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  • Ringleader in Abu Khdeir kidnapping and murder given life sentence
    • I am against the death penalty b/c a long sentence not only takes away the best years of a person's life, but the savage murderer will have to live until his own death with the stigma.

      Will the murderer serve the full time? Not likely. I expect he will be kept out of sight for a while, until he is forgotten, then quietly released probably into a foreign country into a community that will make the murderer into their own martyr, further compounding the nightmare for the murderer who will never be able to get away from the horror of his deed. A fate worse than a death sentence.

      Will this be the end, especially of the Israelis obsession with burning alive human beings? I doubt it. I fear that the hysteria created by the zios has gone too far as it is now effectively destroying its own community. Mazeltov, dumb zio cretins who have created a very dangerous precedent that may backfire on those the zios profess to care about.

  • BDS or emigration: pick one
    • Here's a few of the reasons why the Germans had no interest in lobbing anything at anyone.

      They were the conquered aggressors who had just lost a war that had savaged France, inter many alia.

      In "occupied" post WW2 partitioned Germany the natives were FREE to:
      - pursue their own spiritual and secular lives,
      - seek an education and employement according to their interests and talents,
      - could live where they wanted to with:
      --no sewers being emptied onto their streets,
      -- no capricious cuts in the supply of water, gas and electricity,
      -- no "occupational" forces raiding their homes arresting adults and children in the middle of the night,
      -- no settlers from aggrieved countries running over or shooting the natives in pursuit of "justice" or vengeance.

      To the contrary. There were generous American stipends, substantial investments in German economy and a legitimate legal system free from pseudo religious impositions.

  • Norman Finkelstein on Sanders, the first intifada, BDS, and ten years of unemployment
    • Palestinians have no discernible history of self-determination, a seemingly nebulous understanding of what it entails, how to go about achieving it, while remaining steeped in persistent patriarchy and almost no effective ability to organise into an effective opposition/resistance to the Israeli occupation.

      Do they view the world as a present day incarnation of the Ottoman empire? The world will not at any time step in to do anything for Palestine unless and until the Palestinians figure out what actually works for them while under occupation and what may serve them in the early days of a free Palestine.

      What's the point of throwing stones at tanks? Or lobbing glorified firecrackers at one of the best equipped armies, even if the latter suck as a fighting force against their equals? The immoral army has had almost 70 years to learn how to slaughter children, women and the elderly with impunity, effectively ignoring the world's impotent criticism and hoping that the Palestinians will never learn that staying away from israeli crosshairs, getting an education, getting rid of Israel's Fifth Column, i.e., the quislings known as the PLO, and organise their society into coherent and efficient self-help units with a democratically elected leadership capable of managing their own affairs at home and making a forceful and eloquent presence on the world stage.

      The slaughtered children and young women and men are not martyrs, they are the unconscionable victims also of their own society unable to come together in modern resistance to the present day Moloch whose appetite for Palestinian lives and land can never be satisfied.

      If the Palestinians wish to survive as a viable people with their own, free, country, now is the time to learn to fight without the pointless daily loss of lives.

  • Segregation of Palestinians and Jews in maternity wards becomes an issue in Israel
    • Oldgeezer: "It is an obligation..."
      All the more so considering the equivalent of millions of US$ paid by Palestinians and retained by the israeli govt.

  • Video: New app tackles traffic at checkpoints in the West Bank
    • This is brilliant! on do many levels. From proving that non-violent resistance works, to disproving the Israeli characterisation of Palestinians as "two-legged beasts". Hopefully it will inspire Palestinians to trade the ineffective rockets, rocks and knives - for education. A population that knows how to side-step the crude blows thrown by their oppressor, wins.

      The only "weapon" that the obdurate and obtuse Israeli zios fear is a highly educated Palestinian population able to come together to create a constructive, non-violent intellectual infrastructure ready to tackle the many problems that will come with the coming Independence and forged under extreme present duress.

  • How I discovered what Phil Ochs thought about Israel
    • A beautifully written tribute to the power of music and to growing up to the soundtrack created by a troubled soul, a Pied Piper in a land otherwise overwhelmingly impervious, then and to this day, to the obscenity of war.

  • Video: Israel demolishes every home in West Bank Bedouin village
    • Perhaps replacing 'Jewish' with 'Israeli' and/or "Zionists" might be more accurate.

      Many in the diaspora may not have the intellectual wherewithal or moral courage to appreciate and oppose what their psycho co-religionists are doing, but they are not the one's in the caterpillar cabs "just carrying out the orders" or pulling the trigger.

  • Israelis don't exist
    • Excellent article.

      The Israeli pols are corrupting logic by conflating the nebulous (religious id that can be, and is practiced anywhere), with the tangible (secular id that is defined by one’s residence in a specific territory), i.e., two entirely different and unrelated concepts. In South Africa the dividing principal was based on skin tone, in Israel, a religion. Both equally pointless, irrelevant and deliberately contentious tools used to divide and conquer, which soils the spiritual sanctity of that whose purpose it is to bring solace and healing to the despairing. Thus the Israeli pols are corrupting their own religion, which makes them the ultimate antisemites.

  • What if Bernie Sanders had delivered his speech at AIPAC!?
    • "lip service we’ve heard from every U.S. administration for the last few decades"

      The lip service is for the benefit of the American and global public who, if the charade were not kept up, would very likely have protested more vigorously the infinitely more important goal, i.e., establishing a military presence in, and control of the ME by the US and its NATO allies, that has devolved into a catastrophe of monumental proportions.

      The oft performed circus by the US and Israeli pols pretends to show such devoted friends to the tune of the endless, deafening standing ovations by the US senatorial and rep psychophants (sic).

      And then there is the US politics exercised away from prying eyes that reveals a very different reality pursuant to the recently revealed information published by The Intercept obtained from Wikileaks:

      As a US senator, Sanders may very well have known about this. The question remains: if elected, will he choose to continue the de facto duplicity of previous POTUSes, considering what he and Mrs. Clinton know, or can he be trusted to be an honest broker? Is the criticism expressed in his AIPAC speech genuine or an act? Was the peculiar stunt by AIPAC that barred Sanders from appearing in any form a clever ploy intended to create an illusion of a rift in the pro-Israeli camp, or the real thing? Will anyone dare ask the senator what and HOW he will deal with this dangerous quagmire? Would PW care to join Glenn Grunwald and invite the senator to an interview and ask the what and how questions before we are saddled with another prevaricating hypocrite of Obama proportions?

      The Israeli 1967 attack on the US spy-ship Liberty suggests that Israel has known about the distrust for tediously long decades but has elected to play along with its own duplicitous games. The price for Israel's silence? The extra generous annual bribe known to the US taxpayer as US military aid to Israel.

    • Reposted to my blog with the comment:

      Sen. Sanders is the only candidate who understands that the world needs asap a sensible and powerful figure, such as a POTUS, to finally shine the light on the atrocities committed in the ME by all the parties to the slaughter directed at children, women and men, and put an end to the metastatizing terror and massive exodus of people fleeing the decades old, post WW2, modern day Holocaust.

  • Read the speech Bernie Sanders planned to give to AIPAC
    • Echinococcus,

      For now, and in the absence of anyone else who is not an outright, uncritical panderer, I need to believe that the Palestinians' nightmare may end before the savage hordes that comprise the israeli army and settler gangs, will escalate the deadly rampages into hekatombs. Sanders, and even the Jstreet zionists must understand that the bloodthirsty vampires are a danger not only to themselves and the world Jewry, but also the people of the Western world who are seen to be responsible for creating this monster.

      Between the snub by AIPAC and the massive support by the growing number of voters who want to see the senator win the elections and who respond so enthusiastically to his comments, inter alia, about Israeli actions and Palestinian suffering, by being able to say this without being castigated as a self-hating Jew. by repeating those sentiments during his many speeches, all this may have a psychological effect on his subconscious mind and allow him to become more bold. By his position, marriage to a non-Jew (anathema in Israel), and by spending so much time among real people, not the DC replicants, the senator may yet see the light. It will also depend on, if elected, on who will be invited to work with his administration.

      Perhaps I'm delusional, but the stories and images of the unconscionable savagery perpetrated daily in fascist Israel will haunt well into the distant future harming the generations who will not be born for long time to come.

    • Perhaps you are right, but even a "goddam charity and empathy for the suffering" would be a first step in the right direction since the Naqba, by a POTUS, if sen. Sanders is elected. Amidst the cacophony of despicable words and deadly guns, this "colonial charity" could create a psychological precedent by offering the world a different perspective of the kind never to-date availed by the pols and mainstream media.

      The growing stream of widely dispersed negative pictures and comments coming out of the hell that is contemporary Israel have a fair chance to come together as a mighty roar according to the old adage "from small beginnings come great things", no? But this would also require a stepped up effort by us, the Righteously Indignant, who have been championing the cause of the Palestinians for some time.

      Decades ago rep. Paul Findley -
      - numbered among the very few to see the light of truth in his time, but his efforts were not entirely futile. One of his books (sorry, forgot the title) was the first source that ripped the scales off my eyelids. We owe him and Chomsky and a number of others to see that their efforts are carried to an equitable fruition. N'est-ce pas?

      The greatest bonus for the world, if this were to come about, would be to calm the out of control and growing storm that is contemporary ME. The sooner the better, with or without Israeli participation, if the latter has plans for the future regarding its present location.

    • Of all the speeches given by the candidates, sen. Sanders' would have been the most classy and reflecting of his aspired-to position, i.e., that of the First Diplomat.

      Diplomacy, when exercised for the benefit of a public that comprises the full spectrum of political expectations, when one considers that some spoken words resonate far beyond the original venue, that speech has to be balanced to the point of near-blandness, yet substantial enough to merit attention. And that is what sen. Sanders' accomplished, without stooping to pandering to the immediate audience and offending the intelligence of the greater numbers at-large.

      What sen. Sanders has conveyed, unlike the rest of the glorified whores (with no offence to sex workers intended) at the AIPAC podium, is his understanding of the desperate situation of the Palestinians and the mess that is the ME, in the most concise terms possible, considering the occasion. This is just a speech, not a legislative session with consequences.

      At the other end of the spectrum was Gideon Levy (at the conference on Israel's influence) who is not bound by diplomatic rules, but those of a journalist:

  • 'NYT' finally mentions 'Goliath' -- in rightwing ad smearing Max Blumenthal
  • Israel’s legal warfare on BDS fosters repression and McCarthyism across the world
    • Nobody likes a bully. The growing revulsion at seeing the zios' victims brutalised or reading about Palestinian babies burned and bombed, children brutalised by israeli law enforcement, cold-blooded killings of young men and women and the hopeless despair of generation after generation despairing of life in a concentration camp called israel-occupied-Palestine may not compel the cowardly politicians into action, but the once-overwhelming uncritical sympathy for israel is waning fast, especially among the youngest generation for whom the Jewish holocaust pales in comparison to the horror practised by the US and its Euro cohorts in present day ME against Muslims.
      Sic transit gloria mundi...

  • Palestinian Oscar nominee Basil Khalil comments on #OscarsSoWhite (Updated)
    • "a swag bag awarded to select nominees featuring a trip to Israel in conjunction with its Ministry of Tourism."

      The swag bag usually contains more than a few expensive items that ought not to be viewed as an appreciation of the industry's talent, but rather as a cheap bribe given in the expectation of services to be rendered. It's the reason why most established stars usually take a pass on the "gift" bag. The same goes for the very not free trip to Israel.

      Anyone foolish enough to accept this item will likely be kept on a leash and accept the implied role of de facto trained seals intended as entertainment for the Israelis provided by their govt in their program of bread and circus created to keep the locals amused and distracted from taking an interest in the spreading rot: from the rising cost of living, deteriorating economy, proliferating savagery and the growing contempt by the world (outside the US, natch).

  • African refugees are likened to rats in Israeli exam question -- and it's supposed to be funny
    • This rabid national psychosis that is growing at an exponential rate reflects the national insanity of the citizens of the 1930's 3rd Reich. Just as the Germans believed then, so do the Israelis believe today, that they can prevail against the whole world.

      Back then the Germans obsessed about the terms of the 1918 Versailles Treaty. Today, rather than live respecting the lessons (that should have been) learned from the Holocaust, the latter is used as a get away card from the consequences of their present day inhumanity.

      The global generation that had a real time connection to the monumental tragedy is mostly gone. The generation that followed has become tired of being so crassly manipulated, and the generation that is just now taking over - does not care.

      In sum, 70 years later, Israel is heading into into an iffy future with a disastrous baggage that is being handed over to a generation indoctrinated with unrealistic expectations of non existent grandiosity built on contempt for the humanity that lives outside the phony safety of the walls of Ghetto Israel.

  • Israel detains Washington Post bureau chief in Jerusalem accusing him of ‘incitement’ --updated
    • For anyone who may not have seen the footage with the man in the wheelchair

    • "Freedom of the press is a supreme value in the Israeli democracy."
      Freedom... supreme value... democracy.... Israel...
      Bwa-ha-ha! and an oy vey with a face-palm.

      That the dim-oh-crass-y needs to stoop so low seems to suggest that it may have registered that the clock is no longer on its side, but the old arrogance has not a clue how to exit the stage.
      Feigning ignorance by the self-appointed smartest arbiters of intelligence fools no one. Someone needs to tell them that most of the public had left before the show ended, unimpressed with the painfully grotesque wanna-be world class players. How much longer before the terrible reviews will hit the printing presses, though?

  • Obama to sign AIPAC-promoted trade bill that legitimizes Israeli occupation and fights BDS
    • To id Israel as the country of product origin, look for the first 3 digits on the barcode. The UPC and EAN barcodes start with 729.

      However, this link:
      - suggests that Israel uses 871 as the first 3 digits to id its products. This was done, allegedly, to avoid the effects of the boycott.

    • Sorry. Here's the non-mobile YT link:

      In the unsurprising event that it doesn't work, if you input:
      The real truth about israel - racism +shimon peres+miko peled
      the YT search engine may avail you of the clip from a Dutch TV program.

    • Israeli economy must be in a deeper quagmire than I had thought possible. On the other hand, one wonders if the morally challenged US apparatchiks are aware that the Israeli version of the Augean stables gates' can no longer hold back the weight of the horrific atrocities that have put the Israeli govt, its army and immoral majority on a par with Nazi Germany : the torture chamber locks, stolen Palestinian stocks and American supplies of gun barrels.

      Shimon Peres clearly knows the truth that stains his whole life, legacy and old age that he needs to intently observe the dust mites on the floor while trying to dismiss the truth about Israeli apartheid, avoid the gaze of his interlocutor and gathered public at the same time:

  • Palestinians call on Oscar nominees to reject Israel propaganda trip
    • Homeland, Jewish... But not Israel. The small local cult was created around 500Bce and developed over the few centuries in Judea, hence Judaism, Jewish...

      The biblical myth about Israel was just that, a colourful story about a people and events that never were, invented in response to, and reflecting, the envied lives and lifestyles of the Judea trespassing foreigners; a story invented to counter the drab and cruel life in Judea, populated by sheep and goatherders who had to endure the endless streams of military might crisscrossing Judea on their way to, or from, other lands - to conquer or be conquered.
      (Finkelstein/Silberman's "The Bible Unearthed".)

      The cult had evolved into a regional religion of choice for many more throughout Antiquity's last century (100Bce), accomplished by massive proselytizing.
      (Shlomo Sand, "The Invention of the Jewish People").

      Jewish, because Judea. Not Israel. A daily reminder about the true origins of a land once shared by diverse local tribes, most with their own set of beliefs which did not survive into the modern era; proof positive of the power of numbers achieved thru proselytizing.

      Ergo: Israel, the native homeland of the descendants of different tribes, some if whom had accepted Judaism, others Christianity or, much later, Islam. Brown-skinned people, now considered racially inferior to the white genocidal immigrants who confer the degree of inferiority as defined by practised form of worship.

      One would have hoped that humanity had learned its lesson in the centuries that had followed the Holocaust of Native Americans. The American invaders were mostly illiterate, poor and desperate. The invaders of Palestine... not so much.

      Plus ça change...

    • With rare exceptions, most of the "celebrities" will do as the real power in Hollywood, i.e., top producers, agents and lawyers, will order them to do; it's about job security. The Black List is alive and thriving.

      However, naming and shaming the powerful, whose massive vanity has worn their skin very thin, may be an option. Those names may not mean anything to the average movie aficionado, but the slime can stain everyone else by association, including the final product and the almighty box office and ancillary sales.

  • To my fellow Israelis: We can stop this
    • "I hope Mondoweiss readers will post comments with links to this article at other websites."


      Publishing on Mondoweis is why I have been coming here for a long time. The evolution of tone and bitterly sad profundity, especially during the last few years, is remarkable. Nevertheless, I am beginning to believe that We Shall Overcome One Day.

      Respect to Mr. Ofir. I hope he has found a protective circle of like-minded souls to help him endure the usual savagery that follows truthtellers.

  • Israeli military reportedly seeks to censor private Facebook pages commenting on national security
    • "beggars belief"

      Maybe not since the shocking utterances by Israeli govt officials making light of Nazi atrocities in order to fixate on a Palestinian cleric who sought support against the influx of violent Jewish Europeans.

  • Generational sea change within the Democratic party will also include policy towards Israel
    • Oh, and the most respected economists, i.e., Stiglitz, Krugman et al expect the crash to happen during the forthcoming presidency. Unless Sanders wins the election, selects Elisabeth Warren as his veep and together they follow the glorious example of FDR following the latter's first presidential win, and force thru the necessary changes during their first 100 days. Which may require a reduction in the hand-out for Israel, but that is a different story that ought not to concern us as this country struggles to stay afloat and relevant.

    • "84% of the 18-29 y/o support Sanders."

      Of course, this is a generation that has grown up with the internet and, however tentatively, is connected to the rest of the world and knowledge thereof free of the US media whose calendars still show the 1980s.
      The 18-29 y/o also comprise the generation of unprecedented uncertainty about their own future in a country whose once flourishing economy is sliding backwards into the rank of the also-ran. Just consider the US National debt:
      US National debt = $19+Trillion
      US total debt = $64+Trillion (the above+personal+student+mortgage debt
      v. GDP = $18Trillion

      The 18-29 y/o are at the mercy of the insanely insatiable pathocrats and the inevitable economic disaster.

      Those with the wherewithall to grasp this are learning other languages, applying for a passport and applying for jobs in other countries, joining the massive flow of global emigration. Those who have no such options, have the prospect of a looming violent revolution that will put them in the crosshairs of a trigger-happy police force armed with grenade launchers, tanks and a variety of heavy duty pentagon refuse.

      In view of this who really cares about Israel? Once the massive US stipend is gone, reality may likely step in and take care of that thorn in the planet's posterior, ending the ghastly, even if unrealistic prospect of a thousand-year Israel that will be left to its own devices when the massive US military base will be emptied of gun fodder.

  • Dov Yermiya, who said, 'I renounce my belief in Zionism which has failed,' dies at 101
    • Respect!

      It must have been a very hard decision to make and act on for a Man in his late years, at a time when most slowly succumb into their calcifying beliefs.

      To look back and see, with so much regret, what he had once participated in and understand that "Israel will never be forgiven for the terrible toll of blood spilt, and especially the blood of children, in hair raising quantities...", takes great courage.

      I hope that Mr. Yermiya found solace in raising his family. And should Mr. Yermiya's fear come to pass that "Israel will not exist in another 50-100 years", I hope that this Man will be remembered by more than his immediate survivors.

      Rest in peace, Mr. Yermiya.

  • Groundbreaking Human Rights Watch report shows how settlement businesses contribute to Israeli occupation
  • Methodist divestment highlights Israel's place in the world
    • To Mondoweiss and authors of any articles in response to which I offer my comment:

      In the event that you find my comments of no consequence, irrelevant or unworthy, I don't have a problem if you choose to delete my contributions.

    • Absolutes don't exist. Any religion is only as good as its congregation and leadership, and it would be grossly unfair of me to say, nor did I say, that all religions are good or bad. The texts considered sacred are a reflection of the times in which they were written or revised. Those who stay with the largely irrelevant in our time texts do so to to use the argument that "this is how we have always done it", even if the passing times prove that adhering to the old standards have caused a lot of grief.

      Judaism was largely created between 300 and 500 bce, and reflected the savagery experienced by the local population meted out by the endless streams of invaders who cross-crossed the tiny land that was used as a glorified doormat to get to yet another pointless and short-lived conquest. The savagery of the texts spoke largely to the hated "Other". The need to invent a Sky Ghost who was exclusively on the side of the living locals was a necessity to create a uniform and separate community with a shared goal to survive against and despite the odds. With time, that underlying reality helped the influential figures, who had come from among those same tried people, to create fanciful notions that would give the pathocrats the means to manipulate their own kind for their own, oligarchical, benefit, while pointing in the direction of the "Other" as the culprit that forces the leadership to exercise their sometimes cruel policies. And that insanity persists to this day. But things change and beliefs are modified to reflect the changing times and mores, sometimes for the better, sometimes not so much.

      To write off all the rabbis and priests and their congregations is unfair. Rabbi Ari (Feldman?), Father Berigan or Pope Frankie prove that there are those among us who do the work that the idealists among us would like to see practiced universally. Each one of those men work their convictions according to what works for them, and what they know will resonate with their flock. These are the people with a gift that soothes the rattled soul and who know to how inspire good will and good deeds. And they need all the help they can get from the rest who may not want to rest on our idealistic laurels. No?

      I was thinking about the US congregations who would sooner side with another religious group, against their common perceived enemy, e.g., the government, because they are largely either not sophisticated enough to know that they are being played, or have an interest in uniting against anyone different whether atheists, gays, socialists, etc., who are not afraid to live according to theirown expectations, rather than submit to the rule of the controlling forces, i.e.,to choose come-what-may rather than become an obedient faceless replicant.

    • If any progress is to be made, preferably sooner than later, it is important that people are made to understand that Zionism is not another word for Judaism.

      Religious people view an attack on one religion as a possible attack on their own religion.

      Perhaps the best people to explain this critical difference would be to suggest that practicing progressive Jews might want to visit with other dominations and engage the local flock in a discussion about the difference in purposes, including a discussion on BDS. People who are provided with an explanation and are invited to share their experiences are the best allies to have, an acknowledgement that they matter to someone. No?

  • Facebook censors cartoon critical of Israel
  • New Jersey teenager threatened with legal action by high school over pro-Palestine activism (Update)
    • Kakistocracy: government under the control of a nation's worst or least-qualified citizens. (wikipedia)

      What we had under Bush#2, and will again soon if Trump is elected.

    • "For the times they are a-changin'..."
      Bobby Dylan sang about it, and the present time confirms it:

      "Muslim Woman & Jewish Man Booted from Trump Rally for Silent Protest Against Islamophobia"

      Democracy Now has today aired a great interview, yet another excellent example that proves that Judaism and Zionism are NOT one and the same, and that the diaspora Jews are a quickly growing society who shares the planet together with, NOT separate from, the global community.

      Ms. Annie, does MW accept suggestions for content?
      If yes, would you be open to speaking with Cousellor Rosenbluth on how he had come to join Ms. Hamid in her defiance of Trump's vile rhetoric, beyond the Trump incident?

      DM's interview correctly focuses primarily on Ms. Hamid, but the Counsellor's story is just as interesting.

    • Mx. Philemon, re pathocracy

      Would that I were smart enough to coin the term. It was, however, created by a Polish psychiatrist, Andrew Lobaczewski, for his book
      "Political Ponerology: A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes".

      The book is not a quick and easy read, so below I have provided a link to a good summary and definition:

    • Mr. Mooser,
      There are no grounds for eviction, all bills are paid.
      But not for want of creating such a situation, inter alia by stealing one's mail then "returning" it months later. Like the (unnecessary official letter re title to my property).
      Or using my printer to copy my documents.
      Or attempt to create havoc with my mortgage with the possible help of a 5th columnist within the fin.institution, considering some of the transpired inanities.

      Experiences that I use to insist that people educate themselves before attempting to partake in whatever the experience.

    • Mr. Mooser,

      One of the reason for uniforms was/is to make the bodies trapped within to look alike, i.e., a Moloch without identifiable parts, which also makes singling out offending uniformed individuals so much harder.

      So the 5th column cannot be made to look like a single organism by wearing black uniforms, that extends to the use of black cars with dealership plates and dark windshields intended to obscure identities of one's pursuers, and to have a variety of tactics intended to intimidate and/or impoverish? (rhetorical)

      I have used my experience as a real-life underlying example for what informs my general extrapolations, not to presume on anyone's pity. My experience is something that I have to deal with by myself in view of the cops' "This (crime investigation) is not something that we do", or another federal entity's "We don't cater to individuals". Not a surprise in view of what passes for a uniformed domestic army in the service to our pathocrats and their b/s "To protect and serve".
      Something to remember when the "terrsts" strike again.

      Mondoweiss is a venue that is doing battle with overarching issues with implications for the future of a great many. Let's keep it together without diluting it with idiosyncracies. But your concern for this individual is appreciated.

    • Mx. Sibiriak, re ghettoes as Jewish creation.

      Yes and no. The first (known) ghetto was created, indeed, by Jews, on a Venetian island, but in response to the rampant prejudices by the (not-so)Christian majority with a need to look for victims to blame for their own misfortunes imparted onto them by the corrupt pathocrats of their day and summed up so brilliantly by N.Machiavelli in "The Prince".

      However, what followed, i.e., the volountary seclusions, including the creation of shtetls, appear to show that the first known such separation must have been a hit with the power structures within who needed to create profitable one-dimensional societies programmed to be, think and act like a single cell/purpose organism. Kind of like the billionaire Netanyahoo who uses fear to terrorise and numb his own kind into uncritial fear, who saw no problem in tolerating a theatre of horror atop a hill to watch and cheer Israeli bombs dropped from the clear blue skies onto the defenceless Other. The vampire Netanyahoo who saw no problem with pontificating about removing settlers from one place, destroying the houses rather than leaving them to Palestinians made homeless by the Israeli army, then building another settlement that made him and his like so very very rich while they continue to feast on the blood of the Palestinians AND Israeli victims of their obtuse policies.

      Not so different from the rules practiced by non-Jews who, once upon a time, and in the absence of mass media, needed public immolations and other horrific punishments of the independent minds of their day. Public, because it was less about their victim without a tomorrow, and all about terrorising the living. The Renaissance is proof that a people free from "walls", could and did flourish nevertheless.

      Discovering the massive achievements of Islamic (oops) 10th century origin, however, short-lived, created a massive foundation for modern sciences that led to the making of this venue possible to practice and share our own independent thoughts. In a tolerant fashion, rather than try and force uncritical mantras fabricated by others for their own benefit.

      Anti-semitism was just one more prejudice in a sea of social prejudices invented by the pathocrats, according to the proven returns delivered by the Divide and Rule mantra. Look at the present, and we find that not much has changed. The vile attacks on Ms. Bethany's own independent intellectual pursuits of an empathic mind that resonate with the generation who will shortly define the future, seem to have unnerved our own cowardly pathocrats, whatever their persuasion, to start a witch hunt of their own. With the help of their useful idiots, natch. The more things change...

      In sum, and despite the efforts to the contrary, Jews are like the rest of humanity plagued by the worshippers of Mamon and their uncritial flunkies.

    • Ms. Annie, with apologies for the delay, and appreciative thanks for your generous acknowledgement, pls accept my further thanks for this fab story that radiates with so many connections to so many related issues that should show/prove the rotten throughout foundations of a fiction that perpetuates into the future what ought to have been fixed decades ago, devaluating the cruel truths that do not need the phoney manipulations of history.

      The most diabolical point is that the perpetual victims have done this all by themselves to themselves, casting a shadow on certain assertions, and the embodiment of which are people like Anne Frank's father who used an American writer, Meyer Levin, to put a sophisticated spin on the scriblings of a child, robbing her of her right to be seen as a very young girl just waking up to the promise of a life that was not to be. For money. While Mr. Levin had to sue to be paid his $50,000 fee.

    • Mr. Mooser,

      You are entitled to your opinion and to disagree with my opinion.
      (No, this is not an attempt to give or deny permission)

      It's also helpful to read the comment as the author's intent to understand the subject at hand, rather than superimpose one's own irate translation of said comment, and then offer it as a response to something that is not there.
      (No, this is not a lesson on basic civility, or writing.)

      Rather than nit pick, it's more helpful to express one's POV why one's interlocutor's POV may be incorrect, seen as offensive, inciting, or other. Quoting, then twisting my words does not explain why you think that the expression "ghetto mentality" is racist or inappropriate or judgmental. It is not my intention to offend, but rather to understand why these instances of mass very similar thinking happen.

      Nevertheless, if I have somehow offended anyone, however inadvertently, it was not intended to cast aspersions on you or any Jewish community. If I have hurt your feelings, I hope you will accept my apology.
      But until I get a convincing answer to my concern, I stand by my conviction and language.

      Therefore, is ghetto mentality induced by fear, lack of exposure to differing POVs, social programming? Other? Before and during the Cold War the West was under the impression that all Russians blindly supported the status quo. Just read about the unholy Troyka: Stalin/Beria/Yagoda, and choosing self preservation suddenly makes sense.
      Conversely, is the theatre of the US congress rising and clapping in unison while intently gazing at Not Our Leader's visage an expression of honest admiration for the uninvited PM's patronising clap trap, or fear of being seen by moneybags as not sufficiently deferential to a foreign puppet master?

      It also helps to avoid absolutes. The word ghetto is usually understood as a physical area, because of the term's genesis. But excluding one or more individuals from a group, as in the reaction meted out to Ms. Betheny, is also a form of "ghettoization".

      Where I live, the local Black Shirts are trying to run me out of my home by degrees. We are now at a point where during the last few days I have been threatened with death: by hanging or strangulation. Why? Because I don't think I should be harassed out of my home to submit to a nur fur exclusive project that is happening at the expense of people who have lived in this area for decades?
      (No, I'm not asking for sympathy or pity. Just trying to understand why anyone would think that an integrated 'hood is not essentially a safer concept. Or if these people want a nur fur hood, why will they not seek out and develop their own exclusive settlement while there is still land available for such a purpose.)

      And you should really do something about those hackles.
      (No, I am not trying to intrude on your styling preferences. Just trying to not let an important subject addressed so well by so young and smart a person, to obfuscate the important issue at hand: a young woman's right to choose issues and ideals that are important to her whether just for today, or longer).

    • Mr. Mooser,

      I don't understand why the term "ghetto mentality" raises the hackles.
      A ghetto is a secluded place. A place. Not a judgment.
      A mentality is a psychological outlook. A state of mind. Not a judgment.

      Therefore, a ghetto mentality is an outlook exhibited by SOME (absolutes do not exist) people, NOT the people, who live in an secluded area. Not ALL the residents, just those who accepted the brainwashing by said ghetto power structures. Prof. Shahak in his "Jewish History, Jewish Religion" gave some examples of the phenomenon.

      Ergo: the term "ghetto mentality" is a description of a state of mind informed by a geographical location. Or is it that you know what happened in so many closed off areas, overwhelmingly controlled by persons from, or with close ties to the religious community, who just as it has, and still does happen today. To reject the fact that this had once caused such unconscionable slaughter, is to give future history permission to repeat itself.

      For comparison just consider the "christian" communities, de facto ghettos, dominated by hysterical religious leaders in the service to the very rich pathocrats both with a need for a fearful and obedient flock to do their bidding.

      And then there is Father Branigan. Or Frankie the Pope.

    • Mx. Rugal, b

      I used the word, "hope", not "should".

      That you need to attack me with personal invectives, and are unable to quote the language I had used in my note and twist my comment to serve your own uncomfortable needs and beliefs, is not helpful, but certainly revealing.

      Ghettos come in many forms: from a parcel of land surrounded by walls, as in Ghetto Israel, or those of the mind that uphold deep prejudices. Racism, as Israel is showing us so clearly today, is a two-way street. It is not new. So where did Israel's violent racism come from, that inexplicably had the need to minimise the Nazi atrocities in order to blame a single long dead cleric for the tragedy of the Jews during WW2.

      The Ghetto mentality, i.e., the brainwashing of a community that occured/occurs in some of those places (vide the example of Israeli settlers) that had effectively paralysed entire communities into refusing to fight the Nazis and obediently walk to the train stations and board the trains to so many death camps.

      In the Warsaw Ghetto the local Resistance found and armed with scarce weapons a small group of Ghetto residents who chose to defy the Nazi orders. I should know. I lost many of my family members during that terrible time. They knew that the odds were not in their favour, but by then the truth about the death camps was no longer a secret, but the "tolerant" West chose to ignore hearing and acting on that truth. Try reading about Jan Karski.

      My interest in the Ghetto mentality that had come from the survivors was confirmed by another Warsaw Ghetto survivor, i.e., prof. Israel Shahak in his book. "Jewish History, Jewish Religion".

      African Americans' history has nothing in common with the Jewish experience. Their history comes from an entirely different experience of slavery and acute poverty exacerbated by terrible racism, present in so many places, including Israel's terrible treatment of the asylum seeking Africans. Let's not forget the settlers and their peculiar need to use the word "Schwartze" in connection with the non-whites.

      Israel may be a racist exercise in apartheid and genocide, but it also is the home of 972, Women in Black, and other groups, as well as religious leaders such Rabbi Ari Feldman who regularly confronts Israeli soldiers in his attempts to defend the Palestinians from Israeli, NOT Jewish violence.

      Yes, Virginia, and as has been stated so often by so many commenters, the zionists may be Jewish, by Judaism is a religion that comes in many forms, as does Islam, as does Christianity.

    • Mx. Rugal, b

      I used the word, "hope", not "should".

      That you need to attack me with personal invectives, and are unable to quote the language I had used in my note and twist my comment to serve your own uncomfortable needs and beliefs, is not helpful, but certainly revealing.

      Ghettos come in many forms: from a parcel of land surrounded by walls, as in Ghetto Israel, or those of the mind that uphold deep prejudices. Racism, as Israel is showing us so clearly today, is a two-way street. It is not new. So where did it Israel's violent racism come from? That inexplicably dismissed the Nazis in order to blame a long dead cleric for the tragedy of the Jews during WW2.

      It's the Ghetto mentality, i.e., the brainwashing of a community that occured/occurs in some of those places, that had effectively paralysed entire communities into refusing to fight the Nazis and obediently walk to the train stations and board the trains to so many death camps.

      In the Warsaw Ghetto the local Resistance found and armed with scarce weapons a small group of Ghetto residents who chose to defy the Nazi orders. I should know. I lost many of my family members during that terrible time. They knew that the odds were not in their favour, but by then the truth about the death camps was no longer a secret, but the "tolerant" West chose to ignore hearing and acting on that truth. Try reading about Jan Karski.

      My interest in the Ghetto mentality that had come from the survivors was confirmed by another Warsaw Ghetto survivor, i.e., prof. Israel Shahak in his book. "Jewish History, Jewish Religion".

      African Americans' history has nothing in common with the Jewish experience. Their history comes from an entirely different experience of slavery and acute poverty exacerbated by terrible racism, present in so many places, including Israel's terrible treatment of the asylum seeking Africans, whether Black, Brown or White. Let's not forget the settlers and their peculiar use of the term "Schwartze" in connection with the non-whites.

    • Major respect goes to this impressive 16y/o. At that age a person is no longer a child, but not yet an adult, while torn every which way trying to figure out which is what. That Ms. Bendy could so eloquently express herself, simultaneously refusing to be seen as the centre of attention, inspires one with hope and promise for her future and the growing number of her generation, especially those with ties, past or present, to Israel and/or Judaism. I hope that she will have the strength and necessary support to successfully overcome what's coming at this, one of the most vulnerable times in almost anyone's life.

      If she and those of her generation choose to stay with Judaism, I hope that they will be able to shine a new and more inclusive light on the old traditions and beliefs, abandon the cruel and debilitating ghetto mentality, and choose to live in an equal, but not separate, world that inspired distrust and, as so many times before, has led to violent persecution, both by the parasitic ghetto power structures, and the psychotic fanatics without.

      Ms. Bendy reminds me of my Gt.Great Grand Ma, who as a very young girl fled such a constricting ghetto with her Father into a world that demanded a very long time to overcome their own prejudices before they embraced her family.

      Life is too short to waste one's precious time doing battle with opportunistic and deadly stupidity. No? (rhetorical)

  • Obama wiretapped a cunning and dishonest foreign leader, for the sake of world peace
    • Mx. Froggy,

      Obama clearly detests the First Yahoo. Whereas the former is a classy dude when it comes to statesmanship, and knows how to play that game, the latter comes across as a pretentious fraud.

      Obama and Hollande accept the rules of diplomacy, the First Hustler does not. Presented with a fait accompli upon N's arrival, it was too late for Pres.H to do anything without creating a scandal, something that N. had likely hoped for to feed his tired "antisemitic Europe" narrative. Yet, despite his bravado during the march, N. was visibly uncomfortable: his stunt had clearly backfired. On the good side, it had alerted world leaders that N. cannot be trusted to play by the rules designed to keep the massive personalities in check. Moreover, this incident may have contributed to one of any number of reasons why N. has to be monitored.

      The rules of diplomacy ask for smiles and appearance of collegiality in public. What goes on behind the scenes is an entirely different story.

      N has created an image of a pariah for himself, all by himself. Ultimately a much better outcome than if he were subjected to a treatment that he deserved and you described.

      Or to paraphrase a proverb: A man took a shot, but the good lord carried the ammunition. Amen.

    • I don't like Obama and consider his presidency largely to be a colossal failure and a waste of time at a very fragile moment in human history. But he did get this one right.

      A nation's leader is elected for two purposes only: to provide reasonable economic and domestic security to his/her constituents. The POTUS has the additional responsibility towards global humanity because of the massive deployment of US forces, whether as warring parties, currently spread over the ME and S/E Asia, and now spreading across Africa. Add to that the more than 1000 (one thousand) military bases established in 140+ countries, and the epithet as world policeman becomes clear.

      Obama, may not be able to grasp the consequences of this malignant presence overseas, but he did get what a country with its own uranium resources could do if left to its own devices without binding agreements. Iran is much more likely to honour such agreements. Iran is a contiguous country with 80 million people. On the other hand...

      ... there is an unsophisticed in statesmanship tiny country with a massive global Fifth Column network ready to their master's bidding. Not out of patriotic duty, but for profit, whether a cushy job or monetary reward. In effect diverting yet more funds from the ailing economy and Israelis, severely impacting Israel's future as a safe and economically viable place for its own people. This might explain why the Israelis have so much contempt for the diaspora, but I digress...

      The hopelessly inane brainwashing of Israelis intended as the govt's useful idiots and killing machine is as cruel as that of the no-more USSR. Not even the latter's massive natural resources were enough to secure its existence beyond the few decades. When the colossus crashed, it barely survived into the present. How does Israel expect to survive its descent into the widening bottomless sinkhole? It has nothing outside a few oil wells, most stolen from the neighbouring countries and Palestine. Just like the USSR, Israel is surrounded by a growing distrustful, even hostile, world.

      What the exclusive mutual admiration society, aka Israeli govt has failed to grasp is that the world is not its bully playpen or sandbox without limits. Not least of all, no one, including the ordinary, if unenlightened Israelis, wishes to be incinerated to satisfy a group of pathocrats who have believed their own PR b/s.

      Pres.Hollande did not want Netanyahoo in France following the Hebdo affair. Obama doesn't want a wounded bully in a china shop to run amok on the world scene.

      For once, the POTUS did his duty as defined by his job description.

  • US spying on Israel reveals cynical heart of the 'special relationship'
    • So a flea with delusions of excessive grandeur, whose existence is dependent on the massive support by foreign entities is not happy and is now having a fit because it is perceived as a violent and thoroughly corrupt nuisance that cannot be trusted

      ¿To spy or not to spy on world leaders? Is the wrong question. However distasteful the practice, the state leadership's primary duty is to ensure a degree of national and economic security to its constituents. If a foreign leader proves him/herself to be untrustworthy, all bets are off in the secretive world of politics. Consider:

      - if Stalin or Hitler had wriggled themselves into a "special relationship" position and expectations of eternal impunity and, subsequently, found to be unreliable partners, what then? No one in the position of national leadership should have his/her hands tied. A fair warning incorporated into an agreement establishing mutual relations should define the consequences in no uncertain, i.e., b/s, terms. Especially in the age of information. I would rather governments held each other in check with clearly defined obligations, than guns.

      No, I am not equating either genocidal tyrant with petty PM N., or their countries with puny Israel, but rather the bloody chaos they have inflicted over vast areas far outside their own borders, whether defined or not. And in view of Israel's 68-y/o intransigence on the subject of borders, perhaps its time to implement the borders as those defined by the UN.

      Israel has a decades long history of contempt for the world outside of Ghetto Israel. The U.S. knows this from the endless stream of criminally insane affairs that have cost American lives. The parochial state has flaunted and ratcheted its arrogance with the passage of time, simultaneously endangering the lives of its own citizens. And don't get me started on the tolerance for the Fifth Columns installed in foreign countries and without which Israel would have faltered a long time ago. National intelligence communities have long considered their existence and "sacred cow" position insulting in the extreme. In effect, the traitors to their home countries have been giving comfort to Israel's spies from day one, and this is supposed to be tolerated ad infinitum. Why? In a world of quid pro quos: what's in it for the "host" countries' majority?

      There will be overt hand-wringing and mea culpas galore. Not a single one sincere. There is no going back on this one, and as a player, Israel knows this from its own games played on the global arena.

      Not least of all, in view of the growing violence of the socially backward settlers who live by medievil mores but with substantial influence on Israeli current politics, and the massive nuclear arsenal in the background, its protestations notwithstanding, the genie is out of the bag. For good. For the consequences that matter, especially to the Palestinians, we have to wait.

      Israel has had a unique opportunity to wield genuine influence on the global arena. That is gone. The only true friends left is the rich and aging teflon brigade. And the settlers. With friends like that...

  • Israel and its lobby lose the Iran Deal all over again, in news of damning wiretaps
    • Ms. Annie, at least there is, finally, a wish list. And the fact that this is a WSJ scoop. First, tentative, steps, perhaps, but Israel can count on the settlers to add fuel to the fire, loudly, in public, and without mincing words.

      Sic transit gloria mundi, Israel?

    • Israel is looking at the dividends of its inept statesmanship, whether at the governmental level by officials calling the POTUS, in public venues, a monkey, and the endless stream of hateful remarks hurled at the US taxpayers ) or tribal level, by corrupting the diaspora to do Israel's bidding.

      Without this support Israel would be a country of no consequence, and yet there is no end to their contempt for the diaspora and the critically important source of the funding that makes possible Israel's survival.

      One wonders: if the diaspora is supposed to be so gung-ho for Israel, why does its support come at a price other than patriotic satisfaction?

  • Brazil and Israel square off in diplomatic showdown over settler envoy
    • Agree.

      Objections to a proposed appointment to an ambassadorship (not that rare), or rather that person's baggage, is considered a subtle advisory by the approached country as to what the latter has no interest in contemplating. Especially when the rejection of the candidacy spills out into the public arena. At which point the initiator country usually quickly and quietly replaces the candidate with another one, with the hope that the issue is quickly forgotten. It usually is.

      What does, therefore, Israel hope to accomplish by forcing the issue?
      Could this be Israel's admission that it is fast losing whatever remains of its once almost total and unquestioning world support?

      Israel needs to quickly learn what it's like to be like any other country, i.e., a state where nothing can be taken for granted. Its functionaries have had 68 years to learn the art of statemanship, and have, it would seem, learned very little.

    • Whatever the outcome, Israel will lose in the long run.
      This incident will likely be ignored by the media, but not where it counts, i.e., the world of future diplomatic relations.

      Israel's bizarre intransigence makes no sense. Brazil is likely already looking to find alternatives for their investments in Israel, including the avionics deal. Can Israel afford to futher weaken its crashing economy and rising militaristic expenditures?

      How many other countries with no appetite for diplomats from the settler community are already considering alternatives for their own current Israeli investments?

      For Ya'alon to try and coerce Brazil's Wagner to do his bidding is a colossal exercise in irresponsiblity that casts a bad shadow over the diaspora for whom the Israelis have such contempt, but not when they need a useful idiot. Apparently.

      Kudos to President Rouseff and Mr. Wagner.

  • Israel's ambassador taunts the White House (again) with holiday gift of settlement goods
    • Mr. Mooser, try to read and understand what is in front of you, without projecting your own prejudices that utterly corrupt an honest attempt to communicate, Try to understand what motivates the current Israeli psychosis that is fast destroying the very little that Israel has manged to accomplish in its short history dominated by racism, genocide and contempt for humanity.

      If Israel were to crash and fall, of its own accord, there will be nigh on no one who will care.

      Not least of all, sarcasm is an art form. It should be used in moderation if it is to have any effect beyond invoking contempt.

    • Mr. Mooser,

      "almost any phrase which has “ghetto” attached to it is usually pejorative against poor and/or minority people."

      "almost... usually..." Quite.

      Per Merriam-Webster dictionary: "Origin of ghetto
      Italian, from Venetian dialect ghèto island where Jews were forced to live, literally, foundry (located on the island), from ghetàr to cast."

      Which explains why the word is "usually" pejorative when applied to poor and minority communities.

      Ghetto Israel has inadvertently followed the underlying principles for the creation of medi-evil (sic) Jewish ghettos.
      While intending to lock out the Palestinians behind the walls, the de facto outcome is the opposite.
      The Palestinians are fighting back because their tradition is quite the reverse from that of the Jews cowed into fearful submission. The Palestinians want to be a part of the world, not a community with a perennial "victim" complex, somehow unable to accept that the world is now overwhelmingly an arena where genocidal brutality is no longer a dirty little local secret, but is viewed on billions of screens, instantly, in fully bloody detail.

    • Mr. Mooser,

      Disclosure: the ghetto mentality is something that I have observed over a period of some years while travelling near and far, trying to avoid, even delay joining the mind-numbing 9-5 world, in the absence of any talents that could afford me a life away from the latter.

      From my observations, the ghetto mentality is a reflection of a community whose movements are in a large measure restricted to a limited area, whose members share a history, language, ethnicity, culture, traditions, beliefs, and/or purpose, with infrequent to no direct contact with mixed societies at large.

      The ghetto mentality is fairly common among religious and ethnic communities. Over time there is a polarisation of attitudes whereby parochial, even antagonistic attitudes are exhibited towards members of society who do not share their background and values, and who (the former) correspondingly, develop an very strong bond, even interdependence with people of their own social group to assure their mutual survival.

      Consider the Mormons and their peculiar beliefs, or immigrants, minorities, communities of poor people, etc.

      When perceived to be challenged, people with the ghetto mentality often display hostile, even condescending behaviour that may be a projection of their insecurities and/or ignorance of mores that are foreign to them.

      There is also the issue of the communities' leadership who all too often have a vested interested in maintaining the separate and superior beliefs to further their own interests, in turn creating an unhealthy interdependence. After all, a small community has a limited pool of individuals with leadership qualities. Too much power in too few hands is, unfortunately

    • In Dermer's lame defence: "gifts" at this level of international relations are decided by the giftor country's head of state. (end of lame defence)

      The First Yahoo is displaying his ghetto mentality that requires him to defer first and last to his local audience, i.e., the glorified sheepherders in wolves' clothing, and that includes the First Sheepherder, ignorant of the ways the real world works on the other side of the wall.
      (no offence is given or intended to sheepherders, sheep and wolves.)

      The Obamas might want, in the holiday's less glorious tradition, to pass the parcels to the local food banks, the contents to be distributed to the homeless with a card from the POTUS that reads, "Merry Christmas from Palestine to the United States". T'would make for a double whammy, n'est-ce pas?

      Or at the risk of repeating myself: how is this supposed to help Israel and the Israelis into the future?

      One does wonder, however, what did the Israeli ambasadors to EU countries unload on their victims?

  • Merry Christmas and get out of Israel, you blood-drinking Christian vampires
    • This is sad beyond belief.
      How is this supposed to help Israel and the Israelis into the future?

      I have no faith in the corrupt concept of Israel's law and justice, and believe that Gopstein will likely walk. But the stain and stink will spill over and mark the innocent, if racist Israeli citizens.

      Gopstein has clearly taken a step a step over the Cliffs of Insanity into the Abyss of Psychopathy.

  • Will Israel's policies fail of their own accord?
    • "Will Israeli policies fail of their own accord?"

      I tend to agree with Mr. Burg.
      Since there is no balancing discourse, there is no one to give pause to maniacal idiots such as Gopstein, who has come to believe his own violent rhetoric. And it's contagious: just consider what is coming out of the mouths of the members of the Knesset, even the Minister of Justice, of all people.

      The current situation reminds me of the one-sided, unopposed hysterical howls in Nazi Germany about 2 years before the start of WW2, and no one with a death wish to call for a time out.

      The exodus out of Ghetto Israel of the sane, but silent/silenced citizenry is balanced, even exceeded by the incoming stream of extremists with no concept of caution, or common sense, even self-preservation.

      The hysterical Screamers are taking over Asylum Israel. If this continues, even at the current rate of incremental deterioration, how long will it take for the US to tone down its professed loyalty and support? When that goes, so will the tenuous "strong" ties with the despotic tyrants of the region.

      Has Israel already forgotten what had happened in South Africa and how quickly that quagmire fell apart? Or are historical facts an optional nuisance in Israel?

  • Christmas in Bethlehem
    • Israel's self-destructive insanity, for all the world to see, is mind boggling. Or to onionize pastor Niemoeller:

      First they imposed the Naqba on the natives,
      And the new immigrants did nothing because they were now israeli.
      Then they sent the mostmoral army to kill, torture, bomb and disposess the barely surviving Palestinians,
      And the racists did nothing because they are Israeli,
      Then they lost their minds and began to undermine their own carefully crafted myths,
      And the israelis are doing nothing, because they never believed the b/s anyway...

  • Lawsuit seeks federal investigation into US groups funding settlements
    • I'm not sufficiently delusional to expect this to go anywhere, but just the fact that it equates Israel with: mail fraud, war crimes and the financing of terrorism, inter alia, makes for a good read worth sharing far and wide.

      A trillon dollars, huh?
      That should make for one helluva reason to review and revise the US tax codes. That is a lot of money that we need to house our homeless, feed the hungry, treat the sick, provide free education to all, start work on the crumbling infrastructure and invest in R&D. For starters.

  • Large majority of Palestinians in WB and Gaza think a full scale Intifada is on the horizon
    • No. I live in a state with the most corrupt police in the country.

      Once it sank in that the local authorities don't care, I had asked Mossad to rein-in their flunkies, at least in deference to the memory of so many is my family who had saved so many Jews during WW2.
      The continued functioning of the sleeper cell is, apparently, of greater consequence.

    • The majority of the public either does not want to know the abstract complexity of an occupation, or is unable to grasp it. However, a charismatic figure provides the human focal point that anyone can relate to: like it or not. Che Guevara did not overthrow Batista either. Nor did P. Lumumba end the colonial occupation of the Congo. There are obviously many ways to lead. Lenin may not find much favour with anyone anymore, but he was the rallying figure of his day. As was HCMinh. Some were slaughtered, others were deposed, as was Iran's Mossadeq, some managed to survive. Some prevailed, some did not. But for a determined patriot/person with the personality that resonates with humanity it's worth the risk.

      Gandhi understood that it was important to put India in front of the world public: one person, always available to the media who followed his PR tactic to present the issues in a manner that most could grasp. I did not at any point suggest anything other than his role as as a rallying figure. Gandhi was a sophisticated man who understood his opponents very well and did not need to do the heavy lifting. He simply used the unique opportunities at hand to his and India's advantage.

      Would Israel assassinate such a charismatic figure? Perhaps you're right and I am naive, or some-such. But as the world sees the gawdawful images, and listens to the catastrophic rhetoric that effectively equates Israel with Nazi Germany by Israel's own PM, the once nigh on unanimous support has been largely replaced by contempt.

      Killing, even imprisoning such a person with the power to connect with the world population can backfire with a vengeance. Nevertheless, to discount any risky options because this or that might happen is not helpful. The bottom line: the time is right, the desire to take a chance is there, nothing else matters.

    • Mr. Mooser,
      I notice that rather than debate the issues in my response, you have chosen to the attack the messenger. Ergo: you have no quarrel with my response. So if you agree or don't care, I fail to grasp the need for the personal attack. No response is expected. Keep running. Watch your step!

      On the other hand you show a rare and tender side with your suggestion re the cops, 911, etc. Points gratefully well taken. And, yes, I have tried that. The advice I got from the uniforms and detectives was "this is not something that we do", followed by a threat of physical violence if I were to "bother" them again. Another agency responded with: "we don't cater to individuals". Which explains why we have the growing number of unopposed "terrorists", while said authorities arrive after the fact to take pictures of the dead and wounded. The example of "law and order" in a country with 46 L&O agencies and a $1 trillion budget. Monies badly needed to house the homeless, provide low cost, even free education, and to repair the crumbling infrastructure. For starters.

      And no, these are not burglars. They are the 5th column in the service to a foreign government. Yes, the authorities know about them.

    • How would you know?

    • Sir, I am not an American, the American South does not inform my convictions, and the band does even less for my musical preferences.

      Furthermore, I had used the word 'massive' in its quantitative meaning. I had no idea it had qualitative meaning as well...

    • While writing my last response, I have been plagued by the hasbara. Which part of - your tactics are not working - do those people not understand?

      Why can they not grasp that their methods, whether online or by employing their local sleeper cell to harrass me at home and contaminating my personal life and privacy, are not working?

      Yes, it's exhausting, sometimes even depressing, but all I have to think about is the many Jews saved during WW2 by the many, including too many in my own family whose determination at the price of their own lives they considered worth it. Today their vision empowers me to continue, despite their local chapter's ongoing destruction of my home, the daily home invasions, theft and humiliations that do not work. The harder they try, the more I am determined that I'm on the right path.

      All this as I can hear the trespasser walking around on the upper floor of my house, looking for something to destroy or steal. I am not the only one thusly abused by the obtuse Israeli flunkies.

      Israel would do well to emulate Germany's example: concede defeat and work towards peace. The alternative is the price of the US experience. Considering the disproportionality in both countries' sizes, the US will likely prevail. Israel? Not so much.

      The Germans have their own ancient homeland they could retreat into and regroup. Israel does not.

      The US and Germany have time that will work to their benefit.
      Israel does not.

      When will the used and abused Israelis grasp their tenuous position and the growing contempt by nigh on the entire world, which has the added disadvantage to spill onto their coreligionists who choose to live in peace with the rest of humanity?

    • Theo,

      I'm glad that we agree on the questionable value of what the best weapons can buy. But they do inflict a lot of damage until the hardware and the boots with a pulse are removed.

      Wars are not about conquest, but economic profitability at both ends of the occupation. Most wars are fought with lethal hardware, others by dominating the local economy with ultra low wages and poverty. When the aggressors' costs in coin, corpses and domestic unrest exceed the investment output, with or without shots fired, its time to remove the orchestras from the camp gates, and couches and coffee machines from the hilltops, and go home.

      The majority of the human experience is connected to bloodshed, an ancient inheritance from a time with no other options and absent a national coherence. Just consider the decades long modern domination of the phony Israeli narrative on the world's many platforms.

      Consider the Indian experience, and the example of Mahatma Gandhi who brought an arrogant empire to its knees.

      The Nazi dream of a massive empire had failed because the slave labour employed in German factories managed to sabotage enough of the output, which together with the railroads sabotaged by the Resistance, managed to plant and feed the soldiers' doubts. No morale, no victory parade; the beginning of the end.

      Fighting with weapons "accomplishes" a winning opening gambit. Then it's a slow slog largely dependent on improvised strategy to counter the local forces who know the terrain and can count on support from their countrymen.

      It took a while, but eventually the Vietnamese learned their lesson and started to fight back by seeking out support on the political and public relations arenas. It will be eons before the US will be able to retire the massive negative impact of a tiny country negotiating its way to peace.

      India had Gandhi, Vietnam had Ho Chi Minh. The Palestinians have yet to find someone with the necessary charisma and determination.

      Eons ago the Jews had learned the value of making profitable contacts with other societies who would help them survive. Consider the massive value of the Dreyfuss affair.

      A bullet will snuff out a life, a stone will cause a bump. The dead and the injured are promptly forgotten and the futile insanity continues. Not until the Palestinians learn to emulate the example of Gandhi and HCM can they hope to prevail. It starts by finding and supporting a strong, determined and charismatic leader whose name and rhetoric will become known to the entire world.

      The Israelis are hoping that the Palestinians will never learn that basic lesson. Meanwhile the pictures of the dead are dampening the public's sense of outrage, even interest.

      The experience of the last 68 years has been a continuous exercise in the same-old futility. Time to adapt to the changing times, and move on.

      Or perish.

    • Theo, tanks may be useless, and yet countless pictures show tanks barrelling down streets, most made wider by the blown up buildings.
      Furthermore, the Israelis have the training, the best weapons the West can't wait to supply to the Israeli army to be put to the test, then all sit back and wait for the inevitable rush of buyers.

      The Russians were easy to beat in 1956, By that time, Stalin was dead and the Russians were fast losing interest in prolonged conflicts they could not afford. The Hungarians gave the Russians what the latter did not want, coupled with the reaction by the world still reeling in the aftermath of WW2.

      Hungary was promised support by the US if the Hungarians were to confront the Russians, with no means to realistically deliver it. However, the threat of the H-bomb was still real, and the Russians were not about to take that chance. So, yes, it kinda-sorta worked.

      The Palestinians, however, are on their untrained, un-weaponized own. There is no one who will, at least for now, come to their side. If the Intifada were to take place, it would be another slaughter of the old, the women and children, and a lot of hand-wringing by the rest of the world. That's why I stress the best means the Palestinians may have in their fight with the Israeli evil. Education. It keeps the mind strong and busy in a healthy and constructive manner and, if they could join study groups in other parts of the world, they will create powerful, direct contacts with connections to other regimes that may offer lasting and powerful, even constructive options towards throwing off the Israeli yoke.

      Furthermore, with nothing for the Israeli soldiers to shoot at, torture, and otherwise torment and kill, their calicifying leadership will see this as an excuse to invade other countries in their maniacal dream of creating the greater Israel that never was. The Israelis suck as soldiers. They excel at negotiations to get their way, they make good uni profs and tech R&D specialists, but war is not in their blood. Especially when they are supposed to be the aggressor. The Israeli army had lost every adventure they had engaged in since 1948 when they were confronted with trained adults with effective weapons. They lost monumentally to the Lebanese Hezbollah. A lot of Israelis died in those pointless, misguided and idiotic forays, a rare alternative to their primary killer, i.e., the soldiers' suicides, because their beliefs had trained them to be the perpetual victims, not wanton killers, i.e., useful idiots for the decrepit dinosaurs for whom any war, with whomever, is a money maker. Ergo: if there is any street fighting with civilians to be done, it should be the Israeli army going after their corrupt politicians. Then learn how to live in peace with their neighbours. The latter should be a no-brainer, especially if Israeli teachers participate in working with Palestinian students to fathom the secrets of biomolecular sciences, quantum physics or ancient civilisations. No?

    • Dying for freedom makes for compelling lines in poetry, but sucks in the real world.

      Fight for freedom: YES. But live to win the fight.

      The Palestinians have been fighting the unequal battles for interminable decades, with heroic stands, equipped with stones expected to match white phosphorous, tanks, torture chambers and more, ad infinitum. Pointing to homes destroyed in retaliation does nothing for a family shivering in the cold and rain.

      Talking fight trash may make the 18-22 feel better, because that's all they grasp, and why Israel recruits their own kids without much trouble into the the army. Once there, the doors to hell are opened, never to be closed, effectively corrupting Israel's own future, as well as that of the Palestinians.

      Fight the occupier, yes. But use the time wisely: with books, in depth studies, inside a standing home, by connecting to schools that will grant them free access to their classes. Expand BDS to extend the academia into Palestinian homes and minds. Ask the world to donate the necessary equipment. How else can anyone claim that this planet is not wasted on humans?

      The coming free Palestine needs well trained and alive minds, not martyrs. Just ask any grieving Mother on either side of killing divide.

  • Palestinians took over in the afternoon, at the Haaretz NIF conference
    • It's the price the US is paying to be able to maintain a large, if not the largest, military base in the region.

      Will it backfire?
      Has it not already?

    • You're doing very well, Mondoweiss! The Israeli evil that hates Jews and Judaism considers you an opponent of merit.

      When freedom of speech has to be silenced, the end of the tyranny of the unjust cannot be far behind, eh?
      Hasbara had crashed my computer more than a dozen times before I was able to post my say.
      The desperation of the finally losing despots is here, for all to see. Tick tock, anyone?

      I look forward to the day when Judasm is returned to the faithful seeking solace and hope, and to practice their beliefs in a quiet devoid of the world's prying eyes and suspicion.

  • Nightmares in Jalazone: Families deal with trauma following Israeli torture
    • Mondoweiss, could you please add Tumblr to your share sites?

      Hasbara will not let me anymore to copy and paste links to any of your articles I try post to my Tumblr blog. They (hasbara) have made my own life into a hellish nightmare on many fronts, but I am not giving up. My family had to endure much worse saving Jews from the Warsaw Ghetto during WW2. It is in their name, the dead and the few survivors, that I carry on with the family's tradition and freely chosen obligation to give succour to the persecuted in the most exercisable manner available. Even as, to my horror, the Jews of yesteryear have been replaced by the Palestinians.

      Yes, I make sure that a clear attribution and link to the reposted article are given.

  • A forgotten critic of Israeli society: The work of the social psychologist Georges R. Tamarin
    • By today, five out of six titles, except the $184 one, are "Currently unavailable".

      That will only pique the curiosity and attract the attention of a smart publisher. This is exactly what had happened to Israel Shahak's above ref'd book that is selling quite nicely. If only the professor had lived to see that his work and concerns are met with such appreciation and understanding. If there is an afterlife, I hope he has found the peace he so craved.

    • "(W)ithout the books being available, not much help. Can any American/Canadian publisher be interested in republishing any of these in English?"

      The same thing happened to prof. Israel Shahaks', "Jewish History, Jewish Religion". It, too, had a massively inflated price ($80) on Amazon for a while, i.e., until it was published by Pluto Press and is now available for $15.

      Aren't Chomsky, Finkelstein and Blumenthal published by Pluto? If this publisher is still in business (I hope), then perhaps they need to be contacted re Tamarin and his writings?

  • The rise of psychological trauma in occupied Palestine
    • I don't think it was politeness, but rather a shrewd psycho gimmick intended for the benefit of the soldiers to allow them to think of themselves as the civilised ones, as opposed to their victims. It doesn't work, if/when one considers the biggest killer of the Israeli soldiers, i.e., suicide.

    • Thanks, Susan.

      That is so good to know. Awesome! Perhaps expanding this option into a somewhat permanent basis, at least in the areas where the savagery is at its most intense, might be the way to go. Otherwise Free Palestine will find itself seriously hobbled.

    • During WW2, in Warsaw, Poland, the few family members who had survived the war, most of whom had fought in the Resistance, passed on stories of children being taught at home, in small groups by teachers and tutors. This reduced the need of exposing them to a fair amount of the horror. I have passed on this idea on to Palestinan bloggers. Free Palestine needs those kids to be educated to carry on in a free country.

      Also, I don't remember stories about the Nazis obsessing with children. If I'm wrong, correct me. With real, not fraudulent sources.

  • Finkelstein on Joan Peters's legacy (and Dershowitz's legal troubles)
  • In the last days of 'Operation Protective Edge' Israel focused on its final goal -- the destruction of Gaza's professional class
    • The destruction of the Palestinian professional class recalls the atrocities of Stalin, Yagoda and Beria in Soviet Russia, and the first Nazi prisoners (professors of the Jagiellonian University) to Auschwitz.

      It's time to end the massive flow of free military equipment and billion$ to Israel. Those monies should be redirected to compensate the Palestinians for the 70-y/o Holocaust inflicted on them also by the world governments whose decades-long cowardly complicity has facilitated this atrocity that will, likely, not end as long as there is an israel.

      Comparisons with the 3rd Reich grow more appropriate at an exponential rate. That a "Jewish" state has turned Palestine into a massive death camp will long outlive the genocidal farce that is israel.

      Kudos to Mondoweiss, Dan Cohen and other contributors who choose to stand on the truth and righteousness.

  • Read the genocidal sermon a notable Atlanta rabbi gave this Rosh Hashanah
    • Good point re the tax exempt status. Draft a petition (via Code Pink? MoveOn?), post the link on MW (if accepted), and I'll sign it and reblog it.

    • Barely weeks ago, in a Palestinian Grandfather's Gaza, the israeli army murdered every last member of his family. And the Grandfather. And during the last 67 years, way too many more Grandfathers. And their entire families.

      Time to retire the sacred memory of a brutally tried people to a time when reminiscing about the past will not put an equation mark between them and what proposes to be their descendants. Using the dead of the WW2 holocaust to justify the uncommon savagery of an ongoing holocaust of Palestinian women, children and the old, is cowardice at its extreme.

    • "A silent partnership is no partnership. Sin is not just in the act of commission – it is also in the act of omission. Most Germans were not Nazis – but it did not matter. Most Russians were not Stalinists – but it did not matter. Most Muslims are not terrorists – but it does not matter."

      Most Jews are not zionist racists - but is does not matter. Most Israelis are not apartheid racists - but it does not matter. My long time hero and role model, Noam Chomsky, has is right "Israel is on the road to destruction". ( Just like Nazi Germany, and the Soviet Union, and all the colonial powers that preceded them.

  • Nobel peace laureates and celebrities call for military embargo on Israel
    • Have signed and am sharing the links to this article and call. I don't think this action will accomplish much, but by its existence, it WILL give israel, hopefully, a permanent, black eye.

  • Israeli police ransack Tariq Abu Khdeir family home and arrest relatives in apparent revenge raid
    • In the face of israel's sadistic inhumanity, one wonders how much longer the world will remain silent, sitting on its thumbs. The phenomenon also explains the peculiar silence and indolence of pre-WW2 Germany and US/Euro passivity induced by cowardly politicians, media and the vast community of the Nazi admirers among the elites.

      There is, however, nothing that compares to the uncritical glee of the israeli citizens who are happy to climb a hilltop and be entertained, yet again, by watching the destruction of humanity while sipping freshly brewed coffee. Whatever next? An orchestra of starved Palestinians to play soothing tones in the background? Mahler or Wagner?

  • 'We are moving from Iron Dome to an iron fist': Israel launches ground invasion of Gaza
    • The Warsaw Ghetto 1943 revisited. What next? Gas chambers?

      This is not about the tunnels. The Jews used Warsaw's underground tunnels to smuggle in food, medicine and weapons.
      This is about stealing Palestinians' oil reserves and land.

      Time to bring out and dust off the Nurenberg gallows.

      Dear god, and those pathetic armchair warriors had to stoop to using the name of a protoNazi organization, Iron Fist, (Eisern Faust) to puff up their cowardly image?

  • To my fellow American Jews
    • Ms. Miller says: "Israel is killing my Judaism". I hope not. Israel and Judaism are two very separate concepts with a tenuous connection.

      Israel is a fascist country gradually being destroyed by racism, apartheid and ignorance of its brainwashed citizenry. Israel has used Judaism as a prop to further the interests of a psychotic group of zionists who are abusing Jewish history to further their own ambitions for personal wealth and power. Zios have NOTHING in common with those Jews and their understanding of Judaism who have worked, even died, while working on issues of Civil Rights and other social events, often without pay, and in their spare time, with no noisy fanfare or self-adulation.

      Present-day israel has usurped and corrupted a myth of a non-existent ancient entity of a region sparsely populated by illiterate pagan goatherders, a myth adapted from other civilizations proclaiming a kingdom of David, etc. Israeli archeologists, Finkelstein and Silberstein in their "The Bible Unearthed" show that Judaism originated around 500 BCE in Judea (hence Judaism, not isrealism), a tiny ME region that had never achieved self-determination. Judaism, however, has survived into the present b/c of massive proselytising efforts of Jewish travelling rabbis, such as Yoshua (aka Jesus), as described in Shlomo Sand's book "The Invention of the Jewish People". During those years, Judaism had progressed from a parochial cult to a powerful religion by adopting and adapting to the changing times and mores.

      Read both books, and see what Judaism really is: a powerful religion with roots in a vast and diverse region and humanity, including Arabs, including Palestinians of the distant past, who had converted to what they believed offered them richer spiritual sustenance. Perhaps the racist israeli ashkenazis should be reminded that they are all converts with origins that reach no further than the 10th century of the Common Era.

      Ms. Miller, your Judaism is not the farce corrupted and perpetuated by revolving-door israeli politicians. The sooner Jews accept the ghastly truth about israel and its corrupting influence, the sooner Judaism will be allowed to return to its true purpose: to give comfort and spiritual succor to its adherents. Also, to cleanse and save the memory of the too many Jews who had died at the hands of Nazis, whose (Nazis) genocidal psychosis now informs the israeli army of aggression and mass murder. Those Jews died not for Israel. They died b/c of the same racism that informs israel's ongoing, 67 y/o genocide, but exercised by murderers who had corrupted their own faith ("Gott mit uns"). That puts those dead on same page as the dead, displaced and disowned modern-day Palestinians.

      Israel was not a Jewish entity in Antiquity. It is high time that Jews reclaim their true heritage and understand that modern day "israel" is a cruel hoax. Judaism is not tied to a piece of dirt. Jews who worship wherever they live are not a diaspora. They are like people of other faiths who happen to live in a variety of lands and elect to worship in their own, privately chosen way. Become like them and never again will Jews be singled out for wholesale destruction.

  • Israeli strike kills four Palestinian children playing soccer on Gaza beach
    • It really is about the money. As more and more people are pulling the plug on cable tv, the subscription revenues are dropping. The income derived from the ads is even more than ever valuable as the multimillion-dollar salaries are rising. The people who accept those millions are very easily coerced to do as they are told. Their contracts are up for renewal (usually) every 4 years. These people live in constant fear of crossing their overlords and the resulting end of the rich and juicy flow.

      If you hate what you are seeing on TV, perhaps now is the time to pull the plug and watch the shows you like with the help of the internet, or NetFlix, or ... It works out to be a lot less costly in terms of wasted money and time, i.e., your ebbing life. Not until the media is made dependent on OUR money will anything change. Free crap is still crap for which you are paying with your most precious asset - your own life. If one wants change, one must do it by and for oneself.

    • Why is Fletcher equating israel's massive, unrelenting attacks from the ground and air, with the firecrackers launched from Gaza? israel has the Iron Dome. Gaza has the bodies of its women and children.

      Why is no one condemning the 2nd most heavily armed army in the world, i.e., the israeli cowards with a penchant for shooting from behind Palestinian human shields? Why are these israeli savages allowed to bomb and shoot CHILDREN in full view of so many people, with IMPUNITY? Is Fletcher so stupid or brainwashed that he fails to grasp that the Palestinians have a RIGHT to defend themselves against a deadly israeli force? Which part of Freedom Fighters does Fletcher and his corrupt ilk fail to grasp?

      What is wrong with this picture? Where is the goddamned world in the face of this genocidal horror that pastor Niemoeller poignantly grasped in "First their came for..." poem.

    • The Jewish holocaust lasted 5 years. The Jewish israeli Holocaust inflicted on the Palestinians is now 67 years old...

      The israeli soldiers and their silly generals must be feel very manly to be able to kill wee bairns. With impunity.

      Here's an effective and succinct summary of israeli policies:

  • Rachel Maddow ignores the story in Israel/Palestine
    • A long time ago, Maddow's handlers had created the image of her as the reluctant outsider by hyping her irrelevant sexual identity which is often and inexplicably conflated with having a radical/progressive personality. A perception which Maddow rode to its very profitable conclusion. She is, no doubt, smart and articulate, and acutely aware who puts the butter on her daily bread.

      Maddow is 'prompter reader. She is a competent, if limited, one-trick actress who pretends to be a journalist with a snarky demeanor that passes for her own attitude.

      Is she "owned" by anyone? Isn't anyone who agrees to conditions attached to a paycheck? Rather, she comes across as someone who cares about nothing and no one. Not even the suckers whose eyeballs keep her in her job that will be hers until the majority of the public get tired of the boring same-old schtick. The latter is why I stopped tuning to her program a long time ago. If I want news about e.g., the ME, Israel, Palestine - I'll go to MW, the Real News, Haaretz, AlJazeera, Electronic Intifada, and more; the reason I thank the Supreme Elements daily for the information freedom delivered via the internet.

      Speaking of the latter: the FCC has extended the public comments deadline until Friday re defining the internet as a public utility. Add your own POV or submit to the numbing tediousness of TV "news":

  • A Jew's dead dog has more rights than a Bedouin in the Negev
    • The noise around Israel, in the threads and beyond, is a reflection of the noise consciously and deliberately generated by Israel. In turn, the relentlessly massacred, denied and deprived Palestinians, as horrific as it sounds, generate a one-note muffled response of the "haven't I seen/heard this before?" kind, that dulls the senses of most of the public opinion, and their interest. The zios know this, and it explains their continued arrogant and callous noise.

      The Palestinians need to ask themselves what do they want, if not for themselves, then for ALL the Palestinian children. Do they want to pass what they hate themselves to the as yet unborn generation(s)?

      Marwan Barghouti's mistake: he did not cultivate a core of people who would take his place in the event of his assassination or incarceration. MB needs to be multiplied, if his reasonable voice is to be heard and understood by people, also around the planet. Instead, to many he appears to be a solitary figure with not much support among his own people.

      Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr., faced a fractured, semi-literate, and largely unsophisticated people for whom they spoke. Both Men understood the importance of uniting behind one simple message, and succeeded in conveying same to those for and to whom they spoke. MLK also had Malcolm X and others up his sleeve. The Establishment had a choice, and so they gave MLK what he wanted to avoid Malcolm X. Once Gandhi and MLK succeeded, the in-fighting was resumed and the bickering continues to this day. That is my point that I so desperately wish the Palestinians would understand.

      Start by showing the world that you CAN get around the Israeli intransigence:
      - no schools? then create homeschooling classes;
      - no postal service? then create and/or turn up the dial of online/ham radio communication and supplement it with a network of couriers;
      - no electricity? then appeal to the EU, Russia and moguls of the Arab world to supply you with generators. If you don't ask, you don't get!
      - no sewers? so start digging deep trenches then watch the Israelis race to fix the problem;
      - see an Israeli army contingent on their way to commit their crime-of-the-day? create a network (online, radio, couriers) and share/forewarn other communities;
      - have a problem you don't know how to fix, ask the pros, e.g., sanitation engineers for advice (e.g., Engineers Without Borders:;
      - stop the kids from throwing stones, it no longer resonates, instead get them busy training for how to run an independent state: as mechanics, as programmers, as office clerks, traffic cops, journalists, chefs...
      Constructive opposition is what every vampiric occupier fears the most: no bodies to mangle, no minds to destroy, no blood to draw...

      Film it all. Then post it online, send the documentaries to TV studios around the world. Study societies oppressed by foreign powers and learn how they survived. Show the world how Palestinian resistance is done in preparation for a Free Palestine.

      Being pro-active is how you prepare to be a functioning independent state from Day One.
      Give Mondoweiss, your supporters, moi, and others a reason to keep the light trained on Palestine and its cause.
      Start by talking TO each other, not AT each other.
      What do you think?

    • Walid,
      the article is pretending nothing. This is not a dog story, it is a human story where the canine cemetery merely provides yet another perspective to the depths of Israel's depraved injustice. ALL the stories are important.

      Oh, and do read Ms. Deger's awesome response to Obsidian's comment about "voting". That, too, is part of the overall story.

      On the other hand, the inability of the Palestinian community to come together to form a united front against Israel, its corrupt Arab flunkies, and the world's politicians is not helpful either. The majority of the world's population does not know what the Palestinians want, and their media plays that confusion to the hilt. Take a cue from India: find your own Mahatma Gandhi: keep it simple. Today there is only one issue facing the Palestinians: achieving an independent, sovereign state of Palestine. The bilateral fiction will never happen. If the last 66 years have not taught the Palestinians that much, their nightmare will continue into infinity. THAT is why Israel goes berserk whenever any independent efforts are pursued by anyone, in any form. If the zios get it, why can't the Palestinians? What is so difficult about agreeing with one voice to full, unconditional self-determination?

    • Mayhem,
      your opinion about my comment is not an argument.
      - Yes, your comments ARE Nazi-inspired by virtue of your use of the exact SAME language as that of the Nazis used to dehumanize and demean the Jews;
      - No, my argument is not anti-Jewish. It is anti-zionist, whatever the latter's religious persuasion, if any.

      The better response would have been to counter with facts, not a tantrum, where and why I am wrong about Israel's pursuit of Lebensraum in the lands stolen from the native inhabitants. After all you said as much yourself in your own comment: “It is totally uneconomic to provide electricity, running water, sanitation, paved roads and medical facilities to a raft of unrecognized Bedouin villages dotted all over the Negev desert”. The expense was, and continues to be, economic to serve the immigrant Jewish Israelis, but not the native Palestinians whose once-functional homes have been repeatedly destroyed, rights ignored and denied, and lives demeaned and dehumanized.
      And then there is the raft of images on YouTube and elsewhere...

    • No. Not even as a bad joke.

      My point is the issue of priorities and basic human rights, not to equate two entirely different species, i.e., dog and human. The latter is a disappointing example of the Israelis' use of (dead) dogs intended to provoke the Palestinian/Bedouin/Arab/Muslim by corrupting Islam's view of dogs as unclean animals. It has not worked. Nor will, most likely, other such provocations.

      What the zios fail to grasp is the simple lesson from their own Jewish history: a person/people who are harassed over a long period of time, eventually figure out a way to survive despite the efforts of their barbaric tormentors to the contrary. Arabs are just as smart as the Israelis, and capable of learning from their adversaries. What has worked for the Jews over the centuries, will also work for the Arabs today and into the near future. Furthermore, the Arab/Palestinian/Bedouin have the advantage of being on their millennia old home turf.

    • W. Jones,
      Agree somewhat. My response was triggered by your quotation marks around the word Arab, which suggested (at least to me) an ironical put down: not yours (as suggested by my 3rd sentence), but those who DO view Arabs as an inferior people. Hence my historical reference which is unknown to a great many people, and highlighting same DOES make a difference going forward, b/c it provides an important and necessary perspective.

      I agree that the issue has everything to do with giving a negative identity to a people (Arab, Arab Palestinians, and Arab Palestinian Bedouins) who do not deserve it for historic AND contemporary reasons. I use history to establish a perspective; just as the Israelis use Jewish history, the real and invented one, to make their case for special treatment and leniency for contemporary Israeli brutality b/c of historic Jewish suffering. Just as the dead dogs are used to provide a perspective for Israeli insane (anti)social priorities. (No disrespect to the dead pooches implied or intended.)

    • The Bedouin "are unrecognized because they are ad hoc assemblies of tin and cardboard huts."

      They live in those hovels b/c the Israeli government has repeatedly destroyed the Bedouins' homes and denies them the right to build new ones. Israel can afford to build and give away free, or at very low cost, high standard houses to the parasites known as the ultra opportunistic settlers who are a burden on the Israeli taxpayer and the rest of world, but "(i)t is totally uneconomic to provide electricity, running water, (etc.)" to the Bedouin who are on their own land, where they have lived since time immemorial. That, Mayhem, is why Israel is viewed by the world community as a racist, apartheid state with no redeeming social qualities. And, at this rate, not much of a future, either.

      Which part of "the Israeli government will not grant the Bedouin any rights b/c the zios, and people like you, want the indigenous population gone so that you can have your Lebensraum" - do you not understand? Where, exactly, are the Bedouin to go? They are where they are supposed to be: on the land of their ancestors. Do you even grasp that your "arguments" echo the same rhetoric once used by the Nazis who, not that long ago, declared Jews to be an unsanitary (people), living in unsightly ghettos?

      No one is saying that the dog cemetery ought to go. It simply provides a disturbing counter to the fate of the living humans viewed as less than dead animals by the Israelis.

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