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  • Why segregation is the single most important issue in Israel, and practical ways to confront it
    • The image of the ugly cloned architecture of the settllement looks like a battleground strewn with bones whitening in the sun.

  • The United States of Innocence -- the worldview of Major Todd Pierce (retired), Part 2
    • "with other things that could go wrong in the world, (...) there could be a financial crisis."

      The financial crisis is already here in the form of the national debt that is higher than the GDP and growing at a faster pace:

  • Many leftwing Israelis are leaving the country -- 'Forward' breaks an important story
    • "with Haaretz writers and military leaders speaking openly of Nazi and fascistic trends in the society, and the occupation entering its fiftieth year."

      Sixty ninth plus.

  • Daniel Berrigan's 1973 prophecy: Israel is becoming 'the tomb of the Jewish soul'
    • Amy1,
      Impractical? I am not the only person who does not wish to be defined a priori by irrelevant external attributes.
      Unnatural, why? We wish to be recognised by who we are and what we do, not by irrelevant/unnatural tribal affiliations, whatever their designation.
      Freedom from living somebody else's desires/expectations makes fitting into any society a quick, easy, pleasant and peaceful experience. No, not always, but often enough to make for a life that too many are afraid to try.

      Life is so short that wasting it on becoming somebody's useful idiot, by design or default, causes so many regrets for so many at the end of their life. Volounteer some time at a local hospice, or listen to a dying person, if you dare.

      What is unnatural and impractical is that in the history of the last 3000 years, fewer than 300 years have known peace not violated by pointless religious, national and/or nationality considerations, all of which are corrupted by cupidity, as DB so rightly points out in the above article. Those who had perished in the course of this insanity will forever fill me with profound sorrow at what humanity has lost and the time and talents wasted on the need to destroy while mumbling meaningless platitudes from a corrupted tradition from a time out of sync with the present.

    • Agreed. But then isn't that what happens when a company of what once may have been reasonable men had ossified into living relics of a past that never was off the pages of their story book?

      Frankie was elected b/c he was known to have his own mind, was following a more humane path and is trying to drag the relics into the modern world by reconnecting with the humble original, before the self-adulating hierarchy puts off the global congregation. Judaism is not the only religion with problems with reality and membership.

      Dealing with the hierarchy is part of Frankie's job description as benevolent despot. The forest is his domain, but he has to tread carefully among the shitty bears. One way he is trying to create a distance is by living in small digs off campus and connecting with the congregation on the street. He has to be careful, at his age there's a lot of "natural causes" that can impede an old man. No? (rhetorical)

    • Have just stumbled onto this:

      "When you call yourself an Indian or a Muslim or a Christian or a European, or anything else, you are being violent. Do you see why it is violent? Because you are separating yourself from the rest of mankind. When you separate yourself by belief, by nationality, by tradition, it breeds violence. So a man who is seeking to understand violence does not belong to any country, to any religion, to any political party or partial system; he is concerned with the total understanding of mankind.”
      Jiddu Krishnamurti

    • yourstruly,

      DB would never have been chosen for the job, and if he were, I would have hoped that he would accept the job to clean out the proverbial Stables at the Vatican, and more. The job of the Pope is that of a, hopefully, benevolent despot, not a haggler.

  • Israel's plan to retool occupation includes color-coding 'good' and 'bad' Palestinians
  • Church of Sweden explores BDS as 'only chance to liberate Palestinians and Israeli Jews'
    • eljay,
      "so during which war-time operation did the Allies say “this may be the only chance to liberate Europe and Germany’s citizens from the Nazi occupation"?

      It was probably the Western allies implied mantra. Although the approach towards the two different societies I/P v. G cannot be compared. I clearly remember the many times the older generation used to speak about Germany and Germans in terms implying admiration for their massive accomplishments in the arts and sciences, that was promptly replaced with hatred in response to the genocidal savagery. That old respect is coming back. I hope that it lasts at least until I'm dead of advanced old age. Apres moi, however, le deluge, to quote Ms. Pompadour whose faith in humanity was as low then as mine is today.

      But I am glad we agree that Israel's Better Angels must be brought to the fore. This may add to the BDS's chance to liberate Palestine's and Israel's citizens from the present quagmire that, quite frankly, comprises too many in the rest of the world.

    • We have been hearing a lot about the toxic likes of rabbi Ovadia Joseph and present army chief rabbi. What are the chances of MW securing an interview with israel's Rabbi Ari Ascherman and his work with B'tselem?

      Israel is not a one-dimensional cesspool, and the world needs to know that there are Israelis who know that the current nightmare has to end. These honorable people need to be heard and supported by the world that is overwhelmingly ignorant of their work. Would a e.g., weekly interview with a refusenik, ex-soldier in the service of a peace organization, or worker(s) trying to help the Palestinians in restoring a home or offering themselves as a barrier from the army soldiers, be possible?

    • eljay,

      I suppose our difference in reading Ms. Karin's words stems from our different experiences. I'm neither Israeli nor Jewish. Just a descendant of a family many of whose members fought and perished for defying the occupiers' concept of what was "best" for their, i.e., Nazi, victims: total extermination for the Jews, slavery in the service to the Reich's citizenry for the Slavs.

      Looking at what is happening in I/P, not much different vibes are projected by the zionists at the native Palestinians or the Israeli citizens. The Reich's citizenry did nothing to oppose the madness of their own time: their leaders were offering them a delusion of a life as overlords over a large part of enslaved humanity. That is not that much different either what the likes of rabbi Ovadia Joseph had, or current army chief rabbi has in mind for non Jews, or what the majority of Israeli population expects to attain with the creation of a Greater Israel.

      Vis a vis the world's cowardly silence (echoes of same from the days of WW2, when the Russian army did most of the heavy fighting, while the Allied West was juggling to secure profitable new colonial carvings), plus ça change... N'est-ce pas?

      So Ms. Karin's words that put the Palestinians and ordinary Israelis as victims of the zionist occupation and with nigh on nothing else that provides a modicum of hope beyond the effectiveness of the BDS that could force an end of the madness affects, albeit in very different ways, both populations. No?

    • Eljay,

      My comment related to your "Israeli Jews are not under military occupation by Israel". In this narrow sense BDS is only tangential. I fully understand and support BDS and any other non violent ways to end the unconscionable carnage.

      Israeli Jews are not overtly under Israeli military occupation, any more than the citizens of the Soviet Union were the primary target of the Cold War. In both cases, the implied expectations by the ruling classes of both societies was to unquestioningly accept the dogma and blindly support the regime in power.

    • I’m sorry LJ. Spellcheck intervened and corrupted your user name as I hit the post button.

    • ER,

      "It's a racist statement"
      Racist? How? The following rationale does not make sense. What is the slavery inference doing in this context? This is a 68 y/o war, not a question of ownership of other humans.

      "the underlying statement... that Jews will not care about it if Jews are not being saved."

    • Elijah,
      "Israeli Jews are not under military occupation by Israel."

      Not directly in the sensu stricto meaning of the term. But the fall out of that occupation, whether as govt demagoguery employed to program uncritical useful idiots, whether trigger-happy soldiers or obedient unquestioning citizens, or victims of suicide bombers, or a conscience-troubled exodus looking to find a normal life elsewhere - Yes.

  • Video intifada
    • Mr. Obama's selection for the presidency was made possible when Joe Lieberman took over the former's campaign. Obama's first act of loyalty was to dump the outspoken Rev.Wright. It also explains why obama has and will continue to endure netanyahoo's contemptible behaviour, including his self invitation to the despicable spectacle for the supine congress complete with the claque (set of three) who initiated the "ovations". (Look for them on the left side of the screen, sitting in an almost empty row.)

      I expect that lieberman is likely behind the silly pr that made obama into the intellectual extraordinaire. Comments about the real obama made by his coworkers at Harvard's Law Review, if anyone can find them anywhere anymore, are dismaying. The same goes for mrs o. One can no longer find the article published in 2008, by the Chicago Tribune, about her role as corporate bouncer whose legal qualifications included removing hospital patient's whose insurance coverage had maxed out, and dumping them on the streets of Chicago's equivalent of Skid Row.

      More of the same scandalous obeisance is forthcoming, courtesy of (s)elections 2016...

    • Well said, Marnie,

      Shooting and bombing civilians with methods tried and executed by the Nazis, now practiced by the ICA/IOF makes the genocidal zio army the most despised "force" of the present. Nevertheless, not until I saw footage of the "army's" chaotic retreat from Lebanon, did I realise the depth of incompetence from the "officer" caste on down. The sight of stragglers strewn all over the area was one shock. Looking at army trucks speeding by without stopping to pick up the losers on foot... there's no word that adequately describes my horror. And this is a wannabe state that advertises itself as the safe home for all Jews (!) If israel were ever invaded... But I suppose that's why the US was permitted to establish the massive military base in israel -- to sacrifice american suckers' lives in defence of the israeli civilians.

    • Mr. Hirsch, this reads like J'Accuse, 2016. As despairingly gruesome this litany is, you have done a great job. Have posted it my blog.

      The ICA (Israeli Cowardly Army) is the modern day SS. At least, for now, they are confined to wreak havoc on the sovereign state of Palestine, recognized as such by 136 counties, and Palestinian citizens.

      All this as Google waited out the recent noise about Palestine's absence from its maps, with no intention of correcting that deliberate omission. Google maps were, once upon a time, to be trusted for their accuracy. Clearly, this no longer applies. Where else have they applied artistic license à la Google?

  • After Israeli military clears soldiers of killing families in Gaza, Palestinians call on Hague to investigate
    • Finally! It will be interesting to see if the Court's judges have the necessary integrity to honestly consider the Nazi-style savagery committed by the zio IMmoral army of thugs and murderers.

  • France's burkini ban is a dangerous, Islamophobic assault on feminist values
    • Sloppy writing.

      It would have been helpful to know if the woman was given a choice: strip or leave, or if she was prevented from leaving and forced to strip so that FOUR macho cops could have a photo of the idiotic incident.

      If she had elected to stay on the beach, then the law is definitely stupid and is currently reviewed by France's courts of a higher instance, but pending further legal developments, it's the law.

      However, if she was not offered a choice and prevented from leaving the beach, then France may likely have triggered another carnage to happen. Anybody taking bets how soon? (Bitter sarcasm).

  • Let's talk about Russian influence
    • Inbound,

      - to be fair, the US is sending itself broke no thanks to the 1000+ military bases around the planet, endless wars fought in countless countries, the massive military complex that is manufacturing so much expensive crap, such as the $1T+ fighter jet that will never fly a mission - that it has to make a gift of military war gadgets, free, to the US cops. Add to that the generous subsidies and other favours paid the US corporations, etc., ad nauseam. Israel is an expensive client, but is nowhere in the top of the list.

      The US national debt to GDP ratio is currently at 105.08%. Anybody taking bets when this moloch will collapse?

  • Scottish football fans raise over 100,000 pounds for Palestine following flag controversy
  • A new milestone: BDS at the Olympics
    • Making a strong statement is, at this time, superfluously redundant. Whom and what Israel represents is no longer stewing under the carpet. Minimal, but clearly and widely understood number of gestures in the growing context of global disapproval are instantly recognized and together they constitute a loud and strong statement by many, not a single voice, anymore. It is the many who force change to happen.

    • Catalan,

      Ugly, absolutely. To shoot a football/soccer player in the ankle, to execute 4 boys playing the game on a beach, and on, ad infinitum.

      The Israeli delegation to Rio had to expect the boycott in whatever the form and THAT is what the Israeli guy's face shows.

      Inasmuch as I sympathize with the Israelis for having had to endure the humiliation, that pic had to be shown in Israel. The Israeli media comments have likely whined to the tune of the world's biggest imaginary violin, but it is events like this that eventually will crack the decrepit façade built with lies.

      Israelis are a society as complex as any; the majority will howl and hurl the usual tired invectives, but there will be a few more who will start packing to join the modern ongoing exodus out of hell and into the real world of equality, fraternity and liberty to exist with harm to none. To them I say, WELCOME, now start working and playing WITH us for our COMMON good.

      And if the Israeli hasbara really truly believe in their dogmas, then why send out flunky hackers to make reposting such as above articles as hard as possible? Why are negative comments and slurs not sufficient to register a differing opinion, hmmmm?

  • The Palestine-Israel language trap
    • Ms.Avigail,

      "As Theodor Herzl, founding father of Zionism, observed in his allegorical manifesto/novel, “If I wish to substitute a new building for an old one, I must demolish before I construct.”

      What inconceivably frightening idiocy from one of the premier proponents of the mastery of followers of Judaism over the rest of humanity; to equate a human life with a pile of bricks. By that same (absence of) logic, any human who has transgressed should be torn down (killed?) to be replaced by a pure, i.e., dumb and disposable being. (Shades of Fascism, anyone?)

      On a separate note, I welcome your presence on MW. I have recently expressed a long held wish for a professional with exactly your background to join the MW community who might help to understand that depth of the insanity that has such a bizarre hold on adherents of a belief that makes separation from the tribe, and presence of free of persecution independent and constructive critics of the tribe thinkers nigh on impossible, leading to the creation of inanities such as "secular Jew", "Catholic Jew", and much more. Or the inability of Israelis to see or admit that they are being deceived by so many of their own rabbies and elected officials, or the brutality of the otherwise cowardly soldiery who, once out of the uniform can and do, in heartwarming numbers, see and work towards the light of truth and reconciliation, or the strange obsession with the distant past riddled with prejudices by all of all. Yes, the dislike/persecution of Jews, and other minorities was real, but I have never heard of public immolations or quartering of Jews for their beliefs, unlike the carnival of carnage between new cults emerging out of Catholicism calcified by corrupt hierarchy, or emerging scientists and thinkers seen to threaten the Catholic dogma. Those days and MO are no more, yet the crutch persists.

      These and other questions may be easy to grasp by the co-religionists, but are an enigma to most of humanity. The sooner and the better non-believers such as I can grasp the underlying motivations, the sooner we will be able to shut down the zios and render them irrelevant.

      What do you think?

    • Inbound39,
      "Zionists have set themselves a known Mission Impossible knowing it will end in a calamitous finale for themselves.Those that survive will be ostracised by main stream society due to the nature of their crimes."

      I so hope that this will never come to pass, b/c those who are made to pay for the inhumanity of the psychopaths are usually dupes, if the stories told by those in my family who tried to save as many and as fast as possible, of the Warsaw Ghetto survivors, are any indication.

      Unfortunately, there is little hope in that department that reveals the mind numbing criminal expediency that dominates Israel's govt., the definitely not ready for any time musical chairs, except for life in max security prisons or mental asylums.
      Those Israelis with the wherewithal to have grasped the monumental lie are leaving for "antisemitic" anywhere, but Israel.
      Sic transit gloria mundi...

    • Language is less about words, and more about context. The words: occupation and peace adequately reflect the reality and hopes on the ground. But I will agree that "conflict" is a lie hoping to hide the truth of the ongoing genocide; it's an occupation by a reviled invader, a 68-year old war. The corruption of the context is largely the work of Israeli psychologists and PR intended to distort the reality to serve their long term goals.

      Palestine IS occupied by the Israeli armed forces which allow the participation of rabid settlers in the military/police actions at any time, day or night with no regard for legal niceties: to destroy, abduct, humiliate, kill and steal.

      The term settler-colonialism is an even greater affront to language. It absolves the govt for having had issued a carte blanche for the majority of Israeli citizenry, not just the settlers, co-opted by life-long indoctrination into the occupation as enthusiastic, if ignorant, participants. Who can ever forget the sight of coffee-sipping Israelis draped over comfy sofas dragged onto the hilltops, and the spectators loud and vigorous cheers acknowledging the exploding bombs, earlier adorned with despicable messages written by Israeli schoolgirls, now being dropped on the overwhelmingly unarmed civilians in Gaza?

      And why reference 1967? The original settlers had come even before 19FORTYSEVEN. History knows them as Haganah, Palmakh, the Stern/Lehi gang, and many other SS-like units (who only a few years earlier had "pacified" areas inhabited by native populations, including Jews). "Pacification" - now there's a word that should never be used in this context, yet one that has persisted into the present in connection with US military undertakings.

      "Many good people with a social conscience and with empathy have told me over the years that they avoid expressing their feelings and opinions about Palestine-Israel because they don’t feel they understand the issues well enough. ‘It seems so complicated’ is such a common sentiment."

      Truth? Until very recently it was not safe to even try to express one's feelings. The Israeli narrative had for decades a Soviet-like steel-trap hold over the media and political arenas, and anyone who tried to air the truth got the Paul Findley treatment:

      To this day, the Israeli propaganda and retribution machine, and not just via hasbara, has shown itself to be ruthless, if increasingly less effective, thanks to the Internet, and the arrival of a generation substantially removed from the WW2 past to not give in to the intimidation tactics from the b/s of "antisemitism", and language that gradually has cheapened the tragedy of the six million Jews and their holocaust. (But then, how many have ever heard about Gendrikh Yagoda, Stalin's henchman responsible for the death of seven million Ukrainians during the Holodomor. Yagoda, with at least 10 million lives on his absent conscience. Or the 27 million Russians slaughtered by the Nazis during WW2. But I digress...)

      The evolution from the unsayable to sayable is a reflection of changing times, mores and the massive Internet library of print and filmed documentation, the indisputable proof of the unconscionable atrocities perpetrated, daily, on the Palestinians; from setting an 18-month old baby and its parents on fire, to the nightly abductions and daily torture of Palestinian children by the shin bet and Mossad, the street executions that one wonders, will they ever be escalated to the mass executions of people trapped in a WW2 Nazi street "kettles", lined up against the wall and shot? You know, like what the SS used to enjoy to "pacify" the occupied natives just for being on the street. You know, no legitimate excuse, no truth necessary, just capricious fate.

      "Indigenous people’s voices and narratives have traditionally been weaker and less present than those of the settler-colonists groups."
      Why? Because the Palestinians' most pressing concerns are the inadequate supply of water, electricity, food, shelter. Not fair access to media, dominated by Israel, who, oops, also control the supply of electricity, and the freedom of movement of foreign media wishing to enter occupied Palestine, or Palestinians trying get to work in Israel, not fair access to the media. Voila! The basic loop is closed.

      Accusations of "antisemitism" is yet more bollocks. As I have responded elsewhere on MW, that is a canard of epic proportions. It's the Palestinians who are the Semitic people. The Israelis comprise a genetic melange. When the world criticizes Israelis, it entails 97% of Israeli citizenry who are the true antiSemites.

      The claims to being "special" is to resort to psycho-linguistic trickery by those who, at some level know it's b/s, but use it to cover up the absence of basic humanity when out of legitimate arguments, even if no one but only the pathocracts believe it. The Brits used it, so did the Germans, and now the Americans with their claim to "exceptionalism". Not because of their legitimate and great many, peaceful, accomplishments, but often heard in connection with their overwhelming military presence in so many countries and conquests. (But I digress, again.)

      Bottom line? As stated elsewhere on MW, the small clique of zionists have allowed themselves to believe their own myth. It's not about state or nationhood. It's about using the only common denominator for Jewish Israelis, i.e., their religion, captured by the pathocracts in their quest for domination. Because beyond the shared faith in the sacred, there is precious little that unites the populace, a nationhood is just a facile façade. The zios are the only ones who believe themselves worthy to own the world populated by a vast variety of humanity, seen only as subhuman vermin. A neither new nor improved take on the Nazis view of themselves and their purpose. What goes around...

      The more the context is manipulated, it's the relevant application of the language that matters. Israel and its wanna-be masters of the Universe are not "special" enough to warrant creating new terms for facts on the ground that are a temporary revival of the failed and untrue. It's about ending the Palestinian Holocaust. Now.

      (Please pardon the lengthy rant.)

  • The politics of Jewish ethnocentrism
    • "Did the moderator actually let this antisemitic comment through?"

      What is so effing "antisemitic" about this comment? Judaism is a religion, not a racial designation.

      Grow up and out of ad hominem slurs. If you think a comment is wrong/unacceptable/confusing/other, then say so and seek/demand a clarification, better yet argue you own case. Or get the other "hophmi" to finish your Sabbath shift.

    • The inhumanity that is perpetrated daily by the Israeli military, govt, et al, has only a tangential connection to Judaism.

      What is at fault is the abuse of the religion by people who are aware that there is nothing else, not even the delusion of a national entity, that brings the adherents together on such a useful massive, world-wide scale together.

      The fact that Israeli authorities will grant citizenship to anyone living anywhere as long as s/he claims to be of the Jewish faith is one of many proofs that the Israeli govt is not interested in maintaining the fantasy about nationhood, but in establishing yet more efficient control over their co-religionists for their nefarious purposes.

      The job of a religion is to bring comfort to the believer. To use it for any other purpose is an unethical disgrace, and something that the adherents with the ability to understand that their most personal beliefs and hopes are used to make the worshipper into a useful idiot is something that the religion's adherents must resolve themselves, lest it give to unsavory characters on either side of the religious devide, ammunition for further abuse.

      Therefore, the sooner the critics of Israel abandon attacks on the nebulous concepts of Judaism, many of which likely may elude the non-believer, the sooner the world focuses on the brutality of the state that favors one group against the rest of humanity, in Israel's case those who share in the same religion, the easier it may become to focus on the real and pedestrian savagery perpetrated on an occupied citizenry. The latter has been exercised wherever there has been armed conflict executed according to the same basic principles. Nothing nebulous, or hard to relate to/understand, here.

    • Rosross,
      Quite. Religion, race, culture are yet more victims of pathocracts obsessed with power, but no concept what REAL power entails or how to handle it. Instead we have an abundance of powermongers of every persuasion, most of whom seldom go outside their borders, to the unspeakable suffering of their countrymen.

      And then there is the first yahoo with a pathological obsession with power. Watching his obscene performances on the local and int'l stages inundated with contempt for humanity, I see a wanna-be übermensch who seems to believe that the world has cheated him out of absolute power over the world or at least, the USA. Coupled with his prejudices, it explains netanyahoo's unconscionable contempt for Obama and Clinton, a Black man and woman whom he seems to view as unworthy pretenders to his idea of due birth right. Then flunkies such as Stephens, Goldberg, Horowitz, the now-dead rabbi Ovadia joseph, the current army chief rabbi, the first bouncer and the ghastly women in that entourage, and the weak humans who also (ab)use the fig leaf of Judaism and its most extreme teachings to give themselves the aura of superiority over humanity.

      This crap has been tried by others many times before. It did not work then, it is not working now.

    • Touché! The Nazi rhetoric came back to haunt them in Núrenberg, too. If Israel expects to survive into posterity, a more diplomatic/prudent choice of words would be helpful. The violent images that already flood the Internet will outlive the parochial yahoos in expensive suits, and will stain many generations not yet born. Vide the example of present day Germans.

      I wonder what an honest psychologist/psychiatrist would make of the zios' pathological obsession with assertions of superiority that demand such hysterical put downs of their savagely persecuted victims?

  • Beinart calls anti-Zionists 'revolutionaries'
    • Inbound39: "their declared borders"

      That's the problem with the slimy slippery Israeli govt PR. By refusing to define/declare the border of Israel, it makes possible the escalating land theft in the quest to create a Greater Israel empire: the zios' ultimate raison d'être. At least in the zios' deranged minds. Fanciful myths of a long-gone, grotesquely unkind era as inspiration for grown men in power ruled by antiquated ambitions that are out of sync with the demands and expectations of the modern era's third millennium.

  • In overwhelming vote, leading Lutheran branch calls on US to cut off aid to Israel
    • Citizen,
      How can MW be a "Palestinian rag" AND "anti-Semitic"? That is IMpossible. Palestinians are overwhelmingly a Semitic people, whereas adherents of the Jewish faith are, like the rest of us, a mélange of ethnicities. Conversely, a person of Semitic origin can be a Jew, Christian, Muslim, non-believer, or something else entirely. Ethnicity and religious affiliation are two separate concepts. It's time that the zios reconsider their inconsistent bag of (self)insults.
      Consider: the Lutheran Semitic speaker, Pastor Kahder Khalila, v, Jewish (probably Russo-)Slavic PM.

      Furthermore, the anti-semitic zio last-to-convert Jews, from Netanyahoo on down the govt clique, who consider themselves superior to the Mizrahim and Sephardim, are corrupting an old tradition by using it for very secular, pedestrian and selfish reasons, staining all tribal followers with their zio waste that exposes all the faithful to old prejudices.
      These anti-semitic zios are usingtheir religion to create a multitude of useful idiots from among their own kind behind whom to hide when the proverbial hits the fan. Feh!

      The hypnotized useful idiots would do well to wake up and consider separating their faith from the wretched outhouse of profitable politics that generously reward a few at the majority’s expense, starting with the latter's security.

  • New San Francisco bus ads say: 'Boycott Israel Until Palestinians Have Equal Rights'
    • Kay24: "When will we be seeing more of these posters"

      Not for a long time, if ever. The need for those posters is the result of the paucity of information engendered by our cowardly pols, the largely silent media and the aggressive Israeli lobby. These events are sporadic and almost exclusively dependent on the courage of grass roots orgs and courageous individuals with just enough clout to make themselves heard. One such example is a Canadian lawyer, Dimitri Lascaris, who recently took on the issue of BDS and more in Canada, and was for his troubles exposed to vicious attacks by the likes of B'nai B'rith:

      All you and I can do is to share this info by any means available to us, such as social media.

  • Netanyahu's Academy-award performance of dehumanization is why the conflict persists
    • Ossinev, just for the record:

      The U.K.'s back of two fingers is equivalent in effect to the US back of middle finger salute.
      The Churchilian two fingers seen from the front/palm side of the hand is, of course, the V-for-victory salute.

    • So a tired, daily persecuted from the day he was born Palestinian, denied his basic human rights, from dignity and respect to basic utilities, this father loses his cool for a moment, and netanyahoo is shaken to the core of his being a zio flack.

      But this same netanyahoo is fine with little Israeli girls with pigtails tied with pink and white ribbons, whose mother(?) is close by, watching said little girls who had been brought to an Israeli military airfield that is getting ready to drop white phosphorus and record-breaking tonnage of TNT on defenceless Palestinian families. Judging by the presence of ammunition shells on the airfield, the latter is, likely, stuffed with aircraft in the state of readiness and being loaded with massive amounts of cartridges stuffed with deadly content and NO ONE - not the mother, not the airfield staff and officers, not even netanyahoo - No. One. is concerned that there is a possibility that those shells could explode.
      No, the Israeli salute to the Nazi-style PR stunt must go on. Mazeltov!

  • Google blames bug for removing 'West Bank' and 'Gaza' from Israel/Palestine map
    • Ossinev,
      you may be right re Israel panicking. A short while ago I had stumbled on an article referencing Denmark's FM, Lidegaard, calling for sanctions if Israel will not get with the program, but put in more diplomatic language:
      When I tried to add my comment that the the statement was made in 9/2014, and that Lidegaard was out of his job by June 2015, after 16 months in office, the hackers kept erasing my comment. I wonder why? (rhetorical)

      Those sanctions are way overdue and, likely, the much needed dose of reality that the zios urgently need, lest they self destruct.

  • Palestinian mayor explains high death toll in small village: ‘Pressure births explosion’
    • Talkback,
      the legal definition of genocide is still vague, but nowhere does it focus on numbers. Every one person victimised for her/his racial, religious, political or cultural affiliation is a precedent that, if/when identified brings the issue to the fore. To absolve one such killing, is to introduce the reductio ad absurdum debate as to when is killing, e.g., a Jew for her faith an act of organised destruction of a group: ten? a thousand? one million? Because to make an ultimately irrelevant to most, but not that person, her/his affiliation the reason to kill is an excuse driven by economical considerations such as land grab and/or theft of natural resources.

      Numbers matter in science and a grocery store. A human life us not a number. It's time that national war casualties inflicted on an invaded nation be defined as genocide, not "collateral damage". Preferably before you and I should become such a meaningless statistic, reducing your entire life to a mere aberration.

    • "Israel will not come if there is a house fire, the PA is not allowed to come and many times the Red Crescent isn’t allowed in, or can’t get here in time"

      So how does all this fail to meet the definition of Israel as a genocidal regime?
      The legal definition,
      is acceptable to the zios when it concerns the fate of Jews targeted by the nazis during WW2, but not in connection with zionist state organized targeting of Palestinians.
      And, no, it‘s not about the numbers stupid, but underlying barbaric policies.

  • Netanyahu distorts a Palestinian's helpless reaction to occupying soldiers to dehumanize Palestinian parents
    • Jon66: "Perhaps this man is mentally unstable".

      If you had read PW's article, you would not have asked the dumb question, b/c in that article the despairing man admits to battling psychological problems. From the day he was born he has been exposed to the savagery of a genocidal occupier, whether a cop or soldier with their guns' safety catch permanently on "off", or Israeli school-age bullies, little girls with pink ribbons tied to their pony tails, writing vile crap on Israeli bombs, the latter readied to be loaded onto Israeli aircraft, and soon to be dropped on defenseless Palestinian civilians that include the little girls' Palestinian peers. And, pray, do tell why were little Israeli girls anywhere near the shells stuffed with massive amounts of white phosphorus and/or record-breaking tonnage of TNT? Why did their parents allow them to be there, as did the military morons on the airfield? Clearly, your inappropriate quote seems to point at the absence of "real men" among the israeli population. Mazeltov!

      Next time, before you abuse the memory of Malcolm X by taking liberties with his words, maybe you should try using your own brain, clearly addled by the daily genocidal nightmare that defines not only Palestinians, but also israelis. And you.

      That daily ratcheted horror is propelling a growing number of Israeli parents to pack up and leave the blight unto nations, with Germany being the preferred safe haven for most. Germany!

      In fact, why don't you read the article/letter written by Na'aman Hirschfeld who, by now, is, with his kids and rest of family, in the safety of Germany, away from genocidal Israel:
      "Emigration as a political act
      ( thanks. I will not sacrifice my children’s future for a hopeless struggle. Desperation is indeed the reason why I left."

      As for netanyahoo's above PR stunt, the word genocide is no longer verboten verbiage, and he and his cronies are reduced to attempts intended to insult the intelligence of all men and women as he desperately tries to further victimise his victim. Hoping to present himself as a real man?

    • A couple of items intended for nyetanyahoo's core of his being from 972+mag:

      Just another arbitrary detention of a Palestinian child

      Number of Palestinian minors in Israeli prisons doubles

    • Netanyahoo's: "What did this child do to deserve this?" "This video shook me to the core of my being"

      The First Pazzo's maudlin rhetoric conveniently ignores israel's absolution of the murder of an 18-month old baby burned alive by a settler, the Israeli flyboys who drop white phosphorus from empty blue skies on defenseless Palestinian families, the immoral army that abducts children from their homes in the middle of the night, the military courts that adjudicate trumped up cases of underage Palestinians, or the wretched "living" conditions of Palestinian children and their families deprived of basic utilities.

      Or to recycle netanyahoo's own words: What did the many generations of Palestinian children do to deserve israel's profound savagery that for more than 68 years, daily, injures the moral core of the planet's humanity?

  • Israeli racism unmasks Netanyahu goodwill video
    • "Was it meant as an epic parody or an insult to his audience’s intelligence? It was hard to tell."

      Not hard at all. What else could one possibly expect from the parody of a PM who cannot grasp the concept of basic diplomacy and statesmanship.

      As for JC's second suggestion -- considering netanyahoo's sadistic papa, it would appear that Jr. is projecting the dead man's contempt for humanity and his own spawn. There is also netanyahoo's earlier cringe-worthy performance at the UN with the drawing of a bomb.

      This silly man is either exhibiting signs of creeping senile dementia or is unhinged and, considering his position, should seek professional help. Stat.

  • Palestine stands for the larger divide in the Democratic party
    • Hilary is an accomplished lawyer. In order to become one, she had to embrace the system's realistic definition of fiduciary duty of lawyer-liar. On the one hand the duty binds attorneys to faithfully rep their clients, and on the other hand, if one elects to become a lawyer for the powerful and wealthy, that MO will inevitably corrupt the psyche and degenerate into a pathocratic mindset.

  • Meet Ali Kurnaz, young Democratic leader who lifted Palestinian flag on convention floor
    • Echinococcus,

      Disagree. To my reading, Kay used the two issues that evoke very powerful responses as a comparison that show up clinton's ability to evolve in one area, but unwilling to detach herself from a foreign calicifying regime with a dangerous stranglehold on US affairs.

      Something equally revolting happened when wassermanschultz was booted out of her DNC job, and was promptly included by clinton into her entourage. Considering clinton's age and reported many health issues, and what clinton has in mind for her govt entourage, if elected, this does not bode well for Palestine, nor the US.

  • Support for Rep. Hank Johnson following mischaracterization of his remarks on settlements
    • Article:
      "(...) Palestinians living under Israel’s nearly 50-year-old repressive military occupation regime."

      Not 50-, but 68+ y/o repressive, etc...

    • Jon66:
      So, which is it : You don't approve of the Congressman's sense of sarcasm? Or you don't think a not-white man capable of same?

  • What the economic boycott of Israel can achieve
  • Arab American University in Jenin to host first Palestinian Advanced Physics School
    • This is phenomenally good news, and a dream come true in my hopes for Palestine.

      Now I wish that other STEM students in Palestine will also receive similar support from the international community.

      "A mind is a terrible thing to waste." (Arthur Fletcher)

  • Israelis take on Facebook 'monster' with claims it knowingly incites Palestinian attacks
    • ... or grant the same considerations to Citizens of foreign origin, such as Rachel Corrie or Tom Hurndall, killed by Israelis in Israel...

    • I'm not a lawyer, but these repeated attacks seem like a circuitous attempt to undermine the First Amendment by a genocidal regime unable to abide by the basic rule that should provide equal rights to its citizens regardless of their religious affiliations.

  • 'Palestinians ought to be free' -- Cornel West's historic moment
    • Echinococcus, I share your skepticism about the front runners, and as a realist I have no delusions about their true opportunistic nature. I lost interest in Obama while listening to his, indeed, maudlin rhetoric aimed at the most desperate public common denominator who never once thought to ask how Obama intended to implement his nebulous nonsense. But I do remember his one-time call to "make me do it", i.e., a call to his supporters to get involved on a sustained basis. Maybe not by hitting the streets to face our psychotic militarized police, but perhaps by trying alternative means, e.g., national referenda (my inference) to force our congress and senate to do their job in the service to WTPeople.

      Was BS more of the same bs? We'll never know. But my reason for taking an interest in BS was b/c of whom he had selected for his advisory entourage, and the cruel reality of American politics with no room for anyone without the R or D tag.

      I have listened to Ms. Stein describe her agenda and had hoped that BS would somehow find a way to connect with her, and together work the system toward the long overdue structural overhaul he often referred to in his speeches.

      In the absence of any venue of consequence, only frequent exposure of a candidate with no hope for the same access to the same events as the Rs or Ds can create a dent. Does Ms. Stein have any hope of getting anywhere near the unholy grail? No. But being heard by, and seen on, often and on as many media that will have her, and by furthering her POV via social media, can there be hope for this country in the, sadly, distant future, short of a revolution precipitated by an unforeseeable event. Kind of like the police murder of Eric Garner which propelled BLM into a movement of consequence.

      Clinton is proposed as an alternative to TrumptyDumpty, i.e., realistically, more of the same nightmare we have been living for long decades. But what if the growing number of sources hinting at her medical problems are right? Considering what she has invited into her possible WH entourage so far makes for an even more frightening disaster.

      Our choice for the future: 8th or 9th circle of Hell.

    • Prof. Cornel West endorsed Obama, believing, like most, that Obama was really about the "change". Until he learned that the only change was at the handler level, i .e., when joe Lieberman stepped in and separated the rhetoric on the teleprompter from reality, and devolved Obama away from historic greatness and into a windup toy, who promptly replaced the likes of Joseph Stiglitz with summers and the other destructive twit, and prof. West and others with Wall Street hustlers and the DC mafia of lobbyists.

      Let's not forget that Bernie Sanders was the first person of political prominence who, however hesitantly, spoke, however briefly, about Palestine in the context of the genocidal occupation.

      As for Jill Stein....? Why not ask her what her views are and what, if anything, would she do about the Israel/Palestine quagmire, the horror of the ME morass, and the fast proliferating wars in Africa?

      Would anyone at MW want to interview Ms. Stein?
      Tick tock.

  • Israeli rabbi who advocated rape of 'comely gentile women' during war becomes chief army rabbi
    • Yesterday I had posted the above article to my social website.

      Late today, I had a hard time posting a few unrelated items. The local hackers, Israeli/Iranian expats who live in my neighborhood, were eager to show off their skills, and obvious displeasure at my exercise of the First Amedment rights. They, twice, forced my site back to yesterday's posting. This is not an accident. I have reposted a few dozen articles in the interim.

      I am not Jewish, it's late and I'm about to hit the sack. Wish me luck and a safe goodnight.

    • There is no war in Palestine. There is an illegal occupation by a genocidal army that has its spiritual leader's imprimatur to add rape to its many other immoral duties.

      (is there no bottom to this pit?)

  • After attack, Netanyahu gov't pours money into rightwing settlements
    • Prime Yahoo is a developer, which explains his desire to spend yet more on the expansion of the settlements.
      "The scheme did not include a budget for increased security or military personal."
      Of course not.
      One wonders when, if ever, the Israelis will register their status as useful idiots in the furtherance of the wealth accumulation to benefit the mutual admiration society they refer to as their government.

      It eludes by powers of comprehension how this ongoing atrocity is supposed to guarantee safety for Israelis, let alone that of the Jews urged to make aliyah.

  • In latest pander to Israel lobby, Clinton smears Max Blumenthal's criticism of Wiesel as 'hateful'
  • Netanyahu's bloody incitement
    • I had come upon this grisly story written by Dahlia Scheindlin, in the 972+Magazine:
      - which I posted to my blog with the following comment:

      "The world cannot go on pretending that the daily horror in Israel and Palestine is not worth our intervention. The obscene rapid progression of unconscionable violence and pandering to the politicians is destroying lives. Children are the most frequent targets.

      Ms. Scheindlin is right: We are all settlers. Not just the Israelis. Every citizen of this planet who refuses to apply pressure where necessary.



      The Palestinian Naqba is no longer confined to Israel and Palestine. It is exported by fanatics from both countries who terrorize humanity not only with guns, but also with technology by hackers, and professional criminals who break into homes where they steal, gas, rape, corrupt electrical outlets, intercept mail, copy files, interfere with one’s pursuit of life, liberty, privacy and pursuit of happiness and freedom.

      I should know. I have been speaking out, calling for what should have been the easiest conflict to resolve. I am being “"punished” for daring to have the courage to act on my convictions.

      My heartfelt condolences go to every parent who has lost a child to this pointless criminal insanity to satisfy a few irrelevant egos for a few pieces of silver and inevitable condemnation by the future generations."

      No, I am not making it about me, but about every soul who has found her/himself in the crosshairs, whether directly or indirectly, while performing one's duty in the service of justice and plain humanity, because no one will survive the next world war precipitated by an act of a person self-delivered from contemplations of his/her own future.

      Expecting rationality from a psychopath makes us all into targets regardless of our involvement or absence of same.

  • BDS campaign hopes to take Israeli goods off Palestinian dinner tables during Ramadan
    • Kay, 'love both of your responses. This was exactly what I, too, have been thinking: "why is anything that can and is produced by Palestine have to be accepted from Israel? This is one of my long held contentions regarding Palestine's inchoate resistance, absent of a tradition that so many other countries had to learn and cultivate in their fight against self-determination and economic independence. "Hit them where it hurts: in the wallet!" For now, economy is the premier driver that makes our life possible.

      Is there any reason why produce has to go via Israel in order to reach the Palestinian consumer? This looks like a double whammy that the indigenous people have to endure with nigh on no benefits for themselves. On the one hand there is the issue of illegally collected and retained taxes extracted by the Israelis, then the possible cost of reimportation of goods back to the country of origin, Palestine, presumably at an inflated price. No, I am not preaching to the choir. I am trying to understand why the 70+-y/o Naqba is allowed to continue to impact the lives and psyche of generations, with not much better in sight, beyond the ratcheting of the supremely efficient Israeli machine of, and towards, the death and destruction of both societies.

      Why are Palestinians tolerating Abbas? Why is someone like Omar Bargouti (sp?) not considered as "war-time PM". His success with BDS has, possibly, earned him visibility, respect and trust of third party trading partners who might want to establish sustained and sustainable trade btwn the world at large and Palestine. So far, Israel has assumed the role of predatory caretaker, implying that perhaps the Palestinians have not a clue how to engage in any form of exchange beyond flinging stones, hurling firecrackers and exposing Palestine's future to the unconscionable savagery of a contemptible, but otherwise profitably engaged regime.

      Establishing, even promoting, more info about hobbling production and trading entities means daily contact with the world, of which there is nary a meaningful appearance. It may be one reason why the Naqba continues, because the average citizen of the world has a very sporadic, one-dimensional picture of Palestinians: the militant stone/firecracker thrower or knife wielding young man, or besieged old people lamenting the crops destroyed by the occupying forces. Where is anyone with whom the world may want to talk to and lend its support by putting pressure as/where applicable. A simplistic view? Perhaps. However, for most of the world's populations with mostly a perfunctory, even corrupted, view of the Palestinian reality provided by the former's local media and servile submission to the local power base with a deferential attitude towards the aggressive Israeli pol machine, more constructive info beyond the mind-numbing daily horror that feeds the world's impotence has to made available. Preferably tout de suite

      There is little that anyone living thousands of miles away from Palestine can do. But images of a destroyed olive production entity, or factory deliberately set on fire, is something anyone can respond to and get behind. We ALL understand the immediacy that one has to earn a living to survive. An image of a burning orchard evokes a different, fairly or not, reaction than a wounded man executed by a genocidal soldier. Irrational? Perhaps. But to see, over and over again, pictures of someone denied the basic right to provide for one's family and society can move mountains of helplessness, in basic human solidarity.

      Most importantly it’s about taking the argument of Israeli propaganda about violent Palestinians out of the daily slaughterhouse that is Israel and replacing it with clear images of sadistic destruction of a chicken farm, torched crops that will never be harvested, etc. Every time it happens. B'tselem and my hero Rabbi Ari F(sorry forgot his last name), often come to the rescue and those images need to be plastered on every screen to show that Israelis are not all pseudo-religious sadists, but allies with experience in fighting injustice, whether chasing Israeli soldiers off a field or arguing the law in a courthouse.

      Is there already, or can a third party Kickstarter-style funds collecting entity be established to help with the recovery of maliciously destroyed businesses? This would require an aggressive, DAILY, LOUD, hard hitting media feed about what and how the Israelis do and say to obstruct the movement and corruption of funds. The Israelis understand the consequences of unrelenting, sustained, well-sourced information. That may be the only way to force the latter to act like a serious, if hostile, negotiating partner and bring about relief to the Palestinians. Once that first precedent is set, it may be easier to follow with the next round of talks and acts.

      Pls pardon the rant. I am not idly kvetching, I am like most of the visitors to MW trying to return normalcy to the Palestinians, save the Israelis from their own obvious lack of experience in national sovereignty, and the world from the spark that could trigger WW3.

      South Africa provided the precedent. Yes, Virginia, it is possible for the world to come together and force the hand of opportunistic pols. In our common interest.

  • Netanyahu agonistes
    • A blood curdling article in today's 972mag:

      "The state must come clean about the fate of the Yemenite children.
      Between 1948 and 1952, thousands of Yemenite babies, children of immigrants to the newly-founded State of Israel were reportedly taken from their parents by Israel’s nascent medical establishment and disappeared. Now it is time for the state to come clean about what really happened."

      Inspired by Nazi practice of kidnapping children in WW2 occupied countries?

    • I agree with the comments that Netanyahoo is the symptom, not the cause, of the ongoing horror that Israel has become unto nations. And itself.

      It was easy? expedient? of, predominantly, the western world to not only thoughtlessly give Palestine to the traumatised WW2 Euro Jews in the futile hope of getting rid of the latter, thus fulfilling the underlying reason for Balfour's true mission.

      The narcissistic zio pathocrats immediately went to work with their own version of a Holocaust intended for another native population. At each turn of the macabre screw, the world, then, as now, remained silent. In effect allowing the Israeli inhumanity to escalate into full national racism and genocide, with utterances of an annihilation of an entire people no longer relegated to the dark and dank corners of the government and military. Was Israel testing its own descent into (international)national depravity, surprised at each turn of the screw that in nailing the western world and Israel to the walls of eternal damnation, that no matter the degree of barbarity, the silence of the cowardly deciders dependant on the hand-out$, that yet more cruelty was possible?

      Netanyahoo is simply a corrupt and weak little man who not only dared not to defy his own psychotic father, but inherited the dead old man's hateful insanity, with no concept of why stop now. Israeli society has largely devolved into an opportunistic enabler, as Netanyahoo was of his old man, because by playing along, there was/is much to be gained.

      At the present time, Israel is the most dangerous place on Earth for any self-respecting Jew.

      Or as journalist par excellence Gideon Levy, said: "History has witnessed worse and more brutal occupiers than Israel, but I have never heard about an occupation that believes it is the victim. And the only victim. Israelis believe that the Arabs are so guilty that they force us to kill their children."

  • Family of Tel Aviv attacker tries to understand how star pupil turned to violence
    • I'm surprised that these attacks do not happen more often. What's the point of being the star student if, upon graduation, there will be no job, no hope, no reason to carry on. All it takes is one bad day for the stressed out beyond human limitations Palestinians to succumb to the temptation to carry out such a horrific act. After all, the Palestinians have to endure systemic, Israeli government sponsored and carried out genocide, again and again. Day. After. Day. For. More. Than. SixtyEight. Years.

      When will this stop? What will it take for the global deciders to register their own complicit inhumanity in this epic tragedy? (rhetorical)

  • Michael Lerner brings down the house at Muhammad Ali funeral by standing up for Palestinians and against Netanyahu
    • Insinuating that Rabbi Lerner is a hypocritical opportunist betrays your ignorance of a Man who has been speaking truth to power for a long time, and not just on
      Why would he need to pander?
      Or is it his appreciation of a Black Man with whom he shared his profound humanity that's bothering you?

    • Lawrd have mercy! What a fabulous eulogy for a fabulous Man.

      M.Ali would have loved the fact that the Rabbi had chosen to address all the issues that were so dear to Mr. Ali's heart. He had a very strong ego informed by reality, and a healthy understanding of his extraordinary purpose in life, lest his sporting accomplishments be so grotesquely abused as that of Olympian Jesse Owens (by boxing kangaroos for money, per chance?)

      I detest Billy's Hilly, but Mr. Ali would have loved that Rabbi Lerner's pretty powerful dig at the sadly, very likely next POTUS that, hopefully, will give her a moment of reflexion at her despicably servile deference to Netanyahoo, who is already showing his contempt for her, as he did with the spineless Obama.

      What a great way to honour Mr. Ali's life, beliefs and gifts.
      Way to go, Rabbi Lerner! What a wonderful way to show the world that Judaism is a religion like all other: sometimes used by some to further their crude and cruel agendas, sometimes a vehicle of powerful hope and respect for all humanity. That it is OUR choices, not that of somebody's chosen faith, that is at the root of history.

  • To the Holocaust survivor I interviewed, in regards to Palestine
    • I stand corrected on the diary, not autobiography, issue. It's been a while since my school days when the AF Diary was on my list of compulsory reading.

      There are passages there that only someone much older could have come up with. The incongruence of the narrative of a child frustrated with her long term stress induced by being cooped up in a tiny space and her emerging new and confusing feelings for the boy are told in a language reflective of child. This narrative is counterpointed by the philosophical ruminations that make more sense if written by an adult with a much more sophisticated grasp of reality and experience; the language is inconsistent and causes doubt and disbelief. To what extent Otto Frank had tampered with his daughter's words may never be known, and THAT is at the crux of my comment. The diary is just a story of kid growing up at a hellish time, not a sacred text arbitrarily deemed untouchable. AF was a real person, not a Marvel comic item invented to move the narrative along. The girl died at Bergen Belsen of typhus. Her demise is no more and no less horrific than the death by being burned alive at the hands of an israeli settler of an 18-month old Palestinian baby, or the hundreds of Syrian and Iraqi babies and children who continue to drown b/c US. et al, politicians think it is incumbent upon them to determine what goes on away from their own home turf, as did the Nazis regarding populations in Holland and elsewhere. Victims of the WW2 brutality do not have exclusive claim to suffering.

      The hysterical remarks made by some in this thread sound more like pathetic attempts by a dying culture that is determined to make the pain of some more important than that of others, which reopens the chasm between""us" and "them", another pointless reason why humanity is stuck in the futile loop of endlessly ratcheted torment with no end in sight.

      With apologies for the unintended distraction to Ms. Spear whose point, in my understanding of the article, appears to agree with mine. Humanity canot afford this insanity or it will be the end of us before the climate change gets to us.

    • Is Anne Frank's diary as we know it a fraud?

      In the 1950s, an American writer, Meyer Levin, had collaborated with Otto Frank, Anne's surviving father, in rewriting the autobiography. Frank reneged on his obligation to pay Levin the mutually agreed upon sum of $50,000. A messy lawsuit followed:

      Why was it necessary to tamper with a unique document that had the potential to become a vademecum on the effect that war has on a child's psyche? Anne Frank could have become a powerful voice for all children, including present day young Palestinians. Instead we are left with a corrupted document tainted for eternity by pretentious adult considerations and greed. What a waste...

  • Two Palestinians were executed on Hebron street in March, not just one -- B'Tselem
    • Annie, I doubt there is anyone in position of consequence in this country who will risk his/her cushy job to meet quaint expectations of just, moral and ethical considerations.

      The musical chairs society, aka the israeli govt, has long ago gone off the reservation and likely spend ther time contemplating their collection of nukes. It's time to consider ways to bring the psychopaths into the ICC, before the former act on their unconscionable wants. Can someone like B'Tselem, the NGOs and the legion of journalists bring such a suit? One wonders if perhaps AIPAC, the Center for Constitutional Rights, et brilliant jurist al, could come together and rein in the psychopaths and make them "eat the fruit of their ways and be filled with the fruit if their schemes" (Proverbs 1:31) It's been done before. At Nuremberg.

      What do you think?

    • That the farce called israeli govt still refers to their conscripts as idf, makes sense in the context of a need to create an illusion that justifies their genocidal policies. But looking at the endless stream of gruesome street executions remindes one of the 70+ y/o images of the SS in a similar capacity.

      So, what's next? Supplying their victims with shovels, ordering them to dig a ditch, line them at the edge and put a bullet in their heads? Too drastic an assumption? Why? The concentration camps are already in place, so is the starvation of the inmates, the kangaroo courts, and the massive whitewashing job that is failing at an exponential rate to not only retain the degree of ignorance among the global populace, but is giving the neonazi menace the tools to confidently aim at the highest office in their lands.

      Israel as the machine that is engineering the revival of the genocidal zombies...The mind is seriously boggled.

      Who can put the israeli govt into the ICC docks, before a tragedy of unconscionable proportions takes us beyond the point of no return?

  • The List: Cuomo's anti-BDS executive order is a first amendment nightmare
  • Israel wants a peace process – but only if it's doomed to fail
    • By ancient standards, mythological Israel is no greater than the size of the scrolls holding the stories.

      Assuming Hagee's (non-existent) logic, what is he still doing in this country without the permission of the Native Americans? Moreover, the stories about Israel-that-never-was are about 2500 y/o. The part of the continent we know as the USA was forcefully appropriated 500+ y/ago from flesh and blood human beings. Hagee, start packing...

    • Meanwhile NYC bans BDS:

      The ban is illegal, even worse (better) it will only make the issue bigger and better known to many. The commenters revulsion is palpable.

      Cuomo has to go for violating the US Constitution.

    • "(...)US secretary of state John Kerry attended, he was decidedly cool towards the summit."
      "Israeli officials have been in near-panic that Obama may seek payback for the years of humiliation he endured from Netanyahu."

      BO and JK are half way down the slide, with a clear view of the Exit sign out of the WH and a dismal record as their "legacy". Inasmuch as I would like to share JC's hushed optimism, BO's mentor, Joe Lieberman, will make sure that BO will not forget who got him this cushy gig. JK owes as much to his missus. So much for the not-so-grande world of bit players with delusions of self-importance.

      Payback time may be Europe's to exact; the tab is long and pricey for having had to endure the epic arrogance of a band of parochial amateurs from a blood-soaked tiny theatre of the absurd.

  • Why don't you share all the good things about Israel?
  • Israel commandeers UN for anti-BDS pep rally
    • "an intelligence official said Israel should engage in “targeted civil elimination” of BDS advocates"

      An unfortunate choice of words or subconscious projection of the real intentions of this rally?

      Why was this allowed to take place inside the UN?

  • 'My weekend in Palestine' changed an Australian man's life
    • The power of Rob's video is in the distress clearly audible in his voice and incredulity at what he is seeing. When put next to the Israeli elaborate PR stunts, the video manages to pierce the gasbag of Israeli delusions of grandeur, revealing the petty parochial world-class (sic) pariahs.

      I expect that most of the commenters in this thread are long term witnesses to the savagery that is contemporary Israel. I have been a passive witness to this obscenity for so long that my reaction to the the soldiers' behaviour in the kids' park would have been just another unsurprising par for the course, which made Rob's distress all the more moving. It reminds one just how far we have come.

      Well done, Robbie!

  • Yehuda Glick's meteoric rise from messianic margins to Israeli parliament
    • No. Nor am I suggesting it. A new approach calls for a new site, untainted by past.

    • The recent Jewish newcomers have no claim to Al Aqsa. The majority of them are converts who originate from other parts of the region, even world, and who have had no problem abandoning the temples where those who had come before them had prayed for decades, even centuries.

      The Jews who stayed in Palestine and did not leave Judea two millennia ago - do. Those Jews, over the centuries had chosen, or were forced, to convert to Islam in substantial numbers. They are the ones who have continuously invested in the maintainance of their house of prayer that had evolved from a temple into a mosque to serve the generations whose efforts carried the massive structure in its full glory into the present, rather than see it decay into a pile of dust and stones or picturesque ruins.

      Throughout history a huge number of ancient structures had been taken over by flocks with an entirely unrelated traditions. They, too, as with Al Aqsa, had invested money, time and effort to keep the edifices standing. No one did then, nor would today, think of taking their house of prayer away from them.

      Not least if all, a congregation is not a pile of bricks, but the people who come together in a moment of communal prayer and spiritual reflection. To make obscene acquisitive claims to a piece of real estate debases the noblest spiritual aspects of the claimants' faith.

      The better idea would have been to erect a new and splendid edifice that would reflect the passage of time and evolution of the old tradition. Perhaps even create a new and modern holiday that would honour those whose forefathers had lived thru the creation and evolution of the earliest days of Judaism, and the phenomenal success of proselytising that saw the evolution of a small local cult into a religion, the only one that did not die with all the others as the Antiquities faded into History. A holiday that would celebrate traditions of a long gone era of sometimes strange mores that had evolved to reflect humanity's ever changing spirit.

  • Giving up on political propaganda, Israeli consulate turns to Ted-style inspirational conference
    • Kay, thanks for the link. Nihil novi for most but, likely, a jaw-dropper for many.

      "Moshe (Bogie) Ya’alon, the minister whom Netanyahu fired to make room for Lieberman, spoke bluntly at a press briefing on Friday. “To my great sorrow, extremist and dangerous elements have taken over Israel and the Likud Party,” he said. Former Prime Minister Ehud Barak, who was Ya’alon’s predecessor as defense minister under Netanyahu, angrily reinforced Ya’alon’s message on television later that night. Israel “has been infected by the seeds of fascism,” Barak said."

      ...reap ...sow

      It looks like Israel may have fallen into the sticky spiderweb that it has been so patiently weaving to trap anyone who would not tow the Israeli, even inner tribal, line. Now has come the time for those who are coming out of the coolaid stupor to grasp what is coming:
      "Yet the most significant portent of pressure came on that same television broadcast, not from any politician but from the channel’s military correspondent, Roni Daniel, who usually spars with others as the resident skeptic and hawk. Daniel could not hold back his anger at Netanyahu’s political machinations or his sellout to settler apologists. “I plowed the fields next to the Jordan River. They told us to go to the Army; we went to the Army. They told us to become officers; we became officers and commanders and served in the reserves. I went and fought all of the wars I was asked to fight, (...) For the first time I feel, because of this kind of politics, I’m not sure that I want my children to live here.”

      Considering the very long and elaborate psycho-programming of the Israelis' who, overwhelmingly, even blindly, follow their leaders, (yet another commonality with 1930's Germany's populace), one wonders if the (b)light unto nations has reached the point of no return. And if so, it would behoove the global leaders to consider and prepare for the desperate measures the self-wounded might resort to next.

      Not least of all, it's a wonder that The New Yorker has come to publish the article.
      Whatever next? NYT to realise that the good old days are no more? Chuck Schumer to reconsider his fanatical support? A nostra culpa by AIPAC, et al?

      Sic transit gloria mundi.

  • 'My country right or wrong' -- indoctrination in defense of Israel
  • Acclaimed Irish literary festival's refusal to accept Israeli state funding welcomed by artists and human rights campaigners
    • With all the bribes that Israel throws at the world, they would score better if they spent that money to keep the electricity on and clean water flowing in Gaza.

  • 'Why should we give Israeli investigators a gun to shoot the victims again?': B'Tselem ends cooperation with Israeli military citing total lack of accountability
    • This is disapointing news, but not a surprise. I do hope, however, that B'Tselem will continue their important work documenting the carnage. One option would be to create a list similar to 'The Counted' published by The (UK) Guardian, which lists the killings by the US police (2016 so far 400 dead) :

      Would that the NYT had the necessary equipment to face the reality for themselves and its readers. One wonders if there is anyone on the planet with the courage to publish such an accounting of slaughtered Palestinians.

  • Hard times: Pro-Israel group will pay young Jews $100 to watch its movies
    • How about forming a group, then each groupie watches one "documentary", writes a synopsis and distributes same among group members. I have no idea how to get around the indoctrination webinars or pontification events, tho'.

  • Sanders appoints Palestine advocates to committee drafting Democrat's 2016 platform
    • Even better polling news:
      "Poll: Sanders Ahead of Trump by 15 Points, Clinton Just by Three"

      I hope this trend holds.

    • Trump leads Clinton in polls:

      This reminds of the 1944 elections and the massive loss to the country's then-future and our-present that came with the defeat of Wallace at the hands of dem dino apparatchiks. What followed in place of the dashed great hopes that had come with the massive popular support for Wallace was the hell of Hiroshima, endless lost wars, coups and colonial ambitions pursued on three continents.

      Wallace lived in an era dominated by the swamp created by corporate media, the corp/milit/ind complex, and corrupt billionaires.
      We live in the info age, and I hope that the populace will put the gizmos that connect us into a community with a shared determination for a just future, to their intended use. Or we're so screwed...

      Inasmuch as I hope that Sanders makes it to the general elections, come what may, his decision to bring the Palestinian issues into the global sunlight, by a Jew and once-upon-a-time kibutznik, brings much needed hope. Who knows, it might even inspire our lawmakers to reconsider their cowardly obeisance to Nutcase, the ugly bouncer, et al. This might even inspire other governments to do the same. What a concept...

  • Video: Gaza family mourns children who burned to death
    • Thanks, wfleitz.
      But to be fair, and on the assumption that jon s is an Israeli citizen, and lives in the land proud of its heritage of cafes, nür für Jude roads and genocidal army - I am guessing that he may be a student or in a badly paid job, in need of funds to pay rent and buy food, and may have to perpetuate hasbara's drivel to be able to have a hopeful future (unlike his Palestinian neighbours), while the Israeli First Musical Chairs Society elects to turn a perfectly nice land into a walled-in ghetto, build homes for incoming social rejects, buy corrupt pols in way too many countries and pay for the First Nutjob's trips to indoctrinate ultra hypocritical american legislators joined at their collective posteriors by an invisible massive spring when exposed to the former's presence in their hallowed edifice(s).

    • Jon s --
      Which part of your elegant English does not understand that Israel had created the underlying basis for the innumerable disasters, including the burning of the wee ones whether at the hands of the replicant settlers or a tipped over candle in a house wired for electricity?

    • Yes, Israel is responsible in a number of ways for the ongoing Catastrophe. Israel's policies were, and continue to be designed to make life intolerable for the tenacious Palestinians, from the acute water and electricity shortages, the crumbling infrastructure, the recurring horrendous bombings that further exacerbate the horror of daily life in Gaza, to the de facto theft of Palestinians' taxes.

      The squabblings between the PLO and Hamas is hardly a surprise. Two organisations with no historic precedent of living in an independent state with self-rule, on top of the horror of the present magnitude, i.e., nothing that could have provided some idea how to handle life in a fragmented state, whose native population has to deal with the many ongoing nightmares with no hope in sight - all have been, and continue to be caused by Israel and its genocidal racists.

  • Joint List MK: Lieberman deal reveals 'the real face of Netanyahu'
    • "it defies belief that America would support Israel. It did not support Nazi Germany"

      Actually a(n un)fair number of US corporations supported the Nazis, from IBM, Chase Manhattan, JPMorgan, GM, to name a few, to wealthy individuals such as the Rothchilds and Dubya's grandfather. The rationale was likely the same as that which today compels contemporary businesses and pols to hold their noses and support Israel, i.e., money. Israel is, inexplicably, still viewed as essential to the US in its hopes for establishing an empire in the ME. Until Pearl Harbour US money had hoped to ride on the backs of the German soldaten to great wealth in Europe, especially Russia.

      Plus ça change...

    • "Yaalon made the statement in a vouche of support of Deputy Chief of Staff Maj.-Gen. Yair Golan who was lambasted by Netanyahu after apparently drawing comparison between current Israeli policy with that of pre-Nazi Germany."

      What has been going on in Palestine for nigh on 70 years, is a reflection of Nazi Germany in the 1930's, and the acts of Nazi savagery of the 1940’s in many occupied countries, especially in Eastern Europe, albeit on a proportionally smaller scale. A fair number of officers in the German army had also come to similar conclusions as M.G Golan, albeit in connection with the madness that had come to dominate the Nazi regime and its conquests. Those officers paid for their "insubordination and disloyalty" by being left to die while hanging from meat hooks. Considering Lieberman's growing psychotic obsession with bringing death to others, one wonders if there will come a day when Judaism will no longer be able to protect Lieberman's coreligionists from harm.

      Despite the 70yo charade of pretending to be a independent state, Israel has no idea how to stop its bloodthirsty vampirism. What horrific act will it take to rein in the zombies?

  • Why Miko Peled's story resonates for Palestinians
    • Would it be possible for MW to offer both names of Israeli/Palestinian towns and regions where they differ? E.g., Jerusalem/Al Quds.

      Perhaps not in the original articles, in deference to the authors' own preferences, unless in parentheses, and unless the authors are agreeable. To MW's casual readers this could be a subtle way to remind all that the native population has its own viable markers, whether historical, geographical and/or cultural, and a sign of equal respect for both societies.

  • A brief history of the 'Nakba' in Israel
    • It gives me no pleasure to say that I was right in a recent comment to a different MW article wherein I had stated exactly what the authority on ME and Palestine, such as prof. Ilan Pappe, is saying in this video.

      The Palestinians do not have a coherent leadership that the world can work with. This state of affairs is also reflected in the futile chaos on the ground in Palestine that only serves to perpetuate Israeli genocidal policies. The zionists are hoping that this catastrophic state of affairs will continue until they render the native people, their history and culture, into a passing curiosity for future students of the ME. The Palestinians would do well to study the history of zionism, the use of the Jewish holocaust and efforts by racist bigots such as Balfour, et al, and learn how to work with the world to remain a viable living population, and not history's forgetable footnote. Preferably tout de suite than any time later.

  • Michael Ratner was dedicated to radical social change, with humor and humility
  • Reebok backtracks on Israel Independence Day-inspired sneaker (Updated)
    • Kay,
      in this thread Mikhael writes about the tight knit iranian-israeli Jews and their unquestioning loyalty to Israel. I can confirm that fanatical devotion: I live in a 'hood dominated by these people, and b/c of my my nigh on daily reposts to my blog, of articles and videos from MW, +972, and others, I now understand their years' long persecution directed at me and expressed in a number of ways, including thorough destruction of my 4th amendment rights to person, papers, possessions and property, including redirecting my connection to the internet to and thru a filter that allows them to censor my internet activities. In effect erasing any all of my rights to all forms of privacy. But this descendant of WW2 Resistance fighters, too many of whom had died to save an untold number of Jews during the period leading up, to and during the destruction of, the Warsaw Ghetto, I am equally dedicated to fight against gross injustices, in the spirit of the motto ”For your freedom and mine", including those perpetrated on Palestinians. Compared to my antecedents, it's an easy task; my life is not at risk. I hope.

      If Israel is so very much in need of citizens imbued with uncritical support of their genocidal country's policies, one wonders why would the fanatical faithful elect to emigrate to places like the US. Unless they are here as Israel's fifth column, even if they know that they are watched by US authorities, which may explain their paranoia directed at, and obsession with, nobodies such as I.

  • Netanyahu announces 'seminar on Jewish history' in his office-- for European diplomats
    • How is an arrogant offer of a free "seminar" on Jewish history by Israel's First Blowhard for those who have exercised their right to vote their well-considered conscience and interests - supposed to help Israeli pols and command any amount of respect? (rhetorical)

      Perhaps it's time that the Israeli pols hire a psychoanalyst who might suggest that such outbursts project the image of an insecure schoolyard bully, hardly a partner for high level international negotiations.

  • Ringleader in Abu Khdeir kidnapping and murder given life sentence
    • Good catch, fair comment.

      To clarify the unintended ambiguity:
      Short of a plastic surgery, name change and a new bio, I would not be surprised if the murderer were released into a foreign country with a sympathetic community with the settler mentality, which community may elevate the murderer into the victim (martyr) of "self-hating" israeli jurists pandering to global anti-semitism in order to produce the (redundant) delusion of a law abiding country.

      Bottom line, this young man, not very bright and functioning in a thoroughly corrupt system that had filled him with delusions of grandeur, assuming he is not a clinical psychopath, who will one day grasp the full measure of his crime, will likely spend the rest of his life in the tenth circle of hell created by the zios for those among their own kind and used to further their (zios) own tawdry interests. Effectively damning Israel, Israelis and Judaism to an eternity* of condemnation. Double mazeltov...

      *the Germans have already spent 70 years paying for five years of WW2 atrocities, with no end in sight. What will 70 years cost the Jews? (rhetorical)

      I am beginning to agree with Miko Peled's thoughts about the chances of Israel's survival into the future.

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