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  • New York rabbi links Jewish Voice for Peace to Osama bin Laden and Assad
    • Good for you.

      I used to believe such racist Jewish/Zionist nonsense until I found out what it meant during Cast Lead and followed orders to murder unarmed Palestinian men, women (some carrying babies), and kids fleeing a battle zone.

      Dismantling the State of Israel and removing the white racist genocidal European invaders along with their lackeys could be the great cause to unite the West, the Russian Federation, the Islamic World and Asian Cultures in a campaign for clear and obvious justice.

      Those of us that support justice must overcome the nonsense that passes for popular Jewish and Zionist history and teach an objective verifiable history of:

      (a) Rabbinic Judaism;

      (b) the convert populations, whose ancestors practiced Rabbinic Judaism;and

      (c) Zionism.

  • Why I'm keeping my child home from school in Israel on Holocaust Day
    • In Hebrew Szenes Anikó used the name חנה סנש, which is transliterated as Hannah Senesh.

      Senesh was more foolish than brave.

      There is no particular reason to believe someone betrayed her. Border police found her transmitter.

    • No one has ever provided plausible evidence of Hitler's Jewish ancestry although his grandmother seems to have worked for at least one Jewish employer

      I find more intriguing Hitler's relationship with his mother's Jewish doctor and the relationship of the NSDAP and Hitler with Arthur von Trebitsch, who was Jewish, an antisemite, and friend to Hitler. Von Trebitsch apparently would have been Hitler's first choice for Reichsminister für Wissenschaft, Erziehung und Volksbildung but for an untimely death.

      If von Trebitsch had become Minister, the German Nazi government would probably have veered into extreme antisemitism much earlier.

    • Bauer is one of the best of Zionist pseudo-historians. Finkelstein outs him in The Holocaust Industry.

      Note that, in my opinion, Finkelstein, who is not a professional historian himself, has generally been much too trusting of Zionist and Jewish pseudo-historians.

      Note also that "Jewish" history as conceived and founded by Heinrich Graetz is pseudo-history or propaganda that cannot be trusted as Shlomo Zand has pointed out.

      Samson Raphael Hirsch, the founder of modern Orthodoxy, accused Graetz of dishonesty and ignorance. Hirsch generally supported von Treitschke in the disputes and controversies between von Treitschke and Graetz.

  • 'Why do I not cry out for the right of return?' -- an exchange between Uri Avnery and Salman Abu Sitta
    • Talknic equates pretrial settlements and plea bargains that might eliminate need for trials with lack of culpability or guilt. Such settlements and bargains hardly negate the liability or culpability of the later organization. In fact, they generally imply acceptance of such liability or culpability.

      A) Commercial Law. B) If the bank makes restitution and compensates for the crimes of its acquisition, the bank isn’t indicted. C) If it doesn’t it is indicted.

      The State of Israel certainly bears criminal and civil responsibility for many pre-state actions and events. The Israeli state and all white racist genocidal European colonial settler invaders (along with their non-European lackeys) should be treated as criminally benefiting from the international crime of genocide even if much of said genocide happened before the official founding of the state. (Of course, a lot of the acts of genocide have been committed since the official founding of the state.)

      There is no reason to treat the Israeli state as a "done deal". Lots of states have vanished from history. In general, decent human beings have a duty to treat with scorn the State of Israel, Zionist invaders, and all supporters of Zionism. Protests of Zionist organizations and of Zionist individuals should never cease until Israel ceases to exists and the invaders leaves.

      The conquest of Algeria took place from 1830-1847. Algerian independence was achieved in 1962. Practically all the invaders have left including the indigenous Algerian Jewish community, whose members European Jews educated and socialized to serve as native collaborators like indigenous Polish Jews in Hapsburg and Hohenzollern Poland.

      A similar outcome is inevitable in Palestine, but activists must work for prosecution of international Zionists along with seizure of all international Zionist assets. I consider the JNF to be ripe for legal attack.

    • Talknic is truly dense. The acquired subunit creates liability or responsibility in the whole. If Bank of America acquires a small mortgage company that was committing crimes, Bank of America is indicted.

      Under the international anti-genocide regime, states have not yet been indicated, but states have certainly been charged in other types of proceedings at the ICJ. With regard to the wall, the ICJ has recommended that the UN take action with respect to the Israeli separation wall, and the UN certainly has the ability to sanction states or to order attacks on them.

      The State of Israel was formed out many subunits that were either openly or covertly engaged in genocide during the pre-State period.

    • I can only reply that Talknic needs to attend an adequate law school.

      Entities which did not exist at the time of tort, damage, or crime can certainly bear civil or criminal responsibility for acts related to the tort, damage, or crime (including the original tort, damage, or crime) both in international law and also in all modern legal systems that I know, and I have studied many.

      I am making such a basic point that I may have to put talknic in the category of ignoramus.

      In any case, I consider the debate uninteresting.

      The continued existence of the State of Israel and the lack of prosecution of Israeli and international Zionists puts the international anti-genocide legal regime and the whole system of International Law into question.

    • Talknic's understanding of international law and practically all national law as well as case law in both types of legal system with respect to preceeding and acquired entities seems practically nil.

      The Haganah and other terrorist organizations in the pre-state period committed terrorism and genocide. The Haganah became the IDF. That means that the IDF would be in origin a terrorist and genocidal organization even if it did not commit terrorism and genocide to this day -- something to which I can attest as an IDF veteran.

      Because the IDF is in origin a terrorist and genocidal organization and because it is part of the Israeli state apparatus, the State of Israel is founded in genocide and in terrorism (after Auschwitz and the Nuremberg IMT, which is terminus a quo for international anti-genocide law).

      International anti-genocide law is meaningless if there are statute of limitations or laches with respect to genocide violations. Thus, I consider this argument mainly meaningless. If we really wish to have an international anti-genocide legal regime, the State of Israel must be dismantled, the outlaw genocidal invader population must be removed, and the Streicher precedent of the Nuremberg IMT must be applied liberally to people like the Adelsons, Saban, the Bronfmans, Lauder, Martin Peretz, (especially) Foxman, (epecially) Alan Dershowitz, etc.

      As for the issue of transfer of liabilities from a preceeding organization to a successor organization, just consider the acquisition of a debt-ridden organization by a financially sound organization. The financially sound organization must pay off the debts. The debts don't vanish.

      In the case of the State of Israel, the New Yishuv had all the characteristics of a government in formation. Thus the State of Israel was born in the original sin of genocidal Zionist ideology and remains completely and irredeemably contaminated by that original sin to this day.

    • It is normal in national and international law for successor entities to be held responsible for the obligations, violations, and liabilities of preceding entities. Usually only a degree of continuity need be established, and the Israeli state organization clearly derives from pre-state colonial organizations.

      Indeed. I agree. However a state that didn’t exist at the time of their crimes, cannot be censured or held responsible for actions that took place before it existed. The individuals can of course be prosecuted. They could not however pay a the compensations due or do anything to reverse the situation that now exists or make Israel withdraw or bring justice to the people of Palestine, they are for the main part dead. A state can be made to withdraw. It can be made to pay compensation, it can be made to do a number of things dead people can’t do.

    • Judaism in ancient forms and in pre-Zionist more modern forms is not much different from Islam, which is far closer to the popular Judean Judaism of Jesus' time than Rabbinic Judaism is from the Medieval through the modern period.

      Eretz Yisrael and Mecca are important because of the pilgrimages.

      Even a towering figure like Philo never seems to have been interested in visiting Palestine. He seems to have been content with making pilgrimages to the Egyptian Judaic Temple at Leontopolis.

      When the Messiah comes, the Holiness of Jerusalem is supposed to spread through all Eretz Yisrael, and the Holiness of Eretz Yisrael through the whole world. The Jews of the Diaspora don't return to Eretz Yisrael. Eretz Yisrael comes to them.

      It is important to keep in mind that there is no aspect of Zionism, which is not a lie.

    • In International Criminal Law states are not indicted.

      The first charge of the Nuremberg indictment of the former German Nationalist Socialist Government officials belongs to customary international anti-genocide law. It comes close to an indictment of a state but isn't. It makes the following accusation (International Military Tribunal, vol. 1, p. 63).

      In certain occupied territories purportedly annexed to Germany the defendants methodically and pursuant to plan endeavored to assimilate these territories politically, culturally, socially, and economically into the German Reich. They endeavored to obliterate the former national character of these territories. In pursuance of their plans, the defendants forcibly deported inhabitants who were predominantly non-German and replaced them by thousands of German colonists.

      Obviously, it makes much more sense to charge (former) government officials than a state which may no longer exist.

      Note that German Nazi Germanization and "Jewish" Zio Judaization are for all intents and purposes identical crimes of genocide with minor label changes.

    • Avnery calls himself a post-Zionist and rejects the label anti-Zionist.

    • The Israeli left is leftist in the way Mussolini's fascism is leftist, but one must qualify that the Zionist left has always been more racist than Mussolini, who apparently had a "thing" for Jewish women and who was genuinely quite popular among Italian Jews until he gave into German Nazi demands to enact anti-Jewish laws.

      Zeev Sternhell points out that fascism (including Labor Zionism -- despite Sternhell's intellectually dishonest analysis) is a nationalist revision of Marxism. According to this revision, national revival overcomes the class conflict.

      One can see the racist fascist nature of Labor Zionism most clearly in the writings of Chaim Arlosoroff and Dov Ber Borochov, who were Labor Zionist leaders and ideologues.

    • At the end of WW2, the correct approach would have been dividing up the Jewish Displaced Person (DP) population (probably < 350K) between the British Empire and the USA. Then the New Yishuv (most of whose members had no real interest in living in Palestine and which was smaller than the DP population) could be dispersed, and the natives would receive independence in conformance to the American principles of Wilsonian democratic self-determination.

      History didn't happen this way mostly because the the Palestinian Zionist leadership and sympathetic Jewish journalists throughout the world waged a scare campaign to convince world leaders that there were millions of Jewish DPs needing resettlement.

      A good book that addresses Zionist dishonesty in the aftermath of WW2 is In the Shadow of the Holocaust The Struggle Between Jews and Zionists in the Aftermath of World War II by Grodzinsky.

    • Peace and just are fully compatible. The white racist genocidal European settler colonist invaders (like my family and Avnery) as well as their lackeys can be removed from Palestine and relocated throughout the world in under two years.

      Rehabilitation and resettlement of the displaced natives might take a little longer but is completely feasible in terms of cost with the seizure of all Zionist assets (including the personal assets of international Zionist leaders like Sheldon Adelson). Such a seizure would probably remedy some of the problems of the US democratic system.

      Only with this approach will the international anti-genocide and anti-Apartheid legal regimes be taken seriously.

      After Auschwitz the actions of Avnery and my grandfather in committing post-Auschwitz genocide to found a racist settler-colonist state were simply vile and criminal.

      Avnery is just like my grandfather in that he believes "Jews" get to keep goods and property stolen "fair and square" from non-Jews. (To be fair, in recent times "Jewish" Slavo-Turks of Yiddish linguistic heritage have tended to treat Jews of other ethnicities just as they treat non-Jews.)

      I have commented on this point previously on Mondoweiss.

      Racist Eastern Europeans did not invade Palestine for religious reasons. The invasion of Palestine was an act of 19th century style genocidal colonialism.

      As I pointed out previously, my grandfather became a Zionist because he believed (1) that gentile antisemites were mostly correct about Jews, (2) that gentiles were becoming less tolerant of bad Jewish behavior, and (3) that Jews could only reform themselves if they had their own country -- something that now seems completely untrue to me.

      If we assume that (3) was simply rationalization for the injustice that Zionists intended to commit against Palestinians and have committed to this day, my grandfather was just saying that not only were German, Polish, Belorussian, and Ukrainian peasants getting tired of Jewish exploitation and cheating, but the peasantries were also getting strong enough to do something about Jewish misbehavior, and the gentile elites that in the past had protected their Jewish subcontractors no longer needed Jews and were unwilling to protect them.

      Thus Eastern European Jews, who wanted to maintain their standard of living and their traditional exploitative economic practices, had to relocate to a place where the local population would not be strong enough to stand up to Jewish rapaciousness. That place was Palestine, which also had intrinsic value as the Holy Land important to Christians throughout the world -- the perfect real estate to steal.

      From the standpoint of greedy robbers, Palestine was just low hanging fruit at the end of the 19th and early 20th century. (My grandfather definitely believed that a Jew should get to keep anything stolen fair and square from a goy. So much for reforming Jews.)

      The Temple Mount and the Western Wall are just symbols of ethnic assertiveness of the invaders over the natives . In Jewish hands they serve as distractions from the crimes that E. European invaders committed against the natives.

      To tell the truth, if we look at the Talmud, which is scripture for Rabbinic Judaism, we find that the sages express a great deal of skepticism toward the holiness of the Jerusalem Temple.

      Just take a look at Yoma 69B.

      A priestly Temple elite would obviously undercut the authority of Talmudic sages or Rabbinical scholars.

  • The bulldozers of Shavuot, 1967
    • In another life I might have made a career in the software industry.

      This is the arendar system that I have studied.

    • I have a fellowship and work in an economics research group.

      I am not sure anyone in this forum is interested in my articles on the arendar system, but I know the standard tactics of Zios, who want to persecute those that diverge from Zionist beliefs.

      When I make a comment, I usually provide a link citing a genuine or eminent scholar to provide support.

      Does Catalan reveal his true identify? Why should I?

    • Racist Jewish/Zionist obsession with the Western Wall is a rather recent phenomenon. Before Zionist indoctrination very few E. European "Jews" like me had any interest whatsoever in the Wall or in Jerusalem.

      In the 16th century some Spanish Jews developed an interest probably as a response to the Expulsion. In the early 19th century some religious E Euro Jews, who moved to Palestine where they could solicit charity beyond the Polish Jewish community, which lacked funds to support kolalim because of the economic collapse of Polish territories, also developed an interest in the Wall -- probably in imitation of the practices of Polish and other Slavic pilgrims.

      Only in the 20th century do hate-filled secular "Jewish" Zionists begin to fixate on the wall for the purpose of ethnic assertion against the native population.

      The current fixation of Jews on the wall deserves only scorn.

      As an historian of E European Jewish heritage, I can list many E European sites far more historically significant to people like me than the Wall.

    • Only a liar, ignoramus, or moron babbles that E European "Jews" (descended almost entirely from relatively recent Slavo-Turk converts) were "returning home."

    • What a diarrhea of hasbarah!

      The racist E European invaders, thieves, and genocidaires like my family destroyed lots of Mosques throughout historic Palestine including some very important ones in the aftermath of the 1967 Aggression.

      Someone that voluntarily emigrates to Israel to benefit from genocide should be arrested and sent to the Hague for trial under international anti-genocide law.

  • I am not a jew
    • When the white racist genocidal European settler colonist invaders (and their lackeys) are removed (except for those to face trial under international genocide law) from the region and a legitimate independent Palestinian state replaces the criminal genocidal white racist European genocidal settler colonist invader regime, I will certainly turn myself in.

      My wife goes crazy when I explain, but I must describe my post-Cast-Lead so-called life. I suffer from eidetic memory. Unlike the usual genocidal IDF murderers, I can't forget and can't edit my memories. Every morning in my last dream, I see the Palestinian woman, who is fleeing with an infant in her arms, as I shoot them under orders from my commander.

      I am only functional because a psychiatrist realized after he spoke with me in one of my few lucid moments that the negative side effects of certain drugs to treat depression and bipolar disorder might actually help me. I now take a psychiatric cocktail that includes SSRIs, bipolar disorder medication, and ADHD medication that helps me maintain mental acuity despite the other drugs. Unfortunately, I seem to develop tolerance for the medications. Eventually they will stop working, and I will return to an apathetic catatonic state or kill myself.

      Sinéad believes that she and her colleagues will find a permanent effective treatment. I tell her that she watches too many movies (maybe in this case Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind). She and some of friends (including some Palestinians) consider me (maybe potentially) a hero, who can help end the Zionist state. This perception of me is disturbing. I only see myself as a monster.

    • And if I am מְשׁוּמָד, I am because my soul was מוּשׁמָדה (destroyed) by service to Israel, Zionism, and the Jewish people.

      To be honest, the accusation of apostasy is moronic. The last three generations of my family like possibly most of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd aliyot have been secular.

      I was taught by my parents and grandparents to consider Judaism silly and repugnant. I tried out a few returnee yeshivas after I came to the USA. They just showed how correct my family is about Judaism.

      In retrospect, scorn for Judaism is the only point of agreement between me and my grandfather.

    • The Elor Azaria affair indicates how I would be praised and lionized in Israel for following orders to murder unarmed Palestinian men, women, kids (including infants), all attempting to flee a battle area.

      While such treatment of me would help teach the world what Israel, Zionism, and Zionists are, my sanity would not survive it, and I would end up probably in a catatonic state as I was after Cast Lead.

    • Thanks. I now understand how this particular idiom is used.

    • Aesop provided an excellent metaphor for the E European "Jewish" invasion of Palestine.

      My grandfather, who was a Third Aliyah invader and a mass murderer in 47-8, was one of the wolves.

      He deserved to hang just like the German Nazis found guilty by the Nuremberg IMT. Unfortunately, he died peacefully in his bed.

      It is important to address Zionist criminals (including former Zionists like me) in exactly this fashion.

    • My wife, who is psychiatric resident and a non-Jewish anti-Zionist activist originally from Ireland, keeps careful watch on my mental state and on the effect of my medications on it.

    • When I think of my Jewish heritage and ancestry, I want to jump in the shower and scrub.

      When I think of the murders I committed in IDF uniform and have not taken my meds, I want to kill myself.

  • Beyond apartheid: Fragments from the West Bank
    • I had the problem too until I realized the rule. In English orthography generally in words of Germanic etymology, s between two vowels (even if the second is silent) tends to be pronounced /z/ if the first vowel is perceived as long by English speakers.

      To guarantee the /s/ pronunciation, the letter "c" must come between the vowels.

      Examples: rice, dice, lice, twice, thrice, nice, lace; wise, rise, daisy.

      There are apparent exceptions: mouse, house, louse, but these diphthongs are not necessarily considered long by English speakers even if they were originally long /u/s. The 'e' is non-historical. It was added later as a singular marker and not as length marker.

      In some cases the history was forgotten, e.g., pease = the original singular for pea. The 's' was pronounced /z/.

      When I was learning English orthography, I worked out the rules.

      The endings ous/us is subject to a part of speech rule. Famous is an adjective. Genius is a noun.

  • Academic boycott campaign is growing fast at Trinity College Dublin
    • As an historian I have to point out that recent history is almost invariably more determinative of current politics than events of more distant history. The US tax code changed. Two years after enforcement started Apartheid was defunct. It's almost Pigouvian but not quite.

    • Several of the economists with whom I work attribute the collapse of Apartheid RSA to changes in the US tax code that caused US businesses to leave. The anti-Apartheid boycott movement probably incentivized such tax code change.

  • Love of Israel + Defense of Trump = Meshuggeneh
  • The false piety over Spicer's Holocaust mistake
    • Zyklon A was banned because it was easily weaponizable. Zyklon B was formulated to make it suboptimal as a weapon.

  • Passover has become little more than an act of communal hypocrisy
    • The book is a popularized version of old material well known to scholars.

      It's quite obvious to anyone with a modicum of knowledge that Rabbinic Judaism is a Mesopotamian Religion:

      1) that crystallizes well after Constantinian Christianity, which grows out of elite Judean & Egyptian Temple Judaism(s), and

      2) that was strongly influenced in its Mesopotamian homeland by Islam, which is itself an evolved version of the popular Judaism that was taught by Jesus and that became after Jesus' death Christian Judaism and that spread to Hijaz.

      In the field of modern historical studies, we invariably find that recent history is invariably more relevant to contemporary politics than ancient history.

      The ancient history is important, but we understand modern Jewish politics most coherently and logically when we start from the historical elite status of Yiddish speaking Slavo-Turks, who provided the commercial financial stratum within the 2nd Estate of Commonwealth Poland.

      When Commonwealth Poland collapsed in the 18th century, Slavo-Turks became like the Polish nobility an angry disenfranchised former elite that struggled to maintain its status, power, and wealth under the Hohenzollern, Hapsburg, and Romanov occupations.

  • 'This miracle, this gift, this jewel' -- Obama's ambassador to Israel declares he's a Zionist
    • Unless the State of Israel is dismantled, the Zio invader population is removed, and a lot of Israeli and international Zios stand trial under international anti-genocide law at the ICC, the international anti-genocide legal regime is a joke. If the international anti-genocide legal regime, which addresses some of the most heinous of crimes, is a joke, all international law is undermined.

      To borrow a phrase, international law and the State of Israel cannot exist in the same universe. One could call it a legal exclusion principle.

    • @Helena Cobban has clearly not mastered Modern Israeli Hebrew. ישראלי means either Israeli or Israelite in English. In MIH it is quite artificial and wrong-seeming to refer to non-Jewish citizens of the State of Israel with the word Israeli.

  • The liberal double standard on boycotting North Carolina and boycotting Israel
    • Judaic missionaries (generally) of convert non-Judean ancestry themselves frequently intermarried with converts. Ancient Judaism like Christianity afterward was a massively proselytizing religion. Slavo-Turks like @JeffB and me descend from the last major wave of conversion although conversion never ceased and minor waves of conversion continued into the 20th century in E Europe and the Czarist Empire. Ramatcal Raful Eitan descended from such a recent convert population.

    • Eastern European Slavo-Turks like @JeffB and me have no legitimate claim to Palestine and are white racist genocidal European settler colonist invaders anywhere in the Levant. Said invaders should get out as quickly as possible. I did after I realized how evil Israel is thanks to my IDF service during Cast Lead. It is easy to leave. It's the 21st century. I got on a plane to NY City. @JeffB insults human intelligence every time he babbles the Zionist shpiel.

    • Palestinians descend from all the native populations of Palestine (including Arabs like the Herodians or Tobiads and including Greek Cleruchs and including many other groups).

      One key point is the following.

      E & C European Jews came as racist colonial setter invaders, who intended to steal the country and to commit genocide. They are still trying to complete the plan.

      They are perpetrators of crimes against humanity and must be so treated, and likewise are those who stand with them (under the international anti-genocide legal regime).

      The only connection of invading E European Jews like my family from the Ukraine consists purely of fiction and of historical misrepresentation.

      Likewise E European Christians have no ancestral connection to Palestine even though Christianity originates in Palestine.

      Another key point is the following.

      The white racist genocidal colonial setter invader population and its supporters must be treated as international criminals for international legal regimes like the anti-genocide regime or the anti-Apartheid regime to have any meaning.

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