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  • A Jew's dead dog has more rights than a Bedouin in the Negev
    • The title clearly indicates the Negev, not (anyone living) anywhere. The title's emphasis is on the preceding sequence, not the geographic area. Do we know for certain that similar practices and/or attitudes are not practiced elsewhere in Israel? Even if the latter is not an issue, the fact that it is allowed in one place speaks volumes (and provides a precedent), and maybe that is what Ms. Deger wished to convey.

    • Downgraded to "Arabs"?
      Palestinians ARE Arabs who happen to live in Palestine.

      I do get your sentiment. However, let's pause for a moment to acknowledge the Arabs (mostly centered around 8-10th century Baghdad) who have given humanity the most massive foundations in the arts and sciences ever in history upon which rests our own knowledge.
      Until one fanatical religious cleric (Al-Ghazali, not an Arab) brought it to a halt by manipulating religious principles into acts of (philosophical) reason.
      A not-so-minor detail that seems to elude modern-day Israelis (and Americans).

      There is a good reason why reason and religion are separate concepts. And should be kept that way; our future depends on it. Or: "fool humanity once...", etc.

    • "is not the definition of Bedouin...?"

      You are conflating two distinct concepts. A Bedouin is a term of ethnic/tribal affinity: as are the terms Tuareg, Berber, etc.
      A nomad is a description of a way of life defined by a profession.
      Is a Jewish sales(wo)man not entitled to roam the world in search of an income, while having a home base to which s/he periodically returns for whatever her/his reasons? Even to adjust to the changing times or lifestyle preferences and swap the frequent flyer ID for a bus pass to a stationary desk, job?

      Lastly, do yourself a major favour: next time, before you hit "Post/Send", read your words with an open eye and critical mind. Whatever your POV. It may help you avoid being ID'd with a derogative label.

    • Obsidian, take a course in logic and learn how to make a cogent argument, lest you sound like a fool, which you clearly are not.

      Ms. Deger's article references the issues of basic 21st century amenities such as water, electricity and sewage that are denied to the native Bedouin in the own country by illegal foreign Jewish settlers. Ms. Deger's article does NOT argue the right to vote, protest and/or petitioning the State. For Jewish dogs, dead or alive. Or humans, whatever their religious persuasion, if any. That may be an issue for another article, but irrelevant to the one at hand.

      So you see, these zio Jews, whether their name be Amos Gold or Benji Netanyahoo, are making themselves appear like illegal racist squatters to the natives and the rest of humanity. They also give offense to observant Jews who are resentful of their religion being defiled to serve nefarious purposes.

  • Mohammed Assaf banned from performing at FIFA World Cup
    • So Israel is afraid of a pop singer...
      Israel is afraid of One Palestinian...

      This should be an opportunity for Anonymous to hack the inevitable gigantic screen during the opening ceremonies and reveal a monumental Assaf/Shakira duet.

  • Outsource Thomas Friedman's column to India
    • "And so we hear that Israel is America’s greatest ally even though it never helped us in any war effort."

      Actually, they have. There was at least one unit incorporated into the US army Iraqi contingent. For a short while, there were pictures of them serving in Abu Ghraib prison as part of the torture team.

      In view of israeli army's daily brutality visited on the Palestinians, including murder of bound and blindfolded prisoners captured on a whim, I would rather these genocidal psychopaths not be associated with the US army. The latter's own inhumanity is something this country will have to contend with for a verrry long time to come.

      While the US soldiers bragged about their bestiality, Israeli officials worked hard to deny any involvement. However, the massive presence of US troops in Israel, exercising in conjunction with israeli units is, in itself, an indication that there is far-ranging military co-operation, especially following the israeli army's (thankfully) inept performance in Lebanon.

      Vis a vis their government's obsession with "recreating" greater israel (that never was), from the Euphrates to the Nile, an army with hands-on experience would be of critical importance. Bombing, strafing and shooting unarmed civilians in their beds, from behind children-as-human-shields, in the middle of night, does NOT count as relevant warmongering experience. (bitter sarcasm fully intended)

      It also explains why a growing number of Israelis do not wish to be associated with the "noble experiment" gone very bad, and who elect to repeat the voluntary exodus of Jews around the 1st century CE.
      Shlomo Sands has an interesting take on this that expands on the topic:

    • Awesome, well written and on point!

      I do have one quibble re the Iraq war: the unconscionably fatal use of DU:
      The number of children born with horrifically cruel disfigurements is rising daily, and will continue for a very long time to come:

      The half-life of uranium used in DU weapons is 4.5 billion years, i.e., longer than the lifespan predicted for our planet:
      To Iraqi (and Afghani) women, becoming pregnant has become a nightmare of unfathomable proportions.

      Friedman is not a journalist, but an undeclared corporate PR hack with no expertise in anything. This person is a particularly nasty, and growing, stain on NYT's reputation. My vote is to replace him with Ms. Arundhati Roy. Tout de suite, please.

  • Why do they hate us? Robust support (even by liberals) for ethnic cleansing
    • I'm not sure the term "racist" is fair. I think the problem is sadly very parochial: cowardly fear for their job security and fear of AIPAC (whose own insanity is also largely induced by their very well remunerated, cushy, no-brainer jobs that long ago have past their "use-by" date). I do agree, however, that their (CH's and RM's) intellectual opportunism is an indelible stain, a ghost that one day will howl back at them.

    • Islam was founded in the 7th century and did not become a religion of consequence for at least another century, so the claim of 1500 years.
      is an unnecessary exaggeration. However, history does confirm that during the Arab hegemony centered around Spain (until the 15th century), and then during the Ottoman empire, minorities such as the Jews were too small to be considered a threat. Therefore, granting such minorities a problem-free life was a smart, long-term, political move. That latter concept, inexplicably, eludes the fanatics known as the Israeli government.

      Will Israel survive to celebrate its centennial? I doubt it considering the unchecked exponential violence against the Palestinians, the growing disgust of the world population bored of the hearing about the Shoah, and ongoing revival of two millennia-old voluntary exodus of Jews out of Palestine. I'm told there are bookies who are taking bets when the crash will happen. That is not a good omen...

  • Kerry's framework according to Friedman and Indyk (Updated: Abbas Weighs In)
    • "Jews DO NOT understand how important al quds is to the Palestinians."

      They do. Consider their own age-old prayer uttered at a Pesach dinner: "next year - Jerusalem", likely coined by descendants of Antiquity's Palestinian (pagan) converts to Judaism who had elected to flee Judea around 1CE. The majority of the remaining Palestinian Jews, with the passage of time and mores converted to Christianity, then to Islam. Kind of like the Palestinian Jewish emigrants who were joined by S/W Asian and European converts to Judaism with no affinity with and for the real Palestine and Jerusalem. Was then the invocation a mindless repetition of texts written a long time ago in the Middle East for a very different people and purpose? Or the effect of mass illiteracy? Or something else altogether?

      I do wonder, tho'... The Ottoman empire was tolerant of Jews. Why then did those who prayed for the return to Jerusalem/Al Quds not pack up and... make aliyah? Instead, the majority of the miserable supplicants had chosen to stay, and suffer, in Europe. Eventually, the empty "Jerusalem" rhetoric gave fuel to the emerging wealthy, 19th century, zio fanatics with a dream for an oversize ghetto for their confraters... in Palestine. Does anybody know? (Hasbara trolls need not reply.)

    • Tsk, tsk, obsidian. That's anti-semitic ground you're treading on: didn't the Jews play a role in causing the holocaust?

  • 'I'll believe a corporation is a person the day it gets a colonoscopy'
    • In Antiquity? No. Judaism was cobbled in the region of Judea. (Finkelstein/Silberman "The Bible Unearthed")

    • Doug, love your post to which I would add that marriage is a contract whose sole purpose is to define and give purposeful consequence to long-term social partnerships, not the contractors' sex life. A detail that eludes the strange people who obsess about gay marriage as Rome is burning (so to speak).

    • Marco, you are saying "socialism" but then proceed as if you had written "communism".
      Considering the degree to which socialist ideas have influenced a number of West Euro social democracies, from Germany to Sweden and beyond, the rest of your posting makes no sense. Unless you are informed solely by the pro-corporate US media. Or as if China's enormous and growing economic power were merely a fantasy.

      Furthermore, no ideology/economic system is immune from the passage of time and changing ideas. With the massive influx of people from the country into cities, feudalism was replaced with the term "capitalism", but the underlying principles remained the same for both systems until the workers started to effectively fight capitalism, especially in the second half of the 19th century. The workers' ideology was labelled social-ism, because is was not about creating a world for the minority of wealthy and powerful land/industry-owners, or a world where artificially created social status and capital lorded over humanity, but a system for and by society/people. Not some of the people but all, b/c all are essential to a profitable endeavour. George Lakoff said it best: the myth of "job creators" needs to be replaced with the reality of "profit creators".

      Socialism, like all social systems that preceded it, is a passing phenomenon with a purpose for a limited time in history, to be replaced by a system better suited for the changing times. A concept that eludes the pathocrats and their strange and absolute faith in their power and financial status quo, while forgetting about the perpetually spinning Wheel of Fortune that spins in one direction only. Ergo: what comes up, will go down.

  • Is this a first? State Dep't rebukes out-of-control Israeli minister
  • Scarlett Johansson watch: SodaStream stock plunges
  • Far-right politician calls for moment of silence for Sharon at European Parliament. Parliament says 'no'
    • "Some of the lesson plans, however, seem reminiscent of a personality cult. For example, one unit (...) reads: “The leader as shepherd: In this unit, the pupils will examine the image of the shepherd as adopted by Ariel Sharon as compared with that of Moses, the faithful shepherd [a popular description of Moses in Jewish tradition], and draw conclusions from the comparison in view of the president’s description of Sharon’s leadership.”

      The Israeli government admits its citizens are sheep. That's one helluva conclusion to draw.

    • Comparing Sharon to the fictional Moses is an iffy proposition. Kind of like the silly, doomed to failure, attempt to whitewash the blood off Sharon's hands. A few pithy Will Shakespeare quotes from "Macbeth" come to mind:
      "Will all great Neptune's ocean wash this blood clean from my hand? No, this my hand will rather the multitudinous seas incarnadine, making the green one red" (Act II, Sc. II).
      "Out, damned spot! out, I say!" - (Act V, Scene I).
      "Nothing in his life became him like the leaving it". - (Act I, Sc. IV).
      "Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble." (Act IV, Scene I).

  • Ariel Sharon, whose political career was unhindered by civilian massacres, dies at 85
    • From a comment by Miko Peled:
      "Ariel Sharon was an ambitious man. He was brutal, greedy, uncompromising and dishonest. He possessed an insatiable appetite for power, glory and fortune."

      A classic definition of a psychopath. It also applies to the musical chairs of the mutual admiration society, a/k/a the Israeli "government", a carbon copy of the fascist regimes of the past: built on military brutality, racism, genocide and, eventually, condemned by Truth to the darkest and most evil corner of History for all Eternity.

      Decrepitude and death are now at work on the old guard of Haganah, Stern Gang, etc. Each corpse will point, over and over again, towards the unvarnished horror of the Israeli mass murdering and apartheid regimes.

    • Ding dong the evil piece of waste is dead, and scratching a new Circle in Hell all for himself and the rest of his degenerate and genocidal zios. Yeeeeehaw!

  • Video: Nabi Saleh activist shot at point blank range by Israeli border police (Updated)
    • Inasmuch as my heart goes out to Manal Tamimi, and hope that the bullets did not destroy her legs, and that she recovers shortly, I am very much impressed by the fighting spirit of the Palestinian women. I expect, hope, that Palestinian men are getting used to seeing the girls and women as equal partners in the fight against the zio-nazis. When this genocidal war against Palestine is over, I hope that the men will remember this and adopt and maintain a more tolerant attitude towards the other half of their population; they are paying for it with their lives.

      You go girls!

  • Dronesplain
    • I care about the Palestinians, just as my grandparents cared about the Jews whom the non-Jewish Polish Resistance helped escape the Warsaw Ghetto, especially in its final days. A great many non-Jews died distracting the Nazis attention by attacking the German positions surrounding the ghetto, or smuggling the Jews along the canals, knowing that when caught, the Nazi retaliation would be unconscionably severe, and on a par with the pathological savagery now practiced by the apartheid regime of Israel.

      Grandfather used his position to organize the men he had supervised on the railway system to smuggle only God knows how many women, children and men out of the country, and to destinations where other resistance groups pledged to pick up and extend the chain of rescue. Neither Gramps nor his partners in "war crime" had received any recognition, rewards, or medals; just a few whispered thanks from people who had been given a second chance. Grandfather was simply Paying Forward the kindness of Russians who much earlier defied the tsarist regime and tried to save his very young parents and others who, in the late 19th century had fought the oppressive Russian occupying regime, for which his family and many others were sent to die in Siberia. Just like the Palestinians who, today, are punished for surviving to live in their own country.

      What goes around, Daniel Poor, comes around. Remember that when, in the words of pastor Niemoeller, "they come for you" if, as it often happens, and when the best laid plans go very wrong. History does repeat itself. Consider: Israel's genocidal policies are only fueling the many and growing reactionary forces who want to pick up what and when the Nazis had left off. People like you are fodder that feeds their raison d'être. Congratulations (sarcasm).

      I now proudly uphold my family tradition by doing what I can by giving a fuck about the Palestinians, and their right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness that the Israeli Jews have denied them for 65 years. In sum, Palestine, unlike Jewish Israel, will survive well into the future, and as before - a multiracial country with respect for all, including Jews.

    • "Israel attacks Gaza after sniper kills border laborer. A 3-year-old Palestinian girl was killed Tuesday in an Israeli retaliatory attack ..."

      This is way past unconscionable. This is SS-style genocide, while the world looks on as a defenceless Semitic people is slaughtered en masse. Again.

      It's time to immediately halt the American military and financial largesse that props up the Israeli economy and its IMmoral army, makes the zios into billionaires at the US taxpayers' expense (as millions of those now-unemployed taxpayers go hungry), as Gaza is regularly swamped with sewage, electricity and water is cut off, and as the US drowns in the deepening israeli morass with less than zero hope for a turnaround.

      It's time for Palestine to file an ICC lawsuit. As the judges wait for Abbas or Hamas to make up their minds, the judges at the Hague would do well to get a jump on things and view at least some of the horrific YT videos showing the murder of Palestinian children and civilians, their houses and farms flooded with settlers' shit, and Palestinian bodies burnt through to a crisp by white phosphorus dropped by cowardly israeli pilots from unchallenged skies. It's high time that the court also stop the theft of Palestinian taxes.

      If an NGO can file at the Hague, and needs help with the costs of mounting such a lawsuit, perhaps announcing such a suit on a Kickstarter-type website would help generate the necessary funds?

      It's time to consider calling off the catastrophically failed experiment called an Israeli state. These primitive and politically unsophisticated people are clearly UNprepared to have and run a state. What the UN has created, the UN may have to undo. What do you think?

  • The 'genetic truth' of Jesus's (and Hanna Rosin's) 'classically Semitic appearance,' as revealed to Jeffrey Goldberg
    • "(...) Christians have labored for many centuries, in a not-benign way, to Europeanize, and de-Judaize, their savior’s image. "

      This is ignorant, irresponsible, inflamatory, and paranoid demagoguery.
      For one thing, the pre-Descartes way of thinking, especially during the Middle Ages, is a huge unknown to us. Furthermore, at the height of proselytising in largely pagan Europe, one needed a figure with an easily recognizable appearance to make the sale. This was also a time when Europe was riddled with endless and violent conflicts between betitled and highly irritable relatives, it was vastly underpopulated, with few people traveling away from the safety and familiarity of their own village: a time of fearful distrust of the unfamiliar. These were also pre-literate societies, utterly oblivious to the world beyond their own immediate geography. The blue-eyed, blond Jesus in the N/E Europe looked familiar, ergo, acceptable, non threatening. Ditto with the brown-eyed and dark-haired Jesus to the South.

      The Jew-Christian conflict has it roots in the distrust of newcomers who had come to established communities and promptly locked themselves away behind walls. That bred fear, resentment and suspicion, fertile ground on which the use of the invisible unknown, i.e., yet more fear-inducing religions had eventually become a convenient ruse applied by the usual suspects: the wealthy and powerful who, then, as today, had/have much to gain from an largely unsophisticated society, cleaved and pitched against each other over a non-issue that ultimately means nothing to the non-believer: hello to the perfect useful idiots. And as long as people believe that their choice of worship is the cause of ongoing conflicts, nothing will change.

      Conflicts are a two-way street: the victims and villains exist in equal numbers on both sides. And demagogues like Goldberg contribute by fanning the flames with inane rhetoric in the service to their/his well-heeled benefactors who have much to gain by keeping the status very much quo. The more things do not change, the longer they stay the same. Hence the idiocy of: "The most recent manifestation of the desire to de-Judaize Jesus has come not from European Christian churches, but from anti-Israel activists in the Arab world." It means nothing, but Goldberg is playing with words known to get a rise from among the unthinking useful idiots. And that is just the point.

  • ASA members vote 2-1 for academic boycott of Israel
    • That is an infantile tantrum, not an argument. Or a public admission of your ignorance regarding what goes on in the world that is not Israel.

    • The American Studies Association is the nation’s oldest and largest association devoted to the interdisciplinary study of American culture and history.
      Chartered in 1951, the American Studies Association now has 5,000 individual members along with 2,200 library and other institutional subscribers.
      * Together these members represent many fields of inquiry, such as history, literature, religion, art and architecture, philosophy, music, science, folklore, ethnic studies, anthropology, material culture, museum studies, sociology, government, communications, education, library science, gender studies, popular culture, and others.
      * They include persons concerned with American culture, such as teachers, researchers, and other professionals whose interests extend beyond their specialty; faculty and students associated with American Studies programs in universities, colleges and secondary schools; museum directors and librarians interested in all segments of American life; public officials and administrators concerned with the broadest aspects of education.
      More at:

    • Normie, you have not read the full article. Bad boy! (slap wrist)
      1. The boycott refers to Israeli institutions. The individual contacts between students and scholars will continue.
      2. You invoke "national origin". Which and whose "national origin", exactly? Israel refuses to define its borders, and identifies itself as a Jewish state, i.e., a theocracy for Jews only. Ergo, no Palestinians fit into Israel's "national origin" definition. As in: "case dismissed".
      3. Considering how many institutions and individuals have already signed similar calls to boycott, with many more coming on line, and vis a vis the historic and present-day tens of thousands of visuals showing the true face of Israel, the lawsuits, if any, will not fly. And you obviously have no understanding of contract law that dominates the above-clerk-level employment market. To break one, (on what grounds exactly?) is to expose oneself to consequences, including "the bottom line".

      The ASA boycott is in RESPONSE to Israel's unrelenting, even escalating, barbaric bigotry and psychotic policies. The bigotry is all Israel's.

      Oh, and, Normie, DO check out the names on the list of signatories. Start with the few names in above quoted press release.

  • Israeli government kills plan to uproot Bedouin
    • On the one hand I want to believe that the Israelis are capable of rational thought and of accepting that they, too, like the rest of us, are fallible. On the other hand, there is the 65 year old history of my-way-or-the-highway arrogance. The article's last sentence gives greater weight to the latter.

      I expect that the proponents of the Prawer Plan are hoping that this stunt? decision? will induce a coma among the public. Meanwhile the usual evildoers will work on a fast-working stealth action to be implemented when the world's public opinion will be distracted by a massive tragedy or scandal.

      The sooner the Israelis learn what makes a world-class government, i.e., one capable of admitting a bad idea, inter alia, the better its chances of survival into history's future. Parochial pariahs have short life spans.

  • From the Royal Albert Concert Hall to an Israeli Dungeon: Omar Saad, a young violist and conscientious objector
    • Methinks that the Israeli army is being used by the state to punish Nigel Kennedy in absentia for including the Quartet in his Proms' performance, and for making the pro-Palestinian statement.

      I hope that someone, better yet, an organization with clout, will follow Omar Zahreddeen Mohammad Saad's fate. The vindictive state of Israel will likely disallow him access to a violin. Not good for someone with professional aspirations.

      Good Lawrrd! Is there no depth of depravity to which the apartheid state of Israel will stoop? Seventy years later, Germany is still paying, literally and figuratively for its 5-1/2 years of savagery. One wonders, what is the half-life for 65 years, and counting, of Israeli brutality?

  • Israeli ambassador's present to Obama -- settlement cufflinks!
    • Theo, I hope you will find the time to read Finkelstein/Silberman's "The Bible Unearthed". It is not easy to read, and some of the rationale is tediously circuitous but it is much better that quoting "supposedlies".

      What Finkelstein had found, and NOT found, is revelatory in itself. He is also one of the very few honest archeologists educated in Israel and able to still live in Israel. Give the man his due credit. He has earned it. Then read Shlomo Sands', "The Invention of the Jewish People". Sands proves that aggressive proselytising in the ME elevated a small local Judean cult to one of the major religions that unlike any of the its contemporary faiths, has survived to the present day. Two awesome reads worth your time.

    • Palestine of the antiquities, also known (incorrectly) as Israel, was a land of many cults, including Judaism. (The religion was invented and propagated in Judea, hence the name.) The people who inhabited those lands are, today, called Arabs. Arabs are a semitic people. Palestinians are mostly a semitic people. It is overwhelmingly the Judaism-practicing people of Israel who are antisemites with a regime-fostered hatred for the semitic Palestinians. The non semitic Jews are converts from S/W Asia and Europe. Just like most Christians who have no ties to Palestine beyond the stories told in the New Testament and the myth of a nice Jewish chap with compassion for all.

      Present-day Jews who inhabit Palestine, aka Israel, constitute a large number of non-semites. Ergo: are you saying that you have a problem with those people v. Jewish antiquity? And how does one deal with antisemitism practiced by Jewish semites? And why is antisemitism expected to be synonymous with Jewish persecution, but not genocidal practices aimed at semitic non-Jews of Palestine?

      Al Quds, aka Jerusalem, was a crossroads between villages inhabited by sheep and goat herders until the Roman invasion. Romans are well-known builders of cities. Al Quds was built into a brick and mortar town b/c of its geo-strategic military value to the expanding Roman Empire. Sheep-herders and priests are competent at building shacks. For much more you may wish to consult a book by Finkelstein/Silberstein, "The Bible Unearthed".

      Judaism is a religion adapted from the much older traditions of Mesopotamia, and influenced by the second oldest, (after the Egyptian cult of the Sun) monotheistic religion known as Zoroastrianism. Ur was a major religious centre until some of Ur's priests elected to challenge their job description, for which they were banished. Some, like Abraham (if he existed), went West into what we know as ancient Palestine, today occupied by a regime that invokes Israel of the antiquities that never was more than a largely unpopulated land of pagan goat-herders. Which explains why nothing reflecting the glorious biblical stories has ever been found other than a few utilitarian leftovers, e.g., stables, of the many occupying armies.

      David, Solomon, Joshua/Jesus are identities invented to give a sublime idea a human face to uplift illiterate tribal peoples in need of laws and ideals, not idols, in a new world of growing human conglomerates.

      In sum: Al Quds/Jerusalem is a city with a rich history, also of many beliefs, paganism included, presently saddled with modern phony pretensions to being a capital of a theocratic people who cannot bring themselves to define the border of their own state.

      All religions are fantasies invented to hold together people, for any variety of purposes. Religions are not about land, but spiritual communality. That is all.

  • Netanyahu's 'gift' to Pope: book on Catholic church's persecution of Jews
    • Netanyahoo Sr's book cannot be doing well if Benny needed such an occasion to plug his old man's "oeuvre". Does that mean that Benny should expect at some point a book on the persecution of Christians, Muslims and other minorities by the Jews of 20th century Israel? Or a film-quality compilation video of Israeli justice visited on the Palestinians over the last 65 years?

      Does the Israeli government not have a single person acquainted with diplomatic protocol niceties? Does the First Yahoo not grasp the bad odour that emanates from such a faux pas? Fe!

      And, no, the Jews were not the sole object of 15th century Spain's Inquisition. Let's not forget that Spain had just rid itself of the Arab conquerors. As post any war throughout history, as the "prominent" historian should have known, the victors are not exactly remembered to have shown mercy to anyone who could be viewed as a collaborator of the vanquished. Jews, and other minorities, were respected by, and largely thrived under the Muslim rulers. Their continued loyalty was to be expected. The new, Christian, rulers were obviously uncertain in their victory and acted not unlike the terror exercised in the days post 1918 Russian Revolution, or post 1948 Israel which still, 65 years later, feels it has to terrorize, torture and ostracize the vanquished Arabs: Muslim AND Christian. Terror is the last act in every war. Something the "prominent" historian conveniently forgot. It is also how the new broom asserts itself upon the population at large.

      Oh, and don't get me started on the painful and very final fate to which Protestants were subjected by that same Inquisition. The fate of a great many of the unfortunates rescued from shipwrecks was quite painful. It also helps to remember that such were the mores of the Middle Ages. Then we hanged and quartered our victims. Today we drop white phosphorus, use DU, fragmenting bullets, bulldoze, strafe, bomb..

      To be fair, Pope B's portrait of Saul/St.Paul was a dubious gift, too. Next time the pope(s) should ask for a charitable donation to the poor and homeless in a country of the giftor's choice.

    • Netanyahoo Sr's book cannot be doing well if Benny needed such an occasion to plug his old man's "oeuvre". Does that mean that Benny should expect at some point a book on the persecution of Christians, Muslims and other minorities by the Jews of 20th century Israel? Or a film-quality compilation video of Israeli justice visited on the Palestinians over the last 65 years?

      Does the Israeli government not have a single person acquainted with diplomatic protocol niceties? Does the First Yahoo not grasp the bad odour that emanates from such a faux pas? Fe!

      And, no, the Jews were not the sole object of 15th century Spain's Inquisition. Let's not forget that Spain had just rid itself of the Arab conquerors. As post any war throughout history, as the "prominent" historian should have known, the victors are not exactly remembered to have shown mercy to anyone who could be viewed as a collaborator of the vanquished. Jews, and other minorities, were respected by, and largely thrived under, the Muslim rulers. Their continued loyalty was to be expected. The new, Christian, rulers were obviously uncertain in their victory and acted not unlike the terror exercised in the days post 1918 Russian Revolution, or post 1948 Israel which still, 65 years later, feels it has to terrorize, torture and ostracize the vanquished Arabs: Muslim AND Christian. Terror is the last act in every war. Something the "prominent" historian conveniently forgot. It is also how the new broom asserts itself upon the population at large.

      Oh, and don't get me started on the painful and very final fate to which Protestants were subjected by that same Inquisition, and about the same time. The fate of a great many of the unfortunates rescued from shipwrecks was quite painfully final. It also helps to remember that such were the mores of the Middle Ages. Then we hanged, quartered and fried our victims. Today we drop white phosphorus, use DU, fragmenting bullets, bulldoze, strafe, bomb..
      Today the Inquisition has been replaced by a variety of kangaroo courts, such as Israel's military "justice" that rules the Palestinians: adults and children.

      To be fair, Pope B's portrait of Saul/St.Paul was a dubious gift, too. Next time the pope(s) should ask for a charitable donation to the poor and homeless in a country of the giftor's choice.

  • International 'Day of Rage' against the Prawer Plan today
    • A verifiable and competent source would have provided a better (i.e., worthy of serious consideration) perspective. In the absence of such a source, your litany reads like inept government propaganda.

    • "the Foreign Ministry is preparing for international condemnation"

      No doubt there will be the usual tedious and hollow cries about anti-semitism, the holocaust, etc., ad nauseam.
      So when the Nazis expelled Jews from their homes that was not good. When Jews expel native populations of Palestine it is... good? How exactly is Israel's antisemitism different from Nazi Germany's fascism?

      Israel's zombie zios have just hammered another nail into its coffin aka "future". Tick, tock.

  • (Updated) Senator Chuck Schumer promises more Iran sanctions, vows to 'defeat' Arab world and Palestinians
    • Schumer is a relic utterly out of touch with reality. Check out this piece of radical news in today's Guardian, "Israeli government split over joining prestigious EU science programme" :
      "The Israeli government is split over the prospect of being excluded from a prestigious and lucrative European scientific research programme unless it accedes to a clause effectively endorsing a boycott of its cherished settlement enterprise.
      The issue has the potential to further isolate Israel internationally, and particularly from Europe, with which relations have grown increasingly strained over continued settlement expansion."

      Schumer and his fossilized amen corner may yet contribute to hastening the delivery of Israel to the rubbish heap of history. Way to go morons!

  • Israeli soldier discusses killing Palestinian children on Ukrainian game show
    • I remember older family members, most of whom had fought in the resistance, recounting their gruesome memories similar to Walid's quote. About the Gestapo and SS.
      That WW2 horror lasted 6 years. The horror that is Israel is 65 y/o, with no end in sight.

    • I have a major problem with the unconscionable idiocy about 3-4 y/olds throwing Molotov cocktails. Has anyone ever seen kids of that age throwing anything? Whatever the object, it usually lands at the kid's feet, or at rare "best" 1-2 feet away. A M.cocktail in the hands of a child with under-developed balance and body coordination, is way too big and too heavy an object to hide or wield with any amount of effectiveness. Something is seriously wrong with this narrative. Is the woman using the dumb game as a vehicle to give herself a few minutes of illusory importance, or is her nonchalance a reflection of the Nazi-style training of the Israeli army? Blood curdling either way. Oh, and don't get me started on the idea of a tottering child with iffy balance being viewed as a threat to the armed to their teeth and well-trained combat zombies.

      Israel and its regime are out of control. If the First Yahoo is not replaced very soon and by someone with a modicum of common sense, the sooner Israel gives up the macabre ghost that it has become, the better for the ME and the world.

      Then there is this strange woman-as-baby-killer who does not want to be with her own family. What it that sorry once-human being projecting? One also wonders why would the Israelis even grant permission for this grisly exhibition? The mind is seriously boggled...

  • Netanyahu: Israel is 'by itself,' 'not bound by this agreement'
    • So all that is left for NaughtyYahoo is to slip his head into the noose he himself has fashioned. Sic transit gloria mundi.

      One does wonder: where does a regime that does have nukes, has not signed the Nuclear non-Proliferation Treaty and does not allow IAEA inspectors, get off pontificating about Iran (inter alia) that does not have nuke weapons, has signed the NnPT and is not known to refuse any inspection? (rhetorical)

      I shall, however, hold my breath until the full agreement is signed. I expect the zios to go full tilt and use every means at their disposal to undermine the preliminary accord. And we know from Israel's own history that it is not beyond stooping to underhanded measures to create "facts on the ground" that may destroy the tentative understanding.

  • Israel is a 'corpse' -- Hedges on Blumenthal's 'Goliath'
    • Educated Israeli Jews with a conscience are leaving Israel in steadily growing numbers. The two winners of the Nobel prize in chemistry did just that quite that some time ago.

      Conflating a Muslim cleric with scientists is bad reasoning, indicative of the missing grasp of basic rules of logic, as well as unquestioning submission to Israeli indoctrination of the masses, once synonymous with the now defunct nazi Germany and the USSR.

      The better example would have been to compare said cleric to the fanatical settlers and the ultraOrthodox Jewish clergy. Their invectives are in fierce, and winning, competition with the Muslim fanatics. The ultra Orthodox are further fortified with guns, spittle and faeces aimed at Palestinians, Muslims, Christians AND Jews with a brain, heart and functioning brain. Nor do the Muslim clerics release the contents of sewers onto land that is producing food. Or destroying olive trees. Or killing children on their way to school. Or using human shields. Or invading sovereign countries because they are, for now, assured of impunity. Or imprisoning people on phony charges. To list a few examples.

  • Stop the demolitions in Jerusalem!
    • The ICC does not have any political powers. Its sole purpose is to adjudicate disputes.

      The UN is only as effective as its member states. Among the latter there is not one government on the planet, not even among the Arab and other Muslim countries, with the iffy exception of Iran, no one with any power gives a damn about the Palestinians. Neither do the Palestinians' reps, i.e., Abbas and his corrupt coterie. That you and I and most of humanity do care - is of zero consequence. We do not matter in our own countries. What hope do we have of prevailing on any international forum? (rhetorical) Our sole raison d'etre is to work, pay taxes, then die. Our lot is not that different from the Palestinians. Consider: the Congress is about to give an additional $500M of taxpayers' money to Israel. No wonder US children and seniors have had their aid cut; there are settlements to be built and more wars to be lost. (bitter sarcasm)

  • Beinart slams Stephens, Joel and Boteach for saying nothing when Adelson called for nuking Iran
    • That Adelsohn would make such an insane and dangerously irresponsible comment is not that difficult to grasp: he's old and, likely, impaired with progressive senile dementia, he's also projecting what has remained unsaid for a very long time and he's too far gone to give a damn. However, for the rest of the panel to stay silent is a clear indication of their own lack of worldly sophistication, unconscionable irresponsibility and unfathomable stupidity.

      Adelsohn's idiocy will only sharpen the edge of the axe that is splintering the Jewish community asunder, even away from their heritage. The dumb (both meanings apply) panelists have only pushed said axe even deeper.

      That money is the best gag ought not to be a surprise. Let's just consider our own congress and senate...

      Sane voices could stop the rot by calling to relegate the religion to where is belongs: the synagogue and the holiday tables, but first strip it clean of all politics. But then a look at our own retarded bigots shows the pointlessness of that wish. Nevertheless, any religion that seeks and finds commonality with retarded bigots is in deep trouble.

      It's important to bring the evil deeds and words to the public's attention. But to try and confront them is a waste of time and a self-inflicted offense to one's own common sense, no? The better and far more effective solution is exactly what Mondoweiss is doing: bring the truth to the light and let the morons macerate in their own bile.

  • Pat Boone sells tiny plots of Israeli land to Christian Zionists
    • Carl Sagan:

      “The idea that God is an oversized white male with a flowing beard, who sits in the sky and tallies the fall of every sparrow is ludicrous. But if by 'God,' one means the set of physical laws that govern the universe, then clearly there is such a God. This God is emotionally unsatisfying... it does not make much sense to pray to the law of gravity.”

      “The world is so exquisite with so much love and moral depth, that there is no reason to deceive ourselves with pretty stories for which there's little good evidence. Far better it seems to me, in our vulnerability, is to look death in the eye and to be grateful every day for the brief but magnificent opportunity that life provides.”

      Amen to that.

  • Netanyahu's sweet deal: 104 prisoners for thousands of settlements
  • 'I wanted to show Americans what they're paying for'--Max Blumenthal on why he wrote 'Goliath'
    • Awesome interview! I have not yet got to "Goliath", but it is at the top of my must-read list. I expect the book will reproduce many familiar refrains from the past that refuses to die.

      "There’s this deep insecurity that defines life in Israel. But it’s that insecurity that Zionism feeds on and that it almost requires."

      This is an perpetuation of the same mentality that once pervaded the old ghettos; lifted, shipped and planted intact into, and carefully cultivated by, the same elites in the same manner as before, this time into the Grand Ghetto known as Israel, with the average Jewish Israelis (ab)used as useful idiots. The more things change...

      In the past, the poor and illiterate ghetto inhabitants had locked themselves in those gawdawful self-imposed prisons in order to satisfy their rabbis with ready-made, easily controlled, inherited sinecures, funded by wealthy Jewish elites who needed the brainwashed useful idiots to serve their cruel and selfish reasons.

      It also explains why the Israelis reject being defined as a nation; the latter will eventually loosen the chains tying the people to antiquated ideas invented for, and in, a distant era for a people who have little in common with modern day Jews.

      I sometimes wonder if communities who had submitted to the manufactured fear and loathing of societies that had granted large exclusive spaces to Jews either as ghettos or shtetls - grasp the cruelty of the baggage firmly ensconced in the religion whose spirituality has become tainted with the inability to ever find peace, or at the very least, some contentment. Perhaps that is the underlying reason why so many are moving away from Israel, even their heritage. I hope that those who need a religion to nurture their spiritual quest will be able to remove the detritus of prejudice from their faith and start anew.

      Israeli and zionist Judaism is a religion of death, fear, hatred, violence and exclusion - the ultimate insult to the victims of the Holocaust. For the rest of us there is our shared humanity and humane laws to get us through this mess.

  • 'Our relationship to Israel causes dead Americans and enormous expense in fighting Muslims' -- Scheuer to Congress
    • Have just found another video with even more toxic info:

      Scheuer is right about the sleeper cells. I live smack dab in the middle of a neighbourhood where tokens from all three of the psychotic players are already wreaking havoc on each other, with people like me trapped by the fallout. It sucks to be collateral damage. Today the morons are destroying each other's property and tranquility. Tomorrow... the world?

      Perhaps we should find an uninhabited island in the middle of an ocean, populate it with the theological/political thugs armed with sharp sticks and have them play out their lethal stupidity. I have neither the inclination nor time for this insane obscenity. I choose my friends and lovers based on who they are, not on their ethnic, religious or histrionic baggage.

    • The invi$ible money belt as a gag intended to shut up prof. Mike? The term "asked and NOT answered" seems to apply here.

      Prof. Sheuer tried to answer the questions in a manner that reflect his own experience and convictions. Perhaps Mondoweiss would care to provide a platform where this amazing Man will be allowed to elaborate on his POV in full, UNinterrupted, sentences and in his own time.

  • Samantha Power breaks down after visiting Rwandan genocide memorial
    • Ms. Powers ought to seek professional help. She is clearly afflicted with a multiple personality disorder. The compassionate aspect is obvious in the video. The hard-nosed bias overflowing with prejudice has been witnessed by many in the course of SP's performance at the UN.

      It behooves us to remember that Rwanda's capricious division of the population into Hutus and Tutsis was a Belgian idea according to the oldest trick - Divide & Rule - that seldom fails in any colonial conquest, and which phoney divide is still maintained is "free" Rwanda.

      As for having had learned from the genocide? Oh, puh-leeze. Rwanda has enthusiastically participated in the ongoing slaughter (6 million to-date) of the Congolese in the DRC. Neither Rice nor Powers have uttered a word about THAT genocide. So much for lessons learned.
      " 2010 UN report charged Rwanda’s army with “committing atrocities that could be classified as crimes of genocide.” :

      One wonders: why are SP et al., in Rwanda? Is this connected to the expanding presence of Africom? Is this the latest act in the musical chairs farce wherein Powers switched her job for that of Susan Rice, who now reps the US at the UN? Rwanda is one of the African countries that works closely with Africom, now present in 30+ countries of the continent.

  • 'The Onion' uses the k-word
    • Wow.
      Shocking. Odious. Infantile. Unprofessional. Disgusting.
      But if it works, it will set a much-needed, if long overdue and, however revolting, a precedent.

  • Adelson says Obama should fire 'atomic weapon' at Iran, not negotiate
    • Is there anything more pathetic than a demented senile ignoramus? (rhetorical)

      Israeli PR is extremely careful not to make announcements synonymous with genocide, their true intentions notwithstanding. Why, then, do they tolerate decrepit morons who are well-known for their unstinting, unthinking and very stinking utterances in "support" of Israel? Does Israel really need this spokesthing to add to its list of woes?

  • Einstein letter, on sale at Ebay, blamed Jewish terrorists for risking 'catastrophe' in Palestine
    • Carl Sagan:
      “The cure for a fallacious argument is a better argument, not the suppression of ideas.”
      “We make our world significant by the courage of our questions and the depth of our answers.”

      Supreme intellects fortified with moving empathy give me hope for the future.

  • Nakba in The New Yorker, BDS in Variety
    • Sad indeed. (with thanks for adding the helpful, if heartbreaking, quote)

      Using the most tender and profound aspect of our humanity, i.e., personal and communal spirituality, and corrupting it into a manipulative and divisive tool that is religion, is an unforgivable source of pointless suffering.

      My role model and source of great wisdom, Carl Sagan, captured the essence of religious redundancy thusly:
      "The idea that God is an oversized white male with a flowing beard, who sits in the sky and tallies the fall of every sparrow is ludicrous. But if by 'God,' one means the set of physical laws that govern the universe, then clearly there is such a God. This God is emotionally unsatisfying... it does not make much sense to pray to the law of gravity.”
      “My view is that if there is no evidence for it, then forget about it. An agnostic is somebody who doesn’t believe in something until there is evidence for it, so I’m agnostic.”
      Amen to that.

    • "Was it the Palestinians’ fault that Jews had been refused their rights in the countries in which they had been born?"

      That claim about being refused (etc.) is a massive lie invented to cover up the Zionists' relentless pressure for all Euro (white/Ashkenazi) Jews to emigrate to Palestine, whatever the cost. Let's not forget the immortal b/s uttered by Ben Gurion:
      "If I knew it was possible to save all [Jewish] children of Germany by their transfer to England and only half of them by transferring them to Eretz-Yisrael, I would choose the latter—because we are faced not only with the accounting of these [Jewish] children but also with the historical accounting of the Jewish People.” – Ben-Gurion (1938).
      (As quoted in Benny Morris’ Righteous Victims, p. 162)

      This idiocy about the persecutions was necessary to induce the sympathy of countries such as the US, and bamboozle them, also with the implied "you may be next on our list of Jewish persecutors" threat, to cough up the dough necessary to continue the Naqba, build settlements/kibutzes on the "pacified" lands, and fund the Israeli army.

      When the incoming numbers failed to match the expectations, non-white/Sephardim Jews from the ME became the next target. Prof. Chomsky, in "The Fateful Triangle" wrote about the Zio crap invented to terrorize indigenous Iraqi, Iranian, etc., Jews with "historic" persecution and/or imminent destruction of those Jewish communities.

      A (2004-5?) BBC documentary (don't remember title) featured an elderly man who fell for this cruel hoax and showed a broken, lost man living among people he could not abide by, wishing he were back with his (also non-Jewish) friends in Damascus.

      Oh, and how do you explain the silent aspect of the Dreyfus affair: a French Jew who volunteered for, and was admitted into, the OFFICER corps of the French army. That affair smacks of our own Chelsea Manning scandal - our own modern day J'accuse?

      If you want to get an idea about life is Europe's Jewish ghettos, and why many, like my great grandfather, had elected to escape it and assimilated into gentile cultures, read prof. Israel Shahak's "Jewish History, Jewish Religion". The tone of the book is reminiscent of another man made unhappy with his choice.

      Please pardon the rant, but I live for the day when the Truth: the good, the bad and the ugly, about BOTH sides of this insane divide will see the light of day. The zionist experiment has failed; time to move on.

      “One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.” (Carl Sagan)

  • Jerusalem's system of checkpoints inside Palestinian neighborhoods of the holy city
    • Until proven wrong, I will assume that you are a person victimized by your country's anti-semitic propaganda informed by the theocratic regime's apartheid policies that believes its own citizens too stupid to know how to seek out the truth about ghetto-Israel.

      Consider what Babs Streisand had to say about the patriarchy amongst your own kind:

      YouTube abounds with yet much more shocking footage of Israeli and Palestinian women.

      Not least of all, Israel is a regressive theocracy that does not grasp the difference between national and religious identities:

      Your inability to think for yourself is hastening Israel's self-induced dispatch into Oblivion.

    • Israeli anti-semitism at work, building the largest Jewish ghetto in history.

      Just how much worse is the truth about ghetto-Israel that these people are driven to lock themselves, by themselves, voluntarily, away from humanity behind such contraptions?

  • Israel lobby group counters Palestinian dispossession with-- Jewish creationism
    • Oops. Somebody forgot to tell the creationists that the northern end of the ancient kingdom was known then to all, and today to the educated, as Sumer. Lots of religions, none of them Judaism. That came centuries later when the uppity clerics of Mesopotamia's Ur were booted from their magnificent edifices. Some of them ended up in Judea. The rest is history.

      Oh, if the creationists can read AND comprehend the text at the same time, Finkelstein/Silberstein's "The Bible Unearthed" will explain to them the why and how of the above, and the difference between the myth of Israel and the cruel reality of antiquity's Judea, the birthplace of the new regional religion.

      I highly recommend Messrs' F&S book. It also makes for a great companion read to Shlomo Sands "Invention of the Jewish People", i.e., why the massive proselytizing around the Meditterranean was necessary for Judaism's survival beyond a small local cult. (Hint: none of the other regional cults had survived beyond antiquity.)

  • There Are No Facts: Excerpt from Max Blumenthal's 'Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel'
    • "Eurocentric"?
      Uh, no. There's no apartheid in any Euro countries that I can think of. Nor would any one tolerate it; their own internal petty, at times even nasty, quarrels notwithstanding. Also, no one dies. That's one difference.

      We've been hearing for 65 years how bad Europe has been to the Jew. The corruption of the history of minorities that used to be scapegoated thru the ages, zio histrionics have reduced to a single one: that of the Jews, thus corrupting and confusing Israeli generations born and indoctrinated into this bizarre faux Euro/Jewish dichotomy.

      Israel, inexplicably, had elected to try and recreate the Europe imagined in self-closed off ghettos that is more like gauche Las Vegas: silly and dated ersatz. With so many great Jewish artists Israel could not come up with a unique, beautiful, fascinating and worthy of emulating style of its own? They have to appropriate and desecrate, e.g., a place of Arab worship for a... bar, because they couldn't/wouldn't design something that expresses the unique aspects of Israeli joie de vivre? It also makes for an unsettling national projection: of denying their own character. They are not European; they are Middle Eastern. How could the kaleidoscope that makes for their society have failed so badly?

    • "Israel is in the cloud."
      More like in a Circle, 10th(?), the one that even Dante couldn't bring himself to describe.

  • Iran is appointed to key position on U.N. weapons disarmament committee
    • Or, the middle one, favoured in other geographical locations.

      To be serious, tho', could this mean that the US is, at last, getting tired of the one note whining? Whatever next dare one hope for? That the ziocons start acting like they're adults with a country to run? Or that the Israeli's wake up, reach up/out and join humanity while it's still an option? At the moment Fukushima is best placed to execute the final solution of our own time.

    • @Ellen, many of the UN naysayers are unaware of the fact that Iran DID sign the NPT and entertains regular and unfettered IAEA inspections. Unlike Israel: a deafening NO to both.

    • "Israel ... saying the appointment was akin to “appointing a drug lord as CEO of a pharmaceutical company.”
      They would know: just consider Kissinger, Rumsfeld (ex-CEO of Searle) and so many more similar self-disqualified depressing examples polluting the US govt., and policies.

      I say "good on ya, UN". There is no better way for Iran to prove Rouhani's recent UN performance right or wrong.

      A put-up or shut-up UN-style?

      This is the price Israel is paying for shunning the NPT and IAEA inspections. Furthermore, Iran's appointment shines an extra-bright light on Israel's ever widening and deepening chasm between its loquacious PR stunts and real-life actions.

  • Moments in Palestine
    • This reminiscence would have been an interesting read at any time, but the stunning quality of the poetic prose gave the story an unexpected, much appreciated and deeply resonating, beauty.

      Like, Annie, I cried, too. And I'm sick of having to cry: for the ongoing Palestinian Holocaust and the daily desecration of the memory of those whose corpses-as-fodder are more important to the ziosupremacists, than honoring the stolen lives.

      Oh, and, Mondoweiss? As a long time and frequent visitor let me congratulate you on your site. It was very good from day one, but it has improved exponentially in the last months. Well done to all at MW.

  • Clandestine Israeli trailer park in JNF forest aims to take over Bedouin village
    • Awesome if blood-curdling article.

      Watching the atrocious video reminded me of the Nazi obsession with lebensraum. The proponents of the latter also used the same language as in the video. No, not verbatim, but definitely the same heavily implied underlying tone: the Jews(Nazis) to replace the indigenous(primitive) populations to show the world how the chosen race(ubermenschen) does it better.

      The unfathomable arrogance and ignorance of the light (from hell) proponents is staggering. They expect tens of thousands to move to a... desert? And where will the water for the basics, let alone their fountains and pools, come from? The water shortage in Israel is already severe and about to get even worse. In the new Jewish Hiram, the phony "forest" will be the first to go, no doubt. Then the pools and the fountains. Then it will be time for yet another exodus.

      The Bedouin have survived in the Negev b/c they had respect for nature and lived in harmony with their environment. The obscene inanity that will (for a short while) replace the natives will crash very quickly. Israel's regime is counting on unrestrained theft of water from neighboring countries; the only way to keep artificial life in a desert possible. That will not work either. The gig is up. BO's Syria debacle has, hopefully, put an end to the unrealistic foolishness and the unattainable nightmare of Eretz Yisroel. It's time for Israel to start learning to live within its means, or its future is already in its Fade Out stage.

      “It is in the Negev that the creativity and pioneer vigor of Israel shall be tested.”
      No kidding.

  • Putin’s exceptionalism and our own
    • Add to that AFRICOM's presence in 34 African countries - US's new ground for yet more wars in the near future(?):

      Putin is well aware that the US economy has no hope of being able to carry on at this rate; not even into the near future. Then what? The US is a de facto has been. What happens next? Who will follow Putin? Not another Yeltsin, I hope. The interesting times are about to get even more interesting...

    • Agree. I find it reprehensible that the US govt, reps and media have used the LGBT community, in the US and Russia, as a pathetic fig leaf hoping to deflect from issues of international law that (should) bind both countries. It's rank hypocrisy for the US to get hot and bothered in response to the murky circumstances of the Syria gassing, while Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and most egregiously of all, Iraq, are, to this day, struggling with the devastating and long lasting effects of the A-bomb, Agent Orange and DU (as applicable), to the sound of total silence of the entire international community.

      BO did zip nada for the LGBT community at home, yet was going to make a "point" by meeting with their counterparts while in Russia. Why? In both instances it is a domestic issue that is tied to very different laws that govern both societies. There are still a great many States in the US where gay/lesbian couples cannot marry and partake in benefits granted to hetero couples. If BO is so pro LGBT, why not make a show of it on a domestic national forum, if he views it as such a critical issue?

    • "The Orthodox Church in Poland is basically the Russian Church’s branch there (...)"

      Uh, no. Both traditions are as different as the Southern Baptists are from the Church of England. Furthermore, the Russian OC has never had any interest in asserting itself at any time in PL's history, and shows no such inclination today.
      Also, unlike the Orthodox Church, PL's Catholics are aligned with the Vatican; likely an anathema for the OC.

      As for Putin invoking religion in his NYT piece: that was a bit of tasteless pandering that he could have phrased more diplomatically, better yet. should have left out altogether.

    • Stalin's massive cruelty was made possible by two of his most faithful henchmen: Yagoda and Beria. Without them his ascent to power would likely never had happened. Between them, the 3 psychopaths have more than 20 million Russian, Ukranian, Byelorussian, etc., lives on their conscience; including the Holodomor.

      Why not give the likes of Putin the benefit of the doubt? We have everything to lose, including the planet, if this insane and pointless race to oblivion goes forward.

  • The Russia-Syria deal: What it means and what now?
  • Latest 'generous offer' leaked: Israel wants to control Jordan River and 40% of West Bank while Palestinians get 'temporary borders'
    • Now would be a good time for the Palestinians to come together around at least two issues: take Israel to the Hague for crimes against humanity.
      And, concurrently, petition the UN to order Israel back to the 1948 borders.

  • How AIPAC works your Congressperson-- using donors, rabbis, and Jewish members
    • Not to antisemitism. Resentment of Israel's warmongering and endless meddling.
      I have nothing against Semitic Palestinians, Sephardim or non-Israeli Jews of Semitic descent.

      In the current context it's our own government that is antisemitic. Syrians are Arabs, i.e., a semitic people.

  • Dubious Intelligence and Iran Blackmail: How Israel is driving the US to war in Syria
    • Max B: "Flash forward to the August 21 Ghouta massacre, where over 1000 Syrian civilians died without any sign of external wounds in a series of attacks."

      "Skull and Bones" Kerry inflated the number of dead to 1400.

      Doctors Without Borders (MSF) reported 355 dead. Their report came on the 24th:
      MSF was not on site, but were working with the doctors who had conveyed to MSF what they were dealing with. A couple of days ago MSF had also asked that the reports about the dead not be inflated. They're right, it's not about the numbers, but what had happened.

  • For criticizing Israel not Russia, Roger Waters reveals anti-Semitic 'undercurrents' -- Foxman
    • It looks like either foxman and/or the ADL have been put on notice by their paymasters. The inept desperation of this "response" is beyond embarrassing.

      "Where is your voice calling for a boycott of China for their persecution of Buddhists, or the persecution of Muslims by Buddhists in Myanmar? Why not Russia for its ongoing suppression of government opposition figures, and recent enactment of homophobic legislation?.."

      So the best Foxman could do is to equate Israel with Myanmar (a major faux pas) and China? China is not persecuting Buddhists, but leaders of Tibet who happen to be Buddhists; yes, Virginia, there is a difference. That conflict is about China's greater territorial ambitions to annex Tibet. But then that would evoke Israel's own greater territorial ambitions. Oops...

      So Foxman puts Russia's homophobia on a par with Israel's white phosphorus dropped on Gaza, or Palestinian children used as human shields, or wholesale destruction of Palestinians olive groves, or bulldozing of Palestinian properties? While pretending to ignore the petrified homophobia in his own backyard?
      Double oops.

      Israel's pathetic PR and its quislings are losing their senile grip on reality. If Israel is to survive, it's time to abandon the 19th century zionist agenda and get with the program that is the 21st century. The fading fogies have already saddled their own youngest generation with a terrible long-term burden. (Shades of post-war Germany.)

      The rags are off and the self-appointed emperor is revealed: a tattered scarecrow on chipping stilts.

      Sic transit gloria mundi.

  • Israeli embassy is now BuzzFeed contributor, posting alarmist map of threats to Jewish state
    • Israel has had a nuclear program since the 1960s, and has hundreds of nukes on permanent alert, but begrudges Iran the one nuke. Why? What's the difference?
      Iran is a member of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Israel is not.
      Iran's facilities are periodically inspected by the IAEA. Israel never has allowed in the inspectors. Dimona is also way past its prime...

      Since its creation, Israel has been in a constant state of war, at home and abroad, some more deadly than others. Iran has not invaded another country in 200 years.

      Israel is a theocracy dominated by medieval orthodoxy, but begrudges other ME countries their own theocracies. Why?

      The ME, for centuries, has had large Jewish communities in their midst, none of which have been harassed by the dominant religion. Why? Because the adherents share their antecedents with the local Muslims? (Shlomo Sand "The Invention of the Jewish People")

      Israel's obsession is to create a greater Israel, from the Nile to the Euphrates. Why?
      They have no hope of ever being able to control it, short of nuking it. But what's the point in that?

      And on, and on, ad nauseam. Even as the world's revulsion grows.
      Which part of "Israel is a mortal danger unto itself by its own chosen stupidity" do these people fail to grasp?

      Their PR is preaching to their (shrinking?) choir. What's the point in that?

  • Mohammed Assaf: 'I have a goal and it's not fame, I want to influence people'
    • I wish MA a long and successful career, and a happy life. Also, that he always has with him someone strong, not easily impressed, and unafraid to tell the truth. Fame and wealth can be corrupting in the extreme b/c they attract parasitic sycophants, i.e., psychopathic predators skilled in saying what their famous and wealthy target may think s/he wants to hear.

      Roger Waters has called on the world's artists to boycott Israeli apartheid. Perhaps MA might like to consider recording singles written by artists who are on the same page as Mohammed and Roger? (Contractual obligations permitting, natch.) That would be one hefty way to make both artists' point that much more effective, no?

      Oh, and is it important that Arabic singers sing in the local accent? Why? Employing one's own sound just adds an extra flavour. The US's Black artists in the 1920s and 30s made the "american accent" very acceptable, even widely imitated, in Europe. And the UK.

  • Israeli diplomat is 'sick of... self-righteous commemorations for Hiroshima and Nagasaki'
    • As do others, The Guardian does not allow comments in connection with any article that speaks on the subject of, or is related to, Israel. Perhaps now would be a good time to review this editorial policy. Perhaps it's time for Israel to take the hand of the monkeys' eyes and ears, and clamp it harder on the mouth. Time is no longer on Israel's side. The world's growing revulsion upon seeing and hearing about incidents of unconscionable stupidity that reflect on Israel, might just provide a much needed "hmmm" moment where it counts. And, no, such criticism would not be the tedious opportunistic fantasy about Europe's "historic anti-semitism". Rather, Israel would do well to contemplate John Donne's most timely meditation:
      "No man (Nation) is an Iland, intire of it selfe; every man is a peece of the Continent (World), a part of the maine; if a Clod bee washed away by the Sea, Europe (Israel) is the lesse, as well as if a Promontorie were, as well as if a Mannor of thy friends or of thine owne were; any mans death diminishes me, because I am involved in Mankinde; And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; It tolls for thee."
      (My updates for emphasis, in brackets.)

  • War games and settlement excursions: inside a pro-Israel propaganda tour for student activists
    • "the horrors of Eastern European and Russian pogroms"
      What horrors of Eastern European (sic) would that be?

      The Russian pogroms were not state sanctioned. These were drunken sorties aimed at anyone who happened upon charging Cossacks, the tsars' elite units returning from their drunken sorties. Anyone, i.e., Jews and Christians, Russian, Belorussian, Ukranian, etc. They were tolerated just as the US military courts tolerate the murder and mayhem perpetrated (by sober) with machine guns, not sabres, US soldiers on a rampage in invaded countries, or the Israeli courts who dismiss the gross abuses of their own soldiers, and classified at Nurenberg and Geneva as crimes against humanity, i.e., uses of human shields, mass murders (during the Naqba), the use of forbidden weapons, e.g., white phosphorus, etc., ad nauseam. The more things change, the more they stay the same, no? (rhetorical)
      The Cossacks were reigned in only when the raids began to impact the tsars 'reputation'. In his book, "Jewish History, Jewish Religion", prof. Israel Shahak quotes 40 Jews killed. Now consider the current number of, and ongoing, wanton killings, outside state-sanctioned murders. Sanctimonious preaching about the past, while forgetting the present is not helpful to anyone, especially the communities and families of the dead. Let alone the Jews living in unfounded fear of humanity.

      By 1939, the largest Jewish population in the world was found along what is now Poland's southern border. One of the centuries old "horrors" visited on those Jews was the right to create and live in ghettos and shtetls; the latter were small towns populated, like the ghettos in the rest of the world, exclusively by Jews. The local, non-Jewish populations, with a purpose to go to those those shtetls, e.g., to trade, had to apply for, and receive, a permit to do so. Jews, however, required no such permission if they wanted to travel. There were no shtetls anywhere beyond Eastern Europe.

      The zionists have a vested interest in propagating nonsense or corrupted history that paint Jews as the world's sole eternal victims. For a good reason. It makes it possible to bind the naifs in fear of persecution away from humanity. The wealthy Jews (who lived away from the poverty infested ghettos) have used their poor co-religionists just as the rich Christians used their serfs to serve and further their own interests.

      The zionists' biggest fear is the assimilation of Jews into the world population, while retaining their traditions and faith.

  • Why is the Egyptian regime demonizing Palestinians?
  • Nakba is the root of the conflict and makes '67 negotiations meaningless -- 'NYRB'
    • Are then the zionists who are not living in Israel in the game? On what grounds?
      Are the decrepit agencies of ADL, AIPAC et al, in the game? They, too, are living in considerable comfort in the US.

      "The settlements have as much right to exist" - by what right?
      "as does Tel Aviv, this is our land". Why would you single out Tel Aviv?
      And, no, Israel is not your land. It is the land of those who have lived there for centuries, even millennia, who have cultivated the orange and olive groves (now destroyed by the Israeli army), and the land (now illegally appropriated by wanna-be farmers whose only experience is living in a city of Europe or N. America. It is and can only be the land of those who will treat it and its inhabitants with respect.

      You need to try some books that prove that Jews were, until about the 1st century BCE, a minor cult, one of many in ancient Judea. Yes, Judea, the same one which gave the name to a religion invented around 500BCE. Judaism graduated from a cult to a religion when the converts (Shlomo Sands, "The Invention of the Jewish People") to the new cult had the numbers to de nomine claim that part of the land, at least for a century or two before voluntarily leaving en masse for Egypt, Rome and beyond. Israel, Judea, Samaria, the lot - have been glorified stepping stones for the endless marches by the armies of Sumer, Mesopotamia, Hitites, Egypt, Greece, Persia, Rome, the Ottomans, the Brits... for nigh on three thousand years. If you think that with that tradition of perseverance the Palestinians will at any time decamp, you have another thing coming.

      Archeology has already proven that the region known as Israel was under the dominion of the Sumers for a very long time. From 1000 to 700BCE, it was severely underpopulated by pagan tribes of goat and sheep herders:
      Israel Finkelstein/Neil Asher Silverstein, "The Bible Unearthed". There was no David, no Solomon, no First Temple, no fancy empire. Just nothing beyond arid pasture land. Jerusalem was a crossroads until the Romans claimed the land and built their military baracks. A lure for local merchants who, gradually and over time, congregated around the area proferring their goods to the soldiers.

      Jews have no more exclusive right to any land than Christians or Muslims. The muslim Palestinians have lived next to adherents to other faiths for eons. In peace. Spend some time with them and find out how its done. Your future may depend on it.

    • "In a word: 1948 replaces 1967. "

      Aye. Absolutely. Finally! Israel, in its psychotic greed for it all, even lands invented in the myths of greater Israel, has overplayed its hand (the only one on the table). The last decade, like none before it has shown the horrific holocaust inflicted by Israelis on the true Palestinians: christian, jewish and muslim.
      For one thing the zionist reps for the future Israel agreed to the UN agreement that defined the borders. And the endless UN resolutions. Neither have been kept. Not a single, not even phony pretense to renegotiate.

  • Israel is losing legitimacy -- according to Daniel Bell
    • "I think Israel is too unique."

      Meh. More like: every state that ever was and/or will be is too unique.
      Or - very much like every other state, each one with a foundation and history unlike any other state.

      Or as common as some by virtue of some of its practices, whether those of South Africa, Soviet Union or that certain short-lived Third Republic.

      Claims of uniqueness as best left to history, not politicians, especially those for whom the world outside their real or mental ghetto - does not exist.

  • 'Boston Globe' columnist sells one Jewish state (and wonders why Israel's image is tanking)
    • "He pulled out a copy of a special issue of LIFE Magazine from 1973... “
      The world was, at that time, overwhelmingly oblivious of the Naqba. With the passage of time, details of past crimes are emerging at an exponential rate; many told by army veterans scarred for life with memory of what they were made to do.

      The nonsensical "We never had a partner for peace" arose out of the idiocy of "the land without people for a people without land".

      Perhaps, once, a long time ago, the Zionists had a point. It, the point, and the Zionists have now mutated into a very large boil on the world's posterior; the result of the Zionists' lack of sophistication on the world arena, enhanced by prejudices cultivated within the parochial walls of the old, exclusively judeo-centric, ghettos. And even today, Jacoby, shows his provincial roots: "(...) people had started seeing things from the Palestinian perspective". Oy vey.

      Sounds like the audience comprised a majority of very senile, sleepy old people stuck in delusions of a long gone era of a gilded age that never was.

      To quote Jacoby's own question: Is there a point to Jacoby's whining in there somewhere?

  • Prisoners' rights protest in Ramallah calls to end the Oslo accords
    • It's time that the UN re-read the original conditions for the creation of Israel, and the many, ignored, subsequent Resolutions, then read the riot act to Israel that it may face a forfeiture of its claim to a state, in view of its bad faith and inability to negotiate.

      Israel's Semitic neighbors are running out of willingness to tolerate a racist and unhinged belligerent state. Can Israel afford to contemplate millions of their neighbors with an equally capricious claim to the much-tortured land, once and for long continuous centuries their home known as the Sultanate Caliphate? The Caliphate was decreed by a capricious Western dictat as 'no more' post WW2. What the a foreign entity giveth, it can, apparently, take away. Perhaps its time for Israel to agree to a red line on a calendar and start to negotiate, or join the long list of defunct states and tribal areas in the foreseeable future. Time, and the world's good will is no longer on Israel's side.

    • It's time that the UN re-read the original conditions for the creation of Israel, and the many, ignored, resolutions, then read the riot act to Israel that it may face a forfeiture of its claims in view of its lack of ability to negotiate.

      Israel's neighbors are running out of willingness to tolerate a racist and unhinged nuclear state. Perhaps a suggestion for red line for Israel ought to be considered or consider, say, millions of their neighbors with an equally capricious claim to the much-tortured land? They are Semites with a long and continuous residency in an area known as the Sultanate Caliphate, and for centuries longer than the Jewish claims to the land, and which Caliphate was decreed by a capricious Western dictat as 'no more' post WW2.

  • Tel Aviv and the failure of the Zionist dream
    • Israel, and its short crashing history, reminds me of the USSR. That, too, started with a promise of a social paradise for its citizens, gleaming cities, a beacon unto other nations and oppressed peoples... It looks like Israel has been following some of USSR's MO:
      - political (arrogant and aggressive bullying on the int'l arena),
      - economic (massive military budget, declining standard of living), and
      - social (steady departure of the best educated, support of the moocher fanatics).
      The USSR model also included hyping tourist spots as reflection of the entire country.

      Was Netanyahoo's recent tantrum evidence of Israel at the point of no return? If the demise is nigh, can the last person to leave be trusted not to pass the 'red line' at Dimona?

  • In front of global audience, Netanyahu draws his red line (on his ridiculous bomb cartoon)
  • Tyler: US must defuse 'detonator' Israel's impetus for neverending war in Middle East
    • One more point:
      Are the zios OK to sacrifice Iranian Jews together with Israelis in their vain race for war?

    • The 'detonator' will never be dismantled until/unless:
      1. the zios are forced off the war-wagon that is the Israeli government,
      2. the US surrenders its neo-colonial policies, especially in the ME, since its warmongering client state has no intention to serve US regional interests unless those interests are Israel's interests, and for which the US taxpayers have been paying for a very long time and in clear violation of US (Symington Act, anyone?) and international laws,
      3. the Israelis cease to delude themselves that they are living in a country oh-so much safer than the ghettos of the past, and
      4. 'insistence that Israel develop the institutions of diplomacy, negotiation and compromise' - that may have a chance to work only if/when the US takes that good advice, by closing the hundreds of military bases in the ME and Asia, and taking a cue from the Chinese and learn to negotiate for the resources the US needs. (Cheaper than trillion dollar wars, all lost together with the US's credibility, trust and treasure.)

  • Netanyahu arrives in NY with his public image in smithereens
    • 'At what point might the brutal verbal reactions we are seeing against Zionists on American and European elite news sites turn into pogroms'.

      So similar inanity by and against anyone else on the planet should be condemned, but a warmongering zionist should be mollycoddled, because of a possible... pogrom? You cannot be serious.

      Pogroms were raids by drunken Cossacks. They were not ideologically, or even racially, driven attacks aimed exclusively at Jews. Actually, according to the records researched and quoted by prof. Israel Shahak in his book "Jewish History, Jewish Religion", he gives the figure of 40-or so killed Jews. Pogrom, is a Russian word which suggests that the attacks were exercised in certain parts of Russia, nowhere else. This was cut short by the tzar who intervened to stop the raids b/c they 'tainted' the vision that he had had for his elite forces. Ask yourself, if hundreds, or thousands of Jews had perished in 'pogroms', how come such a tiny minority managed to lose 6M during WW2?

      If your suggestion were relevant, let's consider that the zionists have been endangering the lives of the common Israeli citizen with their 64-year history of unconscionable and ongoing persecution of the Palestinians, and endless forays into the neighboring lands. And yet the world opinion, as disgusted as it is, has, to-date, done hardly anything of consequence to stop it. Notwithstanding the shining, if bloody examples of individuals such as Rachel Corrie, discounted by the Israeli corrupt system.

      The stories of Jewish old victim-hood are decades old. The pools of red blood of the Palestinian victims of Jewish persecution is refreshed daily. With each horrific act, the Israeli Jews themselves are rendering their own victims' suffering forgettable. Rather than join the rest of humanity in creating a peaceful world, few have paid attention to an Israeli lobbyist who called for a false flag to start the war in the Persian Gulf.

      Humanity is not a planet brimming over with psychopaths. The brewing resentment against Jewish Israeli brutality and racism is also a reaction to the world's, including US politicians' cowardly silence also motivated by fear of losing the steady stream of funds for their vapid campaigns.

      The silent indolence of the world of the 1930s elected to ignore the news about the concentration camps in places like Dachau, or the butchery of priests, homosexuals, gypsies, journalists, communists, including the rampage of Kristalnacht - one night of savagery specifically aimed at Jews. And yet the Nazis were lionized by the Euro and American elites that included Prescott Bush, Sr B's father. Just as today the Israeli butchers are lionised by the cowed media and politicians. As in the 1930s, so, too, today, such inaction becomes a tacit tolerance for the escalation of the brutality, that in 1939 led to a world war, and today is threatening the world with a nuclear war.

      When will the pols 'grow a sack' as one US politician asked rhetorically of Obama? The last 64 years of Israeli history is one long laundry list of escalating barbarity. I am not OK to see pictures of half fried bodies on a Gaza street, whether children or adults, of a Palestinian boy used as a human shield by the armed to the teeth Israeli soldiers, of bomber sorties going berserk over empty Gaza skies, of settlers' sewer sludge flooding Palestinian villages, of an Israeli jeep being deliberately driven over a Palestinian body, of a little Palestinian girl on her way to school stopped with a bullet aimed at the center of her forehead, of parks for Jews only built on demolished Palestinian villages, etc., ad nauseam. Then there is the daily banality of evil, such as the brutal harrassment of the Palestinians by the border police captured by an Israeli documaker in 'Checkpoint'.

      Have you ever thought to consider the daily, 64-year long pogrom of the Palestinians and its tens of thousands of victims?

      Did you know that there is a thriving Jewish community in Iran who have been there for 2.5 millennia?

      A little perspective goes a long way, sir.

  • American Enterprise Institute's Daniella Pletka goes quack quack quacky
    • Gawd help us all. This Iran b/s is now ratcheted up to a level that has me worried. What is going on to warrant such insanely risky, even outrageous, rhetoric?
      This lobbyist's words sound like incitement to me. This must be the first time in my life where a "you're paranoid" invective would make me very happy:

      It's a part (@1.15) of this video:
      'How to Build U.S.-Israeli Coordination on Preventing an Iranian Nuclear Breakout' - in direct contradiction of the "preventing" thing in the title of this meeting:

  • 'Savage' NY subway ads get a make-over-- revealing their true character
    • There is a difference. Here's Glenn Grunwald's awesome rationale:

      Also the 'Fire!' analogy does not apply. That exemption arose out of consideration for an instantaneous involuntary reaction to imminent danger within a filled to capacity enclosure. Even the lack of light in a theater does not make a difference. Just consider the news/pix from clubs where actual fires did break out.

    • Agree. Vandalising public property with language that abuses the right to free speech is, indeed, vandalism.

      Furthermore, Geller needs to be educated as to the meaning of the term: precedent. Her posters legitimise similar abuses of the language that once trained crosshairs on an entire people.

  • Ninny Middleton doesn't understand the job description
    • Quite. But those salons are gaining an unhealthy reputation. And, Boehner's orange visage doesn't help.

    • Inanna, the ideal was for a safe home for the Jewish survivors of the world wars, and victims of endless tensions/violence between the native and Jewish populations fueled by the power elites who needed the discontent to further their own interests. Just like our contemporary 1%ers need to pitch the 'moochers on entitlements' against those still with jobs.

      This was actually a crooked multi-way street: very well illustrated by prof. Israel Shahak in his "Jewish History, Jewish Religion". It also explains why Israel has degenerated into a state that does not even bother with pretenses anymore, including the slide back behind the medieval walls. So does, to a certain extent, Norman Finkelstein's "The Holocaust Industry: The Business of Death".

      The figure of 6M dead was used in the aftermath of both wars. It would appear, however, that following WW1 the victors were too busy redesigning Europe and, more importantly, carving up the defunct Ottoman Caliphate intended to enhance their own possessions, to care about the claim of 6M Jewish lives lost, a need for a safe home for the survivors, etc. Any racist aspects, even if known to the colonial vultures, would have not have even registered. Racism was par for the historical course. The issue was about enhancing and perpetuating the old colonial possessions, and no one was going to share the spoils, certainly not with a perceived ambitious non-entity intent on realising the Romantic ideals of a nationhood for themselves.

      Following WW2, that MO was no longer relevant. The French, British, etc., empires were dead or dying. The US was the new undisputed global power. Whether the US or anyone else cared about the zionists' ideals is irrelevant. They did, however, make for a good premise for the US with which to create a new sphere of control to benefit the US expanding interests using good ol' divide and rule to create and stoke the inevitable tensions between client states in the region to benefit this new hegemon. No one conceived of an Israel having plans of its own.

      Post WW2, the 6M Jewish dead resonated loud and clear as the pictures from the camps, the Nuremberg trials, etc., had shamed, stunned and silenced Europe into granting the demand for a Jewish state. The declared ideals of the new state were accepted without much, if any, quibbles. Concurrently, the Euro Cold War was in its early stages. Once gain, no one paid attention to the zionists: what they were saying v. what they were doing. And still, racism was decades away from becoming a universally unacceptable option. No one cared about the Naqba; it had no bearing on Europe's and the US's concerns at hand, i.e., the USSR-USA power struggle. This time the zionists were more than ready to use the mess to their advantage. For a short while pictures of hard-working idealistic kibbutzniks busy creating a 'blooming desert' dominated the news from the ME. The Palestinians had no one, neither in Europe nor in the US to present their POV for decades. Put upon brown people? Puh-leeze. Israel could do no wrong.

      Sixty-four years later, racism is universally shunned, and the for-Jews-only state gunning for an Eretz Yisrael has become a widely known new ambition for Israel. The communal kibbutzes were replaced with settlers' colonies built on the land stolen from Palestinians, b/c according to the newly modified ideal peddled in the 1980/90s - there was no Palestine, and no Palestinians: Israel was created on "a land without a people, for a people without a land". Today, the avalanche of ghastly images on computer screens have ripped the scales off the world's eyes and the world opinion is turning against Israel; the once victim, now an unconscionable oppressor that appears too far gone in its corruption to even acknowledge the reversing tide.

      I sometimes wonder if Netanyahu's rush to attack Iran at this time is a calculated move to revive that post-WW2 messy gambit, only this time with Israelis as the pawns to be sacrificed by the zionists in the game for a Greater Israel, (to be blamed on Iran, of course) before the out-there world steps in and puts a kibosh on Israel's bloody political machinations. Or is there a problem at Dimona? Israel will not openly admit to having nukes. Nor is it a signatory to the NNPT. Nukes, means waste. Where is it? Is a war necessary to divert the world's attention from a possible looming environmental catastrophe?

      Ideals, shmideals. Whether of social decorum or equality of all humanity, panta rhei.

      What do you think?

    • It really sucks, royally and otherwise, to have a sexy frock with the decolletage showing the tan line. It may be less a catty thing, and more an issue forgotten by someone who is either no longer willing to go that deep with the cut under the chin, or one with another definition of what constitutes a sexy frock.

    • The issue is not with Israel, but with the opportunistic and violent parasites that have corrupted the founding ideals and like the true psychopaths that they are - insist that it is the Other (Palestinians, Arabs, Iranians, the past, the nukes, etc., ad nauseam) - to blame. They don't even care that they are causing harm, current and delayed, to those whom they profess to be defending.

    • "photographers with high-powered lenses (...) in private surroundings."

      The Royals are private persons when they are not attending a public function. The issue is not with the Royals, but rather with the silly public hot and bothered by a pair of unclad boobs. A public that is ok to pay for, or be distracted by, a non-issue is deserving of any epithet of one's choosing and aim.

      The Royals broke no rules, written or implied. It's the dumb public who will not honor the do-unto-others deal. As for the paparazzi: it's a job. We're ok when they snap a picture of a corrupt deed in progress, no?

    • Disagree on the 'class' thing. It has nothing to do with a bikini top/bottom: on or off. Class is how you handle any issue.

    • Yay, Annie and Mrs W!

      Kate would do well to take a cue from her defiant MiL and use her position to kick some of the silly mores to the curb. If/when confronted by the media she should reply with: 'why are we OK with, even deferential towards, nudes in the arts? why is it OK for men to run around with exposed jiggly boobs? why is a little partial nudity in a secluded spot (out of consideration for the sensitivities of the general public, natch) considered offensive? Also, the photographer came to her, not the other way round.
      I'm cool to be confronted with exposed breasts. I'm not cool being confronted with a cop's taser, army's guns or retarded social/religious mores.

      The scorn for topless women is, as are females wrapped in L-size sheets with a chador on their faces, a reflection of insecure males, i.e., not my or my hen-friends' problem. William's silly outrage validated those antiquated ideas. Kate is his missus, not his property. Ignore/deflate the hoopla and the 'problem' is no more.

      The Royals' role is to enhance the tourist trade to the UK. If it weren't for the occasional 'scandal', the trade would be like that in Sweden, Denmark or Belgium, i.e., less profitable. A good part of the family's wealth comes from profit participation derived from tchochkes (sp?) sold to said tourists, and legal kickbacks from businesses who use the 'by appointment...' signature on their products that oh-so titillates the buying snobs: income that generates taxes that further enhance the purse of the welfare state that can and does take care of its less fortunate.

      The Royals are also viewed as a pacifying alternative to the actual rulers of the Isles: less offensive compared to Blair, Cameron or the corrupt MPs.
      Unlike our 1%ers, they have sent some of their kids to the frontlines.

      As long as they earn their keep and pay taxes, I'm ok with Royals anywhere. Their antics, including exposed boobs, neither harm nor hold back no one.

    • Catholic... protestant... whatever... They are mostly old(er) people largely shunned by a society obsessed with eternal youth. It's even worse for the working class who really have hardly anywhere to go. And then there's the growing perception as the 'superfluous' aging 'entitlement' society who should just die. For the seniors the church and bingo halls are just about the only places left to hang out. It's also a reflection of a successful exercise in divide and rule that has fragmented families and society, so fabulously exposed by Adam Curtis in "The Century of the Self" and his other docus.

      We're cheating ourselves out of a helluva load of wisdom. Soda or chemicals to clean the house? Exactly what the corporate would-be-overlords want. No?

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