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  • National movement to silence BDS disguises itself in MA legislature as 'No Hate in Bay State' act
    • Here's the Mass Senate bill.

      Bill S.1689

      SECTION 1. Chapter 30b of the General Laws is hereby amended by inserting the following section after section 23:

      Section 24: Prohibition of Discrimination in State Contracts

      A) A person who submits a bid or proposal to, or otherwise proposes to enter into or renew a contract with, a state agency with respect to any contract in the amount of ten thousand dollars ($10,000) or more shall certify, under penalty of perjury, at the time the bid or proposal is submitted or the contract is renewed, all of the following:

      (1) They are in full compliance with Massachusetts Anti-Discrimination Laws (G.L. c. 151b; G.L. c. 151e; G.L. c. 149 §§ 105A, 105B and 105C; G.L. c. 272 § 92A; G.L. c. 272 § 98; An Act to Establish Pay Equity, 2016 Mass. Acts c. 177 (effective July 2018).) and

      (2) They do not currently, and will not during the duration of the contract, refuse, fail, or cease to do business with any other person when that action is based upon such other person’s race, color, creed, religion, sex, national origin, gender identity or sexual orientation.

      B) Any policy adopted by a person or actions taken thereunder that are reasonably necessary to comply with federal or state sanctions or laws affecting sovereign nations or their nationals shall not be construed as unlawful discrimination in violation of Massachusetts Anti-Discrimination Laws.

      C) Violation of this Section shall result in rescission of the contract.

      SECTION 2. This act shall take effect upon its passage.

      For the purposes of legal construction, "person" in A.2 would include US and foreign corporations. The strictures of A.1, which merely restates existing Massachusetts General Laws, are now extended in A.2 to the much broader concept described by the phrase "do business with".

      To a lawyer, this proposed law is clearly targeting BDS as a form of discrimination against a "person" by an extremely broad definition of "person" and an extremely broad definition of potentially discriminatory activity.

  • Haymarket Books' plan to buy Chicago mansion is latest battleground over Zionism/anti-Zionism
  • Bill making it a federal crime to support BDS sends shockwaves through progressive community
    • The Nuremberg IMT is a source of customary international anti-genocide law. It definitely provides for the hanging of genocidaires even those like Julius Streicher, who never harmed anyone but only incited or propagandized.

    • Calling me meshumad is a prima facie violation of Comments Policy (4).

      How am I meshumad? My grandparents considered Judaism a silly and repugnant religion -- a common attitude among the members of the 3rd Aliyah.

      My parents consider Judaism a silly and repugnant religion.

      After I came to the USA, I gave Judaism a try, but after studying in a Yeshiva for about a year, I concluded that contempt for Judaism was an area -- maybe the only area -- in which my grandfather was correct.

      From the standpoint of my parents and grandparents, I would be meshumad if I became a hozer bitshuvah.

    • I used to believe there were only two arguments that would really be effective in the USA against Israel.

      Now I will add that Zionist subversion (the only word for this bill) is destroying the US political system.

      Here are the other two arguments that I use.

      (1) My host in Boston is something of a frenemy of Alan Dershowitz. He makes Dersh go wild when he argues that it's vile and criminal after Auschwitz to found a state in post-Auschwitz genocide.

      Thus I argue that we can either have international law or we can have Israel. Israel, which is a signatory to the International Convention for the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, is the primary post-Nuremberg example of the violation of the Convention. No one can possibly take international law seriously as long as white racist Euro Jews are given a pass to violate primary international law.

      When someone says, we can't just move several million Jews out of the ME, I just say that it's not the 19th century. Removing racist colonial settler invaders is easy, they just get on a plane and go live elsewhere as my parents and I did.

      (2) The other effective argument is the cost of Israel to the USA and to the West.

      The total cost of Israel to the USA according to my cousin is about $30 trillion 2015 US dollars -- close to 2/3's of that for Germany, but Germany is a much smaller country. Israel has cost other Euro countries less but the amounts are significant.

      It's like the Middle Ages when Jews had their hands in every one's pockets and were picking them. (The "antisemitic" stereotype is true -- I can confirm as an historian.) In Yiddish the word for stupid person is gentile head. Now that everyone is equally literate and numerate, I don't understand why anyone tolerates traditional Jewish con scams.

  • 'You are thieves of history!' Hotovely tells Palestinians, waving books at them
    • It should be obvious to anyone with half brain that Palestinians descend from Greco-Roman Judeans while European Jews descend from relatively recent converts to Rabbinic Judaism, which is quite unlike the Judaism of antiquity.

      If anyone is stealing history, the thief is a white racist genocidal European settler colonist invader in Palestine.

  • At NY premiere, David Grossman will join Netanyahu minister who boycotts Darwish
    • I wish eljay would stop calling Israel religion-supremacist. If my family in Israel has a religion, it is an ethnic fundamentalism that combines extreme ethnic chauvinism with worship of the state and with obsession about the Holocaust.

      God does not play any part.

      When I first started seriously to study Nazi Germany, I read Claudia Koonz's book entitled The Nazi Conscience.

      I was stunned when I realized that the author described exactly the mentality with which we Israeli invaders were inculcated.

  • Israel charges UNESCO with 'Fake history'
  • Nadia Hijab on Palestinian options, Jewish allies, and the Zionist crisis
  • Israel slams UNESCO World Heritage decision on Hebron as Palestinians celebrate 12-3 vote in favor
    • White racist genocidal Euros justified settler colonial invasion, theft, and genocide in Palestine on the basis of fictions about history 2000 years ago.

      By that standard dismantling Israel, removing the invaders, and trying Zios under international law for past and ongoing crimes of the last 70 years is quite reasonable.

      There are neither laches nor statute of limitations in international anti-genocide law. If there were, genocidaires could just wait out their victims in order successfully to get away with their crime and with their ill-gotten gains.

      The descendants of Zio invaders have no legal connection to Palestine and are far less rooted than Algerian pieds noirs were, whose disappearance was no loss whatsoever to the world.

      To tell the truth, I felt much more connected to my family's ancestral home city of Lviv when I visited after I made yeridah than I ever did in Israel, which is stolen Palestine.

    • I'm not sure that people really understand what sort of structure is being discussed.

      Look at this document.

      Search for the following.

      Fig. 14

      The structure is essentially a big fence that is made out of stone and that surrounds the temenos. While we may be impressed by it now, the ancients tended not to take credit for such structures. For example, the Temple in Jerusalem was an object of reverence but not the wall around it.

    • Zios are enraged by the UNESCO decision because it is a direct attack on Zionist ideology, which postulated that Palestinians are not a people in the völkisch or organic nationalist sense. As a not-people there was nothing wrong according to Zionists in transferring Palestinians out of Palestine, which was not the homeland of a Palestinian people. In fact, by Zionist thinking Palestine was only the homeland of one true people, the Jewish people, and by Zionist ideology it was simple justice to relocate rootless Palestinians as Jews are moved in.

      Once Palestinians are recognized as having a culture and cultural product deeply rooted in Palestine, world consciousness must develop that Zionism is an evil, criminal, and genocidal ideology, that Zionist invaders must be removed from Palestine, and that Zionists must be arrested and tried for the international crime of genocide.

      As I pointed out, conviction means seizure of Zionist assets along with execution of many Zionist leaders according to the Nuremberg Tribunal precedents of customary international anti-genocide law. It is noteworthy that customary international anti-genocide law does not permit an honorable execution by firing squad but requires execution at least as degrading as hanging. (There was an explicit Tribunal decision on this issue.)

      Dealing with the genocidal crimes of Zionists would in many ways break new legal ground, and it would probably be worthwhile to consider proportionate response to Zionist crimes since the late 19th century when (according to Ahad haAm) Zio invaders were already behaving in a brutal and uncivilized fashion toward the native population.

    • BTW, we should all recall the impetus for the correct designation of the old city of Hebron and the Shrine of the Patriarchs to be PALESTINIAN national heritage sites.

      Netanyahu to the criticism of Obama and Clinton designated the Shrine of the Patriarchs and the Tomb of Rachel in Bethlehem to be Israeli national heritage sites.

      White racist Euro Zios like Nathan and my family have only fictional connection to Palestine, and the rants of Zios over UNESCO's courage to state a (partial) truth are little more than delusional ramblings of very sick perverted minds.

    • @Nathan,

      I have to reiterate that it is as ignorantly stupid to call Greco-Roman Judeans Jews as it is to call ancient Romans Italians, Greco-Roman Gauls French, and Greco-Roman Teutons Germans.

      To tell the truth if I had written the UNESCO description of the site, I would probably have mentioned the common ascription of the commissioning of the walls of the temenos to Herod even though NO ancient authority states that Herod commissioned the enclosure. I would probably also have mentioned that Herod's son Archelaos may have commissioned them.

      Then I would have taken a teaching moment to point out that it is ignorantly stupid to call Greco-Roman Judeans Jews, and that Greco-Roman Judeans, Galileans, Idumeans, Samarians, etc. are ancestors of the native Palestinians and not of the white racist European settler colonist invaders, who are commonly but incorrectly called "Jews" and who have been committing genocide since 1947 and who including my white racist genocidal invader relatives should be bombed by an international coalition under the precedent of Serbia in Kosovo until they leave.

      In other words, international law is non-existent as long as fake "Jews" are given license to commit genocide while Zios are murderous criminals that deserve hatred from all decent human beings.

      Herod albeit a Palestinian king definitely was not a Jewish king. The Romans did appoint him to be King of Judeans although a large part of his subject population was not Judean.

      The Cambridge History of Judaism: The early Roman period, Volume 3 edited by William David Davies, Louis Finkelstein, William Horbury provides a pithy summary of the state of knowledge of the walls at the following URL.

    • Few people know who Herod was, and Zios lie about him. Herod's construction of the shrine complex of the Cave of the Patriarchs has never been of interest to Rabbinic Jews because Herod is a bad guy in Talmudic literature.

      To be accurate Herod was never King of Judea. He was first a tetrarch and then King of the Judeans -- a phrase that meant to the Romans either

      "King (imposed) over the Judeans"


      "King against the Judeans".

      Zios use a twisted version of the history of Herod to justify Zionist theft of Palestinian cultural product.

      Here is what UNESCO said about the new Palestinian cultural heritage site.

      It seems eminently fair to me as an historian.

    • "Jewish" only refers to persons, places, or writings after the 10th century CE when Rabbinic and Karaite Judaism crystallize. Before the tenth century, one should apply terms like "Judean" or "Judaic".

      To call Herodian structures Jewish is as ignorantly stupid as calling Romans Italians, Gauls French or Teutons Germans.

      I am also quite offended that Boris is allowed to call moderns mosers (informers) if they like me are honest about the ethnic ancestry and history of Eastern European Jews, but my comment gets moderated out when I point out that those people are pathetic self-haters who try to steal the cultural product of the ancestors of others.

    • Herod was of Idumean and Nabatean (Arab) ancestry. Herod's father was Antipater the Idumaean and his mother was Cypros. The Greek names indicate the deep Hellenization of at least the upper classes of the Hasmonean kingdom.

      Herod practiced a religion that was far closer to Orthodox Christianity than to Rabbinic Judaism, a religion that originates in Mesopotamia and that does not crystallize until the 10th century CE.

      Palestinians descend from Greco-Roman Judeans while the Slavic and Turkic ancestors of Nathan and of me were relatively recent converts to Judaism.

      Obviously Hebron's Old City and the Tomb of the Patriarchs rightfully comprise a Palestinian cultural heritage site while white racist genocidal Euro settler colonist invaders like my family are attempting to steal cultural product to which they have no legitimate claim whatsoever.

  • Anti-Islamist chic
    • As far as I can tell, US media panders Jewish bigotries in many ways far more than Israeli media.

      I have been doing some research in IP for an Appeal Brief to which I have input.

      I came across a play called "Peace Warriors" by Fordham University Professor Doron Ben-Atar.

      It appears to be trashy bad scripting that makes fun of American academics that take anti-Zionist or anti-Israel positions.

      Please try the following google-search.

      Then look at The New Republic's review.

      Peace Warriors
      By The New Republic Staff
      July 9, 2009

      David A. Bell teaches History at Johns Hopkins and is a contributing editor of The New Republic.

      Too much “political” playwriting these days is painfully predictable: a textureless mash of piety, platitude and outrage. Peace Warriors, which premieres this weekend at the Capital Fringe Festival in Washington, and will move to New York next month, is a welcome exception. Written by the Israeli-American historian and playwright Doron Ben-Atar, it is a savagely witty satire of elite American academics, and their attitudes towards the Middle East. Ben-Atar, a former basketball player for Maccabi Tel Aviv who teaches early American history at Fordham, considers himself on the left within the Israeli political spectrum. But he has long lost patience with the unthinking anti-Israeli prejudice he has found at American universities. In Peace Warriors he brilliantly exposes just how unthinking and destructive it can be. The play has already garnered considerable attention in Israel (see this story in Haaretz), but it is on the East Coast that it deserves to have its greatest impact.

      --David A. Bell

      And then look at the review from

      Peace Warriors (Teatron, Toronto Jewish Theatre)
      Teatron’s attempt to break into a more daring, contemporary theatrical world just didn’t work, not because they or their core subscriber base can’t handle a more daring, contemporary theatrical world (in fact, the audience seemed to be appreciating the change of pace) but simply because they picked a bad play and did it badly. Doron Ben-Atar’s text is populated by unlikeable characters who don’t have enough interesting things to say to pull off being so unlikeable, and the cast assembled to bring them to unfortunate life suffered from awkwardness and universally clunky delivery styles. Nothing here felt honest at all, from the accent work to the chemistry between characters in a longstanding affair (or those wrapped up in a sudden hookup, for that matter) to the family photos on the mantel that were really just actors’ headshots, to the New York intellectual in a Red Sox t-shirt who randomly quotes Guys & Dolls. An ill-advised Rachel Corrie reference hung a lantern on the fact that this play is very conscious of its controversial topics but isn’t good enough to be worth kicking up a fuss over.

  • The Battle for Palestine on US Campuses: a review of 'We Will Not Be Silenced: The Academic Repression of Israel’s Critics'
  • Anti-Semitism accusations against 'Dyke March' prove pro-Israel lobby will torch LGBT rights for marginalized people
    • I have previously addressed the official Czarist change in Russian terminology for Jew.

      Zionism has little connection to Jewish religion except to justify depredations on non-Jews by slicing and dicing Judaic scripture.

      Zionism is just another expression of Central and East European ethnoracial politics.

      The obsession with Palestine is something new. Before Zionism E Euro Jews had little interest in Palestine, which was mostly a place were old people went to die and to which eccentrics were dispatched.

      There were a good number of Jerusalems among the world Jewish community: Vilna the Jerusalem of Lithuania (or North), Amsterdam the Jerusalem of the West, Saloniki la chica Jerusalem, Zakho the Jerusalem of Assyria, Sarajevo the Jerusalem of the Balkans, Carpentras the Jerusalem of Provence, Djerba the Jerusalem of N. Africa, etc. Palestinians unlike Jews loved and cared for Jerusalem, which hosted several import Islamic schools but no comparable Jewish schools (after 1127) until genocidal racist Zios began their invasion in the 19th century.

      The E Euro obsession with Palestine seems to begin after the Czarist government at Jewish request changed the official term for Jew from жид (Żyd), which had no obvious association with Palestine, to еврей (hebrajski), which was compatible with a sort of secular Hebraism.

      The Czarist government did not care about the ridiculous mythological associations of еврей but had no use for the Polish legal concept of religious estate (сословие). The name change seems to have fit with general Czarist policy.

      Factions within the Czarist government considered the originally Yiddish-speaking Polish Jewish religious community to be useful for modernization. The Czarist government did not allow freedom of movement but had an internal passport system. The different peoples of the Czarist Empire were in theory restricted to their homelands.

      Treating the originally Polish Jewish population (I follow Wexler's terminology in calling this population Slavo-Turk) as exceptional in that it had no homeland could justify distributing members of the population throughout the Empire -- something that in fact happened, for the Czarist Empire seems to have given Polish Jews more freedom of movement than any other group within the Empire.

      The Czarist Empire was not terminologically consistent but tended to consider a non-Slavo-Turk Jew to be иудейский (Judaic) and not еврейский.

      The Soviet government enforced greater consistency, and the Jewish autonomous oblast is really the Hebrew autonomous oblast (Евре́йская автоно́мная о́бласть) and was meant only for Yiddish-speaking Slavo-Turks, who lagged in the goal of Russification. As far as I know, no non-Slavo-Turk Jew ever relocated to the Евре́йская автоно́мная о́бласть, and such relocation probably would not have been permitted.

      In Soviet ideology Slavo-Turks were a nationality and not a nation. Slavo-Turks originally had a language called Yiddish but the rapidity with which Slavo-Turks switched to Russian created doubts whether Slavo-Turks could ever meet the criteria for nationhood. In historic Poland Slavo-Turks were 2nd Estate without title and provided the main commercial financial stratum of Commonwealth Poland. In the hope of Soviet ideologists (especially those of Slavo-Turk background) Slavo-Turks were to be transformed from a commercial financial stratum into the quintessential Soviet class.

      The Hebrew nationality was originally meant to be reserved for those Slavo-Turks that clung to Yiddish, and as Slavo-Turks were considered a nationality and not a nation, Slavo-Turks were not restricted in government roles in the same way as Poles and Germans, who were members of nations, whose homelands lay outside of the Soviet Union.

      When Slavo-Turks showed loyalty to Israel after the founding in 1948, Soviet leaders (and especially the highest ranking Jewish Sovs) reacted to restrict Jewish representation throughout the government (in theory in the same ways as Polish and German representation was restricted). The reason for the restriction was not anti-Semitism, but fear of disloyalty, and the architects of the policy consisted mostly of high-level Jewish Sovs.

      Clearly Soviet theory of Jewish identity had few points of contact with Zio theory of Jewish identity.

    • Obviously, people are beginning to realize that after Auschwitz it was vile and criminal to found a state in post-Auschwitz genocide. There is no place on the planet for Zionism.

  • Legislator Khalida Jarrar is detained by Israel in predawn raid, a year after her last imprisonment
  • US Jews must oppose Palestinian boycott, but boycott Israel and bring it to its knees over prayer at western wall
    • Are we not allowed to mention JJ Goldberg's book Jewish Power, which details the organization structure and means that wealthy racist "Jewish" use to subvert and to manipulate the US government as well as other US and international institutions?

      The book is white-washy but provides lots of useful info.

      Goldberg is a racist Zio, who clings to bogus petrified & putrefied "Jewish" identity. His father is Arthur Goldberg.

  • Pro-Israel 'gatekeepers' at California university shut down search for Edward Said scholar, a candidate says
    • For the record I consider Barnard (Columbia) Professor Nadia Abu el-Haj one of the top working Jewish or Israeli studies scholars of this time period.

      Despite the errant nonsense with which Barnard (Columbia) Professor Alan F. Segal defamed her, Professor Abu el-Haj and I got along very well.

      There is no doubt in my mind that Segal's brain had either petrified or putrefied thanks to his Zio beliefs.

  • Amazon pulls blank 'History of Palestinian People' -- which aims to dehumanize in order to subjugate
    • Zios need to ponder the following.

      Here are two versions of an entertaining saying that is usually credited to Abraham Lincoln or Mark Twain: Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt. It's better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt.

      BTW, I was a total idiot when I was a Zio. I did not have a clue how little I knew until I began to take Jewish studies courses at Columbia.

  • Israel's efforts to hide Palestinians from view no longer fools young American Jews
  • Thousands in Jerusalem protest abduction of Yemenite babies following disclosure some were experimented on
    • I doubt that Stephen equated mos with religion or faith. At that time period he might have been thinking of the various customary law systems: Magdeburger Recht and various other local non-Roman legal systems or Polish common law.

      In the thinking of the Middle Ages such heterogeneous legal systems and diffusion of authority prevented central government tyranny, which could only poison and destroy the state.

    • The RAMBAM recommended that a man marry his niece (i.e., his brother's daughter).

    • Just as the Polish children kidnapped by German Nazis for Germanization were selected for meeting the standards of superior German appearance, the kidnapped Jewish Balkan and Jewish Arab children were selected for meeting the standard of "the new man" of the Zionist revolution especially if their parents appeared to be racially inferior according to Zionist ideology.

  • From lamentation to triumphalism: the story behind 'Jerusalem of Gold,' Israel's second national anthem
  • Iftar on the rubble
    • Emet asks:

      How come this Arab people you call Palestinians, never produced any literature highlighting and documenting their lives and history? Why is that do you think?

      Palestinians unlike Emet and me descend from Greco-Roman Judeans, who created the canonical Hebrew Bible, the Jerusalem Talmud, and the literary works (in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Koine Greek) of Greco-Roman Palestine.

      At that time the pagan Slavic and Turkic ancestors of Emet and me were illiterate and not producing any literary works at all. The lack of an early literate culture makes the later literary and intellectual achievement of E European Slavo-Turks that much more impressive. After E European Slavo-Turks became Rabbinic Jews, they became one of the founding peoples of Europe -- probably the key founding people that made modern Europe possible.

      It can only be considered a form of self-hatred that Emet refuses to embrace the true history of "Jewish" Slavo-Turks while he tries to steal the history and legacy of Palestinians as he supports the theft of Palestine from the natives and the vicious genocide that racist Slavo-Turks have been orchestrating and committing against Palestinians since 1947.

      I have addressed this issue previously in From ‘Avalon’ to Madoff: What ‘The Wizard of Lies’ reveals about contemporary American Jewish identity.

    • I meant the following.

      Muslims don’t depend on miracles from the text of the Quran. They consider the text of the Quran to be miraculous. The Hebrew Bible is quite close to the Chronicles of Narnia. The Chronicles of Narnia contains mythic material reworked by CS Lewis. The Hebrew Bible contains mythic nonsense reworked during the Persian imperial period.

    • Why is Emet allowed to use the phrase Abu Adolf Mazen and thus to equate the victims of white racist genocidal European settler colonist invaders with German Nazis?

      As a matter of modern critical comparative history, Netanyahu is far more like Adolf Hitler while one might see similarities between Abbas and Vidkun Quisling -- I think Abbas probably comes closer to Maréchal Pétain.

    • Muslims don't depend on miracles from the text of the Quran. They consider the text of the Quran to be miraculous. The Hebrew Bible is much closer to the Chronicles of Narnia than the Hebrew Bible which contains mythic nonsense reworked during the Persian imperial period.

  • Support Mondoweiss to keep brave journalists reporting news
    • It's too bad that Keith and Eva have problems with the moderation. While I occasionally disagree with their postings, they are two of the most historically well-informed commenters.

  • Canada Park, a popular picnicking spot for Israelis, created upon the rubble of Palestinian homes
    • It takes about 10 sec of googling to conclude that Ilene Beatty is the maiden name of Ilene Beatty McNulty, who published also under the names Ilene McNulty and Ilene B. McNulty.

      Beatty McNulty is quoted in this article.

      BTW, here is an obituary article for Beatty McNulty.

    • Israel really is not a religious-supremacist state. I have had far more exposure to Jewish religion in the USA than I ever had in Israel. My grandfather was a star in a Yeshiva back in the Ukraine, but he developed total contempt for Judaism and became a Zionist.

      Jabotinsky thought religious Jews were morons, but he appreciated their energy.

      I believe most Israeli Zionists religious and non-religious have a similar opinion of Christian religious fundamentalist Zionists.

      Generally, as I have pointed out in the past and as Avigail Abarbanel has agreed, in Israel we simply don't distinguish among Judaism, Jewishness, Jewish nation (Jewry/Judentum), and Zionism. American Jewish or non-Jewish efforts to distinguish them as separate ideological or conceptual constructs just look like pilpul or quodlibet to me.

      [I am not sure how to explain my point in ordinary English, but to use the English translation of Ferdinand de Saussure's terminology, there are in Saussure's usage ~4 signifiers all referring to a single signified.]

      If I get some time to spare, I will try to write up something on 19th century Central and Eastern European Jewish conceptualization of identity.

      It will help explain why so many Christian Germans despised the Jews involved in feminism and regenderization (?) movements. (Gay liberation is not new but is a rerun of the sexual avant-garde in Germany.)

      I will also try to elucidate, compare, and contrast

      1) Yiddishist/Bundist conceptualization of the Yiddish Folk,

      2) Zionist conceptualization of the Jewish nation or ethnonationality, and

      3) the Jewish Marxist conceptualization of the Yiddish Jewish & Russianized Jewish economic class/stratum, which includes a phenomenological theory of Yiddish nationality.

      An understanding of these identity constructs helps to pinpoint the similarities and differences between Zionism and other forms of white racist genocidal European settler colonialism -- especially those in French Algeria and Apartheid South Africa, whose variants of racist settler colonialism are probably most similar to Zionism.

    • As William James pointed out, "A difference which makes no difference is no difference."

  • 'Please remember the Montgomery bus boycott'-- letter to Westchester County board before BDS vote tonight
    • Older Zionist propaganda tried to market Zionism to Americans by analogizing Zionist pioneers (white racist genocidal European settler colonist invaders) to cowboys and by assigning the role of Indians (native Americans) to the Palestinians.

  • The indictment of journalist Aaron Cantú portends grim future for First Amendment
    • Don't even think of making a citizen's arrest! In US law POs are shielded from possible liability in case of false arrest by probable cause. The citizen, who makes an arrest, can only avoid false arrest liability in most US jurisdictions only if the person he arrests is actually convicted of a crime. And that is only the start of possible problems. US legislatures really only want arrests to be made by those, who are officially invested with proper authority. It makes sense in a way because any error in an arrest can make conviction impossible.

  • Palestinian Christians urge World Council of Churches 'this is no time for shallow diplomacy'
    • My informants back in stolen and occupied Palestine tell me that the traditional Jewish practice of spitting on Christian clergy continues.

      Here is a recent report.

      I have to note that in historic Poland E European Jews used to treat Armenians with the same described sort of scorn.

      I think the reason comes from competition for the same economic niche and from the refusal of the Polish elite to give absolute preference to Jews over the Armenians.

      Both Jews and Armenians were given a lot of autonomy in a virtual state system.

      Jews had the Council of Four (or Five) Lands while Armenians had the Voit.

  • 'I am not your goy' -- chaos at a liberal Zionist conference
    • I am not sure we can fault Mohammad Darawshe for not having a specific Torah reference.

      After all, "Torah" can refer to all of traditional Jewish learning, which Darawshe only experiences in the form of Zio invader brutality of the sort that I meted out to Palestinians when I was an IDF soldier.

      Of course, Zios reduce all of Jewish learning to the technique of nitpicking when someone tries to point out the elephant of Jewish racism, chauvinism, and superciliousness.

    • YG is making "excessively subtle distinctions" (the definition of E Euro pilpul) to distract from the bigotry, racism, and superciliousness that characterize far too many people of E Euro fake "Jewish" background as they pretend to be progressives or decent human beings.

      I have to give my parents and my grandparents credit for never hiding or obscuring their bigotries.

    • כל הכבוד

      I should have mentioned the expression shabbesgoy/שבת גוי.

    • YG is giving us some pilpul.

      In the standard commentary (RASHI), Leviticus 19:33 ger refers to convert (ger tzedek).

      In the standard commentary (RASHI), Leviticus 19:34 gerim refers to resident aliens (gerim toshvim).

      Together the two verses tell born Jews not to mistreat converts as inferior to born Jews.

      Note that some scholars have argued that a ger toshav is an intermediate stage in becoming a ger tzedek and that such is RAMBAM's usage. I have not researched the issue.

      In Modern Israeli Hebrew ger only exists in the meaning convert.

      Here is the archetypal videoclip -- thanks to SHAS.

      In case it's not obvious the bride mixes Russian and Hebrew. The groom is a stereotypical N. African Jewish Arab.

      [Note that Karaite Jews use the term ger to refer to a person in the process of converting to Karaite Judaism. Upon completion of conversion, Karaite Jews do not refer to such a person as a ger.]

    • Ger means convert as well as stranger, and really does not fit the context of the article.

      I have certainly seen responsa which were written by Western Polish rabbis and in which a Jewish arendator was cautioned to treat his goyim decently and not like animals.

      Especially in the period before the Chmielnicki Rebellion there seems to have been some awareness that the greed and rapaciousness of the arendators was going to ignite an explosion.

      Describing a non-Jewish woman as the shiksa of a Jewish man is still a fairly common usage among Jews. My father calls Ivanka Jared's shiksa.

      The male gender version in which a Jewish woman's non-Jewish hunk is called her shaygetz is less common, but one definitely heard Leonardo Dicaprio described as Bar Rafaeli's shaygetz.

      The idea of Jewish possession (and exploitation) of a non-Jew (goy, goya, shaygetz, or skiksa) is deeply embedded in E. European Jewish culture.

      Wexler points out that goylem/golem almost certainly does not come from Hebrew g-l-m but develops from a Slavic root word like holomek (servant, house servant) or holemy (strong/strong man) or golem' (gigantic/giant). (Note that g/h often interchange in Slavic languages or among different diachronic strata of the same Slavic language.) The tale of the golem thus represents the Jewish idealized relationship between the Jew and his hulking non-Jewish servant.

      We do find at times that German Rabbis recommend (as a way to achieve moral excellence) that Jewish merchants treat non-Jews fairly as they would treat the Jews with whom they deal, but I doubt how seriously the advice was taken when I read the complaints from Hessian peasants or Saxon non-Jewish butchers of the 19th century.

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