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  • Why Israel wants us to say 'terror'
    • I am probably as ethically challenged as any other bloodied IDF soldier and now reflexively view pre-Cast Lead me and other Israelis as monsters whereas in high school I saw us completely just in our treatment of Palestinians.

      When I describe Israelis as outlaws, I mechanically apply legal logic and definitions.

      My heart is as broken as my mind, but to be honest I believe the same was true before Cast Lead because they had been ruined by indoctrination in Israeli education and culture.

    • Gideon Levy has a good article, but I consider it somewhat white-washy because the missions are often far more disgusting.

      The soldiers Moms most of whom have been indoctrinated ideologically since birth know exactly what their sons do.

      My Mom grew up outside Israel and was somewhat skeptical of Zionist beliefs and claims. She was not particularly happy when my sister and I did our IDF service.

    • It's my understanding of the proper usage of outlaw in the context of an ongoing genocide in international anti-genocide law.

      Also, you have misunderstanding of situation.

      My grandfather was Zio invader whom committed mass-murder in 47-8.

      My father did not have the level of indoctrination that I experience. He shirked service.

      I was proud to become soldier and murdered unarmed men, women, and children under orders during Cast Lead.

      Young people serve upon high school graduation so that they can get bloody before their frontal lobe is fully developed. It prevents development of ethical sense.

      I am different because I have exceptional memory. Every morning I wake up as I am killing a woman with a baby in her arms. I don't have merely broken ethical sense. I have a broken mind that is held together by SSRIs.

      Israel has now created three generations of (Pavlovian) reflexive murderers who think they are acting rightly.

      When I write outlaws, I mean outlaws. Otherwise, you might have to use stronger terms like spree or serial killers, which I consider inappropriate except in certain special cases.

      Palis and the international community can be merciful, but we all have to understand the nature and scope of the problem that Israel represents.

    • The gentile and Jewish members of Narodnaya Volya (organization that assassinated Alexander II) embraced the concept of terrorism as did Mark Nathanson (a Czarist Jewish exile), who was mentor to Vera Figner, who is usually described as non-Jewish but who was probably of Cantonist descent.

      The Anarchists used political assassination as their asymmetrical weapon of terror. After wounding a brutally oppressive Russian Police Commander in 1878, Vera Zasulich [associated with Nihilists and socialist revolutionary Kievan Insurgents -- later a Menshevik leader] proclaimed that she was a "terrorist, not a killer". The Anarchists believed assassinating government officials, industrialists and heads of state would create chaos, which would lead to the end of social institutions and oppression.

      As an historian I consider Zionist terrorism to be a direct descendant of the gentile & Jewish anarchist terrorism of the Czarist Empire. Zionist terrorism today is state-sponsored (just as Soviet terrorism -- another direct descendant -- was).

      Because Palestinian resistance is a response to Zionist terrorism and genocide, it is a sort of collateral descendant of Czarist anarchist terrorism.

      Because I consider the Zionist conglomeration to be outlaw under international anti-genocide law and its members (and under some circumstances its international supporters) to be liable to summary execution, I am not sure that a Zio invader legally has standing to be a victim of terrorism.

  • The Palestinian state never had a chance: a review of Toufic Haddad's 'Palestine Ltd: Neoliberalism and Nationalism in the Occupied Territory'
    • Bechor-Shalom Sheetrit came from a family of resident alien Moroccan Jews. The family held French citizenship in Palestine. He was educated in Ashkenazi heder & Yeshiva. I don't see how he would have any more claim to Palestine than a German Templar born in Palestine -- nothing more than right of residence and probably not even that because he was racist Jew/Zio intending to steal the country from the native population and to commit genocide.

    • A Yemeni Arab, whose pagan ancestors converted to Judaism (around 6th century), has no more legitimate claim to Palestine than an Eastern European Yiddish speaker, whose pagan or Christian Slavic and Turkic ancestors, converted to Judaism (over period from from 8th century through Renaissance and later).

    • The primary leaders of Zionism, Herzl, Nordau, & Jabotinsky, were all E. Europeans (like the Mileikowsky family to which Netanyahu belongs) even if the families of Herzl & Nordau relocated to Austria & Germany.

      Zionism must be understood as the most extreme of E. European blood & soil organic nationalist ideologies combined with openly genocidal white racist European settler colonialism.

  • Jared Kushner fired me over Israel ten years ago
    • As AG RFK carried out JFK's policy. I doubt that RFK would have carried out such policy without explicit direction from JFK.

      In 1948 when he covered genocidal Zio aggression against the native population, RFK was highly biased in favor of the white racist European genocidal invaders. He did not make the slightest attempt to disclose that obvious truth to his readers that a bunch of white European racists had manipulated the UK (and indirectly the League of Nations) in their effort to steal a country from the natives.

      Nothing in any of RFK's subsequent statements or writings indicates that he backed away from support of the European invader population. During the 1968 presidential primaries RFK was probably the most extreme of the candidates in supporting Israel, its aggression against neighboring states, and its brutality toward the native population.

      [McCarthy was later attacked as anti-Israel. The accusation was not true, and McCarthy similarly pandered racist American Zios during the 1968 campaign.

      I believe in retrospect McCarthy retconned his personal history, but RFK's support of transferring the planes to Israel was certainly sleazy.]

      Johnson courted the US Jewish population to support the Vietnam War. JFK may have had some ignorant view of fairness, but RFK was a genuine fan of the colonial settler invaders of which my relatives and nuclear family were examples.

      I am working on a funded project to determine the real cost of Israel to the USA since its founding. We are in some ways building on the work of Thomas Stauffer, but in fact I think we are probably mostly correcting his analysis. Our current estimate of the cost of Israel to the USA is approximately $30 trillion. It is a side issue to our work, but I have not seen any evidence that Israeli state money was put into the AZC, which seems to have been funded almost entirely by wealthy American Jews.

      I suppose that one could risk accusation of antisemitism to discuss the AZC and AIPAC (correctly in my view) in terms of a Zionist-mobilized transnational Jewish plutocracy, whose members found organizations in each state where they reside and whose government they wish to manipulate.

      I would not call AZC/AIPAC and similar organizations throughout the world foreign agents. They are agents of the wealthy Jewish funders. The organizations deserve analysis as an evolved form of shtadlanut and should probably be viewed as the high-end counterpart to saya`nim (סייענים). In the case of post-Arab oil embargo hyperwealthy Zio plutocrats like Adelson and Saban, I have seen evidence that they (and a good number of others) received assistance from the Israeli state at various times in the amassing of their fortunes so that they would be able to act as shtadlanim (שתדלנים).

      The question of AIPAC's status as a foreign agent almost looks like a distraction from far more serious Zionist corruption of the economic, political, and legal systems of various states throughout the world.

      As for the trials of AIPAC/AZC, I don't quite understand why there is such focus on the Eisenhower/JFK effort to register AIPAC as a foreign agent when the USA v Franklin, Rosen, and Weissman is far more disturbing from a legal standpoint . (I have a JD.)

      Judge TS Ellis III, who is member of the Bush family (JEB in JEB Bush stands for John Ellis Bush), seems to have collaborated at the behest of GWB with both the prosecution and also the defense to gut the law under which the defendants were tried. The 4th Circuit chided him for his behavior in a footnote in an appeal decision but did not reverse him because the government did not put the issue before the appellate judges. (It is fairly obvious why executive branch personnel did not make that appeal.)

      In my cursory examination of Judge Ellis' cases, he looks like an obvious bigot that sentences white criminals far more leniently than black criminals. There may be some relevance in his racism because Israel has become an intrinsic component of the ideology of many US white racists. On the other hand, Judge Ellis' recent GMU BDSM decision simply looks insane to me, and he may be losing his mind (another reason -- possibly exculpatory I suppose -- for his sympathy with Zionists and his willingness to excuse the crimes of white government officials who like Franklin violate the law to aid Zionists).

      Ellis is 75 and should retire. He may have been waiting for a Republican to succeed Obama. According to inappropriate comments that Ellis made during the trial of former black Congressman William Jefferson, Ellis seems to bear some animus toward Harvard, whose Law School Ellis attended. After looking at his comments, I have to wonder whether he was upset that he did not become president of the Harvard Law Review, which at a later time period selected Obama for that position.

    • Perhaps you have not guessed it, but I am not a fan of Trump. I have some relatives that are NY City RE developers and have made some money in flipping stolen Pali property. I know how they think. Philip Weiss seems to have some of the same impressions that I have.

    • @Annie, Are you perhaps thinking of JFK? JFK & RFK differed quite strongly on Israel-Palestine issues. While JFK was worried about Israeli theft of nuclear secrets and intent to build a nuclear bomb, RFK was a pro-Zio reporter, who was in Palestine during 47-8 and who covered up Zio atrocities, mass murder, and genocide.

    • While the appointment of Kushner is clearly nepotistic, it does not seem much worse than JFK's appointment of his brother. The historical record indicates that Robert Kennedy was if anything much more vile on Israel Palestine issues than Jared Kushner is.

  • The truck attack that killed four Israeli soldiers in Jerusalem was not 'terrorism'
    • I must disagree with Eva Smagacz. In Commonwealth Poland Jews were untitled members of the 2nd Estate (nobility). If anything, Jews had difficulty in treating the peasants as human beings. A few Jewish scholars were critical of such attitudes and warned that Jewish behavior in the Ukraine would lead to disaster. (Certainly Jewish arendar extreme exploitation contributed to the Chmielnicki Rebellion.) To be fair, I am not sure titled Catholic and Muslim members of the 2nd Estate were much better than Jews in that time period, but one must note that the Catholic and Muslim elites eventually realized that they would have to make common cause with the peasantry and become one nation if Poland were ever to be free of foreign rule.

    • I doubt mcohen1 would attend such a ceremony if German Nazis still ruled Germany and occasionally outed and executed a secret Jew.

      Racist Jewish invaders (including my mass murdering grandfather) drove out most of the native population of Palestine in 47-8 and try to finish the genocide right before our eyes.

      No one should be surprised that the number of those who sympathize with IDF soldiers, racist Zio invader Jews, or racist Jews in general is decreasing rapidly throughout the world.

      I have no sympathy whatsoever, and I used to be an IDF soldier. In some ways they are lucky. Every day I remember the unarmed men, women, and children I murdered under orders during Cast Lead.

    • @Annie, I have the same problem with a certain type of activist (sometimes Jewish), who refuses to accept that there are factions and different interests among Jews. The most common brick wall, with which I deal, is the activist, who refuses to accept that the Sov Jews who planned and perpetrated genocide in the USSR generally were not Zios and in certain circumstance were quite willing to shoot Zios.

      Of course, one might argue that the bloodthirstiness of Zio and Sov Jews has a common origin (probably in the anger Jews felt on the transformation from part of the Polish 2nd Estate to an angry disenfranchised former elite in the Czarist Empire). However that is an issue completely different from the alleged Zionism of Jewish Soviet leaders or officials, and sharing anger hardly means sharing politics.

    • @MHughes976,

      You are giving the Hasbarah version of the 1977 Additional Protocols to the Geneva Conventions.

      In order to promote the protection of the civilian population from the effects of hostilities, combatants are obliged to distinguish themselves from the civilian population while they are engaged in an attack or in a military operation preparatory to an attack. Recognizing, however, that there are situations in armed conflicts where, owing to the nature of the hostilities an armed combatant cannot so distinguish himself, he shall retain his status as a combatant, provided that, in such situations, he carries his arms openly:

      a) during each military engagement, and
      b) during such time as he is visible to the adversary while he is engaged in a military deployment preceding the launching of an attack in which he is to participate.

      Acts which comply with the requirements of this paragraph shall not be considered as perfidious within the meaning of Article 37, paragraph 1 c).

      In the case of an outlaw invader population committed to perpetrating genocide (e.g., Zio settler colonists), wearing a distinguishing mark is an untenable requirement for the native resistance. In this case there was no issue of confusion of the resistance fighter with the protected civilian native population. All Zio settler colonists are outlaws and do not constitute a protected civilian population. Any Zio outlaw may be killed with complete impunity under the international anti-genocide legal regime. A truck is obviously a weapon and must be treated as carried openly.

    • @Hophmi says:

      In any event, there is no right to dress in plainclothes and use a civilian vehicle to kill people under international law. And when you advocate for this kind of behavior, as Mondoweiss always does, it’s just another reminder that BDS is not non-violent in any way.

      As an ex IDF soldier, who under orders murdered unarmed Palestinian men, women, and kids, during Cast Lead, I certainly considered the driver's act to have constituted legitimate resistance to racist genocidal invaders and occupiers even if he wore plainclothes and used a civilian vehicle.

      The French and Polish resistance did not wear uniforms and used all sorts of civilian equipment including vehicles.

      Just as the French and Polish resistance consisted of heroic fighters while German Nazis including civilians were enemies of the human race, today the Palestinian resistance consists of heroic fighters while Zionists including civilians are enemies of the human race.

  • Terrorism: How the Israeli state was won
    • There is a great deal of continuity from Jewish violence in Czarist Empire to Jewish violence in Palestine. Billington discusses the former violence in Fire in the Minds of Men. Much of the Jewish violence in the Czarist Empire seems to have been intended to provoke a reaction that could then be used for fundraisers or for anti-Czarist propaganda to undermine the Czarist state.

  • Resolution for 2017: Stop substituting 'the occupation' for 'Zionism'
  • Why Obama waited 8 years to take on Netanyahu
    • Possibly because I am a one issue sort of guy ("Israel must be consigned to the garbage dump of history"), I advise that the best course for pro-Palestinian activists is alliance with the anti-Israel alt-right, which despises Israel and which realizes that Israel is a vehicle for hyperwealthy Zio American plutocrats to pickpocket ordinary Americans (between $25-35 trillion so far).

      Anti-Israel alt-right and pro-Pali progressives can disagree on everything else, but on this issue they can bring the Trump administration to heel.

  • Hell just froze over: the New York Times runs an article saying Zionism is racist
    • @mooser,

      I don't understand your comment. Is it ironic?

      Yoni” I consider this comment to be Hophmi’s” masterpiece. It get’s a bit technical in the middle, but the opening and closing paras. are heart-rendering.

      I only found one meaning that seemed remotely to apply to "rendering": to obtain by heating .

    • Hophmi has some sort of ignorant fascination with Pablo Christiani.

      I addressed his fact-free accusations in two previous comments. I tried to modify the comments to increase clarity.

      The aforementioned paper from Eran Elhaik indicates the correctness of Paul Wexler's use of Slavo-Turk to describe the ethnicity of E. European Jewry. I have adopted his usage below.

      From Defend Our Dissent: Preserving Palestinian rights activism on campus.

      Neither is hophmi not going to make me feel guilty for abandoning secular or ethnic Jewish identity, which I consider to be total crap and nonsense, nor is he going to make me suddenly repent and become a loyal Israeli by comparing me to Pablo Christiani.

      I know enough history to be aware that Germans that rejected German identity and the German state as defined by the German Nazis are generally considered heroic while those Germans loyal to German identity and the German state as defined by German Nazis are usually considered otherwise.

      I have no doubt that within the next generation or so people like me will similarly be considered honorable while those like hophmi will be scorned.

      As for Pablo Christiani (Petrus Alphonsi might have been a better example for Hophmi's obscure purposes), I am not sure of the relevance.

      (1) I agree with the Dominicans that Christiani won the disputation. I find the RAMBAN's arguments dishonest and disingenuous.

      (2) I was not raised in the religion, which I consider either silly or repugnant. I have only rejected the ridiculous idea of a secular or ethnic Jew.

      We don't understand the internal politics of the Jewish communities from the 11th-13th centuries that lead to apostasy, vocal rejection of the Talmud by many Jews, and the burning of the RAMBAM's works.

      Such behaviors may have related to an internal communal struggle for authority in association with the Talmudization of European Jewry.

      It is hard to take someone seriously who misinterprets the present-day through the broken lens of the past, which he completely misunderstands.

      From 'Anti-Zionism = anti-semitism' is a formal logical fallacy.

      "Relocate" means "get on a plane to travel to a new home" as I did. The racist [Slavo-Turk], S. Arabian, N. African, and [Syro]-Mesopotamian invaders certainly don't belong in Palestine as I didn't. Removing the invaders is the first step in providing relief to the natives.

      As for Pablo Christiani, Petrus Alphonsi, etc., we simply don't have enough information to delve into the motivations of these people. There is no reason to believe they hated Jews per se.

      Current thinking suggests that before the 12th century, Judaism in Spain was mostly [non-Talmudic and derived primarily from the non-Hebraic Greek-speaking Hellenistic Judaism of antiquity]. Many Spanish Jews seem to have been uncomfortable with Talmudization because they considered this new form of Judaism to be questionable religiously and inauthentic historically. Petrus Alphonsi and Pablo Christiani seem to have reached the point where they could not live in a Talmudizing or Talmudized Jewish community.

      There may be an analogy between Talmudization in the 12th or 13th century and Zionization in the 19th, 20th, or 21st century as long as we qualify that Talmudizers did not plot, carry out, or advocate genocide as Zionists [did] or do.

    • I never claimed to hold a professorship. I currently have a research fellowship.

      Hophi clings to myths whose main assertions began to fall apart in the 16th century when Joseph Scaliger analyzed the Hebrew Calendar on the basis of the exposition of the Jewish Computus by Sebastian Münster, who based his work on Moses Maimonides' analysis. The Syrian Jacobite patriarch Ignatius Na`matallah assisted Scaliger in this work.

      I have discussed the issue previously in a comment on Bon Jovi's Tel Aviv gig is upstaged by Roger Waters's incantation of Israeli victims, including Dawabshe boy. I quote this comment below. I do not write anything which is not already well known to scholars.

      Ignorant or dishonest bigots (and that latter category includes Heinrich Graetz whom Samson Raphael Hirsch attacked) cling to falsehood to justify prejudice against gentiles or crimes against Palestinians. Because they don't understand the real achievements of Medieval Jewry, which was first analyzed by Werner Sombart and which for all intents made the modern world possible, the bigots just make up nonsense and steal the history of others.

      I had to work hard to get all such Zionist propaganda out of my head.

      Shlomo Sand makes it quite clear that homeland in the sense that @jon s uses it is quite modern.

      It is quite clear that racist E. Europeans like @jon s and my family use this propaganda concept as justification for 1800s style genocidal colonialism in which European invaders move out or destroy the natives and then move in Europeans and favored lackeys.

      People that spout such propaganda are contemptible, and I freely admit that I was once one of those contemptible people. I have one mitigating circumstance. I was heavily indoctrinated in the Israeli school system, which does not teach history of Jews but propaganda to legitimize modern Jewish crimes.

      Christianity has no homeland. Neither does Judaism.

      Just like Christianity today. Judaism was a massively proselytizing religion in antiquity through the Middle Ages.

      The Book of Esther makes the point clear with respect to Mesopotamia.

      Josephus, Philo, Dio Cassius all make the same point with respect to territories inside and outside the Roman Empire. By the 2nd century CE the worldwide Judaic population was primarily descended from non-Judean converts.

      Zionists used to use the conversion of Phoenicians to Judaism to justify the plan to steal Palestine and destroy or evict the native population.

      Zionist intellectual Nahum Slouschz, who was aware that Greco-Roman Judeans never left Palestine but remained there and converted first to Christianity and then to Islam, wrote Hébraeo-Phéniciens et Judéo-Berbères in support of the theory of Phoenician conversion, but Zionists later tried to bury such academic works because by vile Zionist logic this particular theory meant Zionists should focus on stealing Lebanon instead of stealing Palestine.

      In any case, Patrick Geary nails the fundamental stupidity of @jon s' claims.

      Group names are reused by unrelated groups. Geary's observation about Goths and Franks applies just as much to the group name "Jew".

      Modern Jews have no ancestral connection whatsoever to Palestine. Only Palestinian natives descend from Greco-Roman Judeans. @jon s is simply a racist genocide-supporting invader, interloper, and thief. I left Israel because I had no desire to be such a vile person.

      Just to put the coup de grace on @jon s' stupid evil ideas, I reiterate that Rabbinic Judaism is a Mesopotamian religion with far less connection to Palestine than Christianity has.

      Jesus was Palestinian as were his first followers. They all practiced Judean Temple Judaism, a religion that was completely shattered by the 3rd century as Seth Schwartz points out in Imperialism and Jewish Society.

      Rabbinic Judaism develops wholly in the Diaspora with no connection to Palestine. For this reason, the Babylonian and not the Jerusalem Talmud is authoritative. Rabbinic Judaism uses the Babylonian calendar and not the Palestinian calendar. Rabbinic Judaism uses Babylonian synagogue liturgy and not Palestinian liturgy. Rabbinic Judaism uses the Babylonian cycle of Torah reading and not the Palestinian cycle of Torah reading.

      @jon s. is a deluded ignoramus (or liar) that in his ignorance (or dishonesty) supports some of the most hideous crimes in history.

    • oldgeezer is correct.

      Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

      White racist genocidal European settler colonist invaders created the state by expelling ~1 million natives, who have been waiting in refugee camps for approximately 70 years to return to their homes and homeland. Justice would put the settler colonist invaders to rot in refugee camps for ~70 years before dispersing them in Europe, N. America, S. American, Asia, Australia, and Africa.

      As an historian, I have to point out that Jon s shows exactly the thinking that so enraged gentiles against European Jews since the Napoleonic Wars. Hypocritical racist Jews have invariably claimed special privileges or exemptions and would whine or howl if said privileges or exemptions were employed against Jews as Jews apply them against gentiles.

    • There can't be a pragmatic compromise on genocide any more than there can be a pragmatic compromise on slavery.

      We can either have an international anti-genocide legal regime, or Israel can be allowed to continue to exist.

      The solution is obvious. Criminal white racist genocidal European settler colonist invaders (like my family) and their lackeys board airplanes and leave as I did.

      Assets of Zionists and Zionist organizations throughout the world can be seized to pay for the operation and to compensate the victims of Zionist depredations since the start of Zionist violence against the natives at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century.

    • hophmi has some sort of reading comprehension problem -- a symptom of brain-rot from believing Zionist ideas.

      In another discussion I was pointing out something well-known to classicists. Most of the Judaic population at the time of the Judaic Wars (1st & 2nd centuries) was already of convert origin long before Slav, Khazar and other conversions of late antiquity and the Medieval period.

      Patrick Geary has a relevant passage (pp 118-119) in his The Myth of Nations. The text applies to the demonym "Jew" as much to any European demonym.

      Conclusion: Old Names and New Peoples

      The fourth and fifth centuries saw fundamental changes in the European social and political fabric. In the process, great confederations like those of the Goths disappeared, to re-emerge transformed into kingdoms in Italy and Gaul. Others like the Hunnic Empire or the Vandal kingdom seemed to spring from nowhere, only to vanish utterly in a few generations. Still other, previously obscure peoples, such as the Angles and the Franks, emerged to create enduring polities. But whether enduring or ephemeral, the social realities behind these ethnic names underwent rapid and radical transformation in every case. Whatever a Goth was in the third-century kingdom of Cniva, the reality of a Goth in sixth century Spain was far different, in language, religion, political and social organization, even ancestry. The Franks defeated by Emperor Julian in the fourth century and those who followed Clovis into battle in the sixth century were likewise almost immeasurably distant from each other in every possible way. The same was true of the Romans, whose transformation was no less dramatic in the same period. With the constant shifting of allegiances, intermarriages, transformations, and appropriations, it appears that all that remained constant were names, and these were vessels that could hold different contents at different times.

      Names were renewable resources; they held the potential to convince people of continuity, even if radical discontinuity was the lived reality. Old names, whether of ancient peoples like the Goths or Suebi or of illustrious families such as the Amals, could be reclaimed, applied to new circumstances, and used as rallying cries for new powers. Alternatively, names of small, relatively unimportant groups might be expanded with enormous power. The Franks were the most significant of these. In the third century, they were among the least significant of Rome's enemies. By the sixth century, the name Frank had eclipsed not only that of Goth, Vandal, and Sueb, but of Roman itself in much of the West.

      Only an ignoramus, a stupid person, or a liar asserts that descendants of Medieval European Jewish religious communities have an ancestral link to Greco-Roman Judeans, who are ancestors of modern Palestinians.

    • Ivanka Trump of German Czech ancestry has Right of Return but not the native Palestinian population, which unlike me and others of E. European Jewish religious heritage actually descends from Greco-Roman Judeans.

      The medieval Rabbinic Jewish communities of E. Europe descended entirely from Slavic, Turkic, Germanic, and Byzantine converts to Judaism. The medieval Karaite Jewish communities of E. Europe descended entirely from Tatar, Byzantine, and Turkic converts.

      Before Trump's election the Israeli Rabbinate considered Ivanka to be Jared's shiksa. Recently this Rabbinate strategically changed its collective mind.

  • Historical evidence does not support Zionist claims re the Western Wall
    • Rabbinic Judaism, which is a religion of Mesopotamian origin, has far less connection to Jerusalem and Judea than is commonly assumed.

      I wrote the following comment on The dark secret of Israel’s stolen babies.

      Zionism has little connection to Jewish religion except to justify depredations on non-Jews by slicing and dicing Judaic scripture.

      Zionism is just another expression of Central and East European ethnoracial politics.

      The obsession with Palestine is something new. Before Zionism E Euro Jews had little interest in Palestine, which was mostly a place were old people went to die and to which eccentrics were dispatched.

      There were a good number of Jerusalems among the world Jewish community: Vilna the Jerusalem of Lithuania (or North), Amsterdam the Jerusalem of the West, Saloniki la chica Jerusalem, Zakho the Jerusalem of Assyria, Sarajevo the Jerusalem of the Balkans, Carpentras the Jerusalem of Provence, Djerba the Jerusalem of N. Africa, etc. Palestinians unlike Jews loved and cared for Jerusalem, which hosted several import Islamic schools but no comparable Jewish schools (after 1127) until genocidal racist Zios began their invasion in the 19th century.

      The E Euro obsession with Palestine seems to begin after the Czarist government at Jewish request changed the official term for Jew from жид (Żyd), which had no obvious association with Palestine, to еврей (hebrajski), which was compatible with a sort of secular Hebraism.

      The Czarist government did not care about the ridiculous mythological associations of еврей but had no use for the Polish legal concept of religious estate (сословие). The name change seems to have fit with general Czarist policy.

    • To make it very clear, Christianity is a religion that originates in Palestine. Rabbinic Judaism is not.

    • I made the following comment on Israeli mayor: No Arabs in our pools because their ‘hygiene culture is not like ours’.

      Judean (as well as Samarian) Temple Judaism was a religion tremendously different from Mishnaic/Talmudic/Rabbinic Judaisms.

      Neither the New Testament, Josephus, nor Philo, who probably worshiped at the Judaic Temple in Leontopolis, ever mention Oral Torah in the Mishnaic sense. Mishnaic Judaic religion was almost certainly an import from Mesopotamian Judaic convert communities.

      Because Mishnaic/Talmudic Judaism never got much traction in Palestine, Judeans almost entirely converted to Christianity and then probably mostly to Islam, which is probably quite similar to popular Judaism of the time of Jesus.

    • Even if the Wall really is part of the Temple complex, it is part of cultural product of the Greco-Roman Judean ancestors of Palestinians and not of the ancestors of medieval Jewish communities, who all descend from non-Judean converts.

      Modern ethnic "Jews" have no legitimate claim whatsoever to the Judaic or non-Judaic cultural product of Palestine. The white racist genocidal European fake "Jewish" invaders are purely thieves of cultural product in Palestine.

      Judean Temple Judaism was completely shattered after the defeat of Bar Kochba. Judah haNasi made strong effort to introduce Mesopotamian Judaism in Palestine and redacted the fake Oral Law in the Mishnah in order to compete with nascent Christianity, which was much more successful as a codex-based religion, but Mishnaic Judaism never put strong roots in Palestine, and gradually the vast majority of the Palestinian Judaic population converted to Christianity.

      Medieval Rabbinic and Karaite Judaism descend from Judaic currents among convert populations -- mostly Mesopotamian but also Phoenician and Greek.

      So who are modern "Jews"?

      Genetic anthropology is nonsense. The Judaic population of the Greco-Roman time period was mostly of Phoenician, Greek, and Mesopotamian convert origin. Judeans were a minority. In the modern time period we can identify four ethnic groups that comprise most pre-secularization Jewish communities. These ethnic groups are Slavo-Turks, Syro-Mesopotamians, Ibero-Berbers, and S. Arabians.

      Except for S. Arabians, none of these are ethnic groups of the Roman imperial period.

      Ethnic groups vanish and reform all the time.

      Greeks and Phoenicians were primary mercantile populations of ancient world. Phoenicians were the primary slave traders.

      As they came to predominate Judaic religion, Judaism became a mercantile religion of vast trade networks during the Middle Ages. Rabbinic law makes the (now) Jewish communities a closed metapopulation. Thus the Slavo-Turk region goes from Alsace (Elsass) to the Ukraine. The Ibero-Berber region traverses from Netherlands to N. Africa, the Levant, and into Balkans. S. Arabians from Ethiopia, Sudan, Yemen, to India. The Syro Mesopotamian region from Syria to Mesopotamia to the Silk Road into China.

      At the borders the ethnic submetapopulation clusters linked to the greater Judaic metapopulation.

      To make the genetic anthropological argument of a single Jewish people of Judean origin, the racists would have to show time varying genetic anthropological maps over the entire genome. These maps would have to be set up rather like geological strata maps and would have to show the "Jewish" genome spreading out from Judea shortly after the Bar Kochba Rebellion.

      Anyone familiar with Greco-Roman history realizes very quickly that the notion of a single Jewish people with a legitimate claim to Palestine is errant white European racist nonsense meant to justify settler colonialism in the ME, theft of Palestine, and genocide of the native Palestinians, who actually descend from Greco-Roman Judeans.

  • Challenging an ideology means rupturing with community and family
    • Avigail, Reverend Michael Prior may have written the critique you have sought. His book is The Bible and Colonialism.

      Modern religious people, whether Christian or Jews, rarely have a clue to understand the meaning of ancient texts like Joshua or the Gospels. These are texts written in the Persian Imperial or the Hellenistic period. People thought about morality and history with a mentality quite different from our thinking.

      The Vilna Gaon was probably the last eminent European Jewish scholar who had a fully traditional mindset, and even he had very little understanding of the texts that he was reading.

      Scholars like Moshe Feinstein or Joseph Soloveitchik are completely clueless.

      European scholars began to understand how to read ancient texts back in the 1400s, and we are still learning.

      I refer Mondoweiss readers to Anthony Grafton's Defenders of the Text, "Renaissance Readers and Ancient Texts".

      Joshua is a legitimization text for those Mesopotamians dispatched by the Persian Empire to rule in Palestine. In those days a history of conquest with eradication of former inhabitants was a pedigree that legitimized authority. The Mesopotamians probably had no connection to Palestine whatsoever. To maintain stability, the imperial government considered it important for the Persian-backed elite to avoid establishing strong connections with the local populations. Hence there is a ban on marrying Canaanites, and the Biblical text makes an effort to encourage disdain for the local population.

      During the Hellenistic periods these texts were reworked and reinterpreted.

    • Whereas we might intuitively assume that it is entirely normal to view Palestinians in this sense, this is clearly not the case for the contributors, who had to overcome a social and educational inheritance which led them to view Palestinians as hateful, backward and violent. In these contributions there is no sense of the cognitive dissonance and disorientation that so frequently afflicts the Israeli Left: there are no concessions to a culture grounded within militarism and the colonial mindset. There is no trace of the Peace Now demonstrators who protested against the army while serving in it or of the Women in Black protester who asked me, during a protest during the First Intifada, not to chant anti-Zionist slogans.

      As an historian of modern Jews, I ask first how Judaism, Jewishness, and Jewish identity could have been consumed by such an omphaloskeptic racist genocidal essentialist primordialist idea as Zionism when so much of the world seemed to be moving in an opposite direction.

      Then I ask whether there are similarities between radical Jewish Bolsheviks and radical Jewish Zionists.

      Then finally I ask whether we are seeing something common or something unique in Eastern Europe.

  • 'We betrayed the legacy of the Holocaust': Professor Yair Auron pushes Israel to confront complicity with Bosnian genocide
  • 'Love thy neighbor as thyself' -- Really?
    • In re: reading ancient texts like the Talmud, Mishnah, or Greco-Roman midrash literature.

      I don't deny that the Vilna Gaon had a towering intellect.

      Yet Christian scholars had worked out a non-credulous analytic approach to reading ancient literature by the 15th century. I recommend "Renaissance Readers and Ancient Texts" in Grafton's Defenders of the Text.

      In other words, 350-400 years after scholars developed a rational method to understand ancient texts, the Vilna Gaon used silly vacuous Medieval techniques to study them. It may be the greatest waste of human intelligence in history.

      BTW, my mother claimed descent from the Vilna Gaon even though I have never seen proof.

      Because my POS racist genocidaire mass murdering white European settler colonist invader grandfather was related to Leopold Weiss (= Mohammad Asad), the Vilna Gaon has a marriage connection to American Muslims' favorite exegete of the Quran.

    • I am indifferent to the taunts of bigots that benefit from genocide.

      I guess John s is unable logically to infer that I read koine Greek.

      The titles of Josephus' works are mistranslated into English.

      The full title of The Jewish War is:

      Φλαυίου Ἰωσήπου ἱστορία Ἰουδαϊκοῦ πολέμου πρὸς Ῥωμαίους βιβλία.

      Anyone familiar with Greek script should be able to deduce that The Judaic War is a better title in English.

      Roman and Greek historians were usually fairly careful to distinguish Judean (of or pertaining to Judean) from Judaic (of or pertaining to the Judaic cult).

      Judaism in antiquity differed greatly from Rabbinic and Karaite Judaisms which crystallized in the 9th century CE. There is something of a scholarly consensus only to use Jew after the crystallization.

    • I have to be frank. I consider religion a crutch for those that lack self-confidence and don't wish to think ethically for themselves, but I must also be honest. At one time the Inquisition & Catholicism were inseparable. Catholicism seems to have outgrown such stuff and moved in a positive ethically considerate direction while Judaism seems to have rotted at least in part because of Zionism.

      Talal Asad, who is of both Muslim & Jewish ancestry, discusses religious political change in this videoclip entitled "Thinking about Religion, Belief and Politics with Talal Asad". I know it is long, but it is worthwhile.

    • I have noticed that one Christian interpretation of this passage argues that Jesus was using the encounter as a teaching moment for the disciples and thus for the larger Judaic society in order to encourage the community (עַם) of Israel to give up narrow parochialism and to embrace larger humanity. Paul takes this idea much further.

      In the aftermath of Bar Kochba's brutality toward Christian Judeans, this story could have been important in convincing the Judean peasantry to renounce the bigotry of Judean Judaism and to embrace their neighbors that did not practice Judaism. The story may have played a similar role in Alexandria to unite the Greek-speaking Judaic population with the Greek-speaking pagan population to form a Greek-speaking Christian community.

      Overall I have had to conclude that Christianity is a religion far superior to Judaism, which was unethical before Zionism and which has become sickening in its merger with Zionism.

      I have to admit that I consider the resurrection stupid, but as a ridiculous belief the resurrection pales by comparison with the idea that the oral Torah was given on Sinai along with the written Torah. It is inescapable that Josephus, Philo, and the New Testament know nothing about an oral Torah as Rabbinic Judaism conceives it.

      BTW, Ezekiel 23:30 is used to justify the Rabbinic Jewish idea that coitus with gentiles is bestiality.

      ותעגבה על פלגשיהם אשר בשר־חמורים בשרם וזרמת סוסים זרמתם׃

      In popular culture, I believe the bigoted Rabbinic interpretation of this verse supports the following E. European Jewish American proverb.

      Shiksas are for practice.

      PS. Here is the beginning of the story in question from Mark.

      ἡ δὲ γυνὴ ἦν Ἑλληνίς, Συροφοινίκισσα τῷ γένει· καὶ ἠρώτα αὐτὸν ἵνα τὸ δαιμόνιον ἐκβάλῃ ἐκ τῆς θυγατρὸς αὐτῆς.

      Here is the beginning of the story in question from Matthew.

      καὶ ἰδοὺ γυνὴ Χαναναία ἀπὸ τῶν ὁρίων ἐκείνων ἐξελθοῦσα ἔκραζεν λέγουσα Ἐλέησόν με, Κύριε υἱὸς Δαυείδ· ἡ θυγάτηρ μου κακῶς δαιμονίζεται.

      The evangelists probably use the expression Syro-Phoenician or Canaanite to point out that the woman was a Hebrew/Canaanite speaker and not a Greek-speaking descendant of cleruchs. The story probably hints that Jesus did not speak Greek well or at all despite the hypotheses to the contrary.

      To call the woman specifically Palestinian unlike the Galilean Jesus and his disciples is completely anachronistic and misleading.

      At the time of Jesus Palestinian pagans, the Palestinian Judaic population, and the Palestinian Samaritan population all identified Judea as a region of Palestine (or more rarely as a part of Coele Syria = כל סוריה. Caananites=Phoenicians were a Hebrew/Canaanite speaking population of All Syria/Syro-Palestine.

      We should use Palestinian to describe Jesus, his disciples, and the Canaanite woman, who are among the ancestors (along with the descendants of the cleruchs) of modern Palestinians.

      To use the terms "Jew" or "Jewish" before the 10th century is completely anachronistic and misleading.

      The descendants of medieval Jewish communities have no Greco-Roman Judean ancestors whatsoever and no legitimate claim to territory in the Levant.

      Only an ignoramus, a moron, or a liar claims otherwise.

  • Video: Israelis look forward to the Trump presidency
  • Deborah Lipstadt's double standard on white nationalism and Jewish nationalism
  • 'Tis the season, to boycott!
    • As I understand the English rule, "to boycott" is an adjectival infinitive phrase and is semantically equivalent to the adjectival prepositional phrase "for a boycott", which could be substituted.

      In either case a comma after "season" is incorrect.

  • Saving the daughters of Israel from the annihilation of intermarriage
    • I have to correct one of Mikhael's comments.

      Mikhael states the following.

      Children born abroad to Israeli citizens are deemed Israeli citizens from birth.It’s all spelled out in plain Hebrew right here: - See more at:

      Mikhael only quotes part of the law.

      Here is the full critical section. (The formatting is probably not exactly correct.)

      מי שנולד מחוץ לישראל כשאביו או אמו היו אזרחים ישראליים
      מכוח שבות;
      מכוח ישיבה בישראל;
      מכוח התאזרחות;
      לפי פסקה (1);
      מכוח אימוץ לפי סעיף

      The situation of a person born to Israeli citizen parents in 1970 was complex.

      Until recently such a person received citizenship by returning to settle in Israel if both parents were Jewish. If both parents were non-Jewish, such a person received citizenship by birth.

      This legal interpretation prevented a person from inadvertently violating military service law if he were born and resided outside of the country and if he would be subject to mandatory military service if he were treated as a citizen from birth.

      Recent cases have made the citizenship issue more complex.

  • 'Personally I was glad to see the outpouring of anti-Semitism,' says Jewish journalist targeted by haters
    • Julia Ioffe provides another example where Jewish beliefs simply don't correspond to the historical facts.

      Right up until the collapse of the Soviet Union Jews had disproportionately higher incomes than other Soviet citizens. Soviet Jewish Zionists had problems but any other Soviet national group expressing loyalty to an external state would probably have worse problems.

      In retrospect the movement for Solidarity with Russian Jews seems like a con job to give Soviet Jews more rights and privileges than other Soviet citizens.

  • Draft of Clinton letter called BDS 'odious,' 'unconscionable' attack on 'legitimacy of Zionism'
    • The Jewish lobby organizations have a division of labor.

      COPOMOJO (Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations) operates at the executive level while

      AIPAC operates at the legislative level.

  • Israel supporter refuses to share Bard stage with Dima Khalidi and cites stereotypes about Jews smelling bad
    • I addressed the origin of the term anti-Semitism previously.

      Moritz Steinschneider coined the term anti-Semitism, and he did not restrict it to hostility toward Jews.

      Just as racist "Jewish" propagandists work to redefine usage of Semitism/anti-Semitism, likewise German Nazis tried to rewrite the meanings of Aryan and non-Aryan in order to define Poles and Russians as non-Aryans.

      In the struggle against Zionism and against the continued existence of the State of Israel, not even a single term can be conceded to the racist Zionist genocide-advocates and supporters, for they would try to leverage it to justify their whole perverted and criminal ideology.

    • Kenneth Marcus and Abigail Thernstrom turned the US Commission on Civil Rights into a battle-ax for racist Jews to attack pro-Palestinian activists.

      Here is a representative document "Anti-Zionism as Racism: Campus Anti-Semitism and the Civil Rights Act of 1964" by Kenneth Marcus. Marcus' bigotry and partisanship speaks for itself.

      I must make an historical comment.

      The stereotype of Jewish dirtiness and smelliness seems to start internally as the economic niche for the itinerant Jewish peddler retailer began to vanish in Central and Eastern Europe.

      Especially in Slavic areas the itinerant Jewish peddlers that were traditionally hosted by Jewish communities for Shabbes were reinterpreted from אורחים פורשים (itinerant guests) to אורחים parszywe (mangy guests) especially in SE Yiddish and Slavic speaking areas.

      Somewhat later German Jews that encountered relatively more traditional Ostjuden (Eastern Jews) in Slavic areas during WW1 accused Ostjuden of stench far more than German non-Jews did.

      In this particular case, Marcus was probably making a reference to last April's smelly Livni Harvard debacle.

      I have to confess bafflement. It is idiomatic English to assert bad policies or corruption along with the associated people stink. I certainly consider racism, Zionism, Livni, Marcus, and Thernstrom to stink.

  • Clinton to drop Israel from 'public' speeches, put it back in 'with donors' -- email
    • Seriousness in getting Zionist corruption out of US elections means demanding that Israel be declared a Specially Designated Global Terrorist Entity. It is after all terrorist entity.

      Once so designated the US government can start arresting Zionists and shutting down Zionist organizations. All their assets can be seized and could then be used for public election funding.

      In one fell swoop progressives can take aim at Israel and fix US elections.

  • Jeffrey Goldberg is Jewish
    • I put the following comment up on Pushed by alumni claiming anti-Semitism, Vassar officials oppose BDS and promote ‘Israel-positive’ programs. Graetz is often considered the founder of the field of Jewish history. I prefer to call myself an historian of modern Jews to distinguish pseudoscholarship from genuine scholarship.

      It is more important to open up a serious discussion of the accusation of antisemitism and of the use to which bigoted “Jews” and genocide supporters or genocide advocates put this accusation.

      We progressives must explain to all Americans that the historical record of this charge from the 19th century to the present day shows that “Jewish” bigots often are completely unwilling to listen to reasonable criticism by people of good-will and respond with unreasonable accusations of antisemitism.

      Thus, antisemitism rarely has clear correlation with hostility toward “Jews”, but it is not surprising that those unreasonably accused of antisemitism might develop anger.

      It is worthwhile to look at the accusations of antisemitism against the German scholar and politician Heinrich von Treitschke. Samson Raphael Hirsch, who was the founder of German Jewish Neo-Orthodoxy, defended von Treitschke. Hirsch attacked Heinrich Graetz, who was von Treitschke’s detractor and intellectual opponent. Hirsch accused Graetz of flagrant intellectual dishonesty.

      The pattern of intellectually dishonest accusations of antisemitism continues to this day.

  • New ad campaign in college papers calls out Israeli leaders' bigotry against Palestinians
    • Recognizing Israel at all is a clear violation of International Anti-Genocide Law as embodied in the customary international anti-genocide law in the case law of the Nuremberg Tribunal and in the International Convention for the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.

      After Auschwitz it was vile and criminal to create a state in post-Auschwitz genocide.

      For international law to have any meaning whatsoever, the white racist genocidal Euro settler colonist invaders like my family must be removed and tried for their crimes since the beginning of the Zionist movement in the 1880s until the ongoing genocide that takes place before our eyes today.

  • Necessary Transformations: Ending the claim to exclusivity
    • @Keith -- All politics is local. Whether the Zionist leaders are in USA or in Israel, they are making money off Zionism just as Herzl did. Into whose pockets do you think the billions that the USA gives to Israel goes? I have seen estimates that over half the Israeli GDP is a gift from the USA and Germany. Ordinary Zios benefit too. I had a pretty good life in Israel until I murdered unarmed Pali men, women, and children during Operation Cast Lead. Most don't suffer from that sort of thing. Memory fades for most people but not for me. In the US the sort of mobilization used for Zionism by ordinary Zios can be reused in other areas of politics, business, and academics. It provides an advantage over non-Zios.

    • BTW, I wrote father where I meant grandfather.

    • CUNY Professor Talal Asad provides a useful framework to discuss the relationship of Zionism and Judaism in Thinking about Religion, Belief and Politics.

      Talal Asad is the son of Muhammad Asad, who created a translation/interpretation of the Quran (The Message of the Qur'an), which is a favorite of American Muslims.

      Muhammad Asad was born Jewish and named Leopold Weiss. He was interested in Zionism but realized it was evil when he visited a relative in Jerusalem. This relative was also a relative of my father, and the two of them (my father and Leopold Weiss) argued about Zionism before Weiss left to travel in the ME. Eventually Weiss converted to Islam and took the name Muhammad Asad.

    • The German Nazis were strongly convinced that they expressed German ethics and values. Claudia Koonz discusses this point of view in detail in The Nazi Conscience. She uses the phrase ethnic fundamentalism to describe the Nazi mentality. In Israel I was certainly raised to think in this way. I was able to map everything in Koonz's book to my Israeli upbringing and experience.

      Eran Kaplan uses the term ethnic monism instead of ethnic fundamentalism in his book The Jewish Radical Right: Revisionist. Zionism and It's Ideological Legacy. As an historian of modern Jews, I don't doubt that Ahad HaAm, Martin Buber, Ben-Gurion, Weizman, Arlosoroff, Berl Katznelson, etc. (so-called "left" or moderate Zionists) were ethnic fundamentalists like the German Nazis. Ethnic monism, which describes the mentality of the Netanyahus perfectly is at least an order of magnitude more extreme.

  • Months after saying he won't appear at Israeli foreign ministry events, Amos Oz will do just that in Paris
  • The Palestine-Israel language trap
    • There is another language trap that Avigail fails to mention.

      She and I are both native speakers of Hebrew, in which the word יַהֲדוּת means Judaism, Jewishness, and Jewry.

      Zionism is perverted racist genocidal violence in the name of Jews or of the Jewish people.

      We must scorn anyone that tries to separate Zionism from Judaism. For native modern Israeli Hebrew speakers and for Zios there is no distinction.

      Anyone that equates Islam with Islamist crimes and violence must equate Judaism and Jewishness with Zionist crimes and violence.

      Pointing out the definitions that Zios and Israeli Jews really use can give the discussion of Zionism and of Islamism more connection to reality.

    • One should probably distinguish:

      Foreign aid to Israel,

      Total aid to Israel,

      Subsidization of Israel, and

      Cost of Israel to the USA.

      I have a cousin, who does currency trading, and therefore looks at debt relations and government monetary policy.

      His current calculation -- I asked him yesterday -- puts Israel's cost to the USA at approximately $28-$30 trillion (constant 2015) dollars since 1948.

      Without this cost of Israel, the USA would have a fairly large national surplus and not a national debt.

    • Here is my summary description of Zionism from a course that I teach on the history of modern Jews.

      Zionism is a particularly vicious form of 19th century-style white racist European genocidal colonialism in which European invaders destroy or expel a native population in order to create space to move in the racist Europeans and possibly a favored non-European population to play a servile role.

      There is no place on the planet for such an ideology any more than there is a place for 19th century-style white racist enslavement of people that descend from sub-Saharan African populations.

  • 'It's like we're born with guns in our hands': Young Israelis face prison as they resist military conscription
    • Tair Kaminer and her friends are hypocrites.

      There really is no ethical distinction between serving in the OT and in living in pre-1967 Israel, which is the result of white racist European genocidal colonialism.

      Kaminer & friends should be honest with themselves and abandon the State of Israel as I did (or serve in the OT because they really have no problem with genocide when it is committed by Jews).

      As an historian I have to observe that the State of Israel has created the equivalent of the Czarist military service, which existed during the reign of Nicholas I and to which Czarist Jews objected.

      Nicholas I believed that military service and consolidating a modern Czarist state were equivalent. The Czarist government distinguished between groups which had a legitimate purpose in the modern Empire and merited serving in the military -- Jews were included -- and those groups, which were not fit to belong in the modern Empire and which were excluded from military service.

  • The last Gaza war worried Scotland's Jews-- for all the wrong reasons
    • As an ex-Israeli I just tell people that I got over Jewishness years ago, and no longer murder Pali boys and girls.

      When I think about my Jewish ancestral heritage, I want to jump in the shower and scrub.

      As long as Israel continues to exist, I consider my approach and reaction to Jewishness to make the most sense.

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