No. If you aren't willing to apply your principles to yourself, you have no principles. Weiner is unwilling to apply his supposed liberal ideas to himself.

    • "and Israel as well."

      It's all Palestine.

    • One man, one vote. Worked in South Africa, will work in Palestine.

  • Report: Israeli company recruits mercenaries to support Gadhafi
    • LOL. Your inability to comprehend is no reflection on my statements. But I don't expect more from you.

    • Those comments should be okay by everyone. And if the truth hurts, perhaps you should reconsider your outlook on things, if it suggests that nothing the US, Israel or Zionists in general do is ever worthy of scorn and condemnation.

      And if Israelis don't want to be compared to Nazis, they should stop acting in ways which remind people of Nazis.

    • Yeah, because the list of popular movements in Arab countries which the Zionists have supported is so long, and we all recall how Netanyahu was calling for Mubarak's ouster from the very start.

      What the Zios are looking for is tamed dictators who won't challenge them on the death and destruction they wantonly inflict on the Palestinians. They don't give a damn about anything but their Apartheid state.

    • The problem, my friend, is that you are smart and looking at this logically, and you are not a paranoid ignoramus. The people for whom this statement was made are the ignorant bigots who will believe anything bad about Muslims and Arabs.

    • Seham,

      This is nothing more than a desperate attempt to thread-jack, as a way of distracting from yet another Israeli crime. Typical Zio-garbage.

    • Is anyone really surprised? They're Zionists. Their bigoted ideology requires them to support people like Gadhafi and the oppression of the Arabs, and then to lie about it.

  • Republican congressmen join Islamophobic hate rally in California
    • "Oscar, you’re quite wrong. The KKK was miles worse."

      In many ways, yes. But in many ways, no. The KKK did not, to my knowledge, infest the body politic sufficient to wage war after war against the object of their vile hatred nor spend billions and billions, decade after decade, propping up a colonial regime which is dedicated to the murder, oppression and land theft of those who are the object of that hatred.

    • Nope. These pigs are merely the latest in the long line of bigoted pigs which have infested the USA since its founding.

  • 'CSM' writer would push Gaza into Egypt
    • I think that we are well past the time where we the only acceptable response to a non-Palestinian telling Palestinians how to consider themselves and their nationality is this: STFU.

  • Brian Baird said that U.S. officials didn't want him to seek an investigation of Corrie killing, then Israel flat out lied to him about the bulldozer driver
    • An American is murdered at the hands of the Israelis, and this evil happens in response to an American trying to do the right thing.

      And yet some would be offended by calling Washington Zionist-occupied territory...

  • Wait, why are we giving $3 billion to Israel? And why does J Street have no problem with this?
    • "I advocate increasing foreign aid to impoverished countries, with the caveat that we can ensure that the money will be spent wisely, and not go into some dictator’s pocket."

      Would you condition aid to Israel on it not going directly or indirectly to the occupation of Palestine or to the murder of Palestinians?

  • Israel’s path of destruction across the West Bank
    • I read these daily summaries and a question comes up in my head, "What the hell is wrong with these people??" Seriously. To do this to someone else, day after day after day. What is wrong with them that they can do this to other human beings??

  • J Street is liberating Jews from Zionism. So far so good
    • "The most encouraging thing to come out of J Street’s conference is the reminder that most Israelis support a two-state solution, are willing to give up settlements for peace, and would vote for a government willing to negotiate."

      If that were true, then the government after the Gaza murders by the i"d"f would not have been the fascists in office today.

  • Palestinians face ‘price tag’ revenge from furious settlers
    • Fuster, if you have issue with that poster, I would appreciate it if you 1) kept me out of it and, 2) didn't distract from the horrific actions these colonists are doing. Thanks.

    • These people are Nazis and should ashamed of themselves, as should everyone in Israel and otherwise who support any government who makes these settlements possible. This is Kristallnacht without the poetic name by Jewish Brown Shirts..

  • Speaking truth to power at the J Street conference
    • "the difference between you all and this Palestinian woman is that she wants peace, and the rest of you do not"

      LOL. Our cries of "Please stop oppressing the Palestinians" is an absolute casus belli.

    • "And BDS is not capable of revolution, peaceful or otherwise."

      You're absolutely right, Richard Witty. In fact, just the other day, I was commenting to my friend, Seamus, that it is a shame that the BDS campaign in South Africa failed and that the black majority still suffer under the yoke of Apartheid, here in 2011.

  • Yet another threat: Dennis Ross fears the Palestinians' 'biological clock'
    • I guess he fears that the Palestinians will one day be able to defend themselves against Israeli terror attacks.

  • Israeli inquiry: One-ton bomb dropped on Shehadeh house, killing 13 civilians, was 'legitimate'
    • "Israeli inquiry: One-ton bomb dropped on Shehadeh house, killing 13 civilians, was ‘legitimate’"

      Is anyone in the world stupid enough to believe that there was a chance that any other outcome was possible, with these criminal terrorists "investigating" themselves?? The entire Israeli state is stained with the blood of Arab babies and children, and has been since the beginning. The I"D"F vermin are nothing but a bunch of terrorist baby-killers and always have been. Why should now be any different?

  • At J Street, Eltahawy gets standing ovation when she calls on peaceful revolution to come to Israel and Palestine
    • "The only relevant power is the power of the Israeli electorate."

      Nonsense. The only think keeping you criminals from the full weight of the international community is fact that Washington is Zionist-occupied territory. If it wasn't for the Zionists buying off the politicians to work against the interests of the USA and in the interests of the Jews oppressing the Palestinians, the international community would have taken care of you people a long time ago.

  • NY's LGBT center cancels pro-Palestinian event after donor/porn-merchant says it's 'anti-Semitic'
    • "I have a fairly long and extensive written record of supporting full civil rights for LGBT"

      Too bad you don't extend that admirable concern for human rights to the victims of racism/zionism in Palestine.

    • "Adding that [Hadassa Ben Itto] personally witnessed 'real apartheid' in South Africa years ago"

      LMAO. When it comes to the question of whether Israeli Apartheid is comparable to South African Apartheid, I'll take the opinion of someone like Rev. Tutu over the ravings of a Zionist.

    • And the only pertinant question is, "Will this openly gay judge continue the denial of human rights to the Palestinians like the other Israeli judges have?"

    • "Israel is one of the most gay-friendly nations in the world."

      That may be so, but it is also the most Arab unfriendly places in the earth. The LGBT Center should understand that denial of the civil and human rights for any threatens the civil and human rights of all.

  • Warsaw palm tree sculpture wears kuffiyeh in protest of Jerusalem annexation
    • "Why not the other way around? Once we deal with the Poland issue, then we can deal with the Palestinian issue?"

      First, because the start date of the theft of Palestine pre-dates any alleged claims in Poland.
      Second, and more importantly, because no one in his or her right mind would trust Zionists to proceed in good faith to compensate the Palestinians after the Poland issue is concluded.

      "Let’s compromise, let’s deal with both issues together."

      When the Israelis put together a detailed plan to do so, one which makes a good faith effort to compensates the Palestinians absolutely for everything they've lost, then I would not, in theory, have a problem with everyone involved being compensated for their true losses. I won't hold my breath.

    • Too bad the Polish government doesn't have the good sense of Joanna Rajkowska.

    • Once the Jews pay compensation for the property and rights that they stole from the Palestinians over the last 100 + years, then maybe we can deal with the Poland issue.

  • The naked lobby: 'Pressing Israel in U.N. remains a U.S. taboo'
    • Is anyone really suprised? When it comes to foreign policy of the US, the Israeli lobby doesn't merely have influence over the US, the lobby has ripped a hole in Uncle Sam's chest, jammed its fist up through his neck, and is moving his mouth like a bloody puppet.

  • Israel destroys hundreds of West Bank olive trees to lay settlement water line
  • Life under the occupation
    • "Given everything else that Israel does in the WB, why this exception? There may be some insight or leverage in play there that could help others."

      Think of the most despicable reason why these colonists would do this to these poor people, and that's probably a good place to start. The real reason is, no doubt, more diabolical.

    • "Except for the boy, it’s hard to tell who is the prisoner and who is the imprisoned in the photograph."

      No, it's really easy. The barbed wire at the top always leans towards the prison.

    • What kind of inhumane filth can do this to another human? It's bad enough that they stole these people's land, but to cage them like this?? Disgusting.

      That they would do this to someone else is proof enough that Zionism is a cancer that needs to be eradicated. The sooner, the better.

  • An army against children -- a story that might just cause the scales to fall from my good friend's eyes
    • This is powerful stuff and the world should look and see at what these I"D"F terrorists have been doing for generations.

  • 8 years on, Matthews asks angrily Why did we go to war?
    • "Phil, it’s very simple. We don’t judge people based on the color of their skin or their religious grouping. We judge them based on the content of their character. You repeatedly fail to do this when it comes to the Jews you criticize, and you have created a community here of people who do the same. This does not help your cause."

      So then why do you care?? What I mean by this is this: if this principle -- of judging people by who they are as individuals and not based on what "group" they belong to -- is so damned important to you, then how in the hell do you justify your support for Israel, a country that does exactly the opposite??

    • "Why would anyone in the US establishment care what Arabs say or write?"

      Yeah, given the state of the world, such a skill would NEVER come in handy...

    • "he’s being posted as Ambassador to Israel, where the main language is Hebrew"
      So? Fully half the people under the control of the Isrealis speak Arabic, a language which, if he had these incredible Middle East qualfications, he would have bothered to learn at some point, right?

      "When you look at Dan Shapiro’s resume and the first thing that pops up is 'Jew,' you’ve got a bigotry problem."
      Strawman. No one but you is saying this.

      "When you call his qualifications 'spotty', you’ve got a reading and comprehension problem."
      Baloney. I said his qualifications were spotty "for this area." Meaning that if he is such a wonderfully qualified Middle East expert -- not just an Israel expert, but a Middle East expert -- then he would have learned Arabic. The fact that he is satisifed with knowing a marginal language in his supposed area of expertise does call into question the extent of his actual qualifications.

      If someone from China claimed to be an expert on the Americas, and chose to be fluent in French (as opposed to Spanish or English), one could rightly question that claim of expertise. Same here.

      "When you fail to understand that most ambassadors are political appointments, and thus career diplomats are regularly passed over, you’ve got a knowledge problem."

      You are the one who suggested that Shapiro is the super-qualified candidate and pretty much implied that anyone who questioned whether this appointment was simply political payback to the Zio-lobby was a Jew hater. So which is it? Is he qualified or is it a political appointment?

    • "No, not really. Not everyone learns Arabic."
      But some do, don't they? And wouldn't someone who spoke the main language in the area be more qualified for the post than Shapiro??

      So how can you find the discussion of his ethnicity suspect, accusing people of ignoring his qualifications, when his qualfications are spotty for that area, where career diplomats are passed over, and where his support appears to be driven, in large part, by his ethnicity and his adherence to the philosophy of the pro-Israeli lobby? Do you really not see a disconnection there?

      "And he’s being posted to Israel, not Jordan."
      So? Don't half the population under the rule of the Israelis speak Arabic? Does he not want to speak to them? Read their newspapers? Understand their thoughts? Or is it only the Jews that are important?

      "I see no evidence that he believe that the Middle East is just Israel. He was posted to the UAE. The A stands for Arab."
      Yeah, and unlike many well-qualified career diplomats, he couldn't speak to those Arabs in their native language.

    • "That he happens to have gotten his degree in Middle Eastern politics from Harvard, served as a staffer on the House Foreign Relations Subcommittee on Europe and Middle East, advised two Presidents on Middle East affairs, and speaks fluent Hebrew is not mentioned by you. He’s also served in the UAE, by the way. "

      Don't you think it at all odd that someone who supposedly has all this objectively awesome Middle East experience never bothered to learn Arabic, the main language spoken in the area?? Or, by "Middle East" does he (and perhaps you) just mean "Israel"??

      And if that is his view, why shouldn't that be of concern to an American, seeing as how America has intersts in the area that are separate and apart from those of Israel, and, in many ways, are opposite of those Israel.

      Or should he get a pass because he's Jewish?

  • Liberals
    • "no real reason why Israel should have accepted another indirectly negotiated cease-fire with Hamas when Hamas wouldn’t negotiate terms with the Israelis and was not willing to negotiate a peace deal."

      Except, of course, for international law, which Israel, which claims to be a civilized country, is obligated to uphold.

  • Israeli army targets and arrests children in order to repress Palestinian dissent in the West Bank
    • "Not only I am a “wretched excuse for a human being” but so are at least another 5 million Jews in Israel who believe exactly as me that it was good that a stable Jewish state was created at a price of the creation of the Palestinian refugee problem."

      Okay, then we agree.

    • "Just take a look at the film. The policemen were just driving through and without provocation the kid throws a stone at their van."

      You don't know that there was no provocation. I mean, besides the decades-long provocation of the Jews stealing the Arabs' land, murdering their children, destroying their lives, ethnically cleansing them, etc.

      And you don't know what these Jewish militants, these so-called police, were doing immediate prior to the start of the video. It wouldn't surprise me if they weren't going about their normal routine of randomly, without reason, assaulting people, stealing their property, destroying their livelihood, or desecrating their holy places.

      Given the history of the last 100 years, I'd say that the latter is more likely than this boy throwing a stone "without provocation." Hell, the whole Zionist project and everyone whole a part of it is one big provocation.

    • Tree,

      Thanks for posting that. Those "people" are truly disgusting to treat the native Palestinians this way. They should all be locked up, the whole lot of them, for a long, long time.

    • "That really can’t be a police van. There is no police function for armed Israelis on the West Bank. Invaders and occupiers can’t be police. That’s a van carrying suspected war criminals."

      Exactly. It's an insult to real cops to call this Israeli filth "police."

    • "And of course to you there is no difference between Israel and the Nazis."
      Learn to read. There's no difference between a boy in occupied France resisting occupation and a boy in occupied Palestine doing the same. The only comparison I made was between the occupied, not the occupier.

    • "Yes, yes, Israelis are gang bangers and mafioso."
      No, Israelis don't have that much class or character. Israelis are scum who beat up old people to steal their pension checks.

      "Keep finding reasons for denying Jews the right of self defense."
      This isn't about Jews defending themselves, it's about them being slaves to a racist ideology that has led to a society without any semblance of humanity in dealing with the very people whose land they're stealing.

    • LOL. Racist double standard is Israel. Color me surprised...

    • "Are kids aged 11 allowed to throw stones at cars in the US and are not arrested?"

      The US is not a good comparison. If it was 1943, and this was occupied France, rather than 2011 in occupied Palestine, I would be cheering a child throwing a stone at a German "police" truck. Same here.

    • "Thank you for your bigoted rant..."
      Coming from someone like you, who has the morality of a Nazi, that's almost a compliment.

      And nothing bigoted about it. Any Israeli adult of sound mind who isn't out there actively opposing the government that acts for them is guilty and should be treated as such.

      And please stop insulting police officers world-wide and the noble profession of policing by calling this Israeli filth "police." The trash that enforce the racist rules devised by the Zionists are more like Mafia enforcers and gang-bangers.

    • Sure. And you forget the 100 years of you Jews instigating the violence by the Palestinians.

    • They are savages.

    • Every time I read the Israelis doing things like this -- to children, no less -- is simple establishes the number of inhumane barbarians this racist ideology has generated. It's infuriating.

      From the politicians who order it, to the pieces of shit in uniforms (to call the militant filth in the so-called IDF "soldiers" is to insult the honor of the profession of soldiering) to the all the voters who vote for these governments; their thinking is a cancer.

  • Hampshire students shut down IDF hasbara event
    • "Would you be exercised if an 11 year old children got blown up? "

      Of course. The Israeli filth blew up, burned, shot and otherwise murdered plenty of Palestinian children, and we get very exercised about it.

      "It’s not a conflict on US campuses."

      Fighting evil and racism, such as Zionism, is always conflict. It is a conflict when people bring these criminals to US campus to drum up support for their criminal regimes, to protect the cover given to the Israelis by Uncle Sucker.

    • Oh, please. Like we're supposed to believe the word of the person that brought this uniform-wearing devil to campus??

    • Good. It should be ugly and abusive. Anyone who soils the ground of the US by bringing this walking filth into this country should be ashamed of himself.

  • 'Forward' broaches idea that Nakba was 'genocide' (and idea that Jewish identity was abducted by Israel)
    • "very interesting concept. sort of makes me wonder what labels people might be willing to apply to the result if the Palestinians and the Arab League had prevailed."

      Based on what they were looking for, I'd say "one-state solution" or "the muti-ethnic state of Palestine" are probably good bets.

  • Tom Friedman: Who is more manipulable, Egyptian people or American people?
    • Dear Dog, but I wish that we in the USA could finally grow up and stop reflexively seeing everything in the Middle East through the Zio-lens. It really would be a nice change of pace.

  • How did Labor Zionism, bent on liberating Jewish workers in Poland, end up discriminating against migrant workers?
    • It is amazing to me how many ways that these Israelis casually dehumanize other people. It is really, really vile.

  • Is this my ancient homeland or are you just happy to see me?
    • "It’s called an M1, Pamela, it’s the weapon that defeated Nazi Germany."

      The Soviet Army carried M1s??? That's news to me!!

    • Exactly. They're enlisting a next generation of Jewish children into being accessories after the fact to war crimes and crimes against humanity.

  • I think Nir Rosen is jealous of Logan and Cooper's success
    • I agree. Good position or not, this person's (I won't ennoble him by calling him a "man") statements were reprehensible. He's a scumbag.

  • We need to give more money to Israel
  • Naomi Klein: Did Goldstone single Israel out?
    • "Human Rights First would have been good."

      The same Human Rights First whose president, Michael Posner, went to Israel after Cast Lead to undermine the Goldstone Report by coaching the IDF criminals? Talk about "politicially compromised."


    • "Who gives a damn whether the investigation is 'politicially compromised' (whatever that is supposed to mean)?"

      That, of course, should have read, "Who gives a damn whether the **body** is 'politicially compromised' (whatever that is supposed to mean)?"

    • "I guess neither of you have a response."

      Yes, I gave you my response. If it was insufficiently understandable, I'll be clearer: The Israeli "investigation" was a joke and was not an attempt to discover the truth, but to put another whitewash over the giant bloodstain of Palestinian men, women and children that has been the main product of Israeli militant forces for 60 years. Anyone who would believe that it is anything other than a piece of propaganda more cynical than anything put out by the Nazis is a brain-dead moron.

      "There is no Palestinian investigation, and Israel is unusual for having carried out an investigation on its own."

      Why the hell should the Palestinians bother with that task when an independant entity (led by a Zionist, no less) already did an investigation. Do you think the Zionism-addled would put any credence to any such Palestinian investigation? What purpose would it serve? And the only thing "unusual" about Israel's action (as they always put out these excuses from their sham investigations) is that anyone would be stupid enough to believe it .

      "And like many here, you’ll ignore the problem of an investigator carrying out an investigation on behalf of a politically compromised body"

      Who gives a damn whether the investigation is "politicially compromised" (whatever that is supposed to mean)? The investigation clearly was not compromised, except by the Israeli refusal to cooperate, which probably had the effect of whitewashing even more Israeli crime.

    • "Israel did conduct an investigation into the Goldstone Report’s findings. You may disagree with their conclusions, but they did conduct the investigation."

      And, interestingly enough, in jail houses all around the world, similar "investigations" are being done by the convicts with regards to the crimes for which they were found guilty. And, surprisingly, in nearly all cases, they didn't do it and were unfairly convicted!!! Disagree if you like, but these prisoners did conduct an investigation.

  • Hostages to Zionism
    • "What’s wrong with an Israeli nationality, one that encompasses ALL the citizens of Israel instead of just one select group?"

      Because Zionism requires racism.

    • "This statement is only possible if we’re to agree that all ethnic nationalisms... as workable, sustainable political programs are blindness. "

      Why? Not all ethnic nationalisms are colonial ethnic nationalism, as Zionism is.

  • Liberals say now is time to get two-state solution
    • "Israeli Jews don’t want a one state solution "

      Yes, they do; they've been running one since 1967. They just don't want to share any power in that one state with the native population.

  • Here it is--
    • "Liberal Jews particularly."

      When it comes to Palestine/Israel, the "Liberal Jews" are more likely to be supporters of the reason why the tired, poor huddled masses of Palestinians are yearning to breath free than they are working to shine the lamp of freedom. PEPs, indeed.

  • Mubarak is out! Hands power to military as Egyptians hit the streets on ‘Farewell Friday’
    • "What are they going to talk about at AIPAC 2011 ?"

      The same piss-pants paranoia they talk about every year.

  • Revolutionary thought
    • Richard Witty,
      "The current proposal of the single state is an imposition of the governed, not a consent of the governed."

      Your democracy fetish is precious, but wrongheaded. Democracy is not a good in and of itself. It is only good if it results in the protection of individual human rights and liberties to the maximum extent possible. (Which is government's sole and only legitimate goal.)

      For the most part, democracy does this better than any other form of government. However, there are some situations where democracy fails because a majority is hell bent on denying human rights to a minority. This was the case in places such as the South in the US during the slavery and Jim Crow eras, during Apartheid South Africa, during the current Nakba-era in Palestine, starting in 1947. As you can see, it is usually racism that is the problem with democracy as a good in and of itself. (And with regard to the Zionists in Palestine, I use "racism" as a handy shorthand for "ethno-religious bigotry akin, and equal in all respects, to racism.")

      In those situations, democracy fails because it does not promote the basic human rights of all to the maximum. Consequently, it is not a problem to bypass the democratic process in order to impose a paragigm that would result in greater respect for human rights and liberty. Thus, anything lost in imposing a solution is compensated many times over by the resulting human rights and liberties realized to the oppressed.

      Applied to the Palestine issue, the Israli government's current violations of the human rights of the native Palestinians, both inside and outside the 1967 line demand that the so-called democratic process which the Israeli government have used to oppress the native Palestinians -- which is not at all democratic, since 50% of the people affected by the Israeli government have so say in its decisions -- be dismantled and be replaced by one that does not have the racist characteristic inherent in Zionism.

      A one-state solution in which the government which replaces the current racist Zionist state with one in which the human rights and equality of all would be respected is one solution to the problem.

      It might be possible that some other solutions could be used instead. However, because Israeli Jews are by and large such virulent racists, with no hint of this racism being abated in the near future, and because the ideology of Zionism is inherently racist, it is unlikely that one other than an imposed single state solution could be proposed which would be more respectful of the human rights of the oppressed.

      Indeed, even the "two-state solution" being peddled by the less-racists Israelis still fails to respect the Palestinians human rights as the envisioned Palestinian state would be hobbled and not worthy of the term "state" as it would have even have the ability to defend itself from the evil Zionist wolf at its door.

    • "Israel is already a democracy."

      LOL. Except for that half of the population which has been under the Isreali government's control for generations but which has no say in the way their lives are governed.

  • Yes but what should we tell the goyim?
    • “Tell the German government that. They disagree with you,”

      To the extent the German government attempted to disgorge itself of unjust enrichment and compensate those who suffered to generate that unjust enrichment, it was right and it does not disagree with me. To the extent that it made a political decision, it made a political decision.

      “Yeah, they’re dead. And they didn’t suffer. And they weren’t massacred the way my people were...”

      So what? Would taking innocent people -- who’ve done nothing wrong, but share the same ethnicity as the perpetrators and who happen to be alive today -- and making them suffer change that in any way?? Again, how is this guilt transferred? By blood? Or by soil?

      “The effects of the crime go on for generations. Those who enslaved African-Americans are completely dead. But the effects of their crime linger, and a debt is owed.”

      A debt requires a debtor. If one has suffered a loss and there is no human alive who is culpable for that loss or suffered an unjust enrichment as a result, it is not a debt, it is a loss. We should feel bad for that person, but should not perpetrate an injustice on another to salve the first. Because you’ve not erased a debt in that case, you’ve merely moved it to an innocent bystander.

      “They also, whether at the behest of Zionists or not, encouraged us in our pursuit of a new homeland. Now, 60 years later, they want to tell us how to run it.”

      No, they are telling you that you must recognize the human rights of all those under the state’s control. This is not only acceptable, regardless of any state’s history, but mandatory of any decent human being.

    • "you dont think countries that helped exterminate european jewry owe something to their heirs?"

      How do you suppose that these "countries" -- as opposed to the people who may have run those countries at the time -- did anything to anyone?? Countries are incorporeal entities. They cannot act on their own, only through those individuals of which they are constituted. They are not people; they are not moral actors. By saying "these countries owe," what you are really saying is that "the people who currently live in these countries owe..."

      But what moral principle demands that an individual born, say, in Leipzig in 1985, owes a debt to anybody based on what may have been done in the country of his birth four decades earlier?? Is guilt carried by blood?? By the soil??

      (Now, if a state (or individual, for that matter) has been unjustly enriched, and an heir can step forward, then obviously that is a present-day wrong that can be, and should be, righted.)

    • "You’re damn well right the Europeans owe a debt to the Jews."

      What a load of baloney. "The Europeans" -- as a group -- don't owe any debt to "the Jews" -- as a group. Individuals are indebted to individuals. The people who committed those crimes -- and who owe any debt that can be said to be owing -- are, for the most part, dead, as are their victims.

      Just because someone in the present is a descendant of said victim does not obligate the descendant of said perpetrator. We must be truthful about the past, but the only debt that is owed now (save for those which accrue from individual malfeasance) is the same debt that everyone owes everyone else: absolute respect for each other's human rights, including the right to full civil rights and equal treatment under the law.

  • Ongoing disgrace: 'Washington Post' neocon columnist tells U.S. generals to 'hush up [about Palestine] and fight'
    • RoHa,
      I think we are approaching the same thing from different directions.

    • "Again, if you want to take the excuses of Arab dictators, go ahead."

      Oh, give it a rest. One would have be an absolute idiot to believe that the USA's relationship with the Arab and Muslim world would not be markedly better if Uncle Sucker hasn't aided and abetted, and sometimes joined in the commission of, the Israeli government's crimes against the native Palestinians.

      Common sense says that peopel feel an affinity for their kinsmen, and react with anger when those people are oppressed, murdered, mistreated, and occupied, etc., in the way that the Isreali Jews have done to the native Palestinians in Palestine. To argue otherwise is insult us as stupid.

      Is it the only factor? No, of course not. But to say that recognizing this reality is nothing more than accepting the "excuses of Arab dictators" is idiocy borne of racist ideology.

    • "hush up and fight"??? Wow. Not too often when the lobby's mouthpieces are this blatant in their distain for the USA.

  • What planet are they on? Which century? Israeli parliamentarians toil against 'mixed race' couples
    • "This has nothing to do with racism."

      Yes, it does. (defining "racism," of course, to mean "ethnic bigotry akin to racism," as would be appropriate in the context of the subject matter)

      The proof of the racism of Hotovely's statement is that it is concerned with Jewish women and Muslim men. (i.e., those others are comin' to take our wimmin-folk...). But under Jewish law, any offspring of such a marriage would be Jewish, thus expanding the Jewish population.

    • "Golda Meir once said that a Jew who marries a non-Jew joins the six million."

      She really was a vile piece of filth, wasn't she.

  • Israel's defenders oppose Egyptian democracy (out of concern for Egypt of course)
    • "How is commenting that the Muslim Brotherhood might not deliver democracy the same as being 'against Egyptian democracy?'"

      In a vacuum it perhaps is not. In reality, however, it is if, my virtue of the fact that someon is paranoia about the possibility that Egyptian democracy might create a governing role for the Muslim Brotherhood, then it is against Egyptian democracy to oppose or wish to hinder or slow down those changes, because of that paranoid fear.

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