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Yakov Hirsch

Yakov Hirsch is a professional poker player and dog trainer. His twitter handle is @Yakovhirsch and his articles are posted at

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  • Israel’s welcome now reserved only for Jews who back Netanyahu
  • Israel's neverending occupation is bringing 'infamy' to Jews worldwide, making Jewish life 'precarious' -- Tony Klug
  • Netanyahu's holy war, and the coming Jewish schism
  • Friedman pick will force good liberal Zionists to admit the peace process has failed
    • JWalters December 18, 2016, 7:31 pm
      "There have always been subgroups within the Jewish community. But WHY has the “establishment” group (i.e. the “donor class”) always supported, and continued to support the most radical, Jewish supremacist, archaic, blind to plain justice, “settler” group?"

      The "donor class" are the most ethnocentric, the most tribal, and also very susceptible to the hasbara culture "social construction of reality. " (Think of Rabbi Shmuley Boteach whispering toxic tribal nonsense in Adelson's ear. )
      When less ethnocentric Jewish billionaires feel philanthropic, they give money to more universalistic enterprises than the settlement of Beit El. Maybe something more in line of a donation for the establishment of a kids cancer ward at a local hospital.

  • Azaria's conviction will end a totalitarian ideology
    • Mooser December 17, 2016, 12:10 pm
      “Now read Gen Yair Golan’s Holocaust speech. I am writing for people who see a difference between Netanyahu and Golan.”
      "Golan can deliver a more liberal Zionism? Let’s hope so."

      Mooser, best i repeat my statement to avoid further confusion.
      "I am writing for people who see a difference between Netanyahu and Golan.”

    • just December 14, 2016, 7:12 pm
      “Yakov hirsch seems to have a definite vision of how the azalea verdict will play out and I am agnostic. Is it a hunch or is it an accurate read. ”

      Just, nice catch.

    • Peter Feld December 15, 2016, 9:40 am
      "Ehud “Villa in the Jungle” Barak is a great hope? And has the chops to beat Netanyahu and Bennet? Maybe, but I don’t understand the case for it."

      Peter, I believe if any fundamental change for the better is possible in Israel, the Kulturkampf that i am describing in this piece must happen first. Netanyahu has cultivated a sacred righteous hatred in Israeli culture against the "enemies" of the Jewish people. This is a ticking time bomb for Palestinians . Whenever the next Palestinian attack that kills a few women and children the reaction by the Israeli govt's tribal revenge MUST be brutal. The people will demand it. The thirst for this tribal revenge will have to be satiated. That is Netanyahu's doing. It is i believe where Netanyahu has taken Israeli society. It is my belief Israel society is in a much much worse place than ever before.
      Now read Gen Yair Golan's Holocaust speech. I am writing for people who see a difference between Netanyahu and Golan.
      To me the difference between Netanyahu and Golan is vast. People like Golan are the only chance Israel and The Palestinians have left in my opinion. And Barak is the only one that has the gravitas to deliver the Golan message. I believe he will. Let's return to this issue in a few weeks to see lay of the land after the Azaria verdict.

  • Defending Ellison, Jewish writers publish 'apartheid' description of Israel in 'Slate' and 'Washington Post'
  • I hereby chuck my right to Jewish national self-determination
    • gingershot December 10, 2016, 3:59 pm
      "Yakov – oh yeah, absolutely – and the ‘Azaria Trial’ is going to pale by comparison to the optics of the onrushing ‘Amona Evacuation’ spectacle. It is the tsunami, and it is upon Israel AND the Israel Lobby."
      Gingershot, thanks for response, i enjoy your comments.

    • gingershot
      December 7, 2016, 3:56 pm
      "Let’s look at Israelis now as the Kahanists they are rather than how we might wish them to be. While we’re at it lets look at our Kahanist Israel Lobby/Jewish Lobby as they are, rather than what we blind ourselves to

      While we do it, let’s keep in mind that our media has been so distorted by the Lobby that most Americans literally can’t THINK about Israel and the Lobby critically at all – it is propaganda known as ‘obsfuscation’ where the public literally does not have enough data points to even think intelligently about the issues – and know that that is a ‘manufacturing of consent’/’thought policing’ of incredible importance. This obsfusction is a deliberate program of propaganda on the American people. Gee – thanks, Lobby!"

      Elor Azaria to the rescue. Grab some popcorn gingershot. You're going to enjoy the show after the verdict.

  • ADL's Greenblatt is the one who needs to express 'contrition' for accusation of Keith Ellison
    • Mooser December 6, 2016, 10:50 pm
      “but “ziocaine” not his best work IMHO"

      " Yup, it was one big cock-up. I did screw it up. My original (and quite erroneous) etiological theory was wrong, a dead end, but the idea that “ziocaine” was some kind of drug or dopamine-like compound became ensconced. And that proved to be false For what it’s worth, the correct appellation is “The Ziocaine Syndrome”. It’s a behavioral syndrome."

      Mooser, i take it all back. I had "ziocaine" all wrong. After reading the way you describe it here,
      my new thinking is our book "Hasbara culture Ziocaine Syndrome" is going to give me more than an ample bankroll to get back to the casino and gambling.

    • Annie Robbins December 6, 2016, 11:06 pm
      another excellent article yakov, my only disappointment was this...
      "how could you forget former florida state senator dwight bullard."

      Thanks Annie. But between poker hands and dogs barking, mine and others, up right and wrong trees, i unfortunately left some important stuff out, like the Dwight Bullard case.

    • yonah fredman
      December 6, 2016, 11:16 pm
      "The phrase “spied upon” is silly. If you’re talking in public, it’s fair game. Period. Whether you are Dennis ross talking at a temple or Keith Ellison talking to muslims."

      Yonah maybe you’re right “spied upon” not the best term. But for the record I was trying to be fair. I came up with that phrase when searching my mind for how the ADL would describe the Ellison situation if the galosh was on the other foot. I know it’s hard for us to imagine that world Yonah, and that’s likely why I got “spied upon” wrong.
      But suppose “new information” like old audio recordings would too often materialize, just as a Jewish politician, is getting close to some real power and influence. Say a recording turned up of Chuck Schumer saying the word “shvartzer” 30 years ago. And now his minority leader of the Senate position imperiled. Why? Because the NAACP found it “disqualifying.” Or if the “Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee,” would habitually put out statements looking for “elaboration” and maybe some contrition too over Jewish behavior. Again I can imagine Chuck Schumer’s “Hashem actually gave me that name,” might get their attention and warrant clarification from that Arab-American perspective.
      Jonah, that was the upside-down world I was imagining when I chose “spied upon.” And that’s where I went wrong. My mistake was I thought Greenblatt statements on the subject would be along the lines of, "Jewish politicians feel spied upon.” But maybe you indeed have a better imagination than me. In that world, Greenblatt's position might very well be, as you see it, that politicians, Jewish or not, are “fair game,” as long as long as the implied, and other disqualifying talk "in public."

    • Thanks Donald. I agree if Greenblatt was looking to do Muslim favors, they prefer he just leave Ellison alone rather than promise to "register" as Muslim if it came to that.

      Also "Mooser calls it ziocaine."
      Hope this doesn't hurt Mooser's feelings, if he happens to come across this comment of mine, but "ziocaine" not his best work IMHO.

  • Here's the gossip: Beinart is about to replace Goldberg as most important Jewish journalist
    • Annie Robbins November 26, 2016, 3:51 pm
      "so, here’s part of what i wrote at the time 3/28/2012:"

      "If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants."
      P.S. Not sarcastic of course.

    • xanadou
      November 26, 2016, 1:00 pm
      "I’m not sure if this is supposed to be a sarcastic observation,"

      When in doubt Vegas says assume sarcasm.

  • A conversation with Miko Peled
  • When Sanders changed political reality. And hasbara culture slapped him down.
    • Maghlawatan November 20, 2016, 12:36 am
      "There is an old historical debate between “Cleopatra’s nose” and the longue durée. Is history made by incidental human factors and actions – Pascal’s saying that “if Cleopatra’s nose had been shorter, the whole face of the world would have been changed” – or is it determined by deeper currents which individual endeavour is powerless to retard or impel, as the great French historian Fernand Braudel insisted with his “long period” of change, beside which everyday political events were mere “dust."

      Maghlawatan, IMO the unique stature the "Holocaust," "anti-Semitism"& "Zionism" have in American and Western culture, (along with the particular psychology of diaspora Jewry) have allowed "hasbara culture" fanatics like "Bibi" and Jeffrey Goldberg to have monumental cultural and political influences that is much more difficult for other single individuals in other cultural contexts to have.

    • DaBakr November 19, 2016, 8:27 pm
      "All the people that have been inculcated with so-called ‘hasbarist culture’, an as so far, made up name."
      "So, YH is a special one. Chosen to enlighten the world to what they are too blind to recognize themselves. Sounds like a great career move. A step up from gambler. Just think of the possibilities if you collaborate with MxB, the enfant terrible of the Jewish fringe left. And now that HRC can resume her friendship with his daddy his possibilities are as wide open as ever."

      DEBAKR: i couldnt help but notice a softening of your position on "hasbara culture" from our last encounter. (below) Maybe a touch less strident and hysterical. Though I did have a sneaking suspicion you might come around. You struck me as a little more "reasonable" than the other hasbara trolls i encountered here.

      DaBakr November 5, 2016, 6:48 pm
      so, you invent your own term to support your own theory and propose this ‘theory’ of yours to an audience with a preponderance of people who are most likely to embrace your theory with utmost enthusiasm. very brave and controversial. ‘hasbara culture’ is an idea that belongs right up there with some of the ‘biggest’ trends in modern philosophy like: twitter culture and snap-chat nation. your articles (which i have read, at least) ooze a general disgust with the people and government of the nation you formerly claimed citizenship to. so, at least you are consistent. but as for putting forth social ‘explanations’ for why israelis (unlike other peoples) may or may not act a certain way, well…

      maybe you should stick to gambling

    • Maghlawatan November 19, 2016, 7:05 pm
      "Yakov how did you get to abandon the groupthink ? I wonder if Israel can be saved or will it go all the way to Masada again."

      Maghlawatan, why do you think i "abandoned the group think?"
      I still believe Jews are Gods chosen people; I just don't understand the advantage of being so obnoxious to everyone about it.
      I will save my prediction about Israel's future until after the Azaria verdict.

    • Annie Robbins
      November 19, 2016, 6:32 pm
      " a person who has already been indoctrinated by so much propaganda (hasbara)that the propaganda is already their reality. i can see this distinction."

      Already the student is better than the teacher. I can't wait to read Annie's book on "hasbara culture."

    • Keith November 19, 2016, 4:08 pm
      " Your additional description is entirely consistent with my interpretation of what you meant by hasbara culturalist, and I don’t want to argue semantics on the definition of propaganda. "

      Keith, understood.
      But i also think not so deep down you would like to argue "semantics" on the definition of propaganda. But as I only argue semantics, with people who really don't want to argue semantics, ill pass.

    • Keith November 19, 2016, 11:52 am
      "As I understand it, a hasbara culturalist is a subset of Zionism.
      It involves a reframing of incidents to comport with the Zionist narrative by those with the power to influence the discussion. It is a consistent and coherent propagandistic distortion of objective reality"

      Keith, i understand myself differently than you understand me. Dosent mean im right of course, just saying.

      I am describing a Jewish/Zionist "social construction of reality" that the subjective experience of the world is experienced as objective reality. I am not talking about " propaganda," I am talking people who have been inculcated in hasbara culture "experience" reality differently. And we are about to have a big social science experiment that will demonstrate this concept.
      I have been writing about it for months now.
      I believe It's going to play out very shortly after the Elor Azaria verdict. Because that trial is a good old fashioned battle between reality and HC.
      In the Jaffa court, hasbara culture doesn't amount for much proof. There is the hasbara-proof video and all his Azaria's statements showing he believed "terrorists must die." Consider what it means that no hasbara possible for what Azaria did. We all agree we are seeing the same thing. No matter your politics or where in the world you are located. And without even knowing who the "teams" are, what county the uniform belonged to, the shooter is a bad man and needs to be punished.
      Its incontrovertible that the soldier who shows up to the scene and and shoots the person on the ground is a bad man and needs to be punished.
      The beginning of my Netanyahu vs Golan article explains it better.

      That's the shock. Hasbara culture has no need for hasbara anymore. One would have expected spin by Netanyahu about the murdering medic. Read the Haaretz article about the cabinet meeting after the MM execution. There is no spin because they don't experience a need for spin. Because they experience Azaria as a good Jewish boy, and as "one of our children" who through righteous anger protected all of Israeli Jews by killing the Nazi/Isis/Cossack/ on the ground.
      In court its an open and shut case. And the IDF, befitting the most moral army in the world, is going to find him guilty. What happens next will be a large angry group of people who in their EXPERIENCE of reality on of their tribe members is being sacrificed for political correctness or to make the Europeans happy.
      Let me give you some Netanyahu hasbara culture, to give you an idea of what most Israelis EXPERIENCE the reality of the situation is.

      “The will to destroy the Jewish people has not changed. What has changed is our ability to defend ourselves and our determination to do so.”
      “A deep and wide moral abyss separates us from our enemies. They sanctify death while we sanctify life. They sanctify cruelty while we sanctify compassion.”
      And Bennett:
      “Talk of a murder charge against a combat soldier during a combat operation is a moral mistake that blurs the lines between good and evil. I expect his mistake to be mended.”
      This is not hasbara, Bennett is spouting. It is his reality. It is hasbara culture.
      Stay tuned...

    • Maghlawatan November 19, 2016, 11:18 am
      You don’t appear to have a makey uppy name such as Ehud and the Hebrew for strawberry. 4 of the people I most admire on the Jewish side of this clusterfuck are Finkelstein, Amira Hass , Gurvitz and Gideon Levy ..And they don’t have makey uppy names either. And I think that is something. Because when the name is changed something vital relating to the identity is lost
      There is never a possibility of tabula rasa. Not with the way our brains work.

    • Annie Robbins November 18, 2016, 5:22 pm
      "another great article Yakov Hirsch!"

      Thanks Annie! Let me know when you figure out why im "obsessed," as i think you put it, with Jeffrey Goldberg. And also why Goldberg's punishment is going to be at a minimum שתי עיניים תחת עין?

    • Talkback November 18, 2016, 8:16 pm
      Mooser: “What can we call those people who reject “Hasbara culture” or criticize its aspects?”

      I know, Himalayas or not, i wont be able compete with "heretics."

    • Mooser November 18, 2016, 5:13 pm
      "What can we call those people who reject “Hasbara culture” or criticize its aspects?"

      Mooser, If that question is aimed at me, i find it in poor taste. It took a two year meditation retreat in the Himalayas, before "hasbara culture" came to me. I am not going back.

  • In standing up for Bannon, Dershowitz is true to his Orthodox Brooklyn roots
    • yonah fredman November 17, 2016, 3:38 pm

      Yonah, unrelated but please indulge me.
      What are your thoughts on Jeffrey Goldberg? In particular what do you think about the relationship between his Jewish identity and his journalism? Has Goldberg done a good job handling his JDL/IDF baggage? Do you think he Is he an honest journalist about Israel, Zionism, Jews, Iran, antisemitism etc?

    • Page: 1
  • Trump may kill Netanyahu with kindness
  • Epic battle looms over accused anti-Semite entering White House, and 'NYT' graywashes the moment
    • Mooser November 14, 2016, 2:09 pm
      “Possible. But not very likely.”

      “Jackdaw” even tho there are non-Jews listening, we must face the fact that not all Jews are good Jews. Maybe Trump, and Bannon like the good Jews and don’t like the bad ones.
      And that shows they really like us, and want the good Jews to be respected. Anything wrong with that? It’s just like anybody else, you like the good ones, and don’t like the bad ones.

      Mooser. Very well done.

  • The power of hasbara culture
    • hophmi November 7, 2016, 1:55 pm
      “Jeffrey Goldberg has been the most aggressive proselytizer in America for hasbara culture and its highly politicized character. ”
      "You are completely insane, Yakov That statement is not based in reality, like most of what you write here."

      Hophmi, if you use heavy ammo like "completely insane now," what exactly is left to call me after my upcoming, even more "completely insane" articles?

    • Talkback November 6, 2016, 4:56 am

      Thanks Talkback. Good article, and this Yonah comment is truly priceless.

      yonah fredman October 15, 2015, 9:11 pm
      "Bret Stephens is guilty of colonial racism....To insist on emphasizing the Jewish aspect seems extraneous (or perverse), since the determining factor is the colonialism aspect. - See more at:

    • DaBakr November 5, 2016, 6:48 pm
      "so, you invent your own term to support your own theory and propose this ‘theory’ of yours to an audience with a preponderance of people who are most likely to embrace your theory with utmost enthusiasm. very brave and controversial....maybe you should stick to gambling"

      Any card but the 6 of spades and i would happily stick to gambling. But what to do? As a professional gambler i had no choice but to put everything in the pot. The idiot had only 1 card in the deck to save him. Well, wouldnt you know it, Hashem finally punished me for everything ... with the 6 of spades on the river.
      The thing is Dabakr, i am now trying to build up my gambling bankroll with the advance to the book "The Hasbara Culture." But it goes without saying, i first need to drum up interest in that concept before i can get the advance i need to go back to gambling.
      But please realize Dabakr, you exposing my "hasbara culture" hustle wont get me back to the casino any sooner, which ultimately i think is what we both want.

    • Fritz
      November 5, 2016, 4:52 pm
      "I don’t think so, but I fear that the result in the minds of many people like me is to be more careful and to be silent about these issues also in the future."

      Fritz, i'm optimistic glasnost is coming soon to the I/P discourse.

    • RoHa
      November 5, 2016, 9:42 pm
      "What difference does it make to the I/P issue whether or not the Palestinians have “their own” “national narrative”, regardless of said narrative’s Jewish-centricity?"

      Because it is much harder to dehumanize Palestinians as ISIS/Nazis
      if they have a "legitimate" national narrative. For hasbara culture to be effective with American politicians and public, the ethnocentric Jewish perspective must resonate. It has to be ok not to empathize with Palestinians. And for this Bret Stephen column to make any sense there cant be a legitimate Palestinian perspective that doesn't revolve around Jew hatred. This column, this hasbara culture about the Palestinians, IMO is more important than Adelson and Saban, in explaining American policy toward I/P.

  • Jeffrey Goldberg, anti-Zionist
    • Mooser October 28, 2016, 12:37 pm
      "No, for a man like Jeffrey Goldberg, who knows Zionism, the only fit opposition for Zionism would be an organization which used the techniques and ‘direct action’ of Zionism to battle Zionism! Anything less would be something less."

      Good point Mooser. I think now that Ari Shavit took some time off, to work on his pick up game, Goldberg is going to co-opt Shavit's, "3rd way" idea, and be the Jewish superhero he knows he is, and save Israel and the Jewish people.

  • Jeffrey Goldberg should come with a warning label
    • RobertHenryEller October 26, 2016, 3:20 pm

      Goldberg and Netanyahu as just two zombie zionist psycho liars. When Israel destroys itself, and takes down much if not all of Judaism itself, and Jews are no longer safe anywhere. Goldberg will be standing there going, “How did I get this wrong?

      I beg to differ about Goldberg's reaction. There has not been and there will wont be, " how did i get this wrong". It will be the fault of everyone but Jeffrey. If only people listened to him. From the neo-Nazis to the crazy settlers there will always be someone else that needs to be held to account.

    • Walker October 25, 2016, 5:53 pm
      "“numinous mantle”. I love that."

      Thanks walker. Important for me know that at least one other person enjoyed that as much as I did.

    • echinococcus October 25, 2016, 2:58 pm
      "The good cop here is by far the more dangerous.
      As usual, in fact.
      There isn’t that much of a difference."

      I think the difference is Peter Beinart is trying to be a moral human being, and that just has no appeal to Jeffrey Goldberg. Jeffrey Goldberg approach to almost every human interaction is: Will this interaction be "good for the Jews or bad for the Jews," and more importantly,"will this be good for Jeffrey Goldberg or not?

    • pabelmont October 25, 2016, 3:41 pm
      "YH: Terrific article, but it falls into the same trap that Phil did earlier. "
      Thanks for compliment!
      Please though in the future if you notice me falling into the same trap as Phil has, there is no need to publicize it like you're doing here. I am trying to establish a reputation for myself and “falling into the same trap as Phil” will keep me here at Mondoweiss for life if not longer.
      Now about said trap.
      I totally agree with you and it has in fact been the focus of my writing.
      What you are describing is a culture. What i think of as “hasbara culture.” Take this tweet from Greenblatt of the ADL about Phil Weiss.(the guy who walks smilingly into every trap)

      It literally doesn't mean anything. I would to love to hear Greenblatt explain this tweet in simple English, without the use of any “sacred” slogans. What exactly is Jeffrey Goldberg’s “faith,” and how exactly did Phil Weiss attack it? That is a typical product of hasbara culture. These words that Greenblatt is writing have been given a “sacredness,” an exemption from reason and logic in our culture. It allows him to spout them without him even thinking what the words actually mean. Same with this tweet.
      [email protected] via @Medium: "BDS is a modern version of an irrational hatred of the Jewish people."

      Impossible to make sense of those words.

      Hasbara culture is ADL/Jeffrey Goldberg/Netanyahu et al. variety of Jewish ethnocentrism. And this culture is only able to exist because it has the exemption and protection of being thought of as Jewish.. But Goldberg also thinks his Jewish ethnocentrism isn't only for Jews. Everyone should look at the world through JG eyes. Read his tweets. There is no more proselytizing "religion" in the world than hasbara culture, this toxic type of Jewish ethnocentricity.

      People will see this mindset with the unselfconscious “defense” of Elor azaria and the call for his pardon by politicians and the public, of our most morally enlightened ally. The “world” is in store for a shock after the Azaria verdict. And i don’t think it will stay off the front page of the NY Times. And hasbara culture going to be hard pressed to make sense of all the hasbara about the killing coming from Israel, and why Azaria doesn't deserve prison. Every child the world over knows the man shooting the man on the ground is a bad man.
      An alternative reality has been cultivated by people like Jeffrey Goldberg due to their very specific Jewish identity. That tribal fantasy in Goldberg head is not a reflection of what is really going on in the world. Goldberg is basically wrong every single time he opens his mouth, or writes anything relating to Jewish issues. His whole “journalism” career has been to mold the world into the tribal fantasy in his head, and proselytize it by the sword, which in JG means his pen. He has been very effective. When he has gotten any resistance to his worldview he experiences it like he is a Warsaw Ghetto fighter. And he is representing every Jew in history who couldn't defend themselves. Thats what he and his friends Jihads are all about. That why they try to ruin the lives of their political opponents. They experience them like Nazis.
      The second part of this article will show what happens to Goldberg's Journalism when his childhood fantasies (below)about Nazis get focused on Iran.
      "EARLY IN THE spring of 1944, when I was quite a bit younger than I am now, I parachuted into Nazi-occupied Poland as the leader of a team of Brooklyn-born commandos. We landed in a field not far from the train tracks that fed Jews to the gas chambers of Auschwitz. My team laid explosive charges on the tracks, destroying them utterly, and then I moved quickly on foot to the death camp itself, where I found Josef Mengele, the Angel of Death, in bed. I shot him in the face, though not before lecturing him on his sins. Before I killed him, he cried like a little Nazi bitch.

      Then I woke up, ate a bowl of Rice Krispies, and walked to school—the Howard T. Herber Middle School—where a sixth-grade pogromist named Patrick Harrington and his Cossack associates pitched pennies at me in a game sometimes known as “Bend the Jew,” which ended, inevitably, with me being jumped for refusing to pick up the aforementioned pennies, and also for killing Jesus. It is in part because of young Mr. Harrington and his lieutenants that I would later join the Israeli army, and that, more recently, I found myself sitting beside Quentin Tarantino’s pool in the Hollywood Hills, listening in wonder as the writer and director of Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction diagnosed what he saw as the essential, maddening flaw of every Holocaust movie ever made.

    • Annie Robbins October 25, 2016, 2:05 pm
      "great article yakov"

      Thanks Annie, but i have to be honest with you. I'm a little hurt about the "great" description.. Its not like you didn't see someone else used the word "brilliant."

    • (((James North))) October 25, 2016, 1:16 pm
      This is your best post yet. Keep it coming. The contrast between Goldberg and Beinart is brilliant.

      Thanks James! I might be the only one, but Jeffrey Goldberg inspires me.

  • Jeffrey Goldberg will be silent till he finds a way to spin all the bad-for-the-Jews news from Israel
  • Netanyahu's ghost on 'ethnic cleansing' video is rightwing pollster Luntz
    • DaBakr
      September 15, 2016, 11:07 pm
      This professional gambler is feeling slight tremors beneath his feet. It could be the beginning of an earthquake.

    • Blownaway
      September 13, 2016, 1:27 pm
      "Yacov where is the Goldberg expose? Did I miss it?"

      Trust me when the Goldberg expose drops, you won't miss it. Meanwhile delivering some jabs and body blows, to soften him up, while Jeffrey's waits for the knockout, he knows is coming.

  • It's war between Netanyahu and the generals (and the PM may just have lost the corporal)
    • Jackdaw September 10, 2016, 2:55 pm
      "Look up! Look up! The sky is falling."

      Indeed it might very well be.
      Netanyahu, the Energiser bunny of hasabrists, and i assume your idol, just can't keep his mouth shut . He just can't help himself even if its obvious that his cure is worse than the disease.
      Barak Ravid tells us one of the issues with Netanyahu's latest video production

      "By the way, someone in Washington found that the source for large swaths of Netanyahu’s remarks and arguments were taken from a 2009 document put together by Frank Luntz, a prominent U.S. political consultant who is identified with the Republican Party and those in the American far-right. Israel’s ambassador to the United States, Ron Dermer, who is a close associate of the prime minister, worked with Luntz in the early 1990s."
      "Luntz developed the public diplomacy document for the Israel Project, a pro-Israel organization that in the past was bipartisan, but has in recent years shifted to the right. Page 62 of the document states in part that ethnic cleansing is the best argument in response to the settlement issue when it comes to the U.S. public. In his video, Netanyahu repeated Luntz’s text almost word-for-word."
      read more:

    • TchoupitoulasSeptember 9, 2016, 12:07 am
      "I don’t know Yakov. You vowed to keep Goldberg out of the White House but it looks like he’s expending a lot of energy to weasel his way in. "
      Goldberg's scheming won't help him. He is not getting anywhere near the White House.
      Also, I think more accurate to think of Jeffrey Goldberg as a "Holocaust affirmative action journalist," than a "Court Jew."

    • Thanks Annie!
      Poor Jeffrey Goldberg, he knows I'm looking over his shoulder and reading his mind.

  • 'Everything that we have done since 9/11 is wrong' -- the worldview of Major Todd Pierce (Retired)
    • Jackdaw August 29, 2016, 1:06 pm
      "You didn’t waste any time turning an interesting interview into an anti-Israel screed."
      Don't you get it Jackdaw? Cant you put all the evidence together and see the issue is in YOUR head? That there is something askew, awry with YOU. A million people can read this and nobody but you and your friends would experience it an "anti Israel screed." Don't you deep down know that's true? Doesn't it concern you, that the evidence suggests, that you are so emotionally involved that your opinions are worthless???

  • Liel Leibovitz wants to excommunicate most American Jews, beginning with Beinart
    • "Because there has been a lot of Jew hatred in history it has allowed them to use “antisemitism”
      I want to clarify that its more than just "use." The culture has so pampered the ethnocentrics and their tribal delusions that Jeffrey Goldberg actually experiences "anti semitism" when Andrew Sullivan criticizes Netanyahu!

    • I'm stoned and this is a rant.
      Mr. Leibovitz probably doesn't even believe in God. But he does believe in Gods chosen people. Mr. Leibovitz religion is the Jewish people. Mr. Leibovitz is a PR agent for the Jewish people. Which he is a very very very proud member of. And in defense of the "Jewish people" Mr. Leibovitz will debase himself, will show himself to have zero personal integrity and will try to do just about anything in destroying the enemies of the Jewish people. Because so much of his identity is as a member of this greatest people ever. And thus people like Liebovitz are always defending THEMSELVES when defending Israeli behavior. They feel themselves accused when Israel is accused. The religion of these people is that the Jews are the CHOSEN people. Jews are always doing the right thing or at least almost always. Its that Jews are so so so so so so special and they love nothing better than spending all their time talking about it, to those willing or even those unwilling to listen. Their whole experience in life if searching for evidence to show how so special the Jewish people are= how so special they themselves are. That's how tribal, and even child like, these people are, who have so much influence in our culture . That's why the most ignorant liars, bullshitters; defamors, starting with Netanyahu himself; quite literally the most immoral people you can possibly have the misfortune of ever meeting; can still preen so much, talk about "moral clarity" so much, while lacking any personal ethics. Because they are speaking as PR agents of what they think is the most moral people in the history of the world. Their whole existence from cradle til grave is one big celebration of being members of the JEWISH PEOPLE. Thats why theyre so emotional and hysterical when you criticize Israel. Because that's the land of the most moral people. When you accuse Israel of something, Dershowitz experiences it as you're accusing him of something. He experiences it as you're attacking him. And Golberg, Rubin, Leibovitz,Dershowitz, Stephens, Boteach, etal. religion, is the "JEWISH PEOPLE." And at the end of the day, these ethnocentrics, are all tendentious tribal thugs with pens. AND THEIR ARGUMENTS ARE NEVER TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY. They have cost the world so much energy treating them as if they were serious people, and their arguments are serious. Every anti semitism controversy, is just these ethnocentrics acting like SJW on steroids when it comes to Jews, when it comes to how sensitive they are themselves. But history has given these antediluvians a way to avoid seeing their pathetic state. Because there has been a lot of Jew hatred in history it has allowed them to use "antisemitism"
      which now means NOTHING more than letting any ethical person know which side they want to be on. I know i will want to be on the side of the "antisemites" rather than the accusers almost every time. I don't know why people need so much evidence that they are not swayed by reason or logic. Look at this ADL tweet This is really what goes on in their head.
      "BDS is a modern version of an irrational hatred of the Jewish people."
      And there you have it.

  • Video intifada
  • 'Democracy' and 'terrorism' and the parameters of thinkable thought
    • "For example, what if those that support the Palestinian right to live in peace and dignity were to begin identifying and honoring “Righteous Jews”, ...

      I loved this piece Thomas, but felt i should introduce Mr. Jeffrey Goldberg to you and show you what happens to him when he sees one of your "lists."

      "In the middle of an otherwise forgettable death-to-Israel speech in Washington last week, the more talented half of the Mearsheimer-Walt Judeophobic combine placed on display, once again, his compulsive need to make lists of Jews. This time, Mr. Mearsheimer (a suspiciously Jewish-sounding name, though I'm told he's German-American) lists those Jews he considers "righteous," meaning that they seek the destruction of the Jewish state:

  • Let's talk about Russian influence
  • The politics of Jewish ethnocentrism
    • Thanks Don. Yes similar.

    • hophmi, enjoy.

    • Nothing beats this settler video the "Eternal Jew" in the Jewish antisemitism genre.

    • Annie Robbins
      August 18, 2016, 7:53 pm

      "it’s likely you’re obsessed w/goldberg because you too have been inflicted at one time"

      I knew my shrink would track me down for missing my last couple of sessions. But who knew he would show up as Annie here at Mondoweiss.?
      I plan on giving my 2 cents on all the issues you are really "all over the map" :) on. And i'm sure the regulars have a lot to say on our 21st century "Jewish Question " as well.

      . - See more at:

    • Annie, you have my sympathy about being a gentile, and not being free to write what you like on the subject. Feel free to email your thoughts and as long as i can take get credit for it, I will be delighted to post.
      You are probably right, i should have used a less ambiguous example of ethnocentrism than that Rudoren quote. . Maybe this ethnocentric display by Mr. Sheldon Adelson would have been better.

      In May 2011 Sheldon Adelson contacted the Jewish Week because he was unhappy about their Gingrich coverage. He gave them an interview to discuss that complaint. But what interests us is what else he said in that interview.
      “In a freewheeling 30-minute conversation ranging from the 2012 race to examples of hypocrisy among politicians to the Mideast situation,“….the Jewish state should not be coerced into a meaningless and dangerous peace agreement.“Can you make peace with people whose sole mission is to destroy you?” he asked. “You don’t have someone who wants to make peace with you.”He said that to the Palestinian leadership, “the two-state solution is a stepping stone for the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people,” and he sees no distinction between Hamas, the terror group that controls Gaza, and the Palestinian Authority, headed by President Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Salam Fayyad.“They sat with [PLO leader Yasir] Arafat for 40 years,” Adelson said of Abbas and Fayyad. “When he was planning terror, did they recuse themselves and leave the room?”He said he saw no chance for peace as long as Palestinian children from the age of 3 are taught that “a Jew is a swine and ape” and should be killed.“I favor peace,” he said, “but to be pro-Israel you also need to have a position vis a vis Israel’s enemies. And no reasonable person would make Israel sign with people pledged to destroy them. Adelson recalled visiting the office of longtime Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat in Jericho with a U.S. congressional delegation and noticing that the large map of the region proclaimed `Palestine’ in large black letters, with no reference to Israel.
      When asked about whether the map implied that the Palestinians don’t recognize Israel, Adelson said that Erekat replied, “we can dream, can’t we?”.........”

      That exchange with Erekat had such a profound impact on Adelson that he is using it in this interview as evidence of Palestinian true intentions, of a Palestinian “pledge of destruction.” Is that really the correct interpretation of Erekat’s “dream?” Or were the Congressmen and everyone else in the office who understood it exactly as Erekat meant it, correct? They understood, that just like Adelson has his own story or narrative about the land this delegation was now visiting, Erekat has his narrative as well. While Adelson believes God gave the land to the Jews and
      “I don’t think the Bible says anything about democracy,” Adelson said. “[God] didn’t talk about Israel remaining as a democratic state… Israel isn’t going to be a democratic state — so what?”
      These other people in the room understood that Saeb Erekat narrative was totally different than Adelson’s. In Erekat’s story, his people, the Palestinian people, were minding their own business, not bothering anyone, and then came a bunch of visitors from abroad, announcing that there were going to be a lot of changes to the neighborhood. Those changes were not welcome to Mr Erekat and his people. The map on the wall expresses Mr Erekat idea of the way things SHOULD have been. His version of what a just world would look like. And in Mr Erekat’s fantasy map on the wall the Jews would be just fine. This is a Palestinian fantasy not a Jewish one. The Congressmen understood that very well. They realized Erekat comment was as innocuous as can be. That map meant nothing to anyone except Adelson. But it sure meant a lot to Mr Adelson. Because that map and erakat’s “dream” meant nothing less to the antediluvian Sheldon Adelson than a “pledge of destruction.” Mr Adelson really believes that what he experienced as reality in that office, was a “reality” of Mr. Erekat confirming in Adelson’s head what the Palestinian National movement was really all about. Realize the impact that comment had on Mr. Adelson.
      And this is the same Sheldon Adelson who has 100 million burning a whole in his pocket looking for someone who sees the world exactly like himself. The same one holding the "Adelson primary." The same Adelson that Jeb Bush felt he needed to dump James Baker for.
      This man who can't at all separate subjective experience from reality. He left that office with Erekat"s map fitting his ethnocentric story of the world, and not that he needed any, but further proof of Palestinian nefarious plans.

    • yonah fredman August 18, 2016, 4:50 pm
      Yakov Hirsch- Thanks for mentioning my name out of nowhere. Your adaptation to the lower percentiles of MIA etiquette is impressive.

      Yonah, as i was reading your comment i thought to myself "is it possible I have Yonah all wrong?" And just as i was composing my apology in my head, i reached your concluding words "there is something fishy." Phew! I hate apologizing.

    • Annie Robbins
      August 18, 2016, 1:34 pm
      "and seems a tad obsessed w/goldberg "

      Annie, my apologizes if i mislead you. I am a lot more than "a tad" obsessed with Jeffrey Goldberg.

    • catalan August 18, 2016, 11:53 am
      “ I think that Jews despise each other much, so the notion that we are ethnocentric is baloney.”

      That Jews "despise" each other proves to you Jewish ethnocentricity is baloney. To me it shows how pernicious it is.

      What is Jewish ethnocentrism? It started with the religious belief that Jews are the “chosen people” which has evolved into some secular version of Jewish chosenness. It is ethnocentric Jews experiencing subjective reality (Jews are the best!) AS objective reality. Jeffrey Goldberg “knows” Jews are special. The hatred you mention from ethnocentric Jew to non -ethno-centric Jew is exactly BECAUSE the non-ethnocentric Jews are challenging the Jewish ethnocentric view of the world. It is is in itself the biggest example of ethnocentricity. The experience of being a Jew to Jeffrey Goldberg, is not something you just dismiss so easily as these other Jews are doing. So for Goldberg’s "Jews are the best that ever was, and will ever be" , to make sense, he has to explain how these other Jews are not reacting the same way to being Jewish as Goldberg is. So the “Jeffrey Goldberg’s Jews”, are very threatened by the “Glenn Greenwald Jews” of this world, and the Jill Stein’s, and the Phil Weiss’s. They are a huge psychological threat to people like Jeffrey Goldberg.
      Look at the most antisemitic article of the election campaign.
      Prager on Sanders. Prager uses every anti semitic stereotype on Sanders.
      Why? Its because Sanders and Greenwald cause the most cognitive dissonance for the ethnocentrics. Because these non-ethnocentric Jews act like they just “HAPPEN TO BE” Jews.” Being Jewish doesn't seem to mean much to them. Nothing like it does to the ethnocentrics. To them being Jewish is the most amazing thing in the world. How can these other Jews be so blah about it? So the answer must be that these other Jews are really covering up some powerful psychological need taht is in reaction to to their Jewishness . It is not possible taht these people can be as indifferent to being Jewish as they come across. Goldberg thinks the fact that these Jews are against the “Jewish interest” has to be some “sick” reaction to their own Jewishness. “Smart shrinks will have a field day” is what Goldberg tweeted about Jill Stein support for BDS.

      So Goldberg needs to create a profile in his head of the “self hating” Jew that is half man half beast.
      So Goldberg, Prager etal. turn these “self hating” Jews into evil monsters or very severely psychologically damaged people. Their reaction is in fact the most ethnocentric reaction imaginable.
      The ethnocentrics tell themselves that these other Jews MUST feel some guilt of being chosen. That's why they have their anti Israel positions. And only in REACTION to being special/chosen they do their anti Israel stuff. This quote below is Goldberg telling himself (and people like Yonah) what Phil Weiss is really about.
      It is Goldberg reaction to Mearsheimer,

      “To give you a better sense of what I mean when I use the term righteous Jews, let me give you some names of people and organizations that I would put in this category. The list would include Noam Chomsky, Roger Cohen, Richard Falk, Norman Finkelstein, Tony Judt, Tony Karon, Naomi Klein, MJ Rosenberg, Sara Roy, and Philip Weiss of Mondoweiss fame, just to name a few. I would also include many of the individuals associated with J Street and everyone associated with Jewish Voice for Peace, as well as distinguished international figures such as Judge Richard Goldstone. Furthermore, I would apply the label to the many American Jews who work for different human rights organizations, such as Kenneth Roth of Human Rights Watch.”

      And here is Goldberg’s analysis
      “A couple of quibbles, first: I don't think Roger Cohen, of The New York Times, belongs on this list. He is not a death-to Israel sort. I wish he were as sympathetic to his own people as he is to the Poles, but his lack of sympathy for Jews doesn't make him an obliterationist. Also, I don't think Judge Goldstone falls into this category, and nor do the good people at J Street. The others, though, are part of a tiny minority of Jews who believe that the destruction of Israel will bring them the approval of non-Jews, which they crave.”

      This last sentence is what happens to Goldberg’s brain, when faced with Jews who seems to have universal values instead of Jewish parochial ones.
      And look next at Goldberg psychoanalyzing Greenwald on his relation to his Jewishness.

      “ I often suspect that some really bad shit happened to him in Hebrew school.
      ..This is not to say I don't admire some of his stands, including his forthright stance against torture -- of course, this is a very Jewish position to take, if you ask me. “

      It is very important to Goldberg that Greemwal's Jewishness is behind his critical position on Israel.
      Another example. What do the ethnocentrics do about people like Gideon Levy?
      He is making moral arguments against the people who think they represent the highest morality. Clearly they can't debate Levy on the merit of his arguments. Realize Goldberg did not respond to Levy's recent Haaretz article about him. Goldberg cant win that fight.
      So look how sociologically and psychologically fascinating it is what they do.
      This is an opening to an article by Liel Leibovits in Tablet. This article is not about Levy but he waned to quote him.
      This is what a benighted ethnocentric like Liebovitz MUST do with a Gideon Levy. The long opening paragraph on Levy, the venal motivation Leibovits assigns to Levy which has no relation to reality, is the cost of Liebovits and his readers remaining in their blissful ethnocentric ignorance.

      One morning, as I woke up from unsettling dreams, I found myself transformed in my bed into a monstrous vermin: I found myself agreeing with Gideon Levy.Levy, to those who seek sweet refuge in ignorance, is the Haaretz columnist who, being the Savonarola of self-hating Jews, has made a mint peddling an increasingly sordid—and fantastical—account of Israel’s alleged crimes to the regressive left around the world. Formerly a good journalist, Levy proved to be an even better businessman: Complex analyses of the conflict, he realized, sold for pennies on the dollar in Paris and Cambridge and Rome, but thundering accounts of Jewish perfidy paid a premium. What followed were fawning profiles in Le Monde and Der Spiegel, human rights awards in Leipzig and Stockholm, even a stint on an Israeli reality show. As the sensationalists embraced Levy, serious readers shuffled off in search of more nutritional stuff.

  • Netanyahu's Academy-award performance of dehumanization is why the conflict persists
    • Yonah,
      "on the street on east 14th street in manhattan, there were people who were capable of conversation and those who were only capable of hearing their own voices"

      That was me. I used to go meditate on E. 14th st and 1st ave and I definitely heard my own voices

    • Catalan, thank you.
      I wrote this for the people who screamed or felt like screaming when they saw that Netanyahu video. I screamed.

    • Yonah, do you see how all the commentators are shocked and outraged as human beings by Netanyahu?
      And what are you doing what exactly? You have nothing to contribute that anyone here is interested in listening to. Do you know why Yonah? Because you were NOT shocked when you saw that video. Your brains first reaction to it was how to "spin," it, distract from it, talk about something else, but certainly not outrage. Since everyone here knows that about you. This is the wrong forum for all that. All you will get is the contempt you deserve.

    • Shingo, well put!

    • David Semel
      "For the most part, it’s been a successful campaign."
      Too successful. No one seems to have given much thought to the result of the campaign on Israeli society itself.

  • Black Lives Matter will defeat the Israel lobby (because the lobby can't debate reality)
    • hophmi August 9, 2016, 6:32 pm
      You’re very fanciful, Yakov. And very self-righteous and nasty. Nobody could possibly believe in BLM except on M4BL’s terms. What BS.

      Hophmi, usually you would get away with a comment like yours, even addressed to the author, without actually reading the article. But every once in a while there is an article with BLM in the title on a site like this, where the author gives no opinion at all about BLM.
      Hophmi, I got bad news for you. This is one of those times.
      Hophmi, can you point to one place in the piece where i give my opinion on BLM?

  • Jews need to study the Torah in order to criticize Israel, Beinart says
    • Phil, I of course agree with your critique of Beinart here. I am making the narrow, but i believe important point, that Beinart doesn't seem to understand his Jewish opponents to his Jewish right. Beinart's under the illusion that being a "good jew" in Jeffrey Goldberg's mind is studying Torah and being interested in Judaism.
      But that just aint so. It means nothing to Jeffrey Goldberg that Rabbi Michael Lerner is more knowledgeable than him about Judaism, or more observant. A traitor to the Jewish people is a traitor to the Jewish people. Lerner is giving succor to the enemies of the Jews. For Goldberg you're either "you're with us or against us." Its good vs evil. Take a side. Jeffrey Goldberg obsession with the "enemies of the Jews" might even be more pathological than his obsession with Jews, with himself. Though of course at the end of the day it is the same obsession. Good vs Evil. With Jeffrey Goldberg and his people always playing the good role. So my comment was expressing surprise that Beinart doesnt seem to understands, that being immersed in Jewish stuff, wont be getting you any brownie points with Goldberg, if its makes BDS supporters, or J street or the "neo Nazis happy."

    • Are you sure about this? It looks to me as though they have no real interest in what is good for the rest of humanity. They only want to use whatever tricks they can to get what is “good for the Jews”.

      Crazy or crazy like a fox. the answer is Its all about ethnocentrism. You can learn everything you need to know by going through a few months of @Yair_Rosenberg twitter feed. This isn't a devious Netanyahu or Jeffrey Goldberg or Dermer youre looking at. What you see is what you get. He is a halfwit. He is a zombie who spouts out the Jewish ethno centric narrative on command. He even tries to be ethical when he writes unlike the execrable Lake or Kirchick. But dont make the mistake of thinking of what Rosenberg says as hasbara!! That a big mistake. Thats the trap. I promise you he believes every singe word. The whole warped pernicious ethnocentric social construction of reality. Its all there. If you want to know what Jeffrey Goldberg believes about the world about Jews about antisemites don't read Goldberg he is very sneaky. Read Rosenberg there is no deceit to that boy. Much less work. The best way of understanding him and people like him is that they are so ethnocentric they cant imagine anyone else can be ethnocentric. They believe what motivates the Palestinian national movement based on Jew hatred. See the difference between Beinart and Rabbi Sacks here.
      It is an ethnocentrism that the outsider cant imagine. But as you see its an "illness" of a very specific group of people. The difference between JJ Goldberg and Jeffrey Goldberg is between an angel and a devil. Jeffrey does everything he can to hide that fact.

      “I often suspect that some really bad shit happened to him in Hebrew school.”
      This is a standard ploy. The trick is to attribute people’s ideas, beliefs, and attitudes to psychological and/or circumstantial factors, and thus suggest that the belief is not rationally founded and may be dismissed. I have written about it before. Unlike many of my earlier comments, so full of supernal wisdom, this one is still available.

      I respectfully disagree. There is a drumbeat in Jeffrey Goldbergs head that never ever stops. From the moment he wakes up til he goes to sleep. (see Yair)This drumbeat will last til his last breath. JEWS JEWS JEWS JEWS NAZIS HITLER ISRAEL HOLOCAUST HAMAS LENI RIEFENSTAHL GEORGE HABASH ENTEBBE DAVID DUKE SANDY KOUFAX HITLER HITLER MUNICH MARK SPITZJEWS JEWS JEWS BDS PAT BUCHANAN IDF NEO -NAZIS.
      You get the idea
      He is so crazy he doesnt realize this stuff is not going on in other peoples heads. Certainly he thinks it HAS to be going on in every Jews head. If theyre Jewish and not crazy like him they must be "fighting it." Goldberg believes Greenwald "knows" hes chosen but he fighting that ethnocentricity. He cant accept that Greenwald not a "crazy Jew" like him. that Greenwald "happens" to be a Jew. Not obsessed with it like Goldberg is.
      look at Rosenberg. All the mysteries and riddles are answered once you know that Yair Rosenberg will pass a lie detector test on whether he honestly believes all his propaganda. He will pass that test with flying colors.

    • "You know, my friend Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum likes to say you can go into almost any synagogue in America, at least a non-orthodox synagogue, and come up to the rabbi and say I don’t believe in God and the rabbi will probably say fine, Please take your seat, please pay your membership dues. No big deal, right? They might say I don’t believe in God too! What you can’t do is say that I think what Israel is doing is immoral or I have questions about Zionism...
      Do you understand basic elements of Jewish history and Jewish law? So don’t tell me that I don’t know what it means to be Jewish. I know a heck of a lot more about what it means to be Jewish than you, thank you very much.”
      And I think it’s that self confidence that American Jews need in order to be able to criticize Israel. And to be able to suffer the rejection they are likely to feel from people in their own community who say you are therefore not really Jewish."

      I don’t think Peter Beinart understands what he is observing. The Jewish ethnocentrics religion, is not the God of the chosen people but the chosen people themselves. The "heresy" for the Jewish Jihadi's is not defying the Jewish God. They don’t even believe in God. But they sure do believe in God’s chosen people. The "secularization of choseness" might be a good way of understanding it. The thing that's verboten for these people is the crime of not being a blind ethnocentric Jew. It's all well and good to educate yourself, but the "religious" fanaticism of a Dershowitz and Jennifer Rubin and Bret Stephens and Elliot Cohen and Marty Peretz and Rabbi Shmuely, .etal. are not impressed with your level of Jewish knowledge. You either are on their side or the side of their enemies. They are all PR agents for the Jewish people. Which ultimately means they are PR agents for themselves. No wonder they are so emotional. No wonder they take things so personally. And when the real world becomes even more threatening to their make believe fantasy world, they become even more delusional and fanatical. And with Israel becoming less western every single day the cognitive dissonance is wreaking havoc on their delicate tribal psyche. Of course there can never be any questioning of the always and forever Jewish “innocence”. That is heresy.
      Thus the "witch hunts." The attempt to destroy, to ruin, anyone that threatens their "narrative" their "social construction of reality."(Finkelstein, W&M, Hagel, Freeman, Sullivan, etal)
      Its also why they are all so shockingly unethical and almost proud of it. Because it really is all about the greatness of the Tribe. In a sense they’re "suicide bombers" for the Jewish people. They “sacrifice” their own morality, their own personal ethics, on the altar of tribal public relations, of destroying the enemies of the chosen people at all costs. That's why these moral midgets prattle all day about "moral clarity." I’m no psychiatrist, but they have brainwashed themselves to the degree, that almost seems impossible. They have done such a miraculous job of self delusion, of convincing themselves that coincidentally, whatever is "good for the Jews" also happens to be objectively Kantian good for all good people in the world. What’s good for the Jews happens to also always be good for the rest of humanity. Since the Jewish "interest" by definition is always on the side of the angels. Any opponents of that interest therefore must be evil, must be anti semitic, must have some reason to “obsess” about Israel when so much else is wrong with the world. And Jewish critics of Israel, MUST have "self hatred." What other reason can they have not to be proud of their own choseness, of their own specialness ? "Live with it” you're part of the chosen people, don't feel guilty about it, don’t rebel against it, is exactly what Jeffrey Goldberg is badgering Glenn Greenwald about here,

      "I don't know anything about Greenwald's Jewishness. He could be a Marrano Chabadnik for all I know, though, based on the way he writes about Israel and American Jewish organizations, I often suspect that some really bad shit happened to him in Hebrew school. (I mean, worse than the usual soul-sucking anomie). But about what he writes: I do know that he evinces toward Israel a disdain that is quite breathtaking. He holds Israel to a standard he doesn't hold any other country, except the U.S. ..
      (This is not to say I don't admire some of his stands, including his forthright stance against torture -- of course, this is a very Jewish position to take, if you ask me.)

      If Jill Stein is for BDS, well that demands an "explanation". It’s so obviously "moral" to be a Zionist. She MUST have Jewish issues. She must feel guilty about being a member of the chosen people.

      When Americans realizes how foreign Jeffrey Goldberg concerns are from theirs. How duplicitous he is, how contemptible he is. How much hatred he contributed to the world. How he is constantly working against American interests. He is going to have to go. He cant work as a Journalist in the MSM. If he wants to make aliya i’m sure he will be welcomed with open arms in Israel Hayom. But Goldberg working much longer for the MSM may very well threaten a Pogrom against American Jews before long. Jeffrey Goldberg got to go!

  • Using Rep. Johnson's innocent comment to stain his reputation was the real crime
    • Mooser
      August 3, 2016, 6:47 pm
      And knowing all that, they came here to piss and moan about ‘like termites’? Are they trying to taunt us with the depth of their hypocrisy, or are they that detached from politics in the real Israel? Or does their faith in the efficacy of their own assumed victimhood sustain them through any embarrassment? Who the hell knows.

      Mooser, I hope to give the best answer to this question you have ever heard before very long.

    • So, what else is new? Are you just figuring this out, “Yakov”? You seem so shocked by it.
      Mooser, im beginning to put all the pieces together. But Im trying to figure out when exactly did the inmates take over the asylum?

    • This video was in an Haaretz article today on how Likud "won" the last election. Looks like good journalism.

      What is seen is lots of outrageous and shocking REAL WORLD race baiting to guarantee Netanyahu the election. But its imaginary termites the ADL wants those interested in I/P to debate. To forgive Con. Johnson or not to forgive.
      How Orwellian is this?

    • James, not being serious about trolling. I don't believe in the Torah but I assumed Rabbi Wolpe does, thus the Torah.
      But you Anne and other non-Jewish overcome with your love of the holy Torah can start a petition to get Phil, Scott, and Adam to give me a "Torah portion of the Week." column. :)
      Until then I will continue my war planning against the most contemptible Jew i have ever come across, Jeffrey Goldberg. Here he is today with more of his toxic and evil work. he "liked" this tweet

      Look what Israel has to deal with. "The Palestian's trying to get their kids killed just to make Jews look bad."

    • James,
      My friend who is trying to explain to me what "trolling" is,
      pointed to your comment saying,

      "I especially appreciate your discussion of Torah at the end."

      and said "that's trolling!" Is he right?

    • Would not have guessed such a big demand at MW for Talmud excerpts.
      But Annie don't hold your breath. Rabbi Wolpe ,Jeffrey Goldberg, Rabbi Shmuely, etal not searching for furnaces to be tossed into.

    • I refuse to be the one to give Jonah the punishment he desperately wants.

    • Mooser, Im just trying to show off and get invited to Jeffrey Goldbergs Talmud study group of David Brooks, David Gregory, and Martin Indyk, and break out a deck of cards and say, poker anyone?

    • With every Jonah Fredman comment it is becoming more and more evident to me that Jonah likes the punishment he will inevitably receive, and must have masochistic tendencies.

  • The magic rubber bullet theory
  • Support for Rep. Hank Johnson following mischaracterization of his remarks on settlements
    • Mooser you inspired me. Termites been getting worse press than Donald Trump the last few days. So felt compelled to write something in defense of termites and termite analogies. Its In the hands of the editors here at Mondoweiss. Can now go back now to war gaming my campaign against Jeffrey Goldberg.

  • Hillary Clinton gains backing of neocon megadonor who funds Islamophobic groups
    • Keith,
      The Jewish billionaires that aren't as tribal as the, "my one issue is Israel" plutocrats, would rather donate money to fight hunger or cancer or other universal challenges, then get caught up in the Orwellian world of Israel and its supporters.

  • Hillary Clinton has a decision to make
    • Mooser, This
      " Watch out Uri, she’s taller than both of us!”
      Made up for a lot.

    • Tchoupitoulas, Since of all the people here you seem to be the one most likely to tell me how great I am.
      Id like to share a few thoughts with you.
      Truth is very elusive thing . A lot of seemingly smart and honest people believe lots of weird and contradictory shit. And everyone is so damn sure of themselves. How can one be really ever be sure, that what feels so evidently true in your head, reflects whats going on out there in the "real world?"
      Well my "trick" Is to try to pick up "unbiased" evidence . I was pretty sure the Jewish Jihadis were very bad people and should not be in the public Square. And then two horrible things happened to the Palestinian people. First Tony Judt died and then Andrew Sullivan retired. (must reading
      They have yet to be replaced. So what choice do I have?
      “In a place where there are no men, endeavor to be a man:”

      But how can i be sure I'm right about them? I'm the wicked son from the haggadah, and Jeffrey Goldberg has been ADL man of the year like 14 years running.
      That's where Robert Wright comes in. Not that i agree with him about everything but you have to always trust your own eyes. And Robert Wright is not "on the make." Go check out He's trying to be a bodhisattva. So when he says this below i feel emboldened.

      "Still, these smears have been hugely counterproductive from a truly pro-Zionist standpoint. What you're seeing now is one of the final desperate spasms of a group that has already helped destroy the thing it loves, and will probably destroy a few other things before finally, like Joseph McCarthy, destroying itself and receding mercifully into the pages of history.
      Well Mr Wright I have good news and bad news for you. The bad is they have "not receded mercifully into the pages of history." The good however is the receding is about to commence.

    • Mooser, I will analyse your sense of humor once the world is safe from Jeffrey. Until then when i think your funny will reward you with a bone to chew on thi

      "Suppose the Irish deeming themselves the 'lost tribe of israel' had in a fit of irredentism, returned in force and occupied Palestine in 1948 thus inheriting all of the arab world's hatred that Jews have in fact inherited. Suppose further that the Irish prime minister made the pronouncement that Israeli prime ministers often make after a terrorist attacks "These women and children were killed only because they were Irish" would it not be clear to almost everyone that they had not been killed for their "irishness' but rather for their behavior for what the arabs believed they had done for their actions for their occupation? How is it that Israel has convinced the world that Israelis were being killed as Jews not as occupiers?

    • Stephen Shenfield, sorry for the confusion. "Chips fall where they may" is a poker expression. I have a large bet with a poker playing friend who is following my new writing career with great interest. We bet that Jeffrey Goldberg is going to be fired by the Atlantic magazine before the end of the year. I win a lot of money if that happens. My friend believes i have no shot. But I think he knows deep down im going to win. I never lose to him. I think hes even secretly rooting for me even though its really going to hurt his pocket when he loses. Let the "chips" "fall where they may" like in my pocket, after i cut off the snake= Goldberg fired from Atlantic and applies to dental school.
      To give you a sense of what my friend is like

      "Police shooting people all over the united states for absolutely no reason all day long on television, you go to israel find someone was shot for stabbing a solider? I sniff the anisemitisim.

      My friend is teasing. I taught him well.

    • Yonah, please pay attention. You refereed once inaccurately to something i've written as a "rant." Yonah, now this is a rant.

      The "stupidist Goy" is more aware of the world as it actually is than the "smartest" ethnocentric. From cradle to grave they tell themselves one fairy tale after another about themselves and their people . They then take their fairy tales and try to impose it on the world. That's what the craziness is about with the Labor party. These nut jobs demand that before every utterance of every labor member, the "moral" thing to do is for them to ask themselves how the most execrable people on earth will find their statements. Say for instance someone like Rabbi Shmuelly Boteech.

      These Jews are incapable of living as Jews in the modern world. So why not instead make the modern world live as Jews instead. Let The whole world celebrate Jewish ethnocentrism as a "value" while rejecting it as a "value" for every other people. That's why you can have the MM video and the Israeli cabinet out doing one another in the defense of a murder without being self conscious AT ALL. Theyve already "internalized" that the whole world is one big ethno centric Jew already. The world has accepted, as Netanyahu constantly puts it, that there is a "larger context." The "larger context" of having Gods chosen people vs the people of the devil.

      All who care about their country, who care about the world, who care about justice, need to study the twitter feed of @YairRosenberg. He is the progeny of an ideology that is a terrible threat to the world. All the poison is there. Think about how much hatred is created by these tweets. think about his "social construction of reality?" How far removed from actual reality is it? And we are not even allowed to tell them their fucking nuts.. How can a human being like this exist in 2016? How can this man have a job as a journalist telling people whats going on in the world.
      check this one out.
      One morning, as I woke up from unsettling dreams, I found myself transformed in my bed into a monstrous vermin: I found myself agreeing with Gideon Levy.

      Levy, to those who seek sweet refuge in ignorance, is the Haaretz columnist who, being the Savonarola of self-hating Jews, has made a mint peddling an increasingly sordid—and fantastical—account of Israel’s alleged crimes to the regressive left around the world. Formerly a good journalist, Levy proved to be an even better businessman: Complex analyses of the conflict, he realized, sold for pennies on the dollar in Paris and Cambridge and Rome, but thundering accounts of Jewish perfidy paid a premium. What followed were fawning profiles in Le Monde and Der Spiegel, human rights awards in Leipzig and Stockholm, even a stint on an Israeli reality show. As the sensationalists embraced Levy, serious readers shuffled off in search of more nutritional stuff.
      You have the "top tier" of the most Jewish of all Jewish writers who have created for themselves " a social construction of reality" where there is no longer even a pretense of trying to be honest. It is one big contest who can come up with the best "smear." Think about that paragraph about Levy. Does this cretin Liel Leibovitz believe these things are true about Levy? How about every reader of his? Do they wonder if its true? Its complicated is my answer. All i know is the more egregious the defamation the more back slapping and tweets of "great take down" What a bunch of contemptible Antediluvians.
      Jewish culture cant sink much lower. I will be telling the story how the most reprehensible and contemptible human beings in the world became the most celebrated Jews in the world. Jeffrey Goldberg tries to have people believe the difference between him and say JJ Goldberg of the Forward that Jeffrey is a little more hawkish. I aint letting Jeffrey pull that one off. There is one significant difference between the two. JJ goldberg is an angel Jeffrey Goldberg is a devil. שתי עיניים תחת עין

      Back to the halfwit. I'ts very important for our purposes that Yair is halfwit and has zero deception. So you can take everything at face value. Its all there. The important thing to know is he believes everything completely. "Cult like" that type of belief. I really would love to know what big Jewish intellectuals like Leon wieseltier think of that twitter feed.
      Pleas try to imagine what Yair Rosenberg see out of his eyes when he looks at the world. He holds all the secrets.

      @jeffreyGoldberg on the other hand thinks he is so very very clever. No has ever held him to account. Yet!

      We know "understanding" bad behavior is not what people like Goldberg are generally known for. Here you see Jeffrey Goldberg hand caught in the cookie jar. Because there is never ever any excuse for any people in the world to "applaud" someone like trump. No exception. However if that same person addresses a Jewish crowd, Goldberg will lecture us, to not even dare ask yourself why Jews are "allowed" to have a full throated tribal war dance.

      Jeffrey Goldberg will get into the Clinton White House over my dead body.

    • Mooser, I got "the nuts."

    • Jeffrey Goldberg is the head of the snake and I'm going to cut it off, and let the chips fall where they may.

    • Get your popcorn.

      Truly, whoever came up with "Revenge is a dish best served cold" could have had whats about to happen to Goldberg ,in mind. Someone needs to get Andrew Sullivan's attention. Boy is he going to enjoy my Goldberg series. But Andrew should not expect any Christian charity on Goldberg's behalf from me . Old testament rules for Jeffrey. שתי עיניים תחת עין like back in our JDL days.

    • Stay with me Jwalters. You're going to know everything about Jeffrey Goldberg very shortly.
      Think of me as Jeffrey Goldberg's long time "Shrink"who got really really pissed off at Jeffrey. And Mondoweiss offered him a "soap box"

      Jeffrey Goldberg, if you beg Andrew Sullivan's forgiveness in public for the way you spoke about him in this article, I might go a little easier on you. But thats as good as its going to get.

    • Ok Jd65. All these hotshot writers refused to answer me so I have time to answer now . The decision in short, is how involved Hillary Clinton is going decide to be with the neocons. Hope that helps you make your decision. Yakov

    • jd65, Is it ok if i get back to you on that? I too am in dialogue with a couple of writers, in order they convince me to read their articles. If they don't succeed, I will have the extra time necessary to make my case to you as to why you should read mine. Yakov

  • US media fail to report video of soldiers shooting desperate Palestinian girl holding knife overhead
    • Mooser, since I laugh every time your Uri line, im going to share with you title of my next piece,
      "The Jeffrey Goldberg Hasbara Challenge"

      July 10, 2016, 8:15 pm

      “p.s. The llittle militant “girl” looks like she’s taller then both boy soldiers”

      Ahh, the new Zionist man is a marvel, is he not? “Watch out Uri, she’s taller than both of us!”

      - See more at:

    • Experiment: Pick a city in Iran. An identifiable Jewish woman with clearly unstable frame of mind comes at two policemen with a knife as in this video. They shoot her in the stomach. What is the resulting Yonah Fredman comment?

    • Amen

  • Netanyahu agonistes
    • Gotcha

    • Ritzl, for explaining what?

    • Thanks Pixel.

    • Should have been in quotes "Buddhist"

    • I dont need to tell you you're not alone. There are a lot of angry influential gentiles out there who have a lot to say on this subject.
      The first order of business is to expose the intellectual and moral bankruptcy of the Jewish tribal mafia who control the discourse on all of these subjects. That is my goal. They are the last people in America who should be listened to on any issue that is "important" to them, but instead they have somehow now become the "experts" on these subjects. I plan to demonstrate that their only expertise is their amazing ability at self deception. They all think they are so so smart. And yet the task of being a Jew in the modern world is so difficult for them they cant do it without making the whole world crazy and feeling so good about themselves the whole way. They are all ready to swear theyre doing the lords work. The least ethical group of people in America will pass a lie detector test that they're the most ethical people in America. That is a neat trick It is one amazing job of self deception. And I think they should donate their brains to science.
      They are so sure they "understand" the world and they pout and they shout and they pound their feet and throw tantrums and they threaten they defame until everyone agrees with them that their their very convenient tribal narrative about Jews in history and in the world and Israel is exactly right on. Jews are the most amazing tribe in the history of the world. And everyone is jealous and trying to kill them.
      The politicians love the Aipac gig. Tell these people everything they want to hear as crazy as it sounds and they will love you and give you ridiculous amounts of support. All you need to do is smile and tell them theyre 100% right and they wont doubt your sincerity for one second. Why should they they "know" their little fairy tale is true. Every politician asks themselves how do these people not know that i'm not going to move the embassy to Jerusalem as the Aipac crowd goes delirious once again after hearing that absurd promise.

      Here is Robert Wright the Buddhist who in at least this one column said ENOUGH! I cant take this outrage anymore and he sharted some important insights on these very very troubled people.

      Over the past year, as I've written about Israel critically and gotten a milder version of the kind of blowback Hagel is getting, my view of the people generating it has changed. I used to think that all the "anti-Israel" and "anti-Semitism" charges were just cynical smears, and I still think some of them are. But I also think some of them come from people who genuinely believe that any severe critic of Israel speaks out of malice. These people are blinded by their passions, and the fact that their smears are wild and unfounded doesn't mean they're insincere.
      Still, these smears have been hugely counterproductive from a truly pro-Zionist standpoint. What you're seeing now is one of the final desperate spasms of a group that has already helped destroy the thing it loves, and will probably destroy a few other things before finally, like Joseph McCarthy, destroying itself and receding mercifully into the pages of history.

    • "Stay tuned. The beginning of Jeffrey Goldberg ultimately being held to account for his poisoning of the American discourse will start on these pages tomorrow or the next."

      In case anyone is paying attention Let me correct "tomorrow or the next" to "one of these days."

    • Stay tuned. The beginning of Jeffrey Goldberg ultimately being held to account for his poisoning of the American discourse will start on these pages tomorrow or the next.

  • Trump's America is fascist, says Bret Stephens, but Netanyahu's Israel smells like a rose
    • TY Annie, no more impunity.

    • Atlantaiconoclast, In my article, I don't give an opinion on the "fascism" equivalency between Trump and Netanyahu. I am only reporting that some people like Beinart and shalev etal. do. And others like Stephens don't. I give my opinion of that contrast.

  • Front-page play for Israel battle shows that Israel has lost the Democratic Party base
  • 'New York Times' finally tells its readers: Netanyahu is 'dangerous'
  • Israeli leader's 'extremism' charge makes headlines around the world -- but 10th paragraph in New York Times!
  • How Eli Lake tricks readers so as to cast realists Walt, Mearsheimer and Freeman as anti-semites
    • Well put Annie!

    • Thanks Scott! I'm the Shabbos Yid. I do the job the Goyim are just too nice or (too frightened) to do.
      I take requests by any and all to "dissect" any "egregious" article.
      I'm trying to show my Talmudic skillz here to get invited to Jeffrey Goldberg's Talmud study class with Jake Tapper and Martin Indyk if im not mistaken. Amazing how much impunity they think they have.

    • Think about the irony. I accuse Eli Lake of spouting bullshit, deception and lies. His tweet in response to my “indictment” is to say "a good day got better."

      Of all the things to say. Can Eli really not help himself? Is what you’re saying true Eli? Did you read my article and do a fist pump and feel like shouting "what a day!" Couldn't you find one honest thing to say about what I wrote even if you want to disparage it? Is it that difficult? Or do you want me to spend the next month and "review" all of your columns to make many days "better day?"

  • The war over the meaning of the Holocaust between Netanyahu and General Golan
  • Miko Peled's viral video
    • It is not that my "position" changed because of Miko. I was vaguely familiar with him but I had never watched him. And then i watched this video and i thought he was very compelling and his presentation powerful. And it is just hit me how Orwellian it is that on a subject where the discussions on TV are so mind numbing, that this man, who would be a big draw on any network, who has impeccable Israeli and Jewish "credentials" can never be found on TV.

  • The banality of evil as captured in a selfie
  • Jeffrey Goldberg terrorizes peers into silence over his daily intellectual and moral outrages
    • Yair Rosenberg is done.

    • I have finally "made it" @Yair_Rosenberg blocked me from twitter because I hurt his feelings.
      You can hide but you cant run Yair. I am sitting at my computer now and writing all about you. Its all about "Yair Rosenberg the new Zionist Wunderkind on the block." So precocious! Already at so young an age the worlds biggest expert on antisemitism. Truly a rare genius.
      Prepare Yair a cruise missle is coming at you that will do more than hurt your feelings. At the end of all this I know you will say "that Yakov Hirsch that sent me to accounting school was only so smart because he was Jewish" And that is one thing i will never be able to take away from you.

    • Patience patience

    • I told Phil I had one condition for agreeing to our 10 essays deal and that was no matter what he would not let anyone comment about my my weight. he said "deal."
      Even though I am the best debater in the world and have never even once been defeated my "kryptonite" is my weight and if someone calls me fat I cant think straight for days. I have 9 more essays to go and already I have to deal with hes "Worth his weight in gold" which is like the worst worst thing anyone has said about my weight ever!.

    • I already see how power corrupts! I find myself thinking
      "All these wonderful comments why does yonah fredman's nonsense have to ruin everything and it takes up so much space as well! "
      So I need to remind myself that even though any child on the playground understands the world better than Yona. And nobody reading Yona will learn anything about anything other than about Yona. That still censoring is bad. But since Yona took the opportunity to share what he thought we all needed to spend our time reading I will give him a tip. Im new to this writing gig. But i realized right away that if i started anything with "this part of the rant" the game was over before it even began. You're welcome.

    • Finally!! why did it take this long??

    • Thank You!

    • Don, we try to avoid hyperbole on this site. But Thanks!

    • Thanks!

    • Thanks Annie. I knew I could not possibly be alone.

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