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  • The beautiful game: a history of whitewashing international crimes 
    • I don't understand. Messi did not embrace BDS and Argentinian officials explained the cancellation (probably falsely) as a result of death threats from Palestinians. So how is that a win for BDS?

  • Open Letter to Wajahat Ali: Don't undermine the Palestinian struggle
    • I just read the Atlantic article and now I'm even more annoyed. First of all, he went to the settlement near Bethlehem and the refugee camp but didn't make it to the old city of Bethlehem? It's very picturesque compared to the ugly settlements and architecturally blends in with the environment in a way the settlements don't. Manger square is a lovely place to hang out. I just can't believe he's raving about the settlements this way.

    • I just joined and feel somewhat pressured to write something "articulate and thoughtful" as we are instructed. I doubt this will meet that standard.

      I just wanted to say I appreciate this article because I saw Wajahat Ali on a recent news program and had the strangest feeling about him. For one thing, I believe he said there were 385,000 settlers. (I could be wrong). The whole appearance was very strange - I guess because they were treating him like an authority on Palestine and I had never heard of him before. I feel like there haven't been these types of - sorry to say it - "native informants" in a while but maybe it's because I don't watch much TV news.

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